Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 23, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 23, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. ' i WHOLE NO. 13,424. NEW YORK, FRIDAY, MAY 23. 1873.-TR1PLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS~ DIRECTORY FOR ADVERTISERS. aMUSEMF.N'TP?Ninth Pack?Fifth and sixth columns. ASTKOLO<JY ?Skcond Pabu?Th.rd column mi.l.l AKfiH?Skoowh Pagk?Third column. BOARDERS Wanted?Twklfth ragk?Kirst column. BOARD AND LODGING WANTED?Twelfth Page? First and second column*. BROOKLYN RKAL ESTATE FOR SALE?Skconu Pagh? First column. BUSINKK8 OPPORTUNITIES?Bicoid Pack?Sixth column. BUSINESS NOTICES?Sktk*th Paok?Sixth column. CIOARS AND TOBACCO?Second Paok?Third column. CITY REAL ESTATE KOR SALE-Skcomd Pack??\rst oolumn. CLBRKS AND SALESMEN?Elevhntb Pas*? Fifth col umn. CLOTHING?Second Page? Sixth column. COACHMEN AND GARDENhRS?Elbtkntb Paok?Fifth and sixth columns. COASTWISE STEAMSHIPS?Twairra Paok?Sixth col umns. COUNTRY l.'OARD?Tvurrn Page?Second column. DENTISTRY?Ninth Paok?Fourth column. DWELLING HOUSES TO LET, FURNISHED AND UN FURNISHED?Twri.fth Paoe?Third column. EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS?Twelfth Paok?Fourth ftnd filth columns. BYES AND EARS?SacoND Paoi?Sixth column. EXCURSIONS?Twelfth Pack?sixth oolumn. FINANCIAL?Eighth Pack?Fourth and fifth columns. FOR Paob? FitHhwnd Mxlh column*. FURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS 1*0 LET? Twelfth I'aok?Third and fourth columns. FURNITURE?Skuoxu Paok?HilrO column. BELP WANTED?FEMALES?Eleventh Pack?Fourth column. BELP WANTED?MALES?Eleventh Pack?Sixth col umn. HOBSK.S,-CARRIAGES AC.-First PAQi-Second, third, fourth and fifth columns. MOTELS?Twki.ith Paok?Second column. OUWS, ROOMS, AO., WANTED?Kimtb Pagm?Fourth column. INSTRUCTION?Ninth Page?Fourth column. JERSEY CITY, HOBOKEN, HUDSON CITY AND BER GEN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE?Skcond Paok? First and second columns. LECTURE SEASON?NiNin PAor?Fourth column. LOAN OFFIOMS? First Paoh?Sixth column. LOST AND FOUND?Fibit 1'aob?First column. MACHINERY?Flaw Pack?Sixth column. MATRIMONIAL?Ninth Paoh?Fourth column. MBDICAL?Seuohd Paok?Sixth oolumn. MILLINERY AND DRE9SMAKINU?First Pack?Sixth column. MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS?Tkntd Paob Sixth column. MUSICAL?Ninth Paok?Sixth column. PERSONAL?First Paok?First column. PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, AO.?Ninth Paok?Fifth col umn. PROPOSALS?Twblfth Paok?Fourth column. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTKD-FEMALES? Elbvfnth Paok?third and fourth columns. PBOPERTY OUT. OF THE CITY FOR 8ALB OR TO RENT?Skoond Paok?Second column. BBAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE?Second Paok?Third colurnu. SEAL ESTATE WANTED?Skoond Pack?Third column. BEWARDS?First Paok?First column. SALES AT AUCTION?Skcoitd PAoa-Fourth. flflh and sixth columns. SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES?Elbtbntb Paok? lns? First second and tlilrd columns. Situations wanted?males?Eiktkicth paok? Fourth and filth columns. SPECIAL NOTICES?Fin.1T Paob?Second column. SPORTING?DOGS, BIRDS, AC.?First Paoh?second column. SUMMER RESORTS?Twelfth Paok?Seoond and third columns. THE TRADES?Twblfth Paok?First column. THE TURF? Fibst Paok?Second column. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES-TwKirrn Page? Thinl column. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE?'Twelfth Pagk?Sixth column. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Twelfth Pack? Fourth column. WANTED TO PURCHASE?Fikst Pace?Sixth column. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR Tf) LET?Second Paok?Firat column. YACHTS, STEAMBOATS, AC.-First Page?Sixth * column. pEBAIiD BHANCI1 OFF1CE-UPTOWS, ^^DVEIITISEMENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD BECEIVED AT THE BRANCH OFFICE, 1,206 BROADWAY AND 530 SIXTH AVENUE, BETWEEN Til IRTY-FIRST- AND THIRTY-SECOND STREETS. ADVERTISEMENTS ABE RECEIVED FROM g A. M. TILL 9 P. M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS, 2 TILL 9 P. M.). AT OFFICE RATES. NEWSDEALERS SUPPLIED WITH nERALD AT ft O'CLOCK EVERY MORNING. NO EXTRA CHARGES. PARI8 AGENCY OF THE SEW YORK HERALD. TUTESSRK. KREMER A CO., AMERICAN REGISTER, HAVE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOB THE NEW YORK HERALD. THEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL ERS WITH COPIES OF THE HERALD, AND ALSO SINGLE NUMBERS OF THIS PAPEB TO PARTIES BEQUIRING THEM. I'BltgOKAL. A NY INFORMATION'^CONCERNING ANN DOItCEY, jl\. maiden mime Lacey. from county Wexford, towns land of Garrivsrden, or of her brother, Patrick Lacey; when I Ant heard Irom were In New York. It will be to their interest to call immediately at 96 Columbia ctroot, Brooklyn. Amos costa-yours received Saturday, i o'clock. BIANCA?I'LL MEET YOU AT THE AROYI.E MATl nee to-morrow afternoon. ST. JAMES. LILLIB, WHOM FRED USED TO MEET IN Six teenth street, please send address to FRED, Uerald office. Minnie-yes, bal de la orandk duchesse Picnic, at Rose Bank Park, Statcn Island, Tuesday DCXt GRAND DUKE. MISS LOTTIE HEYWOOD SEND HER ADDRESS. TO nn old friend. J. L., box 117 Uerald Uptown Branch ?fflce. NOTICK.-WANTINO, THE DAUOHTERS OF PAT rlok Cronln or Cronan, who emigrated itom Ma croom, Ireland, some four or flvo years a?o; two of them. It is believed, are married to soldiers. Tliey will hear of something to their advantage on communicating with A. M. ENGLISH, Solicitor, Tazewell Court Houae, Taze well county, Va. WILLIAM PEDLINGHAM C.-RETURN HOME AT once, unless you wish to cause vour motlior's death. Ood help us if this is thi net re?u:ti ot our lives' labors. Wltl. B. GARDENER SEND HIS ADDRESS TO EUGENIA, box 123 Herald office t a . WILL OfLBBRT T. REEDKR SEND niS ADDRESS to M. J. DAPPER, station AT Business of impor tance. WANTED?FOR ADOPTION. A MALE OR FEMALE Babe ; will have a good home. Mine. DEbPARD, 41 Kant Twenty-eighth street. WANTED TO ADOPT-OF AMERICAN PARENTAGE, an orphan, between 1 anil S years old ; girl preferred. Address ORPHAN. Herald office. OQD STREET CAR, EIGHTH AVENUE TO FOURTH avenue?"Itn$2?." If agreeable address, men. tioningsome circumstance, E. B., Herald office. LOST AM) F(ll'KD< LOST-MAY M, IN EIGHTH AVENUE CARS, TWO Bundles Law Papers. Tlie finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving same at SJ7 West Twenty-eighth st IOST?$5 REWARD-LEFT, IN A SECOND AVENUE J car, near Grand street anil Bowery, a Box, contain ing letters nnil articles of no value. 