Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 10, 1873, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 10, 1873 Page 9
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FINANCIAL MB COMMERCIAL. Money Easy a! the Start and Active at the Cltse* Commercial Paper Easier and Foreign Exchange Firmer. ?GOLD A POINT LOWER. Further and Large Falling Off in the Imports of Foreign Dry Goods. Consols in London Weaker and Oar Bonds Steady. STOCKS QUIET AND FIRMER. Exceptional Activity in Paoifio Mail and Panama, and a Sudden Sise in Lacka wanna and New Jersey Central. Wall Street, i Friday, May 9?s P. M. f On 'Change to-day cotton was In better demand and a shade firmer, nour ruled steady, wheat was scarce and firm, while corn was In moderate re quest, but heavy. TH* DBy GOODS IMPORTS. The imports of foreign dry goods at the port of New York for the week ending Mar 8, 1873, were of the specie value of $1,283,764, the amount marketed for the same period being $1,666,245. The Imports ofdrj goods last week were $1,721,428. THI FOREIGN MARKET. The only feature of novelty In the foreign market was a farther decline In consols in London, which went off *. a S-lfl this morning, and recovered only a trifle-say 1-ie-in the afternoon. The decline the past few days la the natural consequence of a higher discount rate at g TnE BANK OP ENGLAND, an influence which accounts for a further decline or * in our new Ave per cents, although the six per cents and the ten-forties havo remained steady, if not Arm. Erie shares have been heavy and * lower. The new French loan was strong and ad vanced to 4* per cent premium, although rentes in Paris were a shade lower at 54.60. MONET EASY. The money market was easy, but to some extent unsettled, the rate on call, which opened at 7 per cent, having fallen to 6 per cent early in the after noon and recovered later In the day to 7 per cent. The more active Inquiry toward three o'clock is explained by the previous delay of borrowers to up the,r accounts In their expectation or getting money at merely nominal rates if thev I^^HUntllnearthe C'08e- To? many happened to do the same thing, so that the DEMAND FOR MONET at the last moment gave the market into the hands of lenders, who stiffened their terms accordingly In mml' 8t?rm ,nterfere(1 transactions to mercantile paper, but the market retained its easy tendency, and prime names were negotiable ttla'rr T* dlbCOnnt- The foreign exchanges ZlZiTS* Vn8Wer t0 a m*re active demand for remittance by Saturday's mail, and the leading bankers advanced sterling * per cent, to ios* for sLxty-oay and 109* for sight bills, but business was at a concession of * a 3-ia per cent. The outstand ^f,n?i!eenbaCk8 thl8 evenln? are reported to be $1,105,000, a small Increase since yesterday. GOLD 8TEADY?117* A 117*. waa 8teady at aa average of wWch Is * less than the average or the pre S?Un the ,0Wer quotuti?n being referable to the light return of dry goods Imports, an influence which more than counteracted the effect of the de pression of consols In London. Washington ad vices state that the bonds of 1862 called for redemp tion in the call of March last are beginfng to be sent in and that half a million dollars of them have been redeemed to date. Time loans of gold are quoted as follows :-Thlrty days, Me a * per cent for carrying; oo days, flat; 90 days, * for borrow Ing; faiir months, * a * for borrowing. The courso or the market is shown in the table }? *? 117* 1 P. M n7u in-? 117* 8 p- M 117V 10.37 A. M 117^ 3 p, M }a6-M \}l* 3:30 P. M 117*1 uiJp.'ii:;:::::::!!;S ?'?" ?>*??? In the gold loan market the rates ranged ft-ora 3 to 7 percent for carrying. The operations oi the Gold Exchange Bank were as rollows Gold cleared ^ Cold balances ] Currency balances ffiSS mS,rn?tnb"7C*8UrJ Pa'd ?ut $248-000 on account of Interest,and $2,300 on account of redeemed five twenties. southern SKccRrriEg pirm. The Southern state bonus were quiet, with a con tinuation of the firmness in Tennessees and Ala bamas and a strong demand for the Mlssourls. Ttie old South Carollnas were weak and the new bonds nominal and steady. The following were the clos ing quotations:?Tennessee, ex coupon, 81* a 82 .81>f a 82 5 Vlrf|nla- c* coupon,43 a 48; do.,' C3^MW8.?^ 0l?' 36 a 40; U?" SlXe8' C0n801 bon<M B3a63*; do. sixes deferred scrip, 13 a 13*' 22L 81Xe8' 74 a 78; d0- 8evens- 90 a 01' Nonh Carolina, ex coupon, 27 a 30; do. u North m 'w: a? funding, 1808, 17 a S'.i .DeW'16 a 17; fl?* 8pcc,al tax- "a 15>? JOjMOurl sixes, 84 a 94*; do. Hannibal and St. Joseph, 90 a 91; Louisiana sixes, 40 a 45; Alabama sixes, 26 a J?, do. new, January and July, 17 a is TIIE RAILROAD BONDS. rvr ssa srs 103* a 103*. C.. C. and 1 c l? nearly one per cent The following were the bid] 22S2JL" amCUdea^ We- U. subsequent ?ew YorkOenP*.^.. 91 u Pew York l eu ?.'?,U87.91 J|ew Ycvk Ccn t'ue.. h7 (Jew York (tn i'*,sub.87 BSIWliS:|$ Ifsn a Ft Joeon-rort... n*- ' MciiJ '? rn...luiT l>el, Lack A Wont 2d m. 97* I>eu Lack A W 7'?con..l(i0 Eie 7'*, con m eld tuls. 9u Han A Naples 1st m.... hs ng I'OCk bonds 971* <it WeM ??t m , I8.S*., .. WS 9o0, N Y A K 1st 111, 77. 94 Ualena A ChtcaKo ex... 102 Ibd Rlv 7's,Jd m si,'85.104* Chic,K 1 AP?c~.......10S* iud R 7'*,oil dl 74 loo1, Morris A Km Istm. llMH Uarlem cmanJsf6't...luu Morrts A Krmx'JU in... 9H Alb a sua 1 at tula. wo N J t en Istm.n WS'ji Alba Hiaidbds 97* N J t-outliero lMm 7<> Alb a Sua Sd b<l< S-* Pitts, K W A Chic 1st m. Ii?* CKk,SuraQ b'a .Istm.lll I'itts CWIC 2d in ..101 Mich Co 1 D c 2dm 97* l'ltta, K W a Chic 3d m. ft Mich Boa N I s I 7 p c. .101 Clav A Pitts 2dm 99* Clav a Tol af 10-i^ Clcv a Pljts 3d m. Wi Clev a Tol n*w tid?... lO1* Clcv A Pitts4thm 8S C, Pa A oldbda l?\? CblcaAltsI W C, P a A new bda. 93 ClncA A it IHm 104* Dat, Hon A Tol bd*.... 97 Chic A Alt income 94i, Buff a Erie new bda. ?? 9H Ohio A Miss con s f 93>j Laka Shore dlv bda.... 92* Oblo a Miss con 93 Lake Shore con c 99 Ohio A Miss 3d iu, con., 84 lAkn Sbore con r 99 8t Louis A Iron M 1st.. 9H Pao RR 7'a, gtVl Mo !?V Mil A Bt P l?tni,?,s,PI?.UW Cen Pacific sold bds... 10S?2 Mil A St Faul 7'?s K, R D 92* Western Pacific bda.... 9.'. M A St P 1? m, LaC D. 9IU tnlon Pacific lat m?... s?* M A Ht P 1st in, I A Ml). Mij Union Pacific <? 7's... 74* M A 8t P latm.C A MS Union Pacific Inc it's.. 71* Marietta a Cln lrtm. .. 90 lllinoli t en irer ct,75.101 * col. Chic a InoC 1st.. 87* Belleville a B fll lat, 8'?. 06 Col, chic A lnd C 2d... 7;i Alt A Ter It latm 98 Tol, P k W, K D 92 AltaTer H, 2d m pref.. 8S Tol, P A W, W D 2dm lac.. 78 ToL PAW, Burl'n dir. 8? th,c 11 2 f M N * * N W S51.0 4 S 2 ,nl ^ Boat, H A Erie lrtm 7 ? S8 St.1? i W S ?Iin ^ ? ?? S? ^ PM.1U a Mill 1st m.. HO Chic a? W latm as GOVBRNMKNTS STBAOT. The government lut outside the '?7'?, which were active on the basis of 120, was quieter, but the market was generally steady in prices. The for. clgn bankers have taken ?mo round amonnts the put tew days, but otherwise business has been Confined tatelv (0 small loM OTer the ogunVsr, th? bnyera being domestic Investors of aodwite means. The following were the closing quota tionsUnited States currency sizes, 114% a 116%; do. sizes, 1881, regis tared, 118* a 118%; do. da, coapon, 121* a 1M%; do. flve-twentlea, registered, M<y and November, 116% a 118; do. do., 1862, cou pon, do., 115% a 118; do. do., 1884, do. do., 115% a 118; do. do., 1884, do. do., 117% a 117>4; do., 1887, registered, January and July, 118 a lis'?; do. do., 1886, coupon, do., 118% a 118%? do- do., 1387, do. do., 119% al20; do. do., 1888, do. do., 118% s 118**; do. ten-forties, registered, 111% a 112; do. do., coupon. 