Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 13, 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 13, 1873 Page 7
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OSCAR 11. Herald Special Report from Stockholm. CROWNED KING OF SWEDEN. The Grandson of Bernadotte Cheered by the People. BRILLIANT SCENE IN THE CHURCH. Holy Unction and All the Solemn Religious Ri'es. CRASPINGTHE SCEPTRE <Jueeii Sophia Placed on the Throne Beside the King. PROCLAIMED TO THE PEOPLE AND SALUTED. Banquet at the Palace?A Distinguished Diplomatic Representation. Civic Illumination and General Rejoicing. A SERIES OF FETES IN PROSPECT. The Coronation To Be Re--! peatec^ in Norway. TELEGRAM TO THE NEW YORK HERALD. ' The following special despatch to the Herald has been received from our corre spondent in the capital of Sweden : ? Stockholm, May 12, 1873. The coronation of His Majesty Oscar II. as King of Sweden took place to-day, at the hour of twelve o'clock, noon, in the Ster church. AN IMPOSING CEBEMONI^l with solemn for % " V.., 1 ^ ^ I T l ll'.fi. "The ceremonial was conducted with char acteristic pomp. A procession of four hun dred persons, including the members of the royal family, the Cabinet Ministers, members of the Legislative Diet, a deputation from the .Norwegian Congress and the Storthing, was formed and proceeded, on foot, out from te east side of the palace, and thence trav ersed through the great market square of the capital to the church. The pageant was wit nessed by thousands of people. The boys at tending the public schools and a force of mili tary were paraded along the route, and good order prevailed. BRILLIANT SCENE IN THE CHURCH. The church was profusely decorated and or namented with exceUent taste. The building was filled with a brilliant assemblage of spec tators, the ladies wearing toilets the fashion of which had been already prescribed by the Grand Chamberlain of the Court ENTBY OF THE KINO. The audience all rose on the entrance of His Majesty the King, and stood until he was seated, when they resumed their sea^s. THE religious RITES. The coronation rites, which were of a highly elevated and strictly religious character, were performed by His Grace the Most Reverend Archbishop of the Lutheran Church, assisted by prelates of the same communion. The sermon was preached by the Most Reverend Bishop Coesteraas. The text selected by His Grace was from the twenty-fifth Psalm, "Lord show me Thy ways." ECCLESIASTICAL UNCTION. After the conclusion of the sermon, the Most Reverend Archbishop anointed the King with holy oil on his forehead, temples, breast and wrists, and then, assisted by the Prime Minister of the Cabinet, placed the crown upon his head. THE EMBLEMS OF POWER GIVEN INTO HIS HANDS. The other emblems of sovereign authority? the sword of State, and so forth?were then severally taken from the high altar?on which they had been previously placed by the clergy and great officers of State?and delivered to His Majesty, who remained seated on the throne, by the Archbishop, who was assisted in the performance of his duty by several officers of the Cabinet. HALLELUJAH. The different stages of the ceremony were interspersed, according to programme, with prayers, and the singing of psalms by the en tire assemblage, the vocal effort being accom panied by the performance of fine instru mental mtisic. SWORN. His Excellency the Minister of Justice then administered the oath of constitutional fealty and allegiance to the King, who swore, holding three fingers of his right hand placed on the Bible. PROCLAIMED. A proclamation of the accomplishment of the coronation of His Majctsy Oscar the Sec ond, King of Sweden, was then made by one of the court heralds, and the vast assemblage replied by shouting "Long live Oscar the Second 1" SALUTED. A royal salute from the harbor and forts was then commenced from forty-two guns. The members of the Diet made oath of alle giance to the King at his coronation. THE QUEEN iHNOINTED. Her Majesty the Queen, Sophie Wilhelmine Marianne Henrietta?although the Swedish queens Lave no political power?was then conducted to the throne. She was annointed on the forehead and wrists only. betpbn to the paLack. The entire ceremonial occupied a space of three hours, after which the procession