Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 21, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 21, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. - , "whole no. 13,422^ .<? new york, Wednesday, may 21, 1873,-quadruple sheet. price four cents. ?IftECTOftV VM wnumra. T? ini Paob?Fonrtb, fifth ami sixth columns. _ ? _ *1tom<lY Himmi FtfK-DUtli coluun. ?n.i.rAitnk?Tbikd Pao??Fifth column. ?flimiKRK WANTED?Tbibi> Paob?Firrt and second ?OAKJ^aBS I/)DOING WANTED?Tbibd Paoi-Sco oad coIubsb. MOOILYN BOARD?Thirk Pace? Second column. BROOKLYN REAL ESTATE FOB BAbE-SBCOai> PaOB BQ8INE8H OPPORTUNITIES?Fovbtbbbtb Paob?8i*th colnmn. MWIHE38 NOTICES?Nairn Paob? Sixth column. CI6AHS AND TOBACCO-Foubtebntb 1'au*?Sixth ool CRI REAL ESTATE FOE sale?Bbookd paob-Firs* UUb'md SALESMEN-Sixtbbktb Paob?Fourth column. ?LOTH I NO?Foubtb Paob?Fourth column. COACHMBN AND GARDEN EES?SlXTBBXTH Page? Fourth and fifth column*. COASTWISE STEAMSHIPS-Focbtb PAOB-Sixth col umn. COPARTNERSHIPS?Elbtbbth Paob?Fifth column. COUNTRY BOARD?Tiniu> Pagb?Second and third col innn CINQ ACADEMIBS?Tbian Paob?Fifth column. riSTBY?Sixteenth Pagb?Sixth column. . GOODS? Firm Paob?8txth column. BILLING HOUSES TO LET, FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED?Foubtb Paob?First and second column*. BVKOPKAN STEAMSHIPS?Foubtb Page-Fifth and sixth columns. MXCHANGR?Pourtebrtb Paob? Sixth column. RYES AND BARS?Sixteenth Paob?Sixth column. excursions? Fourth Paob?Sixth column. FINANCIAL? Elkvkntu Pack?Ftnh column. fOB SALE?Fourth Paob?Third and fourth columns. FURNISHED booms AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Foubtb Page?Second column. WRN1TURE?Sixteenth Paob?sixth colnmn. FRENCH ADVERTISEMENTS?Sixibbhtb Paob?Sixth colnmn. MBLP WANTED?FEE ALES?Sixtbbmth Pagb-Second and third columns. help WANTED?MALES?Sixtbbjith paoa-Plfth and sixth columns. ?obsrs, CARRIAGES, AC ?First Paob?Third, fourth, fifth and Sixth columns. MOTELS?Tbiro Paob?Second column. _ . , Souses, rooms, ac., wanted?thibb Pagb-Third ?IBT^bCTION?FounTBBirrB Paob?Flftn column. JEB8EY CITY, HOBOKKN. HUDSON CITY AND BEE. GEN REAL ESTATE FOR RALE-Sboobb Paob? Second column. 7URE SEASON?Twird Paob?Fifth column. tL NOTICES?Third Page?Filth column. DAN OFF'ICES?Foubteemth Pauk?Sixth column. AND FOUND? F'ibjjt Paob?First and second col umns. MACHINERY?Foubtb Paob?Fourth column. SARMLE MANTELS?Foobtbkhth Paob? Fifth column. EDICAL?Foubtu Paob?Fourth column. MILLINERY AND DRESSMAKING?Fiaai PAOB-Slxth column. MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS ? Twbuth Paob?Sixth column. MUSICAL?Third Paob?Fourth column. MEW PUBLICATIONS?Nimtu Page-Six th column. PERSONAL? F^rst Pack?First column. nAMOFORTES, ORGANS, AC.? Third PA0B-F0urth colnmn. POST OFFICE NOTICE?Foortbxkth Paob?Fifth column. PROPOSALS? Font Paob?Sixth column. PROFESSIONAL situations WANTED?FEMALES? Sixtbbmtb Paob?Second colnmn. PMOPEBTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR 8ALB OR TO RENT?Sboobd Paob?Second and third columns. R1UI. ESTATE TO EXCHANGE?Sbcomd I'AOB-Third column. REAL ESTATE WANTED?8bco*? Paob?Third column. RELIGIOUS NOTICES?Focbtbjcnth Pagk-FUUi col umn. REWARDS?Fijutt Paob?Second colnmn. Sales at auction?sboonb PAox-Kcmrth, fifth and sixth columns. OTUATIONS WANTBD-FEMALES?Firntwimt Pagb? First, second, third, fourth, filth and sixth columns, and Sixtbbmtb Paob?First and second columns. SITUATIONS WANTED?H ALES?Sixtbbmtb Pagb? Third and fourth columns. ?FECIAL notices?Fibst Paob?Second colnmn. Sporting?dog8, birds, ac.-piu* paob?second column. BUMMER RESORTS?Tatan Pagb?Third column. {THE TRADES?Sixtbbbth Paob?Sixth column. THE TURF?Fibst Paob?Third column. tO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES?Foubtb Paob? First column. VRAVELLERS' GtTIDB?Foubth Paob?Sixth colnmn. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET Foorth Page?Third column. WANTED TO PURCHASE?'Third Paob?Third column. WATCHES, JEWELRY, AC.?Third Pag*? Filth column. WBSTCHESTER county PROPERTY FOR SALE OK TO LET?Sbcokd Paob?First and second columns. YACHTS, STEAMBOATS, AC.-First Paob-SUUi col HKHALJJ BRANCH OFFICII- UPTOWN. A DVERTISEMENTS FOB THE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT TBE BRANCH OFFICE, 1,386 BROADWAY AND 530 SIXTH AVENUE, BETWEEN TB1BTY-FIRBT AND THIRTY-SECOND STREETS. ^ADVERT!RBMENTS ARB RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M. FILL 9 P. M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS, 2 TILL 8 P. K.), AT OFFICE RATES. NEWSDEALERS SUPPLIED WITH HERALD AT S O'CLOCK EVERY MORNING. NO EXTRA CHARGES. PARIS AGENCY OF THE NEW YORK HERALD. J^|ESSR& KREVEB A CO., AMEBICAN REGISTER, HAVE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOB THE MEW YOBK HERALD. THEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL BBS WITH COPIES OF THE HERALD, AND ALSO BDKILE NUMBBBS OF THIS PAPER TO PARTIES BKQU1RING THEM. ' PERSONAL. A RRIVKD.?MR.. WARREN, CITY OF ANTWERP, A Tuesday, 20U>; all wall; Paige's Hotel, New York; wet street TDOBTON?$M WILL BE PAID ON RETURN OF X> travelling bag and contents lost In Boston in Feb ruary. W. G. C. ELT LINE, SUNDAY, ABOUT 4 P. M.-LADY WHO ' left South street car, with young lady friend, at Cen Park, will please communicate with gentleman at right hand stde who mentioned "Herald Personals" while walking In Park. State particulars, to avoid mistake, tad address SHUTTERS, box 120 Herald office. rfAAPTAIN WM. H. OLIVER OR E. H. SAW VER, FOURTH regiment New York cavalrv. will eonler a lavor by ?ending their address to GEO. P. CAPEN, Atlantic City, *?% P. HOLLIBTER? PLEASE ADDRESS GOWERE, lot Dean street, Brooklyn, N. Y. Hi?YOUR LETTER RECEIVED TODAY (TUES day). Yon were In coach alone waiting for some Address, appointing Interview, if agreeable, NED, 1 E E.I ?Be. A ?mid TCBAN JP StM BIB, LATE OF WEST FORTY.FIFTH streets-Where are von t Address me at Flith Ave Hotel. or CURLY, Herald office. H-ABLBM TO T0RKV7LLE, MONDAY, ( P. M.-IF ?M the smaller of the two ladies who noticed gentleman 1?dins t? pleased to extend acquaintance address J. MTBLL, Herald Uptown Branch office. ?^M LUCY CHADWICK, OF STONB, STAFFORDSHIRE, ?wtll send her address to X. Y. Z., box 168 Herald office, ^WwUl hear of an old friend. ^^HrMATION WANTED-OF ANGUS P. M'INTYRE; ^?printer by trade. Any person knowing his where ?Btrtswill confer a favor by sending his address to tand 12 Fmlton market. JAMES MclNTYRE. TEFOMIATION WANTED?OF JANE PAYTONTwHO A sailed from Ireland on the 30th of April and arrived *? "?w York oaMay 13. Any informauoo of her will be tt^yly received by JAMES BOYLE, Morris connty. Hi 1 K" 1TITTT.?ABB YOU IN WEST STREET YET? *?W" 1114 llke you.