1 be above reward paid If returned to 477 Broadway, second floor. IOST-ABOUT TEN DAYS AGO. A LIGHT SHELL J Brooch, rtudded with gold and silver spots. Tho Under will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at room 60 St. Denis Hotel, corner Eleventh street and Broadway. LB OST?LAST WEEK, SILK UWB1ELLA, TWO LET ter? on handle on a little gold plate; flnder will get full value of same by leaving it at EBB ITS' Livery stable, :ornerTwenty-second street and Seventh avenue; it Is highly prized as the gilt of an old friend who played marbles with owner a long time ago. L08T-S0MEWHERE ABOVE THIRTEENTH STREET, a roll of Bills, mostly in twenties. A liberal reward will be given for its delivery at I?7 Madison avenue Lost-may n, in fifth avenue, between Thlriy-flmt amVThirty-fonrh streets, or in Thirty first Itrcot, betwVen Filth and Lexington svenuos, a small Diamond Earring, with a InpU lazuli pendant The finder will be suitablv rewarded by returning same to WILLIAM H. CLARK, IUU Broadway. LOST-IN MORRISANIA, OR BETWEBN HARLEM Bridge and Seventy-sixth street, New York, a mo rocco-covered Diary, containing a stock certificate of St. Nicholas Insurance Company and other papers and memoranda of value only to the owner. A liberal re ward will be paid on Its return to WILLIAM N. ROBBKT BON. Mott Haven, N. Y. T OST-A SKY TERRIER, FEMALE. WITH RED BIB 1J bon round the neck: lost Thursday morninp, be tween Twenty-seventh and Twenty-eighth streets! will answer to the name of Minnie. The finder will be hand ?omely rewarded by returning her to244 Fifth avenue. R K W A It oVT dbO REWARD.?LOST, A BLACK NEWFOUNDLAND Slut, Ave months o'.d, two lore paws white. Return to Kast Seventeenth street, in the stor . (tin REWARD.?LOST, ON fcUNDAY, MTU, A TAR. if*J"/ rot. The above reward will lie raid by returning lite the owner, PAUL CIIBU.TENSON, 28 New Bowery db~| n REWARD.?LOST. A SMALL SKYE TERRIER tP 11/ Dog, blue and yellow; had on when lost, Wednes day morning, a blue velvet collar, with bell. The above reward will be paid for his return to 29 East Ihlrty-Arst ?trcot, or for Iniormatlon leading to his recovery. UKWaRD.?LOeT, ON TUESDAY, MAY SI, A Sp IV Sco eh terrier IVg ; had a bare snot on liia ncck. I*lease re'.itru to >9 Cbryttle street, flrst floor, rear. SPBClALa WOTIC KB. -HERALD BRANCH OFFICE,'brooklyn. ? corner ot Kulton *?euup and Rocrum street Open Horn ft A. M. to 9 P. M. On i-uuduy !rom .H to # P. M. A? LARtiK WAGONS FUR REMOVING VAMII,IKS ? to tho country or city; Furniture stored, uackcd and shipped. F. A G. BI'R.nHAM, tu West Fifteenth street, near Sixth avenue. Bargains.-$?uxx> worth ok boots, shoes and Trunks wiling oft without regard to coat, at 530 Bowery, corner of Bond street; must be sold before June 1; tbe building to be torn down. W. p. BIG BLOW A CO. DIXON'S STEAM IOK CRKAM MANUFACTORY, 289 Bleeoker Kt?Kcspon.-ible parlies can get tbe Bk'onoy of Clxon's celebrated Ice Caeain in neighboring citi<-a and ton ua. 1[1 LECTION.?NOTICE IS HEREBY GIYKN THAT AN Li eleotion will be held at the office ot tho New York Bridge Company, No. U Water street, in the city .of Brooklyn, on Monday, the 2d day ol June next, at 13 o'clock noon ot Unit day, tor flttvcu directors ot said company, lor the then ensuing year, and tor two inspec tcrs of election tor 1871 The traneter hooka wilt bo closed from May 3 to June S, 1975. Dated Mar 2,1(575. HENRY C. MURPHY, President. O. P. Qpihtarp, Secretary. Havana and kentucky lotteries.?friers ca.sliod; ciroularisent tree. JOSEPH BATES A CO., 71 Broadway, New York, room 81. llrat floor. 0*1ICIA kkntui'ky'^tatb lotteries. EBJITUCKT?KXTRA CLASS HO. Ml?MAT 23, 1875. 1?, 47, ?i, 4, <9. 28, 9. 24. 72. 75. 7, Ri, 21 KRNTCCKT- CLASS MO. 542?MAT 22. 1873. 5, 70, 89, '?>. ft"'. <\ *2. 13, 15, 7, 57, 6ft. 07. 51. SIMMONS A CO., Munagers. Covington. Ky. igtlJT COLLKCEf-KXTRA CLASS HO. lili?SITU, 1475. 64. 76, 45, 65. R7. 20, 70, 8ft. 3 17, 53 78, 2?. 8BBLBT COLLkGK?CLASS NO. 142?MAT 2.', 1375. 65, 71, a, 69. 2. ll>. 68, 7 62, 18. 75, ^4 41, 60. SMITH A CO., Managers, Covington, Ky. Address Post office box 4#?, NewYork. /"VPFlCIALtf) RAWING NORTH CAROLINA LOTTERY. \J BXTKA GLASS HO. 63?MAT 21, 1873. 30, 15, 71, 47. 46, 43, 57, *2, 66, 70, 48, 10. SOBTB CAROLINA?CLASS HO. M?MAT 21, 1873. J8, 1#, 9, 66. 77, 81, 1*, 44. 53, .73. 6<3. 03. 80. GKRKEN A Cb., Managers. LuthY A CO., Brokers, 232 Greenwich street, N. Y. Official drawino north Carolina lottery. KXTRA CLASS HO. 84?MAT 2.', 1875. 4, 13, 66, 13, 22. 24, 71, 16. 7, "3, 43. 67. 28. NORTH CAROLINA?CLASS NO. 66?KAT 32, 1873. 63, 87, 36. 2, 48, 14, 8, 60, 74, 72, 23, 47, 26. 78. GERKEN A CO.. Manners. LUTHY A CO.. Brokers, 232 areonwloh street, N. Y. OFFICIAL DRAWINGS 80UTU carolina LOTTERY for Free School Fund?Perpetual. HXTRA CLA8S 117?MAT 23. 1875. 68, 35, 70, 44, 76, 16, 86, 43, 46, 81, 35. 52. CLASS 118?MAT 22, 1875. 45, 76. 18. 76, 42, 18, 12, 22. 38, 21, 55. 34. COLE A 00., Managors, New Yort Post omco box 3,866. CBARLrsTOH, 8. C., May 22, 1873. Royal havana lottery op cuba.-pros pectus for 1873 now ready. Address (iKO RGB UP HAM, No. a Weybosset street, Providence, R. I. Royal Havana lottery, next drawing may 34. German Ktate Lotteries. Send lor circulars. RITTER A OO., Post office box 3,836. 86 Nassau street, room 4. SCIENriFIC.?OENTLEMEN DESIROUS OF HOLD Ing an honorary titled position in a new scientific society oi great importance, now incorporating and for which no money Is required, are Invited to communi cate their names and addresses immediately to COSMOS, Herald Uptown Branch o(Uoo. THE public ARE WARNED AGAINST PURCHAP tns any Notes made by me within the last six months. J. loewenstein. Nstr York, May 22, 1873. mHE PRINCIPAL DRAWING X of the 74lh Brunswick Government Lottery, with Bt.ftfM Tickets and 23.000 Prizes, will commence May 26and ?nd June 13. prize 120.1KJU Prussian Thaler*. RoyaLllavana Lottery?Next drawing, May 24. lloyal Saxon Government Lottery. City of Hambnrg l ottery. Prizes cashed and information givon. THODOK ZSCUOCH, *116 Nassau street: box 6,083 Post office. TOR UNDRRSIONED PURCHASED A ROW BOAT, supposed to Imve been stolen, for a small sum of money. The owner can have the name by proving pro perty and paying expenses. Apply to A. A L. NICHOLS, Mauiaroneck, Westchester County. N. Y. qiHK PORTABLK At'TOMATIC KIRK ESCAPE WILL 1 be exhibited to day, at 4 o'clock, from the Atihlund House, corner Fourth avenuo and Twenty-fourth street dbrOQ KQQ is DRAWN DAILY IN THE LEGAL lzfd Kentucky Lottery. Royal Havana and Kentucky circulars tree, 12}?c. eominlhMon allowed. Address HaLky A CO, (office established thirty j cars), 174 Broadway. SPORTING?DOGS, BIRDS, &C. A" ?FOR SALE. ALL KINDS OP FANCY DOGS. . Birds, Ac. j Medicines tor all dUeases; Prepared Food, for mocking birds. At B.4A DOVEY'S, No. S Greene street, near Canal. Larue Newfoundland dog wanted.-apply at 131 Pearl street, cotton store, down stairs. SPORTING DOOS FOR SALE.?HARRY JENNINGS, late of Boston, has opened a commodious store at .191 Broome street, three doors from Centre Market, tor ihe sale Hnd purchase ot all kinds of Dogs. Animals, Ac. Dogs cured ot all diseases. H. J.'s Patent Flea Soap. Live Rats always on hand. THE TURF, Fleetwood association-spring meeting 1373, June 17,19, 20 and 23. First day, Tuesday, Juno 17? Purse No. 1, $8^0? For horses Hint have never beaten 2 $550 to first, $150 to sccond, $100 to third. Purse No. 2, $2,000? for horses that have never beaten 2:23; (1.100 to first, $560 to second, $350 to third. Second day, Thurs day, June 19?Purse No. 3,$l,0t)0?For horses that liwve never lcatea2sJ.