Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 14, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 14, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE fJO. 13.415. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, MAY 14, 1873.-TR1PLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS? DiEKClORY FOB ADVERTISERS. AHUBEMENTS? Eighth Paob? Fourth, flfUl and sixth columns. _ . ASTRO LOtiY?Second Page? Fourth column. BILLIARDS-P^sTPACE-Hfth column BOARDERS WANTED?Eighth Pauk?First and second BOARDAND LODGING WANTED?Eighth Pace?Sec ond column. BROOKLYN BOARD?Eighth Paoe?Second column. BROOKLYN RKAL ESTATE FOR SALE?&ECOND Page? First column. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES?Eighth Page?Fourth column. BUSINESS NOTICES?Seventh Pagh?Sixth column. CIGARS AND TOBACCO?Fifth Page? Filth column. ?1TY RBAL ESTATE FOR SALE-Sacond Page?First column. SLBRKS AND SALESMEN?Eleventh Page?Filth col umn. CLOTHING?Second Page?Fourth column. COACHMEN AND HARDENERS?Eleventh Paum? Filth and sixth columns. COABTWISh STE A MS UI PS?Second PAGE-FHth and sixth columns. COUNTRY BOARD?Eighth Page?Second and third columns. DANCING ACADEMIES?Eighth Page? .-<ixth columu. BENTISTRY?Twelfth Pag*?sixth column. 8RY GOODS?First Page?Sixth column. WELLING HOUSES TO LET, Fl RNISI1ED AND UN FURNISHED?'Twelfth Page?Second and third columns. BUBOPEaN STEAMSHIPS?Second Page?Filth col umn. BURoPE?Twelfth Page?Sixth column. EYEs AND EARS?Twelfth Pack?Sixth column. EXCURSIONS?Second Pace?Sixth column. FINANCIAL? Fifth Page?Fourth and filth columns. FOR BALK?Fifth Page?Fitth and Mxth columns. FURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Twelfth Page?Third and fourth columns. FURNITURE?Fiubt Page?Flith column. FRENCH ADVERTISEMENTS?Twelfth Page?Second calumn. HELP WANTED?FEMALES?Eleventh Page?Third and fourth columns. HELP WANTED?MALKS??Eleventh Pagb?Sixth col umn, and Twelfth Page? First columu. HORSE.--, CARRIAGES. Ac.?First Page?Second, third, fourth and tilth columns. HOTELS?Eighth Page?Second column. HOUSES, ROOMS. AC., WA.N I'ED?Eighth Page?Third column. INSTRUCTION'?Pirst Page?Sixth column. JERSEY CI1Y, HOBOKEN. HUDSON CITY AND BERGEN REAL ESTATE *Olt SALE?Second Page?Seond column. LECTURE SE AiON?EiGiirn PAGE-Slxth column. LOAN OFFICE.^?First I'AGK-Slxlh column. LO.iT AND FOUND?First Page?First and second col umns. SACHINERY?Ftmrn Page?Sixth column. ARBLE MANTELS?Twelfth PAUK-slxth column. MATRIMONIAL?Fifth Page?Sixth column. HBDICAL?Second Page?Sixth column. MILLINERY AND DRESSMAKING?Tenth Page?Sixth column. MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS?Tenth Page? Sixth column. MISCELLANEOUS?Fifth Paok?Fifth column. HUB1CAL?Eighth Page?Sixth co.umn. NEW PUBLICATIONS?Seventh Page?Sixth column. NEWSPAPERS?'Twelfth Page?Sixth column. PI' RSON AL?First Page?First column. FIANOPOKTES, ORGANS, AC.?Fifth Page?Fifth col umn. FOhT OFFICE NOTICE?First Page?Sixth column. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES? Eleventh Page?Third column. PROPERTY Ol'T OF THE CITY FOR SALE OR TO RENT?Second Page?Second, third and fourth col umns. _ BEAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE?Second Page-Fourth column. BEAL ESTATE WANTED?Second Pagb? Fourth col umn. HEWARDS? First Page?Second column. 8ALES AT AUCTION?Twelfth Page?Fourth, Fifth and Sixth columns. SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES?Ninth Page?First. Second, Third, Fourth, Filth and Sixth columns, and Eletknth Page?First, Second and Third columns. _ SITUATIONS WANTED?MALES?Eleventh Page? Fourth an<1 Filth columns. SPECIAL NOTICES?First Page?Second column. SPORTING?DOGS, BIRDS, AC.?First Page?Second column. STORAGE? EiGiiTn Page?Third column. SUMMER RESORTS?Eighth Page?Third column. THE TRADES?Twelfth Page?First and secoud col ninns. THE TURF?First Page?Second column. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES?Twelfth Pace? Second column. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE?Second Pag*? Sixth column. MN FURNISH ED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Twelfth Page?Fourth column. WANTED TO PURCHA: E?First Page?Sixth column. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET?Second Pace?First and second columns. YACHTS, STEAMBOATS, AC.-Second Page?Sixth col umn. H' HAI.D BitANC H OFFICE?IPTOWM. J^DVERTISEMENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT THE BRANCH OFFICE, 1,266 BROADWAY. WEST SIDE, BETWEEN THIRTY-FIRST AND THIRTY SECOND STREETS. ADVERTISEMENTS ARE RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M. TILL 9 P. M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS. 2 TILL 9 P. M.),AT OFFICE RATES. NO EXTRA CHARGE OF ANY KIND. PAH IS AGENCY OF THE NEW YORK _ HERALD. j^JESSKS. KREMER A CO.. AMERICAN REGISTER, HAVE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD. THEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL ERS WITH COPIES OF THE HERALD, AND ALSO SINGLE NUMBERS OF THIS PAPER TO PARTIES KEQUIRING THEM. PERSONAL A LICE.?"BOTHER" WANTS TO SEE YOU. HE jHL ? promises to be good. Write to BOTHER, Herald uptown Branch office. A WEALTHY FAMILY WANTS TO ADOPT AN IN fant from birth or not more than one week old. Addrcas Mrs. ROBERTS, Herald Uptowa Branch office. RINTON?WRITE TO 11* AND REI'URN HOME AT once; all Is forgiven. B" DWARD MARKS, OF LONDON-INFORMATION wanted of present address. Address immediately ASHAZAMS A CO., 62 William street. TjlTENDS, GIVE UP MY HUSBAND. C. H. W., OF J? Amity and Canal street, or beware ol God's ven geance. Charley come home, I will lorgive ; the little cottage among the trees is left desolate. TjlOR ADOPTION?A SPLENDID MALE INFANT, SIX Jl months old. of respectable parentage. Address E. L M., Herald office. INFORMATION WANTED?OF CORNELIUS LUCY; A was last seen about seven years ago; is S feet 3H Inches nigh; light complexion and hazel eres. Address nis mother, HONORA LUCY, 43 New Church street. New York. ?>w Orleans paper* please copy. JF JAMES PALMER OR MARIA, HIS SISTBR, CIIIL dren of John and Maria Palmer deceased, of Portland place, Mile End. London, England, will apply personally ?r by letter to Mr. JOHN LONG, Solicitor, 18 Lansdowne terrace. Grove Road, Victoria Park, London, England, (bey will hear something to their advantage. KITTY?AM WELL; THANKS FOR NOTE; GOING ?way; will see yoa Friday. BLUE STOCKINGS. XTATIE CHATERTON?AN OLD FRIEND WISHES to see you. Please send address to A. B., box 140 Herald odea. I^EW, YOU ARE POROIVEN; COME HOME. Mrs. r. h. l-we have found your husband: reconciliation effected; appointment at MOONEY'S Detective Agency, 162 Broadway, Thursday, at noon, Monday night, eight o*clock; raw toma toes; salute with handkerchief; Fullon avenue ears; obliged for recognition. Address EVE GLASSES, Herald office. ' SIONDAY EVENING, SEVEN O'CLOCK. FULTON 1 ferrv, from New York; took same car; Brooklyn; dy with galden hair dropped parasol und book; re turned by gentleman oppoaite. Address, staling particu lars to avofajnlstakc, R. T. B., box ra Uerald office. TLIRS. AUGUSTA SMITH, FORMERLY OF WBST m Thirty-sixth street, will