Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 18, 1873, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 18, 1873 Page 9
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AFRICA. Herald Special Report from the Modern Capital of Nubia. Sir Samuel Baker Alive and Hopeful. Despatch from the Explorer Re porting His Progress. On the White Nile, with Prospect of Successful Results. TELEGRAM TO THE HEW YORK HERALD. The following special despatch to the Heoat.d has been received from oar corre spondent at Khartoom, Nubia: ? Khajitoom, May 12, 1873. A letter was received here to-day from Sir Samuel Baker. ON THE WHITE NILE AND healthy. "The explorer was, at the moment of date of the communication, on the White Kile and re ported all well. ?DIFFICULTIES PAST AND DEVOTION ABOUT TO BE REWARDED. The passage of Sir Samuel and his party through to the end was effected with great difficulty, but he hopes that the obstruction ?will be entirely removed during the preaent Summer. THE POPE. His Holiness' Health Improving Rapidly?Grand Pontifical Reception at the Vatican Italian Pilgrims Expected? The Lay Crown Uneasy. TtLECRAM TO 1HE KEW YOM HE HALO. Rome, May 17, 1873. The health of the Pope is improving rapidly. Numerous deputations callcd upon him to-<lay and were received by His Holiness, who held a grand reception in the Vatican. Italian Pilgrims Expected?'The Lay Monarch on the tiul Vive. Roue, May 17,1378. A large number of pilgrims are expected here to-morrow from Florence to call upon the Holy Father. Disturbances are feared, and the gpvern unent has reinforced the garrison. ITALY. "Parliamentary Legislation Against the Religious Corporations?Attempt to Concili ate the Church. TELEGRAM TO THE NEW YORK HERALD. Roue, May 17, 1873, The members of the Italian Parliament reassem bled in session to-day. The Chamber of Deputies during the sitting ap proved the first clause of the bill suppressing rell . gloos bodies in Rome by a vote of 385 against 13. Fifteeu Deputies were absent from the chamber * when the vote was taken. The second clause, with an amendment offered ' by Signor Kicasoli granting the Pope 400,000 lire annually for the maintenance of generals of orders, was adopted by a vote of 220 against 193. IClng Victor Emmanuel's Executive Dangers In the Premises. The Italian Parliament, in its action on the Relig ious Corporations bill, proposes the total abolition <of the generals or the orders, giving to the Pope wo.ooor. per annum, for their support. Should this measure be finally and completely adopted by Parliament It will, it is said, be difficult for the Italian Ministry to reconcile their ^votes with their promises, Signor Lanza and Ills colleagues having undertaken to pre* serve the generals of the religions orders from suppression. Such promises hare been made personalty to Pope Pius the Ninth through some Cardinals who are mutual friends of some of the Ministers. A similar pledge has been given to the foreign diplomatic corps, to some of whom signor Vlscontl-Vonosta has repeatedly stated that the Premier himself and bis colleagues would resign in the event of Parliament voting t.he complete suppression of the reunions corporations. Such declarations were made to M. Fournier, repeated to Count Wimptfen and reiterated te Sir Augustus Paget. The King of Italy himseil seems to have made similar promises to the Pepe, who, it Is reported In the Vatican, holds His Majesty's original letters, which he will publish in proper time; so that, in case of the act passing for total suppression, according to the inclination of the legislative majority and of the nation, His Majesty, In erder to keep his premises to the Pope, will probably ask the Ministers for their portfolios and dissolve the Parliament. FRANCE. Cabinet Reorganisation?Political Canvass of the President's Party Inclinations?Prose cution of the Press. TELEGRAM TO THE NEW YORK HERALD. Paris, May 17, 1873. Tlio resignations of M. Goulard, Minister of the Interior, and M. Jules Simon. Minister oi Public Instruction, have been accepted by President Thiers. The new members of the Cabinet will be either moderate republicans or members of the party or the Left Centre. It is reported that the Ministry of Public Worship .Is to be re-established. THI CENSORSHIP OF THE PRESS IN PAINFUL OPERA TION. Several journals or this city have been fined tor repnlriishlng the letter of Felix Pyat. addressed to President Thiers, printed in the London Times on the 1st April. The reiiple Souoeratn newspaper has been sup pressed for publishing editorial articles attacking the National Assembly. ENGLAND. Discount at 8ix Per Cent at the Bank. TELEGRAM TO THEJEW YORK HERALO. London, May 17,1873. The rate of disconnt or the Hank or England has ?.advanced one per cent, and Is now (noon) six per ? cent JAPAN. A National Vessel at Gibraltar from New York. TELEGRAM TO THE HEW YORK HERAL5. Gibraltar, May 17, 1873. The Japanese steamer Capron arrived here to day from New York via Bermuda and Madeira. All on board are well. 8 P A I ? Don Carlos' Special Thanks to a Victorious Bourbouist Commander. The Hopes of the Boyalist Vastly Elevated?To Conquer or Die?A March in Navarre?Hu mored Conclusion of a Heavy Loan? Total Defeat of the Spanish Army in Aragon. TELEGRAMS TO THE NEW YORK HERAL9. Uayonne, May 17,1873. Don Carlos has written to General Dorregary, congratulating him upon the result or the late en gagement with the Spanish government forceH at l'uente de