Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 15, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 15, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 13.41B. NEW YORK, THURSDAY, MAY 15, 1873.-TR1PLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. DiEECTOBT FOB 1DVEBTI8HU. AMUSEMENTS?Eighth Paws Four til, fifth and sixth cola Kin*. A8TROH >GY?Eighth Paw? Fourth column. BILLIARDS?Ninth Pao*?Sixth column. BOAKDhRn WANTED? Eighth Page- First and second coluna*. BOARD AND LODOINO WANTED?Eimth Pagb-Sec J ond and third columns. V BROOKLYN REAL ESTATE FOR 8ALE-8bcond Pies?First and second columns. f BUSLNb8S OPPORTUNITIES?Ninth Page-FUGi and sixth columns. BDSIN ESS NOTICKB?8bvbnth Pag*?Sixth column. OIGAR8 AND TOBACCO-Fifth PAGK-S.xthcXwn. C1IY flr.AL ESTATE FOR SALE?Sbcond Pack?Kirst column. ?LEBKa AND SALESMEN?Twelfth Paox? Fourth and fifth columns. 'CI0 Pagb?Sixth column. COACHMEN AND GARDENEKS?Twelfth Pack? Fifth ? and sixth columns. ?OA8TWISE STEAMSHIPS?Second Pa??Sixth col umn. 2Sm?!LR..Y, "OaRD-Eichth Pao*?Third column. . BENTISTRV?Eighth Page?Fourth column. DRY GOODS?First Pack?Sixth column. DWELLING HOU ES TO Ll*.T, FUitNl.>HED AND UN furnished?Ninth Page?First and secoud col umns. EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS?Second PAoa-Fifth and . sixth column*. BO ROPE? Ninth Page?Sixth column. l,,rT" Fauk?Sixth column. , R ^Ti"'cow" ''agk?Sixth column. I FJNAfil/IAL?Fiith Pack?Fourth anu tilth columns. V?,?.VA,T.tJlccoND Pack?Fourth aiut filth columns. FURNISHED ROOMS AND apartments TO LET Ninth Pack?Second coluain. FURNITURE?Firrn Pagk? sixth column. FRENCH ADVERTISEMENTS?Nintu Pagb?Sixth col umn. HELP WANTED? FEMALES?Twrmtb Pack?Third and fourth columns. HELP WANTED?M ALE8?Twelfth Pace?Sixth col umn. | HORSES. CARRIAGES, AC.?First Pag??Third, fourth, fifth and sixth columns. HOTELS?Eighth Pagk?Third column. A?U8ES. ROOMS, AC, WANTED?F1bst PAOB-Sixth ' column. INSTRUCTION?First Pagb?Second column. JERSEY city, HOHOKEN, HUDSON CITY AND BER GEN real estate FOR SALE-Uxoond Pagb Second column. ?OAN OFFICES?First Pag*?Second column. AND FOUND?First Pack? First column. machinery?Siccond Pagk?Fifth column. MARBLE .MANTELS?Second Pagk?sixth column. MEDICAL?Eighth Paqc?Fourih column. miscellaneous ADVEHfl. EM iints?Tenth Pagb? Sixth column. MISCELLANEOUS?Ftrrn Pagk?Sixth column. . MUSICAL?Eighth Pagb?Sixth column. HEW PUBLICATIONS?Seventh Paok- Six I h column. ; NEWSPAPER ?Eighth Pagk?Filth column. : personal?First Pagk?First column. I PIANOFORTEORGANS, AC.?Eighth Pagb?Fourth column. post OFFICE NOTICE?First Pagk?Sixth column. PROPOSALS?Nintu Pagk.?Sixth column. professional situations Twuirra Page?Kccond column. PROPERTY OU l' OF TIIE city FOR sale OR TO __ RfaNT?Second Pagk?Second and third columns. BEAL estate IO EXCHANGE?Sbconu Pag*?Third ami fourth columns. BBAL estate WANTED?Second Pag*?Fourth col umn. REWAKDS?First Page?First and secenil columns. BALES AT AUCTION?Ninth Pack?Third, lourth and fifth columns. SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES?Eleventh Pack? First, second, third, fourth, filth and sixth columns, and TWELFTH Pagb?First ami second columns. SITUATIONS WANTED?MALES?Twelfth Page? Fourih column, 8PECIAL NOTICE^? Fibst Page?Second column. SPORTING-dogs, BIRDS, AC.-F1R8T PAUB-Thlrd 1 column. BDMkiER RESORTS?Eighth Pagb?Third column. THE TRADES?Ninth Pagk?Sixth column. THE TURF?First Page?Third column. TO LKT FOR BUSINESS PURPO.-,ES-Niimi Pagb? First column. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE?Second Page?Sixth column. BN FURNISH ED ROOMS AND APARTMENT8 TO LET? Nijtth Pagb?Second and third columns. WANTED TO purcha8e?First Page?Second column. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR walk OR TO LET?8kcond Page?Second celumn. YACIITH, bTEAMBOATS, AC.?Fiith Pagb?Sixth col umn. ? MUM) B?'ANCI1 CFFICE-LPTOWS. ADVERTISEMENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD BECEIVED AT THE BRANCH OFFICE, 1,266 BROADWAY. WEST SIDE, BETWEEN THIRTY-FIRST AND THIRTY SECOND STREETS. ADVERTISEMENTS ARE RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M. TILL 9 P. M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS, 2 TILL 9 P. M.),AT OFFICE RATES. NO EXTRA CHAROE OF ANY KIND. PARIS AGENCY OF THE NEW YORK HERALD. MESSRS. KREMER A CO, AMERICAN REGISTER^ have been appointed paris agents for the NEW YORK HERALD. THEY WILL 8UPPLY DEAL f BBS WITH COPIES OF THE HERALD, AND ALSO SINGLE NUMBBBS OF THIS PAPER TO PARTIES I REQUIRING THEM. PERSONAL. j^IMEE?MAISON 7. CELESTE. A. P. B. CAN FIND ME AT Ml OLD RESIDENCE, West Twenty-fifth street. Mrs. KATE WOOD. 1 -OROADWAY AND SCHAU8' ART GALLERY, lOJi A. AJ M.?Small lady, black eyes, meet me, same place, ?amc hour, to-morrow, or address EYE GLASSES, Herald office. ?piLSIE? SAW YOU ON CAR, BUT THOUGHT BEST f ?i, not as "two is company and three not." Write again, making another appointment ? CLARENCE. Fulton ferry stage, from ferry yester day. Lady in corner who noticed gentleman with i?tit overcoat, who got out at Franklin street. If agree able, address B. B. B, Herald Uptown Branch office. 1 TNFORMATION WANTED?OF PATRICK TOOLE, A 1 native or Banagar, Kings county, Ireland; sailed from there about 9years ago in the ship Chancellor. Informa tion thankfully received by his sister, MARY IOOLE. Babway, N. J. 1 ~ ' 7, a ' OUULIWr, to MIQSUOWnV terrace, Grove Road, Vicloria Park, London, England, they will hear something to their advantage. * TF MARY JANE OAVAQAN, LATE OF KINGSTOWN, A Ir?J?Pd- wlJl writc 10 Glengeary House, Kingstown, , ahe will hear of something to her advantage. II T J^LY?WHY SO LONG SILENT t ANSWER XJ promptly. L. M. ROUNTREE. "T. " 2r 1bro9KI'YN~T0Uksi addressed TO Staiiirf ~,^!V\ r J<!? WceiTed; am ?ery thank -fal ana would greatly oblige me by grunting an inter ?onfidentlS? yo' r addres* to 323 Canal street. Strictly Minnih allen-when and WHERE CAN I SEE y?pf OLD FRIEND. MR. RICHARD 8MITH.-YOUR LETTER RECEIVED. *? .WL- .,nceVyS.u 'V00* '*l,h at my boarding house, 5?. ii Jf* . 8trect? at twelvo o'clock noon. Thurs day. the ISth Inst. V. H. K ETC HAM. ollie Taylor-meet the prince of den. fiUlS-L'h Prllc M?J"<l?erade Ball, Columbia Gar Greenwlch avenue, to-night. HAMLET. TH?rp? frnm bJ5*7?? for JOHAN MAGNUS LIND Bin ^laUve? In ht? h.5 ?nJ lnform*tlon from ?Kt7rsFN ISRRRfi A f^i "IT 0(!!Sf of "e?*ra SKOW, BSZmo,"' 18BERO * CO - No. t South Clark street! HIOM-PLACE ME IN COMMUNICATION WITH YOC I i yoar?advants^rI>#ae >nd you wU1 ?" WILLTnE PER8ON WHO PICKED UP MY PAPERS _y* lp* Filth .avenue stage plcaae leave them at 106 West Twenty second street 1 L. Walcott? LOST AM? KOI'ND. DOO LOST.?