Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 22, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 22, 1873 Page 2
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B riTY UKAL KNTATK FOB SALE. Central. A BARGAIN.?ONLY $12,500, WORTH *15,(100, FOR the litgh stoop brown atone House 117 Eastl28tn btrret, elegantly Unlshed; only $2,000 cash, balance on mortgage. W. M\ EK, No 7 Warren street. room 7. Bargains.-For u story BUCK STORKOM FIRST avc live, 20x4Sx7M, for $11,750; tour story brick Homo, with lull lot, on Eighty-seventh street, for only $10,500; elegant private House on U21h street, aix4JxlU0. tor $7 B00; ? 31-fooi Lot on Korty-llrst street, with two Build ings, fuilablo tor a carpenter, for $U,(XJ0; good ciiy rnort SAge< taken in part payment. S. FKEIDEN"It]Oil A CO., 906 and ?108 Third avenue^ CiENTitAt. BODBia FOR BALE?TWO DOUBLE KYI / story Houses, Just put in the best of order, having in a line bakery ami three mure stores; rent tor $7,H0# Iter year; on tlghtrrnth street. Alio a live story double Tenement House lor sale, on Twenty lourth street; rents tor $3,000 a year. Also a corner ami roar Building Also a private tour story ft? deep House, lot IU0, on Nineteenth street, between Second and 'lliird avenues, only $14,000; $3,000 cash. B. li YLAWD, M But Kjwimttliwtt FOIt BALE-HOUSE $3 WEST FIFTY-THIRD STREET, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, 22 loot Iront; llrst class, witli rosewood narlors, mirror*, Ac. Apply on premises, or to owner, 318 West Forty sixth street. Full i.ot fifty-fourth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues; also Cottage and Lot ou Third avenue, llarlem , price low DI.Vh.NNT A COULTER. My, Pine street ??1 A FIFTH ATENP1 WMW,? ELEGANT FOUR OI't storv dining room extension brown slone House, built by Duiigiu m Ml; Irt^wod throu^hou^ East Side. A FINE BROWN STONE HOUSE ON FORTY-FIFTH J\ street. $lrt,.'*W; tor $3,500 cash and u Country Place. Principal-. call on or send to K. E. B.. 1Q8 Sixth avenue. A CHOICE PLOT BETWEEN THE GRAND BOULE J\ vsnt and Eighth avenne, below Stxty-seveuthstreet; his is unsurpassed as an lnvostment WILLIAMS A CO., 11 Pine street IjMRHT HIGH GROUND ABOVE FIFTY-NINTH 1 street near Klcnth avenne, below Ninety-third street, an extra desirab? Plot at less than market rates. WILLIAMS A CO.. 11 Fine street 1/1NK PAYING STORE PROPERTY IN THE 8EVEN 1 teeotli ward,Just east of the Bowery; price $33,000; reuts for S3.HJU; $lfi,l)0t) cash required. HOWELL A HUKHT, 921 Third avenne. Third avenue property, well rented, for sale at a very low itgurc, singly or together. Call or write aud wo will tell you all about It HOWELL A IIURST, u.'i Third avenue. West Hide. A BULKHEAD AND WATER RIGUT, WITH ONE Halt Block. 400x81.6. for sale or to lease tor a term of years, running troui Thirteenth avenue to West street. E. L. A B. T. BURNIlAJH, 609 Hudson street A?THE CHEAPEST LOTS IN NEW YORK-TWO . choice lota Including corner, fronting the new parade ground In the upper part of this city. Apply at oucu to A. TABER, *57 Broadway, second floor. A PLOT OK TEN LOTS ON THE WEST SIDE, IN TOE vicinity of Scveniy-sccond street and Riverside Purk, for sale at a great bargain to a prompt purchaser. M. A. J. LYNCII, G8 Cedar street. FOR SALE?TnRER STORY BASEMENT BRICK, with Improvement?, west side; healthy, pleasant location; $t>.500; small amount down, by TItEDWELL, 625 West Fil'ty-secoud street. I 10U SALE (PRICE $2,250, TERMS EASY)?A FRAME House und 1-ot Fifty-third struct, Tenth and Eleventh avenues. Inquire ot .JOHN U TRAVIS, 17ti Broadway. Twenty lots for sale-ON favorable terms, tiotween St. Nicholas aud Tenth avenues, below 152d street. E. 11. LUDLoW A CO., No. 3 Pine street. IJllOOKI, * \ PROPERTY FOR SALE AND TO LET. TJERALD BRANCH OFFICE?BROOKLYN. ADVERTISEMENTS FOR TllE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT OUlt BRANCH OFFICE, IN THE LONG ISLAND SAVINGS BANK BUILDIXO, CORNER OF FULTON AV. AND BOERl'M ST. OFFICE OPEN FROM S A. M. TILL 5 P.M. ON SUNDAY FROM 3 TO 9 P. M. CARRIERS AND AGENTS' DEPARTMENT, NO. 7 FRONT STREET. BROOKLYN. A RARE CnANCE.?TnE CHEAPEST HOUSE IN Brooklyn (three story frame) to rent on easy terms; call and inspcct. 428 Murcy avenue. ANHAT LITTLE HOUSE AND LOTS 78 AND 80 Sklllinan uvenue, near Leonard street, Williamsburg, far sale cheap : within 12 minutes' walk ut all the ferries. Apply on the premise*. For sale-two story basement brick Hon*. 49 Clermont avenue; 7 rooms; water and gas; pnte $t,.W0; $2,500 can remain on mortgage; cars to all the ferries pass the door. Apply to Mrs. OKANT, on the premises. Fur sale in Brooklyn?a first class drug Store, doing a good business on a corner ot one of the principal thoroughfares; will he sold ou easy terms, or w..uld exchange lor good city Property. Address DKUO GIST, l'ust office, Brooklyn. WESTCHESTER COI'KTY PROPERTY FOR SALE AND TO RENT. Annexed portion of westchkster county? Morrisaiiia, Kingsbrldge, West Furms?Properties for sale. We pny special attention to these portion* of the county, having operated In them for years past In ventors may obtain 1UII and reilahlo Information (mm our office. P. O. A D. BROWN, 90 Broadway. A?PORT MORRIS, NORTH NEW YORK, MORRIS ? ania. West Farms and other portions of Westches ter countv; Properties ot all sizes for sale. Including Borne very choice investments. P. U. A D. BROWN. 90 Broadway. AT CRANFORD, new JERSEY CENTRAL rail road, 4? minutes irom New York, coinmuiation $70 per annum ; finely located Lots, 50x^00, se lling now irom fckiO to $U?>. payable $25 quarterly; building materials and lalMir taken In pavment; will build hous<>H to order ou small cash payments. bloomingdale, 239 Broad way, room 19. Avery pretty place at yonkersto rent To a desirable tenant, very cheap; it is fully fur nished, Apply to E. II. LUDLoW A CO., No. 3 Pine st AN F.LKOANT BUILDING SITE, 15 ACRES, AT Dolibs' Ferry; variety of evergreen and forest Lr.-es , tine spring; nver views. I'rice very low. W. POOLEY, 23i Fifth avenue, or KKED A HOYT, 229 Broadway. IfOK SALE?THE MOST VALUABLE ino ACRE tract of Land, in Westchester, with 1 mile water front ; of great value. I'rice $500.1100. J. E. BROOME A CO., No. l Wall street "TTANDSOME HOUSB ON THE HUDSON RIVER, FUR Jl nished. containing IS rooms, SO miles from New Virk; \ mile llrom depot ; can he had at $iW0 'or the Reason; 4)? acres. REED x HoYT. 229 Broadway. IET LOW?HOUSE AT TREMONT; FINK VIBW; J healthy ; near depot; nine rooms. M. HARD, 44 Bcck man street niARRYTOWN.?FOR SALE, A GENTLEMAN'S RESI J denee, with outhon?es; several acres In lawn; one Of the most desirable places on the Hudson. R. WAHN'ot'K. 519 Broadway. TRKMONT, WESTCHESTER COUNTY.?FOR SALE, A small, ucwly painted, twostorv House, B rooms, on Madison avenue, two minutes ftmm^iorse cars, 31 minutes by Harlem Kailroad to New York city; lot 27x100; terms easy. Inquire of C. POULKE, agent, Tremont, or .1. L. PHELPS, real estate agent, 330 Fulton street, Brooklyn. niO LET-IN WHITE PLAINS, SMALL GOTTAOB, J. outhouses complete, lor Summer or year, cheap. Address J. 1> RATH i;l'N. 1J7 Rcade street TO LET, AT TREMONT. NEAR DBPOT??TORK AND Dwelling; suitable for a botcher, bakery, clothing or liquor store. Apply to OEORtiE W..UUJ 1-R, 1S4 Third avenue. New York. TO LET-AT SING SING, ON THE HUDSON.?A Fl'R nished Cottage, Barn and five acres of Ground ; plenty of truit and very tine