Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 21, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 21, 1873 Page 4
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to yetfor ?r?fNiws nrEWwiw. ^TTHNTION. MOW RRADT "rOB occupancy, NEW FIRK Htuoy BUILDING. FULTON, NASSAU-AND ANN streets. ELEGANT OFFICES To^KENT IN THE ABOVE FIREPROOF, WELL located BBILDING, BEING IN CLOSE PROX1MTTT TO ti1e C?rr a ALL, THE COURTS, THE POST OFFICE, *c!7"ao. orrron suitable for lawyirs, brokers, ?ANK8, INSURANCE COMPANIES, 40., 4a, CAN BK SI AD, SINGLY OR KN~~?ulrE, OF ANT DESIRED RI7E, FROM 10X13 FEKT~TO 26X67 FEET, AT $300. #400, $300 AND UPWARD TO $12,000, according TO 81XE AND location. ~~ THE ABOVE BUILDINU IH COMPLETED' FIREPROUF, READY FOR OCOUPANCT, HEATED BT STEAM, AND HAS TWO FIRST CLASS , TASSF.NOER ELEVATORS AND ALL MODERN IM PROVEMENTS. RENT OF SMALL OFFICES. Kiro 2d Story. 3d stotry. 4th Story. 5th Story. JaioSdi.... $2.wi *\M $i.soo $i,m . lWI 1AM 1,?0 UOO 4 class. ooo i.?x> 1.200 m TxWt ....... ?**> 1,900 1,200 800 jo?w . ??? ?*> M0 30J luxiW noi? 400 m sao |!).SlS9 S.OUO 2,ft00 2.000 1,800 5<>6x39 3.000 2,!W0 2,01)0 1,3U0 mo ??*> :wi ?? jy.iteai l.iui '1,000 1,200 1,009 ?4.6x23 1.809 1,2V) 1,000 *00 34.6x23. 1.800 1,290 1.000 800 37*23 1,800 1,250 1,000 800 Soxis f-00 400 380 300 INQUIRIES TO BE MADF. (IF HOMER MORGAN, NO. 2 PINE STREET. A -OFFICES TO LET In the DRF.XEL building, SOUTHEAST CORNER OF BROAD AND WALL STREETS, ? ? for corporations, BANKERS. lawyers, AC. Two elevators, two staircases, fireproof, well ventilated Kitd lighted. heated by gleam;every modern convenience en each floor. Apply to JOS. W. DEEXEL. on Uie promises, or to HOMER MORGAN, No. 2 l'lne street FINE SECOND FI-OOR, 25X85. AT 55 WEST Kiglileentli street, suitable for any kind of bnslne&s; cheap rou\ Particulars of R. E. BU HNS, 858 Sixth av. A handsome STORE TO LET?WITH DWELLING Apartments, on Sixth avenue; rent $700; plate glass windows; also one large Store on the best block on Sixth ?venue. Call at 999 Sixth avenue. BilliADWAY FRONT OFFICE, FIRST FLOOR; RENT low. Apply at 609 Broadway. room 6. iT>ROADWa'y CORNER BUSINESS ROOMS TO JJ tea<e ; ateo Upper I'art of 48 East Twelfth street. Ap ply in book store 54 East Twelfth street. (CORNER STORE, WITH ELEGANT WINDOWS, TO J rent?West sid?. first class location; very moderate rent Apply at 697 sixth avenue, corner Fortieth street A TT11NE LOFTS. 50X100, WITH OR WITHOUT STEAM _T power, to let, suitable tor light manufacturing pur pases; also an elegant Store, 35 ana 37 Wooster street "JT10R CLUB room OR ANY OTHER BUSINESS for y evenings, large, airy Rooms, opposite Reservoir Park, r21 Sixth uvenue. reed A CO. 1 ARGE FRONT room, BEDROOM and OFFICE JlJ (now rented), newly fitted np, for rent cheap, or Would sell at great bargain; small Office to rent Til Broadway, room 10. Manufacturers.?to lease, extensive prem. lues, containing nearly 25,UOO feet of flooring, suita ble for manufacturing purposes: situated close to Fourth uvenue, in Eu?t Twenty-second street Apply to J. 3'URSSELL, 910 Broadway. o N BROADWAY, First and Third Floors to let or lease. 436 Broadway, liquor store. ONE STORE IN FORTY-SIXTH STREET, NEXT TO Eighth avenue. Inquire at 758 Eighth avenue. RESTAURANT to let?and fixtures for sale, Iii the Ninth ward. For particulars apply to owner, 61 Liberty street, room 29. STORE ON BROADWAY, BETWEEN FRANKLIN and Canal streets?First Floor and Basement ol a ?tore, 2'> feet by 17S feet deep, all modern improvement*, F?od linht. steam elevator, rear eutrance lor shipping. Atidre&i LISPENARD, Herald office. STEAM POWER.-TO LET, LAROE AND 8MALL Room*, with or without rower (wood workers al lowed). at the Eureka Machine Carving Works, 60, 02, 04 and 06 Cannon street. iQKCOND FLOOR TO LET CHEAP?FITTED UP FOR V? a cl;;ar manufactory; rent taken in clears. Inquire on the premises, 180 South street. New York. rrHORNTON M. ROt'MAN, RF.AL ESTATE AGENT, (W? J Broadway, offers lor lease the Store and Apartments, ? t 131 Waverley place. $550 per aaiiuiu; flint floor $3uo per ? niiiim, with repair. Carpenter Shop, i5 Thomas street, $600 per annum. Pine Brook Hotel, at Pine Brook, New Jersey, to lease, S.MWper annum; partlv furnished; 20 rooms; lee hi use tilled; stabling lor .10 horses; posesssion June 1; 7 miles from M mile lair; 13 miles from Newark. TO LET?OFFICER WITH HEAT, WAT13R AND OAS, in .118 Broad way. Apply lo S. B. HUTCHING#, 38 3ohn street TO LET?OFKICFS IN 290 BROADWAY, CORNER Reade street Apply to S. B. HI TCIIINGS, 38 John Street. niO LET?ONE OF THE FINEST CORNER STORES ON J Eli'hth avenue, at Forty-sixth street; new building; Verv cheap. Imjuire at 75S Eighth avenue. TO LET?ON SIXTH AVENUE, CORNER OF THIK ticth street. Store and Basement; also a Room, with ?team heat, 24 by 6B. lighted by six windows, adapted (or |>!iotographcrs, lecture, schoolroom or light manuiactnr In?*; also tlie tnree story Bathing Establishment, con Kiniu?' Russian, Turkish, private and swimming baths. West Thirtieth street. TO LEASE?202 FIFTH AYBNCE, CORNER OF Twenty-flfth street, through to Broadway; permis sion to aller tor business purposes. Apply tc W. W. BTEPHEN.SON, 247 Broadway, room 22. TXTATER FRONT STORES AND VACANT LOTS TO TV let. loot of Delaneey street. East River; car lines to ?very portion of the city; near three terries. J. L. MILLER, 21 East street #7Q GRAND STREET, BETWEEN GREENE AND 4 O Wooster.?Tbi? three story Building to let, for busi ness purposes; rent low Apply to L. FELDMAN, 343 East Nineteenth street, irom 8 to 10 A. M. and from 6 to 8 P. M. ~PWBLLIKG IIOISES TO LET. Furnished. A N ELEGANT RESIDENCE. BETWEEN FIFTH AND J\ Madison extension, ;'ixlt<: parlors tmly rurnished; rent low. Apply at 26 i.ast Filtieih street, from 10 to 4. A ?TO LET, A NF.ATLT FURNISHED HOUSE, OR . will rent Part to a private family; reut moderate to ? desirable party. Apply at 120 West Forty-flub street. Apamily going ABROAD WILL LET THEIR House, furnished, to a rarefnl tenant, at a very reasonable rate, for two vtars or shorter period. Ad tfress House, care of Huirhe*, station C. A NEAT BRICK COTTAGE HOUSE TO RENT-AND JV Furniture for sale, completely lined for bonsekeep I nil, terms very moderate. Call for three days at V'est Twelfth street, near S.xth avenue. A TilKEE STORY HIGH STOOP WELL FURNISHED fc/* House to rent; location and neighborhood good. Ad dress J. W. M., Herald Uptown Branch office. No agent* ? ?? . , A VERY PLEASANT COTTAGE, NEARLY FUR Ji ifl?hed; owner reserving two rooms for sleeping; lo. cation excellent. Rent low to a carelui tenant. Apply .alter 10 at 117 East Twenty.ninth street A THREE STORY HIGH STOOP WELL FURNISHED House to rent; hat II roonn and all improvements; Neighborhood good; immediate possession. Imiuira on the premises, 106 East Twenty fourth street. No agent*. A SMALL HOUSE, COMPLETELY FURNISHED, j/V first class neighborhood, centralis located, near ? roadway; gentleman and wife would board, if agree, ?tile, as part payment; terms moderate. Address N. A. T., Herald Uptown Branch office. A LARGE* BROWN STONE HOUSE IN TWENTY. J\ seventh street near Broadway, splendidly fur. rished, lull of paying boarders, to rant, with immediate Iiossession; the rooms will readily rent wilhont giving losrii it preferred. Inquire at the office or the Sun Gas . >gbt Apparatus, 1,193 Broadway. TO LET?A THREE STORY HIOH STOOP BRICK House, furnished or unfurnished ; will be let vcrr l'..w '? ? tenant. 