113% a 113%; do. fives of 1881, registered, 114 a 115; do. do. do., coupon, 114% a 115. INCRBASB OP INSURANCE CAPITAL. The business of fire insurance la the State of New York is recovering rapidly from tho pros trating effects of the Chicago conflagration, not withstanding the intermediate drawback of the Boston calamity. Prom tho report of O. W. Chap man, the State Superintendent of Insurance, re cently made to tbe Legislature, we learn that between Jauuary 1, 1872 (the Chicago fire was in October, 1871, and the Boston fire in November, 1872), and April 1, 1873, there has been added to the insurance capital of fire and marine companies or ganized lu our own state $3,850,000, contributed by TWKLVK NEW COMPANIES. If to this t>e added the capital that has been raised to make up impairments the total amount oi new capital invested in the fire and marine In surance businesii in New York during the time specified was $8,054,110. The reduction In insur ance capital by companies of the same class and during the same urn. has been $2,550,000?the re sult of shiintage by losacs at Chicago or discontin uance of business. At the close of the year 1872 there were seventy-two fire, fire marine and ma rine Insurance companies of other States and coun tries doing business in this State, and although there had been many changes the total number was the same as at the close of the previous year. On the 1st or April, 1873, the total number of such companies had Increased to eighty-eight, the addi tional capital represented by their agcncies in tills State being about $18,500,000. STOCKS STKADY ANT) FIRM. The stock market was firm and singularly steady, the average fluctuation in the greater part of the list having been only % a % per cent. St, Paul varied only % per cent. The eztreme fluctuation was in Pacific Mall, which advanced from 53% to 56, closing at 55%, In addition to rumors of a struggle for control of the company at the coming election as the explanation or the rise It was said that a heavy "bear" operator in the stock had been taken dangerously ill and had sent orders to his brokers to close bis inter est. Panama jumped from 115% to 117%, and closed at a reaction to 118, the statement being made at the same time that the following members had retired (rom the direction, viz.Edwards Plorrepont, C. L. Hotch kiss, L. S, Stockwcll and Q. G. Ilaven, and that the new Board, of which A. B. Stock well remained president, was as follows:?W. B. Leonard, T. W. Park (of Bennington, Vermont), H. 11. Baxter, George H. Pullman, Georgo S. Scad, Alden B. Stock well, T. B. Musgrove, U. W. Gray, S. J. Uerrlott, J. M. Burke, A. Masterson, S. L. M. Barlow and F. \V. G. Bellows. The proposition to POOL TBE EARNINGS of the Northwestern and St. Paul roads, announced in the Qerald as having been under dlscusslo%a few months since, has led to an agreement by which the Northwestern Is to get 80 per cent and the St. Paul 40 per cent or the aggregate earnings, the arrangement to go into effect as soon as rati fied by the holders ol the preferred Northwestern and preferred St. Paul stock, and to continue seven years. At the close of tbe day a smart advance took place in New Jersey Central, which sold at 108% (as high as 107 being bid at one time, without bringing out any Btock), and in Delaware, Lack awanna and Western, which closed at 104%. The sudden rise is attributed to a rectification of the differences of the two boards of directors and the adoption of a harmonious plan of operations un der the consolidation agreement. The movement lu Western Union was stronger on the reports or the contemplated absorption or rival lines, and the shares left off firm at an advance tu 87%. n 1(111 EST AND LOWEST PRICES. The following table shows the highest and lewest prices of the principal stocks during the day :? Highest. Lowest. New York Central 101% 101* Erie 64% 64* Lake Shore 02% 91% Wabash 70% 70 Northwestern (No transactions.) Northwestern prelerred (No transactions.) Itock Island 110% 109% St. Paul 58% 68% St. Paul prelerred 73% 73% Ohio ann Mississippi 44* 43* Union Pacific 32% 32% C. (J. and I. C 35% 35% Western Union Telegraph 87% % 86* Pacific Mail 56 53% In Philadelphia Reading was steady at 115%, and Pennsylvania unchanged at 108%. SALES AT THE MEW YORK 8T00K EXCHANGE. Friday, May 9?10?15 A. N, $500 US 5-20. c.'82 $3000 US 5-20, c, '64.... 115% ('ailed bonds.ami 116% Ilinso IS .V20,c, '67 120 50000 US O's, r, '81 11*% 1U0IJ0 do 11'.)% 6<'UO0S 6-20. C,'66.... 117* 1UOIJO do 120 16000 do 117* 2U)0 do C 120 10 A. M.?Before Call* 100 shs West Union Tel 86% 100 shs Pac M SS Co... 64% 100 do 86% 200 Chic A R I RR 110 800 uo 87 200 Eric RR ... 64* 200 do C 87 300 do C 64* 200 do a 87 300 do 64* 100 do 86% *00 Uo b3 64* 200 N YC AH RRR..C 101* 5a) do S3 64* H0UL8AMSRR 91% 1000 do ?60 03* 10U (1., c 111% loo Un Tac RR c 32% 2001'ac MssCo 5:1% 100 do b3 32% 1.(00 do 54 300 do b3 32% 510 do 54 * 200 do 83 32% 800 do M* 100 Panama RR ..114% 2(H) ao c 54 * 200 116% 400 do 54 * 200 do 117^ 600 do 14* 300 do C 117 400 do 54', 200 do 117% 100 ao c 54* Iijo do 117% 200 do 54'4 100 M A St 1" RR 58* 1200 do 54* 1U0 do C 6H% 400 do 1)3 54% 100 do b3 5*% 800 51* 100 Mil A St Paul pf... 73% 500 do 54* 1001', W A Willi 70* 100 54* 200 do 70(1 400 54% 300 Ohio ft MIm RR..., 43* 700 do 54% 200 do 4.}* 100 do C 54* 100 C, CA1CRR 35* Kirat Board? 10i30 A. M. $10G0Tenn 6'?, old 81% 80u sh? Pac M SS Co... 56* lOOO Alabaimi 8's. "J3. K6* 100 do c .'<5', 2000 NYC 6'n, '83 91% 800 do 5a* 1000 Alb A Sua Sd in... 97* 5W ao c 55* 4000 In Pac lit m.. .. 86% ?i0 do 56* 50u0 do 86 * 200 do 56* 4000 Oo 86* 300 do 56* 1000 U Pac 10's, inc.... 72 no Am M (J fcx Co 68 1000 no 71% 80 do 68% 3000 Chic ft N W 1st m 98% 100 U 8 Kx Co 73% 8000 Del, LAW 1st.... 101 SW-Kirio Kl N2 2000 (ial A Chic 1st 111. 102 20O N Y C A U R....bc 101% SOUOMor M E* lit 103 100 do Wliil?, 2O0OMA St P. lo diV. 84% 100 do c 101* UXJ0M A St P lst.LuCd 91* 200 do Iulj, 5UCOC.C A I C 1st 87* 100 do b3 101* 1000 do H7% 200 Erie RR bc.bS 64% 1000T, P ft W 1st, WD. 81* 400 do 81.* 2000 H, C R A .M lit ... 'JO 1000 do 64% 600 W Un Tel r* 95 100 do 64', 11*10 ?IO 98 100 Oo C 64', 7000 St L A 1 M 1st m . SN 130 F.rle KR pre! 74 5000 T, P ft W, Bur div 86% 100 L a ft M S RR . .be 91% 4t?0 L'le A N C. '8K ,b3 IB 1U0 do (3 91% 5000 Del A U Int. '84... 102* 100 do b3 92 14 shs H'k Commerce. 118* 15 do b3 92% 100Continental Hunk.. 80 7UI do s3 91* 54 Hank ot Republic . 109 100 do blO 91% 100 Union Bank 131 200 ao b3 91% 66 Del A 11 Canal 115 6 Midi Cen RR 104% 300 Canton Co 103 2001'anamaRR be 117* 2110 do be 103 3W) do 117* 100 M.l Coal 24* 200 do 117% 12*4 Weitlln Tel.... tic *7 200 do 117 1(0 no <1 s7 100 do 116% 300 do 87 8U0CnPacRR be 32* 600 do... C 86% 900 do b3 32% 600 do 87 100 do b3 32% 200 do 86% 700 do 32* ? 