view. Apply to C. N. KINNEY, 152 Pearl street, Niw York. TO, LET AT YONKERS? FURNISHED OR UN FUR nished, three minutes Irom depot a neat 10 room Cot tage ; water and gas; plenty of fruit; flue river view; cwner willing to let the premises for a long or short pe plod, at may be desired, at a moderate rent Apply to JOHN PKKRIMAN, Warbnrton avenue, or JOHN W. CULBEKT, 19i) Front street, New York. TO RENT-FULLY FURNISHED, FOR THREE months from nhiiit .lune 15 (for $150 per month , In the best and highest part of Yorvker?, a commi dions cot tage, with fine grounds and charming view of the Hud eon; neur two statu.n<?. Apply to PAHKINOTON A StoOHEVELL, (Jetty House, Yonkers, or address U., box 8,(*J4 New York Posi office. JERSEY CITY, IIOHOKKN, HUDSON CITY AND BERGEN KEAJL EWTATE. To Let or Gestae. TO LET-IN JERSEY CITY, NEAR ALL NEW YORK terries, a very desirable House, ten rooms; unexcep tionable neighborhood; partly furnished if desired; rent low For particular* apply to ROBERT T. MEEK.s, tHJ Cedar street. New York. rP0 LET?AT BERUEN POINT, N. J.. A BEAUTI 1 luuv situated, completely furnished gentleman's Hesiaenoc: grounds huinlxomel.v improves; truit and jirnaniental trees grapes and berries; garden planted; York- Possession. Addrest box 6,107 Post office. New PKOPEUTY HIT OF THR CITY FOB SALE OR TO RENT. A WANTINOr FARMS ?FOR HALE?TO FARMERS, J\ gardener* and (arm aborer* from the Old CounSy Oood Form Lands, vlrjrin soil, at $2S ner acre < n years'credit The soil is a k<?*1. prisluctive loaiit near tlie great market* of New Y?rk and Philadelphia bv mi road, where from 2i? to 40 acres constitute a good lurm. when partly planted to fruit From this locality a greater quantity and variety of fruit is sent to market tlian irom any other place of equal urea in the 1 nited States. It i* In tlie midst of a thilvine community, with good roads, stores, schooU am1 maniiiactorles. Female members oi ('.unities atid others I can procure good work at straw sewing, shoe work but- 1 Sin making, clothing work and other branches. M,nv nglLsh, Irish and scotch farmers have settle.! and are Srospcrous. Nnmbers of gardeners Irotn the vicinity of ew York a'e locating. Farming is more profitable than 'est on account of the markets. Apply to .lOHN B. PAGE, 102 Park place, two doorl from West street New York. Faper* containing lull information Will bo bviit ft-ec of charge. A SPLENDID OPPORTUNITY IS HERE OFFERED to any one wishing n pleasant Country Residence, or to keep a Summer hotel; a modern house ano barn, witb 3H acres ot choice land. In the centre oftne pleasant tittle town of Mendham, N. J.; only $7,000. ApplvM It looKHOUT, 08 Liberty street, New York, cxeciitor to A COTTAGE (TEN ROOMS) FOR SALE OR JY to let; partly furnished if desired; elegant fruit; can- ,n"uir"?fj v-, PROPERTY OUT OV THK CITT FOB lALB Oft TO BB1WV I A FINE COTTAOI TO I-KT-KUI-LT J^KNIKHRD J- nC" OO renl No. :i Went Twenty-third street, Fifth Awn? Hotel. A raw TWO STORY AND FRENCH ROOK HOUSE at riushiug-H rooms, water and cm; Ave minutes from depot, tor M WaU #trwt> AT NEW BRIGHTON?TO BRUT, OKB FURNISHED Houmi ?!?<> out unpunished. 13 rooms, billiard r?>?>ni: mouern Tmprovenietits; htables, gardens, shade Ireu.i agreeable surroundings; beautiful scenery. W. A. Co LI 1 INS, gi fine Mreet; HAMILTON A OO., 81 l'ine st A -TO LET, AT NEW BRIGHTON, STATEN ISLAND, . tine llouso, stable and grounds, within three min utes n-om landing, at very ureal bargain. Apply to TAY LOR A STEARNS, No. 1% Pine stroet A FURNISHED HOUSE IN PLAIN FIELD, N. J ? Pleasantly located near depot; all Improveincuts. Apply to house agents there, VaN ZANDT, 81 Cedar street or T. W. MOORE. 379 Pearl street. A BEAUTIFUL LITTLE FIPTY ACRE PARK IN Herkimer connty?New house, nice young team horse*, harness. wagnn and tool*, all sacrificed Tor $1,350. (toll Immediately at 21* East Thirtieth street. Beautiful shore front residence?so miles via New Haven Railroad; U rooms; modern con veniences; healthy; near depot: $9,o00; descriptive cir cular. AdtirussJ. w. Al'WATER, Riverside Station, Conn. Factories and resident properties for sale, Pfttrrson. N. J. Steady water powers. Cheap coaL Low rrelghts. 6killed labor. One hoar from New York. Canal, four railroads. WO dally trains. J. FISHER SATTERTHWAITK, 10 Pine street. Farm tor sale-so acres, at redpord vil iage, llurli Bi Railroad, two hoars from city; superb location; healthful and highly productive;cold springs, tront, timber, good buildings; great prospective value; bargain lor cash. Address H ALLOCK, No. 4 St. Mark's place. For sale.?one large, two story, well built anil handsome dwelling house, containing ftarlor, drawing room, library, dining room, kitchen ana sundry on first floor. Five double and tliree single bed rooms and sewing room, on second Hour. story eleven tret high and second story ten toet high, both corniced throughout, with handsome centre pieces. Two bed rooms and lin go store room on third door. Two bay windows on first floor. Hull U leet wide, with cosily ti.e floor, runs through the house. Ample closet rooms throughout the house. Dry wood, milk and coal cellars se pa rate? stairs shut of!; hot aud cold water arrangements complete; hcutod by furnace and open lire places, with marble mantels in nearly every room, making it a comfortable Winter residence; cistern? tillered water, ample even In dry times. Stable and carriage house, green and ice houses. Imposing gateway and untruuee, carriage drives In excellent order. Beautiful spring of water nojir the bouse. Cboico variety of evergreens well laid out. Filteen or twenty acres of land to soil purchaser. Ten minutes'walk from Hudson Itlvrr Hall Itoad depot, one mile from the large and nourishing village of Wappingcrs Palls; locution unsur passed. Hardy a property wlili such advantages offered lor sale. App^v to DREW JACKSON or JAMES HARLOR, Wappingers Palls, N. Y. IIOK SALE?IN SAO HARBOR, L. I., A HEAUTI fUlly fitted up sea side Residence, having all fhe modern Improvements; lionse 32x40 feet, with two wings; grounds 2U<Jx37& feet, with fine garden, stable, granary. Ac.; daily communication by boalor rail; property will bo sold cheap. Appiy to HENRY T. RICHARDSON, Water street. New York. IflOK SALE OR TO LET, FURNISHED?A VILLA ON 1 the east bank of the Hudson; 15 rooms; modern im prove men's. furnace, hot and cold wafer, large tiled hull, liard wood floors aud mantels, decorated ceilings, <plazzas anil bay window; ground high, river view lrom near Nnwburg to the Catskills; abundant frnit conservatory, cold grapery, and lo.lge; land diversified with shrubbery, terraces, lawn, tine shade trees uml evergreens; well drained and perfectly healthy ; one mile lrom depot and sixty miles from New York; six trains a day each way. Apply to TAYLOR A STEARNS, l,1-, Pine street For sale-one or tiie finest country Homes ou the Hudson River; splendid views of the Catskills; new large bouse, cottage, buildings, aock and 3,000 froit trees; in complete order; HO acres; all unen cumbered. Address (!., box No. 9 Post iftioe. Tivoli, or apply to M. T. WOOLLEY, Na Pine street, room 10. For sale-a first class two story and French roof new House, with bathroom, butler's pantry, hot aud cold wafer, gas and furnace: located in the very best part of Flushing, only five minutes lrom depot; terms to suit. Apply to SAWARD A LEA V ITT, 54 Wall street IIOR SALE?AT