Kraul, and announcing that he will soon assume personal command or his forces in the field. Boarbonist Advance with u Large Force In NavMrre. I'kkpiunan, May 17, 1873. The Carlist journal published here announces that Dou Carlos enterea the Spanish provinco of Navarre on the night of the 14th inst. and took command of an army or his followers, numbering 10,000 men, with which he is resolved to conquer or die In the attempt. | ALLEOED CONCLUSION OF A ROYALIST LOAN. It is also stated in the same paper that the Priuce has concluded a loan of 400,000,000 reals with English bankers, and has promised to make Olio a field marshal and Dorregary a lieutenant general. THH SPANIARDS RECEIVE ANOTHER STUNNING BLOW. Intelligence has reached here of the total defeat In Aragon of the Spanish troops under Colonel Moreno, by the Carlist forces, commanded by General Trlatany. THE VIENNA EXHIBITION. Official Statement of the First Management of the American Department?A Voluminous Beport?Extraordinary Develop ments?Buoyant with Hope. TELEGRAM TO THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vienna, May 17, 1873. The investigation into the charges against the suspcuded American Commissioners to the Exhi bition has been completed, and voluminous de tails have been forwarded to Washington. EXTRAORDINARY AND HUMIU.YTINU DEVELOPMENTS. The inquiry developed the fact that the appro priation made by the United States Congress lor the Exhibition is nearly exhausted. The charges of bribery have been fully sustained. It was also brought to light that $uo,ouo were ex pendod on the roor or the sewing machine depart ment, when its actual cost was not more than one tenth of that sum. Other rockless expenditures were also proven. IIOFR. Matters are now better, nnder the direction of the new Commissioners, goods arc arriving rapidly, and it is expected the American department will be ready by the isth or June. WASHINGTON I Washington, May 17, 1878. Regulations of the (Treasury Depart* ment for Collectors of Customs. Secretary RichardBon is very busily engaged In revising the regulations of the Department to col lectors of enstoms. It is his purpose to issue in one volume, as soon as they can he prepared, all the instructions on existing law relative to mer chant vessels and collecting duties on imports. Such a compilation has not been made since 1857, by Secretary Guthrie. It was attempted in 1868 by Secretary McOnlloch, but not completed. Withm the last fifteen years the revenue system of the country has been greatly changed and enlarged by legislation, and extended over all our possessions on the Pacific coast, including Alaska. Trie work Involves a vast amount of labor, and the closest scrutiny of the old regulations of 1857 and the laws passed since that time, includ ing the records of the Department, the decisions and circnlars on the law. This work will be of the greatest importance to merchants,'im porters, owners of vessels and those transacting business with the Custom Houses and the Treasury Department, as it will contain all information and | instructions to officers of enstoms and the forms to be used in the transaction of business at the Cus tom Houses and Treasury Department, such as documenting vessels, equipment of steamlwats, instructions as to invoices and entr> of goods, ap praisement of merchandise, warehousing of im ported goods, revenue, marine and hospital ma- i rine service, fines, penalties and forfeitures, duties ! on goods and the whole theory and scope of the revenue system and duties and powers of collec tors. The book will contain a map of the United States, with the names thereon and loca tion of all the ports of entry and de livery; also the bonded routes lor which imported merchandise may be shipped in bond, with or without appraisement, to parts of the interior, to Mexico and Canada, with plates and diagrams illustrating the mode of admeasur ing vessels. The volume will be printed in the best style that can be done at the government | pirnting office, and will be Issued early in August I ta customs officers and others without charge. The President Receives the "Temperance Blesning." The 'Temperance Blessing" of Philadelphia, | headed by Father Heritage, were received by ' President Grant in the East, room of the White ! House to-day. each member of the "Blessing" being i Introduced to the President, who seemed highly j delighted and entertained b.v the recitations and ' singing of the children of the "Blessing." The Claim ot Prefeeto de Rojas Decided Adversely. The umpire of the Spanish and American Com mission, Baron Lederer, has decided adversely the claim of I'refecto de Rojas against Spain, which involved $125,000. Rojas, a native of Cuba, filed his intention to become a citizen of the United States on the 28th of heptember, 1870. The treaty with Spain for the settlement of wrongs and inju ries to citizens or the United States since the com mencement of tne present insurrection in Cuba ; was concluded oil theliihof February, 1871. The umpire holds that Rojas was not a citizen of the ' United States within the meaning of the treaty, therefore the Commission has not jurisdiction of the case, which is dismissed. Six or eight other cases fall on similar grounds. Appointments by the President. The President made the following appointments to-dayJohn M. Kckfeldt, to be mcltcr and reflucr in the United States Mint, at San Francisco; Jeffer son F. ltabeock, coiner in the United states