Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 18, 1873, Page 13

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 18, 1873 Page 13
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TO I,F.?r POR sriBlUKH Pl'RPOSKS. A ttention. NOW READY l'OK OCCUPANCY, NEW FIREPROOF BUILDING, FULTON, NASSAU* AND ANN STREETS. ELEGANT OFFICES TORENT IN TlIE ABOVE FIREPROOF, WELL LOCATED BUILDINQ, BEING IN CLOSE PROXIMITY TO TI1K SITY nALL, TIIK COURTS, THE FOST OFFICE, 4(1T AC. OFFICES SUITABLE FOR LAWYERS, BROKERS, BANKS, INSURANCE COMPANIES, AG., AO., CAN BE HAD, BINOLY OR EN SUITE, OF ANY DESIRED SIZE, FROM 10X12 FEKT~TO 26Xo7 FEET, AT $380, 1400, ?X'0 AND UPWARD TO $12,000, ACCORDING TO SIZE AND Li CATION. THE ABOVE BUILDInITiT COM PLETK LY K1 RE r*ROOF, READY FOR~OCCt'PANCY, HEATED BY STEAM, AND HAS TWO FIRST CLASS PAbSENGER ELEVATORS-AND ALL MODERN IM VROVEMENT3. RENT OF SMALL OFFICES. v , ?,t story- 2l1 StdVy. 4th -lory. Oil) Stcrv. $2,(00 $l.NMi $1,000 10x24.6 J,?00 I,W0 1 20) SOO 14.fix26.0 l,.*>t 1,3-tl 1,200 NX) 17x20.6 i,Su0 l,at)0 1,21)0 8u0 10x18 ftOO 4JK) 85J 3M> IPX 12.0 MO 4'W 3%) 300 19.6x3!) J,OKI 2,.r)00 2(HJ) 1,500 Jll.hxHll ;i,il ii 2,900 2,DIM l?Vfi 10x12.0 5!*) :0> 860 .iO'l 19.30x13 l.coo 1.2;)) 1.0P0 14.6x23 1, id) 1,2,-jO l.tfW 80) 14.6x29 l.ftJM 1.2.W l.(i00 ft'O J.-x-.n 1,>;0 1.250 1,001) Sl'fl 10x18 roj 400 3ft) 31V) INQUIRIES id HE MADE OF HOMER MORGAN, NO. 2 PINE STREET. A ?OFFICES TO LET ? in Iho DRlXEL 14 ILDINO, SOUTHEAST CORNER OK BROAD AND WALL STREEj S, tor CORPORATIONS, BANKERS, LAWYERS, AO. Twou levators. two stalrea so .. fireproof, we'l ventilated IInd lighted, heated by steam ; every m?>d? r:i coll veiiie-nco on i I' ll floor Ai>i*!y io JOS. \V. JlREXEL, oil t!lO pj <i] IKt.MKK M'JdGAN, No. i'H.e i'f Of. A LARGE FACTORY in].,.,' FIRST FLOOR 70 BY U\ 100; slire-*? siorl. s 70 Iv.v W, Willi t'-hOi- '? 01)2111- Slid boiler : (dialling throughout Inquire at Mi VYe>t street, a lunch" ooi:ht;;r to let?at 1.179 second J\ avenue, oppose Sceon.1 Auntie Railroad J put. Apply oh the pre mini ?> Iri.m 8 !o 11 A. M. A Nice STORK ROOM AND CELLAR. SUITABLE FOR J\ liquor, tancy or grocery business, in hou<e fiiS Went Thirtieth street. Inquire up stair*. I'osiojfiloa Imme diate I v. - A8TCRB AND BASEMENT, $000. 8TXTB AYENUE. aliove Fort-.--econd svbi t, west sido, with good show windows. Apply to 11 INK, col:, A GRAY, 5.x; Stkth avenue. AT 885 BOWBBY.?SECOND AND THIRD FLOORS, J\. wich 25 by Ml feet, to let tor business purposes; bat Mcaehi-ry attachod. Apply to IRA O. MILLER, IliO Ful ton street, New York. A STORE TO LET ON BHOADWAY, NEAR CANAL JTA street-, ii lontj lease and cheap rent. Inquire of WILLIAM ii. MbLICB, 421 Broadway. A SECOND FLOOR, ON THE WEST SIDE OF _tV Broadway, above Seventeenth street, to 1?>: al. o a large lYont Room, corner Nineteenth street: splendid loca tion lor milliner or dressmaker. c. s, FECK A CO., 181 Fifth ttTtntu. 1 FINE SECOND FLOOR, 55X68, SUITABLE FOR J\. anv kind of lu-'n.-s. f5 West hlghtceulh street For particulars call on it. B. BURKS, 888 sixth avonuo. AfU OR 'rii LET-ON FOURTH AVENUE. FOR business purposes, or to a family-, runt che.ip. In quire at 2 7 avenue. Broadway photooraph gallery-one of tke locutions in the cljy, will bo let cheap to a responsible tenant: also large Rooms and Ofllccs. In quire on upper floor 711 Broadway. (CARPENTER'S SHOP TO LET-GOOD WILL AND J Stock for Pale. Apply at 10? Barrow st ("IORNKH STORE.?RETAIL GROCERS, MEAT, J Irttit, tea, cigar or shoe dc:T: rs will t'n.l It <'.e-lr.-i!>!e ; noc?l cellar; rent moderate. See the owner at 10/ Har row street. pORNER STORE, WITH ELEGANT WINDOWS, TO rent?West tide; tlrst class location ;verv tnoderato rent. Apply at 097 sixth avcnti", corner Fortieth street, First FLOOR To LET?FOR BUSINESS OR PHOTO grnpher; rent low. \pply Ht 79i Eighth uvcnuo.ibo livecn Forty-eighth ami Fcrty-tiiulh rtroots. CI RE AT REDUCTION OF RENT.?HANDSOME STORE T on Broadway, near Thirty-second street; plutc glass -windows; will rent very low to goo.l 'cnant ^ A. c. Loom 18, 1,2V? Broadway. TABOR BOARDING HOUSE TO LET?ON UPPER 1 filth avenue, for a term of years: fully furnished. Address HOUSE, boa l 3 Post fUce. IARGE STORE, 757 BRQIDWAY. TO LEASE?WITH J L on street: will let cheap If taken Imme diately. Apply on r re mires. AIeo small Store, $75 per month. Agents notice. IIQ1 it STORE TO LET.?GRAND CHANCE TO J make money and no outlav for Good Will; the best corner In the Ninth ward ; has been a llQIlor store fc,r 20 years; U an excellent stand for a tea or grocery store. Apply at 603 Hit Isi.n street "VTICE STORE TO RRNT-CTIEAP, $23 PER MONTH; ,1\ a flee location r->r Honor, grocery or any other busi ness. Inqniri-1 f K. Bi-" ATTYY, Houthwi st corner Twenty ftfth street and Tenth at enne. ?VTOTICE TO PHYSICIANS.-A PRIVATE FAMILY ?LN will let a pleasant front Ofl'ce to a physician; loca tion Th:rtvflrst strcoi. near Fourth avenue. Address K. V. scifANt'K, box 111 Herald office. 0 N BROADWAY. First and Third Floors to let or leafc. 118 broad way, liquor store. STEAM POWER TO A FIRST CLA-S CONCERN.? Se-ond Hoar, HJOxl.'O f>et, to rent low. M ANHAT TAN RRASS AN D MANUFACTURING COMPANY, Twenty seventh street and I-irst avenue. STEAM POWER?TO RENT, ONE ROOM, finxtfl FEET with light on all sides; very do.-irable tor wood Iorkcrs; nossesslon at onco. Apply to ARCHER A MITH, I5C Bank Hrect STEAM POWER.?LARGE AND SMALL ROOMS, FOR wood and iron ; good light, steady power and low In surance ; cheap rent to g >od p arties. P. M. WILSON, 4Pf Rleocker street. STORE TO LET?SUITABLE FOR TAILOR, MI I,LI ncr or dressmaker. In Johnson street, fifty feet from Fulton ; the Two Floors i-f*r the same go wilb tii- store, and arc very desirable for the above or anv liktht buol ncse. WYCKOFF & .iaMES, 189 Montagucjitroet, Brooklyn. STORE AND 110l;SE folLET?ON SIXTH ' AVENUE, $1,40-1; Store on Broadway, $1,200, and one on Sixth avenue, $2.0.'II. ALLEN, DOOLEY A Hr.NRlQUES, 1,263 Broadway, eorn*r Thirty-second street STORE WANTED?FIRST FLOOR ON BROADWAY, westside, between Chambers ana Wall streets: will purchase Lease on reasonable terms. Address OENUNG A CO., 37 Union square. T~ O Lr.T- V'r TOWN, A LARGE well lighted R<-nm, with Steam Power, at a moderat'1 priec. Ap ply to WM. I HOLBOHKOW & BRO..SS1 Ninth avenue. TO LET-FIRST FLOOR AND PART OF BASEMENT, for st< res and Offices, of brown stone building 63 South Washington Siiuare, corner ot South Fifth avonuo; fine location for dentist, tailor, millinery, ?c. Apply to JOHN SHIRLEY A SON, 81 Cedar street ~ O LET?UF.SR ROOM AND SPACE FOB A LIGHT business; 179 Eighth avenue. Apply all this tuonfh, TO LI T?A SIUOIOCS STORE, HAYING THREE lar;;e ovens, vaults, Ac... on Grand street, Wiliams burg. W. S. TOWNSEND & SON', 191 Fourth stre.-t, To ""rent?first second and easement Floors, Engine, Boiler Shafting and Boltin/, of t storr brick buUdins on the cofner ot Third av. sitii Thirteenth Street, Krookljrn. Apply within or to 9. B. POTTEIt, 73 Broad street, New Yirk. T IVI LET-RENT $?0. FARM OF 23 ACRES, THIRTY minutes' ride from the city, near Passaic; honsc. r; good street. Pi' lit lar.'c ro ris, and barn : tlno stream of water; good order. Apply ty Mrs. KINU8LA.NH, 23t) Pearl street Brooklyn. TO LET-THE FINE NEW STORE 530 SIXTn AVE nm. between Tliirty (Irst. and Tblrty-socond streets, rent$1,200. Apply to ^V. S. MELDltl'M, 1,209 Broadway. fjvj LET?FINE LA ROE STORE ON THIRD AVENUE, I near Twentv-ei'/hth strict, 25xC5, suitable for any business; rent, tl.ftX); Rplcndld slnfc. H. M. CONPIT, 188 East Twsllth atmt mo LET?'inK I.AKUK BIT PINO fd EAST TWELFTH 1 tstr -et. live strries, store and basement; rent $3,UJ0; also twj Lofts on l roadway. H. M CONlUT, 139 East Twelfth street fno LET?OFrTOES, W1T.I HEAT, WATER \N'D O 1 In alS Broadway. Apply to 8. B. IlUTCil INtlS, 3o Jotin street. TO LET?OFFICES IN 307 11ROADWAY, Abo a Loft, T< by ?f> feet. In 95 Dnane street, second floor Apply to 8. B. nUTCfllNtis, a9 John street ________ To LET?OFFICES IN 29) BROADWAY, CORNER OF Meade street Apply to 8. B. lIUfCIIINos, John Street TO LET?A VF.KY HANDSOME STORE, 27X100, AT moderate rent M Bleccker street, near Broad war. TO LET ; ill-; LARUE FACTOCY Pi'il.IifNli. 