Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 18, 1873, Page 12

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 18, 1873 Page 12
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THE POLICE JUSTICES amn ?j the GoTfrnor Yesterday of the Police Justices Bill, ?f the Vew> at the City Hall?What EKvemeyer is Going to Do About It? Mb Inter view with Dorm an B. Eaton? r What He Beeka in the Hew Law?, Who the Police Justices Are Who^ V Art Seeking for> * f meat?The Question of y the Constitutionality../,/ i ^ tlOVISIONS OP THEv 1JEW LAW. t*? signing by tt? Govcrnor'yesterday afternoon W the act "to Hooore better administration in tbe talk* Courts of the city of New York," canned no (excitement among tiie politicians, and espo tbc lobbyists of tbe City Hall. In tbe Djr, 'in tbe reception room of the Mayor's the tote of this bill had been tbe general Mc of conversation, and the burden of the talk Wan that tbe Governor would not sign tbe bill, inasmuch as bo would have doubts as to its con stitutionality. About two o'clock in the afternoon all thesi> spectators on the action ol the Governor ?ere ostoun ted by the news that the bill was Mimed. Next to the signing of the charter this was the sensation of the era of raunlclDal changes, and instantly men turned to consider, not what the Hovernor would do with the bill, bnt who Mayor ?avemoyerwas likely to appoint under Its powers oow it was law. Thi1* bill has undergone so many changes since its Introduction to the Legislature that It may be uaetal to give a short summary of IM provisions:? J3r*;7ThJ> election of Police Justices m the city pi New York Is abolished, and they are now to be appointed by nomination by tlie Mayor and by con ?rmaUon by the Board of Aldermen. Mwwtrt.?The only disqualification to the appoint ment is that the nominee should not be over sixty jgft"of.a"e- The clause in the original bill, pro vlniM^r that the Justice shall have been a member 01 the Bar lor five years preceding bis appoint ment. was stricken out. .-J*'*"4''?The ler,n of office for the Justices is Tor the first two ten years, the next two nine years, me next two eight years, the next two seven years, and the last two six years. T,UJ ol the Justices shall be $?,000 a year. jW/l/i.?Five police clerks are to be appointed, woo are appointed for lour years, at a salary of SMMW a year, by the Board of Justices. WUAT TIIK MAYOR SAID. Soon after the receipt of a telegram stating that Ihe Governor had signed the bill, a reporter or tlio ?skald called upon the Mayor. lie found him in Ma private room, listening somewhat inditferently So a gentleman who was expounding opinions that were opposed to the annexation of the Westches ter towns. If there is a man in the oity who is ??'y to be talked to death it is Mayor ?avemeyer, but he bore the talk of tho vauntrynian bravely and well. When re teased Irom his Winchester friend, he looked tround his room only to sec a small crowd of anx mns inquirers. Without waiting to hear their ap Mioatlons he turned to the Hkhald reporter with a look of inquiry and a shrewd smile. "Mr. Mayor," said the reporter, "I have called to Mk you about tne Police Justices bill. I suppose fou know it is signed ?" '?No, I do not," answered the Mayor, "bnt I am ?ot surprised to hear it is." "This will be another large slice of patronage for fon, Mr. Mayor, In addition to that which vou al ready have." J The Mayor shrugged hi# shoulders and sighed "I have had quite enough of that; J don't want uiy more." "I suppose you will not proceed to consider the Ma?or""?nS 01 111630 JuBtllt'8 immediately, Mr. L 8haU ,ake my time, I assure you, kbout that. Fortunately the bill does not restrict ?e as to time, and I shall certainly take advantage M that liberty. I mean to be very careful in these MHjolntments, and to select the right men if l can. Wd for that reason the present incumbents of the Skeyexpec't may tlave a lon8er official life than ""??You have already received applications for the TObce Justices appointments?" "Received them! I should think so. They arc toming all the time. There are two lying there, Mst come In," pointing to two large" well filled Envelopes on tils desk. After a short conversation on the general ap pointments, the reporter left, to make way lor gen tlemen who are seeking to have their political Claims recognized In u substantial manner. WHAT DOKMAK B. EATON SAID. *CTC*tor and n-atner of this Police Justices Mil, Mr. Dorman B. Katon. was lound at hfs house ast evening by it reporter of the IIekald, aud, titer looking over an amended copy together the following general conversation took place :? "Mr. Eaton, may 1 ask you," said the reporter. "If yon are satisfied with this oill as It now stands ; * has undergone some considerable changos since B8 first Introduction, has it not?" "The most important change Is the mode of ap pointment. Iam a republican; but I don't belong (o any republican rings, and am not te be found when any dirty work is to be done. 1 was very au Jlous to take this appointing power out of the in fluence of politics, and therefore in drafting the hill I gave the appointing power to the Judges. I 6?Pied i1119 Jro,n 'he English, mode. I con sider that England, In her criminal ad Ministration, is not surpassed by any pther country in the world. There the higher courts appoint to the lower, and It seemed to me an admirable arrangement, and one that has worked well. This, however, could not be followed with us, and in the concessions made this principle kad to be sacrificed." * v "Have you any knowledge. Mr. Eaton, as to the gentlemen likely to tie nominated t?y the Mayor?" . "None whatever. Ever since 1 have moved in BUB matter 1 have Iteen daily in the receipt of ap plications for the office of Police Justice, either writ ten or verbal. My uniform answer lias been, and is now, and will be, that 1 have no desire to be a Police lustice myself, I have no relative in the city, aud 1 do not wish my uame to be used as a sponsor for any candidate. I have sought lor this law be cause I firmly believe that ihc adminUtratlon of |ustice In our Police Courts is, upon tin-whole a ?caudal and a disgrace to the cltv, and that'a change was absolutely needed if we desired to have our laws respected." "As to the class of men who should be nouii Slated, Mr. Eaton, have vou anv prulerenoe?" "I am free to sav that I hope the Mayor will not sominate any other but lawyers. I tlnnk there are good men in other professions than the legal; but 1 no think the city is too large to allow men to be placed on a bench of Justice, who have ?h- power of convicting and lining persons, iind that these Justices should enter upon their duties without any knowledge of law. and that thev should lane eighteen months or iwo years to acquire the need mi legal experience, and in so .loins n?-k the ui. (hem " rePutatl0n those brought belore "Is there any probabintv of any of the present lustlces being reappointed, do >ou think/" "I cannot say. I Hunk, with wio or two . lions, it would be only perpetuating b, ?<anda o reappoint any of them. Hut, as mr a? I am "on" cernod. I am very utixious to i,e free iron, nnvthim *"at *1"* ,d0 W|tfl Person- in reieret... to il..M law. All that I am anxious for is tin- e.irrtinu hm of the principle that the bill seek-. ?hi.i, i- mm,,., for the people, honestlv administered," "I presume you will, however, have semethins lo say as to the nominations?" "It is usual for the author of the hill to be r,,n suited when its provisions are carried ?