Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 12, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 12, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW Y WHOLE NO. 13,413. NEW YORK, MONDAY, I ORK HERALD. MAY 12, 1873.?TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENT& tiBECTMT FOE ADTEBT1SE18. JTOSBMEWTS?Nintb PAto-Foarth, filth and slr^ Col, LtTROLuGY^-t?*Lrni PAoa-Fourth column. IOLLIARDS>?Ninth Page?Second column. ioarders wantkd?Ninth Page?First column. WARD AND LODGING WANTED? ??iu Pai.e-First column. IBOOKLYN BBAL E8TATK FOR 8ALB?Second Page?First column. ?USIKBH8 OPPORTUNITIES?First Pack?Filth col IWSINESS NOTICES?Se v en t h pAOE-Slxth column. 3IQABS AND TOBACCO?Second Pack?Sixth column. 71TY REAL ESTATE FOR SALE-Seconb PAG^Flrit column. ILRRKS AND SALESMEN-Twelfth PAG*-Second column. SLOTHING?Twelfth Page?Sixth column. JOACHMEN AND GARDENERS-Twelfth Page-Kcc ?nd nnd third columns. JOABTWISE STEaMsIIIPS?Second Page-Sixth col umn. COPARTNERSHIPS?Eighth Page?Fourth column. JOUNTRY BOARD?Ninth Pauk?llrst and second col umns. DANCING ACADEMIES?Ninth Pai;k?Fifth Column. ?BNTISTRY?Ninth Page?Fourth column. DRY QOOD8?PiasT Page?Fifth and sixth column*. ?WELLING HOUSES TO LET, FURNISHED AND UN FURNISHED?Twelfth Page?Filth column. EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS?Second Page?Filth and ? ilxil) columns. ?TBS AND EABS?Ninth Page?Sixth column. EXCURSIONS?Second Page-Sixth column. FINANCIAL?Eighth Page?Kearth column. *OR SALE?Ninth Page?Thlra column. /VBN1SHED ROOMS AND AI'AKTMENTS TO LET? Twelfth Pace?Fitth and Sixth columns. J^nMITURE?Ninth Pack?Second column. 'BENCH ADVERTISEMENTS?Twelfth Page?Fourth column. ?BLP WANTED?FEMALES?Twelfth Page-First col nmn. ?BLP WANTED?MALES?Twelfth Page?Fourth col _ amn. ?CRSEs. CARRIAGES. Ac.? Fimt Pace?Second, third, fourth and fltth columns. ?OTKLS?Ninth Page?First column. lOUSES, ROOMS, Ac, WANTED?Twelptd Pagx Fonrth column. , l^RWCTION?h ighth 1'age?vizth column. iWWBTCITY. HOBOK EN, HUDSON CITY AND BER GEN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE-Second Page? Second column. NlWTH Page?Fifth column. '(4>AN OFFICES?Ninth Page?Third column. OUND_First Page?First column. MACHINERY?Ninth Pace?Third column. ?ARBLE MANTELS?Eighth Page?Sixth column. MEDICAL?Twelfth Page?Fourth columu. WLUNEBY AND DRESSMAKING?Filter Page?Fifth column. MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS?Tenth Pagb Sixth column. MUSICAL?Ninth Page?Sixth column. PBRSONAL? Fimt Pag*? First column. PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, AC.?Ninth Page?Fourth _ column. PROPOSALS?Ninth Pack?Third column. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED-FEMALES? Eleventh Page?Sixth column. ,PBOPBRTY OUT OF TllE city FOR SALE OR TO BENT?, econd Pack?Sccond End third column*. BBAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE?Second Page?Third column. RBAL F.STATE WANTED?Second Page?Third column. BEMOVaLS?Ninth Page?Fourth column. B&WARDS?First Page?First and second columns. ?ALES AT AUCTION?Second Page?Third, fourth and fifth columns. SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES?Eleventh Page? First, sccond, third, fourth, fltth and sixth columns. 0ITDATIONS WAN I ED?MALES?Twelfth Page?First and second columns. SPECIAL NOTICES?Fikst Page?Sccond column. I SPORTING-dogs, BIRDS, AC.-First Page?Second column. STALLIONS?First Page?Sccond column. STORAGE?Ninth Page?Third column. BUMMER RESORTS?Ninth I'agk?Sccond column. THE TRADES?Twelfth Page?Fourth column. THE TURP?First Page?Sccond column. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSE*?Twelfth Page Fifth column. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE? Second Page?Sixth column. VNFURNISnED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET Twelfth Page?Sixth column. WANTED TO PURCHASE?Twelfth Page?Sixth col umn. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET?Second Page?First column. YACHTS, STEAMBOATS, AC.?Fiaat Page?Filth col umn. [KKAM) H! A\( II ttpFlCI -l PTOWSI. ^ DVEBTISEMENTS FOR THE NEW yoke HERALD BgCBIVED AT THE BRANCH OFFICE, 1,266 BROADWAY. WEST SIDE, BETWEEN THIRTY-FIRST AND THIRTY SECOND 8TRBETS. ADVERTISEMENTS ARE RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M. ?ILL 9 P. M. ON WEER DAYS (SUNDAYS. 2 TILL 9 P. *.),AT OFFICE RATES. NO EXTRA CHARGE OF ANY KIND. PARIS AGENCY OF THE NEW YORK HERALD. J^JESSRS. KREMKR A CO., AMERICAN REGISTER, Have been appointed paris agents for the MEW YORK HERALD. THEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL ERS WITH COPIES OF THE HERALD, AND ALSO SINGLE NUMBERS OF THIS PAPER TO PARTIES REQUIRING THEM. PERSONAL. MP1IION?EVERYTHING IS SETTLED?MEET l eure Argylc bal masque to night 11 o'clock sharp. LAV1NIA. F? |R ADOPTION?A BEAUTIFUL FEMALE INFANT new born. Call at 164 East Tweaty-eighth street 'Indefinite?Saturday night, write to h. g. A A., Herald omce, giving address and making ap patatiaent PA M. a, WHO HAD APPOINTMENT WITn A GEN tleman at 4 Jo yesterday (Sunday) afternoon, corner i?xington avenue and street, will please call to-day for letter mailed yesterday. Advertiser will keep ap pointment to-day if weather Is favorable. TOHN MOONEY-EVERYTHING IS SETTLED! DO V you want to come home now? lam irolng to Call SEfjT.vL ,ske 7ou with Ine- If not write to WM. KBENAN, 96 Roosevelt street ? f ILLY-LET ME SEE YOU SOON; I AM GOING I -AJ away. L M. K. Rosy cheeks?please call at 101, three blocks below, and between same avenues. M. The paceage containing valuable papers left at a store in Vesey street has been received and the reward ready; and now. It the person who took the package will also return the money and checks that It contained, retaining enough tor a liberal reward, he will receive the thanks of the owners, who are in need, and telr best wishes that he mar obtain riches that endure wver. fjlHB DRESSMAKER WHO WOREED FOR FRENCH A Malvlna, on Thirteenth street, can see her by MUing at 116 West Thirty-flrst street. WILL THE LADY "WHO MET AN OLD FRIEND Saturday evening on Twenty-third street" commu nicate if consistent* 4TH AVENUE CAR 2 P. M.-PRKTTY BLACK EYES '? corner, near door; pearl "?pirals,'' buff kids, silk umbrella-two gentlemen op Mttte, on at Eighth street; both captivated. Addrcw. wltn circumstances, EITHER AND WHICH, box lai Herald Uptown Branch office. LOKT AM* Pdl'KD. Found?at the funeral of judge chase in front pew over desk. Setting of Breastpin and Tln *ype. The Under gave It to Dr. Tyng. ljWUND-TN A SEVENTH AVENUE CAR, SATURDAY x" afternoon, a Pockefbonk, which the owner can have ^ Proving property. Inquire oi M, L. ROUSE, :su3 West L?8T-?N THE 11TH INST., BLACK AND TAN DOG. nrTTirt ?2?!ifrif??niiWCrl I'le name of Prince. If scorned to ty East Houston street will be suitably re LOST?ON LEXINGTON AVENUE. BETWEEN Thirty-sixth and Forty seventh street., a Pearl Cross EieJ,n,l$?.r"l liberallv rewarded by returning tt to 131 East Thirty-sixth street " Lost?Russia leather side pocketbooic containing cards and other papers ot no uxe to the Bader. A suitable reward will be paid if returned to No SAstor place, up stairs. Lost-going from fifth avenue and thirty. third street to street terry and curs, 'Jersey City, a Basket, containing wenring apparel. A reward will be paid for Ita return to 60 East Thirty-second treat LOBT-ON FRIDAY EVENING, A WHITE. WOOLLY Poodle Dog. A liberal reward will be paid on re turning him to 657 Fifth avenue, corner Filtv-sccopd st. Lost?a black and tan terrier slut; had on a collar, with owner's name and residence. A lib ?ral reward will he paid on returning her to J. H. LOST-SATURDAY EVENING, A LADY'S GOLD Locket (black velvet ribbon attached), with portrait In enamel on outside, and containing the likeness of a fentleman, in going from Fourth avenue through wenty-third street, up Hroadwav to 'twenty-eighth SP'?',\ ~ suitable reward will be given tor Its return to So East Twenty-thlrd street. KKW A ItDK, R.?uWA,R~STJ_ ON FRIDAY EVENING. m or going to and I'mm. a trii* TsSlHiJ T Dnder W|H please leave It at East Twenty-fifth street and receive reward ? 