Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 20, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 20, 1873 Page 4
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ADVANCE IN GQVtflNMENT BONDS, More Bullion Drawn from the Bank of England. The Stock Market Dull and Unsteady. The "Vienna 3?anic Subsiding. BO FUBTHER ADVANCE ffl GOLD. Money Still Easy and Abundant. Wall Streit, ? Monday, May H>?6 P, M. f On 'Change to-day cotton on the spot was neg lected, while "lutures" sold moderately at a decline o! a-16c. per lb. Flour was In fair demand and flrm. Wheat was quiet and easy, wlillo corn was dull and lower. COMPARISON OF TUK IMPOSTS. The total Imports of foreign merchandise at tho port of New York for the past week and since the beginning of the year compare :? _ 1871. 1872. 1873. Dry goods $2,059,808 $2,198,(133 $1,340,255 Gen. merchandise 5,40l,0J6 8,595,193 6,598,008 Total for week $7,460,004 $10,793,828 $7,938,^0.1 rrcv. reported... 139,709,150 103,318,821 163,225,177 Bince Jan. 1. ..$147,170,054 $174,112,647 $171,163,440 THE FOREIGN MARXIST. Late on Saturday evening, after banking hours, Londou advices were received to tho effect thut the Bank of England had lost on balances the lurther sum of ?189,000. To-day another despatch came to hand stating that the additional sum of C$8,000 had likewise beon withdrawn. These Inci dents, however, did not materially airect the for. clgn market, consols being quoted at 93J?> Erie at 48X a 4&>*. the closing price, while the new French loau advanced to 3 per ceut premium. American securities were duir anil heavy. The Issues of 1867 commanded 93*, a 93K, aud tho new fives 88%; ten forties declined %, aud were held at 88%. No dis turbance on the English side Is reported, and It Is reasonable to suppose that the fluctuations marked have simply been obedient to the condition of affairs ?a England recorded 011 Saturday. TUB MONEY MARKET. Money on call was active in the early hours of (business, and lenders succeeded In getting 7 per cent, the rate standing 6 a 7 per cent. Subse quently, when accounts had been generally made up, the rate declined in open market to 5 per cent. Prime commercial paper found ready sale 11 t to 9 per cent dlscouut. The banks vtlll continue to seek employment for their lurplus, and purchased liberally of good Mercantile securities. Foreign exchange re mained as on Saturday, although some what weaker, concessions in actual business aelng made at percent. This is only a natural reaction after the recent advance in exchange, which latter fact, coupled with the advance in jold, made a prompt market for large quantities of domestic produce, aud led to the creation of a !resh supply of commercial bills. The amount of egal tenders outstanding to-day was $356,478,COO, jeing a decrease of $22,000 since last report. The internal revenuo receipts were $700,000. The Treasury balances at the close of business to-day were Currency $5,000,000 74,000,000 Certificates 27,oco,ooo GOLD STEAOY?117% a 118%. The gold room showed none of the symptoms which were anticipated by many when the market tlosed on Saturday. It was then thought tliat to lay would reveal cither a combination formed to ippreclate the value or develop the necessity for its early shipment. Neither of these contingencies, thus far, has presented itself. In fact gold Is weaker, and sympathizes with the similar weak ness that has already been recorded with relcrence | to exchange. This result is perhaps partially due to reports from abroad that the Continental listurbances, so far as they might affect AmeYlcan values, have been greatly exaggerated. Encourage ment was derived from the Improvement In our bonds: Irom the steadiness of 1U0 London market; from the tone of contldenco reported by the latest English despatches; from the assurance that no great Inequality existed between the imports and exports of the country; and, finally, from the very well considered probability that at the next weekfy meeting of the Board of Directors of the Bank of England the present rate of discount will be re duced. The fact seems to oe generally accepted that the disturbance on the Vienna Bourse has not been of sufficient Importance to ma terially affect the money centres of the world. It merely has Buperlnducjd a caution and contraction whlcn, In obedience to the law af finance, has extended to tho extremes of mone tary luflncnce. The effort, therefore, of the "bullB" or the market to take advantage of this event ?r of any or Its suppositious results has bo far proved abortive, and we have a gold market not too severely epeculatlvo in its tendencies to 3uggo? tho possibility wl an immedlato crisis. Oold opened at 1H%, but soon dropped to 118 a 117%, then to 117%, recovering to and closing at 117% a 117%. The fluctuations lnthetnaiket to day arc shown by the following table:? 10 A. M 11.2 P. M.. . 117% 10:15 A. M US'; 2:30 P. M 117?* 10:80 A. M 117Tm a M 11T'* 11:13 A. M 117 J. 3: lu P. .?! 117, 12 M. lis 3:13 I' M 117;i 12:15 P. M 118',' 3:hl P. M 117 % l;15 P. M 117!,' 4 I'. A 117% a 117% 1:46 P. M. 118 The operations of the Gold Exchange Bank were M lollows:? Gross clearings $79,631,000 Gold bulances 1,5jo,073 Currency balances 1,934,549 Tnc prices paid for carrying were 5, 0. 5% and 7 per ccut. RAILROAD BONDS. Railroad bonds were generally Arm, with an average advance of ,x to X per cent, the fluctua tions being In accord with the temper or the mar net. The following were the bids at the call as amended New York Ten r?, '78. .101 Tol A Wah Mm 93k Krie lit m oatemTcd.. JOI<-i Tol A Wub con oonr... H5Si Erie Mil .n 7 ?, S8 99 llan A Naples Utm.... 83 u IP v!S"da '?? ?<t Western 1st ni. '88... 98 2u'!*,?,y V '77.96 Ut Western 2d. '98 83 Hud II 7's, 3d in ? f, '88.1U6K Uuincy A Tol 1st m, '90. 91 lon?'*irr?.wu uulnna A ciilc <?* 10? Alb A Hu q 2d bdi gu Onlena A Chic8dm.... 99 mi h ? K>? oi>*. r 1 A Pae 10 i*< ?!,,>i?i?Vjj*"-Wt Morris A Kssex Ut m..l<i3 Bur A ml^ K j Con l!<t m m nh is a S.J ?outl!. ni 1st in 7's. 7(1 fSS?t 7 t - 52- P ??.rv.w* C,llc l?tin.106 C.IhvA mm b Im ( lev A Pitta 2if in lffc)W Clcv A Tol ncw bds..... Clev A Ffttfl Jkl 97* J ft'**2 .? 9!*rA4th'? ft C.I A A new b0& ...... 93 4 < lite A Alton Ut m |ji; Detroit, M A Tol ltd*,,., 9/ Olilvi MtMicoiif 94 r.i ff A Krle new ltd#... 9*% Ohio A Miss eon ? 94 Lake Hhore div iid?.... 9.1 Ohio a Mia*ad to! vasc I.akc shore con r bdi..lon fcninnuln l?t m conv" ai Pac lilt 7's, gld by Mo. 9rtX Ut Louis A 1 M lstm " ?7? Ceo Pacific gold ids...lO-'^J fill A st Plumbs,!1 Wl08 1'nlon I'hc 1st in lids... N(iit MllAHtP 1st m 7 MO PD UfiW ' ulon 1'iic I k 7's 7 i'/i Mil A st r 7's, g(,:u, k U9 W t nlon Pac im fjinc 10's. fti Mil A m P l*t m, i.nt: d 91 111 Ceu 7's. '?5 103 Mil A st P 1st m,i * m D R4W Alt A 1 II 2<1 in prt'f M7 Mil A St P 1st m, C ,1 M si Alt A T II 2d m liic 77 Marietta A Cln 1st in. 93 t'hlc iNVTif ioi>? C'?l, Chic A Ind 0 1st tn W < hie A N W lnt Ms W Chio A N w i?t tn mi Chic A N W cou k UIh. 93 J?el, Lack A W 1st m...lii2K Del, La< k A W 2d in.... 98 Bn?l, II A E 1st m 7's... !WK Tol A W ab Ut in cx . WV, Cedar f A Minn lit m . SUM lol A Wall Ut in, Bt L rt VI liur, OKA Win 1st 7'tsK w BOITUERN SKCl'KITIIS. Southern bonus are steady, without cliargo from the last quotations. They are quoted as follows 'iennwflee, ex coupon, M* a six; do., new, six a fix; Virginia, ex coupon, 43 a 48; do. sixes, con sol bonds, M a 63 K; do. sixes, deferred scrip, 13 a 18; Georgia sixes, 78 a 88; do. sevens, ?i a 92; North Carolina, ax .coupon, 28 a 80; do., funding, is?e, 17 ? V)', do., faoaiM. 