600 do 86% 200 C A Pitta. Ktd 89% 7(fl do 81% IOO do be 89 IUO0 do b3 86% 100 Pac RR of Mo 47 100 do C 86* 249 C, C.CA1RR 99% do B6% 120 ao 89% 300 do ?3 86* 1U0 S J Cun RR be 102 300 do Mli J00C A Rock I IIR..UC 110 600 do 86% 500 do 109% lwiPacM SSCo .bc.c 64% 100* A St PRR..bc b3 5"% 9<0 do 5ft 400 68% 500. do 54% 200 Mil ft St Ppf....bC 7.1% I5JW 00 56 luOTol, W AW RR.bc.O 70* 2"? do 55 IOO do 70* do 66% 300 do 70% 100 do 5ft 400 do O 70* 900 do 54% 200 do 70* 400 (10 55 1U0 do TO* ?00 do 6.% 300 do 70* 800 OO 55* 100 do 70 100 do b3 55* too Del, L A Wejt 102% I61O do 66* 400 uo 102 15W) do b3 55% 60 NY, Nil AtiartRR 139% 300 do 55* 5 Mor A Kaaex RR.... 93* 200 do 66 * 27 do SO* 100 do 5ft* 400 At A Pac pf be 26 30U do 65 * 200 uhlo A M RR. 43% 500 do 66* 100 do 43*5 700 do 55 100C.C A I C KR. bo.C 3ft* 400 64% liM do 35* SHO do 54% 100 do 36% 500 ao 54% 601) a& 36% 500 do Ji. 66 ISiia and $115 P. W. $280(10 U sra, e, HI,... 111% $1000 UBMO, r, ??, n. 117% 1000 US 6-2U, r, '81... U6% 26000 do 118% luUO US 5-20, e, W, 3000 0ft 5-20, r, '67 117% Called bonds..... 118% 6000US 6-20,0, '?& b0 117% 1990 do nnalI 116% 4600 U rt 5-?, e. '67 120 1U0 do, be 117 11900UH6'?, I14K IJIi.TO P. Iff.?Before Call* lQOih* We?tCn Tcl.bS Wi 10U aha N YC A U BR.. 101? WO do WO do 87 " 200 (lo US 87 100 Pic M 88 Co ?X do M ?? do. do do. do. do.. 100 L 8 4 Id S 1(K 91! 6oo do 91X 100 Panama KK W6\ 100 do 117 100 U Pacific KK SIX 200C A K 1 KK 110 100 Pac RRof Mo 47 200 Ohio A M KK 4:tX 100 O, O A I C KK S&W Krcond Hoard?I P. Iff. 87 X ?6000 N C 6's, ..Id 10U0 Missouri (i's _ 1000 Con I* tilti IkIh . 1IB\ lOOOOll AStJ8's, con.. 87 lcoot'n Pac Ikl in stiJi 1000 fac KK ol Mo2<l. 76 1000 C.C.C A I Ut ... 101 lOOahi Mar L'd A Ml# 100 do be 13 100 do 1? 2iH)ConC ol Md be MX 500 300 We? 87 100 ?X 101X 13X 1000 ?ha Pac MSSCo.. MJg 500 do bS 56 200 do 56 300 do 2iH) do 55*2 50 Panama RR be 117 100 do 1)3 117 300 do 117X 1000 L S.tM S Klt.bc.b3 92 100 do. 1'W 2900 600 300 5J0 400 |l>0 87 X do 87 do k3 87 do 87X do 67l4 do b3 ?7'4 87' 100 1100 do. do. I"V U(F 4 ItM'l, M S *? IV DC '.'500NYC* U 101'. 200 U, 11 A K KK ?3 ?)iWl ill. I.II i 71^1 ,I.X K .? .-V 200 do *3 101 ? 500 do blO Uli' 300 do 101K 100 Eric KK pri be 74 200 Pac M S8 MJ$ 91 X b3 92 .. 92 b3 92-* 92t! 400 l'n Pae KR be 32*2 75 C, C,C A 1 KR... .be 90 :>00 I A K 1 KR be 110>? loOMil A St P Ktt.bc e M'i 100r. W A W R be 70*i 3 3 3 12 M) 200' 800 100 100 1300 200 do 56'JJ do b3 .V. do 55,!? do N>? do b3 55', (lo MX do K>X 200 shs Del A UCanal.. 115 600 Wert L'n Tel 87W 200 do *3 87', 200 do 87 500 do H7K 200 do b3 87 \ 100 do a3 87"?, 100 Quick M Co 40'i 1500 Pacific Mull 88 Co MX do. do., do. do. do. M*, 55'4 MX M'? 55X do Sit, 2U> Ohio A M It It... - b3 44 500 800 1100 500 200 500 600NYCA 11 R KR.... 101?. 300-Erie KK 64J, 4oo Harlem KR 120 V 8 0 L 8 A M .?> Kit 92 4O0 d* b3 92 300 do 9IX 200 000 do 92 1200 200 Panama KK 117 3M) do bc.sS 300 do n)0 42 Mor A Kx KK 93X 100 N .1 Sou III Kit :H'j 200 llan A Si Jo 40 100 do be 40 500 Del, L A W KK 102?, 500 do be lo2X 3(U Ohio A llbis. .1) c.bS 44 100 do 43X 1100 do 44 Si30 to 4 P. Iff. 200 shs Panama RR.. s3 116 100 Chic A Kock I KR. 110** 400 Uu Pae KK 32V, 100 do b3 S2?* ?I0 do 32*? 100 N J Cent Rlt 104S 100 do 106 V 150 do 105X ftJOT.WAWKK 70'i 300 do 70W 300MU A M P KK 58), 100 Qo b3 58*2 1(10 do bS 58S, 200 Mil A St P RR pi... ny 100 300 100 100 400 45 do 116V do l>3 116), It? 116 115 1000 do 44 ^ 500 do 44 500 do 44X 200 Del, L. A W RR 103)5 1U0 do 104 do b3 104*< do 10l.'4 800 do 104,S 100 X J Southern KK.. 35 400 Han A St Jo ItK.. 1IK) do 100 C. C A 1 C Kit 100 do 40 40* 35 X 35), 100 Allan A Pac pi' 25 CLOSING PBI0E8?4 O'CLOCK P. M. Western Union. 87)-* a 87X Northwestern.. 80 i Quicksilver 40.*, a 41 Norlhwcat'n pi. 87X a Panama 110 a U6X k ,"*1 ?? Lackawanna...104 a 1W*4 Canton 101X a lft.1 Am Mer Un Kx. fi7s u (-8>4 Pacific Mail.... MX a Mt A V Central...101^, a 101J* Erie 64*4 a t.4>i Harlem 126 a 127 LaKc Shore 92 a 92X Union Pucinc.. 32X a 32^4 N J Central 105'4 a Rock Island 110*, a St Paul 58* St Paul pre 1 7.? Wabash 70 Ohio A Miss..... 44 llan A st jo. ... 40 lloston, 11 lb.. 3 C.IHU 35 8& a .t*, a OX ? 82 88 106 110X 58X 73X 70*4 44X 40*4 3X 35X COMMERCIAL REP9ET. Cotton a Shade Firmer?Receipts at the Ports, 5,77V Bales?Flour Steady Wheat Firm?Cora Heavy?Oats Steady?Pork Decidedly Lower?Lard About Steady?Groceries Firm?Petro leum Nominal?Naval Stores Un changed? l? India Goods Neglected? Seeds ttulet?Wool Steady?Whiskey Higher. Friday, May 9?6 P. M. Business in general merchandise was very mode rate tOHtay, tbc demand In many instances being held In check by the inclemency of the weather, which prevented transportation. There were few Important changes In prices, the markets being quite generally steady. Cotton was dull. Flour was quiet, but we heard of some choice extras being taken for stupment at rather low prices. Wheat was quiet for want of stock, but prices were no lower. Corn was dull, but prices were unchanged. The Bame is true with regard to oats. Whiskey had another budge to-day without checking the de mand. Pork experienced another marked decline, which tended to depress the market for the entire hog product. Lard was dull and nearly nominal. Freights remained quiet, but rates steady. Room by vessels on the berth very scarce. Groceries were firm, but business throughout the general market was light. Petroleum was Bteadlly held, but prlcc* were to a great extent nominal. Naval stores exhibited no material change as to value, but there was rather a better demand for rosin. East India goods re mained quiet. Wool w?a in moderate demand and the jnarket about steady. Asiiks.? Receipts tor the past three days, 26 packages. There has been a lair demand (or small lots of pot*, which were steady, at 98. Pearls remained entirely nominal. Building Materials.?The demand for brick continued fair, with former quoted prices still current Lime was only in moderate demand, but steady, at $1 Co Tor Rock land common anil 92 lur do. lump. Cement was unlet ami unchanKed; quoted a t- ul 92 10 for Kosondalc. Plas ter Paris was quoted steady, at $:i fit) a $4 per ton for blue Nova Scotia ; $5 26 per do. for white do., and $2 per blil. for calcined city. Laths were in limited request, but steady, at 92 30 a $140 lur Kastern spruce. Cordagk.?The demand since our last has been mod erate, with prices ruling steady. We quoteManila (large aud small sizes), 18}^e. a l'J\c.; do. bolt rope yarns, 20V,c. n 21>?c; tarred Manila, lKc; Sisal rope, 16c. a 17c.; New Zealand cordaire, 16c. a 17c.; Rus.-ut bolt rope, 18c. Candlks.?The market continued quiet but steudy at old prices. We quote:?Sperm, Sic.; pateut do., too u 42c.; paraffins, 32c. a 33c.; stearic, 28c. a 29c.; adaman tine, 20c. a 21c. t'orr*K?The market continued strong for all de scriptions, but tlie demand was only moderate. We heard ot sales of 1,000 bags Rio ex Ontario, 500 bags of do. ex Klamstead, on private terms, aud 5,000 bugs ex J. F. Pust, to arrive at Now Orleans also on private terms. We quote :?