Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 16, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 16, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. """wHOlK NO. 13,417. NEW YORK, FRIDAY, MAY 16, 1873.-TR1PLB SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. D KLC10RY FOR iDltBTiSEBSi AMUSEMENTS?Ninth Page?Fifth nni sixth column*. ASTROLOGY?Twelfth Pam-Thlril column. BILLIARDS?Ninth Pac;??Fifth coIuiiijl BOA RDERS WANTED?Nuuh Pag*?Hrst and sccond BOARIJa'n'd LODGING WANTED?Ninth Page?Sccond BB0OKLYNBEAL ESTATE FOR BALE?Second Page? First column. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES?Second Pace?Fourth column. BUSINESS NOTICtiS?Revkmtb Pace?Sixth column. CIGARS AND TOBACCO?Eighth Paoe?Sixth column. CITV REAL ESTATE FOR HALE?Second Page?First column. CLERKS AND SALESMEN?Twelfth Page?First col nmn. CLOTHING?Twelfth Pack?Sixth column. COACiniKN AND GARDENERS?Twelfth Pack?First Bii<] second columns. OOABTWISK BTEAMSuIPS?Second Pace? Fifth ami ?sixtli columns. COPARTNERSHIPS? EicnTn Page?Fifth column. UXiUN . BY HOARD?Ninth Pack?Second column. ?)IiNTISTRY?Fiiikt Page?Sixth column. DRY GOODS?First Page?Filth column. DWELLING HOUSES TO LET, FURNISHED AND UN FURNISHED?Ninth Page?Third column. EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS?Second Page?Fifth col umn. EUROPE?Eighth Page?Sixth column. EYES AND EARB?Eiohth Pack?Sixth column. EXCURSIONS?Second Page?Sixth col'iiun. FINANCIAL?Eighth Page?Fifth column. FOR SALE?PlBET Page?>ixlh column. FURNISHED ROOM i AND APARUIENTS TO LET? Ninth Page?Third nnd fourth column'. FURNITURE?Twelfth Page?Fourth column. HELP WANTED?HEM ALES?Eleventh Page?Fifth anil sixth columns. HELP WANTED?MALES?Twelfth Page?Second and third columns. HORSES, CARRIAGES, AC.?Finsr Page?Third, fourth and fifth columns. HOTELS?Ninth Page?Second column. HOUSES, ROOMS, AC., WANTED?Twelfth Pace? Third column. IN8TKUC HON?Ninth Page?Fourth column. JERSEY CITV, HOBOKKN, HUDSON CITY AND DER GEN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE?SEOO.HD Pace? Second column. LOAN OFi'ICES?Twelfth Page?Fourth column. LOST AND FOUND?Fmsr Page?First auJ second col umns. MACIII N i\RY?Fihit Page?Filth column. MARBLE MANTELS?Ninth Pagu-Fourth column. MEDICAL?Ninth Page?Sixth column. MILLINERY AND DREShMAlilNU?First Page?Fifth column. MISCELLANEOUS ADVF.RTISE.MENTS-Tenth Pagk Slxth column. MISCELLANEOUS?Twelitii Page?Fourth column. MUSICAL?Ninth Page?Sixth column. NEWSPAPERS?Ninth Page?Fourth column. PERSONAL?First Pace?First column. PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, AC.?Twelfth Page?Fourth column. PROPOSALS?Tweleth Page?Third column. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED-FKMALES Elkvknth Page?Fittli column. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR BALE OR TO RENT?Second Paoe?Second, third and toUrth columns. BEAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE?Seco>? Pack?Fourth column. REAL ESTATE WANTED? SecondPage?Fourth column. REWARDS?Fibst Page?Second column. SALES AT AUCTION?Twelfth Page?Fifth and sixth columns. SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES?Eleventh Page? First, second, third, fourth nnd tilth columns. SITUATIONS WANTED?MALES?Eleventh Page? Sixth column, and Twelfth Pack?First column. SPECIAL NOTICES?Fikst Pack?Second and third columns. SPORTING?DOQS, BIRDS, Ac.?Fibst Page?Third column. STORAOH?First Page?Sixth column. SUMMER RESORTS?Nintu Page?Second and third coiuinus. THE TRADES?Twflfth Page?Thirl column. THE TURF?First Page?Third column. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES?Nihth Page? Third column. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE?Second Paci ?Sixth column. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Ninth Pace? Fourth column. WANTED TO PURCHASE?Second Pack?Fourth col umn. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET?Second Page?First and second columns. YACHiS, .STEAMBOATS, AC.-Eighth Page?Sixth column. 11 KRAI I) BRAKCH OFKICF-UPTOWN, A DVERTISEMENTS FOB THE NEW YORK HERALD BECEIVED AT THE BRANCH OFFICE, 1,265 BROADWAY. west SIDE, BETWEEN HURTY-FIRST AND THIRTY SECOND streets. advertisements ARK RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M. TILL 9 P. M. ON WEEK days (SUNDAYS, 2 TILL 9 P. If.),AT OFFICE RATES. NO EXTRA CIIAROK OF ANY kind. PAR 18 AGENCY OF THE NEW YORK HERALD. ? ^JESSRS. KltEMER & CO., AMERICAN REGISTER, HAVE BEEN appointed PARIS AOENTS FOR THE NEW york HERALD. they WILL SUPPLY deal ERS WITH COPIES OF THE HERALD, AND also SINGLE NUMBERS OF this paper TO PARTIES REQUIRING TIIEM. PERSONAL. A P. B. CAN KIND KB AT MY OLD RESIDENCE, . won Ttrenty-llfth ttmL Mrs. KATE WOOD. ABBTHDBA?ABOYLB MATINEE to-morrow AF ternoon. Don't disappoint. ALPHKU8. ADA-I MAILED A LETTER TO YOU WEDNESDAY evening, but think it has not been received by you. Plense inquire particularly Blonde?iiavf. met you twice at corner of Thirtv-flrst strcol and Broadway. If you wish to meet me g'ivo addres< and something to show that you wish to see mo. Address MODOC, Herald olllcc. DU S. 0.?"ELLE VOUS SUIT PABTOUT." OU es tu ? OSCAR. c. I> D O.?CALL FOR LETTER THIS MORNING AT stAtlon O, 735 Seventh avenue. RY GOODS?I PREFER, OF ALL THE COLORS OF the samples of dress sage green. L. A. D. TjlULTON FERRY STACJE, FROM FERRY YESTER JP day. Lady In corner ^vho noticed gentleman with light overcoat, who got out nt Franklin street, it' agree able, address B. B. ?., Herald Uptown Branch office. Fanxie, who cheered me in my lonely hour?, when war's rude hand swept o'er our land, is not forgotten; some day I would like to see you. May II If so, address O'URADY, Herald office. RANK P. BLEAKNEY-COME HOME; L. G. WANTS pRAJ G W. B.-RETURN immeditely, ALL WILL BE forgiven. HOW CAN THE GENTLEMAN GET THE LETTER (which he carried in his bond two attcrnoons) t.> the lady nt the C House? Plcaso address LETTER, Herald office. Information WANTED?OF JOHN PAULS (GER man by blnh), who lived in Staten Island, and left it on the 22d of last month. Any person knowing his where abouts will please 6end his address to JANE CONNORS, 61 Washington street, New- York. INFORMATION WANTED-OF ALICE MURPHY, WHO arrived in New York about two months ago. Any in formation will tie thankfully received by ner lather, THOMAS MURPHY, 411 I'earl stroot, New York. LA. D.?WHETHER 'TIS OR 'TISN'T A SAMPLE . ot what was stepped on corner Broadway and Ninth street, ten days ago, has not been tested yet Ad dress DRY <iOODS, box 144 lleruld Uptown Branch office. ? AULINE.-I COULD NOT FIND YOU AT THE B. Mouse. Send your address or call and see mo. C. 1HK MARBLE HAND THAT HOLDS THE BOUQUET Trom the fourth story window opposite Union >ague Club, answer through Personals wlitn anJ where Pauline, twknty-eiohth street.?did you forget me entirely? It not, please write to FRIENO, Herald office. Richard kmith-you did not keep the ap pointment. When and where shall 1 gee yoa ? Answer as before or In l*ersouals. TOLEDO CITY BONDS. Tambourines-write or telegraph me, Hoffman House, what time Saturday, Monday or Tuesday. TAMBOURINES. V we will meet. 2. FI.IRT1NU. Thursday, 4:?-two ferries.