Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 18, 1873, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 18, 1873 Page 11
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germ halw. A?THE LEA -sj-;, HORSE AND WAGON, STOCK AND ? Fixture* oi au ui>lown corner Grocery lor sale very cheap tor caoU. Apply I" U. OAKLEY, .537 Greenwich atrfttl. At harlem, nfar the bridge.?1thb lkask ?f house. inquire in the liquor store, northeast < wr iter ot l-'Jtli street and Ihird uvtuue. Will lease the ?tore. A N B LEG ANT ASSORTMENT OK FINE 1.ATI1E A Tools, collected by ?n amateur; will be sold at a bargaiu. Inquire at luo Broadway, room 16. A RAKE CHANCE.?FOR SALE?LEASE, STOCK AND fixtures of a well-known Wine aud Liquor Import in* uml Jobbing House, long and lavor^Uly known as ono ot the he.-t business houses in .New York. Address A. B., Imx 102 lltirald office. A WELL LOCATED CORNER BUTTER, CHEESE, Eg??. Lard and Vegetable Markut, on the l>e?t busi ness avenue In Brooklyn, lor sale cheap. Apply to TUOS. <GAFFNEY, Auctioneer, No. 6 Centre street AN OLD ESTABLISHED MINERAL AND SODA Water Manufactory lor sale.? Fine trade, large profits; terms cany j full Investigation. Address W, box 106 Herald olllce. A GOOD MII.K ROUTE FOR SALE CHEP?RES. tauraiit, Lager Beer and Wine Saloons; Grocery, Cigar aud .Shoe Stores ; Bakeries, Produce Mores, Ac. Ac. WARNER A CO., No. ft Dey street. A PAYING BROADWAY RESTAURANT AND 11AK, -x3L near Bouclcault's and Smart's new theatre; will be sold at a burguiu, owner having other business requiring all Ills time. Call Irorn 1 to 3 1'. M. at 940 Broadway. ' t FORTUNE.?TOR SALE, A FOKMUL.E FOR A l\ specific; euros headache, neuralgia, rheumatism in ten minutes. Call at 104 John street, room 30, lor inter view with proprietor. A CHANCE FOR BUSINESS SELDOM MKT WITH.? An old established and only .News, Book and Station ery Store in a city of lUOtM inhabitants, and capable oi be ing enlarged liy the addition ot a smalt capital, for sale low. present owner having other business. Inquire of Business Mauager of tho American News Company, 117 to 121 Nassau street, New York. AWHRBLER a WILSON FIRST CLASS FAMILY Sewing Machine, nearly new, encased in black uainut, tor sale; a great bargain. Also Gold Watch and 4'haln. 496 Hudson street. A RAKE CHANCE.?FOR SALE, AN OLD E8TAB lishcd Manufacturing and Importing Lace House; doing a good business; only ubnut $8,000 cash needed. Address A. B., box 8,196 I'ost otllce. A?GLASS SIIOW CASE, 14 FEET LONG; A HPLKN ? did Case, with Counter, good as new, cost $176, will sell lor $78; suitable tor millinery, jowelry or cigar ?tore. Apply at ARCH. JOHNSTON'S Carriage Room, No. 8 Cortlaudt street A WELL ESTABLISHED CIGAR, WINK AND Liquor Store lor sale, or will take a partner; doing a rtrstclass business of over $1,800 per month; net pronts over $700. Call on or address J. N. MOORE, 1,266 Broad way. AWHKELER & WILSON HALF CABINET FAMILY Sewing Machine, In pcrfcct order, and but very little used, will be sold for $30, with all tho attachments -complete. '#>7 Bloecker street. A -STEAM JOB PRINTING OFFICE FOR SALE, . cheap. Apply to M. HARD, 44 Beekman street. BAKKKY AND CONFECTIONERY ESTABLISHMENT, with Fixtures, In Brooklyn, to let or sell; splendid business chance; store well located. Inquire at 239 Water street. New York. DRUH STORE FOR SALE?ON A LEADING CORNER thoroughfare in New Jersey, titled up and stocked in first class style; close to the depot Apply to THuS. ?GAFFNKY, Auctioneer, No. t> Centre street DRUG STORE FOR SALE?CHEAP. WITH ALL THE stock aud Fixtures, Soda Fountain, in order. Apply at No. 6 Centre street on Monday. RUG STORE FOR SALE.?FOR PARTICULARS apply at684 Third avenue. TjlQB SALE?T1IK LEASE OF AN OLD ESTABLISHED J? Liquor store, with the Upper Portion of the building; rent only $1,200 per year; fixtures and all complete; price $750; the. upper portion of building brings $7i>0 per year. Also Stores In different parts id Jersey City to rent Inquire of JOSEPH WAitlth.N, Real Estate and General Auctioneer, office 'J07llrovc street, one door iroiu Newark avenue, Jersey Ctt.v. tiH)R BALE?IN THE EIGHTH WARD A FIRST CLASS 1 corner Liquor Store, doing a good trade. Inquire at M Warren street, in restaurant, from 12 to 3. IpoR SALE?A FIRST CLASS LIQUOR 8TOBE: BEST ' business thoroughfare in city; good lease ; good trade; -other business the cause. Apply at 44 Stone street IflOR SALE?THE CHOP HOUSE KNOWN AS THE Theatre Shades, corner of Washington and Johnson street*. Brooklyn, W. D. Apply on the premises. Ipoit SALE?A PAINTERS' SUPPLY AND PAPER 1 Hanging Store, doing a cash bnsinest, $180 per day; books shown aud satisfactory reasons given lor selling. Address SUPPLIES, llerald Uptown Branch office. I ROB SALE?DBUG STORE; ONK OF TH B BKST 1 business locations in Brooklyn; established 16 years; first class trade; best reason for selling; terms easy. Address DRUGGIST, Williamsburg, N. Y. FOR SALE?THE GOOD WILL, STOCK AND Fix tures ol an established Business; profits from $280 to $300 per month; located in the centre of business on Broadway; must be sold immediately to close an ac count; a food chance for a party who lias $2,000 to invest Address J. K., Herald office. For sale?a union gas machink, five barrel Tank and Fixtures, in perfect order, at $250, hall' dheir original cost; or would trade for a good horse. APPLEBY* A IIELME. 133 Water street. New York D li^OR KALK?AN OLD ESTABLISHED CONFEC. I1 tione.ry anil Ice Cream Saloon. Inquire at 2M Blceckcr itreet FOR SALE?a confectionery and ice cream Saloon, with long lease and low rent; agent* need lot answer Address P., Herald Uptown branch office. For salk?a cash business, on one of the bout thoroughfares in the eltv. or will take a thor >ugh business man as partner. Address <JOOi? LIVING. Herald otllcc. LIOK SALE?1THE I.KASE AND FIXTURES, WITH r or without Stock, of a nrst class Luger Beer, Wine anil billiard Saloon, near Broadway; long estab lished, and doing a large business; satisfactory reasons or wlM|. Apply to (J. NAULE, 149 Fourth STtlBt. FOB sai.E?a HOTEL, NEAR BY; GOOD LEASE; Fixtures and furnished in complete running order; will bo sold very cheap. Applv at 68 Broadway,room 11. FOR SALE-BUTTER STAND IN washington MAR. ket. Address BUTTER, Herald ulllce. HOB HA LB?A SPLENDID MAHOGANY EXTENSION r Dining Table, with Mven leaves; price $.')