Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 20, 1873, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 20, 1873 Page 8
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BO' ORDERS wnirpsm. 1 Mra&? HOW OB 158 BLKECKBR STREET.-DE- 1 sincle r ?> Boom*, with nxeellent Hoard, lor tarailiM or * ,,er?ons, from $12 to <10 per week ; single. $0 to FINE PARLOR AND OTHER ROOMS, WITH OB 4. wtthont Board, tnrniahod or uutttrni-hed; torniB low; private home. 329 Kast Fourte'- nth street 1 SECOND STORY SQUARE FRUNT ROOM, HAND J. sonnly furnished, to let, with board, to gentleman and wile or two gentlemen, at 15 Wert Eleventh street 2 OR 3 NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LtT? witli first cluss Hoard, to famines of to single gentle men? at 2W Wmi Twenty-?ooonu street- Rof-rence. ?) GENTLEMEN. ALSO TWO LADIES, CAN HAVE ju goo I Board, with pit ?mint Room*; also table board ers taken. Terms?Gentlemen, board, with room. $<>pcr week : ladle*, $4 p> r week. S53 West Thirty-filth street. 5Til AVENUE.-A SUIT Or' LARUE, COOL, COM modioli" Ai urtmonth on r.urlor floor and three com municating Rooma on second floor, with private table, in the convcuientiy located double hou-e 4.1 Filth avenue. 5TH AVENUE, 343.?A ?IAM?. O.MI-: SECOND FLOOR to let, with or without private fable, tocethor oraep arace- also other Rooina; term* mod era tw. fT WEST WASHINGTON PLACE. TWO POORS FROM, *) Masdot gal (treat.?A UanddooieJjBJfnrniaheq Parlor and Bedroom, ? ith piano, to 1 t, wttli Boarrt. Also other Hoorns: lew other boatders; u c 1nhborboou convenient. S(*.r. to jin per wekk. $1 in rr.K nw -pleasant O Room* with excellent Hoard, lor tainilifw and sln B, at 172, 174 and 17<i iileocfcer street, six block* west ol Broadway. ~H ~~EAST FOltTY-SIXTH StREET.-HANDSOMELY I furnished Room*, on s.-cond and third floors, to let lo families or.single gentlemen, witli or witnotit Hoard; rcfcrcncea exchungea. 1() WAVERLEY PLACE, NEAR BROADWAY.? XJj ''ieasnai Rooms, with Hoard ; .til modern improve ments; tabic boarders tak< 11 I I Til STREET, IB! WE T. HO VRD AT SUMMER JL x prices; large and small ilooms >n s o-iod, third and attic: llrors; water < ojuuh ncaj>lu rooms; American family; small and select. 1 4 EAST I ITU BiliEET, BETWEEN' J.'r Filth and Madison avenue*.?Handsome Ko iitii to let, with tirst class Board, to families or g&ntlemetii pri vate table it desired; tuble boarder* accommodated. I-ITH STREET.?ELEOANT ROOMS To LET, WITH "t Roam, at 217 West Fourteenth street; bou e strictly first c'a-.- and unusuallyd *?lrable aaa Summer iwldencai terms moderate; references. Ql (' PER WEEK FOR LABGB. WELL FURNISHED (JpXURoQU). gas, water, pantry and Hoard lor two : nlso one large Room, water, Ac., $14. Ut hast Twenty second street, near Fourth avenue. Iff EAST TWENTY-THIRD STREET, OPPOSITE J I) Madison square.?To let, furnished w th Board, ono lult Rooms, together or separately; also single Room. IO ANt> 30 EAST TWENTT-EIOHTH STREKT.? AO Three large nicely iiirno-hcd Rooms00 third iloor ?o lot, with good Board, and every oonfcnieuce; also till tiler Rooms tor gentlemen. 1QTH SiCREBT, .W WEST.?ONB OR TWO Vol'NO !?' imn can have good hoard and Rooms. Terms IBoderaca OOD STREET, W EST, 1G4.?AN 0NUSUALLY D t'. 4*.-j siruhlc second story ironi Room, with unexcep tif tiaiiio\i, in a house where ihoro are but few boarders; terms moderate; ret'crcuccs exchanged. 2OD STREET, I5t. WE ST.?A PRIVATE FAEILY ?> will rent an elegant Pult and two ltirge fr?mt Rooms, vvItli or without Hoard, ut .Summer prices; homo luitfe and newly furnished; references required. 2OD ST BEET, 410 WEST, OPPOSITE LONDON TER O lace; the ;no-tpleasant and ci.Tivenient location In the city for Summer; cars pass the door; an entire third Floor to let, with ttrst class Hoard. P OK ?LARGE, WELL FURN1KIIED FRONT ROOM, ? with first class Hoard, lor gentlemni and wife. Scv n tee nth street, tour doors cast ol hecund avenue; reft.ronccg. ()(' LAST FORTY-SEVENTH s-TREET.-A SPLENDID *Ld\J Suit of Rooms on second tloor, with Hoard, to a Iftmi.'y or gentlcinen; house tlrut class; terms moderate. nfiTB STREET, 20 YVKHT. NEAR HROADWAY.? i'lcasant Koonis to let on tlrst and second floors to gentlemen and their wives or single gontlcinen, witli su pcrlor 1'ourd relerenccs. OQTII STREET, 103, HETWEBN LEXINGTON AND (feu Fourth avenues.?To rent, lumiahod, with Hoard, rarlor aud iledroocn on second Hoot; also I wo connect ing Rooms on top floor to ramilles and gentlemen: newly nairered and painted; hot and coid water acid closets; reference required. OQ Bast twenty-fourth street, one block from Filth Avenue Hotel.?A private family will let, with or without Board, handsome Booms, with all Improvements; house first class. Oil BA8T TWENTY-FIRST STREET.?ROOMS, WITH ?)VJ Hoard, lor gentlemen and their wives or single irenUemeii; terms moderate. ?>1 KAST TWESTY-SECOND STREET.?ELEGANT ?J L Rooms, v. lth first elas. Hoard, In the very desirable netghborhooil as above; liberal arrangements lor the Summer. OO WEST THIRTY TniRD STREET.? SUPERIOR OO Hoard; Sumrtmr prieea.?Handsomely furnished suite or sctv ruoly, lor Ism Hie* and uentie men, on s?>c.ond, third and tourth floors; also hall Room. <lfr URA.UERCY PLACE, 162 EAST TWENTIETH OO street.?A large handsomely furnishod Iront Bona, with Board ; gentleman and wile or party of gculleineu; reasonable prices. Or- EAST TWENTIETH STREET.?A PARLOR F1 OOR Oi) ol three rooms, private bath, .tr., with private table; a Second Floor, to gentttmen, without board; ref erences. op EAST FORTY-NINTH STREET, ONE DOOR OO Irotn Mudhkin avenne.? Handsomely furnished Booms on second and parlor floors, with Hoard; choice location lor the Summer; roicrciicesre.iuired. OQ HARROW STREET. NEAR BLEEOKBR.? OO Pl-asant front Room to let, tiirnl?hed or unfur nished; other Rooms, with Board; summer prices. ?JQ WEST THIRTY-THIKD KTllEET, BETWEEN ?J 17 Fith ovenue and Broadway.?Second Floor. Suit on third an ! Urge hall Hoom. with Board, t'cparaiely or together; reiercuoes exchanged. 49 EAST 291 H STREET.?DESIRABLE BOOM8 tO Ti lei, with lioani, to gcntlc.ncn and their wives and single gentlemen. A O EAST NINTH ; TBKET, NEAR UNITEBSITY tO place. ? Furnished Rooms, with or without Roard. 4 4 WE-'T THIRTY-SECOND STREET.?ELEGANT r large tront and back Booms to let, witli Boards plenty of closet room . nl^o lar^e Halt Room, witli closet; flue, airy, healthy rooms o.r Summer, with home corn loris; situation most desirable, especially lor gentlemen. 