Mint i at San Francisco; Euward 1'almer, Indian Agent , for the Grand River Agency in Dakota; Robert N. | McLarner, United States Marshal for the District of | Minnesota; John TUlson, Collector of Internal Rev- 1 enue for the Fourth district of Illinois, and Alvi A. ] Knight Collector for Florida. The President has up- i pointed William E. Davis as United States Assist- ' ant Treasurer at Cincinnati, Mr. Hayes having de clined. Kansas hand Controversy. W. B. Webb has (lied In ihe Equity Court a peti tion for a mandamus on the secretary of the , Interior to compel him to Issue a land patent for certain lands In Kansas to a setiler. The party claims that he regularly entered upon the land, lived upon and Improved It, complying with all the terms of the law, and applied to the Land Office lor a patent. The secretary of the Interior refused to grant the patent, claiming that before the settler had compiled with all the terms of the law the title to the land In question was vested In the Kansas Railroad Company in a grant of lands to aid the road. This land Is part of the Osage ceded lands, and it is said thin case is a teal one, in which hun dreds, if not thousands, are interested to the , extent of two or three hundred thousand act' ? TROUBLED ARKANSAS. All Quiet 80 Far?The Keys of the House of Sep* rescntatives in the Hands of the Governor Excitement in the State?A Colored Company of btate Home Guards Being Organised. Little Rook, Ark., May IT, 1873. Everything Is quiet to-day, and will probably re main so until the meeting 0! the Supreme Court on Monday. The Governor sent for the Keys of the Douse of Representatives last night, and they were delivered to hlin by Major Strong, Assistant Secretary of State. The Siato Capitol guards biv ouacked In the House during the night. There is a rumor that a movement is on loot to Induce t he colored men to go in a body and offer their ser vices to the Governor. They are hoping that NO CONFLICT WILL ENSUB between the democrats on guard and themselves. The prominent colored men are for Baxter, but the majority of the negroes are against him. ? A colored company of State House guards is being organized. The Governor will not disband the troops until all questions or quo warranto aro euded. . TUE STATE EXCITED. Information is received that the people through out the State are much excited In faver or Baxter. They will support him in any conflict with the clique. NEWSPAPER OPINION. The Republican ignores the matter, and moral izes on the course of the democratic Legislature. The Texas Gazette strongly supports Baxter, and talks as if the determined front shown had ended the matter. THE DRUMHOND DISASTER. Roll-Call of (he Surviving Workmen? The Men Addressed by Mr. Drummond and Promised Work and Aid?Relief Meeting In Halifux--A Lsrge Amount of Money for the Sufferers Subscribed. Wbstvillk, N. S., May 17, 1873. Everything Is quiet about the Drummond col liery to-day. A number of men are still engaged in carting away the earth with which the various openings have been (llled. Yesterday not icon were posted up in varloua places dlrectiug the employes *>f the colliery to attend TUB BOLL CALL, at seven A. M. to-day. At the hour appointed about 150 answered to their names. The absence of a large number was explained by those present. No fresh names were ailded to the already long list, of missing. Mr. Drummond, President of the company, addressed the men. lie deeply regretted the occasion which gave rise to the meeting, and could not ilud words to ex press his feelings. In reference to the feariul ca lamity, which destroyed such an immense amount of the company's property, of course, he said he regretted this, but regretted most THE J-'KAKFUL LOSS OP LIFE, could sincerely sympathize with those who had lost friends and relatives, because he himself had lost friends in Mr. Dunn and Mr. Richardson, and many of the men who were personally known to him. He said immediate steps would be taken to organize the men and provide work about the sur face for those willing to remain, and WOULD DO ALL IN HIS POWER for them. On his return to Montreal he would make arrangements to provide ror those left desti tute by the disaster. He assured them he would do everything in his power to lighten their already heavy burden of sorrow and suffering. In con clusion he would exhort them to be steady and lead sober and Christian lives. Mr. Drummond appeared to feel greatly the dreadful catastrophe, and several times while speaking was deeply affected. A Relief Meeting In Halifax and a Large Amount of Money Raised. Halifax, May 17, 1873. A relief meeting for the w idows and orphans by tbe Drummond colliery explosion was held here to day. A large amount was subscribed and a com mittee appointed to solicit subscriptions through the city. THE BRPLE SIOUX. Red Cloud Objects to the Northern Pa cific Railroad. Washington, May 17,1873. Messrs. John P. Williamson and J. W. Daniels, who were sent several months ago to Ked Cloud's agency to prepare the Indians tor the building of the Northern Pacific Railroad through their country, report to the Indian Burean that they have had a "big talk''with I he representatives of a large number of savages, and while the latter do not exhibit a decidedly hostile disposition, thev are, neverthe less, opposed to the project. They say they want no white settlers on their lands except traders, ami that, they will counsel with their people rela tive to the railroad