>ut, ttn<i if the Mayor should favor tne by submitting tin nomi nations to me before giving them to the Aldcnm n. I shall certainly endeavor to ?sc my influ, nc.. m the direction I have indicated, All that I wmit to insure Is that good men shall be in these courts ; i am perfectly indifferent to political con secrations in this regard. I have given tbe suit L.f.i ?l,J"'"'o'lfh attention, and I am convinced. proois of it In my possession. ol how trreatly a reform is needed." K*tonlMtn',?!!r:,'lT i|6k v"" ro,,r ?P|n,"n *r. nienti! v<> . \ lotiality ol the appolut oi"',,on h: *'?tb urely fiee from dinieuities. but i am ouif. ^ , . i that the appointment ? vm t'Vm have heard that two or three of the pre*, nt JtiJ deoBwlli raise the question of loirfitutioi iifiti I think If they are wise .hey win not do t *b , Is nothing to be gained by i an.1 Mr Kernar i.ll very ably pnt that side of the < u e ior t'lein " At this moment a telegram arnven irom \Vasi. ingion advising Mr. Eaton ol tie meei n,ir f,r \i,. Advisory Board of the Civil Service minis.,,,, ? Wednesday next at Washington, to winch the r" porter's attention was drawn, and. alter u t, w WorUsof congratulation to Mi. Eaton on the die. cess of hl? municipal reform labors arid rexpV, . si on of a hope that similar succews woud attemi Iilm in the tivil .Service Commission, the rep^i i. r Withdrew. K WttAT TtlF 1'OI.trE .TCRTICKS SAT. Several of the Police Justices were seen dnrlnt,' 109J>J!*rPt!.oa' an'1' 0,1 receiving the Information that the uiJl was Bipned, tliey Hi^riifled their cJIm position to accept the Inevitable. Judge Iiowllng ?a.\s that he leavec to wiser heads than his and to inore learned lawyers the question ol ronstiiu tionallty. He is a candidate for reappointment and is of an opinion that Ins chances are good Justices j>edwith and Hogan sre hNo looking for reappointment. Among the new candidates many fovo afutiw arc mentioned NEW YORK LEGISLATOR laanranec Law ^ *.et? Elevated R?tlro?d?B? jJ| H|gncd by the oovcraor. Ai.iu.i?. May 17, 1873. *'? vMaxt report*^, ft,e jBrurance Law Amendatory act. 'jitroducfM'yut nigbt A. J.WOoik Introduced a bill establishing lee* of tba 4tr(rtnUt'AnM of the Senate and Assembly. The Senate, In Committee of the Whole, deposed of Uic Allowing fcllls, a* stated To consolidate the governments of the city and canntj of New York. Mr. Woodin moved at a substitute the bill passed by tbe last Legislature, bat whica, by nomt iniKtake, never became a law. He explained that it wan not at all differ eut Iroui the liill now before the committee: that It was simply a clean copy containing all the amendments made. Carried, and the bill was ordered to a third read mit. The bill ordering the Gilbert Elevated Railroad Com pany to change its route was once morn brought up Mr. Lkwis read a letter from Mr. Uilhert in opposition to tbis and all other amendments to the charier of tbe company. Mr. Lewis said that as soon as it in known that this change is to be made tbe company will be un able to secure the capital necessary to build the road, and this would be fatal to the enterprise. Mr. J. Wood stated that he wan Informed that the prop erty owners on Sixth avenue were opposed to the road running through that avenue. Me therefore moved to apoly the provisions of the general railroad art. so that these people could apply to the Supreme Court for com missioners to decide on the route. He said he Huppus* d this amendment would meet with opposition, inasmuch as the Legislature had Axed the route; still lie was actu ated to otter it on behalf of the property owners on the Sixth avenue. Mr. Dickinson opposed the amendment on the ground that tbe franchise had been granted and the route lo cated. To adopt the amendment would he nisastroiiM. The motion to amend was negatived and the bill or dered to a third reading. Adjourned till Monday evening. BILLS SlUlfKIl BY TIIK fiOVK?t!?fm. Tho Qovernor to-day signed the bill to secure better ad ministration in the uolire courts In the city of New York. He has also signed tlie bill for the locutiuu of a new e.llv prison in New York. A KUHORKP VKTO It is understood that tbe Uuvernor will veto tho Trftcitl Prohibition bill. A aUZSriON OF LABOR. The Strikes of the Crispins, Bollermak era and llorseshoera?More Trouble In Proapect. The movers In the-(treat labor reform threaten to continue the struggle for the remainder of the Reason. The end seems no nearer, now that the ma jority of the trades which have struck are masters of the situation. The Huccess of the few only em boldens the less fortunate. The trades unions are still earnestly at work, and they claim that the ultimate result Is not doubtful. The strike of the Crispins will end on Monday. The General Com mittee are well satisfied with their work. They assert that they have created thirteen, instead of only one first class shop, and that tncy have suc ceeded In raising nearly all the third class work men to Becond class wages. This, they main tain, is1 equally fair for the emplovers and the men. The employers who paid the best wages were in danger constantly of being undersold Dv the establishments which paid inferior prices. With the exception of two second class and five third class shops the terms of the men have been ac cepted. The following are the names of the Arms who refuse to be reconciled, and who are unable to procure a single society nian to work for them:? Porter A Bliss, iSloath A Bruce, and Slater, of Broad way; Alton A Tumey, of Fourth avenue; Henham, of Wall street; Wenig, ol Great Jones street, and Wehltretter, of Astor place. The last named estab lishment has locked Its doors, and refuses to em ploy any union men. These houses will not be able to secure the services of a single first class workman on anv conditions until the rates of the Order of Crispins are accepted. The Committee of the Crispins state that there is not a man out of work belonging to their order, and that they could furnish a great many with places at the advanced rates. They state that the work men employed npon ladies' shoes will in a lew days present a new schedule ol prices very nnuii similar to that which they have jnst carried through, and that they will strike before the middle of next week. Their success is considered certain. TTTK BOTLKR MAKERS struck during last week ror nine hours per dny and seven hours on Saturdays and their demands*were universally acceded to by the employers. Harri son's, on West street, seemed to be the centre of the movement, and the forty ineu employed In these works were the first to receive their terms. All are at work again as usnal. THE nOHSRSUOBnS are still pressing their terms, ami although there were no new developments yesterday, there seems to be every reasonable ground lor believing the movement will succeed. THE EIGHT HOURS MOVEMENT. Vanderbllt's 'Workmen Seeking to Make Him Observe a Lnw. The Trades Union delegation, composed of the representatives of some seventeen trades unions, appointed to compel Vanderbllt to comply with tho Klght-flour law in his work on the Fourth Ave nue Railroad extension, held another meeting at the Germanla Assembly Booms last night. James Beston, of the stone masons, oc cupied the chair, and the sub-commit tee appointed to consult leading lawyers on the subject submitted a report, which was adopted. The report was to the effect that Colonel Spencer had advised them to send lirieen or twenty men to obtain employment. 011 the Fourth Avenue Hailroad extension, and to let them work eight hours and to refuse to work more. Then, in the event of a refusal 011 the part of the company to contlnae them in employiueut, they should sue for full wages, to test the validity of the' Eight Hour act. It was resolved that the delegates shall report this matter to their respective organizations, with a view to receiving Instructions on the subject. THE FIGHT FOB RAPID TRANSIT. Mass Meeting of Worklngmen at Cooper Institute?Addresses by tie orgc lllalr. Simeon K. Church and Others. A worklngmen's mass meeting, for the purpose of discussing subjects or imfiortance to the work ing classes, was held in the great hall of Cooper institute last night. Mr. George Blair presided. I Mr. Osborne Ward delivered an Interesting ad | dress. He said it was very extraordinary that all I efforts at co-operation, co-operative stores, Ac., j should have failed. Co-operation was really 111 full ' conformity with the spirit of the constitution and j the Institutions of the United States. In this I country it was only the idea of equality, j carried out on a practical and economical ! basis. After all, American co-operation must de i velop upon a large and not a petty basis. The | idea of compulsory fraternization was diametric ally opposed ? to the spirit of American liberty They must come out for a general, a universal oo I operation of the people in business and pleasure. Speaking of the tel graph system he said the peo ple demanded that the telegraph lines should be I run by and at the co?t of the people. Rapid transit was n iso a lorm ol co-operation. The government owning 't:e railroad" ami the people owning the government, the < out of u nde could be ascertained t?