was reformed at the church and returned to the palace. THE DIPLOMATIC REPRESENTATION. The diplomatic representatives accredited to the Court of Sweden, with their ladies, who attended by special invitation, were placed in the church before the arrival of the Court procession at the sacrcd edifice. Very many distinguished special Ambassadors were present, with the members of their respective suites. Thfere were their Excel lencies General Liewen, from Russia; Baron Blumenthal, from Germany; Count Menebrea, from Italy; M. Barail, from France ; Mynheer Mansfeldt, from Holland ; Prince Metternich, from Austria, and Count Moltke from Denmark. THE REPRESENTATIVE OF DIVINE RIGHT. His Majesty King Oscar of Sweden has ex ercised sovereign authority since the death of his brother, King Charles XV., in the month of Octobcr last year. The constitution of Sweden does not absolutely require that the monarch should be crowned. The ceremonial is an ancient custom, however, and is observed to satisfy a sup posed reverence for such rites existing among the masses of the people. The Legis lative Diet appropriated a sum of seventy thousand rix dollars to pay expenses. Vet a coronation would have occurred had no., allowance been voted by the Parliament. THE DYNASTY. King Oscar the Second is forty-four years of age, his hair somewhat gray, but he enjoys fair health. The Crown Prince, Oscar Gus tavus Adolphus, the King's son and eldest child, is fifteen years old. BOY AX. BANQUET AND COMING FETES. Their Majestiesjthe^ King and Queen gave a banquet at the palace at four o'clock in the af ternoon. Six hundred guests sat down to dinner. Six grand dinners and balls will be given during the ensuing week. There are a great many strangers in the city. PARLIAMENT. Tho Swedish Legislative Diet will adjourn in about two weeks. THE CBOWN OF NORWAY, The coronation of King Oscar as King of Norway will take place at Drontheim on the 18th of July. CITY ILLUMINATION AND GENERAL REJOICING. To-night there is a general illumination, and the city is given up to festivity and re joicing. Sketch of His Miijeity Oscar the Hecond. His Majesty Oscar II., King of Sweden and Nor way, was born 2lst January. 1829, and is perhaps the most gifted of the tate King Oscar's children; carefully educated, an eloquent speaker, a poet of taste, and a clever writer. Unlike his brother, CharleB XV., who was a soldier, Oscar entered the naval service, and was for many years an Admiral of the Fleet, though he has held at the same time a grade in the army. He has travelled much, ana his repeated visits to Great Britain are well known in English society. The most prolonged of these visits was during the London Exhibition or 18G2, at the openinnr or which he assisted. He whs also In England in 1871. At the International Exhibition or that year Mr. Balnes, M. P. for Leeds, met with Prince Oscar, and has given an Interesting account of a conversation he Held with him in the Exhibition building. Mr. Haines speaks oi tne Prince as "the able and enllcrhtcned promoter of education, Industry, art, and all that can adorn a country.". The Prince took the English education ist to see tne Model Swedish School in the building, and explained it as fully as a schoolmaster could have done. "I ne*er," says Mr. Balnes, "saw so rich and varied an amount of educatioual ap pliances of every kind. I lound the l'rince a most interesting instructor, and could not sufficiently admire his perfect courtesy or the goodness which placed his companions at their ease and on a level with himself. If I do not mistake he will prove a benevolent and enlightened ruler." The Coronation In Norway. More precise details have now arrived relative to the Journey of His Majesty King Oscar to Norway. He will arrive on the 18th June at Trondnjem (Drontheim), where he will only remain a few hours, ami proceed to Vordoe. at the extreme north oi the kingdom (latitude 70 22 north), a small town situated on an island or the same name, In the strait or Varanger: close to there is Vanlochtis, the most northerly lortress in Europe. The coronation will take place on the 18th July, after llis Majesty's return, and will be celebrated at Drontheim, where is to be found one of the most ancient cathedrals in Scandinavia, called