Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 15, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 15, 1873 Page 4
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THE COURTS DOTED STATES CIRCUIT COURT. TBe Criminal Term?Cantion (o Absenting Jurors?The Wallkill National Bank Defalcation?Nolle Prosequii. OYER AND TERMINER. Hew Indictments Against Tweed?The Clark Habeas Corpus Case?Leavy, the Wife Murderer, Sent to the State Lnnatio Asylum. BUSINESS IN THE OTHER COURTS Yesterday nine of the crew of the American ship Mary h. Burr were brought before Commissioner < Inborn and committed to the custody of the Marshal to be detained a* witnesses against Martin Caahin, a seaman. and Anna Kith*, stewardess, who are charged with having act on Ore and attempted to destroy the vessel named while the lay in the harbor of Ruenns Ayres, South America. The particulars ot this matter have bean already pub lished iu the Herald. The case will be examined into to-day. The case of Benkard A llutton vs. ex-Collector Bchell, whleh was coinmcnced several day* ago In the United States Circuit Court before Judge Smalley, was given to the jury yesterday. The plaintiffs are largo Importers in this city, and they claim to recover the differ ence between nineteen and twenty-lour per cent ml valorem duty on moosellne delaines, which duty they allege was an excess. They further claim that mouseline delaines are worsted goods, or should be clamed aasnch, under the section of the Tariff act impos Ing nineteen per cent; but the goods imported by tho plaintiffs were assessed at twenty-four per cent, trader a section of the act which states that delaines should bo classed with articles made of cotton. The case was tried several years ago. On that occasion there was a disa greement of the jury, eleven being for the plaintiffs and one for the government Tho amount involved Is about seventy-five thousand dollars, and the result In this case will decide several other suits of a similar character. Up to a late hour last night the Jury had not rendered a ver dict "Wes" Allen, en trial for the past two days in the Gen eral Session* on an indictment for burglary, was yester day found guilty, lie was remanded for sentence. UNITED STATES CIRCUIT COURT CRIMINAL TERM. Absent Juror*?The WaUklU National Bank Defklcatlon. The May criminal term of the United States Circuit Court was opened Iteforo Judge Benedict yesterday. The panel of petit Jurors was called, hut only seventeen of the whole number were in attendance. The criminal calendar was not called; it will be called to-day, and Uie Court ordered the non-attending jurors to show cunse why they should not be fined In the sum ot fl&Ucaeh. On the motion ot Mr. Bliss, United States District Attor ney, iwf'e pro?eq\tit were entered In tlie following cases:? Wtllett Kcrgu^on, perjury: Nicholas Doll, false income returns: William M. Graham, embezzling lunds ot the Wallkill Bank; Mmon Donau, Marcus Newman and others, consptracv to defraud ; Anton llupfcl. illegally drawing beer at the Morrisania distillery; Bernard lluss, personating a revenue oftlcer. The number of nntle prwfqnU entered was twenty-nine. There were fifty-five exonerations in cases where recor mzanccs had been vacated and the bondsmen of detend ants released from their bonds. The indictment against William M. Graham for em bezzling lunds belonging to the Wallkill National Bank is an old one, trot a new one has been found against Mr. Graham, and it is understood that be will be tried upon it during the present term sf tho Court. A similar re mark will apply to the indictment against Simon Donau and others, upon which a uul jiroi. has been entered. They also will be tried upon a new indictment, charging them with conspiring to detraud the government The Court adjourned till to-day. COURT OF OYER AND TERMINER. The Sew Indictments Againit Tweed? The Clark Habeas Corpus Cane?Leavy, the "Wife-Murderer, Sent to the State Lunatic Asylum?A Barroom Homicide. Hcfore Judge Davis. The expected long drawn out argument upon the qucs. Uon whether William M. Tweed shall plead or not to the batch ot fifteen indictments found against him by the late Grand Jury did not take place yesterday morning, greatly to the disappointment, doubtless, of the large crowd In attendance. The counsel, who were present in full farce, talked over the matter among themselves, and finally it was concluded, as a matter of accommodation to some of them huving causes to try In other Courts, to postpone the argument till this morning. THK M0TI1KR ASP 1IKR CHILD. Having put off the Tweed case, tho Court took up the dispute over Frank Clark between his mother and bis loster parents, which was before tho Conrt on Tucjduy. The child was brought into conrt. Mrs. Uorey pave her story to the Court which was to the effect that she received the child to nurse, with a promise ot $IJ per month, of which but n small part had lieen paid, ilic mother hail practically abandoned the child for nearly a year. She also charged that the mother a woman ot had character. These allegations were denied on behalf of the mother, Hiul It was also asserted that Mr. and Mrs. llorey had concealed themselves, lending to the oiler by Mrs. Clark ot a reward of $.V> tor their discovery. An arrangement had been made by which part of the money tor the keeping ol the child should be paid and the rest secured, but the respondents refused to complete it Judge Davis adjourned the rase till to-morrow, saving that perhaps an arrangement would be made iii the meantime, lie should Inquire into the charges against the mother, and it he found them true should certain I v not give a child to her care. The child will remain in Its present custody until aifeclsion is rendered. A CKAZV Win: ni'KDKUKK. Patrick Leavy w as tried on a charge of killing his wife, the indictment against Mm tieing iunn-.lauKhP r iu tho first degree. lie was defended by Mr. Abe II. Hum mel, who put In a dctcnce ot insanity, and, as tho result proved, substantiated the defence. A look ut the pris oner was enough of itself to iustity the idea, llisdaugti ter. Mary Leavy, was the principal witness In the caw. tier statement was that she was his daughter by s pre vious marriage ; that the woman be killed was his second wife ; that on the Mb ol last September be was sent to the Lunatic Asylum on Ward's island, where lie was kept sometime und then released ; tliaf until the SOth of Sep tember he behaved rationally enough, but on tho morning ot that day, without utter, ng a word 01 re iiuin. nn provocation, he made un attack on his wife, Sarah heavy, with a handsaw fourteen iuehes In length, and with It Inflicted cuts and gashes ot such severity on her head and face as to produce death the subsequent day; that upon hearing her stepmother scream she ran to her assistance, and narrowly escaped with her life, as the prisoner turned upon her and inNlctcd two deep wounds 011 her lace und cheek with the saw, and that he had three tltucx endeavored to cause his own death bv cutting hi? throat with a razor, but was prevented by her trotn accomplishing his purpose. Drs. Dennis and Dornn, who slgne I tho certificate Upon which the prisoner wa< coin untied to the Lunatic Asylum, were examined lor the defence, md both testi fied thai they hail examined the condition ot the prison er s iuiiiiI anout a year ago. and were con vine, il at that time that he was insane; they nl?o stated that he was laboring under a continual hallucination that s >mc per son or persons hud loruu d a scheme to take his die. The case was submitted by both fides on the Judge's charge. Judge Davis charged brieflv, defining insanity and reviewing some o| the salient points ot tlie c vldcuce. Tho Jury promptly rendered a v< rdlct ot not guilty, on the grouud ? f insanity, without Ic.ivlng their seats. Upon the rendition ol the verdict Mr. Kollins, Assistant District vttoiney, tt-ked thai t!ie prisoner be reuiandi I so that some disposition might be made ot htm tor the future. Mr. Howe said that it would bo an act of nicrcy to u nd the poor immi to an asylum. Judge DavU i alie.l iu Dr. Do run and ordered an exam ination of lyeavy to bo tnade in an adioiiung room. the prisoner ami doctor retired lor the purpose. In about ten minutes the pair entered the conrt room, and the physician pronounced Leavy still insnne. An order was then issued by the Court consigning the patient to the State Lunatic Asylum at I tics. UOStCIOK IN A l.lqloR SALOON. James Lawlor, a young man, was no.