> a cent. JOINT -TOCt MUNorot.V WAS KINOCKAFT ! upon a small -" ale. The system of Iree distribution hi I'rotou water might also be applied to the suppiy i hi gas. Whoa to# municipality owned all those monopolies thi- pi o|i|>- would have It all In their u* 11 hands. Thf people of this city would save , fl.i'i ,000 it they took the supply ot gas into their hinds Why rad they not co-operative markets that were owned in the Interests of the people* Cheap lion-? 1 heap gun, cheap, rapid transit could * not i?e obtained without labor ami energy. They demanded ttie prople In- supplied with fomt, clothing and furl irmn the government, and, as tar as iio>-!Mc, with Ulior. (Applause.) Mi. huo??on K. Cbureh smhI lie eame there with but J one Idea, the Idea of rapid transit for the people. Just on their northern frontier 1 hey adno less than five railroad*, and not 1 ue ot tin in able 10 get one 1 car within the euy of New York. New York had | built a < hlne?e wail round it- limits, and allowed no railroad but om-to en" r. Utere was one cor poration that held the Legislature at its throat, 1 that held the people at their throat a, that had Mocked up the le.iomg avenue of this city, and this corporation defied the people of this :?'ate. Th y had a Legislature now that spent half r - time In veatina'iuj the corruption of the last legislature, and next )ear they would have a Legislature thai would spend half its time iKVUTiuitiwt nit coaannojt ok mis mijis LA'I >1:1. iljiuntiter. "Ilenr. hear.") Was It not strange that the people could not get the Legislature to pa ? the Mil proposing that the cliv of New fork should build a rapid transit road Itseli ? If they j had trusted private companies Willi the deliver* of their letters it would cost tfeom twentv-Bve cent* | to have a letter delivered Instead ol three. It had promoted the general welfare by giving tfie people a evstnm 01 mail delivery, a sup ply oi rroton water and u coinnioo Play ground like the central I'ark. A mem ber of the l.egi>iature had told linn that If Ulcy would si nd up to Altianv half the umne) w Inch the rai road corporations had ?ent up to oppose It they could i'"'. the bill pa- < d. lor the syiupailib** of the Legislature *ef with itieni. but the luoucy was against tin rn (l.tu/hter and ujii'iniii',) Mr. Oeorge liiatr and i.iher gi pilernen then de livered addn sues. lu ?o'.utlons ihi 11 aib pted MtosnrlngSenaiortWeianianri, 1 n?-<ii? tando'ltrleii for voting against the peopie'ii lapid Irausit bill, and iwkiug t.overnor In* to igo the ' ill mr tho annex,Clou of lower Wetiviiv?ur ovuair. ILo lucvlitig Uieti a ijvuiuvO. SHIPPING' NEWS Almanac for New VorkwTuti Day. 8ITN AND MOON. I HIOH WATER. Son rises 4 411 Gov. Island eve 1 24 hun sets 7 lil > Sandy Hook... .eve 12 38 Mouu rises., .mora 11 Sfo Hell Gate eve 3 09 OCEAN STEAMERS. TiATF.P OF DEPARTtrRE FROM NEW YORK FOR TI1E MONTH OF MAY. Stramrrn. Wyoming ?America Ciivol Washing'n llolsatia Kurona Ailrtatic Spain Donau lain fir* Natb. I r>e*linatiun, | Offlet. May 21.. 1 Liverpool.. 129 Broadway May 21.. I Bremen |2 Bowline Green May 22..|I<iveroool..|l& Broadway. May 22..lHambur,;.. fil Broadway. May 24.. I Glasgow.. ..17 BowlineGreen May 24.. May 24.. Mav 24.. May 28. Liverpool.. .Liverpool.. Bremen... . Liverpool. 19 Broadway. ti9 Broadway. 2 Bowline Green 2*J Broadway Silesia.... I May 29.. i Hamburg.. 161 Broad way. PORT OF NEW YORK, MAY 17, 1873. CLEARED. Steamship Wescr (Gcr). Willigerod. Bremen via South ampton?Oelrlchs A Co. Steamship Vandalia (Gcr), Franren, Hamburg?Knn harilt A Co. Steamship Frlthjof (Nor), Brnnn, Hamburg? Fnnch, Kdve A Ca Steamship Castor (Dutch), De Boer, Rotterdam?Funch, Ed vp A < 'o. Steamship Vickslmrg, Randolph, Port au Prince, Ac New York Hnd Want India Steamship Co Steamship City of Austin, Eldridgc, Gahreston via Key Wo?l?r H Mai lory A Co. Steamship Emily B Sonder, Burdick, New Orleans?Fred Baker. Siramsliip Geo Cromwell, Clapp, New Orleans?Clark A Seaman. Steamship San Jacinto, Hazard, Savannah?W R Oarri ?00. Steamship Montgomery, Faircloth, Savannah?It Low den. Steamship Champion, Lockwood, Charleston?H R Mor gan A Co. Steamship John Gibson, Winters, Georgetown, DC?a B Merrtrk A Co. Steamship Kegnlator, Freeman, Philadelphia?Lorillard Steamship Co. Steamship Nerei??. Beanie. Ronton?II F Dimock Ship Carl 'tier), (men, Bremen?H Koop A Co. Bark levant (Br), Jones, Yarmouth. E?Carver k Barnes. Bark Ouislppe dtal), Ramello, Cork and Falmouth for order?? A P Agresta Hark Nietaux iBr), Davit, Koiiigshur" ?C W Berleauz. Bark Norton Stover, Sherman, Havana?Miller A Houghton Brig Talisman (Nor), Hansen, Gothenbnrg?C Tobias A Co. Brig Carrie Bertha, Masters, Montevideo for orders Brett, son A Co Hrtg A K Patterson (fri. Anderson, I.agtiAyra and Porto Cabello?Hallett. Bliss A Co. lirie I' M Mcrritt. Ilarriinan, Sagua la Grande?Jax E Ward A Co. Brii< M h Thompson, Hooper, Fernandlna?8 C Loud A Co. Schr O M Marrett. Reed, Pars?B J Wcnboiw. Sclir Laura A Dodd, MaUda, Governor's Harbor? B J WellhcrB. Hchr Mat tie E Smith, Brown, Cot Island?B J Wen be re. Sclir Julia A Decker, Freeman, narbor Island?B J Weuberg. Schr I.l/zio Tlioni|>s<in (Br). Thompson, Sydney, CB?0 W Bertram SrMr Marine Vueen (Br), Foster, St John, NB?Brett, Son A Co. Sclir Sc.a Bird, llnean, Jacksonville?S!a??ht A Petty. Sclir A S t'ii.skiII, Guskill, St Auguslinu. Flu?Warren 11* v. Sclir B I Hazard, Brewster. Georgetown, 80?Bentley, Glldcrsleeve A Co. Sclir Mary J Flslier, Lawrence, Richmond, Va?hlaght A Petty. Hehr Madagascar. Hair, Paltlmore?W Chalmers. Schr Hudson. Post, Baltimore?t'andee A I'rcssey. Sclir Niger, Thompson. Boston? H W Jackson A Ca Bchr Jeddle, Turner, Boston- Jed Frve A Co. Bchr E 11 Morton, AI wood, Provlncetown?11 C Fisher. Schr Mira K Cuff, Gunner, Mew Haven?II W Jackson A Co. Schr Jennie Loyd, Hubbard, New Haven?Racket! A Bro. Schr Julia Ann, Howell, Vncasville?H W Jackson A Co. 8c.hrO C Ai-ken, Meade, Stamford?Stamford Manufac turing Co. . Steamer Beverly, Pierce. Philadelphia. arrivals. REPORTED BY TOE IIKKAI.D RTRAU YACTITS AND 11 KHALI) WIUTESTONK TKLKOKAHH LINE. Steamship Calabria (Br). MeMirkan, Liverpool Muv 6 and Uuccnstown 7th, with mlw and 961 passengers to CO Francklvn. May 16. 304 miles east of handy Hook, passed ii three-masted sehr-rigged steamer, Muck tunnel with white cross, limirid cant; -nTtte day, 2,J5 miles of Handy Hook, a Cardiff steamer, hound east. _ Steamship Honan (Oer). Nevnaber. Bremen May .1 via Southampton tlth, with mdse and HCft passengers to Oelrlchs A Co. 11 nil heavy westerly winds the entire passage. May 10, Int 49 Oft N, Ion 28 21 VV, spoke a Norwegian brig show ing signal letter* II C M J, bound west; 16th. lat 41 2.) N, Ion 64 40 W. a flulon steamer, hound east; same dav. hit 41 17 N, Ion 68 04 W, steamship New York (Oer), heriee for Bremen. Steamship Mississippi, Croweii, New Orleans May II, with mdse and pa.sM-tigers to F linker. l.'iUi, off Sam Pro, ?poke srhr West Hide, hence for I'eiisacola. steamship New Orleans. linger, New Orleans Mav III and the har lltli. with nidse and pas?engers to Clark A Seaman. 16th, 12 I'M, lut 37 13, Ion 74 4ft, passed steain shlp Oily of Meridn, henee for llnxana.l :tn I'M, steam ship Oen Humes, hence for Savannah. Steamship Virgo, llulkiey, Savannah Mav IS, witn nidse awl passengers tif Murray. Ferris A ?'o. 14th, hi miles S\V of frying Pan Shoals, passed achr Ilenry l( Seavev. from New York l<ir Jacksonville. Ship Omha (of London', Thomson, Hhanghae Jan M and Aujicr Feb 7, w ith teas to order. March 29. lat 19 17 S, Ion 2 ,W W, spoke ship Adam Sedgwick, from Singapore for Liverpool, Hft dnvs out; April 2, lat 13 17 S, Ion 1 23 W bark Warren Hastings. from Mauritius for London. 