Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 11, 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 11, 1873 Page 7
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FINANCIAL AND COMERCUL. A Bad Wind-Up to the Week in Wall Street. The Vienna Panic and Its Results in Europe and America. Advance of the Bank of England Rate to 5 Per Cent. GOLD EISES TO 118 3-8. An Excellent Bank Statement and Money Easier. STOCKS DOWN NOTWITHSTANDING Prices Decline from One to Two P8r Cent. The Surplus Reserve of the Banks $4,620,250. Wall Street, ) Saturday, May 10?e P. M. J On 'Change to-day cotton continued dull and un changed (or lots on the spot, while futures were in light request at a trine improvement. The receipts at the port to day foot up 6,883 bales. Flour was quiet and steady, wheat was firm for prime, but a shade easier for low gradea. Corn was barely steady. 4 TUB IMPORTS OF THB WEEK. The total Imports of foreign merchandise at the port of New York during the past week were $8,384,442, made up of $1,288,764 of dry goods and $6,100,688 of general merchandise. The Imports Ihe previous week were $0,970,387. The total since the beginning of the year Is $103,222,177, against (the equality will be noticed) $103,818,821 last year. THB COTTON MOVEMENT. The total receipts of cotton at all the ports for the past week were 43,770 bales, against 48,040 bales the previous week, making the total receipts since September l, 1872, 3,301,940 bales, against 2,000,400 bales last year?an increase in the present erop of 701,480 bales. The exports from ail the ports during the week were 67,068 bales, against 17,430 bales for the same period last year. The total exports for the expired portion of the cotton ' year are 2,224,970 bales, against 1,788,734 bales last year. The stock at all the ports is 384,013 bales, against 248,070 baleB In 1892. THB FOREIGN MARKET. The sensation in the foreign monetary advices by cable is the announcement that at a special meeting of the Bank of England Directors at noon to-day, the minimum of the discount rate was ralaed a further half per cent, to Ave per cent, a preparation very probably for the consequences of the reported panic in Vienna. So far as Wall Btreet information goes this panic appears to be greatly exaggerated, the excitement having been based upon no more ordinary incident than the failure of a stock-jobbing house, such as occurs in Wall street every other week, flowever, it has ?erved to cause more or less depression in Frankfort, Amsterdam and Berlin. In London, consols while heavy and dull remained steady, but United States bonds declined one-quarter per cent all around; Erie shares fell about ix per cent, and the new French loan declined to 3X per cent pre mium. The Bank of England lost ?160,000 dnrlng ihe day by the withdrawal of balances to that ex tent. MONEY EASY?FOREIGN EXCHANGE HIGHER. The money market opened fairly active at 7 per cent, owing to the agitation arising out of the Dews from Europe, but the supply at that rate proved more than equal to the demand, and the market gradually softened until money was offered freely at 6 per cent before the close of banking hours, while some transactions were reported at as low as 4 per cent. Mercantile paper was in fair request at 8 a 10 per cent discount for prime names, actual business being at the basis of f a 9 per cent. Foreign exchange was firmer on the news from London, and the leading drawers of sterling raised their rates to 109% for sight and 108\ for sixty day bills?the difference of 1% being the result of the advance of the Bank of England rate to 6 per cent. In actual business the difference was even a trifle more from the more liberal concession the drawers were willing to make upon sixty day than upon sight drafts. * THB BANK STATEMENT. The weekly statement of the associated banks while exceedingly favorable, the gain in surplus reserve being nearly two millions, making the total surplus over four and a half millions?con tinues reticent as to the real strength of the mone tary accumulation at this centre within the past week. The increase in deposits is less than seven millions, although the banks ought to show an in crease of nearly twice that amount, for there is Indisputable evidence that the receipts of currency during the past two weeks aggregated at least twenty millions of dollars. The discrepancy Is all the more notable as the loans have been expanded ?bout four millions, and the ordinary experience of the banking movement is that a loan in a majority of cases bocomes a deposit. The freedom the banks have shown in extending accommodation to borrowers Indicates their belief in an immediate mture of easy money. The Increase in legal tenders points to a steady fortification ?f the reserves from the further re ceipt of this kind of currency in the consign ments arriving from the interior, but THE GAIN IN SPECIE is not as large as would be inierred rrom the dis bursements of the Treasury during the week on ac count of May interest; but allowance must be made lor the fact that the statement is only an average of the six days. The statement compares with its predecessor of last week as follows Afriy 3. Mau 10 ??an> $270,720,120 $274,086,900 ? ? ? - 18,677,800 20,201,000 Circulation 27,604,400 27,62a 500 Deposits. 190,471,900 202,919100 Legal tenders 40,051,700 41)944,300 ?The changes being In detail as follows Increase In loans n*? .nn Increase in specie Escrease in circulation 2n ulvi crease in deposits [ ? Increase in legal tenders 1,892,000 An analysis of the above figures shows that the banks now hold $4,620,260 in excess of the reserve required by law, a gain for the week of 1,399,326. THE RAILROAD BOND8. rhe railroad bonds were firmer, with a large busi ness. Cleveland and Toledo sinking funds sold at 102 and Michigan Soutnern seconds at 9"\. Union Pa cific Incomes were higher and central Pacific firsts Bold at 103X. Boston, Hartford and Eries were ex ceptionally heavy, with sales at 38. The following were the bids at the cafl as amended by prices in ?nbsequent dealings S!ilor^<?nr,S-'?- 1* Tol lW?b litm, ex.... 9o ?ori F*11 ! *??,??? 87 To1 * w,b ??l< Ji* vll .\.ork 7>1#- 101 ot m, 1888 w IS! 'rtm, ?*iended...l01 Galena A Chicago ex... W ?, ?? l'*> chlc.R 1 *Pac 103X Jyi? vt* orris A Jmbcx l?t m..Wi 1 d 9H. Horrw * **?cx M m... W inMRiJ?? wlMni,,77-.M N J 1 outhcrn liim 7'?.. 