Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 9, 1873, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 9, 1873 Page 9
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TUB J0DRREY1EH HOK8ESHOEB8. Vhe Strike Still Continues?Many mt the Railroad Companies Have Already Surrendered?The Proapee t a for the Saeeeaa of the Strike. If the present Indications are' any criterion by which te judge of the threatened difficulties be tween labor and capital* there are good grounds fer believing that this Bummer will present an un equalled number of strikes. Scarcely more than two weeks ago the city was startled by the an nouncement that the coopers would not tolerate the use of imported barrels. The manufacturers at onoe acceded to their demands, and the ques tion waa speedily settled. Tlw Crispins demanded the right to Impose a tax upon every man who were a fine pair of French calfskin boots, and, after a few dayB of wrangling, tholr claims were generally recognized. New comes the start ling Intimation that the horses on all the street railroads must be shod at an advanced rate or go without a protection for their feet. The members of the "Journeymen Uorseshoers* Protective Union and Benevolent Society" hove struck to a man, ana tliere is now scarcely tiio shadow of a doubt but that their demands lor an increase of wages trom $3 50 te $4 will be recognized. The horsesboers employed by the Eighth, Ninth, Tenth, Sixth, Sev enth. Fourth and Second Avenue, Avenue C and the Belt Lin e railroad companies and the Fourth and Madison Avenue stage lines struck on Tuesday and Wednesday and are still out. Tne Twenty third street men quit work yesterday and joined tholr fellow craftsmen. The Avenue 0 and Four teenth street men, the employes of the Third Ave nue and Urand Street railroads and the Fifth Avenue Stage Company have received the advance. Tliey are satisfied and have returned to work. The headquarters of the movement is in the large hall at the eorner of Seventh avenue and Twenty-sixth street, where the men now on strike passed most of yesterday. They appear to be very sanguine of ultimate success. Their reason fer the strike is that the Eighth Avenue Bailroad Company began discharging men and replacing them with non Boclety workmen. The probable reason for this action on the part of the Company was said to be that it lias been reported that the annual parade of (he Society men on Monday next was to be the occasion of a strike, and that the Company desired to protect itself. Tne strikers charge the entire blame of tho affair upon Mr. Wilson, of tho Eighth Avenue Hailroad Company. They assert tliat the Society baB always been averse to strikes, but that when the members of the organization wore thus ar bitrarily discharged the officers deemed it policy to take advantage of the opportunity. The officers of the Society assert that there are $9,ooo hi the treasury and that they will spend every dollar ef It rather than go to work at the old rates. They do not believo tuat the companies will be able to sup ply a sufficient number oi non-society men. A general meeting will be held on Monday evening. THE THREATENED STRIKE OF THE SHIP - JOINERS. The shipjolners are now threatening to strike for $4 per day. At a meeting held on Wed nesday night they appointed a convention for Mon day evening next, when they will decide which course to pursue. MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. Married. j IK rt?KEKS8& JSiSS Mj, i. a im tcSSwmSi itiirwe'imother, by ;n? Be?.?. E. Mnideliuko Edward BOE'raras, M. D., to Miss Hel ens Bruomav, only daughter of the late Dr. Henry ? *lftv T 18it by the Rev. Thomas Uallaudet, Puu'n P. Clakkson, of Green I'ond, Ala., to Sallik ^Sli;^ewMorlean3A1and Olnc.nnaU papers ^kmteb?Haiodt.?On Thursday. May 8, by the RafjA Roche, f). U., assisted by the lie v. 0. D. Fobs. D. D., J Ail KB P. Foster to Sara M., daughter of Joseph Halght. Jr., both of this city. BAATt'isy-flADDOC*. -On Wednesday, May 7, by tha Rev Dr Rurchard, Justinian liartley to auK daughter of tne late Roger {faduock. Hioks? Mkhan.?On Monday, April -8, at St. Mary's church, Hoboketi, by the Rev. A. Caovlu, Nathan w. Hicks to Margaret F. Meuan, both of XJnbi?RBAAn-VAi.KNTTNE.-0n Wednesday evening, Mav 7 bv tho Rev. llenry W. Bellows, D. D., Wal TK? d {iUBBARD to 1IEI.BN iNOALLS VALENTINE, dauuhtcr ol Alfred A. Valentine. jaqubs Osborn.?On Wednesday, May 7, at residence of bride's parents, silver Lake, near Hnuan village. Monmouth county, N. J.. "J He v. Frank Chandler, of Freehold, Ueohob B. Jaqubb, c?f New Yerk, to Fannie, daughter of Captain iorman ?aSuN0?How*.?On Wednesday. May 7, at the realdenco of the bride's lather, by the iU-v. It, . KusBeU. Richard A. Kiplino, of Roaelle, N.J., to Emma r., daughter of William Howe, Esq., of .North 8fti\?w'is^WAT80N.-On Wednesday, the 7th of May, at the residence of the bride's mother, by the Rev. Dr H. D Northrop, Edward J. Lewis to MIbs Mao M? 7... ?? gjr,,r t d.%?s KVM.eisf;, "> IliijRNB A., daughter of Dr. George A. Field, of ^JSiSwiHe Church of St. ij^nli rtnRoule^Parts, on Wednesday, April23, the ^ffiedUdeTon??colo _.?B nniv arin fit General Canute ue 1 auKao, iv. v# SlTuh? Lady do Montauban, comtesse do Palikao, tn'iiNK WRKiirr. only daughter of the lato U. ?.. j Butterflew, e5. or Woodlands, near Haworth, 2S^&jaaarai5iF; ^"daughter if i)anlcl tt*m bro*c*?Godkins.?On Wednesday, May 7, at ttccoiul Reformed church. Kings!ou, ^ fef cTstut? "C. TEN Broeck to Miss Maiitha 00DIIN8. . t ^ I>led. y *" ' rj.-r Abpihwall.?On Taesday miming. May <1. at 33 East Tenth street, John L. Ampin wall, aged o7 i??. ??'? dence, 143 Taylor street, Brooklyn, E. D., ueorue Wi?lat.vVfnVMsof the family are respect fun? Invited to attend the iuneral seivlce, on Sun da? May 11, at two o'clock P. M., at Clulst church, n 'sr* ?*>? Twenty-Qrst street, on hunday alternoon, at 'juc 0B?2?r.-jOn Thnrsdoy,May 8, 1873.Thomas the beloved son of Thouias and Ann Brady, In the 17th *CThe?friendsof the family are respectfully Invited to attend his funetal, iroin the residence of hit father, 457 West Forty-sccoud Btreet, on Saturday, May 10, at one o'clock. , Brimt.ow.?In this citv, on Wednesday, May 7, John W. Brimlow, in the Md year of his age. lhe relatives and iriends or the fnmll/are re? SSS^SJSl MBoTLAN.^vn0 Wednesday, May 7, Patrick Boy LiV, in the 26th year #f his age; a native ef TUly corblt. county Monuhan. Ireland. The friends of the family are respect ully r -- oncsted to attend his luueral, on Friday. May 9, from tho residence of his brother-ln-law, Michael Kear, &H) West Forty-thud sticet, at o^p o clock P M. ? - ''i '? BKonnf At>.?On Tuesday morning, May ?, at his residence, in this city, ?>f pneumonia, John Rumeyn Bkodhrad. aged 96 years. v Relatives and iriendn of the flamlly are Invited to attend th? funeral services, at the ColleRlato Re lormed l?utch church, corner of Flth avenue and Tw?nty-ulntti street! on Friday, May 9, at ten ?'