-w? car?all. Please appoint interview. It is important I should fee yon soon as possible. Discretion shall prevail. Black throughout. First In G?d, last at F?n. Do not delay. vra1ment, Herald office. UNKNOWN.?THIRTY-FOURTH 8TRBET. CREAM color shawl, about Ave o'clock. Address charley, box 120 Herald office. WILL THE TOUNO LADY IN COACH ON BROAD wav, near Warren strpet, who noticed gentleman walking ap, at 2K P. M , yesterday, address NED, Herald office f 6TH AVENUE CAR, YESTERDAY. NOON.-YOUNO lady getting off atFlfty-sixth street; noblllly of mind formed in beauty; I beg your pardon. Address A., bo* 101 Herald office. lost am> fdvnd. ?,tOUM>?A FOC KIT BOOK, CONTAINING MONET, which the owner can have bv proving property and paying for this advertisement Applv at 0J South street, second floor. Found?in store of ar.vold, constable a CO., Broadway and Nineteenth street, a I'ur.-e. contain ing sum of money, which the owner csn have by proving property end psying advertisement. LOST-A promissory NOTE FOR $1.243 04. DATED April 10; tour months: made by Hueh?Lrickey in favor of Nicholas Kane, and endorsed bv the laltcr As payment of same hssbeen stopped it Is of no value ei ?ept to the owner. By returning it ton Peck slip Uio Under will receive a reward. JOsT-ON THE ISril INST., A tan COLORED J Scotch Terrier; answers to the nam" or Nellie. $10 reward will be paid for Its return to 137 Ea?i iweni/ elirhrh street. liOST Aim POVND. IOST-DIAMOND PIN ; SMALL STONE; A LIBERAL J roWKi'd will I.a pall anil no questions asked. Ad ?tresis, appointing hu interview, room 532 OrtuJ Central Hotel. 1O8T-A CHECK OX CllBMICAL bank. DRAWN BY J Jmnes Conway to the oriler of W..'| J. Shane for ?73939, payment ol which baa been-topped at Bank. Please ini|Uiru of WM. A. CUNWAT,SB Barclay street. Tost?in landing at crxAitn dock, wednes J day evening a histek nicroceo Travelling Ban. with own -r's n;in? attached liy ticket. A liberal reward will be paid lor its return to 119 Fifth avenue. I(>8T-aOIN<i THKOC .H FIFTEENTH street, CP I Sixth avenue to Twenty-third street, a large I'.ubbor Pin, with chain attached Whoever will return to 161 West Fifteenth street will be rewarded. It was valued by the o\v ncr, hi it belonged to a deceased relative. ]OST?ON MONDAY N1UIIT last, A 16-FOOT FOUR J oared Rowboat, painted lea J color; no brand. All expenses will be paid by returning to, or giving notice of wbere ?he may be found, JOHN MllKPHY, Boat Builder, toot West Forty-ninth street, Norm Blver. T OST-ON NEW HAVEN RAILROAD. MAY 10. A J j Pocketboo!:, con' a small amount of money and a pair of earrings an old fauillv keepsake. A liberal reward will bo pa> l on returning the earrings to Miss NICHOLS, 1,235 Broadway. - LO.-T, A CANARY BIRD, WITn YELLOW AND black leathers; $10 reward. 11 Ludlow street, third lloor. ? IOST-A YAWL BOAP, TOOM SLOOP NORTHERN J Light, lying at Governor's Island; said yawl had nnw stern, paiuted wliito. A liberal reward will be paid lor her recovery on applioatiou t > C. L. HATCH. 2J South sircct, or Captain YoUNG, nt Governor's Island. KKWAKPS. <S}k REWARD.?LOST, ON WEDNESDAY NIGHT, IN ipO a Third avenue car, a ne v tfclk Umbrella. The aliovo reward will bo paid tor its return to 474*? Broad war, up stairs. _ _ dfrQA UKWARD FOR TH* RETURN OF AN ENGLISH JjpZiU Greyhound (femnto), mouse color, with gray nose. No. 8 Wo?t Nineteenth street. ^ SPKClAJj MUTICKS. A MEETING OF REAL ESTATE MEN' AND OTHERS Interested will be held at tho oftlee of John McOlave, No. 1 Pine street, .Saturday next, at three o'clock, to take measures to urge the passage of the bill for the building ot a railroad for rapid transit, as a city worK. this being now believed to be the only measure that offer* .inv as surance of ?vor settling the great 'question of rapid tran sit in Now York. A -HERALD BRANCH OFFICE. BROOKLYN-, ? corner of Fulton avenue and iioertnn street. Open troni h A. M. to 9 P. M. On Sunday rrotnMtotfP. M. SIIEAP transportation.?THE PROBLEM WOULD be solved it lighter U>co:noth es could draw more cctually and on heavier grades. A civil engineer thinks he has the solution by causing the driving wheels to turn round a point whloh 1* not their centre, and giv ing the rail an cnicyclolau form. Tho driving wheels are acting then like c.itM. Capital solicited. Address CH. J. QCETIL, C. E? Bergen, N. J. D RESSMAKINO. ECONOMY, FROMPTKE8S AND PERFECT FIT. Messrs. LOUD A TAYLOR, to proro that RETRENCH MENT is possible, have so arranged Ihrtr Dressmaking Department that ECONOMY In material and trimming is particularly studied In every detail, and they are now furnishing Dresses nt a MCCH LESS PRICE than the cost of imported garment*, while for STYLE, FIT and OENKltAL MAKE UP they are every way equal to the finest Parisian manufacture. the. IMMENSE INCREASE of ordors during the past mouth prevented cur usual promptness; but now, with extended facilities and the complete reorganization 01 tho department, we can safely GUARANTEE ALL ORDERS AT THE TIME AGREED, and as to FIT and PRICE defy competition, LO?D .t TAYLOR, Broadway and Twentieth street. DIXON'S STEAM ICE CREAM MANUFACTORY, MQ Bleecker st.?Responsible parties can get the agency of Uixnn's celebrated Ice Cream In neighboring cities and towns. In LECTION.?NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT AN 'J election will tie held at the oftlee of the New York Bridge Company, No. <!1 Water street, in the city of Brooklyn, on Monday, the 2d day ot June next, nt 12 o'clock! noon ot that day. tor flttcen directors of said companv, for the then ensuing year, and for two Inspec tors of election for lh74. The transfer boolts will be closed from Mav 3 to June 3,1S73. Dated May J. 1*73. HENRY 0. MURPHY, President. O. P. QpiNTAMn, Secretary. Havana and kentucky lottekieh.-prizes cashed; circulars sent free. JOSEPH BATES A CO., 71 Broadway, New York, room 31, first floor. NO. 3.?IRISH LIGHTHOUSES. Notice to mariners. South XVklow lightship, Tuscar Rock, Fastn*t, Rrnah. or North Arran island, G? way Hay andItUlraliull. Cot? of Ireland. Increased speed of revolution. Office or Irish Lights. April 3, 1 873. The Commissioners of Irish Lights hereby give notice that, on the evening of Monday, the Suth June, 1878, the following increased speod ol the revolution of tho undermentioned lightship and lighthouse* will take place :? South Arklow Lightship, which marks the south end of the Arklow Hunk, on the southca.-t coast of Ireland, will be chanced from a bright revolving light every minute to a britfnt revolving light every half minu'e. Tnskar Roek Lighthouse, off tne southeast coast of Ire land, county Wexford.?Tho revolution ot th.s light will ue altered Irorn two minutes to one minute. Fastnet Kock Lighthouse. otl the southwest coast of Ireland, county Cork, will he changed from a white revolving light every two minutes to a white revolving light every minute. Kragh, or the North Arran Island Lighthouse, at the entrance ot Oalway Bay, west coast of Ireland, county Qalway, will I e altered from a white revolving Uptit every three minutes lo a whito revolving light every minute. Inishtrahull Light, off tho north coast of Ireland, county Donegal, will he altered iroin a white revolving light every two minutes to a white revolving light every minute. By order, WILLIAM LEKS, Secretary, XTOSE MACHINE.?A CONTRIVANCE, WHICH AP IN idled to the nose tor nil hour dally, so directs th<> soft cartilage ot which tho member consists an ill-form ed nose is quickly shaped to perfection. Sent bv pattern, post. lor $3. ALEXANDER ROSS, 248 High Holborn, London. OFFICE OK PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSUIP COMPANY, 53 and 61 Wall street Nkw York, Mav 14, 1873. TWENTY-SIXTH ANNlAL ELECTION. Notice is hereby given that an election for nine Direct ors ofthe Pacltlc Mail Steamship Company will bo held nt the company's ofhco, 69 and til Wall street, on Wednes day, May 28, lifrS, between Ihe hours of 12 M. and 2 P. M. The transfer books will be closed, preparatory to said election, Mondav, Mav 19, at 1 P. M., and reopened Thurs day, May 29, at 10 A. ft. By order ofthe Hoard. THEODORE T. JOHNSON, Secretary. OFFICIAL DRAWINGS KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERIES. *ENTL'CET?EXTRA CLASS NO. 320? MAT 18, IS7T 33, 22, 21), IS, 64. 