<; $600 to first, $280 to second, $150 to third. Purse No. 4, $1,200? For horses that have never beaten 2 29; $650 to first, $350 to second, $200 to third. Third <Jav, Friday, June 20. Purse No, 5. $1,000?For horses that have never boated 2:34; $600 to first, $250 to second, $150 to third. Purso No. 6, $1,60.:?For horses that have novor beaten2:25; $850 to first. $40) to second, $/80 (o third. Fourth day. Monday, June 23. Purse No. 7, $800?For horses that have never beaten 2:43; $550 to first, $150 to second, $100 to third. Pur?e No. 8. $3.500?For liortei that have never beaten 2 21; $2,001 to first, $1,003 to second, $'00 to third. Conditions?The above racos to be mile heatbest 3 In 5, in harness, and will be governed by the rules ot the National Association for the promo tion of .the interests of the American Trotting Tort'. In case ?rpostponemont of any raco it shall be next good day and track, omitting Sunday. Any driver substituted for another, as authorized by rule 28, will bo paid $50 lor such service. Entries to close at Chnmbcrlin's pool room, 1,146 Broadway, New York, on Monday, June 2, at 9 o'clock P. M. All communications to bo addressed to William H. Van Cott, Superintendent. C. H. VAN NE88, President. Grand trotting meeting for the benefit ot the 'iralner.V and Drivers' Protective Association, at Dcerfoot Park (formerly Hall's Track*, Cony Island road, on Monday and Tuesday, May 26 and 27, at 1X o'clock P. M. MONDAY. MAY 26-CLA8S L James K. Polk. Fred, New Berlin Girl, Black Prince, Fanny Fern. Contraband, Lady Backus, Coroner K., Manhattan, Constitution. SAME DAY?CLASS 2. Sensation, Young Bruno, Ed White, Lydia Thompson, Grace Bertram. Cnstle Bov. TUESDAY. M AY 27?CLASS S. American Clipper, Penobscot Chief, Rocket, Geo. A. Weed, Belle' of Orange, Washburn Muid, Butterfly, Mum, Top-icy, MlssMlllor, White Heels, Chestnut Gelding. SAME DAY-CLASS 4-Sod.lle Race. Geo. W. Patterson, James K. Polk, Dresden, Dolly Lewis, Brown Kitty, Coroner K., Mystic. SAME DAY?CLASS 5. Butter Ban. Blossom, Billy Morton, Veneer, Jack Draper, Alice Brown, .-am Hunting. JAMES D. McMA.NN, President Danipt. Mica, Treasurer. PROSPECT PARK FAIR GROUNDS ASSOCIATION. Spring Meeting, 1*73. First day,TUESDAY, June 10. Purse No. 1?$1,000? For horses that have never beaten 2:22; $1,200 to first, $?(*) to second and $200 lo third. Purse No. i?$300?Free for all running horses; mile beats, best 2 in 3 Sccor.d day, THURSDAY, June 12. Purse No. Jl.i'O? For horses that have ni-rpr beaten 2 30; $8<>i to first, $300 to second and $150 to third. l'urse No. 4?Four-year-old colt stake. Third oav, FRIDAY, J una 13. " -1,800-V Pttrs# No. 5?$1.5iO?For horses that have ntrer beaten I to second and $-'00 to third. Free for all running horses; mile 2 27; $?U0 to first, 8)00 to second and $20o to third. Purse No. 6?$300? heals, best >1^ ?? M0XDXY, ,Itine 16. Purse No. 7?$1,700?For horses that have never beaten 2 25; $1/00 lo first, $500 to second and $200 to third. Purse No 8?$l,i00?For horses that have never boatcn 2:34; $600 to first, $300 to -ecnnd and $100 to third. CONDITIONS.?The above races to be mile heats, best 3 In It, in harness, and will be governed by the rules of the National Association for the Promotion ot the Interests of the American Trotting Turf, except running races, which will be governed by the rules of the Ameri can Jockoy Club. In c.tse ol postponement ot any race tt shall be the next good day and track,omitting Sunday. Any driver substituted for another, as authorised by rule 28, will be paid $50 tor such service. Entries to close ot Chamberlain's Pool Room, 1,146 Broadway. New York, on Tuesday, May 27, at 9 o'clock P. M. All communica tions to bo addressed to Geo. W. Oakley, Superintendent. K. O. BEAD, President. Q*o. W. Oaklet, Poporlntemlent. NOTICE. Parties Interested will please note the change In purses Nos 3, 6 and h as origlnallv advertised. GEO. W. OAKLEY, Superintendent Trotting at Fleetwood park, on frjday, May 23, at .3 P M.?Mile heats, best 3 in 5, in harness; purse $100, for horse* that have never trotted better than three minutes; $60 to first, $30 to second and $10 to third. John Murphy enters blk. m. Molly. William F. Wocks enters g. g. Grand Central. j. Pauling enters blk. m. I.ady Knox. Benjamin Wilson outers b. m. Lottie. WILLIAM II. VAN COTT, Superintendent. llonME*, CARRIAGK1, A( . A^r PRIVATE SALK Depot Wacom, Express Wagon lcs. Whl Brewster Buggy, SiX-scat Rookaway, Pony Phaetons, llu'rness Hlaufcets, Saddles. Whips, Ac.. Ac AT NEW YORK SALES and STORAGE RKK>siVORY. 337 to 341 Fourth avenue. corner Twcnty-flith street. LANDAU-C SPRING, IN splendid ORDER; cost $2,ooa for $860; Barouche and double Harness, cost $3,000, for $900 ham. 10 Fast Fourth street AT A SACRIFIOE-A bay FAMILY iiorsr, lsv hands high; A stylish and free driver; sound and kind; cost $500 last season, wl'l be sold to-day for $250, as owner If ont of town. Apply at stable, 15 and 17 East Twenty-eighth street ____ A TEAM OF HORSES, FLOUR TRUCK AND HAIU ness for sale, will be sold lepatateUr or together, icuuire at to .>?venth avenue. HOUSE*, CARRIAGES, dPO. Auction house ok aroii. joiinhtoi* (late Joliuston A Van Tawcll), OFFICE AND SALESROOM. OLD STAND, 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post ofllce. THK HORSE AUCTION BRANCH OF TUB HO USB IS HEMOVRD TO TUB SPACIOUS PREMISE* 19. 11. 23 and 2i EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, between KiOh arena* and Univer.-ltr plaoo. The business will Im conducted on precisely the sauio strict and honorable principles which nave klwajra char acterized the dealing* ot our house anil won the respect and confluence ol the business community, as well an tho publlo at largo. REGULAR BAI.KS BVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY THROUGHOUT TUB TEAR. Remember Kale oouimencos at 10K o'clock Catalogue of this day's (Krlday'W vale, May ?3, at 10^ o'clock. ELEGANT 8TRRL GRAY ROAD HOUSE; HIRED BY Grey Eagle, dam Kaahaw; 13?? hands, a years old; kind and trne in all hartioNi au>l under fuddle: Ires from vice; can trot In 9K minutes; nover handlod for snood, and warrantor Bound.. CONCORD WAGON, IN PERFECT ORDER; BRT OP single IlMi neb-, nearly new. GENTLEMAN'S ROAD 1'SAM.?TEAM BAY MARES; tired bv Key Wert, dam Roanoke Mare, ralsad by Mr. Macruaor, ot Kentucky; brulUor ami sister; 15!? hands, 4 and 5 years; very stylish and pure Rail; can trot lu 3)? minutes; warranted sound; without blemish. TOP ROAD WAGON, IN PERFECT ORDER. PARK ESTABLISHMENT.?TEAM BLACK MARES; Blaok Hawk stock: 15& hauds, 7 and 8 years old; kind and true; very sty'i*h ; arc unsurpassed as a first class road team ; enn trot In 3J< minutes. DOG CART BV LAWRENCE, IN FIRST RATE ORDER. PONY TURNOUT?RAY PONY MARE, U>4 HANDS, ? years; kind and true In all harness and tinder ?addle; can be rode or driven by children ; afraid of nothing and warraaiod sound; without fault or blemish. PONY PHAETON.?NO TOP PONY PHAETON, NEARLY new: set ol Pony Harness, Blankets. Ac. ELEGANT SADDLE MARB.?BAY SA 1)1)1.E MARB; raiwd tn Kentucky from a Glsn Cove mare, 16*4 hands, 9 years: kind and true; a superior saddle mare; broken to all the units ol a saddle horse : has been used by a lady; warranted sound; without blemish. FAMILY MARB.?BLAOK MARE, 19^ HANDS, 7 years; kind and true In all harness; superior road ster; very stylish; has been used ax a gentleman's road horse; warranted sound. ROAD WAGON.-NO TOP, BY STIVERS. BAY TROTTING MARE, lb* HANDS, 7 YKAR3; KIND and true in all hannus; very stylish, free driver 1 can trot in 3:15. EXCELLENT WORK HORSE.