1868.17 ? ao; do., new. 10ft 17; Col, Chic A Ind () 2d m. TiH Tol, l*eorla A W ar, w I) 88 Tol, P A War, Uur Dlv. so N Y A N II ?'s 9!) do., special tax, 13 a 15; Missouri sixes, 94 a M%; do., Hannibal and St. Joseph, 91 a 92; Ixralsl aua sixes, 40 a 47; South Carolina sixes, 25 a 36; do. now, January and July, 16 a 16%; <lo. new, April and October, 26 a 28; Arkansas sixes, funded, Ma40; GOVKHNMKNT BONDS FIliM AND AOTIVK. United States Donas were strong and In (food demand by lorelgn bankers. United States sizes, 1881, coupon advanced to 122 a 124% fend fl8*s to 118% a 110. A general improvement was observ able along the line. It is reported that the supply Is nnequai to the demand, the German market being especially active lor American securities. The following table will show the closing prices. It Is stated by despatch from Washington that the lust of $50,000,000 now bonds have been shipped to Europe. No tarthor shipments will be madj until another call is made by the Syn dicate. Secretary Richardson says.that the Treasury agents in London report the prospects for further negotiations of the new loan as very favorable:? United States currency sixes, 115% a U6; do. sixes, 1881, registered, 118X a 118*; do. do. do., coupon. 122 a 122; do. llve-twcntlcs, registered, May and November, 116% a 116%; do. do., 18S2, coupon, do., 116% a 116%; do. do., 1844, do., do., 118% a 116%; do. do., 1805, do., do., 117% a 118%; do. do., 1867, registered, January aud July, 118% a 111%; do. do., 1865, coupon, do., 115>% a 119; do. do., 1867, do., do., 120% a 121; do. do., 18C3, do., do., 118% a 119; do. ten-forties, registered, 112% a 112%; do. do., coupon, 114^ a 114%; do. lives of 1881, registered, 114% a 115; coupon, 114% a ltf. STOCKS UNSTEADY-. The-market opened Arm, but speedily declined, in response to the general tono recorded else where. The leading feature was Pacific Mall, which, opening at 47%, wont off to 45^, recovered at 46%, and closed at 45%. Western Union ad vanced to 86^, but subsequently declined to 86. Erie sold at an udvancs of 62%, sympathizing strongly with loreigu advices. New York Central waB sold at 100% u 100%, and Rock Island ranged from 108% to 103%. St. Paul common advancad from f?5*? to 55%, and Improvement may be no ticed In the steadiness of C., C. and I C? the prlcc of which during the day hovered around 30% a 30%. Lake Shore advanced % per cent. The wholo mar ket, however, was dull and suffered a fractional decline alter the opening sales, from which, with u low exceptions, there was little rally at the close. HIGHEST AND LOWEST PRICES. The lollowlng table shows tho highest and lowest prices of the principal stocks during tho day :? Highest. Lo< rest. New York Central 100% io>j % Erie 02% 61% Lake Slioro 9o^ eo'^ Wabasli Co '4 C9*4 Northwestern No transactions. Northwestern prclerred 85% 80 ^ Hock Island 108% 108% St.Paul 55% 64^ St. Paul prelerrud 7-.!>i 72% Ohio and Mississippi 42% 42 Union racidc 31 H>' 00% C., O. and L 0 30% 30' Western Union Telegraph 80% ss^ PucllicMall 47% 45% BALES AT THE HEW YORK STOOX EXCHANGE. Monday, May 1G?>10115 At M. ?1D00 US 6'?, r, '81 113* $4 000 I B 5-20.C, '67.... 12T* 5i.U I'.- t-2l, c, '62. 50J do small 120'i called bonds.sntl II? 600 l's f-2(>,c, 'iS.sml IIV* 6W Usi--u,c,'Oj,i..ainl 113* 150u0 US IV. 10-40, r.... 112* 10 A. M.?lielore Call. 86* 6t.* 8d? W* 86* 100'4 100* 1W* Mi 10O* do s3 100* do. 200 shs West Union Tel 4"i do :ioo do 400 do e aim do 300 N Y C A U 11 Rll.... 100 shsC A R IRR.... U?* 1000 L SAM S RR..... 90S do. do. do. r?) 600 ?00 300 100 WW Pac M SS Co...a.. 20O do. 2./0 do. 1UX) do 40i) do X00 do ioo do 200 1600 do 3u00 do 20O Panama RR _ luo line itK 62 100* *1 i?s 47 liF 3<?) tO) 8-jO 10) 1700 iUI 1JJ 800 .03 do *3 00 ao b3 Vt; do 90' Co o 9i> do 1)3 90> do 90} 500 Un Pile KK 3li* 400 8 00 2uO too 100 luo SUOltil A StP KB _ 100 uo .....1)3 54* do. do., do. do do. do. .b3 30* ... 54* do. do do do do do uo Uo , do. 400 1100 000 600 1500 800 200 200 :wo luo T, W A W RR. jM .. 62 .. 61* t>3 61* ?? 6'<? .. 61 * .. 62* .. 62* .. 62'. loo do.. luo do loo do 4< OOUio A M KH. i:vo uo 400 900 800 2v0 64* 3* do du do 83 42* .... j?j: 42*J do do...: b3 30* do 30* do So* do o 30* do... iooc, CA lORtt 100 200 ^00 aoo 200 10U 1, ? a ? Kit rv.f'4 1400 C A III RR 1 OS* 100 do 104* First Board?10t30 A. M. 11 shs M LA M pf. .b c 27 1? Del A II Canal 115* looMunliattun Gas.... 219 $1000 Alabama 8'*. '93. 87* ItAiO Buft.N YAErle lat. 05 6MJ0 L tiliorediv inls.. 93 1000 Ceil 1" gld bds.. 102* 2000 do 10-* liool'n Pac lft m.. .. 80* 9000 I' ii l'ae lO's, iuc.. 63 3100U Pad's, 1 ? i>... 74* SUOO do 71* 10U0C A NWcegb.... 94 7000 Chic A N V< lUt b.. 95 11KJO Tol A Wal) Int.... 96* ll?A' St L A I M 1st til... 9<# 100 Am M U Kx 2od Adamsfcx 3U) trie rtR bo 4MX)OhioAM con ?f.. 11*10 MllP 400 70J 700 BOO 300 1200 10U do. do. do. 68 90 62* 62* 62?; ? 7 3-10. .1 5(1)0 MA St P. Io div. 5000 Sortll Mo 1st 40CO L'vlllcA.V con.'93 20 shs Central Nat B'k 95 5 luip A Trad's Hunk. 185 5 Oer-Anier Bank? 10J J.U) Pac >1 ss Co. .b c.c 4". 94* 2u0 96 20> 81* U 93* 100 400 100 100 20J 5) 200 60J 10U0 6i.O 300 30J 700 3'JO WW C Hi 101 li)0 100 50 101 100 2t? 100 1.IO 21 jO 310J 300 200 100 300 10J 600 Jll) do. do. do.. do.. do.. do.. do.. do.. ?lo . do., rto.. do., do., do., do., do., do., do., do., do.. do. do. do. <io. do. 62'4 88* do. 62* Ss do ?W rag do 62* 60o N Y C A 11 It be 100-4 6u0 do 100* 90 J do s3 100* 1900 do 100*4 Bw) Harlem ltK....t> c 129* 100 do c 129* 1-00 Lb A 11 s be 90* 10J ao *1 90* 300 do !*>* i>00 do 9U* 100 do .....o 9o* 100 Panama 11J 300 On I'uc Kit be 30* do. uo. . .0 do do. 200 do b3 30* 300 do 3uH 400 do 30* <00 do 30* 300 do s3 30 % 1U0 do b3 30* 100 do ?0* 52 C, C.C A I KB. 90 18 Chic A Alt BB UO* 50 0 A 1* RIlBtd 87* 7u0C A R I KB....bc.e 108^ 100 do. 6'W do. 100 do 300 do 108H 100M A St P KK....bC 54* 100 do 100 do 100T, WA 200 do. 2'K) Uo. C.C iun-? ... 10S* ... IOM'1 ,s3 108* ?j* do "3 45* do 4.V, d( aiw West Un Tel?b c .ut?* do s3 st>* do do c 08* .lo '"ti'* do 8C4 do .-s3 80?, do 'M':4 200 1>J0 5-H) Gutl loo 300 luo L00 3?1 7.0 100 3.X> 100 260 Uo. do. do. 86-,' 86 ...C 88 alO 85* uo ^0 do 1)3 81 do ...c 88 luO Mar L'd A M'g...#J 13 ?iu M?r A 9J* 13 Clilc, 1IAU KB.... 1<8 'J S7P.KtWAtT.Ktd.bc 1( 0 MM A Sur KB.. .. iii ? 1O011 A St Jo RK.bc.xl 37 200 do Si 40 N Y, N II A llart RR 140 ACO UlitO A Mis.-. llB.b C 42* 40"J do S3 42* 200 dO '. 