7rt kiuri h88 05 'Wa Chic lit 5ih A Hu.S*.75 !"? i'itti KWiCJd m. ...10) lih a Kn! 'S PittoJ w 1 Chic 3(1 m. 93 2 P. ^ W A C ft pc co tlx]. 98 r''L*?*_*?;?????? Cler A Pltucon sr..... 90 jrfch' N? it ?vVmUUn-,iii^ C,*V * ?Utt M ra itch hoiVt./???:? a** * '"??? i?r?.!2i* chic a Aitsr * A Tnl ?f? 1 ' P Si* Ch,c * Alt S f SL. Ibain&fcl 1 Lake Bbore div bda.... ?k ft Loota A Iron M 1st.. ? Lake bhore con c *.'S Mil A BtV ntm,?'s,PD.I? Pac BH , ?* ?t'd Ma .... ?V Mil * ht Paul Vi. g, R D WV Weaterti latific bda M MA St P lit m, Lib D. 90 I'moil Pacific let m.... 8M4 M A Bt P lit m, 1 A MD. t4V I'moil Pacific . g 7'f... 74% MtStPUlm.CiM.. h3 I'uiou I ui itlc lnc lt'i.. 71 Chic A M11 litm MH Belleville A Bill lit, 8>i. 9$ Joliet A i hlc lit m Il? Alt tTcr U Intnl.. 98 Col, Cbic A InuClit.. H7>a Jit ATer II, 2d m pref.. *7V Col, Chic A Ind C2d... Alt A larH.idra inc . 78 Tol, P A W, K D W I hie A N W 11 100 Tol, P A W, 'W D 88V < hlc A |4 W int bda.... M Tol, Peo A * Id m 73 Chic A N W con IhIi. ... H9M Tol, P A W con 7'i 72 Chic A N W latni 99V Boat, H A Erie litra 7'a 37V Pel, luck twin m.. .101 Hoat H A Erie s'td SO Del, Lack A WestM m. 98 Ced Fa 11b A Min lit in.. 80 Dei, Lack A W ;'?cou..lU0 Bur.C HAM 7'a. lit, g.. 89 Till CITY BANK STOCKS. The following were tbe bids for the city bank snares:?New York, 136; Manhattan, 161; Mer chants', lie**; Mechanics', 138; Union, 130; America, 162; City, 256v; Pbenix, ioov; Trades men's, 164; Gallatin National, 119; Merchants' Ex change, eo; Commerce, 116; Mercantile, 130; Ameri can Exchange, 108; Bank of the Republic, 100; Bank oi North America, 102; Hanover, 106; Me tropoiitan, 134; Corn Exchange, 120; Continental, 80; St. Nicholas, lio; Park, 147X; New York Na tional Exchange. 00; Central National, 06; First National, 218: Fourth National, 110; Ninth Na tional, 104; Oriental, 166, Gold Exchange. 110; Bankers and Brokers' Association, 80; German American, 100. GOVERNMENTS STRONO. The rise in gold rendered tbe government list buoyant for the gold bearing issues, without im pairing the strength of the currency slxeB, tbe latter being held at 116. The improvement in the former description was aa much as V a V per cent, notwithstanding that the Lon don quotations declined v per cent. The following were tbe closing quota tions:?United States currency sixes, 116V a 116; do. sixes, 1881, registered, 118a 118V; do. do., coupon, 121V a 121V; do. flVe-twentles, registered, May and November, 116 a 116V; do. do., 1862, cou pon, do., 116 a 116V; do. do., 1864, do. do., 116 a 116V; do. do., 1866, do. do., 117V a 117V; do., 1867, registered, January and July, 118V a 118V; do. do., 1866, coupon, do., 118V a 118V; do. do., 1867, do. do., laovaiaov; do. do., 1808,do. do., 118V a 118V; do. ten-tortles, registered, lliv a 112; do. do., coupon, 113V a 114; do. fives of 1881, registered, 114V bid; do. do. do., coupon, 116 a 116V GOLD STRONG?117V A 118V. The consternation occasioned by the report of the panic in Vienna, the action of the BanK of England in raising the rate of discount to five per cent, the advance in foreign exchange, and, lastly, a number or vague rumors of a panic in Berlin, connpired to cause a jump in the price of gold from 117 V to 118V* The foreign bankers bought freely against the decline of our bonds in London (and doubtless In Austria and Germany), and the short interest was intimidated Into covering. Toward the close the feeling became calmer, but the reaction In the price of gold was only v per cent. The course of the market Is shown in the table 10 A. M 117 V IP. M. 118V 10 A. M 117V 1:13 P. M 118V 10:01 A. M 117 V 2 P. M 118V 10:41 A. M 118 2:48 P. M 118V 11 A. M 117V 2:66 P. M 118V 12 M 118V 3 P. M 118V' a 118V 12:67 P. M 118V In the gold loan market the rates ranged from 3 to 6 per cent lor carrying. The operations of the Gold Exchange Bank were as follows :? Gold cleared 160,864,000 Gold balances 1,787,610 Currency balances ?. 2,306,318 The Sub-Treasury paid out $236,000 on account of Interest and $2,800 on account of redeemed five twenties. THE SPECIE MOVEMENT. The European steamers sailing to-day took out $372,200 in silver. The total specie exports during the week and since the beginning of the year, as compared with previous years, have been as fol lows:? Total for the week $661,246 Previously reported 17,622,760 Total since January l, 1873 $18,074,006 Same time 1872 14,780,470 Same time 1871 28,026,202 Same time 1870 0,601,332 Same time i860 11,962,681 Same time 1868 20,486,411 STOCKS WEAK AND LOWER. Thg depression in tbe foreign markets and the several matters already enumerated as a (Tec ting tbe gold premium had a corresponding but reverse effect upon stocks, which declined 1 a 2 per cent, the wider extreme being reached In the case of Pacific Mall, which fell to 63. The easier tenor of tbe money market and the mvorable nature or the bank statement induced a rally early In the after* noon, but the Improvement was subsequently lost and the market left off at a decline to the lowest prices or the day. It now appears that the agree ment of consolidation between the New Jersey Central and Lackawanna companies has been mu tually dissolved, and both roads return to their original status, except that the New Jersey Central road is guaranteed a certain minimum amount of coal transportation during the ensuing five years. In the Southern State bonds the Tennessees were active at 81V a 82. Alabama eights brought 87. The Virginias and Mlssourls were steady and the South Carolinas dull. HIUHEST AND LOWE8T PRICES. The following table shows the highest and lowest prices of the principal stocks during the day :? Lowest. New York Central 101V 100V Erie 63V 63 Lake Shore 91 v 01V Wabash 60 V 60V Northwestern.. (No transactions.) Northwestern preierred (No transactions.) Rock Island 110 108V St. Paul 63 66V St. Paul preferred 73V 73V Ohio and Mississippi 43V 43 Union Pacific 32V 31V C., C. and 1.0 34V 33 Western Union Telegraph 86V 8?V Pacific Mall 66 53 in Philadelphia Reading and Pennsylvania were steady and unchanged. SALES AT THE NEW YOBK STOCK EXCHANGE. Saturday, May 10?10?I5 A. M. $1000 U S 6"i, c, '81 121V $15000US 5-20, c, '65.b C 119V 10000 Us 5-2U. c, '02, 1000 U 8 5-20, c. '67 120 Called bonds..... 117V 26000 uo be 120V 10 A. SI.?Before Call. 301) ghl Pac M SB Co... 56 . 1200 shs L 8 A M H RR. 91V 200 do 5?v 100 do c 91?. 