through their country. THE KICKAP008. Co-operation of the Mexican Government in Their Removal. Washington, May 17, 1873. Minister Nelson informs the State Department, nnd Secretary Fish to-day informed secretary Delano, that Minister Nelson writes that the Mexi can government expresses its willingness to do everything in its power to procure the removal of the Klckapoo Indians, who have wandered over the border, back again to the United States, to be place a on such reservations as our government may indicate. Appropriate instructions have been sent for this purpose to the local authorities of the Mexican Stares near the boundary line. THE REMAINS OP CAPTAIN THOMAS. Washington, May 17, 1873. The body of Captain Thomas, killed in the recent, fight with the Modocs, arrived here to-day, and was conveyed to the residence of bis father, Cen eral Lorenzo Thomas, whence the funeral takes place to-morrow afternoon. BASE BALL. Philadelphia, May 17, l*7-i. The following is the full score of the game at base ball played here to-day between the Athletics and Mutuals:? Athletics 6 112 10 0 1 (v-u Mutuals 0 o 0 o 0 0 0 0 0?0 Huns earned?Athletics, 2. Boston, Mass., May 17^1873. The following score was made this afternoon in a g:ime between the Atlantlcs (Brooklyn) and the Bostons:?Atlaniics, 12; Bostons. 11. Trenton, n. J., May 17, 1873. The Trenton Nine played their llrst game of base ball this season this afternoon, on their grounds, with the Rutgers Coliege select nine, whom they defeated. The contest from the be ginning was in lavor of the Trentonians. The Collegians were mere schoolboys as tar as base ball is concerned. There whs a large and respect able assemblage of spectators. Mr. L:ilor, of '1 ron ton, was fhe umpire. The score stood 23 to 10. IMPORTANT RUMOR DENIED. BOSTON, May 17, 1873. A rumor, wnich has obtained currency, that the Union Pacific Railroad Company had indorsed some forged income bonds Is entirely without founda tion. A record is kept of ail the bonds that have been certified as good, and It Is absolutely certain that no counterfeit bond has been certified by the company as genuine. THE CONGRESSIONAL EXCURSION PARTY, V IN IT A, Ind. Ter,, May 17, 1873. The Congressional excursion party arrived here to-day, 3?4 miles from St. Louts. The run from Springfield has been made for the most of the way at the rate of forty to fifty miles per hour. They will be transferred lo the Missouri, Kansas and Texas road this evening and.arrive at Dennlson, Texas, to-night. There were 330 births, 183 marriages, sal deaths I and 31 still births lu.tUu city last woyk. O'ESLIT. The Spanish Government Takes j Action at Last. TELEGRAM FROM GENERAL SICKLES. The Cuban Aii!horit:?? Ordered to Send Mr. U'KMly to Spain. Washington, May 17, 1873. The Secretary of Sluto this evening ro coived a telegram from General Sicklos, stat ing that tho Spanish government has ordered the Cuban authorities to seud O'Kelly, the Ubbali) correspondent, to Spain. CUBA. TheVomito at Havana?Quarantine Dangers?A Press News Reporter Set Free?Customs Revenue and Specie-Newspaper Recrimination and the Reply. TELEGRAM TO THE NEW YORK HERALD. Havana, Mar 10. IS"!?. The vomlto Is increasing. la view of the exposed contiitiou of tlie passengers ol Hie steamers Juniata and Yazoo, in this unhealthy bay, the consignees have asked permission of the government to trans port them to New York ou tho sioamer leaving this port to-morrow. CUSTOMS DtTRS ANI> 8PHCIK PAYMENTS. The proposition ol' the government to exact hair the import and export duties in gold meets with general disfavor among the merchants. A l'KESS MAN RESTORED TO l-'KEEDOM. Francis il. Mi lien, an Irishman, claiming to be an employe of tho New York Custom House and a correspondent or a New lork journal, leitSantiago de Cuba six weeks ago and entered the insurrec tionary district. Milion returned to Manzanillo on Monday where he was imprisoned, but was released yesterday. NKWSl'Ai'KIt RECRIMINATION AND NEW J'UllUC'A TKJNS. The lYibuno denounces the Vox <le Cuba, Con staiusla and several country journals as organs or the labor antes anrt as rebellious to Spain, and wants the editors tried by a court martial. The Eapana (newspaper) has made its appear ance. It is liberal in its doctrine and opposes the abolition ot slavery without the consent of the owners. It considers slaves as prox>erty, and says an attack on proper is illegal. A new republican Journal, the Republican Yguali'taii, will appear on the 1st or June. [RASTER. UIKCIIAXICS) BtNQliKT. A Festive Gathering?Ilappy Humor and Harmony at the St. Nicholas Hotel. The Railway Master Mechanics or America were entertained last evening In right, royal style at the St. Nicholas Lfotel, where a banquet was given to thein l>y the railway supply men of New York. It was a grand affair. Thero were preHent about one hundred members of the Master Mechanics' Association, with their families, and these, in ad dition to the invited guests, numbered about tnree hundred persons, who occupied four tables of an imposing length. The Master Mechanics repre sentcd nearly all the railroad sections of the coun try, and their honest, manly, intelligent faces be tokened the nobility of their calling. Thev arrived