\t called tip for trial, lie. is charged v ith having so iniured John Dor rington, on the tftth ot last December, In ?? liquor saloon at the corner of Washington and spring streets, that he died three weeks afterwards. The indictment against him Is manslaughter. Mr. William K. Howe appeared to defend him and Assist,iut District Attorney Kollins con ducted the prosecution. Alter a brief opening bv Mr. Kollins Alonzo Kimpatrick was called as a witness, lie testified that he went into Mr (ilm?tead's liquor saloon between four and Ave o'clock on the morning ol the lOtli ol la-t December ; as he entered tho room the deceased wus lying on the floor and the prisoner was stuiidmg over him; lie heard the deceased say, "Don't kill nic!" the prisoner got up to his feet and, being very Intoxicated, stumbled against a stove and fell, when he clutched the prisoner around the leg; the prisoner seized a pewter pitehcr froui the bar and struck three blows, one hitting the liar, the second the deceased 011 the back and the third on Ills head : alter this the pris oner got up and went out on liic street and ln\ iio?? there some ton minutes, when he was taken to the station bouse. On his cross-examination he stated that the prisoner anil dece??ed had been previously Iriends; that tlie pris oner was sober at the lime of ths difficulty between them ami the deceased very drunk, and that the vesi and shirt of the prisoner were very much torn In tlie struggle t>e tween them. . _ At this stage of the case the Court, owing to Judge Dnvls having to sit In (iencral Term, a Ijourucd till this morn ing, when tho trial will tie resumed. BUSINESS IN THE OTHER COURTS. MARINE COURT-PART I. Action for l?lbel?Definition of "Splts bube." Before Judge Curtis. Samuel Friedman vs. Louis Kink.?The plaintiff and fe/cnrisut are rival artificial flower dealers In Division street, and oclol tbla rivalry the present suit seems to Vave grown. Ths plaintiff claims that In Mav last, in a iviuc saloon ol thai neighborhood, the defeudatit malic liusly uttered of htm In thi German language, In the presence of a number of persons, the lollowlug words ? "You arc a common person, a mean man, a thlet and I can prove it," aud that in consequouce he was greatly Injured In his good uamu and crcdlt. The defendant substantially admitted the use ot the word* charmed, hut under the followlag circumstances:?He says that he Im ported trom Kurope, at considerable expense, a pat tern of flower luid, which wan delivered to one Oealricher, in Williamsburg. as a sample for the mauutacture of otbern that helore their be ing sent home the defendant visited Oestrlcher's place and surreptitiously obtained some of them, with the purpose ot imitating them, aud thai on this lact beintr communicated to delendant he, on meeting plaintiff at the saloon, accused him of it, and added that it tills was so he was a mean fellow and a "spltzhubu." 801110 considerable controversy was had as to the propor definition of this word, but it was Anally set at rest by Dr. Merkle, a gentleman thoroughly familiar with the Ocrmun aud tlie English language, being put upon the stand. According to Dr. Merkle the meaning of the word depends entirely upon tho sense In which it Is used, running all the way up the scale troui "sharpfellow" to "murderer," and touching in Its ascent upon "thief" and "robber," a colebrutod unpronounceable highwaymau of the last century having been eveu dignified by that title. The plaintiff calien h former customer to show that iniurv had been inflicted upou him. while defendant contended that the whole thing was got up to make money easy during the dulness oi trade. After the sum ming up of counsel the Court charged the Jury at length as to the law of HbeL Alter au absence ol naif an hour a verdict was returned iu plaintiff's favor tor $500. COURT OF 6EKERAL SESSIONS. "Wm" Alien Convicted and Rrmandod for Sentence?The Court Adjourns Out of Respect to the Memory of the Liate Judge Strong. At the onening of the Court yesterday ex-Judge Beach and Mr. Charles Hrookc, counsel for William Sharkey, indicted for murder 111 the ilrst degree, moved a post ponement of tku trial In consequence of important pro fessional engagements. Alter some discussion between Assistant District Attorney Russell and the counsel His Honor net the triul down lor the 27th lust. 'I he trial 01 Wesley Allen was then resumed, and. the evidence having been closed on the previous duy, Mr. Howe proceeded to address the jury, fie coutended that If the jury convicted on such slight circumstantial evi dence it would be because of their prejudice against him Iu consequence of his being previously convicted In Brooklyn. Assistant District Attorney Ktisscll followed in as an ef fective an argument as was ever made in the Uenoral Sessions, in whlcii he not only brought out all the strong circumstances established by the witnesses lor the prose cution, but in a humorous aud sarcastic strain criticised the testimony for the defence. Judge Sutherland delivered a lengthy charge, and passed upon a number of propositions which Mr. Howe requested hint to charge. The lury were absent only a short time when they returned with this verdict:? "(iullty of an attempt to commit burglary in the third de cree, after a former conviction of grand larceny as charged in the indictment." Assistant District Attorney Russell requested his Honor t<> remand Allen, as he wished to try him upon another indictment. The prisoner was remanded to prison. The Death of Judge Strong. The Assistant District Attorney then announced the deutli of ex-Judge Strong, who tor many yoars hud tilled the office of Judge of the Supreme Ceurt with great ability and probity, and moved that the Court adjourn out ot respect to his memory. Colonel Spencer eloquently seconded the motion. Judge Sutherland, in directing the Clerk to enter the motion upon the minutes of the Court, said that Judge Strong was un able Jurist, and he never had hcunl the least imputation against the purity of his character. The Court adjourned till this morning. TOMBS POLICE COURT. Robbing a Roommate. Charles Pleraou aud a man named Terence Foley were rooming together at 1,283 Broadway, and onthelltbof May Foley rose at a very early hour and left. Shortly after his departure Plenon missed a gold watch and chain, worth $.HU, and $17 in money. He su?!pccted Foley and immediately went In search of him. He learned that Foley had been arrested tor intoxication, and sent to the Island tor ten days. A watch and chain found on the person of Foley at the time of his arrest were Identi fied by Pierson as the latter's property. Foley was brought down irom the Isluud and committed tounswer at the lienural Sessions by Judge Dowliug iu delault of $1,000. The William Street Attempted Homi cide?Dr. Brown in Court. About half-past one yesterday the notorious so-called "Dr." Kdward M. Brown, who has already been ar raigned before Justice Dowling lor an assault committed on Sandford Murray, on the 15th of April last, was brought up agaiu to answer the direct charge of bis vic tim. whose Injuries have hitherto prevented his atten dance in Court. The following