St. oiaf, and dating from the Middle Ages. However, only a portion of the primitive edifice remains. SPAIN. The Federal Republicans Ahead at the Electoral Poll* TELEGRAM TO THE NEW YORK HERALD. MARRin, May 12, 1873. The voting on Saturday (the first day of the pre liminary elections for the Constituent Cortes) resulted in the choice of 138 federal republicans, o radicals, 2 conservatives and 1 Alionsist. It Is probable that the final result of the two days' voting will be 350 federal republicans and 40 In the opposition. THE GERMAN KAISER. Contradiction of the Report of the Attempt on Hit Life. TELEGRAM TO THE NEW YORK HERALD. London, May 12, 1873. A despatch from Berlin to the Router Telegram Company pronounces to be without foundation the report published In the Lcndon morning papers that an attempt was made to assassinate the Em peror William at St. Petersburg. GERMANY. Prussian Cabinet Appointment to an Important Official Position. TELEGRAM TO THE NEW YORK HERALO. IJKKI.1N, May 12, 1873. Connt, Von Itzenplits has resigned the Ministry of Commerce and Public Works In the Prussian Cabinet. His successor has not jet been de signated THE FOPE. Herald Special Report from the Italian Capital. A Slerplfss Night ami General Disturbance of the Patient's System. VATICAN AUDIENCES FORBIDDEN. TELEGRAM TO THE NEW YORK HERALD. The following special despatch to the Her ald has been received from our correspondent in the Italian capital: ? Rome, May 12, 1873. His Holiness Pope Pius the Ninth passed a sleepless night He was very much disturbed by repeated tits of coughing. VATICAN AUDIENCES FORBIDDEN. Vatican audiences are absolutely forbidden by order of the physicians in attendance ou the Pontiff. The Pope received some of tho Cardinals to-day, but the Most ltev. tho Arch bishop of Palermo wag not admitted to his presence. ITALY. Police Arrests of the Political "Demonstrators" at the Quirinal. "'ELEGRAWS TO THE HEW YORK HERALD. Home, May 12, 1873. i|he police havo arrested twenty of the persons who participated In the riotous demonstrations before the yuirlual on Saturday last. QCIBT KKSTOKK1) IN THE CAPITAL. The city has been quiet since the riotous attempt to intimtdute Parliament yesterday. The demon stration Is strongly condemned by a large majority of the Deputies, and the government promises vigorous measures to prevent its recurrence. The Japanese Embury at the Ancient Christian Centre. Rome, May 12, 1873. The Japanese Embassy has arrived here. ENGLAND, Federal Republicanism Resolved at a Great Democratic Centre?Bullion on Balance from the Bank. , TILEtP/ftS 10 m YORK HERALO. London, May 12, 1S73. Tho Republican Conference at Birmingham to day adopted a resolution in favor of a federal republican lorm of government for (ireat Britain. BULLION IN OUTFLOW KKOM THE BANK. The amount of bullion withdrawn lrotn the Bank of England on balance to-day was ?5,ooo. The (Question of a General Election?The Atlantic Disaster Inquiry. London, May 13?8 A. M. The Obsemr's statement that Parliament will be dissolved early next year is semi-ofllcialiy contra dicted. The Inquiry into the loss of the Atlantic was re sumed at Liverpool yesterday. Tho government surveyor testilied that he Inspected the steam ship's bunkers before s' e sailed from Liverpool, and in bis opinion the supply of coal on board was suilicient for the voyage. FRANCE. Cabinet Division Over a Constitutional Project? Bonapartist Victory at an Election?Radi cal Triumph in Lyons. TELEGRAM TO THE HEW YORK HERALD. Paris, May 12, 1873. A serious disagreement has arisen in the Cabinet over the Electoral bill, which is now being pre pared for submission to the Assembly. M. Jules Simon and the Count de Rcmusat are against any change in the present electoral system. M. Leon say is in lavoroi the new bill. MM. Coulard and Dufaure insist that two years' domicile be made a condition of voting. RADICAL TRIUMPH AT AN IMPORTANT ELECTORAL CENTRE. M. Arthur Kane, the Radical candidate, was yesterday elected by an overwhelming majority to the Assembly from Lyons. He was Director of the General Safety under the administration of M. Uambetta, and subsequently became member of the Commune, from which he resigned on the pub lication of the decree lor the execution of the hostages. THE BONAPARTIST