360 West Twenty-third street near t" inth avenue. T? YON KERB, FURNISHED OB UNPUR ,-f nlshed, three minutes from depot, a Beat 10 room Cottaga;waUr and gas; plenty of fruit; flno river view: swner witling to let the premises for a long or short period &Vrr?mawMw?V-.* mod*rate rent Apply to JOHN Evrt j?nrt.?l 1TPJ?ei or to JOHN W. CUL BKBT, 190 Front street, New York. T?J??r&?5JiiT ?tr*?IBHRD house in west w,,n/to iJt J?10 Klfth avenue, from 13th y tine to lit of May next. terms very moderate to responsl j>le parties. Apply by letter to A. B , box 5.482 Post office. fTO LET?TO A SMALL FAMILY, FROM JUNE TO i Octeber, a well furnished House, cosey and comfort able; desirable for a Bummer resident rent tion ber n. inth. Apply to AUGUSTUS CRLIKSHaNK, 68 Road way. OQ WESTTHIETY-THIBD STREKT -HANDSOMELY lurnlshed House to let, for one or throe years near Filth avenue. H. & DREW, No. 3 Wes*. Twenty third "t. I nfnralihed. A SMALL BRICK HOUSB IN SECOND STREET, ?. I near Bowery ; water and gas; neUhborhr>od gocd; ["?ntil.lOO W. 1L FALCONER, 100 Fourth avenue, near 3 we I flh street. A HANDSOME FOUR STORY BRICK HOUSE, ONE block Irom Union sou arc, newly painted and in l?i riect order; rent to a private tamily on'y ?1.?)0. ^ B. E. HEBHMtb, 29 East PI?f|?Ml street A Til ICE K STORY HlflH STOOP BROWN STONE Comer House, 961 Second avenue, lo let cheap, whole or iu part. Don't lose tins chance. THOMAS McQUiBb, 1,146Second avenue. \ GREAT BARGAIN.?TO LET, THAT BEAUTIFUL , i and convenient House 2U8 East Eighteenth street; 11ue neighborhood ; seen at anv time hy permit thomam MCGITKK. 1,146 Set io4id avenue. nvrr.r<MiiA riWMRti to i.kt. Untarniihrd. Amm UTOBT BROWR HTONH HOtlSR, M FBBT wide, la Forty seventh street near Mfth avenue, lo Id. at vary low rent ?'. ?! uKAtfY. (W Sixth avenue AN AON IP! OB NT NRW DOHBLB HTOMB DWKLU InB. finished In Uncut style, mirror*. sideboard, black walnut and rosewood trimmings; together with the wip <rt> pleasure grounds, modorn stone stable, Ac., U> lease extremely low. or lor Hale Firt* ?mue, north west corner l.NUi streel. neighborhood first olaaa. V B. HTKVTtNHON Jr., 11 Pit>? ?tw?t_ /lOTTAOR, ROOMS AND HTOttB TO LOT IN TUB \J Ninth ward-Oottage, lOrottmn, MOO; nice Htore In Hudson street, MM; mw Kueond Floor.5 room*. M, Kirxt Moor and Basement. %V SI). Apply at MB Hudson t-Uiint riio let?brick mon stoop iiouhr, i7brnwiok 1 lireet, near Cau*l, 10 room*; water and gat; newly painted; rent SflU inquire of owner, K. WALTON, ft A lungdon square. rLRT?THB TUBER 8TORT I1IOH STOOP BRIO IT House Srt West Eleventh street, between University niace and Filth avenue, rent moderate. Apply at Oil *? Wa" or to ANDBEW WARD, Bit Ninth avenue, irom 8 to 9 o'clock A. M TO LET OR 1MB SALE?THE FOUR STORY BROWN stone Rngiish basement House, 114 Rant Thirtieth Htreet, purieut order, every convenience . rent $-', i00 JAMBS DAVIS. 157-Dunne street TO RKNT OR LRASR?THE KOUR STORY ENGLISH basement House 109 Went Forty tlrnt Htreet. near Reservoir Park, newly painted and papered throughout; rent fl.Ktt. Apply on premises, ?r to WM. U. RaYNOK, No. 6t? Fine street pvamuHiiio uuumh and apahthkkts TO LKT. A NICELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM TO LET TO one or two single gentlemen hy a private tarnily at 38 Orove street; reiereuccs required. A WELL furnished UPPBB ROOM, OAS, AC., $3. to a quiet, permanent uentleman only; others vmn ; ilrat Mass rewrteuee. No. 6 ML Mark's place, near Broad way and Cooper Institute. A FOURTH floor SQUARE "ROOM AND A SEO ond floor front lull Bcdriom to lei., lurnislied, to gentlemen only, without board, at 100 East Twenty-third Ktreoucorner ?f Fourth avenue A FRONT PARLOR TO LET?FITRNfHHRD, FOR housekeeping; alto hall Redrooin, with or without Board Call for one week at ZH Uighth avenue. A widow LADY WOULD LIKE TO rknt A floor or Rooms separate. Call at SB Sixth avenue, near Thirtieth street. A LABOR, NEATLY FURNISHRD ROOM TO I.KT? To one or two gentle men, in private 224 West street; terms moderate. ANIOF, FORNISHED ROOM NO LET?TO A RE spectabie young man. Iuqutre at 10i> Third avenue, in the store. A PARLOR AND BEDROOM. FURNISHED, TO LET, to gentlemen or tor housekeeping; on tlrst tloor; house private; gas. 63 Barrow street, between Bleecker and Hudson. No children A handsomely FURNISHED FRONT ROOM ON second floor, with private hath: also furnished or un furnished Rooms on third floor; gentlemen only, without Board. 314 Filth avenue. A NEATLY furnished ROOM TO LET-AT $4 ?weekly; private resilience and family; gas, hath, all conveniences; lady or gentleman; good neighbor hood. 316 East Thirteenth street. APRIVATR FAMILY WOULD LET reception Room ns offlcc, and two furnished Rooms, to gentle men, clo.-te to Broadway uud St. Cloud Hotel; references. 14'J West Forty-first street. A PRIVATE FAMILY IIAVR A SUIT OF ROOMS on second floor, newly furnished, together or sepa rate; .summer terms; gentlemen preferred ; modern im prove menu; reference*. 103 East Thirty-fifth street A STRICTLY PRIVATE FAMILY, LIVING A FEW doors west of Broadway and near Fourteenth street, will let two neatly furnlMied front Rooms, with large closets, to gentlemen only; termrf moderate; references exchanged. Address ROOMS, box 123 Herald Cptowu Branch office. ? (^OSEY, COMFORTABLE AND CnEAP.-TO BENT, J furnished, for six months, French Flat, first floor, seven rooms, private brown stone front. 106 East Fifty sixth street, between Fourth and Lexington avenues, 3 to 8. DESIRABLE LARGE ROOM AND BEDROOM-FOR a physician: also Rooms on floor above, handsomely furnished"; excellent locution; English base me nt house. No. 3 St Mark's place; private family; references. XT'LEG ANT, LARflR COOL ROOMS, RICnLY FUR J niched, to let, without board, to gentlemen, at Sum mer prices; all convenient-**; location first class; pri vate family. 21 West Dth st, between 5th and 6th a vs. 17?LEOANT- ROOMS. NEWLY AND HANDSOMELY Li carpeted and furnished, to let, at 31 East Tenth street, to gentlemen. FURNISHED ROOM AND BEDROOM-FOR HOUSE keeping or gentlemen; rem #5. 357 IIudson streot. Furnished floor and rooms, for lioht housekeeping, in a private family. 229 East Thirtieth street Furnished rooms in private house.?hot and cold water.ens. bath, Ac.; everything new. 434 West Thirty-third street. Furnished room to let-to one or two gen tletncn; also an once, to a physician; house private. 331 West Thirtieth street Furnished rooms to rent-to oentlemen-, hot and cold water; private family; references. 