Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 10, 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 10, 1873 Page 7
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8 P A I N. Herald Special Report from the Spanish Capital. Bourbonist Claim of a Serious Defeat ef the Republican Forces in Battle. Tw Handled Men Killed and Heavy Spoils Captured by the Carlists. 'General Dorregarry's Victory De nied by the Government. MILITARY MUTINY IN BISCAY. Admiral Tope to Placed Under Arrest. TELEGHAIS TO THE NEW YORK HERALD. The following special despatch to the tTwiTiT) has been received from our corre spondent in the Spanish capital: ? Madrid, May 9, 1873. During the battle which was just recently fought between the Carlist forces under the personal command of General Dorregarry, and the government troops the soldiers of the Be ? public were totally routed, with the loss of two hundred men killed. THE SPOILS OF victory. Many prisoners, small arms and one can Uon were captnred by the victors, and Colonel JTovarra, the commander of the loyalists, was made prisoner. A COUNTEB CLAIM. The Spanish officials discredit the Carlist peport of a victory for the Bourbonist chief, find place against it an official despatch which alleges the defeat of Dorregarry. GHKEKAL NOUVILLA8 ordered TO NAVARRE General Nonvilas goes to Navarra In the meantime SeSor Figueras will act as $Iinister of War. MPtlSTEKIATi reconciliation. The misunderstanding between General Velarde and Minister of War Nouvillos has tieen amicably adjusted. good NEWS FROM the FRONT. General Velarde, in a telegraphic despatch Jo the government, says:?"Many Carlists are surrendering." He also states that he is mak ing preparations to order a levy en masse to Faise forces to assist his troops in crushing the insurrection. The bands of Carliets commanded by Cam |>o and Gomez have been totally defeated by the national forces. Many of the insurgents, Including their leaders, were killed. MTTJTA.RY MUTENT. Ths government army serving in Biscay is ]n a' state of mutiny in consequence of the tion-receipt of pay. ADMTRAT. TOPETE UNDER ARREST. Admiral Topete has been arrested. It is thought he will be released soon. 9pUilh Diplomatic Anxiety Concerning British Neutrality. London, May 9,1873. It Is reported that the Spanish Minister to Great Britain has made a demand upon Earl Granville for Ibe prosecution of the London carllst committee, which is soliciting funds to aid the cause of Don parlos. portaguese Sympathy for the Fighting Prince. London, May 9, 1873. A despatch from Lisbon says twenty-three Carl (sts took passage In a steamship which sailed lrom that port for Liverpool to-Jay. Railway Travel and Trade Under Carllst Concession. Bayonnr, May 9, 1873. It Is said that traffic win soon be resumed on the Northern Railway lu Spain, there being a tacit agreement between the irovernraent and the Carl" (sts to respect the neutrality of the railways and permit the running of trains, so long as they do not Dear troops or material of war. 9he United States Naval Flag at Minorca. Madrid, May o, 1873. The United States steamer Shenandoah arrived at Port Mahon on Wednesday. Her commander baa asked permission of the military authorities to {and and drill part of his crew at the arsenal. ITALY. filinilterial Definition of the Position Towards Church Property and Religion. TELEGRAM TO THE NEW YORK HERALD. Romk. May 9,1873. In the Chamber of Deputies to-day Signor Vlscentl Venosta, Minister of Foreign Affairs, made a speech la favor of the bill abolishing re ligious corporations. During the course or bis Speech Minister Venosta said'Italy is not com pelled to preserve the obligations of mortmain by which these bodies exist, but at the same time Italy should leave the generals of religious orders the means of keeping np their communications with the Catholic world. In abolishing the tem poral power Italy had contributed to the progress of the century, bat she mast retrain from attack ing tke spiritual power." TEE VIENNA EXHIBITION. Serious Differences Between the