42* 5 0 do 42 600 do 42* 100 do ?30 42'i 100 do x3 42* 300 do 42 200 do 42* 10 Ohio A Mix* KR |>f. li>\ 20UC, CAIC KK .bc So* 40) do 3U* luO do s3 30,L4 2^0 do C 30 1?|19 and lit 13 P. M. |5U)LS 5-2U, C, '67... 13"* lltOoO do 12u* 15 1.1) do 120* 60U US 8-20, 0, 't 5, D.. 118* 4500 do 119 8tu00 Un t'u, 10-40, r.b c 112* JK500 US 6'x, '81. c tCJ 50UU do S3 122 6000 do 121* 10000 U3 6'k, r, '81 C 11** iO1-*) US 5-20, e, '64.... 116*4 73HO U S 5-20, C. '65 117* 1000US t-20,r, '67..... 113 I2t30 P. M^? Before Call. 3 Ogh* Erie RB 62* ino shs Pae M SSCo.. 200 uo do do. do do do s do do do * do do do do do 100 W?*t Un Tel ?00 do. 6UU.N Y CA H K RK 200 100 900 1300 300 3*.t) 600 100 200 4<U 300 800 M) 46* 44* 4** 45', 45S 45 y, 43', 45 V, 45'< 45'j ii'i . .S3 45* .... 45* 700 L S & M H KB 200 t' Pacific BK b3 30 400 do So* 2UU do bS 30* 100 do 30,'? lixl do bS 3ti* 100 Cble A R IRK..... IDs* 10) do *3 108* 21.0X111 St P Rtt 54* IU0 do 59 100 do 55* 100 do S3 6?* 700 Ohio A Misx UK.? , 42* 700 do 100 do 200 UO 1)3 42^ 42* W* M' OOUn P?c lrtm.... ioio un P J'fc 11? 2S uo i*j<* H000U P?c 10's. Inc .. 68 2Ut!0Tol A Wab 1st m.. ,96* 1000 Del, LAW 1st.... 102* 1000 B.CKAMlxt.... 88 aoo ihx Md Coal Co..... 26* loo Am Coal bc bl 64 West Un Tel bo 33U) 7'i) 500 3o0 r??i 400 100 do. do .. s3 do do do..... - , do 1)3 86* 10 Adami Kx V? 57 N *t A il It llH.. 100* 1200 uo be loo* 1100 do 100* loo do S3 10U* looo iii> luo; loo l'ae Mull SH Co 1MB 8H* 100* Second Board?1 P. M. 300 shl l'ae M SSCo.. 4 V* do 45* aw do.>*.......... 46* loOKrleitK be 62* loo Krie KK prof 73 2600LS A M SKIl.bc 90* lU) do. b3 90* 100 do 90* 4ooUnPacllK be Mi 100 do b3 80* 100 do 30* WOO A N W KBuf.... H5* 100C AKock I 108* 600 do 108* luO do C liM* 100 do._; 108*i M* 86* M6 8i;* hd ^6* 86 ? 600M A St PRB b? ,55* 80Del, LA W BB ... 02* luo ao......... ... 102* 6<l) 2500 5x) Ilk) 18i)0 IbO d do do. do do 46 $ ? be 4..S .... 45* ,.b3 45* .... 45* llVY.KHl lt....b3 140 101) Pac BR ol 45 61X)Ohio A M lift) do 0 100 do SO) do 1000,0 A I 400 100 1?U do. do. do. *55TOO US 8-20. C. '67... 120* 10O shs Quick M Co Vt* 800 L S A M S BR 9o-, 900 do 90* 1U0 do US 9C>* 3U0Faoaiu? UB ill ?i30 to 4 P. M. 21 O shs NYC A II BR. 100* 2U0 do b3 100* luo do a3 loo* 100 (lo.. 100* 26U0 Erie RH 92 wo Uo (Co 61* 600 W Ctt Uu Tel 86 1103 do 61% 5" do B'J? 5!J0 do sJ 6l? ?* <J? M 8i% 70J do 6l? JiX, <Jo ?>i so r?u uo r,i Jry 2? -: I0? <10 s6 CI do ?K 6xl do i;.".' {**> ?Ju 86K 100 JO bS 6:fS 2 WjJ 100 Pittsburg BR 87 71V. T. 8. -dWClilo* ? I Kit 108 V 700 Pacific Mail SS Co. ICO T, W A W !;R CjU J7 >jo *'>& 2uc Uu I no Rit WO do 4S?i 600 do Hllf; }W <10 i!>'l 1 0 Del, LAW RR,..b3 103 ?*? do ?x H 0 01;lo i M Rit W>1 *5 <l0 ? do <-* <U0 do 461* i-.NO do 42 ICO lio 46? 200 do *3 42 W. do ?i m? " ? ?' ?? . M/ i""? }?% ivio.'cricKu:::::: ?& **? <>" MX 1U0 do .1 100 Mil i'stV* RK.. .V.V IUJ do ^ y, '4 &) dC::::::::::::: ??< 'WAtuuaVpt.? CLCEIHQ FEIOES?4 O'OLOOX P. M, Weelern Un on. 86 a {GX Union Pacific.. 30* a S0? Quicksilver 28 a 3J PUUburg * 3 i hi Quicksilver pi.. 43 a 48 K JCentral li4H a 103 Xackawuiiuu. ..102 a 1J3 Rock island lU->^. .. l.-rtk' %daiushx a 90 H i'aul il'it 55 Panama. 110 a lit Bt Paul prel.... 72 a IS Fat-. 11c Ma i.... 46K ;i 45y, Wflbusil CI ?? lilt1; ? \ Central...Iu0'4 a I00? Oil o It M a* 4; h itX J-rlc, '?5*_ ? 6-'5^ Hail A btjo.... S5 a Ii7 Harlem 129K a lit)'; 0. OA I ?: Su , Lake fchore %% a Co* 4 COMMERCIAL REPOET. Cotton Qnlett Flccelpls at' the Porta, 7,JH Bnle??Flour Flviu?Wheat EasI?-i?C(;rn Lower?Hals Firmer?Pork Nominally S< raily?lisitl Lower-Oroctrlrt Quiet? Petroleum Steady? \uvnl Store* Dull? Wlilakny Firmer. Monday, May 10?c p. if.

Trade circles were very quiet to-dny as a general thin*, and Imslnusa was light both on and oir 'Cnange. The extreme firmness of freight* and the higher rates ol vessels for charter as compared with a week ago tended to greatly restrict the export movement In grain, and rates for next mouth being even higher than those now current, buyers for forward delivery were more cautious. Floor was quiet but steady, lines or extra shipping being held particularly Arm. Wheat was quiet,' owing to the continued scarcity of prime samples, tiie high rates of freight and the Indispo sition of sellers to grant any concession irom tiie rates recently current lor lots to arrive. On the spot prices were lower. Corn was still heavy under a moderate Inquiry, nnd comparatively free receipts of old, some of which was green and pressed for saK*. at lower prices. Prime old was held pretty firm, but the steady decllno or new brings o'.d with it, Oats were In demand and firmer. Whiskey was also Armor, with a fair inquiry. Pork and lard were dull and prices were decidedly in buyers' favor, particularly lor lard. Freights wero very firm, and extremo ralos were demanded. Groceries were quiet, but, with the exccptlou of n weak markot for raw sugar, prices were firm. Naval stores wero neg lected, and prices were, to a treat extent, nominal. Pe troleum attracted but little atteution, yet prices were without noticeable change. Cottok.?Spot cotton was neglected nnd nominal, with 1 a downward tondcncy, at the quotations annexed. For future delivery the transactions reached a lair airpre (;ate, but 111 declining prices, the closlim rates showlu/ a recession ot 5-ltic. nor lb. Wc sum up thus I r,?,..., r?;'Jf,VA "*"? Evening. Mat. Export.... loo ci) ?>J Consumption 3U3 17d 461 Speculation 10 _ ID Total 473 218 "777 ?Included In ilie above are 20 balei to arrive For future delivery (basis low middling) the sales liavc beon u* 'ft'tf ?a VI'? a!u>r <j?e o'clock P. M ?May, 100 at H 7-ltc., 100 at lsjie.; Juno, 100 at 18 17-3JC. 4'0 at 16>{c.; July, 800 at lHkc 100 at l\. 1116c., 100 at 13 2f-i2c. e Ai'gust, K() at IS 17-3^e., 7ii0 at lSke., 700 at \8 D-li3c ? 8en teniber, l'JO at 17>io. Total, 3,SCO bales. Exchange?200 June for August, even. .Sales to-day up to three o'clock P. M.?May. 600 at 18Jfc.; June, 400 at lS^e., 1,700 at 18 7-16c ? July, 1,300 at 18,5.c? 3UJ at 18 lil-32c? 300 at ? 9. ?c '? 100 at 18 17-i2c. ; iv) at 18 9-16c.; 400 at 18 17 32c., 200 at fti ,i^0-.L.AuKU8t' 10Jot 18 15-32C., ??l at 18 7-16c? 100 at ls>iC., 100 aU8 7-10c., 1C0 at 183.'c., 600 at 13 7-16C., 200 at IS^c.; September, 100 at 17!*c. Total, 7 KOj bales. Orand total, 11,100 bales. The receipts at the ports were as followsGalveston, 25 bales; New Orleans, 8,116: Mobile, 665; Savannah, 706; Chari ton, 4W; Wilmington, 27; Norfolk, i.wftS; Now tfork, 1.6J1; BoatoD, 9. Total, 7,774 bales. This day last ween, 5,3i?f balM. This day last year. 3,568 bales. Rat<>* on coiton to quote Vplnnilf. Ala'ama. If. Orffntu. Tern'. Ordinary ilk 14 if iii< t:\> Good ordinary IfitJ ir,4 1?'4 }jv5 Strictlygood ord I7J< 17 ^ Low middling IKS? l,si? li* \LA Middling ?.... 19>1 li.ij loi? J,,* Good middling 211J 'jl? 2'l^ 21 ?The quotations are based on cotton In store^rtinnlntf In grade auoted ?n " Kl iidu ubuvu or below the Domingo, 16,^3 : Portp Rico, I9c. a 19kc.; Costa liica, 1SU0 a ll)>ic.; Mexican. 