Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 11, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 11, 1873 Page 4
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COUMTRY BOAWPi _ __ Ti^URNIShED BOOMS FOB GENTLEMEN?WITH OB r without breakfast and tea, on Bergen avenue, op p iiite Lexington avenue. Jersey l.ltylbaker from Liberty street Call ?" or address Mrs. M. BAI>ER. First clav's bo a rd. in pleasant'location, o?n be bad at Wrights (irange, Fo*e.'s Corners West r?rtiM boats and bathing ; 4" minutes from loot of Ful ton5?eet H P V W W. WBIOHT, Manager* First class board for summer?at south Morwalk, \K liouni from New York; btKh ground; accommodation tor famine*: an early application will secure a choice of rooms. Addreas C. B. 11., box 448 Post ottire, South N'orwalk. Conn. T7URST l'L\SS nil STUV HOARD-OS REASONABLE terms; location at the foot of the Catskilia, within ^ hours'(Wlvu of Catsklli- good livery mid stabling; 21.."""1!1! "".4.: -? .,-twk,n N Y. If desired. Refer ence E. B war. county, N. ?. IiMRST CLASS COUNTRY BOARD?IN PRIVATE W. If. VANDEEVEER, Port Washington. Tiong Island. /"tOOD BOABI) CAN. BE OUT*INED AT A FARM U house,:? miles dlslant by ia1lln? at road Further particulars can be obtained by caning at 41 West Thirty-nfth street. _____ RRANT.II ?A l'RIVATE FAMILY WILL BE prepared to take a few first c.laM boarders by Jnne I; ?locafion desirable. Address Mrs. C. A., Ileruld Uptown Bran oh office. MORRISTOWN.?FIVE ROOMS ON SECOND FLOOR to rent, with Board, in a private family ;*as and water in the tiouse. Address Mrs. U. L. B., box 340 1 ost . office, Morrlstown. ONTCLAIR, N. J.-A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE or small family can And first class Board In a pri vate family, where there will be no other boarders; lawn friilI and shade trees; stabling, Ac.; term# mod rate.' Address A. BROWN, Montclair, N. J. MONTCLAIR, N. J.?NEW YORK'S MOST ATTRAC live suburb for health, convenience and charming scenery; first class Board and Rooms at Hillside House for permanent or transient guesta. NEW BRIGHTON, STATEN IBLAND.-MRS. BRIGHT has taken the nouse on Richmond terrace, Wester veltavenuo, and has a few Apartments connecting lor families. Apply early for choice. 0BANGS, N. J.-GOOD BOARD AND PLEASANT Rooms in a private family; terms moderate; ?tabling; city reference. Address box 402 Orange, N J. ^ ON CENTRAL RAILROAD OF NEW JERSEY, twenty minutes from foot of Liberty street.?Pleasant Rooms; fine view of New York Bay; boating, Ashing and bathing. Address V. V., Greenville, N. J. PLEASANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS, EN SUITE OR singly; pleasant view: three minutes from depot; references exchanged. Andreas F. W. B., via Erie Rail road, Kutherliird Park, N. J. PLEASANT ROOMS, WITH BOARD, CAN BE OB taincd at 153 Clinton avenue, Newark, N. J., loca tion, residence, Ac., unsurpassed, Clinton avenue being considered the finest avenue in the city for private resi dences: private family; lio children; terms moderate; references exchanged. PARTIES DESIROUS OF OBTAINING COUNTRY Board for the Summer season, where sea bathing, fishing and drives arc unequalled, and where mosquitoes, i fever and agu> are not known, will do well to apply to SEYMOUR COR WIN, Proprietor of Miauiogue House, Jamesport. L. I. Rockland lake.?a few good rooms and Board can be secured at the Lake \icw House, Rockland Lake, hy addressing L. N. CLARK, proprietor, or calling on S. 11. MILLS, 2t>2 Broadway, room 7. Rooms to let?with board, in elizabeth, , N. J., suitable for gentlemen and their wives or single gentlemen; five minutes' walk from depot. Ad dress box 429 Post office, Elizabeth, N. J. SIX PERSONS CAN OBTAIN GOOD BOARD AT A moderate price in a farm house; no other boarders. Address !?., box 4 Summit Post office, N. J. SUPERIOR HOARD-AT MADISON, N. J., IN A Pri vate boarding bouse, lormorly known as the Bulge dale House. SUMMER BOARD AT NYACK ON THE HUDSON.? Superior accommodations in private family ; house large, commanding fine view of river, and short distance trom depot; well shaded grounds; abundance of 'ruit; line stabling lor horses; references exchanged. Apply at No. 5 East Ninth street WANTED?BOARD AT NEW BRIGHTON, S. I., ON Shore road, for gentleman, wile, infant anil nurse; terms from $25 to $30 per week. Address F, \>. U, Herald Uptown Branch office. WANTED?IN THE COUNTRY, A FEW FIRST class boarders: can accommodate 12 or 14; situated three-fourths of a mile from Cambridge depot. For par ticulars address J. A- AUSTIN, Cambridge, Washington county, N. Y. WANTED?BOARD, FROM JUNE 1 TO OCTOBER 1, at u farm house, within 1'4 hours from New \ork, for gentleman, wife, infant and nurse, with accommoda tions lor on? or two young ladies If required; location must be on high ground, tree from mosquitoes and chills aud fever. Address, with particulars, including terms, MARSHALL, Post office, Williamsburg, N. Y. SUMMER RESORTS. AT PLEASANT VALLEY, N. J., "ON THE HUDSON," opposite 152d St., at house formerly Mr. Carloek'-;? Rooms tor families and single persons; situation healthy and unexceptionable : boating and batliing on premises; references required ; ferry foot ot Spring slvcet. Apply on premises or address G., care ot 11. \N inans. >ixth av. BTOKIA HOUSE, ASTORIA.-WELL CONDUCTED establishment for boarders; fine apartinenls and table; 3u minutes' sail : hanlsome grounds, scenery, trees. Ac.; terms moderate: country and city comforts combined. ? T FORT WASHINGTON, OPPOSITE THE I'ALIS ... ades, on the Hudson, 45 minutes from Wall street.? j lie new "West End" Hotel. In all Its appointment* first class, and in its views unsurpassed, will shertly open; stables on premises. For terms aud particulars address CHARLES H. SHELLY. Bath hotel, bath. l. i.?this popular sum mer resorthas been completely renovated nnd re furnished. and will be ready lor the reception of board ers on the 15th ol May; sea lining, boating, Ushing. Ac. For Rooms, Ac., npjilv as above, or at the office ot Irving Place Hotel, corner Fourteenth street and Irving place. AUG I' ST FUNK. Sr., Proprietor. Berkshire house, pittsfield, mass.?this popular report is now open tor the reception of sum mer guests. Rooms large ami airy. This house has all modern improvements and is ftrst class in all Its ai'poiiit jnents. Address W. A. BOO A RHUS or F. C. SAM QRD. Brighton house, PfcR+H AMBOY, N. J. Ttiishonse having changed hands, has been thoronenly retuivsted and refitted. with uns in every room, and only I'i nours from New York. Will be open for the sea-on about the 15th of May. Fine fishing, boating and sea bathing, with splendid drives and cool sea breeze. Mp eral terms made lor tamilles. Fare from New York $iu per month. Apply to s. ('. BARR, Proprietor. ClOZZENS' WEST POINT HOTEL ) will open on Saturday, May SI. Two Cottages to let, with Board in Hotel, special terms offered to parties engaging rooms for the season. For particulars uuurt'ss EDWARD COZZEN8, Weat Point, N. T. Columbia white sulphur springs, near Hndson, N. Y.?This water Is universally regarded as the best combination of healthy ingredient* ol any in the country; fine air, beautiful urove. t. B. >Ai h.