31, 63, ?8, 42, 45, 67, 54, 38 KKXTUCKY?CLASH SO. 330?MAV 1.1, 1873. 33, 49, IS, 19. 76, 8. 57. 65, 71, 74, 17. 6?. PC. 59. SIMMONS A CO., Managers, Covington, Ky. SIIFLBT COLLI-CE?FXTKA CLASS NO. i-29? MAT 15, 1S7X 64, 74, 60, 71, r>9, 66, 44, 35, 5, 20, 28, 14. 6L SHKMIT C0LI.FGK? CLASS *0. 230?MAT 15, 1873. 7, 29, 12, 70, 8. 51, 30. 33, 18, 75, 69, 36, 10, 65. SMITH A CO., Managers, Covington, Ky. J. CLl'TE, Broker, 206 Broadwuy. Post office box 4,9C9._ OFFICIAL DRAWING NORTH CAROLINA LOTTERY. EXTRA CLASS NO. 48?MAT 15, 1873. 63, 15. SI, 43, 20, 21, 26, 9, 65, 2, 40, 13. 66. NORTH CAROLINA?CLASS !?0. 44?HAT 15, 1873. 22, 10, 47, 46, 73, 3, S3, 49, 61. 71, !>9. 1, 32, 74. QERKEN A CO., Managers. LT'TnY A CO., Brokers 2. 4 Greenwich street, N. Y. lOYAL HAVANA LOTTERY OF CUBA.-PROS i pectus for 1*73 now ready. Address GEORGE CP HAM, No. 9 Weyboswt streot. Providence, K. i. Royal Havana lottery, ?german state lot terles. Send for circulars R1TTER A t 0? Post otllee box 3,836. 86 Nassau street, room 4. "OYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. Roval Faxon Government Lottery. Brunswick Government lottery. City of Hamburg Lottery. Prizes cashcd and information^. Post office box 6.080. 116 IWWWW Wit SOUTH CAROLINA LOTTERY GRANT FOR FREE School Fund?Perpetual. Class 105-21, 42, 66. L 22. 17. S8. 3, 51, 27. 28, 74. Class 10ft?Ti2, 46, 53. 68. 43, 24. 69, 17. 78. 72, .16. COLE A Co., Proprietors. Sew York Post offlet box 3,855. Charleston, S. C., May 16, 1873. QTATF. RIGHTS IN A NEW PATENT, SUPPLYING A D special want.?We invite and request thorough in realisation. Coine and examine it. _ F. M ASCII A, 162 Broadway, room 9. Rc T UE DAILY GRAPHIC TO-DAT WILL CONTAIN, among other subjects, the following Illustrations: I. Cartoon?a Page flrom Nixon's nistory?"The Bill Poster's I?ream." II. Portrait of non. Edwards Plcrrepont, our new Minister to Russia. RiverTbe Runain< Down ot the Tug Hope in the East IV. Vivid Sketches of the Luslgnani Execution, In cluding? SI E?rt?Mt Of Luslgnani Counting His Beads. > The Commission ofthe Crime. i The Prisoner In Hid Cell (4.) Luslgnani Led to the Gallows. (5.) The Last Moments of Lusignanf V. Sketches of the Old BradhurU Mansion, Washington Heights. Owing |o the Increased orders already received for to day's paper, taxing our facilities to the utmost capacity, we shall publish an eirly morning edition. ritHh LOST CAUSE, EVENING STAR, "LOCH TAY~ 1 Off Scarboro, and all other first class Chromos In massive gold frames; Goorge Washington, Martha Wash lacton, Grant. Lee, btonowall Jackon, John Wesley and other celebrities, In oval gold frames, on easy instal ments or cash. Agents wanted everywhere. 83 Nassau street, room 16. Trusses.-a physician,with thorouoh ksowl edge of Hernia and applying trusses, Is open to an engagement with some good truss company. Address M. 0 , n?i aid Uptown Branch office. ?\lTOK RING men'S FRKE MASS MEETING, AT Vr Cooper Institute, Haturday evening. May 17. All who desire rapid transit, chcap huaies aud cheap food are invited. SPKCIAJillOl'lfKII. ls DltAWN MAT IN TUB LKGAI> ?p?iOu.t>Oi7 Inxt Kentucky Irf>ttl>rv. RovhI Ha vana anil Kentucky Circular* iree 12V:. commission allowed. Address BALKY * CO. tofhcc established 31) years), 174 Bread* ay. SPOK'l ING?IMUiS, I.IKDR, AC. A -POB SALE, A Li, KINDS OF FANCY DOOM, .1 ? Birds, 4i-.; Medlein'-s tor nil diseases; Prepared Fond. for mocking birds. At B. G. DOYEY'8, No. i Greene street near C.tnal. THB Tftr, DKKRFOOT DRIVING FARE.?ON WEDNESDAY, Nay 21, lij73. fur1*?! of $200, tor horses thai never brat2:4tl; >12Slo first, $53 to second. $:'4 to third; also a purse of ill*i for liorsas U?nt ue vt-.r Ivat S minutes, Jfio to nrst, tsntofarond. $iu to tnira;to close on Saturday, May 17. <U9 P. M , at John-ion's saloon, Twenty-eighth strnetanrt Broadway. IVN MpMAHOIf, Superintendent. C1UANII RUNNING RACE. AT TUB CLUB GROUNDS, X NewUorp. B. I.. M.iv 17, 18^8.?Parties wishing to roaoli the grounds will leave New York with the one o'clock boat. StagP'; will ho at the New I'orp depot to convey paw>cngor? to the race eonrse. D. R. KYERs, Proprietor. HOU^liS, CAKUIAGB5, CC. At auction, this day. by WILLIAM van TAtiSBLL, AUCTIONEER (SUCCESSOR TO JOHNSTON A VAN TVSriliLL). HOUSE AN1) CARRIAGE AUCTION MART Ho. 112 AND 114 EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, NEAR Fourth avenue. REGULAR SALES OK HORSES AND CV RRI AGES EVERY TUESDAY AND Kit I DAY. Twenty lour to forty-eight hours given purchaser* to tost w urrantees. CATALOGUE OF THIS DAY'S (FRIDAY'S) SALE. AT 12 O'CLOCK. TROTTINO MARE.-CHESTNUT TROTTING MARK Lady Dueling, sired by Urok<:n Legged Hunter, dam a thoroughbred mure; to IS** hands high rt years old: hind and trim in all harness, IVee iroin vice, trick or fault; she la one ol the Hues! trotting mures to be found; can trot eight heats hotter than 2 M, and is wurrantod to show 2:45 or no sale ; lias grejt endurance; fears nothing; can be driven uy aTady, nnd \\ arr.mtej, kind and triu'. TROTTINO TEAM.?GRAY TROTTINO MARE KITTY Clyde,15^ hands high. 8years old; kind and true In all harness; iree from vice or lault: this is in every respect a vory superior mare, sue trotted lust season at jirlvate trial In 2:37, and was driven by a lady a mile In 2:15; .-.he Is warranted to show 2:5\1 or no sale; an oxtra fine driver; lears nothing, and warranted sound, kind and true, lliesu two marcs have been used as u teniu and can trot in 2;5d together. HARNESS.?FINE SET DOUBLE HARNESS, MADE BY Cumpbcll. ROAD WAGON.?TOP WAGON. WITH POLE AND Shalts, built by Duseubury A Van Duser. SPEED, SPEED,?BROWN TROTTING MAKE, SIRED by the Itui-ton Horse, he by Royal George; dam a Tlppo mare; l.r>l4 bands high, C years old ; kind un.l true in all harness; free from vice ; can trot in 2:5i) any duy und in2:45 when in condition: has never been handled, hut promises great speed; perfectly gentle, aa.l warranted sound, kind and into. BROWN HOUSE.