Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 20, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 20, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO, 13,421. NEW YORK, TUESDAY, MAY 20, 1873.-TR1PLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. DIRECTOR! FOR IDfOLTKERS. AMUSEMENTS?Eighth Paoh?Fourth, Fifth and Sixth column*. ? _ A8TR.LOHY?Fifth Pag??Second column. MI i.l.lA RI) ?Firm Pack?Second column. BUARDERS WANTED?Eighth Page? First and second columns. BOAKu AND LODGING WANTED? Eighth Pack? Second column. BROOKLYN HOARD? Eighth Pars?Second column. BROOKLYN KfcAL ESTATE FOR SALE?Second Page? Firm column. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES?Twelfth Page?Sixth column. BUSINt-.rt.-l NOTICES?Seventh Page?Sixth column. CIGARS AND TOBACCO?Fifth Pagb?Second column. CITY RKA1. ESTATE FOR SALE?Second Page?First column. CLERKS AND RALE8MKN?Eleventh Pack?Sixth col uuiu, in d Twelfth F.ige?Firm column. CLOTHINll?Futh I'agk?Fourth column. ?OACHMEN AMU U AHDE.SERS?1'wkXFTH PAGE?First and socoml columns. COASTWISE STEaMSIIIPS?Fifth Page?sixth column. COPAIITN 1.RSI11PS?Fooktii Page?Filth column. COUNTRY BOARD?Eighth Page?.-.eooml and third columns. dwntistry?Fifth Page?Sccond column. DRY HOODS?First I'agk?>lxth column. DWE1<I<IN<} HOUSES TO LET, furnished AND UN FLHtSISIlEO? Twelfth Page?Fourth column. BOROPEAN SiEAMSIIlPS?Fifth Page-FiIHi And sixth column*. BUROI'E?Second Paw.?Sixth column. EYES AND RaRS? Fifth Page?Second column. EXCURSION S?Fifth Page?Sixth column. FINANCIAL?For HTM Page? Filth column. PINE ARTS?Fifth Page?Sixth column. FOR SALE?Fifth Page?Third and lourth columns. furnished ROOMS ANU APARTMENTS TO LET? Twelfth Page?Filth column. FURNITURE?'Twelfth Page?Third column. FRENCH advertisements-twelfth Page?Third column. HELP W ANTED?FEMALES?Eleventh Page-Fifth column. HELP WANTED-MALES-Twelfth PAGE-Second, and third columns. HORSES, CARRIAGES, Page?Second, third, lourth, fifth and sixth columns. HOTELS?Eighth Page?Second column. HOUSES, ROOMS, AC., WANTED? Hfth Page?Second column. instruction?First Page?Sixth column. JERSEY CU V, HOBOKEN, huds N CITY AND BER OEN REAL estate FOR SALE-Seiond Page s-eeond ctlumn. LECTURE SEASON?Eiohtii Page?Fifth column. loan OFFICES?Kightii pagk-Thinl column. lost AND FOUND?First Page?First and second columns. MAOHINERY-Fipth Pag??Fourth column. HARULE MANTELS?Fifth Page?SecouU column. MATRIMONIAL-FirrH I'AGE-Second column. MEDICAL?Second I'agk.?sixth column. H1LLINEBY AND dressmaking? First Page?Sixth column, MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS?Tenth Page? Sixth column. MISCELLANEOUS?Eighth Page?Fourth column. MUSICAL?Eighth Page? Fourth column. MEW PUBLICATIONS?Seventh I'agk?Sixth column, PERSONAL?First Page? First column, pianofortes, ORGANS, *0.-Eighth Page?Fourth columns. PROPOSALS?First Page?Sixth column. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED-FEMALES? Eleventh Page?Fourth and fifth columns. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CUT FOR SALE OR TO rent?Second Page?Second and third columns. BBAL estate TO EXCHANGE?Sscq?n> page-Third column. BEAL ESTATE WANTED?Second Page?Third and fourth columns. REWARDS?First Page?Second column. BALES AT AUCTION?Second Page-Fourth, fifth and sixth columns. SITUATION? WANTED?FEMALES?Ninth Pace?First, Second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth columns, and Eleventh Page?First, second, third and lourtli col umns. situations WANTED?MALES-Eleventh Page?Fifth and sixth columns. BPEClAL notices?Fifth Page?Third column. SPORTING, DOGS, BIRDS, Ac.?First PAGE-Second col umn. SVMMER RESORTS?Eiohth Page?Third column. THE TRADES-^Twklfth I'agk?Third column. FHE TURF?First Page?Second column. FO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES?Twelfth Page? Pdurth column. FRAVELLES' GUIDE?Firm Page?Sixth column. 0npmrnished ROOMS AND apartments TO LET? Twelfth Page?Filth and sixth columns. WANTED?TO PURCHASE?Firm Page?Second col umn. WATCHES, JEWELRY, AC.?Fifth Page?Second col umn, westchester COUNTY PROPERTY FOR 8ALE OR TO LET?Second Page?First and second columus. ENES, LIQUORS, AC.?Twelfth Page?Sixth column. CUTS, steamboats, AC.-Fifth Page?Second column. PARIS AGENCY OF THE KEW YORK IIEKALD. ^ jyjESSRK KREMEK A CO., AMERICAN REGISTER, HAVE BEEN appointed PARIS AGENTS FOR THE MEW YORE HERALD. THEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL ERS wrrn copies op the herald, and also SIXaLE NUMBERS op this paper to parties INQUIRING THEM. ^ PERSONAL. 0ORINNE-GET LETTER. ICK-IIAVE MOVED. ADDRESS TILLY OR CAR RIE, Herald office. D H I, ARRY C. V.-FOUND NO LETTERS.?HAVE WRIT ten again to A. S., Post office. Information WANTED?OF ONE JAMES BRADY. When last seen was in year 1865, in Poughkcepsie, atchrss county, N. Y. Any word of his whereabouts Will he thankfully received by his brother, patrick BRADY, Eureka, Eureka county, Nevada. Pouglikeupsie papers please copy. F THIS SHOULD MEET THE EYE OF MRS. ELIZA beth Matthews, formerly of Oadby, near Leicester, ?ngland, or any of ber family, they will licnr ot some thing ofimportance by addressing her cousin, Mrs. E. BASH. 1,487 East Montgomery avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. Intercepted LETTER?THE ADDRESS YOU DE sired Is James Mooney, Detective Agencv, 162 Broad way. See htm at once. VOTRK AMI. I RECEIVED NOTE TOO LATE TO KEEP ENGAGE ment Please make another appointment Address B. B., Herald Uptown Branch office. rI8 ALL RIGHT-YOU ARE LONELY; COME AND ?ee roe without delay. Lovingly yours, FATHER. IP THE OWNER OK POCKETBOOK MARKED J. T. Knead will apply to ca-dner of this paper anil pay Charges for this advertisement he ran receive it L?YOUR SILENCE DISTRESSES ME. LET ME ? hear of you. L. M. rocntree. ?T ITTLE FRENCH ROSE."?SAW YOU YESTERDAY Li at church. Give me your address through Person als where to call. I am dying to see you. YOU KNOW WHO. MISS molly C***K, FORMERLY 110 - AVENUE, will oblige by sending address to A. J. ?., Herald office. M?YOU know. hope sure TO have THE * pleasure of seeing vou to day (Tuesday) noon, lerry. G. .TTIE?WILL BE DOWN ON june 2. SAME place and time. CAPTAIN. MA Mr. a. will let you hear something fkom himself It you would give liim your address as yon promised on cars. Please address letter, Herald ?Ace. KOTICE.-WANTING, THE DAUGHTERS OF PAT rlck Cronln or Cronan. wlio emigrated Irotn Ma croom, Ireland, some tour or five years ago; two of them, ft Is believed, aro marrie<l to soldier*. They will licar of something to their advantage on communicating with A. M. english, Solicitor, "farewell court House, Taze veil county. va. EABAGAS-MILLE MERCILO.?MUCH regret, but note only received to-day. Kindly appoint next gaturday at your pleasure. Touiours le voire. Address VRAIMENT, Herald office. SUNDAY, 1 O'CLOCK?FIFTH AVENUE; TWENTY third street cars to Mntb avenue. Twenty-second Street; ad lusted tlie bird cage in the window , I would be delighted to bear it sing if agreeable. Address T L. OUNTIIER, New York Postofflt*. SOUTH FERRY. MONDAY, P. M.-LADY IN sape green, auburn hair, lia/ei eyes, fair complex ion ; gentleman who sat opposite, and who afterwards took cross town car, desires an interview. Address HOB, Brooklyn Post office. _ 1QTH STREET AND BROADWAY, YESTF.RDAY AF X?7 teraoon, three o'clock. Will blonde and brunette ladies grant interview to Monde and brunette gentlemen who doffed their hats to theni f If so, please Inform through Personals when und where said interview ran be had. LONG FELLOWS. LOST AND Kt'l'SD. Belt line, suni>ay. about ? p. m.