Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 18, 1873, Page 14

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 18, 1873 Page 14
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on . . pf.? SUK AT A SACRIFICE, A FIRST K ?A.?A.?,J iiilfi, stoop brown stone House, J\. ?l?ssfour ^?J7w' 'f.ideoiM?<llron avenue, Select yj.inbH- iS Clear view to Park; three >< utli el Seventy-01uri? (|( (,r < n|,inet work by Pottler t'oerd in hMrd,^;iV,<J:) A t'lillor^ pantry, mantel mirrors jTMymua, will'IIbf?rYloUHt. ?ii,iilar dimensions ana *c. Alioa1)"" l ,?'^uadinon avenue, 24 loet iroin the superior .sjxly-tlmt street. Terms to rait: good M>u .heast?or? 1 |n J,Vment; houses oven (or Iteulijn ,,wlier, A". KLA11EK, ut hn. marble works, lien. in?ii,?i'? 134 Ht-t Eif bioiitli street. _ V I U- FOl'R STORY HIUll HTOOP BROWN A ?' no Iroiit House; cabinet finish; line V^Ji?liU "i'a-v terms; possession. Apply on premises, 63 j.i-1 siMv-llist sired. near Madiaon avenue. ^ \ .. *11 Mil KPROPERTV.-KIVK PRIVATE llonjKS A on n tt" v^nth and Seventy-third streets nearly r^iSJLrk iieiiiniiinir to an estate; must be sold. LIONEL, 1 ,'iiit'lll.ii H Ihird avenue, corner Fimetli street. .^?n?A?T? nniiM OM MAIUMA avi-'ntk, A nearThirty-tiiir.l s:'''^Yuer Appfy to E II. LI ii Kw l*CO*Mo. 9np^s'Veet. ori?_liast 'Seventeenth st. ? . i, vnv men stoop WELL Alt KrBVKN.HUN_.Jr., 11 I'me street _ t nili tli street. exe.axaUMl^^ ?? ,t|. i*ino street. "5 son SALE FOUR FIRST CLASS FOUR SToltY 4 ?'Pi1 , iroiits (College lease), on north S BR," 47 West Forty ninth street. "TVm-R STORY BROWN STONE D0U3E, 24 FEET A Kiv, in'r?.rtv seven h street, near Hlth avenue, to Set ?tvery l"-renV l" H. OKAbY, 827 SlxU. avenue. ~A ,,-KI IMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT ?POSITIVE A T It I ST BAILEY, Auctioneer, is TT *.^i wiTh instruction* to sell by auction those un favored wt ti , marble-front Premises, 650 Broad SIS d Antral Hole I, together with the ?*?,' s'l1 , and Mi endid Fittings of (lie la to Bank, ou lr"% inn 10 next at 12 M. o'eloek, at the Exchange 5 n Broadway. Kctailed rarUculars in tuture S&SSeau OWcm 1M Broadway. A "th^UnwnlfWnt at d^wclUw^n !ir.^-f e'oVncr l!y?onler^of>the'*trustee. No. 90 Prince street, in roar. fttaW ?eet. wKe vs JL-SS?WWS? ft? commDandinl?7o? ready for . TilIRIY-FIRST STREET. 50 FKET FROM BROAD A why "ood three story brick house, rent low; Thirty with street! near Broadway .throe story high stoop brown M0M>m'v'.V?-.'n *''k< vV.V>t! ,'nW West Yhirtv-flrst Bt_ J ^Hn.Vel5'1 m^'tun^I'^nl'^k'a^ rmie, near liiirty-fliUi street; 'Y^^URE^vTcO.?' No.IW?at rweniy-thlrd street, Fiftli Avenue Hotel _ "T" rui n HTORY HIGH STOOP BTONB HOUSE tOR A we on Kortv-seeiiid street, between I'lfth aid MVitsm* inclines i2\.i5xliVi; price moderate. Apply to l! R DBKW ,t CO., So. 3 West 1 wenty-thlrd street, Futli Avenue IIotel. ? T7iIflHTH OR CENTRAL PARK AVENUE, CORNER K loJd street-Four i-ot-; unUitcrrutited view ot Cen tral Park; 1 r:ee b ''srj'J'\ V!'.v'si)*> .'.lr!~,'Vl i'iue street. 7Ti7k_m;-st be sold, at very low I V L es ..V en. ir. mane an offer if you want to buy l.'^lSeSasbNB, | : , , St WKS r FORT? TOUBTg OTEI Ele r ilrstel i ^ three sh.rv and ba- in nt brown j;ou?e* M5 luul 247, Jiriou $1m,uuu uud $17,000. inquire on Ihe premises. : nni BALE?HOUSE 08 WEST FIFTY-THIRD STREET. 1 between Iiltli and MMh uv iuies, 22 !oot front; first 1 class, with ro- wo..d (..irlor-. inurf. .te. A pl> o" jiremiM*!*, i?r to c?v.*nev. :!l> NNv^t ?Pixth siri v . 1 Will SAl E AT K PARC A1N OR TO 1 IT?TWO NEW F S^ rlaV|.rown -urn- Hmi-." 129 West S.xiy-brst rtreet, near the I'. 'V A|.j.lj to ow n, r. on prennses. r LOTS I ULI. S'lZM, SI'LI N'UIIiLY LOC A.TED, NEAR i) Central Park clrele. Sue< ulaiors will pltast ex ?inline these l.-t ni(|M v., p,: Third avenue. T.10R SALE OR TO LET?HOUSE .?N J"!?hbuhe1* i r nlaee. in perfi ct order. Apply to RAlllBUM. ? i'OBTER, 39 Nassau street, room Id. TM)R SALE AND TO LET-FRENCH FLATS ON TilK L1 north side < t Sixty-ninth street,near Lexitwto.i a\< ? itue all the modern improvements; fix rooms oneuen tiat; a nuud iu\estmcnt; will soil cheap, luquire on the premises. ITttlLL LOT FIFTY-FOURTH STREET, BETWEEN ^ Fifth and Sixth avenues; also Cottage and Lot ou third .venue.iKm^ ttr^t SLtlftS! Westttitli ? 14 and 10 West .vVl . t and 15 liant^W. 16, lHaud 20 West Wd ;2-t and 71 West 46tU ; 7 and 18 I-n.8,ti^'.h, V.h ,i ? *i.*> 1.00 to JHii.0,0 and upward.AIm (514.itli Jjv ' \V. 1'. SKYMOl'K, 171 Broadway. mo TRADE?FOUR LOTS ON WEST FORTY-NINTH 1 street tor w<st side Tenement; a ko<id Tcncnient House on East Fifty.third street tor Lots; Proin riy v nitrf't \viiifi* Thmnnton tind (irccnc streets for l-^C'ts. i* iViVuVi;m:mh' .V I'd. and 906Third area ra rri.NT kortv-sixtii STRKKT. NBAS J'irTH AVJv W ?A bcrttitifut 2<>.foot Hou*, elegantly frewiood mni1 mi". un in fjne wj vie tnr the owner's own use; pn<e 1^,000 E. II, LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 Pine street.^ iiraNTFD TO BUY?A LOW-PRICED LOT, \\ Twentieth street to Sixtieth -trret, between Kifth h n?l Ninth avenues, or on the Boulevaril, from Mnytioth Bin et t?> 160th street ; only owners need answer. Address MKRC11 ANT, station F. CTH AVENUE, THIRTY-FIRST STREET. FI LL SIZE , fifth avi.m - f.'7.MH -the f.lkoant ()1 four story brown stone bi .li stoop IIou?e_; '.."'Jj'K room extension.'with side windows, looking 'n'"tJ "r'J* ninUi str'et; bouse 113 feet deep, lot 125; built bv Duggin m7i. ?w mirii'tlv fust elans; frescoed throughout* in 1*71, ib stttui> Kol owncr cw Bowery._ C:*) < r:/1/k -a bargain?mi rkay hiix. "7. Handsome high ceiling; three story Ihjwii stone IIuum', U)\.r>0x<O; lre>-coed uud in perlcct or iler; term.* easy. E. H LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 Pine street. $*->1 IWW^ -|'KNOX HI' I'. near TI1E PARK.? O Aii elocant medium size complete and modern four story House, well liuilt, limbed in cabinet ?wood*; lrescocd mid heated liy strain; flnr pluinbius:, *c. E. ii. LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 Vine street. Eu.t Sillr, A TWO STORY Fit A.MIC IIOl'SE. 25X33. LOT 25X50, 319 East Fortieth street; price ;s,500. inquire on the premises. ABOUT THE BEST BAST BITER FRONT, WITH 40 J\ lots of groi.n l. lor sale At a sacrifice. Money an object. Capital! t.-( will <1 o well to investigate. HOW ELi. A 111 Rsr, U2I l hud avenue. ARKAL BARGAIN.?ZB east FORTY-EIGHTH street; tour story high stoop brown st< nc House, now being put in first nit? eon .itlou and painted; 14 r.otns; price $14,600, on easy t rnn Apply at premises, or to L. MBNDI LSON, 76 Nassau >ircot. A sacrifice. ?A I'lVK STORY DOt'liLE TENE in'nt House, full lot. in Seventeenth street near Xlrst avenue; price $16,000; cash about $5,000. Iibjuiro of J OS. RI.AN'T,'ict East Nineteenth s:rce'. Home Sun <ln v all <tn\ and Monday till 10 o'clock A. >1 , and from 7 till to'clock P. M. A CHOICE PIJIT or LOTS OX Till HI) AVKM'li, bi>st corner below Sixty-fifth street. Will be sold at * bargain ; or will exchange tor improved city property. F. ilTTBL. W Third mm A french FLAT FOR HALE?FOUR STORY. HlCIi stool', brown stone, with all conceivable Improve ments; Is fully rented, un $4.oil, ruvina Hi percent upon investment. thomas O. lio.lKR", <jM Third hv. A FOUR STORY HIIOH N Sl'ONK english BASE mi nt II uv, 114 P.a.t Thirtieth street, to let; every convenience; lic?t of order: rent 62,iiU0. .fAMEs dAvis, .lit., 157 Daane street. A TIIIB1) AVENUE STORE AND IESFVENT ItRI?'K ,y\ House und Lot for Sale?SImj I'tK.MIxPin. >ltuau ,l In twecn 'I'llirtictli and Thirty fli -f 'reels-. or: e $ s.tfjo; terms to suit. thomas J. IIOJbK, Kill Third uv. 4 FIRST CLASS FIVE STORY DOUBLE BRICK J\ store and tenement, on First avenue; prii ejin, ? mtituii t;i i Ou per ytar; ?14 .UjD mortgage b.v mutual hie iiiuity; to txcliangc lor Diamonds or oilier pro.vcrty. i l 10.MAS .f. iio.iKR. iCii riiiril avenue. inhibition.?1TWO FULL LOTS. ON WEST SIDE li of llnrd avenue, close to the siW' of the i.rop'Si',1 Exhibition. with Stores; price, tills week, ii mi i, i j-ii i ,,m*i ; also tour Lots on Uv;d street, between Seventh .in! I .lull avenues, $'!,suii each; halt cash, by II Hi:l:Mi ,\I!I> i Mil1 j i n t i Itlrteontli street and Pirst avuuui bcw< < n llTtlt and 118th streets. V" '? K-\' ' ' I I I' Ii o I'M in Y IN THE Fol'ltHI J ward, fi OIimm 'Treet. corner of Madi on. for terms ?I'ldy 1,1 "wnir. 177 licicra\t -truet, Brooklyn. Rent May J, It/1. I/oit BALI v TUBES BTOBT BRICK HOUSE, . ?,vf ",vemeti!?. More in trout. 