-BUSK IN WORK Horse, 15hands, 6 years; kind and truo; an excel lent work horse. SEVERAL GOOD HORSES. DESCRIPTION TIMB OF sale. COUI'E ROCKAWAY, IN GOOD ORDER. TRUCK.?PLATFORM SPRING TRUCK, IN FIRST rato order; also set of Harness, to. Express Wagou, with top. Depot Wagon. Coupe, by J. R. Lawrence. Five sets ot double Harnoss. Twenty sets of single Harness. Weather never Interfere* with our sales. Take Broadway and University place cars. REMEMBER iHB BALE COMMENCES AT ICJf o'clock sharp. Auction balk of elegant and fink rloodkii horses, Phaetons, bhewster op bkoomk STREET; WAGONS. DO&BLE AND WNULE BAR. NKSS, BY DUNSOOilB; BLANKETS, WHIPS AO AC THIS DAY (FRIDAY), klAY 23, AT PRIVATH? STABI k' avenue,*** twkl,"h I ^ , AT 10^ PROMPT. belna the property of well known private geutleman. who has retired from business and Intends going abroad ? consequently ofiors his entire fine stock for pobitiro and peremptory sale. Team ol handsome, rich and stylish dark bsy coach or ^7ye?,H olil lhS /|.rl.f/; are Ken tucky bred: have lew superiors lor style, rich nets and fl"e f.ctlon i n.??Jy broken to all harness; line, hardy con stitutlons, with strong limbs and leet; are elcguut and k"i(l?8n * nul,utes a,,(1 hrc warranted sound Handsome and high brod mahogany bay Mare, 15V high, 7 years old: an elegant styled inare, and as line an?! genteel a driver as ever was driven; fears uo locomotive ormny J .**? ?ftl? ,or 1,10 ,nost to drivo; is without vice, trick, fault or blemish ; can trot in .1-30 to top wagon, and warranted sound and kind; a noble and fine animal. Three-quarter thoroughbred brow* Horse, 15V high. ? years old; an elegant saddle horse and tlnei/brokun lo all harness; is stylish, blood like and line; a great road 9ound*Nnd kind' motl' timid to drive and warranted Also the line high bred and famous fast road and trot ting Mare LAlii WOODFORD: Is a handsome dark chestnut, 16k hlgh,8yi ars old this Spring, and no older: was sired by Blald Chief, he by Matnbrino Chief; hor diuii was sired by Pilot and had a record of 2.33. I,ady Woodford, when 5 years old. trotted, at Lexington, Kv., a - fourth heat in 2:? and afterwards showed a trial in 2 ::W; has been used the Inst two years altogether for private road driving, and is one ot the finest aud fastest on the road; Is an elegant . i crj 'i00' Peasant, easy- and prompt; magnificent style, finely gaited and always steady and reliable; she is always reliable to show from 2:41 to 2:43 to 120 t outid road wagon, and can speed a 2:T) gait; Is warranted sound, kind and perfect, and a geuulne trotter; she is without exception one of Ihc finest gentleman's road stsrs in the city, and can stand every day driving: this One and rich bloodod trotting mare must bo seen to be ? pprecifltcd. Also elegant six seat Phaeton, by Qulmby t shtltlnglop Wagon and open Wagon, by Brewster; doable and single Harness, by Duuscomb, Ac., Ac. Full particulars of all at Rale positive, rain or shine, and without limits me re striction j must be closcd out iinmedietcly, JOHN D. HAMLIN, Auctioneer. . A T BARKER A CHASE'S ilCITY AUCTION MART AND NEW TORE TAT TERSALLS, CORNER OF BROADWAY AND THIRTY. NINTH STREET. MAJOR C. W. BARKER AUCTIONEER. Regular sales of Horses. Carriages, Ac. EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AT EljEVEN O'CLOCK. GENTLEMEN'S PRIVATE ESTABLISHMENTS din Posed ot at public or private sale to the best advantage and a general assortment of everything In the horse line always on hand at private sale. TWENTY-FOUR lioursallowed for trial TrrrJ !i B_y5P* HORSE sold under warrantee. THIS 18 THE ONLY AUCTION MART In the State ^ing 'he proper facilities for showing Horses on sale? A LARGE DRIVING RING, entirely undercover. OUTSIDE &AijbS SOLICITED aud promptly at tended to. J^ THE "BREWSTER WAGON," A. in all weights, for pleasure driving or speeding. , exquisitely finished. * and embracing In their construction the various Improve them* intrtKlucetl b>' us during the past 15 years, making . the standard for Quality throughout the United States. -In v? *re exclusively the production of our well-known Broome street factory, and are offered in Hock in all respects equal in qualiiv to tlioso built to the order of the most valued customer,>nd at prices uniform to alL Tn order that we may not be confounded with a Joint Mock company of carriage dealers who have adopted a f'rm name similar to our own, and Impudently claim the reputation we hare mane for the "Brewster Wagon,' we beg the pulilic ?111 remember that our only ware rooms are at the corner of Hitli ave nue and Fourteenth street, ? and our onl*' Factory on Brooino street. BREWSTER A CO., ol Broome street. AT 10^ O'CLOCK THIS MORNING (FRIDAY). Re member, the sale com mem-its at 10>; o'clock at ak J, JOHNSTON'S I'orse and Carriage Mart. li), 21, 23 and 25 East 1 hirfccnth street. Sec catalogue above. m A CARD.-SPECIAL NOTICE. AT ll.k O'CLOCK THIS MORNING at ARCH. JOHNSTON'S Mart, 19, 21, i3 and 25 East Thit tcenth street, near universttynlacc. Don't forget, sale coinmoucos at 10'? o'ftock. See catalogue nbovc. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF NEW AND SECOND hand Carriages, tamily Rocks ways, Top and Open Huggies, Pony Phaetons. Grocers' aud Business Wagons, at greatly reduced prices. Ill West Broadway, near Canal slrvet. ALDERNEY BULL-TWO YEARS OLD, FOR SALE, i ALLEN, Hi/hwood, Weehawken, ?. J. Post ofltee address Union Hill, Hudson couuty, N. J. STYLISH CHESTNUT COUPE HORSE, 15?.' HANDS iV long mane and tall, 8 years: sound, kind an I gen tle ; high stopper ; afraid of nothing. ;?7 New ark avenue. JOS. WELWOOD. A COUPE, BAROUCHE, PONY PHAETON. WITH servants sent: Depot Wagon, Top Buggy, sccond hand, at bargains, to niske room HAy, Broadway and Fourth street AN OPEN WAGON. $25; DO., 135; GIG, ill); ONE TWO. seat Phaeton, $75: open Phaeton. $105: do., Si lit; do., $125; top Phaetons from $100 to $ii>i; harness of all gr ides irom $15 up, at 1,430 Haoadway, near Fortv first street. A GENTLEMAN ABOUT LEAVING NEW YORK will tell a beautiful and styll-h Lan.laulette, Brew ster make, in excellent order and very little used, with j)ole and shafts; a rare chance. Apply to J. W.. this forenoon st Cunningham's pri\ ate boa riling stable, lltf and 121 West Forts fifth ?tiert. A COMPLETE ESTABLISHMENT FOR SALE? Ol Horses, Carriages, Ac., will he sold whole or in parts. Apply at.Excelsior Stables, corner Twenty-ninth street and Broadway. VICTORIA PHAETON FOR LADIES' DRIVINll. __ with rumble and top, suitable for or.e or two horses. In excellent condition, for ?a e at a low price. BRADLEY, I BAY A CO., 558 Broadway. NKW TRACK SULKY AND SKELETON WAGON for sale. J. H. GODWIN, Jr,. 1,101 Broadway. AT 148 ELDRIDGE STREET. ?r, TOP AND ROAD BUG gles, At four seated, with tops: 8 Rockaways. 6 seated Depot, 4 jump scat-, 0 pony Phaetons; cheapest In city; 1 Barouche. T LOWER PRICES THAN EVER BEFORE OF ?< ? ?? red, oiir Immense stork ot Carriages, comprising ovtr.v seasonable style of family Carriage* aud light Wag ons, new and fecond hand j several slightly damatcd: great bargains. ' J ' MANUFACTURERS' UNION, (K8 Broadway. A?TWO FINE SIX-SEAT PARK PHAETONS AND A . close Coach for sale, low, at DARKER A CHASES', corner Broadway and J-it-li st. A DARK ORAY HORSE, 6 YEARS, NEARLY 1? hands high;, an extension top, 'wo s at Wagon and Harness tor sale c .t ip, at 103 West Thirtieth street, Eagle Club stables. A -FOR SALE-A NEW TOP PONY PHAETON AND " ,r'? ? built to order and warrant* I. inquire at DUSENBUitY A NELSON'S. 137 South Fittliar. A? IIOR8RH, TRUCKS. AND CABM FOR SALH ?cheap If applied for this day, at 40 West Fifteenth sireet, between Hitli and r 1 xth avenues. Bargains.