Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 14, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 14, 1873 Page 3
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CITY REAL KWtATB FOR BAM. 1 entiml. A ?if?A.-FOB DALE, AT A SACRIFICE, A FIRST ili? claralour ftory lii|{li stoop brown stone House. 22.2x68. s6 l< cit Lot on wen side ol Madison avenue, 80 teet couth ol Seveiity-iourih street clear view to Park ; three floors in li a rd wrod, tailor flror cabinet work by I'otiler * Htymug, wnl> lllrury. butler's i antr.v, manU'l mirrors, Ac. Also i. first clara House oi similar dimensions Mil superior finsh on Mudison avenue, 25 teei from the sou heart corner o't ixt) -first street. Terms to suit: Rood locution; lots taken In | uymeni; louses open tor Inspec tion. Inquire ol owner, A. KI.AbKR, at lit- marble works, 134 l-.ast Kiglite? nth stieet. A FOUR STOHY 111(111 STOOP BROWN STONE House lor site, on Kilty-second street, near Fifth avenue, $45,(H?. H. H. I HEW A CO., No. 3 West Twenty third street (Filth Avenue Hotel). AT LESS THAN AUCTION BATES?A SDPEBB Corner on the Boulevard, near Seventy-second Street; a sure advance utter the Bradhursi sale. W H.i.IaMs A CO., 11 Pine street It ELEGANT FULL WIDTH HOUSE, WITH EXTRA sized dininu extension. In West Kilty-second stroct; tany other ?u, erb i ou^es near Kilth avenue. WILLIAMS & CO., 11 fine street. Ac COMMANDING CORNER NEAR BROADWAY AND _ Union square; unequalled lor a large clothing or ftarniture business; seventy per cent on mortgage. WILLIAMS A CO.. ll fine atreet A?FOR SAL , FOUR FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY ? high s;oop s one fronts (College lease) on north side sf Forty-ninth street, bvtwees Kiitli ?{jd ?t*th jVvSUe/r E2x60, 20x60 and !? x6 >. Apply to WM. C. LbsrUK, 47 West Forty-ninth street. A GOOD THREE STOBY BRICK HOU E ON Thirty-first street, w thin 50 lect of Broadwray. rea sonable , on Thirsy-sixih street, near Broadway, three fttorv hltrh stoop brown ntono, $1,<>UU. filMONs'iN A ErCI.EsION, 5,1 West Thirty-nrst St. "a MADISON AVENUE 25 FOOT FRONT HOUSE .A will he sold at le-s than co t, as the owner must have ca<h to meet pressing liabilities I'I1A>CIS CRAW FORD, 9.W 1 hird avenue, corner Kiity-seventh st ?THREE OHBaP LOTS, ONLY 650 FEET EAST OF . Filth avenue entrance to ( entral l ark, on Fifty eixhth street; excavated, b'ock restricted, Ac. V. K. STEVEN so N, Jr.. .1 Pine street. A FULL SIZE NEW HIGH STOOP WELL AR A ranged tamily Dwelling, Fifty-third street, near Fifth avenue, lor immediate and absolute sale, by V. K. STEVENSON,Jr., 11 Pine street. A?FOR SALE OR TO LEASE, THE FIRST CLASS . four story high stoop brown stone House 68 West Thirty-ninth street, near Filth tivcnuu. la clegaut order throughout. Apply on the promises. East Side. ArfAROAIN.?THREE STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN stone, 242 Ea-t ? litieth street, on Ilcekman estate: Splendid location; parlors painted and Irescocd; good order throughoi; price 114,OiA). LIONEL KROEHLI0H, 820 Third avenue. AN OLD LADY, WITHOUT HEIRS. OFFERS HER Residence, first class and desirable in all respects, and valued at $27.IM). to any partv who can pay $2.0 0 annually for three or lour years; title and possession con veyed on first payment, l or particulars address .VARY B., 54 Wall street i>y letter, carc ol K. Kohbertz A i-on. a ?A.?CHANCE FOR SALE. OF A 21 FEET BY 50 ? feet House, lot 100, $9,01*); ulso 6 lull I-iots on corner ol Fourteenth street and a\etiue (J. only $45,000; ulso 16 Lots on Eighteenth and Nineteenth streets, each Sti.lXX); also on Twenty-ninth street, $sutK). Inquire of JAMES SlYLAND, : 42 East Ninteen ll street. East thirtieth street, near second ave nue.?The two cheapest Houses in the city, 21.9x45x 100; all modern improvements; must lie sold. John McOLAVE, No. 1 Pine street. For sale?three story and basement brick House und Lot 297 f-eventh street, near avenue D. Apply to owner, on the premises, trom 12 to 4 P. M. ?irtoR hals?the valuable tenement prop J? erty 259 and 2d Stanton street\ purt ean remain on pond and mortgage. For lurthcr information apply to the owner, JAMES FITZSIMONS, on the premises. STORE PROPERTY ON WEST SIDE OF SECOND avenue; must be sold ; a great bargain will be given for cash. Three lour-stor\ double Houses, 25.6x56x100. AG,000 cash wanted; some exchange taken. F. CRAWFORD, 953 Third avenue. SD AVENUE STORE PROPERTY FOR SALE ABOVE Fifty-ninth street?Two four story 25 foot Iront Houses, including corner. A prompt cash buyer will get a bargain FRANCIS CRAWFORD, 953 Third avenue, ^Corner Fifty-seventh street C| ??? West Side. A BULKHEAD AND WATER RIGHT, WITH ONE Hall Block, 400x81.6. for sale or to lease tor a term rears, running trom Thirteenth avenue to West street. T E. L. S II. T. BURNHAM, 609 Hudson street N OPPORTUNITY TO PURCHASE BY THE ACRE? in the Twenty-fonrth ward ol this city, Plots ot 5. 10 Stid 20 acres, on high ground, close to tli6 Harlem Rail Toad depot, at $2,500 per acre. POTTER BROTHERS, Jios. 4 and 6 Warren street Branch office at Fordham depot _____ ?A PLOT OF ABOUT 112 LOTS FOft SALE?ON HIGH J\ ground in the new part of tnls city (lately aunexed) for $300 per lot. A choice Plot of Land lor sale at $1,500 per acre, con vening 35 acres, fronting 1,23 > feet on Central avenue Boulevard (which is made); located In the city of Yon fcers, which now odjoins this city, and lying between de toots of two railroads. POTTER BROTHERS. Nos. 4 and 6 Warren street. Brunch olllee, Fordham depot A?GRAND BOULEVARD, NEAR EIGHTIETH ? street?25 loot Lot, superbly located, for sale at a Special bargain. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr., 11 l'lne st A?EltiHTH OR CENTRAL PARK AVENUE, COR ? ner I02d street?Four Lots; uninterrupted views of Central Park; price low ; terius easy; a bargain. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr.. 11 l'ine street For sale-in west forty-fourth street, first class three story and busement brown stone front Bouses 246 and 247; price $16,000 aud $17,000. Inquire on the premises. TTIOR SALE?CHEAP, ACCOMMODATING TERMS; X1 Lispenard street Property; three story Building; Lot25x90. Apply to A. JoURNEAY, 51 Lispenard street IIOR HALE?NEAR THIRTY. FOURTH STREET, ON Tenth .".venue, a new four story high stoop brick llousc, with Store, 22xGO, lot 10u feet: marble mantels on every floor, and*gas; price i-16,000; rents for $2,0(0; cash down $2,50a Inuulre at 350 West Thirty-second street FOR SALE?111 PKINCE STREET. AND 121. 123 AND 125 Greene street T. D. MATHER, U$ Nassau st 7TH STREET, CONVENIENT TO BBOADWAY AND I Ce.ntral Park, '.'Sx'JJO, near Ninth avenne; liiirh ground; one or both lots ut a decided bargain; half cash. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr. il Pine street <&1 O Knn -the CHEAPEST THREE STOBY vIaiUUu. House and I.ot in this city, 21x50x11*), liigh stoop, 14 rooms, in perfect order, with all modern Improvements, gas fixtures included; 86,000 cash and tmlancc on mortgage. 421 West Twenty-eighth street. BKUOKLV \ PROPERTY FOR SALE AVI) TO LET. _ J J l-.RA 1.1> BRANCH Ol K1CE?BROOKLYN. ADVERTISEMENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT OUR BRANCH OFFICE, IN THE LONG ISLAND HAVINGS BANK BUILDlfto, CORNER OF FULTON AV. AND BOERUM ST. OFFICE OPEN FROM V A. M. TILL 9 P. M. ON SUNDAY FROM 3 TO 9 P. M. CARRIERS AND AGENTS' DEPARTMENT NO. 7 FRONT STREET, BROOKLYN. A BARGAIN.?BRIDGE STREET, HANDSOME lour story House and store, nearly new; rent $1,080 ? year; price $8,ti0.iif sold immeiliatelv. W. COOK. 235 Washington street, Brooklyn. For sale?a three story brick house, with Groceries, including a Butcher Stand and three story (Smoke House, on account ol giving up business. Inoulre of I'ROSt'H A si'AHE, on tiie premises, corner of Filth avenue and Fourteenth street, Brooklyn. II^OR SALE?LARGE BRICK STOREHOUSE, MX19X 1 Commercial Wharf, Brooklyn, running through to Hudson street; in l.rst rate order; will be sold cheap and on easv terms Apply to VAN SCIIAICK A GIL LENDER. 