Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 16, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 16, 1873 Page 2
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OTT RKAIj BWATE ?"W WALE. ^ ] Central* I A -THREE CHEAP LOTS, ONLY ?.V? FF-rTKAKT OF . Fifth avenue cutrauco to i eniral l'?rk, on Kilty tiuhtta street; exe?vated. h'ock restricted, Ac. , B v. K. STEVENSON, Jr.. .1 1'nif street. ill ttEOAKT ITOI'PR IN WERT FIFTY SECOND J\ itKrt, lunr Huh avenue; full width, with extra ffi&STOTll Pine street. _ A~ BAKU AIM ON THE GRAND BOULEVARD, NEAR (sevcDtysecond street; two commanding corners, wilii street IroBta, at U*?? than auction prices. WILLIAMS A ?'n , 11 Fine street. A?CHOICE LOTS AT LOW RATES. . 68tb hi , near 5Ui av.. three excavated l ots. Hh nv., Itcinii Mitral 1'arK. lno\ I'M, extra low. Broadway Boulevard, nearwh st., 25 foot lot. 67ih st., near v*tii av. and Hroadwav, 2Sx2iU, cheap. Wll. TK1T HAILbV, 1* Broailway, ground Hoof. A ?BARGAINS, UPTOWN DWELLINGS. FREE l\ ? liit lover 2.UOO Houm- itnl Lots) nmiled. W fl.l.l \M ft CK ICR, iJ) Kit Hi avenue, aliove Tweuty sixth stteet. A MADISON AVENUE 2o FOOT FRONT HOESE? . Will i e Bold ut lets !bum o?t, u* tbi>oivuerBinat havo tosh to meet pressing liabilities. r cr.\wi*ord, 063Third avenne,corner Flft.v s<\cnth street TjlIGHTB Ok CENTRAL PARK A VEMCE, C >RNRR JPi iojd street?Four Lots; uulnterrunted view ot ten tral Far*, price low: term* caayt a bargain. V. K' KfEVK.-- SO.*, Jr., 11 I'tne street. FVJH half, UK TO LET.?TWO HOUSES, FRENCH style; one t'urnUhed; perfect gems; replete with all modern convenient ee; n room*; 4ti from city Halt, ft minute* irooi boat and ear*: location unsurpassed: high ground. Apply to Mr. HEBBKitD, 20 East Four teenth street, ? mo TRADE-*< LOTS ON WEST FORTY-NINTH I street t?r west side tenement; a good tenement IloU'-c ?n East Kitty-third street lor Lot* in tliis city: French Hat on went side, I'ixlW.xllS^tor a private llouwa uptown : property in Latglit, White, Thompson and Greene htreet.s tor Lots; House on Third avenue. Bear UOtli street, lor Lota. Other properties too numerous to mention. H. FK 1.1 DEN RICH A CO., 9U6 and 'JUS Third avenue. r rH AVENCR, THIRTY FIRST STREET, FI LL SIZE ?/^Dwelling, in tee, tor -ale exceedingly low; Filth avenue, near Ko,"v-ninth ntreet. medium Hired Dwelling, wiih dining extension, only [.each old, ground rent $-'>6S. V. K. sTi.VENrtON, Jr., 11 I'lno (street. 71 i* FIFTH AVKM K-r.7,'100.-THE ELEOANT I III four story brown t<toue lil,;h Hloop House; din'ng room extension, with siile windows, looking Into Forty ninth street; bonne IIS teut deop, lot 125; built by Duggin In 1871; is strictly first class; Iresnoed throughout. M. D. ROLI'H, owner, 90 Bowery, <klil AAH -THE PRICE PAID FOR IT THREE ?P I" ?" IWI r. years ni?o, expenditures on improve, menu not included: pn raises IW I nstlClghty-thiril street, near Lexington avenue: henutlfiil brownstono House, for information and permit anplv to s. FKELOEN lilCu A Co.. MM'ami 908 Third avonue. F f.p?, East Mlrfe. A PTNP. IHRFE STORY HROWN STONE HOl'SE IN Fittv sixth street, near Lexington avennc: painted and handsomely frescoed; will sell ?t great Hucritice. F. Z1TTEL, 1,020 Third avenqp> A BARGAIN.?ONLY $i:,S00 (WORTH S1S.00S) FOR new brown stone high stoop House 117 East 12Hih street, elegantly finished; only $2,0iXI ensh reuuired; balance ou laortgage. W. MYKR, ? No. 7 Warren street, mom 7. FOR RALE?THREE story and BASEMENT BRfOK House und Lot 2<.t7 Sovcntli street, near avenue D. Apply to owner, ou the premise*, troia 111 to 11*. M. OR BALE?BEST PROPERTY IN THE FOURTH ward, S3 Oliver street, corner of Madison. For ti rmi I^to owner, 177 l)egraw street, Brooklyn, ltent May STORE PROPERTY ?)N WEST SIDE OF SECOND avenue.?Must be told ; a great bargain will he given for cash; three lour storv double Houses, 2a.tix?n>xl0.); K! ,0UOeash wanted; some exchange taken. K. CRAWFORD. !(./."> Third avenue. fTIHIRD AVENUE CORN'F.R PROPERTY, BELOW 1 Sixty-tilth street, for Sale?.Nice piece ; also an inside House, below Forty-second street, tor tXW. HOWELL A HURST,921 Third avenue. VERY CIIHAP.?A TENEMENT IIOVSB, FULL LOT, live storicH and douldc, lor $lti.'luU (cash about $5,ismi, lltunicd in Seventeenth street, near irst avenue. In quire off. BLANK, StS East Nineteenth street, trom 8 till lOo'elock A. M. and trom 7 till 9o'clock F. M. OD AVF.NI E STORE PROPF.RTT F<?lt SALE?ABOVE ft FlOy ninth .ilre t, two lour story 2ft foot trout llounes, Including corner; a prompt cash buyer will iret n bar ;aia. FRANCIS CRAWFiiRD, 953 Third nvi nue. corner Fifty-seventh street SCl 7 ?A HOl'SE WORTJi $20,000 FOR ?PI I .'"Hf, $l7,W)il, a sacrifice, it sold this week, fall tor twodnvs at H! E?st rwenty-Sf'cond ttreet, or on f'Venl, 4Cuud 4* East Twenty-third street. Wcttt Side. ABrT.KHF.AH \NH WATER UlfillT, WITH ONE I Hall Block, 4n0s?l.6, for Httlo or to lease lor a term ?1 years, running from Thirteenth tvonm to \\ eststreet. K. L. A It. T. BURNllAM, (.HI Hudson street AIIENTI.F.MAN LEAVING FOB EUROPE WILL ! sell h< ?r<*??t sacrifice ene of a row of brown ! itone Hi ues; only $3,1 UU c.ush required. Call ou or ail iruiu OWN KM, Mo West Eleventh street. A VALUABLE PMPim that MUST BE sold to un estate, SOxltW leet, lit the (unction of tho Boulevard with Ninth avenue ?u Sixty-third street,!* to be sold at a vprJ low price, on cusj ti run. tiy onlcr ?t ssecutors. The Boulevard in ouly about 4gs leet from I'entral 1'ark at this point. V. K. STEVENSON A SOU, 11 Pine street.^ IPOB SALE?111 PRINCE STBEET, AND 121. 123 AND 1 ISA (ireenc ? reet. T. D. MATI1EH, UU s i--.mi at FOR SALE-IN WEST FORT Y-KOI' KTIl STREET, firbt class three story and basement brown stone iront Hou-es 240 and 247 ; price $lti,UU0 and $17,UU0. inquire on Uir premises. I^OR 8 ALE-LOTH CORNER OF WAVER LEY PLACE JT and Went Tenth street, No*. 16?? and 162, 40 teet on West Tenth street, 95 feet on Waverlev piace. Inuulre of A. THOM I'SON, SSI Bleceker street. ElOR SALE CHEAP?fOCB STORY IliOH 6T001' F brntvu ntone front House, Forty-eighth street, be tween Sixth and Sevt nth avenues, iii perfect order. No stent*. Address HAMILTON, llciald Uptown Brunch office. HIOHKBT POINT, FINEST VIEW, BEST POSITION and most valuable properly on Washington Heights; a' out 20 lots ; each only $2.tifll); e:isv terms; 60 ininntes to Wall street: line present und inestimable luture value; JO) Icet Iront on Boulevard. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr.. 11 Pine streot. Sfe T^)RJ?; PROPERTY, HOUSE AND I,OT?IN CARMINE street; nri< e $II,.jOii; a ImmHiii : terms easy. Also 2 OUSes a ltd Lot, (in First avenue. B7.U0O; also Property on Rpring. Broome, Fourth, Bast Thirty-fourth, West l.ielin - lit I r it, Went 101 ?t street and other streets. Apply to A. M. FANNINii, 23 East Fourth street r7'lll STREET, CONVENIENT TO BROADWAY AND it I Central Park, 2ftx2i*l, near Ninth avenue; hi. Ii (round ; one or both lots at a <li eided bargain; huU'cusli. V, K. STEVENSON, Jr., 11 I'ine street. $12 r)0() ?THE CHEAPEST THBKE STORY House and Lot in tbls cily; 21x60x100; Riiili stoop, 14 room-; in perfect order, wifn all modern itprovemi nt?; ku? fixtures included. 421 West Twenty tignlh stn et. BRUUKLViN PROPERTY KOIi KALK AM) TO LET. TTERALD BRANCH ?>l F1CE?BROOKLYN. ADVERTISEMENTS FtiR THE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT Ol'R BRANCH OFFICE, Jti THE LONG 161 AND SAVINGS BANK Bl'ILDINCI, CORNER OF Fl'LTON AV. AND BOER I'M ST. CFPIt'E OPEN FROM X A. M TILL tP. M. ON SUNDAY FROM 3 TO OP. M. CARRIERS AND AUKNTS' DEPARTMKNT NO. 7 FRONT ETBEKT, BROOKLYN: VOK S\LK ?-OREKNWOOD CBMETKRY?A BKAl'Tr 1 lull> I oca cd Lot, one of tour enclosed iu a circle, mnnuroetit erected, on very high p round. main ri>sd net ?yer two minutes' walk from main entrance. Apply to rliotl I'l l Bl.ADi o, marble works, corner Flitlt a%c iiue and Twenty .fourth street, adjoining Ci metery. ONLY IS MINUTES' WALK I ROM HROAIlWAY AND Twenty third <tre< t to o-rrv. and throe blocks on tho ether Slilu?A tlirie -tory and Iviftuetit lloti e, with im tiroTcmenti ?; inn lo aiion. iii Urei ti.),, i,t ; tor sale ft,!*)!; t.r to let, f TMper year. A|l|>l> at 01 Ihird avenue, N. V ' Rapid tranbIt.