4r WJS9T ELEVEN Til ST RK K.T.?I. A ROE AND ? / luiall IWftjns. en suite or Finely; hot and cold water; with of without Hoard; Parlor, Extension and private Bath Boom, uiifnrnished; Summer prices. *' y<7 BOND STREET.?HANDSOME FURNISHED * I Rooms, with Ho'ird, to gentlemen or gentleman an.1 wife; table tir-dcla*-; eonvenient to cars and stages; terms moderate ; reference. A n WB8T TWENTY-NINTH STREET.?HANDSOME, T I larcc Rooms, full of closets, with flrstf ls1- French ? nd American table; house Mol; location central, near Gilsey llousc ; terms very modoruto. A 7 WEST TWELFTH STREET, NEAR FIFTH AVE x I nuc.?Elegantly fttrtNahcii R ioma, with alcoves; hot nml cold water, with first class Hourd, for Ketnlenien ami wiifs, also lor tintrle fentlemsn r,|| MORTON STREET inir.H STOOP).?a PLEASA5T wH front Room to let. furnished, to one or two gentle men, with or without Board. ro east twentv-ptrst stkbet.-larue. elk *)?) fcnntlv furnished Room*. bath, Ac., to a party of Ienttemeii and icciitlenu n nuJ vtrec linuae and table rat dual ; ternu< moderateret'ereucc*. r < WEHT TWENTY FOCUTH STR.KT, BETWEEN ?)'t Fifth nnd sixth avcntu * ?Plen*ant Boom* for fatn lllcit, with Bond : also final* Room* for gentlemen; sum mer prinat oenti i1 location. CHARLES STREET, H'lTHTrN BLEEPKER O' ) and Fourth ftreet*.?\ nicely furuUtied SttUnc ami Bedroom, to a ucntiemnn and wile or two gentlemen, with or without Hoard. ? r?n WEST NIMKTEEVTH STREET.?HANDSOMELY O I furnished Room to let, with Board, Kultihlr? fur a jrentlcman and wife or two single gcutlcuicn; tarnllv am.ill. ________ _____ __ TO WKST* FORTY-FIFTM STREET. UKTWKSN O Fifth and Sixth Hvc:iii"? ?l'h i-int Room* on second floor. ample -lo-vt*, hot and (old ?water, hath, Ac., can he had, win- Ho . a, in a private family occupying a flr<it cIumIioum; c uveniuiit to curs and stages Hummer prlcaa. mLEXINCToN AVENOE. -TWo FROM ROOMS on third floor to let, with tl.?; clui- Board. Ret erences given and renuirnd. inc" W'fST TWESfY-BIOWTH flrRi-'ET.?SECOND J""?) Floor to let, with lloard, conkiHtla^ ot two lar^e ro mm connectine with bathroom, private table if de sired ; reference required. 11,- W| nVKNTV-FIRST STREET ? HuUSB J *'?' newly furnl?hed ; to let to gentlemen, veiy desir able Rooms, with Board : ter.n* ver.v moderate 11U | A?T i WENTY-SEVEN III STREET, BETWEEN" 1 I? l/exinaton and Fonrtli avenuca.?Furnished or unfurnished Room? with or without Board, to let, to w?>d parting in Iiouhc with private tamilj'. 199 MADIson AVKM'E. -A SCIT OF HAND aomaly fnrnUhed lloomi lor a pnrtr of trentle men or gentleman and wife, with or wlthoni Board, In a private taioU-. . i?rma very reasonable for Stimmer. lOQ EAST T\\ F.N TY KOURTII STREET, BETWEEN -? ??-' Foorw ani1 l*>xhnr'on avemtea.?Rooms on the Soard u> !al ,n KU'le or k'"K'y, with or without 1QO W'l- ;T I Hi! I V HIXTtl HTREF.T.?WOtTLD BE Jpleased t" H ike ,i home b>r quiet parties' a Jo^keepTn" ' ,,oarl1 aUo * Floor tor iiBbt i'JO EAbT TV'EM Y N Ji FlI STREET ?1 0~"l ?? lOA with Bourl, two ?'ngi- Room.., nteelv tunii'bid. nnd one double ao6u?. altb large c.i- m-t<- rraion ! (7 west rwevrv ?;????%.? ritKi Fo iTfT It I with Foard, to gentleman .nit .rile or onr'or two hlnnlc gentlemen. n M'tlna and Be family small: referenda e*ch,in?ed. 1 r t J WF>T K!.K\ E.\rii STREET, NEAH~*K1X1H I'']' aveAna,?'With or wlthoat R>,om? ti .ndfonn lv (urnl-hed, fortrontleipeii, or irentl ?nn;u .ana wivei?: hon e, l' cbtion, flrat cl4'>: referent * "I r I WKST TWRI,FTH STREET, >EAR SIXTH AVP. !?'! tiu-.-A 1-irxe. lianUdomely furnl'hed back Far l< r i ?let. with H aid - ?!?'? larire aerond no 1 third storv Jfo iiiH, witli ha!i room*, to K'Mitli men rn I wive* or a j .irtv ,if xtiiKie KenU' ineii; irr;Toverr f rt* |?i louse ? table mi l b>e Itliin llr.t eia-a; u rm? trotn $'i ;.U to #10 por week ; i.i.m. ImrfefiUUii 1 f; | East t11irtv? /? (>l irrii~ ~strb;tt.?secoiu ,1'il floor rear B >oin, witli 1 oar i. flr?|ela?? in all re weet.*, for man nnd w lie or two ttenuemen ; per week t'ji 'uuiiner iJoimJic; Im'sI i'ii-n i, r. .tuire I. l(<rx WEST SEVENTIETH STREET.?A CHOICE OF J ' )') newly and eUitantly furnlahel Rootnu. with tirat c!a?? Bo'irli en mile, or ainifl.v; all ni?Hiern imuroTO *?wuUi w,nu* i4*iuj-4W i riifrcuyt'* BOAHOKRS AVAVTEP. m"*~^e~*LRXtNOTON AVFNUB, "CORNER TniRTY first stnct?Third ?totj from Room to rest, with Bnarfl, upon rrasonaMo terms. Ol O WEST FORTY-EIGHTH STKEKT?TWO OB ?i\.L three gentlemen cnn bo accommodawU ^Itll good Board ar.3 I tunu? "*!l Ol n WEST FORTY-SECOND STREET, NEAR ST. +j 1 I Cloud Hotel.? Elegantly furnished Rcoins to let, with Board, to gentlemon unl wlvc* or single gentlem, u; conveulcnt to lour line* of cars; Summer prices. Ruler euces. QOi WEST TWENTY-FOURTU STREET.?TO LET, with Board, n ttont Room. weU fornlshed; hot unit cold writer; large pautry; also a single ltooia; terms moderate. Oil EAST FOURTEENTH STREET, NEAR SECOND Oil avenue.?Nicely furnished Rooms to lot. with Board, to gentleman and wife or single gentlemen. House and table tirst class. Q"| Q WEST FORTY-SECOND STREET.?A PEW MEN ? JlO can bo accommodated with good Bourd and plea sant, nlrv Rooms. QOK WEST T1IIRTY-KIKKT STREET.?TO LIT, with Board, iargr trout Room, with alcove; lour line*ofcaM and one t,tuge Hue pass near tlio bouse; fmy illy small. QQ1 nUDSON STREET.-TWO YOUNG MEN WISH Oul ing Hoard and Lodging, with all home comfort.*, In a private English family, cun bo accommodated; terms iO per week. _ A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET EITHER their second story iVont alcove Room or third story tVont Room and ball Bedroom, with first class tablo and furniture, at reitsonablc rates for the Summer. 60 West 'Ihlrty-lllth street. _ A SINGLE flBNTLEMAN CAN bkaccommodated with pood Board and well fnrni-hed Room in refined Srlvate !amllv, west side, near Fourteenth btreet. Ad res* .SINCERITY, box 1H.1 Herald office. A PRIVATE FAMILY, RKsmiVO IN THE VICINITY ol Madison avenue and Sixtieth street, doafroito rent a handsomely furnished Third Flcur, uith Hoard. Address M., box iSS Herald office. A PARLOR AND BEDROOM TO LET?TOGETHER or separate, to pcmleinrin ami wll'nt Board for ludy. For pnriieulttrs address HOME COMFORT, Her ald Uptown Branch office. A GENTLEMAN AND wife OR TWO OR TnREK gentlemen ean he accommodated with Board In a private hon e having all t'ic modern conveniences. 113 East Twenty-seventh street, between Lexingtou and Fourth avenues. BOARD AND MDaijW WANTED. Board wanted?by a gentleman and wife, up town. Addrega, slating terms, which must bo moderate, P. R. W., lloialu olllce. References ex changed. Board wantkd-ctty and country, bend particulars. Boarders rtlrcctcd Immediately. Best opportunities. Established 1-S67. BOARDEKS' DIRECTORY, 737 llro?dway._ ];<AST Til IRTY-FIRST street,?WANTED, TABLE li Bonrd with a refined private family. Address 6TE11 LINO, Herald Uptown Branch office. /GENTLEMAN, WIFE AND DAUGHTER SIX YEARS VT of uku wish to outage at once large Alcove Room or 2 connecting Rooms on parlor or seooud lloor, with Hoard: must have all modern Improvements mid lie between I^xinston and sixth avenues, below Thirty-fourth street; would furnish except carpets; best ol references given and required. Address, stating tortus, location, Ao., M., box 224 Herald ofllco. WANTED?1'V A LADY AND MAID TWO MODER V> ately sized Rooms, furnished, with Board, in a n!cn??nt lr>calltv: terms nut to exceed $40 iter weok. Address J. D. W., llerald otilco. WANTETK?BY A HERMAN GENTLEMAN, A ROOM, with Hoard, In an American or Oemian private family on 8tuten Island; a placo where buthing can be huil and located between first landing and St. Marc's Hotel preferred; torms must he reasonable; stute locu tion, Ac. Address R. L., Herald ofllco. TITANTED?dY A YOUNO MAN, A ROOM, WITH it Bonr l, in a small plain family, livitnr in the neigh borhood of Fourth street and Sixth avenuo. Addriss, stating terms. F. H. E., Herald Uptown Brunch office. ' BROOKI.YB^B<>ARD.m iF WILLOW STREET, BROOKLYN HEIGHTS.?TO lO let, with Board, a large second story front Room, handsomely furnished, southern exposure; dinner at f>; can accommodate a tew table boarders. BOARD.