RICHMOND HILL, LOND ISLAND, on Southslde RailroaJ, only 30 minutes (7 miles) from ferrv, a number and variety of neat Dwellings; also Lots and beautitiil Villa Sites; place hiyh, well drained, healthy aud restricted against nuisances. Apply to J. W. FIELDER, 231 Broadway, room 13; R. R. HAZARD, HO Broadwuy, or O. B. FOWLER, on lhe premises. For sale?at spuing valley, n. y., an ele gant Country Seat, containing 30 acres of land, with a tine hause nnd outbuildings; only half mile from the railroad station; plenty of fruit, apples, pears, Ac. Full particulars of MUTLLER, WILKINA A CO.. No. 7 Pine st IjlOR RENT-AT ORANOB, N. J? A FURNLSHED X1 House, with stable and all conveniences for a gen tleman's residence; grounds very liadsomnly laid out For particulars address box l.fiiH Post otllce, New York. QARDEN PARK LOIS FOR SALE?IN $10 MONTHLY payments, without interest; prices from $200 to $800, under restrictions; 9 to 10 minutes from depot at Whitcstone, L.L; 2G minutes from Hunter's Point; 42 trains daily, from 6 A. M. to midnight, by elegant Flush ing and Nortbside Railroad; a year's commutation free if you build before May, 1X74; beautiful scenery, high ground, healthy; churches, schools, and more conven ient to business than up town, Jersey, Brooklyn or Har lem ; neighborhood under restrictions. Call on H. K. VAN 8ICKLEN, 133 Nassau street, get free pass and visit It R. R. Hopkins will meet you at the depot. H OMKS IN NKW JRRSRT.-nor.SE9, FARMS AND I<ots lor sale, rent or exchunxc; property In Ellza Broadway, room 11. both and Linden a specialty. C. T. WABBEN, 169 HOLBROOK, L. 1.?PART OF A HOUSE TO LET, furnished, to a family. For particulars inquire at BOrchard street, first floor. IOXO BRANCH AND VICINITY.?BANKERS AND J brokers should examine the Cottage Plots which we oirer lor nale, situated at U>ng Branch, on the sea front, and in close proximity to the residence of Messrs. Jay Could, Charles J. Osborn, ex-Senator Have*. Senator Cattell and Secretary Robeson; the plots contain from one-quarter to two acres of land each and vary in price from $500 to $5,r??cach ; all lacing the sea, with frontage on Ocean avenue. Full particulars from the agents. V. (I. A D. BROWN, 90 Broadway. MORRISTOWN (N. J.) COTTAGES AND COUNTRY Seats to rent, famished or unfurnished, for Sum mer or year. Morrixtown office two doors from Post Oll;ce. " J. HENRY JOHNSON, 149 Broadway. MORRISTOWN SPLENDID COUNTRY SEAT. great sacrifice; new mnnslon, with tower: every elegam-e; eleven acres fine forest shade ; will exchaiitfo for good city property. Box 2,301 Post office. Madison, n. j? furnished house to runt, with every convenience; stable, icehouse, two aires, garden and l:iwn. Owner. A. M. Tltk.DYVfc.LL, 69 West Broadway. NORTH OF RUTHF.RFURD PARK.?FOUR LOTS FOR $700, or will exchange for a small Cottage. Also, near Trcuiont Station, a Corner for $300. M John street, room 7. ORANGE, N. J.?TO RENT, FULLY FURNISHED, for the season or year, at reasonable prices, several desirable Resident es. Apply to HAMILTON A WALL Is, at pine atlNt wan? and Vicinity a specialty. PAYING FARMS IN JERSEY TO EXCHANGE-lOO acres, Millstone. $20.0W; 120 do.. I'eans, $25,0110; 52 do.. New Brunswick. $13,000; 20do., Fruit Farm, $5,000; 100 do., Middlebush, $15,UtV; U) do., New Brnuswlck, $15,0t?); 75 do., Dayton, $14,001); 50 do., Monmouth Jnnc tlon, $8,000, pood bitlldiiws fine locations, with Stock nnd Tools. J. S. FERGUSON, 3V Nassau street, room 6. CUMMER RESIDENCE TO RKNT?FULLY FUR nisbed : a moat desirable House, at Lenox, Berkshire County, Mass., in perfect order, newly papered and car peted unit bus piazza front and rear, suitable lor a pri vate lamily wishing to gain the l?-nellts of a Summer residence in that delightful climate; there is u good sta ble in the vicinity ol Uie house; the rent will l>e very low to a desirable tenant Apply by letter or in person to F. YV. LORING, llfr State street, Boston, or to E. H. LUD LOW A CO., No. 3 Pine street New York. TO LRT?PLEA8ANTVILLB, ONE AND A HALF story House, 12 rooms, large barn, fine garden, or chard, variety ol frnit;near ('epot Harlem Railroad; rent $300. KUKNKK A PIERCE, M Park row. TO LET-ON THE EAST BANK OF THE HUDSON, near New Hamburgh, the finest Country Seat on the river; the brick mansion Is.'ifixbS, contains all the modern Improvement* and Is elegantly tarnished; coachhouse, greenhouses, hot and cobl graperies, icehouse and loigc at entrance; all in peri> ct order; the grounds present the appearance of an English park, with splendid roads; rent tor season, $.\twi rich vrd v. haknktt, HI Broadway, room F, basement. TO LRT FOR THK SUMMER SEASON OR LONGER? Part of a handsome Cottage. located on a farm on Erie Railway, 30 miles from New Vor* ; 15 minutes' walk from depot; nealthy location; fine drive*, ?table room, Ac., terms reasonable. Addrcas EUREKA, Herald office. TO RENT FOR YEAR?20 MILKS NKW JERSEY; Mansion, stable, 10 acres, creek, fruit and shade trees, lawn, garden, Ac.; $250and board owner; single gentleman. Address S. H , box Itfi Herald ?.fjl< o TO RKNT FOR THE SEASON? NEAT MODERN Farmhouse, nine rooms nicely situated on high gronnd, near Mat a wan, Monmouth ronntv, N. J.; gi?>,l stable and carriage room; berrleii. vegetable# and it-ilk will be furnished Irom the farm; to a family wishing a good home In the country this will be let very reason able. steamboat to New York daily. Inquire, between Miami 4 P. M., ol U. C. WHITLOCK, 13 Moore street rro RKNT-A LAROB. POMXODIOCS, FURNISHED I farm Mam,ion, on hnMi gn u id, beautifully shaded; running water, vegetable garden, triilt in abundance, ?. il..'!*'. ' .?c'' *??; situated at Glen Core; within I ) minutes walk ,,t lWl) depots and 20 minutes Irom Sea < nii. no chills; no mosquitoes. Tbc owner residing ill Vll^yy !L"ul: board lor his family; liorse and curriuge supplied It desired YVM. J. PRESTON i2 Bridge street, corner Whitehall. T? BENT?VtRNIsIIED AT VAI LRY r'oomsr *MfIb> "Il'arMn." n desirable dotage of Ml'. I J?EEl^lii7 YY u^eMi'i. ' Apply to AL TO RENT?FINE IIOCSE AND 40 ACRES, 10 M;LKS Ironi city, in Jersey ; plenty oi iruit. tine location; niiic irom depot, rent ISM; will sell or c*t,liinge. W. E. 1'ABlbU. I;fbu.v?U?eU PROPERTY OUT OP TTTK CITY POR ?\LE OR TO RKWT. <bX. Ann -FOR SALB, BEAUTIFUL OOTIflO House, beautifully finished hardwood; nigh ground ; three lotii, garden: two minutes from depot; 40 minutes from City Hall. J. FI8HER 8ATTERTHWAITE, 10 Pine street. ?PU?OV v buy a floe 40 acre Farm, with flno (Vult |it&he uwclllng, frame bam and other outbuildings, ad joining a town tu Pennsylvania, convenient to a station 20 miles from Philadelphia; it is worth $8,000. Apply tQ RANSOM BOOK KB. tA South Fifth street, PhlltaeHihla. Knn WILL Btrr A FARM HOUSE, 7 ROOMS, JpD.OUU B Lota, plenty of fruit; SO minutes from New York; N. J. C. K.iLt terms easy; possession imme diately; Greenville, H.O A. J. VAN HORN, 78 Broad way, Dc Forest A Co. KKAIj EHTATE TO EXCHANGE. Aran BROWN STONR HO USB ON FORTY-FIFTH streot, $10,1100, for $3,800 cash and a Country Place. Principals call on or send to R. B. B.. 838 Sixth avenue. Brooklyn propkrty, paying o per cent, and cash to exchange lor New York Property, on cash basis; will take property where mortgages are past due. Address, with lull particulars ol prooerty offered, CWNBR. box 6,771 New York J?ostoffloeT (1a8h AND DWELLING TO bxchangf. FOR CITY J Properly.?A very superior House, with over an acre ol Grouud. delightfully situated In the city of Elizabeth (together with a few thousand dollars), will be exchanged for a good city House well situated In New York. Ad dress Mr. W, 101 Broadway, room I. J1XCHANOE-TWO small HOUSES, BKOORLYN; i price $8."00, mortgage $3,000, In part nayinent for a Farm or Country Seat, either lightly or heavily encum bered. Address box 4,788 New York Post office. Exchange for merchandise, farm or other Property?Two three story French roof Houses in Brooklyn, containing Ifi rooms; price $1.VW0; mortgago $5,000. D F. CPBLby, ft Centre street For exchange-first clahs real estate Enulty of $10,000 lor a good Patent; similar Equity of$lS.IJH0foran established business or near Farm. No fancy articles or fancy prices will bo noticed. Address with full description, Imx 010 j'ost office. Elisabeth, N. J For sale or exchange koii land?near new York eltv, a valuable Water Power In Connecticut, with buildings. J. O. BISHOP, 208 State street, Boston. Near marion station, jersey city.