-choii e lots, sjxhm fj et, ' under close rustrU tlons, in a firs' < la - tu isshbur bood, near Prospect Park and tin line ot tt?c proposed rapidtransit steam road, ter sale att'Mi ?ni upwards; u iii-'inlid opportunity lor investment or speruletlon. \i,. i/lv ut the olBce ot tb' late A. J. Wai.KI.U, IU' Joiin it reet. New York, from li to4 o'clock. >1V) LET? sEt ONI) FLOOR i4 IU)OMS\ AND J IV I ntiie. (f< n'eel hon?e t >7 Bedford avenue (t-'ltth im ?no ot Hrnoklyn), near Myrtle nvenue ; three lme> cars; ?srue vard trout and rear; rent $ ?! loontti. linro open mt. EuHi.N, to lilt EST A CO., l^H Broadway, New York, or in premises. LET \ HAKDSOMKLY FI'RVISIIHB FOl'R 1 story htownsiotte house, containing W rooms, in one .it the iiio-t aenraiile locetioiw in Brooklyn, elmt mln s'e.- u.iik trom ernes; nearly filled wilh boarders that ran be returned it denied, and the furniture would be mid cheap tor enna, A|>ply .11 'it t.lilf st.. tor permit l| o I EM', IN BROOKLYN. 7M NOSTRAND AVENl'I'. ? near t. y irk's place 1'oimo contains iS rooms, wtlli ? II mod t u itupfovementt rent f i.i<l(> Apply as itbove. trwo -i DitY mou ? stoop brick house?all i linprov ui liny ward street, near Lexington mime, nr?uki.,n, i' m'.uut ? ;rom terry, rent reason ??'"' DAY, f-s Wall street. & I 7(H) - -'? TE.'.STII WARD, BROOKLYN; mi . ? up; thtee Wick, II room-, villi ii n pi * - \ < ,t 11 ? -. tr-rtti - lo suit piirch?u< I. Apply to WM. o. m MNhR.m Broadway, Brooklyn, K. t?. WWI1TIUSTER K.I Viv PROPERTY PUB SA1-K AVU ro It K VI. I PORTfON OF WESTt'HI STEIl Col'NTY j\ Morrtsnnta, KtnasbrMiie, West Fiinns? Properties for sale. W. pay special attention to these portions of the ronnly, having opcittted In them lor years , ast. In m - or- may obtain full rc lable iniormntloti Oom mir tfflcr F. II. A D. BROWN, go Hroadivay. A NEAT COTTAOK, #TTII s rooms, HANDY TO *!? no and horse cars, very healthy, at rreniont, wejtciict ti r, to let, reasonably to a good tenant Apply to ti W. diti'iii.Tf, No. a New Chambers street A BEAI I'irUL RBHDENCR AT MOUNT VEHNON. Jt on the New lla . en Rmlroad, 18 miles, or H minuies trom tlie city. Thiseleirant house hss II room*, with *;ai and elcxunt'fixtures all throiiKh ; hot and cold water; no e bathroom flntsiied ia u alnut'and ash ; all the halls, the dimna room an t kitchen floors are walnut and ash ; furnace heats all through; first diss elevated nvi n ri.nue, washtul's, Inrve storeroom; but about half an acre of land very handsomely laid out; easy 10minutes' walk from the depot; flag sidewalk all the way; thn View ol the Sound Is superb; the place is healthy beyond Cnvouistion; some one will get a beautiful bouicata afaaltl, wrms very es?v. HIKER, HES8B A CO.. No. IPin. tUttl WBnvnmK cmnrrr wwraRTT FOR HALE ARB TO HEW. TO LBT?A FURNISHED HOUSE, NEAR DOBBS' Ferry, containing nine rooms with ample ground*, shade, I rait, Ac.; rent SlHQper month. RRRD a HOYT, 239 Broadway. TO LET?IN LOWER WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NEAR Mott-Haven station ami llarlem bridge, a Cottage, containing 12 rooms, delightfully situated, with shade trees, garden and ground*of one acre, and stable; rent, wiili i urpeti". per annum, $1,180. Inquire of owner, <>r address Inix i?18 I'ost office, New York. JKK8FY MTY, TIOKOKKN. nCT>r.ON CITY AMI HKKUKN KKAf. KNTATE. for Hla:e. For balk?at bayonnk city, brbokn point, N.J., about six acre*, with large handsomely tin isheil Dwelling House. Mahlo. and One limit oil Newark Hay: ft'itrain*daily; will sell House and part ot the land ii required. Apply to MOKkIS HKO'l IIbKS,7 Pine street, Hum 11 Oi l o'clock. 1. . ... ... Wc ?t on account oi the markets. Apply to JOI1N II. I'AiilC, 102 Park place, twodoorslrom Went street, New York. Papers containing lull iniurmntioii will be sent To Let or linaKCt \PARTMKNTS TO I.ET.?FOCR <>K PTVR ROOMS IN' a hoiit-e having atl the modern improvement*, lorried on Jersey Cny Weighty within five m.nutes ot Her veil depot; only 20 luinutua I rum Liberty streeuKew York. Address Mrs. AUNl'.K, Bergen l'ost office, Jersey City Heights, N. J. WtOW.H'l Y OUT OI-' thk city foh 8ALB <>?< 1<0 K KM'. ALL WANTINU FARMS.?FOR SALE?To FARMERS, gardeners and (arm laborers from llie Old Country? ? Mood Farm Lands, virgin soil. at 525 p r aoro.on six years' credit. Tlie toll laa good, productive loam, near the great markets oi New York and Philadelphia, bv rail read, where lroin .0 to 40 acres constitute a good larm, when partly p anted to iruit. i roin tnis locality a greater quantity and variety of iruit is sen to luarkei than Iroiu any oilier place of equal area in the Uuited States It is In the midst ul u eommuuity, with good road-1, slores, schools ami inauuiactonea. Female members oi fami'.ics and others can procure good work at straw sowing. shoe work, but ton inakintr, clollnnx work and oilier branches. Mauy hnglisli, Irish and f-coteli tanners have settled and are Rrosperops. Numbers of gardeners irom the vicinity of ew York are locating, t annine is more profitable than -? ? - ? to juiiN n. street. Sew containing lull iniorinntion iree of charge. AI.L WANTING HOMES IN THE COUNTRY? Where It is henlthy, where there in an ubuudam e of li uit, where the roads are good and drives beaiitilul, mn. ii^ orchards, vineyards, flowers, shrubbery ami hedges, where the best of sehooii arc to be louud, and where no Ibiuor is allowed to be sold, 5,10 and acre Lots tor sale at $. a per acre, and improved Places at irom $10 :0 to $3,000, near Philadelphia and New York, apply tn JOHN' It. PAiiE, 102 Park place, two doors Irom West street. Mew York. Information sent Ann ? LasN MIW JBRSBY I'ARM, N B a it I'aldwell, on easy terms: HO acres; some meadow and woodland: t'l^iit, (arm house, outbuildings, Ac.; choice location', tertlle soil; healthy and rapidly improv ing neighborhood ; price $ 15.I1C0; only $1N7 90 pei acre ; no exchange. Principals address MILES I'ANSON, Wood side, Neviark. N. J. _______ A HANDSOMELY FI'HNISIIKD HOUSE AT RRD Bank, on the Shrewsbury Klver, to let; 16 rooms; spaeioi.s grounds and outbuildings; routing, bathing, Ac.; lour trams and river boat to cltv daily ; terms low. W. A. FllKNt II. (ill be Hotel, Red Bank, N. J. A handsome COUNTRY BRAT IN THE TILLAGE Of Jamaica, L. I.; S4 acres; handsome place; good Society; ran be got very low for cash; a good chauoe to make mi nev ; 4i6 lots; come and see ft; also 100 Lots at Elizabeth, N. ; 100 Acres at Harden City, Hempstead, adjoining A. T. site wart's pro erty, $4(0 o $500 per acre Apply lo JOHN FKTTRETOH, I,TO Third avenue. AT CRANFORD.? FOR SAT.E OR TO LBT, TWO first class Houses; all modern improvements; grounds laid out with walks, tancv trees, truit, Ae.; four minutes'walk from depot Central Kailruad ot New Jer sey ; time Iroui Acw York 00 minutes. MONAOHAN A t'o., 82 Cedar street. AT ORANOE MOUNTAIN. N. J.?FOR RKNT OR i\ sale. House. 9 rooms; It) acres; shade, truit abnu daut, lawn, good water, aide, t aru; viry healthy; rent $7.r> i>cr month ; price $12,500. Owner, 18 s?venth avenue. A?LABOR SAW MILL, WITH I.tfVI FRRT TIMBER, . kircb, beech and maple; suitable lor turning par poses; new saw mill, *0 by 4 ;, cost $10,010; circular and upright saws, pinning machine, lath and paling saws; splendid and connant water power; n no Houses (two large and so veil small), with largo irauio barn; f0 acres land cleared; suitable lor grass. Ibis property will either be put into a stock companj1 or sold otitrioht. For particular! address riEH.'JN A STILL MAN, East ktrovdsbarg. I'a. V COUNTRY SEAT, INCLUDINO ?0 ACRES OF Lan.l. in the city ol New Vriiuswick, witti choice iruit ot every variety, for sale; the land is near proposed new dei ot, and will be extremely valuable ; an excellent opportunity lor investment. WAIUtliN I1AHDBNBEROH, 58 Wall slrcct AT NEW BRSOHTON, STATEV island, three elegant I'iaces, tarnished; billiard rooms, stables, cows; extensive grounds; lour medium sized. Also tour unlurnishcd; rent $4i? to $1,200; locations unsurpassed. W. A. COLLINS, 28 Pine street. Auction.?to-morrow, Saturday, at i ;io p. m., 12.') valuable Building 50x2 0. Also, Cottage House; barn, ctiolce truit trees, near depot, Metuchcn, New