-BROWN HORSH, SIRED 3Y THE Burton horse, he by Royai Oeorgo, dam a Lippo maro: lft'4 hands nigh, 0 years old. kind und true In all harness, froc from vice or fault, a superior roadster; trots in 2:50: a splendid driver, single or double, and warranted sound, kind and true. This horse and the mare tire lull brother and slater, and have been driven together, and are a superior road team. HARNESS.?SET SINGLE HARNESS AND ROAD WAGON.?TOP ROAD WAGON, BUILT BY DU aenhury A Van Duser. FAMILY HORSE.?BROWN HORSE, 15H HANDS HIGH, 8years old -, kind and true In all harness; excellent under saddle; free, from vice or fault; trots In three minutes; fears nothing; con he driven by a lady, and one of the ilnest horses tor family driving In the city -, warranted sound. Tho above hor. es and carriages are the property of a private gentleman who Is about leaving tor Europe, and are to be absolutely sold without reserve. ELEGANT TEAM BAY HORSES, 15t? HANDS HIGH, 8 years old ; kind and true in all harness; free trom vice; fast travellers; fl-e'e and stylish driver*; arc in every respect a llrst class carriage team, and are sound, kind and true; sold to pa*- advance and keep; also set fine doub'c Harness, made by Gra ham, and I'AitK PHAETON, IN OOOD ORDER. TEAM BROWN HORSES, 15K HANDS HIGH. 9 YEARS old: kind nnd true lu ail harness; free from vice; good travellers an I a periectly safe and reliable family team; also set Harness, Ac. VICTORIA BRETT, VERY LIGHT. CROSS MATCHED TEAM BAY AND BLACK HORSES, 15'j hand t high, 8 and 9 years old ; kind and true in all harness; free from vice; good travellers; tine stvlish drivers; have been used as a private car riage team; also s.-t Harness and COUPE IN GOOD ORDER. BLACK HORSE, SIRED BY VERMONT BLACK Ilowk, dam a Messenger mare, 1SK hinds high,# y<ars old ; kind and true in all hurnesw; tVee from vice; trots clo?? to S minutes, a very promising young horse, and with little handling will make a superior roadster; warranted sound; also set Har ness and STIVERS ROAD WAGON, NEARLY NEW. BROWN HORSE, lfli; HANDS HIliU, 7 YEARS OLD; kind and true in all harness; Iree froin vice; a good traveller; free and stylish driver; sound, kind and ONE-HALF LANDAULET, NEARLY NEW. BAY HORSE, 15?-4 HANDS HIGH, 0 YEARS OLD; KIND and true in all harness, free from vice; a good trav eller and warranted sound, kind nnd trii". ROAD WAGON, IN PERFECT ORDER; BUILT BY Dubois. BAY MARE. 13?a HANDS HIGH; 7 YEARS OLD; KIND and true in all haruaar: free from vice, and a good worker. Several other Work Horse p. Description timo of salo. Two Half-spring Carts and Express Wagon. TOP WAGON, fit ILT BY Da* A SON. IIOAD WAGON, BUILT BY S'ilVEItS. THREE NO-TOP WAGONS. THREE TOP WAGONS, NEARLY NEW. Exprt s.s Wagon on Platform Springs. Harness. Saddles, Whins, Ac Weather never interferes with our sales. A?N. V. SALES AX1) carriage ropository, ?.i!t AND Sll FOURTH AVENUE. CAlf ULV.OK8, HARNESS, BLANK UTS, A<\, ALWAYS OX HAND AT PRIVATE SALE. RICHARD M.-tll M.onni, PROPRIETOR. ALLEN H. MINER 4 BRO.. AUCTIONEERS. Sales of Horses, Carriages, Ac., Thursday of each week. Entile? of articles tor auction can be made at repository an al>ove or salesroomsof Auctioneer*. OS Chambers street. LIBERAL ADVANCES M.YDl', ON CONSIGNMENTS. ^ THE "BREWSTER W AGON," A. In all weight1*, for pU-i%surn driving or speeding, exquisitely finished. and embracing in their construction the various Improve ments introduced by us during the past IS years, making them the standard for Quality throughout the United States. These wagons are exclusively the production of our well-known Broome street factory, and .'ire offered In stock in all respects equal in quality to those built to the order ot the most valued customer, aud at prices uniform to all. In order that we may not he confounded ** tth a Joint stock company of carriage dealers who have adopted* firm name similar to our own. and impudently claim the reputation we have made (or tbe "Brewster Wagon," we beg the public will remember that our only wurerooms arc at the corner of Fifth avenue and Fourteenth street, aud our only Faciary on Broome streot. BREWSTER k CO., ol Broome street. At baRker a chase'h crrv AUCTION MART AND NEW YORK tatter. BALLS. corner ot Broadway and Thlrtr-ninth street, MAJOR C. W. BARKER, Auctioneer. Regular sales of Horses, Carriages, Ac., EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY, AT ELEVEN O'CLOCK. Gentlemen's private Establishment* disposed of at pub lic or private sain to the best advantage, and a general assortment of everything in the Horse line always on hand at private sale. Twenty-four hours allowed for trial on every horse sold under warranty. This is tlx: only Mart In the State having the proper facilities tor showing horses on sale, viz., a large Driving Ring, entirely undercover. Superior stabling for horses on sale. Ouisldc sales solicited and proinptlv attended to. Special attention paid to sales ot Furniture at private reiifdon<:e?. MAJOR C. w. BARKER, New York, ; ?rnn-i??nr? L. C. CHASE, Baston, I 1 r?Prle<or? LOT OF TOP BUGGIES. ROAD WAGONS, EX. press, Grocery and light Busim ->? Wagons; also a second bund top Bilgzv, cheap. 34H West Twenty-seventh street, betw een Eighth and Ninth art nues. A A ?LIGHT CARRIAGES AND HARNESS. No. 8 Cortlandt streer. near Broadway, the place w iioie goods are honestly represented. No fancy prices, no Broadway expenses; no "time" debts to make up. Terms cash only. Pony Phaetons a specialty; 25 different styles. Carriages of all kinds built to order and warranted. Alien. JOHNSTON, No. 9 Cortlandt, near Broadway. At. demarest a co., ? 628 and 680 Broadway. off. r at genuine bargains their Immense stock of fine Carriages, new styles, just finished tor the Spring trade. Elegant Landau'ettes, five fixes, Landaus, lour sizes. Plattorin and "C" spring Brett*. Platform and "0" spring six-',eat tainlly Rockaways. Five new styles of Victorias. Park Phaetons. Pony Phaetons, ou platform "C," two and three springs. Oentfeiren's Depot Wagons. Fine stock of T Carts and Dog CurtSL A FULL ASSORTMENT OF POPULAR LANDAUS. Landaulcts, Ham's patent Coupe Bockaways and Phaetons; searonable Carriages 9U per cent less than Broadway or Fifth avenue stores. _______ _H AM, 10 East Fourth street. A FINE RLOODED KENTUCKY MARE.?DARK bav, with black poiots; a stylish driver; for sale cheap tor want ot use. J. NEIL, Third avenue, corner llltli street AT REDUCED FIGURES?THE FINEST ASSORT ment of Phaetons. Rockaways, Depot Wagons, I'ony Phaetons, Top and Road Wagons, Ac. WEST SIDE CAR RIAGE REPOSITORY, 1,4Wand 1,408Broadway, between Forty-fourth and Forty-flftB streets. A FEW PCLLBLOODED ALDl'KN K V AND AYR shire Cows (or'sale, very cheap; also, one imported Ayrshire Bull. Inquire of WILLIAM WA'l SON, 19 Frank lin street

At lower prices than ever before of fered, our Immense stock Carriage", comprising cverv seasonable styla family Carriage* hiiiI lliflit Wac ons, 'new and second baud; several slightly damaged; aim. IANUFACTURERS' UNION, 6SS Broadvay. A BROWN MARE. 15 HANDS, 6 YEARS OLD; BAS ket Phaeton, Harness. Ac. ; have heon used by a lady and children ; sold separately. Thirty-eighth street and Seventh evenoe. A -NOVELTY-HAM'S NF.W DESIGN-A.?T CARTS ? for gentleman's driving; door ou ?ide; full back lady's seat aud etira servant's -cat iiAM d, loE^st FaurJiaireet. HOR9KCP, CARRIAGB0. A?'. A great, important, special AN1> PKREMP TORY SALR I>K KI.K.JANT BLOODED IIORKKS, I'ARHIAOES. WAGONS, DOUBLE AMI SINULE HAR NESS. AC. THE FINEST AND MOST ATTRACTIVE SALE Of TUB SEASON. Consisting ol all the tine blooded stock of Alfred B. McCliino A Brother, who on Hccount of ill health are obliged to go abroad mi.I sell their entire* took. ON FHIDAY (THIS DAY), MAY 18IH, AT STABLE NO. 48 ftKEAT JONES STREET, where they have been removed lor convenience of ?nle, AT 10^ O'CLOCK, PROMPT, john D. HAMLIN, AUCTIONKER. Eleirant team ot rich Hnv Kentucky bred Coach or family Horses, Iti hands hlirli full, and 6 years old ; tor aiyle, svtaruo'iv and line anprarunco nave tew superiors. Are rtne travellers anil nr.' warranted sound an.l kind. Thla In the richest coach team in the ritv. Team of Trotters. 