find a letter at the Oencrsl Foat office. AY?I HOPE YOU ARE WELL AND HAPPY; THE 21st, at 2 P. M., sccins far away. JOSEPH. I- LISSA-RETURNED FROM SAI.T LAKE To-D \ Y Will see you soon. Received letters. NUDU8. M M SK.?MEET ME TO-NItiHT, IF POSSIBLE, AT 120 ? or cImwhere Write me where. B***. There is a letter for joiian maonus lind! gren from Skane. In Sweden, and Information from his relatives; to he had at the office of Messrs. sKoW, PETERSEN, ISBERG A CO., No. 2 South Clark street, Chicago, 11L TO JENNY S.?FRIDAY, 8X P. M.. "BROADWAY" IN company with two others, took car at Fourteenth ?treet Address as before. WILLTFIE PERSON wilrTpiCKBO UP MY PAPERS In a Flith avenue stage please leave them at 105 West Twenty-second street f L. WALOOTT. WILL N. C.. FORMERLY OF TWENTY-8IXTn street, send her number on Thirty-fourth street to Ber friend ? FLOP, Herald office. "IITILL THE LADY WITH OPEN FRINUE SHAWL. vf whom gentleman followed from Broadway car to Sixth avenue car, grant an interview? Address, stating ?ome incident, to avoid mistake, CHARLEY, box 120 Herald office. LOUT AM) FOUND. Doo LOST.?$3 REWARD.?MEDIUM SIZED HOUND .. Sl<Hi black and Un ; some white marka. Leave her St 81 West Eleventh street. I,tol M> ADRIFT?A POUR-OABBD BOAT TBB owner can have It by proving property and paying expanse* at Hi I works, Mxty flith street. North Klver. FOUND?IN FOURTH AVENUE, SATURDAY EVEN i?g, a Pocketbook containing a sum ol monay. The SoRLEY*81 ^Beaver street! by aPP,yl"* t0 W'iUAM T OST -O* MONDAY MORNING, A SMALL SCOTCH 1j terrier Dot The finder will bo liberally rewarded by returning U) 741 Hflh avenue. T OST-MONDAY. MAT 12, NOT FAR FROM UNION J-J square, a green ?tlk Purse. with silver clasp. The Ander will be rewarded on leaving the same with J. J. MORRIS, corner of University place eaU liraUUi atrial. m. ?1U fiiaiue litem Uui mum. ?*????. LOST AMD FOUND. LOST-OlT TUESDAY. A lady'S POCKETBOOK, containing $02 change (inJ cards; liberal reward. A. W. N1COLL. No. 7 Warren street. Lost ?a gkntlem an and lady hired a coupe at Central Depot on Tuesday, May 13. tor the Bre voort House, and let. In the vehicle a small parcel lrom Tiffany's, lor the recovery of which a liberal reward will be given. Inquire at the Brevoort House. IU8T? AN noun HOUND iKKMAI M, MOUSE J color, wltli gray nose. A liberal reward will be paid by returning it luKu.ll Wert Nineteenth street. Lost?on Monday evenino, at u o'clock, between Twenti-first and Twenty-second streets. Sixth avenue, a white Spanish Poodle; answers to the name ot Heauty. The tinder will be well rewarded by returning it to 326 Went Twenty third street. KKVVAKD*. (?JK FOR RETURN OK MEMORANDUM BOOK TO 212 West Fiftieth street; lost May 2 in Eighth avenue curs, or between Liberty and Centre streets. djin REWARD.?FOR A RUSSIAN TERRIER SLUT; T I " / looks like a black and tan; lost lu the neluhbor hood of Twenty-seventh street and sixth avenue. 'Ihc above reward will be paid by return ol same to No. 1 Ureat Jones street, room 6. (J?ll\ REWARD.-ANY PERSON RETURNING AN ?P 1 Yf open laced Hold Watch (It. O. Brown engraved on back), ami pari ol turquoise and gold Vest Chain at tached, will receive above reward at real estate office of Vacuk A BROWN, corner Third avenue and Filty eiglith street. (fcOft REWARD.?LOST, IN SIXTH AVENUE, Thirty-tlrst street, four weeks ago, a small Spita Dog, named Vic, color white, with a tinge of buff on his back. Ketu.n to 244 West Twellth street and receive above reward. A LIBERAL REWARD.?BLACK AND TAN DOO lost, answers to name of Jack. 76 East Fifty-fourth street. SPKCIAL RIOT1CKS. ?THE AMERICAN REGISTER, ? the most widely circulated of the American Journals published in Europe. A capital medium tor American advertisers addressing themselves to European patronage. Indispensable to all persons visiting Great Britain and the Kuroju-an Continent. Subscription* aud advertisements lor the AMERICAN REGISTER will be received and single copies of the paper inav be obtained at the office of tBe New York llerald, (few York. A?HERALD BRANCH OFFICE, BROOKLYN, ? cornet' ot Fulton avenue and Kncrum street. Open troin b A. M. to 9 I*. M. On Sunday irom :Uu !? P. M. American cheap transportation associa tion.?A New York branch organization is in course ol formation. Persons willing to work and spend in this cause send address to HORACE II. DAY, 61 Liberty street. New York. A RAILROAD RAIL HAS BKEN INVENTED THAT saves to railroad companies $6,000 per mile over the present style ol'rail and is a better and much safer rail than the present style of rail; the rail when put together is a continuous rail; the joints of this rail are ns solid as the middle ot the rail, witliout the use ot Ash plates or chairs, holts or anything ot ihc kind. This rail can be seen by addressing R. B. H., the patentee, 143 Johnson street, Brooklyn. This rail Is said to be the best rail ever Invented; It has been inspected by hundreds of railroad men and endorsed by all; railroad companies ought to examine this rail. Agents wanted in all parts of the United States. A-.m. e. pierce, custom shirt maker, has ? removed trotii 432 to 428 Hudson street, two doors down: French Yoke Shirts made to order of the best ma terials and at the lowest prices; a perfect lit and satis faction guaranteed. A LADY LEAVING THE CITY WILL SELL HER Wheeler A Wilson machine jUa sacrifice. Address Mrs. E. B. s , Herald Uptown Branch office. D RESSMAKING. ECONOMY, PROMPTNESS. PERFECT FIT. Messrs. LORD A TAYLOR, to prove that retrenchment is possible, have so arranged their Dressmaking Depart ment that ECONOMY In material and trimming Is par ticularly studied in every detail, and they are now furnishing dresses at a MUCH LESS PRICE than the cost ot imported garments, while tor STYLE, KIT anil general uiake up they are every way equal to the finest Parisian manufacture. The Immense Increase of orders during the past month prevented our usual promptness; but now, with ex tended iacilities, and the COMPLETE REORGANIZA TION ol the department, we can safely GUARANTEE ALL ORDERS AT T1IE TIME AGREED, and as to FIT and PRICE defy competition. LORD A TAYLOR. Broadwav and Twentieth street. Election.?notice is hereby given that an election will be held at the office of tl?e New York Bridge Company, No. 21 Water street, in the city of Brooklyn, on Monday, tka 2d day ol June next, at 12 o'clock noon ot that day,-for tlttecn directors of said company, lor tlie then ensuing year, and lor two Inspec tors of election for IK74. The transfer books will be closed from May 3 to June 3, lSTTt Dated May 2, 1MTC. HENRY C. MUliPliY, President O. P. Quintard, Secretary. Havana and kentucky lotteries.