-large Houses, all modern Improvements, extensive Grounds, flue fruit and shrubbery, price $28,000, mortgage n insurance company $.s,mjt). for Farm and 8:ock in Orange, Rockland, or adjoiningcounties preferred; lin medlate possession. G. P. HOWELL, opposite Court House, Jersey City. TO EXCHANGE?FOR SMALL PLACE NEAR THB city, or vacant lots unencumbered, a yery desirable French roof House, wltli full lot: host part Twenty-first ward, Brooklyn. Address KXCHANGE, 1,734 Fulton street, Brooklyn. TO EXCHANGE FOR NEW YORK OR BROOKLYN Real Estate?First class corner Liquor Store, doing a good business; owner having other business to attend. Apply at AO Warren street TITANTED? CITY OK BROOKLYN PROPKRTY NOT TT heavily mortgaged, in exchange for Farms and Country Houses near by. Scud fall particulars or call on J. U. COD1CT, Hit Broadway. |ITANTED? HORSE OR HOKSES FOR NEW COTTAGE TT House In Brooklyn; price $4,000; mortgage $2..'i00; or will take Horses and Carriage or Wagon. Address box 4,7S8 Post office, New York. dho Knn CASH AND UNENCUMBERED COUNTRY Ti).i )OU Place worth $8,009 to $12,000, for equity in substantial brown stone, with side windows, ana two 17 foot Lots adjoining; tine Irainc en rcur. See owner, on premises, 220 i.ust Eighty-sixth street. Wide street. REAL ESTATE WAA'TED. ~~ Farm wanted-with good dwelling and other buildings, for Cash <>r City Property ; must be a bargain and strLtly on rush basis. Address, with par ticulars. box 3,300 Post ollice. Wf ANTED?A SMALL THREE STORY HOUSE, IN fl this city; must be tn a good neighborhood; two handsomely located Lots, In Brooklyn, will be civen In purt payment. W. 11. HAYES h SUNs, 81 Cedar st. WANTED-TO BUY. A BRICK MOUSE AND LOT IN tbiscity. not above Ninoticth street; price not to exceed $7,"00, and a three story House atul Lot not uhove 130th street; price not over $5,000. Address CASU, box 13J llerald office. WANTED TO PURCHASE?immediately, A PLOT of Lots for tenement houses. Send diagram, with price, to 0. G. BENNET, So. 9 Pine street. HOltiKS, ROOMS, AtC., VVA\TKI). In this City and Brooklyn. YOUNO GENTLEMAN DESIRE8 A FURNISHED Room and Bath witliout board, in an American Iv ? lrtrt-nlAii u ? *1 * " A ....... n lumut uuoru, in an American family; loc.nion below Fourteenth street if possible: very best references given. Address M. N. R., box 257 Herald office. "ITP-aNTED-TWO OR THREE unfurnished TT Rooms, below Fortieth street west of Broadway, for adults Address, stating terms, D. L. P., box 122 Her ald Uptown Branch office. TITANTED? BY A YOUNO MAN, A FURNISHED TT hall Room In a respectable private family, between Firtv-fltth anu Sixtieth streets and Lexington aud Sixth avenues. Address A. S., box 126 Herald otlfee. WANTED-A TIIREK STORY HOUSE, UNFUR nlshed. between Fourteenth and Thirty-lourth streets and Third and Madison avenues. Address, with lull particulars, box l,Gfld Post office. WANTED?A furnished ROOM FOR OENTI.F.MAN, located If-om Twenty-second to Thirty-fourth street between Sixth and Eighth avenues. Address S., station E> TITANTED-ONE OK TWO UNFURNI81IBD ROOMS, TT in geniecl house, between Twenty-third und Sixty I second streets, for winch will be given the use of a liue piano. Address WKBSTe.R, box 104 Herald otllce. "W7 anted?rwo furnished rooms, for light TT housekeeping, between Seventh and Twentieth streets. First avenue and Broadway. Address G. M., Tel egraph office, Westminster Hotel. In the Country. WANTED?FOR FOUR MONTHS FROM JUNE I, A neatly furnished House, in a healthy location, near the city and convenient to depot; within one hour of New York preferred. Address, stating lowest terms, box 1,017 Post office. New York. SALiKS AT AUCTION. A J. BLEKCKER, AUCTIONEER. . Executrix's sale nt Irvlngum, near Newark, N. J. A. J. BLEECKEIt, SON A CO., will sell at auction, on the premises, on WEDNESDAY, Mav 88.1S73, at U o'clock A. M., 100choice Building Lot*, at Irvington, helng part of the estate of Charles Basel nl, Esq., deceased, Ritnatod on Montgomery avenue and Alpine, Vanderpool, Twenty-first auil Twenty-second struct*, between the Clinton avenue and Springfield Railroad terminus. The situation is among tuc very best of this fine suburb in Newark and only (SO feet from the city line. The title is perfect and tile terms will he liberal. Sale absolute. PAULINE BASHINI, Executrix. J- BLEECKE R, SON A CO., AUCTIONEERS. Important Trustees' sale of Eastern Boulevard Lots. Valuable Water Fronts, Peremptory salo of 100 Lois on Scvcnty-flr?t, Seventy-second (Eastern Boulevard), Seventy-third and Seventy-fourth streets, and avenue A, Eastern Boulevard and avenue B Water Fronts. The undersigned, as trustees for the present owners, will sell at auction, TO-DAT (THURSDAY), MAY 22, at 12 o'clock, at the Exchange Salesroom, 111 Broadway, by A J. BLEECKER, SON A CO., Auctioneers, 100 Lots, located on the above Boulevard, streets and avenues, with water fronts. The sale will be absolute, without any reserve whatever. HENRY CLAUSE*, jr.. > ADOLF LKVlNUuit, '{Trustees. These lots are on or in Immediate proximity to the Eastern Boulevard, which, according to act of Legisla ture, runs through avenue A ftom Kilty-seventh to Eighty-sixth street, thence to Harlem River and through Seventy-second street (torn avennc A to Central Park, and are in close vicinity of the terminns of the Long Island City Bridge, which will connect New York with Long Island City, and within n few minutesof the new Ilarlem steam boat landing, bringing them within twenty minutes from Pulton ferry. They are situated on high ground, affording an exten sive view over the East and Harlem rivers, Long Island Sound, Hell date and surrounding scenery. The removing of the Hell Oate obstructions is to be completed by July 4, this year, which will un doubtedly Increase the value of this property very mate rially. Sixty per cent may remain on bond and mortgage. Maps and particulars at the ofllc* of the auctioneers, 77 Cedar street, or at the office of ADOLF LEVINOER, 261 Rroadwav. AT THE ELEGANT RESIDENCE : fi West fifteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, magnificent Household Furniture, I'iuimiorte, Ac., at auction, THIS DAY (Thursday), nt lt)}< o'clock, the property of W. K. Livingston. Superb Suits, covered silk broeado of the richest de scription, style Louis xiv.; rosewood K tag* res, Mnr qunterio t'lihlnets. Table*, .Urdenlcres, Canterbury, En coigneurs. Secretaire Bookcase, rare, costly Honks: vel vet, tin il.iilion carpets; Mirrors, Paintings l>y eminent artists, t>ron/? Mtatusry, Clock*, Vssen, i irnnmentM, mag nificent ronwoeJ Pianoforte, celebrated maker; Stool, Qpver; rosowo?'<1. eainul chamber Suits; Miitiresnes, Wardrobe, Dr< -sin. <'*?? Bureaus, lollet Sets, Buffets, Kxtenslon tai' ?.? ' iware, U law ware, Cutlery. Take Fifth nvenuo stag-? or >i*tti aveuun cars. Competent pei ?ous in atUiudsix ? t" remove goods.