15L bauds high, ti' and 7 veara old, dapple gray und b.'ood bay. Are known an the McClan team. The one hor.-c, known is the Hold's Colt, lias a record ot 2 :42. Ills mato has no record, and can trot the Field'* Colt They can best 2:.'-0 to aether or atopic; are extra Cue drivers, rapid and aliarp. stylish and tine and the tlaest gentleman's read team on road, and are seldom beat. Are warranted sound and kind. Elegant brown Horse, tired bv Iron Duke, 15,S, hands high. ti years old; has never been trained; Is tine salted, gentle and tiniiubl"'; promises well and his noble quali ties ml style and gentleness made him a pet In the tarn ily by the ladies, by whom he has been used. Is war ranted aottnd and km J. Handsome bay children's Pony and *iet, 12 l ands high, "years old; sale for any child to ride or drive; is per fectly amiable and know* us much as an ordinary driver; is no doJ.;or or shyer; perfectly broken to all harness and warranted sound an.l kind; is a perfect picture. Also the eleuKiitfast chestnut trotting Horse CHARLES DICKENS, 151, high. 7 years old; sired bv Major Win fleld. dam by American Star ; is one ol the lluust-.-tyled, richest and ilucst-iouted trotters on road; tree, ea>y and Rlca.<uut driver and can beat 2 :4m, and the finest wagon or?e in the State; is warranted miuiiiI, kind and pertect. Also the elegant and fast trot Unit chestnut Mare, LADY CECIL, lo'j hands high, 7 years old; ivu raised on East ern Shore of Maryland, and is nearly thoroughbred and one ol the flne-t road inures ever dri 'en ; she has a record of S:'JS: can heal a tfOor no .;ale, au.I is safe and pleasant lb;- the most timid to drive ; and Is warranted sound and kind. ANo an elegant brown Pony Horse, 15 hands high, G I rears old; extra stylish and high head; 1ms been driven by ladles to pon> nbneton; tears nothing; will travel In S;10, and l? s> iHible, strung, handsome and reliable; and warranted sound and kind. I Also one eleirant tour wheeled Dog Cart, by Brewster; I one fine Phaeton, by Miner A Stevens; two Road Wajons, ! by Brewster, of Broome street; one Pony Phaeton, one j Top M'a. <M by Stivers; two sets ot Double Harness, by Dunscomti; three setsot single Blanket*. Robes, Ac. The whole comprising as tine stock as were cverofTered, and are now only offered lor sale by reason ot ill health of proaent owners, gentlemen whose rauresenta lions can he relied upon and w ho may be referred to. sale positixe. No limits or by bidding. All will bo sold to the highest bidder and ample time given for trial, proot and examination to prove the correctness ol the representation. sale positive, rain or shino. N. II.?Anv gentleman wishing a first class coach team, all right' a trotting team, first class; a gentleman's driv ing horse or a family horse, should attend this sale, as such an opportunity seldom occur*. Auction house ok arch. JOHNSTON late Johnston and Van Tassel), OFFICE AND salesroom, OLD STAND, 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post office. THE HORSE AUCTION BRANCH OF THE HOUSE IS KSMOVED TO THE SPACIOUS PREMISES 19, 21. M and '?> EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, between Fifth avenue anil University place. The business will be conducted on precisely the same strict ant! honorable principles which lia\e alwav s char acterised the dealings of our hotiRC and won the respect nnd contldcnoe ot the business community, as well as the public at large. WE GIVE THE PURCHASER OF EVERY HORSE 24 HOURS TO THREE DAYS FOR 'I RIAL Entries for sale* can be made either at our downtown house or at the Branch Mari as above. REGULAR SALES TWICE A WEEK THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. NEXT SALE TO-MORKOW (SATURDAY), AT 12 O'CLOCK. Catalogues early In the inorntiit?. Arch. Johnston, auctioneer. Office and salesroom, 37 Nassau > treet. Horse auction branch, 19 to 25 East Thirteenth street, Carriage repository, No. HCortluudt street. ARCH. JOHNSTON WILL SELL, ON THIS DAY (Friday), Mav 10, at 10*$ o'clock, at his salesroom, '.'<7 Nassau street, by order of assignee lit bankruptcy. ONE LAliUK DOUBLE DOOR HERRING SAt'E, TWO large Letter Ureases with Stands, Hand Truck, Ac.; also large assortment Household and office Furniture. At PRIVATE SALE. I second hand Coupes. I Po?? Brewster Top Biitfgy. I Express Wuirons. Rooks wavs and Depot Wantons. I Victoria and Brett NEW YdRK balks and carriaoe repository, Twenty fifth street, corner Fourth avenue. A PONY l'UAETON, $1(15; DO., 8115; DO,. $135; TOP, $150; top Wagon, $150; nockawav, >1 '5; dig, $40; top wagon, $40; open, $25; B<) sets Harness. 1,430 Broadway, corner Forty first Street AT slater k SOAMMON'H STABLE, 103 FORTIETH street, near Sixth avenue, new top Wauon, ct.s: $100, will sell tor $200: must be sold this week. Arm pony, if, hands iii?jTf. kind and ami ne ; suitable tor ladles, riding or driving; 7 years old ; M?uml. Apply at 20 Wooster street. A A FINK ASSORTMENT OF PONV PHAETONS. BAS ket nnd panel, open n:nl tops, at low prlcos; Wagon ?ttt, 8 passenger extension top Park Pimutotis; several Bockaways, suitabln tor the country, second hand; sev eral top and open Itond Wagons, by bust citv makers, second hand; 1 Laudau. hy Lawrence, tine" order; 1 Coupe, Harness, Sheet*, Blankets, Ac. WILLIAM H. URAY, 20 ami 22 Wooster .street. A LAMS ASSORTMENT OF Ni;W AND SECOND h.inil Carriages, family Korku way*, ton ami open Buggies. Poti> Phaetons, Grocers' and Business Wagons at greatly reduced prices. Fulton aTenue and Nevlns street, Brooklyn. ALAaOE LOT OF FAMILY CARRIAGES, rock . awnvs, Buggies, Park and Pony Phaotona; depot, express and business Wagons; cheapest place in tlie city. 141 West Broadway, near Canal street. A?T CART, BAROUCHE, VICTORIAS, PHAETONS, . four and two seated, $/ftj top Buggies, cheapest in city, 14t3 and I4S Kldridge street, near Grand street and Bowery. DAV A son. GENTLEMAN GOING TO EC ROPE WISHES TO dispose ol his Landuulet, bv Wood Brothers; used one year, arid fine pair oi sorrel Horses. TKANfiV's stable, 41 West Forty-third street. A PONY WANTED?FOR A BOY, 801'ND, GENTLE and handsome, about 13 han<ls; Phaeton or Dog Cart, Harness aud Saddlo. Address, with lowest price and Mill description, JAMBS, 28 Weft Forty-seventh at. A -FIVE HORSES, LEFT OF A DROVE; ADAPTED . for working purposes; must be sold this day. as the ov ncr must lcavo the city. Call at It# Washington st. A TEAM OF CARRIAGE OR FAMILY HORSES, chcs.iiut, long tail-, sound and kind, stylish step pers, pony bnilt, 7 and 8, I5<< hands. Price ##00 MT Newark avenue, Jersey City. JITMi'-SF.AT BU<JGV. ONli~lf6u CART, TWO glass Quarter Conches, one Clarence, one now Doc tor's Carriage, one Coupe, one l!ght Grocer'!. Wagon, two Rretts, one Phaeton and twenty other second hull 1 Car ria,(e?, at J. W. PITNKY'S, 4W Third avenue. A VICTORIA PHAETON FOR LADIES' DRIVING, with ruinblo and top, suitalilo for one or two hor?oj, in uxccllcnt condition, tor vale at a low price. BRADLEY, Pit AY A CO., 5M Broadway. BE SURE AND READ CATALOGUE of fine Horses and Carriages nt auction THIS DAY, at 12 o clock, by WILLIAM VAN TASHKLL, Auctioneer, nt hla Auc tion Mart, 110, 112 and 114 East Thirteenth street. Speed warranted or no sale. Three city built top Wagons; also three no top light Trotters, Harness, Ac. Look at