-prizes cashed : circulars sent free. JOSEPH HATES A CO., 71 Broadway, New York, room 31, first floor. LA. D.?WHETHER 'TIS OR 'TISN'T A SAMPLE . ot what was stepped on corner Broadwav and Ninth street, ton days ago. has not been tested yet Ad dress DRY GOODS, box 144 Herald Uptown Branch office. VTOSE MACHINE.?A CONTRIVANCE, WHICH AP XN plied to the nose lor an hour dally, s? directs the soft cartilage ol which the member consists that an ill-form ed nose is quickly shaped to perfection. Sent bv pattern, post, lor S3. ALEXANDER ROSS, 248 High Holborn, London. OFFICE OF PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY. 6'J and 61 Wall street. Nbw York May 14, 1873. TWENTY-SIXTH ANNUAL ELECTION. Notice is hcrebv given that an election for nine Dlrccf. ors ofthe Pacific Mail Steamship Company will be held at the company's otlice, 59 and 61 Wall street, on Wednes day, May 28, 1H73. between the hours of 12 M. and 2 P. M. The transfer books will be closed, preparatory to said election, Monday, May IK, at 4 P. M., and reopeued Thurs day, May 29, at 10 A. ft. By order of the Board. THEODORE T. JOHNSON, 8?eretary. 0 MA HA, NEB. OMAHA LEOAL GIFT ENTERPRIZE. ?U sales of tickets have closed. Parties desiring tickets In the distribution of May 20, mast order them direct from head office as no more will be sold In New York through agencies. By order pf THE MANAGER. OFFICIAL DRAWING NORTH CAROLINA LOTTERY. UTBA CLASS no. 39? MAT 13, 1873. 36, 32, 4, 80, lL 63. ?. 69, 56, 62, 57. 19, 39, 8. NORTH CABOLIHA?CLASS NO. 40?MAT 13, 1873. 16, 29, SO, 48, 1, 3, 67, 47, 32, 66, 34, 73. GERKEN A CO. Manager*. LUTHY ? CO., Brokers, Zt4 Greenwich street, N. Y. OFFICIAL DRAWINOS KENTUCKY BTaTE LOTTERIES. MNTUCBT? KXTRA CUSS NO. 325?MAT 13, 1873. 65, 9, 78, 31. 8, 38, 76, 14, 10, 23, 86, 67, 41, 63. tSNTCCBT?CLASS NO. 325?MAT 13, 1873. 5, 14, 88. 81. 17, 77, 36, 9. 37, 40. 57, 4. SIMMONS A CO., Managers, Covington, Ky. Snr.LIT COLLXGIT?IITRA CLASS NO. *25? MAT 1.1, 1873. 70, 19, 51, 8, 35, 62, 26, 76. 63, 29, 78. 13, 42. SHKLBY COLLKCE?CLASS NO. 226?MAT 13, 1873. 32, 69, 48, 50, 78, 17, 43, 27, 41, 24, 63, 56. SMITH A CO., Managers, Covington, Ky. J. CLUTE, Broker, 206 Broadway. Poet office box 4,969. PARTIES HAVING GOODS ON THE STEAMER AT lsntic will facilitate the appraisement of the same by sending to tis their invoices, or certified copies thereof. JONES A WHITLOCK, Adjusters, Ac., 65 Wall st Royal Havana lottery of cuba.-pros. pectus for 1873 now ready. Address GEORGE UP HAM, No.'J Weybosset street Providence, R. I. Royal Havana lottery.?german state lot terles. Send for circulars. RITTER A CO., Post office box 3,836. 88 Nassau street room 4. OYAL HAVANA LOTTERT. Royal Saxon Government Lottery. Brunswick Government Lottery. City of Hamburg Lottery. Prizes cashed and Information given. THEODOR zscnocn, Post office box 6.080. 116 Nassau street OT. STEPHEN'S episcopal CHDRCH, FORTY sixth street, near Sixth avenue, will be open on Thursday evening. May 15, from 8 to 10 o'clock, for the of renting pews. Those present will have an op portunity of hearing the new choir, under the leadership ol Mr. II. P. Hanks. The service composed for the open, ing Sunday (May 18) will be rehearsed. The present and former members, with their friends, are cordially Invited to attend and help to revive the happy days or the old parish of St Stephen's. SOUTH CAROLINA LOTTERY ORANT-FOR FREE School Fund?Perpetual. Class 101?77. 65, 14, 74, 37,12,61,58. 19, 38, 51, 63. Class 102?4, 73, 14, 55. 6H, 49, 74, 48, 87. 19, SO, 58. COLE A CO., Proprietors; New York Post office box 3,856. Charleston, 8. C., May IS, 1873. O IS DRAWN DAILY IN THE LEGAL i|)oOt7,t)nij iited Kentucky Lottery Royal Ha vana and Kentucky circulars tree ; 12H cents commission allowed. Address BALKY A GO. (office efUblished 30 years), 174 Broadway. M'OICl INO? DOUR, HI HI)*4, A?EP5 SALB. all kinds of fancy dogs. ? Birds, Ac.; Medicines lor all diseases; Prepared Food, lor mocking birds. At B. G. DOVKY'S, No. 3 Greene street near Canal. TVUNE DOUBLE GUN AND SUTTER DOO WILL BE Letfh.Vd2r.fti 'clAocRk:U- JOUS8ION'a, 37N?s.u y 4 OR SALE CHEAP?A FRENCH DOUBLE BARREL J i-owling Piece, .t cigar store, Corlaudt and Green wich streets. ANTED?A GENUINE NEWFOUNln.ayn luJJ Address box 2,799 Post office. w THE Tl'KF, The tcrf.-the trainer's and driver's pro teollve Association will hold a Grand Trotting Meet ing, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, May 27, 28 and 29, at Deerloot Driving Park (formerly Hall's Track). Coney Island Road. Full particulars will Lie announced In due season, ? , .. .. . , a ie business of the session was foi IlOKKKf a sermon by the Hev. tlenry w. T~tTimii"ASR( ohaR?1' BoHton- antL"? furth,'? A hand carriag,ad' TUe toWcrec^ win reaanem. Buggies. Pony Pha at greatly reduce' JLjmiWAroakUa. HOUSES, CARRIAGES, dtC. ASI ECIAL PEREMPTORY AND POSITIVE SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION, THIS DAY (WKI)NrSUAY), MaT 14, AT ? ? - ,0K O'CLOCK. PKOMPT, AT PRIVATE SI ABLE 138 EAST THIRTY-SIXTH ST.. REAK OK n\ LEXINOTON AVENUE. INCLUDING KOUR KINK HORSES, CARKIAGES, AND LIUHT WAOONS, SINGLE AND DOUBLE HARNESS. BLANKETS, SHEETS, ROBES WHIPS, *0. A handsome and rant team of coal black Geldings, 6 and 7 years old. 1M? band* high, very cliovlv matched; can hurtliy bp distinguished apart; have Heavy, long flowing manes and tails; no while: can trot to a Park phaeton inside oi 3 minutes; wan considered the handsomest teum at Saratoga lust season; they are beautifully grilled, with high knee acUon, long arehed necks; line head*; good limbo and feet; need no gaga or checks, and are as flue a team ax can be produced; they are tree from vice, trick or^aulf, and are sound. Kind and true in every particu Also fine coupe or family Horse; color bar. nearly 10 hands high, and 9 year* old ; is sale lor lady's tua; I* airuid ol nothing; can be driven to locomotive with per fect safety; can trot inaidn of 4 minutes, and u sound, kind and true. Also a very last hay trotting Mara, 1SH hands high, 8 years old; was sired t>y Rysdick's Hamblctotuaii; dam by Alexanders Alulalluh; w?s bred and raised in Orange county, and ran irot any dav in 2 35, and for style, gait or action cannot be surpassed ; she is sound, kind and true, and one of the Lest roadsters ever ottered at nubile auction. ' . A}T 1 ?XU!n??"? top Phaeton, 2 tap Wagons. 1 light RobesA c agon' ""'S'6 atul double llaruess, Hianketa, ,?N' sto<'k '? ?" "trictly first class, as owner would have no other, aid will be sold to Hie highest bid der, without limit or restriction, us owner is going abroad. Stock can be seen now. Sale positive, rain or shine. JEKKlNs A DUFF, auctioneers. AT BARKER A CHASE'S CITY AUCTION MART AND N. Y. TATrERSALL'S uT,nAT.0.,..^0fld.^uy and Thirty ninth street. ?AJOR /'DAS. W. BARKER, AUCTIONEER. REGULAR SAl.ES OK Horses, Carriages, Ac., EVEltY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY HOUKS allowed for trial ON EVERY HORSE sold under warrantee. THIS IS THE OLY AUCTION mart in the State hav ing the proper facilities lor showing horses on sale, viz ? A LARGE DRIVIM1 RING, ENTIRELY UNDER COVHft. CATALOGUE ..??OF TUIS I)AY- AT 11 O'CLOCK : BRED AND EXTRA SPEEDY BROWN trotting Gelding, bred In Orange countv, I8H hands high, 6 years old; an elegant, very stylish, game and easy driver; has shown a irlal of2 A3 to wagon; b ars no loco motive ; no road too long lor him; flowing uiane and tail and warranted sound and kind. hllllt bv Hanson Brothers. DOUBLE CO At/ll H A IcNKHS, good order. ELEGANT AND desirable golden sorrel trotting Gelding. Kentucky bred, about 185, high. 7 years old; a very gamey and extra stylish driver: can trot in ?