AtulfiL JUlii'Ufitf, AWU<#H?fv BALEg AT ACCTIOW. ALLBM B. MINES, AUCTIONEER. f( Salesrooms. Chambers ana 77 Reade street Uto Hrarv H. Leeds A Miner. Eitt iijlisheii i u 1H47. Horn Auction Mart, nr.s.WaiKi xu 4th a v.. corner ZSik it Bv ALLEN B. MlftER A BUO. THURSDAY AMD FRIDAY, MAY 22 AND M, at 11 o'clock each day, at their salesrooms, 90 CHAMBERS AND 77 RBADE STREETS, U>RKt)ESVKU SALE rich solid Gold Jewelry, set with diamonds and other prccious stones; Sterling Silver Ware. Ac., of tie latest and most artistic ft" <JI wltfeu WHO made to or der by the best manufacturers for city custom trade; Bisque and l'arian Fancy Goods, Ac., Ac., comprising the eiLtire balance or stock of , . MESSRS. OOVBLL, GRAY A CO.. late of 884 Broad way, to be sold without reserve, In conaeiuence of their relinquishing this branch ot their business. The stock COMPRISES IN JEWELRY mil and one-half Set3. set in Diamonds Ruby, Emerald, Amethyst, Cameo and Pearl. Finger and Handkerchief Rings, Sleeve Buttons, Scarf Pins, Studs, Brooches and Earrings, Vest and L?ontine Chains, to., Ac. _ _ STERLING SILVER WARF.-Ice Pitchers, Coafta Bowls, Berrv Sets, Butter Dishes, Salt t-ellari Goblets, Cups, kapkln Rings, Fish Knives, Snuff and Tobacco Boxes, Fruit Knives, Children's Set*. Ac., Ac. FANCY OOODS?French China, decorated Jardinieres, decorated Bisque and Parian Groups, Statuettes. Busts, Ac., Ac. The above will be on exhibition Wednesday previous to sale, with catalogues, and will bo sold with out reserve, as Messrs. Covell A Uray propose confining themselves exclusively to the sate of Clocks, fine Bronzes and Otis Fixtures, at their new store, tilth avenue and Broadway, between Tweutv-fllth and Twcuty-sixth streets. SATURDAY. May 24. at 10Vi o'clock, at their salesrooms, 95 Chambers ana 7/ Rcado streets, , ? GENTEEL HOUSEHOLD PuBNITURK, l'ier and Man ic! Mirrors, Carpets, Ac., Ac. Details in time. Adrian h., abctionbbb. Peremptory Partition Sale ot 464 valuer Lots S pretty andssreil built Houses, at Whitestone, L. I., to lie sold at auction, by order of the Wliitestone Land Association (John J. Locke, Conrad Hoppenhusen, Henry llurd, John D. Lockc, Adolph t'opponhuseu and E. 11. Hinsdale), under the direction ot (loot-go W. Van sic Ion, Esq., Attorney, TH0R8DAV?nMay ?, 187* at 13 o'clock, at the Exchange Salesroom. Ill Broadway (Trinity Building), N. Y., ADBIAN H. MULLER, R. WILKINS A CO., Auctioneers. Books, Maps and Passes to visit the property at the office of the Auctioneers. No. 7 l'lnc street. New York. Whitestone, L. 1., is ?miles by road. II miles by railroad, from Hunter's Poiut; it is the terminus of the excellent Flushing and North Hide Railroad. Ruunlng time?from 27 to 16 minutes to Hunter's Point, Sa to 40 minutes to Thirty-fourth street, New York; SO to 60 minutes to James silo (double-deck ferryboats Garden City and Southamp ton). Thirty-nine tralus dally, from 6:50 A. M. to 15 min utes past 1*, midnight; elegant cars; toot-warmer under each seat; steam brakes. Miller's platforms, steel rails, elastic wheels, safety switches; run in the interest of its passengers; always on time; never delayed by ice or suow. Whitestone is actually more accessible to business and by pleasauter travel than Seventieth street, New York. It is on the Sound, with splendid water-trunt, anil can be reached by boat iu an hour Iroin I'eclc slip. ltisnenrer the City Hall than Fort Washington and the upper part of New York city. As near as Newark and Elizabeth. The % lllage was incorporated in iStiO, and is growing rapidly, llie streets are laid out according to a map adopted by the trustees and tiled in the County Clerk's orttee at Jamaica. The streets on which these lots nre offered are nearly all sewered, curbed, guttered and macadamized. High rolling ground, with excellent water, well drained and nealthy; no more subiert to "chills and lever" or "lever and ague" thau New York Itself. The main sewer through the u remises oilerod Is over a mile long, empty - liii: into the East River. The village contains Episcopal, Catholic, Methodist and Presbyterian churches, public and private schools, factories, savings bank; Ilerald Whltestone Telegraph, over 2,501) Inhabitants with over l.VUMi within a radius ot three miles; and is perfectly convenient to the city lor calls, shooping, concerts or theatre. Commutation, ferriuce included, is only 12>fc. each way; and the railroad agrees to give a commutation book to Hunter's Point lor one year lYee to the occupant of each uew house costing mor" than $2,iAJ0. and built before May, 1874. 'lhis privilege, of cour.?e, holds good to each person who buys at this sale. Wliitestone has long been lamous for its hoatituul scenery, fine drives, boating and sailing. It combines city pleasures with country comforts. It Is an excellent point of Investment Over $180,000 worth ot lots surrounding the property offered to-day were sold Iwtween June and November, 1872, mostly to parties Intending to build and remain permanently. Mouses are springing up on everv side; living Is cheap? cheaper than in the city. Five Houses will lie offered, either of which will make a good home. Taxes are very light; village taxes are limited by charter to one-half "f one per cent on the valuation. Every lot sold will bo subicct to covenants against nuisances and liquor storos. This is a bona lldc partition sale, and every parcel offered will be sold to the highest bidder. Full covenant warranty deeds wili bo given. Primed abstracts or title can be obtained at $5 each, from Van Siclen, Glldersleeve A Baldwin, Esq*., couuseliors-at-law, Bennett Building, 93 and 99 Nassau street Terms, 10 per cent down, 16 per cent on June 28, bal ance on mortguge for 3 years; & per cent discount, from face of mortgage for cash. ABT- _ ART. ART AUCTION AT SOMERVILLE OALLEKY 83 FIFTH AVENUE, ON MAY 22 AND 23, EVE NINO. A large and unusually flno collcotion. For account of Mes*rs. W. K. O'BRIEN A BROTHER exhibition fkek day and evening ART- ~~ ~? Art at auction. THIS EVENINO at 8omerville Gallery. 82 Fifth avenue, a private gentleman'* collection. Fino Oil Paintings. ROBERT BQMERVILLE, Auctioneer. THIS EVENINO. A RT AT AUCTION. ~~ ~~~~ ,an(1 important *ale of throe hundred and wiVk ^ ? cIum modern Paintings, to ho positively ?old r^?iUir?8orve,or CoI,?i?tinff of the nnUra ttocknf ft well known dealer und connoig&eur who i< nhnnt ? n^^ Europe hi. permanentrSSSESSI: The "oUertl.m teaqs&ttEn8i,,,h' i*?* jSSu, l-Swv T*Doughty, t'W1 &? H In man v i>!-' Sidney Porcny, F? J. liny, BilU.w08' ?'i'l W. L Honntap, A. Van Wyngaerdt W Shaver H. Peters Gray. R. Van rften, OAnXkl K I Hp'n'i S' J. Krlghoff, W (}. Dou*f I JtfjEfc. -?