-A LADY OF LIMITED MEANS WILL TAKE two children to Board (bore or girls): chance lor those contemplating a voyage or travelling: none but tho-,e willing to keep their children nice need apply; reference given unl required. Address E. W., Brooklyn Po.-t office. HOTELS. \ NGELL'S TURKI8H BATHS, fil LEXINGTON AVE 7V nuc.?Pleasant Rooms tor gentlemen or families; transient or permanent, with ar without meals; private table If desired. Baths open all night. riALLEN BOUSE, 188 HUDSON STREET, CORNER \J of I.alghU?Excellent Bonrd, $(1 to $7 #0 per week, with single lvoom; single Room, without board, $2 ami upwards; Lodging, SO cento, gentlemen only. Open all n iglit DEVOH HOTBL, 114 BLEECKER STREET, TWO blocks from Broadway.?Is most centrally located. Rooms for gentlemen or ladies and gentlemen, riOc. to $1 per day, $2 to $8 per week. Horn, moHAtrx, *9 and 41 west twenty nlnth street.? Families and gentlemen can he ac commodated with handsomely furnished Rooms, with first class tablo, at $2 Wl per day. Lenox house, 72 fifth avenue, corner Thirteenth street?Fine suits ol Rooms; also sing In Rooms, with or without Board, lor the Summer. Apply at onee. THE LENOX HOUSE, Orccnwich, Conn.?This new and elegantly furnished bouse will he open by the 2?>th of May. It would be woi th while fur families looking for a llrst class house to see tor themselves before engaging rooms elsewhere. Apply at the Lenox House, Greenwich. Conn., or at the Lenos House, 72 Filth aventte, corner Thirteenth street. IIBBY HOTEL. ONE BL K FROM CITY HALL. SO J Warren street.?Llaht Room, BOc. a day, S3 to S3 a week : family Rooms, Si and $1 60 a day, $4 to $s a week. NEW ENGLAND HOTEL. 90 BOWERY, CORNFR OF Bayard street ?500 light Rooms, neatly lumished. ."Vic. or BOc. per uight, $2 60 to $4 per week. For gentle men only. KF.SERVOIR PARK HOTEL CORNER SIXTH AVE nu.- and Fortieth stroet, opposite Reservoir l'nrk.? Elegant Rooms to rent, with Board, for families ami alngie gentlemen, at Mummer prices. "IITAVERLEY HOUSE, 789 BROADWAY.?BOARD ?? a day: (9 to S<2 a week. Rooms, without board, 75 cents and SI a day; $4 to $7 a week. Kumily Rooms, $1 .Vi and $2 a day. COCSTRI BOAUD. A PRIVATE FAMILY. UVIHO 8U MINUTB8 FROM Oraud Ocn ral Depot, can accommodate irentleman and wife or two gentlemen with good Hoard; fruits vegetables, shade, (table. Address box 4,'ilii Post ofllce. A GERMAN family of TRRRE Ancr.Ts and two children want good Board in Montclalr, N. J. Address. with particulars, 8. W. R., box 2,ls3 New York Post ofllce. AFKW MORB BO ARDT2RH CAN BK ACCOMMO datcd with pleasant, airy Rooms, good Poard, home comforts; terms moderate ; grounds elevated, healthful and pleasant) splendid river and Inland view; Ave min utes walk iroui dupot Address box iHl Turn town Cost office. Y ?WANTED, THRER OR FOITR KOOM.S, WITH tnilt...w-?, ... ? all particulars, BltOWJ Board.?highland hotel, vati/s gate nrr.n,ro countv, N. Y.?Twenty boarder* can he ac commodated at this hotel during the Summer months on rea-enable terma; also families; room* large ami airv; location healthy; line country; splendid driven; ?ood stabling; only two hours by railroad trom New York city, tour niil. s trom Newburg; six trains dallv hv Erie Railroad; New York and Newburg short cut branch, also accessible by ftenmhost via Cornwall or Newhurar; the hotel is only three miles trom Cornwall and 10 minutes' walk irotn the railroad depot. Address THOMAS W. RYAN, Highland Hotel, Vall's Gate, Orange countv. best of Board, for n small tamlly, In cottage tnimtionse, on sea s j. tor a email tanitty. in cottage or shore or mountain. Address, statinu 1>\VN, 51 West Kitty-tilth street, N. Y. Board at franklin, essex county, n. j.? House newly furnished; flue location; splendid drive*; three minute* Iran the station ot No war k, branch of Erie Railroads AO minute* trom New York. ' Refer to Sitae C. Hav, 80 Broadway, or address JOHN 8. j t'AN RIFRR. Franklin, Besex county, N. j. f)OARD FOR A GENTLEMAN' AND WIVE CAN BE It had In a private family, one hour's ride trom Cort land! street; itou?e has bath, A<>.; Is desirably located; plenty of shade and fruit; no other hoarders; terms rea sonable. Address W. H. L, Herald ofllce. Board wanted-in a quiet, religious fam ily, near tlie city, for an aged lady; jtatu terms. | which must be moderate, and full particulars. Address box 14S Herald office. Board wanted-in the country'. <u minutes from city llall, by ? gentleman and wife ; not to ; exceed fis Address, siuting lull particulars, U. J., ; Herald Oltlce BOAlil) WANTED IN A FAR* nOUSE IN ORANGE count*, N v., bra tamlly consisting of one erown person ana three children, for the Summer ; board must not exceed $1.1 per week. Address J. A. T? box .'-.CO Tost utllee. BOARDKKS WANTED-ON NEW JKItsKY CENTRA?! one hour from New York; country rolling and healthy; pleasant and shady lawn; Rooms cheerful ami airy ; good table. Address J. 11. K , Westfleld, N. .1. COUNTRY BOARD.?TWO Oil TnREE FAMILIES can be accommodated at the house of Mr. CHARLES GILBERT, at .iing Sing; pleasant rooms and healthy lo cation. CIOUNTRY BOARD?AT A FIRBT OLAM FARM J lmusc among the Connecticut hills; three hoursiroin the citv; all farm luxuries. Ice, milk, poultry, Ac. Ad dress box 36, Hawleyviile.Conn., or call on T.P.RaXTER, lii Fulton street, Brooklyn. N. Y. ( COUNTRY BOARD.?'WERTCHESTKR COUNTY.? Hi?il. ground, lawn, shade ; penectlr lieaithv; ire?!i milk ati i vegetables; unexceptionable references; every particular. Address Mia BIDDER, Melrose, Wtstches ler county. (toulfTur BOARb-m"milm from city, on RAIL Vv ruad: four trains each way dalle. Proprietor, pho tugrapu am! lull* at room i?, No. kxi hsnge place, or adores* Post office, box ?> chappa^no, N v (VJL'NTRY BOARD.?A private FAMILY IN OS* V ?L pleasant villages of Berkshire countv, V i-.a chus? tt will take r\ lew boardersTTwthe summer; lame. y Rpmi$VonraW offtee""1 criA<u*tXrouu<U Aduf?