-'ISO, and go lo the end of the road; fears nothing; has no vices^flno flowing mane and tall, and warranted sound 1*i?NY PHAETON, built by Close. TWO FINE TOP EXPRESS Wagons. FINE BAY HAMBLKTONlAN MARE, 18? high, 7 years old; extra line stylish driver; cun trot in 3 inin u'i!1'1 warranted sonnd and kind. FINE SIX SEAT PARK PHAETON, built by Wood Mr os. DOGCART, BUILT BY Demarest EX IRA FINE SORREL STAR brood Mare, bred ill Orange county, IS1* high, 8 years old: fine, hiindv driver; lias trotted in 2:16; is supposed to be in foal io second Hainbletonian, nrTl,E?(lELK,'RATH:DCOAL BLACK TROTTING MARK WINONA, sired by General Knox, and is half sister to tamors; is hands high, (I years old. a very elegant. Same, stylish and pleasant driver; has trotted over the augor track in 2:38)$; can beat 2:40 to-dav; is finely gaited. vciy handsome and showy, and perlucLly gentle for a lady to drive; is sold to close an estate, and is war ranted sound and kind. v, JWS'nP&lSPT phaeton, nearly new. ELEGANT fine. LARGE BLACK Coupo Horse, Ken tucky bred, 16 high, 6 years old. an extra stylish and prompt driver: cau trot close to three minutes; lias extra aciion and appearance, flowing mane and tall and war ranted sound anil kind. FINE HEAVY CONCORD EXPRESS WAGON dN'5,W A?NR,8KC??D-"ANI) Harness, Horse Clothing, Saddles, Bridles, Whips. Halters, Ac. J?RAL OTHER Horses, Wagons, Ac. FULL DESCRIPTION AT Sale. BALES never POSTPONED on account of woather. Auction house of arch, johnston (late Johnston A Van Tassel 1), office and salesroom, old sStand, 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post office. ? THE HORSE AUCTION BRANCH OF THE HOUSE IS REMOVED TO THE SPACIOUS PREMISES. HI. 21, 23 and 28 east THIHTEENTH street between Kilth avenue and University place.' TTic business will be conducted on precisely the same strict and honorable principles which have always char acterized the dealings of onr house and won the respect and contldenco ol the business community, as well as the public at large. CATALOGUE OF this DAY'S sale (WEDNESDAY) AT 12 O'clock '? ELEGANT team HAY HORSES.' 18 hands, 7 and 8 years; kind and true in all harness; free irom vice; all "V,JlraT?"er8: ol nothing, and warranted sound TWO-SEAT DOGCART, BY LAWRENCE. , OENTLEMA-N'S ROAD TURNOUT-Tcam bay Marcs, 1SH hands, # years; kind and tru6; extra line travellers in every respect a first class team. CROSS MATCHED TEAM hlack and brown Mares. 15^ hands, 7 years, kind and true in all harness and under saddle; (ree from vice; can trot in 3^ minutes, and w ar ranted sound, without blemish. SET OF HARNESS, BY CAMPBELL TOP ROAD WAGON, BY STIVERS; NEW ELEGANT LADY'S SADDLE HORSE, broken to all gaits of a saddle horse. BROWN shetland PONY; 1(1 hands; B years; kind and true; extra fine traveller; kind and true in all har ness and under t-addlc ; warranted sound. HATCHED TEAM, BROWN AND GRAY HOKSES; 15Jf hands; 6and7 years: kind and true; can trot in 3 minutes and warranted, together with Ton Road W54,w.f?-1U"!S;r *. divers: set of Harness. Blankets, Ac. FAMILY ESTABLISHED?BLACK MARE, Hi hands 8 years; kind and true in all harness and under saddle, and warranted sound: together with light Park Phaeton. In perfect order; set of single Harness, Ac. T CART, BY BREWSTER A CO. TF.N OTHER HORSES, direct from Kentucky , descrip tion time ol sale. v THREE PONY HORSES, 15 hands, 5 years; kind and true in all harness and under saddle, and cau be driven by a lady or child, and warranted souud. Coupe In good order. Barouche in perfect order. Light Coupe. Harness by Campbell. Doctor's Phaeton. Five sets of Single Harness in good order. Express aud Depot Wagons. Pony Phaetons, top and no top. Three sets of Double Harness. Weather never interferes with our sale. Take Uni versity place cars. THE "BREWSTER WAGON," a! in all weights, for pleasure driving or speeding, exquisitely finished, and embracing In their construction tno various Improve ment* introduced by us during tho past 18 years, making tnem the standard for Quality throughout the United Slates. These wagous are exclusively the production of our well-known Broome street factory, and arc offered in stock In all respects equal in quality to those built to the order ol the most valued customer, and at prices uniform to aiL In order that we may not be confounded with a Joint stock company ol carnage dealers who have adopted a firm name similar to our own, and impudently claim the reputation we have made lor the "Brewster Wagon," we beg the public will remember that our only warero?ms are at the corner of Fifth avenue and Fourteenth street, and our only Factory on Broouie street. BREWSTER A CO., ol Broome street. LANDAU, BY lawrenceone COUPE BY ? Woods Bros.; one six-seat Phe.iton, one four-seat do., one light Curtaiii Coach, by Brewster; 80 top and open Pony I'heatons, JO top and open side-bar and Hill spring Road Wagons, by Brewster, Stivers and Dusenbtiry A Van Duscr; top and open Express Wagons, single and double Harness, two Sulkies. WM JH. GRAY, 20 to 27 Wooster street APOpPHAETOW. 9108; DO.. 9130: TOP, $1.10; DO., $178; Rumble. $196: C Springs, 9190; top Wagon. (ISO; 10open Road Wagons. 1,430 Broadway, near For ty-first street AT BARGAINS.?STYLISH PONY PHAETONS OF evvry variety, Depot Wagons. Cabriolets, fine Bug gies Rockawavs and other styles of Carriages. STAATS BELL, No. 7 Washington place, rear New York Hotel. A?landaulets. LANDAUS, COUPES, LADIES' . Phaelons, Ham's popular circular front Landauleu. coupe Rockaways and T Carts; new styles and unsur passed in finish. 10 East Fourth street A LOT OF TOP BUGGIES, ROAD WAOONB, EX. press. Grocery and light Business Wagons; also a second hand top Buggy, cheap. 348 West Twenty-seventh street, between Eighth anil Ninth avenues. A FEW PULLBLOODED aldkrney AND AYR shire Cows for 'salo, very cheap ; also, one Imported Ayrshire BulL Inquire of WILLIAM WAISON, n Frank lin street A GOOD HORSE FOR SALE-FULL 1? nANDB; JJ',r-ili,ht!?,3r:.Perfec.t.l-v Ken'* and kind. Apply to S. v. SMITH, Frankfort House, 202 William street. Will exchange for Furniture. AT LOWER PRICES THAN EVER BEFORE OF fered, our Immense stock Carriages, comprising every seasonable style family Carriages and light Wag ons, new and second hand; several slightly damaged: great bargains. * ' MANUFACTURERS' UNION, 638 Broadway. ?LIOUT WAGONS. , A fln? assortment for the road and pleasure driving at the old place, 135 and 137 Chrystie street. W. FRANK DUSKNBURY, successor to Dnsenbury A Van Duser. A FIRST CLASS STABLE TO RENT.?APPLY ON premises, 149 East .Seventieth street, corner Lex ington avenne. A? KOlT HALE?FIVE HORSES, THE PROPERTY ? of a farmer; two large truck Horses, one drive or road Horse. Also a span of very handsome black