PARTY. The supplemental election in Rochclie yesterday resulted in the return of a Bonapartist to the National Assembly. Charges or bribery are made in connection with the election, ana the seat of the member-elect will be contested. RUSSIA. A Powerful Addition to the Imperial Navy. TELEGRAM TO THE HEW YORK HERALD. London, May 13?0 A. M. A Russian Ironclad Is building in tho dockyard at Nicholayev, on the Black Sea, and will be com pleted this Summer. RUSSIA AND AUSTRIA. ? Arrangements for the Reception of tho Czar in Vienna?Magnificent Fetes in Contempla tion?Emperor William to ViEit the Capital?Belgian Royalty To Be Represented. TELEGRAM TO THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vienna, May 12. 1S73. The arrangements Tor the visit ol the Emperor of Russia to Vienna have been completed. It Is announced that His Majesty will arrive on the 1st of June, and the next, day will make the tour of the Exposition. He will remain here six days, during which a series of magnificent, JTt".? are contem plated. FROM IIKLdll M. The King of the Belgians will reach the city three days before the Czar, ami will stay throughout the lestivitles. KP.OM BERLIN. The visit of the Czar will be succeeded by one from the Emperor Wilhelm, the time for which has not yet been settled. AUSTRIA. ? ?? TELEGRAM TO THE NEW Y3SK HERALD. Vienna, May 12, 1R73. Divine service, after the lorm of the Church of England, was publicly held here yesterday, ami was largely attended by Americans and Eng lishmen, to whom the use of the garrison church was granted by the authorities for the purpose. The Rev. Mr. Mombert officiated. At the close of the services Minister Jay, speaking Tor the offi ciating clergyman, tendered thanks to the Aus trian autUoritles for their kindness and conaidera u*o? CENTRAL ASIA. Herald Special Report from St Petersburg. KHIVA CAPTURED BY THE RUSSIANS. The Imperialist Advancc Murrh Across the Kizil-Kum Desert Successfully Accomplished. Communication Opened with the Supply Steamers on the Lower Oxus. A New llaso of Operations Established aud the Khanate Laid Dare to the Muscovite Mow. Road Routes Marked Out for the In vading Royalists. TELEGRAM TO THE NEW YORK HERALD. The following special despatch to the Hebald has been received from our corre spondent in the Russian capital: ? St. Petehshubo, May 12, 1873. Khiva is taken. The imperialist Russian troops from Tash kend and Fort No. 1, after their concentration in the Bowkhan Hills, marched direct across the Kizil-Kum Desert?east of Lake Aral in the centre of independent Tartary?to the banks of the Lower Oxus. A NEW BASE AN!) SUCCESS ASSURED. At this point the Russian soldiers commu

nicated with their supply steamers, thus prac ticaUy establishing a new base from Fort No. 1 within striking distance of Khiva, and making the further success of the operations of the Czar's commander for the reduction of the placo a certainty. Telegraphic Confirmation of the Nrwi of Russian Victory. London. May 13?8 A. M. A special despatch to the Daily Telegraph re ports that Khiva has fallen. No date or place is given to the dcsputcli. Principal Routes Which Were Proponed tor the Russian Advance. The Russian War office authorities in St. Peters burg, after the campaign against the Khiva had been decidcd upon, designated eight principal routes of way by which the imperialist forces could advance against Khiva. Home of the roads had been already traversed by Russian detachments; but it appears as if, in the present Instance, the army advanced on the line marked No. 4. The official Hussian exhibit reads thus:? Firnt?From Fort Alexnndtovsk, on the penin sula of MangisMak. by the oasis of liish Aktl, ttie well ol' Tabin ?u. and the western shores of Lake Aibuglr, to Kunya Urgendsh and Khiva?020 miles. Second?From Krasuovodsk by the wells of Sul men, Tchagil, Dachil, L'suu Kujuand inktcha?6G0 miles. Third?From the post of Tchlklshlar. bv the oasts of Multa Karl, and the welts of Uelsl Ata, Tchagil, as above?G5o miles. fourth?From Orenburg to Ak Tube, the Kmba Post, and along the slmrcs of the Aral to the Aibu gar un?i Kunya Urgendsh?1,000 mites. fifth?From Kasalinsk to Irbai, Irkibai, Dan Kara and Khiva?520 miles. Sixth?From Perovsk to frkibal and turther on as above?550 miles. Sevmth?From Djlsak to IJahma, Temir Kobuk, and along the northern frontier of Bokhifra to Mln Kulak, whence the road lies along the Amou Darya?575 miles. mQhth? From Tchiklshnar along the northern bank to the Attreck, as lar as the mouth of the river Sumbar; then further ou in the valley of the Sumbar to tho Turcoman Fort of Kt.