^ (1ROFT HOUSE, OPPOSITE WEST POINT.?HIGH J elevation; newlv fitted tor families; eve rv comfort; ?tabling, fine drives; river views; opens May I. C. G. REHWOLDT. Garrison s, N. Y. ESIRABLE PARTU S CAN SECURE FIRST CLASS Board. In a handsome!/ famished residence, with all citv conveniences, at Englewood, N. J.; good stabling. Address box 1(3 Englewood Post office, or lnqulre thi re lor direction to the place. For reference call at 43 West Twenty-second street. New York. _ _ IJAOLEHWOOD PARK HOTEL, PERTH AMBOY, 'j will be opened June 1; among the attractions are extensive lawns, salt water bathing, boating and fishing; al,o a mineral spring (iron and sulphur). I he house is handsomely turalshed, having every convenience water, fas. Ac.; good stabling: communication by Pennsylva nia Railroad, also by Htateii Island Railroad Addnss the subscribers, who can be seen at the Coleman House, New York, between the hours of 12 and 1 on Tuesdays. Mr Buchunnan's carriages will be at the depot ot the Pennsylvania Railroad en the arrival of the 10 A. M. and the 2 A) P. M. trains lrom New York to convey ncr sons to the hotel. COLEMAN A YELLOTT. East side oranok lake -house for board ers; One large room-and large shady lawn: fine hunting and Ashing; n< w boats; carriages to bring and take boarders trom Ncwburg; engage rooms early at xeasouable rates. NOAll MATHEWsoN, Orange county. New York. LOYD'S HOTEL?OPPOSITE PROSPECT PARK Fair Orounds, on the shell road, l)i miles trom coney Island beach.?Boarder* can be accommodated on reasonable terms; convenient to fishing, boating, Ac. svmuu v (JEORGE FLOYD. Pr, prietor. (1ILLETTS CONTINENTAL HOTBL, NEWARK, VI T Only half hour's ride lrom New York ami central to all depots; Rooms large, airy and high ceilings; magnifi cent grounds connected with the bnter; terms moderate for the season. ED. A. GILLKTT, Proprn tor. Great neck house, l. i., betwebn white stone ami Sands Point-Convenient by steamboat or railroad ; one hour from city; favorable terms to these engaging rooms the stason. Call at or add ruse as above, or at 1U6 East Twenty-eighth street. __ Gbeoory house and carpenter house. Lake Mahopac, N. ?., will open tor guests June lh: Board $4 per dsy ; 4 trains dally from Grand Central depot Forty-second street, Harlem Railroad; tourists from Niagara Falls, Saratoga. Albany and other points north connect at Chatham. V Y , with Harlem Railroad and change cars at Goiden'a Bridge for the Lake. J s. RAMSAY, Proprietor. High falls hotel opens for summer visit ors on May 7. Rowing on the Delaware. new boats, free to guests; (routing In the mouataln streams fi-bmg on the river and lakes. beau tit til drives und wa.ks; grand waterfalls; pure mountain air : no mosquitoes; no chills and fever; special terms to parties enguulng board for the season. For circulars apply to PHILIP F. Fl LMER, Ding man's Ferry. Pike county, Pa. T E1GHTON DOUBE, J Newman Springs, Red Bank, N. J This delightful Summer resort, beautliullj situated en the dhrewstiurv Blver, will lie reopened under new man agement May 1. The bouse has been enlarged and re Jitted. Shady groves, fountains. Summer houses and line awns; Cbalytieate iron snrings. flue drives, fl-hiny. boat Ing and bathing, billiard room aud stabling ; 4i minute*' drive to long Branch. v .w For circulars address box 4?*i Post office, Mt w \ ork. FREDERICK BERGER, Proprietor. La toubette house, bergen point.-now open; Su minutes trom city, by rail or boat; fare $e p( r month; special terms made with lamilies. t^all or an dresa. R. McMICHAEL. Bergen Point, N. J. LaiRU'h MANSION HOUSE, Long Branch, N. J., will open June Hi. WILLIAM L MclNTYRE, Manager, formerly with the late Samuel Lalra. TLfANSIOW HOUSE, ON THE TERRACE, NEW Jn Brighton, 8. I.; thirty minutes troin by buAts every hour. Mrs. u. U BLLiUtUi, iPMMca Eiioyw. Mansion'house, larchmont minor, 19 miles on New Haven Railroad ; horae cars from depot to I liom?.-R?a bathing, boating, billiards, bowling alley , largo, airy Room*: Tawn and shade ; accommodation for horses. Apply at 33 Fifth avenue. WILLIAM HHAW. Mrs. e. hTlivingston, having removed from the North Haven House, Rondout, would inform her friends and the public that she will open, Juno I, a very fine house in the suburbs ot Kingston. Room* large and airy; beautilul grounds, stables, Ac.; Uio fluent driven ana mountain scenery, carriages ruumng to and I'roiu (he Mary Powell. For particulars and references address as uhove bo* 449, Rondout, N. Y Mountain houhe, south orange, mo.ntrose station, N. J.?This favorite first class hotel is open for Spring and Hummer , it has all the conve niences and comforts of a city hotel; AO minutes from loot of liarclay street, via Morris and Essex Railroad, it trains dally. Extra inducement* to panic* wishing im mediate Hoard. 0. HITZELBURGEB, Proprietor. Maple qrove iiouse-a pirst class country hotel, desirably located tor city boarders. Kor par-' ticulars, Ac., addrosaJ. H. PLACE, Proprietor, Bushkill, Pike county, l'a. M0NTVERT HOTEL, middletown SPRINGS, VF.B mont? Opens June 2-new house, rooms, gas, water and bells. DWIGllT DOOL1TTLE. Proprietor, 1-1 West Forty-first street, or Madison House. Now Haven MERRITT'S ORANO VIEW HOUSE, CAIRO, OREEN county, N. Y.t Is now ready for the reception of boarders; fine location, excellent Board and moderate prices. Reterence, C. U. FLAGO, Broadway aud Seven teenth street MONTCLAIR HOTEL?MONTI)LAIR, N. J., ONE hour from New York bv Morris and Essex or Mid land Railroad; first class accommodation* tor families or single gentlemen; a targe stable connected wlifi the hold; terms moderate TIIOS. ROSSITER. Mount prospect house, montclair. n. j.? This delightful Suintnor retreat lia< reopened tor first class Hoarders on May 1. Apply tor Rooms as above. Norwood hotel, Norwood, it. j., will be opened May 24. For particulars address A, H, knox, Proprietor, _ PALMER nOUSE, NYACK ON THE HUDSON, WILL open June 18. Kor further particulars address U. PALMER, Nyack, K. Y. PALISADES MOUNTAIN HOUSE wilt be opened on or about the 1st of Mar. For terms, Ac., address COiSZENS A MURRAY, Knglewood, N. J. PAVILION HOTEL, glen cove, L. I., WILL open about June 1; accouuniKlations for 200 guests; lib eral arrangements made with early guests. 