59 Lihi rty street. XjlOR HALE?ON 1 HE HEIGHTS, ONLY FIVE J? minutes' walk from South K'crrv, flic three story liigh-stoop basement and sub-cellar rfricK House -iu jicy place, between state and Jorniemoii streets; In good order; immediate posie-sion. Can be seen trom 8 A. M. to 5 P. M. Apply to C. H. OLIVER, No. 1 Park place, hew York. Rapid transit.?choice lots, 25x10c. feet, under close restrictions, in a first class neighbor hood, near Prospect 1'urk and the line ol the proposed rapid transit steam road, for sale at $500 and upwards , a splendid opportunity tor investment or speculation. Ap ply at the office of the late A. J. WALKER, 112 John street New York, from 11 to 1 o'clock. TO LET-HOUSE FULi^Y FURNISHED. BIGHT rooms; $ho per month to a responsible party. Apply at 246 Adciphi street, Brooklyn. 1 7HO -nineteenth wabd, Brooklyn; ijPT'. I Vvr. very cheap; three st?ry brick, 9 rooms, fwrith modem Improvements; terms to suit purchaser. tApply to WM. O. SUMNER, Hi Broadway, Brooklyn, E. D. Westchester county property FOR SALE AND TO RENT. A BEAUTIFUL RESIDENCE AT MOUNT VERNON, on the New Haven Railroad. 13 miles, or 36 minutes Irom the city. This eleitant house ha? 11 rooins, with gas isnil elegant fixtures all through ; hot and cold water; Sice bathroom . finished in walnut and a-h; all the halls, the dining room and kitchen floors ure walnut and ash; Surnace heats all through; first class elevated oven ange, wasbtut.s, larije storeroom; has about half an ?ere of land very handsomely laid out; easy 10 minutes' 'Walk from the depot; flug sidewalk all the way; the View of the Sound Is superb; the place is healthy beyond ?ny question; some one will get a beautifal home at a bargain; terms very easy. w BIKER, H?SSE A CO., No. 5 Pine street 4 NNEXED PORTION OK WESII'IIESTER COUNTY? J\ Morrisania. Kingsbrtdge, West Fanns?Properties for hale. We pay special attention to these portions or the {county, having operated In them for year* past. In irestors luai obtain full and reliable Information from our lAm,. ' *? (l A D. BROWN. 90 Broadwav. F." G.'"A D"BR6?N,"io Broa<,Uay.U DESIRABLE COUNTRY SEAT AT A LOW PRICB. __ Six acres on the Hudson, near Tarrytown prlcc $21,000. T. J. DUNKIN A CO , 654 Third avenue. BEAUTIFUL MANKlON-22 ACRES, ELEGANTLY ._ improved; one hour by Hudson River Railroad. KPill rent furnished, sell or exchange. Address iiuiue IBlately W. POOLEV ,22oFilth avenue. T INWOOD, DOBBH FERRY. AC.; ON HUDSON, Htamlord, Ac.t New Haven Road, Slaten, I^>ng Jcba n. nianuoru, ou?^rii, .'"iin stand aud New Jersey nlaces to let for sale or ex' bangs. WILLIAM TUCKER, 220 Fifth avenue. Bedford station, hahlem railroad.-to let or for sale, two small two sto.y frame Dwellings, in good order, wile gardens, fruit trees, 4c.; will be sold " IttkUM JlW AWU W* WB8TCHBSTKR C?VJ*TTi RKMTBBTY FOR g\LB AND W .H??* trior bai-R-bkavtikully fiTT^'ATKU^rotnsTM r Home, fllte n miles Mr MOORE, Union s trec?.^ W e s t? Mo u nt* Ve niol! astc ho Mi count,, or MS Fourth avenue. N?jw \ork. ? F>K HALE-IO? AN KSTATK. %***?*? ? T() LET-POLLY FURNISHED h,G Mnu-r with ml modern ImproTf nn-nts, at Mnn in?, r .1 nil ?two "lory, with Mi.nsurd rool; 15 rooms; ? le w ; fruit tr. es of all kind. : stable .in rear o! groiilJca. For particulars apply to W. A. IJSQuETr, ao.-i i roiu streej. ? ndTKl. rO LET-AT YONKERS, ONTHEBOULE vard ftO room*, very desirable and a good business can I e relied on ; ren- low il applied lor at once. A C1.AKK, Hroadway._corner ot.seventeenth at C1INU SING.-W ACRE* OK LAND AND VERY KINK 0 House stable, Ac., overlooking the Hudson one in.1c Ironi depot, lor sale or will take city property In oxi-.hange ; a ^*r1^,,{,)US A SMYTH, 1.017 Third avenue. rflARRYTOWN.?FIRST CLASS AOCOMMODA.TION8; 1 gas, hat h. Ac.; short di-Utice I Pom dei?iiHiidHteam bont landings; references exchanged. Address box it.>. 'larrytown Post office, N. Y. mo BE SOLD WITHOUT DEI AY-ON MtlONT HOl'B, 1 Treniont. 30 minutas Irom Brand ^vitiioui House, 11 rooms, garden, fruit, Ac.: with or witnout Furni lire: cheap and easy i?XW?*#?? A S v orul dross .be owner, E. B. Tremor , < ? ? . run t vt VlTRNISHKt) HOUSE, DELIGHTFULLY 1 loc ited on the Hudson, at Spuy l <? n D uyvil ; carriage hou*e and two acres ol ground; fl.OJO rer year aiso^ untarnished House, $650. Permit* ot A. JOUKMsa*, oi Lispenard street. _ mll i vt AT MAMARONECK, M MINUTES FROM T citv bv New Haven Railroad, 3 minutes' wa'k -JRJJJ depot J pi?a?ru Cottage, with 10 ; with growing vegetables; stable lor twofcorse*. miion cow on the place; view of Long I bland Soulier. rentur summer $4 >0, lor the year $W0. Apply to J u. miavh ! COCK, 271 Canal street. JFItSKY ('ITY, IIOBOKKN, nflOWOJS CITY AND BERGEN KKAL KSTATE; Vor Saie. A POSITIVE 100 PER CENT PROFIT.-SS LOTS A centre Jersey City, within seven minutes ol lour j ferries , ?45i)euch y-asy^tcrina.^ oppuglte Court House._ I i PLOT NINE ACRES, JERSEY CITY, $10 900; ONE I A ot 12 acres, $1,'J00per acre; Building Lot*. Houses, Stores, Ac., at I'^^^HLATT, Jersey City Ueighta. Ill.? ^ a 1 F AT BAYONNE CITY. BERCIEN POINT. ' N.j. about six acres, with large handsomely tln iwt'oit Dwelltn" House, stable, and line Iront on Ni'warli ii!. v - i;:i trains duilv ? will sell House and partot the land Wr^mredApply** MORRIS BKOTHblls,7 Pine street, from 11 to 3 o'clock. OA MINUTES FROM CHAMBERS STRKET?A VERY Z'' attractive House and UroundsnearEnglewoo for only $*,000; cbarmh^st.uatto.u "te^lv^vlew^ To Let or Lease. k PAllTMFNTS TO I.ET.?FOUR OR FIVE ROOM? IN ir.5;,r,;"w,v,tr,jK=?;r;rKr Heights, N. J. T?ni^RAeTs.d^e^EbeauffiTy m'n'tai [."udfriiuVeSNefHes^and" vegetables. Adares. box 6,107 New York Font office. PUOPEKTY OUT OP THE CITY' FOll S A 1*1-0 OR TO REST. % A I I WANT!Nil FARMS.?FOR SALE?TO FARMERS, A gardener* and tarin laborers from the Old Country iiooil Farm Lands, virgin soil, at $25 per acre, on six veal*'credit. The soil is a ?ood, produclive loam, near tho ureal markets ol Now York and 1 hlladelphia, b> rail roaif where fnmi 20 to 40 acres constitute a good arm, when partly planted to Froin thiH locaUty a United States. It is in the midst of a , riviujr manuiactOTle2''^Fema{^members .^families an^l others 5?& ^,n,orwo?d s^^chpe ' English Irish unci Scotch farmers have settled and are prosperous. Numbers of gardeners from Rew York a'e locating. Farming Is more profltabU tliari w. ai mi Hcrount ot the markets. Apply to JOHN B. PAiiE Vo2 Park place, two doors from West itrett ^ York. ' Papers containing lull inioruiation will be sent free of charge. - A LI* WANTING HOMES IN THE COUNTRY? A Where It is healthy, where fere 's an abundance of trult, where the roads are good aud drlv? s hi autilu . among orchards, vineyards, flowers, shrubbery and hedges, where the best of schools are to be louml, and where no liauor is aliowed to be sold, fl, 10 and acre_Lots lor sale at per a< re, and Improved Places ik lrom $1 Oi O to $3,(AO, near Philadelphia and Ne^w Vork, i?ni)lv to JOHN B. PAtiE, 102 Park place, two doors Irom West street, New York. Information sent. HANDSOMELY FURNISHED HOUSE AT RED Bank, on the Shrewsbury River, to let; 18 rooins, spacious grounds and outbuildings; boating, bathing, Ac ? four trains and river boat to city dally; terms low. W. A. FRENCH, Ob be Hotel, Red Bank, N. J. A1 T CRANFORD, NEW JERSEY CENTRAL RAIL road, 48 minutes irom New York, commutation $70 I ner annum' flnelv located Lots, 80x200. selling now irom ' ?3011 to $?)(??. pavable $26 quarterlyTl'Ulldlng materials un" labor take nin payment; will ''""^^sesto order on small rash payments. BLOOMINODALE, J30 Hum avenue an J 239 Broadway, room 19. A COUNTRY RESIDENCE AND A LAROE AMOUNT A of cash will be given in exchange tor a ^"located House In this city. Inquire of MARTIN DUNN, M. Broadway. IT NEW BRIGHTON, STATEN ISLAND, THREE A elegant Places furnished; billiard room J stables, cows ? extensive grounds; tour medium sized. Also tour unfurnished; A TWO STORY HOUSE, 2.