77 West Twelfth .street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. PIRNHIIED PARLOR AND BEDROOM, FOR QUIET parly, or entire Floor, 3 large ronnis. gas and bath, with or without lis.-euient and .luinb waiter. B. FI.AN AvJAN, Fourth av. and Twenty-eif lith st. Furnished FLOOR?SUITABLE FOR HOUKEKEEP ing, private house, with modern improvements; piano II required. Inquire at II and 17 Abingdon square (Eighth avenue), between Bleecker nud Twelfth streets. IfURNISHF.D ROOMS TO LET-TERMS MODERATE Nice front Sitting Room and Bedroom, connecting. furnUhed for housekeeping; hot nn<l cold water, bath, good washing privileges; excellent location 222 Fiity second strei t, ono door from Broadway. C1ENTLEMEN DESIRING NIC FLY FURNISHED X Roams in a qnier house, pleasant and central loca tion. can lie accommod ited, on very reasonable terms, at 12i> West Twenty-second street. Handsomely furnished rooms-everything new; sec 1 floor; nuurble basins, gas,Ac.; term* moderate. 101 Christupher street. Handsomely furnished rooms, with use of elegant parlors, with or without Board, at 331) Wwt Thirty-second street, near Eighth avenue. Nicely furnished rooms, at bo west six teenth slreel, between Fifth and Sixth avenue*, tor gentlemen; ren-rence required. Near union league club.-a lady has elb. gantlv furnished Rooms to let to single gentlemen, without hoard ; every modern convenience and every ancient home comfort. Only those able to live in an elegant atmosphere need address Y. R., box 112 Herald office. Parlor :.oob and basement to let?m9 (Iran i i: rent $."52. Apply on prolines. PART OK 217 west THIRTY-EIOlITn street will lie let, furnished, to a small, genteel fatally or party ol gentlemen disiring a (elect circle. PARTIES DESIRINO HANDSOMELY furnished Rooms, en suite or single, can And first cluss ac commodations at 150 We?t Twenty-first street. TO LRT-ONE VP.RY NICELY furnished ROOM; for one gentleman, $4; for two. per week; (Yee fas and bath, in 10H hust Twenty-fcventh street, near 'nMrtb avenue. TO LET-BY A SMALL KRENCn FAMILY. PARLOR and Bedroom, neitly lurnUhrd, for gentlemen or la lies; small. Independent house, over store 103 West Ihirty-sixth street, between Rroadway and Sixth a v. TO LBT?FURNISHED ROOM AND BEDROOM, FOR one or two gentlemen, with a strictly private famllv. Call at 216 East Eleventh street, between Sccond and Third avenues. TWO FHRNISHKD ROOMS TO LET-IN A PRIVATE family; ga.% Ac. Inaulre at265 Division street, near Grand street TWO VKRY comfortable, FURNISHED ROOMS for single gentlemen; newly papered, painted and furnished. 112 First avenue, near Seventh street. TWO NICKLY furnished ROOMS TO RENT-TO gentlemen, without board, terms reasonable, at 1ST West Twenty-third street Reference. T\7"ELL FURNISHED ROOMS. ON SECOND AND ?v third floors, for gentlemen, without board; Room and Board (or gentleman and wife, at 256 West Twenty lonrlh street 1m 1RVINO PLACE-HANDSOMELY furnished Rooms to let, singly or en suite, at moderate prices. SUM west THIRTIETH STREET. FIRST HOUSE FROM Fifth avenue ? Elegant Parlor Floor; also other Rooms, en suite or singly, at reasonable rates. 5TH AYENUE, 164.?FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET. ? IKPISU.'L ,)*okJ <"? each floor. Apply to Mr. IiAWRENCE, on the premises. 5TH AVENUE, OPPOSITE MADISON SQUARE ? Elegant Suits of Rooms, fully furnished, without toard, at summer prices. Inquire at 206 OQ WEST THIRTY-THIRD STRKET.?TIANDSOMELY Av furnished House to let for one or three years, near Filth avenue. ? H. R. DKKW. No. 3 West Twenty third street 4JQ LAFAYETTE PLACE.?FURNISHED BOOMS, TO OO gentlemen only, in handsome private house, with all conveniences; a large front Room on second flour, also others. Terms moderate. EAST TWENTY-FIRST STREET-ROOMS TO let on aecond floor; Room for gentleman. 42 CI ST. MARK'S PLACE-ELEOANT HOUSE. ? )i Neatly furnished Rooms, single or io suits, includ lng parlor floor; prices low. _ ??? WRST 1WENTY-FOURTH STREET. NKAR FIFTH ? Avenue Hotel; furnished upper Room for a gentle man : every coavenlence: $3 90. 7a WEST THIRTY-SIXTH STREET, CORNER SIXTH I v* avenue.?A furnished Room lo let to one two gentlemen at a reasonable prloe. 110 MACDOUOAL STREET, NEAR BLEF.CEfclt? ? i". Furnished Rooms, with every convenience for ""^^ac^P'ng, 1#t t" respectable vraall fanilliy. 1M7 XA.*T. SEYKNTEBNTH STRFET-A nick j ? ? l Bnlt of Rooms to let. furnished or unfurnished, at moderate rale'. Call and see. 14.7 WEST TENTH HTRBRT -BACK I'ARLOR, , ""w'v lornlshed, to one or two gentlemen, with outboard, term# ?W ser week, private ramtlr 'U\7 HOW I'IBT ?FRONT KO'lM ANl? BKDKOOM TO iil.1L. .i! ***'???' <w ee wrato to m gentleman and VllbfLE lad wa visil l.? Ibreij <jay? ;n VVrDRNIHIIflD ROOM* AID APA.KT-, MKITM TO liMT. AFIRHT FLOOfcTO MIT-OVBR THltJl8T<?Bll?J? fourth avenue, near Twonty nlatli roona; improvement* Apply to awa.r. m tMe proas Im, from U to > o'clock. A HKOOND FLOOR, TWO KOOMH Tlllltn A floor and one Itoom lai*[Uc; l*n?4rT, ^ #.? Woot Bigbluoath ktreet. batweoa higiith ml N'uUi avaauea. _ ABAKDHOMB OORNBB FTjATO* rooms, below the Pork and with la a^Jllockof Itftk avenue, also one of olght rooms, all IU liu.^f oL Ihn Oontlnoalal plan; small, first.c?a?s ??c8 WtHixttiavenue. Opm tnm ? A. M. ta?P. ?. AT m THIRTEENTH 8TBBBT MBAB fOTJW i?6nuc-hv(i Rooms on second floor, wi?lf<wy ?y tod lor housekeeping; modern taprovowoato. *11 coo v^vilefiOM on miitia nixw; rent m Apply in mnr*? AKKW BLROANT FAMILY BOOMS, J"'8* vasted, inodorsta prioa* to' l?rtt?g who wlak to hi*mhI (he Hummer in the city. fl ? A second fj.oor op FIVB ROOMS, BATH. AO., to lot, linBirnlabod, la a first class house ocoi uied by a prlvato fsiiiilv. at H05K West Jl wenty-aecoml street ON WKrtT TWENTY THIRD &TRBRT?A VM>OB. lour roots* to small respectable 'amllT, ilren, private house, with owner ; ItaO a JM'/'y1? above fi wanted. Apply at 118 Went Twenty-lourth Rooms to _ Inquire at M7 Fourth ferine Thtbd floor to let?fob light 01?.sh k kk i* log , splendid neighborhood; rent low to a Kood uyi ant /fliply at 421 Bast Fifty -ttrst stroet, between avenue A and Beeknian place TO LBT-THR UPPER FABT OF HOUBB 1? "'G1?! nvenne, corner of Thirtieth street: 15 room*'. suitable lur uioi hanirs' boarding house. Inuulre la tho store. frO XiBT?II* A THKKB STOBT MtOO STOOP BROWN 1 AMIR frrtflttn flast Scventy-Uiird "treat, i? fromt; back Parlor Dining Room, Kitchen and two Booms uU third door, with carpet*, oilcloth* anil window Hhylea. ftoi.MKS uros . *8 Boat Twonty-third 3tra?t TO LBT-A FBBMr.ll FLAT, CONTAINING 5 ^OOMS first floor, 105 Went Fort# eighth street, admlr^blr ?danted for a prirato family or a light business, oacei* kntl^Xn PInS5rc of%M. eLtlOTT. 