-Rio?Ordinary car goes, 17a 17kc.; fair cargoes, 18c. a lH>?c.: good car goes, 18?c. a 18%c.; prime cargoes 19c. a li)'4c.; extreme range for lot*, 17*<c. a l9V?c., gold, per lb., 60 a 90 days' credit; Java, government bags, 20c. a 21c.; do. (itraas mat*), 20c. a 21 vac.; Singapore, grass mats. I6^c. a 17Hc ; Ceylon, 18c. a 19c.; Maracaii.o, 18c. a 19c.; Laguayra, 18)ic. a 19V4c.: Jamaica, I7c. a 18c.; St Domingo, lfi'/c. a 16c., Porto Rico, 18c. a 19c.; Costa Rica, 18c. a 19c.; Mexi can, 17>4c. a l?!*c.; Manila, 17c. a 18c.; Angostura, 17KC. a lSKc.; Savaniila, 17J?c. a 18*c.; Curacoa, 17)tfc. a 18>2c., gold, per lb., 60 a 90 days' credit Cotton.?The niarkot for spot cotton ruled generally steady under a mora active demand. The sales tor ex port were understood still to be at low prices, For future delivery the market was3-16c. a Me. higher with liberal transactions. We sum up as follows s? Tit-Day. Laat F.e'a. Total. Export 8S8 12s 713 Consumption 489 ? tsg Speculation ft2 ? 52 Total 1,129 125 IXA ?For future delivery (basis low middling) the sales have been as followsSales last evening after three o'clock?May, 200 at 18Jfc.; Juna, 100 at 189-16c., lou at 18kc.; July, 100 at 18 9-16c., 800 at IS^c.; August, 200 at 18 I3-.'l2c.; September, 400 at 17 7-lSc. Total, 1,800 bales. Kxchantred?paid to exchange 100 June lor .1 uly. Sales to-day up to three P. M.?May. 100 at 18?,c,. 900 at 18Wc., 500 at lWic.; June, 1.400 at I8&C- 300 at in ll-lfic., 200 at 18fcc., 200 at 18 9-16c., 500 at 18 1949c., 400 at 18 9 16c., 900 at lS^ic.. 200 at 18 916c., 1,000 at 18 19-32c., 1,500 at 18fcC., 100 at 18 ll-16c.; July, 1,000 at 181316c., 40u ut 18?ic., 300 at 18 1316c., 1,600 at lSVc,200 at 18 1116c., 100 at 18 23-32C., 200 at 18^C., 1400 at 18 1116c., 1,KJ0 at 183iC., 100 at 18 25-32c., 100 at 1813-16c., 800 at 18 25-32c., 100 at 18 13-lbc.; August, 200 at 18 9-16c., 200 at 18>,c., 100 at 18 716c., 300 at 18WC.. 100 at 18*4c.: October, loo at 17?c.; November. 300 at 17 I 16c. Total. 14,300 bales. Grand to tal, 15.900 bales. The receipts at the port* loot up as fol io wiGalveston, 430 bales; New Orleans, 1,819; Mobile. 489: Savannah, 692; Charleston, 691; Wil mington, 48; Norfolk, 617; Baltimore, 311; New York, 672; Boston, 10. Total, 5.779. This day last week, 10,009 Tois day last year, 1.842. Rates on cotton to foreign porta closed nominal at the fol lowing figures:?To Havre, by steam, ic.; by sail, Ic. coin pressed . to Hamburg, by steam, }?d. compressed ; to Bre men, by steam. Ic.; to Liverpool, by steam, H*i- " 1 16d.; sail, 5-lfid. a^d. Weauotas Cl/liituu. A la Aicu Orltani. TtJUl'. Ordinary MJi MJJ 14% 14?<

Oootl ordinary 16;k? 16* 16V 16*' Strict good ordinary 17* 17H 17% 177), Low middling IBM 18> 1BK 18* Middling 19'a 19'/ 19^ 20 Good middling 21 >? 21 ? 21$ 22 ?Tbc quotation* are based on cotton in store, running in quality not more than half a grade above or below tlw grade quoted. Plocx and Gram.?Receipts? Flour, 7.069 bill*.; wheat, 35,768 busbols; corn, 50,256 do.; coru meal, 120 bbl*; oats, 511,253 bushels. The dour market ruled quiet but un changed. The sale* were about 8,900 bbl*,, including choice extra State, for shipment, at 97 40 a $7 55, the in side prioe tor l.UW bbl*. to arrtre soon. Com meal was quiet and unchanged. Feed was ouiet but steady at the appended quotations as follows:?100 lbs. sharps, 925 a 926; 100 lbs. or No. 1 middling. 924 a 925 , 80 lbs. or NoT2 middling. 923 a 924; 60 lbs. or No. 1 feed, 922; SO lbs. or medium teed. 99oa 921; 40 lbs. or No. 2 feed, 921) u 921; rye feed. 922 a 923 pur toa. We quote :? No. 2 State 94 00 a 95 25 Superfine State 5 85 a 6 15 Extra State 7 00 a 7 25 Choice State 7 25 a T 80 Supertinc Western 5 85 a 6 15 Extra Western 6 J5 a 7 00 Extra Minnesota 7T5a 9 00 Round hoop Ohio, shipping brands 6 75 a 7 00 Round hoop Ohio, trade brands a.... 7 50 a 8 80 Family TV... 8 50 a 9 75 8t Louis, low extra 6 85 a 7 25 St Louis, straight extra 7 75 a 8 25 St. Louis, choice double extra 8 75 a 9 50 8t. Louis, choice family 10 oo a 12 oo California 9 00 a 9 30 Rye flour 4 00 a 6 40 Southern No. 2 4 25 a 5 00 Southern snperflne 5 75 a 6 .10 Southern extra 7 25 a 9 80 Southern family 9 Ma 12 00 Corn meal. Western 3 15 a 3 45 Corn meal, Jersey 3 I# a A 45 Corn meal. Brandy S 95 a 3 75 Baltimore 4 40 f. o. fc Caloric .3 90 a 3 65 Puncheons I" 00 t. o. b. ?Wheat was qniet but unchanged, scarcely enough offer ing to make a market The sales were about 30,000 bush els, mostly in lots, at $1 58 for No. 3 Spring, 91 65 for No. 9 Chicago, fl 68 tor (to. i Milwaukee, to arrive in a day or so, 91 70 for Now 1 Minnesota, 92 ? for white Genessee and $2 05 lor amber Winter. Corn was dull and heavy, but nominally unchanged. The sale* were about SI.UUO bushels, at 67e. for damp new mixed, 67HO. a <Wc. for fair to prime new mixed, afloat, MDfeC. for high mixed, ttBc, for yellow., Tie. lor Western white and "8c. a 80c. for Bouuern white. OaU were quiet but steadjr, about SZ 900 bushel*, nearly all car lot*, changed hands. aMSe, a 49r. f?r black Western, 50c. a 5lc- for inlxed do_, M<- jor ?5ht mixed afloat Me. a 58c. lor common to extra choice ^ te ^oaL lm"flUte Barley remained quiet. Sale* HOO bushel* of Wentern, at 8#c. Bye continued dull * K?2!o^r,i.-In the line of berth frelaht* very Uttle waa accomplished ti>-day. but rate* exLhtted ^BOjahany. ira"lnw?^6d. fteMJfrUM ?.w=rn KaftMrwj^ h British brljj, hence to Corunna, 1.80Uu l>|a>(|t,|l>|lia to trriussj j^'saww'SSB ?&?-.? There ha. been very Uttle dmn^ln either cloth or bugs. but price* were stead y held. W? near of sale* oi zoo rolls of domestic cloth, spot, at wCm a ?^swaa? ^vsrrUSiStSSffSJSIftC-^jiSi butts wild, to the extent of MAI bales, atZc. currency, WHAYl\?n*rSTRiW-The market remained the ?ni?? when lust reported. The demand so; nrlces steadv. We quote -.-Prime'hay. $1? ?|a ?i w. good do., $1 15 a $lj?i ^^ nu?^>.^o?9J-w' no. second quality, Me.; ch>ver,78c. ' il i)5 a $1 ID; abort do., H5c. a W)c.. oat, jrc . a Boc - we Molassks.?Aside from a ,?>?Mle,rato,Jo PriiSswere un 74c. a 76c. We quote :- qu crop. /few Crop. \ Cuba, centrifugal awl mixed 18c. a 22c. ? Cuba, clayed s&aJSc . ; Cuba, muscovado, retlning _ * _ -v* a 48c. Cuba, muscovado, grocery ?_ X5c'a60c. Porto Rico. " _ 26c. a 60c. I Kngllsh Islands ?a? 56c. a hoc. "naval1 STo?Ka-KoV wVrlfc." of'iurpentiM the market was dull anil weak, but price* were JLol??0^b^e a Mc.' 6il hbls. sold nt 50?c., closing nominal at a oic. ltosia was in better demand andiS tafSS were'reported minted ut the close at $.1 05 a $.1 10. hali^ were p ok -Change of 600 bbl*. ot -trained ? ""ft1*at a" ^"^nd??li%f pile ft ** to' Tar remained quiet; 61 bbla. w ashiagton aol aV?,lI-T^"ehi^n0a^lV Jibing trade In linseed at ? SpFsarestfagsHft saft.f ?iK Cached $1 72 a $1 75; crude whale, <J7c. a 88c. lor IuM/^"a^U^>V "olc^l^rowi^crii^ cott^aee^ftic.^ apK?OL??.-%e market remained without change, either as regards the demand or price* current <iimtAii ?it 20c lor balauce of month and 20,4c. toi nrin. "t41*. 2?S^e-V^dita^llk.t?V0,.for ?lXh?.^uTcBa,U>4cf Atthe brook"the niarkct was dull and somewhat easier; .?1 ?. ?* MI at Jill Cltv 60 at Petroleum Centre ana lam^vlUe a $Z 65 at Tltusvllle and $2 55 at Parker s sssRgrxSimiK ?.????? of do. last evening, tor August, at Zlc. oack l/e??