Jersey, one hour Irom Cortlandt or Deabrossea ferry, on Philadelphia Railroad; take 10 or 12 o'clock train. Sale positive, to highest bidder. Ten per cent dowu; twenty wln n deed given ; balance three years. CAMl'BhLL A I'lhRSON, No.J>i Park place. AT NEW BRIOHTON?TO RENT, ONE FURNISHF.l> llouac ; also one uulumishe.1, 13 rooms, billiard room ; ! modern lmyrovemenis; stables, gardens, shndu trees; ! agreeable ?urrnundiugs; beiMiiitnl scenery. W. A. OuL LlNS.lri Pine street; HAMILTON ACO., XI Pine street. AT NEW BRUNSWICK.?HOUSES TOR SALR, EX change or rent.?Farms anil elegant Country Seats lu vicinity, $2.t> 0 to $*>0,000; near depot; only oue hour from New York. EDWARD S. VA II., 171 Broadway, room II. A -TO KENT, FCU.Y FCKNISHKD. ON CA8TLET0N Ai Hill, near West Brighton Lauding, SUten Island, a commodious Residence, with stable and extensive Grounds: the house is ready lor Immediate occupation, and is iirovidoil with bath, water closets, stationary tubs and all conveniences; stage passes the door; rent low. Apply to JOHN McDON'ALD, No. M Battery place. A N ATTRACTIVE 8UM M ' H BOARDING 1IOU8K TO JY let.?Lurge mansion: convenient lo townj situation on the Hudson, it1111^1 must titan iful scenery. Apply to M. L. HUSH, 71 Broadway, room 32, first lloor. HANI'KOMR I'i RNIMHliD HOUSE TO Bli HOLD J\ or to rent for tb? hummer, at Tom'* Kiver.with water '??I Mini. II 111 |F n III! I I I 4 ? ? t I I 14I"I I. IJUl** " Hi ' I'I* I II < usli payments. Bi.OoMINUDALi;, 9<V Third nil I 2:?9 Broadway, room 19. A tront: ten minutes irom ruitroa<l; boating, bathing i.n I flahlngi will be rented low for the Summer to a strictly private family. Inquire at w fit. CWM Hotel. A LAIttlF, PRIYATK RESIDENCE FOR RKNT J\ Suuswtck terrace. Astoria: garden, greenhouses, graperies, truttf, iec, stables, bath bou.-e, Ac,; completely lurnUticd, low n nt. V, K. STEVENSON, Jr., 11 Hmtmi ADBLIOIITFI'L COUNTRY 1IOMK, WITH RXCBL lent llou-e nnd outbuildings, 10 acres in Iruit and flowers convenient t" the etty, tor sale. $s,wo. RI'Kl'8 K. MqHARtl. 77 Cedar street. AT STAMFORD, CONN.? ELKO A NT I'I.APE, KIIEH and tflear, to exchange, or lor sale low. Magnifi cent Estate, on liidnon Itivcr, for sale ores hnnge. Large Place, on South Kay, Long Inland. Also Places to let, on Hudson River, New llnven Koul, Siaten Island aim Long It land. WILLIAM TUCKER. '..'20 Fifth avenue. AT C RAN FORI), NliW JERSEY CENTRAL. RAIL _/Y road, <8 minutes firotn New York, coutmutatlon $70 i? r annum; liiutly located Lota, QUx'AJ), selling now irom $ io S6in). pavable quarterly; building materials and labor taken in payment; will t uiid houses lo order on small avenuei I/NOI.IHII OOTHIC COT T A (IK TO I.ET FOR TUB Pj season. ?A well turn shed English Gothic, Cottage, 12 rooms; gas and wuter; good views. Address J. It. MASMN'tl, box S77 Post otllee, l'tttsf1eS4, Mass. KM.1/A Kh I'll, ? TO LET ? TIIOROI U1II.Y PPR I j nisbed, n neat House, with ten rooms, having all modern improvements; very pleasantly located; imme diate possession given. Address II., box 3,3ss Port oOlce, New York. TCNULEWOOD ?FOR BALK, TO f.ET OR BXCHaNOE, IJ Houses nnd Cottages, tarnished and unfurnished; fln" House, wiib l}g acres, for a Brooklyn House : others Ki.LLY BROTHERS, 215 Broadway. AND RESIDENT PROPERTIES TOR Patersoi?,'N. J., Steady water powi i s. Cheap coal. I.ow freight*. Rkl'led labor. One hour from New York. Canal, four railroad*. Ittl daily trains. ??. PIKIIER 8 ATTI5 RTIIW AITB, 10 Pine street IFOR HAI K.-ONK LARGE. TWO HTOBV, WELL I built Htol handsome dwelling house, containing Binnr. Mr.iv. in ; room, library, dining room, klu.hcn unit Inundi) on ftr~t lloor. Five double and three simile hen rooms and seeing r<K>m, on second floor. First storv eleven teet In rli. an I second story t< n leet hi"li, both corniced ihrounhuot, with han<lsi,ine centre piece*. Two bed rooms and large ?;?ro room on third floor. I wo bay windows on first tl,?,r. Hall IJ leet wide, with cosily it e floor, runs throned ihe house. Amide eio? t rooms throughout the house. dry wood milk and coal cellars separate?utalrs shut on, hot nnd cold water arrangements complete ?. heated lis furnace and open lire places, with marble mantel* in nearly ev? ry room, making it a coiuiortable Winter resilience; cistern? filtered water, ample even hi drv times, Stable anil carriage house, glf . riand lee houses, imposing gateway and entrance, carriage drives m excellent order. Beaut fill spring ol waler near the house, i ludce variety Of evergreens well I a 11 out. Fliteen or twenty acres of land to suit purchns r. Ten minntes1 walk Irotii llndion Hiver Kail Hood depot, fine mile from the Isrpe nnd flourishing village of Wuppingers Falls; location unsiir (I. Barely a property witli such udvantugesoflervd tin sale. A'i|ily in ANDRE W .fAt K'ON or JAMI'I MaRLOB, Wappinger* Pulls ,v I/OK BALK?COUNTRY HEAT ON fllE HUDSON I near New Hamburg, M acres of elegantly located choice i.and. with Collnge, newly and flmdy f. i uished ; two hiigo barns and other otitboifdlnirs, itesuHlnl views, drives Ac.; also a tew eligible I'lotaoVtrlo >Kingthe Hnd oti, suitable tor fine resiliences; terms easy. For par ticulars apply to A. POTTiBB, S?8L#*lngton axenuo. I.'t |R SALE? FARM; IS At ItKSl GOOD III ILOiNUS; I high grounds; leas thiin mile from West Held depot, nnd >, mile Irom Oakland. Apply at No. i Hurling slip Price ?'J,l;01. L^UR HALF.?ONB OK THE FINEST COUNTRY 1 Homes mi the II udsun River: splendid views ol the r.itskllls; new large house, cottage, buildings, Hock and ?v'fsi iruit trees; iii complete order; hi) acres; all uiien CII in be red. Address box v0. y post tilicc, Tivoli, or apply to M. T. stiOiiLai, No. f>'j Pine strest, room i". LMIRKAI.K -A, rakoain. a yKRY BLPBRIOB farm ?ct*Si In Menmotitlt couaty, N J., on Freehold and Jsmeaburg Railroad, ball a nnle from station; bulld 155S-,w flf .!Ua.eW),,",?- Apply, between 2 and S No agent* "UrfOB, WA'lhoN A Co., 27 Houth street. foil, SAI.K fllKI.I, I LI;ndID' F Alt MS, ONlT OF . .?,i i JtSfflfi0*? 2" M 0,,<' "f acres, ail with "? '",,r w 8> F K rnUPEKTT OCT or thb city fob, SALE OR TO RUNT. IfOR SALE?A VALUABLE WATER POWER GRIST awl Sawmill, with 1H acres of Laud,- situate J i.i the town ot Kmtchesier, Westchester county, N. V., three miles north ol New Rocheliedepot, New liuven Railroad, Mud on the line ot the proposed New York, Westchester and Boston Itullrond. Tuiiuirc ot the owner, 00 the prem ises, T W BCRTIa; Poet office uddress, New RocheUe. For sale?at a sacrifice, maplewood, n. j., on Morris and Essex Railroad, Cottage lloti-e and Barn; stable; truit 5 shade; water. Ac,, and one acre. ?Apply on premie?* or to W. P. COOK, ?ii Washington street. Brooklyn, L I FIOR SALE ON KASY TERMS nil TO LET-A VERY desirable House, It room*, modern conviniencc", at Ridge wood, near Mo ntclalr. Also Building Plot*, n -!/? s to ?ol 1, within walking distune,-ot two station*; stores, churches, ?c. O. O. H '.NNET, No. 9 I'inc street. EpOR BALE OR TO LET?IN THE CITY OF ches I tor, on the Del.iware River, near Philadelphia, a V.'h.tri ntiil lan:e lot ot <iround- w? li a tnntfd lor manu facturing business or sliiphuilaiiic. Apply to THOMAS W A'lTbON k siONH, ltu North Dvla'.vaio avenue, Phila delphia. IJIOR salr OR LEASE?SPLENDID M * VI'FACTI'R ing K- tablishment; railed root; building 6n*60, with *o hor-e power engine, shading, lortres, Ac.; loca tion In heart ot city or Poorbkceti.-le, with line wlisrf, ?routing Hudson River. Ap.dy to TANNER, WALKlilt A M< ANERNEY, i>.H Broadwuv. 