^Suddenly, on Wednesday, May 7, at the rctfidenoe of hla ?oB-ln-lawf W. 9. Boyt, fjo. 4 West Thirtv-third street. F. CnASB, Clief Justice of the Clnltcd states, in the ooth year of his age. Tha remains will lie In St. George J church, Atiifvenant scittare. on Batnrdayt from eight A. M. to one P. M. Kunerai services in the same church mt rtviock the sBino afternoon. . Cai lanan.?Of diphtheria, John Jaues, eldest ?on oM awrelie J. and K. A. Callanan. Notice of funeral in Saturday's paper. /?on?i I? -At Fall River, Mass., on ruesday, May I, miH'nSfiiSnia, Euoene M. Conklin, ol New VOT^XtemTa7oiean.N.T. Mfly , ASS!SSSX a'native' oTX^oi S'AISfJS'.'wS.W A" "U11-1 5i?o"'mmL I """? ?c" S?I)AomcTT.?On Wednesday, Mbv 9, 'tj* dim PBARSALU youngest daughter of WlliAml^ , and Maria C. Uaggett, aged a years, 4 mouths anu j "'?Hie funeral service win take place *t the resi dence of her paren's, 74? Washington street, on FTiday, at eight o'clock P. M. UAI.LKY.-At Washington Heights, on Wcdnea day. May 7, Ellen Dai.let, who of John I'ajley and daughter of the late Dennis Harris, aged 46 yeais. Relatives and friends of the family are reape fniiy Invited to attend t:ie fnneral, rrom tho JJ*"11 Inirton Heights Methodist Eniccopal church, Tenth avenuo a..d 103d bticet. ou Frldav. May v. at two o'clock P. M. Hudson River Railroad trains leare Thirtieth street at hair-post one P. M. Davey.?At ptnderne, N. J., on Wednesday, May 7, 1873, Captain Dknkt Davey, aged 44 years. Ills relatives and Irieuds are invited to attend the lunerni services at his late residence, on Satur day, May 10, 1873, at one o'clock P. M. Train loaves New York, foot or Liberty street, at 10:13 A. M. Carriages wUi bo at the depot on arrival of the train. Davidson.?On Tuesday, May 6, Ciiiiistina A. Davidson, beloved wife of Thoma* 0. Davidson, aged 64 years. Funeral this day (Friday), at one o'clock P. M., from 3t>0 Fast Fiitletli street. Don.?At tho city or Havana, Cuba, on Thursday, May l, Ezra Kitoiiki.i. Don, a native ol Mcndham! N. J., In the eoth year ol his age. Newark, Princeton (N. J.), Charleston (8. C.) and Shreveport (la.) papers please copy. Dunn.?In Brooklyn, on Thursday, May 8, Maky Emma, eldest daughter of Janus C. and Amelia A. Dunn, aged 11 years, h months and 17 days | Funeral on Saturday, May 10, at two P. M., from the Urst Reformed church, corner of Bedlord ave nue and Clymer street, Brooklyn, E. D. EdoAti.? At Westfleld, N. J., on Wednesday, May 7, Mary JoSBrniNB, wife ol Rev. K. B. Edgar. Friends ol the family and members or the Pres bytery or Elizabeth are Invited to attend tlio funeral, this day (Friday), at two P. M., at the Pres byterian church. Trains leave root of Liberty street at twelve noon and 12:60 P. M. Evans.?At his residence, 240 Thirteenth street, Jersey City, after a short Illness, J. B. Evans, or Staffordshire, England, aged 34 years. Funeral on Sunday, at two o'clock. English papers please copy. Fari;ki.l.?Of a sudden Illness, John Parrkt.i., a native of Trim, county Meath, Irelaud, lu the 43th year of his age. Tne friends and acquaintances of the family, and those of his brother James and of Ms brothers-in law John, James and Thomas Early, are respect fully requested to attend the funeral, on Friday morning, the 0th Inst., at nine o'clock, from his late residence, #3 Henry street, to St, Teresa's church, where a solemn requiem will be celebrated for the repose of his seal, and from thence to Cal vary Cemetery. Fitzoerald.?At the residence of her son, David Fitzgerald, northeast corner lieth street and Third avenue, Harlem, Mart Ann, widow or Edward Flte gevald, aged 73 years. Relatives and frtends or the temlly are respect fully invited to attend the runeral servloos, at St. Paul's church, 117th street, between Third and Fonrth avenues, on Saturday morning, at nine o'clook, and thence to Calvary Cemetery. Finnbrty.?in Brooklyn, on Wednesday morning, May 7, Mart, wire of Thomas Flnnerty, aged Tho relatives and friends of the family are re spectfully Invited to attend her luneral, this (Frl day) morning, at ten A. M., from St. Peter's church. Hicks street, corner or Warren, where a high mass of reqqiem will be offered up: from thence to the Cemetery of tho Holy Cross, Flatbush. for Interment. u?KIfHI'INK0??^OI^.V^^n(>^,^yUMaJ, T- 1873> HAKnA. bet, the beloved wife of 0. William Frleling. aired 85 years. * ^ Tho relatives an4tfrlenda of the family are re spectfully invited to attend the runeral, from her lale residence, 307 Second avenne, on Friday Mav 0, at hair-past one o'clock P. M. Rockland (Me.) papers please cony. .???YSR--In Rome, Italy, on Wednesday, Mnv7, 1873, Edqknub Louisa, wife of Greviile Edward lryer. ooldstetn.?On Wednesday, May 7, Rika Gold stein, beloved wifo or Lazarus Uoldsteln, aged 64 years. Funeral, from 219 East Fiftieth street, on Sanday, May u, at nine o'clock A. M. Ham..?On Thursday, May 8, Sarah P., widow or the late Oharles Beldcn Hall, of this city. Funeral services will take place at her late resi dence, lis Hicks street, Brooklyn, at eleven o'clock A. M. on Saturday, 10th lost. Remains will be taken to Walllngrord, Conn., ror interment. Hamilton?At Savannah, Ga., on Monday, May 5, 1*73, William Hamilton, late Lieutenant Com mander United States Navy, eldest son of Alex ander and Eliza Hamilton. ^Relatives and friends or the family, members of the New York Stock Exchange and or the M. O. 1* L. U. s? are Invited to attend the runeral, from the residence or his father, lso Barrow street, Jersev City, on Saturday, May 10. at rour P. M. Havens.?on Tuesday, May, 6, at Sncltcr Island, Albert O. Havens, or the Arm of A. O. Havens & Son, of this city, in the *?7th year or his age. The relatives and frtends are invited to attend tho ftmeral, at his late residence, on Shelter island, on Friday, at rour o'clock P. M. Hawkins.?On Wednesday, May 7, Stephen, son or James Hawkins, aged 17 years, 2 months and 3 (lava. His funeral will take place from hi* father's resi dence, 2ftl West Houston street, at two o'clock, on Friday, Mayo. The friends ol tho family are re quested to attend. Hates,?On Wednesday, May 7, at a quarter to eleven o'clock A. M., at his residence, 181 West Tenth sthwe, Mr, James RJMVm, manager of the Olympft Theatre,'Ih MiMWi yv2r or his ago. ' Mr.' Hayes had been Ul but.Ljjttlet.nvore than two "weeks or a complication or lieArt and tartUli diseases. He ' leaves a wife and one child. . TT.Tt ^ The luneral services win take place atSI. Ann's Episcopal church, West Eighteenth street, near Fifth avenue, on Friday, May 9, at font Pi M. ? Friends and members ol the profession are respect fullv invited to attend. The remains will be taken to Boston for intermeut. HonsETT.?On Wednesday, May 7, James Hoo sett, aged 39 years, 3 months and 13 days. The relatives and friends of the rurally are re specting invited to attend 1 lie runeral. on Satur day next, at one o'clock P. M., from his late resi dence, 409 West Fortieth street. Hol'oiiton.?On Tuesday afternoon, May ?. Rkgtna Martinez Hernz, wife of Rev. Edward d Hnuchton. at her residence, 11 East Twenty-ninth street, in this city, aged 27 years. The relatives and friend's or the ramlly are re. spcctrnlly Invited to attend the funeral at the Church or the Transfiguration, on Friday, May 9. at eleven o'clock A. M. Hi-lot.?At Windsor Locks, Conn., on Monday. April 28, in the 80th year or her age, Jane Ryder. widow of Peter Hulst, of Newtown, liueens county, N. T. Her remains wers taken ror interment to New Lots, Long Island, N. Y. IlrNT.?on Thursday, May 8, Benjamin Fancuph niJNT, aged 49 years. Tne relatives and friends or the family are re spcctrnlly invited to attend the runeral, from his late residence, 133 East Twenty-nmth street, on Saturday, 10th Inst., at half-past eleven o'clock A. M., to St. Stephen's church, East Twenty-eighth street, where a solemn reqnlem mass will be cele brated for the repose or his soul. Charleston ana Boston papers please copy. Jones.?In Brooklyn, on Thursday, May 's, Ann Jones, relict or Richard, In tho 73d year of her age. Her funeral will take place, from the residence of her son, Thomas J. Jones, 387 Third street, near Fifth avenue, on Saturday, at two P. M. Relatives nnu rr:C5ll?of the family ore respectfully Invited to attend. -1 - t rt -y1 TtJfcr- ? .. Kissel.?On Wednesday evening. May 7. Charles ^ liustav U. and CUurlotte Kniffin.?On Wednesday, May 7, 1873, at his real dence, 51 liethnne street, Algernon s. Kniffin, in the 06th year of his age. Relatives and friends or the family are resnecN fully invited to attend his funeral, on Saturday 1 W?! at ?no #'cJi0?lt' floTn tho church corner 0/ Waverley place and West Eleventh street Lknahan.?On Wednesday, May 7, IS73. of dlnh 1 Lenahan, aged 8 mouths and 27 Friends of tho family are respectfully invited to "* ?? ?? L _ ^NTc^N.-S.uldcLlv, on Thursday, May 8, nt Chat ham, V J.. Helen M., wife of Guy Miuton, and only dauphter of Honry I', and Henrietta C. Day. Notice of funeral hereafter. Mterat.?f)n Tuesday. Mav ?, Hu<ifi MrRitAV a JearVof his age cou,lty Down' I"land, in the oo'tn The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend his feneral, from his late residence, 4? Perry street, this (Friday) nrt<r noon, at one o'clock, his remains will be taken to calvary Cemetery for interment. McC i,tTK??in this city, on Wednesday Muv 7 &Tfr?KN Conovkr. son or John fc. Mcciure, in the W<T year of hTa itgA ' The relatives and friends of the family are in. "ie, niuerul. from Tabernacle church (Rev. Dr. Taylor's), corner Thlrty-iourth street and Sixth avenue, on Friday, May 9, at 1 P. M. McLean.?Suddenly, on Wednesday evening. May 7, 1873, Milton Eiukne, youngest child of George and Mary C. McLean, aged 1? months. Relatives and friends of the family are respect rally invited to attend tht ru:ieral, this day, from St. ihrysostom chapel, corner or Thirty-ninthstreet au?t Seventh aveuue, at two o'clock. Newton.?On Wednesday, Mav 7, Francis B., infant son ot John and Anna M. Newton. Tne relatives and friends of the family are re spectfully invited to attend the funeral, from resi dence, 41 New York avenue, Brooklyn, on Friday May 9, at two o'clock P. M. Niess?On Wednesday, May 7, after a long and 4 days 6*8' D,rARI) ^IRS3? 24 years and The relatives and friends of the family are re spectfully invited to attend the funeral from the residence of lil* parents, 101 West Twenty-ninth street, on Friday alternoon, May 9, at two o'clock. The remains will be taken to Cypress Hills Cem etery foi interment. O'Connell.?At his residence, No. 6 Prospect street, Brooklyn, on Thursday, May 8, David J. O'Connell. Notice or funeral in to-morrow's paper. Pabz.?On Tuesday morning, May fi, Lieutenant General Jose Antonio Paez, 01 Venezuela. The funeral services will take place at St. Ste phen's Roman Catholic church, Rast Twenty-eighth street, near Third avenue, ou Saturday, May 10, at iiau-posi ten o'clock A. M. Palmer.? At West Isllp, Long Island, on Wednes day, May 7, Anna Talbo*. wife of the late Francis Palmer, In the 73d year or her age. The relatives and friends are Invited to attend the runeial services, at hrr late residence, on Saturday, loth Inst., at twelve o'clock. Carriages will be at Babylon depot, southside Railroad, on the arrival of the train which leaves Williamsburg at ten o'clock. Philbin.?In Rrooklyn, on Wednesday, May 7, Miciiaki. Pmilbin, a native or Purtrce, near Ballln robe, Connty Mayo, Ireland, aged M rears. Uis rvPWUiiS wiil be Uacu fiviu iilsUto rgfidfQQQ. 649 Henry street, to St. Stephen's chnreh, corner of Carroll and Hi jks, on Saturday, loth Inst., at ten A. M., when a requiem mass will be said for the re pose of his soul; thenoe, at two P. M., to the ceme tery of the floly Cress, Plaii>ur>h, for interment. The friends of the launiy are Invited to attend. UBTN9L.OS.?On Wednesday. May 7, Mrs. Jt't.ta Ann Reynolds, the beloved wife or Patrick Reynolds, parish of Moliill, county of I^itrlm, Ire land. The relatives an d friends of the family; also her brother-in-law, Michael Reynolds, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from her late resi dence, 16 Carroll street, South Brooklyn, on Friday, May 0, at half-past two o'clock. RosrnthaLi?On Wednesday morning. Mar 7, 187% at her residence, of heart disease, Joiian'na, wife of August Rosenthal, aaedC7 years and 4 days. Friends of the famliv are invited to attend the Aineral, from St. Peter's Herman Lutheran churoli, corner Kortv-sixt h street and Lexington uveuue, on Friday, May 9, at one o'clock. ScnuEixKHMANN.?In Philadelphia, on Tuesday, May 0, IIklen Awt'STA, wife oi Charles W. ^ofiucl lcrinaun and daughter of the late Nko.a Monactiesl, in the 32d year of her axe. Small.?<>11 Wednesday morning. May 7, Maria K. Small, in the aist veiir or her a<re. Relatives and friends of the lamily are Invited to attend the lunernl, on Friday afternoon, May V, at oue o'clock, at the Prcebytcrian chapel, Third ave nue, near Thlrty-flrat Btreet. Taroart.?Oil Thursday, May 8, 187.1, Pniur Rky MOt R, son of Charlotte A. and Pbiltp S. Taggart, aged S months and '.'.2 days. Relatives and friends are Invited to attend the funeral, on Friday afternoon, at live o'clock, at 150 West Twenty-second street. 