1,131 Broad way, near Forty-fifth street. hnO LEY?A DESIRABLE APARTMENT, 1 rooms, new, light and flrat olas*, reduced to ?J0por month. UK) West Thirty-eighth street. mo lbt-pabt <>k a nkw house. bbautifijll y I located, overlooking the Hudson itlver, all menU; private faintly; rant tow to artultN. Inouireon premises, ItVl sf.reot, llrst liouse west o> fourth a\e.nin TO I.BT- IO A .i-M <\ 1.1 ? KAMll.y, THBTHtBDyi<OOB of a private house. i?aWest Thirty flfth atraat con alstlnu ot live rooms, all iinproveiaenU; rent ?JU P'*r month. Iniiuire on the premiwo*. . mo I.BT?A FRMNOH FI.AT OF MX BOOMS OM THB 1 tourtJi floor ot HMO ijea.ngion avenue, urt wly (>aiuted, owner oti the first, floor. rim Htfi NT- TO \ i \MM,Y OFTtOPKftMNfS?THBKB 1 iiniUmislied Rooms lor ligiit housokcepin*. 1W Kaat Thirty-ninth street, between Lexington anil f ark ava. Q BOi IMH A N H K1 IT 11K N. O N KIBHT PMM?R 6 new house 121 Bast nity-thli<1 street tjetwoen Lex Inetou and Fourth avenues; ront $30 per montn. r 7 ~EAS1' TWrNTIK rn STREET.-MIMB BBAUTIFlir. ?)?* Booms for a family or nonUomen; tha fliieat- lo cation in ihe city ; reduced rent; Uou*e will be kept urht class. -? 71 MADISON AVENUE.?BOOMS ON SECOND floor; alio one on fourth floor; reference*. OOn EAST THIBTYFIB8T STBEBT,-SEt'OND JiOV Floor, six rooms, bath, ffas (separate meter) all conveniences, to a iainily of adum. nr^r WEST FIFTY-SECOND STKF.ET, BF.T^ Kf.N .>?) | Eluhtii and Ninth avenues.?To lit Uie ^cond Floor In private hou?e. six rooms; rent a inouili, water ami tias. ' FOR SALE. ' PAWNBROKEBAOE BUS1NES tablished over 30years, doing a - proprietor want# to retire from business. , , MITCHELL'S Store Agency, Tt Cedar_street. A BESTADBANT AND LODOINO HOUSE, WITH A nine years' lea?e, for sale cheap: I.iauor Rtorts, Cigar Stores on Sixth avenue, t onutry MITCHELL'S Store Agency. TT Uedar street "7 CORNER I.IQITOR STOBK FOB SALE CHEAP? A Hest location down town; Lagar Beer saloons, Billiard Saloons, Restaurant*. Coffee auJ Cake Saloons, Milk. Agency. TT Cedar street _ A-BAKEBIBS FOB 8ALB AT ORF.AT BABGAINS? . nUo Confectioneries, Ice Cream Saloons. r>ju* Stores staiioii?'rv stores. House furnishing Htor^s, But U r Stores. MIl'CUELL'S Store Ageaer. 7T>Oedar street, A BARE CHANCE FOR A BUTCHEB.?MARKET lor sale or to be leased, very cheap; It butcher's shop, vegetable, and IruU *t,(?!H}r0u,tiJ best part of Eighth avenue. Apply to. ISAAC HI.U MENTHAL, in slaughter house, corner 1 orty lourta street and nrst avenue. A RARE OPPORTUNITY.?FOR SALE, A FIRST cluss fancy (Irocerv and Wine Store, with Sample Boom attached, situate.-! near Broadway, In the vicinity of Cltv Hall* tine stock and rent ot store low, satisfactory n-a^L for filing. Addrem ANOOsTUBA, fterald offlca. A BARE CHANCE.-A FINE COBNBB LIQUOR A More, en South street; tense of the smne tor sale at a low price. MITCHELL S Agency, 77 t e.lar street A^RESTAURANT FOR PALE-IN A VERT "OO? A. location, very good :or a smart mau .o make moue). Inquire at 33 Sullivan street A N OLD18TABLISIIRD JOB PBINTINO OFFICB A for sale ; lower part ot city; succcntul ope ratio n 40 vonrs * A biirk'iiin if applied for at once* Farticulars, ^ambers swet OKuitiih W. SIMKBS' Store agauey. A MANUFACTURINO BUSINESS FOR SALE-SEVEN A vears established; net profit WrSjiO D?ryear ;t investigation: terms easy; sale in\estment tall at B.tAZKAL' BROS., M Seventh avenue. A WoWcTsE FOR SALE?HALF-rl.ATKD, THREE A leetlong. Apply at 173 Filth avenue. a FIRST CLASS BOOT AND SHOE STORE FOB A sale-Located on great thoroughfare; ?ble business; splendid chauce to make money. Particu lars 25 Chambers ^f(^OE w SIMEBS' Store Agency._ A N OLD-ESTABLISHED COAL YARD FOB SALF..? \ Location unsurpassed; extensively patronized, en terprUing party sure lortune; rare Investment; particu lars 26 Cliiambers ^ gtMEBS' Store Agency. A BARK CHANCE.-A FINE CORNER LIQUOR Store lor sale, rant side of Bowery. Terms reasona ble. Inquire of iijrch. childs ,t CO., 77 Murray it. An old established, prominent west side corner Liquor Store at a bargain; welt fitted up; principal thoroughfare; lease; cheap rent; price $6#0l Apply to campbell * CO., 348 Hudson street. ALAROB, FIRST class GROCERY FOR SALE? eighteen yean established; no agents need apply. 543 Secoud avenue. At 531 HUDSON STREET.?JEWELLER'S SAFE, $.y>; two Counters, with Ca?e*. $2S; Awning, 28 feet, sio; marhle bed Billiard Table, |>j0; Parlor Suit, $u); sewing Much ine, pericct i'-d. A PAYING UPTOWN RESTAURANT, BAB AND Lea*-, in the riclnity of theatres, for sale, at ? bar (ruin; extra location tor "Quaker Dairy." Call at ml) Broadway. BAKERY FOR bale?DOING A PROSPEROUS Busi ness, situated in this city. Kor information call on PIERCE a BALDWIN, jo Front street, New York. Ci ROCKERY. GLASSWARE, lamp AND VARIETY J Store (or sale: good Stock; rent $4ii, with apartments; d'-ath the cause of soiling. Apply at 1,-13 Third avenue. Great bargain. Drug store in westche^tkr county?will be sold cheap If uk?n at onco. Address DRUGS, Portehester, Westchester county, N. Y. RUG STORE FOR SALff-A SHORT DISTANCE from the city; a first class store and business, with a long lease. Kor full particulars inquire ot C1IS. N. cbit TfcNToN, No. 7 Sixth avenue. T\bug STORE FOR sale?in morrisania; WELL J / fitted; corner store ; rent cheap; good lease; estab lished by the preseut owner Tor seven years. strickland'S Agency, 78 Cedar street DRUG STORE FOR sale. ?ONE OF THE BEST paying corner Drug Stores in South Brooklyn will be sold cheap to a cash customer, >>atl><t'actnrv reasons Riven tor selling. Apply to or addre>s DRUGS,' 2Sa West Warren street, Brooklyn. For salb?a restaurant, wine and lager Beer saloon, with a large hall on tha same floor; tour years' lease on the whole liou-w; cheap; suitable tor merchants' restaurant; good location. Inquire at 129 Spring street Fob bale?thr stock and fixtures, To gether With the four years' Lease of an old eatab iished Liquor Store; death of the late proprietor the canw of selling. Inquire at 24'j West street For sale?at the foot of east tenth Street, N. Y,. *\00n cubic feet Ohio Oak; 100,1/00 reet clear Canada Pine; 100,0(10 feet seasoned deck Plank; 8w,000 met seasoned yellow pine Flooring; a*wad and planed to order. J. J. VAN PBLT. TnOR i ALE?a GOOD PAYING GROCERY STORE; r long lease; no rent; horse, wagon. Ac.; doing a good business. Reasons (or selling with J. montgomery, 474 Greenwich street For salk-a herrino fireproof safe, coun ters, Shelving. Office Desks and Office Furniture. WALLACE a Fllt'H, 7;? and 11 Worth street {sor SALE-a GOOD PAYING CORNER-samplm r Room, in good location , rctit low; owner has other business. Apply to 1'HIPPS k EVANS, Brewers, mt Hudson street tjlor SALE?a FINE (1rocert ov WEST SrDE; IN " good location on a leading avenne; no opposition. Address CASH, liox 1(11 Herald Uptown Branch office. iflor SALE-CONFECTIONERY, toe 'REAM SALOON r and pastrv Bakery; sickness the re .win; price fhuo. Apply at its Ninth avenue, near Nineteenth street. lilOR SALE-A SINdRR FAMILY HEWING MACHINE. j1 g. o i us new, warranted attachment* complete, less than naif price. Call at 715 broadway, room ? "lv)R salk -OORNBR <}Riiokkv ON lkadtwu AVE r nu*. doing per weik Apply toOKIK BROS., 'lift wiulnngtor, str-nt ijlor SALK-A rH*bt cuahh O ROC HEY *T<>re. r well htocknt rod In ft good nelclitiorbnod. imi'ilr* off* f* ?'ma MBKULIN, sis itreet Fot SALE--a FIRST CLASS ixiwktoww SAMPLE Room and Liquor hi^re, with 4 vc?ia' leaae doing a good rash business; present proprietor selling in qunoe of III healili Address q k is , finralit oftloa 1.tob BALB?THE LIQUOR STORK 107 prince r street, oomer o( Greene: two yens' lease, will huiok mid Fixtures, will l<e s?i<l 14 4 valuauju Apply ?it ii# and 41 it*nm olt. ?ue?jt. vom liliK. nUUo? P. f__ rB BALB?A riBOT ?LABS OOBNRB OROOBRY. doing * Rood cart bu?lneaa: fcembeg; Btoek, Fix JJSliS*SfirSwW8S3?Iw?m ?*rikiKNii WuUam*b*rg. . -. Unpen* rd street ?,.r hat.R-ON8 OFTHE BEST XiIQ'fOK VfOBIMUC F??r^ ap'St? ?-?An flAI.K A PIRHT OliAB.H WQUOR STORK: JSSr Imi, I*S Want Tenth itrs?l ? rR HA LB-A. LAOUB BBRB HALOOM. M BAST Broad ir ay. MOB HALB?A Wm-tBHTABMSHM> BOABDIMO JP Hoojf Adflr*aB Q . bo? W Horaid ogcg *nnn nii p 'PHK OLD KHTABIiI'BflED ATHKN/RtW F i^u^t oSrn^of AManUc aud Clinton atrerf* Brooklyn log aire on the pre awe*