^isw?r in c:r "MAMIE?MEET MB TO-MORROW (THURSDAT) M ewealng, at 8 o'clock. In front of store you entered mm aead nolo early to-day to J. H. P., Herald office. I M"OTICH.?WANTING, THE DAUGHTERS OF~Pat". JW rick Cronin or Oronan, who emigrated from Ma ?MiliF Mm* f?nI or lye T^ars ago; two of them, are married to soldier*. They will bear of their advantage on communicating with Solicitor, Tazewell court House, Taae NOON-LADY~WHO RECOGNfZED OEN ^^^^?an at Broome and Broadway, afterwards In ^^^^?th street stage, can hear from an admirer by CONFIDENTIAL, Herald Uptown Branch HnOX OF ANNS PLOWMAN IS INFORMED THAT ^?his mother died April 27, 1873. She directed that her effects be kept until the 25th of June next, and that should be delivered to said son in the event of his ???ring In this island; but should he not appear, they are then to be sold, and the amount realized to be appro priated according to directions left with her executor, at | Plaisance House, 81 Clement's road. Isle cf Jersey. ^HiLITtHB COACHMAN WHO TOOK THE LADY ?from the steamship Calabria please return thn ^^Hbox and umbrella left in the coach to F. BOBISON, ^?sst Thirty-first street r ILL n. GARDENER HEND HIS ADDRRS8 TO ^^faBUGBNUB, box US Herald officer Wl m, wl ^yrou KWQW WHO.?MY ADDRES8 CANNQT BE .4. **T*n DISS'S Personals, but you can find me by ?Stressing LITTLE FRENCH ROSB| station T. _ LQgT AMD runup. POCBETBOOK. at flTE^ARra^OWNEIt A., *8T* *^w* "J AT?T1"'L<R 1SPert2 "d paying for **** advertisement MARTIN, !B8 VtWfwentf rffthst. T /^f/TO?ATv!7iIP' -11 BA*T TH fRTY-SIXTH 2ih _^ourth avenues, a black ?? 2Z!2r2til!?e!5lfll10 ? girl, 'rile finder m V& Thi^ldx'th street* " *** 0Wner 'H8T- FROM BROADWAY agu&F !??? LOHT-ON MONDAY KVENINO. May 19, A~HKYB Terrier, from 70 M< ro?ir street. Ht Nicholas Motel answering to tin* naiuv ?>t l*rinr.' a MOeritl r? ward will l>e nivcn hi leaving luu, u( U? a(?e?< uuuibej in uie ote/KJovi* LOItT AWP tOTWP. ^ LOST-IN MOBRISANIA, 0* BBTWBBN HARLlM I bridge and Seven ty-elghth street New York, on Hutuiiiav, May 17, 1873, a Diary, containing a certificate of stock of the St Nirbola* Insurance Company, No. 78, 16 sharea, amounting to MOO, and older papers and mem oraitda of value only to the owner. Any person return ing the name will be suitably rewarded by W. M. ROB ERTSON, Mott Haven. N. Y. Lost-bank book 7.on, issued bt the manhat tan bavinci Institution. and payment of the same haa been (topped. Trie finder will oblige the ewmr by leturning the same to toe bank, 644 Broadmy, corner Bleecker street. LOST?A PLAIN GOLD RING, WITH THE INITIALS of E. H. P. to E. P. 0. D., January 21. 1848, engraved on Inside of ring. $10 will be paid to the finder or Bolder oi it and no questions asked, by leaving the same at BUROESa A QODDaRD'S, 78 Murray street LORT.-THE lady WHO RECEIVED PROM THR Uule girl the diamond ring belonging to one of the ladles injured on Sixth avenue, near 144th street, on Wednesday last, will find the owuer by inquiring At St Cloud Hotel office. ' _____ Lost?on the evening or the wth inst., upon leaving a Broadway car at Twenty-Uilrd street and Kiith avenue, a gold band Bracelet with coral ball In setting on clasp. The finder will be suitably rewarded t?y returning the same to WM. PURYBE, ?M Cherry street Lost?book no. mm7? op the bleecker street Havings Rank. The finder will please return it to Mrs. McCaRTY, 933 East Thirty-sixth street LOKT-ON SUNDAY, MAY 18, IN GOING PROM Thirty seventh street and Ninth avenue through Thirty-eighth street to Fortieth street and Titled avenue, a Gold Earring. The finder will be liberally rewarded by returning the same to Mrs. WELEER, 469 Ninth ave nue, near Thirty seventh street KEWARDIt. Aer RRWARD.?LOST, ON MONDAY, MAY 19, A ijlt) narrow gold hand Bracelet, with Grecian tracery in black enamel. Return to room 31 St Cloud Hotel and receive reward. A C REWARD.?LOST, 16THINKT., A BLACK AND TAN ??.# Dotr. name "Toney." Return it to Madison Avenue Hotel, corner Twenty-seventh street, and receive as above. (bC REWARD.?LOST, SATURDAY NIOllT, AN F.NQ ?IP? ) lish Greyhound Slut, Return to HIGHMtt, corner Sixth avenue anil Fortieth street. REWARD.?LOST, ON THE 18TH INST., NEAR ?P 11/ Eighth avenue and Forty-second street, a Black and Tan Slut, six months old, ears cut short long and rather heavy tail, weak eyes, but slim and handsome. Return to 141 West Forty-fifth street REWARD.?LOST, BETWEEN FORTY-SIXTH iplU street and Central Park, a red felt Horse Blan ket. The above reward will be paid to any one return ing the name to J. M. GROSVENOR, 101 We*t Forty-eighth street ?nd no questions asked. dfeftA REWARD FOR RETURNING TO NO. 3 Rutherford place. New York, or for reliable in formation of a large black Newfoundland Dot;, named Beau: all his paws, end of tail and one ot the fore legs white; same under neck, breast and belly; right side of face white, wlvh three black spots. Lost April 10. (fcinn REWARD.?STOLEN, PROM THE SUB ?1UU scriber, at Oyster Bay, L. I., a >1,000 Queens County Bond, No. 34l\ Issued to Halstped FroRt, with Coupons; is of no value having been stoped at the County Treasury. The above reward will bo paid and no ques tions asked on its return to J. M. LUDLAM, Oyster Bay, or WAKEMAN A LATTING, 03 Nassau street filth story. Brokers are cautioned against negotiating the same. &QOA REWARD AND NO QUESTIONS ASKED? ?POUvJ For the return of one pair diamond Earrings, one diamond Breastpin and two diamond single atone Rings, taken from 318 West Twenty-eighth street _ SPECIAL WOT1CKB. A -THE AMERICAN REGISTER, ? the most widely circulated of the American Journals published in Europe. A capital medium for American Advertisers addressing themselves to European patronage. Indispensable to all persons visiting Great Britain and the European Continent. Subscriptions and advertisements for the AMERICAN REOISTER will be received and single copies of the paper may be obtained at the office of the New York lierald. New York. A PAIR OP THE CELEBRATED CROWN HAIR Brushes can be procured of any dealer In fancy goods; they are made or real Russian bristle; they are penetrating; they make hair brushing a pleasure, and, with proper use. will last a lift time. Prices trom 93 to tio a pair. THOMSON, LANGDEN k CO., Importers and Manufacturers. 381 Broadway, New York. . A?HERALD BRANCH OFFICE, BROOKLYN, ? corner of Fulton avenue and Roeruin street Open (torn 8 A. M. to 9 P. M. On Sunday trom StoOP. M. Bargains.-$20,000 worth of boots, shoes ami T, links selling off without regard to cost, at 330 Bowery, corner of Bond street: must tie sold before Jane 1, tbe building to be torn down. W. D. BIGKLOW A CO. E8SMAKING. ECONOMY, promptness AND PERFECT PIT. Messrs. LORD A TAYLOR, to prove that RKTRKNCH MBNT in possible, have so arranged their Dressmaking Department that ECONOMY in material and trimming is Jiarticularly Studied in every detail, and they are now urnisbing Dresses at a MU(JH LESS PRICE than the cost of imported garments, while for STYLE, PIT and GENERAL MAKE UP tbey are every way equal to the finest Parisian manufacture. The IMMENSE INCREASE ireventcd our usual facilities and the of the department, we can safely GUARANTEE ALL ORDERS AT THE TIME AGRBED, and as to FIT and PRICE defY competition. LORD A TAYLOR. Broadway and Twentieth street nnesi ransian manuiacrare. ine int.n of orders during the past month pr promptness; but now, with extended COMPLETE reorganization of tl DIXON'S STEAM ICE CREAM MANUFACTORY, 289 Blcecker st?Responsible parties can set the agency of Dixon's celebrated Ice Cream in neighboring citlcs and towns. LECTION.?NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT AN election will be held at tbe office'of the New York Bridge Company, No. 31 Water street, in the city of Brooklyn, on Monday, the 2d day of June next, at 12 o'clock noon ot that day, for fifteen directors of said companv, for the then ensuing year, and for two inspec tors of election for 1871 Tbe transfer hooka will be closed from May 3 to June 3,1873. Dated May 2,1873. HENRY C. MUKP^Y, President. O. P. Qotwtarp. Secretary. Havana and kentucky lotteries.