8yracuse aud Newport papers please copy. Ti run an.?On Wednesday, May 7, Catharine, the beloved wife of James l'iernan, a?ed 42 years. The relatives and friends ot the family, also hor brothers, John and Hugh Mahon, are invited to attend the funeral, fsoni her late residence, fll Mott street, this (Friday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Wkir.?On Thursday, May 8, at her residence. Irviugton, N. J., Ma.hei.inb 0., wife of P. shatter Weir and eldest daughter of James Deraarest, Clin ton place, N. J. Relatives and friends are invited to attend her funeral, without further notice, from the residence or her father, on Clinton place, or Saturday. May 10, at eleven A. M. Carriages will be in waiting at the Rroad street depot oi the Newark and New York Railroad for the 0:45 train from the loot of Liberty street. Interment, In Orcenwood. Williams.?On Wednesday evening. May 7, after a long illness. Captain Uuadkohd H. Williams, in the 74th year of his apr<\ Relatives and friends of the family are Invited to attend the funeral, from his late residence, 04 East 128th street, on Saturday, May 10, at twelve o'clock. * Roston, Barnstable and San Francisco pattern please copy. Wbston.?On Wednesday, May 7, ef congestion of the lungs, Richard Warren Wkston, lu the 64th year of his age. Funeral services will be held at tho house, 17 West Sixteenth street, on Saturday morning, at ten o'clock. Relatives and rriends are invited to attend without further notice. HOL'gKS, KOOM8, dtO., WA^TKI). In tHls City unit Brooklyn. A lady and ctiild want three or four Rooms, unfurnished, tor light housekeeping. on first or second floor; good locality; rent moderate: prompt par: references exchanged. Address LIGHT HOUSE KEEPER, Herald Uptown Branch otllce. A MAN AND WIFE WISH THREE OR FOUR NICE Rooms (unfurnished), convenient for house keeping, above Thirtieth street: rent about $ '0. Address LIT ERARY, bo* 132 Herald Uptown Branch ofllce. BUILDING WAN1HD?AT A MODERATE RENT, mlnpteit for manufacturing purposes, below Canal street, state location and rent, box 6,1 Mi I'ust (ifllce. WANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, THREE or four Rooms, tarnished or uufurtiiidicd, suitable for light housekeeping, in a private family; location be tween Eighth and Forty-second streets. Address, slating full particulars and terms, U. II. S., Herald otllcc. In th? Country. WANTED TO RENT-FOR THE SUMMER, A FUR dished House, not below Fisltklll, back from llio Hudson River, on high ground. Address A. C. U., 67 West Twenty-second street PC UN ITU UK. A?PARLOR ANI) SOFA BEDS; THE LARGEST VA. . riety ol any bouse In the city; Payne's patents. Depot <0 llleecker street All the eleoant household furniture at the privato brown stone mansion 11H East Twenty (U'th street between Fourth and Lexington avenues, for sale, great sacrifice for cash?Maguincent latest style Parlor Suit, crimson satin, cost $376, tor $20d;onedo.. green and gold satin brocatel, do., blue and gold brocatel For f 185 each suit; walnut, brocatel and reps Suits, #86 ?nd tfiO; Pointings, Curtain* MJrrors, rosewood and wal nuTChamber Suits $45 up; Mattresses, Bedding,jBulTct, '; Stool, basing f-wtv.w ???,>.w, ?1urpU>(5., .beiQre,,pur<l etyfirhfirp:,: y ..y,., t, ii A .j^arub. >8^rrMEWr. ^l' /CABVK^^VRNI. .tttre jwarau&ta; aUoweftcaah prices, ny weekly iastftlrofciltM, +0>[}? aJ'-RWP.vv^-uhwsy, ill) Eighth ave nge, between Thjriiulli and Thirty-first, streets. .^-MAQ JY niflcent llonstdioldrii'MiaUHra tor'ssle at*ancrlt1ce, property tamlly leaving city?Two suptrb suits Drawing Room Furniture, covered silk brocade; Tetea-Tete Sofa*. Arm Chairs, cost $800, for $2uu each; one for $loil: do., $46; velvet, medallion Carpets; rosewood, walnut Cham* ber Furniture, style Lonis XIV.; Hair. Spring Mattresses, Secretaire Bookcase, M|uare gr.ind i'lanoloi'te, Mirrors: Paintings, Statuary, Bronzes, Works of Art, Exicnsion Table, Buffet, Silverware, Olassuare, China* arc, Ac., half original cost 36 West 16lh ?(., near Stb a v. At PRIVATE residence 1J0 west 2SO street. near 6(h avenue, magnificent Parlor Suits. Covered in satin brocatel, cost WOO, tor $*W: one do., $150. one, $126; do., $ltW; rep Suits, $50; Bedroom Suits, $40 up wards; Mirrors, Tables, Mattresses, Bronzes, Paintings, Carpet*, Icebox. Curtains, Bookcase, Etageres, Ac., less than half co,t, in lots to suit purchasers. Cat this out A PRIVATE FAMILY, ABOUT LEAVING THE I States, are desirous of disposing of their entire ele- i gant Household i urniture, viz.:?Parlor, l ibrary. Cham ber and Dining Furniture, magnificent rosewood 7 octave i double round I'ianotorte for$'/76; cost $976; one grand s<iuare, 7 octave. $200; Bronzes, Ornaments, Paintings, | Ac.; great sacrifice. Call at private residence, 210 West i 21st st, near 7th av. ("lOOD SECOND hand AND MISFIT CARPETS A i 7 specialty?English, Brussels and Ingrain, handsome I patterns, all sixes, tor sale choap, at 112 Fulton street, ' corner of Dutch. Entrance on Dutch street. | ONT1ILY OR WEEKLY PAYMEMT8.?CARPET?, Furniture, Bedding. Ac. DEALT A CUNNINGHAM. SM and 388 Third avenno, near Twentr-elghth street Prices lower than any other house in tne city. \ITEEKLY AND MONTHLY payments FOR FI R. TT nlturo. Carrots and Bedding, at B. M. CQWFBR. TIIWAIT i CO.15J and 1J7 Chatham gtriju An ZERO refrigerators WITII COOLER A KB THE best.?ALEXANDER M. LESLEY. 224 WsstTweriy. thirl street. Kefrigerators repaired. Zero, aero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zeru, zero, zero, zero. M ^ AIATRIMONIAIj. KNOWING THE GBNERA1. BELIEF OF* HUM BUG. gery in these aiivertisements, I nesiro to send my reference iu the tirst place to a worthy voung lady, in town or country, who wili accept an offer of marriage by a gentleman of some means. Address, for one week, EDWARD TEEL, 11 en lid olUce. EVK? AWD B ARS. Artificial* human kyer.-t. j. davis, in. ventor and only maker of the improvod Artificial Human Eye, acknowledged by the faculty to be the only correct imitation of nature in the world. 127 Eaol Fifteenth street, between Third and Fourth avonites. CliOTHINW^ Astonishing prices can be obtained for Cast-off Clothing, Carpets, Ao.; for I'ants, to $7; Coats, $3 to $.S): ircs.,es, $5 to $78; Diamonds, I ace", the utmost valuo will be pan!. I'lcasc call on or address by note Mr. or Mrs. H. HARRIS, SI Sixth avenue, third store above Waverley plane. AT THE WELL RENOWNED ESTABLISHMENT, 240 Seventh avenue?I liavo iust received orders to'lie amount of $76,000; I am therefore compelled to pay the following prices:?For silk Dresses, $5 m $8); Coats, $,s to S; Pants, $1 to $11; tli highest prices paid for Carpets, ase call on or addre?s Mr. or Mrs. ROSENBERG, M6 cnth avenue. N, B.? Second house ab(.ve Twenty tonrth street A T H. ROSENTHAL'S 233 THIRD AVENUE, NEAR ] ji m. Nineteenth street, ladies and gentlemen will obtain full value of Cust-off Clothing. Carpets, Ac., by culling or addressing. Ladies attended to by Mrs. Rosenthal. AT 160 SEVENTH AVENUE. NEAR NINETEENTH street gnarnntepg to rav the full mine forca-t off Clothing nnd Carpets by cAllltig on or addressing J!r. or Mrs. B18EMSTRADT. AT ,J, ANHALTS. 178 SEVENTH A VENUE, LADIES and gentlemen will positively receive the highest price for Cast-off Wearing Apparel, Carpets and Jewelrv, as I have a great demand for them from the West: the price is no object, as I inust All up my orders. Ladies v sited on by Mrs. Anhalt. QQQ BROADWAY, NEAR THIRTEENTH RTREET 0?JO H. HER/pays the highest price or ladies nnd g< nUcmen's Wearing Apparel, Carpets, Ac. Ladies will be waited on by Mrs. Here. WATCHK(s, JEWEbttV, die. AN ELEGANT DIAMOND BRACELET FOR SALt.? design unsurpa?sed: a rare chance to any one de siring to make a beautiful present. Address HElllLouM, Herald ofllce. AnTROI.OGY. ATTENTION!?KNOW THY DESTINY^ CONBl'l/r fills wouderfullv gifted clairvoyant; gives luck; tells ever} 169 West Forty flr't street, near Broadwav. AM TEST.