Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 18, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 18, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 13.419. NEW YORK, SUNDAY, MAY 18, 1873.?QUADRUPLE SHEET. DIRECTORY FOR ADVERTISERS. AMUSEMENTS?Eleventh Page?Third, fourth, flub and sixth columns. ASTROLOG Y?surt.rj nt Page?Sixth column. billiards? Su'oni) i'auk ? Sixth column Boa kde its wanted-Third paus-First, second third, fourth ami tilth columns. BOARD AND LODGING WANTED?thied Pace?Fifth and sixth columns. BRooKl.yn BOARD?third Page?Sixth column BROOKLYN ri AL estate FOR sale-Foi'"ree!?tn Page?Second and tliiril columns. business opportunities*?,second Page?Filth and sixth column.". BUSINESS NOTICES?ninth Page?Fifth and sixth col unins> 'itv k- a^j01vvr0-test? Page?Second column. b? . FOR kale?fourteenth Page? First und second columns. CLERKS ami SALESMEN? Sixteenth Pack?Fourth and dith columna. iT-a^L-Vr80 sixth column. COACHMEN AND gardeners?sixteenth Page? Filth column. ?oal and WOOD?tenth Page?Second column. COA twlfie steamships?fifteenth Page?Fourth and filth columns. md\trveh?.a?p^~t*t,t,,t,,npac"mf0srlb colu?>n COUNTRY BOARD?Titian I age?Sixth column, und _ . ^"ukts Pace?lirst and second columns. DANC1NO ACADEMIES?Eleventh Page?Second col umu. nhvT<Vr>TStSttrv*niu Pa??scoond column. drv gol>I)?? >!rst Page?Second, third, fourth, flfth ami ?ixih columns, und Second Page?First, second and third column". Dwelling to let, furnished and u nr L rnimi ed?tiiibteentu Page?Second col ' Vo ux t^col n mn*!^11 ^rrkkkth ^agifr-third and fy f s a'vTi1 fa'S rAa?-Second column. f vrit rkm^l^I?,RTI! omt" pagit-sixui column. vi\ i I i 7 " e\t.n pige-i'ifth column. a pt^kvk''1" ^?-thlrd ai d fourth columns. iitii sifL~ih'lkvtkt" ' acr?Second column. FOR sale?elkventii pack?First column furnished ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET ??iti'aoe--Third. fourth and fifth columns, ww u11 1 aqt-sixth column. h2.LP WANTED?f. .males?Sixteuhth Page?First, kecomi and third columns. help wa' TED?MALES?sixteenth Page?Fifth and sixth colnmns. m?i? ac.?tenth Page?Third, fourth _ fifth and s xth columns. ?-Tiiibd i'agk?Sixth column. ROOM it'., \\ ANTED?fifteenth Page? Third column. ^'rinrthejirn Page?Sixtli column. JERKY CITY, H' boki-.N. HUDSON city AND bp.R gin real estate FOR SALE-Foiktei.nth ? Page? fourth column. LECTURE .SEASON?eleventh Page?Fourth column. loan' OFFICES?thirteenth Page?Sixth column. lost AND FOUND?skoonii Page?Fourth column. MACHINERY?elu knth Page?Second column. MARBLE MANTELS?tenth Page?second column. matrimonial?tenth page?second coiumu. MEDICAL? second Page?sixth column. MILLINERY AND DRESSMAKING?second Page? Third and fourth columns. MISCELLANEOUS .ADVERIISEMENTS-Tweleth Pace Sixtli column. 8 iscellaneo US?fifteenth Page?Third column. usical?Eleventh Page?Fourth column. NEW publications?ninth Page?Sixth column. NEW -P a1* fr8?tenth Page?site on 1 column. PERSONAL?ktrst Page?First column. planofottes, ORGANS, ac.?eleventh Page?Fourth column. professional SITUATIONS WANTED?females? Sixteenth Page?second column. PROPERTY OUT OF THE city FOR sale OR TO RENT?fourteenth Page?Fourth, filth and sixth columns; and Fifteenth Page?First and second columns. REAL ESTATE TO exciiange?fifteenth Pace Secoud and third columns. REAL ESTATE WANTED?fifteenth Page?Third col umn, religious NOTICES?eleventh Page?Second col ttinn. j*5?,^'?tkwth Page?Second column. rewards?secoxd ''*uk? Fourth column. BALES AT AUCTION?foprth Page?Third, fourth, flfth iind sixth column.". SITUATIONS WANTED?females?fifteenth Paoe slxth column, and Sixteenth Page?First and second columns. SITUATIONS WANTED?MALES-SIXTEENTH Page Foiirth column. BPECIAL NOTICES?second Page?Fourth and fifth columna. sporting?DOGS, BIRDS, ac.-Tknth PAua-Third column. STORAGE?eli-vento Page?Second column. coluinn?boets?fockth Page?Second and third EH 5 page?Sixth column. SfJB , Hi' tTeo TUu1,\A0 K_T111 ri' column. io t?* EP" BUSINESS purposes-Thirteenth . j^o^hrstand second columns. travelers' GUIDE? Futkknth pacr?Fifth cnlunin unfurnished ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? ihibteksth Page?Firth and Sixth columns wanted to purchase?TENTn Page?Second col umn. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR KALE OR TO LET?foiritti kNTH Page?Third and fourth col urn us. WINKS. LIQUORS, AO.?tenth Page?Second column stacnts, STEAMBOATS, AC.?fodutu Page?Sixth col umn. i'bksohal. A P. B. CAN FIND ME AT MY OLD RESIDENCE^ ? West twonty-f.ith street. Mrs. KATE WOOD. A?the PARTY WHO FOUND THE BRACELET, b ?v' S"". at Seymour's benefit, on Thurs uav last, will pie ass return the sume to ttj West Thirty first street. MINNIE .smith. ATTENTION! EXPRESSMEN.?THE EXPRESSMAN who removed a large box, containing scientific ?;> paratua, from 10 (iramercv place about the 20th ot No vember, will hear something to his a 1 vantage bv calliug at 48 i niversily place. PROFESSOR. k. CAN FIND ME AT MY NEW RESIDENCE. 57 J' West Twenty-eighth street. Mrs. LIZZIE MILLER. C1a8sik CLARE BRANCH WILL PLEASE SEND ? ) her address to EDWARD hoardman (no hum bug), care of L. Loewonthal. Fulton street, Brooklyn. Eliza?delmonico's, fourteenth street, Wednesday. 6 P. M. Pommery. alpiionse. E WALTERS.-MRS. SLOMAN HAS REMOVED TO ? No. 14fi same street. Friday afternoon.?wali t<r great .iones street, sitting next to door; if lady will grant inter view add rest s., Union flub. F0r,jadorfionl.a iikaltdy girl.'ib "months ! ,or onp ,v,'eslating where to call, ADOPTION, box 111 Herald offlce. J ff ANN IK ("OF watertille"), WHO cheiored ME i a in my lonely hours, when war's rude hand swept ' f> er our land, is not forgotten: some day I would like to onu'"U' If so, address o'ur ADy, box 189 Herald Jn FO P. MA T ION WAN TED-OF ONE J A M E s" bftK D Y When last seen was In year 1855, in Pougl.keepsie. nleheas county N. y. Any word of his whereabouts ,1iil',k,.u,ly..rf'c?iv<'<1 '?