-LaDY who left South street ear. with * oting lady friend, at Cen tral Park, will please communicate with gentleman at tight hand side who mentioned "Herald Personals" while walking In Park, state particulars, lo avoid mistake, Mid address SHI TTEUS, bux U.-. Herald ofllce. Found?on sixth avenue cars, a pocket book, with some money. Owner can have It by proving property and pay lug the cost of this advertise ment- Apply at G<i Wesl Nineteenth street. T OBT-ON FERRY BOAT CLINTON. WALL STREET XJ tcrrv, going troin Brooklyn to New York, at 7 P. M.. |9th Instant, a batch of Documents an>l Pamphlets in rreneh. of no value hut to owner. The Under will ho re warded by leaving papers, Ac., with THOMSON A CLARK, No. 9 South Wiulatn st, New York. T OST?ONE SMALL WATCH AND GOLD CHAIN, jj Monday morning, on Madison avenue, between Fifty mxtli and Fortr-thlrd streets, or Fifth avenue, between Forty-third and Thirty second streets. The tinder will he rewarded by leaving the sauie at HAINES BROS, office. S7 Union square. 1 OST?ON SUNDAY, MAY 18, IN GOING FROM I Thirty seventh street and sixth avenne through lrty eighth streetto Fortieth street and Third avenue, a Gold Earring The finder will t>e liberally rewarded t>y returning the sntnn to Mrs. WEI.K EH, 4WJ' Ninth ave nne, near Thirty-seventh street. X OTS-A BARGAIN.?FOR SALE, TWO FULL LOTS 1A on Second avenue, In the midst or fine improvements and read/to be built upon; cellars excavated; 51 teet front; price $7,UU0 each, and terms ot payment verv easy. JOHN I'. DOVLK.37 Wall street OST.?THE LADY WHO RECEIVED FROM THE uJ little girl the diamond ring belonging to one of the tidies tiiii]rod on Sixth avenue, near H4th street, on Tednesday last, will (lad tUe owner by iu^uulug ayjfc U?ST AMD FOUND. LOST?BANK 600K, NO. 8B,?9?. Of THE UNION Dime savings Bank. The tinder will please return It to the liank. _ I (1ST?SATURDAY, VIA SEVENTH AVENUE CAR, J hunch small Key* and Herring's Safe Key. Liberal reward lor their return to address un brass plate, or ad viae to M. H., Ilcrald ollico. KEWAKD*. Ar REWARD WILL BK l'All> FOR RKTI'RN OK ?lP?i small red Scotch terrier Oog k?*t Sunday night on Ninth street, ucar Secon I uveuue. M. R. CLAKKU, 31 West Fourth street, corner ilrceue. RFAVARD.?LOST, ON FRIDAY, UTU 1N8T.. A Black aim Tan l>oif. Kcturn to tins Madison Avenue Motel.j-oruer of Twenty seventh street <t>"l A REWARD.?LOST. NiiAR FORTY SECOND ?J> L\/ street, on Fifth avenue, a gold-headed cane; model, a lawn's foot or hoot, marked "rt\ I*. 1)., Syracuse, N.Y." The Under will receive the above reward by leav ing it at the Kitth Avenue Hotel oitlce. HFOnilKG-nOG!<, BIRDS, &C. A -FOR SALE. ALL KINDS OF FANCY POOS. ? Birds, Ac.; Medicines lor all discuses; Prepared Food, for mocking birds. At B. O. DOVEY'S, No. S Greene street, near Canal. ' For sale?four imported dogs; one white smooth KngllMi Terrier. 7 lbs.; one Bull Terrier Slut, la lbs.; one I- ngiish Pug Dog, 18 lbs. one Bulldog, IV lbs. ; all good ratters. Air. HiNRlCHH, 309 West street, opposite pier 44 North River. For hale-a genuine douoall central firf. lock last Gun. 10 bore, 2*< inch barrels: made to or der. Apply ut Grcenwlch xtrcet. For sale-brass yacht gun, mahogany oar. rlagc, all complete. Address GUN, Brooklyn Branch Herald office. l'HK TURF. Fleetwood association offers the fol lowing p urses to be trotted for on Thursday, May 22. at 3 P. M.Pur?j $10.1. for hor-es that have never trotted better than 2:40: mile heats, best 3 in 5, in hurries-i; ((10 to flrst $30 to second and $10 to third. Purse $10;', for horses that nave never trotted bettor than 3 minutes; mile heats: best:) in 6. in harness: $60 to tlrst $30 to second, $10 to third. Entries to close at Chamberlain's Pool Rooms, 1,14(1 Broadway, on Tuesday, May 20, at 9 P. M. WM. II. VAN OOTT, Superintendent Prospect paric fair ground association? Spring meeting;, 1873.?First day, Tuesday, June 10; nurse No. 1, $2,CO0, for horses that have never beaten 2:22; $1,200 to first. $600 to second, and $200 to third. Purse No. 2, $30t>, tree for all runuing horses, mile heats, best two in three. Sccond day, Thursday, June 12: purse No. 8, $l,2f>0, for horses that have never beaten 2:28; $800 to tlrst, $300 to second and $100 to third. Purse No. 4, lour-ye ir-old colt stake. Third day, Friday, June 13; purse No. S, $l,S()i), tor horses that have never beaten 2:31; $900 to flrst, $400 to second and $200 to third. Purse No. 6, $1,000, lor horses that ave never beaten 2:34; $610 to flrst, $300 to second and $100 to third. Fourth day, Monday, Juno 16: purse No. 7, $1,700, for horses that have never beaten 2 :'??: $1,000 to flrst, $800 to second and $200 to third. Purse No. 8, $300, free for all runuing horses; mile heats, best Sin 5. Conditions:?The above races to be mile heats, best 3 in 6, in harness, and will be governed by the rules of the National Association for the Promotion of the Interests ol the American Trot ting Turf, except running races, which will be governed by the rules of the American Jockey Club. In case of postponement ot any race it shall be next good dav and track, omitting Sunday. Any driver substituted for another, as authorized by rule 28, will be pald$S0lor sueh service. Entries to eloso at Chamberlain's Pool Room, 1,146 Broadway, New York, on Tuesday, May 27, at 9 o'clock P. M. All communications to be addressed to Geo. W. Oakley, Superintendent. E. O. READ, President Gko. W. Oiklkt, Superintendent Notice.?The time for the final payment of $100 for en tries in the four-year-old eolt stake expires on the sccond day of June, 1873. GEO. W. OAKLEY, Superintendent TROTTINO AT fleetwood PARK?ON WEDNE3 day. May 28, at 3 P. M. Purse $2,000; $1,200 to first, $A00to second and $309 to third. Mile heats, best 3 in 8, in harness. Allien Goldsmith enters b. m. Huntress. P. Manee enters b. s. William H. Allen. W. H. Crawlord enters b. g. John W. Conley (formerly Beppo). WILLIAM H. VAN COTT, Superintendent. TROTTINO AT DEERFOOT PARK-WEDNBSDAY, May 21, at 2% 1'. M.; purse ol $200 for 2:40; closed with six entries. Daniel Mace, ch. m. Alice Brown. J. Donovan, *. g. Sorrel Dan. J. A. Munday. g. g. Avalanche. John Splau, or. in. Molly Barker. Dr. Hearn, g. m. Butterfly. W. Thomas, b. g. Slippery Dick. Also, $100 lor three minute class, nine eutriea J. Donovan, br. g. Bogus Charley. J. g. Unexpected. J. H. Phillips, s. g. I<cw. Daniel Mace, bl. s. Young Pilllngham. John B. Jar vis, g. g. Blue Dick. G. Hopkins, b. m. Jennie C. John Martin, b. g. Modoc. M. Rogers, s. in. Red Rose. George Wright, g. ui. Village Maid. Admission 10c. WM. McMaHON. Superintendent HORSKS, CARRIAGES, <SC. AT BARKER ? CHASE'S CITY AUCTION MART AND NEW YORK TAT TERSALLS, CORNER OP BROADWAY AND THIUTY NINTH STREET. MAJOR C. W. BARKER AUCTIONEER. Regular sales of Horses, Carriages, Ac. EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AT ELEVEN O'CLOCK. GENTLEMEN'S PRIVATE ESTABLISHMENTS dis posed of at public or private sale to the best advantage, and a general assortment of everything In the horse line always on liand at private sale. TWENTV-KOURntfUri allowed for trial ON EVERY HORSE sold under warrantee. THIS IS THE ONLY AUCTION MART In the State having the proper