Apply at 44) Greenwich street, ooar Canal. . SONfl? %i fleolcmAU rtr^t . f^AD a if u Af a BARGAIN?AW ESTABLlflHB D S ^' ooroer Twelfth street r PA* flirn AT A flllHAT BAROAIN-THR OIiD tobllshe'd Dinin* and ?' ^eattmLl oooa rvwtOM fw sclU?f;wcl **1 *J6I? HlA)>jKfT ^_An . r n ffUPAP?A TOY AND OONFBCTIOHKRV rSSfertf-a at ii6 .sixth avenue. nnn ail r OIIKAI*?COMPLETE SET OK FOt'NORlf B Tool*. <<?? be 4?ou in working order by applying at 110 Cannon atreot - TinnsfALR CHEAP?AN RLKGANT ELLIPTIC, HALF F cabm^ Iffll Machine ^hutth'), nearly nvw i all silver plated . must *>e noen tt? be appreciated. Apply nr floor 40# Canal atroet lilOR SALE CHF.AP-A GOOD MEAT MARKET OT r town; now doing a good *smiV$ i ??(5 Broad way. . .. T IQITOR STORK ON LEADING THOBOOOHFABB, ana Drug btore. ^ West TUirty-ttrst atreet. _ oftire box. IT* New Brunswick. N.J. CaVesZa"i.arge assortmknt ok h^omd HAMD stvs vnults; Silk and Skeleton Safe*. ..'''V PA NY, 81 Maiden lane, near Oold street. hi a Pi a FOR SALE CHRAP-HERBING'S, WILDRR'S. 'JulRK'S.1 n Maiden lane S0Z?.p. ? ^KRW ^ ?**??> Brooklyn, over J. H. Ahrcn's grocery store. . mwn maRROOMS FOR SALE?IN GOOD BITNNING T ord"A APP1V at " H and H. WELLBROOfS, 83 and 65 Vcsey street. ? met with ft serious accident. ?nnof attend to it. nontfM New streetj from U to 2. CtVTvENUB BAKERY 18 TO BE SOLD_?RY O cheap?Good biwineaa. Inquire of Mr. HBNRi YORQ. Eighth avenue. . .,?A . MATTIIEVTfl TENNESSEE MARB1.E $2,>0. Fountain,6 arm*, 11 ayraps; coat (^0L'n ii imI two vcars- iu worklnu order; hirniture complete. used two >car?, iu "w aiAiMONS, 1.17 Bleecker iitreet. *.-? r/w\ FOR SALE, A FIRST CLASS WINE AND $l.O00. Sample Room, on Broadway, doing da> bnsineiw. Addren* CAStl, Herald oHio*. = " MACHI * KK}^ PSSll^lSril U8%'PSoV' w'l'i'lTEntLI. A CO.. fflCortlandstreet. "T T iimF RTOCK OK ENGINES, BOILERS, STEAM A PumpJfpw?*?liitK<h Drlli^ Shafting, Pulieya, Hangera, Ac.^ew y^g^i^dMt Waterrtreet a I AlltiP LOT OF STEAM ENGINES AND BOILERS Brooklyn,dealer in ail kind's ot new and second hand machinery; ? A MEDIUM CTLIMDEB PRESS. IN GOOD ORDER. A lor .ale at J*)* Pearl street, New York. T1,An 4 a I P?75-HORSE LOCOMOTIVE BOILER, bMKpms atrvet, near First street, Jersey City. TpOR BALE CHBAP-A LOT OK SUAFTING, 2 AND x 2>a Inch. 16 Va?dcwater BtreeU - __An a a t it PHVAP?ONE TAYLOR CYLINDER F pPre^, bed ilxttl i ^ ?iir anted?a single cylinder printing press, vf bed 31 inches by 40 inches. Addreas, with partic ulars, box 3,9<M> Post office. 1 AX24 TODD A RAFFKRTY engine, WITH BOILER; J.I/ 12x18 Brown Engine; 48-inch xlfi foot Tubular Boiler, Schenck Planers, Sash and Moulding Machines, Tenoner-Mortiser, Blind Slat Tenouer and Borer; all in good order: very cheap. HAMI'SON, W&LI^illLL A CO.. 38 Cortlandt street, New York. JJLOTHIN?i. AT B. MINTS'S, NEW STORE. 348 THIRD AVENUE, between Twentieth and Twenty-first streets, ladles and gentlemen will be Astonished at the (treat prices I pay in cash for cast-off Clothing, Carpets, Jewelry; $10 to $74 for <dlk dresses; coat*. S3 to $a?; pants, $2 to $8. A note by post punctually attended to by Mr. or Mrs. Mints, In and out ot the city. AT SCHWARTZ'S, 1.231 BROADWAY.?WILL PAY TllE very highest prices tor Ladies' and Gentlemen a Cast-off Clothing. All orders will lie promptly attended to. BCflWARTH. 1.2M Broadway. i T l'.DWARD MILLER'S NEW ESTABLISHMENT, jt\ AH Sixth avenue, near Wayerley place (formerly IfiO Seventh avenue), the utmost value paid in cash for Cast off Clothing, Carpets, Ac.. by calling or addressing. Ladles attended to by Mrs. Miller. At the uptown establishment, m sixth avenue, near Forty-sixth street?Wanted imme diately, a quantity of Cast-off Clothtng nnd Carpets for the omaha market. Will |>av irom $5 to $211 for coats, $2 to $7 for pants, 95 to $66 lor dresses. Call on or address Mr. or Mrs. FLATfO. AT ?7 TniRO AVENUE, NEAR TWENTY-THIRD street.? LBON pavs the highest price lor Ladles' and Gentlemen's Wearing Apparel, Carpets, Ac. Ladles waited on by Mrs. Leon. AT THE WELL RENOWNED establishment, L'4? Seventh avenue?I have tust received orders to the amount of$7.\000; I am tberelorc compelled to pay the following prices:?For silk Dresse*, $5 to ?rtO; Coats, to to $25; Patits, SI to $11; the highest prices tmin for Car pets. Please call on or addre?* Mr. or Mrs. ROSENHKliU, 24t> Seventh avenue. N. B.?Second house above Twen ty-fourth street. ATM. MARKS' WELL KNOWN ESTABLISHMENT. 101 Sixth avenue, opposite Eighth street, ladies and gentlemen can receive the utmost value in cash for their Cast-off Clothing, Carpet*, Jewelry, Laces, Ac. Please call at or ndJri'ss the number as anove. Ladles waited on by Mrs. Marks. Please try, and satisfy yourselves. AT 180 SEVENTH AVENUE, NINKTEKTH STRBET. Mr. EISBNSTADT will pay the highest price for ladles' and gentlemen's Cast-off Clothing, Carpets, Ac. Or ders promptly attended to by Mr. or Mrs. Eisenhtadt AT H. MANNES', 300 AND KB SEVENTH AVENUE.? Ladles and gentlemen having Cast-off Clothing, Car pets, Furniture, Ac., to dispose of will do well to call or address; highest price* paid. T 8. MISH'S, 137 TUIRD AVENUE-LADIES AND l gentlemen can receive the highest price lor f'a d "IT Clothing and Carpets, by calling or addressing. Ladies attended to by Mrs. Misli. A-A.-F. HARRIS, 71 SIXTH AVENUE, BETWEEN . Washington and Waverley places.?Ladies and gen tlemen will be astonished at the prices given tor Cast-off clothing, Carpets and Jewelry. Never before have such high prices r.een paid, as we are bound to fill an order, and goods must be bad. For Coats, from $3 to $20; Pants, $2 to $11); Dresses. $5 to $70. Please call or addreas at above. Ladles attended by Mrs. Harris. JACOB MASCR WILL PAY THE HIGHEST CASH price for ladles' and gentlemen's Cast off Clothing, Carpets and Bedding. Ladies attended to by Mrs. Masur, at their own residence, 254 seventh avenue. QOl SIXTH AVENrE, NEAR FOURTH STREET.? OOJ Warned Immediately, quantity of Cast-off Cloth ing . Carpet*. Ac.; will pay from $3 to $20 for eoata. >2 to $9ibrpanw,$3to$7fttordreasea. Call on or address Mr. or Mrs NATHAN. ? A A. MEDICAL. -MMK- MAXWELL, physician. residence lit Cut Tenth street, near Third avenue. M. mauriceau, M. D.