^"ranv.Ue .erlcin., 22 ^^rie^^^rTvV^7' May 21 ? EDWARD aCHKNCK. Auctioneer. ARCH. JOHNSTON, AUCTIONEER. Office and salesroom :t7 Nassau uornc Auction Hraneh 19 to M Ka*t Thirteenth street Carriage Repogltory 8 Cortland atrJe. fine household FURNITPBP ROSF.WOOD PIANOFORTE, OIL I'AI\TI\oq BROfc3K^FRKN8CIjI PLATE MIRRORS, ARCH JOHNSTON WliZ SELL AT AUCTION ? AT ? "iNTH^k^^^VAffiwAV iiiiiiiss mil A -OVER $10,000 WORTH AND 300 LOTS " ???lon2lT*S^^^ Chairs, Ac., Ac. marble top Reception Table*, ? Bedroom* contain rosewood and walnut Bedroom Suit*, rep Suits strined ?n.i ni.i. *ln?le and double Hodst-aa*, Bureau* W*rtr7.i!?. ?nd hair Waitresses. lounge*, leather IMIu,w. fks.?.r,n* Carpet* Ae.i ai?o Dining Kwm, SSment and' Ki&h'S ' Furniture, Buffet, Extension T?i.ln iKitchen Cutlery, China. GlUUrc?CrockJ?v,,0Ar a?1"' Plate HENltV tiN>}, Auctioneer. RUCTION SALE. ~ ? JOHN H. FRF?I, Auctioneer. e i-1 Jewelry, Solid Silverware, Op*r> oTa?es, Ac. GEO. C. ALLEN, Ml Broadway, near Fourteenth street. Gold stem wlndTni'^atl^Warn^fVnd p ,, , I Ki? SSS1E?Fs?-E?^s?'"" Fo?ki!^c.ICeVt Button?-. ?olld silver Spoon's, fay and evening this week ; II a. M., 7>? p. m. Auction noticeT ~ over ?2.\000 worth tnagnlflccnt lloiMchold Furniture A-r at pnbUc auction, THIS DAY' (Thursday) M'av 2* Commencing at 10)4 o'clock T ' At the Ore*tory private mansion, 120 West Twentv-third street, tienv'cou Mxth and Seventh avenue* NamelyRich rosewood Pianoforte, cost (I (ioo ..sod eight month*; maguHloe.?! Drawing Room Suit* coven In crimson satin, and Fr<-nf*? brocatei; Pier Mirror* ?Vn tre Table* real Lace Curtain* ^koase' roiiw^l fcu. {teres, lurktwh Kasy Chairs, Lounge*. velvet and Prmupii &arpet*.r|ch Bronze*, fine oil pSn.rfngl Ac 'BedZ ' Sul *olid rose wood and black walnut:stagl<and do b e Bedsteads Bnrcaii*, Wardrobe*. Table*. Wa?fistan<l* Coin mode*, lady * Dressing <W, superior curled hair Mat troMc.*, spring Beds, Mnvf.s, Ouiii.s, HlunkctM Ac i)min<y Room?Hlack walnut Buffet,Tixicnslon iiible Chair* siP ' nm.n',T?h o.a',rh,iVrV3rVArt; "* ?*'?*"< "on Vur- I , !j 1 Oilcloth*. Catalogue eon- 1 packcd ulid thipped P?"UV?' ,n loU N" B-(1??d. 1 * iWU&UAf.Qt i BAL.KS AT AOCTIOI. A?A. HI a A Lis. MOTIOB. THF. SALE or (In* Oil fainting* at oar Art Oallery, V Nassau street, will be CONTINT KD THTS DAv MAV 12, commencing at 13 o'clock. Prominent among the col lection will be touml the last anil greatest work ot J. H. Beard, "No Houae Large Knough lor Two Fainille?:" a fine Pioture of Mnriilo's "Madonna do Sevilla," tiy A2*m Suringtlcld. New York; fine examples ol Casllear. Mlg not, Ape, Wm. M. Brown, George Inness, Boulaager, B. Boat, (. ropsey, Backalowlcz, Angero, Sidney K. Percy, Baron Wappori, Van Severdoiick and otUift, uU to bo fcSEUvely Mid to the highest bidder. ABi'li. JoHNSTON, Auctioneer. A POTION SALE, AUCTION SALE, ?fi Orer $15,000 worth and oyer 400 lota. Magnificent Household Furniture, o00 yard* Carpets, ... at Public Auction, , . this (THURSDAY) morning, Mav 22, at 10>4 o'clock, {<>?>' story brown atone mansion, 101 Last Tweuty % ^,ee^ between Fourth anil Lexington avenues, a?H? BruaaeU Carpets, rosewood and walnut Parlor suits. covered with French Ha tin, brocatel and repa; Vases, Turklsfi Chain. LbungeT^ Tabled Etaierei 5?? *n.<' walnut Chamber Suits, styles of Louis XlV.; Bedstead*. Bureaus. Washst.inds, Com modes, spring and hair Mattresses, Bedding, Solas, Oliajni. liooug^e, Clsss, China, Silverware, Cutlery, 4c. K. BOTH, Auctioneer. Keaponalble men in attendance to cart, pack, or ship good* lor purchasers, city or country. Take Fourth arenue car* or stages. or Third avenue car* to Twenty-fifth street Auction sale ok klkoant household fub niture. THIS DAY (THURSDAY). coimnencing at 10 o'clock precisely, at residene?, 210 West 21st street, near 7th avenue, ROBERT C. CASH IN, Auctioneer, tells rith satin and brocatel Darlor 8uits; two magnificent Pianofortes, one double round, cost $1,000, on6 grand square oost $800; rich Cabinet marqnotcrle gilt 'tables, Ktagcres, Turkish Chains, Mirrors, Curtains, Clocks, valuable OU I'alntings, Bronzes, Bookcase, 500 volumes choice Books, Library Tables, Statuary, Ornaments, Ac.; Extension Table, Bul let, Chairs, Glass, China, Silverware, Cutlery Ac. ?olid black walnut aud rosewood Chamber Sets, viz.single and double Bedsteads, Bu reaus, Wasbstands, 27 fine spring and hair Mattreases, Suits In reps, 600 yards velvet aud Brussels Carpet, Chan deliers, Ac. N. B.?Take7th or 8th ar. cars to 21st st. Catalogues of sale ready. J^Y DANIEL CAULK1NS, AUCTIONEER, OFFICE 194 Brovdway, room 10, on Friday, May 23, at U o'clock, positively the closing sale of the extensive stock of superb imported and city custom made Furniture, re moved for convenience of sale to the spacious store 12 Murray street, near Broadway, comprising every variety of elegant French Marqucterie bois de rose and bdhl and French walnut Chamber, Parlor, Library and Dining Boom Suits of the most unique and modern styles, all of which were imported and manufactured expressly for first class city custom trade. N. B.?This being the closing sale every lot will positively be sold without limit or re serve. The above stock is now ready for examination, with catalogue. BENJ. P. FAIRCIIILD, AUCTIONEER. Splendid Household Furniture. Rosewood Pinno, Pier and Mantel Mirrors. Will sell, on Thursday, May 22, 1873, at 10 A. M., at 18 West Thirty-eighth street, nour Fifth avenue, all the ele gant Furniture contained in said house, consisting of rosewood l'iano and Stool, rosewood Parlor Suits, In satin, brocatel; lace and damask Curtains, Pier and Mantel Mirrors, rosewood fttneeres, rosewood, black walnut, mahogany and enamelled Bedroom Suits, curled huir Mattresses, straw Mattresses, Feather Beds. Pillows, Bolster^ uinrtile top 'fables. Dining Room Furniture, Ex tension Tallies, Buffet, splendid l'late Safe, Grovor A Baker hewing Machine, velvet, Brussels and tapestry Cnrtiet*, Oilcloths, Hat (lacks, Crockery, Cut Glassware, Silver and l'latud Ware, Kitchen Utensils, Ac. Catalogues ri ady at office. No. 9 Bench street. BY F. COLTON, AUCTIONEER. Rich Household Furniture, on Friday. May 2j, at 10>? o'clock, at the salesroom r>3East Thirteenth street, near Broadway. Largo sale of rich Parlor Suits, carved black walnut Chamber Suits, Bed steads, Bureaus, Arraoire, Wardrobes, hest hair Mat tresscn. Bedding, Lace and Brocatel Curtains, Lounges, Kasv Chairs, Turkish Furniture, French plate Pier and Mantel Mirror*, Oil Paintings and Engravings, Dining Room Furniture, Bnfl'et, Extension Tahlos, decorated China Dinner Set, cut Glassware, silver plated Ware. At 1 o'clock?Three rosewood Pianos, city makers. BY JOHN H. DRAPER A CO., AUCTIONEERS. The Delaware, Lackawanua and Westeru Railroad Company will sell 00,001) TONS 8CRANTON COAL at pnbllc auction oji Wednesday, May 28, at 12 o'clock noon, at 26 Exchange place. SAMUEL SLOAN, President Bankrupt sale.?notice ts hereby oiven that Messrs. HOYT, WUEKLER A BRADLY will sell ftt their salesrooms, 118ana 120 Church street. In the elty of -New York, on Wednesday, May 28, 1873, at public auc tion, under tho direction or tlio undersigned. assignee of James McNultr, a portion oi his stock, consisting of llata. Caps, .