facilities for showing Horses on sale? viz.: ? A LARGE DRIVINQ RING, entirely under covor. OUTSIDE 8ALES SOLICITED and promptly at tended to. J^ THE "BREWSTER WAGON," A. in all weights, for pleasure driving or speeding, exquisitely finished, and embracing in their construction the various Improve ments introduced by us during the past IS years, making them . . , _ _ the standard for Quality throughout the United States. These wagons arc exclusively the production of our well-known Broome street factory, and are offered in stock In til! respects equal in duality to those built to the order of the most valued customer, and at prices uniform to all. In order that we mav not be confounded with a lolnt stock company of carriage dealers who have adopted a firm name similar to otir own, and impudently claim the reputnlion we have made lor the "Brewster Wagon," we ben the public will remember that our only warerooms are at the corner of (filth avenue and Fourteenth street. an<F our only Factory on Broome street. BREWSTER A CO., <>i Broome street. A -MY NEW STYLE OF T CART, WITH DOORS. . back seat shifts, for ladles' or servants' use. Ham's popular Lanrtaulet, Landaus, Ladies' Phaetons 20 per cent less than Fifth avenue or Broadway stores. 10 East Fourth street. ALANDAU-IN EXCELLENT ORDER, MADE BY Brewster, of Broome street, for sale, at C. HKARDS LEY'S, Broadway, corner ot Thirty -seventh street. A VICTORIA PHAETON FOR LADIES' DRIVING, with rumble and top, suitable for one or two horses. In excellent condition, lor sale at a low price. BRADLEY, PRAY A CO., 558 Broadway. A?MAJOR C. W. BARKER, AUCTIONEER. . FOURTH ANNUAL snle OF HIGHBRED TROTTINO Stock AT THE WALDBERG Stud Farm, NEAR 11A V E It ST R A W, N. Y., ON FKIDAY, JUNK 20, at I o'clock. THE PROPERTY of HON. A. H. CONGER. THE STOCK COMPRISES 40 head of (leulings. Mares, Colts and Fillies, the get of KYSDYK'8 11AMBLETONIAN, American Star, Ben Abdallali, Ac. A TTENTION, COUNTRY LIVERY STABLE KEEPERS! J\. Closing out sale of a Livery Stable at BARKER A CHASE'S City Auction Mart and New York Tattersalls, corner ol Broadway and Thirty-ninth street, on Wednes day, May 21. ai II o'clock, and comprising:? Pair of black (foldings, IS high. Sand'J years old: can trot in three minutes. Two six-seat Park Phaetons; fine order. One close Coach. One set double Coach Harness. Two sets light single Harness. Blankets Robes. Whips. Ac. Stock now on exhibition. _ A"~ T LOWER PRICES THAN EVER BEFORE OF frred, our Immense stock of Carriages, comprising every s.ason.iblc style ol family Carriages and light Wag ouh. new ami ceond hand ; several slightly damaged; great bargains. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, RS Broadway. AT BARGAINS?DEPOT WAGONS, PONY PHAE tons, Rockawavs, Cabriolets. Victorias, Baggies and all styles of seasonable Carriages, unsurpassed in quality and finish, sta ATS BELL, No. 7 Washington place, rear of New \ ork Hotel. A WHITE PONY FOR KALF.-IS It HANDS HIGH, 7 years old; long flowing tall and mane ; Is a picture to a lady's pliaeton; ji child can rule or drive him ; will lie sold cheap. Can he seen tor two days at DRENNAN'rt stable, northeast corner o( Thlrtv -seventh street and Sev enth avenue. A?FOR SALE, A CAR LOAD OP WESTERN . Hordes; among them are some good truek or work horses and drl* lug horses; they are young, warranted sound and to work In single or double harness; a reason able trial allowed. Apply at IflO Washington street, coi ner of Liberty. A?FOR SAI.E, A PAIR OP THE BEST MATCHED . dapple brown Mares in the state, full sisters; ex actly alike In every respect; no white on either; full tails and manes, 15* liamls high, 6 and 7 years; sound and kind : a lady can drive them; stand iHtnont tying; price Sl|2"0; Call, for one week, at the Waveriey Stables, 147 and 119 West Thirty-fifth ?treet, near Broadway. JENKINS A RVftN. i PHAETON FOR SALE-FOR LESS THAN HALF Jx the cost, the gentleman going to Europe ; also a first class team ot Mark carriage Horses. US West Thirty seventh street. IpOR SALE-THREE HORSES, THE PROPERTY . ol a widow lady; arc young; warranted sound and very t>int: they are fit tor buggy or business purposes. Apply at :?.? Hoath Fifth avenue. A GOOD COUPE HORSE WILL BE SOLD AT HALF Ills value <i2S0), as the owner has no further use tor him. Inquire at privwte stable 156 East Twenty-second street. __ A GOOD FOUR-WUEEL I)OG CART, WITH RE versllile meat, making a phaeton tor four; al>o doc tor's Phaeton, two Buggies, two Clarences, two glass quarter tffy 1^1 MpiJJCH* ^ MV AUld HORSES, CARRIAGES. *C. ... A-.^peed,"stylb and elegance. WARRANTED .-PEED. IMPORTANT. POSITIVE, SPECIAL AND PEREMP TORY SALE OK ELEUANT HORSES, WAUONS, HARNESS, AC., consisting of Teams, Trotters, family and Fonv Horses, inclii liny all the tine and elegant stuck of WTIllain E. Spruguc, Esq., who goes abroad this week, and stock re moved from nis elegant country residence to stable lor convenience of sale Also the balance ot Mr. Lee's One Kentucky Horses, who was obliged to return home, ami has lett instructions tor Ihcta to do sold peremptorily, to highest bidder. ON WEDNESDAY (TO MORROW), MAY 21, AT STABLK 43 ORE A I' JONES STRKET. AT iOH O'CLOCK PROMPT. Team ot the finest and handsomest younir cliestntu Oo d iaist Mares in the city, I >'4 high, 6 years old this Spring. were both sired by <Jold Dust, and can scarcely be distinguished troui each other, cither HtanilluK or mov ing; have tire style, and arc perfect rets and pictures; thev tear uo locomotive or unvthing else, and can be driven bv any lady with ease and safety; thev are the most luKliioniible and tluest bio. del looking tcnin seen in a iluy ou Park or roud, and can travel in S:1ft together and move with style and Knit alike to perfection; are warranted sound, kind and perfect; must be Men to oe appreciated. Hand-nine, rich and high bred team of dark chestnut Trotters, about 15W high, 8 and 7 years old ; one sired by Ethan Allen und formerly known In Boston as the Capf. Kiit.bc I horse: he a rccord of 2 41; is u fac simile of Honest Alien ; iiis mate was sired iy Daniel Lambert, he by Ethan Allen; is known as Tom Lambert; he trotted when 4 years old >n - :4fi; they are closely mated In ap pearance and drive in (treat style; no pulling or petting; pure waited und well-behaved, either single or double; were driven together lust August on Milchel's truck, Saratoga, to llgnt top wagon In 2.47)4, without a skip or break; they are warranted to show better than 3 minutes now, and in condition can trot in 3 45 and are warranted sound und kind; as fine and rich a trottlug team as was ever driveu on rdad or track. nundsome blood bay Hiwnbletonlan Mare, nearly 16% high, 7 years old; sired by itysdyck's llambtetonian, dam by star; pedigree guaranteed; elegant driver, stylish and tine , never was trained tor speed ; mi elegant road mare ; can beat:I :.'l) to wupon and warranted sound and kind ; a superior and rich family or road mare. Jet black % Kentucky thoroughbred Horse, 15'ii high, 7 years old : has all Kentucky gaits to saddle; an elegant, rich styled horse; tew superiors; well anil perfectly broken to all harness; a perfcct gentleman's horse; war ranted to trot in 3:10 to road wagon and warranted sound and kind. Handsome and elegant styled dark chestnut gentle man's road and driving Horse, 15V? high. 8 years old; sired by Ericsson. dam a thoroughbred; was