8U0 do 54V 300 oo b3 91?i 400 do 54% 500 do 91% 100 do C 50, 10U do o3 i?V 100 do 54H S00 do C 91), 6l0 do 64V 100 do *3 91% 100 (to 55 100 do b3 91% 200 ao C 54V 200 do 91% 200 do b3 56 100 do 91V 100 do 54V 700 Chic A R I RR 110 100 do 54jJ '-MM do 109V 100 do C 54 C 800 do 109 600 do ?v 100 do s3 109V 600 do 54% loot, WAWRR s3 69V 400 do C 54V 3U0 Ohio A Miss RR.... 43? 100 do O 54', 500 do 43X 4?JO do 54k 200 ao C 4sS 400 (lo..... 54V 300 do c 43* 500 do 54?, 10J do 43?i 100 do 1)3 54% 100 do ...b3 4.1V 100 <lo C 64m 100 do 43V 1100 Weit fn Tel S#V 10" do i3 43% 300 do C 86V 200 do C 43V 32U0 do ?6V do 43V 600 do C 86V 300 do '. 43V 200 do 83 86% 400 do b3 43% 500 Un Pac RR 32V 20 do 43% 500 do 32 V SOU do S3 43% 2200 do 3.", 300 do 43% 1000 do 3J% 300 do 43'I 100 N YtAii R KR.. 101V SOOMAStPRR 58 600 do 101V 100 do C 57V 200 do b3 101% 100 do C 58 1100 do 101% 400 do 58 300 do IU1V 11*10, CAICRR 34%' 200 do. 101100 do 34 V 200 do 101V 200 do 34V 4u0 Erie RR 63V iOO do 34% "00 do 63V 200 do 34% 500 d? 1)3 6?V 4IW do 34 5W do s3 63% 200 do ?3 S1V 800 do 63V 300 do 34 5" 63 V SO" <>o 33 V '?*) do 1)3 68V '00 do MS W*) do 63V do 33V First Board?>10i30 A. M. $60C0Tenn 6'i, old 81V 100 ihs Pac M 88 Co. .c 53V J?" do 82 300 do 53V 10000 Alii 400 do 53?i J}? ?1V 700 do 6& 5? be 81V 6U) do 5SV 2251 V?d?S, 81* 600 do 54 S2S C.?P. 53 400 do 54% - .AJ- IS** 50 Am Mt; ex Co #8 wani . 97 SQ0 Harlem RR....bclW tuZZJJ?.0 1*' ,o. 100Panama RR be 115 2000 ffVSVV'w??-.-. loo If Tc'aHR?be 101$ 10U0Erie 4thYn... T 98K * Tk* a ?- b0 1000 Cler A Tol a f i!?* ht in! iuooopachRr7'?lit,t,M ? ^ ,uo do:.;;::;:::..3 ioi>j ^ g, t {u0!x KhvsfeiJ z* as %::~i }?? 1000 Tol A Wab lit m.. 962 loo do L 3000 T. PA Wilt, WD. 8b|2 200 Erie RH h? 1000 Wieh Bautb 3d m. 97? wo do KJ lim Mm A U. 1?t m 1IM . M* lUOOMor AKilatm... 1W 1000 ii... . looonorAEa2d...... *8V Soo So.'.. mmiim s* % ksez i no do IS LB* Mh RK .... louovrtw Acist... u*x 10UU ChiJk Alt 1st KMX 10U)C, C AVltInc.... 95 31000 C. C A I tVrt Wft 6000 chic A Mil law.. 73 100?B, HAE 1st ... 95 1000 B, C K A M lst.V is. 2UUU no w ^ 6 nhs Hanover Bunk. 7U)UnPacRK be 32V 33 Hank ol America.. ISo" jjJJJ 8 Continental Bunk.. 80 y) 10 Kourth Nat Bank.. 111ft 2(4, 30 Bank of Commerce 116V 100 400 Md Coal Co 24ft 200 do ....... 24y. 3u) Mar L'd A My ?00 do be 100 ao 1)30 14 1SOO West Un Tel....b c 86 400 200 200 1800 800 1700 900 soo 2900 2000 600 100 too 1110 7U0 300 000 300 300 1110 l-JOO 100 600 100 600 400 100 too 300 300 Pac M 88 Co. . . .b e WW 800 600 100 300 9<iO 700 600 100 600 300 iao 300 300 100 1U0 BOO 100 800 200 000 300 400 200 ;mo 100 200 (104000 P8 6-20, c. '6a, Called tiouiiB.... 1000 do 11754 "72 19?ll5 P. M. $IOJOO 08 B-20.C, '67.... 120V 9000 U? 6's, 10-40, r.... Ill;, IMtllO P. M.??Before Call. llOsha West Un Tel... 86V 300ahs N YC AH Kit.. 101ft do 83 80>4 400 do 03 101ft do 86ft 400 Krle UK 63ft 700 do 03 63ft 200 8:0 ltO do. 1300 do. 100 do. 100 do 400 do. 10UO do. 200 do. 900 do .. 1U0LBAMSKK C 91ft do 91ft 86V ... 80ft ... 86ft .83 86 ... 86 ... 86ft ... 86ft mi 100 100 1U0 4001'ac M 88 Co do 1)4 91ft do blO 91ft 600 200 200 300 600 100 830 lt/0 600 3U0 700 400 500 300 700 1200 200 600 300 2110 3u0 300 10U 600 100 N V C 4 11 R RK..t)3 lol. 100 Panama RR 114ft 30 uo 114ft 200 do 114 %H) U Pacific Kit 31ft 300 do 32 100 ao bS 32 1U0 UO 31ft 40U do 31V 100 do 31ft 1041C A K1HH 109V 200 do 109ft 600 do 109ft lUOPac RKof Mo....aS 46 lOOMilA 8tP RK 600 UO s3 100 do lOOOhiOAMKK do. do 1011 do 101* ao h3 lot* do 83 1U1 S& 67?3 43ft 43ft do s3 43V do bS 43ft 100 do 43V 100 do 03 43ft 2U0 do 43?, 1200 do b3 43ft 100 llan A StJo RK... 3aft SIM) Del, LA WKR 103ft 3lK) do 103?, 200 do 103 V luo C, C A 1 C it K... 03 33ft 33ft 33ft 33ft 33ft 33*4 8ft do. do. do., do., do., uo. do. do. 33ft 33ft 33ft Second Board?1 P. M. 62 shs Adams Ex 95ft 100sha Erie RR....alU 63ft 100 uo 96 300 do *3 63v 60 do 95ft 200 do 63 ft 100 Mar L'd A Mta. bc 600 West Un Tel. .u c.a3 200 2000 600 10U 300 900 200 do. 86 do ?60 85ft do 03 86 do 86 do 86ft .83 86 100 301) do 100 Del, LA WKR. 100 uo 300 I 63 .V 63 V 103ft 103ft 103 300 U Pac RR....b c.s3 31ft 300 do 31ft ?<IL 100 do e 3ift _ 100 do Sift 1000L8 A M b ltR..bc 91ft 600 do 1)3 31ft 100 ao b4 91ft 300 C A Rock I lu?V 200 do 03 91ft 1300 Pac M 8b Co.. .b c tuft &J0 30J luno 600 4011 1700 100 100 8U0 2U0 700 18U0 600 400 6U0 600 100 3O0 1600 do. do. flo. UO. 63ft 63ft 63ft 2uO 100 600 do. 100MA81PKK be do..: 109 V do 03 10i>ft 108 100 100 do 63V 700 do. do. do. do. do. do. ao. do. Uo. do. do. do. do. do. 63ft 63?, 63V 63ft 63 63ft 63 V 63ft 900 600 100 do. do. do. do. do. 6/ft 67 V 67 V 67 67V 67 do 03 67 100 H * St J RR 39ft 2oo ao be 39 100 do 38ft 200 Mor A Ex RR.. .be 93V 100 Ohio A M RR 0 c 43 !n 100 do 4.1?, 600 C,C A I C RR be 33V 63ft SIM ... . 63ft 000 1600 N Y C A 11 R....bc 101 100 2o(. fcrieRK be 63ft 200 1200 do 63V 600 uo. do. do. do. do. do. do. 33 33 33 33V 33 33ft 33ft !i to 3 P. M. $25000 US6-20,C.'66, n.. 118ft 1700 shs L 8 A M BRR,, 91>? 20000 U 8 5'B, 10-40, C... 114 800 do 91V loo ?!)? Con Coal 67 200 Panama RR 114 100N Y CA 11 R RR.... 101 200Uul'ai:KR 31V 200 do 83 100ft 900 do n3 31V 300 do loo;, 6oo ao sjo 3iv 3300 da.... 100ft 1400 do 31'4 600 do 100?, 300 Chic <fc Rock 1 RR. lo?ft 5oo West Un Tel 86ft 400 do ion 100 2700 loo 300 600 S'JO looO 300 do 2U00 900 100 1U0 200 200 200 900 20U 500 uo 83 86ft 100 uo 108ft ao 8&v 300 do 108V do 85ft 200 Mil A St P RR 67 " i. 100 200 200 100 4U) 100 300 200 ...83 86ft UO 86 Uo 1)3 86ft dp 85V do 03 8Jft 2i>0 Harlem KK 12b 200 Pacific Mail 8? Co. 53ft 66ft 66V ?'?ov 66ft 68ft do do. do. uo. Uo. uo. do do 53 do 63 do. do. do. do. do. uo 1)3 56V Uo 60'4