340 Fast Twen Ivfirst ?treet; pric i'.oi,, fr.u- c.i . Apply on tlio premises, el to II. ? owner, patrick RYAN, 444 Ea.-t riitcentli strict, corner a\etim a VOK SALE?TO CEO: I AN EVTATK. M2 CD 144 J Baxter mree' near <;rand; win i?. .?1J cheat An. |.ly to wm r m We.t Thirty . ?treet 1 LMR SALE?47 ST. M A It li PEACK, n i T WIl N J Urst Hlld Second itvi-nilts; will',, M,iit at a Lar 'i. n A1 plr to III <.11 N. CAM P. lufi Broadway. g "' l/or. -all- four not -i s and LOT8 east J Thirty loiirth slri et, n< ar . cen t aventie. lor'tHi.!1 >? li Lots, West Eighty-third street (Boulevard., lor tbl*)?' S! Uou e ? ?. d Low, Wi ?t Mist street, for $;i,,i m , :i i and Lots. Elm. Mar'.on and sprint:, for $22.: ); brown stone IIimi-o and Lot, 61 St. Mark s place, >^1,1^0, ai,,i many oth: r- Apply at 23 1 ast Pour,h street. House and lot. 215 east fourteenth street, first lion e west ot Second avenue, nortli side, with Mirror- aii t On- Fixture., for snlc low ; lot 2ti.2xliM v. house fil leet; brow 11 (tone, four stories, high stoop and in jieriei t ord< r, built by day's work. Cnti be seen b> jer Hilt only, for which and particulars apt ly to O. II. * C. ,1. WliTHAUS, 460 Broadway, opposite bt. Nicholas Hotel. ^ | OTP.?THE cheapest PLOT OF LOTS IN TUB J J city. ? Por fale. seven I^ots, 25x50.4 each, with avi nuo corner, 6i 4xlW. making a plot ol 58.4 on the avenue, l.v 27.'i feet on the street; only stB.dliO for ail II takeu at once ; ft t ins 90,'KJU cush, baliitn e In live years. THOMAS F. DO VLB, 37 Wall Ftreef. Mi st be sold-chakmino three story hiuii sloop, Flftletli street, between Second and Third ? venues; splendid order; carlr possession. LIONEL HvOi'.HLIcu. Third avenue, coriici l ittitii) struct. nTTJBBAt BITATB FOB MLB. K?it Side. rpniRD AVENUE CORNER PROPERTY?ABOVE 1 Eighty sixth streot, 125x100. partly improved, wlU bp (told ut a very low figure; will take a private li.uise, went ol Third ?venue, in exchange; but little cash re quired. HOUBLLA HIRST, i>-l Third avenue. t) PROMINENT FIVE 8TORY HIRST CLASS BUSI ?j ne-.s Comers, lully built- on the host part of Kant IIoiiMlmt street, can lie bought cheap ond on easy terms by applying to B. *>? lJJV'i A CO.,i7i Wi*t Thirty -eighth street. _ Q FULL LlITS?SEVENTY-SIXTH STREET, NEAR O Second aveuuo. and one Lot on First avenue, to (Tether, to trade, with cash, tor Teni mcnt House; alio $8,000 First Mortgage and $7,100 Seconil Mortgage lor city Real Estate. riiOM AS tJ. lloJi'.u, '.i.iti Third avenue. t?7 Qfin WII'L BUY A TWI) M'.iKY AND BASB ?r I mi nt high stoop Philadelphia brick Dwell log, with all Improvements, on ! l-i li street, near Third avenue ; marble mantels, ?*c.; iust examine it. J. FEblDEN ItiCU A CO., 800 utiil Sim Third avenue. Weit Mde. \ bulkhead -AND WATER RIOI1T, WITH ONE JY Halt Block, 400x81 rt, lor sale or to lease for u term 01 years, running trom Thirteenth avenue to West street. E. L. <* H. T. BURN HAM, 9D9 Hudson street. A2W STORY HIOH STOOP HOUSE TO LET?90 Sixth avenue; 12 rooms; newly painted; imme diate possession. E. X,. & B f. BURNIIAM, 609 Hudson street, ABARGAIN'.-FOI'E STORY (HANDSOME) HIOH stoop brick llimse, 2.">i West Twenty-first street, fur nished In walnut anil gilt; rent $2^1 per month; price $23,000; halt cash. Address JAMES, I ,237 Broadway. Absolutely FOR HALE?BO I' I. R YARD. JUNCTION Ninth avenue ami Sixty-third street, .V'xloo. by order ot the executors; harga.n; splendid investment lor prospective increase. WM. TRI8T BAILEY, 16* Broadway. \?FOR SALE, ON FIFTY-SECOND STREET, WEST, ? near Filth avenue, a tour story high stoop stone House, 17xti0xl0ll; price moderate. H. It. DREW .* CO., No. 3 Went Twenty-third street, Filth Avenue bttl Boulevard, tenth avende and seventy tilth street Three FrontnRes, about 380 feet front; remarkably low; Broadway Boulevard, near Bighty-first street, one Lot; southeast .corner Boulevard and Eighly second street, lour Lota: all bargains. WM. TRIM' bailey, tr.2 Broadway. Broadway and forty-eighth street -a fink Plot 011 the line of the present improvements, with tlir^ front*; a good chance for business men or capital ists; on easy terms. JOHN C. graff, 2W Broadway. /11IE A P AS dirt?FOR sale, three STORY V mime House and Lot; stabling in the rear; $2,500 only required; price $0,700. OWNER, 429 West sixteenth street. ]7H>R sale-lots CORNER OF WAVER LEY PLACE ' ami West Tenth street, Nos. 150 and 152. 80 feet on West Tenth street, U6 fee! oti Waverley ulaoe. Inquire of A. THOMPSON, 3'-I Bleeeker Hrect. FOU sale?TWO BROWN STONE HOUSES, ABOVE Forty-second street, sixth and Seventh avenues, 20 X-'J, 62x100; $1N,000 and $20,01(0; ureal bargains. M. S. FRIEND, 703 Seventh avenuo. IpOR SALE?FRAME HOUSE AND LOT, WEBT SIX 1 icenlh street, f06t Improving? $7.(10(1; $1,500 cash; lot worth the money; ulsw to exchange, larue House, 40 aires, on Northern road, New Jersey; $1J*,0U0. Owner, 429 West Sixteenth street. I" nOB SALE?Hi")USE AND~~LOT, 257 WEBT FIFTY fourth street; tine location, marble front, three stories, 17.0x85x100 feet. Will be Mild cheap. Apply to M M. A. WHEiiLi.E. 207 Broadway, corner Pulton st. TTtoIt SALE?ONE OF THE FINEST AND BUST PAY J; ing Boarding stables centrally located, near the Park; will accommodate iiw horses; will lie sold cheap. Address J. P., Herald Uptown Branch otllce. f>liYinS ALE oil LEAS E?T11 AT M ACM H CENT FIRE" I proof marble Building. now occupied by Ball, Black A Co., corner Broadway und Trince str. i t; size filxlUU. I n- particulars apply to li H. LUDL0V\ & CO., No. 3 Pine street TTUNE BUSINESS PROPERTY.?THREE STORY L brick milling, 25x91, and Lot. on Leonard strict, near Wet Broadway, for solo low', on easy terms. Apply at 432 Canal street. Hugh n. camp, co broadwayT offers the following Lots tu>- -nio:? Broadway, Tenth avenue, near ltKM street, .'OLots, very cheap and on easy-terms. seventy-second street, between Eighth and Ninth ave nu< s, tivii Lots, a bargain; l'i9Ui stri el, between Madison and Fourth avenues,Lots, 1 My terms. Also severiil other well 1UC11 tod ,.uil cheap parcels. Highest point? finest view, best position mid mo't valuable Property on Washington Heights; about 20 Lots; each on'.v $2,030; easy terms; 50 minutes to Wall street: flue present and inestimable future value ;200 feel frout 011 Boulevard. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr., 11 Pine street. Near Manhattan market?substantial ilircc story aud basement Philadelphia brick House, with store, stahh and wagon entrance. 25x100, full built, $11,1*10. At li. S. LEVY S CW'S, 271 West Thirty-eighth street. rPO THE HIOBEST BIDDER?THREE STORY 25-FOOT 1 brown etime on Kifty-flrst stroi't, 200 teet west of Broad a h)", llor>e and Top Wagon ; hall lot Greenwood Cemetery. W. milQBI. Ml west Fifty-Unit street. / AREENB STREET, NEAR SPRING.?TWO LOTS FOR ' IT prompt gale, at great bargains this wi ck. Address thomas J. stewaut, lm WestTwenty-flxst street. Rent $i,80ft?for sale <the cheapest in the city), a three story high stoop Philadelphia brick ! House, 25x58, lot 100, on West Thirty-fourth struct; all the j late Improvements; price (10,300; terms easy. Inquire at 35u West Thirty-Second street. rimk" lady who called in unfuknisbkd J house on 124th street, opposite Mount Morris Park, on the Ifith inst., can learn ot n 28x60 feet brown -stone Houselt>r sale,in (lie finest location in Harlem, west side, by addressing C. M., statiou L., Harlem Post ufllee. ' milE BLOCK OF GROUND LOCATED BETWEEN ] i. Eii-hty fifth and Eighty-sixth streets. Boulevard and Tenth avenue, convenient to the Boulevard stago and Eighth avenue cars, and easy of acres for all convey 1 slices, with all the Muil llngs thereon, containing i!J i rnoins. with modern Improvements- handsomely laid out grounds in trout and vegetable garden and ftuit orchard in the rear; maybe hud for u term ot years; suitable for a private residence as well as a placo ol re ort. For terms aud particulars address A. L, Herald otlice. -7TH STREET, CONYEMKNTTO broadway AND t)l Central Park, 2jxJ*l, near Ninth avenue; high ground: one ur both lots at a decided liargain ; half cash. V. K, STEVENSON, Jr., 11 Pine street. (E>,- U||(| ONLY FOR A NEW TWO STORY HIGH iJil.nU1' stoon House, 4ii feet (teen. In Harlem, oil 131st street, between Scvcnti ami Eighth avenuas; middle of block; two parlors; Croton ; only $2,ooj cash, owner 011 premises. ilO '(ID -THE CHT:APE?T~THREE STOKY ?PI ?House and Lot in this city: 21x30x100; high stoop, 14 room-; in perfect order, will! ull modern improvements; gas fixtures included. 