Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 18, 1873, Page 15

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 18, 1873 Page 15
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tPOOPERTT OCT OF THK CITY FOR HALE OR TO RKlfT. ijKAK l.lKK MAHOI'aC-TO LET. UNFURNISHKD. n a gentleman's residence. with barn, garden and lu fores, ?300. E. H. LUDLOW * CO.. No. A ! '??? street, f\BANC,E, N J., VERY NEAR MONTROSE 8TA tr Son.?Kaw, very complete Houses to let for WOO; ?ne very elegant, price $24,UW. F. S. STALLK NECHT, owner, S7 Nassau street. ORANGE MOUNTAIN, N. J.?FOR RENT OR SALE, handsome Cottage. 13 room-, pliuuu; stable, two IcrM: v?-ry healthy; $'?10 monthly; price iti.ftOU. Address I. 11. B.. 21 and 2'> Murray street. ONLY $:<0 PEB MONTH AND $lfO DOWN WILL BUY a prettv House, (i rooms and cellar, lot 150 teet deep. ill Garden Park. X minutes from depot, at VVhitcstolie, .ong Island ; 2t> minutes Iroin Hunter's Point; 4.'trains dally. *> A. M. till niidnglit, by elegant Flushing and KorUisi.ti- Railroad ; one veur's commutation tree : Dean tttul scenery, high ground, ln'altliv, churclfes, schools, and more convenient to business than .-ixtieth street, New York. Why pay rent lor part ol n house when vour rent will buy you u beautiful home? Call on II. K. VAN hICLIsN, 138 Nassau street, and got a tree pin* and \ Islt it. ONE OK TIIK KIN EST PLACES IN NV.W JEKSKY Nearly seven acres; high ground; tp'eiidid moun lain viuwi:; house large, with every couvetiienoe; lully furnished; (>2 '000 in oil paintings'and statuary; price Cur the whole $<J; or will be rented to a responsible party for one or more * ears. W. C. RAVENHTLL, Rloomfield, Delaware and Lackuwuunu Railroad, lu :'.'U train. ONE OK T1IE KINK-I COUKTB* SEATS NEAR NEW York will be Hold at bargain or exchanged lor good City Lots or House ; locality very fashionable; view uu Burpuasoil; will be rented. r. E. II. VANDYKE, ICli Broadway. VTEAR LAKE MAI!"I'Al'. ?FOR SALE, A TEN ACRE xl Site, part orchard, with barn, on turnpike to Peeks Kill, $3,fitM. E. II. I I HLOtV A I'd., No. .i l ine stn et. PLEASANT COUNTRY HOME TO LET?AT PERTH Am boy, C.r> minutes from New York ; I refluent trains, line water view, plenty iruit, low rent. Apply at 1W Broadway, room ti. from 12 to 1. KOOKAWAY.-A NEW HOTEL l'OR BALE OR TO let; 8(1 bedrooms; a Mansard roof, and near the noenn. Inquire of J. M. Kine, at Uio Pavilion. Sample Boom to let. Reduced rent.?a hood, careful party can hire reasonably a convenient House at Kordbam, liinu rooms; nice garden, stable, pure soil water, Ac. Inquire ot SMI I li, Ticket Agent, at depot. STAMKORI), CONN. ? FOR SALE, A COUNTRY BE3I dence, with S acres ot land; fine dwelling and out buildings: choice variety of fruit; shade and ornamental trees; having all the arrangements of a lirst class house and country seat; nice surroundings; ten minutes' walk fVom depot; on a beautiful elevation, commanding ex tensive \ lews of Long Island Sound ; terms easy. S. IRELAND, 201 Broadway. SULLIVAN COUNTY.?THE BEST FARM IN THE whole county can be bought at a bargain; 2t U acres, BO wood land; land is rich; society first class. For further particulars apply to MARTIN 1)L'NN, ;!0_' Broadway. SECOND FLOOR TO LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY; house new; water and gas; occupied by owner; situ ated at Bergen avenue station, Newark and New York Kallroail; IS minutes from New York ; 3D trains dally. Ad dress P. P. NICHOLS, Unltod States Express Company, ffl Broadway. SOUTH NORWALK, CONN.?BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY Residence, with city conveniences; large garden and barn: location high uud healthy; tine views; price 912,000. Rl LAND A WHITING, No. 8 Beekimni street. OARATOCA ?PART OF A STORE TO LKT UNDER O the (irand Union Hotel, Saratoga Springs, N. Y, In quire at ISABEAU'S hair store, z! Union square. THE CHEAPEST AND BEST FRUIT FARM EVER OF fered, lor cash, or will exchange tor cheap Domestic Liquors, nearly W) ncres, in New Jersey, near thiacity; good bouses. Address J. U., box 120 Herald otlico. TO LET?A COUNTRY RESIDENCE; ONE OF THE healthiest and most picturesque locutions on the Hudson, situated in Rockland county, one hour trout the city; 10 minutes from Spurkill depot; 12 rooms, with all modern Improvements; 2^3 acres ground; good con venience tor keeping horses and carriages, inquire of J. M. BLAUVELT, adjoining the premises, or J. A W. BURROUGHS, .1112 Fulton street, Brooklyn. TO LET?A DESIRABLE STORE, COMPLETELY fitted up, on the best block of the best business strce' _in Troy, N. Y.; tuituble lor either dry goods, clothing "fancy good Troy, N. Y. T fitted up, on the best block of the best business street 'roy, N. Y.; tuituble lor either dry goods, clothing, "fancy "uoods or line groceries. Address JULIUS SAUL, >y, N. Y 10 LET-i-SEVERAL DESIRABLE HOUSES \> ITH _ modern conveniences, located in Bergen, N. J., 20 minutes Iroin the city; rents low to good tenants. Apply to APPLEBY A IIELME, 1.18 Water street. mo LET ?A FINE OPPORTUNITY IN NEWARK, N. J., 1 for the wholesale or retull trade in Teas, Coffee, Ac., or the commlstlou business; this store is next to the mar ket with flno basepii nt; bo:h 80 by 25 lcet. Call on or address C. M. BOLEN, 20 Plane street. TO LET?FURNISHED RESIDENCE, 14 ROOMS, AT Jerico, L. I.; carriago house and stable; lour acres lu lawn; 1! 1 hours from the city; milk, better, eggs, 1 rult and vegetables 11 rnished from the farm; healthy and free from mosquiioes. Apply to JOHN SlilltLY A SON, SI Cedar street. TO LET?FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED, AT Sing Sing, on the Hudson, a Cottage House, with Barn and five acres ot ground; plctry ol fruit of all kinds, Ac.; fine view ol the Hudson. Apply to C. N. KO.NIO, 153 Pearl, corner ot Wall street rPO l.ET?ON TODE HILL, STATES ISLAND, A Fl'R JL nl-hi'd cottage, with stabling, garden, shade trees, fine views and easy aeccss to a railway statloli. Apply to McANHRE W A WA N N, 40 Broad way. TO LET?AT IR YIN TON-ON-HUDSON, A l-'ULLY furnished llome; ~uUmll<lii?K? and sumo acros of land; most delight.uliy located. EDMUND COFFIN, 77 Cedar street. mo let?at bergen point, n. ,r.. a BKAUTI X fully situated, completely lurnished gentleman's Residence; grounds handsomely improved; iruil nnd ?rniunental trees, grapes and berries {garden planted; immediate possession. Address box 0,107 Post office, New York. __ TO LEI?FURNISHED, 11 ROOM HOUSE, WITH stables, modern improvements, P.uipls giw*ad?j on I the banks of the Hudson, Nyaek; views unsurpassed. ] OWNER, lto Water rereet, comer of Maiden lane. rpo LET?a NEWLY FURNI8HBD HOUSE, BEAUTI- I A fully situated on Hie Hudson, 45 minutes' rido irom } the Bnitery by elevated nnd Hudson River Railroad; will I be let for the summer to ? des.rable party, at moderate J rent; house has all modern Improvements; hot and cold : wntrr throughout,. Address FbNWICK, box 6,^4 New York Post office. | TO LET?AT ASTORIA, A FURNISHED HOUSE, IS complete order, containing 11 rooms, hot and cold water, murble mantels, cornices, two lots, good garden, for $i08; also an unfurnished House, tor f40i), in complete order. Inoulre ot Mrs. GOODMAN, eoruer Second aveuue and Grand street, Astorin. TO LET?FURNISHED, ON BLOOMFIELD AVENUE' Blooinfleld, N. J., a Cottage, thoroughly furnished, containing 4 bedrooms, 2 parlors dining room and kitchen, with use of silver, cutlery, glass, table and bed linen, for Six month*, at 97ft per otolith. Inquire lit G. TAULIA HUE'S, .