^? ( 10nn,.T!lJ,fc?,ARIi !'AV HAD ON A FARM IN v i.'arn ic. i1"""' i'" Hthful and beautiful town* In $ lutl^'f^'rn'sprhislteU^^^? I /lOUNTIK* BOARD, AT LYONS FARMS N A BR I' tween .Newark ami Elizabeth.?Kami lies (Jfsini ki persons arcoit. modaie.i. plenty ot fruit, mils e*>.a" i Wt!u'vVi?U?'?tI4l,Jr ' ^'krUeuitu>taU at 1JB KastVeven-' COUNTRY BOARD. . 10UNTKY BOARD CAN BB HAD AT A F.VRM v > house o?e and u hall' hour's ride from New \ork, and one mile from the depot! It U a very healthy una well shaded place: plenty ot milk, fruit and vegetable* in auire at ISO Went Twenty-sixth^street, New York. itvi'sirable PAtill08 CAN f*5f**Ml2?eTirithl5u 1' Board in a handsomely flirnisliert rcsi>.?' ' ? city conveniences, at Englcwood, N. J.; goM ' Address box 18S Post office, Englewood, or ihnulre there for direction to the place. For ruterence call at 43 wesi Tweuty-secoud street. New York. Fmbst clam accommodations and board can be obtained tor a party at a very haudiame place on ih" vent rtdc of the Hudson; references re quired. For terms. Ac., address box lis Hern lit office. New briguton, statln island.-okntleman and witeor single gentlemen can bo accommodated wtth Board; house well shaded; fine grounds, overlook irtrthebuy; adjacent to terry. Address box 2,715 Post office. TJARTIRB DESIROUS OK OBTAINING COUNTRY L Itouid for ti e Summer season, where Ashing, bath ing, miudi! and drives are unequallod. und where IBOS quitos and fever and ague nre not known, will do well to apo'v to SKYMOlilt CURWIN, proprietor ot Miauiogue win, Jwnesport, L. t rnWO GENTLEMEN, OH (JEN i'LE.M AN AND WIFE, X can And Board In a private family m Youkew; ref erences given aud required. Address box -?>! ionkers l'osi office. _ __ yiiKY DESIRABLE BOARD CAN BB OBTAINED IN Orange, N. J., quite convenient to the depot; terms reasonable; references exchanged. Address box Hu, East Orange, N. J. WANTED?BY A GERMAN okntleman, BOARD ir New Hrightou, H. I.; house on Richmond tr.raie preferred. Address, with particulars, L., box ii,tW7 Post office, New York. \\7 ANTED?COUNTRY BOARD, BY A LADY, TWO t T small children (aired one an I two vuars) und mir e, where tlieie arc no other boarders, on the line ot the Hudson River Railroad, or on Long Island Hound, within an Hour and a h ilf ol city nnd Convenient to depot; wool und abundant table required. Address, stating terms and lull particulars. Lox 3,402 Post cflice. New York. WB HAVE nuweroVb APPiicANTS DAILY FOR Country Boar 1. Country Houses please register at GENUNO'S Boarders' Directory, 3/ Union square, BUMMER RE80UTS, AT SARATOGA 8PRINOS, N. Y. Grand Union Hotel will open June 1, for the reception of guests: Professor J. M. Lander and his su| orb band have hi on engaged lor the season; rooms can be engaged at M< tronolitan Motel or Ollsey House, New York. Address hrkdlin, GAitD NElt A CO.. at Saratoga Springs, N. Y. BRIGHTON HOUSE, Perth Amboy, N. J . IX hours from New York, will open on or before May Si; (are irom New York 31" per month; beautiful locution; splendid soa bathing, good fh liiog and boating. Apply to S. C. BA'.R, Proprietor. BATn HOTEL, Bath, L I., AUG. FUNK Sr., Proprietor. This popular Summer retort has been completely reno vated an.l refurnished and l.snow ready tor reception of boariters; soa bathing, tUhing, boating. Ac. For particu lars apply as above or at Irving Place Hotel, corner Four teenth street ana Irving pluce. Bay shore, l. i., southside kulkoad.?fami lles accommodated with Board. Apply to T. J. COX, 47 Liberty street, J. N. I'AVIS, 47 Warren street, or to Mrs. I'KClv WELL, Bay Shore. CIOZZENS' WEST POINT HOTEL 1 will open on Saturday, May 31. Two Cottages to let, with lloard in Hotel ; special terinc offered to parties engaging rooms for the season. For n.irtlculnrs address kpWakD cozzens, West Point, N. T. DODGE'S HOTEL?AT MACOMB'S DAM. DINOEU, POUTER A CO., Auctioneer* will sell, on WEDNESDAY, Mav 111, 1W, at h> o'clock A. M., on the premises, all the contents of said hotel, comprising I'urlor, Chamber and Dining Room Furniture, Crockery, Glassware and Kitchen Utensils, Barroom Fixtures, elegant Mirrors, wines, Lionors, Ac. | Wagons, Sleighs, Harness, Pony Turnout, Ac. Catalogues at offices of Auctioneers, 2,St>3 Third avcuno arid H2 Cedar street. Steamboat for Harlem Bridge and stages troin 123th street and Eighth avenue to door. FORREST HOUSE, NEAR THE ORAND VIEW House, Morristown, N. J., having changed liundf, will onon on Jano 1; one suit and a few single rooms still disengaged For particulars apply at 440 West Twenty-third street. (GREGORY HOUSE AND CARPENTER HOUSE, X Lake Mahopac, N. Y., will open for guests June 16; Board $4 per day; fonr tra'ns drily from Grand Central Depot, Forty-second street, Harlem Railroad; Mr. J. Bernstinc's orchestral Band has been engaged for the season. For terms, Ac., apply at the hotel or address J. S. RAMSAY, Proprietor. Heath house, soiiooley's mountain springs, Morris county, N. J? will open June 1; two hours' ride from the city via Morris and Essex Railroad. Appli cation for rooms ran be made by mall at the Coleman House, where the proprietors can be seen every Wed m a. day troni 12 until 8 o'clock. J. WA It REN COLEMAN. LAIRD'S MANSrON HOUSE. Long Branch, N. J,, will open June 111. WILLIAM L. MclNTYRE, Manager, formerly with the late Samuel Laird. LA TOrUETTB HOUSE. BERGEN POINT?THIRTY minutes from New York bv rail or bout, new opent Special terms made with families. Call ou or address. R. McMICUAKL. Long branch.?a private family will be prepared fo take a few tirst class boarders after Juno I; location desirable. Address Mrs. U. A., Long Branch, N. J. 1ARCHWOOD.?FIRST CLASS accommodations. J splendid drives, shady walks, sea bathing, good food, stubling, elegantly furnished; references ex changed. Address C. E. H., box 448, South Nor walk. Conn. I' AKE VIEW HOUSE, LAKE HOPATCOKO, MORRIS J cotintv. N. J.. will open June 1.? Splendid fishing, t??>ntinir ami !?&'Iiint;. For parti, ular* apply to WAIN WBU.IIT A HAMILTON. Proprietors. Overlook mountain house-on the cats kllls, vln Kingston. Ulster county. N. T. For par ticulars address J. h. LASHER. Overlook Mountain House. Wo olMock, N. V., or JACOB SHARPK, 149 Broadway. PAVILION HOTEL. (JLEN COVE, L. I.. OPENS JUNE 1.?Accommodations tor 100 guests: good drive*, boating, bathing and fishing- t'. I.. HRIiXIS. IyBEMIUM roiNT lloCSK.?DELHI HTFULLY SITU ated on the Sound; sea battling, fishing, boating, pleasant drives, stahlinir; no chills ami fever; 4ft minutes from eitv. A. FLYJlPTON, ft4 West Twentv-iourtli ?t. P KABODY HOUSE, Yonkers, on the Hudson, now open. TJIVEK8IDE HOTEL, 1521> STREET, CARMANS .11 ville, on the Hudson River, ftnd by road one block went oi tin.' Went em Boulevard.?This popular house, en tirely titled and ftirulshed anew, l* now opeu !<>r the re ception ot guesU; 2(1 minutes from Thirtieth street depot For term*, Ac., appiy to l'AULL A Ul'NCALI'1. 