121 West Twenty eighth street. 5! litct iaiiroiii. Brown stone house for pale-partly fitr; little money required; cluiruiitt^ home; i complete order; clean block Addre.-g D < L., box I?' lli rukl I'pt.n.n Branch otllce. hYOKMAN LOT.*-A KKW very CUCH I. PLOTS, near and fronting Grand Military l urk, on Ver rnilyea, Hicruian ami Dvekman avenues, at low prices. Nv. .t. liAKMH, lli Broadway. I/O It sale CM EAP?A KINK piece <>| TENKMEN T r Property; first clans location; will be soUl sepa rately or together. RICHARD HENNES.-5Y * i o., MO Third avenue. aiiUOJi.I,Y.V Pl?OIJEllTY FOU nali: AM> TO IjKT. \(JOOD INVKftTMKNT.?10) A* ft 1 .S OK LAND I OR sale, near Prospect Park splendidly located on the I line ot improvements. convenient to steam and horse ' cars and about tlve miles from l it} Hall, New York, situ ated near the "Grand l'arkway Boulevard.'' :lo lect v Ide. now lie Inn graded, w aU r and lth ^ t i, < - being laid. 'I h ? New York and llemj stead Railroad I'uuipanv pro pose to locate de| . ts near this land, the work upon which in being pushed rapidly forward and is expected to be completed hy next Kali. Ibis property lias been surveyed by the County Surveyor, streets opened and (traded, an<f well situated lor laying out into villa plots. House, stables nnd ran lane houses on the prein aes. Hue garden, truit and shade trees. Will sell all or part. A literal amount can rema'n on mortgage. Applv to Ml'KT'llY * McCORMACK, 1.16 Pearl street, near Wall street. New Vork. ? I I ItNISIIKI) 11'" -K. Tll.r SEPTI MHER 15, JV seven room.-, at nominal rent to a good ti n mf; 20 minutes from terries, fall on KDW.tHD T. KISIUiK. :'.'3 Ailelpht street, Brooklyn, between Greene and La layette i avenues. \ KIRST CLASS HOt'HK. TO KENT?IN ORKKN j\ point, opposite Twcniy-third sliiet, New Turk; ears to ferry; rent taken ouMu board; for family cuii.Mstin^ ol tv,o udnlts and two children; references. Address I HENRY UKADLIt, box 121 lleruldofllce. 4 -REFINES*. SHIP Bt'ILDKRS, MAN I'KAC. J\ . turei s ? *<,r : ale or to lca<-e-Two lull Block", in Brooklyn, !?'. I)., mi North 1 itth street, from second ; to the East River; loo t ot river front, 80.xi0; can remain i oil bond and mortgage for t.\o \ ears; either pared sold ' separately. Call cii oi addles* 10. UAUMON, 12 Bond street. 10 to 12. i GOOD TWO KTORY AND BRICK basement iV ir.ime llou c, in Brooklyn, can I e bought lor $7oj; has neater, rntme, water, gas, tliorouuUl> built. Address I G., Herald ofllce. A GOOD I WO STORY KKICK BAM MI NT FRAME llnu^c on ifcfieiso;) street, Brooklyn, to exchange for nnenctiml . red Lots; heater, rau^i u .iter and gas. Address L., box II" Herald office. 4 LOT IN' GKEI NWOOD, li"i si I' I I r r 11' I \L FEET, J\. In the best situation on Hvlvan in t me. . lion ',tj' with railing*. grown cypress. Aj ply to Lot ivWooD, No* 3 Pine atrecU VititowN stone iloi;sK, fud i < i,\ss in i.\i-rv respect; built by day*' work . no ?? x ju-use -part 'l; beautiful location; near the main drive and main en trance to the I'lll'k. HlijUirO of JOIlA DONOVAN, 04 ;-t. Mark's avenue. ' VHAI 'RIKJCK ? KOK S A I.E. ON HKOOKI.YN Heights igrand water view), an elepantly irescoed and furni lied lour story extia slae brow n stone House; 17 rooms; every coueolvable iini>rovement; only tingio cash required. ,IACOIt V. I). WYCKt.l K, f.l and 66 Broadway, New York. 11ARGAINS.?BRIDGE HTREET, HANDSOME lutR I) story stoic, nearly new : rents at $!,'(*); price fs,nou. Hamilton street, near Myrtle avenue, three story, base ment nud sub-cellar brick House; 12 rooms; most im I movements; $7'sm. Gales avenue, one handsome two i Story, brl< k l u-. incut and -ub-ci llar tr.inic House ; all iin proveinenls. Wasliinirton sircet, first e!ass three storv. Iism tnent and sub cellar brick House; all Improve, menu;>12I)>o. W. t:ooK,238 Wa.-bln^ion ?t . Brooklyn. Brooklyn, e d.-good chance.-fi ll sized J -t, wlili reir MuiMin^; ? a-h IJ/A-U; re.^l iLortKM^o. j <i iM'Vf.o Htr????. near I.orlmrr. SALE?IN (;i!EF.N POINT. I.o.NG ISLAND, L opposit. I wenty. third -Ireet, New York, cars to ferry, 1 I,! i5^1'iJfi"r?r "" bai-euient brick House. In sond order; MiX lS u'srMiV'nme.''11,"''' w HENRY. I DOR SAI.K ? IN BI,| I'.K I.\ V, UN THE LIVE OK iTrlek ''wilMu ' meiit and <?< liar iiri K iJouM , wtlitM' K>1 I itt D Krcnt sarrlHiT it #ini?ii?'?i h<' Vuihi ' rft^1 rrr|Ulrfd : part would j ^ LUUUi aVtnuc^NU'Vort' uJUn: r J{jUh U i,KLAN BROOKLYN PROPERTY FOB SALE AND TO LW; t^Ott HALE HOUSE. AC., TO CLOSE AN ESTATI'.; 1 ? I'lot of Land, UluxlO/.tJ feet, mtaate on Hie *cst side of Bridge street. In tweeu Myrtle .veime aiul WU loiiahby street, wlili the brick "Ou?c thereon, the hou* is'Jo loet front uinl tK> fret deep; line cellar, nnieinem, three storie "Ilnil ai t c, with all Hlo.lern lmi^oyoi'. alH.. a Plot, 60x107.0 feet, "^oiuIuk. slid in Ue -ear of tn ?l>ove, fronting on Lawrence stree . With he plain ou nubhUutiHl two Htorv brick Stable. ^a nVe y 3M BridKe deep, thereon. AddreS. JAM to II. MAN LB*, 3J< unugu street. ?? T^OR SALE CIIKAP-EASY TERMS, THREE CHOlCK F Flo e mi Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn! gruded, paved, naomd" nine of the lots corner lots; opt osite, the con templated .Myrtle Avenue Railroad depot, on i edar awl Clu'riiiiut utreuti* hiid Oentral avenue. v v. c 'I. Ui.i.m AS. room 12, 137 Broadway, Now Torfc- | Mull KALE CUEAP?$fi,0T0?ON PULTON AVENUE, Rrooklvn. corner i'lot of 4 lot*; al ? > * L<>t? 4J'1 Urote street, W> by WM feet; price 81,600; terms bull eii-li. 0 M TALLMAN, 1S7 Broadway, New \ ? i k . i ^nu KAl E OR TO LET?AM ELEGANT HOUSE, b brown '-tone front, new, with all Improvements. ZjO Clinton street; convenient to couth ferry, will sell $17,0110, or rent for $1.500. j mTnE IMPROVED PROPERTY IN TIIE TWENTY- , T first ward, Brooklyn, with cash. to exchange for stone front Houses on or near the Hill; also seMi u I handsome Placcs In New Jersey and WestehesM'r eou - tv for Brooklyn Property. Principal* apply to or ad | dress (lie owner, 477,'i Outes avenue, Brooklyn, atur I 3 P. M. Handsomely furnished large brown ; atone House, nearly filled with boarders, who will remain , location tlmela-s; wiihtn five minutes ot ter ries; or would preler to aell the Puruiture low to a <ood party w ho will assume the lease. J. A. tAJt.i'.T. j 27 Concord ntreet and 1,0.15 Fulton Htreet. . H1 OU8E TO LET-furnished TO A GOOD TEX ant; Warren street near Clinton, Brookijn. Ad drets J. P.. box 3,3S3 New York Pout office. . I T AROE BUILDINO AND FOUR LOTS-SOUTHEAST \j corner Kent and Division avenues, WillianisbinK, ait in cent to uood iloekuge, suituhle lor storage, ninnutiu fory, stable o.depoU Apply at Ice Company. 4iti . anal street. OTOItE TO LET ? A SPLENDID OPPORTUNITY FOR S iinv lame business.?Ihe verv desirable Store -57 Fulton street, opposite Clinton, being wwh^nd BiiHoiucnt under name, anil also Hecond Ilooi* , ,n Third Floor, 20xM, and the entire rough* having tine ligln and moilern coiivcnienoes. The whole or any part will be rented very low and po session given 011 application to WYCKOFF Jt ja.mlm, ioj Montague street, Brooklyn. ; avenue, Brooklyn, 15 Yvall j.''.V " Tn T FT_n AND80MELY FURNISHED HOUSE 34 ST. v.fpU'u uveniif Brooklyn; 11 rooms; locality unex ,i Si lanillv will board with tenant; un d ou b telf ret ere nee re?u,rod. Apply on premises, or to c,. B. GWATHMEY, 1 ii l'earl street . . ,. . ipiMK LARGE STORE AND DWELLING. : T 175 nTmid street, Wllliu insburg; excellent tor any kliui ' iblisUu" ; two largo plate glua. wmdows.^A^. aUM Fourth street. ?? T0to5J_.Fr"? Nassau street, New York. ? rTK> LET?A SBCOND FLOOR, FltoNT, ALCOVE. I hnrk and bath room*, with two or three ltooms on mice of houseoccupied by three adults, hii ? rpo LET?1N BROOKLYN. AT 7?? SANli.-j ~;T|:: ' !: T five minutes from Fulton ferry two nU-o I arlor- and two Bnseinent'i; al-? tout Room-on .1 r. i i. vt 1\" llUOOKLVN, NOSTRANII A\ I'.M I', P near Ji. MurkVMpbKe; house c..ntalns 13 ron.o- , ? ..h ifflimodtrn Improvements rent>L000. _A|.(>b AinA DOWN. ?? k MONTH, WILL BUY A W" \ ar. siragirj 7,V rr\(\ CASH.?FOUR STORY PRAME HOUSE, i Si ?)