-in depot wagons, Pony Phaetons, Cabriolets. staaj/Bell. Mo. 7 Waahln?toa pUc^rcSrSf V. Hotel. HORSES, CANBIAGBS, AC. At auction?this dav, by WILLIAM VAN TAsHKLL. AUCTIONEER (Sl'CM'KSHOK TO JOllNSl'QN A VAN TA.SSKLL). IIOlttfB AND CARRIAGE AUCTION MART. 110, 112 and 1U EAST THIRTEENTH STEERT, NEAR Fourth avenue. REGULAR SALES OK HOUSES AND CARRIAGES KVEKi TUESDAY AND FRIDAY. Twenty-four to forty-night hour.: given to purchasers to test warrantees. CATALOGUE OK THIS DAY'8 (FRIDAY'S) SALE, AT 1* OCLOCk. ELEGANT TRAM BLOOD HAY TIaMBLETONIAN HORSES, aired bv Volunteer. raised in Orange county, lf>X hands liiRli, 7 yearn old; kind and truu tu all hurues.1; froo from vice or lault; vory stylish and handsome ; tart traveller; are in every rospoct a llrst elans carriage or gentleman's roadteum aud warranted sournl; also Har ness. Ac. TOP WAGON. NEARLY NEW. SPLENDID TEAM BLACK HORSES, 1? hands high, 7 and 8 years old; kind and true In all harness; tror trom vicc or trlok; fast ti avi.llers; hnvo flne style and action; frar nothing; are a very superior family varriago Team and waraantfd sonnd; also set Harness made hy Graham ft Co. ? FOUR-SEAT PARK PHAETON, BUILT BY R. M. Stivers. DAPPLE GRAY HORRR (PILOT STOCK), l?v- HANDS high, 7 years old ; kind and true in all harness; free from vice i m condition can trot better than i :io, utid can now trot in three minutes; has great endurance; fears nothing; U very stvllsh, and warranted sound. TOP WAGON, BUILT HY 1IBEW8TBS A CO. CROSSMATCHED TEAM (SORREL AND ORAY) Truck Horses, 18 hands high, A and t years old; Kind and true in all harness; Tree trom vice; are superior workers and fast walier*. Also set True It Harness. CURTAIN COACH, IN GOOD OKDEIl. MILK WHITE HAYTIAN SADDLE PONY. ALBU8, 14 hands high, 6 years old; has been used under the sad dle bv a lady the part two years; Is perfectly gentle and warranted sound. TWO LADIES' SADDLES. BAY GELDING, OBAPPOi SIRED BY OLDHAM, bletoolan; dam tiy Webber's Ktddler; is IS** hands high, 6 year-old; kind and true In all hAtncss; rreo trom vlre; a superior roads er; can trot In 2:00; a free and itylish, diner, ami warranted sound, DOCTOR'S PHAETON. ftOHHUL TROTTING MARE, SIRED BY BLACK Hawk florae, dam a Star mare; Is Uii hands high, 6 years old; kind and true in all harness: I'roo from vice; can trot In S minutes; a flne stylish driver aud war* ranted sound. BAY MARK KITTY, 1?\ HANDS HIGH, 9 YEARS old, kind aud true in every way; line under saddle; an excellent nmr? for ladios' use, and warranted sound. HAY MARE,)S^ HANDS HIGH, 9 YEARS OLD; KIND and truu In all liarn Mjlree from vice; has trolled in 2 41. and ean trot inside 3 minutes any day; also sot Har iie.-a made by Dtiu.soon:l>. ROAD WAGON, BUILT HY BREWSTER A CO. BAY MARK. 15'< HANDS HIGH, 9 YEARS OLDj kind and true iu all harness; free from vioe ; a good trav eller, and warranted sound. ROAD WAGON, IN tiOOD ORDER. Hay Mara Duelled*, sired by Hamlet, dam a thorough bred mare; Is Id bands high, B years old; kind and true in all harnessaad a fust traveller; sold for want of n.?c. BAY HORSE, 15? HANDS HIGH, 6 YEARS OLD; kind and true in all harness; free trom vice; air extra good family horse aud warranted sound. SEVERAL OTUER HORSES; FULL DESCRIPTIONS time of sale. T(W AND NO TOP WAGONS. PHAETONS, ROCKAWAYS AND ROAD WAOONS, I>02 Curts ami top and no lop Pony Phaetons aud Har ness, Saddles, Ac. Weather novcr Interferes with our sales. BAY TEAM IiAMHLETOMAN HORSES-VERY stylish and handsome; a very desirable family car riage team, and warranted sound. SPLENDID TEAM BLACK HORSES; ONE OF THE finest in the city, and warranted sound. NINE EXTRA FINE AND SPEEDY ROAD HORSES. TWENTY GOOD WORK HORSES. PARK PHAETON. BUILT BY STIVERS. TOP WAGON, BUILT BY BKEWSTER ft CO. ROAD WAGON, BUILT HY BREWSTER A CO. AT AUCTION THIS DAY, at 12 o'clock, by WILLIAM VAN TABSEl.I* AUCTIONEER, HORSE AND CARRIAGE AUCTION MART, 110,112, 111 East Thirteenth street (CHILDREN'S PONY FOR SALE?46 INCHES HIGH, 9 J years old; warranted sound and kind In ail harness; can be used hy the most timid child; with Wagon. Har ness and Saddle if required. Apply at private stable 101 East Twenty-eighth street. F CARRIAGES?SLIOHTI.Y DAMAGED; GREAT BAR gains: new and second hand Carriages, every de scrip!ion; low prices. We offer great inducements, aud Invito purchasers to call and examine. MANUFACTURERS' IMON, KM Broadway. j^OR SALE-A HANDSOME BAY FAMILY OR COUPE Horse, round and In good condition; very stylish. Inquire for William, coachman, or Mr. Teany, atTeany's livery stables, 39 WestflKorty-fourth street, For sale-a team of well-mated gray Horse.*, about 10 hand*. 7 years old, warranted sound, gentle and kind; will drive single or double, can trot well, and will he sold cheap to a cnntlem. n requiring such; none can suit better. Call at 406 and 408 Seventh avenue. HI OS. LYNCH A CO. FOR SALE?01TB VICTORIA, BUILT BY BREWSTER A Co., Broome streot; used one season. Can be seen at Cunningham A Co.'s Livery and Hoarding Stables 119 and 121 West Korty_flfth struct. _ CUNNINGHAM ACQ. For sale-an elegant pony phaeton, suit ahlo tor Newport or other watering places, with rumble, umbrella, pole and shafts: has been verv little used; built by Wuod Brothers ft Co, where it may now be s?ed; 740Broadwj|^ For sale-at 142 east thirty-ninth street, a second Hainhletontan brown Mare, lS.'i hands, 6 years old; can trot in 2:5": warranted sound and kind. FOR SALE?A PAIR OK KINK CARRIAGE HORSES; bright hays, 15'^hands high. 7and 8years old; true and kin 1 in single ani double harness and perfectlv sound. Can bo seen at BLDBRD'S stables, No. 4 West Forty fifth street, trom 8 to 111 o'clock A. M. and 5 to 7 P. M. - - - - ty tlltn street, trom ? to iu o eiocs Inquire for Mr. Townsend's bursas. Tj-IOK SALE?A TOP WAGON, BUILT BY WOOD J Brother)), in perfect order, with pole and shafts; price $S7?. inquire at private stable, 107 West Thirty third street. For sale-an elegant, full sized. satin lined Barouche, bnt little used; also a beautiful brown Home, young and sound, 16 hand* high, used to all carriage wi rk. Apply at private stable 110 West Thirty-second street. before 12 M. Fob halb-a gentleman's turnout, consist mr ot bay Horae, 6 year* old, 16 bunds 2 Inches high; can trot in throe minute*; very stylish. and warranted sound an I kind: also light road Wagon, by Brewster, Hroume street; also a superior saddle Hor.?c. Apolv to JOSEPH TOWNLEY, Boulevard stables. 136 and 157 West Fiftieth street. Ir?OR SALE?ONE SIX HEAT PHAETON. BY DUNN; one six-seat Phaeton, by Brewster, of Broome street; one large Carryall, suitable for couiitry "*ise. Apply at CURLBY'S Carriage Factory, State street and lloeruui place, Brooklyn. . IlOR salr-rJUST FROM THE COUNTRY, ONE pair very fine carriage llorscs, brown, 1A3 hands high, 6 years old and very free and stylish travellers; wurran'ted sound and kind In every ('articular; price moderate for a tlr?t class team; also the most stylish coupe or dog cart Horse in tlio city; bay, 16 hands high, 7 years old; a very fast and handsome driver. Inquire for Mr. kanl>, stables 164 East Fiily-seventi street, near Third avenue. ? BlOR sale?CHESTNUT HORSE, 16 HANDS HIOH, 8 vcars ft'il; sound and kind ; can trot in 2:50; also set of Harness and ton Buggy, built by Corbett, uenrly new. Apply at 110 and 112 Most Fiftieth street. IflOIt SALE?THREE PONY-BUILT HORSES, AND 1 16^ hands, fit for any work; sold only for want bf use; prices, $??, $'J5 and tlM. Inquire at 130 l'erry street, front stable. B-IOR HALE?ONE OF THE FINEST TEAMS OF DAP pie gray Hordes In tho city; 16 hands, 6 years old, kind tn all harness, sood travellers, free ironi vice. In quire for 50MEKVILLE, Forty-sccond street and Seventh avenue. IriOR SALE-A VALUABLE MARE FOR THE COUN tryj little sore; t'iA; one splendid pony-liullt gray Mare, Concord Wagon and Harness lor sale. 77 New Chambers street. TiMiR HALK-A VEItY STYLISH BAY H0R8K, 15K I1 hands high, suitable for a lady's saddle horse aim lias tKien uwd to a wugoii by a ia<ly: is sound, kind and gentle. A|>] ly for two days at Muff's stable, ll'Jand 121 West Twenty-third street. FUR SALR-A VERY STYLISH MAHOOANY BAV llorsc, 18 hands. 