90 ? '."J . } aIXTH AVENUE. NEAR * /v?" ? ?ur wV"k" a8"' ? "I""11 Ks wnlniaux dog named >lc ; color while, with ? tlngr of ImiIT on his back. Return him to 244 West Twelfth street and receive reward; no questions asked. Aon REWARD-WATCH LOST, ON MAY 1; OOLD open cylinder; no name; No. 7.7<J9. The above reward will be paid and no questions nsked at the leweirv establishment of THOMAS K1RKPATRICK corner'^ Broadway and Nineteenth street ^ corner oi LADIES' RED LEATHER POCKETB.'IOK CON. talnlng about S17 In bills and currency, some'foreign ?ad United States silver colas and other articles of no Medal valne: loet between 80 Willoughby street and the Mercantile Library, on Friday afternoon. A suitable re ward will be paid for its retura at the Mar can til* Library. WBBtafM street. ftMUra. _ REWARD*. itAA REWARD AND MO QUESTIONS ASKED? iPiJUW Kor information leading to the recovery of articles taken from 2)0 Kosciusko street, Brooklyn, on Tuesday, May 6. 8PUCIAI1 NOT1CB8. American dramatic fund association.?an nual election ot officers Monday, May 12. Associates are invl'ed to meet at the otH< e, 842 Broadway, at 1 o'clock P. M., lor reading of annual report, Ac. Poll opena at 2 o'clock P. M? clone* at 4 o'clock P. M. CHARLES ST. BERNARD, SecreUry A. D. P. A. A?HERALD BRANCH OFFICE, BROOKLYN, ? corner ol Fulton avenue and Hoerniu street Open trom t? A. M. to 9 P. M. On Sunday from :Uot*P. M. American cheap transportation associa tion.?A New York branch organisation in ia course ot formation. Persons willing to work and spt nd in this cause send address to HuRACE H. DAY, #1 Liberty street. New York. BOSS HORSKSHOERS WILL HOLD A MASS meeting, Monday evening, 3U7 Third avenue. All members are requested to be punctual In attendance. By order of the President. C1ARPENTERS.?TO THE MEMBERS OK TI1E AMAL ) gamated Society of Carpenters and Joiners?You are requested to attend a special meeting, at MunzliiKer'a Hall. 147 West Thiriv-second street, this (Monday) even mg.-hayl*. at 8 ,,'ctock P?'?"fiKA&H? OFFICERS."' R. 8. 8. FITCH'S HF.ART CORRECTOR KOR SALE at 714 Broadway, and by all llrst class druggists. D 0 ELECTION.-NOTICE 18 HEREBY (JIVKN THAT AN election will be held at the office ot the New York Bridge Company, No. 21 Water street, in the city of Brooklyn, on Monday, the 2d day 01 June uext, at 12 o'clock noon ot that day. for flileen directors ol said company, for the then ensuing year, and lor two Inspec tors of election tor 1874. The transfer books will bo closed ftoin Mav 3 to June S, 1875 Dated May 2, 1873. worn ? HJJNKY C. MURPHY, President. 0. P. Qpiwtabp, Secretary. FREE DISPENSARY FOR D1SEA ES OF THE throat and chest, 227 Fifth street, between Second and Third avenues. Open on Mondav, Wednesday, Fri day and Saturday, from 2 to 4 o'clock P. M. Havana and rhntucky lotteries.-prizes cashed; circulars sent free. JOSEPH BATES A CO., 71 Broadway, New York, room 31, first floor. NEW YORK ORPHAN ASYLUM.?THE SIXTY-SEV enth Anniversary of the Orphan Asylum Society in the cltv ol New York will be held at the Asylum, Scven ty-tourth street and Boulevard, on Tuesday, May 13, at 2 o'clock P. M. The aunual report will be road and un ad dress delivered by Rev. Dr. Morgan. Subscriptions be come due at that time. Nose machine.?a contrivance, w.iich Ap plied to the nose tor an hour daily, go directs the soft cartilage ot which the member consists that an ill-form ed nose is quickly shaped to perfection. Sent by pattern, post, tor ? ALEXANDER HOSs, 248 High Holhorn, London. FFICIAL 1 > RAW I NOn KKNlUi KY STATE LOTTERIES. KENTUCKY?EXTRA CLASS MO. 321?HAT 10, 1873. 12, 63, S3, 7, 16, 27, 41. 40. 46. 1, 96, 70. KENTUCKY-CLASS KO. 322?MAY 10, 1873. 61, 76. 33. 16, 2, 61, 8, 74, 40, 64. 62, SO. SIMMONS A CO., Manager*, Covington, Ky. SHELBY COLLEGE?EXTRA CLASS NO. 221?MAY 10, 1S73. 38, 36, 68, 22, 9, 14, 31. 68. 46, 11, 60, 37. SDELBY COLLEGE?CI.ASS HO. 222?MAY 10, 1873. 61, 23, 11. 48. 72, 18, 60. 49, 36, fii. 2<i, 63. SMITH A CO., Managers, Covington, Ky. J. CLb'TE, Broker, 206 Broadway. Post office box 4,909. Royal Havana lottery. Royal Saxon Government Lottery. Brunswick Government Lottery. City ol Hamburg Lottery. Prizes cashed ana information given. THEODOR ZSOHOCH, Post office box 6.060. 116 Nassau strcut. Royal Havana lottery of cuba.-pros pectus for H73 now ready. Address GEORGE UP HAM, No. 'J Weybossct street, 1'rovidence, R. I. STAMMER! NO.?NEW YORK STAMMERING 1NSTI tute, established 1870.?Professors Mann and Colvln, Managers, 107 West Twenty-third street. This institute closes July 1, reopens September 1. Seven days' Instruc tion allowed applicants to satisfy themselves. No pay for board when required or services until cared. Send for prospectus. UNITED STATES STAMMKRINO INSTITUTE?417 Fourth avenue, Dr. J. H. WHITE. Principal. Stam mering permanently cured; send lor circular; refer ences; no pay until cured, one week's trial allowed. WILLIAM H. HAXinmm STEAM CARPET Cleaning Works. 15 East Twenty-Seventh street, be tween Fttth and Madison avenues, New York.? No con nection whatever with any other house . The original Hankinson and the only one ot that name, established in this business in 1861. (teKUG CQQ IS DRAWN DAILY IN THE LEGAL ized Kentucky Lottery. Royal Havana and Kentucky circulars free. 12^ cents commission ul lowod. Address BALEY A CO. (*ttlce established 30 years), 174 Broadway. SP??TI?g-DO?8, BIRDS, 4C STALLIONS. IpDWAKD EVERETT, THE SIRE OK JOB KLUOTT, U who trotted last Summer on Mystic l ark In 2:15)4 (the fastest mile ever trotted, either In public or private), also ol Commodore ^'underbill's Mountain Boy, who trotted in 2:211%. and ot Judge hulierton, who has trotted in 2:2lJi,', will make the season at the farm of William Keetch, near Goslien, Orange county, N. Y. For further particulars sec the "Turf, Field and Karm." tub tcrf. ? - FLEETWOOD ASSOCIATION best 3 jn 5, In ha? To^ttouedon Wedn^day^Mav 28,fci?SckiSii?