35 days out; April 11, lat 2 17 S. Ion 22 17 W, schr Prompt, from Lago? lor Falmouth, E, short of provisions, ami supplied her: Iftth, lat IK'S N, Ion 21 20 W. ship Tiverton, troni Bombay lor Liverpool, 90 days out. Bark Virgo (N?r), Michelsen, Liverpool 36 days, with salt lo order; vessel to Flinch. Edye A Co. Hark Chrlstel (Ocr), Bockelmann, Bremen 88 day*, with mdse and 458 passengers to II Koop A Co. HHrk John E Chase, Davis, llamhtirit April 1, with empty barrels to Jay Cooke A Co; vessel to Chase, Talbot* Co. Had some heavy weather, in which split some snils; May 1. lat 39 48, Ion M S9, passed what was supposed a portion of the stern of a ship, having the appearance of being partially burned, and a very dangerous obstacle; same time, saw large quantities of drill wood and part id a clinker built boat, bright painted: Mav 13. lat 38 ft*. Ion 68IS saw part ol another wreck, apparently the between-deek of u ship, painted white inside; May 16, off Fire Island, passed hark Kate Crosby, hcriee tor Hamburg Bark Atlantic (of New Haven), Nickcrson, Nenvltas IS days, with sugar, molasses and fi passengers to II Trow bridge's Sons. May ft, James Field, a Consul's man, aged 4ft years, died and was buried at sea. schr Lena (ot Hrixham), I'phatn, Messina 63 dav*, with fruit to order; vessel to O F Bullev. May 9. lat 34 1, Ion 61 33, spoke schr Jessie Mitchell hence, bound S. Abhv K Benlley, Mehaffev, Jacksonville fldavi with yellow pine to Drew A Buckle* veseel to Bentiey, Oildersleeve A Co. Schr Charles Morford, Parsons, Charleston. SO Odays, r'UU'S1' rr New llaven Steam Sawmill Co; vessel to T fi Ben'on A Son. Schr CM Partridge, Bunker, Charleston, SC. 8 days, with railroad ties to the Hudson River Railroad Co ves sel to J V Haviland. Sthr Mary Mankin, Tyler, Charleston, to Squire*, Thornton A Co. n Paused Through llell Gale, BOPNP SO IT II. Brig Peter Roberts (Br), Hunter, Windsor. NS, for New York, with plaster to Crandall, Berteaux .* c< Schr F C Dodge, Phillips, Halifax, NS, for New York, 8 days with material irom the wreck ot Hie steamship At lantic. Schr Prairie Bird (Br). Cantrell, Windsor. NS. for New York, 9dnvs, with plaster to Crandall. Beneaux 4 Co. Schr > lantie, Dunn, Oeorgcs Hanks for New York, with tlsli to ordyr. Schr 0 r Lawrence. Georges Batiks for New York, with null to order. schr Rachel Jane. Smith, Newport for NewYork. Schr Surprise, seaman, Providence lor Now Y.irk Schr S O Thompson, Fisher, New Haven (or New York. Sclir Hlast, Parker. Hartlord for Trenton dtS.;|.raM"ryE Simmon., Hardy, New Haven for Phlla v' lT p;?:u' ";!K,;,S' ''"rk''r. Newport for New York. Scl" II DJ Itts .Williamson, Providence I r New York. York Ur Ho?l>er, Bradbury, Norwich lor New Schr Maria L Hall. Hall, Portland for Trov. York Kobinufjn, Kohin*on, Newport for New Schr Veranda .Pond. Providence for New York. stone toorder Hy' 1{,"^I>?rt lor New York, with Schr Emtna A Ellen Mott. Hartford lor NewYork. Schr .V Berry, Orant, Portland for New V0rk, with 1 her to Simpson A Mapp. Schr Sterling, Brown Providence for New York. henr I asrilon, Hlntterlv, rrovid? ?????? for New York Schr Palladium, Rvder. New Bedford lor New York. r;>11T ,Wnrjen. Providence lor New York. Old /ack, Beebc. New London tor New York. York m<9 Bentiey, Baker, Providence for New W i'SlMS? ??'" <-' ">"?? Schr S Apnlcgate Reelc, New London for New York, S< lir rtrel, Mauley. Providence for New York Schr Klmirtv, Kldd, Ilartlord tor New York schr Tunis Oep. w taker Hvannis lor New York. Hehr Oeorgiunua, Oline, Brantford lor New York Schr l-4' ider. Curler, Providenee tcr New York Schr S S Tarry, Raynor, Providence for New York Nehr Amelia, Smith, Providence tor New York Sehr Malm-ika. I.atliain, Millhridgc lor New York with Inniher to Himp^on A clapp. mew iori,vun ?r,hh.V',VM'.! h,,";'k"'r~: ^"-.'?ftntand.rt.for New York, with Hfom- to >Vilf#?fi iV Mulligan ^hr Hrirnc omh, Now London for Now Yoi\ir ^,in " Golden, Providence for New W,7l,''llsh\oAS Mllta?1* cr*' NCW ,"'n',"n fnr Nrw v"r? S( hr L II Weiitw.irtii, W. I;,. Proyplence tor New York. yy',r Annie V Bergen. Crutnp, New lluven for New iir Wm r. Peek, Bnnee, Hartford for New York won *t i ii i "'t<, orde r,' V**K ,:i- ^NewYork, N>-i,r iraltei. Ileanev. Salem for New York >< in Marv l; Reeves, Provld tiee tor New York "etir Aiii'oIIh, Young. Pro\ ,?r N) w V))r,; S< i t illltloa. Mills. Ni w 11 a veil loi New Vork S. . lit"1* Kills Day, Nortlipori *..r New York.' i Mini|iias. Hane.v, l'r.i\nl, n u?m|ol,t. s 'f ."I -?"'?'"'J^arce Provelcnec for New York, v! ? i lOfMiff. I n?v|(l( nrc lor New York. m . "t,,. V,inlove, < jut. l ull Kiv- r tor New York -C " Jolii, W Ml II. Hearse Taunton tor New York or i i oa'i'oiu. Ni iv llaveu for New York. i I h i ailoi k. o let. >,. w llaven lor New York. S K. , tie, Norw,'ilk lor New York i,r v U i'iT' l r"Vld. ne, ior New York. wi.i. toi/rder 'W'r V' York, s< hr l.aiiru S W .tsoti, Stiirue. Newport Tor New York, d ''nhn "r "auily, Now lluven lor 1'hila s, I . W.irrl. '/ton Smith P.wtu ' et, r, r New York. ?I r u'.i, r ? J; , '.,:l M,v' r,"r N' W York. Si ^ ' r .*inif' hjilJ fiiver for New York. ^ " Nan. niiel llolim> Carter, Kail Itlvcr for Now Sehr Vet us, W. Mer, New llaven tor New York. Si 'h 1,'t* rt ,ihil i ll, N rwuik (,,r New York. e. ,r < Jiirl. . ?, ,, Siaith Pawn,, ket tor New York, * 1 * rancts, W inche.ter New Bed ton! Un New tfk'Ux V A.Uium, MilclityL.NwwiCii lut York, ium ?chr D*yid, Brown. IVew London tor Haw Tort. Schr W W Braina** **3j ?cw Bedford for N?W York. '/ron, Portland lor Now Yu*k. 8?U?r Orlanj, ftdfl^Verrts, Portcherter fl* MM? York ?v-hr k a Korsvlhe.Hobbte. Stamford 0>rNew York. Steam* uio Nereua. BearM. Mew Yc:S for Boston. Steamship Wumsutta. Kiia. !Ww York tor New Bodfsrd. Briir Arabella (Br), Brady, New York for St John, NB. Brii; Abhy Thaxter, Parker. Hoboken for Boaton. 8'<(# 8 C Nash, Nash, New York for Norwich. <fchr Christina, Warren, New York for Now London. Bchr Kate A Marr, Cogswell, New York for Pawtucket Bchr 0 Carroll. Chano, Rondoot for Bom ton. Bchr Charles 11 North am, Hubbard, Hoboken tor Hart ford. _ ? . , _ fcnr Loduskia, Pease, Hoboken for Boston. Bchr John Warren, McGar. Hoboken for Providence. Schr K (J Knight, French, New York for Portland. R U Whfdden, Price, Hoboken /or Providence. Bchr J H Youman, Smith, Hoboken lor Providence. Hchr Willow Harp, Horton, Hoboken for Warren. Kchr Maria, Barbour, Hoboken for Wunterly. Bchr Marcellus, Kherraan, Port Johnson for Boston. Bchr Delaware, Snow. New York lor Kockland. Hchr Idaho, Jameson. New York for Bangor. Schr John Btockham. Hart, Kllzabethport for Provi dence. . Hchr M L Bt Pierre (Br), Haley, New York Ibr SWJohn, NB Hchr Wesley Abbott, Abbott. New York for Boston. Schr 'It A Paine, Jones, New York for Eastpor*. Bclir Clara Jane, Mott, Kliaahethport for rail River. Schr Rlwood Doron, Jarvia, Georgetown, DC, tor New Haven. Hchr Florida. Thompson. New York tor Lynn. Schr K B Tyler, I'helpa. KUmbethport for Lynn. Bchr Kmerald, Jones, New York *>r Bag Harbor. Schr Expedite, Raclrott, Rondoot for Somerset. BOUND BAST. fiehr Senator, Norton, New York for Boston. Hchr O M Wentworth, Collins, New York for Calais. ? Bclir Maggie Bell, Hall. New York for Boston.