6 years old; very pleasant driver; can I e used either double or single; sound and kind; will m.?ke a very elegant coupe horse; property of a private gentleman, who will give a fair trial to aiiy responsible party. Apply ut private stable, 12 West Fiity-flllh street, htm I to UL For sale-at joun rosbllb'S stables, Plaiitfleld, N. J., a dark buy Mare, with fall long tail and mane, six years old; entirely found; kind in all wavs; not afraid of the cars; fluo traveller and very enduring; good to raddle; not large, but very handsome; u/od bv an invalid ladv the past Summer, and aold entirely lor want of use ; price EfOB SALK CHEAP-A LIGHT TOP WAOON, STL 1 vers' build; been in use hut a short lime. Apply to F. BO.NNB4U, Jr., 176 Centre street, up stairs. RKAT BEDUCTIONS IN PBICBS. I.T Park and Ponv Phaetons, Extension top Oabiiolota, Victoria*, Cabriolets an I other styles of seasonable Carriages, including the Denmark Phaeton, one of the handsomest imported phaetons In the market, all at reduced prices. A. S. FLANDRAU, Nos. 7 and 18 East Eighteenth street, near Filth avenue. /IBEAT BARGAINS.?IN CONSEQUENCE OF RE building part of oar premises, we offer our entire stock seasonable styles new and second hand Carriages at greatly reduced prices. MANI'FACTURBRS* UNION. AM Broadway. HARNESS, SADDLES, DORSE CLOTHING. CAR riage Robes, Lap Dusters, Flv Nets, and a largo variety ot Saddlery Goods alwavs on hand. . _ C. B. SMITH A CO.. 40 War: en str< et, New York. Harness.-the cheapest harness store in New York.?A good double truck Harnees, $"W; a good buggy Harness, hand made. 917; a goou stable Blanket, >i 80. Will soil cheaper tlian ever on account of movint on or before June I. Please call and examine for yourselves. FISHER A OSBOKNfi, 43 Murray St. Harness.?i have a large stock of har ness, ail styles and kinds, of my own m.ike, which I offer at extremely low prices; also Riding saddles and Bridle*, Whips, spurs. Halters, Blankets, Sheets, Lap Hobes and c\erytnlng in the horse line cheap lor cash. B. BARTLKlT, 82 Warren street, corner College place. HARNE8&-FOK THR TRACK, ROAD, PARK, FARM business and pleasure use ; also Saddles. Bridles and Horw'urnlshina uoods of every description, style ana trade; Single Harness, >1 to 1500 per set? Double, $15 to 1,000per toU 0. M. MOHRKAN A BltO.. Manulaclurers, 114 cbambers street Having a largr assortment of carriages of my own manufacture, I propose selling them at greatly fOduccd prices. IAAAC LOCKWOOD, *343 1 bird arouue. corner U'lh it root, HOKSKS, CAHKIAUK.x. dfC. I WANT A HOR-K, PONY PHAETON AND HaB ness; Horse must liu handsome and gentle for ? lady to drive. Phaeton anil Humes* nearly new. Address, with full description and lowest cash price, FBL1X, box 8,143 Post office. LARGE LOT OP FAMILY CARRIAGES, ROCKA way, Park and Pony Phaetons. Buggies. Depot, Ex press and Business Wngons: 2S per cent less than any hou-.ii in tho city. Harness ofeverv dr-cripiion. NKW YORK SALES AM) CARRIAGE KEPOSITORT, FOURTH A VhN UE, CORN Kit TWENTY-FIFTH ST. PASTURE.?HORSES TAKEN ON PASTURE, NEAR tho city. Inquire at 170 Kcad>- street, N. Y. PASTURAOE FOR HORSES?THE BEST OP CRABS and clear, runtiing water in every flcM. Refer ences?O. Scainruv, IDS west Fortieth otimi; I,. H. llrady, oetween Thirty-seventh street and Broadway. ^ p WOODMAN, Port Richmond, S. t. "DEDUCTION IN PRICKS." XV Extension Top Phaetons and Cabriolet* Coupe and 0-scat Rockaways. Cabrioleta and Victorias. Park and Pony Phaetons. Buvers will do wall to examine our Stock before pur chasing elsewhere NKW YORK HALES AND CARRIAGE REPOSITORY, FOURTH AVENUE, CORNER TWENTY-FIFTH ST. SUPERIOR IRON STABLE FITTING?.?PARTIES about to build uow stables or roflt old ones are lu vllod to call and inspact specimens oI all tne most ap proved kinds, manufactured in our own workshops. JANES & kiktland, No*. 8, 10and 12 Reade street SECOND HAND CARRIA.GB8 At our lactory, 1,404 Broadway, above Thirty-ninth at. Barourhe, Clareoce, Four seat Phaeton, Brougham, Four-seat Rocks way, Coupe, Track Sulky, "fOart BRADLEY, PRAT A CO.. 988 Broadway. OEOOND HAND CARRIAOBS.?EXTENSION TOP C I'hucton, Basket Pouy, Depot Wagon. three Usht Rockaways, Do? Cart, Top and opeu Bugnioei several slightly shop worn Carriages, bargain*. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, ASS Broadway. SECOND HAND TOP AND OPEN BUGGIES, DEPOT Wagon, Pony l'hueton, four Rockaways, light Coach and several slightly shop worn Carriages, at bargains; large assortment of, N. V. SALES AND OARRIAOK REPOSITORY, FOURTH AV.. CORNER TWENTY-FIFTH 8T. This day, at auction, at arch. johnston'S new Mart, 19 to 25 EastTblrteento street Sale commences at 10^ o'clock. Elegant team road Horses. Three rond Horses. Team orelegant family Mares. Pony Turnout. Thoroughbred eaddle Mare. SALE POSITIVE, AT 10>< O'CLOCK, Soe catalogue above. mAKE NOTICE.?THE SALE OP HORSES AND CAR 1 riages at ARCH. JOHNSTON'S Mart. 19. 21, 23 and 25 East Thirteenth street, commences thin morning, at 10?{ o'clock prompt Read the catalogue above and be sure and attend the salo. THE PLACE TO BUY CHEAP.?PURCHASERS should not fall to cnll. i.argest and best assortment of new and second hand Carriages in this market Har ness of all kiuds. NKW YORK SALES AND CARRIAGE REPOSITORY, FOURTH AVENUE, CORNER TWENTY FIFTH STREET. WILLIAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL ON this day, at 10 o'clock, in lront of salesrooms, 80 Now Bowery, t?y virtue of a chattel mortgage, six good Horses, one curtain Conch and Harness. oBe Coal Cart. WILLIAM ABBOT!', Jr., Attorney for Mortgagee. YTTArtONS CHEAP.?ONE CONCORD EXPRESS. ONE tv plnttorm spring do., ono Grocery, ono Milk, ono Baker's, one Carpenter's and ono Depot Wagon, at 228 Spring slruot corner of Clarko. WANTED-A PHAETON. ADDRESS, OIVING FULL particulars and lowest price, L. D. II., box 4,998 Post office. _ "TP-ANTED-A STYLI8H COUPB OR DOO OART TT Horso; must be 10K hands high and of Ano stylo and action, for which I will trndo n pair of 16bay Car riage Horses, valued at $1,0^0. Address, wltfi full par ticulars, HORSE, box 999 Post office. WANTED?A FIRST CLASS SECOND HAND T CART, not much used. Address, naming price and whero to be seen, M. K., box 618 Post office. WANTED-A COUPE HORSE, BRIOHT SORREL, 151^ hands high; mu?t l^eiylish ami it high step per, long inline gild tail, iind not over 7vears old. Apply to THOS. MURPHY, 140 Wost Fiftieth sircct. roar stable. WANTED-A nOItrJE OR P/JR, WITH ROOKAWAY or some kind of Carriage for the country! nothing expensive; something suitable for a 'a It to drivo; must have a trial before purchasing. Address COUNTRY TEAM, Herald office. WANTED A LIGHT PONY PHAETON, WITH POLR and double llarneHS, suitable for team ponies; 13 hands high. Address 110 mid 112 West Fiftieth street \\rANTED TO BUY-A COUPE UARNB881 MUSt V1 be cheap for cash. Address, stat'ng where to be seen and lowest price, H AKNK88, box 166 llerald office. WILL EXCHANOft DIAMOND STUDS, PIN8 OR Solitaire Stones for a six-real Phaeton, u?w or second hand, if in good order. Addrew W. H. M., Herald ofllce. YOU CAN ALWAYS PLACE IMPLICIT RELIANCE ON i!EI*RE -iKNTATIONH MADE BY THK HOUSE OP ARCH. JOHNSTON.?If vou are in want of a family Train, Road Turnout or anything in the liorse line be sure and atteud the sale at the inart this day, at !