<02 Pearl street, New York, or PliTKR CAMP BELL'S. near Morris and Essex Canal, 19 minutes from Rosevlii" station. . TO LET ?AT CORNWALL. ON THE HUDSON, A nieeiv shaded, furnished Cottage, i'l rooms, attic and cellar, two acres ot lawn, trait and vegetables; carriage house ami stable; situated on main, 10 minutes' walk of steamboat landing. Inquire at 131 West Forty first street. ___ TO LIT?AT HIGHLANDS, NEW JERSEY, TWO Cottages and one large House suitable for boarding hnuHe. Address JAMES, box iw lieruld ofliec. TO LET?TO A RESPECTABLE FAMILY FOR THE Summer or longer, a good-s!aed House, furnished or untarnished, with a good garden, nil planted ; also stable; Ml ont half a mile trorn Pro-poet Park and one block from the Coney Island ears, on Franklin avenue, Parkville, L. I. For particulars Inqnirc on the premises, or to RICH w:i> PKKRIJi, No. 3 Heaver street. New York. TO LET-ON RTATEN ISLAND, FlYK MINUTES from Stapleton Landing, a Cottage, containing eight rooms, partially iurnlshed or not; pretty views and nice neighborhood ; rent or $100 per year. Address A. M. 8., Herald office. rpo LET?A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED COTTAQE, 1 with stable nnd two acres of ground, on Northern Railroad of Now Jerse} ; 2 minutes irmu depot and 40 IVom Chambers street. E. p. cook. with Longstreet A Sedgwick, 4<iS Hroadway. TO RENT?AT MAMARONECK, ONE MILK FliOVf dopot, adlaccOt to Island >ound, a Country Seat, embracing seven acrey: house ot 13 rooms, frescoed and papered, lully furnished; grounds shaded ; billiard room, stables, garden. Ac.; on reasonable terms for year or sea son. Apply to F. E. WALSH, 29 South Etrect, or on the premises. TO LET?AT HASTINGS, ON THE HUDSON, A cho'ce Property. Ave acres of land. and out buildings, completely furnished nnd in perfect order, EDWARD COFFIN. 77 Cedar street TO LET?AT NORWOOD. N. J., A SWISS COTTAGE* wiili garden, shade, Ao.; runt fit). Apply to E. B. DAVISON, 77 Liberty street, or C. E. DEMARJsST, at Norwood. mO LET?NEWTOWN 1IOU8R, BAltN, LA ROE OAR X ilen, good well, abundance oi fruit; also nice Farm SI acres, at Flushing; rents low. Apply to 8. RoBJN, SON, Newtown, U I., uear the premises, or C. SIMON BON, Agent TO LET OR FOR BALE?AT CROMWELL'S, ON THE Shortcut or Newburg Railroad, 47 miles troin York, a double C'oftnpe and carnage licnse, with tl.r.-n acres in garden, Irnit, Ac. Inquire ot W, T. KVERff Turner's Post office, N. Y,,or Jl)S. BTRUTflEKS, 78 and 81 Murray street, New Yolk. ? TO LET OR FOR SALE?HOUSES 30 MINUTER RT boat from the Battery, at Bay Itldge, L. I., Including a large one, suited tor a boarding house, with view of the Bay of New York; pleasant and healthful. Apply to JOHN MAC KAY, 14 Broadway. TO RENT FOR THE SEASON-COUNTRY RKSI drnco, tarnished, on the Hou-atonic ro id. about tniles from the rlfy: II rooms; veranda on all sides; fine grounds; natural and improved ; wood" and streams within the boundaries; terms moderate Inquire at If Broad street, room 52. rRENT FOR THE SKASON-A THOROUGHLY famished lieu*, delightfully hvstrd at Madison, N. J.; Riitintloa and views unsurpassed in Hie place ; the grounds, consisting ol five or seven acres, arc well stock ed with vegetables and fruits; larire stables and carriage house aid Icehouse dlliedi. For further information ad <f|gi MADIHON, bo? .'Oil Herald office. TO RENT? HOUSE AND O ROUNDS ON LONG Islnr.d , a fine. healthy country home.?well fnrnlshed; supplied with dairy, I rut t and ve getablt^nt ver> rensou db.e rent Apply at&t Wall street, second story, front TO RENT?FINE DOUSE, 40 ACRES, PLENTY rrnti, sidendl 1 location, 4.1 minutes from city, in Jer sey, olio mile from depol; rent IMJU: sell or exchange. w. E. PARISH, 23 Oct street. fpO RENT?AT ORANlIB, N. J.. A MODERATE .'1J5B X furnished House, convenient to depot; a m n desira ble Diace lor the Summer; rent moderate. Iiniuiie ui w. J?. ram. W Thomas street, New York. rpHB ADVERTISER tS ORI l(?Ki> TO WEl.f, inn ACRES JL of Land ai'on the scat nasi, seleeteri witb ureal care; ahold ?hor<v ti) feet above water; beautiiul views Hue drives, old limber; eno.|iia1led lor raehtlntf, Msliing; (nine abundant, and nunsually healiliv ; suitable for a Summer resldeoce; sictiMied; inrte Iralns daily to New York i cbean. Address H. d. t_ Uarald llotowa Rraneh PROPERTY (NT OF THE CITY FOR VALE OK TO KKNT. Valuable mill amTwatkk powER-wrrit 112 V ncre* of Lund, for sale obcap Apply to H. *. CHADEAYNE. Cornwall, Orange county, .V T. ^iriBOINIA.?FOR SALE, ON EASY TERMS, SIS ? acres grain an I sheep I arm. lieur Washington cltv, or fxchinjtfi lor citv > Jorwy Property or f-ccuritieH. or excuse Wi m. .TMKO? HEiiitV. Jet1ci>oii Market. dM AA ?ROSELLR, N. J.. 40 MINUTES. 10 FROM 2p4A'U. station bMXtooBM Cotlafe;8 rooms,improve men ts; Mgh ground. luwn mid trees; or part of home to small famllv. Apply at store, 651 Sixth avenue, corner i thirty-eighth street LOCKWOOD. <fcO niwt CASH ONLY.?-FOR BALE. IN GREEN- | j.Uv'V" rllle, N. J., handsome Gothic House; l.a> window, broad verandah's; modem improvements, with ground*, iruit trees; 2b minutes trnm foot ot' Liberty street. New York. Inquire rit I'ost oltlcu, Greenville. db | AAA WILL PURCHASE A GOOD 100-ACRE Farm i?i Jersey, 10 miles from Freehold tuid Trenton; 15 U' re? >u rve; 85 in (.r;'-.-.. 1). F. CURLEY, 12 Centre street qt>1 / i AAA ?FOR SALE, LET OR EXCHANGE, J yli'ivV/t'i tlie < heapest 380 were Farm ami Country ; Re-ldt nee In New York statu; good large improvements; ' tin. iaiul; healthy country, Ac. WHlTNKY', 111 Fulton street, Brooklyn. REAL ESTATB TO EXC'HANOK AT AUCTION?MAY 27, AT SALESROOMS, TR1NTTV building. Broadway, ?t 12 o'clock, by I*.. H. H DLOW A t'O.. peremptory sale, without reserve, id Mminl 1' lor eflee, the most magnificent estate on the Hudson, IUlly furnished and in complete order lor Immediate occu pancy. Alxmt 90 acres of land, all highly improved; In rue man-ion 26 rooms, marble lialls, walls frescoed, gas, billiard room, howling alloys, all modern improvements. Gate house, 12 rooms; two cottages, carriage hou^e. gas bouse, greenhouse*, bams anil numerous outbuildings; large ttsli pond, two trout strcums. At Peeksklll, 70 inin ntc* br Hudson River Railroad. A lar/e bird's eve view ot he property and tull description of the same may be aeon at the salesroom, 111 Broadway, for further inior mation appiv to the owner, on tlie property, LEWIS II. SPKAR. * AN EXCHANGE.?1 WILL RXCHANGK TWO BEAU* titnl brown s'orie Houses In seventieth street, be tween Lexington ami Third avenues, liuvwgall eoncelv able improve in ollts, size 20x0.1x100, tor city improved or unimproved Property. 'j HOMAS G. UOJER, 936 Third avenue. A MOWN STONE HOUSE ON' FORTY-FIFTH itreet in exchange for cash am! n Country Seat. Principals call or send to R. E. 11.. WW Sixth av. A FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN STONE Home, near the Purk; a brick House also to ex change lor good Elizabeth Property. Apply to MARTIN 1)UNK, 202 Broadway. A -FOR KALE on TO EXCHANGE, THE EQUITY . In a throe story brown stone high stoop House, sit uated in tlie best jiMrt ol the city, between two horse car roil :es, in perfect order and repair; frescoed Ac.; tullv furnished or uniurnished; Mirrors, Carpet*, t urtains, Ac., for other low-price or Tenement Properly in this city; will take a pair or one stylish Morse, Harness, a Victoria, Coupe, Iiauitaulct, Phaeton or Muggy as part payment Address EXCHANGE, box 182 Herald office. A T EAST ORANGE?10 MILES FROM NEW YORK J\ city, twochoioc pieces of Improved Property, front ing on four of the principal streets; a great bargain; easy terms; will exchange lor New York city property. EDMUND COFFIN; V Cedar street. A OOOD STOCK?