is the affidavit of Mr. Murray on which His Honor Justice Dowling. recommitted the prisoner without bail. In answer to the usual questions the an cient Doctor ?ekDOWlMfM himself seventy-0110 years of age. although three weeks ago he claimed to be but sixty. Sandford Murray, of 127 South Mnth street, Wil liamsburg, being sworn, deposes and says:? On Tuesday, lath ol April, 1873, at the city of New York and the county ot New York, was violently and foloni ouhlv assaulted and beaten bv Kdward M Brown; that deponent is a collector of the New * ork ouslight Com pany, aid wunt into said Brown's office, at 2M William ?tree., for the purpose of collecting his bill lor the com pany : that deponent was sltiln-: on a chair in the office anil said Brown came up behind him, struck deponent twice with a sharp weapon on the back ot the head (the said weapon consisted 01 the blade of a large kuitc inserted in the handle of a hatchet, with a heavy substance of stone or copper ore at tached to the back to give It weight); that deponent then arose irom the chair and said Drown struck at him three tunes with said weapon, cutting through his cloth inc. Dcjiolient excluimed, "My Cod! Doctor, do you want to kill moT" when suid llrowu threw the weapon on ;he ground, and deponent attempted lo escape from the room and found the door locked. Deponent then re collected that when he sat down he heard the lock click In the door. .*<ald Brown then took the hatcfiet (now shown) trom his bosom and raised it and stepped towards deponent and attempted to strike him. but he cuuglit it descending und took It from him after a short struggle. Deponent then struck Brown with the hatchet, Knocked liiin down und stepped back to open the door, when said Brown attempted to get up und deponent struck hlui again. Deponent then broke oil the latch and had to unlock the door betore ho Could net it open, lie stepped out in the hallway, but recollecting ihat h? threw his money down on the floor during the struggle Immediately returned to the room, und officer Harris arrived und took Brown Into custody ; that said Brown attempted to rob deponent, and so as saulted and l>eut him. with a f-lmilous intent to take the life of deponent or to do him bodily burin, without any justification on the part of the said assailant. SA.NDFOKD Ml'it KAY. COURT OF APPEALS CALENDAR. The following Is the P/mim1'".*1!*' ? M"-v ,4. 1T2. May 15oi * 74, |% <2,12,CT, W dUy "H?** 'or EEAL ESTATE MATTERS. The attendance at the Bxehangc yesterday was Tery large, being drawn there, no doubt, by the promised sales of the Tweed and Roche properties. The llrst named Is fully described In another column uml the lat ter Is so devoid of any material interest that a brief summary Is as much as It deserves, 'lhc following are the details of yesterday's transactions, with the excep tion of those of the Tweed estate :? st w 11.liam irmtiur. 2 3 stor3* bk. hs. aud 1., 72 and 74 Molt st. 100.7 It. s. 01 Canal -t.: lot 25x'.?4 $;.'t),COO 2S'.orv fr. 11. aud 1., No. <0, adjoining the above; lot JSxiM 11,000 3 story Ir. h. and I., No. brt, adjoining the above; lot ?j.\v4 10,800 1 lot n. s. of(?'th St., i"Htt. w. of9th av., .'5xlt)0.4 ti,ts?i 1 lot adjoining the above on w. s?2/>xlm>.I ,... (i,650 I lotadioinlng the above on w. s. ,25x100,4 7,050 1 lot adjoining the above on w. *., 25x100.4 7,7u0 2 story ir. h. (trout), 5 story bk. h. (rear) and 1, 121 I'axter st., 125 It. s. ot Hester st.: lot 28.2x100 13,200 2 lots n. s. ol 105th St., 170 it. c. ot Mudisoii av., (ach 25X100.11 #,'XW I1T Ml'LI.Ml, WlLSISs A*l> CO. 1 lot n. s. of 33d st, !W ft. o. of av. A, 20x102.2 2,350 | 2 lots 11. p. ot 70tii st., ion It. w. ol 4th av? each 25X102.2 25,000 2 lots w. s. ot nth av., 50.7 it. n. of V7tli st., each ^.2x102.2 8,*10 nr A. J. RLKKCKKIl .HON AN II CO. Brrwerv and 8lots e. s. of 5Mh st, i!<5 il w. of 3d ftv.; lots together '.0ixltf>.6 102,500 2 lots n. s of drove st.. luo It. w. ot 1st st, each 2jxluo, 111 Morrisauia, Westchester couuty 2,050 nr .1 Kmc. jonsso*, jr., at Queens, I.ring Island. 011 Tuesday. May 13. 4 lota, corner Madison av. and irviug St.; K. Ilultn. 340 4 lots, comer .Madison av. and I'.tuiding st.; Mrs. .Vurphy .. SW 2 lots on Paulding St., ll'O It irom Madison av. ; n. Williams . 1'.*' 4 hits on I'uulding st, adjoining ; J. Iiiidreth 2 lot* on 1'Htilding st., adjoining: M. Foley 14'f 7 lots on I'aulding si., adjoining; J. Darcy 6S5 4 tots on Irving st., 100 it. irom Madison av. ; W. W Miaou 380 4 lot"on frvinv st, I0U ft Irom Madison uT. (oppo site) , J. Ames 341) 4 lotson Irving st, adjoining; M. Hazel. 3U) 4 hits oil lrvin.-st. niliolriiin;; O. Taylor 3C0 3 lots on Irving at. adjoining; J. Martin 11)3 4 lots, corner Mimlson av. nnd I'aulding st; Mrs Murphy 40 i 4 lot* "ti 1'aulding st, adjoining ; M. It Williams..... x*i 4 lots on I'aulding st, adjoining ; J. H. llonish 210 4 lots oil I'aiilding st, adjoining; M. K Williams.... 2411 4 lotson Puuluing st, adjoining*; J. Thomas -tin 2 lots, corner Madison av. and Kirtland st ; W. OlJricil 2.VI 4 lots 011 Kirtland st., adjoining : James Jones . 320 2 lots on Kirtland St., adjoining; M. Thompson .... 150 2 lots oil Kirtland St., adjoining ; W. Kh i -oii 131) 4 lots on Kirtland St., adiolninp; W Williams 2*) 4 lotson Kirtland St., adjoining; W. llaslett.. 300 C lots on Kirtland st, opposite ; J. Dullish 510 4 lotson Kirtlaud si., adjoining; F. Wolf '.ki 2 lots on Carev st. 225ft. froin Creed av.; W. I'ortrr. 2Mj 2 nits on Carey st, adjoining; Mrs. J. ennth 2 lots on Carey st, adjoining ; J. Martin 2.W 2 InLs on Csn-y st . adjoining; J. Young 2u(i 2 lots 011 ?>erclaml av., 34riCarev St.j M. ilett 200 2 lotson Wert land av., adjoining; J. Jones am 2 lots on Wert land av., adionlng . M. Darcy 2lii 2 lots on W'crtlund av , adjoining; K. Osborn 440 4 lots corner Wertland av. and Mgourney st, J. Mc Intvre 120 4 1 os ieorner Wertland av. aud Slgourney st. oppo ?lie; J. 1-ewls 420 2loi?on llinip.'tead turnpike, near ('reed av; M. shall lev. .. 210 1 lot on Hempstead turnplac (25x145), adjoining; M. ?1 Hrien. 200 1 lot on Hempstead turnpike (25x152), adloinlng; O. N. Taylor. 210 5 lots on Hempstead turnpike (28x180). adloinlng; W. lillams 820 * lotson Wertlaud av., between Hcdgwick and Hi gsurtwy s.s.; Ocorge Mcl.lvey 320 2 lots on W rrtlaiul av., bet<feen Hedgwlck and 81 gourney ?ts; J. Young 1H) 4 lots on Wertland av., between Mgourney anil Ir ving ?ts; J. Jones 3*) 2 lots on Wertluud av., udioiniug; J. Young I*> 2 lots on Wertland av., adloinlng , F. llonish 170 .1. M. (lihson, auctioneer, ot Jersey City, sold at public f.'.'. L'U .'11'1!" ;lgf"Uiid, corner Bergen ave and 105th strei'ts, lielng ill fi et .1 incheion l04Ui street IH te< I on tha ceutru line and 1211 f..i t oil tnjih street 'lor I $90,?? also two full lots north side Fia>-eighth Itrttl I 125 leet west ol liitU avenue ola<a. lor LUSIGNANTS LAST NIGHT. Preparations for the Execution To-0?y Thc Priuoner's Calm Cheerfulness and Noble Keligious Fortitude?Affecting Scene In the Condemned Cell. Mokuiotown, N. J., May 14, 187;$. The preparations for the execution ol Luigi Luslgnani, the Italian wile murderer, have been all completed, ami everything la In read In cms ior the closing scene In the dread tragedy. The ex citement In the town 10 intense, and among all classes of people tho lntensest commisseratlon is felt lor the fate of the poor Italian. Now that his end is approaching, sympathy ia willingly extended to him, and it is generally felt that the many ex tenuating circumstances which surrounded lus crime should have lessened his puuishment and saved him lrom an ignominious death. To-day. THE I.AST DAY ON EAKTII of Luslgnani, was devoted by him to prayer and devotion. By every means in his power he strives to prepare himself for hia approach ing end, and ho liatened eagerly to the spiritual