124 am.I lit! West Twenty tilth Street, 50x103: four stories high. Apply to -nn r. J. N. It \YV. ABD, 124 Bow< I V TO RENT?FIFTH STIIPET, N f A It Huff; ItV, FIIIST lrfitt, y>r."-i, suital lo tor i'ght manufacturing pur Bost"'-, fetit *10; also t ne Basement, tor ln;sini'ss our poses; rent $-'.\ Apply to L. J. CARPENTER, art Third avenue. Bible House. The second and third floors of the new building on Sixth a?emio (aiieut BoxMi fci t each', In the rear ot and connected with 1,&6." to 1,2t4? Broadway between Ibirtj-first mtl Thlrly-sccon 1 strens, the whole or anjJ art ; will be fitted up to suit tenants. Apply to W. h. SfM.DKLM, l.SfO Broadway. milORNTuN M. BoiiMAN, REAL ESTATE AGENT, (WJ 1 Broadway, otTcri for Iea?e the Store and Apartments, St 131 Wa\ rtey plaef per amram ; Urjt floor $J0") per annum, with repair. Carpenter Shop, ?> Thomas street, $509 per annum. Fine 15;- ok Hotel, nt Finn Brook, Nrw Jersey, to lease, -$f4^?per tnnmn; partly turnl*licd; i) rooms; lee h'.uso in led; s'.-i in/loi 0 Imom; p. -???*? nm June 1; 7 miles .{iuui Monti lair: 1.1 miles from .Newark. TO M:T FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES XkTKtER FRONT STOKES AND VACANT LOTS TO V> let, loot of i elaneey street. East River; car lines to every portion of the city .near ,tr, rt HTH STREET, HAST, NEAR TIURO VYENUF.?8KC " ond and third Lo t-, snitab'e lor tl. tit nianufacfurln,' purposes; >lae 21x13; rent $?*'? Apply to U J. CAHt'tN TEH. 26 Third avenue (Bible Ilouso). A "1 ST STREET, WEST, 119.?UEt'HPTION KOoMS, T I suitable for a physician; also two Rooms lor gen tlemen ; bedulng ana furniture new: references. 1G f SI'OOND AVENUE.?FIRST FLOOR TO LET l3"x to a physician or dentist; alio lUrnished Rooms to gentlemen, wi liout hoard. QO~ 2X7, 230 EAST TWENTT-THlftD STPEET.?A ._?)<). line, lar-jre Fiitt Floor and liwlit Basement, 75x1.-J, with Steam pen r H1NK, POLK A GRAY, 936 Sixth IWBtt*. <&ori\ rER annrm for loft-W hhoadway, corner of Wuliter street. over drug store. lu (iuirc of ll. II. WHAM <1 CO., on promise*. DWELUKG HOUSES T?> LET. Funlnheda A N E1.F0ANT RESIDENCE. BETWEEN FIFTH AND ii Madison avoniicK?28.1x70. c:itcn?lon, parlors only turn, -lied rent low. Apply ai 2ti East Fit tic ih street, n.-ni 10 to 4. A WELL FURNISHED I1IC1H STOOP BROWN 1\ stone noti o on Lexingti n avenue, ol'oto l-lftv second street, will bo rented very cheaply, to a respon sible. small {idu11 fiimilr, from Llth Inst, until 1st Novem b. r: g< oil servants might be retained. Apply atonoo at 38Hro.'dway. _ A FEW DESIRABLE HOUSES TO RENT?FUR nlshed and unfurnished. Ptlnted lists can be had on application at either No. 3 Tiro street or ?a liast .*-cv entccuth street. Apply to K. 11. LUDLOW \ CO. \ COMPLETELY FURNISHED IKUSR TO LET? J\ With all the modern Improvements, containing 11 rorms, at ti4 Knst lV8lh street (Harlem*. between Fourth and i lrh nveiiio s; rcn' $100 per mouth; i;o--< s<lon im mediately. Inquire nt the house, or to 0. A. WIl.LIAMS, Court of Oommon Pica*. A THREE STORY HIGH STOOP HOUSE, NEWLY A nnd bnnd.'om 'ly fUrnished, to let; central location; price a secondary eohslil ration. S. t'Ei K A t'O., 1-1 I ift'i avenue. A FOUR STORY 11ICII STOOP BROWN 8TONK House to let, ii' atly furnished, on Seventy-fourth street, near i iit !i avenue ; lo-.v rent >o a good tenant. Tl. R. DREW ,t CO., .No. 3 West Twenty-third street, Fifth Avenue llotel. An ELEGANTLY FRESCOED AND FURNISHED corner Residence, on Firth avenue, to !ea?<* modern mansion, 30 rooms, extra giouuds, beautifully Improved; accessible every live, minutes' rent ?i>,000; un unequalled list ot furnished iind unfurnished houses io i?t or tor sale in nil sections oi New York, Brooklyn and the country; bntvt us. JAOOB V. 1>. WvCKOFr, 66 llroudwiiy, Now York, or 3-.17 Fulton street, Broklvn. ? FOUR t-'l'ONY BROWN STONE TO LET?PUB 11 ni. ii.'.l, ( n Thirty-third struct, n< ar Madison avenue) rent $250 per uiontli. Apply to 1). R. DREW A CO., No. S Went Tweuty-third street, Filth Avenue Hotel. A ?THIRTY-THIRD STREET, NEAR MADI30 N AVE J\ ? nuc. four story liivrb s'aop brown stone, finely itir liished, 33,000; Tlilrty-llith street, near Park avenue, tour Story brown stone handsomely lurnished, only G00, Also other.). SIMtiSSoN .1 KC'CLESTON, 5) West I hlrty-flrst street. Boarding hou3k and r}:?tauran r (toobther or separately), three doors west of Broad war?20 IVirnishcd rooms'and siore under, with lour billiard tables; lo.v rent. W.M. TR1ST BAILEY, 1:>J Pro-id way. ?OOlt RENT?TO A SMALL PltlVATE FAMILY, AN i1 elegantly furnished brown stone House, In Forty* fli-jt street, near I-'iCth avenue, i>om June 1 to October t; very moderate price. Address box 5,57t Post oiiiee. rpO LET?FURNISHED HOUSE, ON LEXINGTON J avenue, 8100 per month until Oi-tolmr 1; houses fur nished un I unfurni.-hed and parts ol houses. ALL N, DOOLUY HENRIQUEZ, 1.3T0 Broadway, near 1 hlrty-second street. TO LET?ON MURRAY HILL. LAIM1B, 25 FOOT FlttiNT brown sfom House, partially 'urnUhed or uniUrnish cd, nt nu derate price; otl'ernd for three days only. Apply to HOLMES BROTHERS, 46 East Twoiity-third street. mo LET?FURNI81IED, DELIGHTFULLY SITUATED J. on Nlnctv r'-venth street, commanding a beam 1 nil View ol the Hudson River, a Howe, with five Lots of Ground, suitable for Summer or Winter resid<are. A j> to U. l>. ill LYaKD, 144 East For.y-ninth street, after nlv to il 7 P. M. riio LET-A FINELY FURNISHED BOARDING ! House, on West Twenty-sixth street, between Si\;li an 1 Sevoiit'i ii venues; real modern ti? to a responsible party. Address SISCURITY, box l">fi Herald L'ptown liranch office. mo LET?PARTLY FURNISHED, ON TWKNTY-SEC 1 ond s'roet, I* tween Filth and Sixth avenues, a four storv high stoop brown stone, 2flxii6xlW); rent $350 per month. Apply to II. It DREW ('O., No. 3 West Twen ty-third si reef, Fifth Avenuo Hotel. TO BSNT, FURNISHED?A SMALL FOUR ST6RY English basemi r.t brown stone House, delightfully situated near Park avenne, fully and wull turuishod; verv low to good, responsible tenant Apply to C, M. 8'1'EaO, 40 Broad street. mo RENT^-FURNISHED cottage, HALF HOUR J it]-on Northern New Jer-jey Kailroad; liiirh, healthy, deliclilfui location; every city facility; acre lawn; abun dant fruits; rent reasonable. ALBERT DAY, 08 Wall street. rpo RENT-FURNISHED, THE FOUR STOF.Y HOUSE J 438 West Twcntv-tlilrd -trfet. For particulars inquire of J. R. EDM ARDS, Co West Twcnt.y-tnird street. rufiirni*hril. I A three story and basemtnt norr.i; to ! let?In Fifteenth street, near Third avenue. | to mil AM MERRITT, to Third avenue, or owner, IIA \'I LAND, No. Bowery. 4 N ELEGANT HOUSE, FIPTY FEET WIPE ON TTIE A first floor, near Fifth avenue and iust below 'fwnn ty-thlrd street, to lease fur ft term of your*: on ndmlra biy arranged house for a club. Apply to E. 11. LUDLOW I A CO-, No. 3 Fine street, or 3."> East Seventeenth street. i ?TWENTY-8IXTI 1 STKFET, NEAR SIXTH AVENUE. JV flue throe story high stoop IIotir?o. 25 feet frcnt good order; will he rented low. Also many others yot to let. SIMt NrfOiS it ECCLESTON, 60 West Thirty-tlrgt sL A THREE STORY MUCK HOUSE, ALL THE MOD cm improvements, In Fortieth street, n"ar I'uik avenue, to let very low. P. II. OR \ DY, BJ7 Sixth avenue. | AN ELEGANT LARUE NEW HOTEL FOR RENT- | Splnmlld l< |ktl.