Patron and Superintendent of the Fair?Imperial Arbitration?Archduke Charles Offended and in Betirement TELEGRAMS TO THE NEW YBRK HERALD. London, May 9,1873. A special despatch to the standard from Vienna states that aserlaus difference has arisen between the Archduke .Charles Lovls, the patron, and Baron Schwarts, the Superintendent of the Universal Ex hibition, In conseqaenco of the backwardness of the arrangements. The Bmperor siding with the Baron, Archduke Charles has taken umbrage and left Vienna. Average Attendance aft the Universal ?how. Vienna, May 9, 1873. Tke number of visitors to the Exhibition since the opening few been from twelve to sixteen thou ftUtfAlttr. " DEATH OF JC STUART MILL. Herald Special Report from London \ ( The Eminent Economist Carried from\life After Three Days' Illness. Sadden and Fatal Attack of a Severely Painful Disease. TELEGRAM TO THE HEW TOOK HERALD. The following special despatch to the Herald has been received from our corre spondent in the British capital:? London, May 9, 1873. John Staart Mill died of the disease which is known as phlegmonous erysipelas. It proved fatal on the third day after its appear ance, closing the throat passage daring the inflammatory stage. HIS UTEBABY LABOBS. Mr. Mill has left an autobiography ready for publication, and several other works which are also complete. AUSTRIA. Financial Panic and Wild Excitement on the Vienna Bourse?Mercantile Failure?Spec ulators in Appeal to the Gov ernment?A Bothichild In sulted on 'Change. TELEGRAM TO THE NEW YORK HERAUL Vienna, May 9, 1873. There was a wild panic on the Bourse to-day. It was caused by the failure of a leading firm, which threw a large amouut of stock on the market. So great was the excitement that business became impossible. Speculators have petitioned the government to order a suspension of transac tions for several days and adopt measures to miti gate the crisis. During the height of the panic Rothschild and Schey were publicly Insulted on the Bourse. A T IT AGAIN. Arkansas Bent on Further Trouble?Another of Governor Hadley's Old Sheriffi Attacked and Shot At?Vance Hai to Flee on Horseback?A County Clerk also Banished from Hemp stead County. Little Rock, Ark., May9, 1873. Serious troubles are again breaking out In this State. On Snndaj, May 4, James M. Vance, the Sheriff elected In Hempstead county, arrived In Washington, the county seat, from Little Rock. He was expected to arrive on Saturday, and a body of thirty or forty men had collected with the intention of killing him. He was warned of their intentions, however, by several citizens, who ad vised him to leave the county. Tney had previous ly given orders prohibiting all negroes from enter ing the town, while literally Imprisoning those already there. Danger was imminent, and Vance, terror stricken, fled on horseback. The roads were all closely guarded. He started down the Camden road, and crossing over through the woods in the direction of Arkadelphla was surprised by a party of these desperados, who chased him for two miles, firing several shots after him, but without effect. Vance ultimately escaped to Arkadelphla. Samuels (colored), the County Clerk, was driven off several weeks ago, and is not allowed to re turn. The cause of all the trouble in this case is be cause Vance was appointed Sheriff by Governor Hadley in 1871. Being a Little Rock man, the ap pointment was unpopular and caused some offen sive comment. He was elected Skerlff at the last election. The Probate Judge refused to approve his bond, but the Legislature passed a joint reso lution approving it, so that Vance was returned triumphantly. The action of the Governor is anxiously awaited. BRIGIAM TOUNGS INDIAN POLICY. The Aged Prophet of Utah Gives His Views of Indians?Why Peace Should Be Restored at any Csst?The Modocs Only Carrying Out the Plan of the Whites. Salt Lazr Crrr, May 8, 1973. The correspondent of an Omaha paper yesterday interviewed Bngham Young and obtained his views of the Indian question. Mr. roung said that in 1847 he settled in this coantry