Newspaper of The New York Herald, 10 Mayıs 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 10 Mayıs 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 13,411. NEW YORK, SATURDAY. MAY 1% 1873.-TR1PLE SHEET. PRICK KOlli CKNTS. KRECTORY FOB ADVERTISERS. AMUSEMENTS?SecoMD Pagb?Fourth, fifth and sixth columns . ? ASTROLOGY?Sbookd Fag*?Fourth column. BILLIARDS? Ninth Paok?Sixth coli inu. BOARDERS WANiED?Elevkj.tii l* auk?Third column. BOARD AND LODGING WAaTIiD? r.ucvEHTu 1'au*? Thirii column. BROOKLYN BOARD?Eleventh Page?Third column. BROOKLYN REAL ESTATE FOR AL.K?Second Paub? column. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES?Niwtb Pagi?Sixth col umn. BUSINESS NOTICES?Skvbntb Pack?Pilth and sixth columns. ? CIGARS ANO TOBACCO?Ninth Pagb? Filth column. CITY REAL ESTATE FOR SAi.E-BKCOND Page?First column. CLERKS AND SALESMEN?Twelfth Pauk?Third and fourth columns. CLOTHING?Skuomi> Paob?Fourth column. COAC.MEN AND GARDENL.. 8-1 WKLrrn PACE? Fourth column. COASTWISE STEAMSHIPS?Eleventh Paob?Fifth and sixth columnn. COUNi ltr liOAKO?Eleventh Page?Fourth column. DENTI STRY?Ninth Pauk-FIUU DRY GOODS? Firs* Page?Filth column. SWELLING HOUSES lO LET, FU..MSHED AND UN. * URNISHED?Twelfth Page-sixth column. ' EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS?Eleventh Page?Filth column. EUROPE?Ninth Page?Sixth column. EYES AND liAU.S?Eleventh Pa?.k? second column. EXCURSIONS?Eleventh Paok?Sixthcolumn. FINANCIAL?Ninth Pack?Filth column. FOR SALE? First Pagb?Sixth column. FURNISHED ROOMS ANtf AI'Ait i MENTS TO LET? TwELnn Page?Sixth column. FURNITURE?second Page?Ihirtl column. FRENCH ADVERTISEMENTS? iWKLrru PAGB-Flfth column. HELP WANTED-FEMALES?Twelitb PAG?-Sccond and tlilrd columns. HELP WAN TEIj?M lLES?Twelfth Pach?Fourth and fll'tli columns. HORDES, CARRIAGES, AC.?First Pagb?Second, third, lourtli and tlnh columns. HOTELS?Eleventh Pauk?Third column. HOUSES ROOMS, AC., WAN lED?..LEVBNTH Page? Firth column. INSTRUCTION? First Paob?Sixth column JERSEY CI TV, HOHOKEN, HUDSON CITY AND BFR GBN REAL Esi'AlE FOR SALE?Second Page? First column. LOAN OFFICES?Ninth Page? Sixth column. LOST ANI> FOUND?First Paob?First column. MACH1NEKV?First Pauk?oixill co'uinn. MaRHL;. man I ELS?Ninth Pauk? ixtn column. MEDICAL?second Pauk?Filth column. MISCELLANEOUS ADVEMISEMr.VrS?Tb?TH Pagb Fiith and s:xth columns. MUSICAL?second Page?Filth column. NEW PUBLICATIONS?Seventh Pauk?Sixth column. NEWSPAPERS?First Page?Fifth column. PERSONAL?First Paob? Hrstcolumn. PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, AC.-Skuond Page?Fourth column. POST OFFICE NOTICE?8bcond Paob?Fourth column. PROPOSALS?First Pauk?Sixth column. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES? Twklfth Page?Second column. PBOPERTY OUT OF T1IE CITY FoR SALE OR TO BENT?Second Page?First, second and third col umns. BEAL ESI ATE TO EXCHANGE?Second Page?Third column. KEAL EsTATE WANTED?Second Page?Third column. RELIGIOUS NOTICES?First Page?Fifth column. REWARDS?First Page?First column. BALES AT AUCTION?Eleventh Pagb? First and second columns. SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES?Twaum Pauk? First and second columns. SITUATIONS WANTED?MALES?Twblitb Pagb?Third column. 8PEC1AL NOTICES?First Paob?First and second col umns. SPORTING?pOGS, BIRDS, AC.?First Pagb?Sccond column. BTALLiONS?First Page?Second column. BTORAOE?NiNTn Page? Filth column. BUMMER RESORTS?Eleventh Paub? Fourth column. THE TRADES?Twelfth Page?Fifth column. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PUKPOSES-Twblfth Paub Fifth and sixth columns. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE?Eleventh Pace?Sixth column. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Twelfth Page?Sixth column. WANTED TO PURCHASE?Eleventh Page?Fifth col umn. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET?Second Pace?First column. TACHTS, STEAMBOATS, AC.?Second Page?Third col umn. berald bbakch office-uptown. J^DVERTIBEMENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT THE BRANCH OFFICE, 1,266 BROADWAY. WEST SIDE, BETWEEN THIRTY-FIRST AND THIRTY 6BCOND STREETS. ADVERTISEMENTS ARE RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M. TILL 9 P. M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS, 2 TILL 9 P. V.), AT OFFICE RATES. NO EXTRA CHARGE OF ANY KIND. PARIS AGENCY OF THE! NEW YORK HERALD. I^ESSRS. KREMER A CO., AMERICAN REGISTER, HAVE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOR THE MEW YORK HERALD. THEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL ERS WITH COPIES OF THE HERALD, AND ALSO SINGLE NUMBERS OF THIS PAPER TO PARTIBS REQUIRING THEM. PKKSONAL. AMELIA-YOU WON'T FORGET THE PROMISE. Argyle matinee this afternoon, on balcony Apiece of that dress can be had by ad dresslng L. A. I)., Herald Uptown Branch office. CUPID'S arrow?PLEASE TELL WE THE TIME. Fourth avenue car, Cooper Institute. When did ?nch leave the realms of bli*t 8. I. PANoY. 1HAMPAONE "CHARLEY? HAVJ5 BBEN OUT OF J tows. If not forgotten, where can I gee yon f BRYANTS. Dear oeoroe?come home and all will be ?forgiven. JOSEPH LINDES, 362.Wcst Fifty-second street Jjl ?PLEASE, rain OR SHINE, half past three. G" EORGE?1 STAY TO SEE YOU TO-DAY AT ELEVEN. EDWARD. IF MARY JANE GAVIGAN, LATE OF KINGSTOWN, Ireland, will write to Glengearv House, Kingstown, the will hear of something to her advantage. JOHN KOONEY-everything IS SETTLED; DO el you want to come home nowf I am going to Cali fbrnia; I will take you with me. II not write to WM. KEEN AN, 96 Roosevelt si roe t JOHN LOBIG?CALL immediately AT 66 NASSAU street J'^ENNlIf FORMERLY OP 115.-I HAVE JUST HE tuiW Pie2*a v?nr address to reply to HARRV, box 142 He raw Upto'<#ii J>??ncb office. atreet and ihird avenue. MISS JOSEPHINE WOODS, FORMERLY OF * SAN Kranciico?I called upoa you last evening; found yon had removed. Please send present address, through Post office, to an old calilornia triend. W. C. H. ?<OANCKLlTO"-YOtTRS OF APRIL .TO JUST RE k? colved; have not heard from you before: all I have In yours; you cm liuve all you want?anything; I will come to vou wherever you are; only let me know; my address is 124 Washington street, Jersey City. WALTER. UEOTA?WILL BE THERE, BAIN OR SHINE. ESAU. T rERONICA HAS BEEN answered. WILL BLACK EYED LADY, "RECENTLY FROM New Jersey," who noticed gents on Broadway yes tock'troxU'fefuab*tlf' N j,(jre8!'10 b" confidential, WIST AMD FOUND, LOST-thursday may"? IN ~0r"nearvvai.i, street, a l'ocketbook containing a sum ol money and papers of no value except to the owner. By returning U to EAOKR'S drug store, corner North Moore aod Hud ran streets, a suitable reward will be given. LOST-ON thursday NIGHT, IN SPRINO STREET east of Mercer street, an Enamelled I'ln, with dia mond setting. The finder will be liberally rewarded bv the owner at the office of the Hudson River Rrlckiaaker's Association, foot Thirtieth street, North River. LOST?A MOUSE t'OLORED SLUT. ARoUT TWO reet high. A small reward will be paid lor her return to R. I'lIELPS, 22 East sixteenth street. REWARDS AC REWARD-ON delivery AT 53 WEST ?T?.J Eleventh street of a small Scotch Terrier, lost Thursday night, on Fifth avenue, near Ninth street. d>n REWARD.?LOST, AN ONYX PEAL RING, BK tween Twenty-first street and Filth avenue and Twenty-third street and Sixth avenue. Return to the I'nion Club, Filth a?enue and Twenty-first street. ? REWARD.?LOST. THURSDAY EVENING. AT <) the concert of the Church Music Association In Ptelnway Hall, a plain black Opera i?lass, in a blaek Mo rocco ease. The finder will receive the above roward by returning it to JOHN ATWILL, 122 Hudson street, N. Y. $ HPRdAli NOTICES. A?THE AMERICAN REGISTER, ? the most wldelv circulated of the American Journals published in Europe. A capital medium tor American advertisers addressing themselves to European patronage. Indispensable to all persons .visiting Great Britain and t/>i> European Continent. Subscriptions and advertisements for the AMERH'AN REGISTER wlil no received and single copies of tbo 6apcr nmy be obtained at the olflci- of the New York Icrald, New York. A -HERALD HRANCttOFFIGR. BROOKLYN, ? corner of Fulton ?vfniie and itoeriim street Open from H A. M. to 9 P. M. On Sunday from to !