advico and consolation tendered him by Father Vassalo, an Italian priest Irom Orango, who has, since the death sentence was passed, been unremitting in his attention to his unlortunate countryman. The stories which have been published lu tho local papers about the reckless demeanor and profano language of the prisoner are nearly all incorrect, the bright at taches of the local lights, mistaking the natural gayety and llaht-heartedness of the Southern race lor uucoucern and hard-hearicdness. T1IK 8CKNE IN TUB CELL or tho Italian to-ulght was peculiarly affecting. In company with Father Vassalo the reporter of tho Hekald was permitted to have an Interview with the prisoner, and the calm resignation itud courage displayed by the latter was the theme or genoral praise. Luslgnani was dressed in deep black and wore a white rose in his buttonhole, ills iace was deadly pale, but he displayed no appearance of trepida tion and was more apparently cooler than any other person In tho cell. lie recognized the IIekald reporter, having seen him before, and warmly greeted htm. There was nothing of the bravado about Luslgnani, tils conduct being perfectly natural and self-possessed, lu answer to a question from the reporter ho stated that he was , PERFECTLY RECONCILED TO DIE nnd nad no rear of the future. While saving this he grasped the hand ol Father Vassalo'aud ex claimed, "No one who is a good Catholic is alraiu to dlu." He then stated that the stories which had been published about him in the local papers were entirely false; that he had indulged in 110 pro ranity, and never had any intention or starving liitnseir to death. Tho only objection he made to his food was on last Friday morning, when he objected to eating the half-cooked meat which was set before him. He very naturally reluses to eat the prisou lare so long as he has the opportunity of partaking of the more dainty viands which are freely provided for hhn. This morning Father Vassalo, on visiting the prison, asked Luslgnani what lie would like to cat, and lie replied that he wished to have some Italian soup and beefsteak, which were provided for film, lie ate sparingly, but he was considerably refreshed and talked cheerfully with the persons' who came to visit him. When the reporter was bidding Luslgnani good night the latter was VISIBLY AFFECTED but Showed no signs of .shrinking. Father Vassalo and Father Ifoualdo will remain in the cell with the prisoner all through the night. The last unices of the Church will be administered about nine o'clock 111 the morning, and the prisoner will lie escorted to the scaffold by Father Vassalo and the pastor of the parish. The gallows is erected right in the rear of the prisoner's cell, but a screen conceals it Irom his view. Tho Court House in tho morning will be sur rounded with special constables, and no person who is not provided with a pass will be admitted. About one hundred and twenty-five passes have been issued, but applications by tho thousand have been made, which the Sheriff haa been, of course, compelled to refuse. The execution will take place at eleven o'clock, and, when life Is extinct the body will be cut down aud Interred in the Catholic graveyard. TREMBLING IN THE BALANCE. Argument la the Case of Nixon Tester, day In the Supreme Court, Vcnrral Term?A Decision To Be Given This Morning?Resignation and Demeanor of the Condemned Mail?His Spiritual Attendants?The Preparations fbr His Expected Execution. Nixon's Indefatigably laithrul and persevering counsel, Mr. William F. Howe, is still using his utmost endeavors to obtain for his client a length ened lease oi lire. With this view he made appll cation yesterday before the Supreme Court, General Term, Judges Ingraliam and Davis on the bench, for a hearing in the case. Judge Ingraham said that ir the Intention was to apply for a stay of proceedings the Court could not entertain such application, but that if it was the desire of Mr. Howe to argue the case upon excep tions taken at the trial they would hear the argu ment upon a writ of error. Mr. A. II. Hummel, the associate of Mr. Howe, upon this announcement, accompanied by Mr. Lyons, Assistant District Attorney, at once went beloro Judire. Fancher, sitting In Supreme Court, Chambers, and upon stating the case to the latter Judge he promptly granted a writ of error, Mr. Lyons meantime having moved the preliminary notice usually required in such cases. Mr. Howe announced to the Court the procure ment of the writ of error aud thereupon the Court anil certainly It would seem an act of verv kind consideration under the circumstances-suspended all other business before it aim listened to Mr. Howe s argument. He spoke at great length and most ably ami ieellngl.y. rue points of Ins argu ment were the same, tiiougli elaborated at more e.oqueut length, as 111 his argument before Judire llarrett, which was published in lull iu the IIekald. his exceptions, it will be remembered, were ilrst to the panel; second, to a portion of the evi dence, and third, to the reiusal of Judge Mr nly to charge one of his requests bearing unon the question of doubt as to auy specific facts In the course of his remarks, however, he paid a hhrh compliment to Judge Brad*, and said that no man ever received a fairer trial than that given to Nixon. In connection with his own points he also submitted tnosc given by ox-Major A Oakev Hall in his argument before Judge i'rau*of Brooklyn, which points have likewise beeu t ub. Iislicd in lull in the IIekalp. Tne legal ub'Iiiy di? P'M1} m?86 1 ?lnIS', ( 0U"I not lie gain s&nnssr srsjtaetBSist isaw'i! Mr. Lyons pursued the same line or argument is in his response to Mr. Howe before JudireBarrett At tte conclusion 01 the argument Judge 1 ngra ham saliI that they would give their decisionals morning. l"'3 APPLICATION TO OTHER JI DOE3. In order to leave no stone unturned, Mr Howe .has wltnin the past two days applied lor a stav of proceedings In Nixon's case before JuUges Miner and Daniorth, o? Hudson; Judges Orove'r and Leonard, or Albany, aud Judge lngalls ol Troy lie hopes that, 111 case the stipr-me Court, (;ene?Ji lerrn, give an adverse decision, some or these Judges may grant the stay. ? I'ltKl'ARATIONS 1 oil THE KXECTTION* in the meantime preparations lor the execution of Mxon go on as usual. Cards or invitation for the execution were issued yesterdav fmm th? Sheriff's office. Nixon has exi.ii'ited^.xe . nU?v patience and resignation under the terrible 10V.1 or grief which must now assail He uw?not complain ?r his rate, but, on the contrary savs ti at all that could be done has been done ind^e ex pects no more. Nixon's wile attends him daiiv and remains with him a great part of hS time She is greatly cast down, but bears unbravekv against her affliction. Miss U'lleilb, the e ,Yam philanthropist, also visits him daily! asX the sis" ters or Mercy, and Father Duranquet is with Nixon almost constantly. Nixon is very attentive to his religious duties, and appears to have -lone his best lo-df repentancc- ,,ls n?t0 will be decided CONSUL GENERAL GARSL4. No. 151 Broadway, New York, May 13, 1873. To the Kditok of the Herald:? In your issue of to day .Mr. K. c. B. (Jarsla, Con sul lieueral here ior Uruguay, states that his ac ceptances of the drafts of McKay A Aldus (which ilrarts, by the way, were paid by said tlrm on the day alter maturity and which he permitted to go to protest) were simply accommodation accept ances, to meet which no money ever came Into his hands; that their claim against him was apparently ignored when, in IMS, they went into bankruptcy, ami that, a suit commenced, In 1*71. in the New York Supreme Court has never resulted in showing that ho owcm the money named in hum draft* Lnrortiiuately |?r Mr. (larsia, he re l into the habit of wrltlug letters years ago many or which relating to the draits In questkm are Sow in our possession, slid their contents vary awkward^ enough iron, anything like a- commoStiV except to Mr. (<arsia, and these, combined with the other evidence fo the case, on which miter afone Judge Blatchioro, whose caution is well known found abundant ground lor ordering Mr. (iVrsla i'ai? !?? make mat ters look rather damaging ror him ' As to the bankruptcy omission, lion Dwiirht Foster, of Massachusetts, one ot the assiirnena cailcd several times, as his affidavit will show, on 4'r. Ojffcia. ask.'uif lam to w. uud tho laitcrV* pressed a willingness to him to confess judgment if lie desired it. 'l'he action also referred to watt dis continued by Mr. McKt y'sformer counsel for want of jurisdiction, the United State* Courts alone hav inii; power to try suite against consuls. " 1 WILLIAM BLAIKIH, of counsel for Natbanlel McKay. SANITARY SCIENCE.