yesterday irom Baltimore, where they had held t.ieir annual meeting. Captain John C. Wyman Manager of the steel Works m Troy, was tlio chair man or the evening. Captain Wyman lias the lace and manner of a statesman of the old school, and his digutlied. stately appearance, together with his happy humor, made him eminently tit. for the ex alted position he occupied for the time beiuir 'I?."?1 ,Vli* ue.arIjr "vcr "lade one Sf the most i< In Itious alter dinner speeches there was ever pronounced at a restive board. To irlve mi extract irom his speech would be only to misreore- I sent him, lor the whole was so fine, harmonious ' and complete, that to add to it or take awav anv , thing from It would be to spoil it. He was followed by Mr. H. W. Britton, President or the Association who responded to the toast, "The Kailwav Master Mechunics of America." The next toast, was "Our Railroads," to which Mr. /, K. Pangborn. editor or the Jersey city Jourruil' made eloquent reply. "The iron and steel lactones or the I tilted States," was the toast next in order and was responded to by Mr. A. L. Holley. an emi nent engineer and sou of ex-Governor Hollev or Connecticut. Colonel Richard Vose replied to the toast, "Objects or master mechanics'conventions and how they are to lie attained," and Mr. Edward b. Thome, Deputv Grand Master or Free and Ac cepted Masons, made a good speech in answer to the toast, "Our invited puests." The whole ban quet was a very enjoyable one and was greatly enjoyed. Mr. H. G. Brooks, manager or the Eric Locomotive Works at Dunkirk, was the Chairman of the Banquet Committee, and by Ills iudclatina ble zeal and courtesy contributed to the success or the occasion. TROTTING AT FLEETWOOD PARK. Fleetwood Park, May 17.?Sweepstakes of #400 mile heats, best three In five, in harness. P. Hay den's b. m. I,ady Annie 3 2 111 w. Lovrell'a b. m. l'opsey -i 1 ??> o T. Simmons'blk. if. Eph l 3 2 3 R. J. Anderson's bik. g. Wlnfleld 4 4444 TIME. .. . quarter. Half. Mile. First heat ,i9 1.17 2 w Second heat i-ii o'-m* Th Ird heat x .'16 ,, Fourth heat Fifth heat Ijk i lis ? a^ve,?ce g'?i"g on William Van aerbllt, the son of the great Commodore, brouirht oat his new team and gave the spectators a hair in 1:15 to road wa?on. THE KENTUCKY RACES. Immense Crowds and Fine Sport?Ro binson's Florence Wins the First, R?yiiolds' Klsie the Second and Mc Orafh's Susan Ann the Third Hace. Lexington, Ky.t May 17, 1873. The races closed to-dav with an immense crowd. It was larger than was ever seen on the ooure be fore, excepting, probaoly, the day Longrcllow ran. I he drsf lace was a mile ilash lor all ages, with three entries?Robinson's Florence, Thomas' Trou ble and Downing'* Humming Bird. They came home in the order named, Florence winning with apparent ease. Time, 1:47. The second race, con solidation purse, mlic heat*, wa> won by Reynolds' Klste In two stialxht heats, beating Thomas' Trou In * i?. i opponent. In me first h-at Klsie look Li. ,a J,t "? Tlirouirnoiit the second heat a blanket would have covered both horses the most H .i,,e.KftKance' ,,nt E'Ble moved forward, coming 1 down the homest retch about three or lour lengths ,Hme- 1:4K UbV n?' '"'Hi race, three J i?" wati. won ,,y McOrath's Susan Ann, JJ1rp1''r,HI Extract, Reynolds' Clara and Uuiord * \lalakor in the order named. Susan Ann won the lace with ease, and cauie under at a ftroug pull. lime, ft Nil', The favorites won in v Permission of the association a match mule race was run alter the other races, mile heats. Time, 2:20, 2:18'?. NASHVILLE RACES. Last Day of the Host Successful Meeting for Twenty Yearn. Nashville, Tenn., May 17. 1*73. This was the last day of the Nashville races. I he first race was a han licap hurdle race, mile and half, over six hurdles, and was won by Emuia Samson, Glencoe coming in second ami Hutchin son third. Time, 3:01. The second race was for the MaxweH House The Par* ('???pflnru of ThW V?bo???i imps. the bedbugs aad tied*, U a nsutio^i h> tender skin*. Lay them mitl lay them out! with KHttS/LtUtt' ISHbCV DKMTROYKK. Tl?9 Weekly Herald % Contain* alt the new*. Only $3 per year The only Weekly Newjpftpcr iu America. Published orery Thursday myrilliiff Contain* the 111 out reliable reports of AQRICOLTURB, fcl'OUTINQ, AKTS. oossip. fashions, MARKET^ OATTLB, IIORXB, "piMANOlAr^ DltY~CK)0D8, RELIGIOUS, aTTT AC. Also TUB BEST 8TORY PAPBR. Liberal arrangements to clubs of Ion or twenty or more subscribers. Add raw NEW YORK HERALD, Now York Oily. A.?The RKprnirhcid Khttlnnd Seal and Nutria DKB8R MAT, u new Summer style lor 187.'. KBPBN KCIIIKD, of 118 Namau street. introduced yesterday hii entirely iijw style ot Hat for tlio present Summer season. It is lint In shape nlone, (nit in (lie iiuliire of lis material mnl the character of its appointments that this hal differs from every other hat the inventor and manufacturer has , hitherto produced. The Heal ami Nutria Fur ofwhlen It in composed is ol the very tlnest iiuality und texture, i'he shape and proportions are "express and admirable," and it. in tho most distlnKiie looking specimen ot a dress hat that has ever appeared in the American field ol lashioil. UlUcr of the PLEA8ANT VAXiLEY VTIKB COMPANY, ORGANIZED IN I860. llA?Mi>NiisroRT, N. Y., April t, 1873.. The superior excellence ami purity ol our Wines urn no ' longer questioned. We shall not oiilv strive to inaintaiu their present high character, lint endeavor to still further improve them as new and finer Wine Grapes are brought forward. We do not hesitate In placing our Sparkling or Cham pagne Wine af the head ol tho list of either American or Imported. With our three brands, I'AltlS EXPOSITION, CAKTE BLANCHE and ORBAT WESTERN, brought out in the order named, we haro advanced, step by step, till now we have achieved a success most complete. Wo can not give a tithe ol the numberless testimonials our spark ling has won, hut we here append some ot the must prominent:?They were awarded the first prize, a large Silver Medal, at the Pennsylvania State Fair, in I8iifi; a large silver Medal at the stale Fair held at Buffalo. N. V., I8U7; ut Rochester, N. Y., 1868, and at. Klmira, N. Y,, 18ti!