$8 REWARD.?MEDIUM-SIZED^HOUND ynti hlack ami Un ; some white marks. Leave her at <1 Wert Eleventh nreet. ? M ffi 137 I d?y M JT'OUND?ON wednesday, A GOLD WATCH. THE 1 owner wUl find it by applying to D. M. SMITH, 1] ! pare lay street. TpOUND?ABOUT A WEEK AGO, A pocketbook reoms?"aBd-i"8 *"m *' money- Inlulrc ?"? Broadway, T OST?A LADY'8 SILK umbrella. WITH CHATE KB Lexi'ngto^avoDuc' * ^ "warded by returning to LOST, WTU IN8T.-A pocketbook. containing VJ1 Notes, either helow Fulton street ?r Jn WiiiiBmahnrg. The finder will be suitably rewarded fry returning Um same to L. E. amsinck A CO. HTOI'EN?BANK BOOK ISSUED BY HIE IhT? n*/!?11*!0* Havlng*- New Tork- to ?h? sub Savs^rom thu &2T1 TJ&inrnc? to ,h? b,ulk with In 30 gays from this date I wtll apply to the bank for a new ?5ir Tore, May M. 1873. J0UN *?"ONALD. T WAVBRLKY PLACE BFTWFFV Runin J J way and Wanhlatrton Parada' Oroun.i Jn 2n? i ftnllth Inst , a small white Hu11-Terrior siut, ?lih vVl' ftt and lone ears; slightly ruptured tfO ?fll be paid by bringing the same to h?S-?,d way d LO8T-ON THURSDAY. 8TH INwT, A WHITE HTrT7 Dog; answers to the name of Tip. a liberal rowLTn avenueP*^ *eturn lo *ubl* 'Chouse 33 Madion _ EKWAKIM. ?? Ac REWARD?LOST, TUESDAY AFTERNOON~ON~A y ? { West street car. hetwe'-D Keade and .fane streets ? rockeibook conuining twochfVks (the payment of whu-h rm been stopped) and other naifcrs of no val ue excent to f owner. The reward will be paid and no auesttons 4*1 Us returuing to M Jane streefr ?u??uons rkwardr. WTCRETURN OrM^ORANDUMSOOK TOM ^1/ W*at Fiftieth strjeU earn, or between Liberty *nd Centre itfMtd. J" . r kkwaHD -LOOT. ON MONDAY, IN A THIRD 5 avenue car. a green Pocketbook containing a con .iVimble sum of money. The fludcr will receive the above reward, and no questious asked, bv leaving It at limn street.'third brick W?e weat ot Third aveuue. d?l iU\ RKWAEft-LOHT. ON TUESDAY EVENING, 8)1 UU 13th inxt.. between Keurfeenth and Twenty seventh streets, a Jo lea Jur?er*eii gold HunUngWaich, Mo. ft,782. The above reward will be paid and no questions asked. Address box Ml* i'oat office. RKWA RD.?8TOLBN, PROM THIS BUB . ..?... ?i- > ? . ?i m QueeU| at, with s County no qnea $5 A-inn RKWA RD.?8TOLKN, FROM THJB BUB SIUU amber, at Oyster Bay, L. I., a tl.floO Queeus County Bond, No. H4U, issued to Halstped Prost with eoupons; to or no vafnc having been atoped at the Couuiy Treasury. The above reward will be paid ?ndno nuta tion* anted on ita return to J. M. LUDLAM, Oyster Bay, or WAK1-.MAN A LATTING. 18 Nassau street. Ilith story. Brokers are cautioned againat negotiating the same. " gPKCUV MOT1CKB. j A IX PERSONS ARE HEREBY CAUT IO NED AO A IN ST A purchasing any ?uK[?t m the tote Kichanl Mont ?omery,a '^tlA^NTOOMKRY?Admlntotratrix. A nVc^d skssk B^oklvlTwlil be heM on Thursday, May 1ft, from 11 A M to if) 1* M Short aiidresaes will im* made by two or ^reo nrn'mlncnt gentlemen. Ihe public generally ure fnviti!a tS be orewnt and see thin work lor themselves. Patients from all denominations are received into tbia instltuiien. By order President Bcthegda House. ~l 1'ARO? NOVICE IS HEREBY GIVEN TO THE Committee.-^, ^ luoiu8 8. OOM8TOCK. Pres. || ERA I'D BRANCH OFFICE BROOKLYN, . corner of Fulton avenue and Boerum street (?pen lrom h A. M. to 9 I'. M. On Sunday lrom 3 to 9 P. M. A -PARTIES WHOSE STOCKS HAVE BEEN hold . at the Stock Exchange owing to un insufficiency ol Hiarpin can recover damages, tor a j orsonal Inter view uddrcsrt OOUNt5KLLoB,licrald ottioo. LECTION.?NOTICE IS HEREBY OIVEN THAT AN election will be held at the office otthe New York Bridge Company, No. 21 Water street, in the city of Brooklyn, on Monday, the 2d day ol June next, at 12 o'clock noon oi that day, for flltecn directors ol said company, tor the then ensuing year, and I or two inspec tors of election lor 1M74. The transfer books will be closed from Mav 3 to June 3, 1873. Dated May 2,1873. ? Jl"ou o, HBNRY g jjUKl'HY, I'reaident. O. P. Qdihtabd, Sec re tar v. AVANA AND KENTUCKY LOTTERIES.?PRIZE8 cashed; circulars sent Iree. JOSEPH BATES A CO., 71 Broadway, New York, room 31, ilrat floor. H M ONEY BROKERS AND DEALERS IN BONDS AND ill mortgages are hereby cautioned against negotiating or taking a Bond and Mortgage made by Alfred Uphain to Juliet Corson lor $12,500, duted April 24, 1H7S. on a lot of land on the northerly side of Fourth street, city ol Niw York. 114 leet westerly ITom the Bowery, as said Bond and Mortgage were obtained by fraud, are entirely with out consideration, and will not be paid. QMAHA^NEB. LEQAL 0IFX RNTERPRIZE. All sales of tickets have cloecd. Parties desiring tickets In the distribution of May 20 must order them direct from head office, as n* more will be sold In New York through agencies. By order of THE MANAGER. 0 FMC1ALKKUNBTAU%NY08STATE LOTTERIES. _ ^?srr-snaf *sr*r?' kxhtuckt- class TO. S28?*at 14, 1873. 66 1 41 19 23 38. 3, W, 14, Si. 7ft, <7, 17. SIMMON^ A <5o., Managers, Covington, Ky. gBXLBT COLLKCX?XXTHA CLASS 1?0. j??MAT 14. 1873. 16, 7ft, 28, 9, 48. 80, TC 08, 63. 8. X. SRXLST COLLBOX?CLASS NO. 22&-MAT 14, 1873. 0, 83, 77, 22. 14, 43, 17, 85, M, 34, 34, 23, 8ft S$IITH A CO., Managers, Covington, Ky. J. CLUTE, Broker, 206 Broadway. Post office box 4,989. OFFICIAL DRAWING NORTH CAROLINA LOTTERY. BXTHA CLASS NO. 41?MAY 14, 1878. 82, 46, 47, 7, 30, 61, 10, 81, 34, 37, 12, 18. NOHTU CAROLINA?CLASS HO. 42?MAT 14 1873. <>. ? ?. a ?, ?. LUTHY A CO., Brokers 232 Greenwich street, N. Y. PARTIES HAVING GOODS ON THB STEAMRR AT lantic will facilitate lite appral*ment of the> *wm by sending to us their Invoices,or certifiedcopie^tnereoJ. JONES A W1UTLUOK, A4Jwi?**e.. ? Wall at. Royal Havana lottery op cuba.-pbo? pectus for 1^73 now ready. Address GEORGE UP HAM, No. 9 Weybosset street, Providence, R. I. ROYALHAYANA LOTTERY. -GERMAN STATE LOT teries. Send for circulars. KITTER A CO., Post office box 3.836. 83 Nassau street, room 4. Royal havana lottery. Royal Saxon Government lottery. Brunswick Government Lottery. City of Hamburg Lottery. Prizes cashed an* informations-en.^ zgCH()CH Post office box 6.080. 116 Nassau street SOUTH CAROLINA LOTTERY GRANT FOR FREE School Fnnd?Perpetual. __ __ _ Class 103-71, 76. 74, 36, 68, 20, 89, 68, 48, SI, 4:7, 7. Class 104-88, 43, 66. 56, 14, 8, 46, 88 7, 26, 67. IS. COLE A CO., Proprietors. New York Post office box 3,855. Charleston, 8. C., May 14,187a. Arno CQQ IS DRAWN DAILY IN THE LEGAL fflooy.ooy tzed Kentucky Lottery. Royal Havana and Kentucky circulars tree. 12?c. commission allowed. Address BALEY A CO. (office established thirty years), 174 Broadway. ? LOAN UFFICKS, A^tItTbLEEOKER 8TREET, NEAR BROADWAY, UP stairs.-Highest cash advances on Diamonds. Watches. Jewelry. Pianos, Ac., or bought; Pawnbrokers' Tickets bought, at 77 Bleecker street. J. JACKSON, PAWNBROKER. 