0. L. BRIG OS. PEA body HOUSE, YONKERS ON THE HUDSON, Now open. Riverside hotel, ikd street, at carmans vllle, on the Hudson River.?This popular house, en tirely fitted and furnished anew throughout, is now open for the reception ot guests; 20 minutes from Thirtieth street depot. For terms, Ac., apply to PAULL A DUN Round hill hotel, Northampton, mass.?un paralleled drives, scenery, boating, fountains, Ac.; climate healthy ; fever aud ague unknown; water euro discontinued; terms $10 60 to $21 per week; special rates to l.iinllles. Send stump for clrculur. C. BA.nTA, Sec retary; 1 RAD FULLER, Superintendent. SMITH'S HOTEL, C0RNWALL.0N-THE-HUD80N will bo opened May IS for the reception ol permanent and transient Boarders; beautiful drives and walk* C. H. SMITH, Proprietor. ST. MARK'S HOTEL, NEW BRKillTON, STATEN IB laud.?Tills favorite resort Is now open lor the recep tion of intents.' For terms anil other Inlormatlon apply at the Hotel, or address O. DkCAMP, Proprietor. STAMFORD, CONN.?THE INSTITUTE ON CLARK'S Hill will open under new management, with first class accommodations lor Summer liourders, on May 20; good stabling, For torms and further particulars apply oil premises, or at 12 Lalaveltc place. New York. SOUND VIEW HOUSE.?EVEBTON, MAMARONECK, Westchester county, N. Y., on the heights; one hour from city; possesses peculiar attrsetlons lor those desir ous of enjoying country lll'e with the conveniences and fare of a first class city hotel, which, with Its surround ings, lias only to be seen to he appreciated. Apply on tbo premises or address W. T. JENNINGS, Marlborough Ho tel, Sixth avenue and Thirty-eighth street. OUMMIT HILL HOUSE-ONE MILE FROM CAT8 ki kill, has been enlarged to accommodate one hun dred city boarders. P. M. GOETCHI US, Proprietor. TARRYTOWN HEIGHTS HOTEL, TARRTTOWN, ON the Hudson?Will open the 1st ot June; purtles wish ing to engage Rooms lor season will find carriages at depot on arrival of the 10:4A train Irom Now York. Tues days and Fridays. For terms, Ac., upply to JAMES T. DUDLEY, 20 Nassau street, room 36. The arcola house?one hour from city via Ml Hand Railroad to Rochelle stntion, Is now onnn for the reception or Summer boarders; terms Irom S8 to $12 per week. Reler by permission to D. M. Eastou, Esq., 171 /(roadway. WARNER HOU>E IS NOW OPEN FOR THE RE eoption of guests, pleasantly situated at the junc tion ot the Connecticut. Western and Housatonic rail ways, within a short drive ol the beautiful Twin Lakes, Salisbury, Conn.; all the conveniences and comforts of a rIfv hotel, with a first class llverv attached; tine hunting nnd fishing in the surrounding country. For further par ticulars address E. W. WARNER, Canaan, Litchfield county, Conn. WOODBINE HOTEL, HIGH BRIDGE.?OPEN FOR boarders; Room and Board, for one gentleman, $15 iier week ; steamboat to l'eck slip in one hour; Hudson tiver Railroad to Grand Ceutrul depot in 20 intnutcs. __ 8. BROUQHTON. VyOODSBURO PAVILION, WOODSBUBG, L. I.?THIS " magnificent hotel will be opened June 1; can he reached l<y South side or Long Island Railroad. For terms, jtr., address N. P. SEWELL, Proprietor. \\rIIITE SULPHUR SPRING llOUSE-AMONtl 11IK Tt C.itskills; 1,500 feet above the river; view unsur passed : sulphur spring on grounds; table first class; terms $lli und $15 per week. Address WALKER N. LEN'NON, Cairo, Greene county, N. Y. 6 TRAINS A DAY FROM FORTY-SECOND STREET to Kingiftrldgc Hotel, 224th street and Broadway, on on llurlcin lllver, Now open as a first class road house; a lew single gents taken lor the Summer months to board; good stabling for horses; fishing, boating, Ac.; clam bakes a specialty; every thing in season served at short notice. J. HARVE TURNURE, Proprietor. LOST AMI Fill IVD. Found?on the 7tu inst., on the floor ok the banking house, 51 Chambers street, a sum of Money. Apply tor particulars at the olllce ot the Irish Emigrant society. Lost?a mouse uolored slut, about two leet high. A small reward will be paid tor her return to R. PHELPS, XI East Sixteenth street LOST-thursday, A CORAL EARRING, SET IN gold, between Forty-second street and Jerome Park via Central Park and Harlem lane. A generous reward will b?> k I veil it returned to 6:*) Seventh avenue. . LOST-FRIDAY EVENING, BETWEEN EIGHUl street and Grand Central depot a Travelling Hag, with cloth covering, buttoned. A liberal reward will be paid for returning same to Brevoort House Fifth avenue and Eighth strcot. I TOST?thursday, MAY 8. IN OR NEAR WALL J street, a I'ocketbook containing a sum of'money and papers oi " i value except to the owner. By returning it to E At IL it S drug store, corner North Moore and Hud Min strct iitnblc r< ward will be given. 1 OST?A BLACK AND TAN TERRIER SLUT; HAD IJ on a collar, with owner's name and residence. A lib eral reward will be puid on returning her to J. 11. ALDlili U. 12 East thirty tourtli street I OST?ON SATURDAY. IN BROADWAY, SIXTH J avenue, Fourteenth street or that vicinity, a $50 bill, 'lhe finder will be rewurJed by leaving it at 71 Broutl way, room Ml I OST?$3 REWARD.?A WHITE. WOOLLY POODLE J Don lost on Friday evening $3 will be paid it re turned to H57 Fifth avenue, corner of Fifty-second street RKWAHUS. AC?LEFT ON THE WASIIs'taND AT CHRIS. O'Connor's billiard rooms, a wide, fiat Gold King, ornamented with a delta and the figures :t2 and inscribed wlih a name, a date and u Latin motto. The finder will receive a rewaril of $:. on le i\ lug it at the bar. $C REWARD WILL BE PAID TO ANT PERtON RE *J turning a white spit/. Dog. answering to flie name of "Frank," to 31 < harltoi) street, and no questions asked. ?-1/1 REWARD. ?LOST, ON SATURDAY MORNING, ?P 1" In Sixth avenue, near Fifty-filth street, a white Spitz Dor ; answers to the tiaiue of "Nick." The reward will be paid on his return to 1,0113 sixth avenue. <J?1fk REWARD-LOST, MAY 10, IK EITHER PEARL, vlU Nassau, Liberty street or Broadway, $tfO 30. Ad a rota E. D., box 6,708 w Tort Postofflco. I REWARD-OFFERED FOR RECOVERY OF I ft')'' seven doaens black Calf Kid.mArked W. H.. Paris, 1 nnd four dozens marked X, stolen Friday night at 183 William street. 4r.A REWARD WILL BE PAID FOR THE RECOV VOU erv of a gold hunting esse Watch, with Chain, Johnson tusker, with name ot owner on casa ; valued as a iritt. Address PHILLIP, Herald Uptown Branch office. Strictly confidential. THI LKCTl UK lCA$OH. OHN B. OOUGH ON "peculiar PEOPLE. Last lecture this season Stelnway nail, Tuesday eveui'uiT M?'v ii ?