> P. M. A RAPID LANDSCAPE PAINTER WOULD LIKE TO bear irom a dealer who would give a lair price lor good work. Addre# E. U. L.. HerulU office. D SPKCIALi HOTICKS. AT ROBINSON HALL. ENTRANCE THROUGH ROB Inson Home, 1H sixteenth street, between Fifth ave nue and tT?n.n square.?The Children's Lycatu meet at 9 A. M., Mr Brviint Giant lecturer at 10 A. M.. Km- Cou ference froin IIS u> IX ?*- M- 1 bese hours are for this day only. A ?ROYAL HAVANA LOiTERY. A. Drawing of May 8, 1873. No- 9.733 drew $l#Utt) No. 11 78"J drew SO.rnW No. 26,909 drew 29,tWU No 8,452 drew io.ou) Nn. 1,197 drew 8.IW0 No. 129 drew 6.000 J. B MARTINEZ k Co., Banker*, 10 Wall street; Post ortioo box 4,6W>, New York. BARGAIN & BARGAINS. BARGAINS.?THE I.A Run stock ol Boot*. Shoes and Trunks, selling oil witliont regard to cost, at:?? Bowery, corner Bond street; must be Hold lielorc June 1, 1871. W. 1). BIG IS Low k CO.^ BOSS HOR8E8HOER8 WILL HOLD A MAPS meeting, Monday evening, 307 Third avenue. All members arc requested to tie punctual In attendance. By order of the I resident. R S. S. FITCI1'S HFART CORRECTOR FOR SALE at 714 Broadway, and4>y all first clftssdriiggists. Election.?notice ih hereby civi n that an election will lie held at the office ol the New York Bridge Compunv, No. Water street, in the city of Brooklyn, on M'ondav, Ihe id day ol June next, ut 12 o'clock noon o! that day, lor tllieen directors ol said company, (or the ilien ensuing veur. and lor two inspec tors of election lor 1874. The transfer books will be closed Iroin Mav 3 to June 3, 1873 Dated May 2, 1873. ? HENRY C. Ml!KPHY, President. O. P. Qointarp, Secretary. Havana ani> kkntucky lotteries.-prizes cashed; circulars sent l'ree. JOSEPH HATES k CO., 71 Broadway, New York, room 31. Ilrst floor. JOHN FITCH, LAWYER, REGISTRAR IN BANK ruptcy.?Law offioc, 345 Broadway, New York, Whiting's Building, corner ol liroadwuy and Leonard street, rooms 5 and 6. Particular atieutlon given to the preparation ol pupers and proof of claims in bankruptcy. Notice.?all parties are hereby cautioned againstnegotiating a note drawn by the Gutta Percha and Huliber Manulaciuring Company, of this cltv, in fa vor of themselves, and endorsed by them, for SM'iO 13, numbered 3M, dated April 1 1873, payable CO days after ilat? al the Naiionai Park Bank, anil which note has been lost of stolen, and a second note has been Issued in lieu thereof cancelling the above described note. G. K. SHERIDAN, 23 I'homos street. NuTICK-YOU can ALWAYS RELY UPON T1IK representations made by tho auction house of ARCH. JOHNSTON. One of the largest ami most attractive catalogues of Horses and Carriages at auction, this day, at 12 o'clock, at our Horse Auction Branch, 19, 21, 23 aha 28 East Thirteenth ftreet, near I'niverslty place. See catalogue under head of Horses and Carriages. Nose machine.?a contrivance, wiiich Ap plied to the nose tor an hour daily, so directs the soft cartilage ol which the member consist* flint an ill-l'orm ed nose is quickly shaped to perfection. Sent bv pattern, post, lor $3. ALEXANDER ROSS, 248 High Holborn, London. OFFICE OF THE UNITED STATES ASSISTANT Treasurer, New York, May 9, 1873.?This office will be closed at 12 o'clock M., the lOlli inst., tliut being the day designated for the luneral of the late Chief J ustlce of the United States. TnoMAS HILLHOU6K, United States Assistant Treasurer. 0 MAUA LEGAL GIFT ENTERPRISE. POSITIVELY MAY 20. 8,468 Cosh OlttK amounting to $230,M?. Oifts paid in full. Official lists of winning numbers sent to purchasers of tickets immediately alter the distribu Tickets SI each; six for $5. For sale at P. C. DEVLIN'S (stationery store, 30 Liberty street, late of 31 Nassau street FFICLAL DRAWING NORTH CAROLINA LOTTERY. EXTRA CLASH WO. 33?MAT 9, 1873. 96, 84, 77, 8, 13, 40, 20, 69, 76, 39, 19, 78. NORTH CAROLINA?CLASS HO. 34?MAY 9, 1873. 30, 14, 91. 7, 44, 49, 61. 72. 28, 6?.i. 47. 85, 17. GERKEN k CO., Managers. 0 LUTHY k CO., Brokers, 234 Greenwich street. New York. 0 FF1CIAL 1'RAWUfGo KENTUCKY STaTE LOTTERIES. KENTUCKY?EXTRA CLASS NO. 319?MAY 9, 1873. 92, 78, 18. 73, 16, 20. 86, 1, 29, 39, 12, 69. KKNTUCKT??CLASS NO. 320?MAY 9, 1873. 74, 70, 72, 62, 3fi, 24, 78,-10, 8, 44, 43, 29, 71. SIMMONS & CO., Managers, Covington, Ky. RItM.HY COLLEGE?KXTRA CLASS NO. 219?MAY 9, 1873. 69, 16, 77. 68, 96, 48, 67, 26, 13, 24, 38, 2. HHl.LBY COLLEGE?CLA3S NO. 220? MAY 9, 1873. fiO. 18, 9, 21. 27, S8s 40. 48. 29. 94. 30. 26, 23. SMITH k CO., Managers, Covington, Ky. J. CLUTE, Broker, 206 Broadway. Post office box 4^69. POOLS SOLD?JOHNSON RESTAURANT, 1,187 Broadway, corner Twenty-eighth street, on Phila delphia and Baltimore at Baltimore, Mntual and Athletic at Philadelphia, this afternoon, at IS o'clock. Telegram of innings. T. B. JOHNSON. R1 EAL LACES AT GREAT SACRIFICE. Three Shawls, black thread lace. One Shawl, white round point. Two Sacques. black thread lace. One elegant Flounce, round point One elcgAut Parasol, coral and ivory handle. Thread and Aplique Lace, by the yard. Will be otTcred at one-third of original cost, to pay advances, at HERTS' Loan office, 913 Broadway. Eemembgr there arc only a few more tickets remaining to the third Grand Gift Concert in aid of the Public Library of Kentucky. Ten thousand Cash Gifts, aggregating $500,000. Tickets, Sid; halves, $5; quarters, 12 50. Thin whole undertaking is under authority of a special actol the l<egUlatare, aud the Hon. ex-Governor Thos. V. Bramlette of Kentucky has charge of the business or the concert for trustees. New York galea arc made a special deposit with the Fourth National Bank of New York. For tickets, full programme. Information and all par ticulars apply at the gf neral agcncy snr>ply. THOS. H. HAYS A CO., 609 Broadway. New York. R Rheumatism ?be it known to sufferers of all rheumatic complaints that the only conqueror of such diseases can now be consulted for a few days only at the I'omptou House, corner of Twenty-fenrth street and Third ."venue. OYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. Capital Frizes in the drawing of Mav 8, per cable 0,733 drew $100,000 11,789 drew 50.000 36,969 drew 25.000 8.452 drew IOJIOO 1,167 drew 5,w0 129 drew 5,000 Prizes cashed and information furnished. TAYLOR A CO., Bankers, 11 Wall stecet (late 16). Royal Havana lottery of cuba.?pros pectus for 1878 now ready. Address GKOROE UP HAM, No. 9 Wcyboswet street, Provldencc, R. I. Royal Havana lottery?a. daries has re moved to No. 7 Murray street Post office box 4,909. Dealers supplied at the lowest market rates. Royal Havana lottery. Royal Saxon Government I/ottery. Brunswick Government Lottery. city of Hamburg Lottery. Prizes cashcd auu information given.' theodor zsctoen, Post office box 6.0S0. 