^ ACRES OF OROUNO, stable, trult, Ac., 00 minutes from New York, lor sale tor $5.0,10; terms easy. ?roXav*?om 2. A FINE MODERN HOUSE. LARGE LOT AND OAR i\ ,ien at Elizabeth. N. J., to rent cheap; owner lenvinR town; also C,,tta?e. stable. Iruit, 10 acres of land, at lan wood, rent $350. 181 Broadway, room 2. . 4 T NEW BRIGHTON?TO RENT, A GENTLEMAN'S turuislied Residence, containing 13 rooms, billiard room, with commodious stables, cow and cow houses, and nasturc; hennery, gardens; beantitul sei uer\ and asm-able surroundings: a sallalactory l<,|"'"J; W1 , rW?" 01 U"t'"i"K 7'a. COLLISg W^mer \ T NEW BRIGHTON?TO RENT, ONE j\ House ; a bo one unftirnishod, 13 rooms, Mlnard room, modern Improvements: stabies, gardens, shade trees; agreeable surr.uudiii^ ; beautilul ?cn^'. ^ HAMILTON A CO., 81 Pine street. A COMPLETE TWO STORY AND FRENCH ROOF new House, at Flushing : six minutes' walk from de pot; 30 minutes irom city ; marble mantels, water and sas; lor $:>,iKM; small cash payment Apply to owner, \V. k. LEAVII T. 54 Wall street A T TlPPAN ON THE NORTHERN RAILROAD, 50 A minutes from the city-Cottage House ;1() rooms; Ji acre of land; every way a desirable property, will sell cheap or rent low to ? *?<? 7 Pjnejtreet A FARM FOR SALE.-13 ACRES. NEW Hnl'sE AND A good truit, 16 miles ol Rlvervllle. Apply to J. C. KIS11, Marlborough, Ulster county. N. Y. T TKBPLAKOK** ON THE H I PSON-THE BEAU. A tlltBl Residence ot the late John Henry, a double house, barn, outhouses, all brick; will be sold very rhcati ? three minutes' walk from the t?oat laudins; three mil"s from Pecksklll; aple orchard, tmit sarilen. For particulars ad.Ires* Mrs. GRACE k. HE.nRV, Verplanck'a, Westchester coanty, N. l. A FULLY FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED HOUSE, A (14 rooms) to let lor the season, at Cranford. N. J., &XZlEy'o?Wk.TA KtSvHHlul"'OTutt street. New York. A -FOR SALE, AT GARDEN CITY, HEMPSTEAD, Long Island, adjoining A. T. Stewart'sfProp?;tty avenue. - 4 |.\K(;E PRIVATE RESIDENCE FOR RENT? A Sunswlck Terrace, Astoria; garden, greenhouses. A FULLY FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED HOUSE. A 14 room?. to let tor the season, at Cranford, N. J., six utiniiii's ir,,ui deDot Inquire on the premises ol <?. w. WILEY, or ol E L A B. 1. BURN HAM, W Hudson street, New York. ? A NEW HOUSE-THREE STORIES AND BASEMENT A 25x50, lot ino. If in New York would be worth $d,UW Der year, only $H0() per year. _ . v 3 j. iiVLAND, 342 East Nineteenth street A' FIRST CLASS NEW JERSEY FARM, NEAR Caldwell,on ea*y terms; t-O acres; some meadow and woodland; fruit tarm house, outbuildings, Ac.; choice location; tertlle soil; healthy and rapidly Improv ing neighborhood; price $15.uu0; only $lt*7 fin per acre; no exchange. Principals aiidress MILLS I ANSON, Wood side, Newark. N. J. ^ AT BAY SIDE-ELEGANT RES I DH NCI', COMPLETE in all Its appointments; tine outbuildings-. Irult, shade and ornamental grounds; 8lo40acres; for sale, rent or exchange for No 9 rinf Ktr,,,t. /?^OSEY~(:OTTA()E-NINE ROOMS, SIX LOTS, CAR ty riase house, beautifully shaded; fronts bay; batn \ Hv.^Miiiiulc*' walk from ferrv. staten Island; $4.(kR); i?ni," t!. suit ? ?? /COUNTRY RESIDENCE TO LET-JH MILES FROM C depot at Portchester; honse. ban,t anS sUble; 8 acres of land; orchard; rent $300. Address J. L, Glenvllle, Conn. TDUTCHESS COUNTY-SPLENDID FARM. 10(1 ACRES 1) l Dw. ilings. all "ceessary outbulUlings-. vey' m ar depot: terms easy. Full parUculars of GEO. C. SNOW A CO , 200 Broadway, rwm #? ^ TJILP.GANT VILLA?ACRE LAND; Yj of improvement; healthy ^l<??0?n .fine Ylew, 10 minutes Irom lerry, Staten ''^^VbTI.I -tr.Mt TT^ N(JLKWOOD.?TO RENT AT A BARGAIN. CHOICE n House, centrally lix ated ; 10 rooms, all city conve niences. stable, three acre* land, fruits, shade and snrui>* tx?ry; superb views, n\\\ be let low, furnished or uniur 111-11<? *i CHAHI.KH i> M-.LMHx;. No. 4 Pine street. ENGLISH GOTHIC COTTAGE TO LET FOR THE ]rJ si'asoa.?A well furnished English Gothic Cottage, 12 rooms; gas and water, good views. Address J. u. MANNING, box8T7 Post ottce, PltUflatd, Mass. I" ^oTt BALE?ONE OF TllK FlNEHT COUNTRY 1 Homes on the Hudson River- splendid views of the Catskllls; new large house, cottage, buildings, dock and 8,000 fruit trees; In complete order; M0 acres; all unen cumbered. Address C., box No. ? Post Lfllce, Tlvoll, or appl/ tv S* X. WUULL&lUMo, 5K l'luu tucckruom W. PROPERTY OCT OF THK CITY FOR SALE OR TO RENT. PACTOKIK9 AND RESIDENT PROPERTIES FOR Pateraou.'N. J., Steady water power*. CheapcoaL Low freight*. Skilled labor. One hour I torn New York. Canal, four railroads 100 dally train*. J. FISHER 8 ATTEKTI1WAITE, 10 Pine street _ For halk-a farm, containing ioo aorks of rich land, suitable tor grain or *tock raising; large house, barn and oihur outbuildings, with all tlio stock, crops, larm'iiR utensils. Ac. Call lor Mr. MERRITT, atu Broome street _ _ For sale?the yapiiank station on the Long Inland Railroad; good house. stables, Ac.. 180 acres oi land - a mile track on it; railroad company pays $50 a month lor a part ut the privilege ot the house; good place lor hacking and boarder*: price $14,000; one half can remain lor a term ot year*. Address E. EDWARDS, Patchogue, Long Inland, N. V. __ For sale-the finest place on the Hudson; an elegant brick Maa-uon, 55x65, newly and richly turnished, with 275 acreN ot land; the grounds are laid out in the tt \ le of an English park, dotted over with tine corse* of evergreens and deciduous tree*; tine gardens, orchards. Ac.; located near New Hamburg; the dwell ing, coachhouse, green houses, hot and cold graneries. icehou?us (lodge at entrance), gardener's cottage, Ac., all in perfect order; would cut up in many building sites. Terms easy. Would exchange lor first class City Prop erty,in part. For particuiars inquire of AUGUBl'K POT TIER, 373 Islington avenue, New York. _ _ For sale?six lots on the hound directlt, opposite Perth Aiuboy. N. J. ; a fine bluff; good water front W. T. ELLloTl, 71 Broadway. For sale?a model farm, 350 acres, near Klinira and depot; commodious buildings i no butter tarm in this State. ItUFUS K. Mill ARG. 77 Cedar street, Commissioner for each State. FOR SALE-FARM; 18 ACRES; OOOI) HI'fLP!NGS; high grounds; lest) ttian mile from Westlli'ld depot, and y? mile from Oukluud. Apply at No. 2 Burling slip. Price $9,000. Jj10R SALE?IN NEW JERSEY,. EIOHT BUILDING r Plots, 75x360 leet deep; tour or live minutes' walk from Hawthorne depot, on both Erie and Midland rail roads; also a Plot of three or five acres, and one ot 32 acrcs, with buildings, Iruit trees. 4c. Inquire ol E. 8. JANES, on the premises, or at tifl Warren street, N. V. IfHIR SALE.?ONE LAROE. TWO STORY, WELL built and handsome dwelling house, containing fiarlor, drawing room, library, dining room, klichen ana aundry on first tloor. Five double anil three single tied rooms and sewing room, on second tloor. Klrtt story eleven leet liigb and second story ten teet hi'rh, both corniced throughout, with handsome centre pieces. Two bed rooms and large store room on third tloor. Two bay windows on tlrst tloor. Hall 12 teet wide, with costly tile tloor, runs through the house. Ample closet rooms throughout the house. Dry wood, milk and coal cellars separate?stairs shut off; hot and cold water arrangements complete; heated by furnace and open tiro places, with marble mantels In nearly every room, making it a comfortable Winter residence; cistern? filtered water, ample even in dry times, stablo nnd carriage house, green and Ice houses, Imposing gateway and entrance, carriage drives in excellent order. Beautiful spring of water near the house. Choice variety of evergreens well laid out. Fifteen or twenty acres of land to suii purchussr. Ten minutes' walk Irom Hudson River Hull Itonil depot. One milo from the I a rite und flourishing villugo ol Wnppingers Falls; location unsur passed. Rarely u property with such advautages offered tor sale. Apply to ANDREW JACKSON or jamf.S MARLOR, Wappinger* Falls, N. Y. FOR SALE-HEAD OP LITTLE NECK HAT. IN KI LL view ot Sound, beautiful place of 2>? acres; house and wing, 15 rooms, lurgo dining room and parlor, newly