never trained to develop his speed and cau show better than a 2-50 gait now and promises No. 1; a very superior, rich and amiable horse ; warrunted sound and kind. Also an extra handsome and sensible 1'ony Horse, 15 high, 7 years old ; can be driven by any lady who can hold reins; requires no check or gag; is proud and styl ish and attracts great attention; is extra fast traveller; fears nothing and is warranted sound and kind. Also two Hrcwster Waftons, top and open ; two Sets of Dunscomb Double Harness, two Sets of Single. Ac., Ac., all comprising first class and reliable stock, and gentle men wishing to purchase should cull and examine and they will tlud stock as represented In every particular. All will positively be sold without limit or restriction. Stock now on exhibition at stable, where particulars can be ascertained. _ JOHN L VANDEWATER, Auctioneer. A GREAT SPECIAL. IMPORTANT, POSITIVE AND ABSOLUTE SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION, THIS DAY (TUESDAY). MAY 20, AT 10k O'CLOCK, AT STABLE NO. 3 NEILSON PLACE (MERCER ST.), BETWEEN' WAVEKLEY AND CLINTON PLACES, BY JENKINS A DUFF. AUCTIONEERS, OF THE ENTIRE TURNOUT OF A PROMINENT PRI VATE GENTLEMAN OF THIS CITY, INCLUDING 3 SUPERB TEAMS, 4 SINGLE HORSES, CARRIAGES WAGONS, AC. A pair ot handsome, large bay Coach Horses, over lti hands high, 8 and 9 years old; were ratscd by Ceneral Depeystcr; have all black points, pony built; can travel 12 miles an hour; owner has frequently driven them 60 miles in a da*; they can trot a single mile in 4 minutes, and are as tine a learn as stand in New York; they are warranted sound and kind. Rich, prompt, game and stylish team of vonng gray Geldings, 15k hands high, 6 years old : are finely bred, closely mated In style, gait and action, and can hardly be distinguished from each other; they are fine, prompt, easy and re.solute drivers, no luggers or pullers, have no vices, tricks or faults; will travel 16 miles inside ot the hour or trot a mile in 2:60 now ; are In fact an A No. 1 road team, and their size, strength and disposition make them a superior family team; the v are warranted sound and kind. Also tine, handsome and very fast team of sorrel Geld ings, 15l$ hands high, both 6 years old, half brothers; were raised in Kentucky and purchased there by presentowiier! they arc very closelv mated in color, action and disposi tion ; have fine heads, necks, limbs and fret; each has white star in forehead, with fine, lolly action, and can style with any team that goes the road; they can be driven with open bridles, need no checks or gags, are afraid of nothing and can pull a road wagon any day in 2:45; they can be handled by the most timid and arc sound, kind, truo and perfect in every particular. Fast mahogany bay trotting Gelding, 15k hands high, 7 years old, and sired bv Kentucky Clay, dam thorough bred ; he is one of the finest and best gaited trotters that 8oesthe road; has One action and endurance; amiable Imposition; powerfully gaited and an excellent pole horse; has trotted repeatedly below 2:45 and is trotting much faster now, and if put in proper hands will make a valuable track horse; he Is warranted sound and kind. A handsome and last brown trotting Mare, 15J4 hands high, 7 years old, was sired by Eureka; she is a perfect roadster; can be driven by any ordinary driver; Is sensi ble and well behaved; fears no locomotive or anything else;stands without tying; good under saddle for lady or gentleman ; Is without trick, vice or blemish; can trot In 2 M, and warranted sound and kind. Also fast sorrel Gelding, 15,'i hands high, 6 years old; was raised in Vermont; has long, flowing silver mane and tail; is pure-galted and honest; can speed a 2:35 guit on road; is an excellent pole animal; has never been trained, tint can pull a road wagon any day In 2:40, and warranted sound, kind and true, without trick or fault Also finest Pony in New York; 14k hands high; 6 years old ; coal black, with white star in lace; has been used to basket wagon and under saddle; he is very stylish in har ness. and one of the best saddle ponies In New York ? can be driven by any one; Is very Intelligent and afraid of nothing; he is warranted sound ami kind. Also fine bay Hambletonlan brood Mare; 15\" hands high, 9 years old; can trot in 2:30; owner reiu?e<l lfi<|t Fall a large price for ner; she Is perfectly sound, with ex ception of a cut in leg got last Winter in sleighing, but will not hurt her for breeding or driving in the least; she is warranted kind and true, also sound, with exception of cu{ as above. Also a beautiful circular front six-seat Rockaway, 2 top Wagons, 2 open Wagons, 1 rumble seat Basket Phaeton, I top Ponv Phaeton, single and double Harness, Blankets, Robes, Whips, Ac, This sale is made without limit, restriction or reserva tion. Everything will be sold to the highest bidder, and the stock Is all well known and owned by one of the most prominent members of tho Bar In tills city, who sells only on account of his goitig on a protracted tour through Eu rope for the benefit ofnis health. A full and responsible warrantee will lie given purchasers of horses, aud ample time allowed tor trial and examination. xalc positive, rain or shine. Auction house of arch, johnston (late Johnston A Van Tassell), OFFICE AND SALESROOM. OLD STAND, 87 Nassau street, opposite the Post office. THE HORSE AUCTION BRANCff OF THE IIOl'SF. IS REMOVED TO THE SfACIOUS PREMISES, 19. 21, 23 and 25 EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, between Kifth avenue an& University place. Tho business will be conducted on precisely tho same strict and honorable principles which have alwuys char acterized the dealings ot our house and won the respect and confidence of Hie business community, as well as the public at large. REGULAR SALES TWICE A WEEK THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. Entries for sale may be made, a* usual, cither at onr downtown hou-e, 37 Nassau street, or at the mart, 19,21, 23 aim 25 East Thirteenth street. LIBERAL ADVANCES, AS USUAL, MADE ON CON SIGNMENTS. T NO. 8 CORTLANDT STREET, NEAR BROADWAY. 1 Light Carriage and Harness Warcrooms. The Cheapest Carriage House in the city. All description* built to order and warranted. Leather lop Buggic *> every way reliable, from $190 np. Rockawiys, Depot, Rond and Business Wagons. Top, no top. Panel. Basket and C spring Pony Phaetons. Several slightly soiled very low, to make room. \?T1IE CELEBRATED OltAV TROTTINO (JP.LD . Ing Fire King, at public uuetion, at BARKER A CHASE'S City Auction Mart and Now York Tattcrsalls, corner of Broadway and Thirty-ninth street. On Wednes day, May 21, at 11 o'clock, will be sold, positively, with, out reserve, by order of Henry I. Barbey, Esq., now travelling in Europe, the beautltul gray trotting gelding Fire King, by Pilot, and bred in Kentucky; is high, 8 year* old; a fine game and extra stylish driver; has shown a trial in 2:S7K; is warranted to show 2:10, two men lo a road wagon : is also an elegant saddle horse, and goes all gaits; is perfectly gentle for lady to ride or drive and Is warranted sound'and kind. Mr. Barbey refused $3,.'i00 (or Fire King last season at Newport. Horse now on exhibition at the Mat t. All represuntaiiousguarautecd A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF NEW AND SECOND hand Carriages, Family Hockaways, Top and Open Buggies, Pony Phaetons, (iroccrs' and Business Wagons, ?t greatly reduced prices. 141 West Broadway, near Canal street. AT. DEM A REST A CO., . 623 and 630 Broadway, offer the following second hand lobs at low prices.?Six - seat Rockuway. two-seat Rockawav, Park Phaeton, Brett, Victoria, Depot Wagon, lop Buggies, open Buggies, Tilbury. AT LOWER PRICES THAN EVER BEFORE OF tered, our immense stock Carriages, comprising every seasonable style family Carriages ami light Wag ons, new and second hand; several slightly damaged; great bargains. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, 6S8 Broadway. A LOT OF HORSES FROM THE COUNTRY, FIT for all kinds of business; one splended team of sor rel llorse?. Young and -uttnd. Inquire at Ml < anal ittMt