116 Nassau street. SQUTn CAROLINA LOTTERY GRANT FOR FREE School Fund?Psrpetual.. Cups 9S.?46, 4, TJ, 55, 22, 76, 52, 40, 61. 68, BflL Clutss 96?73,41, 31, 36, 21, 48. Ofi. 44, 19. '-'0, 18, 78. COLK A CO., Propritors. Ohaiumto*, 8. C., Mav MeWjJ jgk Post office, box 3,865. Tnn PUBLIC A HE HEREBY CAUTIONED AGAINST the purchase or negotiation of two Promisorv Notes, one dated April 18, 1178, payahl" twentr-two days from date, at Produce Bank. New\.irk, for $6,500; the other dated May 1, 1873, payable three months after date, at Produce Bank. New York, for S'-d.r-O'), nayable to E. H. Covel, and signed by tne; also a Certificate numbered 10, for 200 shares of the full paid stock of the Rubber Bail npring and Manufacturi ng Company, standing in the name o! E. II. Covel, as the same were obtained from me by inlso representation*. . A. 11. KING, 95 Liberty street. New York. TO DEALERS IN LUMBER AND BUILDERS' MATE rial?Large Kiver Kront, substantial Docks, Canal in rear, business location, at Newark, to lease. Apply at 97 Dunne street, New York. GEO. W. HOJer.' APQQ KQQ IS DRAWN DAILY IN THE UOAb iflOuy.'/'i' ized Kentucky Lottery; Roval Havana and Kentucky circulars tree; li>?c. commission allowed. A 'dress BALEY A CO. (ofll.'c established 30 years), 174 Bread way. " gPORTlWQ?POGS. Ivor alb. all kinds of fancy door . Birds. ? Medicines lor nil disease*, Prepared Food ior fix?' : ' irds, at B. G. DOVEYD. No. SGrecuc street, near Cwui ITALLIOHI. IfDWARD EVERETT, THE KIRK OF JOE F.M.ion, 'J who trotted last Summer on Mystic l'ark in 2:15^ (the fastest mil? ever trotted, either in public or private), also of Commodore Vamlerbilt's Mountain Boy, win trotted In 2 30V and of,lodge Kullerton, Who ha (trotted iii 2:21?? will make (he season at the lartn of William Keetch. near Goshen, Orange county, N. Y. For further partlcule-g see tlie "lurf. Field and Farm." HOR8RS, carriages, ?C. A Large ASSORTMENT OK NEW AND SECOND nand Carriages, Family Rockawars. top and open BUggie.'i, rnny Phaetons, Grocers' and Business Wagons, SLl? ? r'ducod prices. Pulton avenue and Nevins street, Brooklyn. A?HOUSES AND WAGON 8 OF1 EVERY DKSCRIP ? tion, such as Top Wagons, l'ark nnd Pony I'haotons, K'md wagons, Ac., for sale or to let; also S2W18.t,1P month, ut the Waverley Stables, 147 to 61 West Thirty-filth street, between Broad way and Seventh avenue. JENKINS A RYAN. A -CARRIAGES AND HARNESS? * KfcJJCortlandl street, itenr Broadway. J I"; lowei t prices; best goods; ea?h only. A ??*??? M "^XJT?ex.pre88? wagon, with top, ** 'or < heap Inquire at I atent Snoniriiic iitri it Company's, 20 and 22 Wooster street ,K8 ftDU A LANDAU, BY LAWRENCE; ONE COUPE BY Woods Bros.; one six-seat PMaton, one four-seat do., one llubtCurtain Coach, by Brewsteri 60 ton nnd open Pony Pboattins, 20 top and open s'llc-bar nnd lull wring Bond Wa? Otis, by Brewster, Stivers and Dusenbury A vmi Duser; top and open Express Wagons, single and Aouble Harness, two sulkies.' M. H. Git AY, 2u to 27 Wooster street A PONY PHAETON, $105: DO., $126; BASKET, $130 JY C spring. Willi lamps. $196; Bask it, with rumble,' $Ai0; all kiinl- ilarnesa 1430 Hi'oodw.iy, neni" forty first atru-t. JAMES JEN KINS. IIORNKK. CAKHIAUE9, ?C. AT BARKER A PHASE'S CITY AUCTION MART AND NEW TOR* TATTER SAl.LS. No*. 1 .ar-3. 1,355, 1,387, 1.389, 1,961 anil 1.363 uruaoway CORNER OF THIRTY-NI&ITH 8TRKKT. MAJOR CHA8. W. BARKER, AUCTIONEER. Regular sales or HORSEa, CARRIAGES. HARNESS, Ac., EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. GENTLEMEN'S PRIVATE ESTABLISHMENTS dls pesed ot at public or private sale to the bout advantage, aud a general assortment oi everything in the Horse hue alwavs on hun<l at private sale. TWKNIY-FOUR HOURS ALLOWED for trial on every horse ?oid under warrantee. THIS IS i HE ONLY AUCTION MART In the Slate having the proper facilities tor showing horaea on sale, viz.? A LARGE DRIVINO RINO, ENTIRELY UNDER cover. OUTSIDE BALES SOLICITED and promptly attended "special ATTENTION I'AID to salen ol Furniture at private residences. CATALOGUE OF SALE THIS DAY AT 11 O'CLOCK. ELEGANT AND VERY HANDSOME golden sorrel trotting editing, sired by Cold l>iist and bred by I.. L. Doner, ot Kcntuckv; in 15*i high. 7 years old; ft very styilsli, ptompt and extra gamy driver; can irot close to:?o to the role, and Is faster single; Is at raid of noth lug; lias no vires; been driven by a lady; flowing mane and tall, and warranted -ound and kind. HIGH HRED AND VERY SPEEDY bny Hambletonlan Gelding, got by Iron Duke; Is 15K high, 6 years old; a hiiniv, tree and pleasant driver; lias no rceord, but has repe.itedly shown trials oi trom 2 40 to $2:M);is vury finely galted ; can be driven with safety at speed liy the most ordinary rcinsinun, and is warranted sound and kind. HIE CELEBRATED AND VERY FAST brown trotting Gelding OMAHA BOY, sired by Tuckalioe, and bred in Mlseourt;!* 16>4 high, 7 years old; an extra stylish and game driver; has record over the Abbey Course, BL Louis. In 2-.Sii'j; can bent 2:40 to road wagon to-day; is one ot the greatest roadsters in tlie State; Is verv hand some and showy , Mowing mane and tail; sold to close the estate of the late C. C. Bushncll, of BL Louis. Warranted sound aud kind. GENTLEMAN'S ROAD TURNOUT, comprising the well known, desirable brown trotting gelding. George Connor, got by Major Edsall, 15>$ high, Byear* old; extra fine ami easy driver; is finely galted and ean beat 11:60 to-day ; Is atruId of nothing, aperiect ladv'a horse, and warranted sound and kind. Also tluu half aeat city made Road Wagon, Harness, Blankets, Ac., sold only for want ol use. THE VERY SPEEDY AND HANDSOME bay Patchem trotting gelding BILLY THOMPSON. sired by Wild Wagoner (the sire of Lydia Thompson), by George M. Pntchen, is ISJ4 high, 7 years old, a very free and pleas ant. driver and great pole horse; has a record over the M\stic track ot i i45'4, and promises with proper hand ling to rank Al; 1m a very strong trotter to road wagon; would make a splendid family horse, being very gentle and Is warranted sound and kind. ELEGANT FINE LARGE BLACK COUPE HORSE, Kentucky bre?l, 16 high, 7 years old; extra style and ap pearance; tine gamy driver; no fault* nor vices, and warranted sound and kind. TUB CELEBRATED IHOROUGIIBRED RACE STAL LION BOITIBON, by imported Glencoe, dam Flcur de Lis. by Imported Sovereign, ls\ high, 9 year* old; fine driver; elegant saddle horse; is a sure foal getter; is very gentle and docile and is warranted sound and kind. KINK BAY MARE, 15 HIGH. 6 YEARS OLD; GOOD free driver ; warranted kind, and believed to be sonnd. KAY WORK HoRSE, 16k hands high. 7 years old; good driver; great worker; believed to be all right BEAUTIFUL COAL BLACK Mddle or harness Geld ing (Black Hawk stock), 16 hands high, 6 years old ; ele gant driver, splendid under Mddle and warranted sound and kind. FAST BROWN TROTTING MaRE (VERMONT llamble tonian stock). 