Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 24, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 24, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. ' m r* ? i ?? ? ? ? ? ' 1 ?? _ 1 ? - ? ? ? ? - ??? ? WHOLE NO. 13,425. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, MAY 24. 1873.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTs! DIftlCTORY FOB iBTEKTlSESS. AMUSEMENTS?Second Page?Fifth am] sixth columns. ASTROLOGY?Sbcond Paoe?Kltth column. BILLIARDS?Second Pau?? Fourth column. ?OARDEBS WANTED?Twelfth Pace?Second column. BOARD AND LODGING WANTED?Twelfth Pauk? Second coiURin. BROOKLYN BOARD?Twelfth Pack?Second column. BROOKLYN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE?Sk.ond Paob?First column. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES?Sbcond Paob?Fourth column. BUSINESS NOTICES?8 etento Pace?Fifth and sixth column*. CI OARS AND TOBACCO?Twelfth Page? lourth col umn. CITY REAL ESTATE FOR 8ALE?Second Page?Sixth column. SLEEKS AND SALESMEN?Eleven? Page?Third and fourth column*. CLOTH1NQ?TwKi.rrn Pace?First column. COACHMEN AND GARDENE1US?Eleventh Paox? Fourth column. COASTWISE STEAMSHIPS?TwELr-ru PACK?Filth and sixth columns. COUNTRY BOARD?Twelfth Paoe?Second and third columns. DENTISTRY?First Pacj*?Second column. DRY GOODS?Purr Paue?Second column. DWELLING HOUSES TO LET, furnished AND UN FURNISHED? Fihst Page?Filth and sixth col umns. BUROPKAN STEAMSHIPS?Twklftii Pack?Foui .h and filth columns. EUROPE?Twelfth Pace?Fourth column. EYES AND EARS?Second Pack?Fourth column. excursions?Twelfth Pack?Sixth column FINANCIAL?Ninth Pace?Fifth and sixth columns. FINE ARTS?Twemth Pack?Kourlh column. FOR SALE? Twelfth Pack?Firm column. FURNISHED ROOMS AND apartments TO L?T? First Page?Sixth column. furniture?<econi> Pack?Firth column. HELP WANTK1>?VEMALES?Elbventh Page?Third column. HJ8LP WANTED?MALES?Eleventh Pagb? Fourth and fifth columns. HORSES, carriages, AC.?Fihst Paub?Third, fourth and fiftli columns. BOTELS?Twelfth Page?Second column. OUBES, ROOMS, AC., WANTED?Twelfth Paob? Fourth column. INSTRUCTION?1Twelfth Page?First column. f&ESEY CITY, HOBOKEN, HUDSON CITY AND BER GEN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE?Second Page? First column. LOAN OFFICEH-Twrlfth Paob?Fourth column. lost AND FOUND?First Page?First column. machinery?Twelfth Page?First column. MARBLE mantels?Twelfth Page?Fourth column. MEDICAL?Second Page?Filth column. MISCELLANEOUS advertisements?Tenth Pagb? Sixth column. __ miscellaneous?Sbcond Page?Third column. musical?Second Pagb? Sixth column. MEW PUBLICATIONS?Sevk.nth Page?Sixth column. personal?Fihst Pace?First column. .PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, AC.?Second Paob?Fourth column. POST OFFICE NOTICE?First Page?Second column. PROPOSALS?Twelfth Pack?Fourth column. professional SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES? Eleventh Page?Second anil third columns. PROPERTY OUT OF TnK CITY FOR SALE OR TO rent? Sbcond Pack?First, second and third col umns. BBAL estate TO EXCHANGE?Second Page?Third column. BBAL estate WANTED?Second Page?Third column. BELIG10U8 notices?Ninth Page?sixth column. REWARDS?First Page?First and soconl columns. BALES AT auction?Eleventh Pace?Fifth and sixth columns, >nd Twelfth Page?First column. situations WANTED?FEMALES?Eleventh Page? First aad second columns. situations WANTED?MALES?Eleventh Pag*? Third column. special NOTICES?First Pagb?Second column. EPOETINS?dogs, BIRDS, AC.?First Paoe?Third column. ? SUMMER RESORTS?Twelfth PAe?Third and fourth columns. THE TRADE8?Elbtbitth Pagb?Flffh column. THE TUBF?First Page?Third column. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES?First Pagv Fifth column. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE?Twelfth Page?Sixth column. UNFURNISHED booms AND APARTMENTS TO LET? First Pagb?Sixth column. WANTED TO purchase-First Pack?Seoond col umn. watches. JEWELRY, AC. ?Twelfth Paob?Fourth column. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR sale OR TO LET?Second Pack?First column. TACHTS, steamboats, AC.-Piut page-Second col umn. IlKBAIiP flRAKCH OF KICK?UPTOWN. A DVBBTIEBMENTS FOR TUB NEW YORK HERALD KBGEIVED AT THE BRANCH OFFICE, # U265 BROADWAY AND 530 SIXTH AVENUE, BETWEEN TUIRTY-F1IUST AND THIRTY-SECOND STREETS. ADVBRTISEVENTS ARB RECEIVED FRON 8 A M. KILL 9 r. X. ON WEEK DAY8 (SUNDAYS, 2 TILL 9 P. *.). A* OFFICE RATER NEWSDEALERS SUPPLIED WITH HERALD AT 5 O'CLOCK EVERY MORNING. MO EXTRA CHARGES. rAKIS AfiESCY OF THE NEW YORK HERALD. MESSRS. KEENER * CO., AMERICAN REGISTER, VE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOB THE HEW YORK HERALD. TUEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL JBBS WITH COPIES OF THE HERA1.D, AND ALSO SINGLE NUMBERS OF THIS PAPER TO PAET1ES REQUIRING Til KM A NY INFORMATION CONCERNING ANN DORCEY, A maiden name Lacey. from comity Wexford, towns und of Garrlvarden, or of her brother, Patrick Larry; when last heard irom were in New York. It will be to their Interest to oall immediately at 96 Columbia street, Brooklyn. ADA?THURSDAY MORNING, REMEMBER. AU revolr I V. B LUE BONWET?EXPECT A JOLLY GOOD TIME Argyll matinee this afternoon. Den't miss it. SPOTTED TIB. ?. B.?I HAVE JUST ARRIVRn IN THE CITY. M. HBRBERT, 87 West Twenty-eighth street M/"IE0B0B?*-YE8! It l. f. r. HABRY 0. v.?I COULD NOT MRBT YOU ON Thursday; will be at the same place on Saturday, Mm 24th. at t P. M. G. INFORMATION WANTED?OF JOHN RAFFERTY. BY his consln, MARGARET DUFFY, 236 West Thirty-rixth Street. Madison avenue stage, 2 o'clock-, going to Mexico; card "Astor House, 5 o'clock."?Dlsnp B>lnted. Where can they see your Address box 222 erald office. M ARK?HAVE YOU AND SILL FOBGOTTEN YOUR old nriend f If not, call at 744 NELLIE. NOTICE.-WANTINO. THE DAUGHTERS OF PAT rick Cronln or Cronaa, who emigrated Irom Ma croom, Ireland, some four or five years aeo; two ol Uhem, fit is believed, are married to soldier*. They will beajr of MMnethlncto their advantage on communicating with A. M. ENGLISH. Solicitor, Tazewell Court House, Taze well county. Va. W1 LL EDWARD P., WHO LEFT HIS nOME IN AS torla return and relieve anxietyt WILLIAM PBDLINGHAM C?RETURN HOME AT once, unless yon wish to cause your mother's death. CM help us If this is the net results ol oar lives' labors. THILL PETITE LADY, WITH LONO BROWN BRAIDS, *> who noticed but foiled to recognize gentleman at Nineteenth street and Third avenue, please send ad Ireas to OLD ACQUAINTANCE, Herald ofllcef LOST AND FOP* P. T EFT IN ONB OF THE BROADWAY STAGER, ON AJ Friday morning, May ?, between the hour* of 10 Jind 12 o'clock, a