Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 11, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 11, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD /Whole no. 13,412. NEW YORK, SUNDAY, MAY 11, 1873.?QUADRUPLE SHEET. PRICE FIVE CENTS. //k iibicwt w? iPiarang, utuskmbwts?fou?t? Pace focond, third, fourth fifth ami tlx til column*. ? 18tro lo(; v-T?ni Pagb?Second eolnna slixiards?tenth Page? First column. Soardkbh wanjed-Thibd faca-first, second, third. fourth and fifth colum&b. BOARD AND lodging WANTED?thibb Pie*-Fifth column. Brooklyn BOARD?thud P An-flfth sad sixth col umna. 2?. t?r sai^-fotjmmtb Paqb?Second and third column. *?Mi!fsfco<lum^tunitibi,-tw,t- "0 BUSINESS NOTICES?Nam Pao?-Fifth and sixth col umufl. w gioars and TOBACCO?Tumi pifli?Flnt column. CITY REAL ESTATE FOR ^-ko7exth1?^ and second columns. CLERKS AND SALESMEN?slxttehtb PAGl?Fourth and firth column a clothing?tenth Page?Fourth column. mm ,^j"> GARDENERS?sixteajrfh plox? Fifth and sixth columns. COAL AND WOOD?tenth Paov?Sixth column COASTWISE steamships?eijrvs? Page?Fifth fed sixth columns. COUNTRY BOARD?third Page?Sixth column, tad Foomi Page?First column. nrntrat??vc'^b,'iii8-ir,t''tu pa(!*~"second column. iiuv iF,Jnn^i!raaKZB Page?Second column. Page?Second, third, fourth, fifth Pace?First, second fivrnihhpv^8 t? i'kt' surr"fi"rt> AND ttn fubni8hed?Thibteenth Page?Second and third column*. umn.A" STEAMS hips?eletihth Pack? Filth col kyrb v?nt?^r2z1?"~pirst colamn sxprkhmr(?^2^?ifv,nti|!. pao*-Sixth column. 5v<<nn?f/?Sr 5^ Pace?fourth column. siw.xfmfrn8rek!th Page?sixth column. r! Sii a Jriti?. ?,lrrh ^oe-fouru1 column. *#fu ,,T,a/!TU Page?Second column. volt bale?txntu pagk?Third column rurnishbd rooms AND apartments TO LET? French advertisements?sixteenth Page?sixth column. help WANTED? FEMALES?sixteenth Page?Third and fourth column*. help WANTED?MALES?Sixteenth Pace?Sixth col umn. HORSES, CARRIAGES, AO.?eleventh Page?First _s6c0iid, third and fourth column*. is,rd page?lSixth column. 1 HOUSES, rooms, AC., WANTED?fiitfenteh Page? ki th column. ?. ?c7tion?tenth Page?Sixth column. JERSEY city, HOBOKEN. HUDSON city AND BER S REAL estate FOR SALE?Focbteenth _ _ Page?Fourth column. nlm8!?^80* ~Fopbth Page?Second eolnmn. offll, kb?tenth Page?Second column u!rmi??iiv(j?foubt* Page?Second column. saSSJ? jy^3Sfr-,n Page?Third and fourth column* ' srn?Page?Fifth column. iA ?rKMTH Page?Fourth column. medical?1*ntn Page?Second column. MILLINERY and dressmaking?secoio> Pag??Fifth edmmrt ** miscellaneous ADVERTISEMENTS - Twelfth Page?Sixth column. MISCELLANEOUS-hlicvicntn PAG?-Sixth column. USSJ^AJctXVTS Page?Second column. JJEW publications?ninth Page?Sixth column. ^rfional-kierr page?First column. pianofortes, ORGANS, AC.-Elbventh PAGK-Fourth column. PROPoBALS-Texth Page?First colnnsn. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES *,~*?ESSSna PAGE-Sccond and tulrd columns. . PROPERTY OUT OF TUB city FOR sale OR TO RENT?Fobeteenth Page?Fourth, filth and sixth column*. and Fifteenth Page?First column. BEAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGR-Fiiwknth PAGE-First and second columns. BEAL ESTATE WANTED - Fifteenth Page- Second column. aSulwii'a NOTICES?tenth Page?First column. 5S!L9' VT" Page?First column. REWARDS?fourth Page?Second column. BALES AT AUCTION?fiiteenth Page?Third, fourth and fifth columns. SITUATIONS WANTED?females?FirrKENTH Paou slxtli column, and Sixteenth Pa?*? First and sec ond column*. SITUATIONS WANTED?MALES?sixteenth Paae Fourth colnmn. SPECIAL NOTICES?second Page?Fifth and sixth col umns. SPORTING?DOGS, BIRDS, AC.?eutrtra pins First column. STORAGE?eleventh Page? Fourth column. SUMMER RESORTS?fourth Page?First second columns. 155 irades-s'xrari*? page?Sixth column. THE TURF ?Eleventh Pack?First column. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES?thirteenth __ . .Page?First and second column*. 'guide?eleventh Page?Sixth column. unfurnished ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Thirteenth Page?Fifth and sixth columns and _ . ^pooetemnth PAGE? Fl?*t column. wanted TO PURCH ASE?tinrn page?Second colnmn. WATCHES, JEWELRY, AC.?second Page?Sixth col umn. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALB OR TO LBT?Fouetbknth Page?Third and fourth col WTNEH, LIQUORS. AC.?tenth Page?Sixth column. tachfs, STEAMBOATS, AC.?tenth Page?Second column. HERALD ultancri OFFit'k uptown. A D vertisem ENT8 FOR ThitnEWYO jtkherald RECEIVED AT THE BRANCH OFFICE, 1,266 BBOADWAY. WEST SIDE, BETWEEN THIRTY-FIRST AND THIRTY SECOND STREETS. advertisements ABE RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M. TILL 9 P. M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS. 2 TILL 9 P. M.),at OFFICE RATES. NO EXTRA CHARGE OF ANT KIND. PARIS AGENCY OF THE NEW YORK ' HERALD. tkf BSSRS. KREMER A CO., AMERICAN REGISTER, HAVE BEEN appointed PARIS AGENTS FOR THE MEW YOBK HERALD. THEY WILL 8UPPLY DEAL EBB WITH COPIES OF THE HERALD, AND ALSO SINGLE NUMBERS OF THIS PAPER TO PARTIES REQUIRING THEM. PICK. son ali. ' ATLANTA?i WILL MEET YOU mondaytatthe J\ usual time and placc, without fail. Adoption absolute ?a "beautiful, healthy flrl, sixteen months old, in a wealthy family, on condition that the mother (twenty years old) he retained as nurse. Address MOTHER, station B. P. B. CAN ASCERTAIN-THE ADDRESS op MRS. Kate Wood by applying at lier former residence, A' u U A me iieab pr?m YOU. address g. ' ? -ax. . K., box 18# Herald office. A A.-YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN YOUR promise ? to write. Bmao.-i WOULD LIKE SOME GRAHAM. WHEN will there he any at the bakery t Berenice?remember the grand " b~a~l Masque, Argyle Rooms, to-morrow evening. i'll be ?re ? oa dm i ;s. Christopher columbus-WILL SEE YOU Wednesday, at c o'clock. POCAHONTAS. rr adoption?a SPLENDID MALE INFANT, SIX month* old, of raspectnblc Amorlcan parentage. tbc tutot party can address E. L. M., Herald office. Flora m.?your letter received, and to yon ?ivc i will today mail a letter to jmm place a* liefore, and will also mall a duplicate let g*1 to new name, General Post office, and please call for aoth early to-morrow afternoon. r. ^oingto,st nicholas?' thubsday-GRAND. ? Bleeckcr car*. Appointment Saturday ?ot kept Address JAY oordon, General Post office T?n v?ufe~ANI PERSON FINDING ? Top to otld Vinaigrette Bottle, lost At nbnvi?. S&Srn Scnm?stnri9nV8?ttkj,av)?alteruoon' who wil1 ?te"oran?it??.w^djsc',t turty flr,t j'mitchell.0' a tavoi 1 for Bay an n. jrhation WANTED?of ELIZA mafirrrnp formerly of Carlo w; whin last heard of wasilvlnain yard Street. Address KEARNEY, Herald office. I* j"?f parties WHO ITOOK THR t KWELRY FROM h6 Canal street, on Friday mornins, April 18. win ntara the articles through any source, shall receive as a (award more than they can get elsewhere for them. al?n a guarantee that there will be no proceedings against TU8TICR.-YOUR CASE CAN BR ARRANGED SATIS v by your calling at Mooney's DetecUve .Agency, 183 Broadway. TOHN MOONEY?everything IS "SETTLED; DO f /ou want to come home now? I am bolnn to Call i teke you with me. If not write to ?M. MB EN AN, 96 Roosevelt street TOHN RILEY, WHO WAS, THREE OR FOUR YEARS ? age overseer of the shoe shop on Ward's Island, will Mar something to hi* great advantage t>v sending hu ad dreas to or calltnij at 19l Broadway, ofhre i:t. "wr. mooney. WHO WAS WITH MR. LAVIGNE jja. (Memphis. Tenn.) abontslx years ago, and called at Broadway, in this citv, about tour months ago. Is re ^?eated to call there again H. uUILMAN E b. frederick WERBER, JR., WILL PLEASE law york' e address at room 61, French's Hotel, B* .WHO LIVED LAST SUMMER IN WEST uiS25t?.r,tt'f**? *nd your address to la admirer. Address hLoNDK, Herald office. J nAV? SUFFERED TO SEE biw&g^ajctjs3;- youb sx^ye 's^svisawjiot h?ard Lm'yoi'bcforc j?iu ha^ WALTER. t?tiesday sner*lan~'tuelr are EXPECTED ON rni (lentiilmak WHO WAS INOUIRINO for Miss Nutt at l? will call .. Ml same sueet" nd obTlge ftihe DRESSMAKER WHO WORKED FOR FRENCH A Malvlua, on Thirteenth street, can m>e liar i,v eallhlg at ufl West Thirty first street. ,M)r ,,y -? m. * ?- - , , WT c. R., OF SAN FRANCISCO-YOUR PRRSONAI lu*e#fitieet <'*'j ,et ju8jil'uin^ wwodh ly calling DRY GOO IIS. T KJMZBV'8. 767 and 769 Broadway, corner Klntb street, special bargains from _ . Last week s auction saJei. Continuation of oar great Ribbon ?ale this week. Ribbons worth 90c., 60c. and 76c. yard, selling at 28*. yard. All Silk Qroa Grain from 10c. yard up. Watered Silk Ribbons, 6c. yard up. Cord Edge Ribbons, 3c., 4c., 6c. up. Rich Roman Ribbons, 30c. yard up. HE" 5?StH15S0r?'' Roman Hash Ribbons, all silk, 69c. yard up. Oros grain Sash Ribbons, 0S)c., 75c.. 89c. up. Rich Bashes, fl 96, $2 *s, $2 so to $9. Opening BOO boxes flue French flowers, now, fresh goods, all Spring shades, 10c. and I8c. spray. 100 boxes, extra rlsli, 29c. spray. We are receiving fine Paris Flowers by every steamer. We huvo the largest and finest assortment of Flowers in the city. _ ill the new shaaes In Ronnd Rats and Bonnets, in Imported and domestic goods, in every variety of straw, chip or hair, at popular prices. Rich SQk Crepe Ties at 80c. Wide Silk Windsor Ties, 25c. All Silk Roman Tics. 19c. WWe Crape Decbine at 59c. . .. Silk Grenadine Teg at SOr. Rich Corded Silk Ties at 39c. Silk Embroidered Ties. 44c. up. New styles in Ties, opening cheap. Opening 180 pleoes French Crapes, all colors, double widths, at SOc. yard. 200 ?ieces Black and Colored Silk? Veil aces, from 80c. to $2 2# yard. f Opening 1,200 pieces real Guipure Laces, away below cost of importation. They commence at 18c. vard. 2 Indies wide, at 39c.: extra at SOc.; very wide at 96c.; Rich French Trimming Laces, blacks and colors. 6c. to $1 96 yard. Yak .Laces, from 26c. yard up. Auction lot of real Thread Laces. Valenciennes T.a<-es, 19c. dozen up. Real Laces, from Be. yard up. Opening '-(?? boxes real und imi tation Laces, below gold cost. Thread Lace Barbes, 8Nc. up. Pusher Lace Barbes, SOr. un. Real Thread Lace Collars, 29c. Point Applique collars. 79c. Linen Collars, Sc., fl*-., Sc., 10c., 12c. IJnen Cuffs, 10c. pair up. He Hi and liiiitation lace Norniundy Caps, line assortment. Opening 2,600 linen Sets, the latest French novelty, in colors and white, all the ratu; at pyesent In Pans, 75c. to 96c. set From anctlon great bargains in Llama Lace shawls, Sacqnes and ('apes; shawls from $.'