catalogue for full descriptions under this head. BRKWSTER (OF BROOME STREET) SECOND hand Wagons a specialty. Top* ami no tops ffl tbe above celebrated maker, on fnll elliptic and side bar, for sate by A. 8. FLANDRAU, Nos. 7 and H En t Eighteenth street, near Fiflh avenue. ARGAINS. ? VICTORIAS, CABRIOLETS, PONY Phaetons, Depot Wagons. Buggies, four and six pas senger Hocks ways (open and close) and other Carriages. STAAT8 BULL No. 7 Washington place, rear New Vork Hotel. CHIME TO THE OREAT KALE OF FINE / Trottlii" Horses siid Wcgons. Speed warranted or no sale. Bv WW. VAN TA^SELL, Auctioneer, at his Auction Mart, III), 112 anil 114 East Thirteenth street. Look at catalogue lor full descriptions nnder this head. /CARRIAGES. CARRIAGES. CARRIAGES. I 1 Great reduction in prices. I am now offering my extensive stock of seasonable Carriages, consisting in part of " Victorias, Cabriolets, extension ton Phaetons and Cabriolets, four and six seat Rnckawavs, Park und Pony Phaetons, Ac., atgreutly i educed prices. Call and examine before purchasing elsewhere. A. 3. FLANDRAU, Not. 7 and 18 Kant Eighteenth st., near Filth ay. SIAREIAGES?SLIOHTLT DAMAGED; OREAT BAR gains; new and second hand Carriage*, every de scriptton; low prlcea. We offer great inducements, and invite purchasers to call and examine, MANC1 Af TL'KKKH' UNION, OS Broadway. Utt,*GANT TEAM OF BROWN CARRIAGE HORSES yj 18hands, 7years; kind and friiJ; "very 'stylish; ail dav travellers and warranted sound in evcrv respect; ? first cla*.? fatuity team; also six seat Rockawavin drat rate order; act of double Harness. Blanket. Kohes, Aft, atUie marl ol ARCH. JOf!NBTON,i? to 25East Thirteenth street, near University place. If not sold at private silo bsfoie Saturday, at 12 o'clock, the whole establishment will then be sold nt auction, at the mart, a* above. Can be tried at any time prevlow to the sale. ________ Flolt SALE-A PAIR of YOUNG MILES, OOOD pullers, at I4S Porch street f'OR SALE-THREE it()AI> HOESBS, BROWN, BAY, black, 16 to IS.'* hand#; sound, gentle ; can beat 2:55; fine Road Wagonaand Homes.: will exchange or sell low; property private. Address box .T.H04 Post oMce. IJIOR HALE?A VERY STYLISH MAHOGANY BAV 1 Horse, 10 hands, 0 yearn pld . very plea?aut driver; can be used either double or single; sound and kind; will tnjko s very elegant eoupe liorm; pronerty of a private gentleman, who will give a fair Trial to any responsible party. Apply at prl\ute stable, 42 West Fifty-flitfi street, from 8 to If. _______ t'OK SALE?A FINE TEAM OF BAY HORSES. 15',' r hands, talh. e:uy drivers. B und 6 vears; sold tor want of use. I ail on or address C. A. S., it East Fourteenth street B ^ HORIU, CAUIIAOM, SsC. ?V?R SALE?FINE BUSINESS GIG; ALSO HOBSBS, Track* ana Harness. GM First avenue, near Thirty - fourth Mtreet. IjlOB SALE?A OF.NTLEMAN'8 TURNOUT, CONSIST lug ol a pair of bay llurses, US'; Imu.U high, j-eur-i oui ; also ashifting wat Dog Cart, wnii tun, and one ret of Double Harness; all in good orders will ho sold Mgether or separately. Apuly at TUUBSDKLL'S sublet, 126 anil 128 H ost Forty-si *.ih street. F[H>B SALE?A SPLENDID HAY HORSE, JI'ST AR rived trout Vermont, 10 hand* high, <> years old, warranted sound ami kiuil; ngo^d pole hor*?. Ai>r>!v at Truesacll's stablue, 126nnd Hi Wast Forty-sixth stroel. I poll flALK?A LOT OF SECOND HAND COAL CARTS, Inquire at 10-4 West Fourteenth street IjlOR SALE?AN ELEGANT JET BLACK CARRIAGE Horse, IS hands high, 0 years old , warranted .a^uud and kind ; drives single or double; w ill maku a splendid middle horse. At 402.-Jecond ay., corner Twont> -sixth st. FOR SALE?VICTORIA PHAETON, WITH RI'MBLE atul ton; also English loupe and Dope Cart of the hps* make, and nut little used ; owner (((inn to Europe. Apply at private stable No. 1 Bast Forty-see ond street. IIOR SALE?A I) UtK BAT, THOBOUOHBRKD sad die Marc-; sot>n I and kind; has been ridden by a lady tor the past year. Apply at stable, KJ East Forty first street TjlOR SALE?A FINE PAIR OF CARRIAGE HORSES, F I.')1-, hands high, 7 and ft years old; bright bay*; sound and Kind in single an.l double harms'*; ean be seeu at Mr. eldi KD'8 stables, No. 4 West Forty-fltth street Inquire tor Mr. Tow nsend's horses. FIOR 8 AI iF, CIIEAP-AN ALMOST NEW SIDE SPRING top Wagon.Horse and Harness, In Rood order. Can be seen at tho Homoeopathic Stables, West Fifty-fourth street, near Broadway. IV>K sale?AN FLKQANT SINGLE COUPE HORSE, dark l?sy, lfil> hands high, six years old. sound and kind; price $1,000. Call at private stslrto Hit Wesl Thirty seventh street, between it m l 10 A. M. anil ti and 7 P. M. F|H)R SALK?AT PRIVATE STABLE HI BAST TlllR ty-iuiith street, a second Hauihlctoiilsn brown Mare, 15*J hands, fl years old; can trot very last ; warranted in every respect; price $*><'0. I toil SALE?A BORREL HORSE, lf? HANDS BIllH, 11 years old and warranted to trot in 2 AS; ub<o new top road wason, built by Dubois; Whips, Harness, Blan kets. tor sale cheap. 13.? I.udlow street FMIR SALE?A noon HORSE, STEAM, 15*; Hands, fll for any work; fold for want of um>. iJo Clntrlcs street, near Qrecnwich. ? IV>R SALE?ONE GRAY MARK, FOR $35, AT 281 Spring street FIOR SALE?A SECOND HAND COACH, IN OOOD order; price #125. Also, a Top Buggy, made !>v Miner A Stevens, and set single Harness. Apply at i:? Fast Thirteenth street IilOR SALE?A HIGHLY BRED KENTUCKY HORSE, fast trotter. It! hands high, nearly ti ) ears old: per fect saddle nnd driving horpe, in both double and ,-dnnlo harness; sound, kind and true; property of a geullomau in Kuropo. Can be seen (to-day) at private stables iVoui in a. M. to 3 P. m , at 12s west Fourteenth street. I10R8ALE?'TOE MOST ELEGANT CROSS-HATCHED pair of road Horses in the olty; one a golden sorrel; the othor n jot black ; can beat three miuutcs single or double ; 15 hands high ; can be driven by a lailv ; afraid ot not 111 UK; the black can beat 2-.5U; A years old ; beautinu nintics and tails; tho property of an Invalid gentleman who has no use for thera. To bo neon at Club .stables, Ut West i hlrly-ninllt street; to la, sold under responsible warrantee;alro Double Harness and Godwin top Wagon Ftllt SALE?A POWERFUL CANADIAN BROWN Horse, 16>? hands high, weighs 15 C'.vt., pony built; must bo .-old lor want ol use. Call at 54ii Washington street. fOR SALE-A CITY BUILT ROCK AW AY. WITH aha Its, fine order, 83U0-, also a good Wugoti with F shilling top, $180. Ask lor FRANK Orange county stables, Fuurthfuvuuue and Suventy-eluhth street IPOR BALE.?PAIR BAY HOB8E3. UK HANDS, 7 AND 1 8 years, warranted sound and kind; six-seat Roeka way Carriage, shifting glass front; set double Harness, liotn but little used; prlcc #1,000. McNamar.i's stable, .Seventy ihinl street and Fourth avenue, or BRUNS, MOOKK A t'O., t5J Broadway. Flult SALE-ONE SINGLE TRUCK; IIA8 BKEN IN use throe months. Inquire at 39<i Urecnwich street, tor two (toys. BIOR SAf.E?A FINE CHESTNUT HORSE; YOUNG, sound and kind ; pood family horse; Hi hands; very cheap, as the owner lias no use for him. EXCELSIOR STABLE, 1,SU6 Broadway, near Twenty-ninth street, IrmR SALE?A SMALL, FAST WHITE HORSE. SUIT 1 able for a gentleman's road horse or a ladv's park nbaeton; must be sold, on account of owner leaving town, inquire at 22'! Court street, corner of Warren. Brooklyn. IjlOB SALE?A LABOB BAY HOBSB, SUITABLE 1 for Ice wagou or coal carl. Apply at 79 Molt street