-prizes cashed; circulars sent tree. JOSEPH BATES A CO., 71 Broadway, New York, room 31, first floor. FFICE OF THE NEW YORK MUTUAL GASLIGHT Company, _ ' _*. Sixth5TB Struct akd Fourth Atentr, ) New Yore, May 20, 1871 f At the annual election for Directors held this day, the following gentlemen were elected Directors for the ensu ing year:?Cornelius VanderbUt, C. K. Garrison, John P Kennedy, George Opdyke, N. B. La Bau, Joseph Bellg man, A. V. Stout, George J. Forrest, Daniel Drew. Joseph Hacker, John R. Ford, William R. Garrison, William E. Hoy, Arthur Leary, Robert L. Crawford, Charles Place. CHARLES PLACE, Secretary. OFFICIAL drawings KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERIES. EXlfTUCET?KXTRA CLASS WO. 337?VAT 20. 1873. 41, 86, sa 31, 63, 71. 22, ?, 76. 24. 8. 39, 68, la XEWTCCET--CLASS WO. 338-KAV 20, 1871 SO, 39. 83, 23, 1, 16. 14, 74, 3D, 89, 52, 88. SIMMONS A CO., Managers, Covington.Ky. S1IELRY COLLEGE? EXTRA CLASS WO. 227?MAT 20. 197i. 5, 33, 74, 11. 22. 8, 68, 7, 41. 10, 34, 43. 51, 00. SHELRT COLERflE?CLASS WO. 228?BAT 20, 1873. 57, 73, 61. 46. 21. 34, 12, 26. 66, 6, 46, 38. SMITH A CO., Managers. Covington, Ky. , ?_J- CLCTB, Broker, 206 Broadway. Pott office box 4,989. 0" FFICIAL DBAW1NGS SOUTH CAROLI NA iToWeBY for Free School Fund?Perpetual. BXTRA class 113?mat 20, 1873. 68, 14, SB, 36, 76. 38, SI, 73. 7* 42, 41, 101 CLASS 114?MAT 20, 1873. 77. 13, n, 66, 29, 47, 56, 70, 75. 34, 27, 31. COLE A CO., Managers, New York Poet office box 3,855. Charlrstow, S. C., May 20,1X73. P FFICIAL DRAWING NORTH CAROLINA LOTTBRY. EXTRA CLASS WO. 51?MAT 20. 1873. 14, 43. 48, 73. 66, 2U, 28, ?9, 10, 2, 56. 27, 46. WORTH CAROUWA?CLASS WO. M? MAT 20, 1873. 5, 67, 45, 51, 65, 13, 57, 6, 71. 60. SS, 86. OBRKEN 4 CO., Manager*. LUTHY A CO., Brokers, 232 Greenwich street, N. Y. OVAL HAVANA LOTTERY Of CUBA.-PEoF B pectus for 1873 now ready. Address GEORGE UP HAM. No. 9 Weybossat street, I'rovtdeBce, R I. Royal Havana lottery, next drawing may 24. German state Lotteries. Bend for clrculara KITTKR A COl, Poet office bee 3,831 88 Nassan street room 4. Season 1873. interlakem season 1873. (SwiUerland). hotel BJTPOHABD, fitted an with the latest Ytid'mosf comfortable improve ments, billiards, bathing establlshmeat, shower baths, Ac. __ SPLENDID BARK GROUNDS. The hatei having been rebuilt and new additions made to It in grand style daring tbe last year, It is now the largest hotel at Interlaken. VIEW OF THE JUNGFRAU, AC. fJIHB PRINCIPAL drawing OF THE SEVENTY fourth Brunswick Government Lottery, with 56,000 tickets and 23.000 prlsea, will commence Mar 26 and June 13. Highestprlw, 12n,000 Prussian thalers. Boyal Havana Lottery-next Drawlng-Mav 24.) Royal Saxon Government Lottery. Priiet cashed aIntorrnaMon*firtn**' f,? crista.'" McaocB' ???? /iQft J8 daily in the legal KontuckT Lottery RotiIBftftni V&K'nt2C/rV^"A?',25' tf^"mmi^n.llow" 174 Brcldwav W?oe esUblishod thirty years), gPOKTra G?DOGg, B1ROH, AC. ?for 8ALE, ALL KINDS OP FANCY DOGS ? Birds, Ac.; ^Medicines for all diseases; Prepared Food, for mocking birda At B. a DOVEY'S, Na 3 Greene street near Canal P~ rohpect PARK FAIR GROUND ASSOCIATION -A special premium of $2,900 Is hereby offered for a. m. Gazelle and ch. g. Judge Fnllerton, to be trotted Friday. May 30i acceptance tobe declared at tniamberlain's, 1 ud Broadway, New York, Thursday, Mar 22, at 9 o'clock P. M. The race to be mile heats, best three in flve.ln har ness, and will be pmrlMd by the rules of the National Association for the Promotion of the iRtercsts ol the American Trotting Turf. In case of postponement on a? i.?unl of had weather, It sliall be the next good day and track, omitting Hnnday Any driver substituted for an other. nh -lutiinUfii bj rule tf, v*ni be riald (DO tor ?at h fCfVKC, GEO W. OAKLEY, HupeTtMeodaiit THR TVRF> GRANtt ?TroTTINO MBRTINQ FOR THK BEN KKIT ?I the Trainer*' and Drivers' Protertive Association, at D??rieot Bark (formerly Hall's Track), Coney Island road, on Monday end Tuesday, Ma; M and V, at IX o'chitk P. M. MONDAY. MAT J6?CLASS L Jamas K. Polk, Krert, New Merlin Girl, Black PTlnee, Fanny Kern. Contraband, Lad; Back on. Coroner 1, Manhattan, Constitution. HANK DAT?CLASS 3. Sensation, Tonne Brnno, Bd White, Lydla Thompson, Grace Bertram, Castle Boy. Tl'BSDAY, MAT 17?CLASS S. American Clipper, Penobscot Chief, Rocket, Geo. M Weed, Belle of orange. Washburn Maid, Butterfly, Mum, Topsey, Miss Miller, white Heels, Chestnut Gelding. BAMK DAT?CLASS 4-Seddle Race. Geo. W. Patterns, James K. Polk, Dresden, Bolly Lewis, Brown Kitty, Coroner K..Mystic. HA MB DAT?CLASS X Butter Ball, Blossom, Billy Morton, Veneer, Jack Draper, Alice Brown, Nam Hunting. JAMB8 D. McMANN, President Disiil Man, Treasurer TROTT1NU AT DBBRPOOT PARK?WEDNK8DAV. May 21, at 1ft P. M.; purse ol $200 for 2:40; closed with six entries. Daniel Mace, ch. m Alice Brown. J. Donovan, s. g. Sorrel Dan. J. A. Monday, g. g. Avalanche. John Splan, or. m. Molly Barker. ?. Hearn, g. m. Butterfly. Thomas, b. g. Slippery Dick. Also, $100 lor three miuute class, nine eotriea. Sanuuis's. g. Brandy. J. Donovan, br. g Hugu* Charley. J. g.Unexpected. J. U. Phillips, a. g. Lew. Daniel Mace, bl. s. Young Pllliugham. John K. Jar vis, g. g. Blur Dick. G. Hopkins, h. m. Jennie C. John Martin, b. g. Modoc. M. Rogers, ?. ra. Bed Roue. George Wright, g. m. Village Maitl. Admission 30c. WM. McMaUON. Superintendent. ^ HORSES, CAIt.KFAtJKS, <8C. AT BARKER A CUASE'8 CITY AUCTION mart and nkw york TATTERSALLS. CORNER OP BROADWAY AND THIRTY-NINTH ST. MAJOR CHA8. W. BABKKR, AUCTIONEER. BBGULAR HALES OP HORSES. CARRIAGES, AC., EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY, AT KLEVEN O'CLOCK. TWENTY-FOUR HOURS allowed for trial ON EVERT HOUSE sold under warranted. THIS 18 THE ONLT AUCTION mart in the State having the proper facilities for showing horses on sale? viz., a large driving rin? entirely under cover. Catalogue OP SAI.E THIS DAY AT ELEVEN O'CLOCK. THE CELEBRATED, BEAUTIFUL GRAY (rotting gelding FIRE KING, sired tiy Pilot and bred in Ken tucky; is 13}? hign. 8 years old, a fine game anil extra stylish driver: hah shown a trial in 2:37Ji, i? warranted to show 2 :<0, two men to a road wagou; Is also an decant saddle borne anil toes all gaits; is perfectly ifentie for lady to ride or drive, and Is warranted sound und Kind. The property of Henry J. Barbcy, H?o., now travelling ia Europe, who has sent instructions to sell, without re serve; $3,300 was rcttMed for Fire King last season at Newport All renrpsentaiions guaranteed. GENTLKMAN'S ENTIRE ESTABLISHMENT, compris ing a fast and handsome