Bchr Franklin, Chadwick, New York for Boston. Bclir J 11 KpowIps, Merritt, New York tor Oardlner. ftclir J Paine, Stephens. Hoboken for Boston. Schr 1 Tavlor, Hill, Now York for Newbnryport. Bchr I'romcnader (Br), Davidson, New York for Wind sor, N8. Schr Howard Mollcr, Moller, New York for St John, NB. Schr Shamrock, TToy, Havnrstraw for Providence* Hchr W 8 Sweet, Young, New York lor Wellfleet. Schr Blaekstone, Wlxon, New York for Providence. Schr Kllen Merrlman, Pierce, New York for Bristol. Schr F.flle P Kemp, Kemp, New York tor Boston. Steamer Doris, Young, New York for Providence. HciUl.n TlLKCRAPIt St ATI oif. > Wiiitkstonk, May 17, 1S7S. 1 The following table shows the number of vessels which passed this station during the week ending May 17:? INWARD BOUND. Steamships. ll Schooners... .204 Brigs 1 Total 218 OUTWARD ROUND. Steamshios 13 Brigs S Barks 2 Schooners 362 Total .^382 BELOW. Ship C H Marshall, Hutchinson, from Liverpool April 17, to C II Mnrshall A Co, was spoken May 10, lat40 35, Ion li9 45 <by pilot boat Ezra Nye, No 2). SAILED. Steamships City of Brooklyn, and Hatavla, for Liver pool; Weser, Bremen; Washington, Havre; Anglia, Glas gow ; City of Austin. Galveston via Kev Went; tfco Crom well. am! ftmilv B Souder, Now Orleans; Montgomery, and San Jacinto, Savannah; Champion, Charleston; John Gibson, Georgetown jOld Dominion. Richmond, Ac; ships Horatio, Sydney, NSW; Topgallant, San Francisco; harks Jano Aver.v, Penarth Roads; Atlas. Borgo and Wiborg: II D Stover, Havana; Vivid, Huliia and Pernamhuco; Frank, Havre; Helenc, do; Jannetje, Rotterdam; Bruns wick. Portland, Me; HDStover, Havana: Rosalie, Genoa; tieo Batusta, Cork; S I) De Siildo, Matanzas; Kva, Charleston; brigs Ariehat West, Bristol^ K; Edwin Rowe, Lainiayra; L M Mcrritt, Satrua; Marioosa, Caibarien; IIhiis Guile, Flensburg (Germany); Tropic Bird, Key West and Peniacola; Sarah Crowell, St Johns, PR; Annie, t Liverpool; schrs Lizzie R, Kingston, Ja; Comniurce, Gov ernor's Harbor; Lillian M Warren, Rock Sound, Wind stauuioti NNW. Shipping Notes. Ship repairing has been comparatively dull since our last report Steamship Lagos, 1700 tons, of the Atlas Steamship line, was lowered from the large sectional dock, foot of Rut gers street, after being repnlnted, and was followed by Messrs C H Mallnry A Co's propeller City oi Austin, 1294 tons, to undergo the same process. Ship Cyclone, 836 tons, of Boston, was next raised, for stripping, calking and remetalling, and the dock is now occupied bv the New York and Providence propeller Galatea, 1412 tons, to ad lust new wheel. On the small sectional dock adjoining there have been, and in the following order?Bark Vivid (Nor), 224 tons, to patch metal; schrs A L Putnam, 122 tons, of Province town, to paint, an(\ II A Bowen, 221 tons, of Bangor, to patch metal; brig J F Merrlam, to stop a leak, and schr Mary A Rich, 414 tons, to paint. On the Clinton street sectional dock have been schr Surprise, to stop a leak; bark Maggie (Br), 490 tons, to strip, calk and remctal; brig Peri. 250 tons, of Eastport, Me, for examination; barge Eugenia, tor general re pairs, and bark Orion (Br), 587 tons, to coal tar. Propeller Sherman, 973 tons, of the Merchants' New Or leans line, has been on the mammoth sectional dock at Hohoken to paint bottom. Hchoolship Mercury, of the Charities and Correction Department, Is on the large balance dock foot of Pike street, undergoing extensive repairs. Including re-tre nalllng, boot-tapping, stripping, calking and remetal ling. steamboat Day Star, owned by the American Steam boat Company, has been on the smaller dock adjoining, to receive her first suit of metal sheathing, and was fol lowed by tho North River towboat Prometheus, to clean bottom. At the screw docks foot of Market street have been On the large dock, Mr Osgood's yacht Fleetwlng, 206 tons, running lead into her keel; barks St Ursula, 288 tons, owned by Messrs Pendergast Bros, to patch metal; brigs Olivia, 181 tons, owned by R Murray, Jr, to strip, calk and reinetal. and Nile (Br), UiO tons, to patch metal; ?chr Carrie Hyer, 244 tons, to paint On the middle dock, hark Christina (Nor), 293 tons, to strip, calk and remctal, and schrs Clara Merrick, 140 tons; Peter Mitchell, 100 tons, anil Brandywlnc, 168 tons, all to paint and Ann S Cannon, l(i2 tons, repairing quarter and ?tern damaged by collision. On the small dock, pilot boats Charlotte Webb, Isaac Webb. A Patterson, Abraham Leggett. and Francis Per kins, all for general repairs and painting. Mr James 8 Dean has had on ills railway at Red Hook barges James Kent and Win B Myers; elevators Hudson, Albany, Oswego and Liverpool, and tugs Ilammill and York Kiver, all for general repairs. Marine Dlaaatem. Pmr Luroot.if (Br), wrecked at Perev Rook. Cnooiina, last November, brought to Quebec waterlogged, and Win tered In Indian Cove, hn.s just oeen towed to Cape Cove shipyard, and iliere surveyed by divers. The keel, stem, siornpos* and much of the planking are greatly damaged. The .divers Imve succeeded in covering the damage to the parts with felt sheet zinc and one-inch plank. The water lias been pumped out, and the vessel is now on the grid iron discharging her cargo of deals. Una 11 B J off f's (Br), Wolfe, at Baltimore 16th from Detncrera, had topmasts and jiubooin carried away by a squall on the 14th inst, In Chesapeake Bay. Sri|K Gold Unarm, (Tom Providence, of and for St John, NB, ran into schr Emma FLewis, of Provincetown, afternoon of May II, which lav at anchor in Providence River, below Field's Point, carrying away her starboard main rigcltnr and chain plates, quarter and stern rail, davits and stanchion and some ot her upper planking. Rchh D* mFt. Yohk, Crossly, while dropping down through the draw of the lower bridge at Belfast on Tues day last, swung around and came in contact with the bridge, tn.iklng a complete wreck of It, 30 or 4') lectin i length, and t>he still remain* unable to get through the debris. Advices from the wreck of bark Celeste Clark (snnk between Cape Cod and Nantucket* stite that 209 st-oi ? alls had been raved. also about HO tons common railroad iron and the imams and am liors Two vessels were en gaged in the work, bui they had only been able to oper ate to advantage about one day m iho week. Better weather will permit more encouraging results It was thoiicht most of the iron would be saved, ('apt Moses B Tower, of Boston, has charge of the work on the Celeste Clark. H**x. Mnv 17?Tbe brii? Hecla, of Harbor Oracc, while sealing, took lire and Is a total loss. i The reported loss ol the steamer Oapray Is Incorrect. She Is frozen up In White Bar, V F., and is wlthoutsea!.*. A despatch from Prince Edward* Island reports the whole northern shore ot the island still blocked by ice Nkwrt, May 2?The Oscar, (i!wn, from Baltimore (In dian corn*, experienced v? rv heat v wcjther on the pas sage, and shinned a heavy sea, which carried away longboat and gig. St II April 12?Cait II K Pearne, of the Knullsh bsrk Warren Hastings, from Maurltsus tor I.on Ion, which passed this lsliind OR the Slst ult, report* ! v letter, the foundering of the American ship remiyson (of Bos ton), Oravcs. from Calcutta lor llnsioti (before re ported), on Feb 23, oil and to the southward of Mauritius at midnight. Res nod iro>n a piece of the wreck, on Marc h 11. in hit lb 42 s. long tt Ml A \ Noyse, second otlloer, Clarence L Putnam (bov), Ameri cans; and J Davis, O H, Gorman ; being part or th< crew, tliev having been exposed, without food or water, lor eltrfit days, and grcatlv exhaust- d The North German luirk .Inoi l> Rothenbertr, Wilde, from Puditng lor New York, which put In here Apui 7, had lo?t ma In topua Hunt must. Tkrckira. April 16?The Vlnon. Bsxtor. from Palermo for New York, put lu h?re yesterday to oh tat u fvreyard. i Nlarellanrotu, The pnrserof the steamship Virgo, trom Savannah, has our thanks for favors. Th* Paisks Bm.ow Nkw Ori.k axs. . The to Ion in* re port from Major Howell, of tile progi i ? - of tin work at the mouth of the Mississippi Klver, will l>e r. ad with in terest:?I nder date ot May 10, the on r In charui <d dredging ut. Pass-l'Outre. reports a < tini:ti?-1 .ier,?