coal yard. IlOB SALE?BLACK MARE BLACK HAWK BLEAK, 1 15 hands nigh; one bay horse, 15 hands Ulgh, 5 years Old ; ean bo soon hi 633 Seventh avenue. IfiOR f.AI.E CHEAP?A LIGHT TOP WAOON, 8TI 1 vers' build, nearly new. Apply to F. BONNEAU, Jr., 178 Centre street flOIK SALE CHBAP-A HEAVY BTOCK OF ROCKA wars and Ponv Phaetons of all stvlcs and grades, at the WEST SIDE CARRIAOE REl'OHlTOUY, 1,?W and 1,498 Broadway. /1RKAT BABGAINS.?IN CJNriEQI'ENCK OF RE VJ building pari ol our premise*, we oflhr our entire stock seasonable stylus now and second hand Carriages at greatly redueod prices. MANUFACTURBR8' CNION, (53rt Broadway. Handsome bay mare, im^ HANDS, 9 years, 9-II pounds; fine eondllion; lived In h.srnc.'M and sad dle by lady and children; sound, gentle; _ E. WKllNKR, ll Broadway. ARNE8S, HORSE FURNI8HING OOODS, AC.?KO tancy prices, C. M. MOSKMAN &. Kilo., Manufacturer", lit Chambers strooL Horses at auction. K. It. THOMPSON will offer st auction, nt Amonla. N. Y., on Harlem R. It., 38 head of superior Hordes, 1 pslr of very fine Coach Teams, 5 single Itond Horses- the balance ad heavy Draught Horses, 'i tie above stock is the nrot erty of Alex. Wallace, fttiil are well worthy the attention oj parties wanting to purchase. F II HARNR83, SADDLES. HORSE CLOTIIINO, CAB riam Robot, Lap Dusters, fly Nets, und a largo variety of Saddlery Uoods alwavs on hind. C. B. SMITH 4 CO., 40 War en street New York. HARNESS.?THR CnRAPRHT nARSRHS 8TORR Iff N-w York.?A good double truck Harness, $'W; a uixid buggy UarooM. band mad*. $17; n goon v. Blanket, t- no. Willsell cheapcr than ever on account of moving on or b 'ore June I. !*loi'? call and cxNinine for \ ourselves. I'ISIIKK A nsiloKNB, 43 Murray ?t. Haknf.SS.-I have A LABOR STOCK OP IIAIt ncs", all kinds and styles, ot my own moke, which I offer at extremely low prfcrs; also Hiding Saddles and Bridles, Whips, Spurs, HalteiS, H'ankotn, Sheets, Lap Hobos and ovcrytlilug In the horso line cheap for cash. R. BATtTLRTT, 82 Warren street corner College placo. HARNESS, LEATQKR coverkd, AND sidr 8AD dlo, lor sale cheap. But little used ; will hcII setm rntelv or together; price tor both, $60. Address JUD 80N, Herald offlco. Important TO BRICKYARD MEN AND COUNTRY contractors.?Por sale, a lino lug More, no fault, but little note in one toot; $85; half value. 77 New Chambers street. 1IOHT EXPRESS WACOM AND HARNRM?ONLY i u-ed one (lay ; cost $200; will pell tor $150. Seen at HOVEY'H Ktablo, 141 Kant Sixteenth street PONY phaktons, PARK WA.OON8, LKillT ItfiCK away*, Victoria". Depot Wagons, Dog Carts. Koad Bugicl'1*. and other seasonable styles Family Carriages; popular prices; lot recond hand Carriage*. MANl'KACTCBKBS' IN ION, fl.M Broadway. QBCOND If A ND ROCK AW AYS, TOP AND OPRN ? > Itui.'Kies, Bumble Phaeton, Depot Wagon, Dog Cart, J'oiiv I'h.ielon. six-seat Oermantovrn; several sightly shopworn Carriages, bargains. MANTFACTUBRBS' UNION, W Broadway. (<I pi:KICK IKON STABLE FITTI Nt H.-P A RTIKS O about to bnitd new stables or rcflt old ones are in vited tocall and Inspect specimens of all the most ap proved kinds. manufactured in onr own workshops. JANKS A KIKTLAND. No*. 1 Idaiid 12 Heals street. To iiht-tri iiai.K or tub brick itaiu 24 Islington avenue, near Twenty-third street. Ap ply on the i>remisc? or at 11 Broad street. Wanted-k GOOD ti:am of Vouno HOBSBrt; vi must be sound. kind and good travellers. Address giving lowest prleo and lull description, J. E. W., box 1.025 Post oin< e. w ANTKD-A FIRST CI.ASS FAMILY HORSE t SOUND, IT kind slid stylish; 10 hands. Address, with price, which must lie moderate, FAMILY, Herald Uptown Branch office, 1,205 Broadway. Uf ILL BR SOLD-ON THIS DAY AT AUCTION. IN front of Abbott's salesrooms, 50 New Bowery, six Horses and one close Coach, lot of Harness, Ac., Ac. 2 TOP BUHOIE9, 1WO ROAD WAOONS, ONK DO<? Cart and Depot, to carry two or four, less than half cost, at I5S West Forty-first street <?70 FOR A C,TY MADE TOP WAOON, all in ?J) I U good order, and $110 for a aood Coupe Rockaway, In good order. Apply at stable 86 Walker street. d?1 or;?BROWN MARK, 7 YKARS. 15V, HANDS; ?[* 1 >)i) stylish gray, 7 years. Id hands, $IM; each sound, kind and gentle, for a lady to drive or ride. 41$ EigUih avcm^cyrmj I'M-"'-;- flf* atyyyt. &1 WILL BUY A LEATHER TOP WAOON, BY first rate maker; $140 a light Rockaway : $125 a Pony Phaeton, $100 a Depot Wagon, $13U a Stivers 1*0-lb. Road Wagon (nearly new): also great bargains In Harness, large assortment ot hand made work. ARCH. JOHNSTON, No. * Cortlandt street near Broadway. DRY OIIOD1. }7?('R SALE MAONlFICt.Vr B!.\CK LACE SHAWL: 1 cost $1,000, gold, iu Paris; will h? snlil for $3?, United States currency. Address P. A. R.\ Herald offfos, NEW PINEAPPLE DRESS GOODS, Also, a large varl -ty of rich, raro and curious Novel tie.*, from China and Japan, at FOUNTAIN'S INDIA HTORR, 839 Broadway, up stairs, oprosita Wallack's. Nir.LIKKKY AVI) URRHHMAKIIlia. A-MAISON WALTON,- %Yi BBOADWAY, ABoVr . Union wnurf. has ju^t received a ehotie selection of French Chip fists and Bon nets iroui th? leading houses. Madame dovoal, .? wrut twrsty tjiwd stri et,\>easto her liiAy cAitomrn that she has received some uew Hats and Parti BoiukI* ...... FOR AN OI.l) RSTARLISIIKD CORNK.'t WIJJE. LIQWO* ?ud Lager ?!?-?? r Saionn ii.r out*: terms reiutmiaMe. inquire en tut1 Pivtni N Itrooine, ci^riter N'iri'llit t APAf KAGE EXPRESS FOB BALK?WILL ?K HOU ' ln'itp U applied lor Immediately. Apply at *M ('nunl siroot, oxprom otflcc, betwi m la mid 2 i,>cfc A FIRST CLAMS CIOAR STORE FOB BALE?LOOt tion unsurpassed, lower part city, lip art ol business; Mild in cotMequeuee ol 111 health: extraordinary chance lor enterprisin.'t parly to make more > ('all immediately at 25 Chamber'* street. OBOKOB W. I ME It. Store Agency. ALAROE. DOUBLE DOOR, WILDER KIRK PROOT . Hah- at a bargain. Sold for want of money. At 60 Front street AnuOTAMI SHOE STORK FOR SALE?LOCATE? urcat business thoroughfare : o 11 known: extn? sively patronised-. enterprising party sure fortune; sacrulcr. Particulars ?&? Chamhers street OKOUiih W. BIMBBS, Store ARency. A FIRST CLAM BAKERY FOR SALIS?LOCATION 11 uiwiirpani; d; load lug avenue ; splendid cash trade 1 extraordinary chance >ive man make mouey. l'artwMi lar? ii CUauinorri street QEOBOB W gmmm, Store Agency. A?FIRST CLASS BL'Ti'llKR FIXTURES FOB 8A1JC . at n bargain; everything complete. Call between 9 A. M and 3 P. M. at 4iS3 I'hird avenue, lager beer salooa. A BARB CHANCE.?CORNER LIQUOR STORK Of ?XV third avonuo far sale at a low priqo: great bargni*. Aluo downtown Humplo Koonu, Lunch Rooms. MITCHELL'S Store Agency, 77 C?te street A -FOR KALE, RESTAURANTS, CHOP 1IOIJSXS, ? Bakeries, Coutpctioneries. I'rug Stores Stationery and \anety stove*. Hou?e Furnishing Oonds stoma. Dir Ullery. Li<)nor Store#, licit stand*. Coiintrv Hotels to lot. MITOHELL'S Store Agency. 77 Cedar street A MANUFACTURING Hl'SINKS-l FOR SALI'.?SVVRV rears established: net profit ft,mo per yea"; mil io vestfgation; terms easy, miIu iuv-tment Apply ottV Seventh avenue. A RESTAURANT, LACIER, OYSTER AND IMIIiar.l Saloon, with u long leaso, low coat, situated in one of the plessanlest towns in New Jersey; i?um rf selling owner lias to bo to Europe; a bnruain tor anyone; price fl,60D; terms easy. Call at 139 TUl.d areiine. A FIRST CLASS CIOAB, WINK AND LIQUOR Store for sale, or will take partner; net prnttts war ranted to be over $700 per month; other bnsiucss rentes for sidling. Call on or address J. N. MOuKK, 1,-JM liruad way. AOOOD CHANCE.