small Parcel, containing a lace skirt and overskirt not made np. A unliable reward will bo Ml4 to the Ander N returnto B. DE WOLFF, 799 Broadway, oppesite Grace church. LOST?SOMEWHERE ABOVE THIRTEENTH STREET, a roll of Bills, mostly in twentiea A liberal reward Will be given for Its delivery at 137 Madison avenue Lost-in oeand 8TREKT CAR, A POCKBTBOOK. $10 reward will be paid for hook and contents. In Vrire at office of 8. A BREKMAN k CO , 446 Broadway. SORT-ON THURSDAY AFTRRNOON. ON THE MOB rls snd Essex Railroad, or on the floboken ferry, a y's Russia leather Pocketbook,containing some money, two railroad tickets and a receipt from Bedell's Intelli gence office The finder will be suitably rewarded, and receive the thanks or the owner, by addressing P. F. G., hex 2,780 Nsw York Post office. L08T.-0W THUBSDAY EVENING, AT RUBINSTEIN'S concert, in seats K, 7 and 8, a black Pencil, gold mounted. A suitable reward will be given on returning the same to S3 West Fifteenth street "f 08T-0N THURSDAY, WHITE SPITZ DOG. ON JU Twentieth street The finder will be liberally re warded by bringing It to>& East Twentieth street T OST.-9B REWARD WIliL BE GIVEN TO ANY P*;R JU son who will return a black Rull Dog (sleuth hound). Wild A split nose, yellow legs and a mark on the forehead. P. F. U1NRICUR. 32 First avenue. 't1 1 LOST-FROM NO. 1 WASHINGTON SQUARR, EAST, Friday evening, a black and tan Dog; answers to IBe name of "Shermanearf cut close. Five dollars will1 he paid for his return, as above. BKTB TKRRIKR (FEMALE), WITH BED Jj ribbon around the neck; lost Thursday morning, be tween Twenty-sevenih and Twenty eighth streets. will answer te the name of Minnie. The (Inder will be hand somely rewarded by returning her to 244 Fifth avenue. OTOLEN-ntOM O P LYDECKER, JEFFERi^N p avenue, Elizabeth, N. J., a bay Marn (two white hind feet), Harness and Buggy. Any information wUl be re warded. G. P. LYDECKER. rjewakdsT ~~ ? REWARD WILL BR PAID FOR THE RETURN OF a small black and tan Dog, supposed to have been lMt or stolen. By returning it to No. A Washington ulace S mm WiU rawly Ute auoye reward. nRWARDH. ? r RKWARrTwiLL BE PAID FOR THE RETURN wO of Plan* loot between .-?evetitleth and Seventy-ninth street*. Return tii ill'HKR A MADDEN, Seventy-ninth street, Fast Kiver ritone Yard. (fc-lA REWARD?FOR TUB RBTURN OF WHITE Jp IU Hplti Dog to 15 Lexington uvuuue, strayed on Friday morning. ? (ft-l A REWARD.?LOST. A small rkye terrier ?T I'' Dog, blue and yellow; had ou when lost. Wednes day morning, ? blue velvet collar, with bell. The a! nve reward will be paid for his return to 29 Kant rhirtv-flrst street, or tor information leading to liU recovery. d">a REWARD WATCH LOST, ON MAY 1; GOLD, ^pOU open cylinder; no name; No. 7,7U?; c**o No. 4,711. The above reward will be paid and no questions asked, at the iewelry establishment ot THOMAS klRK PATRICK, corner ot Broadway and Nineteenth street. SPKCIA1, NOTICKS. A-TUE AMERICAN RESIST KR, ? the most widely circulated of the American journalH published in l.urope. A rapital medium rot American advertisers addressing themselves to European patronage. Indispensable t.? all persons visiting Great Britain and tltc European Contiuent. Subscriptions and advertisements for the AMERICAN REGISTER will be received and single copies of the paper may be obtained at the office of the New York Herald, New York. A -HERALD BRANCH OFFICE. BROOKLYN, > corner ot Fulton avenue and Boerum street Open (torn h A. M. to 8 P. M. On Sunday from A to 9 P. M. ?