-'urs and Straw Goods.?Dated May 15. ifflj, JAMES S. WILLET. Assignee. Bankrupt sale?notice is ubkbbv given tlmt Messrs. WM. TOPPING A OO. will sell on Thurs Vin,'.1S7S' PLlbllc auction. at their salesrooms, Church street. in the elt.v oi New York, under the di rection ol the undersigned, assignee of James McNulty, a portion of his stock. consisting of Hats, Caps, Furs and Mraw Goods.?Dated New York, May 15, 1H73, JAMES S. WlijLET, Assignee. J^INGEE, POSTER A CO., AUCTIONEERS. Continuation sale of tho offensive Stock of . . ,_ . Furniture, Podding, Ac., to he sold without reserve, to close up the concern of Sloss A Browi>. DIKQBB, PORIEB A CO., Auctioneers, will sell on FRIDAY, May 23,1S73, at 10 o'clock A. M.. . at 2,292 Third aveuue, near lj?th street, the balance ot the Stock of the above firm, consisting of handsome Parlor. Library. Chamber and ? ... JMning Room Furniture, Bedding, hair and husk Mattresses, Bolsters, Pillows, Ac.: al-o a large lot of Carpets, Matting, Oilcloths, together with a lot of Second lland Furniture, Crockery, Glassware. Kitchen Utensils', Ac. Catalogues on the promises and of the auctioneers 2,308 Third avenue und S3 Cedar street. New York. J^INOEE, PORTER A CO., AUCTIONEERS, will sell THIS DAY at 1 o'clock, on the premises, at Dodge's Hotel. McComb's Dam. all the handsome l'arlor Furniture of said lionse. Also ail the Wines, Liquors, Ac., being a continuation of the sale or yesterday. JJUGH N. CAMP, AUCTIONEER. Positive Sale of 112 City Lota in New Brighton, Staten Island. HUGH N. CAMP will sell at auction, on Thursday, May 22, 1873, at 12 o'clock, at the Exchange Salesroom, 111 Broadway, New York, the 112 City Lots situated on Tornp tt(!n9snid Central avcntlcs ami Arietta street. New Brigh hJh1? l^operty^ Is one of the most desirable locations, both for elegant private residences and business, on the island : commands a most beautlftil view ot the city of or*, Brooklyn and the bay; is very hiirh and within two minutes' walk ot the lorry, and offers one of the most desirable opportunities lor purtles to purchase property in this .oeality. The title is perfect Printed ADstract will bo Kivrn to purchasers. Seventy percent can remain on bond and mortgage for * V? V.",1-8' a'"!?''? cent, atonlion ol purchaser corner ofpiiio s^eef New York^01'0^"1 ^ ^*** TS. WEINBERGER AUCTIONEER RFufTT in av*x at nu^n*rf' 'his day (Thursday) Si 0 clock, at 15.ij Bowery?S tine rosewood Pianos, 1 rosewood Secretary Bookcase 1 walnutW?VH robe, 1 sun Furniture, 7 pieces?In rcp?' 6 R?tmerMoS.' Sofas, Lounges, rubles, Chairs, Carpet, Oilcloth Mat i aim tapestry Km^s, French ami American S ii vhi ^ Engravings and Picture*; large and small Miirors, Birdcajfcs, 7 children's Carriages a law assortment of Cutlery'Plated Ware Dry Joolis Wateft8i'iks> table Covers, lied Spreads," *> atcncs and Jewelrv, Curtains, Window Kluui?"* dm }n?aM ie-h?rS ?l ack^ ? ^ chests of Oolong Tea,' Sew V?^1 a .v,Yi(\'r.o'her goods tot) numerous to mention. Also, at 2 o clock. Wines Lhjuors, Chain pannes and Clears; also 2 Counters and 6 iron Sates, dif ferent sizes, bale at lo^, o'clock sharp. J ERE. JOHNSON, JR., AUCTIONEER. Grand clearlnu-out auction sale. by order of tho Messrs. Stevens, of 75 splendid Lots In Astoria, Long Island City. . - . Monday, may 2u, t ? 2 o clock P. M.,on the premises. Lota are directly opposite New York cltv, . near steamboat landing, on Jamaica avenue. Boulevard, Crescent, Broadwnv, Van tw..?!"u?iy s'r?ct,i; Sherman, Academy. Lock wood, rein pie. bim and Lincoln streets. .h"ra"d.c5"*tton^tlr"lu,l!?'? famous hand. Harrison, i ifut* WZ ? ,ti(;ket" 'or Harlem boats and mupa otjJKRK. JoIINmin, Jr., 21 I'nrk row, New York. J ERE. JOHNSON, AUCTIONEER. The onlv chance. Last ana final call. One sale only, at Baysidc, beautiful Ba.vsidc, on the Sound. James Blackwell, Esq., has directed a Positive -Auction Sale of 250 Superb Lota, on TUESDAY, MAY 27. on the premises, at Baysnle, L. I. This Will lie the only chance to purchase lols In Riv. stde this season. Sale will be positively without reserve Bauciuet on the green. Ora/Ulla's famous band. HiiVrU son, ihe great singer. Free railroad train. Terms easv 80^rP,%nVrkCrow.0N. Y * auply * Jouivl JAMES M. FORD. AUCTIONFER?SELLS Tlllft HAT at2 o'clock, the entire Furniture of a lar? LII' sion, removed from Westchester tor convenient ofT|?" at central Salesroom, 3(.7 Bow, rv. The above ?nl .VJJ ' every variety ol Furniture usually found n a tw i residence, rfalc will ho absolute, rain!" sh 'rMS TACOB BOOART, AUCTIONEER ~ " ^siair.?8'?s^r'ars,v?-''^ ssssriawx; Jewelry, Drv Goods, Ac ^ Clothing, Watches, B&'iK i'uV\ntureaA arp. K l'I:(;,1?,!,,'5c.aUC,l0'n room"' ! J. ac' F D lunctiou o. MvrM jf- ,n m Broadway, i ln? described ,?, ntr.l V'"1 T? w?" be Md the follow! ufniM evervHouses con InnXfv avemie ioV?^l ?<Ll!?v*nLc"cp' snnated on Wil dasIraKi rrUmi nt?.te,rt. ??,SHiyvesant avenue; two strwt wUh extensions, on l'ula?kl i !' "m1 '^"yvesant avenues; one cowy Lflt.V y luxated on Excthtcen avenue, lift leet strept ; lw" 1""' '-"ts ot ground on Hovt fiMnM j C . TT'i '"ark; one three story Philn way ^torc at 1,09K DeKalb avenue, near Hroad* p -loan office sale.?tiiih day, .iamf.s agar, A"*'''0''*"', will sell, at ft!t New Bowery, at 12 o clock !V)() lots gold and silver W a to lies, gold and <lia inntiii Jewelry, Cliains Rings Earrings Hracelots, opera ? ?lasses. Silverware. Guns, Pistols Instrument", Silks, tiaces, men's and women's tin- Clothing. My order oi the Vf? wUu?llJRkA.J)UjkHUKaM HALEM AT APOTIOW. PAWNBROKER'S 8ALE.-WM. 8. INGRAHAlTwui sell this day, II o'clock, at 58 We?t Bowery, BOO lata ?ilk aud othir Dresses, Quilts, Sheets, Remnants, Boon. Shoes, Coats, Pants; also a lot of Pistols; worthy atten tion of deulers. Order K. Kaliu, 201 Urand street, Brook lyn, E. D. PAWNBROKER'S SALE.?R. KIELD, SHERIFF'S ANT> General Auctioneer, salesroom Ml Howery, wilt ?ell thin day, at 11 o'clock, 900 lots or Men'* ami Women's Clothing?Dresse*. Shawls, Remnants, Under Clothing, li tiding, Quilts, Blankets, Boots, Shoes, Ac., Ac.; aiao Coats, Vests and Pants. By order of Hugh Freel, Ron* street. PAWNBROKER'S HALE. ? 8AM FOREST, AUG tionoer, sells this day, at 17 Bowery. SOti lots ot Men1! and Women's .-ea?o'iab!e Clothing, Bedding, Shoe* Gaiters, Coats, I'ants and other Goods. Order i . Freel, Grand street, Williamsburg. SHERMAN, AUCTIONEER. . Auction sale of Household Furniture, Wines, Liquors, Ac.?Will sell, this day (Thursday), May2jLat I0>i o'c'ock, 1,407 Second avenue, near Seventy-third street, the entire Household Furniture of a tamll.v about going to Europe; also tho balance Stock of Wines anu Liquors as:?is quarter cask* Rhine snd Port Wines, cases Liquors, Ac. f ale positive. Dealers invited. SHERMAN, AUCTIONEER. . Auction sale of Bourbon and Rye Whiskey. Brandies, Oin, Champagnes. Clears. Ac., being the ktock ot aflrsj class dealer, on Friday, May tx atll o'clock, at No. IS Bowery. 49 barrels choice old Bourbou and Rve Whiskey, from otic to *lx years old; casks Brandies, Olns, 16 casks I'ort and Sherry Wines, 20J cases Wines and Liquors, cases and baskets Champagne. Ac.; also 42,(WOCigar* Oilcloth, Window Shades, 4c. Sale positive. Dealers in vltad. S DING EE, AUCTIONEER. . ? . Desirable Improved and unimproved Property, ?? Eighth avenue and 141st street DINGER, PORTIiH M OO. will sell, Thursday, May 22, at Exchange Salesroom. 