>' hi* brother, PATRICK BRADY, Eureka, Eureka county, Nevada. Pouchkeepsie papers please copy. I F JAMES PALMER OR MARIA, HIS SISTER, CHIL dren of John and Maria Palmer deceased, of Portland u. a t *? .. i , ULll B8iUf ol I orilfllia place, Mile hud. London, England, willapplv personally or by letter to Mr JOJIN LONG, Solicitor,?fi Lnn^owac terrace, Grove Road, \ictorla Park, London, England, they will hear something to their advantage. IF THIS SHOULD mh'ET tlle eye of MRS. ELIZA beth Matthews, formerly of Oadby, near Leicester, Hngland, or any of her lamily. they will hear ofsoute thing ol Importance by addressing her cousin, Mrs. e. gabs, l,?57 East Montgomery avenue, philadeli hia, Pa. Jessiphillips?CALL ON MISS C.dtu. IMME diatcly ?t ll9 West Twenty-seventh street. Je.?havb LOST numbhr" OF POsT OFFICE ? box. Write. L \>. Thirty-iirst street Jt;H'a?back FROM CHICAGO. mkettme at no. 17, on Monday, at r P. M. chablib. Little oirl? meet me on thirteenth street on Sunday evening. Old woman's storv false. 11a milton. T/yy. w",? sfthred thikd AVENUE car at 1j Thirty-sixth street on Friday night and got out at T wenty third street will oblige gentleman who sat oppo site by sending address to vv. R , Herald ofilce. 0 ve color oi dress and gloves. Mr. a.?WILL You LET ME HEAR FROM YOU, AS you promised on earsf tiflss MARY bi.aink?fwill BE PLEAmkd~t6 ii iice mb uv'i't tihrij'po" 'p*' nt >'our earliest convrn lc 'io ? est tiiirty-nocond street. j, \v, Mk*f iaki>att,^n.nt m- wV,(,* '?'ormerlf RESIDED at 162 Third avenue, will ln-ar of something to her ?i';vwawi,.yo,rxien:-' "er prosc"1 ajd-? Mary thompson?the DANE CAN ALWaYS sek mc at the Rose Bank Park, Clitton, Suten Islan'cf EDGAR. M1n\je <\, FORMERLY OF h WEST TWENTY fourth street?When and where can I see vou r aA" dress OLD fri ND, Herald Uptown Branch <itllce. Not1ce.-wantlng. TIIE DAUGHTERS OF PAT rick Cronln or Cronan, who emigrated from Ma crpom, Ireland, some four or five years airo; two ol them it is believed, arc married to soldiers. Thev will hear of loricthitig to their advantage on communicating with A M e.noLISII, Solicitor, Tazewell Court House, Taze well co'iu'v, va. Richard smith-vol i:- lini received, what are your terms* I go home in a lew days. No in ut>le. i mean business. Write care l:ff East filteeiitli street, to-day (Sunday), ir possible. TOLEDO CITY RONDS. Rosy cheeks-please call at 'km"three blocks below, ami t> 'tween same avenues. M. HM.-FAILED losee >ol IN TWO WEEKS} WILL << be at the church on Turk avenue, us requested, at i o clock this even>ng. j>_ SUSIE?MEET ME MONDAY, 19TH, "t)N SI XTH~AVE nuc aud Filtecnth street, at three o'clock. Be prompt CAPTAIN. OLEEVE BUTTONS, JERSEY CITY-q., YOUR ad tlan f 8< ' u tan rc('oive mine by addressing sta * MAGY pn'ow, S' rVvrt".1! H.avk rented; MEET mb AT thk howlrv hifJji loak fn<l Sllif Emporium, 2r,i o rlopk I"ec and Houston streets, on Mnn naj ai - o clock, and 1 will r>?v f(?r the fiiksnit r?>n v<"?iri ? ^<>r embroidered one if you wish'it. I0:"!'- CHARL'-.Y, Ti,fh5vavi-KiVilLT' otlAN?"oPERA Hot'j-k.?WILL oi i,orT.. ? lui , bv"nt an interview to gentleman a , box l?l llemld offlre.OUUCd "cr ?"erft Kln,wf Ad?? ta?v1(<^1 " on ban.? biteyou had1^'^ ith"Sl ani-wcf, . tambourines rimleodore.-his BROTHER OR ANY saifm??^ I or porter of O. ii, Naramore will please wral^Lu address to ith Chambers street. ' send th,-lr rp?URSDA\ NIGHT, GRAND OPFRA HOUSE~twii,L i the lady in black arant nn interview to gentleman at fcer lett, fn whom she l-.aned her opera gla?if adj?l. A., box 180 Herald office. K Address ANTE d?FOR ADOPTION. A NEW llo it N FEMALE t? iniant; must have black hair Address Mrs wit SON, or csill Croat 10 tg 11 o'clv^k. at 33 aiuity street. 'y DRY GOOUS. rpHE FOPl'LAR RESORT OF the day (or Rich Good* at very low prices. 767 and 769 Broadway. KINZEY's, $90,00i) worth rich Lares and Luce cioods lruiu uuctiou. LAMA LACK SHAWLS. 1,300 Lauia Lace .-bawls, bought at last week's auction sales ui about halt price. A real l ama Lace Shawl, $3 "0. Very nice Goods, $t so ti> $6 flit. Extra quulity, $7 90 to $99. JLAMA LACE SACQlHS.f 300 Lama lace t-acijueH, Capes, and Talmas, Ac , trotii $1 $2 80. $3 SO, $4 60, $6 W, ?7 50, $10, $12 up. ^ [LACE DEPARTMENT. From auction. 16,000 yards real Guipure and Thread Laces very low. Real Guipure, one inch wide, Zlc. Real Guipure, two Inches wide, Sflp. Real Gulpuro, tltree Inches wide. 6'Jc. Real Guipure, lour inches wide, $1 29. Black silk Trimming Laces, Sc. to 89o. French thread Laces, 8c. to 79c. Hand made linen Edging*! tn 18c. Two cases Yak Laces, 29c. to$l 79. Point \ alenctennes, Duohrs?, Spanish, Maltese Laces, low. Bilk Veil Laces, 60c. yard up. French Cranes, all colors, floe. yanl. \ ak Laces, with frlngo ; colored Maltese Laces. RIBBON DEFARTMKNT. RIBBON. Walercd Ribbons, 6c., 8c., 10c. yard. Curd edge Ribbons, Sc., 6c., Sc., lPc. yard All silk liros Grains, 10c. yarl up, Shade Gros Grains at 19c. yard. No. 9 Gros drains at 19c. yard. No. 12 liros Crams, 25c. yard. No. 16 Gros (irains, 29c. yard. No. 60 boiled Ribbons, 26c. No. 9, all silk, cord edges, 17c. No, 7, all silk, cord edges, I2>,c. Plaid sash Ribbons, 29c. up. Sash Ribbons, 26c. 3i<c., 46c. up. ^ A GREAT SLAUGHTER IN BEST QUALITY RIBBONS. <?