frescoed; bathroom and water closet, tUrnace, ice house (tilled), carriage home; tine lawn to the water front, flowers, shrubs and shade trees; bathing, boating, fish ing ; six trains each wav. Apply to A. J. DELAToUR, 1 >ouglastoti station. Flushing and North Side Railroad ; JOHN C. I1AILEY. fit) East Fourth street, or CHARLES W. ROWERS, No. SH'iuc street For sale or to let-at flushing, attrac live Residence, with every convenience ot first class city houses; gas, furnace, bathroom, carriage house; four acres finely Irultfd und improved; near depot; im mediate posse sion; terms liberal. J AMEri B. PARSONS, 24 Pine street. TilOR SALE OR TO LET?ENQLEWOOD, N. J.. J House, ten rooms, pantries, kitchen, Ac.; first class situation; gas and water through the house; price $14,000, on ea*y terms, or $1,200 rent. Address W., box 1,54'J Post oflice. Furnished cottage to let?on Shrewsbury River, near Long Branch, to a small family, tor Ave or six months; terms #100 per week, including Board, at tendance and use ot horses and boat*. Address E. DAB ROW, Oceanic, N. J. Great sacrifice.?must be sold this week, one of the most choice nnd beautlftil Farms in llncks county, Pennsylvania; contains 57 acre* ot rich, smooth land, under the highest cultivation?G acrcs wheat. 6 corn, 1 of potatoes, balance splendid grass; will cut 70 tons of hay; nice brook; good orchard; substantial build ing, storehouse, C rooms; nice yard; plenty of shade; splendid barn, cost $3 U00; hog and poultry nouses, car nage and wagon houses, Ac.: good cash market; only two miles from large, flourishing tow*: 38 miles from Philadelphia ; milk and 12 passenger trains daily: only 3k hours from New York city; price (Including crops, worth $'J,0U0) only $6,1X10; only $1,500 cash required ; bal ance easy. Tiike 0 A. M. train Irom foot of Llbertv street, New York New Jersey Central Railroad), to Bethlehem, Pa.; there take Northern Pennsylvania Kailroad to Quakcrstown. Inquire at Miller's Hotel, opposite the station, lor (1. L. WALKER. Carriage waiting. Can re turn at fi P. M. Highlands of navesink, n. j., on the nave sink ltlver.?A furnished Cottage with nine bed rooms, parlor and dining room; ice house filled, and barn; five acres of land ; fine Iruit: boating and fishing at the door. Apply to Mrs S. REED, No. 6 East Kilty third street New York. Homes in new jersey.?houses, farms and Lots tor sale, rent or exchange; property in Eliza beth and Linden a specialty. ? C. T. WARREN, 169 Broadway, room 11. IN CORNWALL, N. Y? SI MMER RESIDENCES TO let?Two, ttirce or six months. Kor description ad dress CIIAS, KETCHAM. Mouutalnvllle Post otllce, NY. IF YOC DESIRE TO PURCHASE A FARM, ANY size or price, in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware. Maryland or Virginia, apply to RANSOM ROGERS, 23o South Kitth street, Philadelphia. Catalogues gratis. MORRISTOWN.-FURNISHED and unfurnished Cottages and Country Seats to rent, for Summer sea son or year; Farms and Residences for sale and ex change. J. IIENRY Johnson, Utf Broadway. Mohansic lake shore farm-nearly 200 acres, six miles from I'ceksklM, one and one-half tulles from New York, Boston and Montreal road; sale or exchange New York or Morrisanls property; owners old; will retire. Inquire at 14 Broadway, office No. 1, 11 to3. Marble ouarky. Rutland, vt.?one of the bet with complete Machinery, for sale very cheap and on easy terms. B FRANKLIN CLARK, 55 Liberty street NEW LONDON, CONN., NEAR PEOIOT HOUSE.? For sale, a handsome and commodious Swiss Cot tage, on Pequot avenue. New London, Conn . stable and carriage house attached: piaz/as 10 feet wide and sur round the house; wide hall; commanding view of the harbor; fine beach lor bathing; situation unsurpassed:!) rooms, all furnished. For terms apply to H. W. PAINTER, W Church street. New Haven, Conn. NYACK, ON TnF. HUDSON.?SMITHSONIAN HOUSE is open tor transient ur permanent boarders. M. L. BIOKLOW. ORANGE, N. J., ON THE MOUNTAIN?A FINE ? louse, handsomely furnished ; nine bedrooms; mod ern improvements; stable; a beautiful place; rent $1,200; also outers. COLEs A IIYDKR, 1,292 Broauway. ORANGE, N. J.?GREAT VARIETY PROPERTY FOR sale: Houses, turnished anil unfurnished, to rent Hale catalogues. I. H. OKRRY, 39 Nassau, corner Liberty street ONE OK THE KIN EST RESIDENCES IN NEW JER sey; one hour from the city; two acres; fruit, Ac.; offered at sacrifice it applied tor immediately. A. H. hol TllWlCK, 46 Broad stf?t. OCEAN VILLA PLATS KOR SALE AT NEWPORT, It I., on Vancluse ami Indian avenues and the Cliffs, of two to six acres each, at $i*?l to $1 2.M per acre. These plats are drv, smooth, grassy lands, commanding wide and various ocean and Inland views, with a south easterly slope, terminating in a tine shore with rocky cliffs and firm beaches; Indian avenue Is 60 feet wide, 2>i miles long, about 5.M) feet tr ni the shore, anil from 20 to 100 teet above the ocean; among the proprietors and Summer residents ot these and the adjoining lands are Professor E. L. Yotimans, Rev. John T Huntington, Gov ernor Samuel G. Arnold. John N. A. Oriswold, Esq., Ac. Apply to HOMER MORGAN, No. 2 Pine street, or S. E. MONTGOMERY, 202 Broadway. OARATOOA.-TO LET, FURNISHED, BRICK HOUSE, D Franklin square, 12 rooms, bath, heater, gas; all modem improvements; lot 80x200; cicgam grounds; June 15 to September 15, $1,5(0; will sell for $20.'UK); with Fur niture, $26,01)0: great bargain. Address U. VAN DUSEN, 124 and 120 Broadway, Saratoga. N. Y. Sullivan count*.?the best farm in the whole county can be bought at a bargain; 2r0 acres, 00 wood land ; land is rich : society tlrst class. For further particulars apply to MARTIN DUNN, 21H Broadway. STAMFORD, CONN.-THE INSTITUTE ON CLARK'S 0 Hill will open under new management with first class accommodations, May 20 Ample grounds, good stabling, bowling alley and croquet ground. Kor terms and further particulars apply 011 premises, or at 12 Lafay ette place, New \ork. 1 TRUCK FARM?I INLY MILES ON ERIE RAIL . road; PA) acres of first class land ; fruit In abundance; location perlectl.v healthy and s#cncry picturesque; cheerful house and commodious outbuildings; price $15,000; terms accommodating. GEORGE K. WALTON, 5^ Pin* street. TO LET?A DESIRABLE: STORE, completely fitted up, on the best (dock or the best busineiw street in Troy. N. Y.; suitable tor either dry goods clothing, fancy goods or fine groceries Address JI'LlUS RAUL, Troy, N. Y. rpo LET-FOR FOUR MONTHS. >TeaR~THE LAKE, 1 at Itonkorikoma. L. I . a furnished Mouse with eight rooms; one ucre 01 good garden; large ice house, with 80 tons Ice; plenty ol truit; convenient to cars, churches, school and Post office; rent $lm per month. Call on S. I". NEWTON, still's market. Itt.'i Third avenue, or address R. W. NEWTON, Ronkonkoma, L. I. rpo LET?AT RIDGEKIELD, 1 (inn \ NEAT HOUSE 1 and (Jronnds, containing ynrdi n, stable Ac - rent $600 View of house at M S. MYEItS \ SON'S,'434 Broome street rpo LET?TO A PRIVATE FAMILY ONLY, AN KLE 1 gant country Residence In the village of New Rochclle: house thoroughly turnished; fruit and berries In abundance; the owner would like to remain in the house a? a boarder, if desired, in part pay for the rent For particulars inquire of R M A Leo LM, 4!) Cedar street LET- A COUNTRY RESIDF.NCE; ONE OF THE healthiest and most picturesque locations on tho Hudson, situated In Rockland county, one hour (Tom the city; 10 minutes Irom Sparktll depot; 12 rooms, with all modern Improvements; 2,'^ u> res ground , good con venience for keeping horses and carriages, inquire of J. M. BLAUVELT, adjoining the premises, or J. A W. BURROUGHS, 402 Fulton street, Brooklyn. r LET?LARGE FINK HOt'HK, FURNISHED; 16 rooms, at Montclalr, for the season or year. Apply to 0. 0. BliNNET, No. 9 i'Uie sUvvW PROPERTY OCT OF THR CITY FOR 8AMC OH TO RRHT. T??VjEB 8rason OB LOKOBR. a At riermoQt, on ttie Uudsun, one httur irom Cham """yl?fN?w Jerxsy, ? lar.