* :he I bed sixteen and n half ted In depth .it extreme low tide, eighteen feet nt herb tide . i |h-?t dat M'ho'e h this is not s;i( li depth iis if wns deslr.ih e to obtain before inviting commercial 11*1 ot the eli ntn I iiih.i. M the 1 government at Pnss.rimire, <? t ? i . ? oitsldcreil | sufllclent to allow th> passage wlttiout delenfiou oi iti steamers coming to port draaitu i<??.? ihan eighteen Hml a half teet. provided proper care and judgment are ii ed regard lag the ilmu of attempiiuga ii ssmg oml r irar I Ing the wanner ot making the attemiit. imiiwoi the difficult3 and expense now ntti nniu.; the crossing of vessels at Southwest Pass and to relieve the eomnii r"c i of New Orleans as much a* possible from the uunatural and excessive fixation growing out o the obstruct) l condition of Southwest Pass bar, the above statement I* ' nindi in the hope that owner-, agents and masters of I vessels, who may wish to avail themselves oi theehannel at I'ass-a I'Outre, will. In taking advantage ot the channel 1 there available, consult not only their own ititcrc-t-. but ! Ilo general interests ot commerce, as represented at New Orleans, nml the interest of the government, to which tin v are, indebted for what measure nt good may have been achieved by the work ot dredging, lo till- end it I* : requested that masters of ves -.els tie lore attempting a crossing at Pass-ad'oiitre assure themselves tl<at tliere Is sufficient depth of water in the ch muel. that t o ir fillots know the loention of the i hatinel, and that they iave adequate steam power to ani them in keeplnu iii ?he channel. The detith of water in channel lor each hour ot each dav will he displayed on a spreader, six feet in h n,lth and four teet In n Idth, In lurge figures, red, on a white ground lor risng tide, white, on u blink ground for tailing tide, trom the mast ot the bart'e Cava Ilo, anchored below the lighthou>c The sld"? of (lit chauuel w^l he wcU dtttAcd by buujft, 1'i^ita iWv ?3hEM'tJi? ^SSla'^?- examination k-l.^L Tf . . While the officer In m.k?n nf no legal restraint over E? In min? 3 ??* fcfcaulteoflui work. itshould sir ~iOto In mjM ^ win see everything that fr a aspir es on the ?t?v?.a.poatre. and will hold up to publio com .,naaao? every act whether dictated by seit-interesi 'jftht acftys or the result of Ignorance or careleatneai, which Vends to injure or deatroy his work and embwrass coinpuerce. 8 poke n. Ship Carlisle/(Br), McPearce, trom Calcutta tor Mew *??E?*,"rch8?. 0ff the Cape of Good Hope. Bark Witch ?}? the T es (Br), from New York for Lon i&J?V3 lat49 58N. Ion 13S9W. v. _ . w55.1?tl uaervafor, oodavs from Japan tor New York (r) March i\ lat 32 68 8, Ion 2910 E. Foreign Port*. (Hgynt). April 15-Saiied, brig Neponaet, rftrout, Messina, to load for Boston. Catakia, April 22?In port bark Antoinette C, tor Bog ton, Id*. be?ora)*Dow"ny ?~Arrlved' hrt* Llzale ZitUosen (not as Gdantanaho, April' 26?Arrived, barks Norge (Nor), Jan-ten. ?t Jago. to lond for New York; SUth. Hornet, Hopkins, Philadelphia; brig Edith (Br), Scalfe, do. Balled April 30, brig I.Tna (Nor). I^redericksen, New York; schr Margaret R Hamwn. Brook*, do. In port May 1, schr Oeo B Jones, for Portland. Havbe, May 10, H PM-Kalled, steamship Holland (Br), Bragg (irom Iiondon), New \ ork. Havana, May 10?Arrived, steamship Juniata, Cathe rine, New Orleans. Sailed 9th, bark Sea Drift (Br), Alkenhead, New York; brigs Reach, Currier, do: Clansman (Br). Hre mener, do: Belle Walters, Shaw, Cardenas; schrs l.indn, Newton. Now Orleans: Mnrtlia Gale, Smith, Calbarieu: 10th, AlbertC Paige, Marland, New York. Halifax, Mnv 17?Sailed, steamship Nestorlan (Br), Watta (from Liccrpool), Quebec (so reported, probably for Baltimore). Liverpool, May 15,11 PM?Sailed, steamship Italy (Br), Andrews, New York. Loudon?Sailed from flraveaend May 1, ship Dexter, Bursley, Gefle, to load for Melbourne. M ataman, May 9?Arrived, bark Augustine Kobbe, Car ver, Havre. Sailed 7th, brigs Annie (Dan), Oisen, Cardenas and New York; 8th. Rio Orandn, Mctiellan, Fernandlna. Qukknstown, Mav 16. 6 PM?Arrived, steamships Scotia (Br), Lott, New York for Liverpool; 17th, 5 AM, Malta (Br), McKav, Boston for do (and both proceeded). Sailed 16th, steamship City of London (Br), Mlrehonse (front Liverpool), New YorK. St Croix, May 3?In port brig Krlg Kremlin, Wyraan, from St Thomas, ldg for Boston. Kydnkv, CB, May 9?Cleared, barkParejaro (Br), Young, New York. St Htkphcn, WR, May IS?Arrived, bark Brothers Prido (Br), Tower, New YorK, to load for Rive.r Platte. St John, NB, May IS?Arrived, schr P C Cope I ami (Br), Martin, New York. Tkrka Nova, April 21?In port bark Commeroe, Kossett, for Boston, ldg. fP*R fiTRAMTniP DONAU.l Antwkbp?Arrived at Flushing MuyS, Annoslcy, Pearce, New York. Amsterdam, May 1?Sailed, Bellatrix,-Kruse, Philadel phia. Alicante, April 28?Sailed, Maggie Elliott, Gllmore. Leghorn. Algoa Bat, March 27?Arrived, AnnaL Taylor, Perci val. Port Elizabeth. Amov, March 12? Arrived, Vesta, Percy, Hiogo; I8th, Juno, Percy (or Blethen), do. Bristol?In Kingrood May 4, Britomart, Thompson, San Francisco lor Gloucester. Bilboa, April 26?Sailed, Elizabeth Curwen, Charles ton. Bond (Algeria), April 24-sSalled, Suez, Rozzano, Phila delphia. Brouwkrsiiavkn, May 2?Arrived, Maud, Peterson, Charleston. Brkmkrhavfn, April 30?Arrived, Bremen (s), Pchnlcn hurg. New York; May I, George, Segelken, and Main (s), Von Oterendorp, New York; Schiller, WlschliUHcn, New Orleans. Brixiiam?Off Torbay May 3, Harriet Wade, Cockrlll, from Philadelphia for Hull. Fkltakt, May 5?Arrived, Oiutaf Adolf, Jensen, Balti more. OARinrr, May 3?Arrived, Waterloo. Jeflfers, Baltimore. Entered out 1st, Deodata, Anderson, for New York. Calcutta, May 3?Sailed. Rozelle, Beggum, New York. Cebu, Feb 28?Sailed, Sebastian Bach (Ger), San Fran Dundalk, May 3?Clew red, Legneno, Sartori, Baltimore. Dover, May 3?Off, Riverside Rich, from Mlddlesbo ronsh for New York; A O Vlnge, Henricksen, from New castle for do; Marco Polo, Minssen, from New York for Bremen; Ludwlg Heyn, Schmeddling, from Savannah for Gothenburg. Deal, May 4?Arrived. Lelf. Halvorsen, London for Philadelphia: Enrlca, Belllnlch, do for New York (and both sailed. Eastbourne, April 30?Off, Onnl, Oahlbcrg, from New York for Stettin. Falmouth, April 30?Off, Christine, Konlg, from New York for Hamburg; May 2, Crown Jewel, Corning, from Mobile tor Croustadt. Sailed 8th, Abraham Young, Coiley (from New York), Antwerp. Off the Lizard 2d, Maria de C, from Savannah for Bre men. Folkestone, May 4?Off, Meta, Lindcman, from Galves ton for Bremen. Off the Wight April 30, Hiram, Thompson, from Pensa cola tor Grimsby. Glasgow, May 3?Sailed, Europa (s), Campbell, New York. Gothknbfrc, April 25?Cleared, Ueland, 8 vend sen, North America. Gknoa, April 30?Arrived, Geo Kingman, Hammond, New York; Andhild, Mudson, I'cnancola. in 'iuarantine. Sailed 29th, Guiseppe d'Abnndo, Cammarota, New York. Hull, May 3?Arrived, De Halaberry, Hook, Pensacola. H*vku, May I?Cleared, Niphon, Day, Cardiff and United States: 2d. Caledonia, Weeks, New Orloans. Hamburg, April 30?Arrived, Silesia (s), Hehich. New York. Arrived at Cuxhaven 2d, Republic, Mosher, Philadel phia. Hklvobt, May 2?Sailed, John Bunyan, Oilmore. New York. Arrived 3d, Eurvclydon, Gould. Wilmington. Cleared 3d, Hermlne, Willms, Philadelphia. Liverfool, May 2?Arrived, Olano, Munlz, Savannah; 3d, K Shun. Edmondson, Wilmington, NO; Dona Felici ana. 1'ortuondo, Mobile; Pedro Planlet, Ponce, do: Prn dentia. Gjeruldsen, Galveston; Java (s), Martyn, New YorK; 4th. Heiress, Caulkin, New Orleans; Eriesaon, Kellv. and Montrose, Mclntvre, San Francisco. Sailed 3d, Othero, Cook. New York; 4th, Missouri (g), Matluas, Quebec via Belfast. Cleared 3d, Importer, Dexter, Newport to load for Rio Janeiro. Entered out 3d, Siberia (s), Harris, for Roston; Tere sino, Lauro, New York: John 8 Harris, Durie, Sagucnay. London, May 8?Arrived, Aurora Australia, Duff, New York ; 5th, Centurian, Taylor, New York. Arrived at Gravesend 5th, Daphone, Olsen. New York; Clans Hcltve, Pensacola. Londonp'kbrv, May H?Arrived. Ida, Roulston. Pensa cola; George W Jones, Robhins, Baltimore. In Moville Itoads 3d, windbound, Norsk Flag, Nielsen, for Baltimore. Marskillks, May 2?Sailed, Catherine, Andersen, New York. Nkwpastlk. May 1?Kntered out, Antonio, Caldncci. for New York; 2d, Alceste. Ohigllanovich, tor do; KalUxto, Teilefsen, and Alexis, Stephanv, for Philadelphia. Cleared 3d, Otymplas (s), tor Savannah, Nkwrv, Mav 1?Arrived. Osear, Olscn. Baltimore. PLTMoirrn, May 3?Sailed, Medwav (s). Harris. Vnebec. Pk.narth, May 4?Sailed, Lady tJlessington, Williams, Hong Kong. Qukknstown, May 3?Arrived, fsko, Lundquist, Balti more; 4th, Wexford, Bradshaw, New York. Off 4th, A?ow, Uckermann. from Bultimore. Rangoon, April I?Arrived, Huguenot, PetPrson, Rio Janeiro; Florence Treat, Short, Montevideo: Sd, Ttveum seh, Bennett, Bombay; 4th, Wm Leavitt, Leavitt, Bom bay. SniKLDs, May 