-HORSESHOEING SHOP FOB sale* cheap, doing a good cailt busiuu.vt; niuat toe Hold. ('All at Ml ti^t? hi street A FINK CIGAR STORE FOR SALE?BEST LOCATIOW in a leitiliiix avenue . ttood place for xoda wate or sta tionery btLsincss; rare chance. MITCllti.l. .1 Store A^enej , 77 c.'dur street f^ABPEKTBlt'S BBOP FOR SALE-THF. GOOD WTI& ^ 1 and sio'k, doing a good buslneMi, at i n narrow at Dry (toons stoui;.?sm all stock for 8AXiB on lung credit. Apply at 1.30J Third a vunue. DKtJG FIXTURES, BOTTLES. HAND80MB SOOt Fountain, In tlie Htoro, II I Ruusevelt street a bar gain this day, or ill nuctluu Saturday, 11 o'clock. STRICKLAND'S DruKgitts' Agency. 7S ?"?m1 ar street. IpOIt HAl.E ? THBEB YEARS' ESTABLISHES 1 I'alntinK and Paper Hanging It) Graham avenue, Brooklyn, li. D. FOB 8ALE?THE BI8T RECTIFYINO AND FAKXMT wholesale anil retail Liquor Kstabll^hment in city of New York, east of the Rovverv: a llrm rate chance, aal will be siild inueli less than it is wirth. Call 011 or ad dress THOMAS LYNCH A CO., M Thompson street Ell(II SALE? A FIRST CLASS LIQUOB STORE: REST business thorough faro In city; koimI lease ; ?ood trade; other liusiuesa the cause. Apply 11I 41 Stone street. I.iOR BALE?TUB LKask OF AN OLD ESTABLI8HBB Liiiuur Store, with the I'ptier Portion ot the buildingj rout only )l,2lO per year; nxiures and all couiplete: price $7611; the upper portion of luiildiiit; brings $700per year. Also Stores In different parts 01 Jersey City ta ient. Ini|Ulrc of JOSEPH WAURBft, Keal KstaU* nad General Au. iioneer, otllce 207 Grove street, one door tram Newark avenue, Jersey Ctty. IJjIOR BALE-ON ONE OF THE LEADING STRESS . of Brooklyn, a ilrst cUmi family Grocery and tea Store; a rare chance lor a liusiiiess mail. For parttca lais a;iplv ht (Jrami street, Brooklyn, E. U. FpoR SALE?A MANUFACTURINO HL'SINF.SS IK 1 this city; established ten years: easily condueledj reiiuires small capitnl, and pays well; only iiiduciinnM fur sell itu is tailu:e ot health. Ad li'e.'d 1. MOURE, IH Washington street For SALE- -THE OLD ESTABLISHED BUSINESS a Looking 01 i\H-i ami Pic lure Frame Store, with Stock iin t Iii iiko. Apply to .1. MARVIN, 8<i) .Sixth avenue, or PUItOY A CO., Went Thirteenth (Street. TpOR SALE?A BRAMH At.I, A DEANE RKSTAURAJfT L Hnn;o, an H-fo,>t steam Curving Table ami a 20 foO black walnut toi> Lunch Counter; all of tin' above neartjr now; will be sold cheap. Apply at 1ft Now church street. I|H>R SALE AT AUCTION?TWO SECOND HAND 1 marble Soda Fountains, at 113 Roorevelt street, on snturilny. at 10 o'clock. Pee auction column. Ij^OR SALE?IK THE BIGHTB WARD, A FIRST CLASS 1 corner Liquor S{ore, doing a good trade. Inquire Ml 5S Warrcu street, in restaurant, from 12 to 3. |j>OR SALE?A FIVE YEARS' LEASE OP HOUSE X1 ami Store, northwest corner of Thompson and Priiuw streets. Apply at coul otlliv, 19 nnd 21 Roosevelt street. I710B 8 ALE. C El SAP?COMPLETE SET OF FOWNDET I Tools. Can he seen in working onler by applying m 110 Cannon street. FlOR BALE?SODA WATER FOUNTAIN; ALSO ROOF Beer Fountain, Silver plated Tumbler W.nhsr, Holders, Bvrttp Jar", Connet tin'.; Plp% Ac. . a'.l completes also marble top Counter Tor sa;n?. I>)i Chatham -itrcet. TJIOE SALE?A FIRST CLASS KESTAURANT IN OSII L" of the best qu triers of tho city; bu sines., now wortfe S sen prom monthly; to bo sol.l on account of proprietor leaving for Europe. For particulars apply to E. K. OL OOTT,49 VVall street, room 18, between 1 ami 3o'clock P. M. OA FES.?A LA ROE ASSORTMENT OF NEW AND O second hand Herring. Mllle, Marvin and Wilder Sates for '?ale cheap. Repairing done mi sales of tU maker-. Ml.LIE'S SAFE COMPANY. >jl Maiden lane. CAFES.?SECOND HANI), VERY CHEAP; TWt O large, two medium, three small Herring's, Li thai and Wilder'* make, at S. O. yt.'IRK ??. 72 Maid on lane. 11EA AND FINE OROOERT STOKE FOB HALE -IK Newark; doing a good, s rlotlyc.ish business; willfca sold with or without stor\; rent low: satisfactory reason* tor sellln'/. Address TEA AND GROCERY, llerald otllcn. No aponts. milE HANDSOMEST AND BEST PAYING ItRSTAV JL ran' down town for sale; tho present owner, having met with a serious accident, cannot attend to It; nuniKM or Sunday work ; a long lease and low rent Address or apply to C. M BOMEISLEK, .VI New street, trom 12 to t. 2 COPPER STILL?, WITH COLUMNS, AC.. COM plete, 80 and 7"> barrels each; warranted to mate spirits equal to any in tho world; 1 cupper Vacuum Fmi, 7 teet. THOS. QAM HON, 152 to lHHndfon street. Jersey COy. 4L?1 Mllli HUMAK HAIR?STORE TO BXJfTf fl.UUU Stock to sell cheap, Inquire of IlRADFOSif A i'ii.. Iter I Bstato and Mercantile Negotiators, Dally A4 vertber building, Newark, N.J. rjM) (\f\t\ WILL PLTRCHAWE A VERY RKSPISC*. able business, paying over HO oar mat profit. Address, with name aud residence, OLUTK MAraiHEnr. MES* FORTABLE ENGINES, 1 TO 40 HOI A1 power portable IIouters, Saw Mill;), drain Mills, Vor tical Encine-, Horizontal Engines, p'.ain and cut oflj mH Boilers, all styles and sizes; our own tuake; shafting. erlng i HAM I'SON, WlilTEirir.L A CO., Cortland Stnmt ALABOE STEAM ENGINE AND BOILER SHOP? Selling out tho entire Tools and Stock; aUo Englnag and Boilers very cheap for cash. 1KB Wo3t street. I,'OR SALE?TO CLOSE OUT ESTABLISH MEET, I Steam Engine, 30 horse power; larva nnd smallHtuna llainmers. Crashers, Bolls, Tools and other Apparte nanres of Works, all In good order. Apply to G. X. HARDING, C. E., S2 Broadway. For sale?one pox lathe, three othsb Lathos, Shafting, Pulleys, Tools, Ac. Apply at %?.f Enrohiy street, up "lairs. _________ IRON ROOP, SKYLIGHTS, AC.-FOR SALE, A CHHU rugatrd Iron Roof, with iron beams and sashes e?r? erlng 1.9ilo square feet; 100 feet wrought Iron Railing, iy plv to B. L. A A. STUART. 1(10 Chambers strcot. T ATI1ES, PLANERS, DRILLS, MIAPEKS, BOCLT IJ Cutters. Gear Cutters, Milling Machines. SlottML Car wheel Borers, ?'ar Wheel Prcsaes, Pumps, Moisten, J SHEARMAN'S 1'luladclphia Machinery Depot, 41 CorL OTEAM WRECKING PUMP AND DIYERB* 4JB i' Pumps for sale cheap. Apply to R. COftVUA WUITE, 1M Sooth street. WANTED-A THREE OR POUR HORSE _ Emtine and Boiler. Address, with nam* or and other particulars, boz J,9)6 Post office. STORAGE. A?STORAGE. . STORAGE for FURNITURE, PlAtfOS, MfftftOM* PAINTINGS, Ac- ;AWO t'AUltlAOES. WAUOJfH fta. at the NEW FIRST CLASS WAREHOUSE, huliteawMV tor the purpose, 102 TO 114 BAST THIBTT-Hlffl?i? STREET, NP.ilt FOURTH AVENUE. TRUNKS, CAMS and other PACKAGES containing articles of KITBA VALUE can b? stored with SAPETi at ion r iiaa. __ Persons can forward their uojJi irom any part** *? ROI'K or AM ERIC A direct to this warehouse. THE PUBLIC is invited t<> examine the WM^rt* OO cotnmodat!ons,'litrht, venillatloo, s.ifbty, Ac-, which om warobOoaepovoMej over all other* |( yfORRELL, Owner and ProprMv. A?STOR\OE F'>B Ft'RNITUBK, PIANOS, 8AO . (tar,-, Ac.; all flood* placed in separate rooms, ele vator in building; th. public are invitod to examine accommodations tor hoisting and racAlnif Koods and .r to., n.mK Sg, 40 and M Commerce itrovt, near i OBIFTISTHY. AiiXuTIPPL AND DUBABLE HET OF fraai tiOupwarda Partial <?ts troin $1 each upwards. Peitect faarnaccocl at J C. kBNX&Dr*, 1W Bywory.

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