>n; .1 rare chnnco to make nuivv; I owner would hoard with tenant Address R. W. ! HOLMES, Orange, N. J. ! ADELIGIiTI'UL LOCATION ANT) CHEAP RENT TO a g.-iod tenant can he had hy applying soon at Fourth avenue. A -TO LET, A TOUR STORY FRENCn BASEMENT ? House, 232 West Forsy-flrsf street, containing about 14 room", In trootl order; rent moderate. Inquire of JOHN Ml'LLINS, builder,233 West Fortieth street. A THREE STOl'Y liIdII STOOP HOUSE?NEWLY repaired In ide end out; location n.o^t desirable. Forty-fifth street, mar Broadwav:rent, $16,1)00. WILLIAM ELLIOTT <t C'O , 1,191 Broadway, near Forty-tilth street. A THREE STORY 11IOII STOOP BRICK TO LET? Unfurir'-thfa, 108 East Twenty-sixth street, near Fourth avenue; rent $2,030 per ye^r; immediate pos-e-' sinn. Apply to H. R. BKIiW .1 CO., No..3 West Twenty third street., Filth Avenue Hotel. FIB OR THE REST OF THIS YEAR, A GREAT BAR gain, and leased reasonably for two or three years more, the three story high stoon basement arid Hue cellar J br'ck Honon the northeast corner ot Lexington avenue I I and Seventy-Ililrd street, replete with modern Improve- ; I menls ani ueing thoroughly repaired this Spring; one of ' the finest and pieas"ntes: locations In the cftv and eonve- I I nier.t to a main entrance to the Central Park; neighbor ! lino l nnexcoptlonab'c; can be >een at all times bv in quirvat adjoining, on Seventy-third street ' For particulars ap| ly lo the owner, as it must be rented. Oil AS. SOU LESlNUEIt, 04 Liberty street. TO LET?TlIK HANDSOME FOUR 8TORY BROWN i stono I'it'.il-h basement House, 15 Livingston i place, Hunting on Stuyvosniit square : will Ik put In un exceptionable order tor a private family; rent moderate. Inquire of CUARLKS C. WAKSLKY, 104 East Tenth street.. rro LET-FRENCH ROOF HOUSE, 11 ROOM.4, SEVEN I minutes from Lite rty street terry; gas, hot and cold water, bathroom, stationary wash tubs, Ac.; every wall and ceiling fresh painted, four coats; ivo^i work two ex tra coats; ivrnicos and centre pieces fanellv painted; four colors; rent $50 per month. Apply lo A. M. C.U'iiN, Srtl Broadway. - TO LET?A THREE STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN slono House, on the south side ot Forty-first street, near Madison avenue; moderate rent; in good order. Ir.qulro of K MULDOON, 14j East Sixty-ninth street TO LET-UNFURNISHED-EAST THIRTIETH i I street, 81KM and 8A0"0; Lexington avenue, $l,50u- I 01 hers, $L2C/0, $1.4'?0 aad $!.?<'?>; nil rents reduced one naif Since lstot May. B. FLANAGAN. 4cl Fourth avenue. corner of Twenty-eighth street. TO LET-COTTAGE ViJTH STREET AND FIFTH AVE- | I nuc; also Cotuiges In listhan'l 119th streets. Ainly to H. TOMI.INMON, Jr., 71 Bioadway, room 63, or Mrs. VERMiLYEA, ISO Eaat 119th street rro LET?BROWN ?TONI{ IJUUSK 1.11 WEST FO'tTY- I I ninth street, Hir e story, high stoop and French roof, 12>4a4(i feet; will e r rued very low. K. GRIFFITHS, liVli West Forty ninth street. TO LOT?A FIRST CLAM BROWN STONE HOUSE IN We?t 1 Kty-hlth ? re l: rent* ,703. P. ? OOLDII - i ? O., 997 Sixth avenue. TO LET-BhAl;TlFUL CO I ?.?IE, AT CARMAN'S vllle, 15-d street; M.lendld view of the Hudson ; ttiree minutes wnlx dcp?t; ti run very moderate ; a rate chance. W. N. <;Rl;-WuLD, 744 Broadway, A si or place. fPO LKT?SMALL 8 MTORY HOUSE, CENTlt \LLY 1.0 I cated; every modern Imbroyemenf, under cellar, cisflxturesaud stitioimry tubs; In complete order; run Apply at office, 13^.;a*f Twolfth street Tio UflF?CKf UKNISIlKD, o.V TWENTY-SECOVD st ec., near Fourth avanun, n three story high ?toon. ' ! In perfcct order; rent moderate Apply to H It DREW ; & CO., No. 3 West Twenty-third street, Fifth Avenue Hotel. : mo LET?THE THREE H t'OHY AND CELL \R IIOrslT | i 1 1 8 Amity street, m gootl order; all tl-.u lioprovemeuts' Call on the prenii.-* s. ' mo LET rHREl HO? ' N . 11 1", I 11 1rngj j 1 i near Tenth avenne, In floors or apartments, $ia ami i $13 per in.null; ell inu rim ir'ills, 'n juirt oo prem,?es ; or at Slf.l Hudson street I-O BACHELORS, AC-COMFORT. -A S.MALi,. FOR- I nulled House to r oe ;< osey; complete ; suitable tor I I a small family or V?rty of gentlemen. Ad lress box 5,173 ! New Vorii rosi oftiee. mo LET OR LEASE FOR "NT OR MORB YEARS, | J the tour story brown stone first class House, with garden in rear, 51 We^t I.HHIi street, bet wee n Filth and t lath avenues; splendid location. TI1HE FRETTIKHT HOI'SK UV THE i:\ST SIDE, NEAR I Cooper Institute, to let. for $t>.*; to party tvr nilurc. worth iAit. , foi tl.vjnitai^ilv li.. viie.; t- r I it. FLANAGAN. I'.'l Fourth avenue. FtRWISHED ROOMS AM) APARTMENTS T?> liBT. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL I,FT FROST ROOM OS second floor, with aloove, nicely furnished, *11 modern Improvements. torono or two gentlemen. Ad dress S. K.. 2*3 East Forty ninth street. References ex MMjM. A n? H.1..T !"NTI' STREET, A FEW DOORS WEST It,.o ins newfv fiirn'i~hJi?n' I'arlor ? also large aid mmimII convenient furnWl?d: Pricc *3 to *lu; restaurants ATWPROAPWAY-TiIE nERT OPPORTUNITY IN /\ the city to secure neat, cool, nicely tuiiilshi'd Rooms, transients- or permanently, tor bjrht housekeeping, lodg ing or (Mildness; reierences required. Room 10. \WELL FURNISH! D UPPER ROOM, OAS. AC..93, to a quiet, permanent gentleman only, in frst class re-iden'-e, So. 6 St. .Mark's place, near Hn a dway ami Cooper Institute. A LAI?Y HAVING A HANDSOME H'.lUSE, WILI, t\ let two or three rr. t*ily tami-lKd Room*, all front, enrner In,use to gentlemen or ladles, without board. 1S?*< Second avenue, corner Tenth street. Entrance on Tenth street. * OEM I I.KM A N AND firi OR A SINGLiB OBB tlem.m c n And a turn'shed or unfurnished I'oom, at 122 Mist Sixty-si cond street. A BUTT OV EI.FG ANTI.Y FURNISHED BOOMS TO JY let, to gentlemen, en suite or singly. 231 East Elev enth ?!rcet. n*nr Second avenue. ArURNMIFD ROOM TO LET-IN a private family. 110 West Nineteenth street. A NICELY FURNISHED ROOM TO LET?TO A simile gentleman in a private fcmlly. Inquire at 24S Fast Forty-ninth rtmt * FIT.(MSIIKI) HACK PARLOR AND ROOM ON 1V third floor, to a gentleman and \vi;o or one or two gentlemen : t-'n.i and privilege of baihroem. Apply at 2i>5 Henry str*?;. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET-TO GES tlenien, a few eh gmitly furnished Rooms, In ono of the'nost convenient and pleasant location* In the city. Inquire at Sit Wo t Twenty-third s'reet, s"oot.d door triiin Erie Railway office and <: r 11 d opera Hons.'. APBIVATB FAMILY WILL LET TWO NEWLY furnished Rooms, with till conveniences. Applv at ltd West Thirty-seventh strcot, hetwoen Broadway and Seventh avenue. \ FAMILY OF THREE ADULTS, OCCUPYINO A 1\ three Rtf-rr house, In pert', ct order, pear Central Park, would iiin rent ihe whole or port of the same, furnished or unfurnt.-he.l,at a low rent, to u small fam ily. Address A., box s,i:8 nut office. A HALL BEDROOM TO LET FURNISHED, IS A iV cord ncichhorhood, close to Washington square; $3 per w ok. Applj at 18 Wwt Washington place. s LAROB, OOOL, NICELY Fl BKISHED BOOM TO let, to one or Iwo g? nilemen ol quiet habits, at No. 4 Ati'ilisdnn ? ]tl ire 1 nil ill " week. i ?TO LET, A NBA* FABLOB FLOOR, TO OBN. J\, tlemen only, without hoard, in a private family. Also two small Booms. 1 pplv at lit West Forty-fifth st. A YOUNG WIDOW LAD T HAS A PLBA8ANT FUR J\ tilshed Room to let, to n gen;lcman of means. Ad dress, for one week, O. Herald* Aloe. i NICELY FUBNIBHED FRONT ROOM. ON SECOND J.Y floor, whh running water in bathroom, in a respect ti tile French fniidlv; niodcrote price. 