-OFFICE 121 LIBERTY street, near Greenwich street. NO. i A. A?MMF, RESTS Lit, Pll Y8ICI AN.?OFFICE NO. . hast Fifty second staeet, first door from Fitth av. D* D M and MME. GRINDLK, PllYSICIANS.-RESI lonce 120 West Twenty-sixth street, near Slxtli av. R. KINO'S old established medical AND iur. giual odPca, 14 Ainit/ at, one block west of Broad way. MR Van BUHKIRK, PHYSICIAN .?RESIDENCE 154 Hint 4ttU at.. betwmM and LotUutoo arnniiM, IirauST mnb ~~ WmQiii?Imw sod 14 verpooi. Royal Ma*atftMit ?re aoixnauvl to mhI as fallow* ? orrror Washington .Thursday, mr.u oitv or ANTWERP -Wunlny, May Z4, t P if. OITT or LIMERICK Thursday, Map t<SA.M. OITT or LONDON ... Saturday, May SI. M M. OITT Or NBW YORK Thursday, June 5t 1 P M. OITT or PARI** Maturday, June f. X P. M. Mid each succeeding Ka turd ay ?uJ TUuralay, (root pier a M?rtk Hirer. RATB8 OP PA88AOR Gable, Mi ui tiuO. gold. according to eocoasfnodatisa. Round trip tickets at low ratea ?Meerag??To Liverpool, Qoeenstown, Glasgow. London derry, London, HriMoL or Cardtlt, $3tt Prepaid cerUfl ?ataa, W?, utunaqr. raasengnm also mrwarded to Havre, 11 mnimnt, Sweden, rf.wf7'Penssarfc and i'artn. at reduced latas l>ra<to issued at lowest rate* *Btl general buma^iw *pply at Uie company't ufft<e. lS Brotdway. ror steerage passage at 35 Broadway. <vrwi? a. m 1>AIiB, Agent. or to m aTnili 4W Ukeetnut street, Philadelphia. r-3?- * i ftoath1 *arkot street, Chicago. Wn. Trttn, Liverpool.and No. # Rue Scribe, Paris. NORTH CWiUIAH LLOYO BTVAHHUIF OOVPAMt *?, f oW^t?R SStSnmm. in? 8tfIfflffllo AMKKIl'A, OadUU& K BuMiui will Mil on Wednesday. May 21. atJP M^Trom Bremen Jter Sot ol Third -tract, Uobokea, to be i?toow?d by P* 1 Htoauibhip^ONAO, Captain H. A. P. Neynaher, on Sat ttTO & OP PA88AGR TO CONDON, HAVRE AND RREMKN, payable in gold or Ita equivalent in currency Mr*t Cabin aijta .second Cabin 71 Steerage 30 Kor freight or passage apply to__ OELMOHS A no,. Ageota, No. i Bowling Green. THE HAMBURG-aMBRICAN PACKET COMPANY'S iron mail steamship Captain A. Bareads, will nail on Thursday, May 22, at t I*. M? for Hamburg, taking passengers front New York to Plymouth, London, First Cabin, ",a H*mba%cond Cabin. $7K kvkhardt Steersgo, W, payable In United States gold. * OO, C. B. RICHARD A BOAS. General Agent*. General Passenger Agents, 61 Broad street, New York. ill Broadway. New York. The 31 l.i .HI A will sail May 19. 0 NLY DIRECT LINE TO PRANCE. THR GENERAL TRANSATLANTIO COMPANV'* MAIL STKAM.sHIPfl BETWEEN NHW YOKE AND UAVRK, ('AI<1<IN<1 AT BREST. The splendid vessel* on this favorite route for the Con. tinent will salt froui pier No. 00 North River, as t'ol low*:? vriiLK DK PARIS Saturday, May 31 VIM.K Dl/ HAVRK, surmont Saturday, June 14 PE8RTRR, Daurp Saturday. June & ST. LAL'RkNT, Leiuarle *.8aturday, July 12 PRICE OP PA SHACK IN OOLD flncluding wiue) TO BRIiST OR IIAVRK. First Cabin, $135: Second t'ahin, $75. l'.xt'ur-oon Ticketii at reduced rai?n These sU amern donol carrv steerage paftseliters. Aniericau travellers going to or returning irnm the Continent of Kur.j>?, l>y taking tliis line, avoid both truiiNit hv railway and the discomtortx of croHsing the Chunuel, beside* saving time, trouble and expense. GEORGE MACKENZIE. Agent, 58 Broadway. NOTE.?Kail road Tickets betweeu Paris and Vicuna at reduced rates. UNITED STATES MAIL LINE.?STEAM TO QUEENS town aud Liverpool. Hailing everr Wednesday. WYOMING. Captain Price Muy 21, at 1!? P. M. IDAHO, Morgan May 28, at S P. U. Krom pier 46 North River. Cabin Dassage, ? <& gold; steerage, $30 currency. Prepaid tickets, $32 currency. Passengers booked to and lrom Paris, Hamburg, Nor way and Sweden, Ac. Drafts on Ireland, England, France and Germany, at lowest rates. Apply to WILLIAMS A GUIUN, A Broadway. STATE LINE. TO ULA.SGOW, LIVERPOOL, BELFAST AND . LONDONDERRY. VIRGINIA SAILS JUNE U, from the company's dock, Fulton ferry, Brooklyn. jr.. i 1.? ACCOMMODATIONS. SUPERIOR PASSENGER ibin, IT DRAF1 r? t co? Steerage oflSce 45 Broadway. Tl Broadway. Cabin, $?) and $80, gold; tdeerage, $30, currency. _ ,FTS ISSUED ON ALL PARTS OF EUROPE. National line of steamers. Weekly to Qneenstown and Liverpool; fornlghtly to London direct TO QUEENSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL, trom jflers 44 and 47 North River. SPAIN .* Saturday, May 24, at 3 P. M. FRANCE Wednesday, May 28, at 3 P. M. ITALY Saturday. Mav Sfl. at8:?)A. M. GREECE Saturday, June 7, at 1 P. M. EGYPT Saturday, June 14, at 8 A. M. CANADA Saturday, June 21, at 1 P. M, FOR LONDON DlKliCT, HOLLAND, Bragg Tuesday, June 3, at 10 A. M. THESE STEAMSIIIl'S ARE THE LARGEST IN THE TRADE. Cabin passage?$S9, $90 and $100, currency. Excursion? W ??#180ana>k0 ? Steerage,$29, currency. Prepaid steerage tickets from Liverpool, Qneenstown, Londonderry, Glasgow, Cardiff, Bristol or London, CHEAPER THAN BY ANY OTHER LINK. For further iniormatiou apply at the company's office, 69 IJroadway. F. W. J. HURST, Manager. Atlas steamship company. For Liverpool direct. The lull-powered, fast-sailing iron screw stcanif JAMAICAN. 2,60U ton*. Captain Robert Waison. of tho West India and Pacific Knval Mail Company* line, will leave New York onthoS-'nd Inst, for Liverpool direct. Passenger accommodations uusurpassed for eicgnnce and comfort. Only first clans passengers carried. Fare $80 currency. For freight and iin--age upplv to PIM, FORWQODf CO., 59Pine and 06 Wall street C1UNARD LINE. ) The Briti?h and North American Uoyal Mail steamships, between Now York and Liverpool, calling at Cork Har bor. FROM NEW YORK. ?RUSSIA Won., May 21 I CALABRIA....Sat, May 24 ?JAVA Wed , MayiSI PARTHIA Sut., May21 ?CUBA Wed., June 4 I SAMARIA Sat., June 7 ?SCOTIA -Wed., Juno 11 ABYSSINIA.. .Sat, June 14 ?ALGERIA Wed.. June 1H | BATAVIA Sat., June 31 Steamers marked thus * do not carry steerage passen '"nd every following Wednesday and Saturday from New *ork. KATES OF PASSAGE. Cabin?WO. $10o and $1j0, gold, according to accommo dation. tickets to l'aris, $15, gold, additional. Return tickets on favorable terms. Steerage, $311, currency. Steerage tickets from Liverpool and Queenstown, and ?11 parts of Kurope. at lowest rates. Kor freight ami cabin passage apply at the Company's office. No. 4 Bowline Green. For steerage passage, 111 Broadway (Trinity Building). CHAS. G. FRANCKLTN, Agent, or to P. H. DU VERNET, corner Clark and Randolph streets, Chicago, Til. PASSENGERS PER STEAMSHIP RUSSIA EMBARK from the Cunard wharf, foot of Grand street, Jersey City, at 1 P. M. on Wednesdav, Mav 21,1873. CHAS. G. FRANCKI.YN, No. 4 Bowling Green, New Yor!:. (TREAT WESTERN STEAMSHIP LINE. X NEW YORK TO BRISTOL, ENG., DIRECT. Taking foods and passengers for London, Cardiff. New port, Oloticester snd all ports In Brl?to1 Channel. The steamesw of this line will sail from pier Its Kast River, as follows:? LAPLAND Ratttrflay, May 31 LADY LYCETT Wednesday, June 18 ARRAOON Wednes<lay, July 9 GREAT WESTERN Wednesday, July 23 New Steamer now building. CaMn passage $70 currency ?Ucr*gc 30 currency Parties wishing to smul for their friends can obtain pre paid certificates Drafts lor ?1 ami upwards. For freight or passage apply to E. K. MORGAN'S SONS. 70 South street. New i ork. 