53ft H00 do 56?, 53 30.) B, II A E RK 3 63V 100 Olilo A M Kit 43'4 63?, 500 do 43 ft 63V ,uu 110 .... s3 43 63ft 800 do 43 63V 600 do 43ft 53', 100 N.I .Southern 34V 100 11 AM Jo KK 38ft 300 do 39 1600 Erie KK 03ft 8W) C, C A I C KK 600 UO 810 63 600 do *6 63 300 do 83 63 400 do 63ft 600 L8AM.-.KK 91V 600 Uo *3 91 '< 400 33 do ?3 33 do 03 33 do 33ft UO 33', do 33V <lo S3 ??3'j 91V 300 Pao RR ot MoV.V... 464 CLOSING PBICEB?3 O'CLOCK P. 11 Western Union. 85ft a 85ft X J Central 108 Lacku wanna. ..103 a 103V Kocklsland 108 V Adams Ex U5ft a n6 ht i'aul 56?, Pacific Mail.... 53 a 53ft tit Paul prut.... 73 X 1 Central...looft a 100V Wabasti 69V Erie 03 a t3ft Ohio A M 43 llarlcm 126 a 126ft Han A at jo.... 31 LaKu shore 91 a 91V Boston, 11 ii K.. 3 Union 1'aelnc.. 31 ft a 31V C, c * i U 33ft Nurtbwest'n pf?. 8ov a 67V a 106 u 108ft a 5<i?4 a 73ft a 69?, a 43V a 39 u 3ft a 33ft EUROPEAN MABKET3. London Mokft Markbt ? Lowno.v, May 10?2 P. M.?Con 8o I a cloned at 93V 'or money and 93', lor the account. United States five-twenty bonds, 1866'x, old, 91ft;l*i7's, ten-iortle*, 93ft; 89; new liven, 89V1 Railway Kliaren, 49. Consols opened at a 93V 'or money uii'l W-, tor the account tnlted states flTe-twenty bonds, I8fl5's, old, 92; 1967's, 94; ten torties, t9V. now nves, 89V, and Erie Railway >taur< a at 60. Paris Boubsb.?lVais, May 10?P. M.?Proneh rentes flat at 641. 20c. FiLtNicroBT Bodrsk.?KfUNBroBT, May 10.?United States five-twenty bonds, 95V for the issue of 1862. LtTKBrooL Cotton Mahcbt.?Livbrpooi, Mav 10?2 P. M.? Ol' the sales to-day 0,000 hales were American. The market is yulot and steady, sales, 10,000 bales, of which 1,000 were takeu fbr_ export und speculation. Bales <d from -aanah or Cliarleatoh, (felivt-rable May and Juue. at 8 3-likl. The market opened with iniddliu( uplands at Sftd. and middling Orleans at Sftd. Liverpool BRBAnsTurrs Markbt?Litebpool, May 10?2 P. M.?The uoarKet l? quiet Livbrpool Provisions Marbbt.?Livbbpool, May 10?2 P. M.? Lard, 40s. 3d. per cwt London Produck Marbbt?London, May 10.?The re duction of the ilutv on sugar causes a decline on that article; sale* have been mudu at 29s. 6d. a .Wa. per cwt. for No. 12 Dutch standard, on the spot Tallow, 43s. 6d. per cwt. Refined petroleum, 14ftd. a I6d per nullon. i,? were taaeu lor expert anu speculation, aaic cotton shipped trom Savannah or Charleston, April May.83id.; from same ports, May and June, at 8ftd; I New Orleans April and May, at 9d ; and from Savai FINANCIAL.. August belmont a co.. Bankers, 19 and 21 Nassau street issue Travellers' Credits, available in all parta of the world, through the Messra. DE pOTHSCHILD and their correapondento. Also Commercial Credits and tolcgraphic transfers of money on California, Europe and Havana. A? LAP8LEY A BAZLEY, 74 BROADWAY, BROKERS ? In stock and Gold Privileges ? $100 tor put or call for 100 shares, 9126, lor 160,000, gold; first class names. Explanatory circular, with practical illustrationa and references, mailed to any address. LaRoY AMOUNT or MOMMY TO LOAN-ON Bond and Mortgage; first and aecond Mortgages caahed ; city property only. 8. FRK1DENRICH A Co., 906 and wh Tnird avenue. AT REASONABLE RATES-MONEY ON LIFE AND Endowment Insurance Policlea, Mortgages and other Securities. Uisarances of all kinds effected with boat companies. J. J. HABR1CH A CO.. 117 Broadway. A?TRUST MONKY JUST PAID IN TO LOAN AND . buy Mortgages on City Real Estate, In sum* to suit; mo bonua. Address TRUSTEE, box 2,681 Post office, N.?Y A 1 STOCK-AND GOLD PRIVILEGES. A1 Parties wishing to speculate can do so aafrly and with small capital by buying privileges. Write or call on HA8KIN8 A BRAfNK, Brokers, II Broad (tfMU Ex rUMltrr cfrcuUr* mailed en appUcaUoo. VlHANCUIi. TTrESPKCTABLE YOUNG LADY, IN FINANCIAL A difficulties. wishes to meat with ? r?rt^ wjto^wouhl assist her on good security. Address nECURITY, at fcast Two 11 thstreel LAUY OK HIGHEST RESPECTABILITY, BEING in reduced circumstances. wishes to meet with nomv one who woul<l kindly advance a small loan, to be repaid monthly. Address It. L, Herald Uptown Branch offlca. A "X" oil "real eA.Ute. wVh? umlan*n?wntJi> ^ang^or^?yin^ritJ^'ro^pert^UK^itl^ii>ortK?8?rt.^^ #?Aiurnni KTiiCKH AND GOLD BOUGHT AND SOLD ( j^vn^in? rkIns by BUO?JDYOUNG, member New York Stock ai>(1 ^old Exchanges, office 18 New at., New VarlL_ /I O DAHLGRKN A CO. HAVE REMOVED TO CON. I tinental Building, 20 Nassau street. where nil com munications mutt be addressed. Cap ita 1 Pr.Veral nannies; goods loan* and mortgages in city and several st^e? negotiated; railroad! contracted Jor ?u<l ' suppiei furnished; Investment* tor cap'UliiJtt. Refer eiices Messrs Verinllyo A Co.. President Bank HUte or New iTj-k President Merchants' Bank, Prc?ldent Kourth Natloua President Real Estate Trust Company and many otyrs. FOR SALt CHEAP KOR CASH, OR WILL .TRADE lor meniandiao or WesU-rn lands, a lew hundred Share* capita Btock of a completed railroad, running east and west, ? the State of Illinois. Address, lor two weeks, J. D. U.,uerald offlce. FOR SALE-TH.rk $8,(100 KIRST MORTGAGES, ON Kulton street Nure property (Brooklyn), valued at ! IAO.OOO. Also wanted ko),000 on Commercial Paper and Aortgages., w,.rth $lK,ui)0; also $100,000 worth small Mortgages for sale. Llberul discount* and bonufc JACOB V. D. WYCKOfv 64 and 68 Broadway, or J87 Kulton street, Brooklyn, Vntll 8 P. M. 1."M)R SA1.E AT ONi'R -Ar $21,000, $I4,.W, $6.<?W ' 14,800, gilt edge Secom. Mortgages; this city ; good locations', principals ouly. Address, promptly. OWN KB, box 1W Horald offlie. ? For sale-$is,o.o, $&ooo, $?,m $s,5Ufc $ and Klrst Mortgages, this cfiy, one to three years: property worth over double. Priihiiials only apply to J. B. LlQHTENSTElN, 18S Broadway TTOWES A MACY, BANKERS, 10 WALL STREET, NEW YORK, OKKER THE SAME FACILITIES TO DEPOSITORS AS INCORPORATED BtNKS, AND ALLOW INTEREBT ON DAILY BALANCES AT THE RATE OK KOUR PER CENT. OANS MA UK ON PROPERTY WITH OESPAVCII. l First and Second Mortgages bought and sold; time is money ; money on hand In sums to i-ult C. K. DEUTSCll A CO., 2S6 Broadway. PROMPT CASH LOANS ON STOCKS. LIKE POLICIES, Furniture, Pianos, Diamonds and General Merchan dise; Commercial Paper negotiated; Storage. JAMH.S CAllNEY. Auctioneer, Beal Estate aud Loan Broker, S31 Hudson stroet _ ______ TO CAPITALISTS.?ANY PERSON JOINING ME, with $5,000, Is positive to make a large fortune In the stocks operation : best references ottered. Address IN TEGH1TY, Herald offlce. TO CAPITALISTS -ONE OK THE BEST UTA H SI li ve r Mines for sale, developed by nearly 400 teetol shafts aud level, and now being worked. Address B. W.. box 4,233 Post offlce. UNION LOAN AND REAL ESTATE AGENCY, 288 Broadway C. K. DEUTSCH A CO raanagers. $1,000,000 por month to loan on first class New York city and Brooklyn Property and to buy First and Second Mortgages. WANTED?RAILROAD SECURITIES, STATE. CITY and County Bonds Also, for sale, Iron alid steel Rails, bv WM. A. GUEST A CO., 17 Nassau street. ANTED-A BUILDING LOAN OK fSO.IK'O, IN FIRST class location. Apply to T. O.. room 22a, 120 Broad war, Equitable BuilHng. WANTED?