$400,000 SORE. WlBLIC LIBRARY OF KENTUCKY. ? Third Grand Gift Concert, at Library Hall, Louisville, Kv., positively and unequivocally on Tuesday, July 8, 1873. Ten thousand cash gilts: only 100,000 tickets, and nearly all sold. Haifa million dollars to bo awarded ticketnolders, and all who desire to participate must Secure tickets immediately. Every gilt guaranteed in jnll by Farmers' and Drovers' Bank, ol Louisville. Tick et*. S10; halves, 15; quarters, $2 50. Anolv at general agency supply. THOS. H. HAYS A C., t*w Broadway. ALL OFFICERS, SAILORS AND SOLDIERS WOUND ed, ruptured or injured, however slightly, can ob tain a pension by applying to Vr. E. B. JACKSON, late Surgeon United States Navy, No. 4 New Chambers street A -$100,000 FOR $10.?UPTOWN OFFICE, PCBLIC ? Library of Kentucky: $500,800 in hank to pay in lull the 10.001) Kill* to be awarded July 8. For tickets call on W. L. DAVIS, agent, 907 Hroadway, between Twentieth and Twenty-Ant streets, room 6. Bargains.?$a?,ooo worth of boots, snoES and Trunks selling off without regard to cost, at 330 Bowery, corner of Bond street ; must be sold before June 1; the building to be torn down. W. D. BIQKLOW A CO. DIXON'8 STEAM ICE CREAM MANUFACTORY, 289 Bleecker st Responsible parties can get the agency of Dixon's celebrated Ioe Cream in neighboring cities and tow ns. Election.?notice is hereby given that an election will be held at the office of the New York Bridge Company, No. 21 Water street, in the city of Brooklyn, on Monday, the 2d day of Jnne next, at 13 o'clock noon ol that day, for fit teen directors of said companv, for the then ensuing year, and for two inspec tors of election lor 1874. The transfer books will be closod from Mav 3 to June S, 1873 Dated May 2, 1873. IIENRY C. MURPHY, President. O. P. QniNTAHD, 8eeretarv. Havana and kentucky lotteries.-prizes cashed; circulars sent tree. JOSEPH BATES A CO., 71 Broadway, New York, room 31, first floor. N ORE machine.?A contrivance, WHICH AP _ piled to the nose tor an hour dally, so dlrccts the soft cartllagc ot which the member consists that an ill-form ed nose Is quickly shaped to perfection. Sent by pattern, post, lor $3. alexander ross. 248 High Holborn, London. OFFICE OF PACIFIC MAIL steamship COMPANY, 69 and 61 Wall street New York, May 14,1875. TWENTY-SIXTH ANNUAL ELECTION. Notice is hereby given that an election for nine Direct ors oftlie Pacific Mail Steamship Company will be lield at the company's office, 59 and 61 Wall street, on Wednes day, May 28, 1873. between the honrs of 12 M. and 2 P. M. The transfer books will be closed, preparatory to said election, Monday, May IV, at 4 P. M., and reopened Thurs day, May 39, at 10 A. M. By order of the Board. THEODORE T. JOHNSON. Secretory. ORDERS TAKEN FOR CLEARING HOUSES AND ships of Bed Bugs. Water Bugs, lloaches, Moths and Fleas, at H. S. DANZIGER'S office, 72 White street, cor ner Broadway. FFICIAL DRAWING NORTH CAROLINA LOTTERY. EXTRA CLASS WO. #5?MAT 12, 1873. 