-e. ^IkiI Mouie: groundH ahaaed ; good Harden and ,UQUIre TO LET- AT CORNWALL, ON THE HUDSON. A nicely shaded furnished Cottage, 10 rooms, attic and cellar; two acres ol lawn, fruit ami vegetables; carria je house and stable; situated on miln road; ten mlnuteV walk of steamboat landing; rent $500. Inquire at 131 Weat Forty-first street . VALUABLE MILL AND WATER POWER?WITH 13 acres ol land, tor sale cheap. AMiiy to II. P. CHADEAYNE, Cornwall, Orange county, n7y. VALUABLE PROPERTY FOB 8 A LB AT GENEVA, N. Y.?A beautiful place, containing 53 acres of land, well adapted for a nur erv or gentleman's < ounlry *??t; buildings consist ol a brick house ami suitable out buildings ; fields in good cultivation and nearly all tile drained; fruit in abundance and six acres of fine wood land ; this is a rare chance to purchase a delightiul hoine in the loveliest Tillage ol the State. Apply to OBBRlf H. SMITH, G?ueva.N. Y. 4(1 900 W'LL PURCHASE 15 ACRES GOOD LOAM ?PLand, small nousc;40 miles north side of I'Ong Island, near village depot; hes'thy garden home stead. g 188AM, owner, 248 Clermont ay., Brooklyn. (lift 7 K"R GOOD. OLDFAHHIONED OOUN. ?#"-?? I UU try House, including Furniture, In pleas ant^ healthy location, on Passaic Iflrer, only nine miles or 45 minutes from City Hall; corner lot ol I k acres; stable, carriage house, Ac.; plenty of fruit and shade; hou<e has nine rooms, water In kitchen, marble mantel and is all in good order; good boating and tlshinx; near depots; possession at once. Call on or address the owner,

A. I. WILLIAMS, 60 Walker street, New York. HEAL ESTATE TO EXC'IIANUK. A ?KOR SALE, EXCHANGE OR KENT-FINE PLACE -r?. at Norwalk. Conn.: house (water and gas', barn, 20 lots ground; would exchange tor house In citv and pay dltterence in cash. W. II. ORA Y, 2) Wooste'r street AT AUCTION, TUESDAY, MAY 27. AT HALE8 ?rooms, Trinity Building, Broadway, at 12 o'clock, by IS. H. LUDLOW & 00, Peremptory sale, without rescrva, of Mount Florence, 'he most magnificent estate on the Hudson, iUllv lUr nished and in complete order for immediate occupancy. About 90 acres of land, all highly improved; large man sion, 25 rooms, marble halls, walls frescoed, gas, billiard room, bowllug alleys, all modern improvements. (Jute house 12 rooms; two cottaces, carriage house, gas house, greenhouses, barns and numerous outbuildings; largo tlsh pond, two trout streams. At Peekskili, 70 min utes by Hudson Itlver Railroad. A large bird's eye view of the property and full de scription ol the same may be seen at the Salesroom, 111 Broadway. For lurthcr information apply to the owner, on the property, LEWIS IL SPEAR. A FIRST CLA8S BROWN STONE HOUSE IN this city, well located, free and clear, to exchange for country or Brooklyn I'roperty. Address RETIRED MERCHANT, Herald office. IfOR sale OR EXCHANUE FOR city PROPERTY? A large fine Residence (new), with 1117 Lots, coach house, barn, Ac.; ocean front; 16 miles from city. Also lit.use on Bedford avenue. Brooklyn; both unencum bered. W. T. ELLIOTT, 71 Broadway. FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR TENEMENT OR Drugs and Patent Medicines?A four-acro Plot, with in city limits of Elizabeth, not far from Singer's factory; equity $3,800; mortgage $1,300 for four years. Address M. Hi- box 181 Herald office. For sale, exchange or to rent?several choice Places at Metuchen, N. J., one honr from New York; two acres, large, flue House, baru, plenty fruit, shade, Ac.; near depot; cheap at $8,000. CAMPBELL A FIEKSON, 1% Park place. For sale cheap or exchange-for a city House or one on the Now Haven Railroad, a splendid Country Seat of 70 acres, one hour in New Jersoy, near depots; fine buildings, fruits, Ac. KELLY BROTHERS. 205 Broadway. FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE?FOR GOOD DWELLING House or l-'arm near by, three lour story Tenement Houses on 109th street. For particulars address SARAH BHATTUCK. 171 East 109th street FOR SALE?OR EXCHANGE FOR IMPROVED Property or Farm, a Residence at Uackensack; also a small Residence in Brooklyn. Owner, W. 8. PlERSON\ Builder, 80 Pino street. ?L^OB JJALB, EXCHANGE OR W LET-FINE COUN A try scats. Farms and Residences, oil line of Northern Railroad, New Jersey; al-o a number tor saltf, exchange and to let on line of nackensack Railroad. CLARK, 111 Broadway, basement, room C. Furnished houses and hotels for sale, exchange and to let, In all parts of New Jersey; large number unfurnished: splendid locations. m B. M. MASON, No. 1 Chambers street W"L EXCHANGE?HOUSE AND LOT. WORTH $5,0t?. f ? j^?asantly situated in the village ot Peekskili, tor genera, merchandise or goods that can bo sold in a coun try store; $1,500 left on mortgage if desired. Address V.. Ilcrald office. WANTED?BROWN STONE FRONT HOUSE, EAST or west side, below Sixtieth street. In exchange lor an elegant Countryjgat. llvo acres; first class in every particular ami unerFciinnorcd, in New Serscy, for $25lOOO CAMPBELL A j'lERSON, I)? Pirk pliJeT 90 TENEMENT HOUSES TO TRADE FOR UP gj\J town Houses, and 100 for sale?One of the best r arms of 303 acres ot land, in Chautauqua, 2 miles from the village of Jamestown, N. Y., 7,000 of inhabitants, in exchange for New York tenement Houses. Inquire ol JAMES HYLAND, 342 East Nineteenth street. 01 000 WORTH OF GOODS AND A VALUABLE Patent will be exchunged for good real estute or mortgages. Apply at 84 Centre street. RKAL ESTATE WANTED. UMALL PLACE WANTED?NEAR CITY, WITH FEW O acres of ground under fair cultivation; price not over $5,100; terms to be easy. 8. E. H. VANDYK75, ICO Broadway. "II/"ANTED?A SMALL MODERN STYLE HOUSE AND ?Y Lot In New Jersey, between Elizabeth and Dunei len, near the depot; large part of purchase money to remain on mortgage five years. Address, with lull par ticulars, including price and terms, 8. J. B., Herald office. CLOTI1ING. AT EDWARD MILLER'S NEW establishment, 6S Sixth avcuue, near Wavcrley placo (formerly 160 Seventh avenue), the utmost value paid in cash for Cast oil Clothing, Carpets, Ac., by calling on or addressing. Ladies attended to by Mrs. Miller. A^^HT 160 SEVENTH AVENUE, NEAR NINETEENTH street guarantees to nay the .'nil value forcast-ofT Mrs P"8KNSTBaIjT* ^ ca'"?8 on or addreseiug Mr. or Astonishing prices can be obtained for Cast-off Clothing, Carpets Ac.: for Pants, $2 to $7; Coats, $3 to $20: cresses, $5 to $75; Diamonds, Laces, the utmost value will bo paid. Please call on or address by note Mr. or Mrs. II. HARRIS, 81 Sixth avenue, third store above Waverley place. A^HT B. MINTZ'.< 218 THIRD AVENUE. BETWEEN Twentieth and Twenty first streets ?Wanted, $13,000 worth of cast-off Clothing, Carpets, Jewelry, lor the West ? ern trade. Indies and gentlemen will be astonished at the prices we pay in cash; silk dresses, $10 to $75; coats, $3 to $2U; pants, $2 to $19. A note by post punctually at tended to by Mr. or Mrs. Mlnlz, In and out ot the city. At tiie uptown establishment, 8i6 sixth avenue, near Forty-sixth street?Wanted imme diately, a quantity of Cast-off Clothing and Carpets lor the Omaha market Will pay from $5 to $20 for coats, $2 to $7 tor pant*, $5 to $65 for dresses. Call on or address Mr. or Mrs. FLAT TO. AT J. ANHALT'S, 178 SEVENTH AVENUE, LADIES and gentlemen will positively receive the highest price lor Cast-off Wearing Apparel, Carpets and Jewelry, as 1 have a great demand for the in from the West: the price is no object, as I must fill up my orders. Ladles waited on by Mrs. Anhalt, T THE WELL RENOWNED ESTABLISHMENT, 246 seventh avenue?I have just received orders to the amount of $75,000; I am therefore compelled to pay the following prices :-For silk Dresses, $5 to $80; Coats, $5 to $25; I ants, $1 to $11; the highest prices paid for Carpets. Please call on or address Mr, or Mrs. ROSENBERG, 246 Seventh avenue. N. B.?Second house above Twenty lo rth street A?A.