*Slli5?S to close on JV^firoadway?' To be trotted according to rulcs^r'tlie Si"u?Cv*a NDCOTT, Superintendent. Grand opening at deerfoot driving park, Coney Island Koad, formerly Hall's track, on Thurs day, May 16, at 3 P. M.?Purse ot SlOOto 3 minute class; SMI to first, $30 to second, $10 to thira. Purse ol $200 tor 2.40 class; $1-5 to first, $5llto second, $25to third. Toclose at Johnson's, Twentv-elghth street and Broadway, on Tuesdiiv, 13th Inst., at 9 P. M.,under National Rules und Trainers and Drivers' Amendments. WILLIAM McMAJION, Manager. HORSE\ ( ARRIAGES, ?C. ~~ JI THE "BREWSTER WAGON," A. In all weights, for pleasure driving or speeding, exquisitely finished, and embracing in their construction the various Improve ments introduced by us during the past 15 years, making them the standard for Quality throughout the United states. These wagons are exclusively the production of our well-known Broome street factory, and are offered In stock in all respeMs equal in duality to tliose built to the order ot the most valued customer, and at priucs uniform to all. In order that we may not be confounded with a Joint stock company ot carnagc dealers who have adopted a firm name similar to our own. and impudently claim the reputation we have made lor the "Brewster Wagon," wo beg the public will remember that our only warerooms are at the corner of Kltthavcnae and Kourtecnth street, and our only Kactory on Broome street. BREWSTER A CO.. of Broome street. AT THE HORSE AND CARRIAGE AUCTION MART OF WILLIAM VAN TASSELL (SUCCESSOR TO JOHNSTON A VAN TASSElX), at the old stand, 110,112 and 114 Kast Thirteenth street, near Fourth avenue, REGULAR HALES OF HORSES AND CARRIAGES WILL BE HELD EVERY TUKSDAY AND FRIDAY', at 12 o'clock. GENTLEMEN WISHING TO PURCHASE, OR THOSE having Horses or Carriages to sell, will find this house perfectly reliable, as this business will be conducted on the same straightforward principles which have gov erned it in ihe past. We give the purchafer of every horse that is warranted sound from 24 to 48 hours for trial. Horses and Carriages always on hand at private sale. LIBERAL ADVANCES MADE ON CONSIGNMENTS. AT PRIVATE SALS?AT ARCH. JOHNSTON'S NEW Horse and Carriage Mart. 19,21, 23 and 24 East Thir teenth street, between University place and Fifth ave nue. FINE STOCK OF KENTUCKY HORSES, just received direct from Covington, Ky. TEAM THOROUGHBRED BAY MARES. TKAM STEEL GRAY HORSES. 5 ELEGANT SADDLE HORSES. 7 PON V HORSES.' CROSS-MATCHED TEAM. GRAY and BAY. 15!*, ? and 7years, kind and true, and warranted sound; can trot in 3% minutes. THREE EXCELLENT ROAD HORSES. 'Moj, In excellent order. TOP Road WAGON. BY STIVKRS NKW NO TOP ROAD WAtioN, BY STIVERS, NEW. T Cart, by Bre-vster. Dog Cart, by l.awrcnco. Call and examine. ARCH. JOHNSTON. AUCTION HOUSE OF ARCH. JOHNSTON (Late Johnston A Van Tassell), OFFICE AND SALESROOM, OLD STAND 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post offlco. THE HORSE AUCTION BRANCH OF THE HOUSE IS REMOVED TO THE SPACIOUS PREMISES. 19, 21, 23 and 25 EAST THIRTEENTH 8^RBET between Fifth avenue and University place. ' The business will be conducted on pree4sely the same strict and honorable principles which have always char acterized the dealings of our house and won the respect and confidence of the business community as well as the fthOULAR^ALBS TWICB A WBBK THROUGHOUT THK YEAR. Entries for sale may be made, as usual, either at our downtown house, 37 Nassau street, or at the mart. In, 21, 23 and 25 East I hirteenth street. LIBERAL ADVANCES, AS USUAL, MADE ON CON. SIGNMENTS. AT CART, BAROUCHE. VICTORIAS, PHAETONS, lour and two-seated, $75; Top Buggies cheapest In city. 146 and 148 Eld ridge street, near Grand street and Bowery. DAY A son. A ROAD WAGON-NEARLY AS GOOD AS NKW; madehyJudd, Broadway; price $1M. Inquire at WILLIAM DRRN NAM'S Stables. 619 Sixth avenue, near ThirtYotxUl street HOUSES. CIBWACM, *P? A -MAJOR CHAS. W. BARKER, ADCTIONKKR. . GREAT SPECIAL AND PkRnMPTORY HALE OF ALL THE CELEBRATED TROTTING ?TOCK, AC.. THE PROPERTY OPJAfl. wai.LACEEBQ, WHO SHORTLY SAILS 'or Europe, AT BARKER A <;1,A-1'?;iiUK.IlQATT? CITY AUCTION MART AND N. Y. TATTERS ALLS, CORNER OK BROADWAY, Thirty-eighth and Thirty ON TUESDAY ?AV^3iN?^ ^^OBN J THE FAMOUS BAV TROTTING Gelding JOHN J. 'Tu>\ssteBsrv,K?3'{r??orM.? |>y Abdullah, WXhjjlh. 7 year* old; very stylish drivir, "VlEGAN^BAY UAMBLEWNIAN Colt by Volunteer, .i.m ?? suir mare. 15)4 hi({b< 5ycorHold in June next, very tree and gamy drfver; trotted last Fall in 2:60; has "exira fine BROWN hambletonian Colt, by Young carnoil, dam by Henrv Clay; ?'high; 6 years old, oii>ffant driver. and can trot OLOn'< ro - .40. ELEGANT ANI> EXTRA CLO KI,Y MATCHED pair of bav coach Horses, Kentucky bred, 16 high, 7 .wars old; groat style and action; heavy, tull uianes and tails; are perlcct in every way. ? ? FINE BAROUCHE. MADE by Corbet. TOP WAGON, Bl'ILT by Corbet; pole and shafts. NO TOP ROAD WAGON, built bv Dusenbury A Nelson. NO TOP ROAD WAGON, built liy Wood Bros. BET OF DOUBLE coach Harness. TWO SETS FINE SINGLE Harness, by Dunscomb. stock will be guaranteed. SALK POSITIVELY without reserve. CATAL'IGUES NOW READY. STOCK ON EXHIBITION early on mornlnK of sale. NO POSTPONEMENT on account of weather. AT NEW YORK SALES AND CARRIAGE REPOSITORY, FOURTH AVENUE, CORNER TWENTY-FIFTH STREET. CARRIAGES AND HORSES ALWAYS ON HAND AT PRIVATK SALE. RICnARD McGULLOUGH, PROPRIETOR. ALLEN B. MINiER A BBO ' auctioneer* Sales of Horses, Carriages. Ac., Thursday ot each wee*. Entries ot articles for auction can be made at repository as above or salesrooms oi auctioneers. A" LANDAU, BY LAWRENCE: ONE COUPE, BY Woods Bros., one six-sent Pbeaton, one iour-scat do., one light Curtain Coach, by Brewster; 80 ton and open Pony Pheatoiis, 2U top and open side bar and lull cpring Road Wagons, by Brewster, Stivers and Dusenbury A Van Duser; top and open Express Wagous, single and double Harness, ^ ,j} u> ? Woogtpr ?reet. AT PRIVATE SALE AT ARCH. JOHNSTON'S MART, 19 and 26 East Thirteenth street, between University '' TIIk"'FIn'kSi'1 ^ ROAb establishment IN THE country, <*ross matched team ot black, and c nest tint Mares I5>i hands. 7 anil 8years; kind and true; can trot in 3>b inimites, and warranted s> und : top road Wagon, by l(. M Stivers; set ot Harness, bv Campbell; can he seen and tried as above; this team must be sold; the owner must realize, and tliev ;ire not held at any tancy figures. A?WE OFFER THE FOLLOWING SECOND HAND . Carriages, many oi them our own build and in ex cellent condition:? Two Curtain Coaches. One "Omnibus Phaeton." One "T" Cart, superb order. One four-wheel back-to-back Dog Cart. One Coupelette and two tour-seat no top Box Wagons. BREWSTER A CO., 84 Fifth uv., coi uer Fourteenth at_ LOT OF TOP BUGGIES. ROAD WAGONS, EX? press. Grocery and light Business Wugons; also a second hand top Buggy, cheap. West Twenty-seventh street, between Eighth and Ninth avenue*. LARGE LOT OF FAMILY CARRIAGES. ROCK aways, Buggies, Park and l'ony Phaetons; depot, express anil business Wanons; cheapest place in the city. 141 West Broadway, near Canal street. A? LANDAULKTB, LANDAUS, COUPES, LADIES' . Phaetous, Ham's popular circular trout Lanilaulets, coupe Rockaways and ! Carts; new styles and unsur passed in finish. lo East. Fotirih street. Afresh arrival ??? OF VERY desirable HORSES, including a pair of Blacks, l?i.2 hands, and can trot, in their green condition, in 3 minutes. , A pair of Bays, 15.3 that enn trot in V.I 