86 WEST THIRTY . first, formerly 90 Prince street, loans Money in largo or small sums on personal Property ot every dc scriptlon. AT 87 THIRTEENTH STREET, NEAR BROADWAY.? I pay the highest price lor Diamonds Watches and Jewelry. Advance on the same. ISAACS, Diamond Broke*. 57 Thirteenth street, near Broadway. T WOLF BROTHERS'. 896 BROADWAY, BETWEEN Nineteenth and Twentieth streeU?Mouev loaned on Watches, Diamonds. Jewelry, Silverware, Silks, and particularly Pianos; private parlor for ladles; business strictly confidential. MERICAN OFFICE-ESTABLISHED 18S4.?MONEY loaned on Watches. Diamonds, Jewelry, Silverware, India Shawls, Laces, Valuables. Ac.; any amount; or will buy; highest value paid. J. H. BARRINGER, 735 Broadway, opposite Astor place. AT 097 BROADWAY. CORNER FOURTH STREET.? Liberal advances on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Silk., Camel's Hair shawls, Laces and perron^ properly of every description. JAMES 1. M atthbwb. on NASSAU STREET, OPPOSITE POST OFFICE? Ow Liberal advances made on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry and all kinds of Merchandise. The same bought and sold. Room 1. HAYMAN LEOPOLD. A AO SIXTH AVENUE. BETWEEN TWENTY-FOURTH 4 Uo and Twenty flftn streets.-Liberal advances made on Diamonds, Watches. Jewelry, Silas, Laces and shawls. Same bought at lull value. L. BERNARD. nnr BROADWAT, CORNER AMITY STREET. bOO Money liberally advanced on Diamonds, Watchcs. Jewelry an/all Merchandise, at the old wtablUhcd Loan office. Same bought and sold. M. ROSEN BE KG. mO BROADWAY, OLDEST established AND yio most reliable offlce.-Monev advanced onpta monds. Watches, Jewelry, Laces, AC-; same ^uijht^at 1 OC7 BROADWAY, OVER HERALD BRANOH i.ZOl office, room B.-Parlors for tadles. Money loaned on Diamonds, Watchcs, Jewelry, Ac. same bought and sold. LIN DO BROS. r>STKlICTION ? AT THOMPSON'S OOLLEdK, <0 KOt'RTH AVENUE, opposite Cooper Institute ?Bookkeeping, Writing, Arithmetic and Languages. Day and evening. Ladies department?Telegraphy taught practically with lnstru tncnu. Deniand lor operators. All commercial and English branches privately taught day and evening all Summer. PAINE'S Business College, Broadway, junction Sixth avenue; downtown College, 62 Bowery. M Writing Les sons, f2 50. A YOUNG GERMAN WANTS AN instructor IN penmanship and English language, from 9 to 10 o'clock A. M.. at pupil's residence, state particulars and adddreas GEO. BALDT, Herald Uptown Branch office. Dramatic instruction.?rlocution taught and pupils fitted tor the stage or lecture room by an experienced professional Apply by letter or in person to Mme. LAWRENCE, 32 Bond street Hudson river institute?at claverack, n. Y? will be open lor Summer boarders on June 27. ALONEO FLACK. New METHOD OF LEARNING FRENCH AND GRR miD thoroughly by conversation and reading: no grammar; conversational fluency tnaured; terms $3 a week (three lessons, at pupil's residence). Address PROFESSOR,J>OX 121 Herald Uptown Branch office. BROADWAY, ROOM ?.-A LADY OF RB 0?7 I finemcat, educated In Paris, gives lessons In French, English and Italian ; would aeeept a position as ravelling companion. Ecrlture a l'imperatrice. WAWTKD TO PlirH HAiK S^^l^lWD-BrTrLirTLE USED; MUST BE of sood size. Address, suiting price, dimensions, Ac., WAR., box lis Uerald office. WANTED?A TOREE FOOT FRENCH BURR PORT able Mill, top stone to run with the sin. Address, station price, box 247 Mott Haven I'ost office. N. Y. WANTED TO purchase?A MEDIUM-SIZED RE mua j x&ss ks$ ?vfllce. . t> PORTING?no ON, BIHM, , A?FOR SALE, ALL KINDS OK FANCY DOOB. . Kirdit, Ac., 'Medici... .or .IN Food, lor Blocking birds. At B. G. l>OVKY 8, N?. 3 Greene street, near Canal. FUR 8ALL?TWO ITALIAN OKHYHOCND8, POOR months old; Cm ?rgyl^eryay ^ WANTED?A YOUNG DOG. ABOUT TWO WEBS8 old. Apply .t?l? Sixth dehb019. THE Tl'KF. A.~OKRTHK WAShVnGTON PARK ASSOCIATION, AT 8ANOY HILL (18 mile* irom Saratoga), Washington connty, N. Y. ON WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY, MAY SI AND 22. H RUT DAY. PUR8E NO. 1?$1,0011.?For horse? that hare never beaten 237. ? _ ... , U C Chase, Boston. Mas*., g. g. DonbtftlL Allien uoldsmith, Blooming Orove. b. g. Oloeter. Peter Munce, New York, g. g. St. Elmo. W. W. Smith, MechiinicviTlo, N. Y., br. g. Joker. D. Jenkins, Ulon's Kails, N.jf.,g. s. Joe Brown.. ciiai. Kosboro. Albany, N. Y., b. g. Hal Terroll, former ly S Y b w i t s C. W.' Mite ho I, Baratoga, N. Y., ch. ?. m. Favorite. bAMK DAY. PURSE No. 2?$400l?For horns that have never beaten * Jaa. Ptgert. Sandy Hill, N. Y.,b. s. Humphrey Clinker. M. F. MeOlnnes. Hartford. N. Y.,h. g.l hartcr Oak. Thos. Cavinaugh, Clifton 1 ark, N. Y., b. ui. blHn}* J ? Alticn Uoldsinlln, Blooming Orove, N. Y., Volunteer B<H.eBallou, Saratoga, N. 7;. brjn. Fanny Raymond. W. W. Smith, Mcchunlcvtlle, N. Y , g. g. Bon Smith. Win. O. McDonald, U Ion's Falls, N. b. g- George H. *cfw.l'Mltchel, i'aratoga, N. Y., cb. ? m. Favorite. Peter Mance, View York. b. ?. Fulfill, formerly Island C'lle,' SECOND DAY. PUR8E NO. 3-$600.?FOR HOR8B8 that have never ^AMiouisiiiith, Blooming Orove, N. Y., Volanteer Bciie, Frank Short! .?ehiiylervillo, N. Y., br. g. A. W. Kline. L. 0. Chase, Bos on. Maw., a g. Plater. 11. Ballou, Saratoga, N. Y., funny Raymond. James Dougrey. Jr., l.ansingburg, N. Y? br. m. Llda w!"h. McDonald, Olens Falls, N. Y., b. g. Oeo. H. "Vu.'Bnck, Fort Edwards, N. Y., br. m. Nellie Webiitcr. W. Mitchel, Saratoga, N. Y., ch. s. m. Favorite. l'eter Mance, New fork, b. s. Kullill (loruiorly Island Cht0?' SAME DAY. PURSE NO. 4-$l,600.?FOR Horses that have beaten 2 *21 Aiden Goldsmith, Blooming drove, N. Y., b. m. Hunt r*Peter Manee. Now York, b. s. Wra. H. Allen. E Hubbard, Jr., Springfield. Mass., c. m. Nonesuch. D. Jenkins, Glens Kails, N. Y? g. s. Joe Hru?ii. C. Rosboro, Albanj', N. Y., b. g. Hal fcrrcll (formerly S. VCKW.'Mitchel, Saratoga, N.Y., eh. s. m. Favorite. William H. Crawford, New York, b. g. Joliu W. Conlcy, formerly Beppo. REMARKS. SANDY HILL IS SITUATED on the Rensselaer and Saratoga Railroad, fifty miles from Albany, N. Y. The several LARGE HOTELS will afford ample aecommoda ""maJoVgHjSlES W. BARKER, oi New York, will have charge^he pools. 