$8,000 WORTH MERCHANDIZE Jx. (o exchange for lots or land, within 30 miles ot New York; must be free of encumbrance. WARNER A CO.. No. 5 Dev street. A BUSINESS OF MANY YEARS STANDING? Owner retiring; will exchange for lteal Estate; machinery cost $2.3,000; lull operation; Investigation ; Aided. OKU. I,. SNOW Ji Co., 200 Broadway. AN UNUSUALLY ATTRACTIVE FIRST CI.ASS ItEsl- ' donee, on Hudsoff River, near New York, is now 1 offered very low for small amount cash, or oilier property worth $20,ink) would be received in part payment. Ati drets BILLINGS, box 22S Herald otliue. A BEAUTIFUL FOUR ACRE RBBIDBNCR on THE Hudson, 19 miles from city; elegant Mansion and outbuildings; 60 acre farm, finest fruit and cheapest in the State; also some of the best haying and most valu able Farm* in the States; will exchange. ABBOTT, 212 Broadway. I EXCHANGE FOR LOTS?AN ELEGANT FOUR STORY "j brown alone Houso.26\0J, lot 100, near Central Park and Fifth avenue; possession. Address BYRON, Herald ofllce. INARMS, COUNTRY SEATS FOR NEW YORK OR Brooklyn Property, ut Orange, W oodrldge, Tenatly, Newton. Mount Vernon, East Chester, Irvingtou. Peeks kill, Fislikill, Hudson, Saratoga Springs. SLAoE A CO., 23 Union square. I^OR SALE OR EXCHANGE?BRICK MAKING.-A 1 raro elmnc.e for an enterprising man; we oiler, on ver> easy terms, one ot the most desirable brick making establishments on South River, about six miles from New Brunswick, N. J.; the> pit is one of the best, and the dock facilities unsurpassed; the works are completely furnished with stenm engine and boiler and ready for operating; on the premises is a dwelling Iioiim* com pletely furnished ; only a small cash capital require 1 to carry "on the business; desirable New York or Brooklyn properly would lie taken in part pnj ment; remainder <>n bond and mortgage on the properly. Appli to JES.>K S. CARMAN A ltlto.. 72 and 74 Cedar street. New York, or J. K. GILMORE, HI'J Broad stri el, N< warK, .V ,1. Foil SALE OR EXCHANGE?A GRIST MILL AND Hotel Properly, about CO miles from this city, in Or ange county, New York. For particulars apply to A. N., 156 Broadway, room 14. For sale or exchange?a fine corner plot, at RntUcrftird Park, two minutes from dopo*. Ap ply to jr. K. van DKitvooRT, 2.07 Weet Fortieth street. For sale?or exchange for good city or Vllluuc Property, 60 acres of Land, finely loi afed on the Midland Railroad, with a station, wat"'r power, woollen mill and residence on the property, suitable lor cuttiug Into building lots. DKMAREST A WIIITLOCK, No. 1V Park place. IridR SALE OR EXCHANGE?TWO BROWN STONE 1 Mansions, 25x75x106; first class Madison avenue ItQsi donee, furnished; Park avenue House; fine Farm of 100 acres, with Stock ; also Farm S i acres: flrsl class gentle. Jersey, Inquire of E. s. BROWN, 181 B road w ay. TJIOR SALE OR EXCHANGE?AN ELEGANT VILLA, r with first class outbuildings with IN acres of im proved Land, fronting on Passaic River, at Belleville, N.J.; It Is. without doubt, the handsomest place in the comity, anil dirt cheap at f4C,000; terms easy; will trade tor New York citv, Brooklyn or .lersev City property, on cash basis; other desirable Jersey City and New'York property to exchange. None but princii als need apply to .1. M'. GIBSON, Auctioneer, 31 Montgomery street, Jersey City. ]7H?R SALE OR EXCHANGE?MONTCLA1R, N. J? large House, with laundry, bathroom, Ac.; 8acres or less; inile irom Midland depot; siabies, hothouse, springs, garden, shade and truit. JOHN H. PARSONS, ?5 Wiliinm street. tftOR SALE OR EXCHANGE?A DESIRABLE PLAI E, on the Mainaroneck boulevard, mile from depot, on high ground, huvlmr a tine view ol the Sound and siir rouivVllig country, two story and attic House, Usui, Henery and 21 acres. Apply to F. S. DRISCOLL, 25 Pine street, room 14. IrtOR SALE OR EXCHANGE?FOR CITY PROPERTY, ' Hotel, fuliv furnished, doing pood business, within one hour ol New York ; line grounds; li altli.v location. SI.A l>K A CO., 33 I' it ion square. FflOR BALE Oil EXCHANOE-FOR A SMALL UOUSE 1 or a nice l'laco in the country, a lirst class brown stone House, near the Park. 2#sHntl0n. KICIIAKL) HtiNNLSSY A 00,910 Third avenue. IWR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR LAND-NEAR NEW Yor't elty, a valuable Water rower in Connecticut, with building*. J- O. BISHOP, 208 Slate street, Bo-'ton. IjlOR SALE, TO RUNT OR EXCHANGE?PINK BE8I delict', at Orange, N. J.; rent Ion. For particulars address- W. F. R., Herald otllee. lpOR SALE?OR EXCHANGE FOR FARM OR TENE P rnent Property, a plot of Ground on Grand Boule vard. v illi Buildings, now occupied a* a livery stable huKinnss, with or wnhout the property. ln?tu<ic- on the preinises, lititU street and Boulevard. IAROK FARM FOR SALE OH EXCHANGE FOR a City Property?Near New YorK, 1 routingrailroad: advantageous lor cuttiuu up or residence Address, lull particulars only, BUSINESS, box 200 Herald office. Maryland, my makyland.-a farm of 100 acres in the best pftrt 01 the State toexchangc for citr or Brooklyn Property. Apply to MARTIN DUNN, M Broadway. OEVERAL BROWN STONE CITY AND BROOKLYN 0 Houses to ex liange; Country and City Property wanted lor exchanges. KUFUei K. McHAKd, 77 Cedar street. Notary and Commissioner for e\ cry Stale. TO EXCHANGE?TWO SMALL HOUSM IN FIFTY third street, near First avenue, and cash, for a niee brown stone House; value not over and lightly mortgaged. Principals only dealt with. Apply to \\ M. L LOEW A CO., toi. avenue 0, corner Seventh si. Tpo KXCHANGE?FOUR STORY HOUSE. OX FIRST I avenue, for Furniture. Diamonds. Phim.s, Clothing, Horse and Buggy. or vacant l<ots in We-dchesier. RAY, owner, 2.u*0 Third avenue. _ rilO EXCHANGE KoR CITY, ADJACENT PROPSRTY .1 or merchandise, I9C acres ot Hn<- Land at Mauiaro ncck, \V?s(ohestor county, near depot. RA'i'lIBONE A CUSTER, 86 Nassau street, room 10. TO EXCHANGE-ACRES ON ORANGE MOUNTAIN, N. J : Farms in New Jersey *;,,T York and Louk Wand ; ifonjcj and Luir. in citt and country. MAiiox, U John street. TO EXCHANGE FOR A HOUSE IN BROOKLYN, tree and clear, a Property in New Jersey, consist Ingot a good house, double parlors, six large aliening room*. good t arn, wagon bouse and uii necessary out buildings and 11 acres of ground tor building lots, situated in a village 21 miles irom .Sen York, one mile trom s ation, on the Morris anil Essex Railroad : i>? i"e tl?.0W; mortgaged lor $5,ouo. For full particulars ad dress EXCIIANGe., box 14ft Heral.l ofllue. rptiE handsomest and best paying oyster 1 llonseon Sixth avenue (will bear Investigation) to exchange tor nesr by Village Property, on cash valua tion Address, box 146 Herald Uptown Branch omee. rrH?. MW hoti.l property near new york i v ill be exehang d tor steamooai, Propeller or Farm; house situated oppo*t e depot. In fashionable resort i. t H. VANDYKE, i>, ? Broadway. rpHE EQUITY IN FOUR LOTS IN SEVENTY-FIRST 1 street, near the Boulevard, will i?. given in exchange for a small Place in the country; hum be near tlie wster Inuuire of JOHN DONO\ AN, (4 St. Mark's avenue Brook lyn. \\r ANTED?HOUSE, WITH 1 HREF. OR MORE ACRFS Vl near New York, worth |Io,i?hi to fIS.ikvi cash, or part exchange. M. T. BBl'.NDAGE, P Union square. |17 AN rEI??IMPROVED PROPERTY, CENTRALLY T ? located, baying good Interest; or unimproved prop erty wltU a prospective Increase In venation, < eiitislly located: Lots above 110th street preferred; will pav from $l&,OU0 to f20.0u> cash down, balance on mortgage, Send particulars In Mill to GEO. W. DA Cl'.MiA, 207 West thirty-eighth street. WANTKH -A f 7-1,01)0 CITY RESIDENCE, FOR WUlrfl adjoining city Lots, iree hiu! cle ar, will l.u given. .iOhn it. htm ENS, No. 5 Pine street. Hi ANTED?SMALL FARM, IN EXCtlANliE FOR House and Lot near the lower part M the city Ad rirtuaoWNAiu, bux la." Uvratd ollim. BE.iL estate to ekhasge. TVK HAVE A FIRST CLASS COUNTRY SEAT NEAR >f tin- city, tree Irum encumbrance, which wo win exchange lor Brooklyn House ?r Lot; will ditlcrcnce. J. O. IIOYT A SON, 171 Broadway._ ?'