()') UM St. .lames place, noar (.reene iim1 I ii',., lilvn; $3,";!') on mortgage. Imiuire at ow m i WWaverl,"V-i: near Broadway. New York. ,?? l "7f\A ?NINETEENTH WARD,. BROOKLY N.? ' fi^-t n!\', Verv cheap three Ftorv brick, nine i.o i , wi h moUi ilt linrrovenvnts; U'l-IUB to suit puieh .- 1 i \ 'plv to WILLIAM O. 8l MNER,bl B.oadway, 1.1 ook- ( lyn, i. D. ' 'm - ff\f\ WILL BUY A GOOD THREE STORY $:>.;)00 Phihidelphia brick House, ^']ur | lirooklyu; all Bl l/? ! ? Broadway, 1 Brookljn, u. D. ? _ _ riv _a THREE STORY HIGH STOOP BRICK eSf). ( i)0. House and Lot, 21 Riuh Htrcet, \\ iUiamH I iiii'' near South Seven* rtwet i.-rry .at 11.^^ terms easy Apply, lor two days, to 1. t RUM k, ^ Last ^ [ Broad wax. W iC>T<'IiKN'rV.Sl COUNTY ^OPRRTY POR 8ALB AM> rO li HN1 ? I A ?WBSTCHESTBB COUNTY PROPLKTY Full I HevertS new Cottages anil VlllaR, with Pl?ts Mxl00. or hv the acre tor ?ale at Larchmont Manor, oil the Sound, ' two uiBos from New Roche lie. This magnltleent prop I con^?tlngof288acrcH, with a water front oft wo ' inSeV is beautifully laid out as a i(fi^ 1 tended exclusively f??r geutlcinen'M prUato reMai nces. It thoroiwlily drained and each hoiwe Hupplietl ^ith , water f roin ? private reservoir especially erected or ho nan nf Tliei'O Will l)C 1* milCS 01 Qi nlH IJ,IV?'?! Hie estate Eluht aeres, fronting on the waU'r. have boeti ? 1 roMrreil for a park ami have been deeded for the use of | ! rli^taMiis All elemint depot bus been erected on the | l \ .. nnvon Railroad connecting by a private 1kt.4C rail* ! road one mile in ^ngth, running ill rough the property I foO.I. water. This enatdes eaeTi resident to reach 111* i bint^o without being dependent upon carriages. A tiuiii- ? ! er of^lesant villas have been' erected by Prominent \i*w Yorkers and many more are now ne<ir completion, i This is the most magnificent location in the. State ot New 1 York and desirable parties are invited to inspect tho ! prnpirtv and villas now for sale. I'hotogranhs niav be f J.,.,.n and particulars given by applying to sIL \S c. "K'r i ui N't; 1-^o corner Murrav stivet and Lr??udw ti> . L* \ PHACOn" i:sil* M7 Broadway, or WM. L. BAUkLR, Esq.. at Liirelmiont Manor. i WKVED PORTION OF WESTt lit COUNTY? \ Morrisnnia Kingsbridge. West larms?I ropertiestor We pay Vpeclal attenllon to these portions ot the fniintv having operated In them t. r years past. In 1 vestora may obtain lull nnd reliable iniorniatioii from our MliM e ' ? A "? BUOWN. i") Broadway. A NEAT COTTAGE, with 8 rooms, HANDY TO J\ steam mid horse card, very healthy, at Tremoitt, Westchester, to lot. reasonably t<> a Komi tenant. Apply to (J, W. DlxClIETT, No. 2 New Chambers street. A?POUT MORRIS, NORTH NEW YORK. MORRIS . ania. West Farms and ot'ior portions ot WestcbPd tcr county; Proportion <>t all si/.es lor sale, including some very choice Investments. I". l?. ,v D. BROWN. 90 Broadway. ? COUNTRY HOME IN TilK CITY TOR SALE?SIX J\ lot- ami modern bouse; three minutes from Wlt liainsbrldge depot; price $1 "HE treat baiyaiu. Andrea Villi HANK', l/orald I'ptown Brunch otflee. i N EIGHT-ROOMED HOESK, RENTINO FOR $20 A per month; al o a rosev fiv.-roomed Cottage and our Kuildinu l.ot, ptiee $'<,(Mil, ,,r. with I'otir Hiilldilnt Lot*, $ii,0U0. Inquire ot BtONIAMlN .1. TIM MS, eorner Third avenue and 15.MIi si. Cars leav lliulcm Bridge every ten bi Inn tea. I ?LOTS I-OR SALE, NEAR CENTRAL PARR J\ . avenue. White Plains'. Wi ? trhestcr County, only six minutes' walk from tin* Harlem liallr a I depot;" one hours' ride ii'om New York clt\ ; ? hn; i-In - schorls and I anks'near by. Apply to C. s. I'l.t lv A CO., lttt Eillli avenue. I BARIIUN IN' WE.STCHEsTFR ? of NTV ?'TWO JV lull I.ot?, oil Schuyler street, Melrose: miftt be sold; $2..rji>o for both, $v0i easli, balance on tnortnaco. H. BERN IIA HOT, 0.l|>j East Thirteenth siroet, N. Y. IT TARRYToWV-H 1TIIIN i EN MINI l"ES' WALK J\ of ears or boats, to let, furnished complete, a brick House, 12 rooms In wood order; two acres in garden and lawn; ({anion planted; on and very healthy ground; elegant river views; will rent cheap'for season or year, or term ot years; also a Cottage on Hroadwav, uulurnishcd, S rooms; nice grounds. line river view s; rent $600 per your; also several lurnMicd ml unlnr nislied Residences ai< ng 1he lliid?<>n for -ulcortolut. Full particular* with s. h.M BE It -ON, f,5j Sixth avenue, near Thirty-eighth street. VI RYE. WESTCHESTER ? tll'MY?ELF.OANT House, tnlly and hand ? inoly inrnished, tor lhe sea toni accommodations lor hoi- - and men; .?ix acre* lawn; line view; vegetable an I irnll gardens. To reo the >aiuoapplj to S. EI I.LU, il( | ot master, or A. AJtNOt'ST, Bye. tT yonki'.us, nniNi;lov, takrytown ami j V White Plain*. Ac.. Ac., fle?irahlc residences lor >alc or to let, litruilii d or utifutnish< il. BEACKWELE A Co.. r?."> Liberty street, / CENTRAL WI M E, WEST! IIE>I'I.R c il NTY.?AN \ ide.'anl ' i'lintrv ea- of aer,in-dein Boii?e, witball improvements, m c.nnplcti order. Willi or with' i lit the elegant luriiit'iti -a'e at abaigain; aUo other desirable tracts on initial avenue, 1ILA( KA I.I.I. ,V CO., f6 Liberty street. / 'OTTAliES TO RENT-AT I III Ml BRIIXiEYlELE, \J near Mel oinb's Dam; -:ai.l , hai d-i-me gardens, abundance ot iruit. A, KEMP, 101 Murray street, or 33 West Thirty nltuli strict, alter t> P M. TJIXBCt'TORS SALE OF EXTENSIVE EAST RIV ER l> Water Front.?The under'signed otler lor sale the Residence of the lnt>> Framis I'.arretto, in Westchester county, on the Ea*1 River, two miles above Hell Hate, contal ing about lint ai re, ot upland, with extensive and very valuable water prlvlln. having a water front of over otto mile, mostly deep water. The land is well graded an ! possesses m inv beautiful building sites. Thi* property Is well located tm public institutions and la worthy tho attention of railroad and steamship com* panic*. The Immediate , peniiu ot He I Hate ov Iho govcr nmcnt, the Portclieter II ml road nearly couipleteil, havin-i a depot w ilhln ten niinnles' walk ; the New York and Westchester and Host on Railroad, now under coil t raet, with a term:uus on llie Ea t I ivcr onlv one milu be low, together with raidd tiun?il now a certainly, will bring tills property w ithin .ill miiiut' < of Wall street and make It an investment with h < annot i.hI lo give largo nn I ?pc dv returns. F< r timber paiTiculars ai ply lo F. J. BAKHi; l i o, ot llcaver sire, I, lll'NRY I UARRETTO, ) FRANCIS ,f. II\RI!EI M>, ; Eteilltoii. Ai.onzo c. f-ti.w utr, \ ? LlllR S il.E?\ I'l.oi of AB'iE I' 20 \l RES, NEAR I the villnne of W e*t Eiirius . prl e $l,ishl per acre. Ap ply to III oil .V. CAMP, 106 Broadway, or In moiit. LV)R SALE-at EopnilAM, HIE Ilol'M- and I Croimds 20 lots; suitable |<,r pleasure parties; will lease; steam and horse t ars pa-- the pltiee. I? Ml MO<EW, Fordhatn. I.^OR SM.E-TO CI.OsE a N KSTATK IN WEST. Chester county an l -'ate of HO ic res, only 7 mile* from Harlem Bridito; verv de- ruble for residence or as a siecnlAlion can be boiiL'lit iciv low. OllDEN A CI,ARK, Broadway, corner ol Seventeenth street. I."1 OR sale or To I:k\| iiiree MINUTES' r walk from Tuckahoe d.*.,t, Harlem Railroad, 16 mile* Irom New York, two -tnrv French root House and Carriage House, all new; 1(1 room*; corner lot, 78xliWi healthy; bcautiiul surroundings; price $i;iiiO: terms easy; rent $6W. Aj.jdy to C. il. OcfRANl'LU, Mouut Ycrnvn, N. Y, WBgTCHKRTBR COITWTT PROFBKTY FOR SALE AND TO RENT. FlOIt RENT? FULLY FURNISHJ? D, A CIOKB AND comsleta two story French Mansard poof Uesldrnce, 11 rooms; iiiarhte mantels, all modern convenience*; gar den, burns, trult, all kinds; 1 acres land ; Sing Stun, one mile from depot, on Cauip-grouud road: House mi>| hur niture new, nut class. O. U. PlKitsoN a CO., Auoti< ueers aud Dealers in ileal Kgtato, No. S Pine it. HOTEL TO LET?AT YONKKUS, ON THE BOULB vnr'1; 80 rooms; very desirable, ami a good business eari be relied on; low rent, ii applied lor at once. OUDEN A i LARK, Broadway, corner ot scv. ntcenth street. T OTS IN WESTCHESTER VILLAGE, FIVE MILES 11 from Central Park, for %M>. For partiou urs apply to WESTCHESTER HOMESTEAD ASSOCIATION, 39 Nassau street f OWE it WESTCHESTER COUNTY HOC HEP. COT" I J tages, with stanles. lor sale ?r rent, iurnished or nit" furnished; very superior Country Places, with l)iliinr?1.-.? boating, Ac. OLIVER BUY AN, 115 Broadway.