7?IVE1SIi)E HOU8R, PLEASURE BAY, NEAR long J.V Brunch, N. J., five minutes' from the railroad glutton, will open tor the reception of nie.t?, June 10, Jt?73; accommodations first class in all re?peett; boating, bowling, riding and other amusement* always ready anil nt moderate rates. JOHN E. BOWDEN (lute of Western Hotel, New York), Manager. RUSK'S SUMMER RESORT, HUNTER, greene county, N. Y.?References? Dav d Hall. No. S Maiden lane, New Vork; P. S. Durycc, 40 I'urk place, .Newark, N_J SANDS' POINT HOTEL, SANDS' POtHT, L. I.?IS now open. Fortenn.^, Ac., address as above. (1 DUKsi'AUGH, Proprietor. ST. MARK'S HOTEL NEW BRIGHTON. STATEN Island.?This favorite resort is now open lor the reception of gue?ts. For terms and other information apply at the Hotel, or address o. I>*.<'AMI', 1'roprietor. . rnnoMPSoN's atlantic pavilion, highlands, 1 N. J ?Tills favorite seaside Resort will bo opened for guests on or U'lore the 1st oi June, on reasonable terms, Those wishing rooms for families will address the proprietor. .Kish.l'11 J. THOMPSON. The tappan zee house, NYACK. on the Hnd?on, one hotir Oom New York city, will Ik- opened June 14 for the reception ot guests, and Kept in the best stvie. Dia grams of the house may be procured bv addressing I.. I>. MANs>rtl;i,i?, Proprietor. THE EyUINUX HOUSE, MANCHESTER, Vf? will open ,'utie 10. Address, by mail or telc,:rapl>, F. H. ORVIS. THE WEST END, FORT WASHINGTON, OPPOSITE the Palisades.?This new Hotel, in all its app dnt , tnents first class, will shortly open; iron and sulphur i springs on the grounds; Rooms shown dailv. For par i tlculars address CHARLES 11. SHELLEY. LOAN OFFICE*. AT 77 BLEEt'KER STREET, NtfAU BROADWAY, I P stairs.?Highest cash advances on Diamonds, i Watches. Jewelry, Pianos Ac., or bought; Pawnbroker* 1 Tiekeis bought, at 77 Bleecker *tr?et. AT WOLF BROTHERS'. KM BROADWAY, BETWEEN Nineteenth and Twentieth street*?Mouev loaned ; on Watches, Diamonds. Jtwelrv, Silverware, bilks, and particularly Pianos; private parlor for ladle*; bu*ine?* strictly confidential. A J. JACKSON. PAWNBROKKR, M WEST THIRTY ? first. formerly PJ Prince street, loans Money in large or small sums on personal Property of every de scription. AT JACKSON'S, ?? BRO\l)WAY. OPPOSITE ELEV enth street?Money liberally advanced on Dia j monds, \\ .itches, Jewelry. Silks, Dry Goods, and per | Son*! Property of every description. Private entrance lor lotlie*. 1 NT MOADttY, CORNER FOURTH ITMKT^> Liberal advance* on Diamonds. Watches. Jewelry, i Silk', Camel's llalr SluttrL, Laci s and personal property of ever} letcrlptton, JAMES p. MATTHEWS. At S7 thirteenth stre; t, m a? broadway.? I pay the highest price t,.r Diamond* Watches ami | Jewelry. Advance on the same. ISAACS, I Diamond Broker f>7 Thirteen:!) street, near Broadway. AT HVMAN'S. 71) BROADWAY?LIBERAL AD vances made on Diamond- and Watches. Silver ware, *c., or will pay the hljfiust market price lor the same. QQ NASSAU STREET, OPPOSITE POST OFFTtfE.? ? Liberal advances irad? on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry an I all kinds of Merchandise The same bought I and sold. Room 1. iiav.Ma.n LEOPOLD i AO SIXTH 1VKICI E, RETWI EN TW KNTt FOU1 TH 'I'm) ami I v enty flllh stri ets.?I.l' eral advances ma le on Diamonds. Watches,.!. wrlry, slits. Laces and Shawl*. Same bought at full value. L, BERNARD. /?Q," BROADWAY, CORNER AMITY STREET.? I/O'/ Money liberally advanced on Diamonds, Watches. Js-wclry and all Merchandise, at the old established

Lv'iu oulce. Same bought ami sold. M. ROSENBhKG. (11 Q BHOADWAV, OLDEST ESTABLISH ED AND ? MO nnmt reliable otlic.e.?Moiuv advanced on Dia monds, Watcln's, J ewelry, Laces, Ac.; same bought at i ij 11 value. A. 0. HKItn 1G/'7 J?ROADWAY, OVER HERALD BRANCH .At) I ofllce, r/)om B ?Parlors for ladles. Money loaned on Diamonds,.IVatcjic*. Jewelry, Ac same bought ft?d Hll Lit?DO BRV?i B AKnJSBSMKWTil. ^ ^ jLYMPIC THEATRIC, ?4 BROADWAY. EVEBY EVENING DURfS'U Hit WEEK AT 8 O'clock and WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY MATINEES AT % labi WEEK BUT TWO of GEO. I.. FOX'S HUMPfY DUMPTY. fcEOONDAND last WEEK Of AT,AI AlAI ALA! ALA! the Daring European C.ymn ist, whose double someraeta are pron^unreJ by the pre** to l_e the MOST ST ART 1.1 NO acts KVKK SEEN last WEEK BUT TWO OK THE SPECIAL. * AHTInTS. LAST WEEK HUT TWO OK TUfc. OLiMlIC I AN TOMIMK. w ? fc Sec Humpty Dumpty ere he bid# farewell to Nflw YorK. OOTH'S THEATER. NKrLHON Edwin Hontli Mf.nager and j'roprietor The celebrated tsh Tragedienne, Mi bo NiiiLSON, AMY rdhrart, in llallidiy's grand Historical and Romantic Driraa, as piaved bv ner ut the Drvry L'ino 'i lioatre? i-miuou, lor ' OV15II 1UU CONSECUTIVE Mr. FRANCIS BANGS us LKICK? rKK Entire new Scenery, Costumes, Armor*, Appointments, Music, Mechanical Effects and an increased auxiliary lorce uud Corps de Ballet o! nearly TWO TIUNDBED 1'ERSONfiL EVERY EVENING and SATURDAY MATINEE at It*). Notice.?Carriages may !>? ordered ?t 10sli To soenro u choice of places, the management woull respectiully suggest that seats lie secured us liMn ad vanee no possible. Branch Ticket otHce at l)i'?<n A Co. h. RQC -ATI1ENEUH THEATRE. , . ? , t)<!>), Broadway, opposite Metropolitan ho'pi. Manager ,? ?,<-.vV- BUTLEK The largest amount of attraction in the city. pantomime, BURLESQUE AND JiUMJw OLIO. THE STARS OF HUBLESOUT3 nil! WOBBfcLL SlVfERS Vp ROBBERS OF YE OLDEN TIME. The great Comic I'nntomimints of the diiy, THE GREAT ZANFRETTA TKOCPB will appeur '.u their trulv laughable Pa'itomimo of JOCKO; ok, THE BRAZILIAN APE. Tlie famous Ethiopian come.linn and author, ADD RYMAN. ADD RYMAN. Ai>D RYMAN. Go hoar liiiu lecture mi Astronomy. THE BEAUTlKUL REM.Y1ELSHERG SISTERS. Mis* Juvk;vi>', tn'tli,Mtss Arnott, Miss Ro-s. LUKE riCHOOLCrtAFT. W:ti. Went, George H. Cues, J. Lang. George II. AI kin*, s. Holdsworth, At., in their Bide-splittint net a. (See bill-'.) Door* open ut 7. Curtain rises at H o'qlock. Mrs. p. b. conway's Brooklyn theatre. MONDAY, MAY 19, AND EVERY EVENING, MAN AND WIFE. Mr. Frank Roclm Mr?. F. B. O in way (TONY PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE. 101 BOWBRY. TliE FLY N J MAN HURDIE. FRANCOIS, PRINCE OF MAGIO. THE KAVOkITE CHARLES WIIITH. MATINEE. MATINEE, MATINEE, TO-DAY. TO-DAY. D. L. MORRIS, DUTCH COMEDIAN. ST.'GEORUE A GIBBONS, Son* nnd Dance. The New Sensational Drama, THE DRUNKARD'S WIFE. BILLY PASTOR'S NEW SONGS. ALL THE STABS IN A GREAT HILL. KUBINSTF.IN?LAST NIGHT IN AMERICA, TOURS ilny evening, at 8, at KTEIN'WAY IIAl.L. Him last appearance In America. Rubinstein will play 32 of ht? compositions, including, for the first time in America, vacation*on YANKEE DOOD..E. NEW YORK MUSBUM OF ANATOMY, 813 BROAD wuv. between Houston and Bleeo'ter streets.?Every onoshould visit the wonderful Museum; it islull ot every thing people should sco and undorst.ind. Lceturns daily on "T?e Philosophy of Marriage." Tiiojj parties nnab'.a to nttertU these important lectures can have them tor warded, post free, on receipt ot' 25 cents, by ad Ironing SECRETARY NEW YORK MUSEUM OK AN ATOM Y, ulj Broadway. New York. Rubinstein will play, on Thursday hven ing, his lost appearance in America, variations on YANKEE DOODLE. "/1LASPED TO 1IER BREAST HER BABY LAY; OR, \j Wrcek of the Atlantic." now song, Pratt, 40e.; "Drilt Ing into the Harbor," Web.'ter, 86c.; "Just Touch tho Harp Ocntly," 30c.; What Mollie Said." Welluinn, 3(ic. | " Eileen Aianna," J. R. Thomas. 