?) Dill) MORTGAGE AND BCIIBBW LMJ ipZ.UUl I near the city to exchange for Horses, f ar riages, Furniture ami Merchandise. Address, at ouce, MORTGAGE, Herald office. _ A I -An -KOK EXCHANGE, rN^NCUMBEBKD Jj54.?)U". country Property. -tore. dw-ellliw*' . * bargain for Brooklyn house owners. Iniiuire atldHiek man street, third noor. from U to4 ociocK. ? <fce IUU1 -TO BXCRANGB, A LOT O9 KINE $5,000. Broehc and other Shnwl.amlDre^ tinnrts tor near-by Improved Property. No brokers. Ad dre*? BROCUE, box Itf) Ilerald office. it?0 f\l\H WORTH OF SEASONABLE GOODS AND SBH.l H M > a valuable Patent to exchange 'or '?arm or small Place, near city, or Brooklyn House or Lots. Apply at 84 Centre struct. - dt?1 O IWtn ?EXCHANGE Ft>R N'-W AOHK, JM.5.0UO. Brooklyn or Huntington Property. Long Island, a 175 acre Farm, building-[large and complete older. Principals inquire at i'S Beekmau stieet, New York, trom 12 to 4. RKAli KS'l'ATK W AKTE1I. i FUBNISHED COTTAGE WANTED?ON THE 8EA A shore, Lour Branch preferred; must be ?ccesstblc to the citv. Address, with lull particulars, prhe.ftc., Mrs. B., llerald I'ptown Branch oilice, 1 y>5 Broadway. AX ELIGIBLE VILLA SITE WANTED?AT LONG A Branch or Newport, free and unonctuubere . m which cash will he paid; owner only noticed. Adduss SIMMER BESOKT, box 142 Herald office. T EASEHOLDS WANTED?FOR CASH, ON t'l1 \ IJ property, in moderate aniounte. Address LfciA. HOLT), box *10 Herald offloo. AV? ANTED-PAYIX<I TF.NEMENT PROPERTY F<?R V? rush mid enuitv in tniAU farm near Manha>set, U I., 15 miles Horn m wuilam street. \ttANTED TWO FIRST CLASS COUNTRY KESI W dencefi, worth about $40,000 and $80,0C0, tor llrst rinHH citv Prouertv upon cauli baai*. cimbcuj riuptnj wpAlIL v TOi>pt RR Liberty Ptroet. IV ANTED?KIKST CLASS NEW ItOl'SE OEHOUBB8 V ? between Lexington and Sixth avenues^ for which will be given In part payment a flue Conntw S?ut ? miles ir?ni this citv. tree and clear, worth $50,000, City ??unuy tjjjZg,rfiffifSrirttiwfc 1ITANTED?IMPROVE!) PBOPKBTY, CBNTALLYLO \y cated, paying good int rest: or uulmproved l ro > ortv with a prospective increase in valuation, centrally located; Lots above 110th street preferred; will pay trim $15,WO to S-fURW c inli down, balance on inortgaKe . t lid particulars in full to (lEORGfc W. CI MIA, .07 west Thlrty-cightli street AII'ANTED TO PURCHASE-A THREE OR F.H!R YV story brick or brown stone h'gh ?'?0MrloJII,?? to $14,000, on west side. Address RUMAIXE, 3JO "est Twenty-third street AVAM El>?S.M AI.I. HOUSE, FARM OR A MORT V> cace *t>,000 to $10,(K)0, in exchange for tine I roperty ntMa&.VT; ?2 miles iron. New Vork-nnchuusc grounds, carriage house, Ac. kmtiuoei a ollhe, 01 Mont gotuery street, Jersey Citv. HOVSKS, HtMIMS, AA\, \\ A N'PKl). In this City and Brooklyn. 4 LOT WANTED?OF 20 TO 25 FEET TO I.E \PE A for a lonu term of vears, to build a private . between Lexington and Eighth avenues, aboyc tortitth strecL Address COMMERCIAL slatioti !'? A LADY OF REFINEMENT WISHES TO MEET A A gentleman who will assist her In getting ? '? cointortable house, citv or country, and wilt oee^pj a handsomely turnisln-d room for the rent,.the lady has furniture and a small income. None but rt liable persons need address AMERICAN HOME, Herald office. HiiI'SK WANTED. ?A SM\EL PRIVATE FAMII.V wish to hire a neat, well-built Hou?, for three.or more years, in any respectable neighborhood, r< nt not to exceed $1,001 per aunum. Address or apply to 8. h. IRELAND, 2.H Broad way. OOMS~WANTED?A YOUNG MARRlffD COUPLE , wish three Rooms, suitable for housekeeping, nntnr nislied; location Houston to Twentieth street. Address, ,~ta t in - terms a month, R v.. box 145 Herald office. Rl it IMS WANTED?BY liENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OF hlKliest respectability; two or three Ro.inis or an on tire Floor, unfurnished. In a genteel, pnvate^house; no housekeeping contemplated; umwers mtut coiitainlo l particulars to be noticed. Address PERM AN KM, box 10 lleiald Uptown Brum li office. I fTTANTED TWO OR THREE UNFURNISHED W Rooms for housekeeping: fnil nartleulars , I ?oi lo A u CLARKE, 84 Broadway, roem 1. 1\r \NTED?FIRST OR SECOND FLOOR, BY A \> ' private dressmaker ; satlslactory references; be tween Fourth and Sixtli a venues and lelitli auu rorueth streets. Address uRANT, station D. ^ TV^ANTED?/T LAROF, HOUSE. FROM ? TO SO ! ? rooms, either partially or unlurnlshed, lor boarding t.urpoues, and where some boarders who would remain ; : 'in terred location fi o,n Washington place t<. Hoiirtecnth 1 street, ('all ou or address J. t. LlBEN, .5 Waverley I place, for two weeks. I fxrANTKD THREE ROOMS FOR LIOIIT llOUSE VV keenltu tor ladv and child, with prlvilejrc ot letting 1 one; terms t'M per month it turnUlu^l. or 1-5 lf JJ"lur nlshed ; no objee ion to halt a Hat Address H.. box 172 I Herald Uptown Branch office. 1 WANTED?A LARGE HOUSE, FURNISHED. IN OR Vt out of citv. where rent will be tak.'ii out in boanl. i highest reference given. Address HILL, Herald Iptowu Branch office. II'ANTED?BY THE 1ST OF JUNE, FOl'R ROOMS W ' In private house, between Seventh avenue end Broadway; family, throe adult* ; rent not wore than per month. Address W. H., station D? ANTED?TWO OR THREE ROOMS ON OR NEAR W Broadway, between heventecnth and ihiitutn streets, at a rent not to exceed $70J per annum. Addiess j W. McEVERh, 10 West Thirty-sevattih street. i "ll'ANTED-TWO OR THREE ROOMS UNKUB \\ nlshcd bv a small famllv ot adnlts, for housekeep ing. Address ROOMS, box 1^ Herald Uptown Branch | office^ ! "||rANTED?A FLAT OR FLOOR OF FIYE ROOMS, W with housekeeping conveniences, on west side ot ' citv, below Thirtieth street; rent not to exceed *40 p. r i month, or would pay a talr price and take charge ol house ot any one leaving city tor some mouths. Address ! B. HAND, box 1.199 Post office. i WANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN, A FURNISHED 1 11 Room, without board; one large room or n suit; | centrally locatd; private family preferred. Address, j stating terms (?lilch must he moderate), location and ! particulars, CONSTANT, Herald Uptown Branch office. WANTED?A PARLOR FLtiOR, THREE ROOMS deep, with hot and cold water, for a lady, an in valid, who desire* to keep her nw.i servant; must be lu a ' good neighborhood. In |tiire at B. B. MERRILL & CO.*8, I 61 West Thirty-third street. | "ITT ANTED?AN tTKFURNISHED PARLOR AND BED. 11 room, without board, lor a gentleman and wife, i Address, f-tattnit terms, which must be moderate, It. V., J Herald 1/otowu Brunch office. 1 W"ANTID?A NEATLY FURNISHED ROOM, WITH V? out board, lor bnl.v only, where no questions Will j be a?ked. Address, stating terms, X. Y. !?., Herald Up? I town Branch office. ! WANTED TO LEASE FOR TWO OR THREE Vt .years?Hitch stoop brown ?tone House; good loca . tlon ; rent Irom $1,440 to $i,ti(W. Addiess J. 11., box 110 Herald office. WANTED TO RENT?A COTTAGE IN HARLEM 11 Send lull particulars and lowest rent to S. FRKI. | DENRICll a Oo? 900 and 906 Third avenue. dbQA TO $15 PER MONTH.?WANTED, TWO OR ij)t)U three furnished or unfurnished Roomi, on the llrat or second floor, tor office business and light house I keeping, in a respectable and central location. Address RUSH, No. S Amity street. In tlie Country. A FURNISHED HOUSE WANTED-ON THE Shrewsbury River, a short drive irom l<ong Braueh. AUUres's TIIOS. J. McCAllILL, No. 8 I'lnc street. VVA.nTED-TO RENT, IN THE COUNTRY, FROM \l June I to November 1, one hour and a halt irom Cliy Hall by bmit or cars, a nice Cottage, completely lur ni-fied tlrf-t class throughout, with spacious grounds, fruit, shade trees, Ac. Address, stating terms an I giving mil particulars as to furniture, location, route, Ac., UEPKW, box 2,4'.W New York Post office. ?flTANTED?IN ORANGE OR VICINITY. A COUNTRY 11 Residence, furnished, with cow and garden ; must have ir?? In the bouse. Address, stating tei iii?, from dune 1 to September 1, E. A. P., box 1,131 New York Post office. ? MIHCEIXANKOUH. 