$3,000. FOR ONE YEAR, A8 SKCOND mortgage on 30 city lots In Bayoniio City, New Jer sey; valuation $24,000; one first mortgage now on proper ty of $9,000; will pay a bonus of fSOtl Address or apply to F. W. ADAMS, 17? Broadway, New York. WANTED?$2,000 TO CARRY ON A MANUFACTUR tng buiitiiea?; a bonus of an equal amount will bo Jlven for a loan of six months; good security. Address G., Herald office. WANTED-IMMEDIATKLY, GOOD SECOND CITY Mortgages; Money paid within Ave days; rate 6 to 8 per cent, to cover be quick; principals. App ly to or ad dress J. B L1CUTKN8TK1N, 183 Broadway. 10 _ First Mortgage Railroad Bonds, Insurance, Gaslight, Bank and City Kailroad Stocks and Bonds; also other first class Investments tor sale at the lowest market rates by ALBERT H. NICHOLAY A CO., Stock Broker* and Auctioneers, 43 Pine street, New York. N. B.?Prime Investment a specialty for M years. dbr/irt WILL BE PAID FOR THE USE OF $1,800 for one year. Address SECURITY, box 144 Herald Uptown Branch office. ? CAA WANTKD-BY A PABTY HOLDINO A responsible position, for which a hand some bonus will be paid and arrangements made to re turn principal In regular monthly instalments; security good. Address A. A. B., Herald offlce. d?c nnn to loan on bond and mortgage JbO.UUU of first class city Propertv: no bonus re quired. C. 8. PECK A CO., 181 Filth avenue. <fcl t\ non TO $".?*? WANTED-AT IS PER alU.UUU cent; best eecnrlty. Address D. F., Herald Uptown Branch offlce, 1.20.') Broadway. -trust funds to loan in two ?]pO'l.l'U'or more sums, on Improved City Real Estate; no hrokera^echarged.^ ^ ^ ^ AO r /\rkfl TO LOAN ON MORTGAGE?NEW JpoD.UUU York cltv property : no bonu*; also $20,000 for Brooklyn Improved property only. U. L. GRANT. S3 Exchange place, rooms 11 and 12. <t?rn nrvo EXECUTOR'S money to loan-on JOU.Uuw city Property; also First and Second Mortgages promptly cashedXLL ^ n()W ? Plpc >treot dt?TK nnn TO loan-in VARIOUS bums, on Jp I O.UUU bond and mortgages on city real estate, without bonus. First and Second Mortgages purchased VICTOR FREUND, 171 Broadway. dn (inn TO loan on bond and mort ?lZO.UUU gage on city Propertv; Second Mort gages cashed at once. RICHARD V. HAKNfcTT, 111 Broadway, room I\ basement AOAA Ann TO LOAN-IN SUMS TO SUIT. WITH JpZU'M/UU out bonus; $100,000 to buy Mortgages; also money for Second and Leasehold Mortgages. PAUL P. TODD. 58 Liberty street. (hilAli AAA EXECUTOR'S FUND TO LOAN ON SoUU.UUU bond and mortgage on New York lm iiroved property. In sums from $8,000 to $25,(Wl11; only principals or their attorneys dealt with. No bonus re quired CALLENDER A LAURENCE, 30 Pine street. THE OCEANIC DISABLED. TO 20 PER CENT INVESTMENTS. Choice City and Country Bonds. She Bursts Her Cylinder ?nd Put* Bark to Port?-Excitement Among the Paa aengers Allayed?Poaalble Detention for Three or Four Uaya?The Accident Ills covered In Time?Detention of the Malta. The steamship Oceanl-% of the White Star Hoc, was advertised to sail yesterday afternoon. She had a very full complement of cabin passengers, numbering about one hundred and fllty, besides a few in the steerage. A great man; persons were assembled to see the vessel off, aud all was going on under the happiest ausplcei. Among the pas* sengera was Miss Emily Faithfull, who has been on a lecturing tour In this country. At three precisely the great ship moved out from the wharf and swung Into the stream amid great wav ing of handkerchiefs and sighs and tears, as usuaL All went well as the Oceanic steamed down the bay and passed out of the Narrows into the outer bay. When about two miles from Sandr Hook the Chief Engineer, Mr. 0. Watsou, reported that one of the cylinders had received some damage. Captain W. W. Kiddle, accompanied by the Chief Officer, J. W. Shackford, went down to the engine room and examined the cylinder. It was oue of lour which wero all in use at the time. On examina tion it was found that a crack had ex tended across the face of thtf cylin der, which itself is about two feet In diameter from run to rim, and that steam in small quantity was oozing through the break. The damage at the time appeared slight to the captain, and he determined to proceed on his voyage in spite of the flaw. The steamship was kept under headway all the time, and was rapidly approachlug th?? ocean. About fifteen minutes alter thetaief Engineer reported that the crack had extended and that steam was escaping In copious quantities. The Captain then again went down to the engine room, taking with him all the officers but t he fourth, and the cylinder was again examined, it was then perceived that the crack, wnlch at first appeared so insignificant, had widened, and tliat the steam was now escaping In great quantity. A consulta tion was Immediately held and It was decided to turn back aud make the port again. The lace of the cylinder Is made of cast iron, about six inches in thickness, and held together by a wrought Iron rim. The entire lace of the casting had broken open about one-sixteenth of an inch. It appears that this lace had been put on new at the last stoppage in Liverpool, and was thought to be in perfectly safe condition. The Oceanic immediately turned her head land wards again, and, ol course, the move caused no small excltemeni among the numerous passenger*. The Captain brought them together and Immedi ately explained the circumstances without any tergiversation, and the passengers were quieted. They generally expressed perfect conadence in the vessel and in the Captain. About seven o'clock the Oceanic again reaced the North Kiver and cast anchor opposite her wharf In the ?tream. A tender came alongside and took off a few of the passengers, among others Miss Falthtul). Tnis lady, however, will re-embark to-day. Before the passengers left the Captain In formed them tuat the ship would probably set sail again about half-past two P. M. to-day. He said, however, that If the cylinder could not be repaired, and that a new costing would be necesnitated, it would probably be not before Wednesday or Thursday that the vessel would be able to leave port. The passengers are unanimous In prais ing the officers for concealing the truth from them, though one of the passengers says thai me fret of a crack In the cylinder existing wa? known to the ofllceu be lore leaving, but (hat it was thought unimportant. The Oceanic ?ltht l*ara with the three other cylinders in working onl?r? bat the vetwcl would then be neccBsarily slow. No oassengere have withdrawn lroni the ship and It la probable she wUl start to-day with tierftiUcoui nlement on board. The main trouble will be in the Tact that the Oceanic In the mall boat aud that these will be neceaaarily detained. COMPTROLLER'S REGEIPT8. Comptroller Green report? the amount paid into the City Treasury on Saturday aB follown From l?e?, arrears of water rent* and $7,324 Krom na*eit?inenU on street opening* and iuiiiro>e menu hih! Interest ' Front arrears of ta*us and assessment*. Croton water rent*, interest, Ac J'r'I Krom water rent* ? ? J'rV; Krom market rents anil lees, Interest, Ac From City Marshal?license lees aud lines. ^ Total ?