4, 12, W, 13, 22, 24, 71, 16, *7, 2, 43, 67, 25. NORTH CAROLINA?CLASS HO. 56?MAT 22, 1871 S3, 67, 26, J, 48, 14, 6, 60, 78, 72, 23, 47, 26, 78. GERKEN k CO., Managers. LUTHY k CO., Brokers, 232 Greenwich street, N. Y. FFICIAL DRAWINGS KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERIES. KEHTUCEV?EXTRA CLASS HO. SIS?MAT 23, 1873. 7, 61, 31, 1, 23, 45, 78. 66, 38. 6, 14, IS. KINTUCET?CLAM HO. 344?MAT 23, 1873. 78, 18, 14, 2fi, 67, 22, 56, 37. 66, 9, 26. 48, 29. SIMMONS 4 GO.. Managers, CovingtoDjKji sublet coi.lkok?flRU class no. 243?mat 23. 1973, 26, 3, 46. 46, 13, 1, 61 31. 60, 63. 22. 75. *helet college?class ho. 244?mat 23, 1873. 52. 9, 65, 42, 74, 20. S3, 27, II, 34, 67. 19, 4tt SIMMONS k CO., Managers, Covington, Ky. Address Post office box 4,909, New York. 0 o R OFFICIAL DRAWING NORTH CAROLINA LOTTERY. EXTRA CLASS HO. 67?MAT 23. 1873. 20. 66, 2, 64, 8, 6, 26, 4, 33, 36, 37, 30. KOHTIl CAROLINA?CLASS HO. 58?MAT 23, 1873. 63, 44, 30, 66, 61, 58, 17, 23, 66, 75, ML 3*T 43. ORRKEN k CO., Managers. LUtii v k CO., Brokers, 2.:4 Greenwich street, N. Y. OFFICIAL DRAWINGS SOUTH CAROLINA LOTTERY for Free School Fund?Perpetual. KXTRA CLASS 119?MAT 23. 1873. 63, 4, 75, 24, 25. 84, 31, 3, 63, 61, 76, 77. CLASS 120? MAT 23, 1873. 43, 10, 25. 69, 57, 56. 37. 60, 29. 61, 75, 61. COLE k CO., New Yort Post office box 3,855. Charleston, 8. C., May 2^ 1873. Royal Havana lottery of cuba.-pros pectus for 1873 now ready. Address U EORGE UP BAM, No.) Weybossct street Providence, R. I. OYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. NEXT DRAWING MAY 24. German State Lotteries. 8end for circulars. RITTER k CO., Post office box 3,836. 86 Nassau street room 1 SCIENTIFIC.?GENTLEMEN DESIROUS OF HOLD Ing an honorary titled position in a new scientific society ol great importance, now incorporating and for which no money is required, are Invited to communi cate their names and addresses immediately to COSMOS, Herald Uptown Branch office. THE PRINCIPAL DRAWING of the 74th Brnnswick Government Lottery, with 66.HU) Tickets and 23,WW Prizes. will commence May 36 and end June 13. Highest prize 120,?X) Prussian Thaler*. Royal Havana Lottery?Neat drawing. May 24. Royal Saxon Government Lottery. Citv of Hamburg Lottery. Prises cashed and Information given. 1HODOR ZHCHOCH, 116 Nassau street; box 6,080 Post office. UNITED STATES GUNBOAT 8POCKOKON. AHOY I? If any officers or men who served on tne gunboat Spockokon in 1864 will communicate with the under signed they will learn something to their advantage. WM. FOOABTY, 126 State street, Rochester, N. Y. d? CQQ KQO 18 DRAWN DAILY IN THE LEOAL ip?)OtJm*XDO lzed Kentucky Lottery; Royal Havana and Kentucky circulars free; l%c. commission allow ed. Address BaLEY k CO. (office established 30 years), 174 Broadway. L _ DRY GOODS. SHAW. nairl Hair! nairl The largest stock of Human Hair Goods in tke city at SHAW'S. S64 Bowery, corner Fourth street and 363 Sixth svonne, between Twenty-second and Twenty-third streets, up SHAW'S Patent Hair Switches, can lie combed and brushed. $1 each. tlnmnn Hair, cheapest and best In the market Short llalr Switches $2 each and upward. French Switches, 95. Curls, Si and upwards. Latest Styles always on hand. POST QlfglCB MOTICK. TjOHT OFFlCF-NOWK. ( . the week ending biSiSay ?t 11 A. M u jaMES, Postmaster. YACITTH, htkamboats, &c. BOATS-ALL KINDfi AND SIZES CHEAP; FIFTY second hand ship's Boats; twenty-foot