1jV)R SALE OH LEASE?A BRICK AND STONE MAN. lion, HJxm feet, near thenltv, suitable (or hotel, institution or gentleman1* residence, A. II. RATllBUNE, 176 Hroalway. FpOR RENT?FOR THE HI'vmkr SEASON, ON THE 1 Hudson, an eli punt brick Mansion, .'5 newly and richly tnrniihi d; flue and handsomely laid mil wounds; dwolmw, oon- li house, greenhouses, uraptrqi and all eutbu idiniiH in jierfeut order; loc itlon undscenery un surpassed ; fruit Hi abundance. inquire ot A. POTTlKK, 37.i Lexington avenue. TilCRNInHEO HOUSES TO LET?AT NEW RO I1 1 lielle. by me season or year. Address or apply to JOS. LAMbDKN, New Hoc ho tie, N. Y. TjlURNISIIKD nOCSE AT MONTCLAIR TO RENT?RY .r ihe season or year; 14 rooms, modern improvements; good shade ; aliiitnlniiee ot' fruit; one ttillu Irom station. Apply to O. RENNET, No. tl Pine ftrect. Q1 ARDEN PARK LOTS FOR HALE?IN $10 MONTHLY payments, without Interest; prices from S#X) to $501, under restrictions; 5 to 10 minutes from depot at Whitestonc, L. I.; 26 minutes from Hunter's Point; <2 trains daily, from 0 A. M. to midnight, by elegant Hush ing and Northshle Railroad; a year's commutation free it you build before May, 1K74; beautiful scencry, high ground, healthy; churches, schools, and more conven ient to business than ttp town, Jersey, Brooklyn or Har lem; neighborhood under restrictions. Gallon 11. K. VAN 8ICKLEN, 1.13 Nassau street, get free pass and visit it. R. R. Hopkins will meet you at the depot. / ' RE AT SACRIFICE.?MUST BE SOLD THIS WEEK, \T one of the most choice ?tnd beautitul Farms in Bucks county, I'ennsylVMnla; contains 57 acres ot rich, smooth land, under tlio highest, cultivation?6 acres wheat, tl corn, 1 ot pnlutoc*, balance splendid grass; will cut71) tons of hay ; nice brook; good orchartl; substantial build ing, storehouse, 6 rooms; nice yard; plenty of shade; splendid barn, cost $.1U00; hog and poultry houses, car riage and wngmi houses, Ac.: good cash market; only two mtlns Irom large, nourishing town; :i8 miles from Philadelphia; milk and 12 passenger trains daily; only ;Uj hours irom New York city; prioe (including crops, worth $'-i,0Wl) only $6,1X10; ouly $l,oUU ciudi required; bill uiicc easy. Take 9 A. M. train Irom foot ol 'Liberty street, New York .New Jersey Central Railroad 1, to Bethlehem, l'a.; there take Northern Pennsylvania Railroad In yunkersiowu. Iiii|iiire at Miller's Hoiol, opposite the station, tor (1. L. WALKER. Carriage waiting. Can re turn at 6 P. M. Hudson river.?eleoant private residenob tor Mile, ?ith iuimcdiaUi possession, known us Cedar Lawn, situated at Fit-likitl-on-thc-liudsou, a bow the Highlands, directly opposite and overlooking the cit> of Newhurg halt mile iroiu depot and river, 1$? hours trom city, with seven daily train-i: 10 minutes irom churches, schools, stores, Ac. ; double mansion, 40xtl5, with all modern improvement, completely turnislied, which, together wllfi all ouislde lariu impUnieuts,for sale. Niu ? acres tilled with c.lioico young Hull and Hue old sliiutc trees and evergreens; irood outbuildings, in eluding glass gi.ipury und Icchouso tilled; river and mountain views unsurpassed; llrstelaM; large garden, coiilaliilug abundance of small Iruits. It is a gentleman's place, being unexceptional in every par ticular, and of a class sell loin oll'cred tor sale. The owner wiibiiiK to no abroad, will si ll cheap or exchange lor tli .t cl.isg unencumbered city property. Address U. s. Si., i>D St. James Hotel, New York. Monthly payments for an eleoant HOUSE, h rooms' bith, water ehueis, elevated oven range, wash trays, Ac. ; only (Mlu month, without Interest, 1111,1 $7ft! dow n will buy it, with two l.ots, on sewered streets; 4 ininuies from <tup01, at White.stone, Iaiiik Island; 1 boor from Citv Hall, by al tiaius daily, friMp h A. M. to mid nlshf: a year's commiituiion free, t iill 011 II. K. VAN McLiCN, 1X1 Nassaustreet, and get tree passes. Maryland, my Maryland.?a farm of 100 acres in the liest purt 01 tlio State to exchange (or city or rrooklyu Property. Apply to MAllTIN DUNN, Wi Broadway. VrYAOK.-ELrilBLY LOCATED FIRST CLASH J.1 Homes lor sale nnd rent; nlso very desirable Lots aud I'tolx at reasonable rate* ami liberal terms ; magnifi cent river views; also Rood variety of Karma. Apply to TAYLOR .t 8MITH, Nyack. NYACIf ON HUDSON.?TO LET OR FOB HALE. A furnished House. 11 rooms; river view, fruit aud shade; S200 per iiioutb; A infinite* limn Mansfield a\e Bue station. E. B. WESTON. NEW FLOURINO MIi.l. AND RESIDENCE FOR Ku le? Kail road transportation; very old Uiwlncsn; never lulling water power; three run of stones; homo market. J. HEN BY JOHNSON, 119 Broadway. 0RANOE MOUNTAIN, N. J.-FOR BENT OR PALE, handsome ColUKe. 13 rooms. pia/zas, two acres, stable : healthy; rent $80 per mouth; prise $i>,fi00. J. n. H., 24 and 2f Murray street ORANGE, N. J., VERY NEAR MONTROSR RTA tion.?New, very complete Houses to let lor $801; one very elcguut, price #24.U<M. r. t>. hTALLkNECUT, owner, 37 Nassau street. ONI.Y $ 0 1'F.B MONTH AND $HU DOWN Will, IIIIV n pretty House, 6 rooms and cellar, lot 150 teei deep, In Harden I'ark, 8 minutes Irom depot, At Whilestone, Long island; 2# minutes from Hunter's i'olnt; il trains daily, .fl A. M. till mlda ght, by elegant Flushing and Northside Rallrond; one year's comtuutalion free; btmi tllul m etiery, high ground, healUiy, churches, schools, and more convenient to business than sixtieth street, New York. Why pay rent lor purt ot a house when your rent will bur you a beautiful hunief Call on H. K. VAN IlCLkN, US Nassau street, Midget a free p;??i anil visit it. ONE OF TITF. FINEST RESIDENCES IN NEW JER DPy, with nearly seven acres; fluent views in tho State; house fully furnished ; also $20,00* in paintings mid statuary; price 9M,UU0s or will be rented to a per fectly responsible party lor one year. Apply to Yv. C. RAV'kMIII.I., Bloomlield, N. J. ONLY *7 AN ACM, CASH. ?!>. 117 ACRES OF THE very best heavy Timber Lands in Centre county, Pennsylvania, lour miles trom depot. JOHN s. KWEN, 89 Nassau street. C ARATOOA.?TO LET, FURNISHED, BRICK HOUSE, n Franklin square, 12 rooms, liuth, heater, rus; all modern improvements; lot;'0tl: elegant ground*; June 16 to September 1ft, IUW; will rM'll for $20,?tl0; with Flir ntture, 82I>,(M)'. great bargain. Address JI. VAN DL'SEN, 121 and 120 Hroadway, Saratoga. N. Y. SUMMER HOUSE AND OOI4AN BREEZES.?FOB sale, on the eoutli side ot Long Island, a hoiiiitliul dottiin CotU*a. with flue trout pond and live arm; noiir tlh' depot; one hour Irom New York ; price urn Apply f?> T. I). HAGUE, 88 I.eonai.1 street, New York. QDLLIVAN COUNTY.?THE BEST FARM IN THE 0 * hole county can lie bought at a bargain; ? o acres, .VI wood land ; Ian I is ricli: society tlrst rlaas, For further particulars apply to AIAIITIN Dl.'NN, -ili Broadway. rHO LET?A COUNTRY BBSIDBNOK; ONE OF THE 1 healthiest nnd most picturesque locations on tho Hudson, situated in Rockland county, one hour frotn the city: lu minutes from Sparklll depot ; 12 rooms, with nil modem improvements; Vi ac res ground; good con venience lor keepiug horses and earrlsges. inquire of J. M. HLAl'VKLi, adjoining the premises, or J. A W. HUKROUOHS, M Fulton street, Brooklyn. rpo LET?A DESIRABLE STORE, COMPLETELY 1 fitted mii, on the l>est Mock of the best business street In Troy, N. V.; Miltahlo tor cither dry goods, clotliln r, laney goods or tine groceries. Address JULIUS SAUL, Troy. >. Y. rpo I KT-AT FLATBUSH, A DESIRABLE COTTAOB, 1 with modem Improvements, pleasantly situated on the muin avenue; locutiou unexceptionable, with burn, farden, Ac.; cars every live minutes. Apply to J. II. MTMAS, tl Fulton street, Brooklyn. rro LET?SEVERAL DESIRAKLE HOt'SE8 IT 11 1 modern conveniences, located in Bergen, N. J.. 20 mlnutt - irom llic cilv; rents low to good tenants. Apply to APPLEBY A UKLME, 133 Water rtrect. rjif) LET- AT VANDEKIULT LANDING, HI AT EN I Island, a convenient, thoroughly furnished lion, with stable nnd grounds, to private laiuilv only, at low . price. Inquire at 'M Broadway. rpO LRT?FURNISHED. 11 ROOM HOUSE, WITH i i Manic*, modern improxemeiits, ample gtonnds, on ' tMg banks of the I. u Ison, Nyack; v.cws unsurpassed. \ own k it, isj Water sir* ot, corner of Maiden In no. rpo I.KT H'BNISHKH, A DESIRABLE COUNTRY | 1 Rt.