Horses, with long manes and tails; they are kind for Sentlemanor lady to ride or drive; they are very stvllsh rivers. These horses are young and sound. A reason able trial allowed. Apply at 160 Washington struct, near Liberty street A BASKET PHAETON FOR SALE-HAS BEEN used but a short time; made to order by the best New York makers. Apply at Wil Twenty eighth st. A PAIR OF BAY HORSES. SIX SEATED ROCKA way and set double Harness for sale.?Horses 15? hands hig.i, 7 years old, very stvllsh. and sound and kind. t-*rrl?ge hollt by Corbet, and in perfect order. Apply at 130 F.ast Thirteenth street A?ONE SHIFTING TOP PONY PHAETON AND ' ''*rnes? for $300, cost 9480; one rumble seat top rouy Phaeton lor $3UU, cost 9880. HAM, 10 East Fourth street A PAIR OF CHESTNUT PONIBS, 14^ HANDS, 7 and 8 years old; lull sisters; well matched; can trot In three minutes; very gentle, kind and sound; have Bu" ir"""1 10 * *rivat? DUuAljr. 64 Grove street, near hornks, cakuiaoks. ?c. . I N ATTRACTIVE AND SPECIAL SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION OK KINK HORSES, CARRIAGES. HARNESS, AC.. ON THURSDAY. MAY If AT 10 O'CLOCK PROMPT, AT PK1VATE STABLE 61 EAST TIIIRTY-THIRD STREET, conslstlafr of the entire Turnout o? a gentleman giving ud driving. They will be tound reliable au.l line, and arc worthy the attention ol parties wishing to purchase stock that ean Be depended upon. Extra stylish and hluh bred team of blood bay Mares, with black point*, 1SK hand*. seven and eight years old, rained in Kentucky, and both aired by Bald Chief, dam Bashaw. They are closely mated, with fine arched neck*, have great action, drive evenly and without cheeks-have fine, strong Ural)*: superb leet; arc alraid ot nothing, and can go to the end of the road; they have taken ttr^t premium at Countv Fair as beat matched ?air lu county, and are pronounced by good Judges the est and meat aty!t*l> In thl* city; they are warranted good and true, sound and kind. Splendid and blooded Kentucky bred brown conpe Horse, l"1* handt, d years oid, king (lowing mane and tail all style and action, a fast traveller and a bold, (car lee* driver: I* well broken to all harness and l? war ranted Hound and kind Ucautilul iet black mare Black Alice, 15'i hands, 7 yeursold, rained at Burlington, Vt. and wired by General Knox, dam by *? than Allen; la a perfect beauty and ean be driven by a lady ; ha* a record of 2:47 when 4 yearn old and can bent 2:45 to road wagou; she is good lu com pany, doe* not Iret or pull, and with proper training can beat 2:'lft; she i* warranted sound and kiud, and must be seeu to be appreciated. Bcaulilulchildren'* 1'ony, only 12 lianda, 8 year* old, a perfect net; run be driven or ridden by the smallest child, and i* warranted sound and kind. Also Coupe, pole and shaft; tonr-wheol Dog Cart, nearly new; light top Wagon, In prime order: double and single Harness, Kobe* and Blanket*. Full warrantee of 24 hours on all horse*. Sale positive, ralu or shine. Stock on exhibition at all time*. JOHN L. VlNDEWATF.R, Auctioneer. J^ ? LIUHT CARRIAOE8 AND HARNESS. No. 8 Cortlandt street, near Broadway, the place where good* are honestly represented. No lancv price*, no Broadwav expense*; no "time" debts to make up. Terms cash only. Pony Phaetons a specialty ; 25 dllferent styles. Carriage* of all kinds built to order and warranted. AKCH. JOHNSTON, No. 8 Cortlaudt, noar Broadway. ALANDAt', BY LAWRENCE; ONE COUPE, BV Woods llros.; one six-seat Phaeton, one lour neat do., one light Curtain Coach, by Brewster ; 80 toD and open Ponv Phaetons, -0 U>p and open side bar and lull *Pring Hoad Wagons, by Brewster, Stiver* and Dusen bury A Van Duser: top and open Express W agons, single and doable Harness, two Sulkies. WM. H. GRAY, 20 to 27 Woo*tcr street. N ELEGANT ROAD ESTABLISHMENT AT AUC TION, Til 18 DAY, AT 12 O'CLOCK, AT ARCH. JOHNSTON'S horse auction branch..19. 21, as AND 2ft EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, NEAR UNI VERSITY PLACE. SEE CATALOGUE ABOVE^ JUMP-SEAT BUGGY, DOG CART, DOCTOR'S Phaeton, 3 Top Buggies, Coupe, 2 Brett*. 2 Clar ences, 2 glass quarter Couches, Hearse, Siage, 2 large Wagons, suitable lor baggage, passenger or circus wagons; all second hand ; in order. B ' J. W. PITNEY, 460 Third avenue. A -FOR SALE?THREE HORSES, ONE VERY FINE . family or road horse, kind lor a lad.v or gentleman to drive ; also, two 111 for a coupe or business purposes; these horses are young and warranted sound ; a reasonable triul allowed: sold on account of the death of the owner. Apply 4ft Great Jones st Auction sale this day at ii o'clock ok a uiiir line Truck Horse*. 2 Curt Horses, 3 Brick Trucks, 1 Cart Truck and Cart llurnes* lor brick, lime, plaster, wind, lumber, office furniture, Iron sufe, Ac., bv COLE A MUKl'HY, corner Union A Nevius streets, Brooklyn. A MILK WHITE PONY FOR SALE?IH A PICTURE to a lady's phse'on: Is 14 hands high, 8 year* old, sound and kind: a child ean ride or drivo him; will be sold cheap. Can be neeu lor two days at DKhNEN 8 sta bles, northeast corner ot Thirty-seventh street and Seventh avenue. /tREAM TAN RIDING AND DRIVING GLOVES, single button, $2; double button, <2 2ft. Every pair warranted and sent tree ou receipt of price. UNION ADAMS A CO., 637 Broadway. C^ARRIAOKS-SLIOHTLY DAMAGED; GRK.AT HAR J gains; new and second hand Carriages, every de scription; low prices. We offer great inducements, and Invite purchasers to call and examine. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, 638 Broadway. IjlOR BALE?STKEI. ORAY MARE, SIX YEARS OLD, 1 a pcrfcct beauty, I6>i hands high, gentle and kind in all harness, and afraid of nothing. 350 West horty flrst street. . IflOR SALK?TCIE BEST PAIR OK CARRIAGE ' Horses in the city: lull brothers; exactly matched; good travellers; no vice, trick or imperleclioii ot any kind ; tlioy are perfectly gentle und yet eminently stylish; sold only because the owner is leaving the country; also a handsome Phaeton and a flue Landaulet, by Brewster, holding lour persous. Apply between 8 und II A. M. at Grover's stables, 26 East Twenty eighth street, between Mudlsun und Fourth avenues. Inquire lor JOHN, coach man. I-IOR SALE-A SPLENDID DARK BAY MARE, ft 1 years old, 15 hMids high; fast, stylish, and sound and kind In every respect; rglsed by the present owner. Ap ply at 339 Eaat Twenty-seventh street, alter ? A. M. r,i,,R BALK?COVERED WAGON AND DOUBLE 1? Harness, nearly new, for heavy, express or manu liicturing business; sold low lor want ol use. Inquire at DOUGLASS A CO.'H Livery tlluble, 166 Clyiner street, Williamsburg. FOR SALE-TWO GLASS QUARTER COACHES, ONE Doctor'* Gig. Phaeton, six seat Itockawav, one Clarence; all in good order. . II. BURR, 203 Mercer street IflOR SALE-A GOOD, SERVICEABLE BAY HORSE, ' 6 years old, suitable for u coupe; well broken to single or double harness. Apply ut 6W Broadway, room 1. * FOR SALE-a VERY FINE PAIR OK DAPPLE GRAY Horses, 16 hands, 6 years old, good length of necks, splendid flowing manes and tails, kind in all harness, cannot be surpassed by any team In the city. Inquire for SOMERVILLE, at New York Tattersall a, corner ol Korty-sccond street, t-eventh uvenue. IpiOR SALE?TWO COMPLETE RIGS, AS FOLLOWS:? ' One dark brown Horse, 16 hands high, very last and stylish, long tall and inaln;one fine top Wagon (Dusen bury A Nelson), one good Road Wagon, Harness, one dress Blanket, one stable Blanket, Whip, Ac.; one fine black Ponv, line driver and good. traveller; good Pony Phaeton, Blanket, Kobe, llurness. Whip, Ac.: will be sola cheap, as owner has not time to use. Call for three days at stable In Hamilton street, second south ol Myrtle ave nue, Brooklyn. FOR SALE-VICTORIA PHAETON, WITH RUMBLE and top; also English Coupe and Dog Cart of the best make, und but little used; owner gone to Europe. Apply at private stable No. IJ'-ast Forty-second street B10R HALE FOR WANT OF USE-A BROWN HORSE. 