( 80 to 944, less than gold cost. Lama Lace Par.ques from , 93 75 to 939, great bargains. Special bargains Lace Talmas, witli double cane, at 99 96. Hamburg Edgings, Sc., 6c.. Sc., 10c., 12c. Hamburg Edgings, 15c., 18c., 25c. to 96c. Ilambnrg Insertions, Sc., 6c., 10c., liic , 20c. Hamburg Insertions, 25c., 31c. to 89c. yard. Large lot, embroidered in black, closing out al 10c. yard: also large lot ot 1'lqne Embroidery from 20c.,28c., Sic.. 40c. to SOc. yard. 1,000 pieces wide Skirt Rnffllnga, with Tockingft, Pleating*, Embroidery ana Fancy Edgings, worth 40c. or 50c., elosiug at iflc. yard. Magic Ruffling, Embroidered, 25c. piece. Linen Tape Trimmings, 26c. piece. Piaue Trimmings, 10c. piece up. Cashes, ltutUlngs and Trimmings. Embroiderr and Fancy Braids, in Silk, Cotton, Linen and Worsteds, in every color and style ot braid. Marseilles Trimmings very low. Parasols and English Silk Umbrellas in great variety low. Closing out job lots of Silk Parasols, troia 6#c. to 92 25. ^ _ 1,500 pieces of Black silk Fringes, with and without Beads, Plain ana Fancy (leadings, bought at luilf price, Silk Fringe.'. 6c. to 92 96 yard. 1,200 pieces Colored Silk Fringes, in every Imaginable shade and ale, bought at half pricc. t Frluges, 6c. to 92 49 yard. l.uuo pieces Passementerie (limp, with and without Beads. Auction Goods?Passementeries, from 18c. to $129 yard; from 91 to 99 p ieee. Passementerie Ornaments very low. Silk and Oxydixed Huttons, low. Pearl and Fancy Buttons low. Crochet Loops and Ornament* Marcelloe Lining Silks. 28c. a yard. Bonnet Silks, good colors, 62c. a yard. Wide Lining Silks. SOc. a yard. Heavy Corded Silks, 75c. a yard. Splendid Black Silks at 91. Rich Watered Silks at 76c. Silk Torquois, 75c. a yard no. Crape Oechines at 50c. a yard. Opening tine line of Lace and Fringed Grenadine Veils. Kith Spanish and Chenille Dotted Laces from auction. 1,^00 dozens of IJiien Hitndkcrchiels from auction, very low; heinsulch, all linen. 12kc. up; extra corded, tucked, very flue, all linen. 59c., 42c., 49c., .'>5c. Another lot, all linen, needle work and hemstitch. 25c., 39c., SOc., 78e. and 96c. Any of these goods arc worth double the price. Also large lot of Oents do.. hemstitched and corded borders, all linen, tine goods. The hemmed goods, 20c. up ; hemstitched. 2lc. to 96c. We have large lots of Swiss Jaconets, Tuckcd and Fancy Muslins, Piques, Lawns, Himitics. Ac., Horn auction, very low. Our underwear department the Hoods can't be l>eat in price or quality, as the crowds at that counter are the l>est evidence. We have in Chemises over 40 styles, tine and richly trimmed, 69c. to 96 29; thirty styles tucked, ruffled aDd trimmed lirawers, 47c. to 94 39. Night Dresses and Sacques. Boys' Waists, great variety. Mioses' Hihs and Aprons. Ladle*' and Misw s' Waists. Very larae variety of plain, embroidered, ruffiod and tucked Skirts, from 74c. to $6 MC Hoop Skirts and Bustles. We have some of the cheapest lots of Cornell to be found in the city. Our French Corsets commence at Wc. io ti 96 ?1.000 of our Grenadine Corsets, for Summer wear, at 7.ic., worth $1 50. Our 40 bone hand embroidered French woven Corset, at 91 49. 1,200 dozen Labia's Kid Gloves, all color? and sizes, at 50c. pair. Two-button Kid Gloves, 49c.. 69c., up. Three-button Kid Gloves, 96c. our seamless Kid Glove can't be beat in quality or pricc. Auction lolsot Kid Gloves, 39c. Summer Gloves, 1, 2, 3 and 4 buttons. Thousands of dozens ol?Ladie*', Misses' mid Gent*' Hosiery, low. Regular made Hose, 25c. tip. Silk clocked llalbriggans, 36c. np, Mi-ses' Fancy Hose. palT lip. Gents' English lull regulai, 22c. up. opening several ease* fine English and Fieneh Hosiery, very low. Three cases Gents' Lisle 'thread. Under Shirts at 76c. and 89c. Gents' und Boys' Ties and Scarfs. Gents' Famishing Goods very low, l.SOOdozens of Silk Fans, Irom auction, at less than gold cost in Europe: Silk Fans, carved Ivory Handles, spangled, at 25c. Spangled Fans, gilt sticks, 50c. Rich satin, polished sticks 00c. Carved Vienna Inns, 18c. Extra tltie Fans, 60c. fo 932. By last steamer three eases very fine Swiss carved Wood Goods. Also two eases Chroinos and fine Paris Fancy Goods, very low Take particular notice ot Photographic frame department, in Velvet, Gilt, Ivory, llussls. Carved Wood, Oxidized, Bronze and Swiss frames. We have the finest variety and lowest prices of any one in the city. ' Frames from 10c. to 99 60 each. ' Opening two cases of fine Jewelry, Cnetalaines, NecklAces, sets Ear rings, Luckets. Chains, Bracelets, Ac., at popular prices. Another lot of our pearl Ear-knobs, with sliver screws, 49c. pair. Oxidised goods in great variety. Whitby Jet and Shell goods. Bargains in Portemonales, Bags and Belts. Card Cases, Memorandum, Books, Toilet Mirrors, Brushes, new style Combs, Ornaments, Ac., Ac. Fancy Soaps and Terfnraerles. Fancy Basket*, all styles. Boies ot Initial Paper. Great variety of Bronzes Wax Dolls, great variety. Zephyr Wbrstcos 12^c. ounce. Bohemian and Parian goods Flower Pot Covers, great variety. From bankrupt sale. 25.0U0 pieces rich Sash, Bonnet and Trimming Kibbons, _ , from 6c. to 25c. yard, worth SOc. From auction, 2.000 pieces ? Lining, Trimming and Ureas Silks, plain, gros grain and watered, from 26c to 91 75 vard. From auction, opening over 300 boxes Silk Fringes, Gimps and Trimmings at leu than 60c. on 91. From anctlon, over 12,000 yards ileal and Imitation Laces in black, while and colors at less than gold cost. Opening a large lot of Ladles', Mimes', Boys' and Gents' Merino and Gauze Lnderwear at very low prices. From hankropt sale, over .10,000 silk Fans from 25c. up, less than halt the