brown Marc, sired bv Ethan Al len ; high; 8 years old; an extra fine stylish driver; can trot in 3 minutes ; is a great roadster and is war ranted sound and kind; also Pony Phaeton, with rumble; Victoria Phaeton, Harness, Blankets, Ac.; sold for wast of use. EXTBA FINE BROWN MARE, 1BW high, 7 years old ; prompt, handy driver; sharp traveller and warranted sound and kind. ONE ELEGANT CITT MADE V seat Road Wagon. ONE PINE SIX SEAT PARK PHAETON. CLOSING OUT SALE OF a livery stable, consisting of PAIR BLACK GELDINGS, IS hign, 8 and 9 years old; can trot In 3 minutes. TWO FINE SIX-BEAT PARK Phaetons, in perfect ONE CLOSE Coach. ONE SET double COACfl Harne*s. TWO SETS LIGHT SINGLE Harness. ALSO BLANKETS, ROBES, Whips Ac *r 0?m E^T,iA HANDSOME and rant coal black ? vii? *S,r^ , b? E'lwarrt Everett, 15^' baudii hi gh, f y , old; extra nfjliil], fine and gamy driver- can 1 :<0'? tlie pule or single, and has never been for *Pe*?l; is a great all day roadster; la affald of nothing: has no faults nor viccs, and la warranted ?oundanlklnd; sold to close an estate wan anted NEW Aim BFrnvVJ^iIwn bnllt by Kern. Saddl^^^ie^ whl^i/Ha^r^*/"*^ Borst CtotWn?. KXPRBHS VaooN,' new. ?ETONTURNOUT, comprising an extra de IS.brown a$ldimr, bred in Keuim-ky, I5W, hlah i a veryfTee and pleasant driver; can trot in 8 minutes; tears no locomotive: no road too lona for him iUm*Md klu?? ^o7onvVi?ieton: Europe?' #t* *c-! ?old on account of owner going to Br? ^ SEAT ROAD Wagon, built by Beoaon FOR ACCOUNT OF WHOM it may concern, one double Sadd'e^MdlTuit of 8nndriea.,),C Uirco L"dl"' hi^V.f^olHnt^e 2?ii'?nS*Llf*vel!e!i'flneP0''' ^ursa; Uowing man* ana u!il^?<i,??C.n,nted ?ound and kind. ftJr i a?5L5B5AJES ROAN TKOTTINO stallion TOP ab^inMSJ' Wh ay Yonn?1*,orril and bred in Mulne; is ?bout 15V high, 8 years old; a very stylish and emav driver; baa a record of 2AJ; is perfectly gentle and Sl&EwlV &/SAWLw ,0P W?6om. DESCRIPTION at SAI.B. SALES NEVER POSTPONED on account of win il^r. A UCTION HOUSE OP ARCH. JOHNSTON ABnry* V*" Ta*i<ell). 2T^rcK AJlD SALESROOM, OLD STAND ?? Nassau street, opposite tne Post office. THE JlPRflT! AfCTION RRANCH OF THE HOUSE 18 REMOVE DTO THK SPACIOUS PREMISES, 11, M. 28 AND 26 EAST THIBTEENTH STREET, between Fifth avenue and University place. The business will be conducted on preciselv the same ?K,in^raibile PriJc,Plc? which have always char acterized the dealings of our house and won the respect. publf?at lar"^ ?' bunne" community, as well aa the Regular safes twice a week throughout the year. CATALOGUE OF THIS D^BALB AT 12 O'CLOCK. TEA1L ?f STEEL GRAY HORSES. SIRED BY OREY Eagle, dam Bashatn mare, raised in Covington, Kentucky, brother and sister, 13 *i hands, 4 audi ' kin<1 *nd true in all harness and under aaddle; very pure and open Raited; can trot _ _ , together in Sj? minute p. and warranted sound COLORED ELEtflNT X CLAKENCE, BY BREWSTER in perfect order. ' TUOROf OUBUED TEAM.?TEAM OF BAY MARES V?? ily KoJ West, dam Abdallah mare, raised bv J. C. Magruiler, ot Kentucky, 15J,' hands, 4 and 5 years; kind nnd true in all harness; can trot In S!? together, and never handled for tpeei; warranted sound, without blemisl). v . "?iauieu MAHOGANY BAY TROTTING HORSE, 18?/ RANDS 7 ?nrti true ln ?" harness, free from vice, can (rot iu 3 mlnntes; in everv regoect a (imt wawtfV'SSWS?1?' ??d warranted sound? P A "m FAMILY ESTABLISHMENT?TKAM HROW1V c* ad 2Se*lJ?0arnahJrt handl*> 7 and 8 years old, kind and true in all harness; in every regpect a first clans family (earn and warranted sound. COUPE HORSE BLACK MARK, 16 HANDS. 7 YEARS Bind and true In all harneas; an all day traveller-' very stylish; warranted sound, without blemish i? unsurpassed as a first class. ? COUPE, COUPK-BY J. R. LAWRENCE. PONY TURNOUT.-BLACK PONT. 14 HANDS, 8 J??.!?1 ilnd ?n(1 'me >n *>' harness and under aaddle free prompt; driven very stylish; cau be ?O.T? IN GOOD order; Set of Harness, nearly new. TBOmNG HORSE.?GRAY TftOTUNO HORSE 15 hands. 7 years old: kind and trae in all harness not afraid of anything; can be driven by lady or child; can trot in three tninutea. THREE Young horses. SEVERAL GOOD WORK HORSES. Top Road Wagon, by Brewster, of Bfooiuc street No Top Road Wagon, by Stivers. Top Wagon, by Moora. Barouche, in good order. Top and No Top Ponv Phaetons. 10 seta of Doable Harness. 7 sets ot Single Harness. BALE POSITIVE AT 13 O'CLOCK, BAIN OR 8HINE TAKE UNIVERSITY PfcACB OARS. THE BRKWHTRR WAQOfiT" ? In all weights, for pleasure driving or speeding: . exquisitely finished, and embrarlng in their construction the varlon* Improve ment* iJ:'u'0<luce(, 01 during the past 15 years, making the standard for Quality throughout the United States. The* wagons are exclusively fhe production or onr r^!l ,DOT.n Brool"e factory, and are offered in stock in all respecU equal In qualify to those bnllt to the order of the most valued customer, and at prices uniform to alL In order that we may not be confounded with a lolnt Mock company of carriage dealers who have adopted a nrm name rimllar to our own, and impudently claim the reputation we have made for the "Brewster Wagon," we will ramember that our only warerooms ?re at tne corner of Fifth avenue and Fourteenth strAt, and our only Factory on Broome street. BREWSTER A CO., _ ol Broome street. T NO SOORTI.ANDT STREET, NEAR BROADWA^ L Light Carriage and Harness Warerooma Tha Cheapest Carriage House in the city. i?h!V5.e"Cn,rt,0.,M bBl,t 10 0T,,*r warranted. ARCH. JOHNSTON, No. 8 Cortlandt street ASSORTMENT OF NEW AND SECOND ^liand Carriages, Family Rockaways, Top and Open ff'^Orj.i^0117^^*5toT"V aruc?r?' *n<l Business Wagons.

CaiiVlstwet P CM" We,t Broadway, ucar T LOWBR PBICBS TIIAN EVER BEFORE?THE ? Fhaatonj Rockaways. Depot /?ny. top and no top Wagons, Sc. Wert Side Carriage Repository, 1.4M and \,&S Broadway, between Forty-lourth and Forty-ttrth streets. A SIX-BEAT PHAETON FOR SA LE?PERFECT OR. dar. Apply at private stable, 140 West Thlrty-eigum ?treat. A MRRIOAN SfAR ROAD MARE, TROTS IN THREE Jm, nlnnteK, 9 year# old; warranted free from trick or ?leet perffecUj pound. Apply at lift Eight* street* near Droadwar. G(K)D MARE, ROCKAWAY AND HARNESS T- ior_!5h~Iery ch**P- * *? BURKE, Eighty fourth rtrtet, between avenue A and B, from 8 to 10 A M.. for three day. A -FOR SALE, A OAR LOAD OF WERTERN ? woryep^ among them are Rome food trued or work no ran and driving hor?e?; they are young, warranu^d Se^of LlbJiii- APP|' ?* Waahingtou street, c?i^ NICE TtlRNOUT-HANHHOMR, IM)0ND MARK, Top Huggy, In good order, suitable i?