18%c. a 19c. ; Manila, 18c. a l8?lc ? Angostura, 18?,c. a 19c.; Savttnilla, 18Kc. a 19c.: Cura'coa 18Sc. a 19c.. gold. CO a 90 dnvs' credit. ' aCoa' T.'rSS* tN? Gkakn.?Rocelpta?t'lour, 8.305 bbls.; wheat, S'SiS?spr1'7,1,317d0,: corn i,ion|'3 4 ons. 24,575 bushels. The Uour market was quiet but steady Prime shlnplng grstdei1 were held very firm, and business restricted. The sales since our last loot uo about 13,500 bbls. Corn meal continued quiet but steady nt prices within the range of our quotations. Feed was nuretand unchanged ; 20 tons sold within the range of tho following figures;?100 lbs. sharps, $.6; 100 lbs or No 1 niiddllng, $25 a $26; 80 lbs. or No. 2 nitdillin 421 a $24 ? 60 lbs. or No. 1 teed, $23; 50 lbs. or medium Iced, $20; 40 lbs. or No. 2 feed, $:0 per ton: rye Iced $22 per ton \va append our flour quotations as follows No. 2 State $1 00 a 5 25 Si ?1 Extra Western !!;..!! AM? 7 i? Extra Minnesota 7 ??? of.. Round hnop Ohio, shipping brands 6 75 a 7 21 Round hoop Ohio, trade brands 7 ,v)a 8 50 bt Louis, low extra.'.'.'..'.'. 6 85a 7 S SL Louis, straight extra 7 75 a 8 25 8t Louis, choice double extra " " " a 7<>a u so ^.l?aCh0lC? 'a,""y "'"'a OB* " W Rvs flnSr 9 W J Southern superfine 5 75afiti) Southern extra 7 25 a 9 ^0 Southern family q 1? m Corn meal. Western i ??? , X Com meal, Jersey I ,?? , T? RalSmoSn'' Br*"JyWl"? 365 a 3 75 Puncheons 18 OOf o t? huti thc mjf'ketwii dull* and prices were lower. The sales w?ro onlv "nil. heavy" nre^dtnr;t:^ci^J.y f:>r ^ which in "me c^'i wa^ Lf in tmliH.n ?i . ? I18?c"uni comprised only about ? v n At .S';1'or 1,0w We-t nilxed, cios Xm?^ 6i.v 'ff y?h ,"ixtd ?o yellow, 17?. Tii k " 0/ 'c- 'or common to choice whito, ^Id Lt?l for raxrmtTs.?Berth freights were qnlet, owing chlcflv to the scarcity of available room. Kates win- strong. Ves sels lor charter continued in wood demand at, In some In stance', Improved ratos. Trio engagements were'To Liverpool. l)> steain, *,200 boxes bacon at 40s.; 1,KM) boxes of Cl>?eje a{ 45s. 111? ftoinlnai fate tor grain was 8>?d. a W- lo Bristol, by steam. 2iw ions or oil cako. In bags, on private terms. To Antwerp, bv iteain, 1,0U0 tlcrces ol' lard at 4fle. The charters compriseAn Italian bark, to arrive, hence to Cork lor orders to the United Kingdom, 2.2UU quarter* ot grain, at Hs., and ?8 gratu Ity; an Austrian bark, hence direct to Rotter dam, 2.900 quarters grain at 8s. Id.; an Italian bark, lu nce to Cork for orders to the United Kingdom 2,(500 quarters Sraln, at **., or, If direct, 3d. ntT, An American brig, etice to Stettin, 2,700 bbls. refilled petroleum, 7*. M.; a British bark, hence to a direct i?ort, Mediterranean, 2,000 bbls. of do. at 7s.; n Norwegian bark, hcnce to the Ger man Haltlr, 3,*K? bbls. of do. at 7s. 6d.; a Uerinan bark (relet), hence to the Oermati Baltic, 2,800 bbl*. of do. at 7*. M ; a British brig, from Philadelphia to Hull, 1,400 bbls. of refined do. at 7s. Sd.: a British brig. front do. to Klslnore for orders to the Baltic, 2,000 tibl*. refined do. at 7s. <M.; aOerinan bark, to arrive from do. to a Baltic port 1.000bbls. refined do., on private terms; a British bark, from do. to a Continental port, excluding Dutch, 5,2<*) btils. refined do. on private terms. Hat a*i> Straw.?Prune hay win In (food demand, bnt scarce. Shipping grades were quiet at uueiiang-d fig ure*. During the past week 40,230 bales were .received. Straw was In fair demand and steady. Wo quote Prime hay, 91 40 a 91 SO; good do., $1 liaji ib, shipping, !k)c. a f 1; clover, 70c. a 80c.; long rye straw, tl a $1 10; short do., tir. a 90c. : oat, 50c. a (iOe. Moi.assbs.?The inquiry tor foreign, for boiling pnrposc*, continued fair and tne market was firm. Domestic met with the usual trade demand at <ull prices. We heard of sales ol 40 Ithds. of Cuba muscovado, within the range, and 70 bbls. of New Orleans al Irutn 75c. a 80c. WequoUi:? Oil Crop. H*w CYnp. Cuba?Centrlftwal and mixed.... lac. a 22c. ? a ? Clayed ?a? 29c. a 33c. Muscavado, refining ? a ? 30c. a 34c. Muscovado, grocery ? a ? SAc. a 45c. Porto Kico ? u ? 3Sc. alloc. Krigllsh Islands ? a ? 2-V. a 50c. New Orleans ? a ? Mc. n 80c. Natal Sts it**.?The market fur spirits of turpentine was dull ami weak; 41 bbls. sulil at 48c. At the close It was offered at 47^c. on the spot und kic. to arrive, with out finding buyers. Later, 62 bbls. sold at 47X,c. spot, and 100 bbls. to arrive at 40)?c. Rosin? the market was dull, and, In tlio absence of sales, prlocs were entirely nomi nal; struined quoted at *:l 10; but thero was no disposi tion whatever manifested to operate. Tar was nominally steady at $S 75 a $4 lor Washington or Wilmington. P*TRoi.itu*.?On 'Change to day the market tor refined was quiet but nominally steady, quoted at lw^c. for bal ance ot mouth, ("rude in bulk wasneglccted, uutstoadlly held at 9c. Case* were quiet nnd unchanged, quoted a. 20?ic. Naphtha was entirely nominal at about lie. to; Western and lIXc. for city. From the ('reek the report, were ol a quiet aad weak market, quoted at $2 SO at <MJ Cltv, $2 36 at Petroleum Centre and Rouse vl lie, and 92 2" a 92 25 at Parker's Landing. The Philadelphia marke' was nuiet; refined quoted quoted at 19c, for remainder o} month: 3,don bbls. sold for first halfot .luly at I9%c. l ater1 In New York, we heard ot sales of B0J bbls. of refined fo. balance of mootn at I9>tc., 2,000 bbls. of crude in balk lor future delivery ou private terms and a rumored sale ?r 2,000 bbls. oiroflncaror first hall of June at lS^c. ? Provisions ?Receipt*?Pork, so bbls.; beef, no pack area; cat meat*, tti <m, ; lard, 631 bbls. aad tlurcea The market for maw pork wm dull and unchanged We have only to note a sale offiOO bhls. tor June at $17 .10. Bacon? The market was dull and weak; pneu lor botb long aad short clear were wholly nominal. Wo note a sale of U) l*ixe< ot short rib at fl)$c. Dressed nogs continued quiet. mid wero again easier; olty quoted at tiMc. a 7>?o. Beef remained quiet iiud prices unchanged. In jobbing lots ?! out 35 packages wero deposed of at prices wltblu the rauge of (ID a Oil for new plain mesa, lib's.; IJi a $14 tor do. extra mes^ bbl*i fcj i a $TJ for prime mess, tierce*, ant $23 a $ for da India do., tleree*. Beet hams oowtinned livgl-ctad, but w.ire quoted nominally steady, at >31 a ?'? lor Texas and Western. Cut meats?The demand to-day was moderately Arm tor nil description* Prices were n it noticeably cUc""oi. Wo note sales of 300 smoked '"J2!* ?? i3Kc? tiff dy./hppljJjf# llu. o: hellios, 10 :bs. average, at W)ic.; li'.uuu lb*. of doM l.i III*. average, at t'c.; l,i*X> fresh sides, on private terms: dry salted shoulders quoted at 7H?c. Lard? 1 in-market for Western was dull and easier; quoted at Mfo., last or hnlaiice o! moulli. Sale* 3,501) tierces tor June at 95-10c.; 5J0 tierce* lor July, early, at I? 9-lCc.; la t r, 750 tierces sold for do., at (J^c. City Lard was ue idee tod. buouu?The market for raw waa very quiet to-day and In order to sell to any cuiialderable extent, further concession.1* were necessary. 