*, original ^ost $300, at 758 Broadway, up stair*. For hale-a liquor store, ig years estab Usbcd, wirti Lease, or would take $9,0et) for the l*rop, srty; rent $1,103 per aunum. Apply ai 202 Franklin si. Qreenpoint. Fob sale?a good bauber'S suop, now doino a good business, ('.'ill to day nt 14H Vurlck street, or luring tli? week at 47 Corllandt street, Inquire lur C. S. CON ANT. FpOR SALE OR A PARTNER WANTED?IN A RE ' tail drug business, good and centrally located; rea K>B lor selling the owner, a physician, cannot attend to practice. and business. Address i). b. hutchinson, 144 Superior street, Cleveland, Ohio. L^OR SALE?LEASE OF STORE 363 SOUTH STREET; " valuable to a party wishing to open a liquor store ; a bargain. Apply to S. ,V C., 372 South street. tlOR hale-A nice CROCKERY, LAMP AND HOUSE tUrnlsliing store. In a good business location; will lie sold cheap on account ol sickness. Apply at 1X1 Court itreet. Brooklyn. ni?R SALE CHEAP-'VALUABLE LEASEHOLD, I? West Eleventh street, .Ml leet by !W feet, with build ings well rented ; 29years'unexpired lease: reasonable ground rent. A|.plv to owner. Ills West Forty-si Mb st. For salk?at a sacrifice, for cost, the Htock and Fixtures of aOroctry Store; good loca tion ; good trade; low rent Inquire at 287 smith street, Brooklyn. fpoit sale, cheap?complete set of foundry I 1 Tools. Can be seen in working order by applying at Hi) Cannon street. LK)R sale, CHEAP.?A. GEES' GENERATOR AND I F Fountains; good as new. Apply to david WHITE, J7 William street. L^OR SALK CHEAP?TWELVE ITALIAN MARBLE F top laldes. Apply at 7s.'i Sixth avenue. For hale cheap-two 40 quarts machine Ice Cream Freezers} also a large lot of Tntis ntiil plain freewn. all sizes. parllatly used. Apply to JOHN KOBLB,MO Fulton street. Hair stork for sale?on sixth avenue, near Booth's Theatre; old stand; splendid trade; told low on account of sickness. Address CLINTON, lersid Uptown Branch office. MARBLE SODA APPARATUS-ALL STYLES. AT reduced prices; Ottawa llecr Fountains nnd Ex "iart on liberal terms; send lor Illustrated catalogue. JAMES M. WHITFIELD k SON, 2G2 Water street, N. V. OYSTER AND LUNCH ROOM FOB SALE?AT A sacrifice, as owner cannot intend to it; best bu-inesa location in Broad street, near Wall. Call at J. EGBERT'S, 7M 1 ultoti street, Brooklyn. __________________ ONE OF THE MOST ELIGIBLE REAL ESTATE offices on Broadway will I <uspo?ed ol on very ad vantageous terms. Address MADISON SQl AKE, llcrald Uptown Branch office. Photograph gallery for sale cheap-109 ! Eiglilh avenue; other bu Itiess cause of soiling; also iwo Harrison quick Workers ami other Tubes, Boxes anil 1 Apparatus, large and small, c!n*ap. ARE TjPPOBTI n1ty7-FOI'R sTORY. BASEMENT ? House, full of boarders; litiim (Hate possession; loca tion unsurpassed ; a eW doors irotn Brmtdwuy; also lodg ing rooms. 563 Seventh avenue, owner. OODA WATER FOR SALE- $20(1; MATTHEWS' NO. 2 ' Apparatus complete ; one Bottling Machine, wiih Svrup Gauge, Ac ; Cost $.'it.\ richards. Ml West Sixteenth street. ( SHAPES.?SECOND HAND, VLRY CHEAP; TWO j large, two medium, three small Herring's, Liltla'i j and wader's make, at S. ii. QUIRK'S, 71 Maiden lane. 8AFES.-TWO IiAkGE, TWO MKIIH'M, THREE | small second hand Jewellers' and liariKr-rs' Safes for ' sate cheap; best makers. 72 Maiden lane. Sv Q. QUIRK. \ HOB STORE FOR SALE?SIXTH AVENUE; A BAR- i gain. Address, ut i.nce, CASH, Herald Uptown I Branch office. I S-"helving, BOABbsT**-'.- VKRY C HEAP? MTSF-L, LAMPK * CO., I B Chamber street, np stair* mWO CORHER LIQUOR STORES* FOR SALE, 1 cheap?On two (if the principal nvennes, with five years'leaw. and cheapest rent in the eitv. Applv to the : Owner, at 2*6 Wost street, from - to (i P. M. _ i $0 ?L(\t\ CASH.?STOCK, FIXTURES AND LEASE ot a Milliner}' Store, in a |ood location, doing a proDtable business, \pply to 0. W. sirick. LAND, 7n Cedat street. New York. tO ~riU\ -HOTEL AND RESTAURANT FOR SALE? O.0UUi Located at leading lepot: long established ; mile iiiriuslicd ; BayitlK well, owner Wishes to leave the w^tuniisiieUiPay 4yiltew?% OTACIimKUT^ AM US' portable ENGINE*. J Til ID HORSE power portable Holsters. Saw Mills, tsrain Mills, Vor tical Engine 4, Horizontal Engines, plain aud.cut off, and Boilers. all styles and sUes; our owu wake; hhalUug. Ottering and Castings. HAMPSON, Wlfli'EUtLLA CO.. 3S Cortland street AUIH STEAM ENGINE AND BOILER SHOP Helling out ilie entire loots ami Stock ; also Engines and Boilers very one up for cash. U\U West street A LA BOB BOOK OK ENGINES, BOILERS, STB AM Pumps, Presses. Lathes, Drill#, Shuilin,:, Pulleys. Hancers, Ac., new anil second hand. WILSON A ROAKE, W and 284 Water street A LARGE LOT OF ST RAM ENGINES AND BOILERS for salo, an>l over I1 0 steam pumps, now and second hutid ; also a limbic headed Lathe, >3 icet hed and tti inch swing. Apply to P. CASolDY. No J. 4 toll) Bridge street, Br. oklyn, dealer in all kinds ot new and second hand machinery. A LA ROB LOT OP NEW AND SECOND HAND Steam Engines and lioilors, Steam 2'utnps and Tanks. KINNEY A HOKfHAN, Manufacturers, 202 to 325 W ater stre< t, Brooklyn. A 1S-HOR8B POWER ENGINE, BOILER AND FIX A lugs, all lu'st make, tor sale cheap, the room beiug required. Apply at 13 Ve?uy street. Brass finishers* lathes, quarts crushes, three and ten burse Engine* and Hollers, Sha.Ung, Pulleys, Hangers, Compound Lover Shears, Screw and Lever Presses, Vices, Ac., cheap, at Centre street. LIOR SALR?TO CLOSE OUT establishment, F Steam Engine, 30-liorse power; large a:'.d smallSteam Hammers, Crushers, Rolls. Tools and other Appurte nances hi Works, all in good order. Apply to G. E. HARDING, C. E.. S2 Broadway. ________ IAOR SALE?drop press, SHAFT, PDUlBITI AND 1' Hangers. Apidy at f.2 I'ark pluce^ For hale?one hi:am engine, *8 inch stroke, let condcnwr, Stevens' cut-off, ball governor, fly wheel, crank Shalt, 17 feot long, 8^ Indies diameter; 2 Pillow Blocks. 3 Pulleys and Driving Pulley in halves; huilt ut West Point Foundry; is are good ordor. For ftir tlior partic ulars a.iply lo R Will IE. 41 l'eck Slip. For sale?JOB presses, a GORDON segment cylinder, prints 13x22 inches; also a Cincinnati Nonpsrell, prints 15x17 niches; arc in good order and will lie sold at a reasonable price. Inquire at 8- John st. Fob sale-engines, boilers, shafting, pul lo.vs. Millstones. Tanks, Piping. Steam Pumps, Hoist ing Engines, Saw Tables, Planers, Ac. BENJAMIN Fox. 514 and Bill West Thirty-fourth st Fob BALE.?two jiorizontal tubular Boilers, 15 feet long, 4 feet diameter; will be sold cheap by applying to JOHN DOIiAN, No. 06North Second street, Williamsburg. IjlOR SALE CHEAP?WOODWORTH PLANERS AND Matchers, Surfacers. Molding, Mortising, Tenomtiir, Sticking, Resawing, Shaping, swingsaw, Saw Tables, band and Scroll Saw Machines, band Saw Blades, leather aud rubber Helling, Hose, Ac., nearly new. G. IIARVEY A CO.. 23 Ferry street. Hoisting, portable and stationary en glues and Boilers; new and second hand Lathes, Drills, Rendering Tanks, Steam and Force Pumps, Shaft ing and Pulleys. W1LLARD t DF. BEVOISE, 45 Dey street IATHES, PLANERS, DRILLS, SHAl'ERS, BOLT J Cutters. Gear Cutters, Milling Machiues, Slotters. Car Wheel Borers, Oar Wheel Presses, Pumps, Holsters, at shearman'S Philadelphia Machinery bepot 45 Cort land t street. X\T ANTED?STEAM ENGINE, 20X38 INCHES; ALSO ?? Horizontal Tubular Boiler, 14x5 feet; he in good order. Address, stating price and full particulars, J. S. L . Herald otllce. 