60 West Thirty third 'ti'ict, near Ilroadwa.v. Rln-r twice. A LA lb IE DESIRABLE FBONT Room AND AD IV joining Room, ftirnlshed, for he use keep in;-; hiino brown stolid ; cross town cars pass I ho door. 028 West For ty - so o oml s I ree t. * HALL BOOM, PARLOR FLOOR, FOR A GENTLE jY man. Bast Kightcenth street. A SMALL P.: IV Ail-; FAMILV WILL LET To A GEN t'eman and wlfo or two single gentlemen, two pleasant furnished Rooms, on second tloor; hatli and -:iis. Inquire at us West Twenty ninth street, near Sixth i>v. I T ill FIFTH AVENUE?PARTIES OAS BOW MAKE J.\ arrnngeinenla for elegantly furnished Apartments, without board, en sultu or" singly; also (rout ltaskiucnt, for physician's office; the house is Icing newly fitted ii ill furnished threunhout. A PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD LIKE TO LET TWO jY lumlsiied Rooms, wiih pas i;iid hath, to one or two gentlemen or a man and his wlfo; re I'd re neon required and given. West Twenty-first street, three doors from Ninth avenue. A T I2J WEST THIRTEENTH STREET.?ROOM TO ,/Y. let, furnished, on second tloor; curpet and furniture all new; immediate possession. A T a." EAST FOURTEENTH STREET, NEAR SEC il. ond avenue.?Parties can hove ftirnlshed or untar nished Apartments, en suite or singly, without board: Hi- i bock Parlor, suitable tor physician or dentist; house newly papered and painted throughout A T 114 EAST . WEXTY-SI WW 81RBET, CONVENIENT JY to hotels and Madl-on avenue Park.? Elegantlv fur nished Kooni", un suite or singly; house and appurten ances tii -t cla-s. A FEW NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH CON im. rT.w'i'T.r.0 (o.r l,0fp"0c|)ln(?, or to gentlemen-.modern 0,!* : ternu t PARTY OF GENTLEMEN WISHING A NICK SUIT J\ of Parlors, and also other pleasant Rooms, can he aecr.mmodated at No. tf Vari< k place, near Bleecker street; terms moderate. ?AN ELEGANTLY FCRNTl'.HED SECOND . T 'r.orpn-1 one large Room ->n tlilrdf'oor, tog- ntle tucn, -wl'^out board; terms very reasonable; iamily strictly privnie. 3M East fblrtj tl rd itreet A BEAUTIFUL PARLOR AND BEDROOM AT JY tached. on llrsl tloor, in Inrge brown stotio front house on fwenly-third street (nil ii'-n- lurniturc and car pets), to l"t to n elu!) i f four cents, or to a physician, if permanent; rent i.uly 8-'3 per wif-k. Address box <ji? s!:itii-n I'. New *. or!;, li-.-.d ? r liir.v dn vs. \ pleasant FUBNISHBD room, without Board, to let to one or two gentlemen, at 4i Uliurl u n street; rett rence reqnirad. STRICTLY PBIV-VTE FAMILY IN FOBTV-FOURTII A street, near Broadway, will tot two or three finely furnished Rooms, without board, to gentlemen ot limi ne ,s and rcrinemcnt? Address IIOWaRD, Herat 1 Up town Branch oiiice. ? I U08 FRONT ROOM ANI) TWO SMALL IloOM.-i, j.V furnished, for housokr-cping, $7 weekly, gas and ba h inrliund; hall Room, $2 51; linuse private. 125 West i wenty >aventh street, near Sixtii avenue. A LADY EMPLOYED DURING THE DAY, OCCUPY J\. uik a large, nicely fnrnislied front Room, deslri s to shave i with snoihor lady; U-rms moderate; refeicnccs esi handed. 813 Sixth avenue. 4 SUIT OR SINGLE ELEGANTLY Fl'RNISIIKD iL P.i.o-.iiE; also a de.-lr.iblc Room lor doctor or dentist, n---sr first class restaurants and llroad-.vay. M West Twelity-sixth street. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED PARLOR FLOOR; XV also several other Ronins, en suite or singly, lo acn th-nicn or for liottselteeplrg-^also a rh.vsieian's tlfilco. 251 West For.y-tlilrd street, near Broadway. A N ELEGANTLV FI'ENI-GIKD FRONT BOOM TO i\ lot, to one or two gentlemen w ith rcft-rences at2SS Fourth avenge, between Nineteenth and Twentieth streets. Location unsurpassed. A LARGE FRO'.'T ROOM, SECOND FLOOR, TO OXI or two, or tor light housekeeping; im provement. ''nil tor three days a! Gfi" Soonn 1 avenue. A ?TWO LARGE AND TWO SMAI.L WELL FUR J\> nlshed Rooms, separately or en suite; uas, hsth and ail convenir iici-m ; within on?. block of three lines of cars. 98 Me.-dougul street. Broadway, nos. 1,121, 1,11.1 and 1,125 and no. 7 V'e-t Twenty-fifth street.?Furnished Rooms, with out board, to let to families or single!omen, ill suits or sli-Kly, at moderate prices; buildings connect with St. James Hotel and have a fine view of Madison Park ; for a quiet ami comfortable home they cannot hn excelled. Ini,uiro of .Mrs. GORMAN, No. 7 West Twi nty fllth s.rect, Beautiful rooms and suits, all newly let cheap, for the Summer. In large brown sloii" Iron! house on i wenty-thir.l street; Irotn .Si to $2!>; no be;irders-. no l ooking allowed in reoms; refer rnee. Addre.-.s Pox t?J station I). Oood for one we.-k. /1I.INTON PLACE. NEAR FIFTH AVFNUE.?A Nf'E V ly furnished Room to let, with All conveniences; neiahbf.rhood excellent, near ear ruiin-s and resiaurnul-; family private. Apply at KG Ileade street. /10MF0ETABLY FUBlflSHKD BOOMS TO LBT? V - With bathroom and gas aucoinn.oilation. Apply at 33t Sixth avenue. /10RSKR SIXTEENTH ST RE FT AND IRVING . place.?Newly furnished Rooms to let. to gentlemen ; also a very flne Office ior a physician. Call at 122 East Sixteenth street /10RNER l NIVEBSITY PLACE AND EIGHTH street, 145 1 linton p a~e. ?v?-wly furnl-hed Rooms to let, en suite or singly, w llhout board; private bath to cacti room ; terms reu <ouabln. King hud of second flat. Tj1 LEG A NT APARTMENTS, EN SUITB ABD SINOLT, .PJ In a han--'some, entirely newly lurnished, first class hens.-; t.;.!.i.'-a<" terms. H V. e-t Ninth street. ] ELEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS ON SECOND J tloor, en suite or singly, with or without Hoard. M WestTonth st.cet, betwen Fifth and Sixth avenues. I BURNISHED ROOMS TO LET-IN A Pi.IVATE P'inilv, wi'h privilege of bath nnl gas; terms m>nleratc. Can be .-e 11 on Sunday. Apply at 310 West Mii'-te. ^t 1< ? "ruet. T^URN'ISHED ROOM TO LET-121 WE~T FIFTEENTH J1 str'-et, a'ow doors from sixth avenue, in a priv itc family; a very h ind -ineiv ftirnlshed third story back Room, to gentleman and wi:e or singl ? gentlemen. TpUBBlSHBD FRONT HALL BEDROOM?TO ORE OB " two gentlemen ; bath, gas and use ol parlor. 23 Rut g r laee, second floor, flail until let. I^I RMSIIKD ROOMS TO LET?IS A PRIVATE 1 lamlly, without board. Inquire at 251 West Twenty second street. UURMHIIED FLOOR, SUITABLE FOR HOUSEKr.CP r lng; private house, on Eighth avenue iino'Jern im provem- nt. with Pianos. Anply at CIIRISTaLLER'S Real l-Mate nfflrr, 17 Abliik, Ion nu ire, Eighth avenue, between Illccekcr and Twelfth ?treels. I^URNTSIIED ROOMS TO LET, WITHOUT BOARD, TO r genilemcn and their wives or simile gentlemen; fam ily private. Address I'W West Twelfth slrcot, near Sixth a veilue. Xjll'RNlSHED ROOMS?FOR GENTLEMEN OSLY; I1 ftirnish"d new and stylish; very des ruble for sum lie r. convenient to llroudway. .-eventh and Eighth ave nue cars. IVJj West Forty -fifth street. CIURNISIIED ROOMS TO RI.NT?WITH USE OF P bath; all the comforts of a good home. Apply at tkl Fourth avenue. , Ltt'ltNlSHED APARTMENTS To LET?SUIT ABl.E I for liifht housekeeping, in private house West Mnetcenth slreet. L't'R sIs IIED NEATLY FOR HOUSEKEEPING?FAR r lor, Bedroom, Closets, Kitchen, Bntlirootn, Water cioset and iriis, all on first floor, iiontluu hlKlith avenue ; terms modi r :t- ?>?> West Twcnty-otghth street. |/UR:-T.-IIKI) floors to let newly fi p.nish. I ed ; three splendid Parlors lall In.i rovemeiitsi and use of kllchcn; Second Floor and Fourth Floor, separate or together, lor light house keeping; snlen tl-l location. 3 w West Fourteenth street; abo Rooms at IU0 West four loeuth street. FURJVI9HKD ROOMS AMD APARTMENTS