-F. HARRIS, 71 SIXTH AVENUE. BETWEEN ? W ashington and Waverley places.?Ladles and gen tlemen will be astonished at the prices given for Cast-off Clothing, Carpets and Jewelry. Never before have such high prices been paid, as we are bound to fill an order, and goods must lie had. For coats, from $3 to $20; Pants, $2 to $10; Dresses, $5 to $70. Please cull or address as ?liovc Ladles attended by Mrs. Harris. AT M. MARKS' WELL KNOWN ESTABLISHMENT 101 Sixth avenue, opposite Eighth street, ladies and gentlemen can receive the utmost value In cash tor their Cast-off Clothing, Carpets, Jewelry Laces, Ac. Please call at or address the number as above. Ladles waited on by Mrs. Marks. Please try, and satiety yourselves. AT II. MANNE'8, 300 AND 302 SEVENTH AVENUE. Ladles and gentlemen having Cast off Clothing, Carpets, Furniture, Ac , to dispose of will do well to call at or address as above; highest price paid. AT 8. MISII'S, 137 THIRD AVENUE?LADIES AND gentlemen can receive the highest price for Cast off Clothing and Carpets by calling or addressing. Ladies attended to by Mrs. Mish. AT H. rosenthal'S, 233 THIRD AVENUE, NEAR Nineteenth street, ladies and gentlemen will obtain lull value of Cast-off Clothing, Carpets, Ac., by calling or addressing. Ladies attended to by Mrs. Rosenthal. OOl SIXTH AVENUE, NEAR FOURTH STREET? tftI2 Wanted Immediately, quantity of Cast-off Cloth ing. Carpets. Ac.; will pav from $3 to $20 lor coats. $2 to $9 jor pMUs^$Mo $75 for (trusses. Call on or address Mr. 9(J7 THIRD AVENUE, NEAR TWENTY-THIRD I street.?M. LEON pays the highest price tor ladies' and gentlemen's Cast-off Clothing, Carpets Ac Ladles walled on by Mrs. Leon. QOO BROADWAY, NEAR THIRTEENTH STREET ? OOO H. HE HZ pays the highest price for ladies' and gentlemen's wearing apparel, carpets, Ac. Ladies will be waited on by Mrs. Ilerz. A KTKOLOOY. A TTENTION.?ORIGINAL MME. BYRON, sPJrIT rl iinliut ? miftr 1'imr n>li>l/,n t... i 11 uallst; unerring advice upon business, sickness, love, Ac. 114 fourth avenue, near Twenty-third street TEST.?MRS. VANSISE, BUSINESS AND MEDf cal Clairvoyant Spiritualist, tells name, day of marriage, brings together those long separated, gives positive Information on all affairs ot lift; no satisfaction, no pay. 821 Second avenue, corner I'hirty tourth street i EUROPEAN clairvoyant TELLS NAMES, SHOWS J likenesses, causes marriages, gives numbers; fees, 60c. and $1. 142 West Twenty fifth street piPSY REVEALS YOUR WHOLE LIFE; FINDS AB IT sent friends; recovers stolen property. 351k Bow ery, between Third and Fourth streets. MISS wellington, CLAIRVOYANT, TELLS EV orvthing; lucky numbers; has a nosittve cure for drunkenness. Call or write to 41 Last Twenty-eighth st MME. ROHA, CLAIRVOYANT, RK VEALS YOUR whole llfo from cradle to grave, cures cancers, all diseases. 472 Canal street Consultatiou $1. Madame luthca, clairvoyant and gypsy, tells your whole life; Ice $1; gentlemen not ad mitted. litest Fourtosntb street FTTT?0*?F5 AH ?TF I Tub hambub j-american packet company's Iron mall steamship If AMMONIA, Captain Voss, will sail on Thursday, Ma/ l.\ at 2 P. M? . _ lor .lamburir, taking passengers from New York to Plymouth, Londan, _ . _ .. Uherfoourg and Hamburg. First Cabin, $110. second Cabin, $71 Steerage, $3u, payab e In United Stalesgoll. KVNHAUuT A i;u., C. B. RICmARJJ A M >K\ General Agents, General Passenger Agents, #1 Broad street New York. t>l Broadway, Now York. The HO 8 tflA will Hall May 2*. The VANDALIA as oxlra ttu-ainar direct May 17. VTOKTU GERMAN LLOYD STbAMstHP COMPANY. -*-J. . For Southampton and Bremen. T?*e-???,*ip Ni.W Y OiiK, Cap.ain F. Klugkist, will SS????'*> Ht 2 P. M., 'rom Hremen pier, ,021-0.'-lhJrd 2?2? i Hobnken, to be lo lowed by ?e.?.h{?WKsBH.(].pUin W. V\ iiligerod, on Satur nprJ^C OK 'ASSAOE TO LONDON, HAVRE AND Firs Cabm*' ln Bol(1 or lta "inlvalent in currency. Second Cabin..'.'.'. '' V *'7? Steerage so For freight or pan age apniy to Ol.HUGHS A CO.. Auonts, No. :2 Bowling tireen. NLY DIRECT LINE TO FRANCE. 0 _ ?aV|? hSSM* fJM'S HAVRE, CALLING AT BR! ST IUKK ANU The splendid vesse's on this favorite route for the Gon. linent will Hall Irom pier No. 60 North River, as t*U own ?? _ WASHINGTON, Rouxnan Satu-day. May 17 VILLK DE PAR Saturday. May tl VII,LP. DU HAVRE. Suruiont Sa urlay. June 14 PEREIRE, Daure Saturday. June 28 PRICE OF PASSAGE in GOLD ' n :ludln| wine) TO BREST OR HAVRE. First Cabin, $125. Second Cabin. IJi. Excursion Tickets at reduced rites. These steamers do not carry steerage :vt<st>narori Amerlcnn traveller* going lo or returnm* trorn the Continent ol Europe, by taking this line, avol i both transit by English railway and the dlsoomlortaof cross ing the Channel, besides saving time, trouble an-* ex pense. q(JORGE MACKENZIE, Agent.IH Broadway. NOTE.?Railroad tickets between Paris and Vienna furnished at reduced rates, UNITKD STATUS MAIL) LINE.-STEAM TO QUEENS town and Liverpool. _ Sailing every Wednesday. NEVADA, Forayth May 14, at 3 P. M. WYOMING, Price May .'I, at 1>4 P. M. From pier 46 North River. Cabin oassnge, $80 gold ; steerage, $30 currency. Prepaid tickets, $32 currency. Passengers booked to and iroin Paris, Hamburg, Nor way and Sweden, Ac. Druftn on Ireland, England, Frauce and Germany, at lowest rales. Apply to . WILLIAMS A GUION, 29 Broadway. STATE LINE. TO GLASGOW. LIVERPOOL, BELFAST AND LONDONDERRY. VIRGINIA SAILS JUNE 11, from the company's dock, Fulton lerry, Brooklyn. SUPERIOR PASSENGER ACCOMMODATIONS. Cabin, $80 and SCO, gold ; steerage, $:'>0. currencv. DRAFTS ISSMED ON ALL PARTS OF EUROPE. For freight or passage upply to AUSTIN BALDWIN A CO., Agents, Steerage office 45 Broadway. 72 Broadway. Atlas steamship company. For Liverpool direct. The full-powered, fast-sailing Iron screw steamer JAMAICAN, 2,500 tons. Captain Robert Watson, ol the West India and Pacific Roval Mail Companysline, will leave Now Vork on the 20th lust, for Liverpool direct. Passenger accommodations unsurpassed for elegimce and comlort. Only llrat class passengers carried. Fare $80 currency. For treight and passage apply to PIM, FORWOOD A CO., 59 Pine and 85 Wall streot CIUNAIID LINE. J BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROVAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS between New York and Liverpool, calling at Cork Har bor. From New York. ALGERIA.... Wed., May 14 ?RUSSIA Wed., May 21 ?JAVA Wed., May 28 ?CUBA Wed.,June 4 ?SCOTIA Wed., June 11 BATAVIA Sat. May 17 CALABRIA Sat, May 24 PARTHIA Sat., May 31 SAMARIA Sat.,June 7 ABYSSINIA... .Sat., June 14 steamers marked thus ? do not carry steerage passeu ^ Jmd every following Wednesday and Saturday from New York. Rates ol passage?Cabin, $80, $UO and $130, gold, ac cording to accommodation. Tickets to Paris, $15, gold, additional Return Tickots on favorable terms. Steer age, $30, currency. Steerage Tickets from Liverpool and Queenstown and all parts of Europe at lowest rates. For freight and cabin passage apply at the company's office, No. 4 Bowl ing Green i lor steerage passage. 111 Broadway, Trinity Building. CHAS. G. FRANCKLYN, Agent Or to P. H. DUVERNET, corner of Clark and Randolph streets, Chicago, I1L PASSENGERS PER STEAMSHIP ALGERIA EMBARK from the Cunaril wharf, loot of Grand street, Jersey City, at 3 P. M., on WEDNESDAY, 14th May. 1x73. CHAS. O. FRANCKLYN. No. 4 Bowling Green, N. Y. Anchor line. Steamers sail from pier 20 North River, New York, EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. ANOL1A Sat, May 17 INDIA Sat.. June 7 EURDPA sat, May 24 OLYMPIA....Wed., June 11 TRINACRIA. .Wed., May 28 AUSTRALIA...Sat, June 14 CALIFORNIA..Sat. May 31 COLUMBIA..Wed., June 18 CALEDONIA.Wed., June 4 VICTORIA Sat., Juno 21 The passenger accommodations on steamers of this line are unsurpassed for elegance and eomtort Cabin state rooms nro all on upper dcck, thus securing good light and ventilation. RATES OF PASSAGE TO GLASGOW. LIVERPOOL OR LONDONDERRY. Saturday steamers. Wednesday steamers. Gold. Currency. Cabins $75 and $C5 $75 and <65 Cabin return tickets, secur ing best accommodations.. $130 $130. STEERAGE, $30 CURRENCY. Tickets for passage to or from any scuport or railway station in Great Britain, Ireland or the Continent issued at lowest rates. DRAFTS FOR ANY AMOUNT AT CURRENT RATES. Company's offices, No. 7 Bowling Green. New York. HENDERSON BROTHERS, Agent*. Just published, "The Trip to Europe," a magazine of Information tor ocean travellers; can be had free of charge on application. 