AT Ms ELDRIDCE STKI ET. T"P AMI KOAI) BUii gies, .'Hi four seated, with tops; 8 Rockawa.vs, 6 seated Depot, 4 .luuip seats, t> ootiy Phaetons; cheapest in city; 1 Barouche. A FEW Fl'LLBLOODED ALDKRNEY AND AYR shlrc Cows tor'sale, very cheap; also, one imported Ayrshire Bull. Inquire of WILLIAM WATSON, #9 Frank liii street. A BEAUTIFUL TOP JAOQER WAGON AND HAR ness, citv makers, only used a few tlme?, price $275; cost $425"; not soiled. Seen at HOVEV'm stable, 141 East Sixteenth street. A PAIR OF THE CELEBRATED CROWN HAIR Brushes can be procured of any denier In uncy goods; they are made of real Russian bristle; they are penetrating; thev make hair brushing a pleasure, and, with proper use, will last a life time. Prices Irom $.1 to $10 a pair. THOMSON, I.ANGDKN A CO., Importers and Manufacturer*, 3tl Broadway. New York. An ei.eoant fast TROTTING BLOOD-BAY KEN ftickv Horse for sale ; six years old ; 10 hards high; perfect saddle and drlvlug liorse In both single and double harness; sound, kind and true; the property of a gentleman now In Europe. Can be seen at private ?tables 128 West Mth street, from 9 A. M. until sold. A LOT OF THE FINEST WELL BRED SADDLE HORSES and high knee action bav carriage Heroes, over 16 hands, that are now to be found In the market,?imported by Mr. Elwes: call and examine them ; they will bear the clWst Inspection. Inquire for Mr. ELWF.S or KINO, at Briggs' stables, 141 West Twenty-third street. ATRCOK, TEAM AND HARNESS FOR SALE. Iniiulre of CHA$> 0UVLTZ, lout yf West Eleventh ?treet. Hew Ywi. ARCH. JOHNSTON, No. 8 Cortlandt street I10RSB6. CARRIAGEH, At auction tiiih day, by WILLIAM VAN TASoELL, AUCTIONEER _ (SUCCESSOR TO JOHNSTON A VAN TASKKLL), HORSE ANl) CARRIAGE AUCTION MARr, 112 AND 114 EAST THIRTEENTH ST., NEAR ITH AV. REGULAR HALES Or HORSES AND CARRIAGES EVERY TUKfiDAY AND FRIDAY. Twenty (our to torty -eight hours given purchasers to tent warrantee*. CATALOGUE Of Till.; WAV'S (TUESDAY'S) SALE, AT 12 O'CLOCK. ELEGANT TEAM BROWN IIORKES MORGAN AND Bashuw stock, 10 hands high, (j ana 7 years old ; kind anil true in all harness; free from vloe; last traveller*; very stylish driver*; an extra fine carriage or road team, and warranted sound; also ?>t of Harness, an d CLARENCE IN UOOD ORDER, BUILT BY WOOD Brothers. TE\M CHESTNUT SORREL HOUSES, tB% HANDS high, Bamt dycui-s old: kind and true hi all harm ss, free from vicc; pood travellers; tree and stylish drivers; an excellent team lor gen r tl business use und warranted sound; also Md Harness and SIX SEA I PARK PHAETON, IN PERFECT ORDER; bull* hy W ood Brothers. GRAY TUR K.QUAHTEK8 BRED KENTUCKY TROT ting Horse, lftii bands high, flyi n?s old; kind and true in ?!l harness; superior under saddle; tree Iroui vice; can trot, wh.-n in condition. in 2:ir>, an i Is warranted to troi in S minute or no sale; hasgrcutciiluruucc; very stylish ui>'I handsome anil warranted sound. POUll-SEAT PARK PlIAETON, IN GOOD ORDER. THREE CLOSE COACHES. IN UOOD ORDER GENTLEMAN'S TURNOUT, CR\Y HORSE, IK* han s high, 7 years old; kind and true in ul' harness; free irotn vice ; a superior roadster, ha- ruted in 2 ft! and is warranted to trot in 3 minute* any day; a tine, stylish driver and warranted sound; ulso a Dunicomb Harness and TOP WAGON, BUILT HY HATFIELD A JACKSON. BAY II OK Hi. 15^ HAND* HIGH ti YEARS OLD: k nd and trno in all harness, free troiu vice; a powertul roadster ; ran trot in 2 'f>. CURTAIN COACH, IN HOOD ORDER. CHESTNUT COUPE HORSE, Ifl HANDS HIGH, 10 years old; kind and true in all harness; tree from vice; good traveller; very stylish driver; a superior coupe or family carriage horse and warranted -nun.I. CHESTNUT SADDLE HORSE, 1 I'LL BLOOD, UOED Dust Stock, 15'4 Hands high,9 years old . kind and true in all harness; superior under saddle and broken to all gaits; tree troin vice or fault; excellent horse lor u lady to ride or drive, aud warranted sound, JUMP SEAT WAOON. BAY TROTTING HORSE. ETHAN ALLEN STOCK, IS1* hands high, 8 vcars old. kind and true In all haraess; trotted last season in 2:l.r>, ha* been turned mit all Win ter, and sold tor want of use: also, set Harness, and rto.AD WAOON, BUILT HY DUSEN1IURY A VAN DHAY HORSE, lti'4 HANDS HIGH, 8 YEARS OLD; kind and true in all harness; free from vice; a good trav eller and a Iree, stylish driver; a'so, a sot <>f Harness, and TOP WAOON, WITH POLE ANl? SHAFTS. GRAY HORsb, 1.1!* HANDS HIGH, 7 YEARS OLD; kind and true in all harness; tree from vice, aud a fine, "fniESTNUT THOROUGHBRED HORSE, RAISED BY Oeneral Wade Hampton, 15^ hands high, 10 years old; has run a mile in 1 ;44)i as Silver Heels; he is well broken ^BAyIioRSE, I6V HANDS HIOH, 6 YEARS OLD; kind and true in all harness; free from vice ; a tine, styl ish driver, and warranted sound. TEAM BROWN HORSES, 1H HANDS HIGH, 8 years old; a superior team for heavy work und warranted sound. Several other Horses, description time of sale. No top depot Wagon. Two side spring Wagons. Top and no top Wagons. Ponv Phaetons and Rockaway*. Harness, Saddles, Ac. Weather sever Interferes witli our sales. A TnREE.yUARTER SKAT ROAD WAGON, GOOD as new, for sale cheap. Apply at 150 East Kilty flfth street. A PAIR OF BAY MARES, MORGAN AND DUROC stock, 6 yean old. is hands high, bought for light carriage, team, direct from larm three months ago; very stylish travellers; also Coupelette, by Wood Brothers, used oiily a few times, and Harness, by Honuer. Apply at pri vate. stable SS East Forty-flrst street, or at 7& Beekmau street. A SHETLAND PONY FOR SALE-SIX YEARS OLD; warranted sound and kind in all harness; tree from all vices and tricks; can be used hy the most timid lady or child; was selected and Imported tor its beauty ana line temper; also a small Dog Cart. Saddle and Harness, made to match ; sold only on account of death of child; will sell together or separate. Apply at privato stable 161 East Twenty-eighth street " ALADY'S ESTABLISHMENT?BROWN MARK, 14'i hands, Cyears old; Basket 1'haeton, Harness; also dapple gray iforse, 18 hands; top Phaeton, Harness. Sold separate. Thirty-eighth street and Seventh avenue. AOREAT BARGAIN.?A BEAUTIFUL JET BLACK Mare, 1M{ hands, a perfect beauty; can be driven by anv one; Is very stylish, and a good mover; sound and kind; also a fine, light top Wagon, nearly new. Ap ply at New York stables, 15 aud 17 East Twenty-eighth street. AYOUNO BLACK MARE, $40; A BAY HOR8E, 8 years, $60; heavy Express Wagon, $45; light Express Wttjon, $40. 