4Uc.; " Brluht Hope," H. P. Danks. 30c.; "Fuslonenj" and ''iligli Lite" waltzes, Strauss, 85c. eurh. DtTSoN A CO., 711 Broimway. S1einway HALL?RUBINSTEIN?thursday EVEN ING. Last appcarancc in America of rubinstein. who will ola.v 32 of his own compositions, Including Vari ations ?n YANKEE DOODLE. FIANOIPmri'ES, C?ltO.\N?. <fco. 1 FEW PIANOS OF OUR OWN MAKE, RETURNED IV from tare, nearly new; at bargains lor cash, or on installments; the same to rent; ail 7}? octaves, and in pcrtect order. ARION PIANOFORTE CO., No. 5 East Fourteenth st._ AT BETTS' WAREROOMS, 788 BROADWAY, COR ner Tenth street, new nnd second hand Pianos and Organs, lor cash or instalments, or to rent, S3 to $10 per month. A BARGAIN?tl00.-HANDSO.ME FOUR ROUND corncr l'iano ? Stolnway Pianoforte, 7 octave, carved legs, grand action; sold for want of money. 13\Vaver!ey place, near Broadway. A beautiful 7 OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO, >^fhly carved case nnd legs, $I(iiS. New ones for sale and rent at JOHN MAHON'S, i'U East Thirty-ninth st. SPLENDID ASSORTMENT OF STEIN WAY A SONS' second hand square, grand und upright Pianos for sale at a tiargain. Abo u number of Instruments of other lirst class makers. Every Instrument in good order. STEINWAY A SONS, Steinwny Hall. OREAT BAROAIN OE KI.KOANT SECOND HAND I'lanos at less tliau half their value und good as new, at fischer'S, 125 West Twenty -eighth street, near Ninth avenue. American pianoforte company, 5.3 broad way.?Pianos of six first class makers, new aim second hand, for sale cheap for cash or by instalments and for hire; also Parlor Organs. A HANDSOME ROSEWOOD pianoforte. $28. Call trom li to 12 A. M. at 63 First street, second floor. H. KNOOP. A LADY, ABOUT LEAVING NEW YORK, WISHES to dispose of her Piano at a vory reasonable price; superior tone and finish. No. 5 West Washington place. A?PIANOFORTES, pianofortes, PIANOFORTES. ? I will of to a caiih customer my two Piano fortes, made to order; on? double round (Decker A Broth ers, maker), one grand square. $2wx Call at private resi dence, 210 West Twenty-tlrst street, near Soventh avenue. Makers' guarantee with both. t i' HIV ATE RES idenc e, 1<h ic AST TWF. ntydki FTH street, near Fourth avenue, magnificent rosewood double round 7vi octave patent ntrratl'e grand square Pianoforte, nearly new; cost $90d, tor #275 cash; Stool, Dover; Parlor Suits, Painting*, Pronzes, Chamber, Library, Dining Furniture, loss than half cost; nroi erty of family leaving city. Pianoforte has box tor snipping. A GRAND SCALE 7j* OCTAVE RICH ROSEWOOD cane parlor Pianotorte; made to order; used 8 months; cost $l,09i), tor 8300, including music cabinet, stool, cover, ac.: cost $100; warranted toY 6 years from makers; also Parlor and Bedroom Suits, Carpets, Paint ings, Mirrors, ( as Fixtures, Ac. Call at private resi dence 120 wostekl st, between 6th and 7t!i avs. B. R. MARTIN. A MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE k>R sale?Parlor grand, made order, city maker: fully guaranteed ; used ft months; cost $w<)0, tor $275; Parlor, Chamber, Dining Furniture ; China, Glassware; at a sac rifice ; property latuily leaving city. 36 W. lftih si., near Oth av. BEAUTIFUL CARVED ROSEWOOD 7-OCTAVE Pianolorfe, overstrung, celebrated city maker, for $150. Apply at 213 l-.asi street, between 2d and 3d m A LADY WILL SELL AN ELEGANT UPRIGHT 7 octave rosewood Pianoforte, short time used (cost price s-'s^o), for lesthan half; in perfect order. 28 Third st. FIltST CLASS 7>s OCTAVE PIANOS RETAILED AT wholesale prices. Dlroct from factory. .ketid for cir cular. CHRISTIE, 7ri Harrow street, near Hudson. First class tk octave pianos, at whole m?Io only, at our new factory and warerooms, 244 and 246 West Twenty-seventh st. pease ?t k1mjstrom. Great f*RrtAt\s.-fifty new a;;d second hand Pianolortes at a great sacrifice for cn?h or oil installments; twenty new Perlor Organs, verv cheap, PEEK A 80NS, 127 Bleecfeer street J P. HALE IS MAKING 10,(mo WORTH PIANO ? fortes for the trade front his new 7j? octave scales. Give htm a call. Thirty -flitli street and Tcnlli avenue. M* AONTfIcENT" 7li OCTAVE" "rosewood PIANO forte, havwig curved legs, ov?r?ti una bass agraffe, Ac.; great racriifre; please ?-\au)ine: ChicUerlng make Piano only $100; bargain. JAMBS gordun, 157 Bleceker sireet. ELODKON ORGAN, IN MAHOGANY' 18 STOp? two pedals. guaranteed. Imported from Alexandre, of Paris- first class pri/.e medal In Exhibition of Paris; cost $1,500; for sale for $380. This orvan genera lv useu tor church, tiralro, concert, Ac. Property of family leaving for Europe. Apply to M. uodard, 214 East Thir ty-sixth street, from 1 to 4 o'clock. PIANOS (BEAUTIFUL WEBER~INCLUDED), CHEAP as the cheapest, good as the best, for rent or sale; rent allowed purchaser; at mkurell's, No 8 Union square, 1>"5 Fourth avenue. Puh0*~ SECOND HAND, op VARIOUS MAKERS, in thorough order, for sale at low prices; also Pianos to rent and on Instalments, by ClMCKKRINo a SONS, ii bust Fourteenth street, between Broadway and Fifth av. PIANOS AND ~oruans.-gp.ka\ bamaua ffg# MM must b?fUtUBl styles and perlect toiios ever made, and by best maker*. at lower prices lor ensh, or monthly Instalments, or tor rent, durinv this month, at WATERn'. 4sl Broadway, than can be found elsewhere. rnilb most REUABLE,- BERT pinished ikiJ 1 richest toned P.anofortes manufactured, from s^s seven octave Pianoforte, nearly new, ou;v $150. Co operative I'ianotnakers, No. ? Great Jones 'street, near Broadway. MUSIC ah. American conservatory ok music! General ofllce, "?i3 Rroadwav, near t-cvrnteenth st; normal branch. 'S Union ?.junro (Decker lire.tilers' build ing). For particulars apply to ii. hchroeder, .urector. N. B.~say uumiH-r ot Musli'al Gazette 10.-. per copy. An ITALIAN TENOR SINGER, PROM ITAMAN opera, teaches Piano and Mnfflnt at $5 per month during tho Summer month*, at 117 West Tweniv-sevcnili street, near Sixth avenue. ]7*or SALE?a MELODFON, IN GOOD ORDER, 4v? ' octave, for less than halt lis original cost 89 Rlv Ington street. Musicians.?n ;w music, prom all compos ers, one cent sheer, mil sl/.e; Beettioven's "Sonata," Siraiiss and others: also Mas-es. Piano tor salu cheap, fi.y Broadway, up stairs, corner Houston mjmcem,ANEOtljl. Ajl, $2 OR $3 BOTTLE OK THE FOLLOWING choice Perfumes, distilled irom natural flowers by the Crown Perfumery Company, of London, can be pro cured from dealers III fancy goods. High Lite Louquet, Butterfly orchis wild Flowers of India, ma'hlola, Haw thorn liloi in, Meadow.Queen, Crown Bouquet and titty Otner choice and delicate odors. THOMSON. langiien A CO., Importers MMtufaoturt rs, w Itr.mdway, N. y. u WALKER'S SONS.?EXTRA AND PLAIN BOOK tv. binding done at shortest noftco and lowest price; editions of nooks dono In b-'st stylo. 