1 /IX24 TODD A RAFFERTY ENGINE, WITH BOILER; J."" 12x18 Brown Engine; 48-inch xlti foot Tubular Boiler, Schcnck Planers, Saab and Moulding Machines, Tononer-Mortiser, Blind Slat Tenonar and Borer; all in good order; very cheap HAMPSON, WHITEHILL A CO., 38 Cortlandt street, New York. RELIGIOUS NOTICES^ AT ROBINSON HALL?ENTRANCE THROUGH Robinson llonse, 18 Sixteenth street, between Filth avenue and Union square; the Children's Lyceum meets at 10 A. M.; conference at I*. M.; Miss Jennie Leys, Inspirational speaker, lectures at 7>? o'clock. Alij SAINTS' episcopal CHURCH, CORNER Henry and Scammel streets. Rev. William N. Dun ne!!, rector.?Divine services every Sunday at 10:30 A. M. and 7 ;30 P. M. Seats all free. A MURAL TABLET TO THE MEMORY OF THE late Bishop Eastburn having been placed in the chancel of the Church of the Ascension, an address com memorative of his life and character will be delivered hv the Itev. John Cotton Smith, D. D., to-day, at eleven o'clock A. M. ANTHON MEMORIAL CHURCH. FORTY-EIGHTH street, west of Sixth avenue.?Services at 10>j A M.; choral service as usual, at 3P. M. Sermon ou "The Kail." The rector. Rev. R. lleber Newton, will preach at each service. /"lOME AND HEAR THE GOSPEL?AT THE TRINITY \J Baptist church. Kitty-filth street, near Lexington avenue, Rev. Dr. llolrnc, pastor. Preaching at 10>? A. M. and 1% P. M. CCHURCH OF THE MESSIAU, PARK AVENUE, COR J nor Thirty fourth street? Re v. Henry Power*. Morn Inn subject?"The Use of Churches;" eveniug. service of praise, with short sermon. Public invited. CCHURCH OP THE DISCIPLES, MADISON AVENUE, J cornrr of Forty-tifth street?Rev. George H. Hep worth preaches this morning the second sermon on the "Peculiarities of Christianity." Popular evening ser vice in behalf of the Evangelical Alliance. Rev. H. B. Cliapin, Rev. Stephen H. Tyng, Jr., and Rev. Mr. Hep worth will speak. TOREK TABERNACLE OF THE METHODIST EPIS I1 copal church. Thirty-fourth street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues.? Kev. John E. Cookmnn, Pastor, will preach on Sunday morning at 10k o'clock, and in the evening at 7'? o'clock. Sabbath school 2 P. M. All are welcome. Seats tree. "J/ k E E 8itong8.?CHRIST church, CORNER I1 fifth avenue and Thirty-tilth street, Rev. Hugh Mil ler Thompson, D. U., rector. At the 3:30 P. M. services lu tbia church the teat* ire always tree. REV. .1. F. M'CLELLAND, PASTOR ST. LUKE'S Methodist Episcopal Church, Forty-first street, near Sixth avenue, will preach on Sunday, at 10'i A. M. and 7?i P. M. The public Invited and always welcome. Rev. dr. flagg will preach in the morn i lr.g and evening in the church in Elghty-iifth street, between Lexington and Third avenues. CTKINWAY HALL.-RET. WAYLAND HOYT, PAS fi tor of Tabernacle Baptist Church, Second avenue and Tenth street, will preach in Steinway Hall on Sun day evening at7:4.r>, and In the church at 10 TO A. M. Subject of evening sermon?"The Common Trials of Lite and How to Treat Them." DT. THOMAS' CHUECH.?ASCENSION DAY. THUR8 0 day. .May 22, the Klglit Rev. the Bishop of the Dio cose will admit to the priesthood the Rev. F. L. Norton, assistant minister of St. Thomas'church. Services will commence at 11 o'clock. or. JOHN'S CHAPEL, VARICK STREET.?SERVICES O at I0i? A. M. and 8 P. M. Rev. H. B. will preach in the evening. SPIRITUALIST SERVICES BY DR. C. STILES, AT 0 Union llall, corner Grove and Fourth streets, Jersey City, for spirit communion and trance speaking, at 3 and 8 P. M. SECOND SUNDAY EVENING LECTURE?ON THE LITE OF MOSES," by Rev. J. Spencer Kcnnard, in the Pilgrim Baptist church, Thirty-third street, west of Eighth avenue. All are welcome. PBWTMTRY. V PERFECT SET OF TEETH GUARANTEED FOB JY $10 and upwards, at Or. LEWENBERG'S Denial office,638 hlghtn avenue, between Fiftieth uud Filty-tirst streets. Teeth extracted without pain. A BEAUTIFUL AND SUBSTANTIAL SET OF Teelh.?Teeth extracted without pain. Dr. REEt>, 272 Sixth aver.uc, third door above Seventeenth street, the last ten years. U 4 MM RLE SIXPENCE BETTER THAN A SLOW A shilling."?Teeth?Ordinary sets, $7. best. $10; gold lino I. SI; inserted same day ordered; gas adminis tered. 80c. 2t>4 Sixth avenue. A BEAUTIFUL SET OF TEETH, $8: SINGLE, $1; jtjl warranted. Extracting with gas,soe. Silver Fill ings, 80c. open Sunday until 12. 262 sixth avenue, l>c twecn Sixteenth and Seventeenth strcots Remember, 262. DB. R. P. PERRY, DENTIST. FOR MANY YEARS AT 20 West, Twenty-ninth street, removed to .'<1 West Thirty-third street, near Broadway. . OK. WHITE, DENTIST, 239 SIXTH AVENUE (FOR. meriy nt 76).? Sets ot Teeth, $8, $10 and $l."i; warranted to lit perfectly. Teeth tilled with gold, bone and pla'iiiu. $1. Open Sundays. fflEETH EXTRACTED WITHOUT PAIN; 16 YEARS; I benumbing application; beautiful Teeth Inserted; terms moderate; Plumpers for hollow cheeks a spe cialty; sets repaired. I. .1 a Y VILLERS, 15S Grand street, near Broadway. STOItAUK. A ?STORAGE. A. STOK VGE for Fl RNITURE, PIANOS, MIRRORS, PAINTINGS, Ac.; ALSO CARRIAGES. WAGONS, A ., ut the NEW FIRSTCLASSWAREHOl 8E, bulit expressly lor the purpose, li'2 TO 114 EAST THIRTY-SECOND STREET, NEAR FOURTH AVENUE. TRUNKS, t:\SKS iiml other PACKAGES containing articles ot EXTRA VALUE can be Stored with SAFETY at low rates. Persons can forward their goods trom any partoi Eu BOPE or AMERICA direct to tins warehouse. THE PUBLIC Is nu tted to examine the superior ac commodations. light. Tenii 1 iilon, safety, Ac., which this warehouse possesses over all others. ^ MnRRKIU owner and Proprietor. A?STORAGE.?WEST -IDE STORAGE W\RE ? liotisi'??, ."OS,0!14, 630 Hudson stnei, 770 Greenwich street and 10 Abingdon square, tor itiroiiure, pianos, bag gage and all other kin Not family property. Families breaking up housekeeping or going will find superior accommodation, not to t e surpassed by any otherestabiiahmcntin New York. R. 1'AGGART, owner and Manager, ofllca 103 Hudson street, near West Twelfth street. A ?STORAGE FOR KI HNIII R|;,' PIANOS, BAG* J\ . gage, A ?.: all goods placed in separate rooms; ele vator in building; the pitMi. are invited to examine our accommodations lor hoisting ami packing goods and stvle ol rooms. Ac.; the best storage rate* in the citv. Mil HALES A SON, au. 40 and 42 Commerce street, near Bleecker. T FIVE ART*. / 1 ALL AT T. BONAR'S, 13 PARK PLACE, AND GET \oiir Drawings. Engravings, Ltlhograpi.ic and Prln'?. cheap and well done. Have removed to the above number. DANCINC4 ACAHKMIKm. ? J SAl'SK.'S CLOSING SOIREE, A . Mas inic Hall, Thirteenth street, Tim sday, May .7, 1*7.1. BALLETMASTER DUMA R'S PRIVATE DANCING Academy. 