8uportntPnU(,nt T_ ROTIINO AT FLEETWOOD PARK-ON THURSDAY. May 1X>, at 3 P. M. Sweepstake* $ai each. Mile heats, bests in 5, to wagons, cood day and track. C. Hodges enters b. m. Annie. D. Phalen enters b. ui, Rosa. M. McNauiara enters br. g. Uunderberg. Owntfr enters br. g. Wesley Bain. . Same Day?Match $200. Mile heats, best 3 in 6, In har "oeorge W. Jenkins's. g. Sorrel Jake. Thomas Trimble's g. m. Alice Gray. William H. VAN COTT, Superintendent Trotting at Fleetwood park-on wrdnhs day. May 28, at 3 P. M. Purse $2JKK): $1,2UU W> first, tSO!) to second and $300 to third. Mile heats, best 3 iu S, ill harness. Alden (.oldsmith enters b. m. Huntresa. T. Manee enters b. h. William H.Allen. , W. H. Crawford enters b. g. John W. Conley (formorly Beppo). uriLLIAM H. VAN COTT, Superintendent _ Trotting at dkerfoot park, formerly hall Track, Coney island road, on Thursday, May 15, at 2K P. M. sharp. Purse ot $200 for horses that never butt 2 10; $125 to first, $50 to second and $26 to third., Isaac Pauling enters b. m. Bell of Orange. Daniel Mace onters s. m. Alice Brown. Dr. Heard enters g. m. Butterfly. Petor Manoe enters b. irtal. Cupt Allen. S. McNamara enters b. g. Nemo. Fearce Hayden enters b. m. Lady Annie. Wm. Toms enters b. g. Slippery Dick. Daniel Filler enters g. m. Kitty. Also l'urse oi $10<i for horses never beat 3 minutes; $60 to first, $30 to second and $10 to third. J. Denton enters b. g. Unexpected. H. W. Phillips enters br. m. Josephine. J. W. Conlon enters b. g. Bob Barry. F. I.oomts enters blk. g. Paddy Dooley. 8. Hays enters blk. g. American Clipper. Isaac Pauling enters blk. g. Willie Knox. I. E. Jarvis enters g. ? BWji Diok. ? Owire Wright enters D. g. Colonel. Daniel Mace enters blk. g. Young Filllngham. John Martin enters b. g. Modoc. Admittance to track, 60 centiu MoMAHON) M#nftger T>OOL8 SOLD AT JOHNSoN'8 RESTAURANT, 1,187 _L Broadway, corner of Twenty eighth street, on Dion and Daly's Billiard Match this ?llerUu(1!n5n^,v|e^"^ HORSBJ*, CARRIAGES, ?C. I A" LAKOE ASSORTMENT OF NEW AND SECOND hand Carriages, lami'.y Rockaways, too an4 open Buagies. Pony Phaetons, Grocers' and Business Wagous | at greatly reduced prices. Fulton avenue aud Nevlns street, Brooklyn^ A GREAT, IMPORTANT, SPECIAL AND PEREMP TORY SALE OF EI.EUANT BLOOOED HORSES, CARRIAGES. WAGONS, DOUBLE AND SINOLE HAR NESS, AC. THE FINEST AND MOST ATTRACTIVE SALE OF THE SEASON, _ , klA Consisting of all the the blooded ftockofVlireilB. McClane A Brother, who on nccount ol 111 beallli are obliged to go abroad and sell their entire 'tock. ON FRIDAY (TO-M (RROW), MAY 161 H, AT STABLE NO. 43 GREAT JONES STREET, where they have been removed for convenience of sale. at 10>i O'CLOCK. PROMPT. JOHN D. HAMLIN, AUCTIONEER. Elegant team of rich Bay Kentucky bred coach or family Horses, 16 hands high lull, and 6 years old ; lor style, symmetry and fine aupearancc hare lew superiors. Are fine travellers, and are warranted sound and kind. This is tbe richest eosch team In the city. Team of Trotters. 16*? hunds high, 6 and 7 years old, dapple gray and blood bay. Arc known as the McClan team. The one horse, known as the Field s Colt has a record ot 2:42. his mate has norccord, and can trot faster now than the Fie In's Colt They can beat 2:40 to gether or single; are extra fine drivers, rapid and sharp, stylish and fine and the finest gentleman's road team on road, and are seldom beat. Are warranted sound and "Elegant brown Horse, sired by Iron Duke, hands high. 6 years old; lias never been trained: Is fine galled, gentle and amiable: promises well and his noble quali ties an 1 style and gentleness made him a pet In the fam ily by the ladies, by whom he has been used. Is war ranted sound and kind. . , . Handsome bay children's Pony and pet 12 lianda hifrh, 7 years old: sate for any child to ride or drive; Is per fectly amiable and knows as much as an ordinary driver; is no dodger or shyer: perfectly broken te all harness and warranted sound and kind ; Is a perfect picture. Also the eleianifast chestnut trotUug Horse t HABLEH DICKENS, I5H high, 7 years old; sired by Major Win field dam by American Star; is one of the finest-ctylcd, richest and finest gaited trotters on road: free, ea-y and pleasant driver and een beat 2 :40, and the finest wagon horse in the State; Is warranted sound, kind and pcrtcct. Also the elegant and last trottltw chestnut Mare, LADY CECIL, la4 hands high, 7 years old ; was raised on East ern Shore of Maryland, and is nearly thoroughbred and one ot the finest road mares ever driven; she has a record ol 2 18; can beat 2:?) or no sale, and Is safe and pleasant for the most timid to drive ; and Is warranted sound and k Also an elegant brown Pony Horse, 15 hands high, 6 years old; extra stvllsh and high head ; has been driven by ladles to pony iihaeton; fears nothing; will travel In 3:10, ami is sensible, strong, handsome aud reliable; and warranted sound and kind. ? , . Also one elegant tour wheeled Dog Cart by Brewster, one fine I'hacten, bv Miner A Stevens: two Road Wagons, by Brewster, of Broome street , 0!'2 Tip Wagon,by Stivers; two aeta of Doubio Harness, by Dunscomb; three sets ot single Blankets, Robes, Ac. The whole comprising as fine stock aa were ever offered, and are now anly offered lor sale by reason ot 111 health of present owners, gentlemen whose representations can be relied upon and who may be referred to. sale positive. No limits or by bidding. All will be sold to the highest bidder and ample time given for trial, proof and examination to prove the correctness ot tbe re?a"e*po!dtive,' rain or shine, and stock now on exhibi tion at stable, where particulars can be ascertained. N. B.?Any gentleman wishing a first class coach team, all right-, a IrottlMg team, flrst cla?; a^? Ing horse or a familv horse, should attend this sale, as such an opportunity seldom occurs. LAROE LOT OF FAMILY CARRIAGES, ROCK awavs, Buggies, Park and Pony Phaetons: depot express and business Wagoas; cheapest place In the city. 141 West Broadway, near Canal street, A -ELEGANT LANDKAK, 1 CLARENCE, 1 FOUR . and six-seat Rockaway, 1 Victoria, 1 Park Phaeton and 1 Pony Phaeton , 1 two-wheel Dog Cart, top and no top Bnggy Wagons ; also 2 sets ot double and 1 set ot sln ule Harness, to settle up an estate. To be seen at M. CURLEY'S Carriage Factory, 10#, 111 and 113 East Thir teenth street near Fourth avenue. HORSE WANTED-FOR THE SUMMER OR longer; a gentleman would like to take a kind horse to the country lor occasional use; will give It Board and Sit of ^ care for iU use. Address B. B., box 3,013 Post office. A LDERNEY COW.-THE SPLENDID ALDKRNEY Cow Belle of New Jersey will be sold by OERARD HKTTS A CO., Hanover square, at 1 P. M., this day, with the tamotts Kerry Cattle. ?T CART, BAROUCHE. VICTORIAS, PIIARTONS, . four and two seated, $75; top Buggies, cheapest In | city 146 and 148 Eldrldge street, near Grand street and Bowery: DAY A BON. VERY FINE COUPE OR FAMILY HORSE-FINE, gentle drlter, perfectly sound und all right, for sale