16 hands high. 5years old: elegant driver; can trot In 2 AO aud is warrftnted sound and kind tor a lady to drive. ELEGANT PONY PHAETON TURNOUT, comprising an extra fine and handsome sorrel pouy Mare, 13 high, 8 years old; line stylish driver; sharp traveller; been driven by a child 10 yeftrs of age; is warranted sound and kino. TOP ROAD WAGON, bnilt by Kern. TOP WAGON BUILT BY Seamftn, sold to pay Ad vances. TWO FINE TOP EXPRESS Wagons ONE DOG CART, BUILT by Demarest. ONE BASKET PHAETON, built by Kern. ONE FINE NO TOP FOUR aeftt Phaeton, bnilt bv Miliar A Stevens. ELEGANT TOP ROAD WAGON, made by Bell. NEW AND SECOND HAND Harness, Horse Clothing, Saddles, Bridles, Whips. Hftltera, Ac. ALSO SEVERAL OTHER Uorsesi FULL DESCRIPTION at sale. SALES NEVER POSTPONED on account of weather. A? MA.IOR CHAS. W. BARKER, AUCTIONEER. . GREAT SPECIAL AND PEREMPTORY SALE OF ALL THE CELEBRATED TROTTING STOCK, AC.. TIIE PROPERTY OF JAB. WALLACE, ESQ., WHO SHORTLY BAILS tor Europe, AT BARKER A CHASE'S CITY AUCTION MART AND N. Y. TATTERS ALLS, CORNER OF BROADWAY, Thirty-eighth and Thirty ninth streets, ON TUESDAY. MAY 13, AT 10* O'CLOCK, AfJD COMPRISIW(i TnE FAMOUS BAY TROTTINO Gelding JOHN 3. BRADLEY, i!% high, about 11 years old; has a record OF 2:25J*: is FINER and will trot faster this Spring than ever; is also a perfect gentleman's roadster. HIGHBRED GRAY GELDING, by Young Morrel, dam by Abdullah, high. 7 years old; very stylish driver; no record nnd can TROT IN 2 ?5. ELEGANT BAY I1AMBLETONIAN Colt, by Volunteer, dam a Star mare, 15K high, 5 years old in June next; very tree and gamy driver; Uptted last Fall in i M\ haa no record. EXTRA FINE BROWN HAMBLRTONIAN Colt, bv Young Caraell, dam by Henry Clay; 16 high ; ? year* old; elegant driver, ftnd can trot CLOSE TO 2;40 EO.EOANT ANI> BXTRA OLOsBLY MATCHED pair of bay coach Horses, Kentucky bred, IS high, 7 years old: great style and uctlon: heavy, full manes and tails; arc perfect in every way. FINE BAROUCHE. MADE by Corbet. TOP WAGON, BUILT Inr Corbet; pole and shafts. NO TOP ROAD WAGON, built by Duscnbury A Nelson. NO TOP ROAD WAGON, built by Wood Bros. SET OF DOUBLE coach Harness. TWO SETS FINE SINGLE Harness, by Dunscomb. BLANKETS. ROBES. SHEETS, Whips, Bits, Ac. PEDIGREES AND ALL REPRESENTATIONS of ftbove stock will be guaranteed. HALE POSITIVELY without reserve. CATALOGUES NOW READY. STOCK ON EXHIBITION early on mornlns of sale. NO POSTPONEMENT on account of weather. AUCTION HOUSE OF ARCH. JOHNSTON (Late Johnston A Van Tasscll). OFFICE AND SALESROOM, OLD STAND, 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post office. THE HORSE AUCTION BRANCH OF THE HOUSE IS REMOVED lO THE SPACIOUS PREMISES. 19, 21, 23 and 26 EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, between Filth avenue and University place. The business will be conducted on precisely the same strict and honorable principles which have always char acterized the dealings of our house ftnd won the respect and confidence of the business community as well as the public at large. REGULAR SALES TWICE A WEEK THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. ? Entries lor sale may be made, as usual, either at our downtown hou.?e, 37 Nassau street, or at the mart, 19, 21, 23 and 26 East Thirteenth street. LIBERAL ADVANCES, AS USUAL, MADE ON CON SIGNMENTS. J^ THE "BREWSTER WAGON,' A. in all weights, for pleasure driving or speeding, exquisitely finished. nnd embracing in their construction the various Improve ments introduced by us during the past 15 years, making them the standard for Quality throughout the United States. These wagons are exclusively the production of our well-known Broomi street factory, and are offered in stock In ull respects ci,ual in duality to those built to the order ol the most valued customer, aud at prices uniform to all. In order that we may not bo confounded with a lolnt stock company ot carnage dealers who have adopted a firm nam' similar to our own, and impudently claim the reputatii n we have made for the "Brewster Wagon," we heir the p ibllc will remember that our only warcrooms are at the corner of Fifth avenue and Fourteenth street. and our only Factory on Hrootnn street. BREWSTER A CO., ol Broome street ATTENTION 1 A. T. DEMAREST A CO., fi2S iii, 1 (P0 Broadway, offer at genuine bargains their Immense stock of flue Carriages. new style*, ttisf finished for the Spring trade. Elegant Laiidau.ettcM, five sizes. Landaus, four rises. Platform and "C" spring Brett*. Platform and spring six-seat family RockftWftya. Five new styles ot Victoria*. Park Phaetons. Pony I'naetons, on platform two and three springs. Gentlemen's Depot Wagons. stock ot T <arts and uita Carta. We shall oner bargains and Invite lookers. A LARGE LOT OF FAMILY CARRIAGES, ROCKA way. Park and Pony Phaeton*; Buggies, Depot, Ex press ami Bus.nes* Wagons: 25 i?er cent less than any house in he city. Hi West liroadway, near Canal st IT OIR FACTORY. IN TWENTY-FIFTH STREET. J.V near Ltxlngron avruue, tccond hand Carriages, in flist rate order. 2 Barouches, nearly new. 2 six-passenger lloi kaways. 2 Par* Phaetons. 1 Depot Wagon, lor six person*. To,i Buggies uud Road Wagons. J. B. BREWSTER A CO. * T NEW YORK KALES AND CARRIAGE J\. REPOSITORY, FOURTH AVENUE. CORNER TWEN1 Y-FI.T1I STREET. CARRIAGES AND HO.ISES ysLMAYB ON HAND AT PRIVATE S*LE. RICHARD McCULLOCOll, PROPRIETOR. ALLEN B. MINER A BR' ., AUCTIONEERS, Pales of Horses, Carriages. Ac . Thursday ol ach week. Entries of articles for auction cn ti be made at repository as above or ale-rooms of au< ti .icer*. BNTLEMAN'S ESTABLISH)!EXT"F6r 8ALB.? Fulr bay Horse*. 15 hnnds 3 Inches, H years old, fast roadsters; a gray coach or coup< Horse l?ik hands, good roadster; all sound r.nd pcricct; C spring Clarence, rnae ton. Top Buggy, Trotting Biijwy, Beardsley's make; three .sets double 11 urness, one single Harness, Gibson A Bon ner. makers; o four-seated Gould Sleigh, Robes. Blankets, and Stable Furniture, at private ntable > o. 4 West Kortv lourth street, or apply to owner, J. H. SHERWOOD, 522 Filth av*ntic. A HANDSOME CLARENCE, MADE BY BREWSTER, with all improvements; also pair ol dark hay Mor gan Horses. Inquire, for tliree days, : t 349 West Eigh teenth street. _

4 N EXTRA GOOD WORKER. $126; GOOD TRUCK Horse. 9150; well matched pair blacks, $460; pair black aril gray, extra good drivers, $300; Kockawny, S125; black Pony, with basket PhuCton, $.150; Road Wagons, Harness, Ac. 54 Grovo street. ?FOR SALE. IN BROOKLYN, IN THE VERY BEST ? locality, ati established Livery Stable, of 20 yeors' stun,ling, having 05 boarding horses, at (30 and t^b> per month each, and running 14 coaches. The property can he hoii|.lit or leased torn term ot years; will be sold on account of owner retiring Irntn bu*iness; no broker in?l apply, terms easy. Adnrtss, with real name, LIVERY HTABLR. Brooklyn Post office. A FIRST CLASS WORK HORSE AND mare, with Colt for sale cheap at 1J* Went Fortieth street, be ty;eei> Broadway ami Mveutli avenue. HOHMK**, CAHKIAOKH. W. UCl'lON HOUSE OK ARCH. JOHNSTON (late Johnston A Van iasseii), OFFICE ANU SALEROOM, OLD STAND, t?7 Kituu street, opposite the Post ofttce. THE HORSB AUCTION BRANCH Of TUB HOUSE 18 KKMwVM) TO THE BPACI0J8 PREMISED 18. 21. 