-iilciiat, carriage how>e, Ac . ivith trom one to five acres ol Land , very healthy ; two horn s by Harlem Rail road; express station, near Lake Waekubnek : reasona ble; nee photograph. It. M BltUNDlOE, 911) Broadway. rpo ItKNT?AT NKW BBIHHTON, A (IENTLEMAN'8 1 IBrnifhtd ReMdeni ,?, containing 13 rooms, bllllnrd room, with commodious rtalde??, cow mi<l cow houses, and pasture ; hennery, gardens; beantiiul icencrv ana 1 aurCcuble iurroiindiiits; a tailslaclory tenant will h ive the option ol retaining a i nir oi carriage horses and car imges. W. A. CoLLliNS, 2s I'inc street, riM) LET?AT DUNDEE LAKE, S J., FINE OOUffi, I good burns and outbuildings, and slxt\ <00)a- resot' lard, one iourth l>4) <;t ? mile irom Dundee station, on Midland railr Mil, i lie house is d lightlulh situated mid : the ground runs down to the lake. To a goi.d tenant rent will be m??lc T?ry re ison ible one hour from Cortkndt :ir"1 Ai'P'y ?? Walter edwaudh, jr., #.? | PllK* ?t. | rpo RENT IN NEWAItK?A WELL FURNISHED SUIT I of f??r rwni^ck* i'i?ing ; location nnd irar <b n nttrai 'i\??; near l.lneoln Park and New York depot ; rent moderate. Addres* \ 1N0ENI, Post office, Newark, f|W RENT-FINE HOUSE ANI> in Al'ltES, lfl MILES I Rom city in Jersey; plenty of truit; mile from depot, One nelghlH.rlio h|, retil|.>0; cheap, will Mil. w. K. PAKtrtM, A l)ey sin et. rrwo eleoant storks to let?in yonkers, X 5. T,; one with n dome ^Ky lichr, ftiiifnMo for dfy ?J groceries. Inaofre of .1 CflPUDTT, Yonkers, or rK , ? 'tTtet, New York, on Tucsdaysor Frldajs, alter IDA. M. " TR0C/ -ttM-OWiT ? MILES ON ERIE RAIL rosd; 12ti acres .fexeellem land ; fruit in ahnndauce; location unsurpassed for health; good buildings; price low, 918,000: terms an ommodatintf. OHUS J. D a ' m+\ Sc. Sft I'itic ftrert PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOB HAUB ok to rkivt. _ VALUABLE PROPERTY FOR BALK AT GENEVA, V ?A beautiful place, containing SS aero* of land, well adapted for a nur ?ry or KtiuUr iuan'a country seat: buildings consist of it brick hhnse and suitable out buiMimrs; Ik-lds in goed cultivation and nearly all tile drained: tvuitin abundance and six acre* or fine wood land : tliln Is a rare chance to nurehase a dellghtinl home in the loveliest Village ol the Mtate. Apply (o UKItttiT H. SMITH, Oeneva. N^Y. infi At;KB STOCK FARM. IN ORANOE COUNTY, LUvJ with good buildings, stoek, Cron* and Farming Imnleiueuts; will ej.chauge for Houses or Lots; nrice $*,000. 01'RLE V, 12 Centre street. It I'.'AL ESTATE TO RVCHANGE. A FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP BHOWN STONE J?. lIou?e, near the Park; a bri''k H#it? also to ex change tor good Eli/.ibetb property. Apply to MAK ll.N DUNN, 202 Broadway.

? WELL-ESTABLISHI'D HOUSE FUBM3HIN0 il business, si.tK $30,00(1, and Building i? fleshed, rented for $6.50)1. to exchun-'c, separata or logellMr, lor ill) town Property, with JliffX) caah 11 required. A. I?L<>My\ I.iT, iw) Nuimiu street. rtE IU1 I'r IfXCHANOE-EITHER $I2,UJ0 FARM (175 ACHES), J buildings ilrst class, lor New York, Brooklyn or Ilempsteaa rropertv, Long Island, or $4.5 t) uiien um bered <lotintrv Store, Dwelling, Ac., lor Brooklyn House. Owners, inquire at7S Beekman street, New York, third floor, trom U to 4. TTIOR BALE?OR EXCHANGE FOB UNIMPROVED J? Property or Farm, h Residence at Uuokuiusack; also n small Residence In Brooklyn. Owu< r, W. 8. Plfci;SO.\, Builder, ft) Pine street. For half, EXCHANGE AND TO LET?001 NTHY Keats, Hotel < ami Cottage* turui-lied and uufttrni-h ed;ulsoCual lard tor nile at stiil on. B. M. ma iin, No. 1 Chamber8street. T/iOR SAfiB OR KXCIMNOK-A FINH PABM OP MX) r acre*; vary food buildings, plenty of iruit; a fluo water power, Met head; a flue pond of water, plenty ol Huh; 12 miles troin City Hall: tine building tiles- has to bis Keen to be hi prrcia ed : price $ 5,0*). Apply to owner, JOH N WILLIAM* WJ VVe.-t street, near Canal. 1/njK SALE AT A BARGAIN, RKNT OR KXCIIANOE I" for Brooklyn, upper New York or near-by Property, two finely finished Houses p.t Elisabeth; complete, with all molcrn Improvements; new; lots i>..n 151): 40 minutes Iroui City liatl. New York. Address J. C. 0., Juruld office. IONO BRANCH.?CO TTAGB. WORTH $20,i?0, V. ANT ?J i d In exchange lor Court street Property, Brooklyn. Address J., box 5.U33 Post office. ONH OF THE BEST HOTELS, NEAR CITY, IN' fashionable lo-ality, opposite depot, will be. ex changed lor dteamhoat, rropel'er or good Kami. 8. E. H. VANDTKK, lt)0 Broadway. /?ESTCHESfER COUNTY?RESIDENCE 05 ACRES) with water trout, mu-it he sold or ex 'bunged lor " ' limine. nion m|iiare. TO EXCHANGE?FOR A GOOD STOCK OF CLOTH lug, lanny good* or dry (food s, a valuable niimlior of Lots, In a tlirn ing village in Wcstchoeter county, near depot: alio a Brooklyn House, now well rented and In a mi o I location ; equity in my property u about $1S,(KA>. Address MBBCHANT, box 155 lierald office. WILL EXCHANUE FINK TKNRMKNT PROPERTY lor small Farm in Wcstchostcr or Long Island. Address A. K. 8., box 153 Herald office. &/I nnn CASH AND a COUNTRY PLAGE, unencumbered, value $8,t)i)i) to $12,01), will lie taken in exchange for ei)it!ly in tlnely located brown stouo, with side windows and two 17-loot Lots; Hue ii'uine on rear adioininK. owner, on premises, 220 East Eighty-sixth street; wide street. New York property. Several others to exchange. DOTY A lUCl'N. A<iK, 2? Uni ltKAI< IWI'ATH WAITED. WANTED-TO BUY A SMALL BRICK HOUSE AND Lot or a Cottage, In tbe vicinity ot Harlem : price not to cxcecd $(t,0U0. Address N. T., box 132 lieruld oltlco. V*' ANTKD?A KAHM, ON LONO ISLAND. NOT LKS-t f ? than HO acres, within one mile ot station; running water, good variety of trait, wood land and meadow; must have tnir improvements; expensive ones not wauled. Address, wuh lull particulars ami lowest price, cash, box 2,593 Post olllee, New York. u: .? vi,s . OPPORTUNITIES A PARTNER, WITH KM ALL CAI'ITAL, WANTED? To i xtcud an e-tahli lied paying Buuuom. Apply at 188 mm 680 Paltoti street, Brooklyn. ACTIVK PARTNER WANTED?OF MOiTTHOROUOII busiMsacharacter; bus n.'ss uii urnas ed tor sub stantial trade and prolan; #6.UU<) reouiritl ami lies of ref erences. LLI.I.S * i KjM 'K .-'.ItHOi- F, 4* Broad si. AN IMMKDIATK PROFIT OF<80,060 CAN BR MADE by an inves meut of$10,0I)J or a low weeks on tlrst class security, besides a po itiou iniurnig a liand^une yearly iu ome tor occasional services. Address TUKA8 UKER. Herald Uptown HlMOb oflct. Any onk WISHXMo th?j hekvicks of a man with capital to Invest, and a practical knowledge of calico prln In;, bleaching and dyeing, address U. MAI. L A Lib u, Post office, Boston AFORTCNR.?FARTNBR WANTED, with A MOD erate capital, to travel as cashier with the greatest magician ever in this country ? pertoriiitn.' to crowded hou-ea nightly. For an luUrvie w address ILLUSIONIST, Lox 2J3 Herald olllee. A CHANCE TO MAKE MONHY.?PATENT RIGHT for sale; a new and useful invention; no humility about It. Call anil hoc tor yourselves. 119 Nassau struct, room 1. A PARTNER, WITH $10,?0, IN Till? PRODUCE commission business wanted, 1>> a house with capi tal and twelve years' experience: can control valuable banking facilities li retired to advance the business. and have an extensive influence unions State and Western shipper*. Apply to UltlOulS, CAHLETON * CO., W Broadway. AN ESTABLISHED, SAFE AND PROFITAB B MAN utacturiag bneincsa will bo sold at a bargain or ex change for Real Estate; trade spec It j protected by patents; salt 8 cash: or interest will lie dti-po*cd of. a. E. il. Van l? y K r:. 180 Broadway. \ PARTNER WANTED?WITH $**1, IN SUMMER 1Y Hotel near New York; partner, $760,1 n lager beer and lunch saloon; tiartner, il.ul), In commission business, and all kinds ot business chances tor sale. 1 articular-). , WAiiNKU & CO., No. 6 Dey street. 4 CHANCE SELDOM OFFERED?A LONC ESTAB JY lished light manulucturing be.sinefis; carried on suc cessfully for 23 yours; ar.lrlcs staple; In daily use; will bear Investigation. H PA ITUERO, W/, Broadway. A MONEY-MAKING PATENT FOR AN ARTICLE used in every household, and which v ill pay large profits, will be Mild lor good t.cul c-sUife Oliasil. Address W. U. 1J., lio*6,i;? Tost ofllce. A lady, WELL KNOWN IN THE MANUFACTURE j\ ol l'uri-liii drcmiiukliig and tuilllitery, wants a partner with cap tal, lady or ).eiitl<'inan. Call at rn>> West ihlrtlcth street, over crockery store. Boiler have a device for utiliz in/ hot air after parsing through boilers Want Some goo i party to It in me in mauuiacturliig. Add re** a W. V., Herald ofli'ce ITtOR hale?AN Est\klisiiki> door, SASH. 1 Blind anil llaildcrs' Hardware SutlMM; the owner having other business will sell right to u cash customer. Address 11AKDWARE, bo* US Post office, Rahway, N. .1. IjiOR SAI K-A HOTEL, N CAR BY; OOOD LB ABE; " Fixtures and lurmshed in complete running order; wi II 1 o sold very cheap. Al>| Iv ai Broadway, room II. IJIOB SALE?STATE RIOIITS OF A VAI.UABLE Patent -.also a tive men wanted to ?ell the article In nil purts ol tin' couutry. Call at IIS Ctiamliers street, up stairs. Hotel to ren t and furniture fwr sale? The popular Hotel known as him Cottage, situ an I in Kordhaiu. near Jerome Race Course. For nartii ufai'S ini|inre on the prciiii*i s ot A. L. BAKER, IMPORTANT to INVESTORS.?