6 in splendid stvle; and a pair of 10 hands Bays, a magnificent carriage pair in every partieular. - . . u Also eight beautiiul fine driving single Horse*. J. U. 1 A l I'Ulv, 145 East Twenty-fourth street. A ?LIGHT CARRIAGES AND HARNESS _i.i . Fine assortment of top ami no top Buggies, Phae tons, Roekaw .ys, Road, Busine#and Depot Wacoiis, all ot first class make and latest style and llnish, now olior lug at extremely low prices for easily Jf)IINSTON No. 8 Cortlandt street, near Broadway. rake CHANGE.?TWO NO-TOP WAGONS, BUILT In Brooklvn. will be sold for $125 each. Call at the West Side Carriage Repository, 1,494 and 1,496 Broadwa>, between Forty-toorth and Forty-fifth streets. A- -THE FINEST ASSORTMENT OF PHAETONS, . Rockaways. Depot Wagons Pony Phaetons, top and no top Wagons in the city at low figures. VV kst SIDE CARRIAGE repository, 1.41M _and l.ijy Broad way, between Korty-tourth and >? orty-ilTln sirecm. T "bargain FOR CASH-TWO SPLENDID COUl'ES; A aiS() ft Une assortment, ol Rockaways, at the W EST SIDE CARRIAGE KEPOflTORY, 1,494 and 1.490 Broad way, between Fortv-lourtli and Forty-fifth street* Albert b. waldron, auctioneer. By D. W. ives. ^ , Salesrooms I OH Liberty and 111 Church street this DAY, at 12 o'clock, 18 head Road and Work Horses, Vehicles oi all kinds, Harness, Saddles, Wankers, <%c. Particulars at sale. Warrantees extend 24 hours. A handsome PAIR OK KAY HORSES, SIX seatcd Roekaway and set gold mounted Harness tor sale ; horses, pony built, 7 years old ; stylish and spirited ; sound aud kind; carriage citv built and in perfect order. Apply tor particulars at l.ifi East Thirteenth street. lot"OK HORSES FROM THE COUNTRY FIT for all kinds ot business; one splendid team of sor rel Horses, young and sound. ln<|iiire at 54I C.anal St. AN ELEGANT BAY CARRIAGE TEAM-WORTn ?2 ouo for $1,200, a M.ire, Harness and Buggy, worth $1,000, tor $500. Apply at 27 West Twenty-sixth street. ? ?FOR SALE IN BROOKLYN, IN THE VERY BEST A. locality, an established Livery Stable, of twenty vpars standing, having 6ft boarding horses, at $30 and 906 K?month eiSh, and running 14 coaches; the property can be bouuht or leased lor a term ot years; will be sold on account ot owner retiring from business; no broker need applv; terms easy. Address, with real name. LIV KRY STABLE, Brooklyn Poet office. JUMP-SEAT BUGGY, DOG CART DOCTOR'S Phaeton, 3 Top Buggies, Coupe, 2 Bretts, I Clar ences 2 Klass quarter Coaches, Hearse, Stage, 2 large Wagons, suitable for baggage, passenger or circus wagons? ail second hand; in order. . . wagons, an ??.? u ^ w piTNKV. 4C0 Third avenue. A STIVERS TROTTING WAGON FOR SALE?USED three months; weight 110 lbs; also Furniture Truck, In good order, with pole and shatts. Apply at 101 East Twcnty-cigbth street A SHETLAND PONY PGR 8ALB?SIX YEARS OLD; warranted sound and kind in all harness; ftree from all vices and tricks: can be used by the most tltnld lady or child; was selected and Imported tor'its beauty and fine temper; also a small Dog Cart, Saddle and Harness, made to match; sold only oil account ot death ot child; will sell together or separate. Apply at private (table 161 East Twenty-eighth street. BARGAINS.?VICTORIAS, CABRIOLETS, PONY Phaetons, Depot Wagons, Bugles four and six pas sencer Rockaways, open and close ami other carriages. STa a'ts BELL, No. 7 Washington place, near New York Hotel. /CLARENCE FOR SALE?LINED WITH BLUE \J cloth, In first rate order, for $626; also a handsome Coupe Roekaway lor $150. ^ BURR ^ Mfcreer street. DFPOT WAGONS PONY phaetons, VICTORIAS Sundowns, Dog Carts, Park Phaetons, light Rocka wavs Buggies and other seasonable styles tainily Car rtaees and light Wagons, at reasonable prices. riages anu iOkERS' UNION, Broadway. 1/ioR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR LESS VALUE? P Pair rich bay colored, close mated, Kentucky bred carriage Horses, 16 hands, 7 >ears, smooth made, rangy, with long arched nccks, heavy manes, ami tails drag the eroiiixl; high knee action, splendid style and action, tear nothing, aud for stylo and beauty they cannot be ex celled; also pair black, close mated carnage horses, 16 hands. 6 years rang\. with arched necks, heavy manes and tail , to the ground; splendid style; n'l w*m"Hed sound and kind, without laull or blemish. Address GEO. D. LEHN, Easton, Pa. T^OR SALE?A FINE PAIR OF GENTLEMEN'S DRIV r Ing Horses, black and gray ; well matched, pertt Uy sate lor lauiily use: good roadsters; sound and joiing, will lie sold cheap, the present owner haviiig no iurther ut>e tor them. Can be seen at W ILHON wtable, la East 1 mill MM t. between I iHNc rsity placu and FftftAAWMM* F" OR SALE -BY A GENTLEMAN GOING TO EUROPE a tine pair f?t sorrel Horses, Landaulet bj Wood Brothers, and Harness, at Teaney'ssUble, 41 West Forty lourth street, near Filth avenue. ?jV5R SALE?A germantown ROCKAWAY, IN r first class order, but little used- seats six persons; first class citv make; circular glass tront. Apply at stable 2S1 West Fifty-third street. For sale-a handsome stylish English Lanilau, lust Imported, and double llartl ssto match; terms less than cost, as the owner leaves the city. At No. 6 Weit Washington place. FOR SALE-CHEAP, A SIX SEAT PARK PHAETON; best citv make; also a Double Harness, nearly new. Apply at the private stable, 241 East Twentieth street IH('R SALE-PAIR BAY HORSES. 15>i HANDS, 7 AND ' S vears, warranted sound ami kind; six-seat Kocka wav Carriage, shitting glass tront; jet double Harness, both but little used; price $l,f?). McNamara's stable, seventv third street and fourth avenue, or BRLNS, MOORE A CO., 4W Broadway. F IOR SALE-A GOOD FAMILY COUPE ROCKAWAY, ___ with shatts. Inijulre in stable In rear ol 243 \\est Fiftieth street. For salk-at much less than its value for want of use, a very last and stylish ?>?>' Horse, sired by Rvsdyk's llambletonlan. 1#S? high, an excellent pole or single horse; sound and kind. Apply at private stable So East Fortieth street For sale.-a gentleman, about to leave for Europe, will sell a pair ol very fine road Horses, separately or together, cross match, a gray and darK chestnut, IS,'4 hands high, 7 and 8 years old ; sound and very Hentle; can l>e driven by a lady, single or double ; one can trot in 2 the other fn 2:40, when In condltlon. Can be seen atKlcetwood Track, where .!** will be shown with one and 2:46 with the other and 2:6ft together Aak lor ISAAC PAWLING. Also a Dusenbury k Van Duier Wagon and complete Harness. For sale?one business GIG AND HARNESS, nearly new; also Horse, separately or together. 6U6 First avenue, near Thirty-fourth street. HOR8RK, CARRIAGES. dlC. ..... T7K)R 8ALE-AN ~ELKGANT CIRCULAR FRONT r Cnape aiul Phaeton, in perfect order. Apply at L. E. RIKFREN'S, tU Harrison street, Brooklyn^ For sale-onr ok the finest saddle horsbs in the city; Jet black, long uil, 7 year* old; aperlect beauty ? 15.1 high. a gentleman's road Horse; 6 vear.s old; 15.2; can trot In 2:45. and sold cheao. ' all at JUH i.ast Fortieth ktrect, near Tnird av.. for ihreedayH^ l(,It SALf.-A SPLENDID PAIR OK DAPPLF. ORAT ' Horse*; 16 hands; warranted without fault; can trot fncpthor in i'15. Alio I>ok t'urt anil Harm***, will b?' hold a^'A at sacrifice U disposed of at once. Call at 1W Front street. FOR SALE-TWO HORSES; ONE A BEAUTIFUL bav mare, 7 years, 15 hand*, tuH flowing mane aud tall, black points. splendid driver (single or double), per fectly sound and kind, without fault or blemish; the other 8 years old (black horse), 10'., hands, would make a beauliiil carriage mate or coupe horse ; Hue driver, with requisite good qUalliicatious. Also a tine Set of double aud single Harness; also a Dubois track MI 1 kV, little used. All the above being the property ot a private gentleman, and sold lor want of use. Apply ?,i private coachman, S I'EI'H EN, at Trimble's stables, Ikiand lit) West Thirty nlntn street, near Broailway. tjlOR SALE-A TOP WAGON, STIVERS BUILD,