cost of importation. We are opening every day hundreds of lots of Goods for every department, from auction, at less thaa hall price. Importers mnst have money; tlicv are obliged to sacrifice their goods. We are taking advantage of It for eur customers; tbsy get the benefit Great bargains In onr Small Ware Department in Braids. Combs, Brushes, Silks, Tapes, Buttons, Cottons, Ac., Ac. We sre opening two cases Imported Ties and Scarfs, in crape, silk and grenadine. Von can buy them at about half the gold cost Auction lots at wholesale. Goods at wholesale less than jobbers'pricea. for easb only. WILLIAM KINERT, 767 and 769 Broadway, corner Ninth street. corner below Stewart?. PHY GOODtl. g ALTMAM A CO. ^ beg to dircct the attention at tho pnbllc to th? tulooi lines of goods, with annexed prices as given below. Purchasers will be sufficiently convinced by a personal examination that tho quality, deacrlptlon and prices COBBB8POND PBECIBELY AS REPRESENTED lB this advertisement g ALTMAN A CO. offer on HON DAY, MAY 12, ?nd during the week, at their popular ?tor?Sfc 331 and 333 SIXTH AVENUE, the following lines of goods, wltb prices. J^LACK silk SUITS AT $50, $76, $S5, ?100. ELEGANT SILK 8 CITS at $100, $110 and $128. STRIPED SILK SUITS at $66 and $74, IMPORTED COSTUMES reduced to $18 and $20. PINE SPRING SCITS reduced to $28, $27 and $30. BLACK alpaca suits, $12, $14, $15 and $10. PINE alpaca scits, $l8,~$2n, $22 and $23. The above com [irises the balance of over 200 suits, which will be CLUSED OUT to make room for NEW SPRING, WHITE lawn, and linen SUITS. WALKING AND travelling suits AND polon. A1MES, ranging In prices from $4, $5, $6, $7 60, $6 to 92i. Also extremely elegant ami desirable styles of ?<*?? LADIES' WHITE LAWN (plain and embroidered) MORNING ROUES. Also NEW STYLES, striped and figured CAMBRIC and PERCALE. MORNING and HOUSE ROBES and MORNINO WRAP PERS at $2, $2 8o7iTH $4 85 to $6 60. At B. ALTMAN A CO., SIXTH AVENUE, nearTwenty-lirststreet. LADIES', QBnOBU'S AND INFANTS' Department Ik especially announced lor the coming week, iiicludlug in detail every requisite article for LADIES' AND children'S WEAR. THE PUBLIC ARE URGENTLY REQUESTED TO CALL AND EXAMINE, TO "COMPARE QUALITY AND PRICES WITH OTHER IiOUSER B. ALTMAN A CO., SKI AND 333 SIXTH AVENUE, NEAR TWENTY-FIRST STREET. J^INEN DBPARTMENT OK B. ALTMAN A CO. Over 1U0 pieces TABLE LINEN, full 8-4 width, superior qualities, at 88?., 70c, 75c., 80c., H5c. and 90c. per yard. TWO SPECIAL LOTS, the balance of a consignee sale, as follows Full 8-4 fine Linen Damask, 90c. per yard. 34 pieces EXTRA QUALITY DOUBLE DAMASK. FINE TABLE LINEN, worth fully $1 60 per yard, we shall offer (one dollar) $1 per yard. 9<4 BARNSLBY'S best double Damask, $1 SO per yard. 9-4 extra heavy French double faced SATIN DAMASK, $160 per yard. 8-4 brown Kitchen TABLE DAMASK, flOe. per yard. 8-4 brown fine TABLE DAMASK, 60c. per yard. 8-4 brown superior TABLE DAMASK, 76c. per yard. PJQ 10-4 MARSEILLES QUI LTS AT $1 97. 60 11-4 MARSEILLES QUILIS (fust back) at $2 28. 5011-4 MARSEILLES QUILTS (fast back) at $2 50. 5011-4 MARSEILLES QUILTS, flue quality, at $S. 60 11-4 MARSEILLES QUILTS, superior quality, at $3 SO. 60 11-4 MARSEILLES QUILTS, betterquallty, at$4. 50 11-4 MARSEILLES "quILTS, still better quality, at $4 60. 2512-4 MARSEILLES QUILTS, excellent quality, at $5. 25 12-4 marseilles Ql'lLTS, .superior quality, at $?. 26 12-4 superb quality, $8 511. EXTRA FINE 12-4 FRENCH marseilles QUILTS,$10. 3 CASES HONEYCOMB QUILTS, best quality, we shall offer at $1 23. We shall also offer over 3,000 yards of EXTRA FINE DAMASK TABLE LINEN and an immense stock ot medium, fine and extra tine qualities of Dinner, Breaktast ami Lunch NAPKINS and doylies, FINK DAMASK and HUCK TOWELS, Ac., Ac., at EXTRAORDINARY LOW PRICES. In addition to the above every class ot Goods adapted for housekeeping will be offered at GREAT BARGAINS. B. ALTMAN A CO., SIXTH AVENUE, near Twenty-first street. B. ALTMAN A CO. MONDAY, MAY 12, DRESS SILKS, us follows BLACK and WHITE and grisaille STRIPED Silks (elecunt quality), $1 18 per yard ; worth fully $1 37 per yard. STRIPED SILKS also, at 98c. per yard. All the new colors and shades ot DRESS SILKS REDUCED to $1 6S and $1 75 per yard. BLACK SILKS, Taffeta and Gros Grain, $1 25. $1 50, $1 76 per yard. BLACK GROS GRAIN SILKS, superior quality, $2, $2 60 per yard. The above stock 1* offered in large quantities ofcverv grade. discount TO TI1L TRADE, and SAMPLES treely offered. j^ace"~de pa rtment. "" REAL LLAMA LACE SACQUES, $10. $13. $13. REAL LLAMA Lace SacqUEs dine quality), at $17, $20. %U SO, $26. RFAL OriPrRE, YAK AND THREAD LACES. PUSHER LACE flouncinqs, 75c. and $1 per yard. LACE VEILS in every varietv. SPANISH LACK ami i'HKXIlLb DOT VEILS and VEILING. In all styles, at low prices. DRAB and all colors GRENADINE and CREPE VEILS, with netted fringe, at $1 so each. LACE and ORGANDIE BOWS. TIES and JABOTS at 19c.. 22c., 28c., 30c. to 40c. LACE and organdie FICHUS, $4 SO, $6 to $6 50. AUCTION PURCHASE of REAL THREAD LACE SHAWLS, worth Irorn $150 to $200, will be Offered A real Bargain. at $06 and $130. REAL LUAMA LACB PARASOL COVERS at $2 60 and $a 75. PINE LLAMA LACE COVERS at $4, $5 and $680. REAL CH ANTILLY LACE COVERS at $12 U> ?2A. B. ALTMAN A CO.. SIXTH AVENCE, near Twenty-first street Ribbon department offers most