$/7A,H0t) WANTED-TO I sstab ish a manufactory ol goo Is a*> staple as cotton or woollen, under the direction ot a party now producing in largi 'quantities wares superior n> any inaiiutactureii in this country or Europe, and under very advantageous circumstance*, asSO per cent of the goods solo liere are manufactured in Englsnd, where the high price ot coal ami labor is rapidly precluding export; profits verv lor^o an I sales unlimited, a thorough periaxial investigation solicited. hl.LIS A BltlNC vEKIIOFF, Financial Agents, 48 Broad street. OF , . . . , safe financial business; one acquainted with ininin;J matters preferred; references exchanged. For an interview ad dress FINANCE, box 223 Herald ofllce. TtTANTKO?A PARTNER WITH $9,000 CAPITAL. IN A I tt good paying business. Address CAPITAL, IlcialJ j ofllce. \Y'ANTED?A YOl'BO MAN AS PARTNER IN A tt conn ry cUv grocery store ; one having about if I..'V11 : and meaning work; none otlu rs need apply. Adlic-s OOl'NTRY Si ORE, Herald oftlee. tfjcrn PER WEEK -I WILL SHOW ANYBODY HOW ???)" to mane this p: o1t >n a spectil itlve business on ! a capital ol $2AU. Address EN ft.Ri'tJHi-., IL raid Uptown Branch ofHce. AQAA ?PARTNER WANTED, IN AN EXCELLENT paying limitless; must bo ot genteel appea> - | ance and of temperate i >? lis; a rare cliauce. Call at I 5 5 West Thirty-first street (JtK/Wk?WITH SI RVI< E , TO INVEST IN INDOOR I ?Pt/vu business. L. J., X19 East Twenty-third street. | Clil (inn ~A CHANCE FOR A BUSINESS ?pl ."IMF, man, with the above capital. In a light fastness; to go to Philadelphia; no competition. Apply to H. ISAACShN, ?4 I uiIon street. 6 | nno invi srki> in a legitimate iirst ness will net fo any man of common busi ness experience from SA,flB0tO $lf?,iinil n year pi rmanentfy. Address or cull at 76 Nassau street, basement, tor three days. O. II. V.iN HORSFhN. dtj"| snii ?WANTED, AN ACTIVE OR SILENT O l.'MMr. partner In Ihe dairy lunch business; loca tion down down; rent very reasonable; two floors al ready fitting up ; will open ill ten days; references <>x chanted. Add rem IT iiK MILK, box lid Herald otlice. ri(|(l ?PARTNER WANTED?IN MANUFAC* luring and wholesale business; six veais established, paying $I5U par week: wiillienr rigid inves tigation. Call, in perron, on lU TTKiCK, 4*1 Canalst. rj\l\ WANTED?SECURITY GIVEN. WITH A paving position ol' honor and trust. Ad dress BUSINESS*, Herald ofllce. -WANTKU, SPECIAL PARTNER IN VOviUUU, Maniiiacturlng business, estjiblished i!i yeai s, doing A good business; can he greatly increased; superior articles, ol daily consumption; lar-u profits; no risks. Address A. A., Pox lit# Herald otlloe. WASTED I'O FlfmCIIA?l? DRI (1 STORE WANTED.?COUNTRY PREFERRED. Address, stating terms, Ditl'uuisT, Herald I ptowu Branch olllce. WI ANTED?A PAIR t?F SECOND HAND ROLLINO TV Mills, small ftlge: also a Polishing I.afhc, sultalile for Jewellers use. Adtliess W. W. TOLLEY, Jeweller, w DeKalb avenue, Brooklyn. "llfANTFD?A SECOND HAND ITPRIOI1T DESK, ?v double, with rack and drawers, suitable tor a hook keeper; black walnut or mahogany; In good condition, .iddnsf t'i'A l.WJ 1'ott ufliic, New Vi.rk, "lirANTED-THE SERVICES OF A OENTLEMAN t T ability, with from $7,500 to $10, tto, to join in a t ? ErHOTEAH BTKAWSItlW. VTOBXIJ GERMAN LLOYD STEAMSHIP COMPANY. Xl for Southampton and Bremen. The steamship NEW YOKE, Captain F. Klugklsf. will sail on Wednesday, May M, at 2 1'. M., iroin Bremen pier, lootol Tbiril street. Honoken, to lie toHowed by Steamship W KSER, Captain W. WUllgerod, on flatur day. May 17. ft A TICS OK PASSAOB TO LONDON, HAVRE AND BREMEN, payable m cuia or it* equivalent in currency. Firs r?bi?... 7 ?'i> He cowl Cabin 72 8 tee rage 30 For freight or pas-age apply'u OELRH !HS A CO., Agents, No. 2 Bowling Ureen. fTHE HAMBI'BG-aMERICAN PACKET C'Jlll'A.NV'S x iron mail ?Uiauisliip HOLHATIA, Captain A. Burend >, will ?aii ?u I'hursday, May 12, at 2 ... * P. M. tor iiaml?urg? tuking passengers trout Now York 'o Plymouth, London, .... _ .. Cherbourg una Hamburg. Flr*t Cabin, $I2f?. Second Cabin, I7J. payable in Cntted States Hold. KUNHARDTA tjti., c. B. KICtlARD A BOA4, General Agents, General Passenger AgeitM, 61 Broad street, N< \\ ^ Ufk. ul Brudtiwuy, New V11 r'\. The 8 1. &IA will wail Mapt'. The VANDAt.IA ax extra steamer direct May 17. QNLI DIRECT LINK TO FRANCE. THE GENERAL TRANSATLANTIC COMPANY'S MAIL STEAM HIPS BETWEEN NEW YOKE AND HAVRE. CALLING AT BRKST The splendid vmmU on this favorite route forthi Con tiin nt will Kail irom pier No &0 Noitii River, at lot on ? ?? WASHINGTON, Rottsaatl Satnrdov, Mav If V LLK UK ''Alt' Saturday. Muvll VILLE DC HAVHE. Samr'tar. June 11 FEREIRK, Da tiro Saturday. June 2* PRICE OF PA8SA6T? IN GOLD m'ltidtiH wine) TO lilt KMT <Mt HAVRE, First < uiiin, $1 "."i. Seoul Cabin. tf i. Excursion rickets at reduoed r.itos. These steamers do not i-.irrv cera M pvwniart Aiiitiriuuu travellers goniv u or returning 'ro >i thi Continent ol Europe. by taklntf this line, avol I boilt transit by Eu-Jisli railway and tlt? diseutniorUof 'rim. ingtho Cbauuul, beside* savug time, trouble i?UJ ox ijliiso. GEORGE MACKENZIE, Anent.83 Brotdway. NnTT?.?Railroad tickets between Paris und Vienna flnnlshod at redueed rate**. UNITED STATES M AIL 1.1 N K.?STEAM TO QUEENS town and Liverpool. Hailing every Wednesday. WYOMING, Capiu.n t'noe May 21, at, 1)? P. M. IDAHO, Morgan >tay JJ, at a P. M. From pler46Norili Kiver. Cabin tNiSKHKe, ?nu (toil: Meerage, $:'J) currency. Prepaid ticket*, $32 curreuoy. Passengers bonked to and Iroui Paris, Hamburg, Nor way and Sweden, Ac. Drafts on Ireland. England, France and Gennanv, at lowe?t rates. Applv to WILLIAMS * uuiuN, 20 Broadway. s TATE I INK. TO (JLAStJOW, LIVERPOOL BELFAST AND Londonderry. . VIRGINIA 8AILH JOKE 11, IVom the eomnany'f do>'k, Fulton icrrv, Brooklyn. SUPERIOR PASHKNGBB ACCOMMODATION*. Cabin, ys> and $?n, ?old; Hteernsre, *30. enrrencr. DRAFTS ISSI KD ON ALL PARTS OF EUROPE. For freight or passage apply to AU.-mK BAf.DWIN k CO., Agentw, Steevavs offlco 4"> Broadway. 7^ Broadway. Atla'h steamship company. For Llverpotd direct. The litII-powered, fast-sailiiii,' Iron screw steamer J AM A (CAN, 2,two tons. Captain Robert Watson, ot the Weat India and Pactflo Ro.val Mall Company* line, will leave. New Vork on the 'ANli Inst, for Liverpool direct. Pasneiwr uconmmodatioiia unsurpassed tor elegance and comfort. Only dr?t class passengers carried. Fare KWcnrrency. For iretnlit atid passage apply to PIM, FORWOOO k CO., ? Pine and M Wall street. CUXARD LINE. BRITISH AND NORTH AMKRIOAN ROYAL MAIL STKAM,SHIPS between New York and Liverpool, calling at Cork Har bor. From New York. ALGERIA.,.. Wed., May 14 | HA I A VIA Sat, May 17 ?R1'SH1A Wed., Mav 21 < ALaBHIA Sat., M.iy 24 ?JAVA Wed., May 28 I PAItTH IA 8at? May 81 ?CCBA Wltd.,dune 4 8AMAKIA Sat.,June 7 ?St oTIA Wed.,June 11 I ABYSSINIA... .sat.,.Iune 14 Steaiuerti marked thus ? do uot carry stoerane pa?sen ?<? rs. ?\nd every lollowinx M'edne . lay and StUnrday tYom New York. Kates ot passage?t'.ildn, $W), flCO and $130, pold, ae cording to ttccomtaonatiou. Tickets to Pat Is, $15. Kv>ld, addliional. Hi'turu Tieketa on favorable terms. Steer age, $?', currency. steerage llcki ts from Liverpool and Queenatown and all pari* of Europe, at lowest rates. For ftelght anil ealifi! pasxige apply at tlti'. eotnpan.