>; a large Gold Medal at tho Pennsylvania Suite Fair, at llarrisburg, 1809, and a large Silver Medal at the State Fair held at Klmira, N. Y.. 1872. Our Groat Western was awarded a prize of >50, offered at the New York Slate Grape Growers' Fair, 1871, over all American, and the followiug brands of importedDue do Montcbelto, Itoederer, St. Marcoaux and Jules Mumtn's private stock No trial was over lairer, and no prize more justly awarded. We might enumerate scores of t**sts less public, yet no less decisive, by expert tasters, in which one or another Of our brands was awarded the prize of merit, compared with many of the most celebrated Imported. These are the reasons why we feel justified in placing our Wilies at the head of all others. OUR SWEET WINES, SWEET CATAWBA AND AMERICAN PORT, we have so far improved upon as to meet all the wants of our people who use Madeira or sherry, (iiur Sweet Catawba might well be called American Sherry.) Our several brands of SWEET WINE are ttill flavored, rich and fruity, WILL KEEP PERFECTLY ON DRAUGHT IN ANY CLIMATE. We would especially invite the at tention ol dealers to this line at our goods. The sweet Catawba is the best adapted for cobblers of any Wine in the United States. Our DRY WINES are perfectly pure and are used largely by the Clergy lor Sacramental purposes. We manufacture a limited quantity of PURE BRANDY, which finds ready sale lor Medicinal purposes. Allot our Wines and Brandy are made by ouvselvcs from Grapes grown oil our own vines anil those about us. D. O. HOWELL, President. C. D. CiiAxri.iN, Secretary and Treasurer. Jut.iH Masso.n, Superintendent. H. B. KIRK A CO., Depot 69 Fulton street. Now York. A.?'The Moat Appropriate Sumtuen FURNITURE for SEA SIDE Cottages, MOUNTAIN Villas, CITY AND COUNTRY Houses. is the RATTAN, made up in ucw and beautiful styles. CHAIRS of all descriptions. SOFAS AND RECLINING CHAIRS, WORK TABLES and BASKETS, Flower Stands, Firewood Holders, Ac., Ac. BASKETS of every kind. MATS, MATTING, Window shades, BROOMS, 4c., Ac. Manufactured by c. wakkfield, 36 Canal und 129 Friend street, Boston. New York Salesrooms No. 3 Barclay street and No. 8 Park place, Auction Sale. BARGAINS IN FInTTgoLD JEWELRY, WATCHES, SOLID SILVERWARE, OPERA GLASSES, AC. GEO. C. ALLEN, Ml BROADWAY, NEAR FOURTEENTH STREET, In consequence of making u change In his business, will sell off his entire stock at auction. commencing MONDAY, May 19, at ID',' A. M. Gold Stem Winding Watches, ladies' and gentlemen's. Diamond and Enamelled Watches. Independent tilth-second Watches. American Watc.he?gold and silver. , Every Watch warranted. Earrings and Tins, Cameo, Etruscan, Coral, Garnet, Pearl, Onyx, Jet, Ac. Shawl Pins. Chain and Baned Bracelets. Studs, Sleeve Butlons.lscart I'in*. Gold Thimbles, Diamond Rings, Seal Rings. Cameo, I'earl. Garnet and Emerald Ring'", Chased nnd I'lain Rings. Pcn<snud Pencils. Watch Chains, Lockets, Necklaces, Ac. SOLID SILVERWARE? Spoons, Forks, Napkin Rings Pie Knives. Ladles, Sugar ami Preserve Spoons. GotiletB, Ac, JOHN H. FRENCH, Auctioneer. A? Herring'* Patent CHAMPION SAFES. 2S1 anil Broadway, corner oi Murray C,r tiL A.?Herald Branch Office, Brooklyn, corner ol Fulton avenue and Boerum street. Open from* \. M.toDP. M. on Sunday from l to 'J P. M. Asthma, BronchltU. ('ulnrrh,?Norton's CIGARETTES relieve immediately eventually cure. No tobacco. Druggists sell litem. A.?Who WnntH a Hst, Goto Dougan's, 102 Nassau, corner of Ann street. A.?Old Reliable Hull's Hales, .'i4.r> and 347 Broadw ay. Best in the world. A.?Dr. Killer** Kite a mat ir Reined)-. Depot and office 21 John street. Advice gratis dallv and circulars free. Sold by druggists. A Remedy Kndoraed by the Rntlre medical lac(iItv tor all diseases of the Kidneys ami Blad der? KBARNEY'S EXTRACT BUl'lIl' -sold by drug gists every where. $1 per bottle; six bottles, $5. An Agreeable Surprise \V?< Given to nil Ruptured persons by the Invention ol the NEW ELASTIC IRl'SS, which retains the Rupture safely, und with comfort, night and dav. till cured. Sold cheap. Sent bv mail Fitted without charge by ihe Elastic Tru?s Company, rtM Broadway, New Vc.rk city, corner of Amitv street. Circulars tree.?Jersey City Journal, May l.\ Im A.?Pollnk's C'ptown >lcer?chaum Store, at 1,109 Broadway, near tha Hoffman House. Kcpuiring done. A\ n. t Barcla y Street?Imported Ci gars, at PARK A Til.FORD'S prices A.?K?ii AnRcllque, for the Teeth and Gum*. BISCOTINE FOOD for Infanta. HELM C A CO., Bi riailwav. are Hie sole proprietors and inaiiulacturcrs. I'al is agents, ROBERTS A CO,. I'lare Vendouie. Be Sure Yoti arc Right?liny a AVhlt NFY SEWING MACHINE?then go ahead. 