MOUNT VERNON. WB8TCHESTER COUNTY.?NICE Cottage and grounds, soveil minutes trom depot; house contains in rooms; rent $850 per annum. Apply to EiiMONDM A Co., opposite the depot, Mount Vernon. Mount vernon, Westchester cocnty.?the Residence owned by Mrs. M. A. Kaud will be. rented to a goo-l tenant for $800 per annum houttu contuluslO rooms; g I buin, two acresot ground; tilenty of fruit; place heaitliy. Apply to EDMONJJH & CO., opposite the depot, Mouui Vernon. Mount tern on, Westchester county.?dr. slrable Residences ami I'otliges fi>r salo and to rent. Aji|ily to EDMONDd A CO., opposite the depot, Mount Vernon. __ ON FORDIIAM HEIGHTS, 40 MINUTES FROM CITY Hall, 3 from depots, neat Cottage, 5 rooms, kitchen, cellar aim gurdeii, toi rent, aale or exchange. KOPPEL. 11 Ann stre*t._ IK) LET?A FINE RESIDENCE AT MORRISANIA; line three story and basement brick House; all Im provements; carriage house, stable, lien house, Ac.. Ae.; 12 lota; fruit aud sh;ide trees, good surrounding-,; corner lUorgc street aud Villa place; reut$7n0. A. I*. SMITH ti BKO., 1,301 Broadway. 'PH. MONT, WESTCHESTER COUNTY.?FOR SALE, A I small, newly painted two story House, eight rooms, on Madison avenue :twn minutes from horse cars: nil min utes b.v Harlem liatlrond to New York city; lot CTxiOi); terms en v. Inquire of C. FOULKE, Agent, TrenuMit, or .1. I . I*HEM'S, Real Estate Agent, 880 Fulton street, Brooklyn. rno LET?IN LOWER WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NEAR J Moti lla\en station and llarlein bridge, a Cottage, containing 1- rooms, delightfully situated, with shade trees, garden and grounds of one ai re, and stable; rent, with carpets, per annum, $1,200. Inquire of owner, or address box 91H I'ost. oillee. New York. TO LET-IN WESTCHESTER, 10 MILES FROM THE city, a large frame Mansion, with modern improve ments, good garden, coach house and stable, suitable lor a large family; um several acres ot laud attached; to n good tenant a lease will be given at Slt' 00 per annum ; New Haven Railroad will run tltcir trains close by verv soon. At ply on the premises, or to WILL! AM watson a CO., tut f ranklin strict. mo LET?ON VALENTINE AVENUE, FORD HAM, J Nice House; fruit garden; ten city lots; marble in ii n to In. ilumb waiter, Al roams, with carriage bouse, stable tor two horses; < l'fht minutes from depot. Imiuire of M. W. COLLINS, 2tl West Eleventh street, New York. TO LET?A FURNISHED HOUSE, DELIGHTFULLY located at spuyten Dnyvil, on the Hudson; "tabic nnd two acres ol ground; $1,000 per annum; also tiniur lushed House, $>60. Permits of A. JOUUNEAY, 61 Lispenard street. mo LET CHEAP?ONE OF THE MOST DESIRABLE L Residences In Westchester eountv; l;irj;o House, , handsomely l'urnishe i; stable, carriage house and iVj acrcs of Ground; abundance of" fruit. Apply to owner, on premises, 1'rondway aud Seventh street, Morrisauia. Also one uuiurnislied, Willi stable. rpo RENT?FOR THE SUMMER, TWO OR THREE ! liandtoBM' i'lnces, overlooking the Harlem and East riv? rs, in Westches;er county, w ithin one hour's drive of the Fntli Avenue Hotel. Apply ty HUGH N. CAMP, 100 R road way. _________________ rpo RENT?A COTTAGE WITH 18 ROOMS, GOOD J st'ible, R'J acres ground, uasrion; water supplied by ram on ridge,"near High Bridge; within one hour's drivi tront Fifth Avenue Hotel. Apply to HIGH N. CAMP, 100 Broadway. \rONKKHS.?CIJEA1*?A LARUE FIRST CLASS UN I furnished House, perfect order: ample groiindsand stables; no objection to boarders; hall prior to diislrtlhle tenant. BENJAMIN BROWNE, 9,840 Third avenue. ?yONKKRS.?'TO LET CHEAP, TWO HANDSOME, .1 new, cottage built Houses, iiljfiining; contain ten rooms each ; rent extremely low to acceptable tenant-. Address EDWARDS, Ui raid otilce. &OOA ONLY.?TO RENT, COTTAGE, 12 ROOMS, three acrcs of land, half a mile from depot; high ground; tine water view; schools, Ac. Address A. M. HALSTKD, Rye, N. Y. &12 000 f0b a two story FRENCH ROOF House, modern built, 18 tooms, beater, front by 100 dc dress W., box 806 Tari vtown, N. gas, Ac ; lot It t) front by 100 deep, l or particulars ad (Jjl O AHA FOR 17 ACRES OF LAND, BETWEEN v I O.Uv 'I' Tarrytown and Irviugtou, with two kikmI building sites and river views. Terms easy. I'or particu lars address D., box : 03 Tarrytown. JERSKY <!ITY. HOnOKEN, HUDSON CITY AND DE1K1BN REAL ESTATE. For Sale. V BARGAIN IN JERSEY CITY PROPERTY WHERE $.<,000 can bo made in a few mouths.?1The Property IsonJaclvSon avenue, near Newark and New York steam curs, at Hergcn avenue station; one Home finished, two unfinished and a vacant corner l<ot; $4.0ihj can remain; a chance seldom offered, as the owner is engaged in New Yo k. Call on .Mr. GARRABRANT. Bergen square, Jersey City, or on W. B. ASKINS, 2il W est Twentieth street, New York. A GREAT BARGAIN.?NEARLY 100 LOTS IN JER JY sov City for less than #12,000; only SO per cont cash ; this Plot has two fronts oil t!.o comity"road, which is 100 feet iu width; vicinity rapidly improving. Call nnd see map. JOHN H. FLATT, Jersey City Heights. A QUICK TRANSIT TO DOUBLE YOUR MONEY.? J.\ Only $t.t0 enoli; easy terms; 83 Lots In the very centre (it Jersey City, east of the Heights nnd within ii few blocks olCortluiuit, Dcsbros^es and Chambers streets ferrl s. JOHN H. PLATT. opposite Court House, Jersey City Heights. I N ENDLESS MSB OF REAL ESTATE.?JER j\ scv City ?nil Hudson county vicinities; Lots by the acre; I louse!*, Business Property, Building Plot*, Ac. Re member that Hudson county h is increased 4ui pit cent Inst decude. and 1h now the grand centre of all the prin cipal railroads and stcuin?hlp lines. JOHN II. PLaTT, opposite Court Mouse. Jersey City Heights. 4 BARGAIN.-TilREE STORY DWELLING, ON* JER. soy City Heights. 10 rooms, gas and water; line view, near linrso'eiirs. Also a line Country Heat; ifuod build ing*; < heap, II. PATTKI-.Ktl, SI'. Broad way "CIOR SALE?AT JERSEY CITY AND ALL PARTS OK r Hudson county, Houses and Lots, from 31.KM to $i0,0i>i; Building Lots and Plots, from to $!>n.i!00, on terms to suit everybody. Als > a large quantify ot Ural Estate to exchange. This is the place to locale ; low tix ntion, good health, and rapid transit are secured. Sen I stamp or call lor circular oil J. M. ijlBSON, Auctioneer, ni Montgomery street, Jersey City; open till S o'clock. To Let or Lease, l N UNFURNISHED HOUSE?WAYNE STREET, V Jersey City; Id rooms; pood location; immediate posses ion; rent low. 1'uBKUi' T. MKKKS, 8:i Cedar street. IN JERSEY CITY".?A WELL FURNISHED FRONT I Parlor and back Room, five minutes from the ferry, in a quiet, respectable neighborhood; rent cheap. In quire at \'i Y'ork street. rro LET?AT JERSEY" CITY, HANDSOME FIR I nished ind unfurnished House*, with Improvement*. In choice locations, near ferries; rent troin ?',H1 to $1,200 per year. Also Stores and Apartment*. Apply to J. M. (JIBmiN, Auctioneer, 31 Montgomery street, corner ot SIMM FKOPEKTY OUT (IK TIIK CITY FOR HALE OK TO KENT. ALL WANTING FARMS.?FOR SALS?TO FA KM Kits, gardeners and tarm laborers from the Old Country? Oood Farm Lands, virgin soil, nt $&'> per acre, on six years'credit. The soil is a good, productive loam, near the (treat markets ot New Y'ork and Philadelphia, bv rail road, where troin it) to 40 acres constitute a good (arm, when partly planted to fruit. From this locality a greater (|iiantitv and variety of fruit Is sent to market than trom any other place of equal area in the t'nlted states. It is in the midst of a thriving community, with good roads, stores, schools sml nianutuctorlos. Feuuilc members ot families ami others can procure uood work at straw sewing, shoo work, but ton making. clothing work and other brandies. Many English, lri?h and scotch farmers have settled and are prnaperon*. Numbers of gardeners trom the vicinity of New York are locating.* Panning Is more profitable ttian W< si on account ot the markets. Apply to JOHN It. P \?IE, 1>i*2 Park plat e, two doors trom W est street, New Y'ork. Pai crs containing lull iuiormutiuii will bo scut tree of charge. AT ' RAN FORD, NEW JERSEY' CENTRAL 1!AIL. J\. roatl, 4x iiiiiiiiu s from New York, commuiatlou $70 per annum; finely iooated Lots, 00x300, celling now frotn f.Htlto !