> We have over $60,000 worth of Ribbons, all new shades; new fresh Sprint; Goods, In gros grains, plain and lancy. We are selling tlieiu t less than the silk cost that they are made of, but as the importer has tailed they must be sold. 800 piece* watered, piaid, striped, gros grain and plain fcash Ribbons, 46c. yard up. "fREnTiH FLOWERS. Y 900 boxes French Flowers, just landed, new styles, 10c. to 25c. snrav. T60 lioxei 2W boxes very line Vines and long Sprayi, 29c. to $1 96. STRAW GOODS DEPARTMENT. All the new shapes In French and English llats and Bonnets. 200 coses Straws Irom auction, at 26c., 39c., 42c., 60c.,09c., 75c., 79c. ? French Chips at $1. FARAhOL DEPARTMENT. We are closing several lots of silk Parasols Iroin 69c. to $2 29. All the new varieties in Paraso's and English Umbrellas at popular prices, lie SILK DEPARTMENT. 800 pieces lining, trimming and dress Silks, in plain gros grain, corded, watered and lancy Silk, from 29c. to $2 49 yard. TRIMMING DEPARTMENT. r,'20o pieces silk Frinees in every shade, color aud style. Linen, worsted and cotton Fringes, in every shade aud color. 1.030 pieces black silk Fringe*. livery style, from 6c. to $2 !t<; yard. We have silk twist Fringes, four inches wide, at 25c. yard. Passementerie Gimps, bended and crochet, ta lbc. yard up. Pique Trimmings, for white Suits, Irom 10c. to $2 40 piece. rTIE~AND SCAKF DEPARTMENT.T Wide Windsor Ties, at 25c. Twilled bilk Ties, fringed, 26c. All (ilk Romun Ties, at 19c. Bilk Fichus, fringed, 60c. Wide shaded Ties at 26c. Wide (ringed Ties at 25c. Imported Windsor Ties, 39?. Wide crape dechlue Ties, 39c. Rich silk Crape Ties, will wash, are worth (1 25, at 60c. each. Opening two cases very rich imported Tics, 63c. up. ? LACE GOODS DEPARTMENT.? English Thread Collars, 25c. Kenl Lace Collars, 31c. up. English Thread Borbcs. 98c. tip. Pusher Luce Barbes, 60c. up. Laca Neck Ruffling, 10c. yard up. Rcul Lace Ruffling*, 42c. up. Linen Collars, Sc., 4c.. He., 8c., 10c. Linen Sets, 39c , 50c., 69c. up. Apll'jue Lace Tidies. 28c. up. Nottingham Lace Tidies, l c. up. Large variety of Real and Imitation Luce Normandy Caps. Lace Capes, CollTures, Veils, Handkerchiefs, Sets aud Fancy Laces at popular prices. Temhroidkky DEPARTMENT 25,000 yards Hamburg Edgings, commoncing at Sc. up to 9<ic. 15,000 yards Hamburg Insertions, commenting at fic. up to 89c. Fine worked Runds 25c. Tucked Trimming* 10c. yard. Infants' worked Waists, low. Auction lots of Embroideries [WHITE GOODS DEPARTMENT.? 600 pieces Nainsook, Swiss, Jaconet, Victoria Lawns, Book und fancy Muslins and Piques, auction lot*, very low. ? HOSIERY DEPARTMENT. ? k,mj8 qualiTy^ery'/o^r?00tf8 of?H GLOVE DEPARTMENT. ? Another lot of our Lupin kid Glove, which we sell at 60c. Our two-button Kids we sell at 49c., 69c., 75c., f9c. anil SI. Fine spring Gloves for ladles and misses. 15c., 19c., 26c., 51c. up. UNDERWEAR DEPARTMENT.? Forty-six styles of Chemises, trimmed und plain, 7?c. to $$ 96. Thirty-four styles of Drawers. trliuiiied and plain, 47c. to 9fi. Twenty styles ofPklrts, plain, tucked and embroidered, 74c. to $7 *9. Dressing Saeqnes, Waists, Night Dresses, Ac., Ac. Boys' an 1 Misses' Waists, Aprons, Blouses, Sacques, Ac., Ac. Ladies' and Misses' Merino and Gauze Underwear. ?CORSET DEPARTMENT. 2,500 Wd-flttjnR rtelelo" cheap lots of whalebone Corset*, at several vory low. HANDKERCHIEF DEPARTMENT. <S> at<X*"'rh all llnen^,IP'*n*'l,''"*ed'inrilflf,'Ch' l2'*c op at *?? to VOc'l'^nh d^'b,"'"0^' Cora<'<,? & "p JEW ELK Y DEPARTMENT.^ We hrtve all the now *ty!es ^ in gilt, oxidized, coraline, steel Jet, rubhtr and fj>",;y Jewelry, lockets. NcXinces, ovu, Bracelets, Ac. t FANCY OOODH OBPABTKBTT. I'hotographlo Frames, Albums, Brouzcs. Carved Wood Goods. New goods opening from auction every day. WILLIAM KUftEVII, 747 and 769 Broadway, corner MulU ?irccV DRY GOODS* . _ ALTMANA CO. offer on MONDAY. MAY 19, ?Dd during the week, at tlieir popular store*, 331 and 333 SIXTH AVENUE, extra ordinary bargain* In the following floods ?J^I.ACK S]i>K SUITS AT $f>0, $75. $W, $100. ELEGANT SILK SUITS at $100, $110 and $129. STRIPED SILK SUITS at $65 and $73. IMPORTED COSTUMES, reduced to $18 and $20. FINE SPRING SUITS, reduced to $23. $27 and $30. BLACK ALPACA SUITS, $12, $14, $15 and $1S. FINE BLACK ALPACA SUITS, $18, $20. $22 ond $26. E XTREMELY ELEGANT AND DESIRABLE STYL.ES OF LADIES' WHITE LAWN (Plain and Embroidered) SUITS; NEW STYLES (Striped and Figured) CAMBRIC and PERCALE, BOUSE ROBES and MORNING WRAPPERS, at $2, $2 33, $:;, $4. $4 88 to $6 50, at B. ALTMAN k CO.'fl. SIXTH AVENUE, near Twenty-first street. CTION PCRCIIASE. GREAT BARGAINS of REAL thread AND LLAMA LACE SHAWLS; Au REAL LLAMA AND CII AN TILLY LACE PARASOL COVERS, at B. ALTMAN A CO.'S, 331 and 383 SIXTH AVENUE. RR? II CC H H SSS K R II C C H 11 S S R R II C H II S II C H It 8 II C HHHH SSS II C II H S R II C II II S R II C C H II S 8 R II CC H H SSS EIGHTH AVENUE, NEAR TWENTY-FOURTH ST >ur great sale of Laces, Shawls and Sacques still continues. Handsome luce Shawls at $3, $3 fiO, $4 50 and $5; oust fully d<>unle to import. Real Llama Shawls, heavy pat tern border and medallion centre, at $10 59, worth Sl?. Rich black lace Sacques at $7 25, $8 and S8 50, worth fully double our price. Elegant luce Dolman, beautiful design, at $15, worth $30. These arc, without doubt, the cheapest lacc Shawls and Barques ever offered to the public. We have just received over 200 pieces black real Thread Laces, which wc are selling at fully SO per cent under regular prices. They are all beautiful designs, and of finest silk and texture. Real Thread Lace, full one inch wide, at 48e. Real Thread Lace, lull two inches wide, at Wc. Wider widths proportionately cheap. Our bargains in real Guipure Laces, Silk Gimp*, Fringes, made-up Laco Goods, real Point Lnco Handkerchiefs, Collars, Ac., are too well known to need advertisement. SSS TTTTTTT RRRRR? A W * W 88 T R SAA WWW 8 T R 5 A A W WW W 8 T R ?K A A WWWW SSS T RRR" AAA A WW WW 8 T R R A A W W W W 8 T R R A A WW WW 88 T R RA A W W SBS T R R A A W W natsof every shape, shade and quality. This department is second to none in the city. Our as sortment is complete and our prices are too well known and apprcciat ?? to need any comment WILL OPEN ON MONDAY 10 cases misses' new style Regatta Hats trimmed and bound edge, at 75c., worth $1. 