-MRS. VASSISE, BUSINESS AND MHDf eal Clairvoyant Spiritualist, tells name, day of marriage, brings together those long sepsratedj gives positive information on all affairs ol life; no satisfaction, no pAy. '-1 Sccoud avenue, corner rtiiriy-tourth strei-t. AH TTENTIONI?CONSULT ATIONH ON busink--*. law suits, enrmios, losses, absent friends, love, mar I rlagu, sickness and death, l'av refused unless satlsfled. Mine. slMUilI, cialrvoyau;, Wl nixili .venue. KiMUROPEAN clairvoyant-TELLS NAMES,shows likenesses, eausan marriages, given n imbers; Wcenu iiud $1. Hi W.'st r%\cn'.v tittli street, basement. CI YPSY REVEALS YOUB WHOLE LIFE, FINDS AB J sent friends, recovers stolen property. 351X Bowery, between Third and tour;U streets. Mit-S wellington, CLAIRVOYANT, TELLS EV crvlliing; lucky numbers, has a positive cure tor (iruiikexnnM. Call, or write tv A1 iiaat Tweulj-el^UUi si AMI'SKHTKIVT*. BOOTH'S TnKATRE. . B0DC(CA0V>T. Edwin Booth. Manager and Proprietor POBlfrrKLT LAST week Of Mr DION BOUOIGAULT. in UM great character of MICHAEL O'D(iWI). In hia new Comedy Drain* of DADDY O'DOWD. LAST BOUOIGAULT MATINEE oil 8ATURDAV, at ?, and LAST TIME BUT ONE OF DABDT O'DOWD. Seats nisy he *ecnrod for the remaining nights of Mr. Roucirauli at tUo Theatre, or at Diutou A Co.'* music store, 711 Broadway. BOOTU'S THKATRE. NKILSON. EXTRA ANNOUNCEMENT. Return of MISS N1011.SOI*. The management respactfully announce* the reappear ance of the celcbrutva English Tragi dienno, kiss NKlLSON. On MONDAY EVENING NEXT. MAT It. when slio will appear for the ilrst tune In ttiU country, in uer Original Character oi AMY ROHSARV, In the grand Historical And Romantic Drama of that name, written by Aniirow J. ilaltlclay. Esq., ami founded on Sir Walter Scott's famous Historical Romance of Ken ilworth. in which she achieved such grant SBCeeai at ttie Drury Lane Theatre, London, ?ustuiuin<{ the part of AMY llOBSAKT lor over one hundred consooutive nights, wiss Neilaon v.-in ho supported by MR. KB AN CIS BANGS LEICESTER (his first appearance In four months), MR. NEIL WAltKER and a POWBRPUL OAST, with New Scenery. Costumes, Armors, Appointment*, Music, Mechanical Effects and an increased Auxiliary Force and Corps do Ballot ol uoarlv 2-ii) PERSONS. The Box Sheet for tbe NEILSOti PERFORMANCES u now open at the usual place*. WALLACE'S. Proprietor and Manager..Mr. LESTRR WALLACK G HIS AT 8UCCKS8. ANOTHER TRIUMPH. every EVENING and 8ATCRDAY MATINI'.E, at IK P. M., Mr. KOTllERN

will appear in hi* orlgiual part of SQUIRR CHUCKLES, in tlio SQUIRE'S LAST SHILLING I An original Drama of comic And acrioua interest, in four act*, by Mr. II. J. Byron. The piece will be presented hy the FOLLOWING EMINENT ARTISTS Mr. BOTIIERN, Mr. J. B POLK. Mr. J. W. CARROLL, Mr. C. B. BISHOP. Mr. E. M. HOLLAND, Mr. W. J. LEONARD, Mr. O. W. BROWN R, Mr. PECK, Miss KATHERINE ROOKRH, Miss EFFIE GERMON, Mine. PONISI and Miss VANDYKE. Act First?THE MISER'S ATTIC. Act 8eeond?SQUlltE CHUCKLES' COUNTRY HOUSE AND GROUNDS. Act Third?LODGINGS IN LONDON. Act Fourth?INTERIOR OF SQUIRE CHUCKLES' COUNTRY HOUSE. BOX BOOK OPEN. SEATS SECURED IN ADVANCE. 201 Bowery. [LADIES FREE? (FRIDAY) TONY PASTORS. ^ EVENING. Rubinstein matinee piano recitals AND LAST APPEARANCES IN AMERICA, at STEINW AY 1IALL, commencing MONDAY, MAY 11 The Mile of Single Ticket* for any or all of the Recital* commence* at the usual ticket office* THIS MORNING, AT 9 O'CLOOK. Resorvcd Seat*. $] Mr. GRAU ha* the honor to announce the definitive clone of the Rubinstein Concert* and of the MUSICAL SEASON of 1873-73 with a series of seven Piano Recitals, to lie given BY MB. ANTON RUBINSTEIN, at STKINWAY HALL, ON THE AFTERNOONS OF MONDAY. May 12; WEDNESDAY, Mar 14: FRIDAY, Mat 18: SATURDAY, May 17; MONDAY, May 111; TUESDAY. May .0. and on tile EVENING of THURSDAY, Mar 22. These recital* are glren ns a fitting close to the great series ot Rubinstein's Concerts, the most snccesstul. artts* tically and pecuniarily, ever Known lu the United States. THE PROGRAMMES present an epitome of the treat Piano Music?commencing witn the elder Bach and end ing with Rubinstein. To the student and virtuoso they must prove as Invaluable as a complete gallery to the sculptor or painter, affording, as they do, the best, illus tration of each school ot classic music aud teeming with opportunities for instructive study. THESE PROGRAMMES (which can bo hadatthe box office of Stein way Hall and principal music stores) serve to illustrate the vast knowledge aud exercise tbo unri valled executive ability of MR. ANTON RUBINSTEIN. BRYANT'S OPERA HOUSE, TWENTY-THIRDSTREET, between Sixth aud Suventn avs., near Booth's Theatre. EVERY EVENING ATK 8ATCRDAY MATINEES AT3. Crowded with lashlonabie and delighted audiences. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. BRYANT'S minstrels. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. BRYANT'S minstrels. UNDiCR DE GASLIGHT. The famou* Railroad Scene, by permission of Augustln Daly, Esq., Underde Gaslight. Characters by Dan Bryant. _ Seymour, Dave Reed, Harry Stan wood. Brocawav, Carter, Rice, Morrlssey, Emerson, Ac. Family Matinees Saturday at 2. Seat* secured. The last sensation.?the dobson brothers will give a series of select and varied Entertainment* every Saturday and Monday Mj.-ht, coinmcin-lnu on Saturday evening, May 10, at their Bliou Musfcale Room*, 141 Fourth avenue, rear of Wallace's. Monroe Dempster, tenor halladist-. Charles E. Dobson nnd Henry C. Dobson. the Gottschalk* of the banjo; Little Nlx-Nax, the Child Wonder; John Fuller, comedian and dancer; William Price, character vorallst. Admission free. "DRANCH OFFICE OF THE EVENING telegram, SOUTHWEST CORNER BROADWAY AND thirty-first" STREET. UPTOWN DEALERS AND NEWSBOYS SUPPLIED EVERY EVENING. BILLUttUH. A SMALL BILLIARD TABLE FOR PALE CHEAP? Four-pocket; all complete; good us new. Call at piano store 219 Huh* Twenty-third street, near Third av. A 1 -STANDARD AMERICAN BEVEL TABLES AND 2\Xm the Phclan A Collender Combination Cushions for sale only by the patentee II. W. COLLENDER, successor to Phclan k Cullender, 738 Broadway, New^Yerk. Elegant new sxio carrom billiard* table* tievelled, for Rale at a sacrifice; Balls, <'up*, Ac., In cluded; strictly tirst class. CH.vklks KLhlN, Furnl tnre Warcrootns, IHfe Woostcr ?treei, near Blcccker. NEW 5X10 BILLIARD TABLKB, $300, COMPLETE; "Nonpareil" and "Bevel" Tuldes in great variety; second hand made over new, $110 and upward*. KAVAN AUIl A DECK Kit, corner Canal and Centre sts. Qr H. GRIFFITH'S BEVKL BILLIARD TABLES, *T . with Delaney'i Patent BtMl W ire Cushion*, are the best and cheapest; also warranted for years; second hand SxlU Table*, complete, tor $175. Warerouins 40 Vesey street YACHTsl, 8TE.