Organization of Ifew Board of Health?Rule* and Regulation*. The newly appointed members of the Board of Health met yesterday afternoon at one o'clock and organised the Board. There were present Presi dent lTofessor Chandler, in the chair; Dr. Vander poel. Health Officer or the Port; Dr. Stephen Smith, and Commissioner llenry Smith, President of the Board of Police. After a few moment* were spent in friendly converse the members took their seats and the regular business of the department was proceeded with. Some minor matters being dis posed of the following resolutions were passed :? TI1K NEW REGULATIONS. Resolved, That the Ssnitsrv SuDMlntendoot be ana iJ hereby directed to furnish tin* Hoard with a detailed statement ol all property 111 the DUlnfectlug Department, the condition and presont us?s ol horse*, wanton*, carts. 4c.. together with a list of *uch aruclo?or thing* a* are UlHesof vedf 'ih'at*the bureau of this department, provided for by aectlon 81, chapter 335. law* of 1873, and the chiel otHcer uf which I* called the sanitary iiuperluteuduut. MliH.ll tie called the Sanitary Bureau. Resolved, That the sanitary Committee shall Do a com mittee to prepare and report lor the consideration ol this Hoard a modification ol the sanitary ordinance* adopted l,v the Hoard of Health of the Health De partment heretofore existing and In lorce at llii* date, as will contonn the wmo to the eleventh article ol chapter S3B ol the law* ot 187.1, together with such additional provisions tor the security of lite and health In the city of New York a* to hi? may seem expedient, and to specify such distribution ot power* aud duties to the members and employe* ot the Board ot Health as to the said commtttM may seem appropriate. Resolved, That said committee assoclat ? with iliem, In the con-adoration ot the matter* ?o relerred, the attorney HlResolved,r(That the rule* anil regulations ot the Board of Health ot the Health Department,. '"ernto lore existing and In lorce ou the 30th day of April, ifc, so lar a* they are not respec tively In conUict with the provision* of chapter SSft laws of 1873, shall be, ami are hereby, extended to the Health Department and the Board of Health created by the last said act, and to the officer*, clerks, agent* and employe* ot said Health Department, aud of Inst said Iluard, so lar a* they arc applicable thereto respectively, until the further order of last said Board, except as amended at this meeting. r.??? Resolved, That the seal ot the Health Department heretofore existing shall be the seal pi the Board of Health and Health Department and shall be in the cus 1 V^iiereas chapters!#, Laws of 1873, established for thl* Department two bureaus, the chief oflleer olone to be called the Secretary Superintendent and ihe chiet officer ot the .second U> be called the Register ol Kecords, and provides lor other bureaus: therefore Resolved, That the Sanitary Permit Inspector of the Health Department heretofore existing be and is hereby directed to dellvur all property ot every kind and all books and papers in his use and possession belonging to the oitv or to the Health Departuiont to his successors. Resolved, That the duties performed by the Sanitary Permit Inspector ol the Health Department heretofore existing shall be performed by the Secretary and Sani tary Superintendent ot tills department; the Secretary to Issue all permit* Issued by the Hoard heretofore Issued by the Snnitary Permit Inspector, and the sanitary Super intundcnt to uitike or causo to b?; made nil mspoctions mjuirod by the Health Department heretotoru existing, to be mado by the Sanitary Permit Inspector; and tne Sanitary superintendent is here by desicnated and de clared to be the successor of Charles K. Cooper, Sanitary Permit Inspector ot the Health Department heretofore existing. l?r. Janes sent in his sanitary report, containing the following table of diseases prevalent in the city during the two weeks ending May tlie 10th, 1873Keren? Jt'rek Ty- Ty- Smr- Mm- Diph- Small fiulimi villi*, tiluiid. let. tit*, theria. pox. May 3 * 1 & 37 II 13 8 Msiy 10 1 8 88 30 ll> 13 Corresponding namberof eases of smallpox week end ing May 11-, 1872 ??????? ? ...115 K. H. JANES, City Sanitary Inspector. TUE NEW BOARD. TTpen the conclusion of this business Colonel Clarke, the Secretary, was confirmed in his posi tion. Nothing was said of Sanitary Superintendent because i>r. Janes Is to continue in that place, Captain Crlswold is also to retain IiIb posltlou in the Sanitary Bureau. The only changes at present contemplated direct themselves towards the De partment of Records aud some minor officials ol the Health Department. One or the most striking c haracteristics of tke new Board Is its strong con trast to the old one. The members present a l steudv, business air, and go about the work as if they meant what they were at. Each man thor oughly understands the subject of hygiene, and brings to the Board mature knowledge and a practice refined by experience. The low comedy business nas disappeared with the rotten and cumbersome old institution, and laugh ter during the deliberations of the Board is an ele ment that seems likely to bo eliminated by the gentlemen now entrusted with the care ol the city's health. It appear sad that the chair of so clever an acrobat and pantomlmlst as Mr. Manierre should be left without even a gi imace to tickle Its elbows, but such evidently is the terrible and drearv fate awaiting it. The quips aud Jibes of the Presidential Dogberry will lie lamentably missed; bur In view or the additional amount, of serious benefit the people will be treated to, tho calamity can be sustained. YACHTING. Launch of the Schooner Yacht Ariel?Her Dimension* and Accommodation*. The handsome schooner yacht Ariel, built by Messrs. l'oillon Brothers, foot of Bridge street, Brooklyn, for Commodore William L. Swan, of the Seawanhaka Yacht Club, was successfully launched yesterday morning in the presence or a large num ber or delighted spectators. By ten o'clock tho workmen of the yard stood in readiness to com mence knocking away the shores; but the word to tiegln this preliminary business was not passed until several minutes later, when, being continued with alacrity, the gallant, eraft, amul a prolonged shout rrom those on board, gracefully dipped to her proper element at eighteen minutes ol eleven o'clock, a lrlend of the owner naming her at the opportune moment. It will be remembered that the Ariel was con structed after tho model of tne schooner yacht Clio, built at the same yard this season for Messrs. Asten .V Bradhurst, and there Is every reason to believe that she will possess all that Mr. Swan de sires?speed and weatherly qualities. Although before published in the Herald, It is not uow amiss to give the dimensions or this yacht, which are as follows;?Length of keel, 62 feet; lcntrth on water line. 67 foet 0 Inches; length on deck. 62 feet; length over all, "0 feet; breadth of beam, 