23 and 2ft EAST THIRTBi.NTII STREET, between tilth avenue and llaiversity place. The buMiiew will be conducted on precisely the same strict ami honorable principles which have always char acterised the dealings oi our hoUbC and won the respect and conndeace of the busiuess cuinuiuui.y, as well as the public at large. RKUULAR HA LEV TWICE A WEEK THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. CATALOGUE OF THIS DAY'S SALE (SATURDAY), AT 12 O'CLOCK. TRAM OF thoroughbred TROTTING MARES, sired iiy Key West, dam blooded mare; 4 aud ft year*, lft>? Jtar.da; kind and true in all harness; never handled tpnfe.'; can trot very last now ; warranted sound, with out tilemifu; UKNTLEMAN'S UO'O HORSB, dipple gray, sired by Grey Eagle, hands, 6 y?w-v k.*' d and true in all har ness, van trot In 3:80 and warranted sound. _ ELEGANT GENTLEMAN'S ROAD TURNOUtf-aw-., black and brown Mares, 13 hands, 7 and 8 years; kind and true; can trot in oW minutes and warranted sound, together will) TOP RoAD WAGON, by Slivers iN EW), set oi uoable Harness, by Hanks ; in perfect order. TEAM oK IRON GRAY COLTS, sired by Gery Eagle, dam Hashaw mare, 1A^ hands, 4 years old. and war ranted soiiud; have never been handled lor speed; can trot very last now. CHESTNOT SORREL MARE, 18.3 hands, 4 years; war ranted sound. Hind aud true, without blemish; an ex cellent coupe or family horse. BLACK SADDLE HORSE, 13\ hands, 8 years-, kind, true aud warranted sound in every respect; a tlrst class saddle herse; sold to close liligatiou. THOROl'OIIRi ED SADDLE HORBE, sired by im ported Trustee, dam Abdallah mare; 18\ hands, 5 years old ami warranted sound. ELEGANT TROTTING HORSE. 18 hands. 7 years, kind and true in all harness; can trot iu3 minutes; warranted sound; together with no lop Road Wagon, by Stivers; set of single lluraess. Blankets, Ac. BAY MAHOOANY HORSE, 15V hands, 7 years; kind and true, and warranted sound; an excellent family horse. DOG CART. BY LAWRENCE. BAY PONY HORSE, 1S& HANDS 8 YEARS OLD, kind and true In all harness and under saddle, can be driven by a lady or child, and warranted sound. TKN OTHER IIORSKS. DIRECT FROM KENTUCKY; description time ol sale. THREE SORREL PONY HORSES. 13 HANDS, ft YEARS old, kind and true in all harness and under saddle, can b? driven by a laily or child, and warranted sound. NO TOP ROAD WAGON, BY STIVERS, IN FIRST rate order. TOP BOAD WAGON, Vf BREWSTBR, In perfect order. Barouche in perfect order. Coupe, city made, in good order. ~ Light Coupe Harness, by Campbell. Two closc Coaches. One top Ex press Wagon. Three sets of Double Harness, city made. Express and Depot Wagous. Fony Phaetons. Prince A Barker. , WEATHER NEVER INTERFERES WITH OUR SALES. Take University place ear*. AN ASSORTMENT OF HAM'S VERY POPULAR and celebrated Landanlets, Coupes, Landuus, season able Carriages; second hand Carriages taken in ex change at moderate prices. HAM, Broadway and Fourth street A?THE FINEST ASSORTMENT OF phaetons. . Rockawavs, Depot Wagons, Pony Phaetons, and Top Wagons in the city, at Uic Westside Carriage Depos itary. 1,4!H and 1,496 Broadway, betweeu Forty-fourth aud Forty-ufth streets. BARGAINS.-VICTORIAS, cabriolets, pony Phaetons, Depot Wagons, Rugbies, four and six pas senger Rockaways, open and close and other Carriages. STAATS BELL, No. 7 Washington place, near New York Hotel. Direct from covington, kentucky. FIVE ELEGANT SADDLE HORSES, two fine Road Teams, _?yon Pony Turnouts, this DAY, at 12 o'clock, at arch. JOHNSTON'S New Mart, 19, 21, 2a aud 2? East Thirteenth street. See catalogue above. "e*r Unlve"i,y place Come and see, if you do not bny. Depot wagons, pony phaetons, victorias Sundowns, Dog Carts, Park Phaetons, light Rocka ways, Bugcies and other seasonable styles family Car riages and light Wagons, at reasonable prices. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, ?38 Broadway. l^OR sale?A FINb CHESTNUT SORREL mare, J? 8 years old: can trot In 3 minutes; also a Sulky. Apply atlOO Graham avenue, Williamsburg. FOR SALE-FAIR BAY HORSES, 16tf HANDS, 7 AND 8 years, warranted sound and kind; six-seat Rocka way Carriage, shitting glass front; set double Harness, botn but little used; price $1,60U. McNamara's stable, Seventy-third street and Fourth avenue, or BRUNS, MOORE A CO., 492 Broadway. FOR SALE?ONE BUSINESS GIG AND HARNESS, nearly new; also Horse, separately or together. (06 Fourth avenue, near Thirty-fourth street Fob salb-a splbndid kentucky bay match or coupe Horse. 16k hands high, 7 years old; war ranted sound and kind; Just the thing for a stylish dog cart; sold only for want of use. Apply for three days, be tween ? A. M. and 2 ft. M., at private stable No. 2, at bot tom of alleyway in West Thirteenth stifeet, one door from Kllth avenue. Fob sale?a dark double bay iiorsb, 7 years old; warranted sound and kind; very stylish; well broken under lady's and gentleman's saddle; lady can drive him. Reason of sale given at the Long Island Rid ing School, 161 and 163 Clymer street, Brooklyn, E. D. IjlOR SALE?LIGHT EXPRESS WAGON AND HAR 1 new, almost new. Inquire at No. 1 Broome street. East River.' For sale?at langan's stables, 142 west Thirty-ninth street, a Private Establishment, com prising a Clarence (Brewster A Baldwin make) and a six-seated Phaeton; both in splendid order; also a tine coupe Horse; price $80u. FOR SALE-BAY HORSE; TROTS IN 2:4ft; EVERY way desirable. For particulars, apply to F. II. SEL DEN, 158 Kast Twenty-third street. FOR SALE?a PAIR OF VERY SUPERIOR YOUXG Horses, ouick, spirited and gentle and in fine condi tion; warranted in all respects. Stable Forty ninth street and Lexington avenue. Owner's residence, 30 West Kitty sixth street __ For sale? fine bay horses, black points, 16 hands 1 inch and 16 hands 2 inches high; long, flowing manes and tails; 7 and 8 years old; all three bred in Kentucky, and can trot in 3 JO to pole; will bo sold, together or separately, for two-tblrds of their value, as they are the property of T. J. Van Houton, who has f;one to Europe to spend a few Summers lor his family's lenlth, and this stock, sent to us for sale, can be seen at 124 Clinton place. Eighth street, near Sixth avenue. BEDELL A EARL. We have also some other fine Greene conntv Horses on hand for_sale. BEDELL A EARL. For sale cheap-pair of handsome ponies, Phaeton and Harness: suitable for a lady. Inquire for NEIL, at Thome's stables, 10ft West Tlurty-flrst stttet For sale?a second hand clarencb; 1 glass panel Coach, in good order; 1 new doctor's Phaeton; 1 new pon.v Phaeton; several top and no top Boggles; 1 two scat extension top Wagon. LINNBROS., Carriage Maker*, 47 and 49 Bergen street, Brooklyn. FOR SALE-PAIR BAY CARRIAGE HORSES, 16.1 high, 6 and 7 years old, Ircsh from the country; ex tra flue stylish drivers; warranted sound ami kind; separate or together. Risk's stables, 230 West Forty-first street For salb-a very fink coupe or draught Horse, hands high, 7 years old, sound and kind; also five other fine Horses. No*. 3 and 8 West Thirteenth street T. E. GORDON. For sale cheap-a gray messknoer mare, R years old, warranted sound ; can trot tail; owner has no lurther use for her. Address NINIii, Herald otllce For bale-together or separate, pair car riage Horses, 16},; hands, 8 and 6 years; per fectly sound snd gentle; unsurpassed for style, saletv, endurance and beauty, with remarkably heavy and long manes, and tails to the ground; very well brad and fast: also elegant satin-lined 0 spring circular glass front Clarence, to order and as good as new; also 18^ bay Road Horse; can show 3U with two in wa.'on; ail are without fault or blemish ; Ethan Allen and Black Hawk stock and guaranteed ; will trade for sound Mare ar Geld ing, 18^ bands, that can show 2:38. Address P. S., box 112 Herald office. JfOR SALE?ONE BUSINESS GIG AND HARNESS, nearly new; also Horse, separately or together, or, First avenue near Thirty fourth street. HARNKSS.