'HITE STAR LINK. qi kz:::: Carrying thk united statks mail New and full-powered steamships. Sailing from New York on Saturdays, from Liverpool OS Thursdays, callinu at Cork Harbor each wav ADRIATIC May 34. at 3 P. M. W FOR"qT'e'BNSTOWNAJID LIVERPOOL. Sailli ADRiatiu May 24. at 3 r. m. BALTIC Saturday. Mav 31. at 8:30 A. M. CELTIC Saturday. June 7, at 2 P. M. OCEANIC June 14, at 7 30 A. M ?From the White Star dock, Pavonta ferrv. Jersey City. Passenger accommodations for all classes unrivalled, combining safety, speed and comfort . . Saloons, stateroom*, smoking room ana bath room ?ln midship section, where least motion Is felt Surgeons and stewardess accompany the steamer. Rates?Saloon. $ltit) gold, steerige,$^0in currency. Those wishing to send for friends in the old country can now obtain steerage prepaid certificates. $12 currency. Passengers booked to or from all parts of America to Paris, Hamburg, Norway, Sweden, India, Australia, China, Ac. Drafts from ?1 upwards. . . , , For inspection of plans and other information apply at the companv's office, 19 Broadway. New York. Bills of lading issued to Continental ports. J. tl, orAnlkS, AgCIlu A NCHOR LINE. .iY. Steamers sail from pier 20 North river. New York, EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. ECROPA Sat, May 24 oLYMPIA....Wed? June 11 TR1NACRI A*Wed., Hit* At STR ALIA. .Sat., June 14 CALIFORNIA..Sat.. Mav 31 COLUMBIA.. Wed.,June 18 CALEDONIA.Wed., June ? VICTORIA.. ..Sat, Juneil INDIA Hat, June 7 ASSYRIA Wed., June 25 The passenger accommodations on steamers of this line are unsurpussed for elegance and comfort Cabin state rooms are all on upper deck, thus securing good light and ventilation. RATR8 of pApgAOE TO GLASQOW, LIVERPOOL OR LONDONDERRY. Saturday steamers. Wednesday steamers. Gold. Currencv. Cabins $75 and $65 $75 and $65 Cabin return tickets, secnr ing best accommodations.. flaO $130 STEERAGE, $30 CLKRF.NCY. Tickets for passage to or trom any seaport or railway station in tireat Britain, Ireland or the Continent issued 'dbaVthVTjb AICT AMOI-ST AT CURRENT rates. Just published, "The Trip to Europe," a magazine of iniormation for ocean travellers; can be had free of charge on application. J^ORSE AMERICAN STEAMSHIP CO. Steam to London. The new first class full powered Norwegian steamship HAKON ADELSTEEN, A. W. Muller, Commander, will leavo TIarheck stores. Brooklyn, on Tuesday, May 27, for the above port. Passage?Cabin, $? currencv, Steerage, $30 currency. For freight or passage, appfy to FUJICH, ROTE A CO.. ____________ ? South William street. jgDROPEAN TRAVEL 4 COOK, BOJUIJEWfCtN*, ? Tourist and Excursion Managers, 2W Broadway. New York, Issue the Railway Tickets need by travellers for tours through Ireland, Scotland, EnKiVS.*Kranee. Belgium. Germany, Austria, Holland. Italy. Palestine. Spain, Hwltaerland, Egypt *C.. by all routes. Sold In all cases at great re duction from the ordinary tare. , , ? .... ... COOK'S EXCURSIONIST fbr May, containing upwards Of 1,(100 different tours, showing expanse, Ac., now ready. PrlceJIOc. Rent by mall post-nald. f TRITE D STATES PASSPORT AGRIfCT.?A. T. U WELCH, late chief of Passport Bureau. Department of SUta. Wasiiiuctou. B. O.. agmii. HroadwA*. BPEWMW WTKAMWHOgV*' WHITB CROSS 14MB. V fttei*4in?i<* Antwerp The ?ew, tkrtt oU?, lull powered Iron *eaH?hH? STKItf ?.? n'N, T a Lecherc t omiiitudnr, wfl" I wre' e? Wednesday, (V W?t of May, ?j anove. Only flrat *? pMwingnr* oarried Pare ttO, nold ?JHc n-w 0. P. FuSiOH wilt follow <mi lKh of .Innn. T Pgr freiant or pumw^I/ to WW) ?" [HiOH, itUVM A OO , V South William - i a. . COA8TWWB HTKAWMmPH. PACIWO MATT, BTRAMSHIF COMPANY'S LIMB M CALIFORNIA, JAi'AN AND CHINA. Vin PANAMA* 0A?*Jl*9 WAILS, PASSENGERS AHI> FBKIQHT N PANAMA, SANTA MAUTHA, OBa*. TOWN AND PACIFlt) COAST OF MKXXOOli CENTRAL AMKKIi'A, PERU and CHILE. Ma* SO?Hteanier OOBAN yUKKN. Captain Beahorr. will fi>?ve pier No. i'i hoi (h River, at 12 o'clock noon, fur A'Ptnwjll dlreot connecting at Panama with fhest-tamer A.tiXONA, Captain Austin, for Kaa Prancitco. t-ouohiaa at Acapulco and ban Diego, and a 1m connecting lor ail #?if? 'PSL?*" "P*' South Pacitio ports Departures or 10th and iOth caoil month connect with the Ooiiiptny's steamer. tonctnag at San Benito. Tonato, Salina Cnu all Fort Angel. The Company's splendid steamer COSTA KIiyA will leaya San Francisco on or about June 'M to* Honolulu. Sandwich Island*. One ol the Company's hteamers will leave San Praa clsco May SI, 1875, for Japan and China. For ra*es el passage, freight and all further information apply at Company's office on tlie pier, foot of Canal street F. K. BABY, Agent jyEW yobk AND HAVANA DIBEOT MAIL LINE. for Havaaa direct, aa follows MORKO OASTLK Mar* CRESCENT CITY . .Mar W WILMINGTON .. Jane? Supplementary mail on pier at a quarter to three P. M. oa day of sailing. For freight or passage (having magnifloeat acconuaa datioiu) apply to WILLIAM P. CLYDE A CO, No. I Howling flrnma P. MoKBLLBB Agent In Havana Atlas steamship company. Mail service for West Indies, Havana, Venezuela and Spanish Main. The company's iron screw steaioera aro appointed to sail as toUows (loading berth aler IS North River) s? _ _ , For Havana direet MANDINGO. Captain Mpenoe, 26th taut For Turk's Island, Jamaica and Ha vanilla. CLABIBBL, Captain Bayley, 30th inaL For Haytl and Venezuela. ARIBL (1,200 tons), 26th June. For freight and passage applr to PIM, FORWOOD 6 CO., Geueral Agents, 56 Walt street and98 Pine street NKW YOBK AND BERMUDA STEAMSHIP LINK. For Hamilton and St 'leorge. Bermuda, carrying the Uuited States Mail, and sailing as followe?-? steamship ALBKMARLB, Read, master, Thursday. Mav it, at 3 o'clock P. M. irom pier 37 North River, Steamship HATTKRAS, Lawrence, master, Thursday May 2D, at 3 o'clock P. M., from pier at North Biver. For freight or passage, having elegant acoommite tious, apply to LUNT BROTHERS, 28 South street Passage $30. gold. Excursion tickets issued for the round trip at |M, geld. DIRECT LINE TO HAVANA, Progreso and vera Cruz. New York and Mexican Mail Steamship Line, I saving pier No. 3 North River, at3 P. M. EVERY THURSDAY. CITY OF MEXICO (Havana and Mexico) Maya CITY OF HAVANA (Havana only) May? CITY OF MER1DA (Havana outv). June* CLEOPATRA (Havana and Mexico) JuueU For freight or passage apply to F. ALEXANDER A SONS, 33 Broadway. F OB HAVANA VIA NASSAU. CUBA Postponed until 12 M. Thursday, May! F. ALEXANDRE A SONS, 33 Broadway^ TTNITED STATES AND BRAZIL MAIL STEAMSHIP U COMPANY. The elegant sldewheel s 2,000 tons burden. Captain : St Thomas, Para. Pernambuoo, on Friday, May 23, at ? o'clock P. M., from pier 48 North River. For freight or passage apply to WILLIAM K. GARRISON, Agent No. tt Bowling Oreea. SAMANA?FOB PUERTA PLATA. SAMANA AND ST. Dominge City. The United States wall steamship RAPIDAN, Captain Carpenter, will leave on Wednes day, May 28, at 3 P. M. Bills of exchange on Puerto Plata, Samana and St Domingo City, in sums to >1111 purchasers, lor sale. For freight or passage BROTHERS A CO., 29 Broadway. THXA8 LINE.?FOB GALVESTON, TOUCHING AT Boy West carrying the United States Malt?Steamer CITY OF SAN ANTONIO. Captain Pennington, willleave pier 20 East Biver, Saturday, May 24, at 3 P. M. Through nllls of lading given to Houston and all points on ma Galveston, Houston and Henderson and B. B and O. B It No charge for torwardlng In New York. For freight Of passage, having superior accommodations, apply to C. H. XALLOBY A CO., 1113 Maiden lane, or W. P. CLYDE. 