24 West Fourth street, near Rrondwav.? All fashionable Dances taught: ballet dancers Instruc tion lor single ami chorus Dancea for the stage, CAUSE'S DANCING ACADEMIES. H PRIVATE LKSSONn at nnv hour, day or evening. 1 circuits ?t Private Awadwuy, W ??? liMvutU fK ABnmisNKirrft. ^ALVINI?EUROPE'S GREATKST AOTOtt. DRAMATIC llijAtfON 1873-71 IMPORTANT PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMEKT. Mr. MAHRTCK GRAU had tlie honor to annonnce to the American Public the engagement lur a serlo* ot ONE HUNDRED ItKPREBENTATIONS of ttie leading TmKediau of Italy, Sifuor TOMMAXO 8ALVINI, with a complete Dramatic Compaiur, selected by hiin Keif, in Kccui'e Uie porieut presentation in tho United btaion ot tho GREAT WORKS OK TI1K CLASSIC STAGE. wiUi which hi* name U Inseparably associated. Although Signor 8ALVIN1 will not arrive hire before next Hopteruber, Mr. GRAU gives thus early notice to tim public, believing the announcement 01 this grout artistic eveut will be received with inuob satisfaction. j^UBlNSTEIVS I.AST WEEK IN AMERICA. 8TKINWAY* IIALL, LAST THREE PERFORMANCES IN AMERICA. LAST 1HRI.E PERFORMANCES IN AMERICA of Mr. ANTON RUBINSTEIN, MONDAY AFTERNOON, May 19, at 2:30. TUESDAY AFTERNOON, May M, .it HtU. THURSDAY EVENING, May XJ, at 8. Ai Mr. RUBINSTEIN sails lor Europe on Saturday per steamship Diumu, bin positively last perloruiunce* in Amuncu will taKu place an above. PROGRAMME FOR MONDAY AFTERNOON. Fantasie, F minor Chopin. I E minor 1 A major I Preludes. < K minor V Ohopln l> tlat major lD minor I Mazourkas. | k flauniuw ?r | Chopin. ( E flat major i | A minor Valses. { A Hat major )? Ohopln. I Nocturnes. .Chopin. I (i sharp " I Id tiat ) i A major Polonaises. ; C sharp V Ohopiit. I A ilai major T H minor F sharp major G minor A tlat major B major F minor D flat major _C minor Impromptu. A Hat major Chopin. Berceuse i Tarantelle > Chopin. Scherzo 1 SO minor ) F major > Chopin. A flat major) f A flat major F minor [ C minor ) C sharp minor Etudes. { E Hat Chopin. C minor A flat major U major .A minor ? Marclie Funebre. Sonate B minor Chopin. PROGRAMME FOR TUESDAY AFTERNOON. ( E flat major I Nocturnes. , A major > Field. ( K Hat major) Orage 1 Si Orseuu JVtalsJ Etude. A minor Thrtlberg Fantnisle, "Don Juan" (Mozart) Tliulberg Fantuisie, "Don Juan" (Mozart) Liszt Morgcnslui-mlchen auf dem i i wasser Erl K ma ; Schubert > Liszt Valse "Soirees de Vienne",.. ( ) Lo Molne (Meyerbeer) Liszt iGodula Kegata j Serenade La /(Rossini) Liszt Danza ) Stabat Mater, "Onjus Animain" (Rossini) Liszt Fantasia, "Lucia" (Donizetti) Liszt Valse Impromptu, A tlat major Rhapsodie lloiigroisc, D flat major Liszt PROGRAMME FOE THURSDAY EVENING, MAY 22. AT 8 O'CLOCK. SEVENTH RECITAL, 216TH CONCERT AND LAST APPEARANCE IN AMERICA OF MK. ANTON RUBINSTEIN. Prelude and Vugoe, Aflat major Rubinstein Preludes j ? ( * Rubinstein Theme and Variations Rubinstein Melodies \ ? j Rubinstein National Dances, Valse Mazourka Rubinstein i F minor) Barcarolles] (I ma,or Rubinstein (A minor) Romances j * ^^4)or j Rubinstein Tarantelle Rubinstein Valse, Polonaise de la Fuutasio "Le Bui" Rubinstein {Sarabaude | E",".nte ( ??"??? Gavotte J Serenade Uusse Rubinstein Caprice Kusse, de PAlbum de Peterhoff Rubinstein New Melodic (impromptu) Rubinstein Nocturne, G flat major Rubinstein Scherzo Rubinstein M unafurrs J ftj^^Kuisseau Rubinstein I F minor i Etudes ' K major Rubinstein (C major ) Nocturue, A Hat major Rubinstein Variations on "Yankee Doodle" ....Rubinstein Admission, $1; reserved seats,$1 extra. Can be had at usual ticket ollices. niHEATRK COMIOUE, 514 BROADWAY. A Mr. JOSH HART... Lessee and Proprietor See Advertisement in To-morrow's ilerald. Theatre comique. mi Broadway. RE-ENGAGEMENT OF MR. JOHN THOMPSON. See advertisement in to-morrow's Herald. JONES' WOOD PARK. SUNDAY, Mav 2S, 1873, GRAND OPENING CONCERT by the unrivalled NINTH REGIMENT BAND, FIFTY MUSICIANS and the FI LL DRUM CORPS, under the direction of Drum Major George Hill. Commence at3 o'clock P M. Admission 25 rents lor gentleman and lady: children free Programme at the gate. A GRAND CONCERT EVERY SUNDAY. 1 THEATRE COMIQUE. M4 BROADWAY. "Too busy to write a long advertisement." LOOK FOR IT IN TO MORROW'S HERALD. D AN BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. MATINEE, THURSDAY AFTERNOON. MAY 22, 1873, BENEFIT OK MR. J. SIMPSON, TREASURER. TO COMMENCE AT 2 O'CLOCK. MUSIC AI?* 4 gentleman GIVES PIANO A.\l> 8JNOINO LE8 l\ son* at his residence or at pupil's tor 9? and $10 per month. Address PROFESSOR OF MUSIC, 107 West Twuniy-tliird street. A gentleman WILL OIVB instruction ON the pianoiortc, nt pupils' residence, lor $10 per quarter; best ot relfcrenee Riven. Address, with rc.-,i Hetloc, TEACHER, bo* 120 Herald Uptown Branch office, Broadway. 4 ?HALLAM'8 MUSICAL ACADEMY, 12 union square, Instruction in all branches of music. Prl vate or > lass les.-on? under Mr. llttllant'a tuition or super vision, open all summer. * MERK'AN CONSERVATORY OK MUSIC, J\ 863 Broadway, near -oventecnth street. Normal Branch, S3 Union ?.|tiari'. Decker Bros.' buildhiff, For particular* apply to II. sOHROEDER, Director. Beautiful music. "StTuy Mn/.urka." J. N. Pattison, fOc. j "Celtic Polka," J. N. Pattison. 6C?r.; "Medley Oalop," (iicseman, ; Lulu Waltzes," With picture title, Connolly, 7ftc ; i "March Komalnc,'' (lounod, 80c.; "Pity the Homeless 1 One To-night," Wtllad. !iv 1'ratu 80c. Copies mailed. \s \t. a. POND A i d., Publishers, M7 Broadway and 3'J Union square. Beautiful book.?"aimez vous ly musique." i Ail persons about to study music snonld reaa this book, (liven away at J, .