with 140 souls, and for thousands of miles aruund them the land was infested with hostile Indians: that he gained their friendship by acting honorably with them and never stooping to deception; when he made a promise he kept it; that the hostility or tue Indians had been augmented by the robberies committed by unscrupulous agents of the govern ment; that they had lost all folth in the honor and lntegrtty of government officials; that the Modocs did to the Commis sioners just what they thought was being endeavored to be done to them, and that peace should be made at any cost or the entire West would be embroiled in a general Indian war. When the correspondent askrd Mr. Young whether he endorsed President Grant's Indian policy he replied:?"I endorse the policy so far as It corrects abuses and tends to a lasting peace and to the civilization of the Indians." He also said that an Indian war would destroy the commerce, capital and immigration between Missouri and the Pacific coast, and retard the settle ment of the country for twenty years, which would In Itself be a great calamity. ALQEBIAN CHIEFS. Thi Prtnck A?4horltlet Bending their Political CrinlMli to the (Jnlt?d State*?\]g?rlan Prisoners Arriving at Baltimore. Bai.timoki, May t), 1873. Five Algerian chiefs, captured In their native ? country by the French in 1967. tried in Prance aud sentenced to the penal colony of C'ayenno for life, kave arrived here, having been released on the con dition that they would go to the United States. They are utterly destitute and unable to speak any language but their own, and have been sent to almshouse. The French Consul refuses to provi??T for them, and great complaint Is made that these political criminals shoalu have been sent here. ATTLE STEALING OH THE MO GRANDE. BHOWNSviLhK, Texas, May 9,1973. Testerday morning a party of about twenty men, armed with Winchester rifles, drove a large lot of stolen cattle Across the Rio tirando Into Mexico, fifteen miles below this city. While the animals were fording the riv?r a farmer nearby went to see what was going on, when one of the thieves levelled hjs gun at hnti and ordered him back his heme. A messenger was despatched to Port Brown, and ? party of cavalry started in pursuit, reaching ChQ crossing an honr after the last of the cattle had crossed into Mexico. The cavalry In this instanq* used every eObrt to overtake the thieve A liQt^wlt^nt ameeoaa. THE MODOGS RETSEAT. Herald Special Despatch from the Lava Beds. CAPTAIN JACK CHARGES HIS BASE. The' Indians Depart in the Direc tion of Clear Lake. ATTACK ON A WAGON TRAIN. Three Men Wounded, Seventeen Horses Captured and the Train Burned. SCHONCHIN STILL ALIVE. Bogus Charley Appears and Talks with a Citizen. pA) Lava. Beds, Hutfh 9, 1873. The Modocs have vacated their position, and are supposed to haye retreated in the di rection of Clear Lake. Their trail indicated their being in possession of about forty horses, and so the settlers will have to be on the alert for raids. THE INDIANS PURSUED. Captain Hasbrouck, of the Fourth artillery, with his mounted battery, and Captain Jack son, with B Troop, First cavalry, and sixty Warm Spring Indians, left Colonel Mason's camp this morning on their trial. They have taken five days' rations. SQUAW F.MTHSARTK.S AGAIN. The two squaws, Artenie Chokus and One Eyed Dixie, who had been sent to reconnoitre the Modoc position, returned on Wednesday with news that the Indians had deserted their camp. Donald McKay and a party of Warm Spring Indians were immediately sent out to ascertain the truth of their statemont, and they returned yesterday with intelligence that the Indians had moved camp. LIEUTENANT CRANSTON'S BODY RECOVERED* The bodies of Lieutenant Arthur Cranston and the other missing soldiers were found among the rocks. Donald McKay states that he found a hole in the rocks that had evidently contained water, but which, having given out, the In dians were forced to leave their position. The embers and ashes of numerous fires were found through the rocks, and also the charred remains