-il Arvat, and the wells of Dinar, lgdi, Ortukol, Dudur and Is iniktishlr. Two-thirds oi tills road are unexplored; the distance Is about 550 miles. All the roads, being but scantily supplied with water and grass, oiler considerable difficulties to the march of a numerous force. The knowledge of this, circumstance persuaded the Khivese that the saints would continue to protect the ancient country oi Kharesm as formerly. Hut directly a Russian detachment appears on the borders of the Khanate all serious resistance probably ended. BRAZIL. Parliamentary Prorogation and the Distraction* of Politics. TELEGRAM TO THE NEW YORX HERALD. Lisbon, May 12, 1873. The South American mall steamer tloyne has arrived, bringing dates of tho 23d ult. from lUo Janeiro. The Brazilian Chambers had been prorogued until May 2. A liberal Deputy had been elected to Congress from Kio in consequence or a division in the con servative ranks. Senhor Mana, having been almost unanimously condemned by his constituents for his tergiversa tions, had resigned his seat in Congress. AFRICA. A British Fleet Said To Have Been Ordered from Asia to Zanzibar. TELEGRAM TO THE NEW YORX HERALO. Bombay, Tuesday Morning, May 13,) Via London, May 13?4 A. M. | It is stated here that Admiral Gumming has been ordered to proceed to Zanzibar Immediately, with all his available naval force, ami there aw alt orders trom the home government. THE SPANISH ANTILLES. ? . The Madrid Ministry in Council on Cuban Electoral Reform?A Porto Bico Repre sentative Manifesto at Hand. TELEGRAM TO THE HEW Y03K HERALD. Maohw, May 12, 1873. The Ministers are deliberating over a project tor electoral reforms in Cuba. The system agreed upon wilt probably be the same as that of Spain. The Deputies to the late Assembly from I'orto Hlco will soon Issue a manifesto explaining their conduct and declaring in lavor of the federal Republic. THE NATIONAL GAME. Close Onmc Between the Mntnals, of New York, and the Philadelphia Sine Victory for the Quaker City Club. Fn11.AnKi.r111 a. May 12, 1873. About three thousand persons witnessed the base bail game between the Mntuais, of New York, and Philadelphia nine. Tho latter won by the fol lowing score :? Chfa. l?f. 2't. M. OA AM. t?h. 7M. 8M. 0"'. Total. Philadelphia... 0 1 0 0 o 2 0 0 - 5 Mutual* tl u 1 2 0 o 0 10 * Kun* e.\rn?-it?Mutual*. 1: I'tilladrlphin, none. Bump hits?Mutual*, B; Philadelphia tl. SPEEDY JD3TI0E IN MARYLAND. Baltimork, May 12, 1873. Governor Whyte to-day signed the death war rant of Hallohaa, one of the parties convicted of the murder or Mrs. Larnpley. The execution is to take placo tn the 18th of June. THE LAVA BEDS. Another Reconnoissance of the Indian Position. Bodies of Slaughtered r-Froops Recovered. A Battle Between the Modocs and Hasbrouck's Command. NO PARTICULARS RECEIVED. Great Strength of the Indian Position on the Butte. Lava Heps, Cal., May 10, 1873. Yesterday a force of artillery and infantry left camp and proceeded to the scene of the massacre of the 26th of April, commandod by Captain Fields, battery A, Fourth artillery. They were supported by the cavalry under Majors Trimble and Crosson, from Colonel Mason's camp. ANOTHER RECONNOI88ANCE. A force under Major Throckmorton united on the left, forming a strong reconnoitoring party. Every precaution was taken against surprise?the troops marching on three sides of a square with the pack traiu in the centre. They were ordered to hold their ground if attacked until tho reinforcements should ar rive. THE PURPOSE OF THE EXPEDITION was to recover, if possible, the bodies of Lieutenant Cranston and others missing on the 26th ultimo. They were found, but in such a state of decomposition as to necessi tate burial. Headboards were erected at their graves and the other bodies, previously buried there and dug up by the Modocs, re buried. THE IIODIES FOITND were those of Lieutenant Cranston, Sergeant Seelig, Corporal Mooney, Bugler Moran, pri vates Albin and Bloom. Some