'I here were rumors of con siderable trade on (lie street, but tl:e only autlieutlcated sales we h"nrd of wore about 125hhds. of refining grades, at prices within the range ol the appended quotations. We quote Cub.t?Keflnlng, inferior to common, ti?*c. a 7J?c.; fu:rtogood fair, 7^c. a 8c.; good to prime. Stfc. a sUc.; grocery, lair to good, 8'ic. a^c.; prime to, 8%c. a ?? ; nentrltugal. lihds. and boxes, 81?c. a 9Ho. t ?in :a?^es, hhds. and boxes, ?Hc. * 7xe,; inotado, 4e. a 6c. Havana?Boxes. Dutch standard, No-*. 7 to l>, 7%c. a TWc.; rt..,, 10 to 12, 8Kc. a 8?0.: do., IS to 15, f%c. a 3^e.; do , !6 to 13, 94jC. a lO^c.; ao , 19 to "20, lu4gc. a 10^c.; white, lCc. a lie. Porto Rico?Refining, common to prime. 7c. a b?,'c.; grocery, fair to choice, 8?fc. a awo, Brazil?Dutch standard. Nos. H to 12.7c. a HVc. Java?Dutch standard, No*. 10 to 12, 9^c. n H^c, Manila?Huperior and extra superior, 7^c. a V/m. Rich.?Trade to-day was fair at steady prices. The sales foot up about 30 tierces of Carolina at 7Jic. a 8%c.; ami M0 hags of Rangoon at- 6%e. a 7c. Hrniiunr.?Trade was unimportant to-day, and price* wcr" nominally steady. Tali-ow.?There was a moderate business consummated to- lay, at a shade easier prices. Kales 60,OJO lbs. of t ut hide at s i.,p., and 1I,U00 lbs do. at 8 13-ltte. Wiinaxr.?Ueeeipts 502 bills. The market was steady at thu opening, with talo* of W) bbls. at IMWc. Subse quently it closed more active and firiuer, wifli sale* of 350 bbls. at 9ii. DOMESTIC? MARKETS. Nkw Ormcans, Mav 19,1973. Cotton nominal; ordinary, 1 He.; goo J ordinary, lfi^c. ?, low toidd Lugs, itfe?c.: middlings, THVc. Net receipt*,. 3,l4i bales; grosi, 3,163. Kxporte?ToOreat Britain, 13,25); coastwise. 14.'. Sales, 200; last evening, l.OoO. block, 115.16& Monti.*, May 19,1973. Cotton qnlet and easv; middlings, YJ%o. Net receipt*, C'.' bales. Exports coastwise, 226. :-ales, tiuO. Block, 29,580. Oalvhstow. May 19,1873. Cotton steady: good ordinary, 14J(c. Net receipts, 25 bales. Kales, 20J. Muck, 40,753. Ciiarlkrtos, May 19,1873. Cotton lower; middlings, 17&e. ; low middlings, 16c. a lO'v1.; good ordinary. 10c.; ordinary. 13c. a li&c. Net receipts, 4.W bales. Uxuoru coasiwLse, 1,322. Sales, 4U0. Stock, 21,830. Savankait, May 19,1S73. Cotton dhll; middlings, 19Wc. Not receipt*, 706 bales. Exports coastwise, 2,323. Sales, 155. Stock, 28,970. Chicago, May 19.1873. Flour?Demand light; holders firm; sales mostly local ami private. Wheat opened firm, but closed dull and wc:ik; No. 2 Spring Sold at $1 32)^: seller May, $1 83V; seller June, SI 3l|j; a SI MH,'; No. 3 Spring. 91 23. Corn opened firm butclosed dull; sales of No. 2 mixed atSO'jic., cash; 40J?e. a 40>?, seller June; 43^c., seller July; 44'ic., si ller August; rejected, 38c. Oats steady; sales ot No. 2 at cash; 33Wc., seller June; rejected, SO^c. a SOkc. Rye firm and scarce at 70c. for No. 2. Barley quiet and unchanged; sales of car lots regular at 71c. a8oc., according to location. Pork quiet and unchanged at 91025, seller June; $10 65 a $16 70, seller July. Lard quiet and unchangod at 88 90, cash ; $9 9\ seller June. Bulk meats an.l bacon quiet and unchanged; no sales. Whiskey Ann at 3Uc. Lake freights?Wheat to Buffalo, 6^c.; corn to Dswego, 12c. Receipt*?8,000 bbls. flour. 51,000 bushels wheat, 100,000 do. corn, SOjWOdo. oats and 1,000 do. tiarloy. Shipments?lftOOObbla Hour, I05,i'0i) bushels wheat, Do,000 do. corn, 75,000 do. oata, 2,000 do. ryo and 5,000 do. barley. Oswxoo, May 19,1S73. Flonr steady, with a good demnnd; solos or 2,400 btd?.. at ?8 75 for No. 1 Sprini, $9 75 for amlx r Winter, $10 5t) lor white Winter, and $11 for double extra. Wliuatdull; s.ilcs 6.001 bushels good while Canada at $2 50; onj car No. 1 Milwaukee club at $1 68. Corn unchanged; sales bushels high mixed at 59c.; 4,000 bushel* low mixed at S7o.; 1,600 bushels in car lots ai58c. Corn meal, $1 25 for bolted,$1 20 for unbolted per cwt Mill feed dull; Miorts, s 19 a $20; shijistui).*, $21; middlings, $21 a $22 per ton. Uanal Ireijhts?Wheat, ; corn and rye, 7,'jC. to New York; lumbt-r, $ 1 to the Hudson. Railroad freights? Flour, to Philadelphia und Boston, 60c.; to New York. 6ue. s to Albany, Troy and Schenectady, 42o. Receipts by lake?38,400 bushels wheat, 2V>00 t'o. corn. 4,000 do. rye, 10,000 do. malt, 2,942,000 feet of lumber. Shipments by canal?5,000 bushels wheat, 9,200 do. barley, 8, Liu J Jo. rye, 2,291,000 feet of lumber. CHEESE MARKET. Utioa, N. Y? May 19,1973. The cheese market opened very dull and unpromising, but near the close a good deal ofnuslness was transacted. No less than forty factories were represented, and their offerings footed up S.0UH boxes, of which fUlly 2.0K) changetVbands at ll^c. a I4%c., mostly at 14'sc. a 14?ic. A tew boxes of farm dairy were sold on the street on private terms. At Liltle Fall* 700 boxes of farm dnlrr wore sold at 12c. a 13c., ruling 13?.ic. for choice; 3,600 boxes of factory wero sold, the ruling figure* boing 13)?c. a 14J?; three lots wcut at 15c. and one at 16)ic. HAVANA MARKETS. ITatana, M.iv 10.1875. Sugar?Stock In warehouses ftt Havana ana Matanza*, 400,1)00 boxes, 35,OCO lillds.; ruc.-tpts during the week, 67,two boxes. 8,300 hhds.: exported during the, week, Zo.iiOO boxes, 10,500 lihds., Including 17,i'00 boxes and 7,400 hhds. to the United States. Tico demand for sugar is fair and tho market Arm. No*. 10 to 12, Dutch standard, TH a 1J14 reals per urrobe; Nos. 15 to 2i\ Dutch standard, ll 'i a 13J; reals per arrobe; molasses ,-ugar, 7"4 a 8 reuLs for Num. .8 to 10: molasses <i uict, but Arm: muscovado sugar, Inferior to common, 7'4' a 7}* reals; fair to good refining, 7% a 8? reals; grocery grades, 10>4 a 10% reals. Bacon excited; sales at $2.'> a $28 per cwt Butter steady; supe rior American, $'18 a $30 per quintal; Goshen, $35 a $37. Flour Arm. Ham:;?American sugar-cured uulet at $27 a $J8 per Quintal* Lard active; in kegs, $177$ a $18- In tins, $20 50 a $2-. Potatoea steady. Tallow (Inn at $14 50 a $16 50 per quintal. Wax quiet and steady. Iloney nominally ok a 6 reals per gallon. Lumber?White pine, $50 per M.; pitch pine, $.13 a $39. ohooks? Box quiet and weak; hogshead Arm; sugar hogsheads, 24 a 28 reals; molasaeas hogsheads, 2:) a 24 reals. Naval stores steady. IIoops dull; long shaved, $90 a $05 per M.; short shaved, $70 a $80. Freights easier but not qnotably lower; a decline Is ex ?iected : per box of sugar loading at Havana or portion he north coast ot Cuba, $1 25 a <1 37k; per hhd. sugar loading at Havana for United State", fit a $0 25;jper hhd. sugar from ports on the north coast, $6 60a$3 50; per hlul. molasses do., $4 25 a $150; to Falmouth anil orders, load ing at Havana, 52s. 6d. a 60s. 6d.; loading at outports. 