1 with Pole and Shafts; In pood order. Inquire at TRI'ESIIELL'S stable*, 1J0 West Forty-sixth street. For hale?team of road bays, is hands, east, cound, easy drivers, 0 and 7 years. I.amh's stable, 15 East i itty-clghlli street, or box 3,M2 Post IfOR SALE?BRIOHT BAY HOUSE: SOUND. KIND and stylish; 16 hands, good double or single ; will fell cheap. Inquire of AMBROSE, at Sheldon's stable*. 150 Ra>t Twenty third afreet. Will fell cheap. For sale?an elegant saddle horse, is^; hands High, well suited for a lady; is kind and gen tle and ap6 wet beauty; can trot, pace or amble. T'au be seen fur two day* at MO IT'a stable, U'J and 1.1 Weat Twenty-third street For sale-at much less th an its valur, a good itoad Wagon; will carry two. Inquire at 110 West Fiftieth afreet. FOR bale?8TFRL gray mark, BIX YEARS OL|> a perfect beauty, 15k hands hitch, gentle aud kind |n all harno'g, and afraid of nothing. 306 West Forty, first street. For sale-a handsome brown pony, is hands, A years; free and stylish driver, well broken to saddle, afraid of nothing and warranted sound; sold cheap. MS King street, near Hudson. IilOR SALE-A STYLISH BAY MAKE, KIVE YKARN 1 old, sound and kind : a city made top Wagon and Har ness, nearly new, lor Stl}); must be sold, as the owner lias no us<' for them, t'au be seen at WIN I'ERMOTTOM'S stable*, Sullivan street, near Spriug. LIOR SALE?15 OOOD WORK HORSES JUST AR P rlveil this morning, suitable fur all purposes; alto otic good blind Horse, from 5 to 8 years old. 170 Mercer street FOR SALE?a POWERFUL ROAN MARE, 7 YEARS old, lt> hands; warranted in every respect excopt a little sore forward; $85. T7 New Chambers street. For svle-a bay make, h?, hands iiioh, h years old, suitable for light cypress or grocery wagon. Can be seen at 59 First street, New } urk. TjlOR SAI.E-A VERY HANDSOME BLACK CAR r riage Horse, 16 hands high, 0 years old ; warranted sound and kind; drives single or double ; at 402 Second avenue, corner of Twenty sixth s.rect. TilOR SALE.?$65 FOR A OOOD TOP WAGON, $41) r tor a Butcher Cart, $15 for a set of light Harness. Inquire at mi Walker street, near Broadway. LIOR SALE CWKAP?HANDSOME STYLISH TEAM OF r Mares; sound and kind, afraid of nothing; lady can drive them, prompt and Ire drivers; no road too long for them; never had any training or handling; can trot In three minutes; 0 years old this Spring; must be seen to be appreciated. For pedigrees and particulars 111 lull In quire of W. II. CRAWI-ORD, Fleetwood Park. T.10R SALE CHEAP?A handsome NEW Lli.HT r Express Wagon and Harness; only used once: cost $200; will soil for $150. HOVEY'8 .-stable, 141 East Sixteenth street. TjlOR SALE CIIKAP?STYLISH AND VERY LIGHT r tour-wheel Dog Cart, folding seat, good as new; made by Wood Bros. Apply at TOWN LEY'S Boulevard Stables, Fiftieth street, near Broadway. Horse and carriage exchange.?mr. arch. JOHNSTON has opened, at his downtown office, 37 Nassau street, a register for horses, carriage*, gentle men's turnouts, Ac..Ml private sale, aud will hereaiter make this a specialty nil a feature of his busiuess. Gentlemen having hordes or carriages to dispose of,or those wishing to purchase, will llud ihis the most desira ble medium ever established, as through it you deal di rect with principals. Harness, saddles, horse clothing, car riage Robes, Lap Dusters, Fly Nets, and a large variety ul Saddlery Good* always on hand. C. B. SMITH A CO.. 40 War-en street. New York. Harness, horse furnishing goods, ac.?no tancy prices. C. M. MOSEMAN A BRO., Ifanu lecturers, 114 Chambers street. Harness, sheets, lap robes, whips hal ters. Ac.--Largo stock of reliable goons at the very lowest prices, at No. 8 Cortlandt street, near Broadway. Harness.?the cheapest harness store in New York' good double truck Harness, $:t>- good single buggy Harness, hand made, $17 ; a good stable Blanket, $2 nil; Ihe largest assortment oi (.art Harness tn thecliy. cheaper than ever on account ot moving on or before June 1. Please call and examine lor yourselves. FItsHER A OSBORNE, 43 Murray street. nARNBBS FOR SALE ORBAP?HANDSOME LIGHT single buggy Harness, covered and lined ; mounting made ot best material and workmanship. I'M First av enue. (op floor. Major c. w. barker, auctioneer. Auction sale of fine blooded Mock, at Goshen, Orange countv, N. Y., under a foreclosure of lien The subscriber will sell at the hotel of Kan om Galloway, in Gushen, Orange county. N. Y.. on the Erie Railway, on Tuesdav, May 13, IM7i, the following described stock :? No l?Bav mare Fanny, foaled 1802, 16>j hand; high; got by a thoroughbred horse and bred in Kentucky; was bred to Messenger Duroc in September, 1872; sound and all ruht No. 2?Bay mare Susie, foaled In 1864 out of a mare by Mainlirino Chief; this mare is I5?? hands high, is sound and all right and dropped a line bay colt tu Edward Everett .ast season. No. 3? Bay mare Nellie, foaled 1861; got by Mambrlno Pilot; dam a very fine mare of unknown pedigree; this mare In fix could trot close to 2 ;3U. and is a very elegant appearing animal, and is now with foal by Edward Ever ett. No. 4?Ba v filly, foaled 1871; got by James T. Brad v. he by George M. I'alchcn out of a Messenger mare; "darn bay mare Nellie (No. 3); this illy is very tine gaited, is sound and Is 15 hanus high an!) very finely formed. No. 5? Bay colt, loaled June 28, 1X72; got by Edward Everett; dam Susie (No. 2); with star and near hind ankle white; fine size and fine gaited. No. 6?Bay colt, loaled August 2. 