111 Broudwav. at 12 o'clock M.. by order ot Wm. J. Wel ler. Ksq., two full Lots, west side Eighth avenue, BO not north or 141>t street, with Buildings thereon: also one fUU Lot north side of 141st street, 10 ) feet west of Eighth ave nue; sold together, without reservation. Particulars of Auctioneers, 2,308 Third avenue, and 82 Cedar street. fJlRUSTEE'd BALE, ^ B. A CLARK A CO., Anctloneera, of a large and splendid stock of hilverware and Ivory handle and silver-plated Table Cutlery, at store 89 Liberty street, five doors Ifrom Nassau, will conttnue dally, at IDS o'clock, until all is sold. The above stock consists ot rich Tea Sets (new styled. Ice Pitchers, Salvers, Goblets, Mugs, Fruit Stands, Contra Pieces, Epergncs, Cake Baskets, Dinner and Breakfast Castors, Pickle Castors, Napkin Rings. Porks, Spoon* Card Receivers, Ac. Al-o fine Table Cutlery. Every article warranted of the best and most cele brated manufacture. Stock to be sold In lots to suit buy ers, and the attention of the trade is called to this sale, as the slock must be closed at once. _ Per order. c RED. SMITH, Trustee. TO BE SOLD AT AUCTION, AT DAUCHY A JOHM son's Salesrooms, 464 Canal street, on Friday, May 23, 1873,1 Butcher's Cart, 1 light Wagon, to pay storage. By order of Bills N. Grow. TO-DAY.-GO WITH JERE. JOHNSON, JR., ON niB great excursion to Quoens (Inglewood), L. I? anil when you get there buy some of the splendid Lots, near depot and fine improvements, to be sola by positive order or Mrs. Catharine Bergen, to close the estate; terms very easy; sale positive; Gralulla's baud; collation; Harri son ; fi-ee train. Apply oarly this morning tor tickets at office of JURE. JOHNSON, Jr., 21 Park row, New York. WILLIAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER. By virtue of a chattel mortgage 1 will sell on Friday. 23d InsL, at 10 o'clock A M., at BO New Bowery, 4 Horses. 1 Curtain Coach and Harness. WILLIAM ABBOTT, Jr., Attorney for Mortgagee. WILLIAM KENNELLY, SHERIFF'S AUCTIONEER, will sell at auction, on Thursday, Mny 22, at 12 o'clock, at the Exchange Salesroom, 111 Broadway, three lull Lots, on south side of 114th street, 226 feet cast of Second avenue. Sale positive. BUSINKSS OPPORTPWlTIKg. ? 19 YFA?S ESTABLISHED BROADWAY BU8INE88 A requires a man retiring partner. * BK 48 Uroaa _street_ <j?> ai? aid ofllce. ??? sb? ar's: cTvj;as'u?r?""""" A I,UNO ESTABLISHED MANUFACTURING AND I A .lobbing Business, having a large and very I ?? trade,K?M on favorable term J ora parser ai>l office. ? " . PAFITAL secured for incorporated Ar?mnp^ios,. merchants, manufacturer.; P^-on" PANY. 112 Broadway. A ?ADDITIONAL CAPITAL PROCURED spa ss rat and Business Agents. ?8 Broadway. h PiiiTVFR WANTED?TO AID IN THE MANTI mm&vwmm litrcet, Newark, N. J. VOIINO MAN. WITH $2,500 TO INVEST, CAM J\ procure a position worth 81,500 per nnnum and ?ecnr?ty^or liU investment Only principal* need ad KOPPORTUNITY. Herald office. * t ivp MAN ^WANTED?WITH $600, TO BUT A half Interest in Produce and ,,? ""? **? lotion bln"hthe' S& ^-whV fve^e mo^ey-n* moan business may address, tor throe days, D. A. A. Herald office. ?? "T tTvT MAN WANTED-WITH $1,203 TO $1,400, to A buy a "produce and provision business: liah^fi ? unotl run ot trade; lars{? profits, best locationi in the city ThoM who have tfie cash and mean bnrineM may address for three days, D. A. T., Herald office. T710U SALE EXCHANGE, OR WTLL TAKE PART? F ner-A first class House Furnishing Store, with excellent trade, In Rood locality. Apply to JOHN H. THOMAS, 98 nroadwav. mom 7. T^OR SALE-A STAPLE MANUFACTURING B08X P nesa ; must be sold owing to serious accldenif to? owner Appiv Immediately at factory 50J and 511 West Forty-fifth street, where all particulars can be had. Moderate capital required. G" OOD PATENT AND BUSINESS WANTED-I1C oxchange ? one for first class Heal Estate Equity ot $20 000- 'he other for similar l'.qulty ot $15,000. No fancy articles or uney prices will be ftoli description, box 610 Post office, Elizabeth, N.J. House furnishing and crockery business for sale; established six years; favorable lease an? good stock of Roods; would exchange '^^54?'*? or Brooklyn Property. Apply on premises, <23 Sixth ay. ir,K AND DAIRYMEN.?THE ADVERTISER, HAV I ing experience ?nrt means, woul^in a ifo<^ parjf Hn milk business in thUclty or Brooklyn. Address Miidt DAIRY, box 147 Herald office. ' TiARTNER WITH $10,000 WANTED?TO EXTEND Alf X established manufacturing business; the only one of Its kind in this country, and carried on so as to I'laceat remunerative prices a staple artic e on 1i<5S5 tn the best of European niatiuiacture. Apply to GRIGGS, CARLKTON A CO.. S>8 Broad way. Partner wanted-with $<oo. in a well Es tablished genteel hu?lncss that,wiil rav that, amount per month; has more than one can do. Address u., Her ald office. UTVTE RIGHTS IN THE BEST PAYING INVENTION of the ace ; used by everybody, and supplies a special want. We request thorough investigation. Model, 163 Broadway, room 9 OPLENDID OPENING FOR CAPITALISTS.?PARTIES r> who are disposed to invest in the construction and management of a first class Hotel in Montreal will <lnd meat inducements held out to them. Address DlihCAfc M.VCDONALD, George street, Montreal. TIT"ANTED?A MAN WITH A SMALL CAPITAL. TO VV start ? light msnufa< twing business in Ilnladel phia or Boston. Can make irom $50 to $,.. per week, unlv three of the kind in the United States. Noagenta. Apply to n. ISA A* 'SI'. N*. 64 Fulton st. AVASTED?A PARTY WITH ABOUT $1,200 TO JOIN ?T me ill buying out my employer, who has aa estab lished cash busine*; holms other business and cannot attend to both . the best reference given and requirea. Address CHARLES. Herald office. fVANTED?AT ONCE, A GOOD LINE OF VV commission, or a cheap and nseiu 111?**?T duce to the jobbing trade in New EnglandI state*, nyi? gentleman of ability and commanding a large influence. Address ACTIVITY, Herald office. TifANTED?A PARTNER WITH CAPITAL, IN TlIK TV manufacture ol patent fan **t^hm?nta for rhuirs anil dfwinu m&rhiDClt botn ftllscnincjiw ?re rtJ cently patented^andare not yet .ntrodu.ed in the mar kct. Samples can ho seen and examined at 98 8outl? Filth avenue. New York. itr-r ivTPn-A PARTNER. COMMANDING CAPITAL* \\ ui open an office, salesroom and laboratory for la rties- toilet specialties, with an analytical and consulting chemist'sp&adW programme and paying business. Ad dress CHEMIST, box 140 Herald office A..AA u |I I, SKCTRE A HALF INTEREST IN A S(|00 good business, established since IRflO; larg* So/its selSntionaccount ot sickness. MFor particular. Snd interview call on M ool)Y A OO . 183 Broadway. _ #vArt -WANTKD, A PARTY IN TnE HOTEL SI (Kill, business, already established and doing ? good" business, either as clerk or partner. Apply at W Broadway, room H. -FOURTH INTEREST IN A SPLENDI? lO.lMJlK business, having $20,000 capital, payln* ;i? week profit, tor sale to a competent person In vesting amount, ample trial given helor? Investment. For addition send real address to MONO POLY. Herald office AO AAA WILL PURCHAfiB THE STOCK,..WO lures, House, Wagon and Good Will otfc Wine, Tea and Urocery store, with ten years' lease; $?*? rent lor whole ho use; d< Ing a cash huslnesa of about $-j 001) a month. Beler to wholesale provision honse, c F. M ATTLAGK, corner of Greenwich and \\ arren stree t? i,-ir /W\H ?WANTED, A PARTNER IN fll>ATK quarry and manufacturing businwwjj1?* hours by railroad trom New York city; now in successtuA operation; profits not less than $1H0 per dsy; capaciy can easily he doubled ; demand tor slate nnllniited . oroera si* months abend. Parties liberally dealt wlUt. I s.sjuta uuuiikl ^ lUc^

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