013 Broad way. Cancer, Cough, Hemorrhoids, Rpilepay, Ac., cured by Dr. ELMORE, 85 Warren street, Jersey /'!ti Vn ??titiei/n tint if iiiirml fampo'a Infallible Npt-elfic, HoyerelRn remedy lor Rheumatism. llt'DNl'T A CO., Herald Build. Ing JOII.s F. HENRY. No. H College place. Clot Ilea Wringers of All Kind* Repaired promptly by METROPOLITAN WASHING MACHINE COMrANY, 33 Cortlandtstraet, New York. Corna, Runlotva, Nails, Knlarged .folnta, Tumorti wen-s Ac_ cured without pain CORN CI'KB, r*?r. Dr. RICl^^w brvadwivy, corum; FuityUsHScU Oorai Removed Without Psla, ?ach* tH25L8KI * Cf>'' OhitOPOdistAr M3 vtouwtjr, corner Meeoker struet Coma, (trillions, KnUrx-d Joints All disease* at Uie reel, cured by i?r. Zachakik, *7 'uqmmi Century Whiakey, the Onmc d? la. cretuo oi' all whiskey*. Dyspepsia, Mxlanrholy.Clirnnfr Cimatl Nation, Pile*?Cured tiv DR. SHAitr-i sVKciriO at [artnelt's I'harmaoy, tfihle Home, Fuurth avenue ami A*U\f iU-Hivx For th<> Mm I'w A- W. Krafin^'n ('?!*? t>rated OINTMi.HT. price Kits, ufllce 23S front stroot corner Peek slip __ Qentlrmrn'i Denver itnrt Nutria Caui mere HATH for Uie coming season now ready at lownat Rrices. P. ERNENWKIN, 148 Nassau street, between ceknuut anJ Sprucejrtreela. Havuna Luttrry Uraivin?u on File.-* Circulars free. Orters promptly filled. JOffiPH HATKSi Agent, IM Broad wtny. room I, Chatham Bank Buiidiui*. Holynke'a Crlfbratnl f'ever and Agun CU ItK inav be obtain. >1 iU 97H Riglltli avenue, betwt"n Filty ?aevcutlt ami Fifty-eighth streets. 'I Lately Vlalted an Auat of Mine lie Kldiim at Hall war, Onondaga countv, .V Y writes Mr. Oyer P. Slsson. of Wlilte Creek, Washington county, N. Y., "hikI found her In very poor lieallJi. suffering with quite a .severe cotwh, winch fiexl for souv vtiara previous, during tlie Winter ii.entliH, kept her contlrtod to the room pretty much ;iU the time. KccDHUncndiafiVDr lAYNK'# KXI'BCTOKANT, hIhj < xiscnted try It. a*d the result was altogether satisfactory, an the toflowinntextrar.t front a letter, since received fVoin my uncle, abundantly allows: ? "'Your recent rMt, so far aa mr wlfo wa?concerned. soeuicd providential. for two or three WinU ra in sue cession she had been laid irn with a stubborn cvous'i, and last Kali, Just before your arrival, it set iu ugant. resisting all afteuuita toeliet k it. Ah you know, wo ??ro ill iu some alarm uhout her, and on your reeomnirndation. procured In. JAYNK'S KXPEOTOKANV. The allee.t !??? exceeded our expectations; it has not inly relieved her. but brought about a substantial eure, at.# her ?e.iitii it butter to-day than it was previous to being ;llrrt at tacked.' " Ice Cream Kreexrru.?(ioorla'a IXL> The Cheapest ami Beat. Ilc.tels, Confectioner** anil Family Mluiufacturcra' Agency, 7i> Reade at Tot. It la Well to Wet Clear of a Cotigh or Cold' the first week, but it is safer >? rid yoer self of It .the t'rst forty-eight hours?tin- nropVr remedy fortlte purpose being l>K. JAYNK'S KX I'M; I'OKA NT. nee. Laarrtntaine'a Complnlon Ilea aft I? FIKR removes 'fan and freckles. Depot it 2 WoitTweo y-tlfth .street. C<iU be hau at all druggists. Mlaalsqnol.?-The Waters o# This Sprlac have -iirutl thousauils with ?'micer, Scrofula and Bright'* A tresh sutHdy lust rtnelved. JOHN K. !ikn ftV. No. a College place. On Account of lie Purity and Melliir ness. CENTURY WHIHKHY Is rapidly taking the place ot.allotlier stimulants For sale by druggists and first eladl dealers. _______ PoUeh'ii Mrrrsrhttii ii?m?Finest Aaaort? mint, latest *tvlea, at -S John street, four doors west of Nassau. Repairing and boiling done. R. C. Slioldon'a' Remedy a Sore Care for Nervous Debility. Principal depot aud office IIW West Fifteenth street. Rupture Still Succenafu lly Treated at MABS1I A CO.'S RADICAb CORE TRUSS office, No. ? Vesey street; also Silk P.lastic Belts, Htoekluir*, Kuesr Caps, Ankles, Ac.. A lady, in attendance to wait uuoa ladies in private rooms. Rhemnatlam, Puratyala, neuralgia aad Chronic DUeass* cured by Magnetism and' fflectrloity. Mrs. ,1. L. AkiUKN, til University place. Itoynl Ilavana Ijottery.?Prlcea Re? dticed, cireulurs sent and information Riven. We sold the $901),tXX) iiri/.e iu the ilmwiiw oi April 'U _ . J. B. MAKTINKZ A CO., Bankers. 10 Wail street. Post office box New York. Royal Havana Loftery.?PrlzM Cathcd? . orders tilled. Information furnished. IIlfctMstrates paid fue Spanish Hunk hills, governments, Ae., Ac*. TAYLOR & Co., Bankers, 11 Wall stroct. lato of 10. Royal Havana Lottery,?Nnt Drawing May ^4. Send tor circulars. Post office box 3.H36. HITTER A CO., h:. Nassau street. O. P. Cognac Brandy, $7 per Gallon* $1 50 for full sir.'d bottle (a specialty); old, mellow and reliable ; entiro invoice purchased at half Its value; ulso nil the popular brands, vintage IHtM to 173ft, good sound Clarets Iroui $3 30 to $ao per case. Fancy Groceries* Canned Uoud.s Sauces. Ac., at downtown rates. H. 1). KIRK A CO., fi!) Fulton street Sfelnway'i, Watera', Nationals Cltlek? e ring's and other first class lianas at extremely low prices for cash or on instalments, or to let In city ot country, at reduced prlcoa. iimuacf. VVATF.RS A SON. 4S1 Bfoadwar. Shirts, Collar*, ('affi and Orawerl uiuli' to order ami wurranted. Enclose stamp tor circular. VnIoNADAMR A CO., OV Broad war To Summer Hotel*.?Special Notice.? Old Brandies, tilris, Hums, Sherries, Porta. 