55 hey street SLOTK a JANES, stationers, printers AND Hiank Book Mnnulacturcrs, 'jj Fulton street blank tin** loaanvrat. u AMUSEMENTS. NION HQi'ARE THEATRE. Proprietor. ...Mr. STH?RTDAW SHOOK Mituu. u' Mr. A. M. Palmer Bc. lii" at 8. fttind.iy matinee at 1:30. Currlugea may be ordered at 11. TO-NTOU <" LAST rEEFuRMANOB of FTtOU FROU. WEDWRSDAY EVENING, MAY 21, will be produced, alter most e'fiborue preparation. a new and orK-nal drama, by Mrs. Sheridan Shook, in tlve acta, entitled WITHOUT A IIRAfcT. Characters a* follows? Jf)r?/\ViiU''e)!' Mr H. Montgomery sir wttuant l rou-ihtnn Mr. V K. Macka> Mr Henry Johnston* Mr B La nib R'd.ert Miirstou Uuartwi) Mr. D. U. liarl'.ius Rev. Mr. Sherwood, (Hector of Wuodbridre) , _ . , Mr. W. B. Lauren* Janmu Pobson (n gardener) Mr Welsh Edwar h Walter .....Mr W. Oiii [lev Hrrv?ntio8i Wllliutn Bruiwhtou Mr W/fiLiiurt Lillte Sher wood Uiu Mary Ortswold Marian ntone Mr*. J. 1). Oeruion Mnrrlm !>?>:.mi (al'crwar Is 1 aura umhuwav, her ilrs' appearance) Mi?s Maude Granger Alice Mis* Jo?ei>hlne Laurens Mnria ML<s Charlotte Cave Mnry Miss Uattiu Thorpe The play will be prodocsd will new and elegant scenery, by M AltSTON, uud with new lurulture, proper ties und appolntracuts. BOX SHEET POR THE"FIRST MIGHTS NOW OPES. XTIBLO'S OVRDEN. AZHAEL. LULU. IN TUOROUUII AND COMPLETE TRIUMPU. The brilliant I'ant iin'me. AZRAEL; OR. THE MAGIC v HARM. MAPPlTT and BARTHOLOMEW?( 1 ,wn uud MAFFI1T and BARTHOLOMEW?( Iowa and Pantaloon. | LULU. LULU, LULU, LULU. LULU, TflE LULU, LULU, SENSATION LULU, LULU, GYMNAST. LULU, LULU, LULU, LULU. LULU, IN THE MOST 1 GRILLING U Y SINABTIC PER-. ' fokmancks ever seen in the would 1 THE ENTIRE AUDIENCE RISES IN EXCIIF.M K VI AT Til If W0NDR0U8 FLKili'i- UTitoUGU SPACE, In WHICH LULU BOUNDS FROM THE STAGE TO A PLATFORM bUSPENl)ED THIRTY-FIVE FEET ABOVE IT, AN'!) THEN EXECUTES TnE MOST DIIFICI'LT OF ALL ATHLETIC Eli FLO ITS. A TRIPLE SOMERSAULT IN MID-AUl. 8CENERV, MUSIC. COSTUMES. APPOINTMENTS, MMF. LANKIER, MLLE LUPO. CORPS DE MALLEI' IN THRliE ORANl) BALLETS. THE TRANSFORMATION SCENE 18 REMAKKABI-Y UKAUTIFUL AND HARMONIOUS IN DESIGN AND CONCEPTION, AND BRILLIANTLY GOKO:.OUri IN EXECUTION. MATIN ICES WEDNESDAY AN O SATCR13AY AT 2. IBLO'S GARDEN. MATINEE. LADIES CAN AVOID THE CR0WD8 at the evening performances by attending the Matinee of AZRAEL and LULU TO-MOKROW (Wednesday) AFTERNOON AT 2. L LT L U?1 M E EN8ATUi_N_CYMNAriT-LULU. OOD'S MUSEUM. YANKEE LOCKE. POSITIVELY ONE WEEK ONLY. N W EVENING AT 8. Engagement of the celebrated Comedian YANKEE LOCKS, in his new drama of TRUMPS. TRUMPS. AFTERNOON AT 2. Special for MATINEE PERFORMANCES. The charming actress LU I K SYLVESTER In Maodcr's drama of NIP. w ALLACK'S. Proprietor and Manager. .Mr. LESTER WALLACE LAST THREE Wl^EKS of the PRESENT BKIi.Ll.Y.ST SEASON. LA T 11 NIGHTS ol Mr. gOTHEKN. LAS i' NIGIITS'OF THE SQUIIIE'S LAST SHILLING. Mr. BOTHERN will, on THURSDAY, the 2M, aLo on 23.1, 21th (Matinee and night), 2Ctb, 27th nnd CSih, . p;>ear la UU great orita n:il of LORD DVND.iEARY, written and created by nimsclf, in the Comedy ol' "OUR AMERICAN COUSIU." on THURSDAY, FRIDAY and SATURDAY, the 29th, !:0th and Slit (Matinee an 1 Sight), b? Ing po?itlv< Iv the LAST TURKE MGllTS, Mr. SOTHERN will perform Dundreary's celebrated BKOTilEU SA.M, and will likewise nppear as DUNDREARY MARRIED, thus representing both the brothers each evening. Mr. WALLACE has much ntaasurd in announcing that the last six nights of the pres-nt season will lake place at the Brooklyn Acadcmy or Music, with Mr. SOTHERN in his original characters. Theatre comique, 814 Broadway. Mr. JOSH HART T e*sco and Proprietor Meiers. JOHN F. POOLE & T. L. UONNnLLY... Managers RE-ENGAGEMENT, for six night* and two matinees only, of THE Mr. JOHN THOMPSON, BEST JOHN THOMPSON, AND JOHN THOMPSON, MOST JOHN THOMPSON, VERSATILE JOHN THOMPSON COMEDIAN JOHN THOMPSON. LIVINO, JOHN THOMPSON, In hla great specialty Drama, DIXIE, In which he appears In FOUR CnA RACTERS, play* solos on Twenty-one Musical Instruments nud execute* a number ol NEW SONUS AND DANCES. DIXIE abounds in scenes ot PLANTATION LIKE, Wit, Pun, Hunior, and Emotional Interest. MATINEES ON WEDN EHDAV AND SAT U ItDAV. AT 2^. Terrace garden theatre, Wlh st, between Lexington anil 3d avs. SI MMER REASON OK OPERETTA AND LIilIlT COMEDY. THIS AND EVERY EVENING AT 8. The company consists of the best talent in the country. A COMPLETE ORCHESTRA AND PULL CHORES. Admission 50 cents; reserved wits 25 cents extra; boxes $150 extra; packageol 12 ticket* $*. RUBINSTEIN-LISZT MATINBE THIS AFTER ? OON. RUBINSTEIN'S LAST MATINEE IN AMERICA. STEINWAY HALL. THIS AFTERNOON AT 2U. THURSDAY EVENING, ntSo'clock, RUBINSTK1NV LAST APPH AliANCE IN AMERICA. 1'KOI.RAM.ME FOR THIS AFTERNOON. Nocturnes, E flat major, A rna'or, B flat major Field Orage, Berecime, Foutalne, Si oi?eau J'etais. Meiisclt Etude. A Thalbcrg Faiilalsie, Don Juan. Mozart Thallierg Fautalsle, Don Juan. Mozart Liszt Morgenst iEadchen, Auf dem Wusaer. Scliubert ...Liszt. Erl-Kin*. Val-e, Soirees de Viemi". Schubert l.lszt. Le Molne. Moyerbcer Liszt. Soirees Musieales, lioiidolo, Rcgata, Serenade, La Dunza. Kosslnl I.iszt. Stub \t Mater, Oujus aniiram. Rossini Liszt. Kantaisio Lucia. Donizetti Liszt Valse Impromptu, A tlat mnior Liszt Rhapsodic Hongroise, D fiat major Liszt Admission f 1; seats <i extra, at u??al ticket otliees. 201 TO-DAY, BOWERY. j MATINEE I ^ O'CLOCK. TONY PASTOR'S. 4> (4> 34 TH STREET OPEB V HOUSE. SAM PURDY AND COOL WHITE'S MINSTRELS. EVERY NL.HT AND SATURDAY MATINEE. SEE I THE WONDERFUL HURDIE, THE FLY THE ing Man. at the FLYINO MAN. 1111AM) MATINEE TO-DAY. I TONY PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE. D AN BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. MATINEE, THURSDAY AFTeIFnOON, MAY 22, 1*73. BENEFIT OP MR. J. SIMPSON, TREASURER. TO COMMENCE AT t O'CLOCK. CTEINWAY II ALL.?THURSDAY EVENING, MAY 22, O RUBINSTEIN'S LAST APPEARANCE IN AMERICA, constituting his SEVENTH REClTALniul FIFTIETH CONCERT IN NEW YORK, and two hundred an I fifteenth and last Conccrt in America. On this occasion the programme will be made up en tirely ol Rubenstein's Compositions. an.i will comjprise THIRTY-TWO I:tl) ol the COMPOSER S JtOST FAVORITE PIECES, Including his variations on "Yankee Doodle," thus formlui( A BRILLIANT CLOSE TO THE MOST TRIUMPHANT CONCKRT SEASON ever known In the musical history of America. BANJO, SONG AND DANCE?JIG AND CLOG DANC Ing tn ight; pupils litted for the stages Bantos all prices; ladles taught J. BOGAN, 100 Houston street, near Bowery. CSTKIXWAY 11ALL, THIS AFTERNOON, AT I J#. O At the matinee to-day Ruhlllst -In will piny, (or the first time In America, Riming other compositions ol Llszr, hi< Fantasies uu "Don Juun,' "Lucia," atul "Rhapsodic Hongrofse." Fencing and boxing u ademy. ih clinton place, near Broadway.?Boxing taught In 12 lessons; a fine assortment ol Fcnciug A.par.itus and Boxing Gloves oil liund and I t siiu-. ( ol >n .1 MONSTERY. Tony pastor's i grand mminer to-day. opera HOUSR, The 11' st sh mv in Town. Wll BOWEHY. | Evei viiiwiy will b> There. STEINWAY IIALL-CIOSE OF THE RUBINSTEIN SEASON. THURSDAY EVENING, Mav 2J, at * P. M. Last appearance in America ol "P.UUINSTEIN. consti tuting his seventh recital ami fiftieth concert In New York, and -'15.h concert in America, lorming a brilliant clove to the most triuiuptiaiit mu.