281 West Twenty-flfth st, near Eighth av. PONY FOR SALE-DARK HAY, BLACK POINTS: warranted sound and kind In all harness; will stand by the steam cars; can be ridden by children. Also Basket Phaeton and Harness and lady s Saddle, all in good order. Apply at first private stable west of Third avenue in Twenty eighth street Avery stylish pair ok black makes for sale.?fl years old; 1AJ? hand* high : sound, kind and ?rood travellers: will lie sold at a bargain. as the owner is about to leave the uity. Also new double Harnessand Phaeton. Call at LEADBETTER'S Stables, Seventh avenue, above Forty-flfth street A BY WII.LIAM VAN TAS8ELL, AUCTIONEER. AT HIS HOB8K AND CARRIAGE AUCTION MART, 111), 112,114 East Thirteenth street, THIS DAY. AT 12 O'CLOCK. FIVE TROTTING HOUSES. TWO VERY (SUPERIOR TROTTING HORSES, WAHRANTED TO BEAT 3 MINUTES OR NO SALE. THIRTY OTHER ROAD, SADDLE AND DRAUGHT HORSES. See catalogue n nil or this head. BREWSTER (OK BROOME STREET) SECOND hand Wagons a specialty. Top* and nn tops of the a hove celebrated maker, on full elliptic* aud fide bar, lor (talc by A. 8. PLANDRAU, Nos. 7 and IK East Eighteenth street, near Kifili uvenue. BRKWSTER, OK BROOM STREET.?WAGONS FOB sale; one llKlit T Cart Phaeton, almost new; also one full spring light top Trotting Wagon, pole and shafts, In first class order: also a good Coupe, built by Lawrcnce. Inquire at 29 Lafayette place. BAROAIN.-A SET MC.nT DOUBLE HARNESS; covcred trimmings, gold lined; best city make ; new last Fall: cost $250; will sell same lor SI.W. To be seer. at Clinton place stable*, 124 <"11nt<m place, nrar Sixth av. Bargains.?to close a consignment and to make room, a line of leather top pony Phaetons at fit*) oach ; also top and road Wagons equally low. WEST HIDE REPOSITORY, 1.494 and 1,4'H5 Broadway. (CARRIAGES. CARRIAGES. CARRIAGES. J Great reduction in prices. I am now oflcrlng my extensive slock of seasonable Carriages, consisting in part of Victorias, Cabriolets. extension top Phaetons and Cabriolets, tour and six seat Rockaways, Park and Polly Phaetons, Ac., at greatly reduced prices. Call and examine bet ore purchasing elsewhere. A. S. FLANDRAU, No?. 7 and IS East Eighteenth st.. near Filth av. C1ARRIAGES.-J. COLYER A CO., CARRIAGE WARE j rooms 59H Broadway, factory at Newark, N. J. Being lame mannfactnrers, we can sen flr?t class vehicles ut lower uricee than can be offered by dealers, beside* giv ing purchasers a more satisfactory guarantee. CCARRIAGES?SLIGHTLY DAMAGED; GREAT BAR J gains; new and second hand Carriages, every de scriptlon; low prices. We offer great inducements,''and invite purchasers to call and examine. MAnufacturers' UNION, 0S$ Broadway. J1LEGANT TEAM OF BROWN CARRIAGE HOMES. 1 10 hands. 7 years; kind and true and warranted sound ; also six-seat Knekaway, set of double Harness, Ac., at the mart of ARCH. .JOHNSTON, 19 to 25 East Thir tecnth street, near University olace. Can be seetiand tried at any time. J7ILBOANT VERY LIGHT \ CLARENCE-CITY li built, lined with brown satin, nearly new; Stivers top Wagon, nearly new; full top Wagon, b'v Krcwster, of Broome street, in good order, at private sale at ARCII. JOHNSTON'S mart. 19. 21. 23 and 25 East Thirteenth street, near University pine*. If not sold before Wednes day. at 12 o'clock, will then be sold at auction at the mart as above. Fine large pair ok grays, ic hands, every way sound ; very sale; can trot in rl.s; will be sold for'$?*); will sell separately. COOK'S stables, 247 and -'4s? West fortv-llrst street. T7IOR SALE?A BLOOD BAY TEAM OF HAMBLE r tonlans (geldings), known as the Ashley Team; 15V hands; 7 years old; sired by Volunteer and raised in i(range county; closest matched oalr to be found ; half brothers; long, flowing tall*, black points, due limbs aud leet; good style ana action: sotind and kind and perfect in every respect Also Top Wagon, nearly new, with Pole and Shafts, J. R. Lawrence, maker. Also Harness, Blankets, Robes, Ac. To be seen at C. Lamb A Son's Lexington Stables, corner )<exlngton avenue and Ea?t Kortv nlntli street Eor further particulars inquire of LAkKMAN, at stables. Fm OR SALE?A CURTAIN COACH, IN PERFECT order, built by Brewster, of Broome street. Apply at private stable, 14'jand US Tlilrtv-tlrst street. IrtOR SALE?A HEAVY STOCK OK ROCKAWAVS AM? " Ponv Phaetons, of all styles and grades, at the We*t siile Carriage Repository, 1.4!*? and 1.49.) Broadway. V??K SALE-A BAY MARE, 7 YEARS. 15 HANDS J1 lull flowing mane and tall, black points; splendid j driver, single or double; perfectly sound and kind; also a flue set of double and single Harness; also a Dubois | track Sulky, little used. Applv to private coachman. : Stephen, at Trimble's stables, 146 and 14.S West Thirty ninth street, new liroadway. iLioR HALE?victoria PHAETON, W ITH RUMBLE r and top; also English Coupe and Dog Cart of the best i make, nnd but little used ; owner gone to Europe. Apply j at private stable No. i East Forty-second street F^OR SALE?HOP.SE, HARNESS, WAGON VNT> MILK j Route ; 24u quarts per day. i .,l| at Canal street. rpoR SALE-A HORSE, SEVEN YEARS OLD, SO ND F anil Kind In single and double harness; can be ! driven hv a ladr. At LAMB A SONS', Lexington avenue an I Forty ninth street. SALE?ONE VERY FINE 6 YEAR OLD BAY I l1 Horse, bands high, suitable for conpe or lor Coach, all black points ami a fine stepper; one one-horse I Wniron and Harness for loss thun hall their value. Apply ; at 210 West Forty eighth ..troet. I.1()K SALE-A TOP PHAETON, WITH SINGLE HAK 1 ne?s, nearly new; will be sold cheap. IniulrcalS3 Third street. i^or Tale-two thorouohsked imported JP English Saddle Horses. Will be sold singly or as a team. Apply to TIEUNAN, Coachman. Windivr stablei, 106 West Furkv-oJutU ?U9?t, from y w U X *? J rrVlR BALK-A URAY P foiUwiur lactory HOMKK-, ( AHHIAUKX. dtC. Filok SAI.K--oNI.oK rtlK HANDSOMEST TURNOUTS ill the city, consisting of pair stvliilt bay llcw*. war run.fd.somi t; T lurl. with shilling top, built bv Brtwj ter, ol Broome .'?tree:. and new Harness: prlcc $A?W. Ad dress O^C. t!, Hrrulu t'piown Branch oillce. < horse, pit Fort any work. , si WiiU'vt street price $100. For BALK?A PAIR Of DARK KAY MARES, 15 hanilN high, 7 years old; warranted sound and kind. May be >?-n at n allies, 40 I alavcitc place , ollered at a bargain; owner ko.iu to Enrnpe. TiM)B SALE?A URAY AND A HAV H< >RSE , II \ V E r been driven together, but will go single or double. The owner having iio further u.w: lur lliein w ill dispose ol them al a low figure. Inquire at Filth avenue ?tublc?, corner Kmi Forty lourtli street |7tOR SALE?A BRIGHT BAY TEAM. 16 HANDS 8 I <tiid ;? years, the handsomest in the city; sound and kind lit every way ; used by tue present owner two years. Also one two-aoat Phaeton and two seis oi double Har ness inqu.rc at No. i i-.a-t Twenty-fifth street ijiuR gALB-i shifting tor paw phaeton. I made bv Wixal Brothers; and a light Top Road Wagon, made bv Stivers, in first elass order. Can be seeu at 546 West Twenty tit th street. trios sa LB?ON E BAY HOBSB. 1? HANDS HIGH; 1 Miund and kind; been used in the city one year; also OU4 ' heap borne, #71. Apply at ;?