TO LET. ITtUBMISHBD BOOMS IN A PKIVAT.: FAMILY FOR ' married or single gentleim n 249 East Thirtieth *t. Fmnnn booms to lbt?fob light HorsB knnping or tor single gentlpaicn, with nil mndern convenience*. ?09 Fourth avenue, three flights up ; near the depot. _ _ FURNISHED BOOMS TO LET.?A BACK PARLOR, handsomely furnished; cUo other Rooms with closets, hot nnd rolil water, gas anil use of bath. 19 Weft Thirteenth (tract, near sixth avenue. FURMRHED RDOM-4 to LET-TO GENTLEMEN OR would let to gentleman and wife; reforencc* ex changed. (')?< Macdousal street, near Houi'on street. ItcoMS TO LET?FOR OENTL.'- MEN only. 35 West Twenty-third street FDBtn BED PABLOB AMD BBDBOOMS, BATIT, AO., 112 weekly ; alo nthrr Rooms: quite hi ti e: all la eilities of homo; central. tfr-t class locution. 100 Fittccnh street, ea-i of In ion square. FUBNISBBD or UNFUBNISHBD rooms TO LET.? First class gcn'leinen w nit.I have a comfortable home. References exchanged. 4* East Eighteenth street, near Broadway. nANDSOM I'.l.Y FURNISHED rooms TO LET, WITH out board. to gentlemen only. 47 West Twenty second -treel. Relurcn es exchanged. UANDSOMB floor TO LBT?cobnbb HOUSE overlo >klng Reservoir Park; verv pleasant Room*. Apply ut >'.W7 Sixth avenue, corner Fortieth street. Handsomely FURNISHED rooms 1() LET-TO gentlemen only, with hot and cold'water ami gas; house centrally located; convenient to all lines of cars; references exchanged. 4.'Charlton street. HANDSOMELY FURNISHED rooms for FAMI lles; atntiona-y sinnds, hot nnd cold water; llyht hou?c keeping or Board it desired ; in ighhorhood unex ceptionable ; n Terence required. 143 West Eleventh st. HAND.-OMEl.Y FURNISHED rooms-WITIIoUT hoard: hath : piano; nice library; home privileges; private lamllv. 17s Lexington avenue, corner Thirty III st street. HANDSOMKLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO REXT?AT a reasonable price, t<> gentleman, without hoard, at 1T>7 West Twenty-third street.. Releronce. HANDSOMELY FUBXISBBD BOOMS TO LET?SIN gle or en suite, to gentlemen o a large Room on the t'onrih floor, with gas; summer price. 14 W? ?t Seventeenth street, near Finn avenue. n1 akdsome, newly PURNisnBD sitting and Bodroom* to let. Id n private house; references re quired. 110 East Twenty rerenih street. HANDSOMELY FURNISHED PARLOR FLOOR?FOB two gentlemen or gentleman and wife; also Rooms, en pul'e or singly. Apply at 143 F.ast Seventeenth street, near Irving place. Handsomely fitbnishbd first floob?one for housekeeping; two nice squaro Rooms for g-ntlemen ; $1 per week each. 4:0 West Thirty 'ourth st> Harlem.?to let, the uppeb part <two Honrs) of a first, class house; all Improvements; nlcnsantlv located; convenient to boat and cars; for S'S to n sma I la nily, with reference. Address HOME, liar lem Post office. Harlem. near hoat, OARS and bestaubant.? Nlceiv furnished Room*, tor housekeeping; house brown sti he and in good order WO East 1-Mlh street, bo twecn Second and Thlro event**]. I ARGE POOM AND IIAI.L ROOM, SUITABLE FOR .1 J on.- or two gentlemen; $2 a week, ena and hath; splendid location; furnished. 224 Second avenue, nuar Fourteenth street. Tabor, airy, furnished fbont and back j Roonv, cn suite and singly, without hoird. t.'> I'.ust Tenth street, between University place ami Broadway. VTEWLY FUBXISHED BOOMS TO LET?WITHOUT XN hoard, at 31 Clinton place. Call and see. TICELY FURNISHED ROOM?FOR ONE OR TWO iVe'.t Twoinh' 'triV>r'Vat0 ro,ur?nces required. I VTICELY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET-TO GENTLE i.x men, at 317 Sixdi avenue, near Twentieth street; beat references, Hen and required. POOM? - SINGLE OR IX SUITS, NEWLY FUR lt nlshr .1 throiis'hont. In n central and desirable locu tion, at If. Vast Fourteenth street. Rooms on second floob of pbivate house < IS Third street, one block ea^t of liroudwny, In nice order, to gentlemen, without board. QEYERAL HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM". TO v ' let, on second suite or singly; also a front Parlor, .Hulinhhi for n phytiicipn; terms moderate. 208 West Forfy-thlrd street TO LET?A NICELY FURNISHED PART.Oil, TO TWO gentlemen or man and wife, with Hasement lor housekeeping; a'so -mall Rooms, on third fleor, for light housckeei)l:u; ens, water, Ac. Call a* ID Sixth ire me. rro IET-A NIC!!, AIRY, VT.WLY FUUNI.^TIEn boom I on first floor, for one or two gentlemen, from $3 M to $4 SO ] er week. Can be i^en to-day. 2J Harrow street, between Fonrth and B leeeker. TO LET?TO A GENTLEMAN. NICELY FUBMISHBD Parlor: private family; reference required. Inqulie at 2si West Thirty-aJxth strcot. To LET?A NIOKLY FUBMISHBD FUunt HALL Foo;ii, on rccontt floor, private house, ?"?T>!orat!rt slri-ct, with all tho com torts of a bom-, to one or two young gentlemen; 1'wr two, JS^or one^i-'liHir ycek. rpo LET?AT 107 WEST TWELFTH STREET. NEWLY I end handsoniely furnbhed Dooms on second floor; hot aii,l told wa'cr; all moiiern Improvements; also Bcoms on third floor. TWO FURNU'lEH ROOM J FOR HOUSKk"KEPIXO Inquire at > o. ti Sixth avcnite. rl LET-AT SIXTH AVF.XUR, A HANDSOMELY fnrnUlto 1 Second Floor, to gentlemen or a gentle man and wile, 'or light housekeeping. 'P I LET?? WEST BLBYENTH 8TBEBT, WTTHOITP 1 hoar 1. In a private family, Second Floor, furnished, ::: d -:.:.:il ftirnlSDCd Rooms, tor gentlenon O'sly. mo LET?TO OE XI LEM EN, \ NICELY FUBNISHBD I Kuom; also large Parlor nnd small Boom; h.ilcony In front; hath, hot and e< Id water, Ac. At 111 E<ibt Fit !. i:ort /pply all rtie week. 'n., r.f]_i v;-i km.-hed. third ii.o ir-, also a i ha< !; Parlor irn I Bedroom. AiMreSi M. II., Herald Uptown llraiie'.i, 1,2 iO lJroadway. riH) LET-AT fi.1 MORTON STREET FIRST CLASS J handsomely furnished Room?. without boiHM : ^dih! i.<?:,-iil o. hood, N inlli ward; convenient to ears; reiirrh?il t rat- to |.( imanent jiarties; no boarders taken. TO RENT?TO GENTLEMEN, WELL FURNISHED Kik.iiis; hoi and coin water; private family: reier cnces. 77 West Twelfth street, between Fit: b and Sixth a?euues. rpo LET-TilIRD FLOOR, FURNISH Ml ?i It UNFfR. 1 ni-lied, with all improvements, separate or together, to gentlemen or for light hou?ekec;ifng; cheap, to ??it theduinessof the timua. 44 East Ninth street, v.e.i of AroMWtF* TO LET?FUBNI8HED OB unfurnished, FOB I light hou< keeping. Parlor Floor of tlir ro.-tm, with Kitchen If desired; (lose w, bath and gas. itt7 West Tenth street, nuar llleecRor. rpo LET?A ROOM AND BEDBOOM TO \ OENTLK 1 man nnd u it". Apply at 2:w 'lhlr'y < ?.. 11;It n et rpo PHTSII I AN8. HEXTLSTS OR TWO OENTLBMBB? I large furnUheil Parlor; room adjoining It required; I.a'.h and g is; hejt U cation on Fourth a vena ?; rclennccs exchanged. It. FLANAGAN, Agent, Fourth avenue, Twenty-elgth street. rpo LET?FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED WITH 1 oat hoard, three large Rooms, with i lo-e s. h .? and cold water and bath ; will bo lot singly or toother; to gentlemen only; pi 1.-ate family. C7 We.-t Twenty. fltih i.rcef. . mo LET?IN A FIRST Ci.ASS HOUSE, Wl'Pn PBI I viih- tftmily, urnlshod Rooms, In pcrc t ordet, with all tin-modem improvement*. Twcnt. ntth street, n- ar Madison . jiiare. Address.I. S., Herald ofllee. rpo LEi-FURNISHED, TWO LARGE l'ARTORS; I ic ommodatlon lor four gentletn n ; also P'oit Room on -e ind floor: terms reasonable. TAs West Twentv seeoit 1 st-tef, two minutos' walk In.m the Elevated Railway ftation. mo LET?AN BLBOANILY furnish ? l? ".??iTflNU I an I Bed Koom connecting, fronting tHion square; als > ar Rooms, furnished; terms rea onuble; refer em s cxehangod. Call on or addreaa E. M 40 j .-mt II,<n i.. nth sir- of, third floor. 