1 6 years old, 15.3 Inches high, free and stylkh drtvyj. warranted in every respect Address J. P., box 160 lllrald office. }^OR SALE?A GENTLEMAN'S ELEGANT PHAETON. ' to be sold cheap, owner being abroad. Inquire at stable. No. 3 East Eighteenth street. IriOR 8ALE-A THOROUGHBRED SADDLE HORSE; 1 great style and beauty. Can be seen at Tllton A Jen nison's stables. Twenty-ninth st Owner going abroad. F_OR SALE-GRAY MESSENGER MARE. I#** HANDS high; can trot In 140; new top Wagon and Harness. Call at .155 Clinton street, Brooklyn. I~OR SALE-A HANDSOME CHESTNUT SORREL Horse; 8 years old: 15)? hand* high; sound and kind; gentle tor a lady to drive; con trot In 2.56: will be sold cheap, or exchanged for a cl^euoer horse. Inquire at 242 East Seventy-seventh street. ^OR SALE-LIGHT TOP WAGON. STIVERS' BUILD, 1 nearly new: also rich bay Hainbletonlan Mare, 16V bunds 6 years old. warranted souud and kind, trots In 3 minutes: also light Harness; separate or together. Apply to BONNEAU A BROTHERS, 1*6 Centre street. FOR SALE-A HANDSOME BAY STALLION, 1? hands high, 9 years old; souud and perlectly kind In all harness; has trotted in 2:42. Can be seen at McDONAI.D'S stables, 146 and 148 Kast Forty-llrst st^ TPOR SALE?A TEAM OK BAY HOR8ES^KULL 1? J hands, 5 years old; warranted ; price $2,000. Apply st 39 Nassau street, room 1. IftOR SALE-KINK TEAM BAY MARES 15 HANDS 1 high; sound and_penectly gentle; price low. Apply at private stable 115 West Thlrty-seventn street F~~OR SALE?A STYLISH PAIR OK BLACK 8-YEAR old mares, 15H hands high; good travellers: sound and kind; also two-seated Phaeton and new double Har ness; a stylish Turnout; will bo sold together or separate ly ? price for the whoio, ftl.KOu; owner going to leave the city Call at LEADBETTER'd stables. Seventh avenue, above Forty fifth street For SALE?THE HANDSOMEST BLACK PONY FOR a 1*1 v In the city; 6 years old, 143? hands high; flow ing mane and tall; can trot lu 3 minutes; perlect in every respect; Phaeton and Harness; sold I or want of use. Apply at 188 West Thirty-ninth street T.>OR SALE?FIVE CANADA PONIES, TOUNG, SOUND r and kind, 14 to 16 hands; two well matched; one a Ultlc thin for $85. HM West sixteenth street, near Seventh avenue. r-loR SALE?A PAIR OK YOUMG MULES, OOOD p pullers, at 148 Goerck street T.10R SALE?sTRONG WORK HORSE, SOUND AND J kind; also Truck and Harness; harness nearly new; reason for selling, ownor having no further use lor them. Apply at north-ea-tcorner of Vestry and Greenwich st*. I~ioR SALE?A SORREL HORSE, 7 YEARS OLD; FIT I lor cart or truck or Ice wagon. Can be seen corner ol Filth street and Second avenue, in the blacksmith's shop. He will bo sold cheap. IflOR SALE?HORSB, WAGON AND HARNESS; ' Horse ran trot in 3 minutes; Wagon built by Corbett oi Twenty-fifth street. Call atoll store 173 Avenue l. IjIOR SALK?a LOT OK OOOD WORK HORSES, JUST h arrived item the West; among them are some nice driving Horses aud some big Horses. Apply at 176 Mer cer street TpoR SALE-A BLACK HORSE, 1.1 HANDS HIGH. 5 f year* obi; warranted sound and kind In all harness: Is also a line saddle borse; price $225; sold lor want of |iw,. N. L. Ill HDICK A BKO., 117 Prince Street T.tOR SALE?A PARK BASKET PHAETON, IN USE f only one month ; city made ; sold on account of tlio owner leaving the city. Inquire at 4o3 Third avenue, up stairs. l/tOR SALE-A BLACK TEAM, 15 HANDS, 6 AND 7 f years old; brothers; used by present owner two years; sound in every way. Also one two-seat Phaeton, one three-seat Phaeton and one Landau: the best la the city; used but a lew times. Also two Rets of Harness. Apply at private stable No. 3 K.ast Tweilly-liftti street. I-WJR SALE CIIEAP-A GOOD TOP WAGON AND A I good light Harness; and also a Coupe Rockaway. Apply at 88 walker strapt, naar Broadway. JjiOR SALE, VERY CHEAP?FOR WANT OF USE, A 1 hall top four-seat Phaeton, In good order, made by Brewster A Co., of Broome street; cost $l,0C0, pricti ajmj ?i pctnt* 9u But rwfwtb ?uo?w HORWSP. ( A?I(M?KS. ac. ^ F?" SALE, CHEAP-BAY splendid for. 2r*,u'?,l<'; sound and kind. Apply to Mr. MOORh, Ml seventh aveuue. "ClORSALE-A Dark hay, tii< boughrred sad* riC it?lre; "11(1 kind; has I*'en ridden by a firsf street'' yt'*r- APl'ly at stable, 53 Kaat Forty C >NSEQUENCE OF" RE It stock building part of our premises, we offer our entire ; Reasonable styles new and second hand Carriages at greatly reduced prices. . MAM KAf"ft1 hers' UNION, kw Broadway. , HORSES. ? FOR BALK. A kink PAIR OK BLACK carriage Horses; also a stylish pair of bays, suita ble for coupe or the road. Inquire at private stable, 26 Lexington avenue, near Twenty-third street. House, TRUCK AND HARNESS FOB SALE CHBAP? Must be sold, as the owner has other work to attend to. Call at 'i6i Eighth avenue. corner ol Twenty-eighth ?treat. Harness SADDLES, HOBSE CLOTHING, car. riage ltobes. U|' Dusters, Fly Nets, and a large variety ul Saddlery Hoods always on hand. fc. B. SMITH A CO.. 4(i War-en street, New York. Harness, horse furnishing goods, AC.?NO fancy prices. C. M. MOSF.MAN A HRo., ? Manufacturers, 111 Chambers street. Harness.?THE 0HBAPK8T IIARN-ESS store IN New York. ?A good double truck Harness, fill; a good buggy Harness, hand made. $17; a good s able blanket, 90. W111 sell cheaper than ever on account of moving on or before Juno I. Please call and > xamine for yourselves. FISHER A OSBORNE, 48 Murray st MARSHAL'S SALE.?WILL BE SOLD <>N WBDNES day, Mav 14, at 12 o'clock noon, 4 heavy draught Horses, at BURDETT A DENNI Auctioneers. 113 Pearl ?treat, Hanover square. T. D. O'BRIEN, Marshal. Must be hold immediately?a nice ray Mare, Long Island Black Hawk stock, 15'? bands, H years old ; sound, kind and gentle in all harness; very handsome; good stepper; will be sold cheap. Can be seen any morning at Truesdell's stables, UA West Forty-sixth street. Address U. B. S., box 871 Post office. Notice.-you can always rely upon the representations made by the auction house of ARCH. JOHNSTON. READ CATALOGUE OF THIS DAY'S SALE, AT 12 O'CLOCK, AT OUR HORSE AND CARRIAGE AUC TION BRANCH. 19 TO 26 EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN UNIVERSITY PLACE AND FIFTH AYE NUB. ONE OF THE LARGEST AND MOST ATTRACTIVE SALKS OF THE SEASON. BY ARCH. JOHNSTON, THIS DAY, atl2o'elock, at his Mart, lit to '-'ft Fast Thirteenth street, between University plai n ami Filth avenue. TWENTY-FIVE OF THE FINEST KENTUCKY BRED HORdES IN THE COUNTRY All to be sold without reserve. Bee catalogue above, and be sure and attend the sale. PONY PHAETONS, PARK WAGONS, LIGHT BOCK awiays, Victorias, Depot Wagons, Dog ('arts. Road Buggies, and other seasonable styles Family Carriages; popular prices; lot second hand Carriages. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, 6:18 Broadway. PRIVATE STABLE FOR SALF.-49 WEST SIGH teenth street; complete in all respects; two box stalls and iour single stalls; two floors above, tour rooms on each. Inquire of THOMAS KELLY, 55 West Eigh teenth street. SPEED.?FOB SALE, AT PRIVATE STABLE, 146 WEST Thirty-second street, a Itoad Turnout; cost (2,800 this Soring ; will be sold for $1,200; the wagon is new, with top, built by Brewster; new harness, used but three times; the horse can trot in 2.40; sound and kiud. Inquire tor the coachman. SECOND HAND BOCKAWAYS, TOP AND OPEN Buggies. Rumble Phaeton, Depot Wagon, Dog Cart, Pony Phaeton, six-seat Oermantown; several slightly shopworn Currlagcs, bargains. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, 688 Broadway. SUPERIOR IRON STABLE FITTINGS.?PARTIES about to bnild new stables or refit old ones are in vited to call and Inspect ?pecimensof all Hie most ap proved kinds, inanutaclnred in our own workshop*. JANES t klUTLAND, Nos. 8. 10 anil 12 Iteaile street. TUIS DAY, AT AUCTION, AT ARCH. JOHNSTON'S NkW MART. 19 TO 25 EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN UNIVERSITY PLACE AND FIFTH AVENUE;? Three fine Carriage Teams. One elegant Road Team. Three elegant Saddle Horses. Five Pony Horses. Three Road llor>es. Road Wagons. Pony Phaetons. sale POSITIVE, AT 13 O'CLOCK, RAIN OR SHINE. Sec catalogue above. TO OWNERS OF HORSES.?NO ONE WHO HAS EVER used Dr. TOBIAS' Horse Venetian Liniment will ever be without It It Is a certain cure for Colic, Sore Throat, Cuts, Bruises, Old Sores. Warranted superior to any other. In pint bottles at $1. Sold by the Druggists. Depot, Id Park place. WANTED?TWO WELL TRAINED SADDLE HORSES; no fancy prices; also gentleman and lady's side Sad dle .first class, little used. Address, stating prices, box v..174 Post office. WANTED?A VERY 8UPBBIOB SPAN <JF HORSES, lS'^ hands; buy or brown; must lie well matched; fine action; perfectly sound aad gentle, and able to go inside of 3t? minutes. Address, giving full particulars, box .'<56 New York Post office. WANTED-A GENTLE, GOOD SADDLE PONY, 12 OR 13 hands high, phaeton or dog cart Harness ana Saddle, for boy. Address 2H West Forty-Seventh street. dtjQA $125, $175 FOB A DEPOT WAGON. OPEN ?!ptiU. Koail Wagon and top Ruggy; good order; city build and less than half cost. 158 West Forty-first street. dtl Pn?GRAY MARE. $165 BAY HORSE; EACH seven years, sixteen hands, sound and kind; make a good team ; must sell to close business. 216 West Thirty-first street, near Seventh avenue. &QHO ?PAIR COACH HORSES. BAY, 16^, 2.650 JpOIJl/# lbs.; sound anil kind; 9 and 10 years; stylish, quick steppers: family going abroad. 127 East Twenty first street, before 10 or alter 5. enn FOR a splendid boad team, dark jpi.OUU chestnuts 15)t hands high, beautiful long tails and manes, high knee uction, arched necks, and can trot In three minetes; are sound and kind, without hlcm ? ish ; warranted. Address K. BROOKLYN, lleraid Uptown Branch office. Fl'lUITUItK. ^ -CARPETS, Furniture, Bedding, Oilcloths, Lacc Curtains, Window Shades, Blankets, Comtortcrs Ac., at very low prices at the large wholesale and retail warerooms, 500 to 516 Eighth avenue, corner of Thirty fifth and Thirty sixth streetA D. KELLY, successor to H. O'FarrelL At bendali/8 old stand?furniture, car. pets and Bedding cheap for cash, or by wec.Kly aud monthly payments. C. E. CaNNON, 209 und 211 Hudson afreet, corner Canal. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF CARPETS. PURNI turc and Bedding at lowest cash prices, by weekly instalments, at O'FARREI.L'S warehouse, 410 Eighth ave nue, between Thirtieth and Thlrty-flrst streets. ? A RARE CHANCE FOR CASH SELDOM MET WITH This day, at private residence 21 East Twentieth street, Parlor Suits. $75; rep Suits, $40; Bedroom Suib? $.10, and 300 lots for less than half cost Parties com mencing housekeeping will dud this a good chaucc. Call tor three days. A BARE CHANCE FOB HOUSEKEEPERS.?MAGNI flcent Household Furniture for sale at a sacrifice; property family leaving city; two superb Suits Parlor Furniture, covered silk brocade; cost $800, for $200 each; do.. $150. do.. $45; magnificent rosewood Pianoforte, cel ebrated maker, cost $900, tor $275; K la go res. Bookcase, Chamber, Dining Furniture; China, Glassware, Stiver ware, Cutlery, Linen; half original cost 36 West 15th st, near 6th av A?AT PBIYATB SALE-ALL THE ELEGANT ? Household Furniture of private residence 210 W. 21st street, near 7th avenue?Parlor Suits, in satin and coteline; Suits in rens, rosewood and wuinut Chamber Suits, single and deuble Bedsteads, Dining Room Furni ture, Bookcase, spring aud hair Mattresses, Bronze*, Ornaments, Ac. Contents of house for sale, cheap for cash. ALL THE FIRST CLASS HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE at residence 104 East Twenty-filth street, between Fourth aud Lexington avenues, lor sale less than half original cost Property of family leaving for Europe. Magnificent latest stvle French satin Parlor SaiL cost $575, b>r $200; one do, $175; Marie Antoinette style Parlor Suit. $125; brocatel und rep Suits, $G5 and $50; Turkish Chulrs, Lounges, Paintings, Mirrors Curtains, Carpets, rosewood and walnut Chamtier Suits. Mattresses, Bedding. Bookcases, Buffet, Extension Table, Silverware, rosewood 7'4 octave double round Pianoforte, nearly new, bril liant tone, $250 cash. Call before purchasing elsewhere. A T PRIVATE HOUSE 120 WEST EID STREET, near 6th avenue?Magnificent Parlor Suits 14 pieces, covered In crimson satin brocatel; cost $600, for $235; one do., $150; 4 Suits. In reps, for $50, $60, $70; Bed room Suits, $40 upwards; Mirrors, Tables, Singer Sewing Machine; cost $86. for $26; fine imported Bronzes fig ures, Books, Bookcase, Ac., 50 percent less than cost: used one year. N. B.?Sold in large or small lots u> suit cash customers /1AKPETS, Furnif.nre, Beds, Bending, Ac. Payments taken by the week or month. Terms easy. KELLY A CO., corner of Twenty-fifth street and Sixth avenue DEGBAAF a COCHRANE have removed to 152 and 154 West 2'kl street Entire new stock of Furniture at exceedingly low prices M 0NTI1LY OR WEEKLY PAYMENTS.?CARPETS, Furniture, Bedding. Ac. DEAL* A CUNNINGHAM. 884 anil 386 Third avenno, near Twontv-eiglith street. Prices lower than any other house in the city. "IXTEEKLY AND MONTHLY PAYMENTS FOR FUR m ii11iire. Carpets and Bedding, at B. M. COWPBR* THWAIT a CO.'S, 155 and li7 Chatham street An Immense stock and low prices BILL1AKDM. A 1 -STANDARD AMERICAN BeVel TABLES AND iV 1. the Phelan A Cullender Combination Cushions lor sale only by the patentee, II. W. COLLKNDER, successor to Phelan A Collendcr, 738 Broadway, New York. 4 "| -LATEST DESIGNS OF BILLIARD TABLES J\ 1. and all appurtenances connected with the trade; ipeclal attention to private trade. ttfcuautf*. fttUsAftjla, 7Aw$Uuritr?flfc PR V liOOW. Attractive SPRING NOVELTIES ttt !ll? FAVORITE HLSORT of FASHION ABI.rC NEW TURK. The choice variety ^ STYLISH AND DESIRABLE GOODS to be found uuder the one roof of the VAST AND COMMODIOUS ksta4limiuk.