> o , Tickets Ac.; Reserved&?{,'W."Vxtrm. a?i*i.iCp2S?. 701 Broadway; Dttson's, 711 Broadway' D At.nletoii k lo.'s,5iy Broadway, and A J Fl.her s , 9s Nats*!! 'n et M'H If H (? I.I-AUV , M, I> \V11,|( LKCTl'RK TO Udle* At liotitnson n llall, 18 Sixteenth strcf't hp tween Fifth uvenue arid Broadway, Morn!*? Mav 12 It 3 P. M. Free, illustrated with ample material.' * AMVMKHBNTA Terrace garden theatre, fifty eighth street, between Lexington aud Ihird avenues. OPENING WEEK. The public Is hereby respectfully Informed that a SUM MER SEASON ol OPERETTA and LIGHT COMEDY will be inaugurated on SATURDAY. May 17. a: * P M The comiiaav consists of the best tuluut In ttie country. A compleia OBCI1ESTRE AND FULL CHORI S. Adinlwion, 80c.; reserved seats 25c. extra, buxet $1 W extra; packaaes containing in tickets, $3 BRYANT'S OPERA HOUSE. TWE NNY-Til IRD third street ami Sixth avenue. ? Rnmrnilicr Ihurs day aitrrnoon. May 13. Heiiclit ol Mr. NELbfc St^ MOLR. Secure your tickets early. BELLEW'S FAREWELL READING, STEINWAY HALL, THURSDAY EVENIG. MAV 13, under tbc uurpicen <d the Dry GikmIs Clerks Early Closing and Benevolent Association. i The la"t appearance this season lu America ol the Riakxprarc ul readers, J. M. BELLF.W. I with an entirely new programme. Hon J. R. Brady will preside. Tickets$1. at Hchlrmer'sand 114 Broadway. VT ELSR SEYMOUR AT HOME AT BRYANT'S OPERA 11 HOUSE, on Thursday afternoon. May 13. Come to the Matinee and see the TALL BOY. BRYANT'S OPERA HOUSE, USD STREET?ON THURSDAY AFTBItNOO^, at $ o'clock. "NRI>*I"*?UH'?'' v^vym. ow w AHV8BHEHTR. BOOTH'S TOMATO!!? ~ NKILHON BAwln Booth Proprietor and Manager Return of _ MISS N&ILSON. The management respectfully announce* Gie resppear aaco of the celebrated English Trwciiiuniit, MISS NEILBON, TOMORROW, MONDAY EVENING, MAYIi, When site will appear, tor the first time in this uounlry, tu ner original character of AMY ROBSART, In the grand historical and romantic Drama of that name, Title i by Andruw J. llalllday, Ks.| , anil foanded M *[f Walter Scott's lamoim historical romance of Kenilworfb, 111 which she achieved such a groat success at the Drury Lane Theatre, I<oudon, sustaining the part of AMY ROBSART tor over one hundred consecutive nlghta, Mian Neiliton will be supported by Mr. FRANCIS HANU.-r us LEICESTER (hiit first appearance in four month*) Mr. NEIL WAK.NhK Oils first appearance at thu Theatre.) Mr. ROBERT PATKMAN, MISS BELLA PATIIM AN and a powerful cant The play will he presented. afti'r many months of con tlnucd uuil careful preparation, with NKW and MAGNIFICENT SCKNKKY by CHARLES WfTflAM. NKW and EXPENSIVE COSTUMES, AItMOKS, t.y UOilKMAN an.I ASSISTANTS. NEW and ELABORATE APPOINTMENTS, by j. P. DKUKL. NEW MECHANICAL EFFECTS, by DUNNRand ASSISTANTS. OAS and CALCIUM EFFECTS, by JOMtfPH 8C0LL0N. and an lucreai-eJ AUXILIARY FORCE and COUPS UK BALLET ol NEARLY MO PERSONS. The Dauces and Tableaux arranged by MONS. S5AVISTOWSK1. . and the whole produced under the stage direction of ' Mr. D. W. WALLER. CHARACTERS IN THE PLAY Amy Rohsarf Mis? Neilson Elisabeth. Queen ot England Miss Bella Patpuiau Dachessof Rutland Miss Helen Morant Lady Paget Miss Mary Young Janet Foster Miss L. M. Joyce Oicely (Oosllng's daughter) Miss Jennie Rous Klchurd Varney Mr. Neil Warner Dudley, Karl of l^lcester Mr K. 0. Bauga RatoliDo, Karl of Sussex (Leicester's ltlval at Court* Mr. K. F. Knowlea Edward Tressllian Mr. N. W. Decker Lord Hamilton Mr. Harry iiogan Lord Hhrewsbury Mr. E. Elbert* Walter Raleigh Mr. Oeo. F. Learock Bowyer Mr. W. II. Dewey Mike Liimbottrne Mr. Robert Pateman Waytand smith Mr. Sol Smith Olios Uosling (Host ol the Black Bear).. Mr. II. C. Kynur Queen's Usher Mr. J. M. Woolsey Sir Henry Lee Mr. Frank Swift Tony Foster Mr. 8. W. Olenn Flibbertigibbet Mr. Charlos Hosine Master (loldihread Mr. T. F. Hrenuan Lords, Lailles, Courtiers, Choristers, male and female . Mummers, Peasantry, Bargemen, Ac., Ac., by numerous auxiliaries. SYNOPSIS OF SCENERY AND INCIDENTS. ACT I. Scknk I?THE BLACK BEAR INN -A lost Love?Re turn ol a Wanderer?The Moreer tells his Story ol an Im prisoned Lady und enlists a Champion lor lier Deliver ance. CIJMNOR HALL.?"Ride, Ride for Yoar Llfol"-The Letter Delivered?Challenge at thoOutes?AMY'S CHAM BER?Trexsl 11 an Discovers Ins LostLovo? A Struggle Be tween Love and Duiy?A Mystery?Varney brings a Lot tcr and Counsels Concealment? Arrival ol the Earl of Leicester?Love 011 the one hand, Ambition on thu other? The Tempter Prevails?A Shameful Proposal?The Tri umph oi Honor 1 A CI II. THE COURT OF QUEEN ELIZABETH IN THE PAL ACE OF GREENWICH.? Queen Elizabeth atsl her Ladles of Honor?Arrival of the Karl of Leicester?The Rival Factions?The Roused Lioness?Tres*llian's Petition? Leicester In Peril?Viirney to the Rescue?Break-up of the Court?The Courtyard of Ihe Palace. ACT III. THE QUEEN'S STATli BAKOE.?On tho Thames at Greenwich?The Knight of tho Cloak?Leicester Too Late?The Summons to Kenilworth?Tho Queen's De parture. ACT IV. THE AVENUE AT KENILWORTH ?The Gathering of the Mummers?Amy'Escaped and In Peril?Her Deliver ance by 'Pressman?'The Compact. KENILWORTH CASTLE.?Arrival of the Qneen-The Accusation?Deceit of Varney?Leicester presses his Suit Open the Queen?The Nymph in the Orotto? Leicester confronted with Amy?False Certificates?Amy declared mail?Urand Pageant and Revels at Kvnilwortn. ACT V. AMY'S CHAMBER IN KENILWORTH CASTLE.?Amy, a prisoner, is visited by Leicester?Passionate Appeal? ltelentin/?A proof of Guilt?'The fatal signet. TIIK AVENUE IN THE GARDENS ?A Challenge and a Duel?The missing Letter?A Discovery?The Innoccnco of Amy?Tho Wrath of the Queen. MKRVYN'S TOWER.?'The Death Trap?The Murder of Luuibourue?The Peril of Amy?The Catastrophe. NE1LSON MATINEE ON SATURDAY NEXT, AT 1% O'CLOCK. AMY ROBSART. For the accommodation of families residing ont oftown, and to enable them to witness the whole of the play, tho time of commencing the MATINEE performance has been changed to IK I*. M. To secure a choice of places the management wonld respectfully suggest that seats be secured as lar in ad vance as possible. ALLACK'S. Proprietor and Manager..Mr. LESTER WALLACE LAST EIGHTEEN NIGHTS and LAST THREE MATINEES IN NEW YORK of Mr. 80TIIKRN. LAST FOUR WEEKS of the PRESENT BRILLIANT SEASON. THIS AND EVERY EVENING, AND EVERY SATURDAY, at 1>?, until May 31, Mr. HOT11ERN will appear In his original part of SQUIRE CHUCKLES, In the SQUIRE'S LAST SHILLING, an original drama ol comic and