1 IRVING PLACE.?BAN DjOMBLT FUBMISHBD J. R.m ins to lot, single or en suite, at moderate prices. I 1 OP. TWO LARGE AXO NICELY FURNISHED ' I It.oms, with closets, running water, b ull, Ac.; con ! veni.'iit to Broadway; terms low. lUi West Twenty Bfnth street. II BLOCKS EAST OF BROADWAY.?IX THE KLE 1gnntly furnl-hed house .tl Stiivve*ant street, fine , It..01:13 for gentlemen of rcflnemcnt desiring a [icrmaneut hi me; house kept tuiexceptlonably. i) NEWLY KURNISHED BOOMS To LET?FOR ONE aj or t Ao gentlemen or gcntloman ami wife, with tha use ot ba'broom. S4 East Tenth street, between Third | a .,1 ruin 1I1 avenue). References. 4?n STORY, FRONT ROOM, TO LET. FURNISHED? To on< or two gentlemen, with all the comferUof a b ne , rcferenecsex<h*n?e I. Inquire at No 7 th.uto pher street, or at stand N??. IIJ.IefTerson Market. QD STORY FRONT ROOM, MKWLT^ANb HAND i jL sotnely furn'shel, to gentlemen, without hoard r reti''o khv;i ui,1 re mire I. 2.W W< t Iweiitydiihst t) GENTLEMEN, WILLING TO ROOM TOO I THE R, it can have a til ely furnished Room in tne first cl is* hou-" VI We*t Eigh eenth strict i) HLSIRABLE SINGLE ROOMS FOR (IENfLEMEN? _ Without hoard at II Clinton place. Eighth street, second house east of Filth avenue and Brer iort Home. ?> FL'RNISHKD ROOMS CONNEttTING, ON SK(tONI) 0 fleor. for light housekeeping or let to single gentle man. "- t: Ixth uvunue, between Forty-fourth and Forty fittli street ? ? CLINTON FLACK, NEAR BROADWAY.?HAND. ? ) roinely tnriilshcd front und hack Parlor, suitable for gentlemen and wives; priccs moderate. ( Ill WEN'l E. ?I7, FIRST DOOR BBLOW TWBBTT. 1 ninth str. et.?A very large, handsomely liirnishi d front Room, with closet, without board, lor one or t?o gentlemen. Can be *cen alter A P. M. ,-TII AVENl'E. If4 -FURNISHED ROOMS, BACK ?) an I iront, with baths on each floor: reference* An ply to Mr LAWR'.NCK, on the premises. Especially adapted for gentlemen. - I'll AVENUE. I''l. ? FURNI.MI ED ROOMS TO LET, i) front anl back; baths on caelt floor. Apply to Mr. LAWRENCB, on the premises. ? r:I AVIvXl'E.?A II AN DSOM" LY FLVXISHID ?) front Room on second Ho ir, with privat*' lath. ,tc.| also Rooms on third floor furnished or unfurnished, to gentlemen only, Without Board. 314. -Til AVKJiUB, opposite MADISON SQUARE,? ? ) Elegant .?'nils of Rooms, fully nirulshed, wi'.hout boi?rd, at summer prices. Inquire at 200. A/JPEB WEEK.-A PLEASANT ROOM AND BEDROOM, vU third f!o >r, furnished for light housekeeplii'. ; quint house, conveuicut Vj cars and stages. 40A v\ ost I hirtiolh ?freot FVKKISHKD ROOMS AND APARTMEXT8 TO I?BT? 1/. EAST FIFTEENTH KTR RET.?LA R( I WELL LI > furnished Iront Rcom ; water and uas: suitable for two gentlemen, without board; an oxceiient laundry in the bouse. in WEST TIIIIfTIETH STREET.?HANDSOMELY 1?/ furnished Rooms iu first class House, ^condfloor, bathroom connecting; also sinirle rooms lor gen.ioiueti only, without in .fi. private tamiiy. Oik IRVINO PLACE. ?HANDSOMELY Ft RNIS1IKD Rooms i'ii '?alto, or singly, to let, to gentlemen only; breakfast it ri-.jniri-.l. _____ m8T STREET. BETWEEN SIXTH AND SEVENTH ? 1 avenueg. -Phy-iclan's office, well furnished ex tension Kt,Din, in private house, with um of parlor and room on second floor, wiih or without Board. atdeslrod; only those xvlih unexei ptioiiul>'<- reference* and aMc to pay for superior ace.,m:i;o !ationa nted applv. .'nldrcst X. L., Herald Uptown Branch otilcu. 1,2-15 Broadway. Of? PERRY ST if KT. -TO I.F.T, WITH HOARD, large furnished ir nt Room on sooon 1 floor, suita ble for ? ntlcman and wilo or single gentlemen; terms $10 per week. Ai)? ITU MONTH.?AN EXTRA LARGE AND well ventilated Boom, furnished, on ecind floor; aluo another, with small Room atacheil. :.J La layette place, opposite At tor Library. Beierence. 0.7 WEST TWENTY SIXTH STREET.?SECOND Zi I Floor to rent, ftirnlsheil, near the St. .lames Hotel; ata>twomnglo Rqmu; reflyreneet exchanged. <17 UNION SQUARE, WEST.?TO LET. HANDSOMELY ? 1 furnished and unfurnished Iron' Boom*, rn second and third floors; suitable for any lira c'.as-i business. Ap ply on the pre mites to llllet. LYONS k MOUNfJOY. t)7 WEST TIIIRTV-FIHsT <H!F,T.-A LAEOE, ? I well furnished Room to let. to a single geiitlcman, without Iioard. geHWIWMoxchanged. tin MACDOUOVL STREET, NEAR PRINf'E. ?RouMS, jSiO furnished or nnfiirnlshed, suitablo tor liitht house keeping ; also a party ol gentlemen can lie accommodated with Board. OO WEST THIRTY-THIRD STREET.?HANDSOMELY J.') fu rule lied House to let, for one or three years^tiear 1,1 ' ' No. 3 West Twenty tilird street 32 GREAT JONES STREET, NEAR BROADWAY, - - ? convenient to principal hotels, st?pen nnd ears,? Oentlcmrn of refinement o 111 be accommodated with newly nirni-du'il dotilde or .single Booms, at reasonable prices; a rare opportunity for gentlemen to o 'tain pleas ant. genteel upartmcuta;' family private; reierences ex changed. _ QQ EAST TWENTY-THIRD STREET.?PLEAAAET ?)?> Suit ol Rooms, vacant Monday: also two single Eoomt tor gentlemen, at Bummer rates. QQ LAFAYETTE PLACE,?HANDSOMELY Fl'R ? jO niched front Room on -ecotid floor. In perfect order, with nil conveniences; n'so large Room on first tloor; gentlemen uiilv. Call after to-dij. or WEST EIOIITEENTH STREET, BETWEEN ! ?l?J Fifth nnd Sixth avenues.?Handsomely llirnlshed i front ami back Rooms, singly or en mite. without 1 ottrd. i A 7 WEST TWENTY-SEVENTH STREET, BETWt EN J T 1 Broadway and Mxth avenue.? Fnrnt"hed Booms, for irentlemcn only ; best summer boon; In tho city ; terms $3 to 99 per week. A Q WEST TWENTY-sl XTH STREET, NIOl; ST. j 'fn James lintel.?Largo atri small furnished Rooms: Parlor? en suite, two large Bai lors, with not a ml cold water, baths ana g< o t attendance -, prlcea moderate. _ fXO SOUTH WASHINGTON SQUARE, FOURTH ?)?> street- Vcwly turn shed Rooms, lor hoiiseice 'pint;, 1 and others suitable lor -Iti.rle or party ot; | tingle liedt; all Improvements. - | EA-T NINTH STREET, V FEW !?'??? ' ''I' J ?')4" of Broadway.?Pb a-ant nnd attractive furnished , Eoomt tii lei. without board. ff a EAST TETNH STREET, A FEW DOORS FROM I ?)~r Broadway.?To let, large and small Rooms, newly furnished ; all modern improvements. rp WEST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET, NEAR FIFTH ? M) Avenue Hotel and llo ^h's p;-r fur nlshed lodging Boom for u gonllomuu; every con ven'encc; $1. err EAST NINTH STREET, JETW1 BE BROADWAY ?) I and University plive.?HaniKotm-lv fiirnl-ihod Rooms, en unite or sin-tv, with or without Ureakiuat, to gentieim-n only. Rofuren.'os. 58 LEXINGTON AVENUE, CORNER TWENTY filth s'.reet.?Handsomely furnishi 'I iront lloon;s, sinalv ami en suitn, al? 1 Parlor Floor, to lot, without, board ; private tiimd.v ; reterencm exchanged^ _ To WEST TWELFTH STREET. BETWEEN FIFTfl ? 1 ami Sixt'i avenu.>.?Parlor Ploor, w11b ball Boom aiUolnlnir, atid extension . hot and cold water; suitable for a first class dentist or physician. 7r Morr STREET,-A COMFORTABLY FURNISHED Bedroom to k-t to two B"is for Si iw each per week, on third tloor, front room, Call for three- days. 77 WEST ELEVENTH STREET, NEAR FIFTH ? 1 avenue.?::le;;antly f'trnlshed Booim, singly or en FUltft* f??r (rentlcmou, without t?oftf<Ij 1'ouso n^wly ro fitted, nnd in all the appointments first class; retorvno.-s exchaofed. l/\7 WEST fWELETII STREET, CORNER SIXTH Hl| nvenno.?Newly ttirnlshed Kootn.t to gentlemen, without board. _ 1 aq EAST TV.NTit TREE:. NEAR HROADW4Y. iUu Hand omely furnished Itooms, without Bcaril, to K n'.lemeti; term-i moderate. V.AS'f r'.VENTY-SIXTH STUEET.?TlfEEE OR ill four eUeerftii anil well furnished Ueorti?. eu suite or fliiily. to gentlemen, without hoard, who ran nivo the best leteic-n ci. One block ir im .Malison Stjvtaro. Ill madisov av?:;uu.?Roosrs, en suite, or , . _ for fatuities or gentlemen, on second or third tloor; also Hall Booms; references. 