4?Arrived, Petronella, Lcicher, San Francisco; Pliinct. Dodds. Pensacola. Cleared 2d, Kearsnge, Field, Bafavls. Sailed Itli, Arfascnd. Mnrassi, New York. Softhwoi.d, May 4?Off, Columbus, Hilmcr, from San Francisco lor Great Yarmouth. Siianguak, March 16?Arrived, Galveston, Brlard, Na gasaki. Sailed March 12, Aclrle, Wells, Foochow; 15th, Surprise, Ranlelt, Manila ; 18th, Windward, Stannard, Swatow. St Hklkna, April 1?Arrived. Harkaway, Constant, Manila for New York (and sailed 2d); 4th, Thomas Flet cher. Padang for do <and sailed): Queen of the FhI, Haves, Colombo; John Kendall. James, do (and both sailed for New York); Matador, Stenzel, Passaroeang (and sailed for Boston): 7th, Jacob Kothenliurg, Wilde. Padang (and sailed Sth for New York). Sailed March 17. Wistaria, Wilder (from Batavla. hav ing repaired), Boston; Pekin, Seymour (from Cebu), Fal niontli. Passed April 4, Assace, Ritchie, from Calcutta for New York; 5th, Benton, White, trom do for do. In port April 10, Kdle Waters, trom Boston. Stki.tin. April 80?Arrived, .'ens Nielsen, Anderson, Philadelphia; Mav I, Ceres, (iunberg, Philadelphia. Stockholm, Aurll 30?Arrived, Progress, Olsen, New York. Takrauona, ApJil 29?Arrived, Talla, Beratan, New Or leans and Cadiz. Table Bav, March 31?Sailed, Tilde and Flgll, Labavello, New York. Tkrckira, April 15?Put in, Vlnco, Baxter, from Paler mo for New York, to obtain loreyard. Venice, April 3J?A.rived, Alba, Scarpati, New York. American Porta. ALEXANDRIA, May 15?Arrived, schrs R F Hart, Bos ton: Onward, Windsor, N8. Passed up?Schrs J W Knight, and Breeze. Sailed?Schrs 1' B Klsk, Boston; B It Kirk, Jersey Citv. BOSTON, May 10?Arrived, hark Schenckc (Ger), Mar (|iierlnv, Rio Grande; liriti c S Packard. Mayaauez; schrs ('arrie Douglass (Br>, O'Rourke, Cardenas; King Bird (Br), 8iropson, Sagua; Nellie llrown, lllgalns, Richmond, Va; Vashti sharp. Sharp; James 11 lluddcll, Sharp; Dick Williams, Robin?on; George II Bent, Smith ; 0 B Edwards, Smith; R II Shannon, Vangllder; H M llowcs, Howes; Caroline Kletizcl, IMIks; Josij)h Maxfleld, Davis; Anna Barton. Frlnk, and Charles K Smith, Hanson, Philadel phia: Areola, Wolston, Woolwich; Revenue, Phlnney, Month Amhoy; M M I'ote, Stratton, Port Johnson; Sun beam. Bnnker. New York. Cleared?Ship A II Wilde (Ger), Havcrker, Liverpool; schrs Hammond. Biker, Pigeon Cove (to load for New York); Annie Tilihetts, Curtis, Philadelphia; Cahot, Par ker. New York; Mary E Lanphcr, Smith, Cape Ann and New York 17th-Arrived, steamer Blackstone, Hallett, Boston; bark Hancock, Cardenas. SALT I MORI, May 16-Arrlved, barks Clara (N(l), Hill mers, Bremen; Giittenherg (KG), Gerlach,do; Stampo iKu-i. Stelnmann, Limerick, I; orig H B Jones (Br). Wolfe, Demi'rara: s? hr Moses Williamson, I-ake, Borton, Clean d ?B ,rki Manltou, North, West Indies; Max (Ni>), l)in-e llamiuiru: Frednas iNur). Elllnpsen, Cork or Fal mouth tor orders; briq Hail Colombia. Brereton, 8t Jagoj si lirx ( icerone (Br), Cnrtis. Bristol; Sophia IJanson, Berinpold Nassau; A D ncuil, Donubty, Boston. Hailed Iturk Manltou, West Indies. Went to x h 12th, brig Agnes Barton, Knight, for Fort de France. 17th. in AM-Arrived, steamship Leipzig (Ger), Jaeger, Iri men vl.i Southampton BRUNSWICK, Ga, May 10?Cleared, schr Eureka, Trim, Mlllhriflffe llth? \rrlved, ?ehrs Nellie. French. Belfast, to load lor Philadelphia; llattic B .^umpson, Davis, trom and lor Phl'iideljdua. i II uu.K.-TON. May 14?Below, schr A Hall, Hall, from Bcllsst, Me. 17, h Arrlvi d, ateatnshlp South Carolina, Beckett, New York; n lirs l.uev l>, lull, Boston; J A Poller, do. Hailed -Hieain?nlp Manhattan, l.oeUv..od, New York; h i.' Illbernica 'Br), Alexamler, a p.,ri In Great Britain; wlira H P Hawkins, Wyat.t, Havre; II E Pecker, Ames bury, AlcTandrta. FOKTHEHS MONROE, May 17?Passed in for Baltimore, bris.' Amy (Br), Pinkhaiit, 'ro :i Palermo. i.ti- i*.i-?ed out. schrs Ida R Gretnnn,for New Havent John McGmnis and Oliver Jameson, (or Philadelphia! Olive ii Booth, Charii s Walcott, s ,t VaoKhan. Franklin Bell, 11 K Hawver and & It Bennett, lor New York; Hophiti. lor Boston. .-ailed?IIrl j i arl, Baltimore (from Rio Janeiro). (IAMK.sTon, May 10--Arrived, eohr Bmily II Naylor, Nnvlor. Baltimore. GLouCKSTK't. *Jay 16?Arrived,!schr James O Tarr, < usliing. N> w ^ or*. KEY WEST, May 16? Arrived, steamship City ol Hous ton. Dee ring, s. w YorK lor Galveston (and priHiended). NEW OIlLKtNS, May 13?Arrived, steamship Louisi ana (|tr>, Stewart, Liverpool via Bordeaux. Bch.w. liiirk Oiympia, Andrell, 1mm ilavana; brigs sybil Wynne, Robert", ir ui Bangor, W: Bartolome, Manser, froii! Havana; G W Chase, l a on, Ilavana; schrs Matins " At?<>od, Newcnmb, irom Boston; Lady Woodbury, Wo "il.urv. from I tilla. ' learetf I'ark- Sandeinanden(Nof).TallnokMn, Havre; Ani. ko (Nor). Johnsen, Queenatown: brif Leopolnin* (Oerl. llae>|iHip, Havre ix-hr Helena (Br), Evans, liua tun Island. . . . , . u soitTHwur Pas?. Mav i.v-6 PM?'Arrived brill John m fiuxw, >'iwuU, Vera On the tar. bound oat, (teamen Memphis, tad Jfc ^Outside, awaiting a fliir wind to tail, bark YUU 4^j]| Sailed?Ship Queen of tbe Ka?t ^ - NORFOLK, May 16-Arrived. ?chr? J?Mrn0w?rJ 0M ey, Albany ; J Elliott, Snow, and Aphrodite. Pa me Wellfleet; Hannah Champion, Taylor, Cape May J W Morria, Lonestreet. Sgoam; CD Kinftn, Balley.Kevporti D R Martin, Decker, Washington, NJ; Mary Wood. Ar ?bur, New York. NKWBEBN, May 18?Sailed, steamship Ellen 8 Terry, ^w York. N*W*URYPORT, May 11?Arrived, echrt A Hay lord, Shnte, Q?oT(rctowti, 8C; D Sawyer, Rogers, and John J EUsan*?h (^rtWleJ'' Weeliawken '< Addie Todd, Corson, NEW BEDFORD, May 14-Arrived, acbr W W Brainartf. Pitch, New York. ' l#th?Sailed, schrs Fairwind, Bowman, and Bclipao. S0T*: Broeze. Bartlott, Trenton. NEWPORT. May 15, PM?Arrivea, bark ('upkl (Br), P.ran?> Providence for Musquash, NB; .schrs Rmrlina llatunt Atlrlno i a, i a a u A- _ . a ? loungm?Mrii t-nance Shot, Da vol. New York; S#*J port, Vclsor, and John Brooks, Pox. Fall River fordo? Caroline A Cornelia, crowliv, Somerset for do; S TUhar. tre, Trefethcn, Taunton Tor do; T P Cooper, Bleerar, Prov w^hftT?rnm ;?2j*nc,c,,u,r" ^S'KUwn.Tall P.rvcr tor do? ^T,l.niA^. rr? ?- : Hafe, Spencer, Providencei for Trenton: Uncas. KenyoD. and Redondo, Moore, Fall fnrVTln W P pr?: fllen ^'?klrm, Kellv, New Bedford lor do; Jem E Potts, Lawrence. Warren tor do; Pranci* Burrett. Allen, Providence for da Salled-Sehrs A B Haves, Barlow, Cohasset Narrows i Clark, Buell, and Sunbeam, II111, Pall River tor do; Leader. Baiter. Warren for do; Alida. Eaton, ann Harvest. Corwin, Providence for do: A (i Lawson, Fitzpatrick, do for Croton; Nightingale Younr Sidney M^nwUk; ChuJk;> ''cck- R"cklan loi Rldhmondl ??g*J> up?Sc'hr N H Skinner. NARRAdANSKIT PIER, R I. Mav 15?Sailed ft on* Sn^w Mobile 13Ul' 80hr A^ai* ???nders, from Bo? HAVEN, May 17?Arrivea, schrs C S Hazard Phillipg, Port Johnson; Collins House, Harding Chat? ham; Orace Darling. Cole, Yarmouth; Golden BagUi Be<JJor,'i Motto, Davis, New York; Mar tritsgfe xy? "?& "sW'vESriS S?,r Gre.nport; H.llwi Rri* LAW Armstrong, Stover Ponee pp. *? n"m *v?n. Berry, Arrova, PR; 8 W BurwelL Bm! POKT o A*?, ?ukuri"1 TRAK? 4l< Jarvls, "a BU' H^lm" l/n?q?7 ' ahe<1' bark J W Holmes <B?, PENSAf OLA, May 12?Arrived, bark Adventure fBri Thompson, Capo do Verrt. " tDIure <BrV Cleared?Ship Ulrikn (Rus), Laurell. Newcastle- ??*,?? Wenonah, Kimball, Writ Indies; Palma, McDougal, Kua 13th?Arrived, hark Fearless fBr), Hobbs, Genoa. Cleared?Shin Tren'on (Br). Palster. London- schr T n? French, Hutehins, Boston. ijonaon, BcnrJH ."-Arrived, steamers Annie Ainslie (Br), (.orkcrv. Liverpool; Aries, Wli. ;den, Bos n ;i ifrvV "JwM'nrt; ship La Cloire (Br). Aii<^,i ?n^Up1;.,",rf Erna (V,,r>' Ellertsen. Boston;brig Alice M (Br), Richardson, MV-'ua: schrs Flv!ti(vl'oaiu (Br) Hartley, Pe rnambuco; DV Streaker, Vaiigiidcr, Jack* sonvllle; 8 A. Itocd, Arnold, Madduin. Ct. Cleared?Bark Rachel. Norton, Sagtm; sc-hri Saralr Wood, Hickman, Boston: K A Scrlhner, Smith, Brovl ?!C?i>; ( 'a" ^ Kelly, Boston; Zullette Ken yon, Buckingham, Pawtucket. Lewks, Del Mav lfi-y;OS AM-Wcnt to sea yesterday, i pu ti?' Matthew Baird and schr Emllv Oiirtls. HoV J7 followinsr vew< Is are reported ' in harbor to day .?Steamtuir Tin.mas Chasill, from Philadelnhia ? schr I angusset, tor VVa-thlnglon ; sloop Catharine I' schrs G L?nn ii B Washinuton; Uz>Ae and Rstelle hay f,,? Waihlngton! "nTldi'LriorBostoS1"1 Virg!nia Uurt ' for uS^J^rp^^h^rpRL"^,7 New YTohrras-Lit p??B?A chMC'D0,an llam^^Ho^iUdelphil.1^"^'1'8chr Jewie Wl1" Cr^k^?hUai^'1^iriji:1^i^rl^iaMahB?nBakerrWhTtte Ma^Anthony'^'tlia^.