1? WALRER'8 SONS.?EXTRA AND PLAIN BOOR, "j. binding done at shortest notice anil lovest price; editions of books done in best style. f>5 Dcy street / 10LD FISH AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL.?ALL "X kinds of fancy Fowls, Pigeons, Rabbits, Dogs, Mal tese cats, Ac. HALE A CONKL1N, 209 Fulton street. f HABEAll'S PREPARED GLYCERINE FOR THE I hair.?To prevent the hair irom falllngout mid ireo the liead from dandruff. The only tiling known to mako tlie hair waie on the lace. 18 \ he a 0, Hair Dresser, 27 Union square. CJLOTE A JANES, STATIONERS, PRINTERS AND O Blank Book Manufacturers, It! Fulton street. Blank Books made to patterns. KCROPRAN s'PicA >isii I PH. t?l ropean travel. COOK, SON A JENKINS, Tourist and Excursion Managers, 26.! Kroadwav, New York, I Issue the Pailwav Tickets nscd by travellers lor tours through all parts of Ireland, Scotland, England, France, Belgium, Gcnu<>nV, > Austria, Holland, Italy, Palestine, ; pain, Switzerland, | Egypt, Ac., b> all routes. Sold In all eases at re duction Irom tlie ordinary fare. t COOK'S EXCURSIONIST for May, containing upwards ot 1,000 differ' nt tours, showing expense, Ac., now ready. Price lOc. Sent by mall post-paid. I flABE'S SUMMER TOUR TO VIENNA. 9100 HOLD, In giving two months in Europe. Personally conducted, starts Irotu New York June 21. See ilctuilcd programme. GAZE'S Tourist Tickets lor Europe und tlie East Iroui 1 Queen stowti, Liverpool und London, by Royal Mall routes. | IIAKK'8 Hotel Coupons lor prlnel|ial cliies in huropo. ? Atlantic Pas-ages secured bv an.\ line of steamships. I GAZE'S American Office, No. fl Bowling Oreen, N. V. UNITED STATES PASSPORT BUREAU.?OFFICIAL Passports of the Department of state Isued by A. I C. WILI.M A R I'll, United Stales Court Home, H Cfiam j bers street j TTRITED STATES PASSPORTS FROM THE DEPART ' I rin-nt of st?'c. In li?pensable to Amerti an travellers

going nbroad, Issued by RUM S K. mcIIAKO. 77 Cedar street. Notary and OommlMiotier tor every state ITNITFD STATUS PASSPORT AGENCY,?A. T. ' WELCH, late chief of Passport Rtin-au, Department i of Mate. Wa?liitwtOU, i>. C? aimut. 291 Broadway. BtROPRAN RTRAimmPS, TNMAN LINE. I Fur Queenatown and Liverpool. Reyal Mail steamers are appointed to Hail an follows:? CITY OK WASHINGTON Thursday, Mar 23. 2 P. M. CITY <>K an I'WERP Saturday, May 24, 2 I'. M. CITY or LIMERICK Thursday, May 2!', HA, M. CITY OK LONDON Saturday, May SI, ? A. M. CITY OK NEW YORK Thursday, June ,\ 1 I*. M. CITY OK PARIS Saturday. Juno 7, 2 I'. M. and each succeeding Saturday and Thursday, from i>ler 45 North River. RATES OK PASSAGE. Cabin. $M8 nn I $liiO, gold. according to Accommodation. Round trip tickets at low rates. Steerage?To Liverpool, Queenutown, Glasgow, London, derry, Loudon, Bristol or Cardiff, $30. Prepaid certifl enlen, currency. Paw infers also forwarded to Havre, Hamburg, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Paris, at reduced rates. Draits Issued nt lowest rates. For cahln passage and general business apply at the company's office, 15 Broadway. For steerage passage at 33 ltroadwav JOHN G. DALE, Agent. or to O'Dovnku. A K.U't.R. 402 Chestnut street, Philadelphia. M. 9. Crkaoii, 102 state street, Boston. F. C. Bicown, Sti South Market street, Chicago. W?., Liverpool, and No. 9 Rue Scribe, Paris. North german lloyd steamship company. Kor Southampton and Bremen. The steamship NEW YORK, Captain F. Klugklst, will sail on Wednesday, Mav it, at 2 p. M., trom Bremen pier, foot of Third street, lloliokcu, to lie followed by Steamship WESER, Captain W. Wiillgerod, on Satur day, May 17. ft ATliS OK PASSAGE TO LONDON, HAVRE AND RRKMi- N, payable in gold or its equivalent in currency. First Cabin Second Cabin 78 Steerage 90 For Height or nas.-iige appl) to OELP.ICHS A CO., Agents, No. 2 Bowling Green. rpilF. HAMBURG-AMERICAN PACKET COMPANY'S X Iron mull steamship HOLS ATI A. Captain A. Barend*. will sail on Thursday, May 22, at 2 P. M., for Hamburg, taking passengers trotn New York to Plymouth, London, ...Cherbourg and Hamburg. First Cabin, $120. Second Cabin, $72. Steerage, $30, navablc in T'nltod States gold. KUNHARKTA CO., C. B. RICHARD A Boas, General Agents, Ocneral Passenger Agents, CI Broad street, New York. 61 Broadway, New Yorlt. The Si I.e. si a will sail May 29. 0 NLY DIRECT line TO FRANCE. THE GENERAL TRANSATLANTIC COMPANY'S mail steamships between new York and HAVRE, CALLING AT Hit el ST. 'I lie splendid vessels on this favorite route for the Con tiueiit will sail from pier No. 50 North River, us fol lows :? VILLE DE PARIS Saturday, May SI VII.LE DL' HAV RE, Mirmotit Saturday, June 14 PKREIRK. Danre Saturday, June ST. LAURENT, Lc marie Saturday, July 12 PRICE OF PASSAGE IN gold (Including wine) TO BREST OR HAVRE. First Cabin. $12,V. Second Cabin, $7f>. Excursion Tickets at reduced rates. These steamers do not cam steerage passengers. American travellers going to or returning irom the Continent of Europe, by taking this line, avoid both transit by English railway and the discomforts of closing the Channel, besides saving time, trouble and expense. GEORGE MACKENZIE. Agent, 86 Broadway. NOTE.?Railroad Tickets between Paris und Vienna at reduced rates. TTNITED STATES MAIL LINE.?STEAM TO (j I E ENS U town and Hlverpool. Sailing every Wednesday. WYOMING, Captain Price May 21, atl'?P. M. IDAHO, Morgan May 28, ut :l P. M. From pier Mi North River. Cabin uassage, $?0 gold ; steerage, $J0 eurrcttcy. Prepaid tickets, $:t2 currency. Passengers booked to and from Paris, Hamburg, Nor way and Sweden, Ac limits on Ireland. England, Fiance und Germany, at lowest rates. Applv to WILLIAMS \ lll'lwN, 29 liroadwav. QTATE LINE. O TO GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL, BELFAST AND LfiNDONDKR It Y. VIRGINIA SAILS JUNE 11, from the company's dock. Fulton lerry, Brooklyn. SUPERIOR PASSENGER ACCOMMODATIONS. Cabin. $H) and $'io, gold; steerage, $:?J, currencv. DRAFTS ISSUED ON ALL PARTS OK EUROPE. For freight or passage apply to AUSTIN BALDWIN A CO., Agents, Steerage office t;> Broadway. 7- Broadway. ATLAS STEAMSHIP COMPANY, For Liverpool direct. The full-powered, fast-sailing Iron screw steamer JAMAICAN', 2,500 tons. Captain Robert Watson, ot the West India and Pacific Ro.val Mall Couipanysline, will leave New York ontheJOtll Inst, for Liverpool direct. Passenger accommodations unsurpassed lor elegance and comfort. Only first cluss passengers carried. Fare $^l currency. For Ircight an.I passage applv to PJM, Ft nt Wool) ,v CO.. W Pine and Wall street. C1UNARD LINK/ / The British and North American Ro.vul Mail steamships, between New York and Liverpool, euliin!,' at Cork IIar bor. FROM NEW YORK. ?RUSSIA Wed., Mav 21 I CALABRIA....Sat., Mav 24 ?JAVA Wed . .Ma J -Ml I'AKTlliA Sat., May 21 ?C IB A Wed., J tine 4 I SAM A 111 V Sat., J line 7 ?SCO IT A 'Wed., I une II | ABYSSINIA.. .Sat., June 14 ?ALGERIA Wed..June IM | BATAVIA Sat., June 31 Steauiurs marked thus * do not carry staarago passen gers. And evory following Wednesday and Saturday from New York. RATES OF PASSAGE. Cabin?$ si. $loo met $liW. goUl, according to aceommo dation. 'tickets to Paris, $16, gold, additional. Return tickets on favorable terms. Steerage, $30, currency. Steerage tickets from Liverpool and (jueenstown, and all parts of Europe, at lowest rates. Kor freight and cabin passage apply at the Company's ofllce, No. 4 Bow ling Green. Kor steerage pa-sage, ill Broadway (Trinity Building). ^ CJAS. o. FRANCkLYN. Agent. VTATIONAL LINK OF STEAMERS. ~ i.1 Weekly lo yueenstown ami Liverpool; forulghtly to Loudon direct. TO QI'EENSToWN AND LIVERPOOL, lrom piers 41 and 47 North River. SPAIN' Saturday, May 24, at 3 P. M. I'HANCE Wednesday, May 2K, at.'t P. M. ITALY Saturday. Mav SI, at?:.T0A. M. GREECE Saturday, June 7, at I P. M. EGYPT Saturday. June 14, at H A. M. CANADA Saturday, June 21, at 1 P M, KOR LONDON DIlthCT, HOLLAND, Bragg Tuesday, June 3, at 12 M. THESE steamships A RE .THE LARGEST IN THE TRADE. Cabin passage?