<>?.494 COMPTROLLER'S PAYMEHT8. Comptroller (ireen paid on Saturday?Employes In Department of Doclta. to May 3, J4.24U. Will pay on Monday?Small pipe men on Boulevard and Kingsbrldge road, to Mav 1, $3,ooo, and laborers on Croton Aqueduct maintenance at illgh Bridge aud reservoirs, to May l, $2,350. marriages and deaths. Married. Canton?Witiikrinoton.?On Thursday. May ft, by the Kev. I)r. Walker, William Canton to Jane M., daughter of the late William Witherlngtou, both ?'d?muh?D? Heart.?On Sunday. May 4, 1873, by the Rev. Father Hodwln, of St. Peter's church, Jer sey City, J. W. Dkmiaii, son of Daniel and Rebecca Demi ah. to MIsh BridoktDk Hkart, daughter of Michael aud Mary De Heart, of county Koscommou, lrKiiRRNRieicn?Bbringkr.?on Monday, April 28, 1873, at the residence of the bride s parents, by Kev. Dr. a Adler, Moheh Bhrknhmich to Hannah Kehinukr, both of this city. Hinnkkh?Goolry.?on Sunday, April 20, by the Rev. L. Haliinann, Joun D. Hinnbrs to Rosalie Cooley, n<5o Houlluc. . Kemmkr?Trkkkinhbr.?On Wednesday, April 30, by the Rev. James Mlllett, at hU residence, Mr. FETRR B. KKMMKR to MiBB SUSIB T. TREKFINUKR, all or this city. . ? O'Nkii amks.?At St. Teresa's Roman Catholic church, New York, on Wednesday, April 30, 187J, by the Rev. James Boyce, Mr. Jambs t. O Neil, of Brooklyn, to Miss H. Anoei.a Ameh, only daughter of Norman Ames, KHq., of New York. 1'anama Herald aud Star please copy. Ryan?Hay.?At St. Joseph's Roman Catholic church, on Wednesday, May 7, Mr. Jambs Ryan, of San Francisco* to Mrs. Dkhkaiia Hay, of New York. San Francisco Monitor and Call please copy. Whrlplbt?Ditrkin.?On Wednesday, April 30, 1873, by the Rev. John J. Brnuer, Joun Alfred Whelpley to Josephine, daughter of Dr. R. u. Durkin, ail of this city. Blrtb. ?Clendinen.?On Friday, May 0, at six o'clock P. M., the wile of Dr. Alexander Clendlnen of a son, Trubman Clbndinbn. Died. Aspinwall.?On Tuesday morning. May e. at 33 East Tenth street, John L. Aspinwall, aged 57 years. . . Notice of funeral hereafter. Atkins.?In Brooklyn, on Friday, May 9, Joshua atkins, In the 62d year of his age. .... The relatives ana friends of the family are invited to attend the funeral, lrom hlB late residence, 158 Montague street, on Monday, the 12tlx Inst., at ttir66 P M? Baldwin.?On Saturday, May 10, Robbrt How land, second son of Theodore and Agnes Baldwin, aged 8 years and 2 months. The relatives and friends or the family are re spectfully invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of his parents, 103 Adelplii street, Brook, lyn, on Monday, the 12th inst., at ten o'clock A. M. The remains will be taken to orange, N. J., lor interment. . __ . Barlacii.?At his residence, corner of Twenty rourth street and Seventh avenue, on Thursday, May 8, after a short aud severe Illness, Henry Barlacii, aged 60 years, 3 montlm and 4 days. The relatives and friends of the family, and also the officers and ex-officers of the Firth regiment: also the memlxn and ex-members or Company H or the bclore said reglmeut, N. Y. 8. N. O., aud also the members of Wittlager Fr. Bund; also the members of St. Paul's Lutheran church, are re spectfully invited to attend his luneral, on Sunday, the 11th Inst., at one o'clock P. M., at St. Paul b Lutheran church, corner ol Fifteenth street anu Sixth avenue. Barker.?At Tuckahoe, N. Y., on Friday, May 9, 1873, ot pneumonia, Mahala Barker. Notice of luneral herealter. Biawick.?On Thursday, May 8, after a short Illness, Francis John Beawick, a native of York shire. England. In the 37th year of his ago. The funeral will take place thlB day (Sunday), at one o'clock P. M., from the northeast corner of Thirty-fourth street and First avenue. Frlenda and relatives are requcBted to attend. Buchanan.?On Saturday, Mav 10. 1873, Freder ick William, youngest bob of Edward and Eliza Buchanan, aged 2 years and 5 months. The funeral will take place from the residence of his parents, 316 West Thirty-eighth street, on Sun day afternoon, May 11, at halt-past one o'clock. The relatives and friends of the family are re spectfully Invited to attend. . Callanan.?On Thursday, May 8, of diphtheria, John James, eldest son of Laurence J. and L. A. Callanan, aged 6 yearB and 8 months. . .. . The Iriends of the family arc respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of his pa rents, 41 Vesey street, on Sunday, May 11, at two o'clock precisely. _ .... CARNEY.?On Friday, May 9, Kate, Infant daugh ter ol Thomas and Annie Carney, aged 9 mouths alFunera|Hto take place this day (Sunday), May 11, at two o'clock P. M., lrnm the residence of her parents, 146 Monroe street. Casskdy.?At her residence, 345 East Thirty-third street, on Friday, April 9. after a long illness, Bridoet Carsedy, native of county Klldare, Ire land, aged 58 years. The friends of the family are respectrullv Invited to attend the inneral. this (Sunday) afternoon, at one o'clock precisely. Chamberlain.?on Friday, May 9, Joseph Cham berlain, aged 49 years. Relatives and friends are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, on Monday, May 12, at one o'clock, from Ills late residence, 663 Washington street CoNnrr.?At Florence, Italy, on Thursday, May 8, 1873, W. Harry Coniut, formerly or Brooklyn, late or Hlianghae and Hong Kong, China. creed.?Ou Friday, May 9, or scarlet rever, Jane D. Creed. ? Relatives and friends are invited to attend the runoral, lrom the First Reformed Dutch church, Joralemon street, Brooklyn, on Sunday, May 11, at three o'clock. ? De Lander.?On Saturday, May 10, amklia C., wire or William De iJinder, Jr., aged 44 years. The relatives and friends or the family, together with the members or Keystone