119 Wall street Fob new obleans dibect. The Cromwell Steamship Line, The steamship SEW ORLEANS, Captain E. V. Gager, will leave pier No. 9 North Biver on Saturday, May at 3 P. M. Freight received daily. Through ratos given to Galveston. Indlanola, Bockfort or Aranzas whart Brazos, Santiago and St. l*>uis. CiUi passage, S5 i; steerage, $2S. For freight or paa> ?age apply to CLABK A >EAMAN, 86 West street IriOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. MERCHANTS' STEAMSHIP LIME. The steamship MISSISSIPPI. Captain M. B. Crowell. from pier 36 North Kiver (loot of North Moore street), on Saturda>. May 2t, at 3 o'clock P. M. Freight, received daily. Through ratos given to 8t LoulsTvlcksburg, Mobile. Galveston and Itidianola. For freight or parage, having superior accommoda tion*, apply to FREDERIC BAKER, 30 Broadway. FOR NBW ORLEANS DIRECT. Southern Line. The steamship CITY OF GALVESTON, Captain Rowland, will leave pier 19 East^R^ver, Wednesday, May 21, at Freight received dally. Through rates given to Oalvea ton, Indiunola. Ko<Tkport or Aranzos wharf, Brazos. San tiago and St. Louis. Ciibln passage, $90; steerage, $28. For freight or passage, having superior accommoda tion a, apply to 0- H MALLORT A CO., 188 Maiden Una. FOR NORFOLK, CITY POINT AND RICHMOND.?THB Old Dominion Steauuhlp Company will despatch from pier 37 North River their elegant ride wheel steam ship ISAAC BtfLLBlakeutan commander, for Norfolk, City Point and Richmond, on Thursday, May 22, at I P. M., giving through bills of lading to all points Sonth and Southwest. Through passenner tickets Issued to all points. Accommodations unequalled. Apply at pier 51 or at the general office, 187 Greenwich street, corner ol Ley. TRAVELLERS'^ UL'IDB CITIZENS'" LINE FOR THOY-PASSAoi"$1 BO.?THB elegant steamboats 3UNNYSIDE and POWELL leave pier 49 North River, foot of Leroy street, daily (Saturdays excepted), at 6 o'clock P. M., conncotlng with morning trains on Rensselaer and Saratoga, New York Central and Troy and Boston railroads for all pointi North, East and west The mo*t direct route to Sarato ga, Lake George and Montreal. Through tickets sold and baggage checked to destination. JOSEPH CORNELL, Superintendent PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD. Trains leave New York, from foot of Dethrones and Cortlandt streets, as follow" :? Express for llarrisburg, Pittsburg, the West and South, with Pullman Palace Cars attached, 9:30 A. M., 8, 7 ana 8:30 P. M. Sunday, 5, 7, 8:30 P. M. For Baltimore. Washington and the Sonth at9 A. M., L> P. M. Sunday, 9 P. M. Express for Philadelphia. 8, 9, 9:30 X. M.,12:30,1, 4, If :30, 9 P. M., and 12 night. Sunday, 6 8 30 and 9 P. If. For Philadelphia, via Kensington, at 7 A. M. and 2 P.M. Emigrant and second clftMS, 7:15 P. M. ...... For Newark, atfi, #-.30. 7, 7:40, 8:10.9, 10. 11, 11:40 A. K.; 12, 1. 2. 2:30 3, 3:20, 3:40, 4:10, 4:30, 5:10, 5:20, 5:30, 5JO, 6, 6:10, 6 AO, 7. 7:3U, 8:10, 9, 10.11:30,12 P. M. Sunday, 5:20, 6, 8:10, 9 P. M. For Elizabeth. 6. 6:30, 7, 7:40, 8, 8 ;10. 9,10,11,11:40 A. M.t 12 M.; 12 jO. 1, 2.2:30.3,3:20, 3:40, 4, 4:10, 4 JO, 5 J#, 5:30, 5:30, 8. 6:10. 6:30, 7:30, 8:10, 10. 11 -.30, IS P. M. San day, 5:20. 6 and 8:10 P. M. For Rah way,6, 6:30. 7. 8:10, 9:30 and 10 A. M.; II noM; L 2. 2:3U, 3, 3 :20. 3:40, 4:10. 4:30, 5:20, 5 JO, 6:50, 8, 6:30. 7:30, 8:10, 10 P. M. and 12 night. Sunday, 5:20 and# P. M. For Woodbridge and Perth Amboy, 6 and 10 A. M., S 31k 3:40, 4:30 and 5:M) P. M. For New Brunswick, 7,10 A. M., 12 M., 1, X J, 4:10, 5 30, * H P. M. and 12 night. Sunday 6 and 9 P. M. For East Millstone, 7 A. M , 12 noon, 4:10 and 5 30 P, M. For Lambertville and Flemington, 9 A. M and I P. m For Phllllpsburg and Brlvidcre. 2 and 4 P. M. Accommodation lor Bonlentown, Burlington and Cam den, 7 and 9: W A. *.. 12 an, 2. 3, 4 and 6 P. M. For freehold. 7. 8 A. M.. 2 and 4 P. M. For Jamesbnrg. Pcmhermn, Camden, 6 A. X., and, vtft boat from Pier No. 1, 3:49 P. M. ? Trains arrive a' followsFrom Pittsbnrg, C 0 A. M., 190S P. M., daily. 10 J4 A. M. and rt-,34 P. M., i aily, except Monday From Washington and Baltimore, 6:40 A. M.. 4:54, 10:12 P. M.; Snndav, 6.40 A. M. From Philadel phia, 5:21, 6 :5>i; 10:14, if :04, 11:3t A. M., 2:14, SM, ***, 1:43 P. M.; Snhdav. 5:21. 6:50, 1 MM A. M. Ticket offices. 526, 435, 271 and 944 Broadway, No. 1 i House and toot of Deshrosses and Cortlandt Emigrant Ticket office. No. 8 Battery place. . A. J, CA8SA TT, D. M. BOYD, Jr.. General Manager. General Paesenger Agent. RONDODT AND KINGSTON, LANDING AT OOZZEl?\ > Cornwall, Newbunt, Marlborough, Milton. Poaffc krepsle and Esopu*.?The steamboats THOMAS UOa NELLand fAMEfl W. BALDWIN leave Harrison street, pier 34 North River, daily, at 4 o'clock P. M. excursions. F OR PHILADELPHIA VIA LONG BRANCH-F ABB * rcduccd to ?2 25; steamers PLYMOUTH ROOK and LONG BRANCH leave Bier 28 North River at 930 AJL. 1 *40 and 4 P. M.t connecting with trains of NBw JERSEY SOUTHERN Bil^D^NTLEV, General Manager. TTARLBM STEAMBOAT NOTICB. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. K fast steam yacht INT1ME, Captain Jack Slmmonsu will run dally to the Fishing Banks, rain or shine, and ?ood fishing- Leave Eighth street, East River. 7 A. V: Peek slip, 7 30 A. M.; Christopher street. North River, rCC*Bll|>, ? ftl.A. O X If fJnaa anM na Pitfk MUD. I JU A> W ? I ' tiiiawj'iiti nvi ?ui Ml nifVis H l?- Dler Vfo. 4 North River, 9 a. M. Lines, bait and re freshments ol the beat on board. Fare $1 C aptain JACK SIMMONflL rrnF. new jersey southern railroad com J ftany call attention to their extraordinary facilities fur the accommodation ot Excursion Parties the coming sea son. With tkeir steamers Plymouth Book, LONO BRANCH and JESSE 1IOYT and their elegant new Ex cursion House and twenty acres ol adjoining land at Long Branch, ther are prepared to make engagements with churches, schools, societies, Ac., for large or small parties, at low rates, send tor circular. Q. W. BKNTi,KY, General Manager, 120 Broadway, Now Yon. W?. J. BnanaN, Superintendent, Long Branch. N. J. r CHARTER?SPLENDID NEW SIDEWllEBt steamboats TWILIGHT, ORN. SEDGEWldK tad MATTano, lor excursions and moonlight partlea. W ti. HAX.A^a Jr_6? UarrUoaatreeC.

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