$ ill, $'."> and $100, currency. Excursion? $160 and $IH0. Steerage, $29, currency. Prepaid steerage tickets from Liverpool, Qiteensfown, Londonderry, tilasgow, CardliT. Bristol or Loudon, CHEAPER THAN BY ANY OTHER LINK. For further Information apply at the company's office, 69 Broadway. F.W.J. HUUsT, Manager. l\ I1UJS UKUSS lilMK. t t Steam direct to Antwerp. The new, first clusx, full powered Iron ftiamihip STKINM ANN, 'i'. Lechera commander, will leave on Wednesday, the 21st ot Muv, as noovc. "Only first eland passengers curried. I are $70, trold. i lie iii- w -at-uniHlilp c. r. Fl .veil will follow on the lOili of Juno. For flrclghtor pastazc apply to Fl .sen, EDYL .v CO.. 27 fouth William street. w ITITK ST A II LINK. FOR ul'hENRTOWN ASli LIVERPOOL. CARRYING THE UNITED STATES MAIL. New and full-powered steamship*. Sailing Irom New York on Saturday, from Liverpool on I hursdays, calling at Cork Harbor en>:li w:iv ADRIATIC May 21. atS P. M. BALTIC Saturday. Mav SI nt <:3tA. M. CELTIC Saturday, June fil't? P XL OCEANIC June 14, at 7 :*> A. \f ?the White star dork, Pavonla terrv, Jersey City. Passenger accommodations for all classes unrivalled, combining safety. speed and comfort. Saloons, staterooms, smoking room atvl bathrooms In midship seel Inn, where lea?t motion is felt surgeons and stewardess urcompanv the steamer. Rate*?Saloon. SIjO gold; steerage. $30ln currency. Those wishing tn wild lor friends In the <?1?1 country can now obtain steerage prepaid certificate*. $3<curreney. Passengers booked to or from nil parts o* America to Paris, Hamburg, Norway, Sweden, India, Australia, < hlna, Ac. Dratts Irom ?1 npwnrds. Kor Inspection ot plans and other Information Apply at the company's office, lit Broadway, How York. Bills ol lading Issued to Continental ports. J. 11. HI'ARKS, Agent CURST CLASS CABIN PASSAGF. TV JUNE or I later, to Europe, on one ol tlie be.-t steani.dilplines, for sale at u reduced price. Address B., box 2.SC9 Post otttee. "I'MTED STATES GOVERNMENT PASSPORTS OB l tallied from Washington In 86 hours. Fi e. $:v Also Notary Public and Special Commissioner ot Deeds for every Stale. F. KING, !itt3 Broadway, room 2. I EUROPEAN TRAVELLERS WILL FIND TRUNKS a tor staterooms and Continental travel, Chairs and Hut's tor tile steamer*, Ac., at JOHN CATTNACH'S, 738 Broadway, near Astor place (removed trom corner Broad wa\ and \N all street) COASTWISE MTKAiW.sllIPH. IJAClFie M^IL STEAMSHIP COMPANY'S LINE TO CALIFORNIA, JAPAN ANI) CHINA, via Panama. CARRYING MAILS. PASSENGERS AND FREIr.nT TO Ar'l'INW.VLti, PANAMA, SANTA MARTHA. GREY. TOWN and PACIFIC COAST OF MEXICO, CENTRAL AMERICA. PERU and CHILE. Mav 20? ti?mer RISING STAR, ('apt, J. B. Ilildreth, will (cave pier No. i- North River, at 12 o'clock noon, for Asplnwall direct, connecting at Panama with the steamer CONSTITUTION. Capt. , touching at Acapulco, Man /anlllo and Mu/.atlan, ana al?o connecting lor all Central American and smith Pacific ports. Departures of 10th and 20th each month connect with the Company's steamer, touching at San Benito, Tonalo. Sallna Cruz and Port Angel. I lie Company's splendidjteamer COSTA RICA will loave San Fran<lsco Ma> 24 for Honolulu, Sandwich Islands. one ot the Company's steamers will leave Pnn Fran cIsco Mav 31, IS".!, lor Japan and China. For ratcsof paxsage. fifchrht and all lurtlier Informiitlon apply at Company'! office ou the pier, toot of Canal street. F. R. BABY. Agent. L'OR K7.W ORLEANS DIRECT. I Houtliern Line. The steamship city or galveston, Captain Rowland, will leave pier 19 East River, Wednesday, May 21, at 4 P. M. Freight for St Lonls, Mobile and Galveston taken. For freight or passage, having superior at totnmoda tlons, apply to O. H. MALLORY k CO., 183 Maiden lane. pOU HAVANA VIA NASSAU. CUBA, Geo. W. Palmer 3 p. M. Wednesday, 2l it F. ALEXANDRE A SONS, :u Broadway. TTMTF.D STATES AND KltAiilL MAIL STEAMSHIP |J COMPANY. The eleeant stdewheel steamship SOUTH AMERICA, 2,0 m tons burden, Captain K. L. Tinklepaiigh, will sail lor St Tnomas, I'ara. Pernamhuco, Bah la mid Rlode Janeiro, on Friday, May 23, at 3 o'clock P. M., trom pier *3 North Blver. For irelght or passage apply to WILLIAM R. GARRISON, Aaent No. 6 Bowling Green. fit EC r LINE TO havanaT Progreso and vera Cruz. New York and Mexican Mall steamship Line, leaving ider No. I North Rivet, at 3 P. M EVEllY THURSDAY. CITY OF MF.XICO (Havana mm Mexico) May 21 C11Y OF HAVANA (Havana only) M?\ 29 1 ITY OF MER1DA (Havana onlvl lime ft ( LMOI'ATH A (Havana and Mexico! June II ??'or freight or passage apply to r. ALKXANbiUS A 3VNS,33 Broadway, ]) COASTWISE MtRAMHHIPM. .r xtkw"yokk and hatana direct mail line. ,?r ATUfSas? for Havana direct, a* follow*M;|V MORKO OA STUB Mav 27 CRESCENT June .1 WI I'M INUTON /..'three P. M. Supplementary mail uu plor at a quarU on day of sailing. For freight or paiMge (having magnificent ncoimno datlon.) apply to WILLIAM r. CLYDE * CO., No.? Bowling Ureeit. D. McKELLER Agent In Havana. ATLAS STEAMSHIP COMPANY. Mail service for Went Indie*. Havana, Venezuela and Spanish Main. The company's Iron screw*teain? i are appointed to ?uil as tollnws (loading berth pitr North River)? .. , For Havana direct. MANDINuo. Captain Hpenco. 1Mb Inst. Tor Turk's Island. Jamaica and Savanllla. CLAHIBEL. Captain Hayley, :#>lh lu.t. Fo" llavli and Venezuela. akik.Ij (I,-0ii ton*),'itith June. For frenrbt and passage upplv to PIM, FOR WOOD a CO." Goueral AgentK, 86 Wall Street and W Pine street. __ XTEW YOKE AND BERMUDA STEAMSHIP LINE. JN For Hamilton and St. Ccorgc. Bermuda, carryInp the United States Mail, and iuUllnga? tollowa.? aLBKMARLE, Read, master, Thursday, Mav ^at S o'Aock P.M., irom pier W K..nh River, Steain.lilp H AT 1'b.It AS. L?? rence, nm^r. la.r-day ?...? 'Mi at ?{ o'clock 1. M., from pit J North ki i. I ' For t'reltfht or passage, llftvl^fnNT ^KOuViFRs" Hons, apply to LL NT ^So'ith street. i-fed f-r the round trip at $"0. gold, m,v,o ii\f_Fi>R OAI.VESTON, TOUCIUNO AT T Kev West carrvlng the United States .Mall, ^toanier CITY ol' SAN AN'fosfto, Captain Pennin-'n.n, wWtoave RVaSWTp."I Galveston, Houston and " For freight or paBSuge^haviti^at^^r^or a^oomn|odiijl^jn^,^ajipb^jj^^ C. U. " y y CLYDE, lll? Wall mreot. 1711 ill S'KW ORIjKANS DITl!'C I\ The rtennJllinaWIVpSiu f V. Oager, iU'V pVM!>1Fr^iuht9r^e\ved^laifv. ?Thro'iittii to OalYfcffton. Indtanola. Km ktort or Aran/.as ? Brazos, Santiago and St. ,.-or n-elght or pan Cabin niissftge. Mf ?worat.e,?- . 8trect. sage apply to CLARK ft SEAMAN, Hb T7H)R NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. r MERCHANTS' STEAMSHIP LINE. The Bteam.hlp MlggI8Sim, Captain M l? Crowell. r(i from pier Sfi North River (loot of North Moore street , 1 on Saturday. May it, at* o'clock V. U. FreUht received d?<ly. Through rates iilvett to I ??i, Vlcksburn Mobile, Galveston and lndlanola. ik'saM* TaivMagwn,r F?01d ?"nffin'^X WM|3S from pier 37 North Itlvur th? ir elegant tiilf wheel si, am i u'v a m<iif ii' t'?iiic11 cointnftiiilor. f??r NortoiK, * 1?y coraar ofW OCTOB* ? "T^gDSDAY BOAT FOR NI'WARK. On and after Sunday, May 4, the stoamboat THOMAS P. WAY will make her regular trlpi, . 2 caving foot,ot Market street Nc? jrk, al ? A. IT nn^ i M. and^V^pli* Ht'^rTn Point each w ay. _ FAIX RlVKviS?n& Bna pnovt. T,^c?t;Vr^'irrft\ver. loot 0. Murray street, dally (Sundays excepteil) at ftBuporhitendent ])KTniin! U-a^c1 New VoVk'^.m. f-v.t of Desl.rossos and CortlandtHtreets. a?foUowi< j? Weqt and South, "i a- m ? '?* I'. M. Sunday.P. M fl-30 A M., 12 :KI. I, 4, \ C, KmlKrant and 4 'VI,?CV1 "7*???i m ? 1.t, V in, 11, 11:40 A. M ; l'or Newark. .uV'vt .?)? u tii 1 h) 4 ?*? 