-I HAVE A LARGE STOCK OF HAR ness, all kinds and styles, of my own make, which I offer at extrrmely low prices; also Riding baddies and Bridles, Whips Spurs. Halters, Blankets, Sheets, Lap Robes and everything in the horse line cheap lor cash. I E. BARTLETT, 62 Warren street, corner College place. HARNESS, SADDLES HORSE CLOTHING, CAR riage Robes. Lap Dusters, Fly Nets, and a large variety of Saddlery Goods alwavs on hand. 0. B. SMITH A CO.. 40 Warren street New York. Harness, horse furnishing goods, ac.-no fancy prices. C. M. MOSEMAN A BRo., Manufactnrers, 114 Chambers street. HARNKSS.-TIIE CHEAPEST HARNESS STORK IN New York' good double truck Harness, $30; good single buggy Harness, hand made, $17: a good stable Blanket, $2 80; the largest assortment or Cart Harness In the city, cheaper than ever on account ol moving on or before June 1. Please call and examine for yourselves. FIBHBB A OSBORNE. 4.i Murray street. LADY'S SADDLE HORSE FOR SALE.?PERKECTLY sound, gentle and kind ; 6 years old jowner going to Europe, has no further use for lilm. Can be seen at owner's private stable, southeast corner of Madison ave nue ami I'wenty-flith street, before 2 o'clock. I1GIIT DOCTOR'S PHABTON OR OIO WANTED j Second hand, in good order, cheap. Address, stat ing weight, condition ana price, box 107 Hoboken Post office, N. J. IIVERY STABLE, EXPRESS AND HACKING J business, lit Tr<'monL nenr Harlem railroad station, to lease , none in place. Apply at 184 Third avenue, N. Y. OHO. W. IIOJBR. Mui-es.-a pair of bay muibs, extra fine workers; well broken to back; very gentle and fret; 17 hands high ; weigh 2.7U0; 6yeur?oU mid sound. ? or sale l .v i h. x .1 W. MORRIS, New Brunswick, N. J. MINIATI RE PONT PHAETONS-ALSO AN AS OBI mcnt of Willow and Panel Phaetons, for tale by A. R FI.ANDRAU, Nos. 7 and 1* Kast Eighteenth street, near Huh avenue. ONE OK THE LARGEST AND Most ATTRACTIVE sales ol Horses and Carriages of the searon?Hy the aucUoii house of ARCH. JOHNSTON, at thr Horse Auc tion Hi audi, IV. 21, 23 and -A l-.ast Thirteenth street, tn ur University place, THIS DAY, at 12 o'clock Von canal ways rely oil the repreeeiilatioiis made at our He* catalvguc above. hoksks cakhiac;k>-. at:. Nicholas h. cootorTauctioni kr. Positive mic ol carriage*. Hook iway, rdmtob, l<?ibon, Harness, Ac. HUGH N. UAMP will sell by auc. Hon, on Saturday, May 10, 1873, a? 10o'clock A. M , at the private stable u7 Went INth -t, between 6u1 unit 7th avs. Lot 1?ollc l)?pot rmliuwuv. Lot J?One four, seat fliae en, to|) on buck seat. Lot 3?One large Coach. l*ot 4?One close carnage. Lot 6?One open Barouche. i.ot6?One brown Rob*. Also sundry setfl of Harness, both single and double, Ac., Ac. Particular attention to unimproved Property in New York citv und Westchester county 1'urniture and out door sales attended lo. ii 0(111 N. ('AMI', iu6 HroadwuV. hraneb,'I remont, Westchester county. PRIVATE STABLE, IN FIRST ( LASS ORDER, TO lot?stxmialls anil ample carnage room. 2?i East Twentieth street, near gramercy i'ark. SECOND hani) TOP AND open BOOGIES, DEPOT Wagon. Pony'Pliaeton, four rockaways, light Coach and several slightly shop-worn Carriages, utbargains; large assortment of Harness. manufacturers' UNION. 638 Broadway. SPT5ma.-8TYLR-BEAUTT.-ANY GENTLEMAN IN want or* a*aau? road Turnout, lor a low figure for casli, can find a hand'soec.* black horse, is)., nanus high, h years old; souud and kinu.' very gentle, lor the most timid tierson to drive; is an elegant ?t'de horse; can trot in 2:40 sure: with Rood Wagon, line Blankets, Robe, Whips, Ac., at Waveriey steblfcs, 164'? est Thlrty-llitli street. _____ THE FINEST ROAD ESTABLISHMENT IN THE eountv.?Team ol Marcs, 7 and 8 years, kind and true; can trot in 3w, minutes and warranted sound. TOP koadwaoon, NEW, by Stivers; set of double Harness, by Campbell. THIS DAY, AT AUCTION, at akcll JOHNSTON'8 new mart, 1st to 88 East Thirteenth street, between University place and Filth avenue. WANTED?PONY AND PHAETON; PONY TO HE about mx hands high, perlectiy sound and kind, for a ladv to drive. State lowest price and description. Address PHAETON, box 152 Herald otllce. ~\\J ILL. BE SOLD ON THIS DAY, AT i0? O'CLOCK, tt at ABBOTT'S salesrooms, AO New Bowery, four good coach Horses, single and double Harness, Coaches, Ac. YOU CAN ALWAYS RELY UPON THE rrprbsen t a t ions made at salos bv the auction house of ARCH. JOHNSTON, lie sure and attend the sale to-day at tho Horse Auction Branch, l'J, 21, 21 and 2b East Thirteenth street, near University place, ut 12 o'clock. The cata logue includes some of the ilnest and most desirable stock. See catalogue above. (fcrenn -most BE gOLD-GOOD PAIR BAY OAR riage Horses. To he seen In the forenoon at Drennan's stable, corner of Thirty-scveuth street and Seventh avenue. rkluuous NOTH kh. All cordially invited to hear rev. p. l Davis, pastor Hcrean Baptist Church, comer Down ing street, at usual hour Sabbath morning, und Sabbath School Anniversary in the evening. Bishop snow will PREAan in the univer sity, Washington square, on Sunday at 3 i*. M. Scats free. Subject?'The Approaching of Apostate Christen dom." Baptist ftmiRcn, fifty-third street, Seventh avenue.?Rev. Win. Pendleton preaches morning and evening. Sublects?Morning. "The Rainbow Hound the Throneevening, "Nathaniel Under the Fig Tree." j^rooklyntabernacle. REV. T. DE WITT TALMAGE. D. D., PASTOR. ACADEMY OF MUSIC.?SUNDAY AND HEREAFTER the Brooklyn taliernaclc congregation will occupy the Academy of Music MORNINO ana EVENING, at 10}, and 7>i, uutil their new church Is built. Seats free. CHURSH OF THE MESSIAH, PARK AVENUR, COR ner Thirty-fourth street. Rev. Henro Powers.?Morn ing?"Ood's Immediate Inspiration." Evening?Service of praise, with a short sermon, at which seats are free. Church of the reformation, fifty-seventii street, between Fourth and Lexington avenues, Rev. U. T. Tracy, rector.?Services on Sunday next at 10V A. M. and 7% P. M. Sunday school at 2^ P. M. The rector will preacn both morning and evening. Church of christ, west twenty-eighth street, near Broadway.?Rev. W. C. Dawson, the. pastor, will preach at 10J? A. M. and 8 P. M. Yon are cordially invited. CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH, TWENTY-THIRD street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues.?Rev. T. Mac Arthur, pastor, will preach to-morrow morning at 10X and evening at 7}?. Strangers cordially iuvited. Free tabernacle, thirty-fourth street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues.?8unday, May ii, the religions service throughout the dav will be conducted by the Praying Band, under the leadership of Samuel Habited, Esq., namely, at 10>? A. M. and 3 and 7 o'clock P. M. A cordial invitation extended to nil. Good time at morning star mission, corner Seventh avenue and Twenty-sixth street Service of Song, 2k P. M. Speaking by the children. Address by Rev. J.r. Elder. Public invited. Lexington avenue