were badly mutilated. Lieutenant Cranston was scalped, as was also one other. Louis Webber, buried on the 26th ultimo, had been dug up and the tendons of his legs taken out, and all the bodies buried on that date had been burned more or less. OREAT STRENOTH OF THE MODOC POSITION. The officers in command expressed surprise at the great strength of the fortification erected on top of the small sandhill in front of the large butte. They say that thirty-five de termined men could defeat a regiment there if attacked, and here was whero the ill-fated troops were led on the 26th. The day before yester day tho Modocs returned to Modoc Point, where they attacked and burned tho train the Jay previous, and succeeded in finishing the destruction of the wagons. RTTMORS OF ANOTHER FIGHT. It was reported yesterday that heavy firing had been heard in the direction of Hasbrouck's scouting party, but the report is not reliable. General Iiardie leaves for Klamath to-day to learn the situation of those Indians. He will return shortly, in view of IMPORTANT MOVEMENTS TO nE MADE here soon. After that ho will visit the North ern country and learn tho true situation of tho tribes there. The weathor is warm, and it will soon be bad for the sick. Acting Assistant Surgeon Semig's foot was amputated above the ankle yesterday. He is doing well. Ho has been recommended by all the officers of this com mand for a commission, with a view to placing him on the retired list. The mother and brother of Lieutenant Harris are expected to-day or to-morrow from Philadelphia, Pa. A MILITARY DEPOT AT TL'LE LAKE. Captain Lcydecker, of the Engineer Corps, will go to-morrow morning to the island in Tule Lake, with a view to ascertaining its adaptibility for the purpose of a military ? depot. A Battle With (he Nodnrn. San Francisco, May 12, 1873. A courier arrived at Yreka at nine o'clock this morning with the news of a battle be tween Hasbrouck's command and the Modocs. The Indians were repulsed. No further par ticulars have yet been received. Thr Indian* In Waiililngton Territory. Washington, May la, 187.1. Governor Ferry, of Washington Territory, tele graphs to the Secretary of the Interior from Olympla that no additional intelligence has reached him in relation to Indian hostilities, and that he thinks the settlers misconstrued thcactlous or the Indians, and were needlfessly alarmed. LOUISIANA. ? All (^nlet Along the Lines?'The I'nlted States Troop* Receiving Mappllc*. Bkashkak City, May 12, 1S73. The steamboat Ozark, under orders, left here to-day at 11.30 o'clock, for St. Martinsville, with army supplies. No troops were on board, Kellogg Report* to Waablngton. Washington, May 12, 1873. Despatches were received this evening from Governor Kellogg announcing that the iuvaston of the State ol Louisiana by United states troops had quieted the leaders of the McKnery faction, and that their presence wouid undoubt edly calm the conspirators against the peace and dignity of the State. Whether violent measures would finally have been reported to is only a matter of opinion in official clryies, but It Is understood that, all the troops that could be spared from tho Department of Texas were held In readiness to move to Now Orleans on of orders. "The moral effect of the federal bayonet Is not over-estimated tn Louisiana." salci * prominent opponent of Kel logg to your correspondent. "Wo can fight all his supporters 1B4 defenders in Loutsl&na but we can not affotyl to fig m the ariuy of tbu l m.ed butc*'. MONEY IN EUROPz Herald Special Report fr*m the English Capital. The Vienna Bourse Panic Disturb* the Euro pean Financial Centres Vastly. Hoary Shrinkage of Values, American aud Otherwise, in Austria and North Germany. The London 'Change Variable and Invest ors in American Securities Anxious. TELEGRAMS TO THE HEW YORK HERALD. The following special despatch to tli? Herald has been received from oar corre* spondont in the British metropolis: ? London, May 12, 1873. The financial cataclysm in Vienna dia turbH all the uiouey markets in Europe. Tho shrinkage of values in the Vienn* Bourse represents ono hundred millions of dollars, and the shrinkage of American secu rities in Germany is estimated at ten million* of dollars. INVESTORS IN AMERICAN SECURITIES ANXIOUS IN