of two of their warriors, whom they had endeavored to burn up. Judging from the tracks McKay is of the opinion that the Modocs have at least forty horses. ATTACK ON A WAGON TRAIN. A wagon train, going from Lieutenant Boyle's camp to Colonel Mason's camp, was attacked on Wednesday by the Modocs. There was only a small escort and they escaped, with three wounded. The Modocs captured se ven teen horses and burned the wagons. CONDITION Of THE WOUNDED. Thirty-three of onr wounded started to-day for Fort Klamath, escorted by a segcant and ten men. Private Zenham, of E Company, Twelfth infantry, wonnded on the 26th of last month, died on "Wednesday, Lieutenant Harvey is still in a critical condition. Assistant Surgeon J. Semig is progressing favorably. A. GUERILLA. WAR COMMENCED. All the available cavalry horses will now be employed scouting the country after tho Mo docs, and the infantry and artillery will be kept in garrison. The guerilla warfare has commenced, and, as the Indians appear to be well mounted, it may last all Summer. ARRIVAL Or OREGON VOLUNTEERS, One hundred Oregon volunteers have ar rived at Klamath ferry, and will be employed escorting trains. A. Friendly Talk with Bogus Charlie. Yreka, May 9, 1873. A man named Fenning, an old settler, re ports that he met Bogus Charlie, one of the Modocs, on Klamath River, near Bogus* last week. Charley was looking well, and armed with a gun and pistol. They shook hands and bad a talk together. Charlie denies tho report that Schonschin is dead, and says there are only three or fonr Modocs killed. Tho state ment appears strange. ANOTHER ACCOUNT. Sam Francisco,. Mat 9, 1873. The following despatch was received from the lava beds to-nlgtit:? Lava Brds, May 7.1873,) Via Ykkka, May ?. J The Modocs made a sortie to-day on a train re turning to the camp on what la known an the "Island,'' whither the quartermaster's and other stores had been removed from the former department at the Southeast corner of Tule Lake, capturing eleven mules and three horses. They burned three wagons and three of the escort were wonnded, namelyPrivate Burgwell, Company K, Twenty-first Infantry r pri vate Evans, Company I, Twenty-first Infantry, and ! private Burns, Troop u, First cavalry. LAVA BEDS SNAKE P1UTES. OchM'i Band of Indian** To It* Coaxed from Captain Jack's (Quarter*. Virginia Citt, Nev., May 8, 1873. Advices by mall from Camp Warren, dated May % received at Reno tn^lay, say that General Wheaton has instructed his Commissary to provide partial sai?lstence for the hand of .snake Plut.cs under Ocheo, who has promised to remove his peo nte from tbe vicinity of '.he lava tieds to Camp Warren. Ocheo has bead one of tha moat formida ble enemies of the whites In former wars, bnt as evidence that he doas not intend to aid Captain Jack he offers torscud go me of his warriors to tight t.h* ibvttr^ THE PRISONER' OF WAIL Arrival of Mr. O'Kelly at San* tiago de Cuba. FORT MOBO HIS NEW PRISON. TELEGRAM TO THE HEW YORK HERALD. Havana, May 8, 1873. The following dispatch has been received by your correspondent here, relative to the transfer of your special commissioner from Fort Gerona, Manzanillo: ? mb. o'eelly's abrival at Santiago. Santlvgo de Cu*a, May 8v 1873. Mr. James J. O'Kolly arrived hero hut even ing. He is now imprisoned in Fort Monro. I have just returned from seeing him. His health appears good. His present quarters are much better than those he hnd at Man zanillo. A. N. YOUNG, United States Consul. the FABCE TO OO ON. It is further reported that his trial will be continued at Santiago de Cuba. CUBA. Sharp Fighting Between the Insurgents and the Spanish Forces. Alternate Victory and Defeat?Heavy Loaa of Life?Carlist Prisoner! Drafted Into the Army?British Naval Reception of Bidwell, the Alleged Forger on the Bank of England? A New York Visitor in Trouble. TELECFAHI TO THE HEW YORK HERALD. ITavana, May 7, 1873. The insurgents attacked the town or Zucayhama, but, being repulsed by Spanish troops, were unable to Uostroy the place. REPUBLICAN VtCTORY. The Spanish troops attacked