*ii'*?. payable $-"> quarterly; building materials and labor taken Inpayment: will t u, It I houses to order on -oiall ca-h payments. BLOOMlNuDALli, 2t!i Broad* way, room I ft. 4 ?TO REN I. I i*t,Y FURNISHED, ON CIHTLRTON _i\ , IIIII, near West Brighton Lainlin.', Stati n Island, a t tiniuiiKlloiis Residence, with stable mid extensive Oroiinds; the house is ready tor iinmedlii ? occupation, ami I ? provided with bath, wafer t Inset - -lal.onarv tut>s and all conveniences; stage passes the door; rent low. Apply to JOHN McDONAl.D, No. x Battery place. A FIRST CLASS NEW JERSEY' FARM, NIMt J\ Caldwell, on easy terms; so acn s;some incatlow and woodland: fruit, farm house, outbuildings, Ac.; eboice location. fertile ? oil; healthy and iaiiidly linpr< v iug neighborhood ; price 0; only $IH7 flo per acre ; no exchange. Principal* address MILLS I'AN'SON, Wood side, Newark, N. J. 4 BEAI'Tll-TL STONE COTTMiE TO KEN r?SE\'EV J\ robins, cistern, well, Ac.; , of a mile from Passaic Bridge, V J.; rent $100. Inquire of J. W. ST IT f, 138 Chambers street. New Y'ork. 4 STORI TO LET OR FOR PALE, Fl KNISIIED OR u V un'Urnlshcd. a new itrst class Cottage ; marble man Uds, hay window, fruit nnl shade ami shrubbery; 30 minutes by boat from Peck lip. flirt e minutes from land ing, on Camelia street; rent mo Icrate. S. W. tiithEN. 4 Fl'KNISH D IIOl SK, CONTAININO Pi ROOMS, j\ to let, lieaullliiily situated III I'm ale, New Jersey, II miles (mm New York; rent It tit ircd would be taken in hoard by the owner. Apply on the pretuUc* to YV. S. BKoYVN, i lie gory avenue. Pas-ale, N. J. IN ELI.1) INT RKStDBNCB IN NEW JERSEY? j\ Time 20 minutes, near two depot*; modern Improve, mcnt*; fine c Triage lioune and icehouse; three m res; morigngetl lor one-thir l its value; nilg'it take a good Team, fine Furniture or other Merchandise In part pay payment. tnq Ire of I . S, BKOYVN, lsl Broadivny, or address OWNER, box 106 Herald olllce. t UENIM MaN'S lloME TO LET-Ft RMshEH; J \ contain all city conveniences; AO minutes'distance; near New Brighton, Statcn Ms ml : moderate rent lo ac ceptable pnrt.v. Address box 3,'tlH Post olllcp. AT NEWTOWN. L. I ro LET FURNISHED, LOW, , or exchange, elegant Residence; 1.1 minutes from lerry, .1 Item depot; 'M roouit. A| j l> nt 200 i n-t Four teenth street, New York. PHOfBBTT WIT OK THK CITT FOB SALE OH TO BEST. A PEW I.KIT.?KINK AND MEDIUM RESIDENCES for season or year, at ulen rove, Kodyn unit Man basset: rent reasonable. N. M. TERRY, Rnalyn, L. I., or 2D7 Kront street, Wow York. AOF.MXHIA.N H RKSIDENCK, OOMl'I I.TELY tarnished. one offlnust on Pank-ot HMMtt Hivur. within i* mile* front depot, 10 minuteslrom Now Ynrk by Brie Railroad; lint II riHimi, w ii h all [undent improve ?Mitts carriage house, stable tor throe horsMa, henuery, BMtuiil cow: oik urrc lawn, shaded nootis on river's ; bunk and choicc fruit unil vegetable garden: price 1--0 1 'or summer sea?un. Address OWNtu, box l.Mt Mew York I'ost ..Mice, A J, AKMLNU COUNTRY SBATS-TWO DWELLI M.S. J" Aeres In fruit and shrubbery, lor sulej price $S,?oo, Bull ii* value: n. ar the . ity. HUIi'lH K. McHAKO, 77 Cedar afreet. A N,.i??I'ICn<i?7T PT-ACK?TEN MILES PROM Til K ii ii i * ?<"' 1"i"?' '{""Hand garden produce, in abun lan(,: ???? I"' divided In building lot*; boat, and railroad communication; nrtoo $25,OUO; wiij exchange lor < It.v Property or good Bond* and Mort oflufc" ' stating particular:*, WHITING, Herald A UKSiiUBLE PLACE AT FANWOOD, J\ New Jersey < . nintl Railroad, on* hour irom New \<>rk. A acres, Iruif, good gardcu, li< use uud burn, healthy location, to exchange lor city property ou cash value* Particular* at SKVEtifBK'S oyster house, tit) Sixth av. A T STAMFORD. CONN.?FOR HALF, AN ELKGANT /V Residence, situated hall a mile cant of the village on high ground ' a tine house, containing u11 modern im provements ; the acres of nice laud; fruit ol all kinds; heautitul location; price $25,0tK>. Particulars with 3. EMBKKSON, tiji) Sixth uv? nue. AT ORAMGE M01; STAIN, N. .1 ?FOR rent, HOUSE, 9 rooms; 10acres, shade, fruit, lawn, good water, outbuildings; very lwaltliv; rent low. OWNER, 45 Seventh avenue. \ BAROAIN AT MORRI8TOWN, N. J.-WILL RE J\. sold for *0 per wilt less titan was offered Jast,year, n Country Scat; three a' res; good house; eleven rooms, bath, water closet*, Ac.; lee house, carriage house anil gardener's house; location beautiful uud healthy; abundance of fruit sud shade. 8. 1CDDY, Vo. 1 Parti place. A HANDSOME PLACE AT WIUTESTONE, L. J., FOR sale or exchange; large dwelling, b:irns, 4 c..; plenty of fruit and shade; flue \ lew; live minute-' irom depot; will tell one to twntv acres. J A l>KH NOIILE, 12.") Wc-t Twenty-flfth street, New Yi rk. t ?LAROE SAW MILL, WITH 1,00J ACRES TIMBER^ ./V. birch, beech and maple; suitable for turning poses; new saw mill, N) by 1", cost $10,0110; circular and upright saws, planing machine, lath and paling saws; splendid and constant water power; nine Houses (two large and seven small), with large frame barn; .'0 acres land cleared; suitable for grass. This property v ill either he put into a stock company or sold outright. tor parlleulurs address PJEltSON A STILLMAN, East BtromUbtirg, Pa. A furnished HOUSE TO RENT, ON THE B ANK OF Shrewsbury River, near Fair Haven landing. In ouire ol ISRAEL FERGUSON, No. 9 Ferry stroet, or ad dress E. VAN BRttNT, Fair Haven, N. J. A FIRST CLASS FAMILY HOMESTEAD, UN> equalled within a radius of eight miles around the Cit.v, valued at $:I9,00?, will be sold tor $9,500, payable by Instalments, five or seven years; title and possesion on the tlrsf instalment. For particulars address Sl'Bl it BAN, bi Wail street, room 15. A CHANCE TO OBTAIN HOUSE AND LOT WORTH ?15,00" for $.'00. Rend for prospectus and map. WHITE.STONE HOMESTEAD ASSOCIATION, 39 Nassau street. A SUMMER BOARDING HOUSE TO LET-FUiU j j\ nislied; two acres of ground, laid out, shade trees; locality and hou-e first clas; all modern improve ments. Address SALE, Station II. A PLEASANT COUNTRY HOME, IN HEALTHY LO- | J\ cat ion on Passaic River, 9 miles, 4r> minutes trotn i City Hull; corner Plot oi I'., acres; good, old-fathioned ! house, 9rooms, water In kitchen, marble mantel; stable, carriage room and o iier outhuiMiov plenty of fruit ami shade; accessible- by three ralli.iads; near depots, i churches, schools and tores; will be sold conipli tcly tor- . nished, with possession at once, for $;>,'?-0. Bona llde i pitrcl a ore only nce.i apply to the owner, A. J, WiL IifAMS, Oil Walser street, New York. A BAHGATJ}.?WIIITCOMB COTTAGE, MAl'LE /V wood, N. J.; handsome two story House, seven r<e ms: Iihii". stable, ,(r.; one Mere; garden wiili s ocked with a Ilk i nils ol fruit: price $t,ilii0. W. COOK, 2J8 Washington street, Brooklyn. A FURNISHED HOUSE IN PLAINPIELD, N, 3? TO A. i*at.?Plea>antty located, near depot; all modern improv. nients. Inquire ol or address T. \V. M., ;!7'J l'earl Street, NC? Yorlt. A FINE COTTAGE TO LET?FULLY FURNLXHED, iV at i'enafly, N. J.,near depot; staide, Ac.; i?.w rent lor sea-on or year. II. R. DREW A CO., No. 3 West Twenty-third street, Filth Vvonne Hotel. ? 13AY RIDGE.?FOR SAI E, ON OVINOTON AVENUE, 1> near Fourth a venne Boulevard, a h.iudsomc Gothic Villa and plot of Ground, 7fixl"5 teet, with good carriage house and stable, flno fruit, excellent water; easy of ac cess-only :ui mintitos by steamboat from south ferry; price only $12,500. Apply for pricc and permit to E. li. LUDLOW .v- t'O., No. .'I l'ine street. Bergen point, near lautork rra house, for salo cheap; house, with extension, 41x145: house, 26x20, I8x.2(i; fine groumls. Ac. OLIVER BRYAN, 115 Broadway. pOSEY COTTAGE?NINE ROOMS; SIX LOTS, CAR VV riage house; beautifully shaded; fronts bay; balli j ing;flve minutes' walk from ferry. Statcu Island; t4,0ilil; I terms to suit. DAltlllN, 50 Brood street. ( 10UNTRY SEAT AT BAYS1DE?4S ACRES, ELE i V/' gantly lurnished, Horses, Carriages, Ac.,tor sale at I a sacrifice; also Farm, 132 acres, 12 miles from city, $200 per acre. E. A. LAWRENCE A CO., 119 Nassau street /COUNTRY -TWO FURNISHED HOUSE3 TO LET. V ' with bath and water closets, near Cornwall, ten minutes from depot inquire ol W. H. SMITH, Ou Wall st> /COUNTRY SEAT FARM FOB SALE?REASONABLY, v^' at Dunellen, Central Railroad of Now Jersey: 41 acres, modern buildings, fruit, water, w<odland; desira ble for villa plots; 75 inlnutos from Liberty street; un surpassed lor hcalihfulness. Photograph with Dr. NEIL, Third avenue, Illth street, or sti-:\ I';ns, agent, Don>Uet>. /COUNTRY PROPERTY FOR SALE AND TO LET-IN New Jersey; also at Saratoga. 1. S. GOLDEN A CO., 957 Sixth avcnnc. Desirable real estate, near the capital of North Carolina, uneincumbercd, for suie, or ex change for merchandise, city or suluirbnn properly. J. E. BROOME A CO., 10 Wall street T^LEUANT VILLA-ACBE LAND; THOHKST STATE Ju ol Improvement; healthy local Ion; tine view; 10 minutes lrom terrv, Stuten 1>Ihiid : ttl.uiO; terms to suit. I?\ is KIN, 50 Broad >trect. Tjl LIZA BETH, ? TO LET ? THOBOUOHLY FUB .1 J nlslicd, a neat Mouse, with ten rooms, having all modern improvements; verv pleasantly located; imme diate possession given. Add re sw II.. box 3.S86 Post olllce, j MW York. "IjILXZABETH, v. .1 . M W 14. 