LONDON. In London there was a serious depression on Saturday, which increased this morning. There was a recovery in the market this after noon, but recent American legislation and the hostile tone of a portion of the American press towards European capitalists occasions general anxiety among investors in Americtk^ securities. The Bourne Still Demoralized ami Dual* iicsa at a Standstill, Vienna, May 12, 1873. The Bourse has not yet recovered from the effects of tho panic. No business was done to-day. ARKANSAS, Tim A flu Irs of Hempstead County To B? IiiTrMtlgutrd by u Special Commluloa Appointed by tlie Governor. Little Rock, May 12, 1873. K. W. McCuesney and Jauies Tor runs, republican State senators, leave to-morrow morning for Hempstead county as a Commission, ap pointed, together with Colonel R. C. New ton, democrat, by Governor Baxter, to Investigate the condition of affairs In that couuiy and make an advisory report as to whether It is necessary that martial law be declared there. The.v will meet Judge Newton at Washington, lua seat of the troubles. 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Caneer, Cough, Hemerrhoids, Epllepiy^ Ac., cured by Dr. EI,MOBK, 83 Warren street, Jersey City. .No charge until cured. Corn*. Bunion*, Enlarged .Joints, AH, Diseases of the Keet, cured by I)r. ZACII A Bit, 27 Unioa, square. Corns, Bunions, IVails, dir., Cured with out pain. CORN AND lU'NloN CURE by mail, 30e. Dr. RICK, 308 Broadway, corner Pulton street. (iriii'fciibcrg Vegetable Pllla Heareh t!ie cause ot, and by tht ir subtle power banish all troubles arising from indigestion, irregularity ot tli* bowels ami sleepy action of the secretory glands. ORAEKKNBERG COMPANY,-" <f Iteade street. Holyoke'* Celebrated Fever and Ague CI KK may by obtained at 'J78 Eighth avenue, between. Kilty-.*' veutli ami Kilty-eighth streets. Havana lottery Drawings on Flle.-oi circulars tree. Order* promptly tilled. JOSEPH BATKfl^ Agent, 1V6 Broadway. r'?'in 4. Chatham Bank Building. It is with pleasure that ( add ntjr testimony to the excellence of Dr. JAYNE'S EXPEC TORANT*. I have u?< d it In tnv fainilv for several yearn, and can truly <11 v that I know of no medicine equal to it lor checking mil curing the frequent coughs and colds to which children are subject at all *en*f>?s of the year. I have *1m> realized great benefit troin it myself, and Iikva recoiimii-n>I. tl It to other*. wlu> almost invariably havts learned to value It. 1 always prescribe It to the students under our care when necessary, and the teachers, willingly add their testimony to mine in praise of tht*. medicine. J- *? EDWADDS. Principal of Providence Conf. Sem.. East Greenwood, R. I. Indian Vegetable In?tltute,i\ow(>pen^a No. 17V West Thirty-second street. Consultation Oree... We furnl-h our own medicine*. MI**l*?|iioi.?The Water* of Thin Mprlnjf' have cured tbeusand* afflicted with Cancer, Scrofula unfc Bright'.* Disease. A fresh supply lust received. 1 JOHN P. IIKXHY, No. 8Colllgt placa. B. C. Shcldon'a Remedy a Sure Cure' for NervoJi* Debility. Principal depot vxl officii U)? West Fifteenth street. Bupture "still Sucreufully Treated aS marsh a co.'s radical, curb truss office, n** Ve*ey sttecL alsi# Silk Elastic Kelts, StooRlwu-1, ll'iea Cap-, tnkleT, Ay. A laily in attcudanev to wait 'Mica Indie* in private- rooms, Itoyal Havana Lottery.?Frlce* Re? dneed, clroul'^rs sent and Information given. We sold tho fjulUilO prize in. the draw ii?g ?i April ii J. B. H ART.IN EZ A Co., Bankers. W Wall druet. Vest rifflee box 4,tW, New York. Royal Havanu Lottery.?Prl*e? t'a?hed? ?nler* fllUsl, In'.tmnut Ion fnrnlshcsl. Highest rate* paid lor Spanish Vtnnk bill*, governments, Ac., Ac. TAYltOU A CD., Bankers, II Wall street, late of 14. Sfrawf.Mrry, RASPBERRY, PINE APPLE .TtJICKB, preserved, tor "vsta Water Syrup* an.| ret Creaiu. A. I. MATHEWb A CO. ,84 Murray streut. Window Shades of Every Descrl|?Uoi?, including French embroidered. O. L. KEl.'I'Y A CO., 721 Broi'otway. Wedding Invitation*, Farla *tyl??f MONOGRAMS, FRENCH NOTE PAPER. CRESTS, I SIIEIts' BAIMIEH. J. EVKlWKLU Broadway. (K*tnb*?lu-d iSHl 1M40?Kstahllshed 1H41K??. Hau?hfuu, Wlj< Walier and Importer of 'Human flair, |t Eaal Xvjglnh MrtjeLttiwu Broadway Ncn

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