methodibt episcopal church, corner of Fifty-second street?Memorial service. A discourse by the pastor, Rev. F. S. do Hass, D. D., in memory of Mrs. Elisabeth Pease, at 10UA. M. Preaching at 7v P. M., by Rev. 8. Howl and. Friends and the puBlic cordially Invited. REV. J. F. M'CLELLAND, PA8TOR ST. LUKE'S M. E. Church, Forty-Brat street near Sixth avenue Will preach Sunday, at 10>? A. M. and 7k P- m. Trus tees in attendance to seat strangers. Rbv. H. D. NORTHROP WILL PREACH AT THE West Tw?nty-thlrd street presbyterlaa Church to morrow at 10 a) and 7ju Morning subject?"Death in High Places." REV. a. J. LYMAN WILL PREACH TO THE CON gregation of St. Paul's Reformed church, at Harvard Rooms, dlxth avenne, corner Porty-aecond street. Ser vice. at IPX A. M- and 3)6 P. M. REV. J. g. OAKLEY, PASTOR OF DUANR CHURCH, on Hudson street, near Spring, will preach Sabbath, at 10 jo A. M. and 7:44 P. M. All cordiaJly Invited. Seats free. Right rev. bishop potter will prkach in St. Thomas' chapel, Sixtieth street, near Third ave nue, on Sunday, May 11, at 7% P. M. Rev. Professor Robert* at 10.S A. M. ST. mark'S CHURCH. SECOND AVENUE AND Tenth street.?Sunday, May 11, the rector, Rev. J. 11. Rylance, D D., will preach at I0:4AA. M., and the Bishop of the diocese will administer the rite or Confir mation at S P. M. No evening service. STEINWAY HALL.?REV. WAVLAND HOYT, PA8TOR of the Tabernacle Baptist church, Second avenue and Tenth street, will preach in Stelnwiy Hall, Sunday even ing, at 7:4fl. and In the church at 10>$ A. M. Subject for evening serroeo, ''Some ol the Hiuderances to a Nobler Life." TbE BOARD OP MISSIONS, P. E. CHURCH-NEW York Auxiliary Committee.?The jfiDth missionary meeting under the auspices of this coifimittee will lie held In the Church of tne Incarnation, Madispn avenue, corner Thirty-fifth street, to-morrow (SundarT, -May 11, at 7% o'clock P. M. The newly consecrated Hisholi of Cape Palmas, Africa, the Right Rev. Dr. Aucr, will ad dress the congregation on the Subject of our African mission, with which he has been connected with for thir teen yepri. The closing address will be by the Rev. Dr. John Cotton Smith, rector of the Church of the Ascen sion. A collection will be made in behall of the African mission. HOKATIO POTTER, Chairman. BEN J, I. HAIOHT, Vice Chairman. FRANCIS HARISON, Secretary. THE REV. DR. EADIE, OP GLASGOW. PROFESSOR of Theology to the united Rriibytcrian Church of Scotland, will oceupy the pulpit or the Reformed Dut< h church, Fifth avenue andTwenty-nlntlrstrcet, Sabbath morning, the Uth Instant; service to commence at 10>i o'clock. THE SECOND ANNIVERSARY OF THE DEDICA tion of tho St. James M. E. church, at Harlcn, will be held on Sunday, 11th instant. Preaching in the morning at. ltl^ o'clock by Hlsbop Simpson; in the evening by the pastor, Rev. Dr. H. B. Ridgaway. THE CORNER 8TONK OF THE NEW ST. BER nard's church, West Fourteenth strrct, between Eighth and N lutli avenues, will be laid by the Most Rev. Jonn McCloskey, D. D., Archbishop of New York, on Sunday, May 11, 1H73, at 3k "'clock P.M. Address by Rev. Michael J. O'Farrell, of St. Peter's. Admission to platform tl. THIRTY-FOURTH STREET REFORMED CHURCH, Rev. Isaac Kilcv, pastor.?Divine service In this church, to-morrow litti Inst., at 10^ A. M. and 7X P. M. Subject in the evening?"Recognition of Frleuds in Heaven.'' OTH AVENUE UNION REFORMED CHURCH.? U Preaching by pastor. Kev. William H. Mcrrltt, at lov^ A. M. and 1% P. M. Sabbath school at 9 A. M. and 2)4 P. M. Strangers and all not worshipping elsewhere wel comed. C)A TH STREET M. E. CHURCH, NEAR NINTH AVE tine.?Mrs. Alderdlce wlll.preach in this church on Sunday next, at li)K o'clock A.M. and 7}g P.M. Seats tree. Tho public are Invited. <fcl 1,08 a splendid road team-dark ?Jpl.UUU chestnuts: 15H hands high ; beautiful long tails and manes; hlgli(knee action, arched necks and ran trot In three minutes; are sound and kind, without blemish; warranted. Address A., Brooklyn Branch Herald office. PR Y OOOPgT HAIRI HAIR! HAIR! The largest stock ol Human Hair Ooods in the city at SHAW'S, 352 Bowery, between Fourth and Great Jones streets, and .VB Sixth avenue, between Twenty-second and Twenty third streets, up stairs. SHAW'S Patent Hair Switches, can be comtied and brushed, $1 each. Human llalr, cheapest and best in the market Short Hair Switches, $2 each and upward. French Switches, t& Curls, $1 and upwards. Latest Styles always on hand. JJARIH, An Petit Rt. Thomas. Rue de Bac 27, 29, 31. Sit, 35; 28 Hue de I'Universite. This house, established npwards of 60 years, is univer sally known and tamed as one of the lira establishments In Paris, in which thorough confidence may be placed. In its Immense premises,which all foreigners should visit, will be found, at the lowest prices, the mo* complete as sortment o! Silks, first novelties; India and French Cashmere Shawls, Woollens, Laces, Lingerie, ready-made articles lor ladies. Mantles, Cloaks, Furs, Cottou and Thread stuflv, Hosiery, Gloves, Ribbons, Trimmings, Carpels, Articles nf Furniture, English assistants. Wedding OutHfat. Fixed prices. ItKWB P APBR R, rpiLTON'S THUNDERBOLT EXPLODED BY 1 Victoria c. Woodhull, iu Woodliull A ?,India's Weekly H?w ready. K(l . ^AliK. A FIRST CLASS l.lyl It STORE FOR SALE?ON Third aT nue? opposite oin Hall, ll6h street, Harlem. (ho only one ou the 'our corners; location the bent; twoyeufs Leas,- and Fixtures. Inquire In -t'ire. A?K(tR SA LB, LIQUOR STORES, BAM PLE MOO MR, ? Cigar Stores. Restaurant', Oyster Saloons, Chop House*. (Ui!Slur<l Halls to l> t,> I'orner Groceries. Baker ies, Confectioneries, wood and Willow Ware Stores, Cor ner Drug Stores, Gentlemen's Furnishing Uootfs Store". Ml IC11E 1,1/ s Store Agency,77 Cedar street. A SHOE HTOKB, ON KIQIirll AVENUE, FOX RALE? Doing a good business; u rare chance lor ? party with cash. Inquire of WILLIAM MoCLELLAM), i:a Greenwich street. . A CORNER LIQUOR STORE FOR SALE.?INQUIRE on the promises, South Hecond and Fifth streets, Williamsburg, L. I. Arabs chanob.?for sale, lease, stock and Fixtures of 11 first class Corner Liquor Store, near the Bowery, For particulars upply at 7t> South Filth avenue. Drug stork, $250, complete?fixture % bot tles, Soda Fountain. Apply at 47 Cherry strceu Drug store for sale?on onb or the iif.^t avenues ot? Brooklyn, doing a ialr business- hanfl. somely fitted up with g<i0.i soila foun'ain; well stijc.ted. will Ik* aolii tit atxirKHin. Kood rea>on lor wile. Atlurous DKUO, Brooklyn Post ottlre. ^ rTUiRSALR-WITIl OB WITHOUT stock, thb cigab t' anil Sample store, HI Grand street, Williamsburg; a good |>lace lor a cigar manuiacturer or a lager .beer saloon. Nv ' _________ IWR SALE-CKE best bakery, confectionery 1 and Restaurant the state: splendid I'X-aUon; hamlHome KHrtlcir; doiii^ a K??. i? fi.^i ^2 I wants to retire irom bus i?