57s. 6rt. a (12s. 6d. Exchnngo firm; on United States, snort sight, currency, 18 a 19 per cent premium; 60 davs. In gold, 32 a 33 per cent premium; short sight, 3t!a37per cent premium; on London, 48 a 4V per ceut premium; on Paris, 'JJ a 30 per cent premium. EUROPEAN MABKET3. London Moicrr Marxbt.?London, May 19?5 P. M.? Consols closed at 93? for money and 93V for tho account. United States bonds? New lives, 88)$. Er'e Railway shares, 48*4- Consols opened at 93^ tor money and S8K for the account. United States five-twenty bonds, 18t>5's, old. Mi; 1867'a, fttH; ten-iorties, 88now fives, 8-% and Erie Railway snares, 48^. Frankfort Boursk.?Frankfort. May 19?A. M.?United States five-twenty bonds, 9Mi for tne Issue of lc63. Paris Bourse.? Pakis, May 19?P. M.?Rentes closcd at 6?f. 65o. Livxnpoot Brest* srerra Marxit.?Liverpool, May 19? P. M.?The market is quiet. Liverpool Provisions Market.?Liverpool, May 19?P. M.?Cheese, 69s. per cwt for the best grades of American fine. Liverpool Cotton Mar*?t.?Liverpool May 19?5 P. M.?The market dosed quiet The sales of the day have been 10,000 bales, including 2.000 tor speculation and ex port. Of the sales 7,000 bales were American. Sales of cotton shipped from Savannah or Charleston, deliv erable in .luno, at 8?.<d.; from the same ports, deliverable July and August, at 3 3-lfid.; and from the same ports, de liverable August and September, at 8%il. The shipments of cotton from Bombay since the last report to the 19th Inst, havo been 43.000 bales. Sales of cotton shipped from Savannah or Charleston, April and May, at n^d. The market report published atone P. M. said:?The market Is easier and partially a ? hade lower. Middling uplands, 8Jid.; middling Orleans, Vh(d. Liverpool Paontrca Market.?Liverpool. Mav 19?5 P. M.?Refined petroleum, U)?d. a li^d. per gallon. Lonoon PROnrcn Market.?London, May 19?Rven inn.?Llnsccd oil, ?33 per ton. Spirits turpentine, 39s. Gd. pur cwt ? . _ . piMAjrrtAii, A?JAY COUiiK A CO., , ? No. 20 Wall street, New fork. London, Paris, Exchange Bc-rlio, Frankfort, Bremen, Vienna. Cahlc Transfers, Ciri ular Letters, Commercial trcUiis, JAY COOKE, McCULLOCH A CO., 41 Lombard street London. Cable Transfers upon \ lenna iiiroet August bf.lmoht a oo.. Bunkers, 19 and '.'I Nassau street, issue Travellers' Credits, available in all parts of tho wurld, through the Messrs. DK ROTHSCHILD and their correspondents. Also Commercial Credits and telegraphic translers of moliuy on California, Lurope and Havana. A?LAPSLEY A HAZLKY, 74 BROADWAY, BROKERS . in stock and Gold Privileges.? $100 tor put or call (or 100 shares, $125, for $.">0,000, gold; flr-<t class names. Explanatory circular, with practical illustrations and references, mailed to any address. A?$6,000, $8,000, $10,f)lX), $15,0(10, $24,000 TO MMN . on bond and mortgage, Improved property; also money to purchase first and second mortgages. Apply to JOHN W. WOODWARD, 1?! Broadway. A?SECOND MORTGAGE FOR SALE-WELL 8E ? eured on Improved property; a bargain to prompt purchaser. Principals apply ut 181 Broadway, room 2, from 11 to 1 o'clock. _________________ All take no ricE.-i, Joseph b. lioiitknstein, 18R Broadway, am now prepare I to purchase good Second Mortgage*. $3,ouo ana upwards, at A to 8 per cent oil to cover; principals bring your papers Immediately. A large amount ok money to loan on Bund and Mortgage?Ulrst and second mortgages promptly ca^ieil. fi. rRIBliKNKIOII A t o., 90? and 'JIH Third avenue. ITaPSLKV A BAZI.KY.74 BROADWAY, BROKERS . In Stock and Gold Privileges?$I'I0 for put or call for 100 shares, 8123 for $50,(NO fold; tlrst class name*, hxplaaatory circular, with practical illustrations and references, mailed to any address. a -I -STOCK AND GOLD PRIVILEGES. J\_ 1 < Parties wi lling to speculate can do so mifoly and with small eai iial by i uylng privilege*. Vf rite or rail on Bahkinm a braInk, Brokers, n Broad strvat Explanatory otrcuiars mailed on application. For sale or ?xohangi-land in Florida, to be selected from (oven million acres; also in Georgia and oil the Hlo Grim le. J. G. DAllLGithN A CO.. 20 Nassau street pisancuI'. .; TJANHIaO HOUSE OK y18K * HATCH, Ha * KuM stteet^ew Vork. lUjr 19.US*. The present high prlc.o7uovernm.nt Securities is In creasing the demand for first claes Railroad Bond* and It Is not reaaoliable to suppose that the present difference of Irom twenty to thirty per cent cau be obl?l?e# for *nJr 1 great length of tljne^ V? an recoinmcndlrg lor exchangos or far new in vestment*? . The Chesapeake and Ohio my on per cent Mortgage Bonds, Interest parable January and July ; principal and Interest payable in gold, in New York city Only *S,OOi',OJO of theae Bonds will be offered for sale at present. Price 60 and accrued interest TUey are amply secured and a very desirable Invest ment the proceeds will bo u?>d in adding largely to the present equipment, and In extending the line from Its present tide-water terminus at Richmond to deep water on the Chesapeake Bar, where the largest steamers In the world can load and unload w'ongylde the cars. Also the Chesapeake an-1 Ohio ?U per cent Bonds. In terest payable May and _November. These Bonds are issued in denominations of $100. *** ?a ?1<00a Prloe U and accrued intent The road, 420 miles In length, is now completed, and the business offering is very large and Increasing dally- _____ We have Just published a pamphlet giving a full de scription of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad and Its advantages, and particular information concerning the agricultural, mineral and mechanical resources, the re markab'.e coal and iron deposits, and the opportonitlee for settlement. Investment and the employment of capi tal and labor In various Industries along its route, copies of which may be had, free of oharge. upon application In person or by mall. Also the Western Pacific six per Cents at the market price, which Is to-day 95. flat. These bonds are of *1.090 each; Interest payable January and Jtfly. This road having been consolidated wU|Ube groat Central Paclflc, the payment of Its bonds, principal and interest, U as sumed by them. _____ We continue to deal In Government and Central l'aclflc Bonds, 'ecelvo deposits, on which we allow Interest, make collections, execute order* at the Block Exchange for cash, and conduct a general banlclng business. FISK A HATCH. T Aiva on LIFE INSURANCE POLICIES AND Ij other securities, In large and small amounts, Liberty street, up stairs. bhermau A Co., 11Nassul^tr^e ARM AN, Treas tror. N0Th?eEionpon. of B?,se ?hft dam ageTreasury of the Erie ttaiiway Coin P*ny- y^yA'fMA^irea'ureXnrDo^Com^any^ /XPPIOB OF V. S. ASSISTANT TREAS^BKR.j^ Notice Is hereby given to eg that plfvmliit SBg'og."^ Pfgi. a 3ro.,l ?r..t rav Htreot, New York* -? VV gaise, property nrst cia . gUroot- Princi pals only address V. R., bo* 172 Herald Uptown Branch office. - * W *? St^?8: P.lCr.CT Stl once. SAW AKU a uija' *?*? "? iv a46.000 FOR TWO V2AS3. ?*>N BRCGVD \\ mortgT'e on one of the most proiluctlve i arm? in Nnw iai-qavIII acres; 9 miles Ironi Lent? Brancft t leet iVuni railroad depot ; or would sell SO acres, cheap. Addre.