>r kJL desired. Aj>pi> at J7 west iwtatf^Utb striei, UORgES, tAMUAGBg, AC. A?SPEED, STYLE AND ELEOANCB. . WARRANTED (-PEED. IMPORTANT. POSITIVE, SPECIAL AND PEREMP TORY SALE Or ELEGANT HORSES, WAUONS, harness, ac., consisting of Teams, Trotters, family *nd Pony Horses, includlug all the flue aud elegant Stock of William H. Sprague, Em., who goes abroad this week, and stock re moved from nls elegant country residence to stable tor eonvenicnce of sale. Also the balance of Mr. l-ee's flue Kentucky Horses, who was obliged to return home and sold peremptorily, to highest bidder. ON WEDNESDAY (THIS DAY), MAY 21, AT BTaBI.K 43 UK EAT JONES STREET, AT 10>; O'CLOCK PROMPT. Team of the finest ami handsomest young ehestnnt Gold Dust Marco in the city, I.Vi high, # year* old thla Spring; were both sired by Gold Dust, and can scarcely be distinguished from each other, either standing or mov ing; have Ave style, and nre perfect pet* and pictures; they fear no locomotive or anything else, and can be driven by any lady with eaae and safety; they are the moat fashionable and finest blooded looking team seen in a day on Park or road, and can travel in 3 :l& together and movo with st.i le and gait alike to perfection; are warranted sound, kind and perfect; must be seen to t* appreciated. Handsome, rich and high bred team of dark chestnut Trotters, about high. C and 7 years old; one sired by Ethan Allen and formerly known in Boston as the Capt. Rusael horse: he has a record of 2:41; is a facsimile of Honest Allen; bis mate was sired by Daniel Lambert, he by Ethan Allen; is known as Tom Lambert; ho trotted when 4 years old in 2:48; they are closely mated in ap pearance aud drive in great style; uo pulling or petting; pure gaited and well-behaved, either sinulo or double; were driven together last August on Mltchel's truok, Saratoga, to light top wagon in 2-.47!*, without m skip or break; they are warranted to show belter than 3 minutes now. and in condition can trot in 2:4A and are warranted sound and kind; as tine and rioh a trotting team as waaever driven on road or track. Handsome blood bay Hainbletonlan Mare, nearly high, 7 years ol?l; sired by Rysdyok's Uambletnnlnii, dam by Star; pedigree guaranteed: elegant driver; stylish and fine; never wax trained tor speed ; si) elegant road mare; can beat S :20 to wagon and warranted sound and kind; a superior and rich tainity or road mare. Jet black % Kentucky thoroughbred Horse, I5\ high, 7 years old: has all Kentucky gaits to saddle; an elegant, rich styled horse; tew superiors; well and perfectly broken to all liurness; a perfect gentleman's horse; war ranted to trot in 3:10 to road wagon and warranted sound and kind. Handsome and elegant styled dark chestnut gentle man's road ami driving Horse, lft'? high, IS years old; sired hy Ericsson, dam a thoroughbred; was never traincd'to develop his speed and can show better than a 2-AO gait now and promises No. 1; a very superior, rich and unliable horse ; warranted sound and kind. Also un extra hand*ome and -ensible l'ony Horse, 1ft high, 7 years old; can lie driven by Ally lady who can hold reins; requires no cheek or gag; Is proud aud styl ish and attracts great attention: Is extra last traveller.; tears nothing anil Is warranted sound and kind. Also the celebrated and last bay trotUug Mare Honsl tonie Maid, sired by General Knox, dam by Morrell. ift'l high, 8 venrs old; an elegant, pleusant aud tint) driver; warranted to beat. 2:4A or no sale; cun lieat 2:3> iu 10 days, aud wurranted sound and kind. 1'uli particulars at sale. Also two Brewster Wagons, top ano open; two Set* of Dnnscomb Double Harnnw, two Sets ot Single. Ac., Ac., all comprising first class and reliable stock, and gentle men wishing to purchase should cull and exumlne and they will llnd stoek as represented in every particular. All will positively be sold without limit or restriction. Full particulars at sale. JOHN U VANDKWATER, Anctloneer. Y ?BREWSTER, OK TWENTY-FIFTH STREET. A. Warerooms, Fifth avenue, comer Twenty-seventh street. Bole milkers ol' RRKWSTLR WAGONS will) the VERTICAL 8TEF.EL PLATES. The maximum ol strength, the minimum of weight, ob viating nil spread 01 the s\le, a prevailing source ol an noyance to those using road wagons. To attain the highest speed a wagon shonld tollow the horse in a direct line. Thin can oulr he. accomplished by the wheels ruiuiin,' plumb: any inclination in the axle to spread destroys the plumb of the spoke and elver* a lateral motion to the wheel, causing it to push out sideways. Tbls lateral movement greatly increases the motion to be overcome by the horte, with a consequent waste of power, thua detracting front his speed in dlrcct proportion to the ?pread of the axle. With our Vertical Steel Plates we have benn enabled to butid wagons of the lightest weight, running to absolutely true that wo liavo yet to heur the firstcoinplalnt from our patron*. See certificate from General McClellan :? Nkw Yobk, June 1,1871. GF.imrM* :? I have i arcfully examined your Patent Vertical Steel Plate Axle. I find that the addition ol the Vertical Plate renders the axle about two and a half (2'a) times .is stitl as it would be without it Very respectfully, GEORGE B. McCLELT.AN. AFONY FOR HALE?DARK BAY, BLACK POINTS; warranted sound and kind In all harness: will stand by the steam cars; can be ridden by children. Also Basket Phaeton and Harness and lady's Saddle. all in good order. Apply at first private stable west of Third avenne in Twenty eighth street A PAIR OF BAY M1RF.8, MORGAN AND DUROO stock, b years old, 1.1 hands hi'ih, bought for light carriage team, direct from tarm three months ago; very stylish travellers; also Coupelette, by Wood Brothers, used only a few times, and Harness, by Bonner. Apply at pri vate stable 56 Hast Forty-first itreet, or at 75 Beekmaii street A ?MY NEW STYLE OP T cart, WITH doors. JA . back seat shifts, for ladies' or servants' use. Hain't popular Landaulet, Landaus, Ladies' Phaetons Ml per cent less than Filth avenue or Broadway store*. 10 f ast Fourth atrect A handsome 16 hand BAY team?SOOND, KIND, 8 and 7 years old; drive tingle; one an elegant sad dler; sold (eperate. To be seen at 161 East Thirty-second street. A BREWSTER, OF BROOME STREET. brett FOR sale. Can be seen at Mr. McCnllough't nklesrouin, corner of Fourth avenue and Twcnty-flitli street. A BLACK HORSE, in HANDS. A YEARS OLD; sound, kind and gentle; suitable for family, express or business; stands without tvtug ; *280. 20 Wooster st A TOP WAOON, $80; OPEN WAGON. $60: ROCK atvay, $1'A; extension top, fi-sear, $100; express, $40; 6-spriug top Phaeton, $130; Pony Pbacton, $76. Woosier street. A -FOR PALE, A CLOSELY MATCHED PAIR DARK ? bay road Marcs, sired by Old Abd.illah Chief, dams Black Hawk, Morgan mares: are 16 hands, .lyears old. perteetly sound and kind, and can trot together close to 3 minutes, and prorul?e great speed. Inquire of F, A. SMITH, 383 Sixth avenue, or at Bailey's stable, 22y West Fortieth street AN ELEGANT SPAN OF BAY HORSES, 10 HANDS, wananted, worth $3,000, for sale, at $2,000. JOhN 8. Map eh, 30 Na<*au street, room 1. A PAIR OF BEAUTIFUL BLACK PONIES, WITH Phaeton and Harness, all complete; the ponies are very gentle in harness, and under the saddle tlie.v have a very easy gait, and are large enough lor a la lv to ride. Call on or audress L P. 1IUBHARD, 75 Nassau street, New York. AT LOWER PRICES THAN EVER BEFORE OF fered, our immense stock of Carriages, comprising every seasonable style of family Carriages and light Wag ons. new and second baud ; several slightly damaged; gieat bargains. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, 688 Broadway. Beautiful span of coal black horses. aged Ave and six Tears; warranted sonnd. kind either in single or donble harness; long manes and tails; very stylish and fast; they stand 15V hands high : ais<> a handsome bay horte, six years old. 15 hands 1 inch high; very stylish, and warranted to trot in less than three minutes: it kind either in single or double harness; sold on account ofdeath of the owner. Applv to the Hostler at the corner of Bridge and Barrow street', Jersey City. T>REW8TER, OF BROOM STREET.?WAGONS FOR X> sale; one light "Lt'art Phaeton, almost new - also one full spring light top TTotrlng Wagon, pole and shafts. in flrwt class order; also a good Coupe, built by Lawrence. Inquire at 29 Lafayette place. Bargains ?to close a consignment and ro make room, a line of leatltor top pony Phaetons at $200 each ; alao top and road Wagons, equally low. WEST SIDE REPOSITORY, 1,494 aid M#6_Broadway. Bargains in depot wagons. Pony Phaeton*) Cabriolets, Buggies, Rockawav*. ST A ATS BRLL, No. 7 Washington place, rear New York Hotel. Bargain.-set light double harness, cov. ered trimmings, gold lined; best city make; new last Fall; cost $280; will sell same tor $IW?. To be seen at Clinton place Stables, Li* Clinton place, near Sixth avenne. B-YOU CAN ALWAYS PLATE IMPLICIT RBLI ? ance on the representations made by the house of A BCD. JOHNSTON, 19 to iA East Thirteenth street, near rolverstty place. Attend the sale this day at 12 o'clock. COUPE BOCKAWAY?SECOND HAND. FOR ONE horse, wanted : must he geod maker, in good order and lark running gear. Address D. W. W? Herald office. (CARRIAGES.?J. COLYRR A CO., CARRIAGE WARB J rooms 80S Broadway, factory at Newark, N J. Being large manufacturers, we can sen first class vehicles at lower prices than can be oflfored by dealers, besides glv ing purchasers a more satisfactory guarantee. CARRIAGES?SLIGHTLY DAMAGRD; GREAT BAR gains; new and second hand Carriages, every de scription: low prices. We offer great inducements, and invite purchasers to call and examine. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, SK Brosdwav. /1REAM TAN RIDINO AND DRIYINO GLOVES, \J single button, $2; double button, $2 'A Every pair warranted and sent free on receipt of price. UNION ADAMS A CO., 637 Broadway. 1 it!NEST BLACK MARE IN THE CITY; NO WHITR; 1 16 hands. 7 years old; sound and kind: extra stylish driver in all harness: good traveller; long, flowing mane and tail: price $780; just from the country: also some line bays; lower price. At 108 and 106 West Thirty-seventh st FOB SALE?A CURTAIN COACH, IN PERFECT order, bnilt by Brewster, of Broome street Apply at private stable. 146 and 148 West Thirty-first street Fob sale?a h^vy stock of rock a ways and Pony Phaetonsrof ail styles and grades, at ths Went Bide Carriage Repository, 1,694 and 1.496 Broadway. Fob sale?horse, harness, wagon and milk Route ; 240 quarts per day. Call at 23 Canal street IMPORTED ' or as a _.T ^ sublet, 106 West Poriy-mnth street, from 9 to liA. M. rR HALE?A TEAM OF EXTRA TRUCK HORSES, 6 and 7y ear a old (brothers); flnest pair In the city, weight 2,900 lbs.; price $1,000, ako Ihree Horses (choice oat of 16), At prices lo salt purchasers; all warranted sonnd and kind; or will asll Tracks and entire Htoek, with Good Will of Work. Apply to H. W. U. BLANCH ARl^corner Maiden lane and Houtfc street ________ TiW)R HALR-NRW TOP PONY FHAHTON, ALttO A r no top pony Phaeton, built to order and warranted first t lass iu every rt iitq.iire at larnufcu la, ior.v, I. m lift VW FHOR BALE?two THOROUOHBBED impc English Saddle Horses. Will be told singly i team. Apply to TIERNAN, Coachman, Windsor I hornhn, carriaver. ?c. liWR SAI.K?A VFRYHANDSOMK kentucky , 1 Hum. 17 ban<1?, tonnd ami kiad ; can be driveu bv j * N/1' oan trot tn 4 minutes with lour in a wu?-onj will slop If uyUiing breaks. Inquire of W. B., bo* 2,232 Poat ollioe, New Vori. Fob salb?sixkhat rockaway carrmoe. shirting glaas front, yood at new. McN&mara's ?Uble> Haventy-third street, fourth avenue BRUNH. MOOHK k CO., 492 Broadway. CIOB BALK-A PAIR OF BAY MARKS, 18^ H AN PS, X1 very stylish: dri* Kindle, double or uuder the sad dle; two-aeated Carriage, with shitting seat (Brew*ter>; Harnesses, top Runv, city maker. Apnly at Excelsior hi able 8, corner Broadway and Twenty-ninth street Fob hat.p.?a match team ok black hawk* Mares, 1> and 6 years, IS'* hand*, with long, flowing manes and tails;Jet black; iree irom trick or vice; war ranted <oun<l and kind. Apply to WILLIAM LAW, TUB Third avenue. FOB 8ALB?ONE 2-HORSK EXPRESS WAGON, ONE l-horse Wagon, one 2-seat pleasure or light business Wagon, one Heht double Hames*. Inquire at MS West Thirtieth street LACY, FOR SALE ? IIORSB8. A VEItY 1IAVDHOME. stylish pair of blooded bays. 10,S hands high, all black point*, heavy flowing manes and tails; both Tyears old tills Spring ; warranted sound and kind In single or double harness; ate afraid of nothing ; can be driven by lady or gentleman; can he seen tor two days at Sanger's stables, Atlantic aveime, opposite Carlton ave nue, Brooklyn. For further particulars inquire of M. K. ri.ARENOON. 48 Prank tort street. New York. For sale?an f.legant pony phaeton, suit able tor Newport or other watering places, with rumble, umbrella, pole and shafts; lias been very little used; built by Wood Brothers A Co., where it may now be seed; 740 Broadway. For hale?at 143 east thirty-ninth street. a second Hambletonlau brown Mare, 16U hands, C years old ; can trot 111 2:00; warranted sound and kind. "LtOR SAI.E?A PlNtf chestnut SADDLE HORSE, 8 I years, 16 hands ;l inche* high; been used by a Ia<l,v; a very desirable animal, and liilly warranted; price $?M; Apply to JOSEPH TOWNLiiS, Boulevard Stables, IAS and 137 West Fiftieth street IriOR SALE?BOAD TEAM OF BAYS, BROTHER AND sister, <1 and 7 years; Uhands; mare very last; to gether or separate. LAMB'S stable, 13 East Fifty-eighth itrcet. For sale-a beautiful bay mare, 15 hands, 8 years old; sound as a silver dollar: can trol in 2 :S0; kind and gentle; can be driven at lull speed by a lady; she Is faultless: sold only lor want of time to use her. United States Stables. 156 East Thirty-second street. Fob rale?a pair of dark bay marks, is hands high. 7 years old; warranted sound and kind. May be ?o?n al arables, 45 Lafayette place; ottered at a bargain; owner going to Europe. Fob sale?a gray and a bay hobsk; have been driven together, but will go single or double. The owner having no further use lor the in will dispose of tliein at a low figure. Inquire at Fifth avenue stables, corner East Forty-fourth street TjlOR SALE?A HANDSOME BAY FAMILY OR COUPE r Horse, sound and in good condition; very stylitdi. Inquire fur William, coachman, or Mr. Teany. at Teauy's livery stables, 39 West Forty-fourth street IjlOB SALE?ONB DOCTOB'S OIO PHAETON, TWO 1 glass quarter Coaches, one top Buggy; one Clarence, I blue lining , all in good order. H. BURR, 20S Mercer street f L/f^ ro?DPE *?CKA*AY, but little ui pn,c* %m- ?I,") a ?? ?r &?fiKK\!?KPlKfatJSfc ft1!0,,?"