-'ss; will sell cheap and *{** ? long lease; will take Real At W"* 'l Payioent Address CONFECTIONER, Brooklyn n,:aneh Herald office. For bale?the first cLA^SfLUQUOB _Bg6BB, with Fixtures, 191 East Hi nail way, corner Jefferson street; long lease and low rent. For nknti?ul*'* appiy to LAWRENCE IIURKK, 157 East BroadwajV _ FOR HALE-GROCERY, DOING a FAIlf AN,"...In creasing business; first rate location-, corner Henry . and Orange streets, Brooklyn. For sale?the restaurant m third avenue between Twelfth and Thirteenth streets. Apply In the place. For sale?a substantial manufacturing Business, paying over 25 per cent prolit above all expenaM; or would take an active partner with $10,000 capital: Address MANUFACTURER, box 3(13 Mechanics' and Traders' Exchange, Brooklyn. _ FOR salk-A WILCOX AND GIBBS* MACHINE; HAS only been used on lace work; In periect order: price, with cover, $31). Apply on first floor oi <011 Canal street. . For sale?a good corner liquor store, on a leading avenue; rent of house, $7.>0 a year, paid to the 1st of August. Inquire at 08 Carmine street. For sale?the lease and fixtures of*ONE of the best situated corncr Stores In this city, suitable for any business; low rent Address W. ALLiiN, box 189 Heralu otHcu. For sale?soda fountain, GOOD AS NEW AND at a barxaiu. Apply to BRYANT A CARRUTUERS, 160 Fulton street. For sale?a boat letting and boat build lng establishment, consisting of two 12 foot and one 36 loot Yacht, 14 sailboats and SOrowboats; Stages and Canal Boat for storage, Ac.: receipts last year were $6,ooa The above will he Bold together or separately, or will trade lor a small Tug. Address M, WHITE, No. 4 Bell Dock, New Uaven. _______ For sale?fixtubeb of store, stools, coun ters, Gas Fixtures, Awning i'osls, Ac., of store 866 Broadway. For sale?a stationery and cigar btorE< and old established newspaper route can be had with the store. Inquire at 168 .Ninth avenue. For sale?a well established and produc tivc Retail Grocery Business, in Brooklyn', owner going to the mines. Location, store, stock, fixtures, busi ness and customers first class, without any discount Only *5,(100 cash wanted down. Address NUMBER ONB, ofllce or Brooklyn Eagle. FOR SALE-ONE OF THE BEST CORNER LIQUOR Stores, with Stock, Fixtures and Lease; Stanton street, near Bowery ; at a great bargain. M. S. FRIEND, 703 Seventh avenue, corner Forty-eighth street For bale-thb best rectifying and family wholesale and retail Liquor Establishment in city of New York, east nt the Bowery; a first rate chance, and will be sold much less than it is worth. Call on or address THOMAS LYNCH A CO., 66 Thompson street For sale?on account of other business, a llrsi class Rcstaumat and partly furnished House, on Sixth avenue ; doing a sure and profitable bigness; to the right party a sure fortune, established f>wir years, and three years' leas*; price $2,500. Address or call at 512 Sixth avenue. For bale?a butcher shop, now doino a good cash business. In a good location; reason for selling owner Is leaving the city; call ati.l examine. In quire of ADAM KELLER, No. 6 Jones (treat. For hale cueap-a most desirable rkstau rant, known as the North River Dining and Lodging Saloon, convcniant to all European and coastwise steam ships. The owner, becoming advanced in years, wishes to retire from baslnesa BAIT MUDGETT, aL'l West street. For sale cheap-lease and fixtures of a first class corner Liquor Store, on Broadway, fitted up In best style. A. C. LOOM IS * CO., 1,251 Broadway. Fixtures and lease of a down town res taurant and Bar for sale, well adapted for an Eng lish chop honse. Inquire of JOHN KEYSER, butcher, 49 Washington Market IIQUOR STORE, DOING A FIRST CLASS BUSINESS. J to be sold cheap; also Grocery, Baker", Con fee tioncoy Drug, Dry Goods, Hotels and Restaurants. KINNEN k DEYo. 69 West Thirty-first street SAFF.S.-A LARGE ASSORTMENT OK SECOND hand Safes, of all style* ami sizes, for Hale cheap. Call and examine at AMERICAN STEAM MAKE COMl'ANY 30) Broadway. Safes.?a la roe assortment nf.w and sec ond hand Herring's, Marvin's and Wilder'*..-*!** for sale chcay; aluo two Silk Sates. LILLIE HA FK COM i'ANY, HI Maiden lane, near Gold street. QAFES?FOUR SECOND HAND SAFES FOR SALE kJ cheap; lame made and medium, suttablo lor bank ers, jeweller* or merchants, at 73 Maiden lane. 8. O. QUIRK. fcOnn SALE, A COMPLETE DISTILLERY ?P^vW, Store, with some Goods; for the above <neap price; reason, having no one to run it. Apply to A. HKKZBERti, No. 6 Riving toil street, noar Bowery. Jg RANCH OFFICE OF THE EVENING TELEGRAM, SOUTHWEST CORNER BROADWAY AND THIRTY-FIRST STREET. UPTOWN DEALERS AND NEWSBOYS SUPPLIED EVERY EVENING. AiA< Hi.VKilY, AMES' PORTABLE ENGINE'*, 3 TO 40 HORSE power portable Holsters, Saw Mills, Grain Mills, Ver tical Engines, Horizontal Engines, plain and cut <>ir, and Boilers, all styles and size*; our own make; Shafting, Gecrlng.and Castings. HAMPSON, WHITEUILLA CO., 38 Cortland street AT WILSON * ROAKE'8, 282 AND 234 WATER street. Horizontal, Upright, Portable and Hoisting Engines; Upright, Locomotive ami Tubular Boilers; Steam Pumps, Pre?.s. a, Shafting, Pulleys, Hangers, Ac. F^OR SALE CHEAP-WOODWORTH PLANERS, Matchers, Surfacers, Moulding, Mortising, Tenoning, Sticking, Re sawing. Shaping, Saw Tahlca, Swing Saw Band mid Scroll Saw Machines, Rand Saw Blades, Leather and Rubber Belting, Hose, Ac., nearly new. O. IIA KvEY A CO., 23 Ferry street H HOMER, MACHINIST AND DEALER IN MA ? chlnery, Power, Screw. Drop and Lever Presses, Lathes, Vises, Anvils, Pencil Cane makers'-.Tool*. Planers, Forges, Presses and Preaa Tools to order. 64 taat Broad way. OTEAM FIRE ENGINES?FOR TOWNS AND VIL O lages, lour sizes, for 91,200 and upward*. PHILA DELPHIA HYDRAUL1C WORKS, L vant street, Phila delphia. WANTED TO PURCHASE?A NEW OR GOOD SEC onil hand Foundry Crane. Address, 'fating price and full particulars, S. A S., box 4,."WM Pos' o& ? 1 QX18 BROWN ENGINE, 10X24 ToDD AND RA K >? 1?R. 1 St tv, with boiler; 30-borxe power Locomotive ?in>l .1 Cylinder Boilers, all second hami, in good order, >it a sac rifice. HAM I'm >N, WHIl'KHILL A CO., 34 Cortlanut St inhthuction. A~CCOLTNTS. BOOKKEEPING, BUSINESS AFFAIRS', Punctuation, g|>e?dlly taught PAINE'S Business ?'ollege, Broadway, corner Thirty-third street; (12 Howery. Twenty four Writing Lessons, 92 00. L?qlc.l qualified as bookkeeper*. Aforkioner wishes to improve his eng. lish pronunciation, and would like to form the ac quaintance of a young lady wiio would teach him for a remuneration. Addreia TEACHER. box 1,701 Post office. A -RANDOLPH'S NATION \L SCHOOL OF TELE . graphy, 139 Sth st, near Broadway.?fourteen years' experience as practical operator; only school recognized by superintendents. Reference*?Officer* of Weestrn Union Telegraph Company PROPOSALS. OFFICE OF THE UNITED STATES CENTENNIAL COMMISSION, !*M W*t.itrr Struct, > Philaosm-uia, April, 1873. ) PROPOSALS FOR PLANS CENTENNIAL ANNIVERSARY BUILDINGS. Architects, engineers and others are heribv invited to Oder preliminary sketches ;r deigns tor the baUdliiMto bf? erected in Knirniount t urkt 1 hiiadclpiiia, tor the Iu ternational Exhibition in IH7S. ., ,. Specification* and otli. r documents prepared for tooM desiring lo compete for tb' design, . together with Information as to the sum? to be paid for the rUn< which tnay bo selected, will be furnUiied on application to Lewis Wain Smltt, BecreUrv of tti?\ ('entenntiu loinmUaion, 9<H Walnut gtrect 1'ii lladelphin. All plan?mti?t be placed in the haadsof the accrcUry of tie i '0iniiii?*^?0n , * before n<?on on thn flfte* nth day of July, t*7.s after which time no denltnn win be received , ... A Hv liirecUou of Uii Couimittvf on I'liw ?im1 Art*fi?t?*-*> lure i. T. OOtfHOKM. Chairwau.

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