\MBOATS, <kC. J10R SALE?THE CABIN SLOOP YACHT GLANCE, 42 teet 6 laches long ; (s fully lound, furnished And in ttiofouKh oMeri nil S (food yawl; will be sold eh?ai>. for ?2, (her particulars call oil ar address W, L. SWA.V, SI Pine street. ______________ SCOWS FOR SALE AND CHARTER. A. K. CHAPMAN, ? - 1??* of VpHirr itroet' 3!'. New York. I UTanted-a four-oareD gi<J. tv b66o con I TV tlnn. Apply to U. C. CORNELL. 68 Woat Seven teenth street. I ien BOATS. ALL KINDS, WOOD AND METALLIC, 1OU at my shops, 8GH and 373 SouUi street and iUlU street, Harlem Hlvcr; 40 second hand Ships' Boats. STEPHEN ROBERTS. LEGAL WOTICIBS. IN THE ORPHANS^COURT FOR Th'3 CITY AND 1 county oi Philadelphia. . In the matter ot the partition of the estate of ROBERT STEWART, deceased. Take notice, that the said Court hn? grunted a rule on the heirs and persons Interested In the mid Estate to ap pear in Court to accept or refuse the premises as divided at the valuation* placed thereon by the Inquest, and, in cane of refusal to accept the said premises at the valua> tions, to show cause why the same should not be sold. Returnable on the 17th day of May, 1#73, at H) o'clock A. M. JOSEPH C. TITTERM ARY, Clerk of Orphans' Court. john F. GOODWIN. Attorney for Petitioners, Philadelphia. To Hugh Walker and Thomas Stewart. MIAlf UFFH E1. t T 77 BLEECKER STREET, NEAR BROADWAY, CP j'V stairs.?Highest cash advances (in Diamonds, Hutches, Jewelry, Pianos, Me., or bought; Pawnbrokers' Tloi.e's bouk'lit, at 77 Bieecker street At wolf brothf.rh', m ?roadway, between Nineteenth and Twentieth streets?Money loaned on Watches, Diamonds, Jewelrv. Silverware. Silks, an 1 particularly Piano*; private parlor tor ladies; busluesl strictly eoniiitential. A J. JACKSON, PAWNBROKER, M WEST THIRTY ? first, formerly R) Prince Mreet, leans Honev In large or t>mall sums on personal Property ol every de scription. AT JACKSON'S, MX BROADWAY, OPPOSITE ELEV enth street- Monev liberally advanced on Dia mond*. Watches, Jewelry, Silks, Dry Goods, and per sonal Property of every description. Private entrance for ladies. AT IW7 BROADWAY, CORNER FOURTH STREET ? Liberal advances on Diamonds, Watches. Jewelry, Silks, Camel's Hair shawl*, Laces and personal property ol every description, JAMES P. MATTHKws. AT 80 NASSAU STREET, BETWEEN FULTON A SD John streets, NEWMAN LEOPOLD continues the buying, selling or advancing on Diamonds. Watches, Jewelry, Piatioe, Merchandise, Life Policies, for any amount. Money liberally advanced on diamonds. Watches, Jewetry, Silks, India shawls, Ac.; also a large Stock of the ahove-namcd Coods on hand lor sale, to pay advances. No. 1 Washington place, uuder Now York Hotel, one door from Broadway. A AQ SIXTH AVENUE. BETWEEN TWENTY rm RTH lUO and Twenty fittn streets. ?Liberal advances made en Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Silo*. Lacea ana shawl*. Same bought at full value, L. BERNARD. flltt broadway, OLDEST ESTABLISHED AND {/LO most reliable office.?Money ad\uneedon Dia monds, Wale he*, Jewelry, Lacia, Ac.; same bought at lull value. A. C. HERTS. NARBLK WAWTOLHi Aklaber, stkam marble and maRbleizino , Works, 134 and 138 East Eighteenth MMUdtwlM and Marhlelxcil MuiitcU, Tiling, Marhlo Cou iters, Moniir nients, at prices Utat defy compeUi.oil Marble Turuimc lor me trade. An ahsoRI'M ENT UF MANTELS, UNWL) KPASSED fur beauty ol' design and quality of workmanship Slate Work ot all kinds* apeclaity. PBNRITyN SLATE company, Koiirtli avenuo and HeventennU. b'reet, Uumn square. STEWART'S SLATE MANTELS?RICH AND SUE gant designs; Slate Worts oi every description; Gar ble and Wood Mantels T. H. STEWART A CO.. ill an 1 m A ?*V tttwulj Ciud *tru?i, aeof aeyva^tt hvvru*. M, X, AWPuKWKirrn. NIBLO'S OARDRN. A7.ltARU LULU. Lessees aud M-anaiers JARKKTT * PALMBU. 1 lio brillinui Pantomime AZRABL; OK. THE MAOiC CHARM. MAFFIT AND BARTHOLOMEW, Olown sad Pau'Aloon. THB SENSATION GYMNAST, LBLU, LOU I. I.UI.U. LULU. LULU, LULU. LI)LU, LULU. The Plight Tarough Space. Mad. LAKKIBB, Mlln. PITTKBI. CORPS DH ballbt 1* TUBBB MBW BALLETS. DKMON BALLBT, SCOTCH DANOB, HAI.LABILR, NKW HOKlfRRT, _ NKW MUSIC, KEW COSTUMKS, HlCKb, Niiff TR the MOST GORGEOUS TRANSFORMATION SCENB EVKIt l'KOOUCBD in lUe Woftl.D, M ATINEliS WEUNFSDA'' LKAP1NO AT UNB BOUND PltOM TIIR ST AUK TO A PLATFORM ThirtyAve KKBT ABOVE IT. TUB MOST REMARKABLE exhibition OK OYMNA8TIC skill AND DARING EVKIt WITNESSED. AND SATURDAY at 2 o'clock Niblo'H OAKDKN. MATINKB. maon 1KIUKNT MATINP.R RNTEBTATNMKNT. new Pantomime with M A FKIT and bartholo MEW, tjia grand ballet* Wtih LAN NI hit ami P1TTERI and ??iiRil?-L,1K SENSATION GYMNAST-LULU. TO-MQMtOW (Saturday) AFTERNOON, at* o'clock. UNION SQUARE thratrr. Pruprialor Mr SH F. RID \ N shook Manager Mr. A. M. PALMER Begin* at A Saturday Matinee at 1:30 Carriage* may be or (lured (or 11 o'clock. last NIGHTS OK FROU krou. The management. In order to adhere to plan* pre viously made tor the production of noveltie* during Ilia ourreut season, aro compelled to announce iho LAST NIOttTS OK KKOU prou. Last nights of the charming younu actresa, MISS AON Bo ETHEL. In ber moat brilliant creation. SATURDAY, LAST MATINEE (but one) of FROU-FROU. shortly, a new drama of great Interest, entitled, WITHOUT A HKART, which will be superbly mounted and produced with a ORE AT OAST. PRIDAY EVENING, May 1?, BENEPIT of Mr. D. H. HARKINS. rQC-atheneum THEATRE. t)Ot) Broadway, opposite the Metropolitan Hotel. U. W. BUTLER Manager ANOTHER EXTRAORDINARY sensation BILL. Applftuio of the most enthusiastic charactcr. TUE QUBBN8 OP burlesque ACTRESSES, The <S> & Sophie admirable T THE WORRELL SISTERS. T and Burlesque. <j> Irine. THB FIELD OP THE OLOTH OP GOLD. MISS MINNIE jackson, MISS LOUISA ARNOTT, a> MISS LILL1E HALL, IDA ROSS, GEORGE ATKINS, LUKE schoolcraft, WM. WEST. WM. WEST. WM. WEST, REYNOLDS brothers. OEOROE AND CHARLES, AND REGULAR aYhENEUM COMPANY EVERY EVENING. Doors open at 7. Curtain rites at 8 o'clock. MATINEE wednesday AND SATURDAY. Notice?Monday next tho GREAT s4ankretta TROUPE and the REMMKLSBERO SISTERS will appear, with othor novel attractions. Academy op music. lydia Thompson, a gala Nionr. FAREWELL BENEPIT FAREWELL BENEPIT FAREWELL BENEFIT PARKWELL BENEFIT of the "PEERLESS QUEEN OF burlesque," MISS LYDIA THOMPSON, will take place TTIIS (FRIDAY) EVENING, May 9, when will bo presented the Olympic success, ALADDIN, ALADDIN, supported bv every member of Mis* Thompson's INCOMPARABLE COMPANY, who wilt Introduce all their Specialties, marked Features. Local Duett tirom "Genevieve lie brabunt," UUs i'lloMP RON and HARRY BECKETT. Kins Song, hy re.iuest Miss I.YDIA THOMPSON Saitat.oriul and Magical Specialties ... WILLIE EDOt'lN And the Skatorial Phenomenon and Lilliputian Wonder In hla marvellous performances on parlor skates. SECUBR YOUR SKATS IN ADVANCE. SATURDAY MATINEE, LURLINE. "And Yet I Am Not nappy." Prices to all purts of the house 91, to be secured in ad vance, WITHOUT EXTRA CIIAROE. SATURDAY NIOUT. LAST APPEARANCE. A.MONSTER BILL. IADIEd I NO CHAItOE FOR LADIES ON FRIDAY J evenings to TONY PASTOR'S OPERA ADMITTED | HOUSE. Let the ladies hear the charming KEEK. | French Minstrels. 