^vrea^ur?c&9" lard,' 883 bhl*. w!d I tierces. The market lor mess pork was a tnlle more active, but at decidedly lower pfMcos, closlnR at $1780 lor liou Vbb'for Iune?a1l at $17 80. Karly sales were Sladeitor Shtv'of 200 bid's, at $17 H7>i and 750 bW at $17 78. s ca?,"ilr.dt r?.??a {>"?? ttss ffind cuVat8^c!'* Beef?^ he* market^cmitluued uuie'l" i,nVnrUHa remained steady. In lots about 78 package* fe r tedrt 7-HrV ria "s lac -80 tierce* ol do. at 12c.; :? boxes dry sailed ham* on f Wd5 I""?.!.1 average! ??'"&? iU*WdHSi private terms a'u.HO 1,000 lbs. ol loose dry salted shou'der* |? Chicago at 6V- i?r June delivery. Lard? 1 he market lor Western was nbout steadv, at the decline noticed yes terday. The sales comprise itw tierce* olstoamon the fi^i'^neuWW,? tierce* ?r June^* t tf S c ; a lid 2.000 tierce* lor July at 9^0., City lard was easy; 100 tierces hold at ?e. Ure*?ed hog* weio Scarce ami llrm al 7%r. a ?c. for the range ot citv. ' Kick.?The market continued uuiet, but Kleady. ^e have only to report sale* of SO tierce* ot Carolina at7,*c. a 8'?c., and ZOO nags ot Rangoon at h.4c. a 7c. . u,l1An ?ti?? market lor raw continued firm, while the Jm i V moderate. We heard of sales ol W0 hint* otreflnlng i uba, including goial lair, at He , good iitrtU.c and prime at 8Uo.; 20 lihds. ot I orto ltlco at !>,?c., ii?i.i 2U0*boxes ot clayed at tt^gC. Heflned was not inateri" allv changed in price and only In moderate demand. W e nitoi? ?i uba?HeUniiig, luterior to , common, 7c. a ?Ve ? fair to Bowl fair, fj4C. a He.; good to prime, 8Wc. a hl'c.' ?' grocery, tair to good. HJ^c. a ^.c.; prima to choice, K^t' 'a o?* ? centritugal. liiuls. and boxes, a molasses, \ihd " aid Soxes. OXc. a Ac.; mela.V 4t>..a iiavttiia?Boxes, I>utch standard, Nos. 7to9t 7e. a ?4c., to lHl'lscl:a Wc^Ua. ^to'?104?'.^a^White,??kc. fJSSilot!;lzI'Jc8 a?tyiC?*'ManilU?Superloir"andextra"sul nZ-K.^anseed the market remained very quiet, but bolder* manifested their loriner llmincs*. and still demanded $Z 70 gold. Clover conilnued to s?|ll in a *niall wav at 8J4C a 8Vc. tor Western, and M\c. a ?c. lor Htate. TUnoSiT wa* ? arce and held firmer, quoted at ?4 00. Kouuli llax was dull aim nominal, at about $Z ZS a $Z 40. mSSiuixk ?The market continued quiet and unchanged. h^K1of X*l we quote nominally, ^c. a 10c. '?Tii'uo^r *w-oa 111 fair demand and steady. The sales In TALUOW na* iu >?w u( H 5.000 lbs. ol Westurn '"?*"ot talr city, at ?c., and 20,000 lbs. o. out "'^'oba^co1?"be general?in?Vket continued qnlet, with price* ruling sU.ady We heard o^sale. ^u1 uj.^ -d 'n\iuroml8^ a 8(V : 54 ea^s Z d.roiiio. erop 72 aJ ft 44 cases of do. Wisconsin, same crop, at t'ac.; J00 lihiii. ol Kentucky at from 7c. a 14c. aua J00 bale* ol UWoo *-TheVn^al market has been quiet since our list wim Price" weak, but not quotably lower. We ..ruifi < ofyoun lb*, ol heavy lleece at 40c. a 44c., M ?I lhi ot Htlte Me"ce at 46c. a 48c., #,000 lbs. ot ua k?!1 ?? iii i SSc.. 50,U00 lbs. ol Texas at trom ?Western SS W ts. ot washed foreign. 500 lb*, of unwashed fleece, ?*,'*? ll,8n pulled Mestiza, 168 bale* ot Spring California, all on pri V'kT -Receipt*. 531 bbls. The market, under a price 4. , ? DOMESTIC) MARKETS. OALVKSTON, M?V 9, If73. Cotton quiet: good ordinary, U)*c. a l4,Sc." .Set re ceipts, 4:10 bull's. Export*?To Great Hriiain, 3,3.'*); coast wise, 136. Sales, Soft stock, 41,393. Weekly?Set re ceipts, 2.'.?52 bales; Kxports?TuOreat Britain, 11,1UU,coast wise, 1,362. Hales, 1,350. Nkw Orleans, May 9,1873. Cotton In good demand; middlings. 18c. h I'Vr. Net receipt*, 1.8 111 bales; gross, 2.023. Kxport-s to dreat Britain, l.t.'iS. Sales last evening, I,sou; today, 2,son. Stock, 151,127. Weekly?Net receipts, 16, (>80; gross, 17,34V; exports to Oreat Britain. 8,215; coastwise, 2,272; to the Continent, 6,129;sales, 17,SOU., May 9, 1873, Cotton dull; middlings, 18c.; low middlings, 'VXc.t Rood ordinary, 15*?c.; ordinary. HUc. Net receipts, MB bales. Exports, coastwise, 1,007. Sales, 1,031. stock, 30,483. Weekly?Net receipts, 4.5'jri bale*. Exports?To Oreat Britain, 4.444; te tbe Continent, 1.057; coastwise, 2,708. Sales, 3.130. CiiABi.KSTOx, May 9, ls73. Cotton quiet: middling*, 18c,; low middling", 17i-Jc. a 17J4c.; good ordinary, li>',c. a lO-^c ; ordinary, 13>ac. a 14c. Net receipt*, 691 bales; gross, ;68. Sales, 400. Stock, 25,641. Weekly?Net receipts, 3,188; gross, S,76U; exports coastwise, 1,002; sales, 1,530. Wii.atNOTON, N. C., May 9, 1873. Spirits of turpentine quiet at Mc. Kosin tinner, at $2 15 lor strained. Crude turpentine quiets at >2 lor hard, $3 25 tor yellow dip and virgin. Tar steady at Memphis, May 9, 1873. Cotton dull; low middlings, 17c, Receipts, 1,261 bales. Shipments, 542. Stock?1?72, irt,*78; 1873, 35,735. Weekly? Receipts, 6,357 bales. Shipment*, .r>,7tl. Sales, 6,000, Ciiicac.o, May 9, 1873. Flour firm and In fair demand: sales of extra Spring at $5 60 a $7 75. Wheat steady, ruling 1c. higher than yes terday, No 1 Spring unchanged, sales of No. 2 do. at tl 28s; seller May, $1 ?-f'? ; seller June, $1 28% a *1 29. Corn in good demand, at 4ll4c. for No. 2 mixed, s< Her June ; 39'4e. cash. Oats are in lair demand and higher, at 31>ic. lor No. 2 regular: 32'4c. a XIX lor strictly fresh ; 3o)*c. lor rejected; 31H seller May; ;ts?t,c. bid seller June. Rye dull and nominal, at (9,lac. a 7uc. lor No. 2. Barley dull and nominal. Pork unsettled and tower; sales at $16 37)4 a $16 50; closed firm, at $16 90 a $17; seller May, $16 75. Lard quiet at $s 85 a $H h7>, ; $9 a $9 05, seller June. Mains In piekle sold at 10c. a 11 Sc. Bulk meats In fair demand and a shade easier at 6>jc. a 6*.c. tor shoulders, loose; short rib middles, s^,c. a 9>fc. cash; 8!ic. seller May-, short clear middles quiet at i%c. a 9c. ; V- higher for boxed. Bacon?Sale* of shoulders at 77,c.; clear rib sides, lokc. Receipts?4,i?M bbls. flour, 4i?.l|00 bushels wheat, 65,000 do. corn, 24.O00 do. oat*. 1,000 do. rye and 2,000 do. barley. Shipments?11,000 bbls. flour, 75,000 bushels wheat, 190,000 do. com. 31.000 do. oafs, 6,000do. fiarley and 3,000 do. rye. Freight* dull and declin ing; shippers an4 owners apart; wheat to Buffalo, 7\c. bid ; 8c. asked. ToLitno, May 9, 1873. Floor In talr demand and flrtn. Wheat firm and ad vanced 2c.; No. 3 white Wabash, $1 89; amber Michigan, seller May. $1 78,H; seller June, $1 80V; No- 1 red, $1 83; No. 2 red, $1 78. Corn In fair demand and higher: high mixed, spot and seller May. 48>4c. a 48kc.; seller June, 48Kc. a 49c.; seller July, 4U>fc. a 50c,; stiller August, 60>.c. a 5lc.; low mixed, 47*4c.; yellow, 49c., no grade, 4/c. oat* in fair demand and advanced; No. 2, spot, 41V-; seller June. 4;ic.; Michigan, 41!