fashionable goods at low prices. BILK rirnrs, with knotted fringe, all choice colors at 80e.. formerly 68c. aod 73c. 75c., formerly $1. tL formerly $1 50. GANT SASHES for evening and promenade, IN BLACK and nigh colors. The latest novelty, 9 Inch wide Gros Grain, la saibci, In choice colorings, with crochet fringe, at $10. BONNET RIBBONS In all widths and colors. A very largo and extensive asaortment of BLACK SILK FRINGBH, _ PASSEMKNTKRIPS, ornament's, for Cloaks and Dresses; also colored silk and linen FRlNMKS, ornaments, AC., at our usual rOPUl?Ul PRICES. B. ALTMAN A CO., SIXTH AVENUE, near Twenty first it. DRV GOODS. JJ ALTMJlN ? CO. 3,000 NEW PABASOLH and " 8UN UMBRELLAS, AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. Our styles ot Parasola include only the latest produc tions, combining taste with elegance and low trice* A viait to respectfully nrged to examine the above stock, comprising all 8I2E8 of LADIES' AND MISSES' TARASOL9 and LADIES' and qents' umbkellas. & ALTMAN * CO., Ml and 33S SIXTH AVENUE. s l'RING AND SUMMER DRESS GOODS, The balance of onr Spring nnd Summer Dress Goods will be closed out during the month of May at REDUCED PRICES, AH follows:-* MOHAIR POPLINS, reduced to 33c. per yard. SPRING COLORS, Wool and Mohair Poplins, reduced to 37c., 38c. and 42c. per yard. SPRING COLORS, all wool. Empress Cloth, reduced to 47c. and 30c. per yarOk PINE SUMMER SATTNE8, Wool and Mohair SERGES, All Wool CASHMERES, CAMELS' hair CLOTU, CRETONNES and POPLINS and PINE SILK PONGEE FOULARDS, ALL REDUCED TO Me., 38c., *Ie., 47c., 80c.. 55c ' eoc. to Wc?' A lew more pieces ou hand of our celebrated cushracres, at $110 per yard. T 7 $110 per yard. Also, every variety of MOURNING OOODS, of the best manufactures, extremely low prices, at B. ALTMAN i -CO.'H, 331 Sixth avenne, 333, neur Twenty-first afreet. B. ALTMAN A CO. will also offer a fine stock of ladies', misses' and children's, gents', youths' and boys' HOSIERY aad SUMMER UNDER FLANNELS, In SILK, LISLE, MERINO, GAl'ZK and COTTON. of * every size and quality at Pi OPULAR PRICES. j^ID GLOVES, SILK AND BERLIN GLOVES for ladles, gents and children. TWO BUTTON till GLOVES, SUPERIOR QUALITY and in good colors, at $1 per pair, also linen cambric Handkerchies for I2j,c..a0c.. 25c., 40c., iOr. and upward. B. ALTMAN A CO., SIX I'll AVENUE, near Twanty first street. j^T MEARES', Sixth avenue and Nineteenth street The popularhy of our new suit Department with onr customers has induced us to make extensive additions to our former assortment AND WK WILL OFFER ON MONDAY Ladies' Silk, Cashmere. Mohair, Linen, Lawn, Alpaca and Batiste Suits; Cashmere Dolmans, Talmas ami Sacques, In latest styles both imported and of our own manufacture, at prices lower than any house in the city. Ltfdles' imported Suits, elaborately trimmed, in dif ferent shades of same material, $12, $14, $15, $18, $18, $20 and $25, sold in other storen from $15 to $40. Fine black Alpnca Suits, $12, $14 and $17. Very fine black Alpaca Salts, stylishly trimmed, $24. Black Cretonne Suits, verv handsome, $35. Black (Jros Grain Silk Suits, richly trimmed, $55, $70 and $75. Very stylish striped Silk Suits, trimmed with same ma terial and black silk and lace, $70. Ladles' Mack Cashmere Polonnaise, silk trimmings, $18. Camel's hair cloth Redingotes, silk trimmed, $15 and $18. Ladles' Linen, Lawn ntnl Batiste Suits, large assort ment, prices lower fian any other house. Linen and Lawn Suits, $5', $(!. (7,$*, $!>. II*. $11 $12. White Lawn Suits and Wrappers, $5 to $10. White Lawn Polonnaise, embroidered edge and Insert inn. $7 511. Striped Batiste and Braided Linen Polonnalse. $7 50 to $12, Children's f.inen nnd Pique Suits, braided, $1 75, $2 and ?2 25. ' Mourning outfits executed nt shortest notice. We would announce to our friends and customers that our dressmaking department Is now under the super vision ot ii very competent pnrtv. and nil order* will he executed with despatch and satisfaction warranted, it behiR our desire by moderation of price and excellence of work to make this the must popular department ot'our establishment. AT MEARES' OPENING ON MONDAY, Bargains in Llama Sacques, Points unil Parasol Covers. One lot ot Lace. $8 and $10, were $12 and sir. Very fine Llama l.aee Sacottes, $15, $lt>. $17 and $18. Real Llama Lace i'o;nt*. $10, $12, $14, $15 and $18 Llama Parasol (lovers, very fine, #:t to $4. Latest styles Cashmere Talmas and dolmans. $1.1 t*i $2a AT MEARES' OPENING ON MONDAY. Bargains in fancy Dress (foods nnd Mourning Good* Extra good colored Alpacas and Poplin*, 25c and 38c ^Bcst qualify Japanese Poplins, 24c., Japanese Silks, silk and Wool Pongees, fl5o.. 75c., 80c. and P.Tc. Striped Lisle Thread and Pineapple Lustres, 20c 25c and :wc. Japanese Poplins and Mohairs, in greut varietv 25c 30c., 88c., 44c. and 80c. Best brands black Alpacas, 2Sc.. 30c., 38c., 4?e. nml 50c and one lot at 3*c., worth 56c.; a great bargain. Verv flue black Cashmeres. 