\ s nfllo-e. No. 4 Bowl in.'tireetti ior steerage passage, HI Hroadway, Trinity Building. I'll AS. (J. PRANCELYN. Ag nt or to P. H. DUVERNET, corner of i lark and Randolph street', Chicago, 111. PASSENGERS PER STEAM; HIP BAT A VIA EMBARK J Irom the t'utiard whan, loot of Orand aireet, Jertev city, at#A. M. ouSulunlav, Ma\ II, 1S7.1. CHARLES a. FRANCKLYN, No. 4 Bewliag Oraaa,Xew York. Anchor line. Bleu men* sail fromjilera) North Kiver, New York, EVERY Wl DN I'.SDAY AND SATURDAY. A NO LI A ..Pat., May 17 INDIA Sat.. June 7 El'K 'PA Hat, Mav 24 ot ympia. ... Wed., June II T It IN At; It I A.. Wed., May 28 A< STK\LIA...Sat.,.)uiie i4 CALIFORNIA., at.. May SI COLUMBIA,.Wed., June 18 CALliliONIAWed., June * VICTORIA. . ,.hat., June 21 I he pa?Mt(tr aecomuioilatioiK on ?teaiiiers of this line are unsurpassed lor elegance and eomiort. Cabin siut^ rootns are all on upper deck, tliuasecuring t'Ood light aud veuUlatloti. BATES OF PASSAGR TO GLASGOW LIVERPOOL OR LONDON'DERRV. Suluruay steamers. Wednesday steamers. Gold. Currency. Cabins 975 and $<i& $7S und #60 Cabin return tiekets. se< ur ing iie?i accoiiimodatiuns.. $130 SUB BTUERAG $:10 CURRBNCV. Tickets for paAsagc to or front any seaport or railway st'iiion in (.rent iiritaJu, Ireland or the Continent issued at lowest rutes. DRAFT* ANY AMOUNT AT CURRENT BATES. Company'# oflleeg, No. 7 Bowling Green, New York. lle.NDERSON BROl'HERn, Agents. .Tusl piibllsbod, "Hie Trip to Europe,a magazine of information tor ocean traveller*; cau be hail free of charge on application. INM AN LINE. .1 For Oneenstown and Liverpool. Royal Mail steamer* arc UDwated to sail a* follows:? CITY OF Klirsi'o/, Thursday, May 15. fl A. M. CITY OF BROOKLYN Saturday, May 17, 10 A. M. CITY OF WASHINGTON Thursday, May d, 4 P.M. CITY OF ANJU Kill' Saturday, May 34, 4 1'. M. CITY OP LIHr.HICK Thursday. May 4f, 8 \. M. CiTY OF LONDON Saturday, May 31, w a. m. iiud each m< oee<ling Saturday and Thursday, trom pier 15 North River. RATE* OF PA8SAUE. Cabin, $xs 11111 $100, gold, according to accommodation. Round trip ticket* ut low rate*. Steeragt?lo Liverpool, Que?atown, Gla?g>jw, Lon donderry, I-oii'lon, Bristol or Cardiff, $30. l'rcpuid certifi cate*, t'li, currency. Passengers ulno forwarded to Havre, Hamburg Bwetlen, Norn ay, !>? nmark and Paris at reduced rules. Draiti issued at lowust rate*. For cabin passage mid general business apply at the company'* office, 16 Broadway. For steerage parage atii Broadway. joii.n o. DALE, Agent. or to 0'Donpei.Ii \, 402 Chestnut street, Philtiael; Ilia. M. f<. Cation 102 site "t;eet. Boston. F. C. Brown, South Market street, Chicago. Wa. Insjx, Liverpool,and No. i' line Scribe, Part*. tITIHTE 3T ? R LINE. V\ FOIt on IiNHTOWN AND LIVERPOOL. OA EH VIM) THE UNITED HTATEsJ MAIL New and tull-powsred fteauudiips Sailing irom New York on Saturdays, from Liverpool on 'Ihursdays, calling at Cork harbor each way ADRIATIC May 44. at :t P. M BALTIC Saturday. .\lav 31. at.S:3> V. if. OELTlC Saturday, June 7, at 4 P. M. OOKANIC I una 14, at 7:3) \. >1 ?From the White >tar dork, Pavonln lerrv. Jtrwjr City. Passenger ace,,mmodatioiH for all ela?>e* unrivalled, combining safety, spaed and com'ort. Halpons, stateroom , smoking room and bathrooms In midship section, where. least motion la felt Surgeons and He warden* accompany the *t?aiuer. Rate*? Saloon. *1 0 gold ; steerage, In currency. Thoae wishing t? M ini lor friend* In the old country can now obtain steerage prepaid eerltlcates. 'Cuvrency. Passengers! kedtoor from all part* o' Atntrlol M Pari*, Hamburg, Norway, Sweden, indi.i, Australia! China. Ac. Draft* Irom ?1 upwards. ..... For Inspection et plan* and other Information apply at ttie company''office, l'i Broadway, Now york. Bill* 01 laaing issued to Continental I'ort*. J. H. BPAHKri, Agent. N ational line <>p kteamkrh. Weekly to Uueciibtowa and Liverpool; lortnightty to Uindon direct. ____ TO QUPF.NSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL, Irom nu rd 44 and 47 North River CAN ADA, Weicter Saturday, Ma '17, at > A. M. SPAIN, f.'racc Saturday, Ma, 4f. at3 1'. M. J it \SCt, Thorn-on. We<lin -'lav, MayZ&AtSP.M FOR LONDON DIRECT. THESE S'i'e.A MS11 il'r? ABE THE LAN'' KST IN THE TRADo* Cabin parage?M0, ?'? and $li?), curreney. ixiurslon? #li,nuii<l #nn. Etecrage. tiw, currency. Prepaid stei rag. ticket* Irom Liverpool, Que< 'i^town, Londonderry, (Jlaiwnw, Cardiff, Briiool or London, ? ?!.. vJ'K't THAN HY ANY Ll.xE. ^^yr:nf0Tm^n V CROPBAN TRAVEL. COOK, SON A JENKINS, Tom i--t and Excursion Manager*, " )w York, MS Broadway, New ^ nrk. issi >? the hailwa) Ticket* B.scil by travellers lor tours through all parte ol Ireland, Scotland. Etwlund, Irani c, Belgium, Germ my, tu.irui, Holland, ttai*-. Faleatine, Spain, swlt?-rlaud, I gypt, &<?.. tiy all routi *. Hold In all ease* at greatrc iluctieii rroni'tlie onllnary la'"'"-.. C(ii >K'S i- XCV itsIuMsT lor Mav, containing upward* ol l.OUO different tours, showing expenae, Ac., now ready. Price 10c. sent by mall post-naid. / 1 \ZI. S SI MMER TOt'R TO VII NS l $.?) OOl.D, it glvlier Iwo month" In Europe. Personally condu'tel. Start* Irom New York Jane 41 See deiailoit programme. UAZli'si Tourist 'lIcketslor I .rope mid the Bast, ir"in Qnccns'own, Liverpool and London, by Koyal Mall routes. OAZH'S Hotel t'oupotia tor principal cities in Europe. Atlantic Paiaag' *set ured w any line oi^ steamship*. UAZK'SAm rlean Office, No. It Bowling <!reen. N. Y. MTFD ST AT Ml PASSPORT P'' HEAD.?OFFICIAL passports of the Department ofMtato lewd by A. C. WXLl M.vRfH, I lilted States Court House, 41 Cfinin bers street. f TNITI'D STATES PAS,SPORT AOF.N'V.?A. T. IJ WKI.t'H, late chief ol l'an*poit Bureau, Deparuneilt ol Mate, Washington, D. agent, 4SM Broadway. u A COAHTWJMK HTKAM?I11PH* TLAB ITEAMiHIP CON PA v Y. Mail service lor West Indies, navnna, Vene/ii'*la mi l Spanish Main. I'Jic company1* Iron sercw st?amer* are appointed to Kail a* follows (balding berth pier i< North River) :? For Havana direct . . MANDIN'iO, Captain Spence.Mth Inst. For Turk'* Island, Jamaica anil Havauillii. CLARIBKL, Captain Bay ley, -?th Inst. For llavll and Veuuauela. ARIEL (1,100 tons), flth Jnne. _n__rtnn A For freight and paMage apply to W.1'.X???.??. CO., Oem-ral Agent*. M wall *tre?t aiidW} Ine street. UOB NEW OKLKAN8 DIRfCT. I he Rtean]uliTp"'iV/'Vir'TlT <Ki^e^iiu'sutuVduy fr.y'M.7,.r"1 ,VM received dally! IS rale* given at fialveston, Indlanola. RiKJkfort or Aran za* wharf, Hr*7.o?, t'antlrwo and Ht. Lonl*. Cabin pawaae $?i; " ???; f."?M # r*" tage apply lo CilAltK A SEAMAN. W Weft ttr?..t? U OOAHimSB BTKAM8HIPW. PACIFIC MAIL 6TE AMSHIP OOMPAN VH LIKTB^Q^ CALIFORNIA, JAP A ? AND CHINA/ Via P inama. ^ CARRYING MAILS. PASSENGERS AND FREIGHT TO ASP1NWALL, panama, santa MARTHA ORE*. town AND PACIFIC COAST OF MEXICO CKNTKAL AMERICA. peru and CHILB May 35? learner KI.-INO star. Capi. J. R. Hildreth. will leave pier No. 42 North River, at Iz o'clock noon, lor Aniiinwall direct,connectim;ut Panama with the stcaiuar CONVflTUT lo.v. <'apt. , touching at Aoapuloo, Man zanillo and Maantlan, aim a tan connecting lor all Central American ami smith Pacific ports. Departures of und 21)111 each month rnnuert with the Company'a Mourner, touching ut .-an Benito, Tonalo. tuliuu Cras and Port uigei. The Company's splendid steamer COSTA KICA will leave San Kranel.-xo May 24 tor Honolulu, baudwich Istarnla. One of the Company's steamers will h ave ?an Fran cisco May 31, 187.1. <(,r .iapi, n and Chin*. Cor rates of passage, ftvh'ht nii.l all rnrther Information apply at Couipao.v a oihee un llio pier, tootOf CaiuU tcreer. P. H. BABY, Agent. TTNITED STATES AND BRAZIL mail STKAMillir COMPANY'. The elm-nut aide wheel steamship SOUTH AMERICA, 2,<XRMo?h burden, Cat)tain E. L. Tiukiepaugh, ?ill tor St. Thomas, Para, Pernumbuco, R.tni.i a it I Riode Janeiro, on Pi lday, Way -.1, at 3 o'clout P. M., trotu pier A3 Vc.tii River. For irelght or pawige uppiv to WILLIAM K. OARRISON \genf. No. 5 Bowling Ureen. |H'ort HAVANA VIA NASSAU. CUBA, Geo. W. Palmer 3 P. M. Wednesday list P. ALEXANDRE & SON33 Broad way. Direct link to Havana, FroxreM and Vera Cm*. Now York and Mexican Mail 8;eiiiualilp Line, leavin* pier No. 3 North ltln r, at p. M EVE Y THURSDAY. CITY OK MEXICO ill.nun i ana Mexico) Mny22 CITY OK HAVANA (Havana Only) May2U CITY OK MR It IDA (Havana oitlv) Juneb CLEOI'ATllA (Havana an I Mexico) June 12 For ireiuhtor pa-auo apply to F. ALEXANDRE A HON3, SI Broadway. 