1X72; pot by Edward Everett: dam Nellie (No. 3); off hind loot white; also a fine sized and good gaited colt. The above stock w ill be sold on the day above named, without reserve, to the highest bidder. Conditions made known on the day ot sale by May 8, 1873. WM. H. KEETCH. Goshen, N. Y. CLER?A PAIR OF BAY MULES, EXT HA FINE workers; well broken to back; very gentle and tree; 17 hands high: weigh 2,7i*l; 6 years old ami sound. For sale by T. h. A- .1 W. MORRIS, New Brunswick, N. J. ONE BLACK HORSE, 10 HANDS HIGH, PRICE $30; also one Bay I'ony, price $85. Inquire at 142 Spring street, basement PONY FOR SALE?A HOY'S PONY, VERY SUPERIOR; sound, kind and gentle: suitable for the Park ; price $225. Apply. Irotn 9 to 11 A. M., at private stable 140 West Fiftieth street, rear stable. SECOND HAND TOP AND OPEN BUGGIES, DEPOT Wagon, Pony Phaeton, four Korku ways, light Coach and several slightly shop-worn Carriages, at bargains; large assortment of Harness. MANUFACTURERS' UNIO.V. 638 Broadway. SUPERIOR IRON STABLE FITTINGS.?PARTIES about to build new stables or refit old ones are in vited Ui call and inspect specimens of all the most ap proved kinds manufactured in our own workshops. J ANES A KIRI'LAND, Nos. 8, III and 12 Itcade st. THE SPECIAL ATTENTION OK GENTLEMEN IN SEARCH OF something REALLY FINE AND DESIRABLE IS CALLED TO SALE BY PUBLIC AUC TION ON TUESDAY (TO-MORROW), MAY 13, AT SlA BLE 41 GREAT JONES STREET. AT 10}*, PROMPT, of all the elegant and fine Turnout of the Hon. S. J. Ilovt, of Park avenue, who sails for Europe in a lew days, and consisting of A superior rich, handsome and extra stylish tram of elegant young high Kentucky bred bay Geldings, Itj^ hlgn, full, and 6 years old this spring: have tine flowing manes and tails; all black points; are perfectly mated and drive together to perfection, and have extraord nary fine, rich style, and are very bloodlike and attractive; they were sired by Ericsson, dams thoroughbred ; they liaM' never been trained lor speed and can bear 3 min utes, totfetheror singly, now: tney fear no locomotive or anything else, areelcyant and plcasautdrlvc p, and war ranted sound and kind, without vice, trick, fault or blemish: tills blooded and fine team must be seeli to be appreciated, as ihelr equals were never before offered nt auction iutblsclty; they are an elegant road or tainlly team, and have size, af.vle and muscle enough (or a first class coach or landau team. Elegant \ thoroughbred brown saddle Horse, 16 high, 7 vears old; lias extra style mid thoroughly trilncd to saddle, and finely broken t > all Imi nes , and safe for lady to handle; tears no locomotive; fine, fn-e and fast trav eller ; warranied sound and kind; an elegant and safe family or park horse. Also the line and fast chestnut trotting horse CORREY, sired by Ethan Allen, 15'^ high, 8 years old: an elegant and stylish driver; fine co npan.v horse; atwity* readv ami willing; is game to end of road; finely gaited; can trot in 2 40 to rnuil wagon now, and with ten days' prepa ration can go to track and heat 2 MA and re,.eat his heats; has record of "8 31, a fourth heat to a wagon; Is warranted sound and kind; an elegant road horse for any gentlc ''AUo.'a'flne and fast black norse; full particulars at ""?Also, one elegant four-scat top Phaeton. One top Stivers Itoad Wagon, po|e and shaft* One open Dubois trotting Wagon. Double Harness by Dunscotnli. Two m is ot single Harness, by Dunscomb. ? Hlankeis, Whips. Ac , Ac. N H.?This slock Is ail extra fine, and will be fully war ranted In everv particular, and will tiosithcly he sold to highest bidder without reservation or restriction, as they must I e closed out Immediately. Stock now on exhibition at stable, where they can be fill 1 v examined aud lull particulars ascertained. ,u"y JOHN l>. HAMLIN, Auctioneer. il'AO'lNS FtiR SALE- TWO NEW * s D TWO SF.COND W hand ExpretS and two Grocery Wagons, one light Business and one Jagger Wagon, one Carpenter and one Depot Wagon, one Coupe, one fop Buggy, at 226 pring st. dS 1 ?) P* BAY MARK, I6U HANDS; SOUND AND I ?>?') kind for heavy work; one Horse for light work, sound and kind, $150; light Harness, $12. 24A West Twenty-sixth street. /Jjl rrt -BAY MARE, 151* HANDS. 7 YFARS; BOUND, JplDU. kind, gentle for ladv to drive or ride - Team truck Horses, $300. 216 West Thirty-first street, near Sev enth avenue. HORSES, ( AUltlAUK". ?fcC. <J?~1 KA WILL BUY A NliW LEATHER TOP BUGGY, by good maker. Depot Wagon at 9110. Second hand, city made top Wagun, $115. Road Wagon, by Stivers, $I2& Roc ka way, Lot* of other ureal hargains at onr Carriage an 1 Harness wart-room-, nu 8 Cortlandt street, near Broadway. $*)FLi\ WILL BUY A KINK BRED MESSENGER Miiro, IS hands 1 Inch, age U years; lias a record of 2:2H; gentle every way, and afraid ol nothing; wait driven bv a lady last Summer; Is sound, except a Utile sore j nlie In a good road or breeding mare. Can be seen at 47 Great Jones street. BimiNBSM OPPORTP W IT IKS. \ N IMMEDIATE PROFIT OK $40,000 CAN UK MADE Jl by an investment ot $10,1100 lor a tew weeks on llrst class teeurity, beside* a position insuring a handsome yearly in ouie lor occasional service*. Address TREAS URER, Herald Uptown Branch olllce. AN IBCOMB ok 190,000 PER ANNUM MAY BK KASI lv realized by a gi'iitleman investing $3.000and taking a share In an old-cstahlishc I business of well-known standing. Address LEX, Herat I Uptown Branch olllce. APABTT having INVENTBZ> a VALUABLE sys tem ol street Sign*, desires to sell half the Invention tor $3,000. needed to push the enterprise. Inquire at HI Grand street. A N OLD HOUSE, MANUFACTURERS O!'' PEED r)F fi all kinds, mid dealers in Hour, grain, Ac. desiring to retire, offer their Business and Mill, which ha* been thoroughly retltted, tor sale, lor #13,000; will exchange lor good Property. Apply to GR1GQS, CARLETGN A CO., us Broadwav. _________ ALEXANDER FBOTHINGIIAM A COMPANY, 112 Broadway, sccure capital for incorporated com panies, nurehaiiLs, inunuiacturcra, Ac. Persons wiih capital informed of desirable opportunities. Ourreter ences are our customers and aciiuaintunce* throughout the country. ALBXAND KR KKOTUINGHAM A COM PANY, 112 an I 114 Broadway. A MAN WITH $6(10 CAN SECURE AN 1NTBBB8T IN a Business established 14 years; large profits; selling on account of sickness. 294 Broadway, room 16. A satisfactory man, WITH A OAHH CAPITAL of $*iOO to $2,000, can learn of a desirable business investment by applying In person to S1SSON, office 17, 294 Broadway. AN IMMEDIATE. ACTIVE PARTNER WANTED?IN a very profitable business; capital required $800 to $700. A good chance tor any man (.hut wants a budness: dutv financial. Address, with lull name, G. A., box 120 Herald ottlee. /I ROUND FLOOR PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY, ON IT main street in city ol 30,00.1, lor sale at cost of tit flnirs arid instruments; 4-4, '4 Kerro and solar ; fine show window; good light; low rent. Address II., box 4?5 Post olllce, Irenion, N. J. Partner wanted?in an old established, good paying business; one that will bear investiga tion; rare opportunity (or an active man. Kor particu lars apply to J. P. TBAVEtt, 69 Great Jones street. P\rty WANTED?FOB INDEPENDENT OK. asso elate interes in a first das* light manufacturing btis ness; cnpltttl rcilllitJtl irom $1,000 to $2,1X0. Apply at 735 Broadway, roim 3. Rarf. chance.?any gentleman having $2,000, and can accompany the advertiser at once to Cali fornia, cun realize a Mire fortune in six months by ud dressing CERTAINTY, box 139 Herald office. SELDOM OFFERED?OPPORTUNITT FOR A MAN with a small capital to purchase a Business and Patent; the reality and high profit ol it will be proved. 