*c. Freight* 'lull?Corn to Buffalo by lake, 4c.: to Oswego, 8c. Receipts?1.400 bbls. (lonr, 9,000 bushels wheat, 22,0i? hushels corn, 8.000 bush els oat*. Shipments?1.00U bbls. flour, 7.000 bushels wheat, 108,1X10 bushels corn. Oswego, N. Y., May 9, 1873. Khmr steady, with fair demand; sales ol 1.900 bbls. at $8 7.') tor No. 1 Spring, $9 75 for amber Winter, $10 50 tor white Winter and $11 for double extra. Wheat un - ehinied ; sales of 5,oiai prime while Canada at $2 06, 5,000 fair do. at $2 01 w, two cars ol ,No. I Milwaukee club at $1 68. one ear white Wabash at $2 III and one car amber Michigan at $t 90. Corn steady; sales of 3,400 bushels Western In car lots at 60c. and 4,two bushel* do. on nrlvate terms. Barley inactive; uptake Canada nominal at $1 06. Hye quiet Pens quiet. Coriimnal. $1 26 lor bolte <1, $1 20 lor unbolted per cwt Mill leed quiet and lower, quoted nominally $19 for rhorts, $Ji lor shlpstutTa, $21 for midililngs, delivered to cars. Railroad freight*?Flour, to Philadelphia, 60c.; Boston, 0>c.; New York, 50c.; to Albany, Troy and Schenectady, 42ir. Receipts by lake?35,7ilt) bushel* ol wheat, 6,500 bushels ryu and 360,000 leet of lumber. Borrow). N. V., May ?, 1873. Imports by lake and rail for the last twenty tour hours?Flour, 7,495 bhl?.; wheat, 45,092 bushels; corn, 17,'iOJ do.; outs. 47.48* do.; barley, 29,200 do.; rye, 400 do. Exjwrts by rail for tU? past twenty four hours?Wheat, 94.587 bushels; corn, 44,909 do.; oats, 45,?Q0do.; barley, S.'JIO do.; rye, 400 do. Flour quiet; western spring, &7 75 a $8 26; amber, $8 60 a $9 26; white. $9 fO a $lu. Wheat stronger . soles ot 2,250 bushels Western Spring, on track, at $1 M); 710do. Northwestern, on track, at$l r>2; small lot of Chicago No. 2 Spring at $146; quoted? Milwaukee No. 2 Spring, $1 52 a $1 56; Chi cago No, S Spring, $1 46: White Canada, fl 75 a $1 Ui wULU Micliitfaa, |l 7^ k tl 90. Corn firmer; a*!* of?,SO0bushels old No. I at B.V. ?0 new So. latSBc., 1,600 Toledo, in elevator, at 34<r Oats quiet) swle* of 1, too bushels of Toledo, In store, at .,46c.; Western mixed lii'ld at 44c. a 45c. Barley steady; t-?nada, 96c. a $1; No. a Western. 90c. a 96c.; two-rowed StaCe, 94c. a 86c.; four rowed state, 98c. Bye nominal at Vc. Barley malt quiet; Western, $1 a $1 10: prime Wintei^estern. ?1 10 a $1 15; prime Canada. $1 20 a $1 26. Kye umlt held at 99c. Balance of the market unchanged. HAVANA MASSETS. Hirm. May 7.wri Exchange quiet and weak; on United States, today* In currency, 1014 a ll\ per cunt premium ; short sight, 14 a 15*4 percent premium; nn Utinlon, 36 a 39 per cent prem ium ; on Paris, 20 a in per cent premium, . Havana. May 8,1873. ch.H..'w? firmer; on United States, SO days, in cur rency . 12 a 13 per cent premium ; short .sight, 16 a 16W per cent premium; 60 days, in gold, 28 per cent premium: short sight, 32 per cent premium ; on London, 40 per CCUt premium; Spanish gold, 25a 2fi per cent premium. EUROPEAN MARKETS. LownON Mo!?KTMARK*T _L,osnos, May 9-3 P. M.-Con sols ana American securities cloned unchanded. Consols opened at il3>? lor money and the account, united Suites five-twentv Bonds, lsfii's, old, 99; IWi, 94; ten-forties, 5*^; npw fives, 89^, ami Kriu Hallway shares at 50'. The Stock hxchunge limitations report, issued at 3 30 P M announced consolsfor money, 93>? a 98*;; lor the ac count, 93*? a 9?X; Erie Railway shares. 50'4. Paris Hoursk.?Paris, May 9,1873.?Rentes, Mf. 80e. IjITKRroOL COTTON MARKKT.?I.IVKRPIKII, May 9?3 P. M.?Of the sales 6,000 hales were American. The ad vance In cotton to arrive has been Inst. Sales of cotton shipped trom New Orleans, deliverable in Mav, at 8%d. Sales cotton shipped from Havannah or Charleston April and May at813-ltid.. and shipped trom New Or leans, April an^l May. at 9 l-16d. a 9kd. The stuck of cotton at sea bound to this port is 588,000 bales. including 200,IKK) American. The market opened steady , middling uplands. 8%d.; middling Orleans, 9S>d. The sales of the week nave been 69,1100 bales, of which <1,000 were taken tor exnort ami 3,000 on speculation. The stock in port Is 781,000 bales, including 371.000 American The re ceipts for the week have been 107,000 bales. Including 71,WU American. Actual export, 8,0(10 bales. The market Is quiet and steady. Sales of cotton shipped from Savan nah or Charleston, May, at 9il. Cotton to arrive firmer. Tradk at MANcnasTXR?Livkrpooi., May 9.?The market for yarns and fabrics at Manchester Is steady. LivaarooL BRKAnsTiirn Makkkt? Livtitrooi., May 9?6 P. M.?The receipts of corn for the past three davs have been 12,000 quarters, Including 9,000 American. The mar ket is firm. Wheat. 12s. Id. nor cental for average Cali fornia white; 12s. 3d. for cluti do., and Us. 2d a 12s. 2d. tor red Western Spring. The receipts of wheat for tho pest three days have been 24,000 quarters, all of which wcro American. London Proimtck Markrt?Lovnoit, May 9.?Sugar, 26s. ?mI a 2fis. 9d per cwt for No. 12 Dutch standard, alloat. Calcutta linseed, 64b. a 64s. fsl per cwt. Common rosin, 8s. Oil. a 8s. Od. per cwt. Spirits turpentlue opened at 39s. 6d. aud closed at 39s. a 39s. 6d. per cwt. riNAMCHL. ?INVESTMENT BONDS. THE NORTHERN PACIFIC RAILROAD SEVEN TniRTY FIRST MOBTOAOE GOLD BONDS, which wo recommend as a profitable and woll secured investment, bear 7 3-10 per cent gold interest, and have tho following elements ot security, viz. :? 1. They are the obligation of a strong corporation. 2. They are a first mortgage on the road, its equip ments, rights and franchises. 3. They are a first lion on its net earnings 4. There is pledged, in addition, for tho payment of principal and interest, a land grant of12,800 acres per mile through tho States and 25,000 acres per mile through tho Territories traversed. The company Is already entitled to nearly ten million acres ot its grunt, and its land sales thus far have realized $5 06 per acre. With nearly 600 miles of the road completed and in operation, the earnings for 1873 will bo lame. All marketable stooks and bonds aro received in ex change fcr Northern Pacifies on most favorable terms. JAY COOICE & CO., 20 W^ll street. New York. August belmont a co., Bankers, 19 and 21 Nassau street 1**110 Travellers' Credits, available in all purls of the world, through thn Messrs. DE ROTHSCHILD and their correspondent*. Also Commercial ('rcillts and telegraphic transfers of money on California, Europe and Havana. Ar 1873.-WOBLD KXI'OSrTION-1373. w THE EXCHANGE OFFICE or the LAUDER BANKEN-VEKKIN, VIENNA, AUSTRIA, CITV, AM HOP NO. 5, buys and sells the Coins and Bank Notes of all countries, as well as all kinds of stocks and public securities, and recommends her office for all transactions appertaining to the hanking business. A?LAPSLEY A BAZLKY, 74 BROADWAY, It ICO KK Us ? In Stock and Gold Privileges.?$1(10 lor put or call for 1UU shares, tl25, tor $3),000, gold; first class names. Explanatory circular, with practical illustrations and references, mailed to any address. A -THE OAZZAM COLLECTION ~ AGENCY," 229 ? Broadway, lias in every county correspondents with bank references. Charges moderate. A large amount of money to ~~loan?on Uoud and Mortgage: first and second Mortgages cashed : city property only. S. H RE I DEN RICH A Co., OOfi and 808 Third avenue. Ctotton, STOCKS and gold BOUGHT AND iold ) on margins, l>y EUCLID YOUNG, m?mt>er New York Stock and Gold Exchanges, office IX New St., New Yerk. IIOR 8ALECHKAP FOR CASH, OK WILL TRADE 1 tor merehandise or Western Lands, a few hundred Shares capital stock of a completed railroad, running east and west. In the Statu of Illinois. Address, tor two weeks, J. D. II., Herald office. H ASKINS A BRAIN E, STOCK AND OOLD BBOKBB8, II Braid street. -Stock and gold privileges a specialty. Any one can speculate with small capital and little risk. Explanatory circulars mailed. Money! in various sums! to loan on im proved city Property. First and second mortgages cashed. thos. A. A ROBERT EMMET, 36 Pine st TO~E X CIIA NGE?20(1.1X10 FEET CHOICE LUMBER FOR first class Mortgage, Furniture, Tea or Notions adapted to the Southern trade. Address Ll'MBEB, Herald otllce. WANTED?BAILKOAD SECURITIES, STATE, CITY and County Bonds. Also, for sale, Iron and steel Kails, bv WM. A.' GUEST A CO., 17 Nassau street rANTED??18,000, FIRST MORTGAGE ON A~FIKST t class brick corner, on Pnlton street, near the t'ltv Hall, worth fully $Si),too; also several sums from $2,UU0 to $4,OtlU; parties will be treated liberally. DK.YKE A CO., No. 