5*1?. fi:W' "iftuk w ^ M.' Sunday, Fo^lMhiVli,9!!.1'? -Ml. .7, 7 M ?tin. 0,10, 11.11 ^ '0 U P. M. Hun day, r>??, ? .J;"' .J1'- ,,.30 and 10 A. M.; 12 noon; K..r It ah way, ?>, ?>:??'. J< H r o? ;,.:d 0, 0 :W. U VA^d'iaVteS.''Wnday, and C For Woodbridge and Perth Amhoy, 8 and 10 A. M.,2:"A S;40. 4 ^laiKl 5tM 1. M. M j, 2. 8, 1 -.10, 5 :11. 0, ' 0 I'Nm! and 1-iuighK' nnd '"> P. M. For Lani^ertvil'le "nd i'U^nin^ton^U A^M aud t W M. For I'liilllpsuur/ nnd l? '^urll.t^on and Cam AKn7 :.nViV? A% ?'? *? Trai?^ arrive#? allt cxcept M\,^%un, Washliml.m and '""ro.Vi?rMIa-lci^ House and foot (M Desh!'?? ? .' , Emigrant Ticket office, No. 8 BatU.ry^l ^ aOYD.Jr., A J- (^Mralli.nager. OwW ?552? CU-DAY EV EN I SO BOAT ^Vl^a^^a.nho:" Wlr.Mr0vs^ pier 4* N-.rth Itlver. f<?ot ot l.croy rr^t, <;very Sumlay^cTC^iing^ap;,lnl'; |<ortl"ha>tTind'West. Through ticket, sold und baggage cheeked to dcatliintlotj^ (;or!i(KIj1j suporlntendent F.XCl'IMIONH. 17I0B PHILADELPHIA VIA LONG BBAKOH.?; ARE reduced to V- .'6; steamers I'LYMOl'TII ROCK and I.iiXii HIIAM II l 'iivi- pier <M North River ill U:'20 A. 1 m .iiid 4 r M . mccUiur with train* ol NEW JERSEY SOUTHERN KAlLROAl* ii \V. BENTLF.Y, Onerel Manager. T/H>R FISHING HANKS.?THE NEW STEAM YACHT I M A Jolt, t apt.ilu llolliugor. will make her tirst lri|i on Sunday, May IH, H7H. Fare tor the trip. $1. Leading South Hi.\lh street, Williamsburg, nt7; foot l.iehth street, K. It., Sew York, ut 7 :lf>; loot llroome street, K. K., at 7 :3?; foot Peck slip, E. B.. it* 7:4ft ? Kill ton street, Brook 1 vn, at 8; pier 12 K. R., nt lo it Christopher street at #?80; pier 4 N. R., nt S:l.r>. Iln> nirlit has splendid accom modations tor Indies and gentlemen. Saloon funii-hed first class. Rctreshments and dinner on hoard. Now U tin- timr to fish on high water. Tickets lor sale nt otHce, 40 South street end at Frederick ami Chas. > l iter'*, 61 ami 176 south street, New York This steam yacht can he chartered hy private parties by applying to M. CLICKENEK, 40 South direct, New York. -ID!? _ , , Irom "ti street at It), land 6:15 P. M. Fare iScents. ITIOHT LEE, PLEASANT VALLEY AM) SHADY -I I pteamers leave daily, Sunday included, Iroui spring I PUSHING BANKS.?THE FAST AND COMMODIOCS steam yacht IN TIMF, Captain Jack Simmons, will make her flr-t excursion to the Banks Sunday, May IS, leaving Eighth street, East River, at 7, Peck gilt) at 7:3n, Christopher street at M and pier No. 4 North Klver at 9 A. M. Line, bait ami refreshment* on board. Schiebel a ISaud will he on hoard. Fare *1. Captain JACK SIMMONS. / 10VER N'OR'S ISLAND KERRY?-THE STKAMER I T GUYER.NGRS ISLAND leaves Custom lliutsc pier mew pier;, oil 'lie Battery, every even hour, daily, lor Gov ernor's Mtind. Music by Ihu band ill the afternoons, lollowe I hv (iress parade. Visitors allowed on tho Island between sunrise and sunset. II ARLEM STEAMBOAT NOTICE. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. Commencing May 12.1873. Tfarlein boats leave Peck slip ipior 24 Fust River) (or Ilarlem everv half honr. from niViA. M. until 7 P. M , ex cepting II A. M., 12 :;w end 2 P. M., landing ut Eleventh, Kighiy-fourlh. Astoria, lOith ind 120th streets. N. 11.?tie# time table where boats land. J. F. TALLMAN, Superintendent N'OTIOE. On and after Sunday, May 4, IS/3, Ihe ITarlem boats will commence their Sunday trios for ilie aeason, tannine at Lleventli sir- et. Astoria and Harlem br'dge. First boat leuVi s Peck slip .it ID o'clock and hourly there alter; fare 1ft ccnts. N II. - This is the only line connecting with boat* for High Hrid.fe J. F. I'AI LMAN, Superintendent I)OLLOUK'S HOTKL, BIOS BRIDDK.-STEAMBOATS leave Peck slip every hall hour, and connect with the TIGEB LILY at Harlem. Trains have the Grand Central depot at Forty-second strtet six times daily. CjTKAMBOATS PLEASANT VALT.BY AND FORT LER 0 can bo chartered for Sunday schools, picnics, regat tas, Ac. Ai>piy at <7 Fulton *ir?et alter S r. M. STEAMBOATS FORT LEE AND PLEASANT VALLEY to charier for e xcursions. Apply to C. HOl.LKN BECK. 26 South strict STEAMERS and BABOBS TO C!l tBTBB FOR EX enrstons; also lonn Island. Waiter's Grove and other choice (.roves and Boats. BLOOMER, 243 i'rr.nt street. To CHARTER?SALOON STEAMER WYOMING; Barges Smith, CaledoBla, Republic and Baldwin. Oriental Grove, Eaglcswood. Ions Island and Excelsior Park, steamboats such as desired. 3? West strrctop posite Christopher lerrjr. H. B. 0R088CTT. TUIK NEW, FAST AND KLUOANT SALOON .TTKAlIEB iWlLIGHT, Capta n J. II. Lewis, having accommo dations lor 2,i>K) persons, will commence her regular trips to ihu Klslung Bunks June 1"> lor t!ie en'iro season. Open for chiirrer lor excursions until June lfl. Apply to LEWIS, s.\l I I'U A CO., .'17 West sUeet, up Mair", from 9 to 12 o'clock. rtiHE KKW JBKSi.V <oi THKRN RAILROAD Cn?* 1 tmny call attention to their extraordinary laeilitiua lor Ihe accommodation ol Excursion Parties the coming ,?ea son. With their steamers PLYMOUTH ROCK, LUNG It RANCH and JESSE lloYT and their elegant new Ex* onrsion limine and twenty acres of adjoining land at Long Branch, they ar>- prepared to mak" engagements with churches, schools, societies, 4c., lor large or Ninall p irtui*, atlowretes. Send tor (ir.-ular. O. W. HEN I'LEY, General Manager, ITU Broadway, New Yorg. W*. J. Shkiikm, Superintendent, long Branch, N. J. rpilK MOST DRIjIGHTFIIL F.Xfi; RsioN Tk TtTB 1 harbor, --steamboat GOLDEN OA I'F, leaves pier No. 1 East River, for Pay Ridge, Fort Hamilton and Red llook at H:4u A. M. , 12 lA, 2 :l? 4 :?.\ 6 :.i0 P. M (Sunday* ex eenred), affording a view of Uie Narrows jui.J lorUIUa tlons. rPO CHARTER?SIDR WHEEL PASS A11 K STEAMER 1 lor Sundays', also Steamers U> charter, by day, week or miMitli. WILLIAM It. IJAZAflD. Jr? CJIUrrtow rtrcet BTrr\Tmw* wa 'VTWb-i^; MA m?*,/ C'ooka. <t?, If* cirnYSTiK sr.?as frkncit cook rv a pa*. .A _I*te Am' r'< l,n "r '""?Wen family j refersnoe. A A EAST :?D ST., BETWEEN 4TU AND MAD ISO* x -t av*.?As llrxt cUiw cook in a private boarding house; best city reference. KJ WB8T88TU ST.?A FIRST CLASS COOK WiRlM ^_l a " prlvats family j city references repaired. QA1 WB8T *TH 8T, corner 7TH AV.-A Of)* w"I pe'ent wouun as first ela>s cook In a private tainll.v or llrst clavt Summer house, the seaside preferred; understands th business in all Its hrnnches, can tak<\ entire charge of a large kitchen an.I marketing; lit thorough French cook; firm clans references, tan Ue seen on Monday. Of O EAST S4TII ST., BETWEEN 1ST AND 2D A VS.? ? )|j Two respectable women wish to go tn the same house; one as first class cook, the oilier us cbambermselj or waitress; city or country; city reference*, t all fug two days. Chambermaids, &f. 1 f)l EAST 4TH ST.?TWO GERMAN GIRLS. WflO I _ L speak English, to do upstairs work ami plain soW* inn in un American family, Call for three days. Oil EAST MTH ST.?A BBflPBOTABLB YOl7l?tl? ? I I girl as chambermaid and to do Hue washing; bust city reference. ') I Q WEST 19TH ST.?A BBSPECTABLB PROT Zd rO est a lit young woman as chambermaid ami seamstress; no objection lo light waiting; beat city rcfer? ence. 0 j ?> WEST BSD ST., THIRD FLOOR.?A RESPECT. 0*xO able woman as cook: understands bread ami hi* nit making; hotel or boariling house In the country preferred. _ A OQ 6TU A v.?AS CHAMBERMAID OR NURSE rw 1 a private family, Can no seen at her presoitt employer's. 1 niwt :I" a v., corner both st., top floor ? } , A young girl, lately landed, as c hjiitbermaiA and waitress in u sinull private family. Call Monday PreKKinu her* anil Niammrrsses. Q WEST 11TH BT.-MMR. PKURXK BEU LEAVE. ' ' to utiti<illto the public that she Is prepared to1 cut and make lacliessuits of all descriptions xu Wie most approve.! stylo at greatly reduced prices. r r JAM? ST.?A YOU NO woman TO do PLAI fit t ftf sewing lit heme; can braid children's clothes. KG 4TII AV., ENTRANCE ON 9T1I ST.?A FIRST Ov class dressmaker to go out by ih? day; refcreuoos. i i'7 east HOT 11 ST.?A YOUNC1 LADY WHO IS * vl I competent operator on Wheeler A Wilson's sewing machine desires a lew more cuguKeiucuts by the day or week. Address. 