411 Fourth avenue, second floor. QTATE RIGHTS IN A NEW PATENT?SUPPLYING A il great want. We invite and request thorough Inves tigation, Come and see it. F. MAKCHA, 162 Broadway, room 9. fir ANTED?A PARTNER OF BUSINESS ABILITY Vt and position, with $7,MX) to $10,000, to join a gentle man who, having inure business than he can manage or carry out successfully without aid, is willing to give one haiflnterest to a thoroughly competent party, who can proceed abroad with advertiser Immediately. Refer ences exchanged. For interview, when ail tiarUculars will be given, address A. I)., box 101 Herald office. WANTED?A PARTNER, WITH $3,000 CAPITAL, IN u well establishedJob printing office in the Seven teenth ward. Addres* J. H. B., Germania Assembly Rooms, 291 and 293 Bowery. dtOCA WILL BUY OUT KIVE ROOMS. NEAR Stewart's, renting at $50 profit monthly, and leave large handsomely furnished room to buyer. Apply to GBIsWOLD, Aator place and Broadway. d?l A AAA REQUIRED.?ANY PARTY WITH THIS tp I U.UUU amount, desirous ol residing in Italy and entering into the manufacture of Italian produce lor tliW market, with a gentleman of experience. Address AN THONY, Herald office. F YACHTS, STEAM HO A TH, &C. TTIOB SALE?THE CABIN SLOOP YACHT GLANCE, F 42 feet r> inches long; is tully found, luriilshed and in thorough order; has a good yawl; will be sold cheap. Kor lurthcr particulars call on ur address W. L. SWAN, SI Pipe street. For SALE?a PROPELLER TUO; 20X20 INCH cylinder; has Just been thoroughly overhauled nnd is in complete order; boiler new. Address PKOPKLLER, box 220 Herald ottlee. OR HALE?THE SLOOP YACHT SPRAY, 39 TONS, _ centreboard, completely furnished and nearly new. Kor further particulars and inventory apply to JAMES (?. POWERS A CO., 101 Murray street. New Vork ; GEO. S. I'OI.K, Pouglikecpsic, and M SMI I'll, Hyde l'urk, N. Y. UOR SALK OR CHARTER?TilK NEW AND ELEGANT r ste.lining Major, 100 feet long, suitalile tor a steam yacht or tor excursion parties. Apjily to GINNA A LKA, 88 Whitehall itreet. Yacht wantei?-to charter, a schooner keel 40 to 60 toil* O. M , for the season. Address, with particulars, L, box 17.-S Herald UpUiwn Branch olllce. I>K V OOODH, A?A?A?A.? . INDIA CAMEL'S HAIR SHAWLS AND SCARPS, the choicest goods In the trade, at bargains. Retiring from business In July. Building tu lease tor three or five years. J. RUSSELL, 33 iOast 'twentieth street. J^lD GLOVES. 1,(100doz. soring shades, blacks und whites, 45c. per pair. 2,000 doz. two buttons, drabs, browns and slates, at 75c. to $1 per pair. The best two button Marquise Dollar Glove in America. 5,000 doz. Edwards, at $1 25 to $1 50 per pair. 2.5W doz. of Clara, Alberts, Kantasta and Milltalre, $1 65 per pair. For Gentlemen. Gentlemen's Gloves, $1, $1 25 and $1 50. Our own manu facture and importation. EDWARD RIDLEY A FON. 309. 311 and 311W Grand street, and 62,64,86, 68 nnd 70 Allen street, filth Dlock east irom ihe Bowery. MMK. A. DUVAL'S PA'ITKRNs ARE RELIABLE KOR novelty of design, elegance of style und perfect fit, lovely new styles ol new trimmings tor skirts, charming ncwdf signs of walking and evening toilette.' lor summer. J oat received. Ladies invited. *7* Broadway. gTRAW GOODS, PALMETTO HATS, Ribbons, French Flower*, Parasols, at the great East side Establishment. E. RIDLEY A 8GN, No. 309 Grand street, New York. Florida and Palmetto Hats, trimmed and untriuimed, at least 25 per cent cheaper than previous offerings. CASn PURCHASES. Over 10,(XXI Hair and Neapolitan Round Hats and Bon net/", very desirable, at 5'lc., 83e. and 76c. Sl'Ki IAI* 3,500 cases of foreign nnd domestic manufacture Straw Hats and Bonnet", all desirable und novel shapes, from 25e. to $.> each, flic cheapest lot of goods offered tor Tear*. Krcucli and English Chip Round Hats and Bonnets, $1 50, $1 75. $2. $2 50 and $3. 501) cases Milan Round Hats and Bonnets from 50c. to $1 75. Youth*' und Boy*' Ilais. exten.-ive stock. Wc Invite attention to our i'rimmcd Hat Department. FBOM AUCTION. 20.000 Fans ready to-day for inspection at 10c., 13c., 15c., 2jr., 50c., 75c. and $1, at one-third regular prices. PARASOLS PARASOLS. In stork over 15,000, lined and unlined, with and without fringes. Cluh Handle, with chatelaine. In silk, pongee and <incn materials at -5c., 50e., 75c., $1, $1 25, $1 5 \ $1 73, $2. up to $5. Cheapest tnls season. A special cash purchase. RIBBONS. RIBBONS Gros Grain at Hie., I5e., 20c., 25c.. Sle. and .We. Our finest grade* will be found uuu*ually cheap. Sash Ribbons, all silk, 55e,, K6e., 7>'c., 85c. and 9jc. Silk Turqu'iis 75c., $1. $1 50 per yard up. 5 0 canons of French Klowers, new purcha*e*for cash, ready to-day. EXAMINE OUR REAL LACES! Passementerie Trimmings. Kringesand Ornaments, Para sol Cover*. Barhes, Handkerchiefs, Collars, l.aac Veils, Ac.. Ac. Ladies' One Muslin, Linen and Cambric Underclothing In full variety, at reduced price*. PARI* and Vienna goods. Largest stock in thiscltv to select from. Real OxydUcd Goods, hundreds of new style* ami varie ties. SILVERPLATRD WARE. Children's Carriages, Inianfs' Carringe*. Leather Travelling Bag* and Satchels,;65c.. 74c.. We . $1 up. Leather Belts, Pocketbooks, Pertumery, Toilet Articles, ' EXAMINE OUR CURIOSITY ROOM. F.xnmine our Jewelry. Full line* oi Gent*' Kurnishing Goods and Hosiery. Whalebone Corsets, (10c., 95c., 75c., 85c., 94c., $1 up. Panier Hustles, 20o., 26c., 37c., 45c. and SOc. E RIDLEY A SON, 3<>. 3i 1, 311y, Grand, and 62, 64, 66, 68. and 70 Allen streeet, New York, Fifth block ca*t troin the Bowery, OMITH'S PATTERN BAZAAR, 914 BROADWAY, NEAR 0 Twentieth street?Spring and Summer stvles Jl'ST IMPORTED. Beautiful Costumes; Patterns, with cloth models, now ready. Patterns fitted to the fo'tn war ranted iierfect. Cutting and hasting. Come EARLY in Uie MULLlMKrtY A\D i?ki;ssm \ ki\(;. MMK. A Dl VAL, 87K BROADWAY -DRESSMAKING In all branches, latest Parisian styles. Ladies ont 01 town can have perfect fitting Dresses made at short notice by sending waist and length of skirt. Materials furnished If desired. Orders by mail promptly attended to. Charges moderate. A DRY ooonn. T KINZEY'S, 767 anil 789 Broadway, corner Ninth street, special bargains from I.a*' week's auction sales. Continuation of Mir great Ribbon ? ilc this week. Ribbons worth Sic., ink:, and 78c. yard, selling a' 25c. yard. All Hilk. Gro* Grain Irom Ilk; yard up. Watered Silk Ribbons, Ac. yard op. Cord Ivdge Ribbons, Sc., 4c., 6c. up. Rich Human Ribbons, 2tk*. vanlup. Rich Fancv Ribbons, 10c. yard up. 1'laid Fa nil Ribbons, 26c. to 69c. yard. Kiuniin Siish Ribbons, all nllk, 69c. yard up. Grna grain Sash Ribbons, 6#C,, 75c.. 89c. up. Rich hushes, $1 96, $2 25, $2 50 to (9. Opening 500 boxen flno French Flower*, new, l're-h goods. all Spring shades, Ilk-. and 15c. *pray. I'M) boxen, extra rich, 26c. spray. We are receiving lino 1'arla Flowers by every steamer. W? have tliu laruest iiinl Uncut assortment of Flowers in the city. All the new shuae* In Round Tint* and Hounds, in liuported and dome*tic Roods, in every variety of straw, chip ... ? or hair, at popular price*. Rich Silk ( rone Tics at ink-. Wide silk Windsor Ties, 2'*c. All Silk Roman Tics. I9e. Wide Crape Dechinr ut 39c. Silk Grenadine Ties at SOr. Rich Corded silk 'lies at S9c. Hilk Kuihrnidcred Ties. 44c. np. _ , ?? . New styles in Ties, opening cheap. Opening ISO pieces French Crapes, all color*,douldi' widths, at He. yard. 200 niece* Black and Colored Silk Veil Laces, Irom 50c. to $2 2 J yard. Opening 1,2(W pleccs real Guipure Lace*, awav below cost ol importation. They commence at 15u. vara. 2 inches wide, at 39c.; extra ut50c.; very wide at 96c. Rich French Triiniiilug Luce*. black* and colors, 5c. to $1 9ti yard. Yak Luces, irom 25c. yard up. Auction lot ol real Thread Laces. Valenciennes La"e*, 19c. dor.en up. Real Lace*. from (ic. yard ud. Opening 21)0 boxes real and iml tatlon l.aces, below gold cost. Thread Lace Barbes, 9Sc. np. 1'iishcr Lace Burbes, Sic. up. Real Thread Laco Clollivrs, 25c. Point Applii|ue Collars, 79c. Linen Collars, 3c.., Sc., 8c., 10c.. 12c. Linen Culls, lile. pair up. Real anil Imitation lace Normandy Caps, tine assortment;. Opening I,60<) linen Sets, the latest French novelty, in color* and white, all the rage at present in Pari*. 