0 LTMPIO THEATRE. SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT. In consequence of the death of Mr. James E. Hayes, late Manauer of this theatre, it will be closed tnis il'ii day) evening. he Saturday Matinee will be given as usual. 1 Ladles ADM1TTI FREE rnONY PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE, 201 BOWERY. " ?" THE CHARMING FEMALE MINSTRELS. 10 BEAUTIFUL YOUNG LADIES, in Hongs, Daets, Choruses, Jokes, Ac. THE WON DERFUL ZIO-ZAG8. MAFFUN'S MAOIC SPADE DANCE. ROSA LEI'S EXyrialTE SONUS. BILLY PASTOR'S COMIC MELODIES. TUB GREEDY CLOWN PANTOMIME. EVENING. All the Popular Star Artists. MME. ANNA BISHOP, _ SATURDAY, ?has the honor to announce that her LAST APPEARANCE IN NEW YORK, prior to the commencement or her FAREWELL TOUR OF AMERICA, WILL TAKE PLACE IN A GRAND MATINEE AT STEINWAY HALL ON SATURDAY, MAY 10, AT 2 O'CLOCK. agisted by the following brilliant array or artists, who have kindly proffered their assistance MLLE. PAULINE CANISSA, SOPRANO: MLLE. DRASDIL, CONTRALTO; MLLE. FKRRBTTI, SO PRA.VO: MR. ALFRED WILKE, TENOR; MR. J. R. THOMAS, BARITONE: MR. L. G. GOTTSCIIALK, BARITONE; MR. EMILE SAURET, VIOLIN; MR. A. H. PEASE, PIANIST; MR. F. BERGNER, VlOLON CELLO; MR. HENRT CARTER, ORGAN: HERB OOE PEL, CLARIONET. CONDUCTORS AND ACCOM PANYI8TS?MESSRS. A. RE IFF, MARZO, C. C. OOF FRIK AND CHAS. FRADEU Tickets of admission, $1, including reserved seats, at the general ticket office, 114, and G. bohlrtncr's, 701 Broadway; at all the principal music stores, and at ticket office of the Hall. ?<& THIS 201 BOWERY, T No Charge lor Ladies. j~ Fi TONY PASTOR'S. $>- ?? <$> EVENING. PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, &( . A-BTEINWAy'aNDCHICKS RING PIANOFORTES . at half price for canh; Pianos rented on instal ments; $l'i ana $15 monthly until paid. J. B1DDLE, 13 Waverley place, near Broadway. A LADY WIM, SELL FOR $10i) A HANDSOME ROSE wood Pianoforte, in perfect order; iron frame, round corner*, modern improvement* ; In splendid toue. Call at 28 Third etreet, near Bowery. BPLRNMDluwTRTM EKTOF STEIN WAY A RONS' second band square, grand and upright Pianos for sale at a bargain. Alio a number of Instruments of oilier llrst claas maker*. Every lusirument In good order. Steinway Halt A' MEKIOAN PIANOFORTE COMPANY, 8tW BROAD way.?Pianos ot fix first class maker* Cor sole on easy Instalment* and for cash at low prices; a good ?even octave Piano <or $260; Pianos for hire. A MAGNIFICENT DOUBLe BOUND PATENT jtx agrnflc grand souare rosewood r^, octave Parlor Pianoforte, brilliant tone, fnlly guaranteed, ?-?d seven months; cost $950, for $?0; Stool, Cover, Cabinet; hag box for shipping; satin brocatel and reps Parlor Suits, Puintina*. Mirror*, Cartaina, Carpets, Hronzes, rosewood and walnnt Chamber Suits, Mattresses. Library, l>lnini{ Furniture, Silverware: less than loilf cost; property family leaving citv. lOi East Twenty.fllth itreet, between Fourth ami Lexington avenues. A MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE FOR gale?Parlor grand: made order; ?'ity maker: fully ptlarantced ; used 5 month*; cost 9900, for $-75; I'arior Suits, Etagereg, Chamber. Dining Furniture, f'hinaware, Glassware, Ac.; a sacrifice. Property family leaving city. 3ri Wert 15th St., near Mh ar. A PRIVATE FAMII.Y, ABOUT LEAVING TFIE States, are desirous of disposing of their magnificent rosewood 7'< octiive double round I'lanotorte; lu st city makers; cost $975, for $278; Stool, Cover and Mnsic rabl net; one grand S'lUH/e 7 octave, $r.0; also entire elegant Household furniture. Call at private residence 210 Went Twenty-am itrcet, near Seventh avenue. T PRIVATE HOUSE 1 ?Q WEST TWENTY-THIRD street, near Sixth avenue, lor sale?Brilliant toned round cornered. 7S ocfare, carved r< sewood Pirnof'orte: used eight months; cost ?1.000, for $'?!?'<>. Also Parlor and 1 Bedroom Suits, Carpets, Mirrors, i'liintings, Ac.. 50 per cent, less than cost, i? lots to stilt cash purchasers. N. B.?Call and see this Plunotorc before piircimmni.' else where. Good Pianoforte for $1*8. Can box for shipping if desired. Cut this out. BAROAIN-7 OCTAVE. $125; FOUR KOL'MDCORNKItB rosewocd Piano, splendM tone, grand ?-?le, agraffe, $.'4>i; almost new; Instalments taken. R. CABLE, 107 West Twenty-third street, corner of sixth avnno. C1A8H OR INSTALMENTS?WE HAVE A NUMHHR J of drat class Piano* for sale that were rented during the Winter, tn perfect order and warranted ; also several cheap seconU hand Piano*. _WM. A. POND * CO., A47 Hroadwav. FIRBT CLASH 71* OCTAVE PIAMOR ItKTAII.'.n AT wholetale prices, direct from factory. Send for olr eular. 78 Barrow street, near Hudson. ONE FIRST CLASS MBLODEON ORGAN, IN MA hoe any; thirteen stops, two pedals; imported Irotn Alexandre, of Paris; first class |>ri*? medal in baa Mm tion ol Paris; worth $1,900, tor sate ur this or-au . ean I ? used for church, theatre, concerts, Ac. Apply to ' M. GODARD, ;l? East Thirty sixth street, from 1 to 3 o'clock. _ PIANOS AND ORGANS AT GKKAT BARGAINS?FOR cash or instalments, or to rent, $? to $10uer month. Cil AS. 4. BETTtt, 7B8 Broadway. corner Tenth st. next to Jrae? church. A1 PIANOS AND ORGANS.?ORB AT BARGAINS. NKW and most beautllul styles and periect tones ever made, and by best makers, at lower prices tor cash, or monthly instalment*, or for rent, during this month, at WATERS'. 4Hl Broad way, than can be touml elscwliero. PIANOS (BEAUTIFUL WEBRR INCLUDED), CHEAP a* the cheapest, good a* the best, for r-\ot or salo; rent allowed purchaser; at MKRRKLL'S, No. 8 I'uloit ?juare, 165 Fourth avenue. PIANO$ AND ORGANS.-.*) NEW AND SECOND hand Pianofortes aud Standard organ* at ataurltlco this week, rosewood I'iano only $100. i'EKK A si ins, 127 Bltecker streak ROBI WOOD PIANOFORTE. $100, OlUt KEItlNQ make; great bargain; magnificent 7*^ octave, o\vr strong instrument, hiving carved legs, Ac.; greatest bargain in city lor cash. JAMES GORDON, 157 BKecker street. THE MOST RELIABLE, BERT FINISHED AND richest toned I'ltnofortes manufactured Irnm $213; seven ocutvfl I'ianolorte, nearly new, only $150. CO-?IF. F.KATIVE PIANO MAKERS, Mo. i) IH'cat Jones street, near H road way. (tltir FOR A FOUR ROUND CORNER* SEVEN ?T> 1 ?**} octavo Piano, In exretlent order, great burgjiu, 41 lift Wul l*fvuU-eu.uUi ?UcsW -UUUl a<teui*a? ANUSRillKirrS. B?^R* ",B*TRKr wii. a. ruKutiii ^ FRIDAY. M AY"#"mtV ? ??'??"?gif BKMkKlT (>lr^ ?lt??2?unr "ardt. ^iieorkat drama _ ___ OK OLAUDB DUVAL. '? MP? lOHOOUliAFT auil UILLT nof h>ta (tenerou?f? volunteered th.