95c., $1, $1 |o nnd $1 25 wifli a full line of Mourning Goods at low prices. Striped Silk Grenadines, black ground, 20c Iron Grenadines, best goods, 44c-, 50c.. 55c. and GOc to 90c. Wc arc also offering a full line ot black silks, in all grades, of the most popular makers. Klne black Taffeta Silks, $1, $1 15, $1 25 and $1 38 Very superior Taffeta anil GrosGrain Silks, $i5u $1 75, $2, $2 25 ami $2 30, 25 per cent under Broadway prices. Taffeta and Turquoise Silks In new shades. Great variety of striped Silks, H8c. and $1. MEARKS'. NOW OPENING. Orrat Bargains in Ladles' Undergarments and Corsets, largest stock In the citv. Chemises, well made, fine Muslin, fi#c.,76c., 88c. and $1 Chemises with Euibroidery and Puffings, $1 25, $1 #o, $1 75 and $2. Drawers in manv styles trimming, fine muslin. 76c., 88c. and $1. Drawers, best Muslin Puffings and Embroidery, $1 25 $150 to $2. Night (iowns, all styles, $1 28. $1 50, $1 75 and $2. Ladles' Toilet Sacques, Corset covers, In Linen and Cambric. Pillow Shams, Baby Baskets, Walking and Trail Skirtt. Corsets in all the popular makes. We are now offering a corset at $1 and $1 25. em broidered and silk trimmed, well worth $2 25, of which we have exclusive control, cannut be had in any other bouse. lioopsklrt* and Panniers In all the newest shapes. Fashienahle Hoopsklrts and Bustles, 50c., ?3c. and 7V. Chllds' Normandy Caps, Italian Lace and Medallions, $3 to $4. Chllds' Pique and Linen Suita, braided, $1 75, $2 to $2 50. HOUSEKEEPING AND DOMESTIC GOODS, _ , ,A very large and inostcomplete assortment Table Linens, Sheetings, Napkins and Towels. Nottinghsm and Real Lace Curtains and tidies. Piano Covers and Table Cloths, embroidered borders. Nottingham Lace Curtains bv the yard or set. Fine Nottingham Lace, 25c., S5c., 40c.. soc. Bll(i goc. PARASOLS AND SUN UMBRELLAS. _ OPENING ON MONDAY Great bargains In every style. Price* lower than any house In the city. Finest Olob Stick Utubrellaa, twilled silk, $2 25 $2 75 $3 25, $4 and $4 50. ** a' *d 1,000 Pongee. Sllk-llnedjOrass Cloth and Serge Umbrel las, all lined, flOc., 75c., 88c? $1, $i u and $1 50, half pric*. Hosiery, Gloves and Undergarments In seasonable ?tv lea. Millinerv Goods, Straw Hats, Frames and Flowers In great variety. Laces, Embroideries, Handkerchiefs, Veils-all new goods. Dress Trlmmlni s. Ribbons, Fringes, Ties and Bows. Always a llil< al. ortinrnt o< the newest styles RICHARD MKAItKS, *17 and Sixth avenue, im hu and 105 Nineteenth street uki mwiis, gTEKN BROTHERS, SIZTll AVENUE AND TWENTV-TI1IRD BTREET, 367 8I*TU AVENUE, 110 WE8T TWENTY-THIRD STREET, beg to call f Mention this week to th? (weeping reduction of prices they have made in their LADIES', MISSES' AND INFANTS' UNDERWEAR DEPARTMENT, affording customers a most excellent opportunity Of supplying their wants for the coming Summer at unexceptionally low prlcea. Especial attention is called to our large assortments of LADIES' NIGHT ROBES from $1 25 upward. LA OIKS' CHEMISES, trimmed with Hambnrg em broidery tucks, ruitles, Ac., at 98c., $1, 91 26, 91 is, up tottf SU LADIES' DRAWERS, large variety of style* and trim mings, at ?8c., 73c., 79c., $1 10. up to $3 50. LADIES' MUSLIN DRESSING SACQUES at 75c., 91. upwards. LADIES' LAWN DRESSING SAOQUES, with insertion, tucking and ruffles, at $1 62, $2 05 and 92 43, CORSET CO V K RH from 75c. up to 94 W. TRAIN and WALKING s k I UTS in all possible designs, a very large assortment, vurv cheap. LAWN^ PERCALE AND CALICO MORNINQ WRAP. LADIES' WHITE LAWN WRAPPERS, trimmed with threo rows Insertion trout and back, ironi 9? upwards. LINEN AND MUSLIN PILLOW SHAMS AND SHEETS, oar own styles and designs, very low priccs. We call particular attention to the fact that all our goods are made of the most superior muslin and most popular machines, and guarantee the workmanship to be of thft very best order. In connection with the above we have a large line of MISSKS' AND INFANTS' WEAR. MISSES' NUIHTOOWNS, CHEMISES AND DRAWERS, in all sizes and various trimmings; INFANTS' SLIPS, ROBES. SKIRTS, WAISTS, LACE AND QUILTED BIBS, STOCKING SUPPORTERS, AC CHILDREN'S PIQUE DRESSES, SUITS, CAPES, MANTLES, SACUUES, AC., A (J. CHILDREN'S LINEN BLOUSES ANI> WAISTS, ALL AT ATTRACTIVE PRICES. We are Closing out all our Paris and Berlin made LADIES' MANTLES, CAPES, DOLMANS AND SACQUE8 OF CASHMERE AND DRAB AND BROWN CLOTH at prim? cost. Our stock of LADIES' LAWN. BAPTISTE AND LINEN SUITS is, without exception, the finest and largest In ttie city. LADIES' LINKN POLONAISES, braided and haud embroidered. BROTHERS <$, will offer this week great bargains la rURE LLaMA SHAWLS, BACQUES, CAPES AND DOLMANS. REAL THREAD SHAWLS AND PARASOL COVERS. We have purchased large Iota the past week in the auction rooms and are thus enabled to offer the above at remarkably low prices. PURE LLAMA 8ACQUES FROM 99 50 UPWARDa Especial attention Is directed this week to our verv large and attractive lines of MILLINERY GOODS. R1BRONS, STRAW HOODS, FLOWERS, FEATHERS, FRAMES, At:. We have now in stock the leading and most popular Shapes ol Chip, Hair and Split straw ROUND HATS AND BONNEI'8. 