(aY WATSO.VB Music Rooms, 'Si Clinton place, LUlilh struct. (1 ASH ARRANGEMENTS made WITH TEACHERS j J ot the Zither, Flute and Harp. Address or apply per- j sonally nt J.JAY WATSON'S Music Rooms, Vi Clinton | place iBtfhth twit.) C1LA8S TEACIIINO AND PRIVATE teaching.? J "I'ro et con ;'' read "Almez vow '? Mnsiqne;" given 1 away at .1. JAY WATSON'S Music Rooms, 92 Clinton place> By mail 10c. flARD.?PIANO, ORGAN, UlITAR, 8INOING, HARP, V Harmony; private lessons only. 92 Clinton place U.ighth street). "Aimiz-vons la Munique" given away. ' Read and profit by it. circular* mailed. j MUSIC f;l PEIt MONTH FOR INSTRUCTION ON the Piiino. wltli practice. I'npiN rapidly advanced at M7 West Tliirly-slxili street, between Ciglitii and Ninth avenues. mm MUSICAL WORLD.?FB AN ? ABT AND I Clemenco HchulUe, editors. Every number contains trom five to seven ol the latest, works ot the most promi nent musical author?, hitndsomeiy jrott?n up. Nos. 10and II iu>t published subscription per annum; single number30 cents. IIEDRT LITOLFF, Publisher, H6 Fourth avenue. THE LECTURE NKASOIV. L^ARBWBLL LECTURE. C UEMRUE MACDONALD on II \MLET,

AT association HAUL. corner Twenty-third street and Fourth avenue. WILLIAM CULLEN BRYANT will preside ; addicts by Rev. I)r bellows. THURSDAY EVEN I NO, May r, at H o'clock. ticket* 91. reserved mats 91 "0, for sale at Kelt Inner'*, 701 Broadway, and at Putnam's, corner 1 wcnty-thlrd slrcet and Fourth avenue, Mrs. h. b. o'Lrary. m. d., wtLL lsctubb to ladles at Robinson Hall,|Sixteenth street, between 1' Ulli i?v?uuc auU tfroudw%lr. MyuUyu, May Itf. at 3 i*. M? I.I ! V ^ Awrntifimi*. XT llJLu'N GARDEN. AZHAKI 11 A/.K.M i.; OK Till. MAO'CC'fABM A/.R *KI.. OK, III *Atl!?* lilt ARM M M'KITT .hi I r . I y.w , Ml I'aMAlMM. MAPPITT ami IIA KT1 IOI.E 41-. * , l l >*u I !*>??? . .. lulu. LUiTif. Lin.u. THE srABTMNU ri.iMiir THROUGH KPtrS. tii it TRIP!.* SO M KTCHKT IN Mil. A.It. LVIA 1.4 i.ti. Mine I.4NNIKR. Mil*. I.HPO. CORPS UK II U.I.RT, TIIKi K UP. AMI ItAl.l.UTH SPI.P.NIUD SI I.N 1'iliV \N|, r l'l.? Rverythin; Sew m.1 orUinal iii I'aitWafcMH MAT1-NI IIS WKDNKKIia* AND hATI I rpUUAI'RK COMIQUE. TUPATItR COM 11(11 K, J KI*A V at TWO mi miiutmiv Ml MKOADWtT. THEATRE COM HJb K Ml K?)4UV(I THEATRE COM'.UUK, ?l? NROADWAV Mil. JOHII IIAItT ... Uw ?ul Kfuiirif >r Messrs. JOHN F. I'OOI. A T. I.. IIOMM:i.V M?u*?m> MATINEES WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AT 1^. MATINEES WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AT MATINEES WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AT t'.. MATINEES WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AT *V notice. Owlnn to tin- immense rush to lli<> lion nltlce In tlio evening ami the cons'-iitc lit disappointment of iiuiiiy pHtroii* m obtain init places Ili?- Mian:iKmiif nt would sugge <t lilt- ad\inability of securing seats tlui'tiii; the day, n.r which purpose the box oltlce will bi' kept open from ID A. M. uutll I P. M. Uaily. LOOK FOR THEATRE COMIQUE ADVERTISEMENT IN TO-MORROWS HERALD. LOOK FOR THEATRE COMIQUE ADVERTISEMENT IN TO-MORROW'S HERALD. STEIITWAY HALL. JARI.KY'S WAX WORKS. Tl'i'.SDAV EVENING, MAY JO, H o'clock. Robert B. Cautrcll's Exhibition oi Die original uml only MRS. J AIU.EY'S WAX WORKS, in aid of the Trust Fund of the Alumuie ot" Ruigtrs Fc mail! College. Admission CO cent*; reserved jeaLs 25 cents extra. Tickets can now be obtained at Steliiwav Hull ; Sehlr mcr'H, 7ol Broadway ; Hurutou's. 4'J sixlh avenue, and tl. l*. liufaMnn'i Bom, 8J8 Fourth wmm. T'ERRACE GARDEN THEATRE, Fllty eighth street, between Lexington and Third avs. GRAND SACRED CONCERT THIS (SUNDAY) EVE NINO, AT 8, when a very entertaining ami brilliant programme will be presented. A COMPLETE ORCHESTRA, FUU. CHORUS AND A STRONG ARRAY OF ARTISTS. Admission frJe.; reserved ami* 26c. extra; boxes $1 AO extra; pacfcage*12 tickets$1. PIAMOKOHTISS, Oliu ns, AC. A I'-EVV PIANOS OF OCR OWN MAKE, BETURNBO from hire, nearlv new; at bargains lor cash, or on installment*; Hie same to rent; all 7>i octaves, unil in perfect order. AKION 1'IANOFORTE CO.. No. ft East Fourteenth St. A?NEW PIANOS, AM. IMPROVEMENTS, $260 ? cash; second hand Pianos, $7U, $WJ lo $.TIi?; Organ*, IVoin $30 to $2UU; Pianos to rent. KERRY A CO., 7"9 Broadway. AT BKTTS' WAREROOMS, 788 BROADWAY, COR Her Tenth street, new and second hand Pianos and Organs, lor cash or instalments, or to rent, $3 to $10 per month. A BARGAIN?$100.?HANDSOME FOUR ROUND comer Piano; Stelnwav Pianoforte. 7 octave, carved legs, grand action; sold for want of money. 13 \> uverley place, near Broadway. A -M7&?THE GIRARD pianos. PRONOUNCES JV, by the first musical talent, semi mine the press, Ac., the best pianos made, Call and examine ut (iirara College oi Music, Broadway and Ninth sweet. A PRIVATE FAMILY, HAVING A FIRST CLASS Piano tor sale, can And a cash purchaser by sending mil description, with lowest price, lo PATERFAMILIAS, Herald Uptown lira lie h ottlce. ACHICKEItlNO PIANO FOR SALE-KosKWOOD case and In perfect orde, can be bought lor $125 If taken within three <lays. Apply at 177 East Broadway. A BEAUTIFUL 7 OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO, richly carved case unit legs, $lfi.V New ones tor sale and to rent at JOHN MA HON'S,! , 224 East Thirty-ninth st. A SPLENDID ASSORTMENT OF STEIN WAY' A SONS' second hand square. Brand and upright Pianos for sale at a bargain. Also a number of Instruments of other tirst clu.?s makers. Every Instrument in good order. STEIN WAY A SONS stcinway Hall. A MAGNIFICENT DECKER A BROTHERS DOUBLE round 7"? octave Pianotorto lor i-ale ut one quarter original cob' ; lias all improvement*; pink erg' guarantee); a beautiful 7 octuve grand square tor $223; also parlor, library, chamber and dining Furniture; a sacrifice. Can be seen this day at private resilience 2IU West 21st St., near 7th av. A LADY WILL .SELL FOB $100 A HANDSOME rosewood Pianoforte, in perfect order. Iron Irame, round corners, modern improvement*, splendid tone. Call at 2M Third street, near Bowery k BEAUTIFUL ROSEWOOD 7 OCTAVE PIANO J\ forte, overstrung bass, made by Lightc .V Brartburv, with Htool, $200; also a Cabinet Organ, six stops, nearly new, $125. 