-ir service, h,u.7ku?l^Z? S?oonuu^Bobert Buiter' wiu It88. DIDDEMUft' PARTY after which the splendid Coux 'tu'tta ol the BOUGH 1)1 A MONI> Look out (or the unrivalled Musical Artistes the BKRRYS, " _ who will shortly appear. CtfBA LIBRK, OR. O'KELLY'S MTflfttON an original Drama bv Harry Seymour, wUl muu be pr? duc.ed. WOOD'S MUSEUM. DOMINICK MURRAY*. BI'.Mi KIT and Inst night but one of Mr. DOMINICK MURRAY. EVBNINO. AT 8. AKTKROON. AT t BENEFIT special hw of * Matlnco Performances. The Painiomiintai and Actor. Mr HERN ANDEZ FOSTER, in hi* grt-at draniu at J A< K IIA RK AW A Y. ? JACK HAKKAWAY. Kay 12, benefit or Mr. DOMINICK MURRAY, who will appear In the drama of WILLY KKILLY AND HIS DEAR COLLEEN. MONDAY EVENING, * n? r.ntiiu. ron? ? *. ouno Mian OU8SIE DE FORREST. Grand opera housb.?commences at ? to &. Mr. AUGUSTIN DALY... .Sold Leasee and Manager. Mr. CHARLES FECIITKR as MONTB ORISTO EVERY NIOHT in the magnificent romantic Drama of MONTE CKISro. Produced with the moat elaborate and ingenious Scent* ami Mochauical ill unions ever presented upon the Amer ica u stage. Magnlfloeut Scenery I Superb Costameat Character* by Mr. CHARLES WHEXTLBIOH, Mtae LI/./.IE PRICE. Mr. J. B. STUDLKY. Mr. OHARLKri LKCLERO, Mr. B. T. RINOOOLD, Mr. J. W. jen NINGS. Mr. C. J. ROCKWELL: Mr. M. OOLDBN. Mr. DORSt'.Y OGDEN. Mr. CHAPMAN, Miaa JOSEPHINK HENRY. Me sum Meade, Pealtes, Pierce, Chapoaau, Betnes, Searle and others. GRAND FECHTER MATINEE TO-MORROW (SATUB DAY) I Seats mav be *ecured for 10 days in advance. Appli cations by mull or telegraph, directed to the Manage^ will be promptly altouilo J to. Uo* olAce open trom S tUS 6 dally. )TUr>iAV|RNlrR T',"iATRR- COMMENCES AT ? / Hole Lessee and Muuager Mr. AUUUSTIN DALT LAST NIUF1TH OP DIVORCE. "" '?? yrtm .S&?KA.?vsis6. ae0"ab ?""" WEDNESDAY, May 14, Benefit ot Mlas LINDA DIRT*. /TTIf AVENUE THEATRE. ?) , Mr. daly bfgi to ?nnounco that he will produce oo , ... - ? TUESDAY NIOHT, Ma jr. 20, for the first time on any stage, a novel play, from the """nan. towed upon the latest drama of Dr. ROSEN thal, u> Vicuna, and entitled MADELKIN MOREL. Several unique dramatic and scenic effects occur In th? f.'J'lvS". J". fY.*. which Mr. Daly designs lo rtll th? 'S? phR/OjtfclANCB8 ot the PRESENT eventful season, and the distribution of character* calls oat Um best powers of the Pltth Avenue Company. Box sheet will he open Tuesday A. M., May IS. fpiIEATRE COMIyUE. u. men ti a ?i? 814 BROADWAT. Mr. JOSII IIART Les>,oe and Proprietor 31.11'H AND last PERKOKMANCE OF THE MAMMOTH DOUBLE TROUPE. TO-NIUHT, TO-NiaUTU Inst entertainment of the rtom COMIQUB COMBINATION. f*AST NIO'IT OK UARRIOAN AND hart. last night op Mr. john hart. last NIOHT OP Mr. FRANK KERNSl last NIOHT OP Mr. john WILUl last NIOHT OP Mr john VrBi? 5'a2J Ulm adavraR HS5 ?l!i !I . MIm kitty o'Nkiu last NIOHT OP Miss kitty TILBTOIf. TO.NIOHT LIST NIOHT r COMIQUE combination. H5I NIOHT x LAST nigh* LAST NIOHT last NK1I1Y LAST NIOHT LAST N1GH*> ol the mammoth lint of Stan of the COMIOUK COM HI NATION. ... K*TRA NOTICE. . ? "ATORDAY MATINEE AND NIOHT, AN ENTIRE CHANOE OP BILL, . . . . AN ENTIRE NEW OLIOk and first appearance of the following THE OltEAT MARTEN FAMILY IN THEIR CAT DUET. The wonder of Uie world, LIN^ jjOOK. Fire cat Ins, Egg and Sword-swallowlng Feat. Sir. O. W. JESTER and bu TALKING HAND. LITTLE JENNIE YEA MANS In her characteristics. ... ... Moiis. LE PORT, in his slight of hand act, together with the GREAT COOL BURGESS, THE frankenstein MYSTERY. fcThc great act of DECAPITATION. All the above for SATURDAY MATINEE AND SATURDAY NIOHT, MAY 10. THEATRE COMIQUK7 ^ 614'BROADWAY. M?" Joil^f P pnVii'p Lesser* and Proprietor Mr. JOHN P. I'OOLE...^^ Business Manager ON MONDAY NEXT THE inimitable VERSATILE STAR ARTIST MR. JOHNNY THOMPSON A*llST MR. JOHNNY THOMPSON ?? M R. JO I I.N NY THOM PSON _..will mc8t positively APPEAR. THEATRE COMlyUE, ON MONDAY NEXT, MAT Ok /S ERMANIA THE ATRE". * is. Be'rThi,d Dlrect^ ? ? PRIDAV. Mav9," ^ _ "snefltof oustav hcIikUenbero. WAS OOTT Zf SAMMEN FPEGT DAS SOLL DEIR MENSCHNICHT SCHEIDRN. ^ Comedr In (Ire acta, hy Kobersteln. Jjox office open daily from 8 till 4 o'clock. MRS. p. B. CONWAY'S BROOKLYN THEATER. TO-NIGHT, BENEFIT OF ' __ MUs MINNIE CONWAY. DUCHESS OR NOTHING, ' A PRETTY PIECE OF VKflNEss!"1'* gt. JAMES THKATRE. ^ ^ ^LAST NIUHTS. _ OR IRELAND IN"AMERICA. .The greatest entertainment Of the day, Irish Comedy and Character Company. Irish scenery, songs, dauces, wit and humor. v Orchestra Chairs 78c. Admisaion Me Last Matinee SATURDAY, at 2 o'clock. Admission 50c. Children lfic. Children ISo. CCENTRAL PARK WARDEN." " / J. KOCH A CO Pronrl^fcrw. OPENING MP CENTRAL PARK GARDE?P WEDNESDAY EVENING, MAY 14, AT8, THEODORE THOMAS' UNEQUALLED SUMMER NIOIITS CONCERTS Pull particulars in future advertisements . Admission, Ml cento. Paeaaues, containing IS ticket*. $?. Can now be obtained at the principal music stores also at 2S6 Broadway ari.i at Central Pa?k Garden. * Association hall. macdcTnaldi SATURDAY apternon. J P. M . MATINEE LECTURfe BY OEOBGE macdonald. SUBJECT?JOHN MILTON. TlckeU to cento, at Hurley's A Schirtner's. fxI^T|r'twi.vr I ,T"E YOU NO AMD beautipitu VJ EXCITEMENT ?ema)e Minstrels. 16 in number, a* ?? ToNY PASTOR'S Opera II.hisST yET. ? | Ladies admited free this evening. V"EW YORK S4 USBUM UF A NATOM Y. tiH BKOAoT j.1 war. between Houston and Bleeelser streets.?Every one should visit the womlertul Mtucatuiit Ulull of everi^ V,1?, lhou,l<1 MS''..ftn,L understand. Lecturos daily on Ine Phtlosoptty of Marrla/e." Th'??e partlos tttiuMe to Attend these lmporunt lectures can bnve them for wara?id, po^t frco, on recdpr of 25 cptiM. by adclro^HiiMr SECKETARY NEW YORK MUSEUM OP ANATOMY. ?f Broadway, New York. I' OCIS DURR'S GALLERY <>P paintings?OPEM J day and evening, in the imltdlng ot the Oerman Sav> lngs Bank. General Moltke's Portrait, taken from lite, by Professor sohrader, b now on e.\nli>ltiott. Three hours'! no ohabok por ladies thl* AMt SK.ME.NT Fveiling at ToNY PASTOR'S Opera P<>R [ Hniise. The Zig Zags, the Pensal* ?? | Minstrel's, that'rimic Pantoatme. Ao. NOTHING. I All free for ladles. rjpHK EK?HTH anniversary op the NATIONAb J Temperance Soel< ty will be held in Association HalL Ponrth avenue nnd Twenty-third street, tlila evening commencing at 7? o'clock. Addresses by Rev. Tin at* Tavl?r, Rev. T. L Cooler, Hub. Win. 4. Dodge anJ others. " w t* A IMKZ-VnUS LA MUSlyUEf" "DO YOU LOV8 Journal" given away at w A TSON S Mumo Rooms, or maMed roe ten cents each. Private musical Instruction. T ADIES ADMITTED FREE THIS EVENINO Jj TONY PASTOR S OPERA HOUSE BRING THE LADIKS WITH YOU. Jj^ETBoroUTAN ~ ~ THEATRICAL AN!) SHOW PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT. HERALD BUILDING, broadway AND ANN STREET A LAROE ASSORTMENT Of THEATRICAL minstrel AND VARIETY CUTS CONSTANTLY ON HANtX musical. A rata fa ravalli tenor sinoer, rito* St Twen?v ievnntl*1 l*r',ei' Pt*no fl'ul Sintfing at lit moderate. "trcct, near Sixtn avenue; ternu A ??!!%, VOICES ARE REQUBSTRO t? .? uJrAH1) t OLLEOE OF MUSDBroadwav an4 "trect. special sttentlou called to oar vioua Liajntn i_0jnojil Cf!obrut#<l ?iolioijtg. C1ARD.-PRIYATR MUSIC LESSONS, PIANO. ORG AM. / Vlolin, Onlta;*, Harp. Slnginj, H.trmoav fi?'lint?ia place (hUhth street). LsUblished KM. .student's Journai ??4?Ucui4M?uu^s4 J- J A* VKA

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