the entrenched camp of the Insurgents at Najaro Grande, and, aided by artillery, dislodged the Insurgents. The Spanish commander reports a loss of four killed and sixteen wounded, and says the insur gents lost sixteen Killed and many wounded, who were carried to the woods. CARLIST EXILES IN FORCED SERVICE. A Spanish steamer arrived here with 400 Carlist prisoners, who have como to reinforce the Spanish army in the Held. BtDWELL, TUK ALLEGED FORMER, EMBARKED. A boat from the English gunboat Fly received Bidwell, the alleged Itank of England forger, and carried him to the English steamer Corsica, which lelt this evening for England. Bidwell is In the charge of tho English detectives. His wife is a passenger on the Corsica. It is reported that Bid well will turn Slate's evidence on his arrival in England. WILSON, A NEW YORK VISITOR, IN TROUBLE. The officers and crew of the steamship Motto Castle have testlfled before the Spanish authorities in the case of Wilson, from New York, who attempted to rob the English detectives on board the steamer Morro Castle, during her voyage from New York to this port. Wilson will probably bo liberated soon and banished. QUARANTINE AGAINST NEW ORLEANS TRADERS. All vessels arriving here from ports in communi cation with New Orleans are compelled to undergo quarantine. The United States steamer Pow hatan arrived here from Key West,, but her com mander, understanding that the vessel would be quarantined, sailed again last evening for Key West. DEATH OF A. GENERAL. General BenegasHi Is dead. MEXICO. Government Action Against Monasticism and the Jesuits?Claricals in Flight from Ar rest?The Legislative Presidency? Chihnahna Chiefs on a "Dead Make." TELEGRAM TO THE HEW YORK HERALD. City or Mexico, May 3,1 Via Havana, May 7,1873. ( The police have been ordcrod to prohibit Jesuits living in societies la AJuca. Several* Jesuits preached disobedience to the laws and the consti tution, and their arrest was ordered, but, being ad vised of the movement against them, lied. A Catholic society in the capital has presented Seflor Vigil, the editor of the Sigln, with a medal, bearing the cfJlgy of the Pope, lor writing articles In defence of the Jesuits. THK PRESIDENCY OP PARLIAMENT. The government candidates for President and Secretary of Congress will probably be elected. THK MINKS. Mining Interests are reviving. CIIIKFTAIN3 OF ClIUICAHtTA ON A CURRENCY "RAISE." The chiefs or Chihuahua told the people that (he Holy Water Springs, in St. Bias, was the best cure for the eplzosty. The journals complain that the poer owners of horses spent their money and lost their animals. 8ENTENCED TO DEATH. Wheeling, W. Va., May 9, 1873. Taylor Shonder (colored),. who killed hU wife about a year ago, was to-day found guilty of mur der iu the first degree and sentenced to deatlu THE WEEKLY HERALD. The Cheapest and Best Newspaper In the Country. The Weekly Herald of the present week, now ready, contains an original Story, entitled "Leslie Wyrultum," together with the very Latest News ?y Telegraph from All Parts of thu World up to the hour of publication; Graphic Description of the Grand Opening of the World's Fair at Vienna, from

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By Justin McCarthy 1 73 PARADISE IN THE PACIFIC. ByWm. ft. Bliss... I 25 SARATOGA IJf 1901. Bv Eli Perkins 2 00 LIFE AND TIMES OF MAJOR (iRNKRAL PHILIP SCHUYLER. 2 vols. Ry B. J Losing ft 00 OVF.RLAND. By J. W. Deforest 1 no LADY JCDITH. By Justin McCarthy 126 Either o( the above seat by inaii. post paid, on receipt of the price. SHELDON A COMPANY, t?77 Broadway, New York. C1HEAPEST BOOK STORE IN THE WORLD. / Libraries and Books bought Co?nnlal Hljtory New York, 4 to III vols 112 t<) Pranklin's Lite ami Writings, ft vola.. calf 5 no Pacific Railroad Survey, 13 vols 77 no Scott's Commentary, 6 vol*., sheen i,j so Daniel Webster'* work*. 6 yota., 110, hilt morocco lit 00 Hume A Smollett'* England, 4 vols., half calf, new 9 00 Daycklnck'a History of the World, hairmoroceo. i vols 30 no Lampe Commentary on Evangel JoannU, 3 vols 0 00 Clrcfesof the Science*, 4 vols., half mornooo >0 00 Cornhlll Magazine, 24 vols., half moroeco to no _4,No* ? an? M free. Send stamp. 