75c. to #6c. net. From auction great bargain* In l.lama Lace shawls, H cquet and Capes; Shawls t'roni $3 50 to (Id, lcs* titan gold cost I.ama Lace Sacquo* from $3 75 to $59, greut liurguin*. Special bargains Lace I almas, with double cape, ai $9 96. Hamburg Kilglng*. 3c., 6c.. 8c.. IOe., 12c. Hamburg Edgings, 15c., 18c., 25c. to 9tic. Hamburg Insertions, 3c., 6c., 10c., 15c , 20c. Hamburg insertloas, 25o., 31c. to b!)c. yard, Large lot, embroidered ill black, closing out at ltv. yart*: also large lotot Pique Kinbrot iery from 20c., 25c,, 3ic.. 40c. to Sic. vard. LOOI) pieces wide Skirt Ruffling*, with Tucking*, Pleatings, Embroidery ami Fancy lodgings, worth 40c. or 50c.? closing at 20c. yard. Magic Ruffling, Embroidered, 25c. piuce. Linen Taoe Trimmings, 25c. piece. Piutie Trimmings, 10c. piece up. Cashes, Huntings and I rimming*. Embroidery and Fancy Hrald*. in 8llk, Co ton, Linen and Worsteds, In every color and style ol braid. Marseilles Trimming* very low. Parn?ols and English silk I'lnbrulla* in greut variety low. Closing nut joli lots ol Silk i'arusols, Irom 89c. to $2 25. l,Suo pieces of Black Silk Fringe*, with and without Beads, Plain and Fancy Headings, bought at ball price. Silk Fringes, 6c. to >2 96 yard. 1,200 piece* Colored Silk Fringes, 111 every imaginable shade and style, bought at hall price. Silk Friuge*, tic. to $2 4'J yard. 1,1*0 piece* Passementerie Glmj with and without Heads. Audio A Goods? Passementeries, irom 19c. to $1 29 yard; lioiu *1 to $9 piece. Passementerie Ornament* very low. silk und Oxydized button*, low. Pearl and Fancy Buttons low. Crochet Loops und ornament*. Vareelino Lining Silks. 25c. a yarl. Bonnet cdlk*, good colors, 02c. a yur<V Wide Lining Silks. Sk'. a yard. Heavy Corded iiilk*, 75c. u yard. Splendid Black Silks at ?!. Kich Watered Silks ut7fic. Silk Toriiuois, 75c. a yard uo. Crape Uechiuus ut 50c. a yard. opening fine line of Twice an i Fringed (irenadine Vel 'ellfc Kich Spanish and chenille Dotted Laces Irom auction. LPOOdozcn* of Linen Haudkerchiei* ir< auction, very low; heuisiitch, all linen, 12So. up; extra corded, tucked, very tine, alllinen, 39c., 42e., 49c., 55c. Another lot, all linen, needle work und hemstitch. 25c., 39c., 50c., 75c. and 96c. Any of thc*e good a are worth double the price. Also large lot of Genis do.. hemstitched and corded borders, all linen, line goods. The hemmed goods, 20c. up; hemstitched. 2 c. to 96c. We have large lots of ;'wls* Jaconets, Tucked and Fancv Mulling Piques, Lawns, Liinltics, Ac., Irom auction, very low. Our underwear department the Good* can't be beat in price or quality, as the crowds at that couuter are the best evidence. We have in Chemises over 40 *tvle*. One and richly trimmed, 69c. to $?> 29; thirty styles tucked, ruffled en<? trimmed Drawer*, 47c. to$4 39. Night Dresses aud Sacques. Boys' Waists, great variety. Misses' Bibs aud Apron*. Ladies' and Missus' Waists. Very large variety ot plain, embroidered, ruffled ami tuckev, Skirts, Irom 74c. to $6 96. Hoop Skirt* aud Bustles. We have *ome of the cheapest lot* ol Corsets to Is* tound in the city. Our French Corset* commence at 59c. lo $1 96 6,nuo of otir Grenadine Corse ta, for Summer wear, at 75c., worth $i .*?. Our 40 hone hand embroidered French woven Corset, at f 1 49. 1,200 dozen Luldn'* Kid Glove*, all colors and sizes, al 50c. pair. Two button Kid Gloves, 49c.. 69c., up. Three bnttoii Kid Gloves, Jfic. Our seartiless Kid Glove can't be beat in quality or price. Auction lots ol Kid Gloves, 39c. Summer (llove*, 1, 2,3 and 4 button* Thousand* of dozen* ol Ladies', Mimes' und Gents Hosiery, low. Regular made Hose, 25c. up. Silk clocked Hulbrigguiis, 36c, up, Mi-scs' Fancy Ho*c, 15c. pair np. Cents' l-.nglish lull regular, 22c. up' Opening several coses line English aud French Hosiery, very low. Three case* Gents' Lisle Direud. Under siilrts at 7Sc. and N9c. Gents' and Boys' Tie* mid >carf*. Gcuti' Furnishing Hoi ils very low. I,SIC dozens of Silk Fan*, from auction, al Ic** than gold cost in Europe; Silk Fang, carved Ivory l.'undle*, spangled, at. 25c. Spangled Fans, gilt sticks, 50c. Kich satin, polished stick* 50c. Carved Vicuna Fans, 1.5c. Extra line Fans, 6Uc. to *32. By last steamer three case* verv line Swiss carved Wood Good*.' Al*. two case* Chromos and fir.#. Pari* haucy Good*, very low Take particular notice ot Photographic frame department, in Velvet Gilt, Ivory, Russia, Carved Wood, Oxidized, Bronze ami Swis* lrame*. We have tha lincst variety and lowest price* of any one in the city. Frames Irom 10c. to 19 00 each. Opening two case* of Ann Jewelry, Clietalaine*. Necklaces, set* Kur rings. Lockets, Chains, Bracelets, Ac., at popular priccs. Another lot of our pearl r'ar-kncD% with sliver screw*. IJc. pali. Oxidized good* in greut variety. W Inthy Jet and Shell good*. Bargains in Portemonales, Hugs and Bells, ('aril Case*. Memoruudam, Bonks lollet Mirrors, Brushes, new ? *tylc Combs, ornauients, ,tc., ac. Fancy Soap* and Perfumeries Fancy Baskets, all styles. Boxc*ot Initial CHper. Great variety of Bronze*. Wax Do'ls, great varief. Zcphvr Worsteds 12.',c. ounce. Bohemian and Parian goods Flower Pot Cover*, great variety. From bankrupt sale. 25.i?io pieces rich Sa<h, Bonnet mil! I'rhiiiiihig Kibbolis, irom 6c. to 25c. yard, worth 80c. From auction, 2.000pieces Lining, Triminlng and Dress Silks, plain, gro* grain and watered, irom 25e. to 4> 75 vard. From auction, opening over IKijiboxe*Silk Fringes, Gimps and Trimming* at les# than &0c. on $1. From auction, over 12,000 \ arils Real and Imitation Laces In black, white and color* ut less than gold cost. opening n large lot ot Ladles', Ml*ses', Bov*' and Genut' Merino and Gauze Underwear at very low pricc* From bankrupt sale, over 30,11*1 Silk Fans troic 28c. up, less than hall the cost of importation. We are opening every day hundred* ol lot* of Goods tor every department, irom auction, at le** than hall prtcfr. Importer* mint havo monev; thev are obliged to sacrifice their goods. We are lak'ug advantage of It tor otir customers; they get the benefit. Great bargains In oar Small Ware Department in Braid*, Combs, Brushes, silk*. Tape% Button*, Cottons, Ac., Ac. We are opening two ra?es Imported Tie* ami Scan*, In crape, silk and grenadine. You can buy them at aboufhalt the gold cost Auction lota at wholesale Good* at wholesale le** than wiLLtAS mm. 767 and 768 Broadway, corner Ninth street, ?,oruax Uslow Hia wart ft

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