-leut soanon In the hli* tory of America. THE LW Tl UK HKASti?. flARBWELL LECTURE. ULORGE MACDONALD on HAMLET, AT ASSOCIATION HALT., corner Twenty third street and#'"urth avenue. WILLIAM CULLKN BRYANT will preside; addrc*by Rev. Dr. BELLOWS. THURSDAY EVENING, M*y 22, ftt8 o'clock. Tickets $1, reserved seats $1 W, for sale ?t Hehn mer's, 701 Broadway, nnd at PutDAm I, ?vru?r > wcuur-VWrtf itreot auU Fguftn ?T0OBt? w AMlMEWE.m. Grand opera house, Twcntr-third ??(, (Ntrner of Eighth *ven?? Mete, DALY LAST ELEVEN NIUIITg of MR. CHARLES FECIITEB as MU..TK CKI8TO. ceil!*Dramatic ^^10, fcJ/V'J'lfiiilAY MAY 9A DEVERK, DOli-EY (:0?>'?? V r iv?!' G'-ORGK O HA I'MAN, Mb, HENUV uu'aXr* ZIK fiiI0? N *0 irrj* Box omc?tM?teU ? ""J"! ?7 "J'y 1f lhe ^ST J^^an Midway" TJOWERY THEATRE. ~~~ ! 1 ?LJ WM.H. KRELIGH ? GREAT Hl:CU'.SS of iiARRY'kFV unY/oX*?*?** . ,?* LIBRE; Or, O'KKLLY'S MKiiinv TABLEAU* BITiIaT1C&? anS 'sTuau^O EFFECTS, .1 1ICL,I ABAflO.N?A new localUruma. en titled the Ilu y b L' i(t;!.AR. .~:rn \VENUE TUBlUBP -r^ ? O j*>T2& AND 730 BROADWAY . Curuin risen ??" A .T faoie Lot?- fln1",arnaifes mor be ordeied for 11. nnJ Manager Mr. AL'OUSTIN DAlr '$UiV?P'^VV'n^our^cf,, by Mr. 2arrki?' a- u-u?^eNTiiAVoisvwueusi! MADELE1N MOREL. .- , | | uiuiiiiLiiii i y ??? r. ifcW li XV 1 vyU i LKK Tlin by ?AL\?E.mKItfcUKTTE, ^ KKUjY- T,w <*???? , , . .. THE CAST inoludeaI the toUowIn; favorite artists of the MMU AVi^NUij COMKDY COMPANY. v Jl?'ila?.'i9oant Dn,be'"<1, a Country Gentleman of tlw Olden German Manner Mr Oconto rinrka Ercderlo Von Ainim, u Modern AlclbLmles. whr? {flnf!T'?? hu L"*1 1'eu-t -i-Si TSKuw BHrMd?''V?,V *'ein' Of'thoMH*ppyU JamM pr'ofM PUr8? purchusi'!l both gladness'anci ' Vhe'-GenUe' ^;or WofLem?yn9 BwholiK Sn^""e','n',m K,'v? n* to" chan'ef and?3 FUbn who bus but one sorrow?ho won't stick! stobci Mj- James Lewis The Beadle..'.' ;Mr. F. Chapman Mr. J. H. Burnett Lo?t?Ui^r Daughter 'm?s FJlnn? Morant Marguerite. 8','a'i Jewett Merope, the Actress uV?b 188 V?a Yarian Phoebe, ol the Varieties uT?"Sy .ve9J?ort Perveuche... lcuea Ko?a St Clair Marjraretta. tl.e' widow ' of' I'hlliip'' and Vho? Morrij '? ? ' '? '?: '? '? ^ ^ Mme" Dorothea ) Miss Roberta Norwood SSST ?"*?**? . j SIS &"?? ' ' (Miss Stewart Afl" Rr?v. ?? , .ACT FIRST. A Baulielor Supper.1 A' CouiTd'y Vitninr0if''f?nee ,<new' Dow It Was Played I y a Comedy and R_?_? _ ACT SECOKP. ?A?t SsSs^?5? Rtt'VWaSj . . , act THIRD. B?SSBSS^?s?Ba c;. ~ ? , . _ t ACT FOURTH. ..arin?"ori(?'e B0rkl^S)--Tl,e Bouao,r ?f Marguerite. Pre C?S^ Roberts).?TUe Cathedral at Llna. Two A MATINEE OP M ADELEIn"MOREL I SATURDAY, AT 1J? O'CLOCK. C KJ.TKOCU ^*RCO.?^1,EN-THEO- THOMAS. , _ Theodore' tHomas'' Proprietor! I | gffifer ?#** J yaitz?jTelearams" ?J??b*r ! t SfiiSf'.f!""" '''?wi'wZrSSS I 7. toSSS^&S'iKriiiibw iire^.S'1 12. March, "Due;,pier : t'!r,a" tlrke't","sT r*n ?be' obtniued^Vl ' ^SEEWasr'* BRYANT'S MINSTRELS <xh. . KD "OUSEa BRYANT'S MINsTkri.s' Genevieve de Bryant BRYANT'S MI.VSTREI V ~ ~ My Old n?rl g'fVANT'S MIN8TRKLS; ""ViWAHi'lte r.n V iV*ow ?ad. Can \ ou Sfan.l On Your Head! Moving i?t of May. Banfo r^oinlealitiea MiNSf8EL< "tier de Gaslight. h'vaM ZfiSfiX.EF"1 S"?"?T at 1 OS T?t?aiMVBAKUx00/irAV41^? MR. John simpson, _treasitreb. A CADEMV OK MUSIC. ITALIAN OPERA. MAX MARETZEK .. Director. ONE NIGHT only. previous to the departure of the artists for Europe. WEDNESDAY EVENING, May id. POSITIVELY LAST APPEARANCE OK THE three PRIMA DONNAS, pauline LUCCA, clara LOUISE kellooo, 8ENORA 8ANS5, Together With 81m. a i/.!! \NT, VERATl, MOR1AMI. I JAMET, ronooni and others. , thomas' Opera of MIGNON. i MIONOM pauline lucca i FELINA CLARA LOUISE KELLOGG AND OTHER ENTERTAINMENTS. Tickets and seat* can bo obtained to-day at the Aca demy, 114 mid 701 hm.kIv, ;1>. A T STEINWAY HALL, J\ WEDNESDAY EVENING, MAY 21, 1878, Addresses on the dlsiorery, nbtory, Chemistry and Application in Surgery ol an.i'sthctics, by J. MARION SIMS. M. D.. Professor FRANK ii. HAMILTON. M. D., aud l'rolessor It. <>g1>EN doremcs, M. 0., closing with an Address by Rev. HENRY WARD BEEOnER. Mayor haveineyer will prcsido. Admission si. For cnlc at the book and music stores mid Stelnway Hall. Doors open at 7. To commenon at 8 o'clock. R0bin8tein.-LA8T MATINEE IN AMERICA. burin8tein.? LAST MATINEE TO-DAY. Stelnway hall, this altornoon, at LAST rl'BINsTEIN MATINEE IN AMERICA vow ON EXHIBITION. j.\ At tho sa'.c of fnin Oil palnhngsat ARCH. JOHN .' TON'S Art Gallery, 87 n.nwau street, on Wednesday and Thursday. mm- 21 mid 27, at 12 o'clock each day, will be found a superb picture hy Adam Sprinsfleld, of New York. kiiliieet. "Madonna di sovlila," or Holy Trinity, copy of MnrUlo's great picture in the Louvre; also the last and croatust piciure of <T. n. heard, called "No House Large lnough for Two Families." RUBINSTEIN PLAYS til ALBERQ'S fantasik ON "onti" at his Last Matinee in America, to-day. RING THE j p'!"F. FRANCOIS, tfpe PRtNoH CHILDREN of mnnlr. to-day,at TONY PASTOR'S Tn SEE HIM. | OPERA HOUSE. MATINEE Vt I EVERYBODY i TON V PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE. 'j WILL BE OHAND MATINEE TO-DAY. THERE TO-DAY. i EVE RYBODY TAKES IT IN. Rubinstein'S LAST MATINEE TO-DAY. huiiinsti in will play THREE OK FIELD'S NOCTURNES, FOUR compositions OF HENSEL.T, two COMPOSITION'S OF TllALBERG, AND I' com POSITIONS OF LISZT. i tnion league theatre.?"Tableaux vivant? i for the benefit of t!ie Young Men's Universalis! As x .cutlon, Tuesday evening, may 2.), at 8 o'clock. Ticket* piiiv t)o procured at Pond's music store, m7 Broadway, and also at the door. Ribinstein SAILS FOR EUROPE SATI'RDAY, his LAST MATINEE IN AMERICA TAKES PLACE AT STEINWAY HALL this afternoon, WITH thr MOST POPULAR PROGRAMME hi' lias yet played lt> America, intituling selections from fi-id, Henselt, Thalborg and uitt. ?\fetropolitan theatrical AND SHOW PRINTING establishment; ?KBALD itl'ildino. BROADWAY AND ANN STREET! A LAROB ASSORTMENT 0? theatrioau MINSTREL AND vartbty 0UT3 uonstahimt

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