2^"E\V YORK AND HAVANA DIRECT MAIL LINE. These liret olass sieams'iip- will sail every Tncsdirirt 3 P. M., from pier l.i North River loot oi COdar street), lor H:i vaua direct, at< follow ? MORRO CASI'l h HHyU CRESCENT CITY Mav 37 wilmington Jane 3 8npDlemontnry mail on pier ut a quarter to three P. M. on day of sailing. For freight or passago (having' magniAcent aacoratno* datlon.-) apply to _ WILLIAM P. CLYDE A CO., No. 6 Mow Hi u> Green. D. McKF.LI.KR Agent In Havana. NEW YORK AND BKRML'DA STEAM-llIl* LINK. For Hamilton and St. George, Bermuda, carry inn the United Stales Mail, and salllngas tollows Steamship HATIV.RAd, Lawrence, master, Friday, May hi, at.'! o'clock 1'. M., Iroiu pier 37 North River. Steams-hip ALB KM ARLK, Head, master, Thursday, May 22, al 3 o'clock P. M., trorn pier 37 Nor h River, Kor lrctsht or passage, bavins? elegant accoftimjda tions, apply to LUNT brothers, 2S South street. Passage $30. gold. _ Excursion tickets Nsned for the ronml trip at >"0, goWl Texas line.?for galveston, touching at Key West, carrying the Cni'ed states Mall.?Steamer CITY OK AUSTIN,'Captain Kldrldge, will leave pier 2?* East River, Saturday, May 17. Through bills or lading given to Houston und all joint* on the Galveston, Houf ton and Henderson and B. B. and C. it. R. No charge for forwarding In New Yofk. For irelvht or pasroge, hav ing superior ttccommo latlons, apply to C. 11. MAl.LORY A CO., 153 Maiden lane, orW. P. CLYDE, 111) Wall street. TjtOR NEW orleans DIRECT. J? MERCHANTS' STEAMSHIP LINE. The steamship F.M1LY B. SOPDER, lVoni pier Srt North River (loot oi North Moore street), on Satnrdm. May 17. at 3 o'clock P. M. Freight received daily. Through rates iriven to Si. Louis, Vlckviiurp, Mobile. Galveston and Tndinnolft For freight or passage, having superior accommoda tions, apply to FRfcDERIC BAKER, SO Broadway. I^OR NHIV ORLEANS DIRECT. Southern Line. Tho steamship CITY OF CALVESTON, Cai'taln Rowland, will leave pier 21 Ea-t River. Wednesday, May 71. Freight lor St. Loui* Mobile nn I Galveston taken. For freight or passage, having superior accouitnoda tions. apply to C. H. MALLORY A CO., W Mnidcn lane. tfV>R NORFOLK, CITY POINT AND RICHMOND.? 1 The old Dominion Steamship Company will dMpatch irom pier 87 North Hirer tln-ir ( lecnn. sidewaeel -(eaiu slup OLD dominion, Walker commandor, lor Norfolk, City Point und Rlehmon I, on Satnrdfty. M iv 17. at 3 P. M., givini; thfi ugh liiils of lading to all points smith ami southwest. Through pas eager tickets Issued 'o all points. Accommodations unci,nailed. Anplyat | ior 37 or at the general offlce, IS7 Ureenwlch street,corner Dey. L OOK OUT FOR THE EXTRAS I LOOK OUT FOR THE EXTRAS 1 LOOK out for THE EXTRAS! EXECFTION OP NIXON, EXECUTION OF NIXON. EXECUTION OP NIXON, IN THE IN THE IN TUE EVENING TELEGRAM, EVENINO TELEGRAM, EVENING TELEGRAM, AND ALL THE LOCAL, SPECIAL AND GENERAL AND ALL TUE LOCAL, SPECIAL AND GENERAL AND ALL THE LOCAL, SPECIAL AND GENERAL NEWS OP THE DAY. NEWS OP THE DAT, NEWS OP TUE DAY. TRAVELLERS' GCIPB. (CITIZENS' LINK FOR Tx.OY?PASSAGE SI Mi ?THE J elegant steamboats SUNNV'SiDe. ami I'OWKIjL lenvc mor 49 Nortli Kiver, foot of Leroy struct, daily (Saturdays excepted), at t'> o'clock 1*. M., connecting with morning trains on Reaweuter ami Saratoga, New York; Central ami Troy mid Boston railroads tor all points North, Bant and West The inort direct roipe to Sarato ga, Like George and Montreal. Through tickets soltl and baggage checked to destination. JOSEPH COitSr.LL, ?TWlHfTltfttlfc F"ALL RIVER LIN8 TO BOSTON, " via .'icwport and Pall River. The worid-renownoa steamer* BRisTOL and I'ROVI* DENCE leave pier 2a North River, toot of Murray street, dally (Sunday* excepted) at ft P. M. .... A. P. B A CO.V, Superintendent. 7LVANIA RAILROAD. Trains leave New York, from foot of Desbrosses and streets, us lollows:? Express for llarri-diurg, Pittsburg, the West an J South, vitit Pullman Palace Cars attached, 0:J0 A. ,M., 6, 7 and 8 :30 P. M. Sund.iy, 5. 7. ft ? P. W. For Baltimore. Washington and the South at 9 A. M., 1,9 P. M. Sunday, 0 P. M. Express tor Phi adelphia. 9, 9:30 A. M , 13 :'I0, I, 4, 81> P. M-, and linight. Sund iy, t>. 8:30 anil 9 P. M. For Philadelphia via Kensington, at i A. M. and 2 P. M. F.mlgrant amt second cla<s, 7 :I > P. *. For .sewark. at6, 6 .H, 7, 7:1", 8:1", ?. 10, 11, 11:40 A.M.; 12, 1, ?, 2:W. 3, 330, 3:40, 4:1", 4:3", :1?. .V>", 5 30, n !*>, 8, H:10, 6 :'!0, 7, 7:80, 8:10, 9, 10. 11:10, U P M. Sunday, 5:20, ?, 8:1", 9 P. M For Elizabeth, ?. 6:30, 7, 7:10, 8, ?:l", 9, 1", 11, II :10 A. M ; 12 M.: It:3d, I, 2, 2:;S0 3. 3: JO. 8:to, ?, 4:10, 4 :t?, 5 A>, B:*?, Si*!, ?. ??:?<?. ofll. 7:30, 8:10, 10, 11:30, 12 P. M. bun (lav, 6:20, (i and *:1" P. M. For Kali wuv, ?>. ? 30, 7, 8:111. 9:1) and 10 A. M.; U liooR; 1, 2, 2:W), 3, 3:30, 3:40, 4:10, 4:10. 5:JO, fl-Ji), 6:?. 0, ?:*>. 7:30, 8:10, 10 P. M. and 12 nit?lit. Sunday, S;A) and t? P. M. For Woodhrldge and Perth Aniboy, 6 and 10 A.M., 2 . 3;4i\ 4 M auU J W P. M. For New Brunswick, 7,1" A. M., 12 M., 1, 2. 3, 4 :W, 6 rKJ, 9, 9 P. M. and 12 n gilt. Sunday tl and 9 P. M. For East Millstooe, 7 A. M , 12 noon, 4:10 and 9 39''t*. For Lamfcertville and Fleintngtoti, 9 A. M and I P. M. For Plillllpilburg and Belvtdcre. 2 and 4 P. M. Accommodation tor Bordentown, Hurling on and Cam den, 7 and 9 0 A. M., 12 tfu, 2. A 4 and 6 P. M. Kor Freehold 7. 8 A. M.. 2 an l 4 P. M. For Jamesbtirg, Peoriierion, Camden, 6 A. M., and, via boat troin I'ter No. 1, 3:4.H*. M. Truins arrive in lollow*:?From Pittsburg, 6 "0 A. 51., 1 in P. M.J daily. 10:14 A. M. and i!:H P. M., < ally, cicetil Monday. From Washington nn I Baltimore, 6:W A. M., 4-.1l, 10:12 P. M.; Sunday, 6;40 A. M. From Philadel phia, 5:21,1! ft : 10:14, ll:04, II :5l A. M., 2:14, Sit, ?*?, 8:11 P. M : Sithday. :>:2l, t>:Vt I'M A. M Ticket offices, .r?JU, 43ft, 271 an.I 914 Broadway, No. 1 Astfir House and foot ot I>osbrnsseg and CortiaMt "treit* Emigrant Ticket office, No. 8 Battery plane. _ . A. J. CASSA'I T, D. M. BOVD. Jr., General Manager, General Passenger Ag?uf. KONDOUT AN-I) KINGSTON, LANDING AT COZZENH i Cornwall, Newbuis, Milton, Ponghkeepsle and Kw pus.?Ihc suainhoals TllOMAA tlORNBEL and JAMEH W. BALDWIN leave llurriaon street, pier 34 North Kiver, daily al 4 o'clock P. M. BXCUHMOHm. _ IW)R PHILADELPHIA VIA LONG BRA M' II ?Fa RM ' reduce" to .'5. steamers PLYMOUTH ROCK and LONG HRAN041 leave nler 2* North River at 9:'3I A. M., 1 -40 and 4 P M., connecting with trams ol NEW .IKKSEV SOUTHERN RAILROAD. G. w. BKNTLSY, Oaneral Manager. J^lIhlllNtJ BANKS, KAIN Oil SH INK.?STEAMER ll'viT 'i: Peck *llf?, East ilTver, ChristooUer f VU<GiNIA SEYMOUR. Sunday, Mav 18. t andiiun? Prankltii sireet. North Uiver, 0:15: l-.iglitli stievl, East River, It: Pis Perk sllf, East lllver, 7 i I; ChrislooUer street. North lttver, 7:4ft; Pier I, North River, s A. M Manager, AL. G. FOSTKR. Foster'" patent Gimp Gnt, lor fiu ll < and leaders. Sold at ad ti-hing tackle stores. Principal depot, 2ft Dolnncey *tie<'t. _ rpHK "NEW JERSEY SOUTHERN RAILROAD CO*. 1 pany call attention to tlvcir extraordinary faclittles tor the accommodation oi Excursion Parties the coining tea son. With their steamers PLYMOUTH ROCK, LONit BRANCH and JESSE lluYT and their eleKani. new Ex? cursion Uoiue and twenty acres of adjoining land at i.on* Hraneh, thev are prepared to make engagement* with churches, sc&oois, societies, Ac.,for la roe orsinad parttefc atlow rates, send tor circular. G. W. BENTl.KY, (Jen rill Manager. 12" Broadway, Ne?v York, W*. J. Bnr.Mtx, Kuperinu-ndent. BrMtch. N. .' "OTli'E. "*? Nc SIMMER A R It A NQEMENT. Comroenelng May 12, 1873. Tlnrlem boats leave Peck slip (pier 24 F.a larlem every half hour, from 0:1" A. M ? East River) kt 1t. ,.-t - ? ?? ?? until 7 P. M. excepting 11 A. M U:,wand 2 P. M,, landing atllth.Him Astoria, RWth and 120th streets. N. B.-Seo Ume taUlo where iumts land. J. f. TALf.MAN, f nperintendenf. 'TEAMBOAT*1 TO CHARTER.?-THR WSaM Hoa V 1 NEVRRSINK having been altered to an excursion boat, with new furniture snd linings and spsotaa* deeka. s: Is ojM'n tor charter by the nay during the mouth ot Juael AppljUo It. CORNELL >? mil., I:* -outli street. HW CHARTRR?iSPLRNDID ItMVHIU rASSSN ?i ger Steamer, lor Sundays, during season. W. 11. HAZAKII. Jr., 62 Harrison ?tre?t

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