\T ? ? ??? . ?? * \ ?-> * ? * *?**?*??? * * I t * ? R u *?% ? *, ? ?? * * * ? M A C Y m % ? A CO. ? *# ** ** * * ?#* ?* ***?? * * ? * * # ? * ? * * ? * ? renders It om of MOST DELIGHTFUL AND CONVENIENT f-AI.oNS FOR PURCDASIMO FOR THK LADIES of NEW YORK AND SUBURBS. The Immcnw business transacted by U111 Hrm enables them to control THE CHOICEST SELECTIONS of FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC manufacture, and to offer to their customers a constant succcsslon of NEW ooods at REASONABLE AND ECONOMICAL PRICES. K II. MACY A CO., ? Fourteenth street wd sixth avenue. C^ompagnie DBS INDUS, J . Paris. MM. VERDE DELISLE FRERE8, of the Comnagnie deslndes, rospeettully address themselves to ladies of America contemplating a voyage to Europe, inviting their attention to their productions 01 Luces and Cashmere Shawls, exhibited at their warehouses, ?0 Kue Kichlieti, Paris, and No. I Kue de la Kegence, Bruxelles. Those who call, either Iroin Interest and ourlosity or for ttie purpose of having, will meet with o<|u?l courtcsv. As this house pays no commissions under any circum stances to ugcnls, the dircct purchaser obtains all the ad viuitagcs. All goods marked in plain figures. Pricesin invariable. English spoken all over the house, Fabriquesde. Dentclles, | Fabriques de cashmere dss Bayeux, 14 Kue Royale. I Indes, Aiencon, 20 Hue de Lcncrel. | Cashmere, Uinrittnr. jy?oRITZ D1NKEL8PIEL, 737 Broadway, opposite Astor place. The cxcitemcnt continues. We must sell during this week $10,000 worth of our Stock at less tnan half the cost. We will offer extra bargains in Hamburg's Real Yak, Real (impure and Heal Thread Lscei Fine French Passementeries, Buttont, Small Ware*. An entirely new lot of Rash and Millinery Ribbons, at an Immense sacrifice, prior to a change in our business. All Goods marked in plain figures. Do not fail te call early th avoid the rush in the aftsN noon. MORITZ DINKELSPIEL, 7S7 Broadway, opposite Astor place. Notice?Ten per cent discount on all purchases above one dollar. JJAHIS.? AU COIN DE KUE. No. 8 Kue Montesquieu, 16,18, 20 und TJ Kue des Hons Enfants, near the Palais Royal. Great Emporium of Fashion. Known for nearly thirtv years for the excellence, good taste and modest price of each article. India and French Cashmere Shawls, Silks, Lace (too ls, Mantles, Costumes. Party Dresses, Ready-uiade Underclothing, Weddlng^Juttlts. Baby Linen, Gloves, Perlhmery, Fancy Articles. The largest, most vaiied and cheapest stock in Paris. SMITH'S PATTERN BAZAAR, 914 BROADWAY, NEAR Twentieth street?Spring and Summer styles JUST IMPORTED. Beautiful Costumes; Patterns, with cloth models, now ready. Patterns titled to the form war ranted perfect. Cutting and basting. Come EARLY in the day. MILLIIVEUY A!VO DRESSMAKING. MME. A DUVAL REMOVED To 878 BROADWAY. Charming Promenade and Evening Toilets just re ceived. Dressmaking done in the mint approved Parisian style. Ladies out of town can have perfect fitting dresses by sending waists and length of skirt*, also materials furnished. Orders by mail promptly attended. Charge* moderate. POST OFFICE NOTICE. POST OFFICE NOTICE.?THE MAILS FOR EUROPE, during the week ending Saturday. May 17, 1873, will close at this office on Wednesday at 12 M.; oe Thursday, at 11 A. M.. and on Saturday at 7 and 11 A. M. T. Ll JAMES. Postmaster. LOAN OFFICES AT 80 NASSAU STREET, BETWEEN FULTON AND John streets, NEWMAN LEOPOLD continues tho buying, selling or advancing on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Pianos, Merchandise, Life Policies, for any amount. A J. JACKSON, pawnbroker, M WEST THIRTY ? first, formerly 90 Prince street, loans Money in large or small sums on personal Property of every de scription. AT JACKSON'S, 806 BROADWAY, OPPOSITE ELEV enth street?Money liberally advanced on Dia monds, Watches, Jewelry, Silks, Dry Goods, and per sonal Property of every description. Private entrance tor ladies. AT 67 THIRTEENTH STREET, NEAR BROADWAY.? I pay the highest price lor Diamonds, Watches andJewefry. Advance on the same. ISAACS, Diamond Broker, WThirteenth street, near Broadway. At WOLF BROTHERS', 891) BROADWAY, BF.TWF.EN J\ Nineteenth and Twentieth streets?Monev loaned on Watches, Diamonds. Jewelry, Silverware, tfllks, and partirulaUy Pianos; private parlor for ladles; business strictly confidential. American offiI>.-kst ABLfsiiKn ihm.-money loaned on Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, Silverware, India Shawls, Laces, Valuables. Ac.; anv amount; or will bay; highest vulue paid. J. H. baahinger, 7X> Broadway, opposite Astor place. Money loaned?on diamonds, watchi? Jewelry und silverware. The same bought and sold. GEO. C. ALLEN, 811 Broadway, near Fourteenth street QQ NASSAU street. OPPOSITE post OFFICE. 0*y Liberal advances made on Diamonds, Watches. Jewelry and all kinds of Merchandise. The same bought and sold. Room 1. BATMAN LEOPOLD. /f I W SIXTH AVENLJE, BETWEEN TWENTY-FOURTH T.UO und Twenty tlltti streets.?Liboral advances mads on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Silas, Laces and shawls. Same finiinlit at lull value, L. BERNARD. OQg BROADWAY. CORNER AMITY STREET.? UO?) Money liberally advanced on Diamonds, Waiches, Jewelry and all Merchandise, at the old established Loan ottlce. Same bought and sold. M. ROSENBERG. nf Q BKOADWAy7 OLDEST established AND ?7lO most reliable offlce.?Monev advanced on Dia monds. Watches, Jewelry, Laces, Ac.; same bought at lull vulue. A. C. HERTS. 1 i 7 ?ROADWAY, over HERALD BRANCH l.?"l office, room H.?Purlors for ladies. Money loaned on DiutnoniU, Watches, Jewelry, Ac. same bough! and sold. LIN DO bros. INSTRUCTION. AT THOMPSON'S COLLEGE, 20 FOURTH AVENUE, opposite Cooper Institute ?Bookkeeping, Writing, Arithmetic and Languages. Day and evening. Ladies' department?Telegraphy taught practically with instru ments. Demand lor operators. I education combined with TRAVEL?there U is being formed a party ol young gentlewomen to leave New York lor Europe July 2, under the guidauceof a lady who has passed many years In foreign countries, and who will conduct their studies in languages and other branches iif learning. Details in prospectus. Address TRAVELER, Na 59 West Twenty-sixth street. New York. WANTED TO PVHCHASK A?PAPER ROUTE WANTED?IN NEW YORK OR ? Brooklyn. Address, with ftill particulars, O. W. V., Herald office. Drug Store" wantkd?to purchase for cash; a first class Drug Store doing good business and unexceptionable In all its appointment*. Address anthemis, Herald ortlrc, giving location of s ofe. irA*TED?A SBC01VD JlAND B LA K K'S "CRUSHER. Tf Apply to S. A. seaLY, IRl Water street WANTED?A MEDIUM SIZE centrifugal DRYINti ?? machine, worked by hand, with modUB UllPiuT?* v-fflfc Artrtriiii. < Vu aWMTfii

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