Lodge, No. 236, F. and A. M., are respectrully Invited to attend her luneral from her late residence, 41 Mangin street, on Tuesday arternoon, May 13, at hair-past one o'clock. _ , .. Devlin.?On Friday, May 9, John Devlin, in the 43d year ol his age. The relatives and friends, also the members or Painters' Union No. 9, are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, this (Sunday) aTtemoon, at hair past two o'clock, lrom Ills late residence, 3s6 South Fourth street, Brooklyn, E. D. Dinan.?On Saturday, May 10, Thomas Francis. son ot John and Margaret Dlnan, aged 3 years and 26 days. .. .. , The friends of the family are resnectrulfr invited to attend the runeral from 140 Water street, ou Sunday, at two o'clock P. M. _ Donnelly.?In Brooklyn, on Thursday, May 8, suddenly, Michael Donnelly, at nls residence, 74 Huason avenue, in the 71st year of his age. The relatives and friends or the family are re spcstrully invited to attend the runeral, lrom the Church or the Assumption. York street, corner of Jay, on Monday morning, at nine o'clocs. Fitzpatrick.?On Saturday, May 10, 1873, John Fitzpatrick, a native or county Oavan, parish of Druraiane, town land or Drumbrohms, Ireland. The runeral will take place rrom the residence or John McGearaty, lloth street and Second avenue, on Monday, May 12, at one o'clock P. M., thence to Westchester Ccmetory lor Interment. Fleming.?on Saturday, May 10, Jane, wife or John Fleming, aged 33 years. Friends ol the family, also her brether-in-law, Patrick Hassett, are respectrully invited to attend the funeral, rrom her late residence, 482K Hudson street, at two o'clock P. M. Garry.?On Friday, May 9,1873, Thomas Francis, Infant son or Stephen and Lizzie A. Garry, aged 5 months and :6 days. Funeral will Uke pfaoe from thp residence or his parents, 36H Scammel street, at two o'clock. Gilbehtson.?On Saturday, May 10, Henry A. Gilmeutson, In the 4?th year of his age. The mends or the famiiv, also the members or Eureka Lodge, No. 243, F. ami A. M.. are l.c*Pj!Ct" fully Invited to attend the funeral, from W? late residence, Sixty-seventh street, between Boule vard and Tenth avenue, on Monday, nth instant, atEuREKAML0l>0!t. NO. 24.1, F. and A. M.-The mem bers are hereby notified to attencl an argent com lminirAtion at. Corinthian room, odd rellows Hail, ?j,rf?'?n?5fpoS?t5r fioi d?tfin ?On Wednesday, May 7, Rika gold stein', beloved wire of Lazarus Goldstein, aged 54 ^Funeral, from 219 East Fiftieth street, on Sunday, Mav 11. at uine o'clock A. M. Gorman.?on Friday, May 9, Maruakkt Gorman, In rhe ?7th year or her age. The relatives and friends of the family and those of her sous. Michael Gorman and John Flynn, are invited to attend the funeral, from her late resi dence, 30V Madison Htceet, on Sunday, Mav 11. at one o'clock P. M. Her remains will be interred In Calvary Cemetery. grant, -on Saturday, May 10, at her residence, 21 Atlantic avenue. Brooklyn, Bridobt Grant, wire of George Grant, native of Kllrush, county Clare, Ireland, In the 50th year of her age. The funeral will take place on Monday. Mav 12. J?' Th*frten<la Ot the family arg respectfully Invited. Gray.?On Saturday morning. May 10. MatiIDA. wile of Zephenlus Gray. ^ ??T5?.It'?U.he* ?ntl fr,?nd8 arc respect fully Invited to attend the funeral, on Monday Mav 12 at two o'clock PH., from St. Mark's Method Ut KplwwU Church, West Thirty-fifth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. Ul???? Hallock?on Seventh day. loth Inst., at his resl dence, Golden's Bridge. Kobkht R. Hallocb in the Olst year of hi* age. ' " Relatives and friends of the family are respect fully Invited to attend the funeral, at Friends' Meeting House, Salem, on Third day (Tuesday). istn lnst., at eleven o'clock A. M. Carriages will meet the 8:30 train from Grand Central depot, New York, at Oolden's Undue. HAI'LKNBKCK.-On Friday, May 0, Effie !., wife of John L. Hanlenbeck, in the 42d year of her aire. Funeral services ou Monday, May 12, at two P. M., at the residence of her father, John R. K? malne, Academy street, Jersey City Heights. Hutchinson.?In Brooklyn, on Saturday, May 10 Maitib Louise. daughter of Mary K. and Henry Hutchinson, aged 8 years, 0 months nnd 27 days. Relatives and friends arc Invited to attend the fnneral, from the residence of her parents, 721 DeKalb avenue, near Marcy avenue, Brooklyn, ou Monday, May 12. at two P. M. Jones?-In Brooklyn, on Saturday, May 10 Thomas Inoham Jones, In the 66th year of nis age. Knapp.?On Friday, May 0, Frederick grant Knapp, Bon of the late Erastus and Eliza J. Knapp. aged 27 years, 8 months and 26 days. The relatives and friends of the family are re spectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Sunday, the llth Instant, at twelve M. from 187 Elizabeth street. Interment in Falrmount Cemetery, New ark, N. J. Lawkencb.?At Woodside, Long Island, on Friday, May 0, Sakaii Law kknck, In the 70th year of her age. Funeral from her late residence, Woodalde, Long Island, on Monday arterrioon, at two o'clock. l.oKKian.?At his residence, 35 Second avenue. John C. Lurk;an. In the 34th year of his age. For funeral arrangements see further notice. Lyons?On Saturday, May 10, Mary Ann Lyons. aged 16 years, 3 mouths and 27 aavs. The relatives aud iriends are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, on Monday, May 12,iat twelve o'clock, from the residence of her uncle, David Foley, 13 Peck slip. Lyons.?On Friday, May 9. John H., youngest son or jonu c. and Catharine Lyons, in the 14th year oi his age. Relatives and friends of the family, and of hlB uncles. John and Patrick Meara, are respectftiiiy Invited to atteud tho funeral, from the residence 01 his parents, 414 Kast Twentieth street, this (Sunday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Maukk.?On Saturday morning, May 10, Elixn, wife of John Magce, lu the 37th year of her age. Notice of funeral hereafter. MiNoa?At hair-past seven on Friday morning, May 0, Ferdinand Minos, aged 30 years. The relatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral, from the sexton's offlce, 361 Bieeckei street, this (Sunday) afternoon, at one o'clock? JOSEPH JACOBS and HENRI ESMAV. Minton.?Suddenly, on Thursday, May 8, at Chatham, N. J., in the 25th year of her age, Hklkn M., wife of Ouy Minton and only daughter of Henrj P. and Henrietta C. Day. The funeral services at half-past one P. M., on Monday, May 