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California: for Health Pleasure and Residence. A Book tor Travellers auX Nord,""r- I"uwr*t0d- Sva' HARPER A BROTHERS will send either of the abovft works by mail, postage prepaid, to any part of the UncusJi states, on receiptol the price. HARPER'S cataL.igue mailed free on receipt of ^Wr cents in postage stamps. fjniK OLD countess. BY MRS. ANN 8.' STEPHENS. Stephens, and other New Books are published this ??*? by T. B. PETERSON A BROTHERS, PHILADELPHIA. and are lor sale by all booksellers and news agent*. MKS. ANN S. STEPHENS' NEW BOOK. THE OLD COUNTESS; ok, THE TWO PROPOSAL*. A Sequel to "Lord Hope's Choicc." By Mm. Ann S. st?> pliena. Complete in one volume, cloth, lull gilt back, price $1 75; or In paper cover, price $1 50. MRS. ANN S. STEPHENS' COMPLETE WORKS. 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DUPUY'B NEW BOOK, ALL FOR LOVE; on, THE OUTLAW'S BRIDE. By Mis* Eliza A. Dupuy. Complete In one volume, bound in moroixo cloth, rrmii new designs, with a lull gilt back, price $1 75 In cloth, or $1 50 in paper cover. MISS DI'PUY'S COMPLETE WORKS. Complete in eight volumes, bound in moroceo clothe from entire new designs, with a full gilt back, price $1 7w each, or $14 a set, each set in a neat box. All For Love $I75| Why Did Ha Marry The .Mysterious Guest.. 1 75 I Her? .$1 71 The ('uncoiled Will ... I 7.'? I Tho Planter's Daugh Who Shall Be Victor?.. 175 ter 17* Was Ho Guilty? I 751 Michael Rudolph I 79 Above are in cloth, or in paper cover at$l 50 each. Above books are for sale by all booksellers, or copics of any one or all of them will be sent, post paid, ta I any one, to any place, on remitting orlco to the nul*> lishers, T B PETERSON A BROTHERS. Chesmut street, Philadeliibia, Pm. rjlO TRAVELLERS. GUIDEBOOKS, published by D. APPLETON A CO., 543 and 561 Broadway, New York. APPLETON'S RAILWAY .JUIDE. ? cents. APPLETON'S NORTHERN AND EASTERN HANDb. Book of travel. %?: APPLBION's WESTERN HAND BOOK OP TRAVBJ** $2. APPLETON'8 SOUTHERN HAND BOOK OP TRAYBIw "APPLETON'8 EUROPEAN GUIDE-BOOK. New edl tion. 30 maps and 120 engraving*. 720 nuges. Frenchl morocco, $'"> Two vols. $<) 5b NEW YORK ILLUSTRATED. M engravings in tlM^ highest stvle of art. 50 cent*. SKELETON KoUTES through England, Scotland, Ire , land, Wales. Denmark. Norway, 8wedeu. Russia, Polantft aud Spain. By Henry Wlnthrop Sargent Limp cloth. $L. Either of tho above sent free by mail to any addresa otkf receipt of tho price. THE TELEGRAPHIC JOURNAL AND ELBCTRICAU REVIEW, editor by Rev William.Hlgg, London,pub? llsbed monthlv, delivered here at $3 per annum. April! number receivou D. VAN NOS'l RAND, Importer, 3 Murray street and *7 Warren street y IENNA TOU RISTS! NOW READY. SECOND VIENNA EDITION. TOR 187\ of MORFORD'8 SHORT TRIP GUIDE TO EUROPE full list of American Contributors and Contribution^ the .? changes iu American Corui?U*ioiiers, a splendid Ground Plan Diagram of the Exposition a Table of Times, costs and Distances and . ? everything corrected to the 1st ot Majt, making the most perfect Guide Hon* ever published Bltgant IJiuo. green flexible covers, wim map. . Price $2. SHELDON * CO.. <77 Broadway. VALUABLE PERIODICAL LITERATURE CHEAP.?. "Edlngurgh Review." 133 vols., half calf, $t>a "Blackwood Msgaxlno," IDS vols.. hall rail, $1?<>. "GaaH tvrlv Review," Ii6 vols-, half calf, $11)0; "North Brittshi Review," 53 vols., half calf, $125; "Foreign OuarterM Review," 37 vols., bait' call, IflJ; Chambers' "Kdinliutgr*1 Journal,"44 vola,'halt calf, $60; Sllllman'a "Journal oC "Uetnwpect of Medicine," ?*> vol*., i2mo cloth, $40j| "*edlc<>-ChlrBr?lcftl Review," 77 vole., $4#; Beatley'3 "Miscellany," HO vols., half uiorocco, extra, $160; Mirror) of Literature," 40 vola., $30, LitteU'a "Living Age/' M| vols., half morocco, $66. For sale by t. W. BOUTUSL Importer ftftq Mkuu 7us maqruu. fytv KaUa,

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