'J Wllloughby street, Brooklyn, fj TO 12 PER CENT. We make a specialty of County, City and School Dis trict Bonds {guarantee legality ot all bonds sold, collect the coupon* without charge, or take same as so much cash on sales. Send lor price IL<t The Law of Municipal Bonds, just published bv our senior, should be In the hands of all Interested in this class ot securities. Two volumes, price $10. W. N. COLBRA CO., 17 Nassau street. dh"l 7 Fjfvn WANTED?ON BOND AND MORTfTAOE, ?J* J. I ,i)UU on a first class House and Lot, on Murray llill, close to Fifth avenue, and which is worth three times this amount; no bonus, and only lawyer's fees will be paid. E. II. LUDLOW A CO., No. J Pine street dlQQ onil flMJOt), $10,000 $9,700, $8,000?TO LOAN on City Property, without bonus: First and Secoud Mortgages purchased. BUFliS K. Mc IIAKG, 77 t.'edar street, Notary and Commissioner tor everv State. Q>ri\ nnil EXECUTOR'S MONEY TO LOAN?ON JptJUiUl/v city Property; also First and Second Mortgages promptly cashed. HALL J. HOW. 12 Pine street IWWt WANTED?'T?? BUILD A FACTORY IN ?jp?)U."/UU this city; will pay rent ei|iial to IX per cent and pay for the factory at expiration of lease; a sale Investment. E. B. BOOTH, 10 Pine street. <k1 rA HAH T0 LOAN?ON BOND AND MORT ?J) I e<*?e, wlthont bonus, for a term of years, on real estate in this city. JOHN F. CON KEY, 162 Broadway, room 9. A.inn /WtA EXECUTOR'S FUND TO LOAN ON V*'' ?U?U"" bond and mortgage on New York in*, proved property, in sum* trom $S.(M0 to $24,'1M>; only nrlnciuals or their attorneys dealt with. No bonus re quired CALLENDER A LAURENCE, 30 Plue street AN INSANE 8PICIDE. About half-past ten o'clock yesterday morning Mrs. Wilson, a woman forty years of age, who had been considered to be oat of her mind for some time past., committed suicide by cutting her throat with a razor at her residence, 114 Norfolk street. Mrs. Wilson was alone in the room, in which a loud noise, as of some one falling. wu? hcurd, ami an examination resulted in finding her lying dead on the floor, her clothing besmeared with blood and a razor lying near tbo body. The husband of de l-eased, who is a school teacher, was absent from home at the time of the tragedy. 8TORAOK. A?STORAGE . srOKAGF/for FURNITURE, PIANOS. MIKRORH. PAINTINGS, Ac:.; ALSO CARRIAGES. WAGONS, Ac., at the NEW FIRST CLASS WAREHOUSE, built expressly tor the purpose, TO 114 EAST THIRTY SECOND STREET, NRAR FOURTH AVENUE. TRUNKS, CASES and other PACKAGES containing article* of EXTRA VALCE can be stored with SAFETY at low rate*. Persons can forward their goods trom any part or EU ROPE or AMERICA direct to tUis warehouse. THE PUBLIC Is invited to examine the superior ne cominodatMis, li*ht ventilation, safety, Ac., which this warehouse poss^a over all others. ^ XORRRJ^ Owner sari Proprietor. UTOKAOE. FOR FURNITURE, PIANOS, BAGGAGE, O *e . in separate, closed rooms. the lowest storage rates in the city. MICIIaLKs A- SON, 8H, 40 and 41 COMMBBOB STREET. NRAR KLKECKER. 5 k vi 1>THY, A BEAUTIFUL AND DUKABLE SET OF TEF.fH ts?m M0 upwards. Partial sets trom $1 each Vooth upwards Perfect ntting guaranteed at J. C. KENNEDY'S, ISA Bowery. CIGARS AND TOBACCO. CHOARS OF HAVANA TOBACOO-WMAOONOUAS. J Vl. de Cuba Oalanca,$SO; Espanolas, $fift, equal to Itup^rUiU iu appearance and Quality. f. J. RAYNuft * (#,. 00 Maiden lano. BtSISKgl OPPORTTI It ITISI. ALEXANDER FROTHINOHAM * COMPANY Itf and 114 Broadway. ?-c?re Capital for incorporates companies, manufacturers, merchants, miiiss ,??r register coo tains many nam**, each possessing' fro? 910,000 to 975.00U for investment! IhrouglTTiSIEfv^E vertlstng throughout the country, continually rrceivinr numerous applications trom per sons with capital dcsirina investments; having European connections, we posses* faculties for capital an<1 sales of Ameriran securities: our customer* and acquaintances throughout the fountrr are our references; concerns bearing substantial repu tation. dcHiriiitf additional capital, solicited ALEXANDER FROTHINOHAM A COMPANY 112 and 114 Broadway, ALAROE FIRST CLASS RESTAURANT, FITTP.i* up in good stylei good paying business; for three years for the whole building; cheap rent. JULES GLAENT/,KR, l,2t:i Broadway A WELL ESTABLISHED BROWN PAI'BR AND Struwtioard business tor sale cheap, with a lease of the Store. Inquire T. A J. P. TOWN SEND, m> Ann street AN IMMBDIaTB PRO PIT OP 94X000 CAN iik ma or by an investment ot 9"),not) lor a tew weeks on first class security, besides a position insuring a handsome yearly income tor occasional services. Address TREAS URER, Herald Uptown Branch office. ARARR CHANCE FOR AN ENERGETIC MAM, with a .small capital. No humbug. Call and see lor yourselves. 119 Numb struct, room l. An income op 92o,ootf per annitm mat ne RAst ly realized bv a gentleman investing 93.<M0and taking a share in an old-established business of well-known standing. Address LEX, Herald Uptown Branch office, A FIRST CLASS MACHINE SHOP AND FOUNDRY, convenient to the city, with every facility for wood, iron, brass and steel work, wants A responsible party in the management of the same. Address BUSINESS, Her ald office. ANY PERSON WILLINO TO INVEST A MODERATE amount in the publication of an illustrated Weekly, on a popular plan, sure of success, address PLAN, Herald office. Auf.ncy wanted-or would form a conneo tion with A1 parties in a mercantile business, by a gentleman who can control a large amount of tlrst clase trade, having large commercial ami financial experience and advartages. 3?Mress MERCHANT, care of Evening Express office. ACAHD.-SECRRT.-FOR SALE, A FORTUNE OP inestimable value, a secret connected and needed in every part ot the world' any medical student or in telligent person can take hold by a little tuition. Apply personally to Mr. WILSON, Compton House, corner Twenty-fourth street. Third avenue, New York, right off, or miiiress by letter hoar for an Interview. Ayouno man, with 92,mm rkady cash. ga? hear of a rare chance for business, with unusual prospects. For particulars inquire at Mi West Twenty first street, before 10 ntul after 5. IjlOR SALE?'THE BEST TERRITORY FOR A PAT 1 cut, which will give a splendid opportunity to maka n fortune for it man who has some means and energy For particulars inquire at IIS Chambers street, up stairs. JilIRST CLASS CATHOLIC UNDERTAKING BUHI. ' noss.? For sale, large an I vei-v tine Stock; long loase of store, In good business neighborhood ; also Clarence trout Hearse and Coach, undertaker's Wagon and Buggy, four young llorses, single and double Harness; the livery stock and stable will lie sold separate It desired; good reasons for selling. Address W. H. 0. DWYKlt, box It? Herald Uptown Branch office. PATENT.?ANY PERSON HA VINO A OOOD PATENT to sell or in want of a partner with necessary capi tal to Introduce it can address, stating business and where mi Interview can hu had, CIIAS. M AVE 11, station L. Principals only. PATENT tilt INTEREST IV A PATENT FOR AN UN douhtedly useful article which requires a little money to develop win lit; bought; no notice can be taken unloM some description is Kiven. Address 8. H. K., Herald ottiee. STATE KKillTS IN A NEW PATENT FOR SALE? For a folding cliuir, lied und ottoman combined. Ad dress T. I?. MAT HOT, I'd West Tliirlv seventh street yTATE ANI) COUNTY RIGHTS FOR IHrRYKA'S O patent Refrigerator; the heat In ttie world, or will exchange for Real Estate. Apply at MB Sevenih av. ? CKLDOM OKKBEED?OPPORTUNITY FOR A MAN O with a small capital to purchase a Business and Patent; the reality und high prolltot it will be proved. 