>'J West roiirtccili street. F*OR SALE?A HANDSOME BAY FAMILY OR COUPE Horse, round ami in Rood condition; very stylish. Inquire t<?r William, coachman, or Mr. Teeny, atTeauy's livery atobles, S9 West torty-loiirtli street. For BALK?A TEAM OF EXTRA TOUCH HORSES, li and 7 years old (brothers); finest pair in the city; weight 2,!XI0 lbs.; price $1,1**1, also three lior>es (choice out ot' lfti, at prices lo suit nurchiv-ers; all warranted sound ami kind; or will sell rucks and entire stock, Willi (looil Will of Work. Apply to II. W. H. BLANCU AKLi, corner Maiden lane and noiitli street, I7IOB 8ALB-A SPLENDID TUBNODTi extra 8TYL r isli brown Horse, lti hands high, eight rears old; per tectly sound and gentle; round trout Coupe and Harness, in perfect order; will sell separately or together. Inquire at KETCHUM'K Ruling School, 184 Raymond street, Brooklyn. EpOK SALE-TOP WAGoN, VERY LITTLE USHDt F made by Moore. Inquire af stable 226 and 228 Sixth street FriM SS7& ITIOR SALE-A DUSENHURY HAI.F SPRING SIllE r bar Trotting Wa'/on for $150; very little used. In quire of EDWARD BURGER. 75 First avenue. FHtR RALB?UNDERTAKING BUSINESS; ALSO Hearse, Coach, liorkes and Stable; or will take a managing partner. A;.ply to JAMES E. McLARNEY, I.Ofr'! Third avenue. FliOR SALB?BBIGHT HAY HOBSBt SOUND. KIND and stylish ; 15 hands; (food double or single; will sell cheap. Inquiro of AMBROSE, at Sheldon's stables, 196 hast Twcntj-third street. OR SALE?A BAROUCHE, IN PERFECT ORDER TO be seen at IIANAGEN'S, Fifty-ninth street and Third avenue. Also two Horses; warranted sound. To lie seen at FRANK FINNIN'S, 32.5 West sixty-fourth street, be tween Eighth and Ninth avenues. All will lie sold cheap, or traded for a dirt wagon or a team of slreng work horses. OB SALB?A HORSE AND A YOUNG STOTT, AT l,.%:t Broadway. IflOR SALE?HORSES, TRUCK AND 1IARNBS8, AT 1 70ft Third, avenue. LVIR SALB?AN ELEGANT DARK BROWN MORSE, r 15)., hands high, s years old; sound and kind; can trot insldo ol 3 minutes, and can he driven either single or double. Also a Dusviibury 1 Vau Duser top and uo top side bar Road Wagon, and a good *et of Harness bv Dunsconibe. Will be sold either together or separately. Inquire at 132 West Thirty first street. FOR 8ALE-A GENTLEMAN'S ENTIRE TURNOUT, liavine no further use for It; pair of bay Horses, 7 years old, 16 bauds high; sound, kind and very stylish; Harness, made by Kenlck' Dog Cart, made by Brewster, ('ail he seen at WM. EBBl'IT'S stable. Seventh aveuue and Twenty-second street. TjVjR SALK?A COUPE, USED BY A PRIVATE FAM P lly; as good as new; Pole, Shafts and Cover; price tlUO. Can be seeu at sELDEN'ri stable, lf6 East Twenty third street. jlOR SALE?BREWSTER WAGON, SUITABLE FOR _ a doctor, or business use; price $200. Apply at 235 Sixth avenue. _______ _ F F F IfOR SALE?ONE DOCTOR'S GIG PHAETON, TWO F glass quarter Coaches one top Buggy; one Clarence, blue lining; all in good order. II. BURR, 203 Mercer street. For sale - iiorses. a very handsome. stylish pair of blooded bays. l'?W hands high, all black points, heavy flowing manes and tails; both 7 years old tbls Spring; warranted sound and kind In single or double harness; arc afraid of nothing; can be driven by lady or geiilleinaii; can bo seeu tor two davs at Sanger's stHliles, Atlantic avenne, opposite Carlton ave uue, Brooklyn. For further particulars Inquire ol M. E. CLARENDON, 48 Frankfort street, New York. FOB sale-a good HOBSB, Ilk HANDS high, suitable tor an express, milk wagon or coupe. Apply at Chase's stable, 48 East Twenty-sixth street. 17*0 R SALE-TWO CONCORD HOTEL STAGES, ' nearly new. Apply to 1'. MOORE, stable, IUU Thomp son street, till (old. y<lR SALE?A BLACK MARK, 15 HANDS, 0 YEARS P old; stylish in harness, good under saddle; with Harness and Top Wagon, nearly uew. seen at private stable, 114 West Fiftieth street. T/OR SALE?BROWN MARE, ISJi HANDS; WAR r rannied sound, kind and true; good roadster; child can drive her. 670 Sixth avenue, near Thirty ninlli st. f!OR SALE?THREE HORSES, 8 AND 9 YEA Its. is and 16 bands; fit lor any work; prices, $30, $65, $75; sold lor want ol work. 128 Charles street. T7H)R SALE-THREE PONY BUILT HORSES, r UK and 18t? hand*; flt for any work ; sold only for want ol use; prices, $i>3, $U.> and $125. Inquire ai 136 Perry street, front stable. T7IOR SALE?THREE GOOD HORSES. 15 TO 16 r hands;sound, kind;suit procer, butcher, tiaker, ex press, coupe or any other business; sold clicap. 204 West Sixteenth street, liear Seventh aveuue. ?LIOR SALE CHEAP-SINGLE TRUCK $00; ONE r good Work Hor.-e. $40 , must be sold to-day. Inquire I at rorner Twenty-seventh ,-treet and Eightli avenue. /1REAT BARGAINS.?IN C.INSEQUENCE OF RE "T builillng part ol tmr premises, we offer onr entire stock seasonable sfvles new and second hand Carriagea at greatly reduced priccs. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, 6,'iS Broadway. C^OOD PASTURAGE FOR HORSES AT $7 I'ER T month or $25 for the s>asnn ; never falling supply of water. Apply to WILLIAM J. BEST A CO., 448 Broome ?treet. New \ork. HORSE AND CARRIAGE EXCHANGE.?MR. ARCH. JOHNSTON has opened at his downtown office. V Nassau strfet, a register for horses, carriages, gentle men's turnouts. If., at private sale, and will hereafter make tins a specialty and a feature ol his business. tienllciiif n huvlng Iiorses or carriages to dispose of, or thw wishing to purchase, will find tills the most desira ble medium ever established, as through It you deal directly with principals. No CHARGE KIR REGISTERING TO EITHER BUYER OR SELLER. Harness, saddles, iiorsk clottiino, cab riage Robe*. IjIIj? Dusters, Fly Nets, and a large variety of Saddlery Goods always <m hand. C. B. SMITH A CO.. 40 Warren street, New York. HARNEY.-THE l.AR(i EST VARIETY OK HARNESS Boim clothing, Bona Fnrnleblng Ooods and Car riage Equipment* ol ererv description, style unci grade pi unv house in New York; no exception. C. M. .MOSE MAS'* WROTHKK, manufacturers, 114 Chambers street. Harness.?the cheapest harness stoke in New York.?A pood double truck Harness, a Sim id buggy Harness. Iiand made. $17; a wool stable lanket, !i0. Will sell cheaper tban ever on areount ol moving on or before .tune I. Please call and examine for yourselves. FISHER A OSBORNE, 1.1 Murray st. Harness, harness-mo sets, ale hand made, at about ball' the price asked on Broadway, and warranted every way just as good. No. SCortlandt street, near Broadway. Harness.?a fine oold mounted harness. snltable for n phaeton, nearly new. sold cheap; also single and light double Harness*, at SIMMONS', 19 West Twenty-elglith street. Having a large assortment of carriages of mv own manufacture, I propose wiling them at greatlv reduced prices. ISAAC LOCK WOOD, 2,343 Third avenno, corner 127th street, TjoMM) rcitxriTRS, tkccks and casts in J.1 sale. Inquire at 40 West Fifteenth street, near Filth avenue. T 1ST ARRIVED from WESTERN NEW york, \ ?J superb foam of dapple gray carriage Horses, Cull v lfi hands. 7 vears ol-l; lotig. lull tails; have great style and action. perfectly sound and ki:nl; as flue a pair iu> stand in tln? city. Al"o a fine, stylish pair of brown. 15Va hands. 5 and ft years old: goo?l travellers; have plenty of style. These "horses arc all first class and will be sold at tair figures. Inquire lor Mr. KELSEY, at stables 15 and 17 East i m nty-elghth street. XAROE assortment OP BABY CARRIAGES. AT J the very lowest rules, now ready ; also a lull line ol Velocipedes, (lost Wagons, Croquets, and all other out door Games, at FRED A. O. SCIIW A RZ'S, 764 Broadway, between Eighth and Ninth streets. 1JONY PHAETONS, PARK WAGONS. LIGHT ROCK a ways, Victorian, Depot Wagons, Dog Tarts. Road Buggies, und other seasonable styles Family Carriages; popular prlccs; lot second hand Carriages. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, (W Broadway. QKCOND HAND CARRIAGES.