112 110 YM WEST TWENTV-SKCOND STREET.?TO LET, handsome Suit of Ho mis on parlor tb or tor dent i?t or hoitr^kocpiiitf; al^o other Hooni, tnrntsh6<*. 8ECOND AYRNUE ?A NEWLY Fl RNI8HED Front Bo wn to a gentleman, without 1 oarn. _ TOO 1 A. r FIF I Y- ! NTH STREET, NEAR LEXING ltVf/ ton avenue.?To lei, a Part <>' a high stoop brown stone House, clii-a:i, to a small family. Applj on tlio premises mWISST SIXTEENTH STREET. ?PLEASANT ROOM on second floor for two gentlemen or gentleman ; and wlte; also R 10m on tlilrd floor; terms moderate. i 4)11 EAST KlliHTKI'.NTII STREET. -TO LET Tt) ? Zll gentlemen, without board, nlc.-ly furnished ? Room*, in .1 con* mli nt ao I ploasanl lo nation. ' Ol 1 E? T ELEVENTH ST It EST.? A LA BOB ' A It front Po.'io, will accommodalo one or moro j gentlemen, without board. OU< WEST FORTIETH STREET.?HANDSOMELY I Zl') ft;rrl-he l Room, on second floor, with all mod ern improvements, for one or two Gentlemen; one on j third flo u\ front; rafereiices exchanged; family private. ? i)t)Q LEaINO Tov AVENUE, NEAR THIETY I. in-ti "treet.? A lara" Iront Kooin, nlc.dv lor- | nHietl, to lei, to o:i"<r two slnyle 3' nil men, without 1 boardt terms rtty moderate; family i^rtvato. no- -A LSI lORTIi.'lll S l'!i EET.?ROOMS TO LET, ^O') (urttlsh'it r vrli.rnished ; a Floor of four coll- I n .< tlng 1ms, with he! and cnl.l water; also a Iront Par- : lor, -uitai l ? fir a |.hys:cian's_ol!iee. STREET.?TO LET, A I ni|) KAST SIXTY-FIIWT KTR El ? Zt largo fartiNx <1 Room, cheap. 420 681 ' or I WEST TWENTY-SIXTH STREET.?TO LET, i ZOt ftirnt'heil, lo resiioctahlo parties only, or.a large Room; japi rweek; suitabie lor housekeeping or single j gentlemen; hss all improvements. 0-0 WEST CWKNTV-TIHIiD ST I!!' K'T ELF.OA VT ^,)q ly furnished Rooms to let, slngio or en Mute, at moderate prices. HUDSON STREET. -FURNISHED ROOMS, with or without Hoard. LEXTNOTON AVENUE, FOUR BLOCK3 FROM tiui ('? iitnil Park - A nicely furnished hall Room; terms mo'orate, fail on or a l Iress .Mrs. <lo\ Ell. , IXFlliA (Mi E15 ROOMS AJil) APAJtT- 1 MKIfTS TO LET. ^ | ? SECOND ELOt B TO LET, SIX AP-V-.RTMENTS{ ^ if is, wa*, r < l"?e!, marble matiteli. In,|uiio | on premises, 3J9 w.?st Twenty-first strcrt. k SECOND FLOOR, Fol'R ROoMS, 2X4 WEST Twebl'i street, e-irtier ol Fonrth stri-et; water and "a*; li.n.i. -i. to i ..y ^^raxnAM, <09Hudson Irwi 1 "pBIVATE FAMILY, HAYING MORE ROOM THAN J\ reoulr -1, Moul i lei iiie :>1 cc?*? I and pirt of t.ic Third Floor to a nnall family. IS Mni-d itigal street. | Y WllOLU OR PART OF IIOUSK To LE T- xi W EST [ A Eleventh street, lo suit V'n2n? ' mediate po-se.-.;.01. &K9 Hud "rt_ I ? I ? R1 \ A ! E I- VMII.V .If. '? SI.ITK KLI-I!' v- T SMALL ! A Room-, verv nicely iuri:;*l.,->l. t ere tin r a a ratelv; moiern Improvements; rob rencos; i-d.taWo toi gentlemen. i >.1 East I till ly IU I h s, r et. ^ | 4 FIRST FLOOR fO LET -OVER HIE f-ToRE 130 1 A Fourth aveta.c. near Twenty-ninth street; lUe ( 1 rooms; improvements. Apply to owm r, on tho prem- j | l.,os, from U to 2 0 CI( ? j 4 labor OR hilALL BOOM r? OENTLEHEN OF ,\ respectability. In Ural cla s liousc stnall American . family; terms tooUr.ito. ftcon alter i c do. s. -if Eatt j Thlny-nlnth street 1 N UNFURNISHED BACX K< OX FOB HOUIB jV keeping 01 literal* 1 rani >7. ><?. 1 'anc street. 4 ?TO LET, TI1RBK ROOMS, ON 'i'H !?: TlilUD j A, floor of a brown stone hons., for lions- '-.n- | ia.: (partly I'uralshed it'desired', to oaeor tiffo -sous; rent : low. Apply at CT East Forty-fir--ft ttrcet. , _ ] 4 LARGE FROST A > ;) BALL ROOM IDJOININO, , A also a back Parlor and es'.^ nsioti Koorn to let, to a married couple or slnglu gen!l".meOi all 1110lorn provemen'.t. W Kt SarVi p|at?. 4 SECOND FLOOB TWO ROOMS ON Fni j-'1 FLOOR A and ono room In attic ; lauiulM- ijaii, ? We?t I i^rtt? enth street, 1 ( ?1 ?" 1,1 1 ?v 4 FIRST FLOOR AND i s RMBNT TO t.;:r-iu A West seventeenth street; ten rooms; water ami tfuHi tmmodiiite poMrtHsioTi; r?*thicfu r? rt. gas, M ^ ^ (t r nL-llNfj,v>t, cm lluils<n sirew, A MAGNIFIUENT FBENOH FLAT. ON LEXINGTON jV. avenue, near Fifty-sixth street, at $l,wW; also If Sevi n'v ih'rd * r et. f.irnsr laextngton avenue, st BI.9IU-, also 3i? East Fiity-ilUli street, iui i ^ v.vai others at re dnctid rental. ^ r**T ? ^ 1 s o., uutcu rima. ,.K rhird nv< nuo. FrVTsEH FL VT TO LET-IN IIROWN STONE house .'aiS Lei iu;'. n ivenuc, near Fifty-first street) I nil tin. rovements; hoiue ti"W. Anp'y on premises, i; West Forty-third slieet, to A. If. NONES, or at 1-So Broadway. A' LL ABOVE PARLOUS OF FOUR STORY nitOWN ?? ne ho'ts.', Forty-first street, Broadway and Sixth I ANenue , ilsslr .bic for on? - r two small tamiiles: balance occupied by three adnltl; fry modern e rent; Parts ot House.-an.t Floors to let, WILLIAM ELLIOTT A Co., 1,491 Broadway, near Forty fifth street / IOTTAGR, ROOMS AND STORE 10 LBT IN VHW \l Nttifli ward-' oifaue, 10 rooms. $"W; nice Store in llod-ou strc t. |i41; nice Second Flo or, 5 rooms, First Floor and Basement SO. Apply at HfJ llmi^o ?ireot VNFUKNISIIT-.n ROOMS AMD APAITN MKfTN TO LRT. ^ T.M.KOANT ANDCOMPUBTB FRENCH ^AT^oTh?C SlrU Ii??n!l,0lne ,,rown *toUC h?u?j ?m Wc?t Forty* FRENCH FLATS-SIX ROOMS, $.|0, ONLY MAIM,, opposite Opera House; halls Iiah*e4 u3 cleaned by ownor. Apply to jauitor, U3 bust Fourteenth street IARllE RB1>CCHON IN RENT CHOICE I'LOOBS J on Broadway, ne >r Th.rty *''ond street. with an convi nlcn< os, In comp ete order; will rent very low to good tenants. A. C. LOOMlg, I, 5? llro.idwar. O.N Wrl. T TWENTY Til Mill K1RKF.T, II'CI" It PART, four or six room', to small taintlv, without chiMirn: rent moderate. Apply, Monday ami Tuesday, in the coal office. Twenty-fourth street, near tilxth avuiiue. PLEASANT AND NICi-.LY ri'H M-Hl-H P.ihiMS TO 1.1 in a good location, at 191 UloomAeld street, llo boken. OECf>Ni? AND PART OF t;:ii:d FLOOR IN private ? ^ house PC ffoi1 1 liirty-thlril aires*, between Ninth ami Tenth avenues; hot ami cold wutor, gas, Ac.; rent $90. StfCONI) FLOOR OF FINC PRIVATB IIOUKE I3| East Sixteenth atreet, near Irviu. place, ail improve ments to a stn;i!l, desire bio family only. AppJy a< aoovo or to JOSEPH MONROE, <? John atreet CJPLENDID FLOOR TO LET?CONSISTING OF SI* iTi rooms. with bath, gaa. marble mantel, chuudi ti?rt closet; separate meter; newly fitted up; owner oocti,"In* premises. IS Monroe street. rro let-tub Top FLOOB of a house laid oijt 1 In tints, containing elirht rooms, all lighted ami ven t Hated, with all modern Improvements: dumb waiter to the top ol he house. Apply to owner, SK) West Forty* ninth street TO LET?SECOND ANi> THIRD FLOORS, OONTAIW ing kM Improvements, together or separately, in brown stone house 313 Pus' Eighteenth street. TO LET-TO A SMALL FA KILT, THE TIHUD Floi r it'a private house . all the modern Improve ments; rem 8 '.i per monili; reference rcnuired. Impure at 483 Bast Fifty-eighth atreet rpo let- tiisrr ?sn floor. v.ini has and 1 bath, to a mall (amity, in the private house AJH Eadt Forty second street rpO LET. UNFURXISHI D?'TTlI n-.niMi \NI> TIIIKD I Floors of high stoop houae. P?"> Wi st Twentieth street: seven rooms caco ; lialh and ;;li Improvements, It; iptenillit order - owner In the hoi: v.; will !>??. lot to itemed lamilius very eh?p. References. TV) LET, UNFURNISHED, TO A MAN \N!j\VIFIv? Upper Part, ? tir rot t is, In n brown stone h use, engl side, near Forty second street; ail improvement*. Ad* drew E. ff . Hi raid office. TO LET?PART OP KOI SK W I I I' MM TKKNTH street mo LET?OENTBKI. APARTMENTS, SECOND FLOOR, Jl snvkit r. otn.s, In elegant order, lust palr.tnd. gas and separate meter; 21(5 Pa. : forty tilth street; rent low. Apply at 139 Past '1 welfth street. riTi LIT?A r BENCH KJ .AT. CONTAINING S ROGM& I Writ do or, 16.1 West Forty-eighth st., admirably ?