I low, atRAKKER A CH A.SE'S, corner of Broadway and Thirty-ninth street "-FOR SALE-VERY HANDSOME DARK BROWN . Ethan Allen Colt ? y<"?rs old ; perfectly sound; can | he driven by a lady ; trots in 3 minutes: Basket Phseton and Harness, together or separate ; must be s6ld. as the owner Is going abroad. Apply at Waverley Stables, 149 and IM West Thirty-aith street CHANCE TO BUY THE HANDSOMEST AND most perfect Horse In the city?16 hands; bay: suit able tor dog cart, coupe or leader. Apply at 181 East Thirty second street AT LOWER PRICES THAN EVER BEFORE OF fered, our hnnionse stock Carriages, com prising every seasonal)!* style lamlly Carriages and lteht Waa on?, new and secoud hand; several slightly damaged; great bar^^ym,IURga81 UKION, CI^ Broftdway. HOHSK*^AKimGBS. <tC. AT hy'vhluam van takhell, ADCTIONESR, SUCCESSOR TO JOHNSTON A VAN TASBELL, At the old staud, 1IU, U'J hiuI 114 EaJi Thirteenth street, near Koirrth avenue. bale of superior"trotting HORDES AT AUCTION, TO-MORROW (FRIDAY), MAY 18, ai IV o'clock. TROTTINa MARE.?CHESTNUT TROTTING MARE Lady Darling, ?ired by Broken Leciced Hunter, dam a thoroughbred mare - In IM? hands high, 8 years old; Hind and true In all liftmen*, Iree Iroui rice, trick or fault; she in one of the finest trotting mare* to be lound; can trot eight heat* belter than <:io and I* warranted to >how 2 :<8 or no sale; has (treat endurance; tear* bothiiig; cun l>e driven by a lady, and warranted sound, kind ?nd true. TROTTING TEAM.?<1RAV TROTTING MARE KITTY Clyde. l&H hand* hiirh. H year* old; kind and true in all Barnes*; Iree irom vice or farult;'hi* 1* in every respeet a very superior mere; she trotted last season at private trial in 2-17, and was driven by a lady a mile in 2:15; she Is warranted to show Iftlorub sale; an extra tine driver; fear* nothing, and warranted *ound, kind and true. The?ei two mare* have been lined a* a team and can trot in UAJtNKSff?I'I'nE BET DOUBLE HARNESS, MADE BY ROAD*w'aOON. ?TOP WAGON, WITH POLE AND Shaft*. built by Du?enbury A Van l?u*or. SPEED .-PEED.?SHOWN TROTTING MARE, SIRED by'the Burton Hon*1, he by Royal tleorge; dam a TIiiho mare; iav4 hands high, ri years old; Kind and true in all harness; I roe irom vice; can trot In i M any Any and In 2:4ft when in condition; ha* never been handled, but promises great speod; perfectly aentlet and warranted soumi, kind and tme. HAR"t8s7-8KT 8INGLK HARNESS ANII m ?iT HOAD WAGON.?TOP ROAD WAGON, BUILT BY DU F A Ml?YbHtfttHB.-Bk"iWN HORSE 15*< HANDS HIGH. H years old; kind and true in all h?rne?; excellent under saddle; tree trom vice or tault; trot* in 3 uiln ntoj; tears nothing; can be driven by a lady. and one of the linest horses for lamily driving In the city; warranted sound. Tha atfove horses and carriage* are the property of a nrlvate gentleman who I* ahout leaving tor Europe, and are to be absolutely sold without reserve. T Pi :1V ATE 8AI.E?AT ARCH. JOHNSTON'S New Horse and Carriage Murt 19.21. 23 and 26 East Thirteenth street, between University pluco and tilth ?venue. TEAM BAY TROTTING MARES. 1#? hands, 5years; kind and true and warranted sound. TEAM OK ELEGANT CARRIAGE HOR8EB. GENTLEMAN'S ROAD HORSE. FARK TURNOUT. Way Mine, 18 hands, Syears; kind and true in nil harness and under saddle ; caube driven TUP PARK PHAETON, new. THREE ELEGANT PONY ilORSKS, 13 hands, 8 years; kind and true In all harness ana under saddle. SUPERIOR LAUY'S SADDLE BoRBK. 211 OTHER G4?oU ROAD auJ family llorses. Two T farts, by Brewster, of Broome street. Dog Cart, by Lawrence. Coupe Kockawav, in perfect order. Huu' tmr" ftoad ?Wagon*, top and no-top, by Stivers, In ^al^andexMilne. ARCH. JOHNSTON. N ATTRACTIVE AND SPECIAL SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION OK FINK HORSES CARRIAGES, HARNESS, AO.. ON THURSDAY (Tills DAY), MAY 18, AT S) O'CLOCK. PROMPT, AT PRIVATE STABLE B1 EAST TIIIKTY-'hllRD STREET, consisting ol the entire Turnout of a gentleman giving up driving. They will be found reliable and line, and are worthy the attention ot parties wishing to purchase I stock that can be depended upon. Extra stvlwh ami high bred team of blood bay Maws, with hliiek points, 18?f hands, seven and eight raised in Kentucky, and both sired by Bald Chief, dam Bustiaw. They are closely mati d, with tine arched neeks, have great action, drive evenly and without cheeks: have title, strong limb*; superb leet; are*1?^ ot nothing, and can go to the end ot the road; they have taken first premium at County Fair as beat matohed oalr in county, and are pronounced by good judges the best and most stylish in this city; they are warranted uand and true, sound and kind. Splendid and blooded Kentucky bred brown coupe Horse, 16H hands, h years old, long flowing mane and tail, all style and action, a fast traveller and a bold, fear Jess driver; Is well broken to all harness and lswar r*BeautUu" leVblack mare Black Alice. 18M hands, 7 vearsold rsiiacd nt Burlington, Vt., and sired by General Knox.dam byKthan Allen; Is a perfect beauty and can be driven by a lady; has a record of 2:17 when * years old and can beat 2 as to road wagon; she Is good In com pany. does not tret or pull, and with proper training can beat 2:36; she Is warranted sound and kind, aud must be ^Bea^mufchlWM's'pony, only 12 hands, ? J*"? 2|?? a rerffectpet; ran be driven or ridden by the smallest child, and is warranted sound and kind. Also Coupe, pole and shatt; four-wheel Dog Cart, nearly new; lignt top Wagon, in prime order; double and single harness, Kohcs and Blankets. Full warrantee of 24 hours on all horses. Sale positive, ralti or shine. Stock on exhibition st nil times. ovocfconw JOHW L. VAN DEW ATKR, Auctioneer. "7 TUK~"BRKWSTER WAGON," A. In all weights, for pleasure driving or speeding, exquisitely finished, and embracing (Mhsir construction the various Improve ments iutr?4>?<)4lpr M? during the past 18 years, leaking * em the standard for Quality throughout the United "fates. . . , Ihese wagon* are exclusively the production or our well-known Broome street tacforv, and are offered In stock in all respects equal hi auallty to those built to .he order ot the most valued customer, and at prices uniform to alL In order that we may not be confounded with a Joint stock company of carnage dealers who J1*? thS firm name similar to our own, and Impudently claim the reputation we have made lor the Brewster Wagon, we beg the public will remember that our only wurerooms are at the corner of^ ^ Fourtecnth ,treet, and our only Factory ot Broome street. AT OLD ENT?RE ^I"AM wRr'<E8TA^BLIB HM EmV, fc t BAY COUPE HORSE, 18 hands, 8years; kind, perfect. sound and true every way. , . A COUPELETTE, lined with morrocco; made by Wood ? Bro ? also Set fine Coupe Harness, by Dunscomb. Kiiil particulars In Herald under tnis head lu catalogue to-morrow. BREWSTER WAGONS, with vertical steel plates Every purchaser should see this great Improvement Unequalled In lightness, with greatly Increased strength. See certificate from General McClellan. New Yore, June 1,1871. OawTi.itmtw?I have carefully examined your patent times ? Stiff a* it would be wl, h??t ItM Warerooms Filth avenue .corner Twenty-seventh sb Factory 1? East Twenty^Oh ^ cQ Established 1833. lbTrt b. waldron, auctioneer. By D. W. IVES. Salesrooms, 108 Liberty, 111 Cedar and 38 Church street, TIns LAY, at 12 o'clock, 18 head of Work and Road Horses, Single and Double Harness, Ac. Descriptions at sale. ^Warrantees extend 24 hours. LANDAU, BY LAWRENCE; ONE COUPE. BY Woods Bros.; one six-seat Pheaton, one lour-scat do., one light Curtain Coach, by Brewster; 80 top and open Pony Pheatons, 20 top and open side-bar and lull iprlng Road Wagons, by Brewster. Stivers and Dusenbury A Van Dtiser; top and open Express Wagons, single and double Harness, two Sultlcs.