! ?" Bu^.T lUrn.v., fixth street sUt)lr'6,i' SUtti ?venue, ucar Thirty . F^MfedwIV?"818 AND A Y0CNQ ST0TT'AT For sale?a catafalque, for funerals of Borrow. Apply at SSU Third avenuo. Ip?R SALE?TWO HORSES, SOUND AND KIND mttttbe sold for v^it of use. Apulv at COtiORiKP'ti wood yard, 188Hank street Worth Rlw. URIhF H f?n1HStVr^7.^?J ?1 'If,10? PONY BUILT HORSES, ?l ?w l>4uor For SALE?A PAIR OF BLACK HORSFN KKivn 7 yearniniil: well matched; good steppers;'free' and VSf&i ,.lrtv''r'- ' * -een " BRuil^'i ablSi, U3 WestThlrty-scvcnih street, near Broadway. rR SALE?A PAIR OF FINB OARRIAOFWinttfipT. 'ki'n,i"in"'Tf' l"u!<U, '????'?. 7 and 8years old; true mm kind in finifle and double harness and nertecfiv **??"> at RLOKRD'H stables, nS ? West if 8 *? lu ?'0,o?k A- M. aud o to 7 P. M. Inquire lor Mr. Town/iend's hunca. IjlOR SALE-A NEW LIGHT EXPRESS WAGON AND Harness; only used once; price $isn cost luin ui Ct'sIS!: FOR sale?AN ELEGANT pair Off urnr? ..H?,1"*?*> heautlftol grays, with very heavy tails- can trot In 'i:4U or bwtter, and do not pull; 6 and 7 vears old ?nd gentle; go without hoots and trot perfectly square and level. It will be difficult to find a team ""'d at a reasonable price. Also ?tvllsir. of ?rra,tP\ndnranoc1^can*,trot''l|&'rter'',<tha'1n For sale?two trams and trucks, for want of use, or would let them ou steady work by the week or month. Inquire at 347 West Thirty-sixth street P?? s^n,r."^ihVBRL handsome bay stallion, is riatidi hiKh, Hound, and perfectly kind in btriioM lias trotted in age. 9 years. Can he men at aid'* stables. Inland Its East Forty-first street For sale?a jet black horse, i6 hands 7 year* old; warranted sound and kind in all harne?? ? step? In about four minutes; first class coupe orS horse. Inquire at 2l>4 Greene street 1 wiMI f?s.?aAa?T;v5aY JINK PAIR bat HORSES. 15 hands high; second to none In the city for style an.? also one saddle Mare; very high bred; used hr a PonvJLnd fhaeton; been used by young ladv rRii,AKET^.^I}'5 sorrel mark, seven years old. about 16 hands high, sonnd and kind; suitable for gentleman s coupe. Apply at M Prove st, New York For sale?a horse truck and harness horse seven years old, id hands, warranted sound anil Kind; also black Mare, with foal, seven years- must sen want money, m llailson street ' ulu"seil. For SALE?an ELEGANT HORSE for phaeton or coupe, 15 hands, 7 years old; dark chestnut, loinr silver mane and tai I, a great beauty: warranted so ,mi nnd gentle; splendidly trained ; will sell low; owner has * ?? "J applying ai a fceTW" ^OR SALE?A bkautiful CIRCULAR-FRONT SIX I seat Rockuway; morocco lined; splendid nniup Apply at 221 WcKt Fifty third streetcarKdwaj F?k-^I'Kk?HE,AP-A tI9HT T0r WAGON, STIVERS' hV)NN^1a U.^fr,178 Centre street ^ Ap"ly * P FOR SALE, CHEAP-noRSE. BRICK CART H*H .u.rdTtUe""'4 ,tn,f'e TnJCk* lDgutf* " ?? ??? forty" For sale cheap-a bay marr; very stylisiT rood su pper, sound and kind. Can be seen at rit'KxC'rJK." ? For sale cheap-mahogany bay mare i?v Jir^"d?:,,an*?7l? and action: trots in three minute,; I'ni fll! 1 ?C F* ?'hUj,>nes?; warranted sound 5i^?a i. R'ii without spot or blemish. Apply to J. BON NE AU, I7rt Centre street, op stairs. TjlOR SALE CHEAP?A HORSE AND WAOON. APPLY -T at 141 Front street, Brooklyn. For sale cheap-a very nice light double set ofHarness, In first rate order; also a vervflne road Horse: sound and kind; can trot in three minutes. Inquire at U Charlton street FOR SALE CHEAP?A T?p BUGGY WAOON; BEST city make; in good order. Inquire at 387 Hudson st ifOR SALE OR exchanob FOR LESS YALUE? Pair rich bar colored, close mated, Kentacky bred carriage Hones, I# hands, 7 years, smooth made, rangy* with long arched necks, heavy manes, and tails draa the around; high knee action, splendid style and action fear nothing, and for style and beaaty tney cannot be ex celled; also pair black, close mated carriage Horses, If hands, # years, rangy, with arched necks, heavy manes and tails to the ground; splendid sty I*, all warranted sound ami kind, without fault or blemislk Addreea UKo. GOOD PABTURaOE FOR HORSES AT t7 PFR month or $3S for the aeaMn; never falling sunnlv ot 2se ^mliut '? bmt *?ivbaa *m "c0m h,?'1 ??>?? MANUrlCTCBEB8' UNION. MS Broadway. variety yi haddlery Goods always on hand. ^ tf. B. SMITH * CO., <0 Warren street New York. HA?|NS!8;TT.L'.K B8I.VARIBTT OF HARNESS | Horse Clothing. Horse Furnishing Goods and Car MAN M BBOTHER, manafacturers, U4 Chambers street* 1 Harness.-thb cheapest harness store in . New York.?A good double truck Harness, $90: a good banv Harness hand made, *17; a good stable Blanket, |i MX Will sell cheaper t&an ever en account of moving on or before June 1. Pleaae call and examine lor yourselves. FISHER k OSBORNE, 48 Murray7t Harness, harness.-i?o sets, all hand made, at about half the price asked on Broadwav and warranted every way jast as good. Nu 8 Cortlandi street near Mroadway. ????? Harness ?i hays a large stock or rae neas, all styles and kinds, of my own make, wtu h i otfer at extresnely low prices; also Riding Saddles and Bridles, Whips, Hpnrs, Halter* Blankets, Sheet* Lao ,n ?>??>??? line oheap for cash R. BaRTLRTT, 8 Warren street, corner CeUege place. Having a large assortment of carriages of my own manufacture, I pronoee saliinn ? greaUy reduced Prices. iAa^i5x;kw8od^ _ *>'4^rn1rd avenue, corner l?7th street, T1I"RT COAfTH, flECOND HAND-MUST RM anLn ut" ???' ^ ?"? Jgventlj ami neventV vnrbib eueeu "a**1"* HORSES, CARIUAGES, Ac. |>ONT PHAETONS, P ARK Wai;o\h '[ rVh*"v I away*, Victorias, Depot Wagon*, Doit cieL. Bueirle*. and other seasonable style* F uinlv r^fl,. ^ popular price*; lot second hand Ourria -i* y Litnigci; MANUFACTURERS' UNH)?^ Broadway. PAIR GRAY H()K>ES, 1? UANDS, DOO~caKT Avn Harness.?Will be sold for tl.axl. rgreai bl?*i? FrUVtreel ?' Mh * lUrU0Ul" WlM SUPERIOR IRON STABLE FITTINGS.?PARTI FH aln ut to build new stables or refit old ones are in viied to call and inspect specimens ol an tne mo?t ai> ^ t .e3 .fJ". .' Pl*Jlu'actured ui our own workshops. ? JA^ES * KlKTLAfiD, Son, (i. H> and 12 Reade street OECOVD HAND CAB RIAO E S.-KXTENSION Top irL.J hw,,on< Pony. IX'not Wagon, three light ^ I),* i art. Top and open Buggies; several slightly uliop worn Carriage*, bargains. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, SM Broadway. SECOND HAND CARIilAOKS farouche,'*ctory',4W Broftrdl^(.aebova ? ?t ? our-seat Phaeton, Brougham lour-seat Rockaway, Coupe, Track Sulky, "T" Cart BRADLEY, PRAT A CO.. - ___ _ 5W Broadway. CTTLE AND SPEED. r?? *'"or 5ale' a, brown Horse, 8 years old, 18V hand* 55rd wl" "I'OW 2:30, single or double; warranted perfect. Apply at stable .16 First street. T"neJ^L A.^ ^CTI?N, AT ARCH. JOHNSTON'* i ^ Kftst Thirteenth btreet, between tDiversity place and Filth avenue. LH=twttn Elegant team Carriage Horses. Three teams I toad Horses. Pony Turnout. Itoad horse. SALE POSITIVE. AT 12 O'CLOCK See catalogue above. rpiIK FINEST PARK ESTABLISHMENT IN THE JOIINST(A'H n". wU\J"'la Odock, at ARCH. juunston'b new .Mart, I'J to 25 Thirteenth street ?TouUS?^ ^ ^venuMSM <'TnE ASHE WAOON."?MV CELEBRATED ROaD venr^'* ?nlP.