<t.-.p? eil for a private fixii>i!.v or Mi buslne.w. excellent loan*. tlon. in'ttire of WM. ELLIOTT, 1,401 Rroud way, near Porty tlitlt street, rno LET-A NICE FLOOR, IN A FINS, private I bo;i:ie, Ir. a very flue location; rent j 'V Inquire on vremises, No. 4 ItecKiimn place, between Fortyuinth and Fiftieth streets. Best River. rro l.'.r I'PI'KB I' \ ;!. :iF I'OPSK, PI VP ROOM*-, L bathr -om and us? of stationary tubs; low rent Ap ply to owner, aia West Thirty-sixth struct. rpo let?a Tiirnu floor, to a p m all tamilt 1 or adults; house, browu stone, liriit ela-s; tiindera ?H OXCliailKOd. liU I'.dat .sixty. TO LET W BLB >A1 r FIRST FLOOB, A SHORT distance from Plith Avottuo Hotel; terms moleratw. Address J. L. K. rpo LRT?SECOND Fl.O'Hl OF A PRIVATE IIOUSB 1> to a.small fainltv ot adults; relVirunces excliani;mL IW West fwi ntietn street TO LET?TWO LAR0B BOOMS ON THIRD FLOOB. IB rerfret order, with every convenience, tor listit hnnsi-keepln-;, b> fjentiem-in and wile only, In prlvaU? house SIS Wi -j Thirty-third street. flit) LET?305 EAST BIOHTT*SBOOND STREET, ."EC. I ond Floor and Part of third, suitable for hou.sefccop* lugi rent modemie. rpo LET?THE LOWBB PJUtT OF A HOUSE 437WB8f I. Twetity-niKhth street, with all modern improre tuenfs; rcuti reiiaonAblo, __________ rpIIREE UNPtTRNWIIKD ROOMS TO LET-SCTITABLB I. tor i'.otisekecplng; third tloor. private house, on Fifly? flilh street; J?'.'- Ijatli, staikiitiry luls, Ac. Inquire at Real Estate otflce, 917 Third avenue. &<->.} ?fine rimip fli 'On,r. nnou.'; Floor, tour rooms, #37; ;t 11 improvements; lessee oocuplns lower part; small families only taken; .iparttuoms just painted and papered. Apply at fllfl lious&tBl Wost Fortv-lliird street. r* t EAST TWENTIKTrt nTtiKr'7, I ? 7;.s r,ti POPIITH ?'T avenue, one of the locations in the city.? Boautifnl Rooms for a club or family; house Arst cias* References. WEST SEVENTEENTH STREET.-A DF.SIRA ble Second Floor of four rooms and bathroom; hot and cold water and gas. For larlher particulars ap ply ou the premises. ? Forum As lpt, .sr. and ? ' ?0 Third Floors, '.oparutelv or toaether; also two Floors In East Fiftj' fonrtli street; rent low. IiV? i' *? i)TfON? A T THOMPSON'S O-LLIIOE, M FOURTH AVENiH* xV opposite Cooper Institute?Boo'tkcping, Vs'rtiing, Aritlime.tiu and Languages. Day an l ev 'nin.r Laites^ d' parii.;ent?Telegraphy kitight practically; dom Hitd for operators. No vacation. A LL VOCNG HEN AND PARENTS ABB KPKCIALLY invited to call and M'e the iVe. t Sl.l.. Business Ool le;;e, sl\ h avenue una Twonty-ibird street !-'? si instrtte tl .ti la Bo ikk mplng, Pentnifhip, Pliono^rnohy, Aa Open all; umioor?day and evening. Please call aitd w.-<% or wrlle lur circular. UStNH. WRITING, nooKKEKI'iN.J, MtlVII JOietle, U.S.?DOLBEAB'S Commercial <VilJeg>, HT3 Broadway, corner ot Eighteenth street, reniiiris or en. day and > \< iiing, all Summer, (icntleinen, ludie i or boyi can have private lessons, and learn m ;re in one montti Hi in In years at school. Monsrs. Dolbear ijive spccta) atl.'iition to business writing. TTtBENCH, ITALIAN. SPANISH?SUMtoER Tt:iTION-< E Private lessons for ladies ami gentlemen. Th^ora and practloe, Insuring conversational iluoncy. Terati mclcrato. Pro lessor BONFANTI, ill \Ve.;t Kourtccutti at TJSRENCH CONVERSATION AND LITERATURE. T Professor T. L. PA BRAIN, Jl West Fonrti enth street / t KRMAN, FULNCrT, QE AllTKRLV?C< IMPI.BTEO Bt i iv 3'>vcars' apprrve I Mnt monlk method. Ladies' iut'trcctlon .. [ .irate $.! V! a ii'o;itb. Professor ?? c'O. st;no, CO Delancey street T A OIKS' t;oi,LEHE, FOR BOOKKEEPING, PHONOfli Si r hy. " '.injiutlip an 1 privatn ir ?, in all t.rnn !t ?. Piease et.ll. WEST Sll>.'i BUfilN KS3 COL. IiKiJ/'., Mxth aveuue an.I Twenty-third street n PARTIRS OOINO TO BP ROPE AND HAVING tlattgiiter6 the ages of9 and 1J, and who ar4 deslrou . ot; lacing them In the care of tellable j\ni corn potent perrons, can make t;allslac.tory arrangeounls bj addressing J. M , l ox li.'l Iterald Pptowu BruncUofllcei Bc/t ii'i'.reiKgiven and required. 1)BOFBSSOB REMV BEING IN NEW YOBK OS XI hi J.i vi, Wednesdays an I .Jaiardiiy?, giving le,sonl In the I'r and 'lemiiin langu i.c-i, oilers Ids tcrvicns on t't.js" dat.s finm 12 to 4 n'ch.' \ in the ntferiioon al raj.ierat'! terms. Addcc is I.'I I latbLsh av. nue, llrooVlyut T}AXOOr.PB'l NATIONAL SOIIOOL OF TBIjtf i L crapm , 139 Eighth ?tree!, I;.r,; t and nio-t prael'cai In the Uif."t -t.ltcs; no vacnUoti; visit th( sr.hool. IteiJ ereiices--(ifl!c?r? ot Western tnioii Telegiapli L'oai; .ta^ and students. Cl AM-il AND FRENCH THOr.OEi!HLV TAUGHT-? v. tl ol rery practical; els- ? s and private lecsonsi Instrnetiiiti hi fort liners. Address or apply to ANTONIO RAMOS,>' University place. ,>1 A WEEK.?FRBNCH DaYII.V EVUNtNO . LASRB4 Le ..?? is at ptipli's rosldencc. For the ner.t ye >r en; cngemonts wanted by a gradiate. Address LEON] Herald office. AO en -warnno lessons, pku itb instbob ???tion, Booickeeiilna, Ai'iSimetlc, tJ.ammaj*, Sr.eilin/; 11 Summer, ? ?, I. "C i'rosd a ay, cornsr lliinv ihird street, and tS Itowerv; a! o at piiptls' rus? dence3. Ladles qualified as bookkeepers. b\ bb ajiu bar . A UVliTt'LVL UP.MAN EVKS.-T. .1. DAVIS, IN j\ \ ? itor and only m i'<> i" of the imprnv l Vr.t'l'^aV IIuui.itt Eye, aoknowled/eil by the facility t i !>s too on!/ C'li'iot imitation o! n.itil? in Hie *. >rl l. '/7 Ksjt FilteuiiUs stre .t, belwecu Third an I Fourth svenuos. L?)A '? Ms, ? ' Bl k: i:r. v ft n \ :?w \ r, m:? ^.'V -talis. Highest enh idvariees on PUurotltL H'a1 lies, .few.dry. Piano., Ac., or bought; I'ltwubrouif Tl;;l.e # l.ouMht, lit 77 t/lree1-er .tri et ^ I i .fur-. N 1' \ s It i . i KI S6 WI'ST rilPii*. j\ . first, formerly 90 Princo stteot, lo .tis Money in lar ,e or small .jume on at o;ul rropc. ty ot every do. S'.ilptlcn. _ _ I r JACKSON' ,809 BBOADWAT. OPPOatTB PLP.r. i\ eiith flreflt?Money id)-rally a.i\ nice i oti Pi.v j.,.,nd<. Waicljes, J-<??? '..-y, Stl'*., Dry Oooi.s, SM p^r r. j1 Properly ot iv.-iy iV scrlptlon. Private onlrtuak for ladies. IT i'.J7 IJROADVAY. CORNER FOl'llTH STBKNT^ I\ Idlteral'. es ot. Dlatnnu.'Is. Watc hes, .femelry, .'?ilks, Camel's llalr Shawls, l.atcs and t ? rsoua! props rfj ?j! every description. JAMES i". M.\Ti')!/s,W?t ( t UEATEST BAltOAINS OF THE SP.ASO.s FO* VJ 30 days, by Loan oOlee 72.' RHOAOWAT, Oi'FOMPra NEW YORK HOTHI. Furniture, I'lnnos. Carpo's, Stiver Ware anit Pain linen Ftilt t.'LOSfRll TO Pay ADV ANCM < \NI> CH < RIIS& Mi'lrogany, rmewtml. walnut e.nd oak H v'.st. ad% nni iqs. Washstsnds, sln;lv a-. I i'i s.'ts; Pirior Sme^ in reps, brocatcl and saiin; ariuolre-.vwi.iec oidcltoard?k Et . ere*, Hooke .ses. llinli)::, Cetlire, l.'bra'v, I jr.', e.o.J tine t'oPt :it re, A Taupcl I tar.o, ax Sewing y.^hlmj, varioiiif Di'\koi i{ one vi*ry (Iill1 CfM?y ot ' Titian s Duu.zo* tcr " rart liiiullrg: I*'" uncos ? Eng.l.dt >-t|v-rwaro? oin'esmel's 'i ilr <li.iwl, b? Pain i'.-:s and Kng' i vings. Ihat i'oriiiin o' the sen tide 1 ubi e -vho ,|e ir t.ssve ft least o 11 ' r cent, and who area' .?t tarnishing c.W ?i.l c mntry bott" s, arc cor llsllv tnv.ted to e-sfl tamliic. s;.d if they don't pur^aa-.e it will be thei examine tnuit. M ONEY LOANBD?ON OIAMONPH, PWJM -?l ' v ? Ir;- mill :-ln rvr" r . ? i.ulif :.tiJ sold. O&O. C. ALLEN. 9H Uro.i lway, neat l".jrte??Ul -I . ft 1 9fl7 RRoadwav. over herald rranco oPlee, rot'in P.- P r- fir 11 IP - Mor*f louticl on Halct'.' ./? -a. rv, t>- t atne tKiueW aud sold. I.I.N t".> BROS.

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