10 cases boys' Drown Hats, fully trimmed, ready tor wear, at 50c., worth 75c. 10 case* ladles' black Straw Hats, all the latest styles, from 50c. to $2. 39 cases ladies' und misses' best black llair Bcnn?t? and Hits at $1. sold all over at $1 50. 10 cases misses' brown School Huts at 30c.. worth 'Or. Together with a full assortment of White Chip, Leghorn, Palmetto and Fancy Braid lluts, in all the latest and most desirable shapes. And Normandy Rut Frames at 8c. FFFF L OOO W W EEEE RRR SB66S F L OOWWWE RR8 F L OOWWWE R R S F L O O W WW WE R R 8 FFF LOO WWWW EKE RRR 8SSS F L O" O WW WW ERR S F LOO WW WW ERR S F L O O W W E R R S S F LLLL OOO W W EEEE R R SSSS We have this season devoted special attention to the direct importation and manufacture of fine Flowers, Wreaths, vincr, Ac., and are enabled to sell the richest sprays at less than half the regular prices. We urgently advise ladies to examine our Flowers before purchasing elsewhere. Full lines of Gros Grain Bonnet r.itftion=, Sash Ribbons Millinery Nets, Illusion Veils, Black Crepes, ic., at ex ceedingly moderate rates. 8S8 U V II TTTTTTT BPS S S U U IT I B S 8 U U II T a 8 0 0 II T 8 BBS U U II T 868 8 U U II T 8 8 U U II T H S8UUII T SB 888 UUU II T 8SS Over BOO stylo?, beautifully made, nt bargains. Grass Linen Suit-1, from $2 25 upwards. lt< ni Linen ^uits trom 96 80 upwards. Elegant, Imported Berlin Suit*, from $19 upwards. The new camel's hair Kedingote, trom $5 23 upwards. An assortment of CHILDREN'S LINEN AND MARSEILLES SUITS, is surely the most complete iind reasonable in the citv. OUR UNDERGAItMKNT DEPARTMENT I* crowded with customers attracted by our elegant styles and incredibly low prices. Chemise, tucked bosom, needlework front, trimmed with edge, at 80c. Ten-tucked Skirts, at 8'c. Sixteen-tucked Skirts, at 94c. Skirt of 3 clusters of tucks, with 3 alternate ruttles, at ?2.e an not be sold elsewhere at less than $'- 80. Niglit Dress, tucked yoke back and front, at $1 17. PARASOLS. PARASOLS. Children's school Parasols. black or buff, at 28c. Hue silk Parasols, trom 91 upwards. Boiled silk club-stick Parasols, Kilt cups, at $2 25. Changeable silk cluh-stlck I'arasols, silt cups, at $3. klaek silk I'arasols. lined all colors, club-stick, trimmed with broad fringe, "Oxford"' frame, at $4 80. Extra heavy silk plum-color I'arasols, with cups, ele gant handle, at 95 75: worth fully $8. Silk Sun Umbrellas equally cheap. We cordially Invite ladles to call and examine our stock, entirely without reterencc to purchase. bargains in every department, at ElllflClIK' Temple of Fashion, 287 and 289 Eighth avenue, near Twenty-fourth street J^ ?JOHNSON, BURNS A CO., Union square. We will make large additions this week to our already large stock of Millinery and Straw Goods. Just received per late steamers 75 cases of WHITE FRENCH CHIP ROUND IIATS and BONNETS, from 53 80 to $n. 80 cases of BLACK CHIP ROUND HATS and BONNETS. 200 cases of extra fine BLACK HAIR HATS; all new shapes. 150 cases nf LEGHORN BONNET, ROUND HATS and FLATS, $2, 92 SO, $3, 93 80 and $4; extra fine goods. 280 cases of SHADE HATS, tor ladies, misses and children, 80c., 66c., 78c., 88c. and upwards. 800 rases of BLACK, BROWN, GRAY and WHITE MILAN and FANCY BRAIDS, nt $1, 91 25,91 38, 81 50, 91 75, $2 and upwards; very tine foods. TRIMMED MILLINERY. Wc will exhibit this week a number of new and elabo rate designs In our TRIMMED MILLINERY Department, consisting of WHITE and BLACK undressed CHIP and BELGIAN BRAIDS, in aTTthe leading colors. MOURN ING BONNETS and ROUND HATS in great variety. PARASOLS AND SUN UMBRELLAS, the largest assortment we have ever had the pleasure of offering our customers. &0 black and brown. ALL SILK, 18 Inch SUN UMBREL LAS at $2 2,'>, worth 93. 300 black and brow n, ALL SILK, 32-incli, at 93 25. 280 black and brown, ALL SILK, 24-inch, at 94 25. Changeable Silk SUN UMBRELLAS, all shades, at 9* 25, 93 15 and upwards. Will also make large additions in the following depart ments;? RIBBONS, LACES, FRENCH FLOWERS. FEATHERS, HOSIERY, QLOVEP, TRIMMINGS, FANCY OOODS, AC., AC., and ot prices to suit the time*. JOHNSON, BURNS A CO., 34 and 96 East Fourteenth street. Union square. At v. vigouroux's. 122 fourth avenue ? Stamping, Embroidery, Lingerie establishment. Ladies and Babies' Trousseaux. Specialty of Initials, Monograms tor Handkerchief, Table and Bed Cloth. The largest stock of French Embroidered Goods, Babies' Marseilles Dresses, and Cloth, Ac. Wholesale entrance 6y ?a?t TwelfUi street B. DRY GUOiM. ALTMAN & CO. 3,000 NEW PARASOLS anil BUN I'M I'BELLAS, AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. Our styles of Parasols include only the latest produc tions, combining taste with elegance and low prices. A vltit U respectfully urired to examine tho above stock, cotnprtsinc ALL SIZES of LADIES' and MISSES' PARASOLS and LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S UMBRELLAS. B. ALTMAN A CO., 331 AND SSS SIXTn AVENUE, CI HEAT BARGAINS T ure ottered Tor the coming week in BLACK and WHITE it iiii GRISAiLLE STRIPED SILKS (elegant quality) at $1 18 per yard. p STRIPED SILKS at95c. per yard. DRESS SILKS, reduced to $1 65and $1 75 per yard. BLACK SILKS. $1 AO. $2. $?