24H East 30th street, between 2d and til avs. A LADY. ABOUT LEAVING NEW YORK, WISHES J\ to dispose, ot her Piano at ft very reasonable price; tuperior tone and finish. No. 5 West' Washington place. i MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE FOR JY sale?Mad ii to order: cit.v make; luily guaranteed, used five months, cost $y00, (or $275. Parlor suits; Ets geres. Bookcase; Chamber and Dining Kurnittirc ; a sacri fice; property of a family tearing the city. 3U West Fif teenth street, near Fifth avenue. V SQUARE GRAND 7', OCTAVE RICH ROSEWOOD I'ianoforte. round corner* carved lee? and ease, patent agraffe, all modern improvements, made l>v best city makers, in use (I months, cost $900. tor $.mi; Stool, Cover and Music Cabinet: also Parlor and chamber Suits at ball original cost. Call at private residence 120 West 23d street, near 6th avenue. N. B.?Can lie seen to day or Monday. BARGAIN.-BEACTIPUL 7U OCTAVE ROSEWOOD Piano, carved le^s overstrung ba??, apraffe treble, $j2/>. Pianos on instalments and to rent cheap. R. CABLE. 107 West. Twenty-third street, corner ot sixth av. /^ARD.?PIANO, ORGAN. Gl'ITAR, SINGING, HARP, V Harmony; private lessons only, vi Clinton place (Eiuhtn street). "Aiin -z-vous la Mu?ique" given away. Read and profit by i;. circulars mailed. /?tASII OR INSTALMENTS.?WE HAVE a NUMBER \ i of tir-t class Pianos for sale that, were rented during the Winter, m perfect order and warranted ; aim several cheap second hand Piano*. m A. POND k Co.. M7 Broadway. IjURST cl.ASS 7'. OCTAVE PIANOS RETAILED AT P wholesale Pricc?. Direct from factory, .-end for cir cular. CHRISTIE, TO Harrow street, near Hudson. tMR>T CI, ASS 7'4 OCTAVE PIANOS, AT WHOLE 1 sal" onlv, at our new factory and wan rooms, 2-1* and 2MWest Twent.r-?eventli st. PEASE <v KINDSTROM. (iHEAT BARGAIN ? A SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD "J upright Piano for $SU cash. Also Pianos to rent, irotn ** to $10 per montlit rent allowed II purchased. K V. Itl MSI>A Y, University place, eorm r of Ninth st. FP. HALE IS MAKING $100*1 WORTH PIANO ? fortes for the trade from his new 7N'octave scales. ?;i\r iiltna call. Thirty tilth street and tenth avenue. (BEAUTIFUL WERER INCLI'DED), CHEAP as the cheapest, good as the r<? af, lor rent or ?a:e; rent allowed purchaser*, at M KRRELL'S, No 8 Union square, It-' Fourth avenue. AND ORGANS.-AO NEW AN l? SECOND I hand Planoiortes and Organs; great saeritlce; two Bank Organs, halt value; seven octuve llano, ' $21*1. PEEK A HONS, 127 Bleecfcer str? I > IA N??- .SECOND HAND, OF VARIOUS MAKERS, IN I tliorough order, fbf sale at low prices; also Pianos to rent an I on Instalment*, by CHICKERINO ,v sons, II East Fourteenth street, lietwcen Broadway and Fifth av. Pianos and organs.?great bargains, new and most beautnul styles and perfect times ever made, and hy best makers, at lower prices lor cash, or monthly instalments, or lor rent, durimt this month, at WATKRM'. isi Broadway, than can i>e round eUewnefe, 4JFCOND HAND UPRIGHT AND SQCAI'.E PIANOS O from $Mup; Repairing and Storage PlanOj to rent. WALKER BROTHERS, suc^ujiors toJ. * U. Vfalkcr,47 East 1'wclHh wreoU li Orarc thkariMLtn rhoaoway. It MoAV. MA* W. ANH KVKKV KVRHINO AT 8, ?ml WF|>*?- |i? Y Mill MI>A Y M \TINKK? AT ?. I.AHt M C?M Ht> t 1 Wtl LAMT Wt.f.h HUtlWO of >.v.a u ru**n mi ?m ih'mity. I ?? .1 .<*('<-<?? of Um1 bUNIMMtl OyiUiHaL Al. A I AI.AI 41 Ai At (| ALA: AliAt At. AI ATaAl Th? I ? l??r am aara ? miii i .i .?*ir?nnlin?rjr (Urine. I* croalln* miu. ?? t. at in, i >i, i i^ic ?p.twiir* li? llie liuiiutii * i ? >r ? ?'i? r?- ,.W ?a i. ? 'm which he (??rlnrni* on ?i - >J ?:?: . ??,. nritu Ilia iji utile notrniraault in Utl i - u.i'*i4 ??tc t aiar.nuis aria aver au?u tn tlita rur " ii.A AIT*arm MMf TrrmiNO AMI* ATTIIK MAT1 HK'H, i.?-r wi. .* m r two ?r the wiumon brothers, _ Ww III Mum a. I.AST wr I K hl?T 1?|| (If lll.l.h MOKI.AOtilll t Unm Trrtx'i t?>i? m ^uk-IiIUch i A?r w km m i i* i <?? m ?i in.i harky JRK tm t'li-ir MM *|?n hjh? ,1k] M.*:k? " I.Arff mi r rwo <?r ?? mkkii'IH" Mi '!>? ti art*!),??<> VtntiM fejita mr ?i i * ?.? r (?line iiik ku^iam hi IhMf ?? wri *?w ?| I.AMT ?IA? Hf m (H\ IDIIK a IN TKIiRUHN iti k't *ka".MMif Hails I i inaimi |.V<T WVKH Ml I 1*11 or MVMui k A' l? SMITH tK tnrir r.awl. ktUirnl I vririM ? I \ I M. .1. MI T TWO <?? TIIK "AMr.KM'l* URI ? Al >1 ?Ml Mm iniiita'lr.l raMlmnm* Tro?(,? t,4MT tfll Mi l iWi.or Till MRU.* or miktii ?I IMr I I|> III).I* IVKRTM'"MY MIIOI III I'AV % ? AKWI I.I. VI-lfTO "M P' ?rf Mr ?<*k? "If" Ji <h 1*1* an I fiamnrcn now." muimsi on ?' m 111>i.i. iin haTUr ? AV THK Ml l?M! OtAY KIIHIK I* A HAllKK AT TMI THK ? fRK Mp*u M* arct???l > 4ar* 'M#a Irnmi'f. WKKV TUKATRR MM li iki.1.1 .11 Manager ?|^IMI H, Mat l?. 1*7* nr<i li IIAKKT MIT Will, H'M M w >rt?.n <ti awia. in ? iirwin a*. I Itmn a-'lr, eMM' iej ? I MA MMR, ?l., i? ktlMH MI<mki?? F .t I.n ad'rntuiv w a <*?rr> *|H>u.lrM( ill th? M?w lull ll#t?lii i'.?ti.|?ri-ia - im?. m? It #arl<inf T * Ml.! A(lM, Kill Ali'INM AMM -TA ?ITI.lSU KKKKirW, ? UMM' Ac., 4c I*ic.-?4?mI It* thr h< * i?n-p nf cu\ai i ril'i r i i.i i imii11?, IM PRRCAMAlluN ? \ ii. ? l .aUrniaa, ?? line ! iM* *m hI UiM.aR. (MHfll HI'-KtlM tAMMk.KI.Oi KR ? wNIIAT. mat m ivx r-i?iuvi i.r KM* m krm oM.t RV I M Nii Al TKK.MMiN AT t ?? Fucrlal l..? KlKVI TIMR MATINkK ? n:Kr?iR?AM'Ki* ?i tM.- i^MkrtH It a < Imrinin* viM'alid I OMI- tlian. ail | a- ??????. YAMkiR I." VRK, M.a?Uil lit. NY I. V krtTKA, ii. h?? |f? J it ma mi Iwkf'i "I ?r? m'iimuhiu at TUimr* Mil* Till urn TIIR PKT!TTT M.iiNKK. U' ?U.AI'IM. rii.pri, M'f 411.1 V .Iiaj.r Ml I.' * IKR W Al.l.A? K I. \ l r?k r M l Mi.llt.1 i'? Mr MlTlifcK* I. \ m I TIIRl I. Mi.MT-l (M MlilaT, I ' li to Mrilnr .ln?, :lal| uf lh? MJI IMR'M I,All >1111.1.IN.i l.AMT >K> I N IIMI..H iii (II K ANRUM'AN l ul'.-IN l.-inl ai < Mr .?OTIItRN I.II ILtiMT. ?kj. I- Ml MMMIAT. 4.1I1. ami NMTi.Nk.l Mill, I.AM1 niUK TIMK-* OR II>?n II I.M nam, a.11 DCNDHK\RV MAKKIKII kktt MKTTI.KO, ratltMMAY, ittk. >Mti utl Hat, anil M ATIN I'. Mat. SonUi an he arciiri il i?>r iln? r?*M ill (Ik- m aa^.n. (TNION yl tl(R THRATRK 1 I'rulirli'Uir Mr. HIIKRIIMM MIIOOR MaitMur Mr A W IM.HKK Ri'gllia .11 H halalMay MtUurr at I M I tiriait> * may l? .irti'tf l l.?r II. MONOAT ?Mil w TUKrtIM Y A PiUH I Last r?u i'i.kkhkv&whcm of rwtv KtuHl, WITH ITS lil;KAT C V4T AND ITS MAItW. .Lot i* M'RXIir. WEDNESDAY l-VKMN,., V.n II. will ho produced ft iipw iiul ?>riu >iimI I'run.i m live > ?'?, ?? m Mi l IIOI r A IIKAKT. Bos plan iinw u|irn. CO ff~ATIIENKCN, ?IO?> Itroiulwav, opposite M.? tr '|>? 11? i t 1 llnt-l Mmmxir It W IM'TLKR AN ENTIRE NEW ANU ATTRACTIVE nil.I. AN ENDLESS I,INK OK I RKnII NOVKI.T1F.S. The versatile WDKKKI.Ii SlSTKRs. SOPHIE and 1KENB, will aj>.?