^lff,m', h?V? b*?n U*0<l 111 ",ls c"y oyer 29 ?T??iiA splendid assortment just flushed, "couitilnation of steel, hickory and whalebone Call and examine severa second hand Road and Tof> Wagons mvowii make, for sale at a sacrifice. * ' myown ERANK ASHE. 163 and 105 Crosby ttreet TO LET?ON REASONABLE TERMS, BY TIIK MONTH , "r '?I "J* Summer season. one beautiful Barouche ? ??d one Landau; Horses aad Harness to match. Apnlr at Farmers Mali stable, 128 and 130 West Thlrty-flrst st. ynCTORIA?BUII.T BY BREWSTER; ONLY USED Call .itiV.'rvhVu will bu sold for $??). SI* th avenue ' street, west of TlrA?TliH n|i(;0Sli[HSD ROAD SULK*. CHEAP ?? Address T., box 5.2VJ I'ost olllce. WA^V'^F^TKX'Y- A HI<rONn "AND FOUR "uxxn. WAK h!^~H?P,JOP.WAQ2Kr WILL EXCHANGE partteM:.'rb^Vrl',',ni11M gfi?.et *? \y aynn-a good family horse and buooy, " ii< ??< iiatuie for flrst cl^ss board in the countrv g r?i:Jfrf"!" "y 1 Je,lrable Address M. Sl?; H A*1T*r*?A PLATFORM SPR1NO QIO. WITH .5 ??P' bollt by flri>tcla<* builder, and must b? ^^rpX%f ,,y/i!>U0onW-B - 231 ^^thnreeT^ WAIiJn.I,-TT,,/KW:,<,R SECOND hand very ?tron? andj plain Hearses; one tor children- the Bi^dway*room 5. e*3 ^ VAUKNTE- broker, 2C% BKOUOHAM OR COUPE: ENOLISn OB K HlxXrln i>o.nta"d C0UJ1I>0U- Ad<"? WrApZ?P, TOr pd.rc?ASE?A OOOD HORSE AND open Pony Pfiaetons, all sizes; 2U top and open RoaA V"" "re.w"ter> Sttvern, t JfliA*i Roulcawa.v'' npw ?nJ second hand : Vlei.ria S P'I *l*-??at Oertnantown, i Kk^r?' w..""P8 "ockawar, 1 Coach and I Clarence, wffi ' 2?l? ".I* ,nari? double Harness, Sheets, Whips, Ac. WM. H. <)RA\,2U mill 22 Wofjster street 2 2^00 "J?.?8ES FOR SALE-FOB WANT or USE. Ml West FiDy-flrst street K GOOD WORK HORSES FOR SALE; ALSO ONE FIT for ? doctor or light work, at iw ami 196 Klizabetb st. ?TRAMORAY HORSES,7 YEARS, 16 HANDS; *<Psound, kind. styliMi, gentle; separately if de uil 'iill'r- ?H,S ny' u*nil,: /""??. gentle for lady; WJU. 418 Lightli avenue, corner Thirty .lint street DRY OOOD8r~ * / lOMPAONIE DES INDKS, " ^ Paris. H?M?\.TEr:Dk DELISLfc FKKRES, of the c0mr>sirnla Am.^r*' "^JP'cWoljy adilress themselves to la<?ies ui America contemplating a voyage to Kurobe tn,irmu tlielratu?nOou to their productions ol P > Laces and Cashmere shawls, 'i i i Mt thu'r wurebouws, '*ris, and Tim ??, ?'.!i '? Ke8'*ce, UrnxclJcs. Those who call, either from iuterust and enrlosltv or f?r*? P'irpo?? ot buying, will meet wlth eQO^ wurfe^ As this house pays no commissions under any cirentnl staiices to agents, the direct purchaser obtains all the aS* vantages. All goods marked in flnir* " variable. Euglish spoken all over the hou^e. SKW.WK'ir. a" Ale neon, 2U Rue detencrel | Cashmere. I'mrttzar. JpARIS.?AU COIN DE UUE. ~ ,? Montesnnleo, 1C, 18, 21) and 22 Roe des Hon? infants " ? near the Palais KoyaL Oreat Emporium of Fashion. Known for nearly thirty years for the eicellence, food taste and modest price of each article. ? ... T .In<JU and French Cashmere Shawls, Si)k?, Lwe Goods. Mantles. <.osUimeii. Party Dstums. Readv-msde Cndereloihing, Wedding OuttUsT Baby Linen, Cloves, Perfumery, Fancy Articles. Tlie largest, most varied and cheapest stock in Paris. anLL1WKHY AMU DKKSgMAKCTQi A -MAISON WALTON, M3 BROADWAY, ABOVE V? saunre.?Importer of Paris Bonnets and English Round Hats from the leading houses in Europe ? ?l*> the Marlon de Lornie, tha hst ol^he season. MME8. R. DE WAIBEL * JANE PFISTERER (flUC cesseurs de Mrae. Lambert), 27 Knit Eighteenth ?rret. corner Broadway, Inform the ladies that tier KlP*fC: k?n w^n'*<l*r. 21st Inst, to receive or. ders In Dressmaking after the latest Pari* styles, as well mb Corsets, on the most reasonable terms. YACIITS, SmMBOATO, &C. A YACHT WAN1"ED TO SAIL?FOB THE COMINfl Summer, bv an experienced sailing master. Ad drwVACHTS, i>ox 173 Herald office. VlOK SALE??HTKAM YACHT SCTRPBISE. ?2 FEET BY r 13 feet; doublo engine; surface condenser, owner in Europe. Address F. W. P., box 586 Pott office. If. Y. Fob sale?a lot or fine copper fast. cned BoaU. of all dimension* and sizes, very cheap. Apply to J. D. NOLAN, Bergen Point, Chancellor dock. 1>Ol SALE?A LAP-STBKAK. OLINKER-BCIlT 1 cedar (Jig; four oars and coxswain; is 34feetlong, 14 inches wide i in pcrfecl order; only one season old; al*>, ?tin slx oared Shell, with oar* complete and patent steer ing apparatus; price $100. Address O. B., SECRET AMY,, hex 4,344 Post office. ' FOB RALE-CHEAP, IP APPLIED FOB 1MMBDI ately. a Sloop, carrying sixty tons, now tying at Cirr 40 Kaat River. For farther Information Inquire on oa rd. FOBSALK CHEAP-FOUR SAILBOATS, FROM 17 to n feet long; new cat or sloop rigged Boats; at PETERO. BOSK'S altop. Pleasant Valley,N.J. Apply at TO Oreenwich street, New York. SMALL CABTK YACHT STOLEN PRO.Vt BATONNE N. J.?The sloep yacht Mollie, twenty-nix leetdeck, painted white, cockpit grained oak and black walnut, four patent cabin lights, galvanized anchors and chain: also thirteen foot open ffunwale workinff Kowboat, branded "P. McOiehan." Any Information will be Uberaiiv re warded by addreulmg B. C. ALLAIRE, Jr., 711 Broad way; CLOOr YACHT SPRAT, 41 FEET IS LENGTH, O beam WH toet. depth of hold 5 feet; water tank, refrigerator, Ao.; cabin handsomely ftirnlshed s china and silverware, tails and yawl In good order. For fur ther particular* and to sea inventory, apply to JAKES O. POWKBS A CO., 101 Murray street. New York I UEORUB T. POLE, Poughkeepsie; or MlCHAKJLt SMITH, Hyde Park, W. Y. SCOW8 WA NTED?TWO LA ROE DICK SCOWS sound and tight. H. A. PECK A CO., corner First avenue and Thirty-eighth street. TACHT FOB SALE-A SCH(X)NER YACHT, 87 TONl o. tn.; coppered; centre-board; In complete order. Address J. M. CHURCHILL, 221 Commercial street, Port lam!, Me. PROPOSALS. NMOTIOE IS HRBKBY OIYMN THAT PURSUANT TO ? section 3, of chapter SM, ot the laws of 1873, pro posals for publlahtng and distributing the City Record for one year, in accordance with the speeiflcatlone filed In the office of the Mayor of the city or New York, In the City Ball In Mid city, will be received at said office until Tuesday, Jane 3, prox.. at 11 o'clock noon, at which hour the bide will be opened and read, and the award of the contract made aa soon thereafter as practicable. Baoh proposal will be enclosed in a sealed envelope endorsed, ''Proposals for Publishing and Distributing the city Record,'* and man be made in strict conformity to I the specifications aforesaid. The security required on the contract win b? ?10,08(1 Ziitt&gi s"?' tobk.i.t 17, im Oo?u""">???*??? fBOPOSALS FOB MONUMENT.?THE COMMITTEE! . appointed to erect a soldiers' monument at Beverly, N. J., will receive Plana and proposals until Jane 1 for the erection of said monument. The height must be not less than SO feet, material marble or granite and the shaft surmounted by a "soldier at rest'' or other patriotic de sign ; cost not to exoeed 110,000, exclusive of foundation .if sub-base. Designs must be submitted with proposals aod included In the coat No deafen will be paid tor sepa rately. The whole to be paid for when complete. "the roinmltttse rem rvo the rlxht to reio. t any or ail pfopo ? ila Address JOIIN .IaMI-SoN, Cii virniiin, or B r, TOwWHBNU. Se.-retisr*. Ut verlv. HurlUuiMU, 4 1 M- J,

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