1878.?APPLY To IIAM "i ILTo.N MORRIS, 20 East Grand street. A Hunt lied I House to let, lor six month* or longer; 12 rooms; all im i provement ; lri;it. stable, Ac.; 10 minutes'walk from de ' pot; no bettor nil nation to be had; $ I per month. 1 "EINOLEWOOD.-I'ViR RALE, COMFORTABLY FUR I'J lilslit d, a line < osoy Cottage an 1 about '4 n<Te of land; plenty ol fruit. 10 minutes' walk from stall n; a 1 bargain. CLARK, 111 Broadway, basement, room 0. I T.TNOLEWOOD.?FOR RF.NT, PLAINLY FURNISHED, [ Pj a tine Cottage. a few minutes' walls from station; all couvi n'enues; a bargain; alao furnished nod unHir I Ilisbcd lie I lo.nees I IIII mints on 1:11" ol Northern Rail I road of New Jersey. <'LARK, U1 Broadway, basement, room C. F' 1 LEO ANT BEKTDBNOB?WIT&JN no MINU'ES OF a New York, v it'll t;ike property or good nicrcluiu I disc in part payment. Address W., owner, llcrnld omee. j TjtLIOIBLE t'Ul'NTHY l'ROI'l- BTY AT FORT WASH Tj I ii it ton, f. 1., for nalc, consisting of iwo fine French ! Cottages, \% itli ii 11 the modern improvements. within ea-y distance of ilie city , delightfully situated on Mali basnet Bay, w hit ti opens Into the Sound. These houses uro surrounded by ample plots ot ground under cultivation. Wl:l be sold at ii reasonable II,.ure. For particulars ap ply to \\ 11.LI AM VBBo'l r, 50 New Bowery, New York. TjlLF.OANT forN i KY SKAT AT NEW BOC1IELLE, i!i with view of lung Inland Hound, completely fur nlshcd, to 'ease tor one or three years during absence ot family in Europe, or will be sold on easv terms. _ BLACK WELL A CO.. 55 Liberty street. FARM?97 ACRES OF OREAT PROSPECTIVE VALUE, near Paterson, N'. J., to exchange for good Mort gages, or will sell; om-fourth cash, balance mortgage on the larm. DEM AII EST .V WIIITLOCK. No. 1t? I'ark place. 1,'oit svi.E. -onk LABOB, TWO SToRY, WELL built and hand.iome dwelling house, containing parlor, drawing room library, dining room, kitchen anil laundry on tlrst tU'or Five double and three single lied rooms and sewing room, on second floor. First story eleven led high and second story ten teet high, both corniced throughout, with handsome centre piece*. Two i bed rooms and large store room on third floor. Two bay window* o| ton Bosfc "all II Ivct wide, win , costly ti c floor, ruu.s through the bouse, \mple clo ? t . rooms throng!.out the house.. Dry wood, milk and eoal ! cellars separate stairs sliur off; bid and cold water | arruo.euients complete: heated by furnaco and open tiro places, wi'h inarble mantels in nearly every room, . mak'itg it a ccniiortable Winter residence; cistern? 1 intend water, ample even in div times. Stable mid carriage house, green and ice hotiscs, liuiiosimr gateway and entrance, carriage drives in excellent order. Beautiful spring oi water near the house. Choice variety I ot evergreens w*di laid out. Kiiieen or twenty aer. - of land to s"it purch.iH-r Ten minutes' walk from Hudson Uivcr Rail Roail depot. One mile from the laivc an I ! ' nourishing village ot Wnppingers ''alls; location ttti-nr- i ? pu-sed. Unii Iv n property with such advantagesoflesid | jor sale. A >ulv to ANDRfcW JACK - ON or.p.MES MARLoR,* Kills, N. Y. r'ott SAI.E * DBItRABLE RESIDENCE, WITH 12 P acres ol Landi near the i iiic ni Newark aud Ell/a lieth, oil the high ground ovei looking l . tli cltic, us well ( as New York, stuteil Island, tbe Bay, .to., and has most charming view* on every siile; it is two miles from the depot ol tho New York ami New Jersey Bailinad, and to i minutes troni Well street, New York, and in a strictly tlrst class neighborhood ; I he house Is modern built, contain- i ' log 12 rooms. besides washroom bathroom, with : broad piazzas on both side*, unit is furnished with lur nace, a superior range, with hot and cold water, Ac.; j al-o neat and conveu.ent stable, biti o an l carriage bouse ; 1 (be tniid is in u high sta of < itliivatitn, and Is well htoi ked with a tine varleD of fruit and has 0 e.iplolis and never-falling spring ot th" purest ws'o ; it will be sold altogether, or the hulldlnfs vvi It u portion i>f tbe laud; terms easy, bnt no trade or exchange; title perfect and ; mien umbered. Ad lr. ??< v BARCLAY. Newark, N. J., i or apply on tbe premises, Clinton place, Newark. I/O II SALE?ONE 11 ? IIIE I'I.NEST COUNTRY I Homes on the Hudson Hi\< r: splendid views of the Catskllts; new largo house, cottage, building*, uoek and 3,1*10 Iruit free ; in complete order : "o acres; all linen I cumbered. Aildre: s c.. box No. !> Fost ifllce, Tlvo'l, or I apply to .M. T. Wool.I KY, No Mj Fine street, room 10. L^OB SALE?THREE SPLENDID FARMS, ONE OF I (W ;ii res, iin- of w? a res and one ot 17 acres; all with gi od buildings i,n. For further parllculars address W. H. KI.ES, strolidsblirg, I'll. _______ I IJH)B 8 A LB?THE YAPHABK STATION ON THE II I tig Island Railroad; good house, stables, Ac., ISO acri - ol bind a tnile track on it; railroad company pays $.vi a uionili tor a i art ol fhe privilege of the house; rood Place tor backing mid boarders; price ?H.m*); oiM-nall can remain for n term of years. Address E. hUWAIiUH, I'atchogne. Islnud, N. Y. ' l>loR SAI.E-VT llASTlNOM ON THE HUDSON IWO T choice Resldi iicc ? wllli five and six acre! or land, highly Improved. KDML* 1) COI 1 IN. 77 Cedar st. FKOPBHTT orr OF THE CITY fofl 8ALB OR TO KENT. ^ pOR 8ALB-A VALUABLE WATER POWElTo im? F and Sawmill, with 11 acres of Lund, sitnab d la tli? towu ol Eustchester, Westchester c ouuty, N. v., three miles north <n New Rochelle deuof. New liaven Railroad, and <m the line nt tin: propound New York, Westchester ami Boston Railroad Inuuire of the owner, on the prem ises, T. W. 11UUTI ?; Post utfio? address, Ne w Roche-lie. FOR SALE-A SPLENDID BES I 'KM E, BETWEEN Cornwall unit Newburg; lur^e. double tirlck house; modern improvements; "11 a c res 30 more B de-dred. Ad dress C. <!. Coitl.EY. U<ix 5S5 Nevvbuig Post office, or <; 8TAVUS BA v i.t i s, 231 Broadway, New York. |7>oR sale HOTEL AND i'T ItNITI'RK; 70 ROOMS; I? splendi I furii 11uro. new; term". $!.*?,UUO cash, ttal nnee mortgage: no IkUer place in the Slat?? of New York for it hotel keeper to make tnoiic.r; two hours Irmn New York ; two railroad* and 10,000 inhabitants; owner s family out ot h-alih- ?.i be fold i.uw. Apply to or nd drt vC. s. si At'SON, 100anil i.? Broadway, roomal to & |/*OR BALK?ON Ml'RRAY 111LL. WOODKIDP, L. I. I Country rut. with stable, carriage house: abundance of Iraii; flue view; II acres or less; high ground, irnntim on three roads; on the line of boulevard connect In* Cen tral wilti Pro-pect Park vi.i Biaekw.ll'H Island Bridge: bouse built ol bri'k, tor owner's own use. Owner. 77 Nassau*trei t, room y, bei>veen 11 and 1 P. M. |WB SALE-ON i; OK Till-; FIN EM' PLACES IN TUB r vicinity oi Long Branch; two acres, beautifully shaded and laid out: new Italian cottaife, 13 room*; beater, ranee, tubs, lath. water closet, marble mantels, carriage lioU'C, line garden, 4c.: terms easy. Add rem OWNER, box 1S7 Herald oftl e. For hale?at piekmont. with in ten minctes' walk of depot, the place lately i.wucd by George A. Jones, consist ing ol' 22 l-5th acres- fine House, (.tables, Icehouse, with magnificent view ot the 11 udson. both north aint south, as lar as the eye can reach; will lie sold at .i bargain; 70 percent can remain on l?md and mort gage. Apply to HUGH N. CAMP, 1U6 Broadway, or J, K. MALLARY, Nyack. EjtOB SALE-AN ELEGANT COUNTRY RESIDENCE, 1. within one hour of ciiy; hou?e in pcrlect order, with all modern improvements; truit trees, burn, Ac., all ill first class order; possession immediately. Address J, K., box lag Herald ofllce. For salk?030 acres ok land in b,ooo build lug Plots; nearly a mile front, on South Side Hail roan, Long Island ; ^ miles trom city, handsome station in centre of property; price ?ino,iMu, decided bargain; would ttade for improved city Property, on cash basis, or sell a third iircrcst. WHITE, 1U5 John street, New York, MOR pale?AT ASTORIA, A LARGE, NEW 1IOUSK, 1 just lliii- lied, containing 11 large rooms, new fenc.->, wood hou'-o, large cistern, lot 37 foot ti inches by 10'l deep, street graded, trees on sidewalk, tor the sum of fH.OiKJ; $Kt(i cash, below cost, in ot'C. C. HOWELL, cor ner Tenth a\enuc and Gran I si reel, Astoria. For sale-new mansard rook house, onb hour In New Jersey, five minutes from depot ; tare 12c.: all modern improvements -. small amount cash only reijuired. Apply to owner, 42.1 West Sixteenth street For sale?or rent by season or year, a very desirable furnished Summer and Winter Resi dence, 17 rooms; situation liK'h; ? legant views; exceed ingly healthy; overlooking Englewood ; near two sta tions; only thirty minutes to Jersey City; cottage, sta bles, cow; two to twenty acres splendid land; iunnedluU) possession. Appi v at 7?