4c., hi bond 0* from store; old importation*, desirable goods, bought b* Uie invoice for cash at less than cost of Importation; will be (old low. I'iper Iliedsicck , 923 SO; Mumm, $23, currency All others equally low. Buss' Ale,S18Vand $186; tluinneas* Porter, $1 No and $1 RSi Scotch Ales, $1 85, gold; large lines of Clarets, &l 50 to $:vi per case. Hock SauteraesL Cordials, tine Croceries, English Pickles, Sauces, Canneif Woods. Ac. U. 11. KIKK A CO., 69 Kultop. struct Estab lished MM. Trusses, Bandagea, Ac,?Kuptnrrd Per sons find HEELEY'S HARD RUBBER TRUSSES cool. Cleanly, light, sale and conifortahle. Never rust, chafe, break. soil nor move from place. Used in bathing- Ka tahlislimcnts <*37 Broadway, New York, and I,.'147 CheaU nut street, Philadelphia. Pa. Send lor pamphlet. We Have Repeatedly Called Attention to casus ol sicklies* occasioned by drinking water con* vcyed through leaden pipes; but we are now Informed that malt lii|uor acts so powerfully upon the lead pipea attached to the beer pumps as to completely "honey comb" them. A worthy friend in New Jersey write* us that he is suffering paralysis trom this cause. It appears he ha t been In the hahit of drinking a glass of beer early in the morning which had romalned In the lead pip? over night, and the eon^eijimneo of his thoughtlessness proved latal to his hcaltli and comtort. Let all persona who use beer pumps take timclv warning, and subslltnta TIN-LINED LEAD PIPE tor lead. Price lAWcenta a ponnd. Circulars sent free. Address the OOLwELL'BL SHAW A WILLARX) MF'O CO., 2U Centre st, tiew York. Waters' Concerto Parlor Organa, at 481 Broadway, arc the most bcautllul in style and perfect in tone ever made. Oreat bargains for cash or on Instal* ments. For rent In city or country and rent money al> lowed If purchased. Wedding Invitations, Parla Stylea, N OCRAMS, COATS OK ARMS, CRESTS and FRENCH NOTE PAPER. JAMES EVEKDELL, 901 Broadway. Established 1841). Weaver"* Celebrated Milk Pa neb knocks the spots nut of Knox's blocks; that's what knocks. Kit Eighth avenue, corner Thirty-seventh. 1849?Established 1849?0. RanehfOH. Practical Wigmakcr and Importer of Human Hair, M East Twelfth street, New York. A IMKW Pt JUDICATIONS. CASE OF LITERARY PIRACY. BETSEY AND I ARK OUT. O. \V. Carleton A Co. beg to announce tbat_ they pub? llsh this day a new volume ot poems by Mrs. N. S. Emer son, entitled .---^ T|UVKS(!rvTNU axORY, consisting of a series of twenty-ono graphic pictures ia verso supposed t<> be narrated bv the different relation* of an old-tashloncd New England tarnily, who are gath ercd together about the old borne llrcslde on a wintry Christinas evening. Among the stories related h the fa mous ballad ol BETSEY AND I ARE OCT, which has been, In a mutilated ami leeble form, s?i widely printed and spread oyer the L'nltel States witla another name as author. Mrs. Emerson declares that she is the author of thtf poem, that she wrote it ill the year IH69, that several MS. copies were made by Iter ami pasaed among frienda and acquaintances, and that, In the year IK71, without, her knowledge or consent. It was printed In a Western newspaper, as by another author, and that she is now prepared to substantiate alid prove bcr claim to its au thorship. . _ . ".?The book is beautifully printed ami hound. Prica $1 SO. Sold everywhere, and sent by mail, postage Iree. on receipt of price, by _ .. . O. W. CARLETON A CO., Publishers. Madison square, New York. Dap p leton a co* . 549 and 391 Broadway, have ju*t published THE POPULAR SCIENCE MONTHLY, Fob June. Price SO cents, or $."> per annum. ANTiouniKS of riih: southern Indians, par ticularly of the (ieorgia Tribes By Charles C. Jonea, Jr. Illustrated. i lotli. S<. ELEMENTARY TREATISE ON NATURAL PHILOS OI'IIV. By A Prlvat Deschanet Part I. Mechanics, Hydrostatics and Pneumatic*. Il lustrated with 1-1 Engravings, *1 74. Part II Heat. Illustrated by 151 Engravings. Price *1 75. I'art III. Electricity and Magnetism. Illuctratad witla. 141 Engravings. $1 ii l?HVSICALOEOORAPHY. By Archibald Olrkia, LL.D. With Illustrations. Being the Fourth Volume of th? M ience I'riini r?. Price 50 cants, EDUCATION IN JAPAN. A series ot Letters addressed by promlnciit Americans to Arinori Mori. Jananesa Minister. I vol. l'imo., cloth. $1 St) REPTILES AND BIRDS. A Popular account of their various Orders, with a description of the habits am* of the most interesting. From the French or Louis Kigtiler. With 307 Illustrations. 1 vol. small 8vo? Price t'l o". I NIFORM WITH REPTILES AND BIRDS:? Till-. WORLD BEFORE THE DELUOB. Price 8S9PI THE OCEAN WOULD. Price ?.<. 0 THE INSECT WOULD. Price $3SO. THE VEUETAHLE WORLD. I'rice f.1 50. ? HANDBOOK OP SOCIAL ECONOMY! or. The Workera. A, B, C. By Kfltnond About. Translated from the French. 1 vol. 12 mo. Cloth. Price $2 . ,, . LECTURES ON LIOHT. Delivered in the United States! ! in IH73-73. Bv John Tv ailall, LLD., F. R. 8., With IUu*ua-? 1 tions. Paper covers Price <s cents; cloth. 9L I NEW NOVELS. t LAKEVII.LE; or, SUBSTANCE AND SHADOW. By ! Mary Henlv, author ot \ Summer's Romance. 1 vol svo*,, i with Illustration" Paper covers, 91; cloth. ?l 80. I THE I'lloT By J. 'Vniinoro tooper. Hew edition, ia | Svo , paper covers. With eight Illustration*by Darlejr. 1 Price, in paper covers, 75cents; cloth, 91 25. fc I cooPER'B NOVELS. Unitorm edition, in l2mo.,ciotn. I ' Volumes already published ?"The Spy," '"The Pilot.'* I "The Red Rover." "The Deer Slayer,'' "The I athjtnder, ? I "The l ast of the Mohicans," "Tho Pioneers., ?ha Prairie," "Lionel Lincoln" and "The Wept of Wish-ton* THE TRIAL. By the anthor of "The Heir ef.Bedelyflfc." One vol., 12m<>. cloth, $1 75. Forming the llth volume ot Mfaa Tonga's novels. _ _ ... AN OPEN yrKhTION A Novel Mil [a, author of "The Dcdge Club." Twenty lUu?tration* bj Fredericks. Paper covers, $1; cloth, 91 ? , Either of the above, when not to be ha<l in b ?'orea, sent post paid br mall to any part of the l ui\0? ntatoa ot>

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