^ave^raw-.^11^'11' ? c R?'iCoTf^?JharA''RC Hi!'1 La"c' Philadelphia . Wm Cj Beo, Oh.estipr, do; Ocean Wave, Brvant, do; Wm Be ment,iWlggens, do; John A Oritfln, Foster, do; (J S Alli son, Mead. Haverstraw: Wm VoorhHt, Ooldsmith. do Hyaway, Kelley, New York; R W Brown Winters do* Cynthia Jane. Gardner, do; Ann Dole, Bunce, do: Sarah i'; Wm McCobb, Cook, do; Orion, Smith, do; Mary A Predmore, Sherman, do. * of the Sound P M 16th, bound East, scbrg Winded Racer, Hannah Blackman, Caroline E Orant , kwr* A Sawvcr, Staten Islander, Bramhall, flafford Irish, Celeste, Isaac Sherwood, A Mav 15?Arrtvort, steamship Wvanoke. Orl'de,' Bakei\'wood''s Iliile ' i*8hIm0"' Wind!ior' NS' "4/" "^-5.0Mdn n " HtonMW1* t,.,?CKH:NP' '^-Arrived, schrs M A McGahan. nedy New York' ster' P^iudclplila; J C Crafts, Ken ' Prea!wy~NewrYorketWln8' Kcnntaton* Norfolk ; Wm Rlcc, i gl2ABe^^iS?VM*yl^A,T,ve<1?,hipLookon,? Wl? Cesarewitch, McParhtne, Melbourne r (Jimvmas via Mendocino; Clur# Light, Mitchell, Victoria and Port Townsend. serve A Boston V U-Cle?re'1- schr John L Tracy. Mes 14th?C|eare<i. bark Peter Crerar (Br), Crerar, Dobov: delohuf^ t,merick' 1,al*?.v. Harien, to loud tor Phila' 0,.h7,Upr^1lveu 8,eatr,fr Zodiac. Chapln, New York; senr Florence Rogers, Sheppard, do. Sailed, steamslups Hiiiiisville, Crowell. and San Salva dor, Nlckerwin, New York; bark W H Jenkins <Br>. Seeley, Liverpool; schrs Ada Fuller, Henderson, Pali River; Augustus J I-aliens Bragg, New York. S'*i5 Jfurk..Edlna ? Robinson, Buenos Ayres. SUn^ord Haftlraore. ^~Arrlvea' -chr BenJ <, VINEYARD HAVEN, Mav 15-Arrivcd. schrs Hero, Ross. Rondout lor Boston; Wm Thomas, Littleiohn, ami Geo Savage, Nye, Portland for New York ; Hyena, Gard ner. Clark's Island for do; Charlie Cobb, Ames, Vinal i"ro'!; Abby Morton, Whitten. Plymouth fordo. Sailed?Brigs Eunice and Annie Collins; schrs Spartel, John Boynton. James Alderdice, T Benedict, William H Dariing (, Matthews Oliver Dver, James Wall Tryphe KurbPfcR HAtwood, Belle Hardy. PS LinZ-v, uvll Mmriv 9, Cyrus Chamberlain, Mary Weaver, Sea Nvniph, DAR Kelley. Marv J Russell, Tarrv Not, Lyra, Ralph M. Hay ward. Gov J Y Smith, John Far num. Nellie Baker. J S Detwiler, Arabella. Florence B Tower, Gem, Mary A Kllza, Mary E Long. Paul P Keller, Thomas Boaz, Ira Bliss, Martha A, J J Spencer, J T Wea- - William Wiler. LAM Reed, Adelc True dell. ,? 8 Weldln, Tarnuln, Kate A Lnelia, Sandv Point. Pioneer, Julia E Pratt, L S Rarnes, Tennessee. Lizzie J Clark, Marv Farrow. Marietta Steolman, A D Huddell. Rowena, and James Tllden. ' lSth-Arrlved. brigs Renorter, Bangor for Sonth Nor walk ; /.avalla, Williams, Boston lor Philadelphia ; Matilda. Bangor tor Sag Harbor; schrs E B Wheaton, Philadelphia tor Boston : Abbie P Cranmer, Georgetown, DC. lor do: Planter, Glencove for do;Hattie Baker. Alexander for do j Kxeter, Rondout for do; Jane, Elizaiiethport for dos Ellen Perkins, Su-an Ross and Ann, Kll/.abethport tor Salem; Cicero, Port Johnson fordo; H Curtis South Amboy for Newburyport; Aliie Oakes, New York for do a Empire, Rondont for Lynn; JK Baker, Raritan RlveC for Salem; May Belle, New York for Hillsboro, NB; K F Meany, Annlsnuain, for New York; A J Dyer, Jones port tor do; Wm Ricc and Fleetwing, Rockland, for dos Pearl, Saco, for do: Kossuth, Machias, t'or do; Marv Brewer, Sprueehcad, for do; David Faust. Boston, for Alexandria: Campbell, do for do wT.t JJ"'% "nr.linor, for Philadelphia; IIIcr. Windsor, NS for do; Ctara, Rankin. Phila delphia for Bridgeport; Julia A Rich. Bangor for dot Savannah ' ,0r Ctir<,t'n"H; Cornelia, Boston fo^ Sailed?Brig Matilda; schrs Torpedo General Scott. Wm Thomas, Hyena, Charlie Cobb, Abby Morton, James Til den. Hero, Cornel l. Juliet Mary Louise. Josephine, Ellen Perkins, Hatlie Baker, Lacy K Cogswell, Anne. Rocket, Heetwlng. K B Wheaton, Jane. Cicero, Mav Belle, Abtde P Cratimor. E F Meanv, /'earl. A J Dyer, Wm Rice, David Forest Exeter, Panter, Thus P Ball. Chas F, Paige, J B Rich en, ',avl"on, " 8 Miller J. k Baker and Julia A The schooner Lyra did not sail on the 15th as reported. _ 17th?Arrived, schrs Catawamteak, lllackwuter, Va. for Rockland; Ellen, South Amhov tor Boston; Charlie ana Willie, Vinalhaven for New York. Sailed?Schrs Allle Oakes, Wm F Garrison, H Cnrtls. Entire, Lvra, Iowa. Charlie and Willie, Mary Brewer. Campbell and rt 11 Miller. WILMINGTON, NO, May 15?Arrived, bark Bravo (Nor> Chrlstophersen, Cork; brigs Clara Louise, llenrahan Bel last; Prosnerite (Nor). Barosen, Bremen. \\ ARREN, May 15?Sailed, schr Jos E Potts. Lawrence, Port Jefferson. * MI8CR umouiT i BSOLUTE DIVORCES OBTAINED FROM DIFFER J\ ent States; legal everywhere; desertion, Ac., suf flcient caiise;no publicity required; no charge until divorce granted; advice tree. M. HOUSE, Attorney, 194 Broadway. A bSOJLUTE DIVORCER OBTAINED FROM COURTS xV of dlflerent states; legal everywhere: no publicitv; no tees In advance; advice tree; commt'sioner for cverv St?te- FREDERICK I. KINO, Counsellor-at-Law. 363 Broadway. ASTRONOMY II.LI STRATED.?MOST VALUABLE Information for every adult, as practised bv the an cients. Send lor a circular to Prof. .LISTER, 329 Sixtli avenue, near Twenty-first street. \ ?HERALD BRANCH OFFICE, BROOKLYN comer ot Fulton avenue and Bocruin street. Open Iroin 8 A. M. to 1? P. M. On Sunday from 3 to 9 P. M. t A?FOR; MOTH PATCHES. FRECKLES AND TAN . use PERRY'S MOTH A^D FRECKLE LOTION. It ih reliable and hArmleffc Sold by dru^^^ta every where. Depot, 49 Bond street, New York. BETHESDA spring water cured dr warren Stone, New Orleans; Dr. Sykcs Aberdeen. Miss., Dr. Payne, Alhanv; Dr. Force. Louisiana; Dr. North, New Jork: I?r. Entwtstle, Washington; Dr. Dunkin. Now on, N. J., and thousands, ot Bright's Disease, Dlaheti's, Gra vel, Stone, Dropsy, indigestion, Constipation. Disease of the Liver, Bladilerand kindred diseases Pamphlet tree. Dr. A. H. Heath, Agent, 200 Broadway. Ty> YOU KNOW ITr I ' WINCIIESTC^'A IIYPOPHOSPHITE OF LIME AND SODA is a grand chemical too.l for the brain, the nervous system and t'io blood, indispensable to all who labor witli tbe brain, ani is the only means whereby that llfb-glvin\' mid lit., sm talniiiK eleniont. Phosphorus, can Ik; supplied to the sys tem. It Is a powerful stimulant and a vitalizing tonic and invlgorator. It is of Ine- timable bene tit in c-onsutnp* lion, ScrotuUl, Diseases ol the Nervous System, Dy ?" p sia. Nervous Debility. Prostration ot tho vital Forcr -'md II 4 f I I I llll IIIIJ'Mtw .????. v<?l Sold by all druggists, il and per bottle. J. WINCHESTER A CO., :M John I Powers, General Debility an 1 all Diseases proc. !i;ii from an impure and impoverished condition ol the Kid. Kittle. street. New York. Dr. raDWaY'S SARSA PARI!,LA RESOLVENT, the great blood ptiritlar, lor t lie cure of all Chronic Discuses, Scrofula, Ulcers, Chronic Rheumatls: i, Erysipelas, Kidney. Bladder and Liver Complaints Dyspc|>-ia, Auctions of the Longs and Thr. at} Purllles the Blood, restoring health and vigor. Clean skin and beautiful completion secured to nil Sold by druggists. Price SI per hoi He. RADWAY A CO.,3a Warren street, New Vork. 1/loR SCALP DISEASES CONSULT Hit R c PJJRRY. r Dermatologist, 111 Bond street, New York, who eures Falling, Lost and untimely Gray llalr, Ringworm al|l rheum, Dry or Moist Dandruff, Irritation or lu hinu ot Mis Head, or any Complaint or Disease of the Scalp, "I EL'COTHEA.?PECKIIAM'8 LEITCOTHEA BEACTL 1J fles and proscrveu the and romplexien. Renusves Smallpox Marks, Pimples, Tnn, Sunburn, Freckles, Ac. One apnllcatioii will provw its merits Price fl. Sold hj all wholesale and retail druggists. CH ARliBg V. PECUi i 11AM, Proprietor, OBJ BrouUway, New YorJfe

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