^ Woogter A PONY PHAETON, $108; DO., $130; TOP, $180; DO., $175; Rumble, $198; C flprihgs. $l?l; top Wag,on. $180; 10 open Road Wagona. 1,430 Broadway, near For ty-first street. LOT OF TOP BUGGIES. ROAD WAGONS, BX. press. Grocery and light Business Wagons; also a second hand top Bug? v, cheap. 348 West Twenty-seventh street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. T ITuR FACTORY, 1.404 BROADWAY. ABOVE TMrty-ninth street?Second hand Carriages. Barouche, Round front Coupe, Clarence. Brouiihftrn, Four seat Phaeton, Cabriolet, Rock away Top Wagon, Track Buiey, BRaS^I, PRAy'^CO., 888 Broadway. A -LIGHT CARRIAGES AND HARNB88. No. 8 Cortlandt street, near Broadway, the place where goods are honestly represented. So fancy prices, no Broadwav expenses; no "time" debt* to make up. Terms cash only. Pony Phaetons a specialty; 18 different sty lea Carriages of all kinds built to order and warranted. ARCH. JOHN8TON, No. 8 Cortlandt, near Broadway. At. demarest a co., . 628 and 830 Broadwav. offer at genuine bargains their immense stock of fine Carriages, new styles, Inst finished lor the Spring trade. Eleuant Laiidau'.ettes, five sizes. Landaus, four sizes. K Platform and "C" spring Bretts. Platform and "C" spring six-seat family Rockawaya. Flvs new styIcrof Victorias. Park Phaetons. Ponv Phaetons, on platform "C," two and three springs. Gentlemen's Depot Wagona. Fine stock of T Carta and Dog Carta -WAGONS ON STORAGE; NEW CARR1AOEH, 5 , Rockaways, 4 depot, 8 road Wagons; Stivers w a iron S90;2ponv Wagons. 2 unfinished road Wagons; Pony, lor children, $W. 811 Seventh avenue, Thirty seventh street. AFfLI. ASSORTMENT OF POPULAR LANDAUS, Landaulets, Ham's patent Coupe Rockaways and Phaetons; seasonable Carriages 2D per cent less than Broadway or Klith avenue stores. HAM.10 East Fourth street A' HORSE FULLY'16 HANDS FOR 8ALE.-NO USE for him: gentle antl kind ; good traveller; would ex chanue and Use Furniture. 8. C. SMITH, Fi ankfort Honsc, 202 William street FINE BLOODED KENTUCKY MARB.?DARK bay, with black points; a stylish driver; for sale cheau lor want ol use. J. NEIL, rhlrd avenue, corner Ulth street. T REDUCED FIGURES?1THB FINEST ASSORT mentof Phaeton*. Rockaways, Deoot Wagons, Pony Phaetons, Top and Road Waxont, Ac. WEST SIDE CAR RIAGE REPOSITORY, l,tw and 1,4'JtiBroadway, between Forty-fourth and Forty-fifth streets. ________ A -FOR SALE-A VERY HANDSOME PAIR OF , brown Mares, sound and kind, exactly alike, 8 and 7 years old, I8U hands high; Harness and Cabriolet, with pole snd shafts, as good as new. together or separate; also one light shifting top side bar wagon and one top Pony Phaeton; the property of a party that is obliged to tea laauiK ?tU7 nMijUUfUr-iHUi ?tr?#w _ HCRtfe., CAItRIAORS AC. A LOT or HORSES PROM THB COUNTRY, FIT lor all kind* of huninenH; one splendid team of sor rei Horse*, young and hound. Inquire utMl Canal *i. A COACH FOR BALK Cll KAI??BQUARB OLASB III puVi /*?,?"!. *b.;els; iu perfect order. Apply to CarrUge Builde^ Bro-dw"y' D"r Tniny-ninth street, A BAY UOU8B, 16 HANDS HIGH, 0 YEARS OLD; ^T^fc?<P Bu"Ky *?d Harness, an good as new; five good work Horses. Apply at 4lJ West thirteenth street, near Ninth avenue. T PK1VATE BALK. sLJ.F'W 0?up?a | Pony Phaetona Brewster Top Hujgy. Express Wagons. NKwW??na lift* Tiffin I Vlc,orla ??<f Brett HhW YOKK SAL,..8 AND CARKiAOB KKPOHITORY. Twenty-rtilhstmfet, corner Fourth avenue. H 8k ? VICTORIAS, CABRIOLETS, PONT , h'lu,"nH- oopot Wagons, Buggies, lour ami six pus N, K7 clM" ??>' ?"?>er Carriage*. Hotel BhLL, Washington place, rear New York BRKW.-TER TOP WAOON, WITH POLE AND sbal s, lor fata?But little and and in good order; siyli^h ttesijru; weight about 280 pound*; lui: spring. Can be acen ui corner Henry and Clark streets, Brooklyn. CARRIAOkB?-SLIGHTLY DAMAOKD; GREAT BAR gains: now iiuil second hand Carriages, every do scriptlon; low prlcus. We offer ttreat inducements, and Invito purchasers to call and examine. UANUFACTUriKKS' UNION, 638 Broadway. FOR BALI - A GENTLEMAN'S KLKOANT PHAKTON, hi k .fV ?2S*P'ow"'"' boing abroad. Inquire at nuihlo, No. 3 I. a at higateenth s;reet B^OR SALK?A PAIR OK YOUNO MULES. GOOD pullers. at 148 Goerck street FOR 8ALE?HORSE, WAGON AND. HARNESS; Horse can trot in 3 minutes: Wagon lifttlt by Oorbett 01 I wentv Hull street Call at oil More 173 Avenue O. FOR SALE?MAG N1PICKNT IMPORTED "IRISH Janntlrjg Car " or will take In exchange a first class oftlee Billiard Table. Address BILLIARDS, Herald C-OR SALE-TWO GLASS HEARSES. IN GOOD RE ?venue, oi N. W ALSH? A"l"y ttt N?" 8 8Ut" For sale?the best pair op carriage Horses in the cltjr: lull brothers; exactly matched : Ki'mt K,lV' ' u" v'ce' or imperlectlon of any so d .'.itwfjSSS puVhCI y Runtl.<" un'1 Y*t eminently stylish; 1 ?,L ! . S. 1,0 ow,?'r t* leaving the country; also a handsome Phnetou and a tine l.aiulaulet, by Brewster A|IC,!-V between 8 ami 11 A. M. at orovi r a s able-, 26 hast l wenty-eUtiih street, between inuil l'ourth * venues. Inquire tor JOHN, coach SHJ^P TO-DAY-pine BLACK HOR8B. , 9 yours old, kind and true every way ?ud without spot or blemish. 3 r . J- I*. TRAVER, 69 Great Jones street. 1^??. B*kB?'THREE ROAD HORSES, BROWN, HAY Y, i'u?t0 16"1 sound, gentle; can beat 2:5ft; fine (load Wagons and Harness; will exchange or self low; property private. Address box 3.H04 Post office. F?!S??AI'K~"A KI?.E "AY GBLDINO, 15)4 HANDS A bigh six years old; trots clo.^e lo three mmutcs; un ?urpas ab e (or family use: warranted sound and kind : price, $.<(W. Inquire at 23 West Thirteenth street YjlOR.SALE-A PINE PAIR OP CARRIAGE HORSES, - ^ 1"?nrt',1 h,Kh',7 ?"d 8 years old: bright bays; sound and kind In single and double haruea< ; can be seen at Mr. LLDl-.lUj S stables, No. 4 West For ly-tilth street. Inquire lor Mr. Townscnd's horsea FOR SALE?ONE SIX-seat PHAETON, BY BREW, ster, o< Broome street?In good order: will be sold cheap. Apply At CUltljEY's ('arriago Factory, State street and Ho(!rum, Brooklyn. F01h "Nf BAy MARE, WITH FOAL, 16 1 hand ) high. 1,800pounds weight, 7 years old; ali>o a nice I ouy, at 41ft West Sixteenth street For sale-a set of coupe harness, made uy punNComb, nearly new; also Blankets, io. Apply at w Liberty street For sale?a vbky stylish mahogany bay Horse, 10 hands, 6years old-, very pleasant driver; can be used either double or single; sound and kind; will mnke a very elegant coupe horse; property of a private gentleman, who will give a lair trial to my responsible }tom 8 t^i'l u Prlva,c 'table, 42 West Fltiy-Utth street, For sale?a fine team of bay hornks. isu hands, long tails, ea.