(% 19 to 2ft Kant Thirteenth street Read catalogue. Be sure and attend the sale. REMEMBER, SALE COMMENCES 10? OCLOCK, SHARP. 1LANDAULET, 1 COUPE, BY WOODS BROS.; I SIX seat Phaeton, 2 extension top Phaetons, M top and open Pony Phaetons, all sixes; 20 top and open Road Wagons, by Dusenburv A Vail Duscr, Brewster, Stivers, Ac.; 2 track Sulkies; Hooka ways, new and socond hand*, 1 Waaor.ctte, holds 8 persons; 1 six-seat Germantown, I Victoria, 1 Coupe Ron haw 11 y, 1 Coach and 1 Clarence, Express Wagons, single and double Harness, Sheets, Whips, Ac. WM. II. (illAY, 20 Slid 22 Wooster stre.-t. 2 SECOND HAND CITY BLILT LIGHT VICTORIAS, in good ordor, for sale at NEW YORK HALES AND CARRlAOE REPOSITORY, FOURTH AVENUE. CORNER TWENTY-FIFTH ST. 6 BEAUTIFUL PONIES FOR CHILDREN'S USE AT N. Y. SALES AND CARRlAOE REPOSITORY, FOURTH AVENUE. CORNER TWKNTY-KIFTII STREET. ?HORSE, TRUCK AND HARNESS FOR SALE; VPIU. price $70; scparataly or together. Call at 363 Eighth avenue, corner Twenty-eighth street A TAILOR SHOP POR SALE?DOINO A OOO businosH. Inquire at 36 West Broadway, up stairs. Mrs. PETERS. 4J?1 (TA?GRAY MARE; BAY HOUSE, $1S0; A OOOD ypl?)" team; each 7 years, 15 hands; sound and kind or money refunded ; must sell; closing business. >16 West Thirty-Orst street. fc'OK SALE. A FIRST CLASS CIGAR STORE IN BROOKLYN, near the Citv Hall, doing a good business, but must t?e sold before the 1st of June. Apply to Til 09. GAFF NEY, Auctioneer, No. ti Centre struct A FIRST CLASS OYSTER AND DINING SALOON ON one of the principal avenues, near a railroad dopot, for rale; doing a good liusinev, but must ho sold Imme diately. Apply to THOS. GAFFNKY, Auctioneer, No. 6 Centre street A OOOD LIQUOR STORE FOR SALE?SITUATED in the Seventh word of thiacltv; ? good lea?e and low rent; will be sold ohrnp. Apply for particulars to WILLIAM ABHOTT, 50 New Bowery. A WELL FITTED GROCERY, ON BEST PART OF Second avenue, tenant neighborhood, no other on blook, for sale cheap. Address (1ROCKK, station F. A RARE CHANCE.?FOR SALE A LIQUOR STORE, near the docks, doing a splendid business ; the pro prietor going to California. For information call, for one week, at corner of 8oatn Second and Fifth streets, Wil liamsburg, L. I. A FIRST CLASS t ORNER LIQUOR STORE FOR sale?Best stand in the Fifteenth ward; r 1-0down town Sample Rooms. Restaurants, Lager Beer Saloons, Chop Houses and S:ationery Stores. 511 fi ll KLL'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar street. A RESTAURANT AND LODGINO HOUSE (9 YEABS' lea>*o) for sale cheap ; also corner Liquor Stores, near ferries: Distillery, Liquor Stores,corner Drug Stores, Con fectioneries and Bakeries. MITCHELL'S store Agency, 77 Cedar street. t -MORTGAGE SALE.-GREAT BARGAIN,' THIS I\ ? dav, at private sale, well established Dry Goods Store; l?'w rent; terms easy. MAX IIAYERSDORFKR A HACKER, attorneys lor mortgagee, 02 Bowory. TAILOR SHOP FOR SAI.K?DOINO A GOOD Ip stairs. 'ETKRS. A MANUFACTURING BUSINESS FOR SALE?SEVEN years established on same premises: lull Invcstiga Hon; terms easv ; safe investment Call on BRAZEAN Bltos., 2fl7 Povonth aynue. A FIRST CLASS BOOT AND SHOE STORE FOR sale ?Located on leading thoroughfare, woll known, extensively patronized ; splendid Investment; bargain. Particulars at 2) Chambers street. GEORGE W SIMFRS. Store Agency. AN OLD ESTABLISHED MINERAL AND SODA Water Manufactory for sale.?Kino trade, large profits; terms easy; full investigation. Address W., box 106 Herald u,Tlce. Better chance never offered.-for sale, a neat Cigar Store, on Sixth avenue, making from $10 to $15 net profit per we?k, and only started on the 1st of May ; prloc $300; present value over $6(V. must he sold on account of leaving (be ceiintry. Address BARGAIN, Herald Uptown Branch office. Bakery for salk-the best cake stand on Eighth avenue: to be sold one count ol si'knes*. Inquire Uf H N MQKOA v. *7 Warren street. riOR SALE?A FIRST CI,ASS CORNER GROCERY, doing a good cash btidne*s; no humbug -. stock, Fix (pre*, l!pr.*e a.rid ae.v \Y.won a fortune inr a live man; rent rcrv low. *3") per month, with spirtmonts to livo in. Inquire i>f W s. TOWNdEND A SON, 191 Fourth street Williamsburg. l/*r?K SALE?THE OLD ESTABLISHED ATHENACCM V Restaurant, corner of Atlantic ani Clinton streets, Brooklyn. Inquire on tho premises. FIOB 3ALU-A FINE FAMILY AND WHOLESALE Liquor Establishment, ill one of the 1?<*t locations in this city, near the Howery; good leaa.< and low rent; any energetic man can inakc a fortune in a short Ume : It will be sold \?ry cheap. For particulars inquire or TIIOMAS LYNCH A Co., W Thoinpiio 11 street FOR SALE-THREE YEARS' LEASK AND STOCK OF ? well-kmwii Lirery Stable. Iuuulre of JAMES O'CONNELL, Third avenue, between l.!9th and 130th street*. FOR SALE^-A OOOD LIQUOR STORE, WITH TWO rooms, on aecount ol other business; rent only $2i ? month. AildrcMor apply at M* Feat Sixteenth etooot. F POR HALE. filOB IN THE BIOUTH WARD, A mn 1 class Win* And 'donor Biore: boil of retmiAt selling. Inquire at 50 Wurrou street, iroui li u 1 k restaurant. IOR SALE? A FIRST CLASH RErfTAtltANT; ?1E* fral locution . price from $13,0J) to $12,000. AddraM P., box 108 Hcrafil offloc. For balk?a restaurant, wine and laobs Beer saloon, with it large hall on the htn iloarj fbur years' lease on tlie wliolo; cheap; suitable roc merchant"' r<vitanrant; good location. Inquire at 19 Spring street For sale-the lease. stock and pixtubks of a good paying Liquor Store. Apply on the p real ises, 1X3 vvest Tenth street. I F For sale?a riRfrr class jBwblry store. lon'j established and in best locality ol the cHy] cheap rent; for oaxh only ; owner going to the cuuutry Address A. D. K., Hernial office. FOR sale?THR OLD ESTABLISHED LAOKB BEES ami Liquor Saloon 245 Monroe street. Inquire m premise*. OR sale.? BUSH A CO.. K ANN 8TBJSHT, HATB A good second hand Safe tor sale. FOR salb-U SPLENDID CORNBB LIQTTOB ATOM on Ninth avenue -, two years' lease and low rest. In quire of KB BP HATCH, 403 Wast Thirty-fourth street FOR SALB?soda WATKR fountain; also BOOT Boer Fountain, silver plated ; Drainer, Tumbler. Hold ers, Kyrup Jars, marble top Counter, all co tuple tew at half prloc. 103 Chatham street. IHOR 8ALK. ?$20) WILL, BUY THE RRMNANT Of fine stock ol Dry Goods and Fancy Goods and H?e$ ness; rent low and Fixtures runted with store; a trade ? $1000i^>er annum can l>e tlono; a rlintxo se'.?lom met with. JOHN B. 8TKVEN8, No. S Pine st. room IL F OR 8ALR?A GOOD CASH, WELL-PAY I NO BOSl neai. Applyjn bakery, a) Cornelia st No agent* For balk?a first class six.i-uli. rnglibs Ale Pump, in good order; also a good Bar Counter. Apply at OOLDKN'S, 416 Seventh avenue, until Fold. F For sale?orocbry STORE; STOCK, fixtures, and rooms to live In; good reasons for selling, Aa* ply at 218 Madison etrect. POIt SALR?AT A sacrifice IV TAKEN IMMKDL alely, good Milk Routo; first clans Ilalmry? In Rrofllt lyn, cheap; Restaurant, on Broadwayi one Billiard T?. blu, latest style. ROBERTS A CO., 79 Nassau street. OR SALE?DRUG STORE, WKLL ESTABLISHED doing a good buslnu.