12, at the residence of her parents. Relatives and friends of the ramily are respect ruily invited to attend. Train leaves foot of bar clay street at eleven o'clock. Mihsbtt.?On Saturday, May 10, Mary, beloved wife or Patrick Mlssett and daughter of the late Daniel and Anne (Jiblln, natives of the town ol Sllgo, Ireland. The relatives and friends of the family are re spectfully requested to attend the funeral, from the residence of her husband, 73 Degraw Btreet, South Brooklyn, on Monday afternoon, at two o'clock. Her remalus will be taken to Flatbush for inter ment. Murdoch?On Friday, May 0, suddenly, Ann If., widow of Jamos J. Murdock, In the 66th year of her The relatives and friends are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from the Methodist Episco pal church, corner or Douglass street and Nostrand avenue, Brooklyn, on Monday, May 12, at ont o'clock P. M. Murpiiy.?On Thnrsday, May 8, 1873, James Mur phy, Sandy Hook pilot, arter a short Illness, In the 46th year or his age. Relatives and rrlends or the family are Invited to attend the funeral, from his late residence, 193 Nassau street, Brooklyn, on Sunday, May 11, at two o'clock P. M. Sandy Hook pilots are particularly requested to attend. Liverpool papers please copy. McDonnell.?On Thursday, May 8, at 99 Charltoo street, Maria, the beloved wife ol Henry McDon nell, aged 28 years. ? Her remains will be removed to Calvari Cemetery to-day (Sunday), at one P. M. McGowan.? On Friday morning, May 9, John Joseph McGowan, sou of Peter and Eliza McGowan. aged 2 years, 6 mouths and 24 days. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Sunday, May 11, at one P. M., from his parents' residence, 433 West Twenty sixth street, to Calvary Cemetery. McOkann.?On Friday, May 9, 1873, Mary Mo Grann, aged 68 years. Native of Ireland, parish of Drumland. county Cavan. The friends and acquaintances are respectfully In vited to attend her funeral, on Sunday, May 11, from St. Vincent's Hospital, corner West Eleventh street and Seventh avenue, at half past one o'clock pre cisely. * McKinnon.?Alexander McKinnon, at his late residence, leo Hall street. Friends and relatives are respectfnily invited to attend his funeral, on Monday, May 12, at three o'clock P. M. O'Bkibn.?ob Saturday, May 10. of diphtheria, Davip O'Bkibn, .aged 1 year, 10 months and 10 days. Notice of ftaneral in to-morrow's papers. O'Bkibn?On Saturday, May 10, Ellen O'Brien, aged 80 years, widow of William O'Brien, of Castle tonncll, county Llinerlck, Ireland. The runeral will take place from her late resi dence, No. 69 Main street, Brooklyn, on Mondar. May 12, at two o'clock P. M. precisely. PABHT.-On Saturday, May 10, Martin Pabst, la the 70th year of his age. The friends and relatives of the family, also the Inlted Brothers Lodge, No. 62, I. O. O. F.. are re spectfully Invited to attend the funeral, on Mon day afternoon, at two o'clock, from his ate resi dence, 136 Stanton street, corner or Norfolk. Tho remains will be taken to Greenwood Cemetery for interment. Putt.?Daniel Carpenter Lodge, No. 648, P. and A. M.?Brethren, you are hereby summoned to attend a special communication at the lodge rooms, on Sunday, May 11, at twelve o'clock ?liarp, lor the purpose or attending the runeral or our late brother Samuel Piatt. By order, w _ 0 BDOAR D. SMITH, Master. W. tv. Wood, Secretary. Mutual Lohoe, No. 57, 1. O. O. P.?Brethren?Yon are respectrully requested to meet at the Lodge Rooms. 182 Ilowerv, to-day, at twelve o'clock M. sharp, to pay the la*t tribute of respect to our late brother, Samuel J. Piatt. GEO. H. DILKs, N. O. Powell.?On Sundav, Mav 4, in Newport, R. I., arter a short Illness, Thomas Powell, in the 30th year of nis age son of winiam Powell, Olenmore, county Kilkenny, grandson of Thomas Whelan, Temnlemore, county Tlnperary, Ireland. Dublin and Newport (R. I.) papers please copy. Quick.?In lirooklvu, on Thursday, May 8, is73, at the residence or his brother, George Quic*. aged 30 years and 7 months. Melbourne papers please cop v. Radkk.? On Saturday morning. May 10, after a lingering illness, Okoroe Walter, eldest son of Lewis B. and Esther Amelia Rader, aged 10 years and 4 months. * l?,< Relatives and friends or the famllv are respect rully invited to atteud the funeral, rroni the resi dence of his parents, Fort Washington, on Monday. May 12, at eleven o'clock A. M. Carriages will be in waiting 011 arrival of 10:30 train from Thirtieth street, Hudson River Hallroad depot. Reody.? On Saturday morning, May 10, at nine 0 clock, Peter, youngest son of Peter and Mary Reddy, aged 6 months. * noon? as ?k? Pl?ce th?? (Sunday) after noon, at two o clock, rrom 642 East Ninth street. tend * frlend9 are respectrully invited to at Rooers.?At the residence of her brother-in-law PrtdE uJSW' Nanuet' K?cWland county, on 1 monyt/and U da% MAH R(HjltRd' affe0 09 'ear8? fnlJfiiw?' al2 Wends are invited to attend the e Church of the Messiah, corner oi Greene and Clermont avenues, on Monday. May 13L at two o'clock P. M. ^ At Plainfleld. N. J., on Satnrday, May lOu 1873, W illiam 8. Ro.m, In the 83d year of his age. Notice of runeral hereafter. Shea.?On Friday, May 9, of membrane crono. William H. Shea, son of John and the late Catha^ rlne shea, of Ballnasloe, Ireland, aged 4 years Friends of the family are respectiully Invited to attend the funeral, from 340 Vanbrunt street, cor o'clock pDlfc ,,rookly"' ou >SanUaJ- May 11, at two Thurston.-Maup otty, only daughter of James and I2 dafs? T,,UMton' uf Pneumonia, aged 2 years Funeral from the residence of her parents 318 w Lexington avenue, near Marcv Brooklyn, on Sun? day, May 11, at one o'clock P. M. Tullby.?On Saturday, May 10, Willy Ttllet and Marv*TuWey 10 ^ the 0nl> 800 * wBS at two o'cfocCkhrUtOPUCr 9trCet' ?D M?DUay' *? V arian.?On Prliay, May 9, of consumntlon. Mary E., wife of Isaac R. Varlan. ^ Notice of fuueral in to-morrow's papers. first Btreet, on Sunday afternoon, at one o'clock. Waite.?on Friday, May #, Catharine wir* ni John M. Waite, aged 34 years. w"e oj The luneral will take place from her ism mml. dence, m Front street, this (Sunday) alternoot at hair-past one 0 clock. ternooa, WioTON.-On, May 9. or cronn Rtrm.* months." 00 ?f J?Un A- ttn,i AS Relatives and rrlends of the famiiv /tally invited to attend the foner ?, on sund^i Notice of funerml hereafter. J

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