100 cases Straw Goods at VASTLY REDUCED PRICES. An uneqaalicd assortment of FINEST FRENCH FLOWERS, branched In any style to suit the Wants of customers. Our stuck of Gro* drain BONNET RIBBONS comprises all the new shades oat this season in Nos. 0, 9, 12 and 10. SASH RIBBONS in ROMAN, BLACK PLAIDS, OROS tlRAIN, TAFFETA, BLACK AND COLORED WATERED, Ac., Ac., Ac., together forming the richest assortment BLACK OROS GRAIN SASH*RIBBON, PURE SILK, full 7 Inches wide, reduced to 91 per yurd. COLORED SASH RIBBON. FULL 7 INCHES WIDE, extra quality, nil colors, 87c. per yard. WINDSOR TIES, FULL LENGTH ANU WIDTH, 38c. with a largo variety of Crepe du Cheue Ties in plain and tassvllad Polka dot and fancy Tics and Scarfi. PARASOLS and SUN IJMBRELLA8. We are now displaying the most complete and largest assortment of Parasols in the city. Changeable silk Umbrella", all colors, in IH. 2(1, 22, 24, 26 inch, with Maiata, Ivory, oxidized and cornelian handles Extra black silk serge lined Umbrellas, trimmed with whalebone; crimped, knotted and tassel Fringes, Elegant gros grain Sun Umbrellas In all the new abodes of reseda and sage colors, embroidered, with cornelian and oxidized handles, and Iringed. Black silk serge Umbrellas, in 18, 20, 22. 24 Inch, from 92 58 to 9? 60, Children's Parasols In all colors, lined and anllncd, from 93c. up, with many other attractive stylos. Ladles Will And it to their interest to examine our prices before purchasing. HOSIERY DEPARTMENT. Full lines of Ladles' Striped Hose In all sices and colors. Children's Striped Hose, all gradca. Ladles' and Children's ? white and brown Balbrlggan Hosiery. Some very attractive bargains. Ladles' white and brown Lisle Thread Hose. Ladles' full Regular Hose, In white and brown, from 14c. upwards. Cents' white and brown Half Hose, In all qualities Gents' Balbrlggan and Striped Hose all at very close prices. We are still offering extraordinary bargains in first clasa KID GLOVES. Two-button Lupin's Rid Gloves, very best quality, at 85c. 91 00. Three-buttons Lupin's Kid Gloves, entirely new shades, at 9125. Three and four-button Opera Gloves. in all the new shades, 91 1# Two-button undress Kid Gloves, reduced to 75c. Ladles' and gents' Conversions Kid Oloves, in all sizes, styles and colors. Misses'two-button Kid Gloves, with a large aatorttaent of Ladles' two, three and fonr-bntton Lisle Thread Gloves, Drom 38c. upwards. Ladles' and children's 811k Oloves. In one and two bntton*. Wo are selling all the above at less price than they have been sold In years. Novtltlc i?lriRi8 AND VIENNA FANCY GOODS. Elegant designs la Oxidized Chatelaines, Ben net ITas, Ornaments, Belt Clasps, Sleeve Buttons, Pins and Parasol Holders, at Positive Bargain*. Large assortmen^^e^ of^ at greatly reduced prices. SOAPS AND PERFUMERY. Colgate's celebrated Toilet Soaps, all the popular sake*. Lubln's and Coutray's French Perfumery and Soaps. Lubln's Powders, Florida Water. Eau de Cologne, Ac., Ac Ac. Lower prices than any other establishment. STERN BROTHERS, H131TII AVENUE AND TWENTY THIRD SfKKE-* DRY GOOD*. Ai Ekue b n RRR K H U K B B H H R B R H H B B EE HUH 11 RRR II H R R H H R R B H H B EICEE a H B NKAB will offer this week the greatest bargain. of the kmoii. We have purchased Immense stocks of Goods at the past week's forced auction sales, and will offer them at ft very imall advance. LACE GOODS DKPABTMENT. Black Lace Shawls and 8uci|iies In endless variety at less than gold cost of Importation. Black Shawls from 91 to 9*0 each. Handsome Lace ShawLs at 93, 93 60, 9* 50 and $6. Cost ftilly double to Import Real Llama Shawls, heavy pattern border and medallion centre, at 9U> so, worth 918, and all Oner grade* In proportion. Rich Black Lace Sacques at 97 29, 98 and 98 50. worth fully from 910 to 912 60. Real Llama Lace Sacques, at 910, cost over $15 to Import. Elegant Lace Dolman, extra line design, at 915 00, worth fully 920, and other grades In proportion. Lace Fichus, Capes, Berthas, Barbes, Coiffure*, Ac., Ac , at bargains. M Black Mi Llama Lace Barbcs at70c., worth 91 25. Extra lino U1 Llama Lace Barbes, at 8lc., sold formorly at 91 60. 100 Black Ml Llama Coiffures at ajc., usual price 91. Beal Llama Lace Parasol Cover* at 91 ? usual price 29. The ahovo line is the cheapest assortment of Lace Good* ever offered in this city, and in a chance seldom ottered to buv them at such ruinously low prices. KKAL OlUI'l'KK AND THREAD LACKS at much be low regular prices. . _ ... Just received 21R) pieces bluck real Thread Laces, which we iiffer at fully 25 per cent under regular vulue. Real Thread Lace, in pattern* lully one Inch wide, at 48c., worth 80c. . Real Thread Lace, fully 1^ inches wide, nt 60c., worth 7ic.; tullv H, inches wide at 7tc., worth $1; together wish a lull assortment up to six inches wide, at propor tionately low prices. Black real Guipure Lace, tully two inches wide, at lWr? ' Mc., 60c., and (file., worth fully irorn 65c. to 80c. per yard, and wider goods In proportion. . , ? Black Real (luipure CoUYures, with long tabs, at 9^ 75; cost over 9? to import. Beal Point Lace Collars, Handkerchiefs, Barbcs, all from auction, at decided bargains. Full lines of liliick Silk (limp*, beaded and plain. Black and colored Silk and Twist Fringes. Ornaments and Passementerie Trimmings, all of the lluest styles, at exceedingly low prices. Best all Silk Crochet Buttons at 20c a dozen. Imitation Laccs of all kinds, much below regular prices. Colored Luces for trimming Batiste and Linen Pulls, at 18c. and 25c. per yard. Our Ladies' and Children's BBS U U il TTTTTTT S8B B 8 V U II T 8 8 8 U U II T 8 8 U U II T 8 SMS U U II T 888 8 U C II T 8 8 U U II T 8 B 8 rUH T 8 -8 BBS CUU II t 888 surprise all visitors bv their beauty of style and the almost Incrodiblo cheapness of our prices. Ladies' good Linen Suits, striped or plum, at 92 25. The '?Bismarck" Stripe Suit, with llounoe, at 92 76. Keai Linen Suits, beautifully trimmed, from 95 2ft up WThe* ew Camel's Ilalr Redlngote Polonaise, from 96 50 upwards. ? A large assortment of Imported Berlin Rults. pur chased at hulf their original value and ottered at a very alight advance. , , ? ? Large variety of black and striped Grenadine Suits, Black Alpacus, Wliltu Lawn, Swiss Suits. 