serions Intorost, in four acts, by Mr. II. J. Byron, presented by the FOLLOWING EMINENT ARTISTS:? Mr. SOTUERN, Mr. J. B, POLK, Mr. J. W. CARROLL, Mr. C. B. BISHOP, Mr. E. M. HOLLAND, Mr. W. J. LEONARD, Mr. O. W. BROWNE, Mr. PECK. Miss ? KATHARINE ROGERS, Miss EFFIE GERMO.V, Mine. 1 PONISI and Miss VANDYKE. BOX BOOK OPEN AND SEATS SECURED TILL END OF SEASON. UNION SQUARE THEATRE. Proprietor Mr. snF.RIDAN SHOOK Manager Mr. A. M. PALMER Begins at 8. Saturday Matinee at 1:30L Carriages aiay be ordered lor 1L POSITIVELY THE LAST WEEK ot FROU-FROU. SATURDAY, LAST MATINEE of FROU-FROU. EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK AND AT THE SATURDAY MATINEE, MISS AGNES ETHEL FROU FROU. MONDAY EVENING, May 19, will be produced, after elaborate preparation, a new drama of great Interest, entitled WITHOUT A HEART. Box sheet for the first nights of this play now open. FRIDAY EVENING, May 10, bcncilt of Mr. D. H. HARK1NS. rn r?ATHENEUM THEATRE. ?JO*/ Broadway, opposite Metropolitan Hotel. Manager R. W. BUTLER The largest amount of attraction in the city. GRAND DOUBLE COMPANY AND monster combination ol'artists this week. Encasement of the Jlueens of Burlesque, SOPHIA ? -<fr 80PHIA and I THE WORRELL SISTERS. ] and IRENE. <j> ? -?> IRENE. Engagement of the world renowned Pantomlmista, EiKht <S>The great ZANFRETTA TROUPE.? Eight in |The great ZANFRETTA TROUPE, f in number. <8>The great ZANFRETTA TROUPE.^ number. Engagement of the beautiful and charming BETT1E A? <i> BETTIE and I RKMMELSBERG SISTERS. J and SOPHIE, <5 -?> SOPHIE, ?hlE PEEK LESS PRIMA DAN8EU8ES. Engagement of the great tenor singer, MR. 8. HOLDSWORTH. The charming burlesque actresses, Miss MINNIE JACKSON, i Miss LOUISA ARNOTT, Miss LILL1E 1IALL. Miss IDA ROSS. GEORGE ATKINS. 1XKE SCHOOLCRAFT. I GEORGE I BILLY WEST. LUKE SCHOOLCRAFT. H. I HILLY WEST. JOE LANG. I CUES. I JOE LANO. (See Bills.) 100 SPECIALTIES. (See Bills.) Doors open at 7. Curtain rises at 8 o'clock. Popnlar prices of admission. Seats (secured in advance. MATINEE EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. Rubinstein matinee piano recitals AND LAST APPEARANCES IN AMERICA, at STE1.NWAY HALL, commencing MONDAY, MAY 12. Seats for single or all of the Recitals can now be had at the usual ticket ofllecs. Reserved seals 9" Admission 91 Mr. ORAtT has the honor to announce the definitive clo?e of the Rubinstein Concerts and of the MUSICAL SEASON ot IfllB with a scries of seven Piano Recitals, to be given BY MR. ANTON RIIUNSTKIN, at STEIN WAY IIALL, ON THE AFTERNOONS OF MOVTUY, May 12; WEDNESDAY, May 14; FRIDAY, May 16; SATURDAY May lY; MONDAY, May 19; TUKSDAY, Viiy JO, and on the EVENING of Till RSDAY, May 22. These recitals are given as a fitting close to the great series ot Rubinstein's Concert*, the most successful .artis tically and pecuniarily, ever known in the I'nited States. THE PROGRAMMES present an epitome ot t ne ureal Piano Music?commencing wrtfi the elder Bach and end ing with Rubinstein. To the student and virtuoso they niu?t prove as invaluable as a complete gallery to the sculptor or painter, affording, as they do, the liest illus tration of each school ol classic music and teeming with opportunities for instructive study. THESE PROGRAMMES (which can be had at the bo* office of Steinway Hall and principal music stores) servo to illustrate the vast knowledge and exorcise the unrl valicd executive ability of MR. ANTON RUBINSTEIN. PROGRAMME FOR THE FIRST RECITAL, TO-MORROW (MONDAY), MAY 12, AT 2. Preludes et Fugnes of a "Well-tempered Piano"..!. S. Bach J- 8. Bach Fantalsie Chromatioua J- S. Bach Rondo, edition of Hans von Billow I'h. Em. Bach Air ami \ anations (D minor), Handel Glgne (A major) Handel Air and Variations <K major) Handel Andante et Variations Haydn cat's Fugue (Sonata; Scarlatti KantaUtc <c minor) Mozart Glgun 10 major) ..Mozart Rondo (A minon Mozart A la Tur:a Sonata (A inaior) Mozart pAUL FALK'S T1V^>LI(4 Eighth itreet, between second and Third avena'% THIS EVENING, Gran 1 Sacred Concert. Twenty-five of the best Musicians. Conductor. Mr. AUG RAHBKLEN. Admission 2S cents. NELBE SEYMOUR, THE FAVORITB ETHIOPIAN Comedian, takes his Annual Benefit at BRYAXl'li OPERA HOU8B, on Thursday afternoon, May 1& LOUIS DURR'H GALLERY OF PAINTINGS, IN THB German Savings Bank Building. wUl pesittvai/ clow Mvuday. ABuaamaTB. ruBATua oomiv BM 614 BROADWAT. BROADWAY. 514 BROADWAY.. THEATRE CO MI OUR. TIIKATRR COMlOHH. THRATRB OOMIQUB. MB. JOSH. [TART Lessee fend Proprietor MB JOHN e POOLE Business Manager THEATRE THEATRR THKATKB TilBATRB THKATKB THEATRE THKATBB TIIKATRR THBATKB TIIKATRR TIIKATRR

THKAKTR TH KATItB BROAUWAV. 514 OOMIQUE. ? OOMI( UB. OOMK, UK OOMK UK. OOMH, UB. COMIQI a JUB. COMIQI ooMiuya. dmiqiTbl OOHltjUK. COM I OUMIU OOM1UUK. UB. COM I TIIKATItK COMiyUK. THKATKB OoMKjUB. TOR TUB WEEK COMMUNCiNG MONDAY, MAY I!. ENGAGEMENT IIXTRAORDINARY WITH THE MODERN PROTKUH. THE MODERN PROTKUH, THE MODERN PROTBUS, JOHN THOMPSON, -NEW YORK -FAVORITb -VERSATILE ARTIST. COMEDIAN AUTHOR ACTOR MUSICIAN? MIMIO COMPOSER VOCALIST? AND DANCBB -COMEDIAN AUTHOR ACTOR ?MUSICIAN MIMIO -COMPOSER ? VOCALIST AND ON HAND. joiiN jomn JOHN JOIIN JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN TO UN JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN JOIIN JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN 4> THOMPSON. THOMPSON, THOMPSON THOMPSON, THOMPSON, THOMPSON, THOMPSON, THOMPSON, THOMPSON, THOMPSON, THOMPSON, THOMPSON, THOMPSON, THOMPSON, THOMSPON, THOMPSON. THOMPSON. THOMPSON, THOMPSON, THOMPSON, THOMPSON, THOMPSON, THOMPSON, THOMPSON, THOMPSON. THOMPSON, THOMPSON* THOMPSON, THOMPSON, THOMPSON, THOM PSON, THOMPSON, THOMPSON, THOMPSON, THOMPSON, ENGAGED ESPECIALLY TO APPEAR IN HIS WORLD-FAMED SENSATION, ON HAND, ON HAND, ON HAND, In which he plays NINE ON HAND, | ON HAND, ON HAN D, ON HAND, NINE DIFFERENT CHARACTERS, and PERFORMS SOLOS UPON -TWENTY-ONE -TWENTY-ONE -TWENTY-ONE DIFFERENT MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, and execute* * NUMEROUS SONOS AND DANCES. NUMEROUS SONGS AND DANCES. NINE DIFFERENT CHARACTERS. TWENTY-ONE DIFFERENT INSTRUMENTS. NUMEROUS SONOS AND DANCES. ALL NEW AND ORIGINAL. ALL NEW AND ORIGINAL. ALL NEW AND OK1QINAL. WORDS AND MUSIC l)Y HIMSELF, Receiving tor his performances THE LARGEST SALARY BVKR PAID TO ANY LIVING ARTIST IN HIS LINE. Til. >-$100 FOR EACH PERFORMANCE, $1,601) PER WEEK. $1,600 PER WBEK. FOR ONE WEEK. MR. JOHN THOMPSON, in his original Specialty Drama, ON HAND; ON HAND; OR, TRUE TO THE LAST. The moot powerful. Interesting and successful sensational drama ever writleu, ON