18 leet 7 Inches; depth of hold. 6 feet. I he frame Is of white oak and hackmatack, the planking ol oak and the deck of white pine. All the materials used In her construction are of the best possible kind, and much heavier than Is usually put, in pleasure vessels of her class. The Ariel Is so far finished that it wtll require but a fortnight or three weeks to complete her, when it Is the Inteutlon of her owner to have a little trial sail with tho Clio, Just to ascertain how matters work. The di mensions of the spars are as follows:?Foremast, 68 feet; mainmast, tw feet; lorctopmast, 28 feet; maintopmast, aoieet; malnboom,45 feet.; foreboom, ID feet 0 Inches; malngaif, 26 foet; foregaiT. l# leet; ilylng jlbboom, 12 leet; bowsprit, outboard, 20 leet. Much of the interior Joiner work Is in position, and, therefore, au Idea can he lormed or lis char actor. Evidently the yacht will be elegantly fln isned throughout. There will be three staterooms with hardwood trimmings, which will He uphol stered it: the prettiest lmairlnable taste. The saloon will also be in hardwood finish and fitted in tne best possible style, while the accommodations for officers and mc'n will not be Inierlor to any boat of her size In these waters. The Ariel, It Is understood, will be added to the New YorK and Atlantic Client Club fleets, and, no doubt, will eon tend for tho prlzo or her class in the coming re gattas or these organizations. nayonnc Yacht Clnh. The annual meeting of the Bayonne Yacht Club was held lust evening, when tho following officers and committees were elected for the ensuing year Commodore, II. B. Pearson; Vice Commodore, William ll. Langley; Hear Commodore, diaries A. Bouion: President, C. C. llongh; Secretary, Charles II. Woeltjc; Treasurer, C, E. Mensch; Measurer, John 11. Elsworth; Steward, Thomas 1 HeiattaCommittee?Ex-Commodore G. A. Bellnir, Vice Commodore William H. Langley, I)r. C. E. M Board of Trustees?II. B. Pearson, W. II. Lang lev, C. A. Bouton. The annual regattA will fake place on the 19th or June, otr Mr. Taylor's Hotel, "Idle Hour," Green ville, N. J. The Clun elected Mr. John M. Sawyer an hon orary member. After the meeting the momliers partook or a collation and spent a lew hours sociably discussing yachting and Its pleasures. marriages' and deaths. Engagement. IlEnzitEftd?Shottici.?Engaged, Moritz Herz hkho to Nettie SBOTTicK, both of this city. No cards. Married. Bailey?Lee?.?At Grace church, Brooklyn Ilclirlits. on Wednesday, May 14, by tho Rev. II. H. Paddock, 1). I)., ai.bert w. Bailey to SadieT., youngest (laughter of Thoniaa K. Lees, Esq., all of Brooklyn. No cards. Cai lias?Down.?On Sunday, May 11, by Rev. P. j llealey, Lot-is P. Cam.ias to Maky A. Dowd. Seranton (Pa.) papers please copy. EifOM?Bubo*.?on Wednesday. May 14, at the residence of tho bride's parents, by the Rev. Henry B. Cornwall, Rt'SSULL Earned Enos to Anna 8., daughter of J. II. Uobart Burge, M. D., all ?Vini(jan?Hop*.?On Monday, May 5, at 1 ho resi dence of the bride's parents, by the HOT. E. 11. Chapin, J. Matiikws Finhian, of this city, to Maky E., daughter of Mr. John S. Hope, ol New Orleans. !"'k iuwan?qkebne.?At l (ic resWcuc# of tuc Oriac'u parents, 377 First avenue, on Wednesday, May 14, by the Rev. Father McGuire. John Kirwan, son ol Timothy Kirwan, KJllacioran Mills, Auglirin. c >unty Wicklow, Irelaud, to Makuakkt, daughter ol Ed waro and Elizabeth Greene, of this city. Seaman?.Smith.?On Wednesday, May 14, at the residence of the bride'h parents, by Itev. Dr. Bur ohard, John O. seaman, to Lavinia M., daughter of Jacob Smith, t-sq., all or this city. Sbllbr?McKbnzib.?On i uesday, May 13, by the Rev. Mr. Pendleton, pastor of the Fifty-third Btreet Baptist church, Mr. Arthur Seller, to Miss Janh MoKbmzib, daughter of Mr. Alexander McKensie. all of this cltyT^ Van Hornk?Laybrty.?On Tuesday, May 13, by the Rev. E. E. Beardsley, D. D., at the residence of the bride's mother, New Havon. Cornelius Van horns, of Jersey Oltr, to Minnik E. Laybrty, only daughter of the late Thomas Laverty. Wilson?Mount?On Tuesday, May 13, 1873, at St. Paul's church. Glen Cove, L. I., by the Kev. Thomas Malluby, Gborob B. w ilhon, or this city, to Edna Mount, daughter of George Searing, Esq. No cards. Died. Aspinwall.?On Tuesday morning. May d, at 33 East Tenth street, John L. a^finwall, aged 57 y The funeral will take place from Grace church, on Friday, May 16, at half-pant ten o'clock A. M. The relatives and lrlenus or the family are respectfully lnBuul-IuUt"i?* city, Tuesday. May 13, Edward Vincrnt Burk, In nis :53d year, am Relatives and friends of the ^uilly. also mem bers of Kano Lodge, No. 454, F. and A. M., Jerusa lorn ('hunter No 8 R. A. M., Coeur de Lion Gom inandery No'. 23, K. T., members of Company G, and the Veteran Asnoclatlon, Seventy-first ment, N. G., and members of the Mechanlcs and Traders' Exonauge, are respectfully Invited to at tend the funeral, at Ht. Ann's Church, hlghteenth street, near Filth avenue, on Thursday, l&tli inst., at half-past two o'clock. Summons.?Sir Knights or Co?ur de Leon Com manderv. No. 23?You are hereby summoned to meet at Holland Lodge rooms, No. 8 Union square on Thursday, trie 15th Inst., at hair-past orie o ol?^ P. M., in full uniform, armed and equipped as Knights Templars, to attend the luncral or our late Sir Knight Edward Vincent Burk. Members or sister comuiandorles are earnestly requested to meet with us. By order of the K. 0. On A3. W. 9y, secretary. G Company, Sevbsty-first ) Rkoimint, N. G. S. N. Y., > Nkw York, May 14,1873.) COMPANY ORDBR. NO. 12. r. The commandant sincerely regrets to an nounce the death ot our old comradc, ex-Llentonant Edward Vincent Burk, a good and ialthrul soldier and firm friend. II. The officers and members or this command are hereby directed to assemble at the armory in citizen's dress (dark clothes), white gloves, c>"aPe on the left arm, on Thursday, May 15, at one o clock P. M. sharp, to attend the runeral. Honorary and ex-tnenibcrs are paTtW ularly in vited, also the offlcera and members or the regri menu By order or. ^ ABRAM L WKBBER. Nelson Lindsay, First Sergeant. G Company, sbvknty-first 1 Regiment, N. G. S. N. Y., / New York, May 14, 1873.) company order, no. 13. I. The officers and members of this command are hereby directed to assemble at the armory in lull ?lress uniform, white gloves and crape on the lett arm, on Thursday, May 15. at one o clock P. M., sharp, to parade as escort to the remains or the late Lieutenant Edward Vincent Burk. Band and drum corps report at a quarter to one o clock, Drn?1?ho quartermaster sergeant will make the necessary arrangements ror transportation to and from Greenwood Cemetery. The officers and mem bers or regiment are particularly invited tojoinus. Bv order of Captain ABRAM L. WEBBER. Nelson Lindsay, Urst Sergeant. Seventy-first Regiment, 1 Veteran Association, May 14. 