> 2b per yard, QIR LACK DEPARTMENT comprise.- new and elegant designs' in REAL LLAMA and GUIPURE LACE SACQUES, LACE VEIL'S In everv variety, SPANISU LACE iin>l CHENILLE Dof VEILS and VEIL1NU, LACE and ORGANDIE HOWS, TIES and JABOTS, PUSHER LACE FLOUNCING, REAL Gl'IPl'RE and YAK TnREAD LACES. II. ALTMAN A CO., SIXTH AVENUE, near Twenty-flrst street A. SMITH'"! PATTERN BAZAAR. 914 BROADWAY, between Twentieth ?nd Twentv-ttrststreets, cast.side. G AND display ot nil she novelties tor Summer. REDING OTIS, POLONAISES, NEW BA-QUES, SACQUES, SLEEVES. DOLMANS, MAGIC COSTUME, IN CLOTH, AC., 40. <? O Bl'RDETTE HUltDETTB BURHETTK BURDETTE Bl'RDETTE BURDETTE BUltDETTE <5 fiRE AT CHANGES IN THE LATEST DESIGNS, DECIDEDLY ATTRACTIVE. PLAINNESS VERY PROMINENT IN THE RICHEST TOILETS. A Q I SMITH'S SMITH'S SMITH'S | SMITH'S I SMITH'S | SMITH'S SMITH'S ?$?r <S> RED1NGOTE1' and Polmiaisa, beautifully improved. Full line ol SUMMER STYLES. <5; ? PATTERN PATTERN PATTERN PATTERN PATTERN P/fTTKRN PATTERN Patterns ol them now ready. Cloth models with each pattern, whieh shows Just how to make and put the garment together. <$> $> BAZAAR. BAZAAR. BAZAAR. BAZAAR. BAZAAR BAZAAR. BAZA A K. We desire to say to* ladles In tfte country that we are the only IMPORTERS of FASHIONS who will sell paper patterns to them. Before purchasing imported ready made suits EXAMINE our styles and save money and tie FULLY TWO MONTHS in advniiec of their styles, and ONE HUNDRED percent is saved by using patterns. 911 '.?14 ?W We GUARANTEE to furiruh the paper pattern of any imported carmen* NOW in this city, or that will come Into this CUV i.i the next TWO MONTHS. Call In and EXAMINE AND TEST our CHALLENGE. <S> * I imoADWAY. BROADWAY BROADWAY. PATTERNS FITTED to the form and WARRANTED perfect. Cloth mode's with each Pattern. COME EARLY COME EARLY COME EARLY COME EARLY COME EARLY COME EARLY COME EAKI.Y THE THE THE TH E THE THE THE WEKK. WEEK. WEEK. WEEK. WEKK. WEEK. WEEK. NOT in COMPETITION with ANY of the PAT TERN dealers of this city. OURS is an entirely different business. Wo IMPORT ail onr styles direct, and SELL the paper Patterns of them, and there arc NO other persons who do IMPORT and ?-ll Patterns. A visit to our salesroom will convince any lady <?! tin truth ot the above. COMPARE our styles with IMPORTED made up gar ment ? and SEE. A. Itl'RDETTF. SMITH, 914 Broadway. New Tork. Catalogue mailed for two stamps. A." TI1E NEW STORE. M. REIMAN A CO., 26 Union square, a few doom above Tiffany A Co.'a, i.nJ 25 East Fifteenth street, will offer, on Monday, May 19, and during Uie week, the following GREAT BARGAINS in their mammoth stock of DRY OOOD3. A full line of Imported While flood*. French Nainsook. 0 4 wide, 36c., 40<;., 80c., worth 60c., 76c. ami W)c. Plain, striped, dotted and embroidered Swiss. 4-4,0-4 and 8-4. 16c. anil upward*. Nainsook, plain, striped and checked, 15c. and up wsrd. C. 4 wide French Nainsook, 36c., worth 66c. Bishop Lawn. 16c., value 26c. ICO piccfs white Pique, 20.-. and upward. While embroidered I'loue. Fine India Mull, Victoria Lawn. Immense bargains an- now being offered In our White floods Department. Our good* are sure to he found troni 26 to 36 per cunt clieuper than any other house in the city. SILKS and DRESS UOODfl. Pprlng Silks, In all new shades, 75c., 80c.. 8790c. an I $1. Japanese Silks, In great variety, at extremely low prices. New shades in Silk Cliallics, r>2}tc., value $1. New shade* In Spring Silk Pongee*, 66c., value $1. Steel O'-'ay Poplins, 26c.. value 36c. Brocaded Mohairs, 36c.. value 76<'. (irav mixed and plain Molialr*, 20c., value 360. Plain and striped Mohair*, 20c., value 26c. Camels' Haircloth at reduced price*. Rirh Dress flood* 26 |ier cent below market value. A lew more ca?c* of printed Cambric* at 12,',,c. Real China Silk Pongee. (46c., worth $1 26. Bri caded and *trlped Sicilian I'oplln, 36c., 40c. and 80c. All wi'ol Summer Cashmere*, new shades, 75c. Silk and wool Lyons Suiting. t'tfV-, value 90c. I lir new shades In Vienna and inhibition Silk Poneecs. New shades in real Lyons Poplin*. LINEN AND HOU8KKEEPINO flOODS. We offer an immense stock of Table Linens, .Nnpkins, Tii? els, Diaper ami Bed Quilt* at extremely low price*. 6 case* IriMi Much, 26c. Bnrnsley. Scotch mid Irish Table Linens. 8-4 Table Dmua-k, 70c. mid unwind. 8 4 Loom Damask, 46c. nnd upwaid. f-8 Linen Napkins, $1 and upwurd. 3-4 Linen Napkins. $3 and upward. Large assortment Linen Doylies, 60c. and upward. lluek Towel*. SI and upward. Fine Damask Towels. $2 75 and upward. Full line of linen and cotton Diaper, vi*ry cheap. A large line of linen Lunch Cloth* and Napkin*. Striped nnd figured Linens at unprecedented prices. Piano aud Tabic Covers, In embroidered, lelt and printed. 10 4 Marseiles Quilt*, $1. |1 60, $1 76, $2, |2 25, $2 50, >3. II 4 Marseilles Quilt*, (2 and upward. Large line of januard and honeycomb Quilts. ill.4 Linen Sheeting. 86c. and upward. 11-4 Lim n Sheeting. $1 and upward. 12-4 Linen sheetine ivery fine), 91 29 and upward. 40,46, co and 61 Inch Pillow Linen, 66c. and upward. EXAMINE THE CHEAP COUNTER. SUITS and UNDERWEAR. Imported Suit*. $12 and upward. Linen Suits in great variety, from |4 80 upward. Lawn Wrapper*, $4 and upward. Camel's hair, linen and Baptiste Rcdlngotcs and Polo naise*. Silk suit* in great variety at extremely low prices. Our stock ot suit* i* complete in all respect*, and a call ever* one Is respectfully solicited. Llama I.ace Shawls, Jackets, Dolmans.Ac., In great va rietv. Camel's hair, French Brocho, Paislev, Ottoman, Shet land wool and grenadine Shawls at a sacrifice. Full line of French chemises. Good Wamsutta muslin chemise, 89c. Good Wamsutta murlin Chemise, ruffled bands, ft 16. Tucked and puffed bosom Chemise, with edging. fl 66. (?ood W arnsutta muslin hemmed and tuckcd Drawer*, 88c. flood Wamsutta muslin edged and tucked Drawer#, $1. Nightgowns from We. upward. Corset Covers In cambric, 86c. upward. Ladles' skirt* t.f good miiHlin, 76c upward. Full assortment ol ladies'blouse Waists. Full line of baby's and girls Dresses, embroidered, braided and plain. Corset* In great variety and of every make at unpro SHiv'iVli 1 vy MlSMi M, R&1MAM x CO. im r nonw A* ueaue.?