-y drivers, ft and tiyears; sold ior want of use. Call ou or address C. A. S.. 14 East rourteciith struet FOR SALE?a pair of DARK CHESTNUT-COLORED ,? ^ .Vlghj ^un'1 a,lJ ki,Mi in u" harness; .V.7i?^"5 ??d ,)r.e" r'Y"'1- V,'?u,"er W1?> Harness, new last June; a Phaeton built t.y Brewster, ol Broome street; Z !? rM,<wBJ?or.t.?8elllcrat * reasonable price. In quire of D. CARlt, 141 Front street, near Maiden lane. TT^^TTJaLE?FINE BUSINESS GIG; ALSO HORSES tViurtb"Ctrectan<1 WW First aytnuo, near Thirty F?Li?g-A. x'aLmvffl eighufstroetl COm<:r Fo,,*,l, and B?venty FOR SALE?A BAY PONY, I?^ HANDS HIGH, sound, kind and genUe: suitable for children; to b? seen at Dickers, corner of Thirty-ninth street and Filth avenue. Inquire tor Mr. M.'s pony Daisy. For sale?a top wagon, built by wood Brothers, nearlv as good as new, with nole and . \V, .* '"inlre at private stable lu7 West llilrty third street For sale-a black horse, is hands high s years old ; warranted sound and kind in all harneas; is also a One saddle horse; price $J2S; sold lor want of N. L. BURDK K A BUO.. 117 1'riuce street FOR SALE-A DARK RAV, Till ROL'GHBRED BAD die Mare; soiind and kind; has lieen ridden by a firs?street* PM' ,U*r' Ap,)ly at Htuble, 63 East Porty For 3ALE-BUOOY suitable por a doctor or business purpose*; made by Brewster, of Broome street; price *200. Apply at 256 Sixth avenue, before 3 For sale-an elegant pony phaeton, suit. able lor Newport or other watering places, with rumble, umbrella, pole and ahalTs; has been verv little used; built by Wood Brothers A Co.. where it may now be ?eed; 740 Broadway. T/IOR SALE?A FIRST CLASS WORK HORSB; FIT ? k'nl of work; will go double or single. Ap ply atl38 West fortieth street, between Broadway and Seventh avenue. ' For sale?a heavy <;art or truck horse, is 'years o!d; sound and kind. Inquire at 588 Washington street, noar Leroy street For sale-two ponybuilt norses, is and mi h?!,?rt";5tf?Lany. work; ?old "n'y lor want of use; st a Me an Inquire at 136 Perry street, front For sale-two horses, a and 9 years isk handsisuluble for anv business; price tlflo and '*160^ aold tor want oi use. 128 Charles street, near Greenwich.' FOR SALE?A GENTLEMAN'S TURNOUT, CONSIST Ing of a pair of bay Horses, 16>,' hands high, 8 years oio jalso a shifting seat Dog Cart, with top, and one Vet of Double llarnesa; all In good order ; will be sold together ?& l llUESDELL'd stablea, iSs and 1* West^orty-slxth street. For sale at a baroain-a bay hamble tonlau Mare, top Buggy and Harness; mare 15? nanda, Syearsold, kind iu nil harnen, trots close to S minutes; separate it wanted ; also one black Horse lfl? aa?lrtCfi very cbe.ip, for $W. Peed .tore? FOR SALE?A SPLENDID BAY HORSE. JUST AR rived Dom Vermont, 16 hands high, 4 years old warranted sound and kind: a good pole horse. Apply at Truesaeir* stables, 126 and 128 Vest Forty-sixth street For sale-a brown horse, 17* hands, 8 years old, American Star atook ; can trot a mMe In three minutes: kind and sound; also a bay Hambleto nlan Horse. lftfc bands, 8 years; a fine roadster, and war ranted sound and kind; troLi In 3?; also a chestnut Horse, Morgan stock, lft? hands, 8 years; a fine roadster or family horse. 431 West Twenty-eighth street For sale?a lot op second hand coal carts Inquire at 4<M Wert Fourteenth street For sale-an blegaivt jet black carriage Horse, 16 hands high, 6years old; warranted sound and kind; drives single or double; will make a splendid saddle horse. At 462second ay., corner Twenty-sixth st For sale ciieap-at 94s broadway, in trunk store, near Twenty-second street a Gent's Saddle in good order; but little tised. 1 ,n For malb cheap?Light top waoon. stivers' build, nearly new; stylish bay Hambletonlan Mare 10* hands, ? years old warranted sound and kind, troti in three minutes, and Light Harness; separate ifdeslrstf Apply to BONNEAi; Br5s., 176 Centre ?reet, up stal? For sale chbap-a yery nice light ponv Phaeton; also a second hand double Harnesa. at 14 rhflrltnn MtrcAt. ^ * For SALE CHEAP?a bay horse, im high ? warranted sound and kind. Also a city made Clarence (nearly newj, satin lining, at 866 Tuird avenue, second For sale cheap-a heavy stock op rocka wsys and Pony Phsetons of sll stvle* and uradM At ?t hidk carkiage repo/itory, i,49o h road way. FOR sale, POR WANT op USE-A LANDAULET; I1'lulr? Club Stables, B and ti west Thirteenth street FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR A TEAM OF PIRST class 17 hsnd carriage horses, a team of I4>f hand nay Mares: good for three minutes; honest to the pole; '00 l,*e|y ,or tsmily use. Apply to ( H, SMITH, .11H Broadway, room 3. or Manhasset, L. I. /1REAT BARGAINS.-TN CONSEQUENCE OP RE " " building part of our premises, we ofhr our entire sv>ck seasonable styles new and second hand Carriages at greatly reduced prices. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, 638 Rroadway. HANDSOME BAY MARE, I?? HANDS,~9~YBARlT 9U0 pounds; fine condition; uae in harness and Md dle by lady and children; sound, gentle : B2U). M. WKHNBR. 14 Broadway. Houses, trucks and carts at auction on tomorrow (Friday), at 10 o'clock, at lis w?l Eleventh street, near avenue; also household Fur nltnrr and lot Fringe Machinery. "? ?uuniiom rur 1|ORSES.-POR SALK, A KINE1?aTr OP BLACK 11 carriage Horses; also a stylish pair of baya Tuita. ble for coupe or the road, inquire at private stable 26 Lexington avenae. near Twenty third street ,lanle' * Harness, horse furnishing goods, ac_no l?ucy prices. C. M. MOSEMAN A BRt? Ui CUaaibers suc?(, CA.RHIAGES, AC, HAriatf(fHfeohiBV,Vi,IiS!? 11(,RSh CLOTHTNO, CAB C. h. SMITH A CO.. 40 w ar ?? New York. Harness.-tuk cheapest hakskss stork in N#rw York. K. good douiila truck iiitrncMs ito- * >?od buggy Harness. hand made. $17; a uood siahli Blanket, $1 90. Will sell cheaper than ever uti account of moving on or before Juno I. I'lease call and i xamma for yourselves. FISH KB A OSBOKNK, 4S Murray?" HARNBHH.-I HAVB A LAROK STOCK OF IIAR new, alt klnda and styles, of my own make, which I offer at extremely low prices; also Riding Saddles ami Bridles, Whips, Spurn. Halters, Blanket", Sheet,. ?22 Robes and everything In the borate line cheap tor cash B. BARTLKTT, 88 Warren street, corner College place. HOBSE FURNISHING BAZAAR, WHOLE8ALB AND retail.?Harm**, Saddles, Blankets, Ac. VEKPLANCK BROS., J? Chambers street IMPORTANT TO BRICKYARD MEN AND COUNTRY 1 contractors.?Por sale, a flue lug Mare, no fault, hut little sore In one loot j $8ft; half value. 