< ?r in tlieir tauu u? actuation etiratauaua* VI. ROBBERS OK YE OLDEN flMK. The Iuiiioiih aud comic paiitoiniiiilsts. Till: till HAT ZANFKETTA Tttol PE, ciirht in numlH'r. in ttirir ur> .tl coinlc pautoinuue, IIK'KO, or, THK BRAZILIAN AI'K. Mom Air*. ill hi* unrivalled Production of Ike rolwhirvous iro.nke v Kirxt work <il the riiKngcmeut of tin celebrated Ethio pian comedian mill amlioi I A HI) RYJIAN, I A I'll KYM AN, I Aim RYMAN, I I ADD RYMAN. J ADD KV>i\N, | ADD RVM**, | wlui returns to iIn* m niies ui his lormer triumphs, ,?tler a most lluttcriiik' cuguKciueni In California fur tttc past two years. HEAR IIIS ORIGINAL LEirTCRE OV ASTRONOMY. The Beautiful HI M MELSBI RG SISTERS, MINNIE JAI'KMl.N, LOUISA A KNOTT, ll?A KOSH, HELENS SMITH, lite Slur-"I Burle?'iii<> ArtresM*. Lt'KE SCHOOLCRAFT, GEORGE AKINS, H'M W EST, GEORGE II. GOES. J. LA Nil, S. HOLDIIWORTH, and regular Company, will appear In the peat PROQRAMMK OK THE hKAKo.V EVERY EVKNINO. Honrs open at 7. Curtain rjse? at So'clock MATINEE EVER* WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY. CADEMY OK MUSIC. ITALIAN OPERA. MAX XARETZKK Director. flNE NIGHT ONLY. previous to the departure oi the urnsti for Europe, WEDNESDAY EVENING. May ? POSITIVELY LAST APPEARANCE OK THK THREE PRIMA HONNAH, PAULINE LUCCA, CLARA LOUISE KELLouii. kKNiiRA HAST., Together with Sigs. VIZZANl, YER ATI, H OKI A Ml. JANET, It'IN COM aud oilier*. Ambrolae Thomas' Opera of MIGNON. MIfiNON PAULINE I UCc A FKLINA CLARA LOUISE KKLLik.O AND OTHER ENTERTAIN Ml-: NTS. The sain of ticket* commences on 11' nduy , May 19, at the Academy, 114 and 701 Broadway. mONY PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE, 201 iotKKT. I FIRST | THK FLYING MAN, i THK APPEARANCE THE FLYING MAN, GREAT OK I THE KEYING MAS, II tKIHE. I'ROF. FRANCOIS, I he Prince ol Magic, Reappearance of CHARLEY \S 111 TE. The Universal Favorite. CH ARI.ET WHITE The Great Dutch Comedian, n. I MORRIS. More New Song* by BILLY I'AVFOR. A New Drama, THE HRt NKAltD'S W|FE. ST. GEORGE Hiid gibbons iii Songs ami Dance*. FRANCOIS TROUPE OK MARIONETTES. THE CHINESE SHOP MAKERS. ALL THE SIAKS IN A MONSTER I'lUlORAMME Matinees Tuesday and Saturday, ladle* adiuitled nee on Friday evenings. AT STEIN WAY HA LI,, WEDNESDAY EVENING, MAV 21, 1*71, Addre*so* on the Discovery. History, Chemistry and Application In Surgery ol An i stlietlcs by J. MAIlION IM-. M 11 . Professor frank ii Hamilton, m d , and PToletsor it O'fliKN iiokkmi s, M. ii.f chains ?itli an Anilrei>i> bv H?v. HENRY WARD BRKCHER. Mayor lluveni''*> r will Bfeside Admlasioli $1 Door* open at 7. To cotnmeBr* at 8 o'clock. HARTZ A LEVY'S MAUI' AL I'.AZA V R, 1.1.11 BROADWAY (under St. Jamof lloW MYSTERIOUS 4, <8> INFANTE | OUR NEW | __ WONOKRl'UL BAZAAR EOVPTIAN I NOW OPEN. | NEW ORIENTAL <"?> <f> T The above SCIENTI I'll' .NOVELTIES rombln?T I Instruction with amn^ iiK nt, and p inilnrio ? !? i ence. They alaonllord KNTERTAININi. M AT> I RIAL for short address** to the young, ? ith? i In I | the school room or tiim'lT circle. CONJURING TICKETS From i'c. Price H-t by mull or an appll- ition. HEO, THOMAS' ORCIIKSTR* PI AV IIIE "JAPAN * ese ' itTi<I "Red t'ioiid" i;.|lops. b> X. Ii i'i .i*. , t We. each. H'M. A. POND a Co.. Po!bH*ltcr?, A7 Hro*4. way; branch 3V Union square. rr HE ATE II coMiyUF.. 1 SEE TO MORROW'S HERALD fTHVOLI GARDEN, EIGHTH STItEEr, HLIWKIN I Second and third creniie-?Thin Sunday) evening, at H o'clock, Krand sacred ? oncert. Conductor AUG. RoECHELEN Admission 26cent*. PAUL m k Irs ODD SEE TO-MORROW HWIUI Theatre Comiiiite, il4 Broadway. Re enttiiK) meiitof the tireal John th> mpvnH. A? GIKARD COLLStlE OF MUsli*. BROAHWAY and Ninth ?treet.?Intiiructions in all I r un hes ..i music ai $ld per quarter; Hpe< ial ailentioii call) U to our Vocal Department. _ ??/ 1LASPRD TO HER BREAST HER BVIIV LAY; olt. V Wie-kof the Atlantic." new ?on?, Pratt, ?0c ; "Hriit Itig Into tho Harbor," Wetrnter, 3N -; Jowt Touch the Harp Gently," tiN'.: "What Mollie Said," vsi'llumn, to.-,; " Eileen Alanna. ' J. R. I h.,iiia?. 40c.; " Hrleht Hope." II. P. Dank*. 30e.; "Fu?lohen." and ?'Hign I.iit ' waltzes, St rants, ntk-. <airh. ditso.s .t ill Hrnwow.iv. flUIKAI'KK COM lOl^K, J M4 BROADWAY. 8EK TC MORROW S HERALD. _ rpilK STAGE.?PUPILS I'l I TED KOK I'HE STAliE HV I an exp olio CtlOtw T I an experienced aeiorj enuattementsprocuretf ?tt*r one ouurse of l> ^?ons; '0 cn^in ? ments already secured lor puptlH tor the '? DObSON, Ml Fourth T oinlnn season. Addreaa HEN itv t*. n venue. HEATRE TICKET OFFICE. 114 BROADWAY. RESERVED SEATS FOR ALL THEATRES. / 1LOWN SUITS, TIGHTS, TRUNKS, SHIRTS, HOSE, \ allitlzeaand colors, plaid and striped, in worsted anil aotton. Enclose -tump lor circular UNION ADAMS A CtJ^ ?$7 Broadway. AS LADY MACBKTH. QUEEN CATHARINE AND Juliet.? \ young lady, of very large dramatic taste* nnd nonie druniati< power, will read Willi ladies who would etilov Mtud\hig the aliorc cUacucturtf. Aildrvt* ilijs WELLli.UsUos Ttl sUUou p. AmwiKUKWTl. Rw1iisr?Tj?KA',M , " NKiiACMt: I * l.dWill .looth PriiprtBtef a?rt Ui?ingt.r Tin . uieiirutcd i ui;ii ii I'ragoiitontMi. MlKri NI.ll-.H iN. AMY KOIISAUT, hi HallMay'sRraiH Historical ami Romantic Dmnm. a* played by her at tJic Krury Lam- Theatre, l-oiidon, i-u 10U GOUriECUTlVB NIGHTS. Mr. KHAMI8 I1AMH as Lucontrr Mr NEIL WARN Kit ?? . . . Vurner Mr. ROBERT PATRMAN u? ramboeri. Ml?s HKLI.A PATNMAN .uk uueen Kli/.ab?U? Entire new Si-enery, Cos to mm, Armors, Appointment,.. Music, Mnchitnicul Effect* ami an innrea-aut auaiilarr lorce and Corps do Ballot or nearly J'WO liUNDKEU P tilt.SON*. BVBBY EVENING AND SA.TI.RDAY MATINKK at I M. NOTICE.?A* tin* play terminates at 10.(5, carriage* m.tjr lie ordered lor that hour. To tecum a choice of places tho management woulit reapectlully *m.'irost that .-oats bo secured as tar In ad lan e a* possible. Branch ticket ofllco at DiUion A Mo.'iv III l>roalway. -Til AVKNUR THEATRE, 7&i AND 73(1 BROADWAJ ( attain rises at *. Carriages mar "be ordered lor 14. Kti.o i.ik caiul MauaKoar Mr- ACUUSTIN UAl,Y MONDAY. MAY 19, IS73, BBNEKIT OK MK. W. DAVIDOB. SWTIl AM) I,AST TIME OF DIVORGB. T0EHDAY NIGHT, MAY W, wilt lie anted an OIHUINAL Pl.AY, in four ac(n, by Mr. Altll.-TIN DALY, partly founded on tlio RioarNOII ? work* ot Dr. s. II. MOSEN I'll AL, ol' Vtouua. anil cnutled, MADBLEIN ' MOREL. Tbo MCINKRY will tic A LI, NEW, by Mr. JAHKt lUH'.KItTS and I.V Mr. LOUIS DUPLOGQ. The MUSIO l.? Mr. 1IAKVKV DoliWoltTII. the Upholstery. II*mr III - ind Appolntim lit-l,y Sir. ROBERT CUTLER. tho v.-. i<art'<ni ii\ Mr riiuMAS Tlio Costunea by Mum). 