\ SPECIAL announcement. Wc dtstie to announce to our customers and tlic public that wc arc oow opening throughout our enure ewbllahinent the choicest lines of ?rood?. a<ia>n...i <? fcuou,-, auaiucd to the present season, at lower prices than Mrst class (roods have ever Veen oflered lu this citv. We will exhibit on MOMMY, in each department, the lollowlng speclaUes, purchased at the rcccnt auction sales and from importers, ail marked in plain Azures. 110SIERV DEPARTMENT. To this branch of our business wc have given the most careful and thorough attention, and the stock we offer contains every make in use lor ladies, children and gentlemen that can be found >11 this and lorcign markets, with all the newest styles in striped, Balbrlggan and Lisle thread snd cotton. Gents' Summer merino Vests, 50c. ,60c., 69c., and an ex cellent article lor $1. Gents' English Hulf-nose7$3dozcn. Best three-ply linen Collars, $2 dozen. Boys- Summer merino Vests, 88c., 50c., 60c. and 75c. Bovs' |can Drawers, 66c. Misses' merino Vests, S3c., 40c. and 50c. Ladies' Summer and merino Vests, ?Oo., (53c., 7?o. Ladles' extra long Baibriggan Stockings, silk clocked, $1. t* Si 90 and $") 25 box. t hil.lrou'H Balbrlggan Blockings, $2 25, $2 (VI nnd $3 box. Extra long theatrical Hose, iu Lisle threao, Bilbr.ggan and silk. Kid Gloves, silk and Llsl7jh7cad Gloves, 1. 2 and 3 but ton, from medium to finest quality. Two button kid Gloves, $l^ a first class article. 81/IT DEPARTMENT. Tho steadily Increasing popularity of this department with our customers, consequent upon our low prices, has compelled us to largely increase our facilities lor manu facturing, and we ure now prcparcj to execute ull orders wish despatch, in tlrst class stylo, at tho very lowest prices. We have now on exhibition, In our suit rooms, every styles oi Ladies' Suits introduced this season, in silk, Ba tiste, lawn, linen amlcainbitc. Tastily trimmed imported Costumes, $10, $12, $1?, $14 $15. Importer. Costumes, much better, $16, $18, $20 to $25. Finest imported Costumes, $26, $28, $30, $35 and $io. Japanese stlk striped Suits, stylish in design, plain nnd triminoU with silk, $28, $:to and $33. l ine black alpaca Suits, $127$15,17. $20 and $25. Elegant black silk Suits, elaborately trimmed with lace and gimp, $55, $7.'\ $>W^?i. Very stylish silk Suits, trimmed with same material, lace and black silk, $70 and $76. Ladies' black ashmere Polonaise, silk trimmings, $18. Camel's hair cloth liedingotea, silk trimmed, $18. Ladles' linen, lawn and batiste Suits, largest assort ment, prices lower than any other house. * Linen and lawn Suits, $5. $6. $7, $8, $11, $10, $u, $i2. White lawu Suits and Wrappers, $5 to $10. White lawn Polonnaise, embroidered edge and insert ing, $7 60. Striped batiste and bribed linen Polonaise, $6 75, $7 ?0 to $12. Children's linen and pique Suits, braided, $1 75, $2 nnd $2 2i Children's pique Suiu, with cape attached; Misses' linen Sailor Suits, pialtol waist, trimniod with blue, very chcap. Mourning Outfits extcutcd ut shortest notice. ?"* OPENING ON MONDAY, Bargains In lama Sacques, Points and Parasol Covers. One lot of Laces, $8 and $10, were $12 and $15. Very flue lama lace Sncques. $15, $16, $17 and $18. Real lama lace Points, $10, $12, $14, $15 and $18. Llama Parasol Covers, very fine, $3 to $4. Latest styles cashmere Talmas aud Dolmans, $13 to $20. t We arc now opening a li^^ot of White imported Opera Clojiks and Echarpes, In great variety of style, trimmed with pipings of white satin and deep fringe with knottedjicading, wit? hood Mt(n trimmed and silk facings; beautifully made; Just what ladles will require tor evening wear at Newport, Long ^r%n;c?\4"n!;rgni."Vo%M:lonable re,ori* rr,c? UNDERWEAR AND CORSET DEPARTMENT. Customer* are particularly requested to examine the Quality of our goods. winch we claim to tip ot better ma terial ami tlni-li, and lower prices thnu the ready-made underclothing generally fold. Immense variety of Chemises and Drawer* of bent muslin, tritnineil with embroidery and putting, $1 to SI ft). Niaht downs In cambric, linen' nod muslin, differently trimmed, in ureal variety of style, Si 25 to 91". Chemise*. Muaonvllle muslin, corded baud, 75c. Fine muslin Chemises, embroidered edge aud inserting, $1 25. Drawers, best muslin, Hamburg edging ond inserting, two clusters ot tine tucks, 91 SO. Fine lac.--trimmed Toilet Sacqucs aud Corset Covers, lu newest kIiii; e*. Corset Cover*, very handsome lace edge and four rows ot luce Inserting, $1 4it. Children's short and long Dresses, very fine, 91 78 to 91.r>. Walking Skirls, 18 to 20 tucks, 91 to 91 25 Intuut-i'embroidered shawl.*, Baby Baskets and Boot Normandy Caps, with medallions and Italian lacc, 93 to 94. All the popular mnke?, French and hand made Corsets. ? French-wove, embroidered Corsets, 91 and 91 US. great ba iva in. Hoop skirts and Rustles In all the latest styles. New stripes Hoop Skirts and Bustles, 80c., 00c. and "Sc. SILK AND DRESS GOODS DEPARTMENT. OIJ KM NO ON MONDAY. flreat bargains in fancy Dress Goods and Mourning Goods. Extra good colored Alpacas and Poplins, 23c. and 38c. Best (|uulity Japanese Poplins, 24r.; Japanese Silks, 45? Silk and Wool Pongees, tiic., 7.r?