77 New Chambers street. PONY PHAETONS, PARK WAGONS, LIGHT BOCK. ?way?, Victorias, Depot Wagon*. Dog Cart*, Boat! nugutcs, and other seasonable sty lea Family Carriages; popular prices; lot second hand Carriages. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, 638 Broadway. CTYLI8II BLACK HORSE FOR HALE?ADAPTKD TO O coupe, phaetou or sad 11; ridden and driven all lasl summer by present owner's wile; sold for want of use. Apply at (iRKEN H Hiding Academy, Thirteenth street, near Fifth avenue. ^ SECOND HAND ROCKAWAYH. TOP AND OPB1C Bugirlcs, Ruin hie Pluieton, Depot Wagon, Dog Cart i"ony Phaeton, six-seat OermaQiowu; several sliahUv shopworn Carriages, l.ari?ains. ?*"?* MANUFACTURERS' UNTON, 838 Broadway. TO OWNERS OF HORSES.?NO ONE WHO HAS EVEB "T" r'r;TO?JAS- Horse Venetian Liniment'will eve? DO without It If Is a certain euro for Colic, Sore Throat. Cuta, Bruises, Old Horos. Warranted superior to an5 ntl,or: .MnD "'J1 .ho,,leH Sow by tne Druggist*, Depot, 10 Park place. TO BENT?THE HALF OF TUB BRICK STAB LB 24 Lexington avenue, near Twenty-third street An ply on the promises, or at 14 Broad street. Wanted-two ordinary work horses and Dirt. Wagun: mn?t ! o sold low lor cash. Aildresa. suiting price, kc.,C. ()., Herald Uptown Branch offlee. WANTED?A 8TABLK FOR FOUR OR HIVE HOUSES and light express wagons, within six or eight block* of corner fourth street and Broadway. Addrea W. 0.. H., 699 Broadway. WANTED?A GOOD TEAM OF YOUNG HORSES i must bo sound, kind and good travellers. Address. ("vlr'K lowest pricu and full description, J. E. W., box I,026 Poit otHce. WANTKD TO PURCHASE ?A GENTLEMAN WANTS to buy a good road Horse : must bo sound and kind I also Top Wagon, city made. If in first class condition] splendid chance for a private party wishing to sell out cnoap for ca8h; send full dcHcription, giving price an (J whero to be seen, to <)., box 4. <94 Post office. 9/=J -A, YOUNG IIOR8B, 8TYLI8H DRIVER. ?IP I suitable for a light truck or any kind of ? agon work. Apnly at TYSON'S Bookstore, 745 Sixth avenue, near Forty-second street ? $14-ft ~BRnYN L.VJ:ars. ,s*? hands? .'{''"y " '" hands, $190: hay Horse.$169; bay "p-i $-'00; all sound and kind. 216 WestThlrty-flrst street (JjQnn ?paik coach HORSES, BAY, 16k, 2,6SQ ?POUU. lbs.; sound and kind ; 0 and 10 years; styHsh. nnick steppers; family going abroad. 127 East Twenty* first street, before 10 or alter 5. DRY GOODS. j^ressmakino!" Economy, Promptness, Perfect Fit Messrs. LORD A TAYLOR, to prove that retrenchment Is possible, have so arrangrd their dressmaking depart nicnt that economy in material and trimming is particu larly studied In every detail, and they are now fUrulsh Ing Dresses a t a inuoh Ii h price thaa the cost oi Imported: garments, while tor style, tit aud general make up they ?r?"*rv w,v onual to the finest Parisian manufacture., The immense Increase of orders during the past month prevented our usual promptness; but now, with extcndedT lacilities and tho complete reorganization of the depart ment, we can safely guaranf e all orders at tho tlmo agreed, and aa to fit and price defv competition. LORD A TAYLOR, Broadway and Twentieth street , LBHAW. ? Hulrl Hair! Hairt The largeat stock of Human Tlalr Goods In the citr . ?t SHAW'S, r 225 5owery> between Fourth ami Great Jones stmts, and' 364 Bowery, corner Fonrth street, and 368 Sixth avenue, stairs '11 Twonty'"uc"n(1 anl1 Twenty-third streets, up SHAW'S Patent Hair Rwltehes, can he. combed and brushed, $1 each. French Switches, $9. Curls. $1 and upwards. Latest Styles always on hand. SMITH'S PATTERN BAZAAR, 914 BBOADWAY, NEAR portkd uir.<S,.u7f^ln? und s?ummer "tyics just PORTED. Beautiful < ostumes; Patterns, with cloth models, now ready. Patterns fitted to the fo'm war ranted perfect Cutting and hasting. Come EABLY In the F?5 ?A.L? VERT CHEAP-A SKAL8KTN BACK AND* JWJ??- *'14 Fifleenth street, between z and 6 P.M. Inquire lor Mrs. ZIMMERMAN. J^OOK OUT FOR THE EXTRAS! ' LOOK OUT FOR THE EXTRAS I LOOK OUT FOR THE BXTBASt TO-DAY. TO-DAY. TO-DAY. EXECUTION OF LU8IGNANX, EXECUTION OF LU8IOIIANI, BXBCUTION OF LU8IQKANI, IN TUB IN THE IN THE EVENING TELEGRAM, EVENING-TELEOBAM, EVENING TELEGRAM, AND ALL TUB LOCAL, SPECIAL AND QBNBBAfe AND ALL THE LOCAL, SPECIAL AND OENEBAIi AND ALL THE LOCAlT~S?ECIAL AND GBNBBA& NEWS OF THB DAY. NEWS OF THE DAT. NEWS OF THE DAY. POST OFFICE NOTICE, Post office noth;e.-tiTe'mails"for 'kT;ropb7 during the week ending Saturday. Mav 17, 1873, will close at this office on Wednesday at 12 M. .on Thursday, at U A. M., and on Saturday at 7and 11 A. M. T. L JAMEs, Postmaster. HOUHK8, KDOMS, WANTED. In tlila City and Brooklyn. A FAMILY OF THREE WANT A SECOND OB THIRD - |'!?2r\c?n"ifl1,,|< t',rS?.,or four uniumlshed roomsu ai.5.25 IS? ? ,u ly' bclow Thlrty-lourth street, between^ Second and Sixth avenues; rent not to exceed $39 ne? .h*"1 r"erea??s given and required. AddresS HOME, for two aays, box I.079 Post office. A OFFICE WANTED?BETWEE1C ? Seventh avenues and FirUeth and Seven tietn streets; basement house preierred. Address Dr. S.. Columbia Insurance, 161 Uroailway. A NICELY FURNI8HRD SECOND FLOOB, BE twecn Fourth and Sixth avenues, wanted, by a gen 2.0.S!Ln-?nfJ).uZy*l',n * "r,c,|J' nriT*'e <*'nl/y, for tho summer and Winter; references exchanged. Addrese box 6.0W Port offlee. HOUSE WILL BE TAKEN CAKE OF BY GENTLB man and wife (no children) during absence of faui? ny; best city reference given. Address C. C. NICHOLS. 517 Broadway. * TW? YOUNG MEN WISH SITTING BOOM, fid A Bedrooms attached for two beds; two bedrooms dre ferred also bath. Address, staling price, 8. A F.. box 1M Herald office. w WANTBD-BY A SIN'TlB GENTLEMAN, rUB~ mshed Room, between Thirty-flfth and Fiftieth, streets, west. Address, with price, S. C., Herald oflJee. WANTED?UNFURNISHED, BY THRBE PERSON^ one Sitting Room and two Sleeping^Apartments^ cleanliness indi^pen^alile. Address, sUtinu must bo moderate. W.. box 18/ HeSia otto* ^ TVrANTED-BY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE TWO on dress ^tat!r? t?rml .^'Jorn* 7?ry select business. Ad urese, staung terms, C. M.. Harlem Poet office. WA^Br'.-A GENTLEMAN WANTS A FURNISHED tencee^Sdrese box 189 H'eraWcf"^' WlUt ConT*a?' Si3r?inoKtX^ In the Country. TtfANTED-A FURNISHED HOU8B OB OOTTAGB ?ISO a team of Carriage Horses; anrnereon willing to let for thelScason"not"?tK"^U?an o^l Lmr"iV rail or steamboat irom city, can ? roenre ? s52 f Hera^ffi:;1" n>U "^ular^^ WAnished^ruV*! H*A^L, PLAINLY ferre<l> for - f (mountain or sea H cation mult h? hfii.K0uplel ,n'*nt and two serva d?e? h'elthy and rree from moegaif ?T M'

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