4c., Ac . f OUR MISSKS' AND CIIILDREX'H SUITS f A <8> are without doubt the richest and cheapest in the city. Children's .-uits irom t>5o. upwards. Children's Marseilles Suits irom 91 25 upward*. Our "Madonna" Suits, richly trimmed with braid and needlework insertion, Irom 9-t upwards. Marseilles Kilt Suits lor boys at 92, 93 76, $< 25 and 94 50. Marseilles Coats and Capes in eighteen different styles. We direct especial attention to ine above department. LADIES' MUSLIN UNDEIU) AKMBNTa. Our Ladles' Undergarments will be found to excel any in the cltv in ihc nunlltv of muslin, excellence ol manufacture, variety of assortment and beauty ot style. CHEMISES. Corded (Chemises, superior make and muslin, at 73c. Tucked Bosom, needlework front, trimmed with edge, * Corded Chemise, trimmed with Jaconet Rutlle, at 91, Dquul to any $1 25 chemise in (lie city. Waiusutla Chemisc, bosom ol 12 alternate rows of tuck ing ami needlework insertion, band and sleeves entirely it embroidery, trimmed with needlework edge, at 9' 7k Over one hundred styles In Chemises alone. Large variety of Night Dresses, Draw ers, Skirts, Corset Covers, Toilet Sacques, Ac.. In muslin, linen, percole and hand embroidered goods. Misses' an I Children's Underwear a specialty. Special inducements to parties purchasing Bridal Trousseaux. Ladles should not (all to examine our Undergarments before purchasing elsewhere, our Goods will oe found t<> be of better muslin, are better made anu are lully per cent below any in tne city. EMBROIDERIES. Our Hamburg Edgings ore universally acknow ledi'ed to lie the cheapest offered tills season, and the immense quantities sold over our counters testily to the Met tnat our bargains are appreciated. We offer over 100,?H) Hamburg Edgings and inserting*, til new patterns, at irom 8c. to $1 7:> per yard. Call and exumlne our immense variety. STKAW GOODS DEPARTMENT. This department is second to none In the city. Our as sortment!* complete and our prices are too well known and appreciated t*> need any comment. WILL OPEN ON MOJIDAY 10 cases misses' new style regatta Hats, trimmed and bound edge, at 75c., worth $1. 10 cases boys' brown HaU> lully trimmed, , ready lor wear, ut 50c., worth ijc. lOcases ladies'black Struw'llats, all the latest styles, from 50c. to 92. 90 cases ladies' and misses' best black llair Bonnet* and Hats at $1, sold all over at 91 ^O 10 cases misses' brown School Hats at 30c., worth 80c. Together with a lull assortment of White Chip, Leg horn. I'ulmotto and Fancy Braid Hats, In ail the Utast and most desirable shapes, at bargain*. Fine Flower*, Moiitures. Wreaths, Garlands, Vines. Ac., of the most recherche styles, at less than hall the Broadway prices. Full lines of Gros Grain Bonnet Ribbons, In all the new* shades and most desirable widths. Rich black and colored Sash Ribbons, Ac., at popular prices. ? Millinery Laces, Dotted Nets, Brussels Nets. Illusion Veils, black ('rapes, Ac., at exceedingly low prices. TRIMMED BOSNEt7~AND ROUND HATS in endless variety, at derided bargains. Our show rooms contain now upwards ot I.WJU Bonnets and Bound Hats, trimmed In the most elegant styles at astonishingly low prices. Owing to the latenes* of the Spring weather this stm* . has greatly accumulated, and in order to reduce the saina we are offering our entire line at a great sacrifice. Ladles will save lulir 36 per cent by examining our beautiful assortment of * . , . Trimmed Hats before purchasing elsewhere. BLACK DRESS SILKS AND ALPACAS from auction, at bargains Black Silks, at 91 25. 91 91 75, w 75 >ni $1 10 piece. Black Lyons Gros Grain ^ $2 ? 10 pieces extra quality Black Bellou silk. * at 92 50, worth fnily 93. Black Alpacas, at 30c., 36c., 42c., 4*c., 50c., ?5c.,75c. pf vd., all beyond conipeiitioo. White Pique* and Victoria Lawns, Damask Table Covers, Napkins Towels. Marseilles quilts, Nottingham Lace Curtain*, Ac., Ac., Ail much below regular prices. HAIR GOODS. We have left opened a new department lor hnmnn Hair Goods that we are selling at about half the prict* charged in regular hair stores. 8UMMRR MERINO UvnFRWKAB. Just received an Invoice of Ladles', Qente' and Children's Merino Shirts and Drawers at verv !ow nr cis. Children'* Merino Shirts, troin 4pc. each upwards. Ladles' fine Merino Vests at 7(|c. "d npward> Gc-uu1 fine half regular made Shirt* and Drawers at T5c. and upwards; fully 24 per cent under regular prices. Ladies'. Gents' ami Children's plain and lancy Striped Hosiery at bargains. hrfaT S\LK Of RID OLOVB8. 100 doaen Lupin'* extra quality colored Kld.Olovcs. two b W"-*^upmTixP^j'aJ.llty black Eld Olore*, tw* "Too MlapT'tt|BSjJuallty, three button Gloves ^s'her real Kid Gloves, two button*, M?kaS colors ?t|l 60, it*ual price 91 , . These Glovi S are from the recent auction sale*, and art deKlne lines^t1Notions, Fancy Jewelry. Belts. Oct. Fur ?'whSesaUOobhfng room* on third floor. ,?.ntlty a. briMMmakers and milliners supplied In any quantity a lew than down town FABIIION, 387 a ad M EighUi avenue. u?af ?UftW

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