1873. J The members of the Veteran Association, Seventy-first Infantry, N. Y. ?. N. G., are hereby notllled to assemble at the armory on Thursday, Mav 15. at one o'clock P. M., for the purpose of at tending the luneral of our late associate. Edward Vincent Burke. HENRY 1*. MARTIN, GoloneL Seymour A. Bdnce, Secretary. Burt.?At Klnderhook, N. Y., on Wednesday, May 14, Thomas M. Burt, In the 74th year of ins "funeral services at his late residence. In Kinder hook, on Friday, the 18th lnstv at two o'clock P. M. Butler.?Edward, the beloved son of Michael and Elizabeth Butler, a native of Thomastown, county Kilkenny, Ireland. Relatives and friends are respectfnlly requested to attend the ftineral, from his late residence, No. 4 Greenwich street, to-day (Thursday), at two ? Carpenter.?On Tuesday, May 13. at the resi dence or Daniel H. Gnffen, In lorktown, N. Y., Joshua Carpenter, aged 86 years. The relatives and friends are Invited to attend the luneral at Friends' meetinghouse, at A ma walk, on Sixth day (Friday), 16th Inst., at twelve o clock M. Carriages will be at Katonah, on the arrival or the 8:30 train from the Grand Central depot. Cloi'oii.?At Mllford, Conn, on Wednesday, May 14, Caddie S., wife or Henry H.Clousrh. Relatives and friends are lnvited to attend the funeral irom St. Peter's church, Mlirord, on Fri day! l?th Inst.T at half-past two P. M. Train leaves Grand Central depot at 11:35 A. M., returning at 6 Coady!?On Wednesday, May 14. Mary, widow of John Ooady, a native of Glanmore, County Kil *UTh<f relatives and friends nre respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Friday, May 18, from her late residence, 36 Washington street, at two I. M. Cooper.?On Tuesday. May 13, John L. c ooplr, agpd 73 years and 7 months. The relatives and friends of the family are re spectfully invited to attend the funeral, on dav the 15th, at two o'clock, from the residence of his son-in-law, F. Bremen, 388 Broome street, New Y Cooper.--Suddenly, In Brooklyn, on Monday, May 12, 1873. of heart disease, obadiah cooper, in the 72d year of his age. The relatives and friends arc respectfully in vited to attend the luncral, on Thursday, May 15; at three o'clock P. M., Irom the Baptist church, Bridge street, between Myrtle avenue and Wll lougnbv street. _ , CYMMiNiis.?In Brooklyn, on Tuesday, May 13, Agnes, daughter of the late Edward Cumniliitfs. Friends of the family are respectiully requested to attend the funeral, on Thursday, May 15. at two o'clock, from the residence of her brother, ?*? 1 Oklamater.?At Rrooklvn, on Tuesday, May 13, Mary S., wife of Henjamln W. Delamater. , The friends or the latnlly are Invited to attend the runeral, Irom 66 Clark street, on Friday morning, the 16th, at eleven o'clock. Drew.?On Tuesday, May 13, Sarah Drew, aged ^Funeral service on Thursday, Mav 13. at ten o'clock A. M., at her late residence, 11 Last Eighteenth street; irom thence to Greouwood Cemetery. _ . Dowlino.?On Tuesday, May 13, Jons \\illiam Dowlino, youngest son ol R. \\. and Mary A. Dowllng. aired 4 years and 2 months. Funeral irom the resilience ol his parents, lilt" street and Boulevard, this day, at three I. M. Hie relatives and friends of the lamily are respcctmlly Invited to attend. . ??? Dublin (Ireland) and California papers please C?Di'nham.?On Tuesday, May 13. at Brooklyn. Mrs. Euphemia Dunham, relict of Henry It. Dunham, aN'he remains will be conveyed to Staten Island for interment. , ? ELY.?At Hoslyn, L. I., on snndav. May 11, Rev. Samuel R. Ely, D. D., in the 70th year ol his age. The relatives ami friends and the Synod or Long Island are invited to attend the Itinera!, at the Rosiyii Presbyterian church, on Thursday, May lft, at one o'clock P. M. Train leaves the L;>ng island R.inroad depot, Hunter's Point, at ten o'clock A. m. Returning leaves Hoslyn at twenty-five minutes past four o'clock P. M. v. Evfrson.?On Wednesday, May J'K,Jo?,E.p~ 5* Infant daughter or George and Isabella Merson, "^Tlie1 relatives an<l friends of the family are re spectfully invited to attend the Juneralfromthe residence of her parents, 18ft Joraicmon stn t. Brooklyn, this (Thursday) alternoou, at hair-past, ' Vitzuibkon.?At her residence. 337 avenue A, on Wednesday, Mar 14, Mrs. FrrzoiDBON. ^ ?f Mnurice Flteglbbon, born in Llscarroll, co y t0w1i|,ri^abu'rlcd on Friday afternoon, at two ? Fleming.?On Tuesday. May 13, JonN II. Flem WO, a native of queens county. parUli of Aims, 1F Th " 're la 11 ve an J * frl en d s o Mrtie ntmlly are^ spectfully invited to attend the J^'^.JJ'Thir v? residence or his mother, Mrs. Lally, 140 East 1 hli ly ninth street, on Friday. May 16, at two ? Fraser.?On Monday, May 12, Maria rrasfr, in thBe^relw5v?es and^tlends are respectfully Invited to attend her mneral. on Thursday, the 15th, at one P M from tho residence or her son-in-law, S. \\. Ilovt' In Falrview avenue. Jersey City Heights date iiersen). Take Montlcelio avenue cars from Des brosses and Cortlandt street ferries, and get out at ^ uARTON.^'n"Wednesday morning, May 14. Eliza nETH A. Allan, wlfo of (Jeorge K. (iarton, in tlio eoth vear of her age. Notice of funeral hereafter. gleason.?Ol a lingering Illness, Michakl Glka son, in the HOth year of his age. The relatives and friends of the family are re spectfully Invited to attend the funeral, ?n Thurs day morning, the 16th Inst., at nine o'clock, from the residence of Mr. Michael Malloney, 216 Delancey street, to St. Mary's church, where a solemn re quiem will be celebrated h?r the repose of his soul, and from thence to Calvary Cemetery at two o'clock " notice.?The members of the Michael Molony As sociation an* requested to meet at their headquar ters, corner Wlllctt and Delancey streets, at one o'clock, for the purpose ol paying the last sau tribute of respect to our late brother memocr, Michael Gleason. By order or n-.-wiant P. H. COSflROVR, President. E. MoCtri, Corresponding secretary. Giles.?On Tuesday morning, M*>'13, a?? Jank, widow ol Richard Giles, Mq., or Coottiuii, county Cavan, Ireland. \rminm m Service at the residence of her son, VTIUlam M. Giles. Eastchestcr, Westchester county, on rhurs Sim iuOirvnO. at half-paat eleven A. M. Carriages will be la at tendance at Mount Veruon. Haoan.?On Tuesday, May 13, Mart Annspanibb. the beloved wile or William Hasan, aged 23 years and 8 months. The mends of the family are respectfully tnvitca to attend the luuerai, on Thursday, 16th lust., at two o'clock, lroui her late residence, Walton .-street, corner of Harrison avenue, Brooklyn. E. D. Hawlby.?on Wednesday, May 14, lira. Muthi IT aw lit, aged 76 vears. Notice of runeral In Friday's papers. Jkkkbrson?At Williamsburg. L. I., on Tuesday, May 13, alter a severe and palnlul illness. Ituun w. Jkfkkkhun, oldest son of Jane and the lata Robert Jefferson, aged 18 years, 11 months and M days. Tne friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the inneral services at Christ church. Bedford avenue, Williamsburg, on Prlday, May 10. at two o'clock P. ML Sunderland and Hartlepool (England) papera please copy. Kavanauh.?On Tuesday, May 13, Gabbbtt Kav anauh, in the 35th year oi his age. The relatives and frieuds of the family, and of his brothers, Stephen J., Patrick J. and Owen, also the members or American Engine Oompany No. 0, and the members in general of the Long Island City Fire Department, are respeotinilr invited to attend the funeral this (Thursday) morning, at ten o'clock, from liis late residoucj, Bllssvlile, L. I., to St. Raphael's church, where there will be a solemn mass of requiem lor the repose of his soul. Dublin papers please copy. Kkkb.?Suddenly, on Tuesday. May 13, in the 4Ttli year of his age, j auks Kerr. The friends of the lamlly are respect'ully invited to attend the funeral, this (Thursday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from his late residence, 546 West Twenty-eighth street. Large.?On Wednesday. May 14, Elizabeth, wife of Samuel Large, in the 7v!d year of her age. The relatives and friends of the family are in vited to attend the runeral, <>n Sixth day, tne 10th Inst., at lour o'clock P. M.. from her late residence. 