HAND, ON HAND, in the course of which Mr. Thompson will represent the characteristics of nil nations, trom the dashing American to the phlegmatic German, from the dancing Ethiopian to the heathen Chinee, interspersed with char acter songs, dances and instrumental solos, la which he is without any rival in the world. JACK NORTON, ) MOLLIE McGORMLEY, JACOB HANSMULLEK, ALL BILL RUSTER, j BY 8HANO HI, I MR. JOSEPHU9 ORANGEBLOSSOM, I JOHN MOSES LEVI COHEN, I THOMPSON. ANTONIO GARIBALDI. | MR. 8COWBNUOVKN. J NINE DIFFERENT CHARACTERS. John Harbison Mr. W. H. Mitchell Bloodgood Mr. J. S. Crossln Charles Norton Mr. J. C. Ituckley John James Snaggles Mr. A. C Morelana Mr. Norton? Mr. Jas. Ttghe Mr. Skinner, a lawyer Mr. W. J. Williams M. O. Blllyer, the African Mr. Thos. Devere Bounds, the policeman Mr. J. Lee Slivers, the newsboy Master Donnelly Lucy Harbison Miss Etnma Wilmot Gcorglna Norton Mist. Nellie Sandford Cel. stinc Miss Ida l^slle Miss Dusseldorf Miss May Pliair Street Chararters, Concert Saloon Visitors. Ac. SYNOPSIS OF SCENERY AND INCIDENTS. ACT I. SCENE 1.?The nome of Wealth. The Will. Jack Dis inherited. The Loving lister and Relentless Father. An unexpected Reception. Proteus Begins the Work. John James Snaggles trom Hold Hinslauu. Arrival of Moille McGormly irotn the Emerald Isle. The Lamb in the Em brace ol the Wolf. SCENE 2.?Bloodgood Skirmishing. Snaggles Skedad dles. The Tempter Again. Jacob ftansmtillrr In Trouble, "Come Oud Side Cut Gick Me Oud." Jacob Goia a Situa ''scBNE 3.?'The Club Boom. The Tigers at Work. Jack In tho Lion's Den. "If I'uie in de way, Just say so." A Game of Cards. Put I'p Job. "I've got four?what's this, kings I" The Tables Turned. Tableaux. SCENE 4.?A Street in New York. How a Nowsbsy Fools a Flunkey. Harbison and His Dupe. An Uproar In the Street The Heathen Chinee. "Me No Likce Melican Man." SCENE J ?The Concert Saloon. An Undergronnd Palace. The Evidence Accumulating. A Whole Band in One Man. The Discarded Wife. 'Silence, or This Kntle I" "Help! Help!" Viiiany Defeated. ACT III. SCENE 1.?Snaggles on a Flare Up. A Fiendish Plot The Old Clothes Dealer. Bow to Sell a Coat Better as New. Sold Again and Got the Money. Jack On tho Track. Look Out for Squalls. SCENE 2.?turret of a Tenement n^use. The Italian Orcan Grinder. Home on Fire and Destruction ot Uie Inmates (being a terrible realistic scene), ' SCENB The Monster in Human Form. "Oh, Tickle He with a Feather." "I're an'Ole in My "Bad." "No, It'i only Mush." Snaggles Gets His llengllsh Hup. SCENB 4.?The Poisoned Father and Watchful Son. Caught in the Act Foiled, hut not Without Revenge. Death of Bloodgood. rack Forgiven. SCENE S.?Trackod. Justice Must he Dons. Jack's Pursuit of the Assassin. SCENE ?.?The Waterfall. Harbison's Fearfiit Attempt to Escape. The Death Struggle in me Raging Torrent. BkClUng Knife Fight Jack Triumphant uud on hand. WOTB.-The Piece will be produced with eatirolj new toeoery, furniture, appointments, Ac. MATINEES WEDNESDAY AND flATTJUDAf, MATINEES WhDNEsDAY AND SATURDAY. I MATINEES WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. MATINBKS WBDNESDAT AND BATORDAY. MATINBEH WBDNBSDAT AND BATURDAT. fi>TlSnM WMUJWMX AJU> UAglumtt. AHtmisMTBirrri. OLYMPIC THKATRB, ? _ ? BROADWAY* the Kknawleditd Hone of Pantomime. On.ibatcd success of the firth lL_ * OEOKGK L. POX'S HUMPTY DUMPTY flit countless admirers ot the "American Grlmalai. "See, Uiey come I See. they route I Bee how they ADDITIONAL ATTRAoWoH I ADDITIONAL ATTRAC TION I I MONDAY EVKNING, MAY IX first appearauce In Amcrio* jI AT. A. ALA. AI.A AI.A AIiA. ALA. ALA. AAL. ALA. ALA. ALA. ALA. The wonderful European Uymnsst, who will apiMotr in hi* startling (eat* ucver below per formed in till* country. M LI.IS. MOBLAOOUIt MLLE MOBLACCHll MLLE. MOBLACCHIl .... QORKN or TUB BALLET! QUEEN OP THE RALLETI Acknowledged by the ores* to l>e the uiost classic Hancer Men Tn America since the day* of Kanny Ellaior. Mile. MOitLACCHI will introduce a new Terpsichore? nS!fWfc*"ftW th? "Carnival of Venice." UNDIMINISHED POPULABITY OK TUB WILSON BROTHK RH THE established PAVORlTRSl TUB GYMNASTS ? . ? ? PAB EXCELLENCE I . Wonder, styled the "Coming Mozart," AMEKICUS, AMEKICUS, AMi.KIiMIS, whose astounding Violin Solos stamp him as the musical marvel of the nineteenth century WILLIAM AND UABKY JP.B, Champion Hat Spinners. Artists wlio so tar excel all competitors in their peculiar line as to plane them beyond comparison. Hear their musical melange on the BOI'K HAKMONICOIf, introduced into this county, and played upon only by them. THE RUSSIAN sextet THR RUSSIAN SEXTET will sing new English and Russian Melodies Mine. CHARLOTTE WINTEBBUKN Ui new and pleasing Ballads. Cli AS. W, the finest Harle<|Uia In America. Miss PANNIK BEAKK, the gracetul yoiinir Columbine. The Scenery, Music, Costumeu, Tricks, Mechanical Efforts and Transloriiiations are all new, und aro Identi cal with that style of excellence which has hitherto characterised the pantomimic productions of Mr. U. L. POX. Remember the Olympic Wednesday Matineea. Wednesday, at 2. Wednesday, at 2. Wednesday, at 1 Matinees on Saturday. Matinees on Saturday. Every night, at H. Every night, at Every night, at 8. Heats can fce secured at any hour, sit days in advance. OWEKY THEATRE. WILLI AM B. PBELKin. Manager. B " THE (JBEAT MUSICAL ARTISTES, TUB BEItRYS, POB SIX NIGHTS only, MONDAY, MAY 12, 1873, Will he prod need a now version of r\p VAN WINKLE, or, MY DOU SCHNEIDER. nip Van Winkle Mr Jake Retry Miuuio Van Winkle *Uj8 BeU? preceded liy a Musical Olio by the BEBR\S. The performance will commence with the exquisite farce, "OUR JKMIMY," us originally played by Mrs. Barney Williams. . Jeinlmy Miss Polly Bin>th Friday, May 16, annual ticket night, bouetit ot oflluers, ushers, doorkeepers and attaches. Saturday, benefitot the BERKYS. CufeA LIBRE, or, O'KELLY'S MISSION, a new drama, by Harry Seymour, lotiuded on the, recent ad features or a correapondeutot the New York lleialu, 1m in active proparatiou. N iblo'H GARDEN. AZRAEL. LULU. Lesscoaand Managers JarrettA I aimer. ENORMOUS success OK LULU AND THE NEW PANTOMIME. THE BEST ENTERTAINMENT IN THE city. AZRAEL, OB, THE MAUIC OllARM. A/.ICAEL. OR, THE MAGIC CHARM MAFFITT and BARTHOLEMEW... .Clown an 1'antalnon. THE T LULU. [ THE WONDROUS LULU. LULU. I TRIPLE FLIGHT LULU. LULU. LULU | SOM1-KSAULT THROUGH LULU. LULU. I It* SPACE. LULU. J MID A IB. THE MARVEL OF THE AGE. everything NEW IN THB PANTOMIME. 8CENEBY, MUSIC, COSTUMES, APPOINTMENTS. M ME. LANCES, MLLE'. PITTEBI, ? 