-EXTENSION TOP O I'lmeton, Basket l'onv. Depot Wagon, three light Rockaways, Dob Cart, Top and open HugKie?; several slightly sfuqi worn Carriages, bargains. MANUFACTURERS' INION, SW Broadway. TO COUNTRY STABLEKEEPERS ?TWO NICE OPEN Coaches, in good order, for sale cheap; also a light Express Wagon. F B. M A.s ! ERSON, Fifty-ninth street and Seventh nvcuiie. TWO HORSE TRI CK FOR SALE?AS GOOD AS NEW. Applv at Five Corners Eiverv Stable, Jersey City llemliw. Take cars from C'ortlaudt street or Chamber* street fcrrte* 1M) SELL?OR EXCHANGE FOR NEW OR SLIGHTLY used Furniture, one pair of splmdid bay Horses, without a blemish; work everywhere ; the owner having no longer onv use lor them. For particulars aduress M. X.. herald offlre. "IITANTI D?A GOOD TOP WAGON ; WILL EXCH ANGE TT Stable Merchandise at market valuo. Address, for particulars, E. C II,, Herald office. WANTED?BT A RESPONSIBLE PARTY, RESIDING TT In the country, a Horse anil Buggy, for light driving, to hire for the Summer, at low figure, with privilege of buying In the Fall; horse must be souud aud last- Address U, bu* US UeralU vttic* HORSKs. CASRI4ok|( ac, W AOTRP-A GOOD TKaM oT YOUfm HORHRir W,lh pn e ai"1 "u? description/box n,'ANTKB-A O(IOI) SECOND HAND HKELKTOV Wntfcin. Address HUGHES. iff Park row. W ANTIC D-A MEDICM-SIZED HrTfti Ha rnw by Br-'Wktcr or .Stiver*; must U in J2Z "r?*r ""J ?'>t much u e l. Address ?uumk price where to I). Men. CASH, box (.S, New York I'Ltofllc* VI'ANTEl>?-A. HBACH WAIIO.M OR LIGHT POPR pood condition. Address, with li Ac., THOM AS, box 3.IIJI Post ortlee. VV ANTRJl?REPOND HAND TOP BASKET PONY " I haeton; extra wide Heat prelerred' must h# in KfT8sto?,"jrR.,'sLtu *"""????? a WA?'h.M.V1I?f PV..K0HASE?A OO0D HORSE AND tirular*Mfmlf Ji r!'A50.un,,7} Address. with lull par uetllftM, MOPRBA KPN. box I.IHd New York Post office. \W?T5ii~w LIGHT, SINGLE TRICK OR LARGE Expr.s, Wnuon. Apply at 3 i7 M ont fifteenth street WAh,;-ro'r"IAi,NTu;'?MAN'S. turnout, consist! pood order 1,,r wT,, .h "P" 'V1,'1 H*rn<>M: m,w? j? Mount Vrriirt?i i? A wouhl exchange eight lotii in UWcorow' Apply St the In 1 IwiltI>A[aeM; ! C?V,'F-> "V WOODS BROS.; 1 SIX -n PoB^^tf,;;"0",?'1?' ?<?P Phaetons, 40 top and PC GOOD WORK HORSES HO ft SALE ? AL^O ONR FIT O tor a doctor or light work, at 194 and 1% Kli Jheth " f 125 ZZnoi ietcNhDan,8eEV: Hgrseor o*"er property. ? Columbia street ?f)l 7?S~)h'i?"n TOP PONY PIIAIJTON; TOP BUGGY $200 ';?N^ * VEARS, 14 HANDS; A.~ BRY GOODS, * * * *?* *??? *? ** *** ********* *tn ? * ? * * * * * *? *" * ?*?*?* * * MA f! V *? * # ? **Cr ? "* CO. ? # * * * * ?? *?* *##?* *#* * ? ? * * * j*. * # # A * rhmacy ^ ?re offering their entire'stork of C?" ALL SILK RIBBON'S at prices GREATLY REDUCED AJ from last season, having on hand *0' an IMMENSE STOCK of STRAW BONNETS AND HATS, in that department SPECIAL (luring the following week. In consequence of the great competition in trads h A ,A A R- II. macy A CO. ttlsaeaaoB, have deelded to mark their fntire st?ck PARASOLS ami .? . A1_ SUN UMBRELLAS at prices that no other house can compete with. They also hoc to call attention to AJoolotof fOLLOWI"" SPECIALTIES pnrchased at a sacriflcc^RTED 3UITS' and selling for half their value. A job lot of reduced to 93c. a dSff*8* WAP"y* A large assortment of .. I. A DIES' WINDSOR TIES. from Sic. upwards, In all shades. A fnll line of CROQUET, STMMER HOSIERY and UNDERWEAR. to ault everybody. R O CROQUET, d K T, all makes and styles, at VERY LOW PRICKS. R. H. MACY A CO., _ JnMr,oon!h ?f'?t and Sixth avenne. IsnAW. " ? I: , "alrT Hair I nalr! Ihc largest stock of Human^ llalr Goods in the city at 361 Bowery, corner Koorth street, and 363 Sixth avenn# stainf0" "'''"y sccond und Twenty-third utrects, up SHAW'S Patent Hair Switches. can be combed und brushed, $1 each. ', cheapest and best in the market .short Hair Swiicnes, $2 each nnd upward. trench Switches, $S. Curls, $t and upwariis. Latest Styles always on hand. PARIS. Au Petit St Thomas. Rne de Bnc 27, 29, 31, 31, S3; 25 Rue de ITniversitc. This home, established upward* of SO year*. Is nnlverw sally known and famed as one of the first establishment* in Paris. in which thorough confidence may he piaeed. In itH Immense premises, which all foreigners should vi?li, will be found, at the lowest pricey, the molt com plete assortment ot Silks, first novelties: India and French Cashmere Shawls, Woolens, Laces, Lingerie, ready-uia Ic articles lor Itdics. Mamies, Cloaks, Kars, Cotton and Thread Stuff.;, Hosiery, Cloves, Ribbon", I rlmmlnpi, Carpets, Articles of Furniture. English assistants. Wedding outfits. Fixed prices. gTRAW GOODS. ~ Round Hats, Bonnets, Florida and Palmetto HaU^ Youths' and Buys' Iluts. Undoubtedly the largest and most complete stock ever exhibited by one house In this city. Ready for Inspection to-day. at the great East Side Establishment, 809 Urand street, New York. Foreign and domestic manufactured Hats and Bonnets, of the most eostlv braids and novel shapes, ata large mar gin under regular prices. Also ii,nil) eases ol various braids and shapes, from 2.1c. to f3 each. Our Trimmed Ilitts will repay careful Inspection. EDWARD RIDLEY* SON, 309, 111 and 311k Grand street, and ti2, iM. 6<i, 68 and 70 Al len street, tilth block ea.'t from the Bowery, New York. NlliUNEKV ADD PHEggMAKlIB, MMES. R. DK WAIBEL a JANE PFISTEUER (SDC cesseurs de Mine, l.amiiert), 27 East Eighteenth street, corner Broadwnv, inform the ladles that they will tie prepared on Wednesday, 21st inst., to receive or. dcrs in Dressmaking nflT the latest Paris styles, as well as Corsets, on the most reasonable terms. INsTllUTION. \T THOMPSON'S COLLEGE, 20 FOURTH AVENUE, opposite Cooper Institute ?Bookkeeping, Writing, Arithmetic and Languages. Day and evening. Ladies' department?Telegraphy taught practically; demand for operators. No vacation. BUSINESS WRITING BOO KICK KPl NO, ARITII ?Joietic, Ac.-DOI.BEAR'S Commercial College, 875 Broadway, corner ot Eighteenth street, remains open, day and evening, all Summer. UenUeaneu, ladies or uo.vs can have private lessons, and learn more in one month than in years at school. Messrs. Dolbcar give spccial attention to business writing. <"?n ?WHITING LESSONS, PRIVATE INSTRUC. ?T&iiOUt tlon. Bookkeeping, Arithmetic, Orammar, Spelling; all Summer Colleges, 1,282 Broadway, corner Thirty-third street, and t2 Bowery; also at pupils' resi dences. Ladies iiualiticJ as bookkeepers. N' PROPURALR. OTICE IS HEREBY (1IVEN THAT PURSUANT TO _. section 3, ot chapter 3SS, of the laws of 1873, pro posals tor publishing and distributing the City Record tor one year. In accordance with the specifications filed ill the office of the Mayor of the city of New York, !? the City Hall in said citr. will be received at said office until Tue*1av, June 3, pro*., at 12 o'clock noon, at which hour the bid's will be opened and read, and the award of the contract made as soon thereafter aa practicable. Each proposal will be enclosed in a sealed envelope endorsed, -'Proposals for Publishing and Distributing the City Record." and must be mad* IB atrial conformity to the specifications atoresaid. The security required on the eontraot will be $lo,onft WILLIAM K. 11AVKMEVKB, Mayor. GKORGK M. VAN NORT. Commissioner of Public Worka. B. DELAFIKLD SMITH, Counsel w the Corporation. n*w Tobi. Mjh 17.1879b ?

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