-'S; first class Soda Fountain, ontf $2,500, $600 cash, to a responsible party; balance easy terns. Address DMUGQISt, J. 41., IlaraUI ofllno. For sale?the bkxt PAYING dining saloo* aud Lodging House In tho city, noar the Grand Om tral Depot; about forty rooms, which more than pay tkt rent, completely ftirnished; two A1 billiard tables; allM complete order, and doing a good business; favorable lease, Ac.; sold on account of sickness at a bargain. OaB or address F. 8. R.. care C. Howard, No. 9 Union square. On SALE?A furniture STORE, NEW AM? _ secoud hand, and good Repairing Shop; will aeB Stock and Fixtures and 3 years' Lease ; cheap rent, Ae.1 this is a great chance for an upholster or oablnet maker: reason for selling going South; rent paid u? to 18:h daf of June; price $360. Apply at the store, 604 Filth artfeui, near Twelfth street. South Brooklyn. TOOK SALE?SAMPLE AND LUNCH ROOM, SS B.'.OAV* J? way, basement; low rent. First class restaurant, with a oood bab. for salo, down town; three years' lease. For parties lars inquire at 147 Duano street. ICEHOUSES FOB SALE CHEAP?FOR I.AGKR IIRBB, butchers, hotels, Ac., Ac. WILLIAM HILL, Thirty-fifth street, corner Eleventh avenue. I L1C ROUTE FOR BALE?WITH NEW WAGON. AT ply at G07 Broadway. Safes.?a i.argh assortment of second ha no Safes, of all stvles and sizes, lor sale cheap. Call and examine, at AMERICAN STEAM SAFE CO., .100 Hroad way. F M S AFES.-SIX SECOND HAND SAFES FOR SALI ' very cheap; large, small and medium; best makeraj two Jeweller's or banker's safe* S. O. UUIRK, 72 Mahlen lane. Safes for bale cheap?herrino's, maryhts and Wilder's; also two Bank Sates, with Inside vaults; Silk and Skeleton Kafes. LILLIE SAFE COM PANY, 81 Maldon lane, near Gold street Tin store for sale-with tools and map cliiuury, and Furniture very cheap. Apply at ? Elizabeth street. The lease, stock and fixtures of a goo? Liquor Store, with rooms for a family; wlil be aoMl cheap lilts day. Apply to THOMAS GAFKNKY, auo tlonecr, Ko. 6 Centre street MAC'HlNKltY. AMES' P0RTABLB ENGINES. 3 TO <il IIORSR powor portable Holsters, Saw MIIW, drain Mills, Ver tical Engines Horizontal Engines, plain ami cut off, aaA Rollers, all styles anil sizes; our own make; Shafting, Gcerlug mid Castings. HAMPSON, WlflTEHILL A CO.. 8S Cortland street A large rtook or engines, boilers, btra* Pumps. Praaaaa. Laibca. Drills, Shafting, Palters Hangers, Sc.. new and second hand. WILSON A RQAKK, 28: andjat Water street. \ ?12 TO 13 HORSB POWER BOILER AND ENOTMI lx* for ?ale: can bo neon running at L. ZKIGLKIt' Union street, Brooklyn. Also one of Green's Patent Klnf. ling Wood Chopper*, nearly new. FOR BALE?MACHINKRY AND UTENSILS OF various kinds, at manul'artory 509 anil 511 Porty-fllth street. Apply immediately. Must be (old ftp June I. FOB 8ALE-75-IIORSE LOCOMOTIVE BOILRR. 9up?r-lieatpr; Ave double jackot copper hoiliug Kat tlo?, lot hOOO gallon wooden and nonpor Tank*, Knowle# and IfcnflrlcK's Pumps, Hone, all sizes, sue1 ion and dis charge ; Millstones, with frames complete; Pulleys Sliaftlnv, Belting, Bteani Pine, for talc cheap. 261 Heft demon street, Jersey City. IjlOR 8ALI'.?TWO-HOUSE ROPER CALORIC Rf 1 gino. III good order; bought of U-hr, with llalUfa# patent Improvements; have iwJ It about a year: prion $300. john J. KYLE. 681 Broadway. For hale-onk steam engine, mnch cylir. dcr, 18-Inch stroke, with or without Boiler; Hire* Locomotive Bollorn, 40-horso power cach;all In fool order, and will be sold cheap. CHARLES COLLINS, OH John street, Rrnoklya. TO RANUKACTUItERS AND DEALERS.?13 NEW Willcox A Gibbs' Machines for sale, at low iiricaaj Abo a large lot ol other makes?Wheeler A Wll*>a1a Howe's, Empire, Ac. At 12 West Fourth street. mx24 TODD A RAKKBRTY engine, WITH BOILER: ill 12x13 Brown I'.ngine; iH-inch xI4 foot Tubular Boiler, Schenck Planers, Sash nnd Moulding Mjchinaft Tenoner-Mortiscr, Blind Slat Tenoner nnd Borer: alii* (rood order; very cheap. IIAMPSON, WIIITKHILL* CO., 3S Cortlsndf street, New York. muumiBBV am? paB??immo. Fashion milk, pun ani? cloak makriT. Ladies' and children's garments of every description made in the best and latest stj lea; terms very moderate. Mrs, OTTO, 25/ Carroll at, Brookl/a. loam omost AT 80 NA SAU SrREET, BETWEEN FULTON an# ? John streets, NEW.UAM LEOPOLD OontlliMI (fce buying, selling or advancing on Dlainonils, Wa!cl?c% Jewelry, Pianos Merchandise, Life Policies, for an# amount. AT WOLF BROTHERS', H9J BltOADWAY, IIKTWKKR Nineteenth mid Twentieth streets?Money Inannl o:i Watches, Diamonds. Jewelry, Silverware, rfllks, aai particularly Pianos; private purlor lor ladles; bustneM strictly confidential. A J. JACKSON, PAWNBROKER, 5# WEST THIRTY. . first, liirmerly 00 Prince street, loins Mouny la largo or small sniiiA on personal Property o< every de scription. AT JACKSttN'S, H-SH ItRO \DWAY, OPPOSITE ELBV enth street?Money liberally advanced on Di*. monds. Watches, Jewelry, silks, Drv U?o<K and per sonal Property of every description. Priv.uc entrance for ladl?s. At iiyman's, 7n broadway-liberal a? vanoos made on Diamonds nnd Watches, silver ware, Ac., or will pay the highest market price lor lla same. m AT (W broadway, CORNKR KOt'RTH STRERT? J\. Liberal advances on Diamonds, Watohea,JewWfc Hlllu, Camel's llalr Shawls, Laces and personal proijer^f ot overy description. JAMES P. MATTIIKWR. Money loani d-on diamonds, watches, jaw elry and Silverware, an I the aine bought. GEORUE C. ALLEN, Jovcllet; Ml Broadway, near Fourteenth street A /\Q SIXTH AVKNPK. BETWEEN TWENTY KOURW i ' ) > J and Twenty filth streets.?Liberal advances mate on Diamonds. Watches, Jewelry. Silks, I.aces and Hfcawka, Samo bought at full value. L. BKitNAKO. (11 ?> BROADWAY, OLDI'.ST established 1KB t"l?> most ri-llabio office.?Mouey advanced na IN* mon-ls, Watches, Jewelry, Laces, Ac.; same bought at full value. A. C. I1EUT& YACHTS, HTK -.."VIIt?ATM, &V. A YACHT WANTED TO SAIL-KOR THE COKISR Summer, by an experienced sailing master Ad dress YAUHta, box 173 Herald othoo. Boats-all kinds and shies cheap; rim second band ahlp'a nuats; twenty-foot Oathoatiar >125. 8IEPHEN ROBhETS, foot IMtn atreet, Hartoui Riaar. F^OIt sAL*:-A POLR OARED OlO WAT, WIT* coxswaiu; has sliding seaU>, is in good eonditiaai To be seen at tbo Nauau Boat llou^e, llsrleia. linaiia 01 KRANK BltOWN, ?u Broadway. Now Vo;k. WANTED?A LIGHT POUR-OARKD BARGE, 810 on1 ! Address Xt'MGJt, boxS.fli Toat o?ca. VAOI1T Fill'. SALE?A BOHOHNKR T ACIIT, W TOM I o. n?.; copporcd: centre-liosrd; ill compiiite ordar. AddreaaJ. M. CUO UCHILL, i!l Commercial s;reel. Port land, Me. WANTED 'I'D CUKCI1A4H CJECOND HAND CHAIRS OR SKTTRM WANTRO I** Kor ISO to 2V) sittings. Send price and terms to J. W. vandewatkr, O Ann stroe*, or 1(53Williamatreft it;ANTED ru rURCnASR-A GOOD SECOND IIAWI W fireproof Sate. Ad lr?>s bos *,.mij Post ofllce, fiviaC Inalile dtineiisioiis anJ lowest u ish i>rlce. WANTED TO PCRCHASE?ONE POWER PWyR inir rress, several !=oreir and roo? Truaes, Inaa must be la guo?i order and prices lotv. Addr<?? towi* Herald oilloa.

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