20 CGBYPI1EES. 61) CORPS DE BALLET, IN THREk NEW BALLETS, DEMON BALLET, SCOTCH BALLET. BALLABILE. SUPERB transformation SCENE, most brilliant and gorgeous ever yet produced. MATINEES WEDNESDAY AND SATUBDAY, AT 1 _ NIBLO'S GARDEN. EXTBA. BENEFIT OP J. A. ZIMMERMAN. KENEFIT OF J. A. ZIMMERMAN, THURSDAY AFTERNOON, MAY 15, ATONE O'CLOCK. THURSDAY AFTERNOON, MAY IS, AT ONE O'CLOCK. a splendid Entertainment will be given by a host of artists, who, by permission of the various managers, have kindly voluuteored thetr valuable aid. LULU. LULU, THK SENSATION GYMNAST. Mile. AMALIA I'lTTKRI, JENNIE CARROLL Miss LAUKA JOYCE, Miss ELLEN MOBANT, LITTLE JENNIE YEAMANS. Mine. MABTRN, Moiis. MABTEN, MAFFITT and BARTHOLEMEW; OOFTY GOOFT, LING LOOK, Mons. CABBON AND SONS, Mr. EDWARD LAMB, MrW. BOARDS Mr. H. MONTGOMEltY, Mr. n. SCHOOLCRAFT, Mr. GEOBGB II. COES, Mr. J. LANG, | and many others will appear. . , Pull particulars and ptogramme will be found in papers of Wednesday and Thursday. Box office is uow open. Tony pastob's opeba house, an boweby THE GREAT I D. L. MORRIS. i DUTCU COMKDIAN, | D. D. MORBIS. The famous song and dance performers, ST. GEORGE AND GIBBONS. The now Oriental spectacular Burlesque, FORTY FEMALE JACK 81IEPPAKt>8. Grand Amazonian March by Thirty Young Ladles. THK BOWEBY CAN CAN, BY THE w6ndebful ZIG-ZAGS. THE BEAUTIFUL FEMALE MINSTREL SIXTEEN YOUNG AND TALENTED VOCALISTS. BILLY PASTOB AND BOSA LEE In a now duet ALL THE FAVOBITES IN A NEW PROGRAMME. ? MATINEES TUESDAY AND SATURDAY. Ladles admitted free on Friday evenings. AIM EE AT BROOKLYN ACADEMY. Close ef the most successful season of AIMEE PARISIAN OPERA BOUFFE. MONDAY, May 12?LA PERICHOLB. TUESDAY, May 13?LA GBAND DUCHESSE. I Seats for sale at the Academy and 114 Broadway, N. Y. 4 CADEMY OF MUSIC. FRIDAY, MAY IB. 1873, FABEWELL pebfobmance of the Alia I>KR OEHELLtiCHArT Comedy in feur acts, bv Bauernteldt General admission fl; Beserved Seats $1 extra: Boxes *8. S12 and $14. according to location. Tickets for sale at the box office ot the Germanla Thea tre, at Schirmer's music store and at the Theatre Ticket Office, 114 Broadway. CBNTBAL PABK GABDEN. j, JtQCHA CO, Proprietors OPENING OF CENTBAL PARK GABDEN, WEDNESDAY BNENING, MAY 14, AT B. with TUEODOBE THOMAS' unequalled SUMMER NIGHTS' CONCERTS. Pall particulars in future advertisements. ? ? Admission (10 cents. Packages containing 12 tickets, $1, are now to be obtained at the prfrtclual music stores, also at 285 Broadway and at Central Para Garden. MISS ANTOINETTE STEELING will give a BALLAD CONCEBT previous to her departure for Europe, at Irving nail, on Tuesday, May 13, at 8 P. M. She will be assisted by Miss Anna Mchllg: Miss Henrietta Beebe, Soprano; Miss Ma tilda Toedt, Violinist, ani the English Glee Club. Tickets, SI; reserved seats, $1 50. May be obtained at Schirmer's, 701 Broadway, and at the door on tho evening of the en tertainment. Mothers and fathebs, sisters and brothers, read "Aimez-vous la Musique?"?given awar at 92 Clinton place, WATSON'S Music Booms, or mailed post tree for ten centi. GEBMAN LIEDERKBANZ-31, S3 AND SS EAST Fourth street, Sunday. May 11.1373. at o'clock P. M. precisely, iourth and last Concert. Miss ANNA MEHLIG, piano; Madame CLARA PERL, alto; Mr. J. Graf, tenor; Mr. A. Solist. Barytone; Mr. F. Lotsch, trom bone. Admission lor non-members, if Introduced hy a member, ?l each. H. mobenthaL. Secretary. THE anniversary EXHIBITION OF THE NEW York Institution for the Blind, consisting of Vocal n"d Instrumental Music, Literary Exercises, Ae., will he held at Steinway Hall, on Wednesday Evening, May 14, l.i73, commoncing at 8 o'clock. Admission 24c. General kilpatbick, association hall, Wednesday evening, May 14. Subject?"The Ameri can Stump." Tickets to be had at Schirmer's, 701 Broad way, and Gurlcy's, under hull. Admission, SOcents. He served scatu, 75 rents. INJOTSONO^ND DANCE, JIG, CU)G AND IBISH Jig Dakclng taught; pupils fitted for the iifge; Banjos all prices. N. B ?Just issued "Bogan's Banjo Mannal," enabling the pupil to play tnnes at sight with out the least knowledge of music; price $5. JOHN J. BoGAN, 100 East Houston street, near Bowery. NIBLO'S GABDEN. . . . "Lulu Walt/.," played by the orchestra every night, price, with picture of Lulu, "7.1c ; "Nobody Knows Ah l Know." sung at Nlblo's by Miss Laura Joyce, 40c. ? 'Spray Mazurka," J. N. Pattison. 60c.; "The Star That Lights Mv Lover Home." sung at Bryant's, 35c.; to the Window," Bavman. 40c.; "Pity the Homeless One To-night," Pratt, 40c.; Phi Kappa f?J*ar^. Muller. We. Copies mailed. WM. A. PoND * CO.. Publishers, M7 Broadway ; branch .19 I'nlon^quaro. riARD.? PRIVATE MUSIC LB88OM8, PIAKO^OROAN, V/ Violin, Guitar, Uarp, Pinging, Harmonv. 92 i lflnton A fine aisortment of Fencing Ai.para tis and "oxing Gloves on hand and for sale ? oloiitl MONSTK1M /1LOWN SUITS TIOHTS. TRUNKS, SHIRTS, HOSE. 1/ aii sizes and colors, plain and striped, In worsted and cotton. Enclose AI?AM,'o , W Broi.lway. CJENOR ALBlSU, THE P. T. BABNUM OF HAVANA. and whose name and fame as a manager hove become world-wide, will arrive In a tew day? searching for notabilities fer his Theatre. These of the profession desirous of making a business engagement will obtain all the necessarg iniormation by calling upon J. Dl'BANp, 24 Broadway. _ BRYANT'S OPERA HOCSF., 2SI> STREET.?RXTRA MATINER on THURSDAY, May 15, 1873. Annual Benefit to Mr. NELSE SEYMOUR. A number of talented artists have kiadly volunteered, in coajuuctlou with the entire troupe of V BRYANT S MINSTRELS. To commence at 2 o'clock promptly. Evening trlegram. evening telegram. TWO CKNT8 TWG CENTS. SPEtUAL DESPATCHES SPECIAL DESPA T( 'H KS SPECIAL despatches SPECIAL DESPATCHES T'.VERY EVENING IN THE TELEGRAM, EVP, BY EVENING IN THE TELEGRAM, EVERY EVENING IN TUP. TKLBOBAM, LVEBy BVENING IN THE TBLBGKAM, AND ALL THK I AND ALfc THR I AND ALL THB AND ALL THB sci.mT tOCAL OF THB DAY P^EJJ J".*} JI* LOCAL NKWS OF THB DAY E?E?* S{'gf LOCAL NEWS OP THB DAY wvau ur uut u*1 W*** AWtrsBsncfiTs. 5TU AVENOB THEATRB?(CURTAIN RL>K* At m. m and 790 BROADWAY. ' Mi AOOTOTW IXA.LT Hole Law at an* KiU||f ItACT WTBKK ?r DIVOKOBI TUB QttEAT DRAMA OF SOCIETY. SATO KD AT, MAY IT, LAST ~MATIN EM of DIVORCBt Saturday tnorrr, MAT 17. 