1" NMAN LINE. For Queenstown and Liverpool. Roval Mall steamers are appointed to sail as follows:? CITY OF BRISTOL Thursday, May 15, 8 A. M. CITY OF BROOKLYN Saturday, May 17, 10 A. M. CITY OF WASHINGTON Thursday, May 22. 2 P.M. CITY OF ANTWERP Saturday. May 24, 2 P. M. CITY OF LIMERICK Thursday. May 2?, 8 A. M.' CITY OF LONDON Saturday, May 31, V A. M. and each succeeding Saturday and Thursday, Irom pier 45 North River. RATES OF PASSAOE. Cabin, $85 and $100. gold, according to accommodation. Round trip tickets at low rates. Steerage?To Liverpool, Queenstown, Glasgow, Lon oonderry, London, Bristol or Cardiff, $30. Prepaid certifi cates, $32, currency. Passengers also forwarded to Havre, Hamburg Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Paris at reduced rates. Drafts issued at lowest rates. For cabin passage and general business apply at the company's office, 15 Broadway. For steerage passage at 33 Broadway. JOHN Q. DALE, Agent, or to O'Dohnkll A Faulk, 402 Chestnut street Philadelphia. M. S. CaKACn, 102 State street, Boston. F. C. Brown, 86 South Market street Chicago. Wm. Isms. Liverpool, and No. 9 Rue scribe, Paris. WHITE STAR LINE. FOR QUEENSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL CARRYING THE UNITED STATES MAIL. New and fnll-powercd steamships. Sailing from New York on Saturdays, from Liverpool on Thursdays, calling at Cork Harbor each wav ADRIATIC May 24. at 3 P. M. BALTIC Saturday, Mav 31. at 8:30 A M. CELTIC. Saturday. June 7, at 2 P. M. OCEANIC June 14, at 7:30 A. M ?From the White Star dock, Pavonla ferry, Jersey City. Passenger accommodations for all classes unrivalled, combining safety, speed and comfort Saloons, staterooms, smoking room and bathrooms In midship section, where least motion Is telt Surgeons and stewardess accompany the steamer. Rates?Saloon. $1ii0 gold ; steersge, $30 ln currency. Those wishing to send for friends In the old country can now obtain steerage prepaid certificates. $32currency. Passengers booked to or from all parts of America to Paris, Hamburg, Norway, Sweden, India, Australia, China, Ac, Drafts from ?1 upwards. For Inspection of plans and other Information apply at the oompany's office, 19 Broadway, New York. Bills of lading Issued to Continental ports. J. H. SPARKS, Agent National line of steamers. Weekly to Queenstown and Liverpool; tortnlghtly to l<ondon direct TO QUEENSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL, from nlers 44 and 47 North River. CANADA, Weiister Saturday. May 17, at9 A. M. SPAIN. Grace .Saturday, May 21, at 3 1". M. FRANCE, Thomson Wednesday, May 28, at3 P. M TOR LONDON DiRECT. THESE STEAMSHIPS ARE THE LARGEST IN THE trade. Cabin passage?$80. $90 and $100, curroncy. Excursion? $lti0and $180. Steerage. $29, currency. prepaid steerage tickets Irom Liverpool, Queenstown, Londonderry, Glasgow. Cardiff, Bristol or London, CHEAPER than BY ANY OTHER LINE. For lurthcr information apply at the company's office, 69 Broadway. F. W. J. HURST, Manager. Csreat western steamship line. r New York to Bristol (England) direct taking goods and passenger') lor London, Cardiff, Newport, Gloucester and all ports in Bristol Channel. ? The steamers ol this line will sail from pier 18 East River as follows :? AKRAGON, Western Thursday, May 15 GREAT WESTERN to follow. LAPLAND Wednesday, June4 LADY LYCETT Wednesday, June 18 GREAT WESTERN Wednesday, July i New steamer now building. Cabin passage... .$70 currency I Steerage.. ..$30 currency Parties wishing to send for their friends can obtain prepaid certificates. Draft* for ?1 and upwards. For freight or passage apgjy to M()ROAN,H 80Np 70 South street New York. EUROPEAN TRAVEL. COOK, SON A JENKINS, Tourist and Excursion Managers, 262 Broadway, New Vork, issue the Hallway Ticket* used by travellers for tours through all parts of Ireland, Scotland. England, France, Relglnm, Germany, Austria, Holland. Italy. Palestine, Spain, Switzerland, Egypt Ac., by all routes. Sold in all cases at great re duction from the ordinary fBre. COOK'S KXCURSIoNIST for May, containing upwards of 1,000 different tours, showing expense, Ac., now ready. Price 10c. Sent by mall post-paid. UNITED STATES PASSPORT BUREAU.?OFFICIAL Passport* of the Department of State issued by A. C. WILI.MARTII, United States Court House, 41 Cham bers street UNITED STATES PASSPORT AGENCY?A. T. WELCH, late chief of Passport Bureau, Department of State, Washington, D. C., agent 291 Broadway. COASTWISE 8TKAMHIIIP8 stea: I servie ilsh Ma are sppamtaA t North River) :? TLAS STEAMSHIP COMPANY. Mail service for West Indies, navans, Venezuela and Spanish Main. The company's Iron screw steamers ' "ppamtaA to ail aj trim,7* (loi^ng berth pier 12 .''or llaytl and Venezuela, b ^ . . AKIRL (1,1(19 tons), 5th Jan?, iron WOOD A for freight and paasagn apply to PIM, * &. u?uer?l Agendas Wall -dr<?t and6# \ 138 ?UeoW ?.m. BVK y TliUKSDAY. CITY OF MF.RIDA (Havana only) kljY OF M.iXICO (Ilavuni aim Mexico) "AVANA (Havana only) COASTWISE WAWSHIPg. PACIFIC MAIL. TEAM HIP COMPANY'S IJNK TO CALiFORN A, JA.'A A.XO CHINA, Via P .NAM A CARRYING MAILS. I'AdlENU RJ AND FREIGHT !*? A^SPIaWALL, PANAVIa, SANIA M ART.l A, UKfcY TOWN AND PAClPI ' COAST OF MEXICO, CEN i'UAi. AMrfl ICA. PER0 and CHILE. May ZD? ieamcr iti I U STAR. C.tpt. J. B. Illldretfc, will euvo pier no. 42 North ivur, at 11 o'clock noon, for Aspm wail direct, connecting at Panama with the steamer CO.* TITUTIO.N, Capt. , touching at Acapulco. Maa zau Do und Ma/.atlun, ana alio connecting lor nil Central American and Mouth Puci ic torts. Depariurea ol URk and d)tb euch month collect with the Company*! steamer. touching at an Kent o, Tonnto. . alina Crus an.l Port Angel. The Company's splendid steamer COSTA RICA will leave San i rancmco May 24 lor Uonoluln, Sandwich Island*. One ol he Company's steamers will leave San Fraa* cisco May 31, IS7i. or Japan and China. For ralesaf passage, frclrht and all further tutor nation apply at Company's otnee ou the pier, loot o? Canal sireet. F. R. HAUV. Agent UNITED STATUS AND BRAZIL MAIL STEAMiUiP COMPANY. The elegant sldewheel steamship SOUTH AMERICA, 2,0 hi tons i ui ilen. Captain H L. Tinklepatigh, will Kail lor St T Oman, Para. Pernainbuc.o, Banlu au I Riode Janeiro, on Friday, May 23, at 3 o'clock P. M., Irom pier 43 North River. For Ircigh: or passage apply to WiLLIAM R. GARRISON, Agent No. 5 Bowling Green. DIRECT LINE TO HAVANA, Progreso and Vera Craz. New York and Mexican Mail s.eaniahlp Line, leaviM pier No. 3 North River, at 3 P. M EVE Y THURSDAY. .May? May M ,, May M CI t V ' F M KI.IDA (. avail* only) Juiei For freight or passage apply to f. ALEXANDRE A SONS, 33 Broadway. ?pOR HAVANA VIA NASSAU. CUBA, Geo. W. Palmer 3 P. M. Wednesday, 21?l F. ALEXANDRE A SON % 33 Broadway j^EW YORK AND HAVANA DIRECT MAIL LINE. These first class steamsllps wiH sail every Tuesday at 3 P. M., trom pier 13 North River (loot of Cedar streatt, for Havana direct, as follows MORRO CASH,is ?..Mar? CRESCENT CITY May ST wilminoton .??? s Supplementary mall on pier at a quarter to three P. K. on day ot sailing. For freight or passage (having magnificent nrrtimraa dations) apply to WILLIAM P. CLYDE * 00., No. 6 Bowling Green. D. McKELLER Agent in Havana. NEW YORK AND RERMUDA STEAMSHIP LINE. For Hamilton and St George, Bermuda, carrying the United States Mail, and sailing as follow*s? Steamship HATf'RA.s, Lawrence, master, Friday; May It), at 3 o'clock P. M., from pier 37 North River. steamship ALB .MAitLK, Read, master, Thursday, May 22, at 3 o'clock P. M., trom pier 37 Nor h River, For ireight or passage, having elegant aeeomm?d? tions. apply to LUNT BROTHERS, 28 South street. Passage $'W. gold. Excursion tickets issued for the round trip at S'O, gold TEXAS LINE.?rOR GALVESTON, TOUCHING AT Key We**, carrying the United Mates Mail.?Steamer CITY OF AUSTIN, Captain Eldridge, will leave pier Ml East River, Saturday, May 17. Through bills or lading given to Houston and all points on the Galveston, Hous ton and Henderson and B. B. and C. U. R. No charge for forwarding In New York. For 'reiuht or passage, hay ing superior accommodations, apply to C. U. MaLLorY A CO.. 153 Maiden Una, or W. P. CLYDE, 119 Wall street FOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. MERCHANTS' STEAMSHIP LINE. The steamship EMILY B. SOUDER, from pier 38 North River (foot ot North Moore street), on Saturday. May 17, at3o'clock P. M. Freight-received daily. Through rates given to St. Louis, Vltfksburg, Mobile, Galveston and Indianola. For freight or passage, having superior accommoda tions, apply to FREDERIC BAKER, 30 Broadway. Ii^OR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. ' The Cromwell Steninshln Line. The steamship GKOROE CROMWELL, Captain Samael L. Clupp, will leave pier No. 9 North River, on Saturday, May 17, at 3 P. M. Freight received daily. Through rales given at Galveston, Indianola, Rockfort or Aran* /.us wfiart, Brazos, Santiago und St Louis. Cabin passage, $50; steerage. 