411 Fourth avenue, second floor. CPEUIAL PARTNER WANTED?IN A FIRST CLAMS O manutaeturtng business, well established; capital required, Address STERLING, Herald olflcu. QTATE RIGHTS IN A NEW PATENT SUPPLYINO A n spoclai want; wo Invito anil request thorough inre* ligation; cornc ami sec It. K MANCHA, 162 Broadway, room 9. TTtrANTED?ADDITIONAL CAPITAL, IN THE MANU VI factum of three articles in furniture, secured bj patents; manufactory now In operation auu $30,ODD l& Tented. Address CRADLE, Herald office. \ITANTED?PARTNER. WITH SMALL CAPITAL, III V? a good manufacturing business; ono who speaka English preferred. iSO South Third street, Brooklyn, H.D. WANTED?TO INVEST. tl,(K*) IN SOME OOOD PAY ing commission ami (orwarding business, where money ran he secured and service* will be required. Ad dress r. K., Herald office. WANTED?$100 TO $rn BY A OENTLEMAN: PRL vat? party preicrred; personal security and prop erty to lull amount it' required ; host relerences In tM city; heavy interest Address J. W. K., box 178 Herald office. OOfl WANTED?IN AN ESTABLISHED BURT. JJpO.UUU new, with a valuable lease. In the vlclnlt* of new Masonic Hall and Booth's Theatre, or will sell Lease on favorable terras for other business. Addresa K. <?., Herald office. <fco nnn TO M.000.?'WANTED, a PARTNER in a 'JO.WIm) legitimate business, paying a good profit Address H. P., Herald office. LOAN orFICEN. AT 77 BLEKCKER STREET, NEAR BROADWAY, l/P stairs.?Highest cash advances on Dlamnndai Watohes, Jewelry. Pianos, Ac., or bought; Pawnbrokers' Tickets bought, at 77 Bleecker street AT WOLF BROTHERS', SOB BROADWAY, BETWEEN Nineteenth and Twentieth streets?Money loaned on Watches, Diamonds, Jewelrv. silverware, Silks, anil particularly Pianos; private parlor tor ladies; buaincaa strictly eolitldentlul. A J. JACKSON, PAWNBROKER, 36 WEST THIRTY. ? first, formerly 110 Prince street, loans Money la large or small sums on personal Property of every de scription. AT JACKSON'S, 80S BROADWAY, OPPOSITE ELKT enth street?Money liberally advancod on Dia monds, Watches, Jewelry, Silks, Dry I loo. Is, and per sonal Property of every description. Private entrance lor ladies. AT 697 BROADWAY, CORNER FOURTH STREET. LiU'ral advances on Diamonds, Watches. Jewelry, Silks, Camt'l's Hair shawls. Laces and personal property ot every description. JAMES P. MATTHEWS. Money liberally advanced or diamondr. Watches, Jewelry, Silas, India Shawls, Ac.: also a largo Stock of the above-named Ootids on hand for sale, to pay advances. No. 1 Washington place, under Neve York Hotel, one door from Broadway. Money loaned-on diamonds, watchehl Jewelry and Silverware. The same bought and sold. OEO. C. ALLEN, 841 Broadway, near Fourteenth street A AO SIXTH AYBNUE, BETWEEN TWENTY-FOURTH TvO and Twentv-fltui streets.?Liberal advances made on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Silas, Laces and shawl* Same bought at lull value, Bernard. not BROADWAY, CORNER AMITY STREET.? UO?) Money liberally advanced on Diamonds, WatchesL Jewelry and* all Merchandise, at the old established Loan office. Same bought and sold. M. BOHKNBhRO. Q1 q BROADWAY, OLDEST ESTABLISHED AND 0 1?J most reliable office.?Monev advanced on Dt*. lnoiiils. Watches, Jewelry, Laces, ic.; same bought at lull value. __ A. C. HERTS. 1 *?(i7 BROADWAY. OVER HERALD BRANCH I ,?') I office, room B.?Parlors tor ladies; branch 1SJ Fulton street, Brooklyn. Money loaned on Diamond^ \V au lies. Jewelry, Ac. Same bought and sold. UNDO BROS. EIHOPE. CMTBRLAIN-IS RlJE I>E LA PAIX, PARIS. J Ambrosial ('ream for Shaving. Faslilonab e Perfume for the llaudkerchleL Eau de Lustre for the hair. Fau de Cologne (preparation spociale). H OTEL M IRA BEAU, PARI8. This splendid establishment Is bcautifYilly situated in the Hue de la 1'alx, the tlnest part ot the city, adjoining the new Urand Opera, the fashionable boulevards, the Place Vendome and iho Tuileries (iardeus. and Is con ducted under the immediate superintendence of the pro prietor, Mr. CASA.VoVAS, who respectfully offers hla gratelol acknowledgments to American families and gen tlemen tor their continued patronairc. The reading room Is supplied with American and English papers, there are besides handsome sinokiiiK and coffee rooms; the apart ments combine every comfort and elegance, and the su perior cuisine, excellent attendance and conscientious moderate charges render the Mlrabeauto the bestclassoC travellers a most comfortable ami agreeable residence. CWISS AMI UNITED COCRIERS' SOCIETY?COIT 0 rlers may be secured on arrival by familiea visiting Europe on writing the Secretary. W Mount street, Ureave nor square, London, England. rpilE QIKEN'S HOTEL, NEAR THE CRYSTAL 1 Palace, Upper Norwood, London.?To tourists and families?Its elevated, pleasant and most salubrious posi tion, combined with Uie comfort afforded and its general management, have made the Otieen's Hotel a lavorite resort of the upper ranks ot English society. JULKIAllOfl. A 1 ~^TA.?[L)ARD. AMERICAN BEVEL TABLF.S ANO , i i' belau A Collender Combination Cushions for sale only by the patentee. II. W COLLENDER,successor I he Ian ki. mlender, 7w Broadway, New Vork. ,\1 ?LATEST DESIONS OF BILLIARD TABLE* ?'t I ? and all appurtenances connected with the trades special attention In private trade. OEOROE E. I'll LLAN. No. 7 Barclay street N'EW sxio BILLIARD TABLES, $.W?. COMPLETE; "Nonpareil'' ami "Bevel" Tables lu great rarleyrj second bund made over new, upwards. KAVVNAOIl A DECKER, comer Canal and Centre VIT II. GRIFFITH'S BEVEL BILLIARD TABLES, IT . with Delanev't Patent steel Wire Cushions, are the beet and ebeapesi; also warranted for yearn; second hand 3x10 Tables, complete. tor 9174. Warcroom* W, Veeey street , MAHBLK HANTKI.s. A"" KLABER, 8TBAM-MARBLE AND M ARBLB.lUNli . Work*. I3?and U6 East Eighteenth street- -Martrf* and Marblelaed Mantels, Tiling. Marble Counter*, Monu ment*. at pneas that deljr competition Mar bin. luruiag tor tne trade. ______ Am assortment of mantels, unf.urpassbb for beauty of design and quality of eeorkraatiaAt* Slate Work ot all kinds a specialty. PBKHHYN SLATR COMPANY, Fourth avenue aiuf Seventeenth stree^ Union ajuare. STEWART'S SLATE MANTELS.-UICH AND KLB> gantdeslgns. State Works of every description; Mar ble and WooafMantels. T. B. STEWART k CO.. UJ an I tU Wont Tweuti ^iujd street ag?r Revcnih aveuue, N. <4

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