-., hoc. and 90c. Strip-.,( I.isle Thread and Pineapple Lustres, 20c., 25c. and 30c. Japanese Poplins and Mohairs, in great variety, 26c., 30c.. 88c., 44c. and .'Oc. Best brands black Alpacas, 25c., 30c., 39c., 40c. and 53c., and one lot lit 38c., worth .Vic.; a great barzaln. Very fine black Cashmeres, S>3c., >1, 91 10 and 91 25, With a Hill line ot Mourning floods at low prices. Striped silK Urenadiiies, black ground, 20c. Iron Urenadiiies, best goods, 44c , 50c., Mic. and 60c. to 90c. one lot of splendid Suitings, excellent patterns. 25c. Yard wide twilled Serges, in pearl colors, 4c., 44c. We are also offering a full line of black silks, in all grades, ot the most popular maker*. Pine black TafTcia Silks. 91. 91 l.\ 91 25 and 91 3ft. Very superior Taffeta and Uros Grain Hllks, 91 50, 91 75, 92, 9'^ 2'i and $2 50, 25 per cent under Broadway prices. Tiitleta and Turquoise Silks In new shades. flreat variety . f Striped silks, Me. and 91. 50 plcccs Dress Silks, excellent quality, new shades, 91 78. PARASOLS AND BUN UMBRELLAS. Prices low er than any house In the city, comprising all the newest styles introduced this season, In club stick and promenade, plain and twilled rich satin borders, all combining elegance in style Willi moderation in price. Club stick Imbrellus, shaded silk satin border, in purples, blues, browns, chatelaine, attached, 92 75 and Heavy black silk lined, club stick handle, 93 to 93 W. Misses' silk Parasols, 5<)c. to 9b Real pongee Sun I'mbrellas, silk lined, best goods made, itSc., 91, 91 25, 91 50 and 91 75, last half price. LACE ANT) EMBROIDERY DEPARTMENT. lulpure. Point, Vulcnciennes and thread Laces, all widths. Ladles' and children's Handkerchiefs, fringed Veils and Spanish dot Nets, plaited Cuffs and Collars. Now opening, irrcat bargains In Hamburg embroidered Edging and Insertions, alt widths, choicest patterns, 12c . l ie., 14c., 15c., l?c? ISc., to90c* MILLINERY RIBBONS AND TRIMMINGS. All the latest styles anff low prices. All silk gros grain sash and bonnet and trimming Rib bon*. Windsor silk Ties and Fichus, trimmed with fringe j French Flowers and Straw Ooods, trimmed and untrtm med. Pasaementerta Olmps, Braids, Buttons, Ornaments tdack and colored Fringes, pluin and knotted, In all colors All Qualities and styles In latest novelties In Paris and Vienna Fancy Hoods, oxidized ornaments. Ac., Shell, Whitby Jet, rubber and gilt Jewelry In sets, CRatelaine*, Bonnet. Dress anil II lir Ornaments, Russia leather, can vas and morocco Travelling Bags and Poeketbooka. Poapf, Perfumery, Toilet Powder and Putfs. Forming the largest and most complete assortment on Sixth avenue and the lowest prices. RICHARD M ISA RES, 307 and 309 Sixth avenue, 101,10Q ?qd 106 NlueluwiUi lilt I JOHN DANISM. .1 SON'S, 753 Broadwav I nnil i'a Clinton plmo. our block be low A. T. Stewart i Co.'*. | Every department mil of novel- i tie* and bargains! A (feat *uece??! | Ilicn tjoodn at low price*. Our whole stock guaran- i teed as represented in thin adver tisement. ? 7W. s PJ W ] silk ?? I 8ILKSI silks: I BLACK SILKS FROM Al'CTluN. q Just received, a special lot of fo::r. cases of rich Lyons tiro- i.rains ut $1 50, $ I lift, si 73, $1 :?? Illl't pur yard,-'ft per cent less than cost of im portation; also a lao<c lot of rich satin tini-h tiros drains at $2. t'i 'iS, $2 50. $j 75, $t, s:t 25, $:i so, $:t 7\ $ t >?. $?. St 5i, $5, $5 50 ami $fi per yard, com prising the celebrated makes ol" Bel Ion, fonitoil, liuinet ?n>l c. J. Bonnet. ? We would also call attention to our we!l assorted stock ol I lark Taffetas, | suitable lor Spring und Summer wear,! at prices rangim: itoin $i to 13 5) peri yard ; samples itiven gratuitously or | soot by mail, on application, to ail parts , of the couutry. LACBRI LA' ES! I. Vt '5S RICH LACES AT LOW l'KD'ES. We offer special bargain* In Point Applique, Thread, tiuipure and Vilen-! clenncs La.'i *. Handkerchiefs.'es. i Parasol and Kan tVveis, Collars. Ac. [ French and SpanishTrimmm;.'Laces; Dotted, Spanish and Brussels .Net lor Veiling*; Colored Brussels Net at 50c. per yard, usual price $1; English Crapes, In new colors, at 50c. per * ur I, | worth 51 35; also a large lot <>! Colored | : Crape*. slightly damaged, iH 25c. pel j 3'rtrd. Novelties in made-up Laco <? ods. | Children'* Lace Hals ai 92 V) each up. All the new shades lit Fringes, tlrena- | dine Veils at $168 each; Spanish Veils, i $1 3!l to $tH0. Lace Itiifflings, In 20 dil- > (brunt s y lea, from lie. to *1 per yard. | Bargains in Llama Lace Shawl* and i Jackets, I rum auction. | RIBBONS !! KIRBfiNS FROM Ai f f ' ITION AT 50C. ON THE DOLLAR.! i \ _. 20i)hoxesof new Ribbons, from auc tion, in plain and lancy -a -1>, bonnet | and trimming widths 7-mcli black all silk Sash Ribbon, from 7<ic. pi r yard upward; 5)carbons I 7-Inch tiros drain, all silk, at $1 per vd. j New .-liriiw Sasli Itlbboti* irotu o.'>c. per yard upward. I 2u cartons rich Koman Sash Ribbon*. ; from $1 i>5 per yard upward All the new tints In tiro* Grain Bon net ltiid>ons, troui ,2c. per yd. upward. 7-inch rich Colored watered Saw | Ribbons, trolli 75c. per yard up. '1 lie choicest assortment ol Ribbon* in the 1 city, at prices defying com petition. Also loo carton* ol black and colored Velvet Ribbon* at extremely lo \ | prices. 