825. For freight or paa sage apply to CI.ARK A SEAMAN, 83 West street FOR NORFOLK, CITY POIHT AND RICHMOND.?THB Old Domitiipu ^steajysbiD Company will despatch from pier 37 Nortn River their *i6gant sieHii1."??'n '^AAU. BELL, Blakeman, for Norfolk, City Point and Richmond, on Thursday, May 15. at 3 P, M., giving through bills ol lading to all points South und Southwest. Through pas senger tickets issued to all points. Accommodations un equalled. Apply at pier 37, or at the general office, 187 Greenwich street, corner of Dey. _ TRAVELLERS^ GUIDE. CITIZENS' LINE FOR TItOY?PASSAGE $1 50.?TUB elegant steamboats SUNNYSIDE and POWELL leave pier 49 North River, foot of Leroy street, daily (Saturdays excepted), at 6 o'clock P. M., connecting with morning trains on Rensselaer and Saratoga, New York Centrul and Troy and Boston railroads for all points North, East and West The most direct route to 9arat? ga, Lake George and Montreal. Through tickets sold and baggage checked to destiuation. JOSEPH CORNELL, Superintendent ALL RIYER LINE TO BOSTON, via Newport and Fall River. The world-renowned steamers BRISTOL and PROTI. DENCE leave pier 28 North River, loot of Murray streak dally (Sundays excepted) at 5 P. M. A. P. BACON, Superintendent. PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD. Trains leave New York, from foot of Desbrosses and Cortlandt streets, as follows:? Express for Harrisburg, Pittsburg, the West and South, with Pullman Palace Cars attached, 9:30 A. M., 5, 7 and 8:30 P. M. Sunday, 5. 7, 8 A) P. M. For Baltimore, Washington and the South at 9 A. M., 1,9 P. M. Sunday, 9 P. M. Express tor Philadelphia. 8, 9, 9:30 A. M ,12:30.1, *, 8.^* 8:30, 9 P. M., and 12 night Sunday, B, 8 M and 9 P. M. For Philadelphia, via Kensington, ut 7 A. M. and 2 P. 1L Emigrant and second class, 7:1S P. M. For Newark, at 6, 6:30, 7, 7:40, 8:10, 9, 10, 11, 11:40 A. *.} 12, 1, 2, 2:30, 3, 3:20, 3:40, 4:10, 4 JO, 5:10. 5:20, 5:30, 5 6, 6:10, 6:1ft), 7, 7:30, 8:10, 9, 10. 11:30, 12 P. M. Sunday, 5 JO. 6, 8:10, 9 P. M. For E\izabeth, 6. 6:30, 7, 7:40, 8. 8:10. 9,10, 11. II :40 A. M. t 12 M.; 12 uV?. 1. 2. 2 JiO. 3, 3:20, 3:40, 4. 4:10, 4 JO, 530, 5:30, 5 JO, 6, 6:10. 6 Ji), 7 JO, 8:10, 10. 11:30,12 P. M. Sun day, 5:20, 6 uud 8:10 P. M. For Kahway,6, 6 JO. 7, 8:10, 9 JO and 10 A. M.; 12 noon; 1, 2. 2 JO, \ 3:20, 3:40, 4:10, 4 :30, 6 :20, 5:30, 5:50, 6, 6 J0L 7:30, 8:10, 10 P.M. and 12 night Sunday, 5:20 and! For Wood bridge and Perth Amboy, 6 and 10 A. M., 230^ 3 ;4d, 4 JO and 5 :A0 P. M. For New Brunswick, 7. 10 A. M., 12 M., 1, 2. 3, 4:10, 3:20, ?, 9 P. M. aud 12 night. Sunday 6 and 9 P. M. For East Millstone, 7 A. M , 12 noon, 4:10 and 5:20 P, M. For Lambertville and Flenungton, 9 A. M and 2P.1L For Philiipsiiurg and Belvidcre, 2 and 4 P. M. Accommodation tor Bordcntown. Bnrlington and Can* den, 7 and 9:30 A. M., 12 JO. 2, 3, 4 and 6 P. M. For Freehold. 7, 8 A. M., 2 and 4 P. M. For Jamesliurg, Pemherton, Camden, 6 A. M., and, via boat from Pier No. 1, 3:49 P. M. Trains arrive as 'bllows:?From Pittsburg, 6 "0 A. M., 1A P. M? daily, 10:14 A. M. and 6J4 P. M? tally, except Motidav. From Washington ami Baltimore, 6:40 A. IL* 4:54, 10:12 P. M.; Sunday, 6;40 A. M. From Philadel phia, 5:21, 6 10:14, 11:04, 11:51 A. M., 2:14, 3:54, 6.-0^ 8:13P. M ; Suhday. 521, 6:50 It :l)4 A. M. Ticket offices, 52U, 435, 271 and 944 Broadway, No. 1 Astor House and foot of Desbrosscs and Cortlandt street* Emigrant Ticket office, No. 8 Battery place. A. J. CASSATT. D. M. BOYD, Jr., General Manager. General Passenger Agent. RONDOUT AND KINGSTON, LANDING AT C0ZZEN8 Cornwall, Newburg, Milton. Ponghkeepsle and Es? pus.?The steamboats THOMAS CORNELL and JAMBS W. BALDWIN leave Harrison street, pier 34 North River, daily at 4 o'clock P. M. EXCURSIONS. ' FOR PHILADELPHIA VIA LONG BRANCH.?FARB reduced to $2 2fi; steamers PLYMOUTH ROCK and LONG BRANCH leave pier 28 North Rivor at 9:20 A. M., 1:40 and 4 P. M., connecting with trains of NE W J ERSE* SOUTHERN RAILROAD. G W. BENTLKY, General Manager. THE NEW JERSEY SOI'TIIERN RAILROAD IIOM pany call attention to their extraordinary facilities for the acconimoilatlon ot Excursion Parties the coming sea son. With their steamers PLYMOUTH ROCK, LONO BRANCH and JESSE HtiYT and their elegant new Kx? cursion House and twenty acres of adjoining land at I^mg Branch, they are prepared to make engagements witn churches, schools, societies, Ac., for large or smail parties, at low rates. Send lor circular. G. W. BENTLKY. General Manager, 120 Broadway, New Yorlt. Wm. J. Snkuim, Superintendent, Loug Branch. N. J. ^"OTICE. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. Commencing May 12. 11'73. narlem boats leave Peck slip (pier 24 East River) far Harlem every half hour, from 6:30 A. M. until 7 P. *. excepting 11 A. M., liJO and 2 P. M., landing at llth, Mtfe Astoria. 109th and 120th streets. N. B.?See time table where boats land. J. F. TALLMAN, Superintendent I YACIITM, HTEAMIKIATM, OcC. LttiR SALE-THE CABIN SLOOP YACnT OLANCB, I1 42 feet6inches long: is tully totind, lurnished and in thorough order; has a good yawl; will be sold cheaat For further particulars call on ar address W. L. 8WAB, 31 Pine street. FOR SALE?STEAM YACHT SURPRISE, 62 FEET B* 13 feet; double engine; surface condenser. Owjo IN Europe. Address F. W. P., box .V*5 Post office, N. Y. P'DK SALE-A PROPELLER TUG: 20x20 INCH CVLIN der; has Just been thoroughly overhauled, and is la complete order; boiler new. Address PRoPELLKB, box 220 Herald office. IriOR SALE OR CH ARTER?THE NEW AND ELEGANT 1 steaming Major, 100 feet loug, suitable tor a steam yacht or for excursion parties. Apply to GINNA A LEA, 3H Whitehall street WWanted?from the last Thursday in ma* until the 2d ol June, by a select party of gentlemen, a nicelv fitted out Schooner Yaaht or a large sloop, com plete in every respect. Addrem, stating price and wham yacht can be seen, J. G., box 2,293 Post office. WANTKD-A STEAM YACHT OR LAUNCH, FRO* five to ten horse power. Address, stating full parti*, tilars. ANSON BROWN, care ol Ploryhcimer, Dreyfus A Keller, 24 John street. New York. ACHT PGR ^AI.E.-SCHOONER YACHT, KURT. 58x190^; draws 6k feet; in line order; two new Boats: guns, awning* and everything necessary fur im mediate use. Address box 1,040 Boston Post office. MEDICAL. "?MM E. MAXWELL, PHYSICIAN. RESIDENCJB . 114 East Tenth street, near Third avenue. 4 TTBNTIONI DS FRANKLIN (LATBOP PRUSSIA); JV consultation tree ; private office. 161 Bleecker st ? -MME. RESTELL, I'll Y.-K I AN. -OFFICE NO. I j\.. East Fifty-second street, first door Irom Fifth ay. AM. MAClUt EAl\ M |,.?OFFICE" 129 LIBERTY . street, near Greenwich street Advice free.-dk. and mme. despakd piiysi clans, 41 East Twenty eighth street, near Fourth aT. D' R. AND MME. G KIND LE, I'll YSICIAN8?RBRL dence 120 West Twenty-sixth street near Sixth ay. D" R. KING'S OLD ESTABLISHED PRIVATE OFFICR^ 14 Atnltv st. near Broadwav and Grand Central Hotel. MME. VAN BUHKIRK. PHYSICIAN -RESIDENCE 154 &Mt 28th at. between w and Lexiugtoa avt.

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