-s S. W., box 101 Herald othce. iTr* r* r\ f\ ?THIS AMOUNT IN CASH IS WANTED $2,500. to-day for 6 or 8 months; ampl?security, extra bonus. Call atlAl Broadway. room 12, alter 10 A.M. T"i_ _r r\(\r\ TO LOAN?ON BOND AND MORTGAGE $?5-0Q.Q ?0111 "zt'ess'svfrauss?" cashed at once. 1U Broadway, room F. basement a /-rw\/\ TO LOAN ON BOND AND MORTGAGE BsM MiKaSSg 7T77X TO LOAN-ON FIRST OR SECOND $200 000 Mortgages; New York, Brooklyn or X . Vv.l.,?Y Sacond Morgages purchased. Apply to WILLIAMH^TmcCOOL, corner Ifcvcnty-flrst street and Third avenue. - dfcOKft nnfl E8TATE funds to loan on first waii/UiUUU Mortgages on first class city improved Real Estate In sums from SS.'HUi to #28,000; no bonus ro quired. Principals or thulr attorneys only dealt with. CALLKNUJiK & LAWRENCE,30 Pine street a>ann nnn ? loan-on new york, brook Jjp^tUU.UUU lynaud Wcstchester Real Estate, In sums to suit; no bonus rcaulrcd; term of years. 0. E. WILLIS, M on tank Insurance Company, 163 Broadway. <&1 Qfin to l0an 0n bond and mort vI.Utu.OUU gage; city and country property; money ready; no dolay: no brokors. Principals apply with papers soon to J. B. LI01ITEN8TEIN, 183 Broadway. COPA ilTXERSHIPi. Partners nip.?take notice?the firm of Scbmitt A stelnecke is this day dissolved by mutual conscnt Joseph ScMmitt, will wind up the affairs of tho flrui aud sign iu liquidation. JOSEPH SCHMITT, Nkw Yowc, May 17.1373. REIN HOLD STEINKCKE. N. B.?Joseph Schmitt will continue the business at 103 Water street, New Yorkejty. JOSb?lI SCHMITT. ?. ? ? ? SANDWICH ISLANDS APTSEXiTIO*. Departure of a Special Commissioner to Report Upon the Public Feeling In tiie Islands. [From the Alta California, May 12.] Our special correspondent In Washington, under date of Way 4, sends us very important news, which will be of great interest to the Pacific Const. He lnioriua us in advance or all other news heretofore published that Colonel A. H. Stetuberger, oi Wash ington, has been sent out by our government to feel the Sandwich islands pulse on the subject of annexation to tne United states. Colonel stein burger, the Commissioner appointed for this pur pose, arrived in tills city on the 4th mat., and is now at the Grand Hotel. His purpose in coming to this coast has been kept a profound secret thus lar. It is not yet reported when he tvlil leave for tlie Islands. The following is the letter sent us by our corre spondent. :? The question of th? pnnexatlon of the Sandwich Island to the unTteu Stales* Ts being seriously- con sidered in Washington. A row ?go it Wf? rumored in diplomatic circles that a sftebl&l com missioner would bft sent out to feel the Sandwlcn I?'un<l pulse and to report on tne practicability of the sCiiMile, as well as the general disposition of the people most interested iu the matter. This rumor bad not assumed definite character at that time aud was not generally credited. Now it is known?though the public have not been apprised oi the fact?that the plan has been consummated. Colonel A. B. Steinberger, of this city, who has long enjoyed the confidence of President Orant, has been appointed to perform this mission and has already departed for the Pacific coast. It is contemplatod to have the matter of annexa tion looked into and reported upon in a manner somewhat similar to that adopted in the prelimi nary negotiations in SL DOmlngO. There are not, however, as many ob|ect.lons made to this policy as were urged against the St. Domlugo scheme, and an etlort is not likely to stir up as much opposli Ion. The restrictionists and the enemies of the adminis tration will undoubtedly raise a howl about it; but, li the people of the Sandwich Islands are ripe for the movement, and Colonel Steinberger's report is favorable, we may expect that tho President will recommend annexation in his next message. Full authority is given to the Commissioner to use for this mission any war vessel on the Pacitlc coast which may be available and suitable for the purpose. His instructions are not made public, but yoty correspondent has ascertained that he is authorized to make investigations and report on the results of Ills work. He ft a man of bright, kneen intelligence, an 1 possesses a bright eye that sees everything. He Is well suited to tho work before hint, and will no doubt create a favorable impression wherever he goes. Ills judgment will Insure tiie production of a report that will be con sidered reliable and worthy of careful attention. His selection will give general satisfaction. Tho popular policy seems to be generally in fa vor of this movement. Concerning the logic of the re^trlctionlsts the Washington cnrvntcle says:? The public should note the tact that the most un compromising opponents of the annexation of St. Domingo in the recent assaults upon President Graut are Just now zealous advocates of the pro posed Absorption by the linlted states of "the little Kingdom of Hawaii." Cnn this be explained on any principle of political cconomy with which the Fathers of the Republic were famlllarf St. Do mingo lies at our door, the Sandwich Islands moro t iiau half way across the Pacific. If the deionce of tiie loruar. la com el a foreign w?r, would he fllf fleult it wool* tuh be mere so than Ulando sltaased many thousand miles from oar Bhores. The pro ductions of tbe latter, especially desirable to tbe people of the united Stated, are far more abund ant In tbe former. If this class of advocates for the annexation of the Kingdom 01 Hawaii are not careful tuey will be caught in ttie meshes ol their own logic, and prove by their zeal in this case that their opposition to toe other was inspired by uo higher motive tliau hate for an administration which they could net control. LITERARY CHIT-CHAT. > . thb rev. J. s. c. Abbott has expended the latest efforts of his historical whitewash brush upon the character of De Soto. Dodd A Mead pub lish the book, wbioh makes out this crucl, ambi tious, selfish and corrupt Spaniard to be a brilliant hero, slightly touched with Insanity. Says mb. hambbton, In his "Intellectual Lire," "A language cannot be thoroughly learned by an adult without five years' residence tn the country where it is spoken, and without habits ol close ob servation a residence or twenty yeare is insuffi cient." This is not encouraging, but it is the truth. Happily a knowledge which rails rar short or mastery mar be or practical nse In the common affairs or life, and may even afford some initiation Into foreign literature. Tub Fbengii historian, Thierry, who died last month, published his first work fifty yoars ago, and the proolk of his last were brought to him on his death bed. It was an article in the Uevue aes Deux Monaes. Thb handwriting of the late Chief Justice Chase was very peculiar. Be wrote a singularly small and almost feminine hand, which, however, he turned off with great rapidity and nervous force. Bis private letters (which were more numerous than those or almost any other public man who filled stations so eminent) were models of terse and dear English style. Thb late Saint-maro Girardin was not by any means of the most brilliant school of French Jour nalists. His style was pedantic, and he could not compete with Pr<3vost-Paridol's nimble satins, or with Lemolnne's easy common sense, or. with Weiss' paradoxical, but lively pen. Wuo wrote "'Betsey and I Are Out," is as vexed a question as the authorship ol " Rock Ue to Sleep, Mother," or "Be/iutlful Snow" was a lew years ago. The latter was claimed with equal posltivenoss by a lady, Mrs. Akers, and by J. W. Watson, who incorporated it in liis collected poems. And now comes another lady writer, Mrs. N. S. Emerson, and claims the ballad "Betsey and I Are Out," so widely published by Will M. Carle hU in Harper's and in book form, as her property, written in 1869, and loaned In MS. copies to friends. She charges Mr. Carieton .with a "literary piracy" and with printing her poem as his own in a "mutilated and reeb'.e form." And so the battle of the books goes on, and the ballad, which has no poetic merit, but Is marked by a certain rudo iorce and simplicity, is multiplied by rival publishers, each advertising his wares as genuine. Kate Field will gather her occasional papers Into a volume under the indefinite title of "Hap Hazard." Those interminable hovels by* Richardson. "Pamela," "Clarissa Harlowe" and "Sir Charles Grandison," ?tre to be reprinted in London in cheap editions. It Is doubtful ir the modern world will find time or patience to read them. We should as soon think of reviving "Parthenlssa" or Sydney's "Arcadia." Japanese literature is not abundant. Twenty four books were published in Japan last year, of which nearly all were translations. With one ex ception they relate to what were, till lately, foreign subjects. Seven were translations of foreign ele. mentary work3 on chemistry aud physics, loar on geography, two on American history aud t'arce on civil law. Sir W. Fairbairn, whose works on iron sliip buildlng and tiie strength of materials are authori ties, sayc that "ir you double the length o; a ship you weaken her just 9De-half. And the evil does not Stop here, because if the cargo capacity be enlarged in the same proportion, and used, the ship's strength is diminished four times. What are called 'clipper ships' are not safe." Mr. Thorold Rogers, whose books on political economy and "History of Agriculture and Prices" are well known, will stand lor Parliament in the liberal Interest. Bombay contributes to the Vtenna Exhibition a complete set of all the .native newspapers printed in that country?thirty-six in number. k Those charming writers, MM. Erckmann and Chatrian, have published another of those tranquil and beautiful stories of real life for which they are famous, under the title of "Les Deux Frfcrcs." YACHTING NOTES. TUe Regatta Committee or the Brooklyn Yacht Club is hard at work arranging the details for tho coming annual regatta In June. The distribution of prizes la receiving much attention from the members of the committoc, but this Important mat ter has not been definitely settled, as haa been erroneously reported. The schooner yachts Peerless, Vice Commodore J. R. Maxwell, A. T.C., and Triton, Ur. G. A. Thayer, A.Y.C., had a brush from the foot of Court street, Brooklyn, as far as Sandy Hook, on Saturday alter noon last, both doing admirably, and affording much satisfaction to tUcir respective owners. These yachts will have a merry time In the regatta of the Atlantic Club next month. The schooner yacht Madeline, Commodore Voor hls, H.Y.C., made the run from Nyack-on-the-nud son to Hoboken on Saturday in two hours and ten minutes. The sloop yacht Undine. Messrs. Brasher and Fowler, B.Y.C., Is much improved since her ma*t was placed lurtlicr forward, and is sailing very fast. , The sloop yacht Oracle, Mr. WsUer, N.Y.Y.C., Is anchored oir Hoboken. The sloop yucht Vision, Messrs. Alexandre, N.Y.Y.C., is at anchor In Erie Basin, Red Hook Point. The new schooner yacht building In Sonth Brook lyn lor Dr. Vondy, 01 Jersey City, will be launched In about three weeks. The sloop yachts Marlqnlta, Nimble, Emma T., Genia and others or the Brooklyn Yacht Club, have beeu down the Bay repeatedly during the past three days, their owners desiring to get tho "hang oi thlng-i" before the annual reitutta. The schooner yacht Fleetwlng, Mr. George A. Os good, N.Y.Y.C., is at Gien Cove, being repainted and otherwise preparing for tho June regatta. The schooner yacht Enchantress, Mr. F. Loubat, N.Y.Y.C., is lying at the foot of Washington street, Brooklyn, refitting for tho summer cam paign. 7'fie sloop yacht KalBer William, Mr. II. L. Mott, B.Y.C., will be ready "to proceed to New Loudon, the residence oi her owner, in a few days. ItXIL ESTATE BUTTERS. The FamoiM BrAri hurst Sale To-Day? High Price* Predicted for the Prop erty?A Huge Sale of Eait Side Laud on the 90th Instant. Not since the Spring trule fairly opened with the lmpo tus given thereto by tho Poet estate, has there been such an Intense excitement as thatoroated by the disposition ot the Bradhurst estate, which will take place to-day noon at the Real K?tato Exchange. As this property Is situated In the mott favorab'e portion of the elty, It is safe to pre dict therefor, the grcutost success. The land embraced in this estate, and loeated on avenue At Nicholas, Tenth avonue, 147th, 148th and 149th streets, present* a most magnificent prospect A plain view can be had of the liarlotn and Hudson llivers and the Long island Sound. It is sale to predict that ihe highest prices will be real ized for this property, as it Id not of an every day occur rence that over one Hundred and a quarter or such in ig Ditlcont low are rc.eased iron) the thraldom of a partition and thrown upon tho market. The etTect this sale will have npon the snrronndlng firoperty must bo most salutary. All that is rciulrud now n tills locality Is rapid transit to and iro, and realty In this location will Im as valuable as at uny point on tho ^M^-sr'* Mullor, WllMns A Co. condnct this snlo In tho snine manner n* tiiey have managed the three great l'ost. Carman and IIarson estates. A number of our iieavv operators and land o >vnors have been anxiously waiting for the fate oi the Hradhurst estate, anil as many moneyed parties are anxious to secure this land it may confidently be expected that tho bidding will be spirited and Interest "fin Thitrspny, tho 221 Inst., wo aro to have a large salo of 101 ti'ts on Seventy-flrst, Hoventy-second, Seventy third and Seventy-fourth streets and the Avenue A Bou levard, Jones' Wood, by Messrs. Anthony J. Bleecker A Co., which, being the fl. st large sale or east side prop erty, promises to be very surceutul. The property men tioned is ne lit in trust, and sold, under direction of the trustees, on liberal terms. Tho buslnoss on 'Change yosterday was Important, bat the attendance light.. Messrs. K. H. I.udlow M ce. s?dil eight Iota on the south side of Sixty-sixth street, 100 feet west ot Fourth avenue, each 23xl0n.A, to O. J. Hamilton, tor 9l37,iiOU. Mr. R. V. Harnett sold the five story brick h iuse and lot north side of sixteenth street. 4jW to**"4* of nvunue B, lot 26x9i, to Scharppet * Schlaetler, tor 113,068. V. It. Stevenson, Jr., reports the sale of two lots, sonth side ot Ninety-ninth street, 2fVl feet eaat of Ftlta avonue, each ttxluO, to Veter B. Oronln, tor

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