> Chambers street, For sale-in Newark, a two story kramb House, in Main street, opposite East Kerry street Rtation. For terms, Ac., apply to Mr. HURLEY, No. 5 Allen street New York. "L^OIt SALE LOW-AT BAY S1IO EE, ISLIP, L. I., A F handsome Krench roof Cott.-ipre, !t rooms, newly and completely lurnl lied; immcdia e possession; V aero ground; tin' stable: terms easy. Apply to JOHN A. DOUdAN, corner vim and Nassau streets, or to II. J. ROBINSON, No. 1 Krontstreet. UH>B8\LL OB TO LET-A.T HIGHLANDS OF NEVKR I" sink, on Shrewsbury River, Hue Cot hie Cottage, of eight rooms, in line condition, iilrnUhed, together witlL en icliliouse, stable, barii. cowli m.- es mid chicken house, with about W) tine i hickons; 1..11 ? uere ot laud, with lino lawn; vegetable and dower earden, in tine order; newly painted also sailboat and row boat; good bathing, boat ing and fl-jhili;; :i perfect gent. J. M AT Hi- WSON S: SON, No. 4 Pine street. iriOB SALE OR TO LET?A COMPLETE GENTLE I man's Itesidf lice, "table, Ac., with three acres of line lund. filled \* 1th choicest fruits: 15 miles from city und live minutes from depot. W. S. ELLIOTT. 71 B;-omlvnv. TJIOB SALE OR TO LET?AT ENGLEWOOD, N. J., I House and Grounds 111 first clam situation; house con tains 10 rooms: in ijood order; gas and water throughout; furnace, Ac.; will be sold on easy terms, or rented lor $1,200. Address V., box l.M'J I'osi olll-e. |.'o)It SALE OB TO LET?A GOTUIO COTTAGE, AT 1" Great Neck, contain ng 10 rooms, besides kitclieo, laundry and s'orerooms, eoinple,ely furnished: beauti I'nlly located. I'.u ing I iltle Ne -k Buy, tnu'i llier with Itntn, Ac., and lk acres of Land. Apply to EDWARD MOR GAN, 39 William street 1JIOB SALK OB LEASE?SPLENDID MANUFACTUB* II ing I stublishment: nised roof; building MxiiO, with 4u hor-e power engine, shnltlng, forges. Ac.; loca tion in heart ot cily of Pongliktcuoe. with tine wharf, troiitlri'j Hudson Hiver. Apply to TANNER, WALKER Jfc M, an l-,;:N i- V, ?it liroadway. Foil SALE OR RENT?ON BAY8IDB SHOBB, 1. L, olu llomesteaJ, Mlckel estate. 18 rooms; line bath ing, boiling, lishing, shade, near depot; tase 11 o'clock train, Hunter's Point, Flushing Railroad, to Baysldc. For terms, Ac., upply to A. J. DELATOUR, near Dou^laston, TTIOR SALE?A VERY DESIRABLE PIECE OF I'ROPER r tv, comprising 7 lots of ground, with at wo story attlo brick batcincnt frame house : ground well laid out in fruit and shrubbery ; ground is graded nil a line with llio I street and Is near Prospect Park and onlv two hlock.1 trom Sackett street boulevard; terms two thirds cash and toe rest on Instalments. Inquire on the premises. Presi dent street, near Nostrandavenue. Cars pass the door. JOHN RAiTT. For sale-a small house and lot on Stateii Island, lot 87.0*124; ill minutes' walk from Tanderbilt landing; situated on Charles street; urlee $l,ix?; iflJi) cash. Iiniuire of owner,M. CROG1IAN, 41S West Thirty-sixth street. New York. Fob rent?fob the summer season, on tub Hudson, an elegant brick Mansion, fSxtii, newly and richly furnished; fine and handsomely laid nut grounds; dwelling, coach ltou.ic, greenhouses, graperies and all outbuildings in perfect order; locution und scenery un surpassed ; fruit in abundance. Inquire of A. JPOXTlEB, 375 Islington avenue. t^OR RENT FOR THE SUMMER?ON TODK HILL, Staten Island, a line lurnislicd House, with every rooaern convenience: commodious stabling, onthorscs, greenhouse, well stocked garden mid abundance of iruit ir>c?, with .51) acres of land ; the situation commands a magnificent view and isciosp ion railway station, with frequen* communication to New York. Apply to McAN DRc.W A WANN, 40 Broadway, Mew York. IjHJRNISIIED HOUSE, IN NKW JERSEY, ONE HOUR troni cily; modern Improvements, Hue grounds, hor?e?, carriages, cows, truit and vegetables; cool hreczo, high and healthy; rent by year or mouth. Apply at 6'j Maiden lane. IjU'RNISllKD COUNTRY FARMHOUSE TO RENT for the Summer?The Uccr .Mansion, near Norwich, Conn.; barn, carnage house, garden, tVmt. Ac.; all the appointments oi n i|iiiet, beautiful country home. For particulars Inquire 01 or address CHARLES L. DAY1S, 208 Broadway, Brooklyn, E. D, IiHTRNlSHKD HOUSE TO RENT-AT FAIRFIELD, Conn.; line bathing, boating, fishing and driving; 10 minutes'walk (coin New York anil New Haven depot. Apply to ALLEN NICllOLS, f outhnort. Conn. QARDEN PARK LOTS FOR SALE?I.N* $10 MONTHLY payments, without interest; prices from $J00 to $.'<00, tinder restrictions; 5 to 10 minutes from depot ut White stone, L. I.; 26 minutes from Hunter's Point; 42 trains daily, from 6 A. M. to midnight, by elegant Flush ing and Norlhsidc Railroad; a year's commutation free if yon build beforo May, 1874; beautiful sccncry, high ground, healthy; churches, school?, and more conven ient to business than up town, Jersey, Brooklyn or Har lem; neighborhood under restrictions. Call on H. K. VAN SlCKLEN, 133 Nassau street, get free pais and visit It R. R. Hopkins will meet you at the depot pREAT SACRIFICE.?MUST BE SOLD THIS WEEIC' ' J otio o> the most choice and beautiful Farms in Rucks county, Pennsylvania; contains 87 acres of rich, smooth land, under the highest cultivation?6 acres wheat, 0 com, I of potatoes, balance splendid crass; will cut 70 tons ui hay; nice brook; good orchard; substantial build ings, storehouse, i> rooms; nice yard; plenty of shade; splendid barn, cosf $l,t)0J; hog and poultry nouses, car riage and wagon houses, *o.; Rood cash market; only two miles from largo nourishing town; 38 miles irotn Philadelphia; milk and 12 past tiger trains dallv ; only hours trom New >ork city; prico (including crops, worth $2,000) only $f>,000; only $l,.riO) cash required; bal ance easy. Take i) A. M. traiti Irom loot of I.ibcrty street. New YorK (New Jersey Central Railroad), to lictlittheni, I'u. ; there take Northern IVnnsvlvania Railroad to Quakerstown. Inquire at Miller's Hotel, opposite the station, tor o. I/. Walk lilt. Carriage waiting. Can ro turn at 0 P. M. IOWA LAND?120 ACRES IN WEBSTER COUNTY; I prairi* land In coal region, 3 miles trom railroad, lor sale by B. (J. sm.Pi'AKl), agent, I'J Broadway. KATONAH.-FOR SALE, orHKirE JAY 1I0*E . stead, within two nilesof slA'voi. one of tin most bcantlful as well a- healthy regions iu the n gentle man's Reside nee, containing 1 i aeres; a tine stone with l."> rooms, with nil the conveniences of a city hours; line carriage house. stable, cottage, grapery, Ac. Apply to til tiH N CAMP, I'rt Broadway. f ONO BRANCH, CLOSK TO THE OCEAN.?A VERY I J pretty, desirable three story Cottage, with parlors, kit' In n. laundry, fi ledroonis; stable on the grounds: fully and well lurmslied. F. O. A I). BROWN, 90 Broadway. I ONO BRANCH AND VICINITY.?BANKERS AND I j brokers should examine the Cottage Plots which wo otic r tor sale, situated ?t Long Brnneh, on the sea Iront, ami In clo-e proximity to the residence of Messrs. Jay Uould. ? harlea .1. Osborn, ex-Senator Itayws Senalor Catt" 11 and Secretary Robeson; the plots contain Irotn one-quarter to two aeres ol land each and vary in prico from tainto $6,UOO eoen ; all lacing flta sea. Willi trontage on Ocean avenue. Full particulars irom the agent*. F. (1. A D, BROWN, IK) Broadway. | t)T IN WHITESTONE, NEAR DEPOT-WATER Lj view; for sale at a great bargain : $l.*>0cash. I''. A. LAWRKNCE A CO,, 31) Nassau street. MONTHLY PAYMENTS FOR AN ELROANT HOUSE, rt rooms, hitli. water closets, elevated oveti range, wash trays, Ac.; only |60n month, without Interest, ana $75"down wlllbuv it, with two Lots, on sewered streets; 1 minutes irom depot, at Whitest".lie, Long Island : 1 hour troll! Citv Hall, by 31 trains daily, from 8 A. M. to mid night; a year's commutation tree. Call on II. K. YAM SIC LBN, l:i:l-Nas au street, and get free passes. MORUISTOWN (N, J.) COTTAGES AND COUNTRY Beats 11 rent, furnished or unfurnished, for sum iner or year. Morrlstown offlce two doors from Post, otttce. J. 1IKNRY J oil NSt iN, 14V Broadway. MORUISTOWN? SPLENDID COUNTRY HEAT,* great sacrifice; new mansion, with tower: every elegance. eleven aeres fine forest shade! will exchange lor good eii.v property. Ho* M8U Post office. NEW FI.OUK1NO MILL AND RESIDENCE FOR, sale?Railroad transportation, very obi tmsine.ssfc never tailing water power: three run of stones: home uisrkvt. J. HKMIY JOHNSON, 111) Broadway,

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