5J carton* Fancy Velvet Ribbon*, at I 5c. anu 10c. per yard. ?no on' :isas!isat3B ta B 31 a :saassxsn) ,ooooooo_ 'ooooooo ,ooMnnnn o o o'V FLOWERS AND STRAW OOODS, THE CHOICEST IN l lil. CI IT. -??' a tBWWWWWCdWM tn ft W m M W M W W 4 We have added to our extensive stock of tine French Flowers, 50 boxes ol special novelties, in i'.ouqu. Ls, Oar laud*. Montnre-, rich Briiul Parnres, Floral Dress Trimmings, Ac. N. B.?Flower* branched to order, in every style, at short notice. Bridal Veils, plain and embroidered, from $t> up. Our a**ortmeiit ot Straw lioodsis the most complete in the city. 60cases ol Neapolitans, in the most desirable shape-; 75 cases or Milan Huts and Bonnet*; choice collection ot Pari* and London Leghorn and Chip Hats, and itoiiiieis; 10caseso; extra rtnc English trimmed Straw Hats, lor chlidren, at SI 57, worth $2 50; Children's Trimmed School llnt?, In white and colored straw, Iroul 75c. upward: sun and sea side llnH at low j ri' e-; French Bonnet and Hat Frame*, in u'.l tlie new shape*. Liberal discount to wholesale cus tomer*. -3> ooooooo coooooo 3 O o o coooooo ooooooo. TUNDERWK tR!I I'XDERWEAR!! OF bl'PEKIOR OIAL1TV I AM) FINISH. W dozen Chcniiso:!, dim muslin an"'. 1 5> fiulH't, at $1 each; cord ! and, *1 20 each; tu<k< and cord band, ?1 5o each; I * tucks", puff and embroidery, irotu $2 to] up. 5') down tine Muslin Drawers, | tucks and hem, Wo. encii: tucks an i | rtillle*. $1 05each; with ruillinit, tuck* and nuflln?, Iroiti $1 25 up; *? ith flue wnbroldcr.v, tueks and putting, tit $1 70 mid upwards, fine inn-lin an I extra finish M|fht Dresses at 81 Sjeach ; with riitnin?f, tucks and embroiderv. Iroin $'.' upward*. Dressing satuues, with rtiminitund tucks, from ?1 2.) up;Cor* t Covers Irotn $112 ups Walking skirt* Iro n f I each up; Ludie*' and Children'* Aprons; large lot ol woven ami hand made Corsets; also Chtldrcu'* Corset Waists, Ac.; a largo stock of Hoop Skirt.-, *.'??. cach up: ?!?<.? new *t;'ie of Hirsfles, 2Sc. each tip; lurge lot of im ported 1 ndcrwearat low prl es. The above goods will bear close Inspection. O i 8 o o ooooooo c s 3 S ? 2 o o on j EMBROIDKRIF.SI I EMBROIDERIES!! I | 20,OKI YARDS FROM AUCTION. J 5,1**) yards Hamburg Edgimfs, from ? 7c. to 88c. per yard. 4.ii ii yards Hamburg Edgings, finer, I from 4'Jo. to 75c. per yii rd. 1 oiwe extra nne Nainsook Edgings aud Insertion, from :v*:. to t l t < per I yard: a lart'e lot of Swiss Edgings and I luscrtinrs; fOd>zen fine Dimity Hands, | Irotn 12'.c. to S8c. a hand. Just re- | ceived. a lull lm? ot Dimity Kutlles tor children, to20c. each. The latest novelty, Co'orcd Sets Ladles' plalW linen Collars, fntn 15c. cacti upwards; Ladies' tine linen Collars, from 10c. up ; I Lades' all Itii'-n Cutis, trom '21c. up: I Ladles" linen Sleeves at 4 c. per jmir up; l.a lies' mourning Handkerchiefs, 26c. each up; Ladles' hemstitched llan Ikerchlefs, 18 ?? each up; Magic Itiittling, 2Sc piece up; Coventry RutHing, 43c. piece up ;S0doz<.-n hand em broldered Hands, 89c. tip; 10U dozen em dered Sets, trom i"c. up; Victoria I.awn, French Nainsook, lli-hup Lawn, Organdies and lucked Muslim. *a!SSS55?*S<*!? III MI'S, FRINGES, Bt'TTONS, AC, NOVELTIES IS OXIDIZED bl'T TONS. New Spring shade" in Fringes, fioni Okv per yard upwards. Fringes for pronadlno Veil*, from ISc. yard up. Plain and crochet Buttons In all shades and size*. N. B. ? Frit:Res and Button* made to order on short notice. Also a varied assortment of Cloak Or naments and Fro/ Buttons, a larve ftock of silk and let Pasaementrle at low prices. Our dtnaliware and Notion Department Is repleto with every necessary article. Sewing Silks, Twists und Braids of the best nmnti tucture. Thlriy.-ix yard pieces black Alpaca Braid, 44c. piece.;pearl dress nnd shirt Buttons, at lfc dozen up; Protective Plaited W igan, 7c. yard; Dexter Knitting Cotton, Tapes, Bobbins, l'ins. Needles greatly under the usual prices. FANCY GOODS! FANCY GOODS!] NEW GOODS BY EVERY STEAMER. We invite special attention to our Fan Department. .lust received, 4'*)dozen fine and me dium quality carved wood and Unco Fans, from 9c. a 80c. each. 250 dozen, very rich designs, in every imaginable style aud vurietv, trom 63c. Particular notice is dir< cted to our i st<? k of extra large Fans i lite assort-] ment is the most complete in the city . at prices SO per cent less than coifot Importation. An Immense *to k of gilt, ietand coral Jewelry, at astonishingly low prices. (Jilt Neck Chain*, at lix-. cach, worth $1 80. :?*) dozen Chatelaines, ,1a 50 different styles, trom 14c. each upwards. TKAVBLLI.NO BAGS AND I j SATCHhLS. PARASOLS AND IMBRELtA*. | Large assortment ol real and linlta tion Husala Hags. Belt Bags pi ok?? t | books, Belts and Fans. SOdoz. real Rtts-' sla Wallets at 75c. each. Real litis-a Fans, from f; 30 upwards. 5>i do*, real and imitation Russia Belts, with oxi dized buckles, from 60c. each upward. A large lot of fine Bags, with be ts from $1 80 cach upwards Parasols and l inbrelias in all the latest stvles, ein bracing the tourist and club stick nan die. Ladies fine silk Umbrella*, in black and brown, neatiy finished, troir 93 90 upward*. y,/' sssssatjsa KHRMCDHtnMH 3 W M W M B H M B B c a XXVI QB .cooooeo. wooooooow ** as* assess a**5* xxxxwusest xxxxars?egM KB50JSJBW59JJJ9 2 2 2 w 2 B KID GLOVES IN NEW SHADES NOVELTIES IN I.aDIES NECK TIBS. We have tust opened a full slock of the celebrated Hurt/. A Co.'s seamless Kb I Glovos, embracing opera and the new! street shades, in one, two, three, I.iirj buttons, plain and embroidered Also ISO dozen two button Paris Kids at 90c. pair. 100 dozen two-button finer Kids at 91 pair. 100dozen two-button opera shades at 9> 26 pair. 100 dozen three-button opera shades at 91 50 pair. , , Ladles' Neck Tics, In the latest styles, dozen Windsor Ties at Xtc each. 100 dozen Windsor Ties, finer and longer, nt 5*\ 200 dozen fringed Ties, in 60 different 250 dozen fine large Neck Shawls from |l 2A each up. ij. DANIELL A S(7v! T 7M? BROADWAY and NO. IX CLINTuN rl.ACK. I I

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