71 MONTGOMERY ST.?A RESl'ECTABLB GIttL. TO I_J- d?. npstqlrs work or plain sewing. 1"| O WEST 26TH ST.?AN EXPERIENCED COLORED* 1 I -J laundress solicits washing anil ironing at iter house; linen, 4c.tdoue up 111 superior style. 1% WEST 17TH ST.?A FIRST CLASH DRESS. J ?d\' maker, fully competent to etit, nt, trim unit design for all styles of the business, desires engagements by Hie day or week; highest relerenee. Address. 191 34TH sr.?AS FIRST class DRESSMAKER; I ? I will cut ami lit on reasonable terms. 10f" WEST 17TH ST.?A RELIABLE WOMAN IN 1 ?" ' a small, ijuii-1 lamily as good ?eaiusiross iu cvei / particular; goofl elty reference. "1 I r WEST 2HII KT.-A FIRST CLASS DRESS li'l maker to go out by the day, or work fitted and taken home; work done at one-ha 11 the price that you would give a Dro .dway dressmaker, anil irimmed with ns much taste and style, II not more, ami I etter sewing; best city reference. Call 011 or address, all the week, W. ENAPP. 1 OQ WEST 4BTH ST.?A FIRST CLASS OPERATOK .1 ?/0 on Wheeler A Wilson's machine would make a lew more engageinenls, by the day or week; terms $2 OAP WEST S6TH ST.?A WIDOW LADY BAYING jjl/U a sewing iiiachiue, a* senmstresH anil nurse, or would gooutto work by the day. Address L. A. nin wEBTwrn st.?* competent dbbsbitakbb; u I ?/ to go out t?v the day; understand; cutting and lilting; operates on Orovcr A Baker's or Willcox A Gihbs* maohlnes. 201 EAST 54TH ST.-A FIRST CLASS OPERATOR OJ on Wheeler A Wilson's machine by the day, week or month. Address SEA MSTItESS. 2r\n WEST fIST ST.?A FASHIONABLE DRESS. I maker desires s I'ow more engagements in pri vate families; lias the latest styles ol patterns and lice own machine. Mine. thackEE. Q|Uj 115TH ST., EAST OE 2D AV., IIARLEM ?A OUO good dressmaker would like one or two morn customers to go out by the day; the best ruleruuce. Cull on or uddress Mrs. SMITH. I2TII ST.?A FIRST CLASS DRESS, who goes out by the day. can accommo date a lew inure customers; has her ownsewiug uiachino* refere nee. '>??)! EAST 14TB SI'., PRESENT EMPLOYER'S.?A young Herman woman, from Berlin, a good seamstress, desires euga^ements by the day or wees to make all kinds ot undergarments and assist iu dicss making. Apply from 1 to 0 1*. M. 'J'JQ WEST MTH ST.?AS SEAMSTRESS; DN OOO dorstands all kinds of family sewing; can work onWheoler and Wilson's t^e^lng machine; can cutuml fit children's and misses'suits of all kinds, I.y the day or week, or would take work hou/e; best city rolereuce. Call for two days. ?> | o WEST 10 rn ST., NBAH 9TII AV., UP STAIRS, *1 I < ' luieK room. By a dressmaker, 11 few engng -- mi nt< togo out and take work at home; is u Cr-t cljtt4 fltti-r ami trimmer; terms reasonable; good reference. 401 0th AV.?A PRACTICAL, FIRST OLA ?9 i?l dressmaker wishes to work tor a few more fam ilies, he the day or at houii preferred; ladies ran lutvo i their dresses In ti'ti houis' notice; dre-scsmade o\ erenual lo new: wedding trousseau a specialty. 'VI (1 EAF ? ) I ?/ maker, WI'Si' 4JI? ST., TI11HI) FLOOR?A COMPETENT rOw dro-maker, in\<lcrt>t<iii<l? hairdresMiutf, iu p 1-1 vuto family; unexceptionable retorcuce. Cull or aiidrei*. thinl lloor. KffQ IIRO A DWAY, SECOND FLOOR, room II, Ul) J trout (iirem;!it employer'*).?Ah competent drea*. maker Ilia private litmlly ; can cut ami 111 to perfection and d<> all kinds of family sewing; understands four ma chines; Wheeler * WlliutC* preferred; recoiumcillations. "7 | fi-ru a v.-a roMPF.TEST hkamstress and l?)l dressmaker wishes a ft-? more eiuugemunU by the day or week; can cut nnd (It; relerences. 511 AV.-A PROTESTANT Vol NU WOMAN tts llrst cln*s lrea-makcr wishes a few more cus tomers, in tlrst c!a-e families, to go out b.v the day; fully Omipclellt in till branch's ut her business; rclereuco. Address Miss M. 1 Of'1 BROADWAY.?AN EXl'ERIESCKD HRRSR J nnd clonk ina'.cr would go out by the day or week; < nt, lit anil trim, or would tak.> work home; city reference it required. Cull tor or uddress DlUiSS RROAIiWAV? a must ci,ass dkess uinkcr wishes a few more engagements. U94 \ RESPECTABLE YOUNO OlHL WISHES A SITUA iV Hon as seamstress: Is willing to make herself uselul it' required; is a hrst class operator; has no objection to go In the country; *atl?.'actory rclcrcnccsgiven. Addrcsl I', O., box 117 Herald ' Dire. \ FASHIONABLE DRESSMAKER DE^IRKS A W.W more customers by tli" 'lav; ruin, fits and trims in latest Kyle. Addrea f'. k, b x ft) Herald office. i FIRST if ASS DRESSMAKER, WHO Til OR. IV otis;hiv mill rstau Is fitting and trimminc IhiIIus' or children's dre.-ses. w a ins a lew more customers by thn day. Address box fllJ II' raid Upiov.ii Braiuli olllce. A DRESSMAKER, who is a FIRST CLASS CUT. t? r and niter by s. T. Taylor's system, would llkn an engagement bv the week i>r day. Adilrew Mls.j BUlt KEAuS, Brooklyn Brano'i Herald office. A DRESS MARK It. WHO IS A FIRST CLASS CUTTE& and litter and thoroughly understands operating Wheeler A Wilson's and Willcox A Ulhbs' ma< hines, wuuld like to make a lew more engagements bv tne day or week. Addn m it. m. Herald uptown IwmIi onoat A ?IRST CLASS SEWING MACHINE SALESLADY, JY thoroughly .ncouainted with all machines, d?siros ? situation. AiMrv.i- I-.. II. II., box U8 II- rai l ollcc. LADIF.S MAKING TIIF.IR OWN SUMMER COS. tunics, *ij., can obtain the services of a first class cut teraiid stvlish filter, at their own residences ii pr' forreo. Adilroi* MODlgTE, Herald Uptown Urivucli (Hico. Orutral Housework. 4 Of' EAST 9TII ST.?A RESrECTARLK VOtTXd ajO Herman girl, luiely lauded, lor general liuuje work , uiidcratuud* cookiiiK very well. llouseke?pcrt At, f) 1 CHRISTOPHER ST.?A I.ADV OF LIMITR& ?LZ means as housekeeper-or would Join a retpccln. bio party hi establishing u pleuaant Uoiitu; beat reieieucn given and required. rr, SOUTH 9TH ST., NEAR 21) ST., WILLIAMS burg -A laly aa housekeeper; fully competent Call on or address \fr?. BROOKS. I / 41 II AV-MOI -KKI-.EIM-R OR GOVERNESS I'm; to an elderly genlle man ; sonic honorable purl* call on Monday or ad'freaa HOUSEKEEPER. mn il AV., NEAR 17X11 ST-A VERY COMl'R. tentlady as housekeoi^ir in a gontlcman's i.uni ty; could i?ke lull charge; rctcrciwo. Ask for Mr& RICIURDS. aVARICK ST., IN THE FANCY 8I0RE.-4 llUtllf respectable houael.ecper in souio j?rl? mily, or would keep house igr souio respecwibl* widower. 2t>Q WE3T MTU 8T.-AN AMERICAN I.ADV Aj Uy houat keeper In n hotel, city or ( ounlry; several yeara' experience. Addrea* llOUsKKKKl'hK. OOQ WEST 10TU ST., NEAR HUDSON -AS HOUsR. uOi; keeper to au elderly geniieuian or widower. Can ail the weok. A <5TH AV., BF.TWRR.N 24th and zstii STS.. II* 'TJU the store.?A respectable womau to take ch*rg? of a gentleman's hoti?e tor the Summer nionlhs; gooa city felertnee. Call or addrcsa. itr EAST OTH ST., BSTWKKN 1st AV. AND AY. TrL') A, on? stair* up. back. ?A respoclable wmnaa^ breaking up her own hotiaekecpiug, desire* a position a? lioiisokreper; or would do the work of a suiall Aiuerleaa atnily. Call on . ^L'"T7rn AV.-A YOU NU WIDOW AS 1IOUSH. DU t keeper In a geniletuau ? family. Call ou or ad dr?ss Mra. KUNT. A HIGHLY EDUCATKD AND AOCO^I'LIUKO vo';ng widow, amiable and load of children; undoi. Ntand< iiiuxk, drawing and painting, de?iru*? pii?iii?n aa hi>usi ienp< r or oompanloo to a widower. A<t?iri?i u. n. AI.B?!i>, JJerald Uptown Urn neb olflcc. A II1DDLK AOKI) AMBRIOAN LAD* OF ItKKINR. A ment and ability u ei.mpanion or id it o?n have i\iii tJkirMt WJ# tiul i\fr% cl* ? pAiuwi n^uJppljr. Idvirtif IS it.oniTX. Uuvq lirBftco OfliCf.

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