'LAST NIOHT OP DIVORCE. WEDNESDAY EVENING, May 14, BENEFIT of Miss LINDA DIETS. da\*idukDAT E7En:no' l9- BEHEPIT of Mr. W. TUESDAY NIGHT, MAT 20. FIRST PRODUCTION of ? novel Play of Powerful Emotional Character, entitled' MADBLEIN MORELI By Mr. AUOUSTIN DALY. based upon the latest and most tirllliant work or Dr. MOSE.Vl'il AL, of Vienna; to Se givon with the most elaborate surroundiugn and aa extraordinary east rytu AVENUE THEATRE. MONDAY EVENING. MAY 13, BENEFIT OP MR. GEORGE CLAKES, on which occasion lie will a'p^ar as ALFRED ADBl* ANSE in (lie .'At111 performance oi DivuKCa. QBAND OPERA BOUSE. E M VERY NIGHT AT 8. It CUABLES FECHTEB A3 M E M ONTB CBISTO. EC IIT E it ATINEB SATURDAY, AT HALF-PAST ONE. ^JREAT PERFORMANCE P THE SEASON, ECHTER'S MONTE CRISTO. CI RAND OPERA HOUSE.?COMMENOES AT ^ TO 8L r Mr. AUOUSTIN DALY Sole Lessee and Manager. Mr. CHARLES FECIITER as MONTE CRIST? EVERY NIGHT in the magnificent romantic Drama of MONTE CRISTO. Produced with Hie most elaborate and ingenious Scenio and Mechauical Illusions ever presented upon the Amer ican stage. Magnificent Scenery I Superb Costumesl Characters by Mr. CHARLES WHEATLEIGH, MIsa LIZZIE PRICE. Mr. J. B. STUDLBY, Mr. OHARLB4 LEOLERQ, Mr. B. T. RINGGOLD, Mr. J. W. JEN NINGS, Mr. C. J. ROCKWELL, Mr. M. GOLDEN, Mr. DORSEY OGDEN, Mr. CHAPMAN, Miss JOSEPHINB HENRY, Messrs. Meade, l'eakes. Pierce, Chapman. Bemes, Searle and others. OBAND FECHTER MATINEE SATURDAY. V Seats mav be secured for 20 (lavs in advance. Appli. cations by mail or telegraph, directed to the Manager, will be promptly attended to. Box office open trout 8 tUl 6 daily. OOD'S MUSE UN. DB FORREST. MONDAY EVENING, May 12, First Benefit of MlssGUSHIE DE FORREST. w AFTERNOON AT ?, Special tor MATIN KB PERFORMANCES. LAST TIMES of the Pantomimist and Actor, Mr. HERNANDEZ FOSTER, In his Sensation Drama, entitled JACK HAKKAWAY, JACK HAKKAWAY, replete with stirring Incidents and wonderful EFFECTS. EVENING AT 8, BENEFIT of the favorite Actress. Miss OU8SIE DB FORREST, who will have the honor of presenting the elegant Comedy of the HONEYMOON, concluding with the Drama of DICK TUBPIN AND TOM kino. TUESDAY EVENING, May 13. Joint Benefit of the Mlaset BELLE HO WITT and EMMA GRATTAN, WEDNESDAY EVENING, May 14, Benefit of Mr. T. W. KEENE. THURSDAY EVENING, May 16, Joint Benefit of Messrs. J. J. WALLACE and T. L. CONNOR. FBIDAY AFTERNOON and EVENING, May IB, Benefltof Superintendent WM. A. LILLIENDAHL. M RS. F. B. CONWAY'S BROOKLYN TI1EATBB. Repetition of the scusa'ion UNDER THE GASLIGHT, with all Its realistic scenery and wonderful effects. BRYANT'S OPERA HOUSE?TWENTY-THIRD ST.. between Sixth and Sevonth uvenues, near Booth's Theatre. Every evening at 8. Saturday Matineo at I. BRILLIANT success. CROWDED HOUSES. Genevieve do Bryant. My Old Dad. Can You Stand On Your Headt BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. BBYANT'S MINSTRELS. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. BBYANT'S MINSTRELS. FAMILY MATINEES Moving 1st of May. Banlo Comicalities Under de Gaslight EVERY SATURDAY AT I BRYANT'S OPERA HOUSE. EXTRA MATINEE. Annual benefit to MR. NELSE SEYMOUR, ON THURSDAY AFTERNOON, MAY 15, 1873. ' Volunteers and new attractions on this occasion. At 3 o'clock. At i o'clock. S~~TEINWAY HALL. FRIDAY EVENING," MAY 16, MLLE. LIEBHAST'S BENEFIT. MUe. LOUISE LTF.BHART has iTts t)9?V to announc* HER BENEFIT CONCERT ? for FRIDAY EVENING, MAY 16,187S, , when the following brilliant array of artists will ftp. Sear:? MR. ANTON RUBINSTEIN, llss ANNA MEHLTG (her last appearance in America): Mile. PAULINE CANISSA, Soprano; MUe. ANNA DBAS DIL, Contralto; Motis. EMILE SAURET, Violin Virtuono; Mr. H. MILLARD, Tenor, and Mile. LOUISE LIE B HART, Soprano. On this occasion will be performed for the first time by Mr. ANTON RUBINSTEIN aud Miss ANNA MEHLIG, SCHUMANN'S ANDANTE and variation s for twoplanoa. Reserved seats, J2. Can be hud on and alter TUESDAY MORNING, Mav 13. at usual ticket offices. WlLLlARDS. TAMMANY ASSEMBLY ROOOMS JTammativ Hall). ? HATCH FOR THE CHAMPIONSHIP OF AMERICA. THE DIAMOND CUE AND $1,000, on a Collender Standard BeTel Table, iietween CYRILLE DION AND MAURICE DALY, FRIDAY EVENING, MAY 16. On this occasion the hall will be arranged in the form of an amphitheatre, so that every one can witness the match without annoyance. Admission, SI; reserved seats, $1 SO. Doors open at 7 o'clock; game to commence at 8. t ?DEPOSITORY OF WONDER, SCIENCE AND ART. It M. HARTZ Proprietor CAUTION. A* several intending purchasers or my sncclaltles have found themselves in the wrong establishment owing to other parties making use of my name, I beg to inform the pualic that I have at present only one store, 850 Broadway, near Fourteenth street where I have for sale hundreds of articles for Birth day Presents and Home Amusements that cannot be procured elsewhere in tbe United States. ^ ... . ? CONJURING TRICKS from 50o. each. SPLENDID BOXES OF TRICKS, expressly to take to the counirv, St. >10. SI#, #-i>. $35. $36, $6". $125'. $150, with lull, explicit printed instructions. BEAUTIFUL SCIENTIFIC TOYS. instructive as well as amusing. BOXES OF APPARATUS Illustrating the xuiruces of ELECTRICITY, OPTICS, THE MAGNET. Ths most suitable presents In the world tor youth. Send a stamp for the new eight-page price list A beautiful 120-page, magnificently Illustrated Cata logue of CoDlunng Tricks will soon be ready. Bvenlng parties attended with magical performance. STEINWAY IIA LI/?PEL LEW. FAREWELL READINGS, Thursday evening, May U. J. M. BELLKW. Programme.?Part I?"Not Ashamed of His Trade," by Madison Morton; "BeIshazzar's Feast." Arnold; "Th? Glove and the Lions," Leigh Hunt; "The EutonswiU Election," Dickens. Interval of ten minute* Part n?"King Lear?'The Curse of Goneril," Shaks* peare; ' The Children," Dickens; "Battle of Fontenoy,'* Davis; "Maior Namtiv" Wllkle ColUns. Seats, $1, at SCHIRMBB'S. 114 Broadway, and the Half. NEW YORK MUSEUM OF ANATOMY, flltf BROAD* way, between Houston and Bleeckor streets,?Every one should visit the wonderful Museum; it Utult of every thing people should sec and understand. Lectures dally on "The Philosophy of Marriage." Those parties unabla to attend these Important lectures can have tliem for wnrileil oost free, 011 receipt of 23 cents, by addressing SECRETARY NEW YORK MUSEUM OF ANATOMY,CtS Broad way. New York. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN DESIROUS OF KNTER. Ing the dramatic profession can receive thorough Instruction by addressing F? station F. New York. OUIS DURR'S GALLERY OP PAINTINGS?OPKIC day and evening, in the building 01 the German Sav ings Bank. General Molfke's Portrait taken from Lie. by Professor Sch radar, to now on exhibition. ?arETROPOLITAN THEATRICAL AND SHOW PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, nEBALD BUILDING, BROADWAY AND "ANN STREET. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OP THEATRIC At* MINSTREL AND YARIETY CDW C.i??TANTL< Q*1u?qfc

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