1'lnrluUo. Til K ,7a*T includes the following liivorilti artist* of the riKTH AV l.NUK COMEDY COMPANY. Julian. Count Dulberir, a Country Gentleman of On-oidi'it lii rmun Manner ... .Mr. (ii-nrueClarh? Kn Uerii'Von Arniin, a M.xl. ru AlrlbiHitos, who l? kiviiu bis Last liiint "This side tho 14m" Mr Louis,lame* Unron Ott > Von Retuwald, olio of thu Happy ll<:iri?U Mr. Henry Criap itirdcl. another Mr. Edmund Piere*. l...-d DurU'v, an l.nislish Pleasure Hunter. wti.i-? purs,- puntia.r.s both i;laitncss ami wrx't Mr J. W. Lctneyo* Ttio \tibo Valmont, the ilrtltln Pastor of Mr. Charles I'iahor Kla-omu, a Oentleiuau kIvcii to dimmo, and w!io has but ouu wirron ho won't stick! Mr. .Tames Lewi* Htefcel Mr. K. Chapman The tii ?.lb- Mr. J. 11. Burnett c.>iinb's* of l>albi rir Miss Panny Muraat Itfittr, her Dan jhti-r Mis* Hurali .IcwoU Mar-'urrite. . Misa Niua Varl?? Mi nx*. Hie Anr- *? Miso Kauny Davoupork I'll l? ni tin* Varictii i Miss Itosa St. Clair IWMMBB Mlwitilara Morris *i ii iri'tta, ihi Willow ot Phillip and the Motherm Pri-ilrtka Mr*. O. II. Gilbert Ma 1am W il in' I ii 1111 i MiwiNvlllo Mortimer Martha Mlas ItolmrUi Norwood iNirothra. ) i Miss UritlUlM K ti.i ska ' Munjiii'iitii'a Hridestnalds... , Mia* Ciuwkly Caroline, ) ' Miss ritowart ?, rhi> arUntl ps??o? at the preaent diy. The aceno ot the ilrua i.t art iwil at'ls Is Vienua; tlial ol tho tinro and itnirih in and about the l>ailirr^ ilomniu. Alloc Mm- tUird act a U|mm ol olio year is to be auppoauiL AC I fllt^T. ii?,sr Parlors at Von Armiu a oily residence (now) A K.ii in lor Sii)iM'( A i umedy Miliilu a Coiuody a 1Mb llow It W** Played I ACT KKCOBD. 4i>v rho Roii.loii ol lYrvtMi'lie fnpholstered bt ' . (? ri I nil, r rh< Motpim After the lli>vel. Tho HaM that u Held out to the Miaerablel act riintn. 4i > nk ? Aparlniont in the Old I'aatlo of Dallieru (hp I)., !... ,)) Matieii'iii M'.rcl t uids a itetugeand PeriroucM la A Brtven t? the Abvas! At^T Kill!KTII. Urn a a I by RolH>rta).?TM Homlolr of Marifuerlt*. Pr?? parinit lor tbo Hr ?! 11 ?s., os i ii.jr Kvbi rial?The Cathedral at Lin* Tw? Oefo t A l( A TIM KB Of MADKLE1N MOKKLI EATt'BOAT, AT l){ O'CLOCK. ?.* KeaK may lie neonro I tor any of elosinf niithtaaf UM si*s"mi Hon shi-i't op,*n <laily Iruin H A. M. till H I*. M, HITI1 AVK.NI E TIIEATRK BENEFIT OK Mlt. W. DAVIDOE. MONDAY EVKVINO. MAY 10, when he will apin ar, tt>r tin'/Villi and lit<t time, ill i barartrr ol UK WoI.rT DBWITT, In OIVORiKI C^tlANI) l A IIOUhK, Jt Tvi ntv thu I sir fi. o*rnar of Kinhth nvenne. Hi-win- , ti< a CarriaitL's may be ordrreU tor IL itote Uow ami Manager. Mr ACUUHTIN DALY LABT TWP.LVB BIUIITB ~of~ MR. CIIARl.tM PKCUTEB aa MONTK. fOtrsTO. I.AST T*T.L\ K KIOIITS til tin'pre?*nt tirlHUnt . uiratfeiurnt aU4 of tlM M cent DrauiaUc Siw*rta< !<?. gATI ItMkT. *AT ti, LAST MkllSKK III T OKK Or MR. FKCHTbR AMI MuNTU tHIhTO. Supported br Mr t'HA lll.l-1* WIIF ATLKIOH. Mr. I. B rfrt'lH.KV, ? IIA HI >KM l,M'I.KK< y, || KuCR. WKlil., H S I \k .1 K N M S'tIS, ilKOROB IIKVI KK, ImiK^KV IKibKN Mi.< l.l/./.IK I'KXK, ItiM iHAPMAN, Miaa llfe.VRV ami oUhK *,? ><ata mm now he w. ureil luf any of tha IlUT S!'!IIT- Bi'X uflW Kji-n irrnn H till S. siwi ul nfflee la n itihuir 01 urtii A* hi in-1 lieai re, 7V anl 7:m Hr mil way. MltS. K. B. OONWAV'S BROOKLYN tiilaikk. MOSII/kY . MAV l?. AMI l.t H.RV K* KM *U, MAN AMI WIKI Mr I rank Rorhe Mr? F B C in war / U.NTRAL I'ARK UARIiK.X IHKO THUMAK. I .1 KiM'll 1 m .... I'rojirirkira niMi iikim\> f Ml I \ \l.l III i HllhK Mi.llTX' tOM'RRIML I?? I - i iiMilat KV KM Ml, Mar ?IL i| \ KIRtfl oiaMI si miiat niM'UKT, alien a rrr.i attrauv and Imlllant programme will ba |? rlnrill'il. Ml Inn, b ? , H?'ka?e? '"training IS th keta, M. Citnir i.i.Uim i| at the iiriii inal iuu r atnrea. at RM Hri a ?? iv anil i>g|ril l'?rk oarden I'l.lun HhU.-i two i?'?i.i. ars eutha BR\A\T?. Oll.ltA Mill Nl IWRKTV TIIIHII ?T |*.|mrrn Sixth itn l s- iraMl a?<-nua? n#ar il<i?iti'? III. .iiii l vi rv i veiling at ? Paiurlar Matmee alt. Hltll.l.lAM Hi t i ??- i It iWlll II Hot MKR HK\ *M> M I V - I it I.* I li>iirriivi> de Hrtaiil lllll AS' f * Ml N -Tl'l.l S ' Mv IMi| ,1a.I Bi:V ?NT - Ml ^THi l,? i an Vimi ?tan t > in Ilra4t BRVANT'M MllkiilK . K I Moving 1*1 id Mar IIKVAM rf Mt\rTRKl.- | ?a<i .. i .imiralttiea BI:V ANT'S Mi\'-iRi:l.> ( mWr it>-iiaaliahl. It It* AWH Ml \wTllk I. K\Mll.k M A I ? N I rv* Itr ?IT> Rlltv ATI BRV ANT ? nl'l It ? l|nl -I. I V r?' ? M ITISMU UN till NMlAV a IKItMMK K IV il i?:t, HKM ? IT MR. .lolls sIMI'iMiM. rPKASI'RKR. Skk i lli.aihk i-'imiu; i ?i?? i,mi?i.?i ?r IS If MoRKotA HI R\I.U JOHN TI|Ok||-?oS, IJ I'HAIItiTKkA I" l?l*HI. NHrorirV MR UMIRVtLU ? HA !^ .h \hii? fii Ih I ' v. Ilia! ? I r*I I-. '? 14 Jf> " W i'mI liar* tar ?aw Mai*. |i?4f m t* *? ?'??>>?/ ki-H?i<a "NmMalr, ?i?tnrai f%'k ai.4 ?r*rrai?a|f WItll'lUI hi- M? ' H, I 1 ?HR ? h> ll*. lint" -1 in* an?. I*?> to ?ar? all ia?.i???fi at ii-alrwa, i>? riorrvi<-r? a'nl >' |u.l?'i? .'m tall*, that h* rturffa w ll i ? 11 ik \ K k> II ?l \ i. ? ??. ia<? ?'avu alw# iiaini'4 aaa ?> i ill ?rui i,Tnn h * Hiii ?> ? ? t * v| i 11 . v - M \?n |! K> f.RV M'UI' k.l ??T Kill ttir. I, N^l-.w YORK Ml -Kl M ?' ?i. It i.i i i|> I l ' ' ? " :l II" i-u 'I . M,. . , ? . , .f i obi- ?iioald viait Hi# *i?,i?nai ?u a n ,t ,.m ? r w Ihiti. .???niili* >ni>?tM m r an.l iiiflrra'imt Imi .r>? liilf i ti "Tn" I ti>l ?<i|ifi> h Marrtaa' ' f ? iv |>aru<*< <>4114 t? attfilil tin i n|M>rtani In- ?'??? ?>? w?a m ? t.? waril -il,(i<i?' lr?r, nil t*. .- i.t ?-.? .1- t?* ?l InMaii* HEl RKTkKV Si* t OKK Mi ~Kt M <?? o?f ?MV*lI Broailwar, New Turk I) anio, fi li IT %R kMi ki 1 ?? ? k IKTT X) llaii' 1 iik '>r lli<> ?!???' aa.h n a ??'>* - laartar HVSRY 1' IHiBMi*. Ill riunli t?i-i?r (\ixti riKmran^ 1? TIII'ATKK ? tlMlV' K *l? HI I kUMIA*. Sfi aiUiTtuw ui nl in t. ?: ? r..w ? ll'-rat I fTSIfiM i KAiit'K nik krRi rtai.i k< \ vium' L' lor th? 1. 11. >'ol t?i- * - M? 1 ? I Bivi raa i?t k?, rui>-l ty I vro 112. Mav l?. at ? o'< !??k Tm k?M may tir |irn< urr.t ai ? m??t? <???rt, HJ Ri.?.lwar. ami aluo at the <ti>?r TRIATRK t'tiMII^CK, >11 jj|liAlH>*f. 1 Jiihn P I'l'iili' ?ii?l T I IVinni-Dr Mtn^ara Sc Ailvcrll-i m. tit III Vnmla.V. H ra..| BWlii -<?>?. AMI UARl 1 . AjfO IW DatKiii. k'' ? I'upiN tt'H ' ior ih teiulonal Ban in# air Manntil, rtiabliiitf ttini-i 11' nikbi, cuiitalnmc not by notn. k.l.lrf. atreot, ti- ar Bowery. J~ ohn THOMSON KuR ONK WRRR vlf? hixtrrn nrNHKRO imhaaiw fkr wttv. {k? AJygrujwmvuiiu lg u^trow ? U?r?Ua aTl t>rwv?a > h -Ju?t i?hm-4, Ra*i? iK tb?- moat iinm ii?i< a I 14 ("/ nitalninf .14 inuiular air* THIa jora m ilrr? JolIN J. AtHl.k.l. KW RaM Rooataa

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