52 Uloomileld street, Uoboken, witheut further notice. Lawrence.?On Tuesday, May 13, Archibald T. Lawrence, in the 61st .rear of Ills age. The relatives and friends of the lamlly are re spectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Friday atternoon. at two o'clock, lrom his late residence, 104 Cumberland streot, Brooklyn. Lbguet.?suiidenly, at bis residence, in Yonkera, Westchester county, N. Y., Samusl Lkuuet. Notice of funeral hereafter. I.kvkb?On Tuesday, May 13, at West New Brighton, Staten Island, George 0. Lever, in the 71st year of his age. Frieuds of the family are invited to attend the funeral, at the Rolormed Chnrch, Port IUcUmond, to-day (Thursday), at two o'clock P. M. Locatklli.?On Wednesday, May 14, Martin Locatelli, In the 29th year oi his age. Tlie members of the Socleta Ticinese dl M. 8. are requested to attend the fuueral of their lamented member, Martin l<ocaielll, on Thursday, May 15, at three o'clock, from his late residence, 47 Crosby street. A. CUSA, President. Lodbr.? At Flushing. L. I., on Tuesday, May 13, Amelia M., wife of George S. Loder and youngest daughter of I. B. Redileld. The funeral services will be hold at the Presby terian church of Port Chester, Friday, May 10, at one P. M. Lucie.? On Tuesday morning. May 13, Winnifrbb McGurn, the beloved wife of John Lucie, a native of the parish of Klttubrlde. county Leltrlm, Ireland. The funeral will take place from her late resi dence, 221 West Fortieth street, at nine o'clock; from there to the Chnrch of the Holy Innocents, Thirty-seventh street, between Broadway and Sev enth avenue, where a solemn requiem high mass will be held for the repose of her soul. Lyons.?On Wednesday morning, May 14, at his residence In Seventy-llrst street, Thomas Lyons. in the 43d year oi his age. Notice or runeral hereafter. Macponouqh.?At Long Island City, on Tuesday, May 13, Sarah Macoonouuh, aged 61 years. Funeral service at the Hunter's Point Methodist Episcopal chnrch on Thursday, May 15, at liaU'-paat one o'clock P. M. Manning.?Suddenly, on Tuesday, May 13, Jambs N. Manning, iu the 42d year of his age. The relatives nntl friends or the family, also the members of Polar Star Lodge, No. 245, F. and A. M.. and Amerlcus Chapter, No. 215, R. A. M., are respectfully Invited to attend the luneral. rrom bis late residence, 825 West Twenty-sixth street, on Friday, at twelve o'clock. The remains wui be taken to Woodlawn for interment. Polar Star Lodge, No. 245, F. and A. M.? Brethren?You are hereby summoned to attend a special communication at the rooms, lis avenue D, on Friday, May 16, at eleven o'clock A. M., for the purpose or paving the last sad tribute or respect to our late worthy brother, James N. Manning. By order. G. A. PHELAN, M. M. Stewart. Secretary. Americuh chapter, No. 216, R. A. M.?The mem bers or this Chapter are requested to meet at the rooms of Polar Star Ledge, 118 avenue D. on Friday morning, Muy 10, at eleven o'clock, for the purpose of attending the funeral or our late companion, J. N. Manning. E. H. STODDKR, King. II. Clay Lanics, Secretary. Mayer.?On Tuesday evening, May 13. after a painiul illness, Philip A. Mayer, in the 57th year or his age. Notice of funeral hereafter. Albany papers please copy. Mead.?Suddenly, at Greenwich, Conn., ? o? Wednesday, May 14, Sanford Mead, aged 89 years. The relatives and friends ot the family are re spectfully invited to attend the runeral, from the Second Congregational church, Greenwich, on Prl day, May 16, at hall-past two o'clock P. M. Trains leave Grand Central Depot at 9:10 and 11:30 A. M.; returning, leave Greenwich at 4:19 and 0:50 P. M. Menken.?On Wednesday evening, May 14, Ga lathe, only daughter of Nathan D. and Sally Men ken, aged 15 months. The friends of the ramlly are Invited to attend the runeral, on Friday morning, May 10, at nine o'clock, at 28 East Sixtieth street. Movtagite.?on Tuesday, May 13, in Greenpoint. Frances Adeline, wile ot George B. Montague. Funeral services will be held at the house, 182){ Colyer street, at one P. M. to-day. The remains will be taken to Albany for interment. McGi'irb.?On Tuesday, May 13, 1873, Margrbtf McGl'ike, widow of Nicholas McGnire, native of parish oi Lavy, county Cavau, Ireland, In the 58th yeur or her ago. Relatives and friends or the ramlly are respect fully invited to attend the luneral, from her late residence, 381 Kast Fourth street, this (Thursday) afternoon, at two o'clock; thencc to Calvary Cemetery. Mi Kinney.?On Tuesday, May 13, after a linger ing Illness, John McKinney, in the 3lst year of his nge. The relatives and friends of the family, also those cf his brother, James McKinnev, are respectfuUy invited to attend his luneral, from his late resi dence, 124 Eld ridge street, on Thursday, May 15^ at two o'clock P. M. McMastbr.?At liallston, Saratoga county, N. Y., on Monday, May 12, Robert Pierson McMabteb, aged 66 years. Funeral at Ballston to-day (Thursday), at three o'clock P. M. New Orleans papers please copy. NARVK.SEN.?On Tuesday, May 13, Antoinettb, youngeflt daughter of Conrad and Catherine If. Narvesen, aged 12 years and 11 months. Relatives and friends are Invited to attend the funeral, which will take place rrom their residence, 225 119th street, this day (Thursday), at eleven o'clock A. M. Page.?IjCit the earthly tenement for the "Sum mer land." Sahka R. Page, aged 02 years. Services this (Thursday) morning, at ten o'clock, at the residence of Dr. William Osgood Page, H41 Sixth avenue. Pi Bins.?on Tuesday morning, May 13, Franky, son or George and Anna Pieris. The relatives and Mends or the ramlly are re spectfully Invited to atteud the funeral, rrom the residence or his parents. No. 0 West Thirteenth street, near Fifth avenue, tills (Thursday) after noon, at one o'clock. Poyntos.?On Tuesday. May in, after a short but severe Illness, Mrs. Jank POYKTON, widow ol John Poynton, aged 49 years. The relatives and friends of the ramlly are re spectinllv invited to attend the luneral, from her late residence, 610 Kast 119th street, Harlem, on Friday, loth Inst., at eleven o'clock A. M. Pratznf.r.?On Tuesday, May 13, of consump tion, William 11. Pratzner, a^ed 51 years. The relatives and friends of the deceased are respectlully invited to attend the luneial, rrom his late residence, 110 Leroy street, on Thursday afternoon, at one o'clock. Prenderoast.?On Tuesday, Mayl3, of Inflamma tion of the lungs, Thomas G.. only son ol Hubert T. and Ellen Prendergast, aged 1 year and 0 days. | The friends of the family are invited to attend the funeral, fiom the residence or his parents, 214 East Twenty-eighth street, on Thursday, May 15, at one o'clock. _ shitman. ?On Wednesday, May 14, Rnrus Shit man, aged 45 years. The relatives and mends or the family, also mem bers of A company, 127th Keglment, N. Y. S. V., are invited to atteud the funeral on Friday, from the Tremont Methodist Episcopal church. Train leaves Grand Central depot at one o'clock P. M. strong.?On Wednesday morning, May 14, Hon. Theron R. Strong, aged 70 years and 0 montns. Relatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral services, without rurther notice, at his late residence, 61 West Forty-sixth Btrcet, New York. city on Fridav afternoon next, at hall-past 'our. Thc'remains will Iks taken to Rochester for Inter UThorne.?On Wednesday, May 14, Jane Dobbs, wile or James H. Thome, in her 65th year. Friends and relatives are respectiully Invited to attend the runeral, from the residence of her son, Peter J. Thome, 323 Scherraerhorn street, Brook lyn on Friday siternoon, at three o'clock. The remains will bo taken to Dobbs' Ferry on Saturday morning. Vocght.?Suddenly, on Tuesday, May 13, Clabk M. Vouoht, aged 41 years, 6 months and 10 days. The relatives and irlends ol the family are re sport,fully invited to attend the funeral service, at his late residence, lfio Kast Twenty-seventh street, on Thursday evening, at eight o'clock. The re mains will be taken to Peeksklll on Friday lor in terment. ? i Wallace.?In Brooklyn, on Wednesday, 14th Inst., of consumption. Jambs w. Wallace, iu hia vattli year. The funeral will take place from his late resi dence, 151 W.yckoif street, at half-past nine o'clock on Friday morning, to St. Paul's Koinan Catholle church, Court street, where a solemn requiem mass will lie tjolebi ated lor the repose of his soul; thence to the Cemetery of the Holy Cross, Fiatbush. Ills friends are respectfully invited to attend. Worth!*.?At Bellcvue Hospital, Mrs. Mary WVttl'UKN. of heart dlseiuwk

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