Cat boat for ?138. S1EPHEN EOBKRTS. foot 114th street Harlem River. Vf AHOGANY, KPANI8n CEDAR. iu for Iloai Builders, and all kinds cf Hard Wood, In Logs, Pianka Boards and Veneers. GKORGK W KhAU k CO., Mill anl Yard 186 to 200 Lewis street, _ comer ol Sixth street Kast Klver, SCOWB for SALR and CHARTER. A. R. CHAPMAN, pier 19, foot Vestry street, New York. Wanted to charter for the 6Ummer-a SIood Yacht, from*, to 30 feet long. In good order. Andrew, with terms, particulars, kc . L F. C.. box 666 Post office. Yacht for salb-schooner yacht, kekl 58x150^; draws feet; In tine order; {wo new Boats guns, awnings aad ev*rythlnR necessary for Un inediate use. Address box UM0 Boston Post office. Yacht for sale?a schooner yacht 57 tons o. ni.; coppered; centre-bosrd ; In complete order. Address J. M. CuUKCHILL, 221 Commercial street Port land, Me. WASTED TO PXJHCHAUK fcJECOND HAND CHAIRS OR SETTBES WANTED? O For 150 to 2&) sittings. Send price sml terms to J. W VANDEWATER, CT Ann rtreet or 163 William street TO TAILORS.?THOSE HAVING counters FOR Bale address HENRY HITCHCOCK, 769 Eroadway. DKNT1MTRY. A BEAUTIFUL SET OF TEETH, ?8: SINGLE, ft; warranted. Extracting with gas.sOo. Silver Fill ings, 60c. Open Sunday until 13. K3 i-dxth avenue, be tween JUUanih.>rviJKx*t't**nUi Uraatt.. NPOHTING?? DOtifl, BIRDS, AC. A -FUR BALK, ALL KINDS OK FANCY DOOS. . Birds, Ac.; Medicines for all din*use*; Prepared Food, for mocking b.rds. At B. U. DOVEY'S, No- 3 Greene street, near Canal. For bale?a lf.foucheux breech-loading double-barrelled shotgun, with 301 cartridges, for bait lu coat. Address J. 0., box 144 Hcruld Uptown K ranch office. SPORTING DOGS FOR HALE.?HARRY JENNINGS, late ot Boston, has o| encd ? commodious store at 391 IrMM atroet Uiim doors from Ccutre Market, for ibe sale and purchase oi all' kinds of Doss, Animals, 4c. Dugs cured ot all diseases. 11. J.'a Patent Flea Soap. Live Kills always on band. Tit ill Tl iCK. I FLEETWOOD ASSOCIATION.?SPRING MEETING 1*73, June IB, 20, 23 and 24. Pi est Lt.w, WKumaDAV, Junk 18.?Purse No. I, $800? For horses that have never beaten iAJ; $.'<60 to drst, $l.">0 to second, $IU0 to third, rurso No. 2, $2,00>?For horses that ha\e never beaten 2:23; $1,100 to first, ?560 to second, $&'>(' to tbird. Siccond Day, FwnAr, Junk 20.?Purse No. 3, $1,000?For horses that have never beaten 2 .'H; fiitO to first, $260 to second, 190 to third. Purse No. 4, $1 2 10?Kor horses that have never beaten 2:29; $(?0 lours;, $;140 to second, $200 to third. Tniut; Da*, MoaoAT, June 23.?Purse No. 8, $1,0(10; lor horses that have never lie.tti ii 2 :.'14. jr, ii to first. $ (10 to second, $160 lo third. Purse No. <*, V; lor horses that have never beaten 2 23. $8.0 to first, j.4i 0 to second, $&i0 to third. Fouuth Dat, Toicsdav, June 24 ?Purse No 7, $800; for horse* that have never beaten 2:4'i tUO to first, $lft0 lo second, $il)0 to third. Purse No.8, j>3,ft0U; tor horses that have n ver beaten 2:21. $2.(XI0 to Orst, Sl.t.OO to second, $SU0 to third. Conditions?The ifbove races to be mile heats, best 8 In ft, in harness, and will be governed by the rules of the Naiotuil Association tor the Promo tion of the Interests of thv Atnerl.'an Trotting Turf, in case ot postponement ol anv rate it shall be next good day and track, omitting Sunday. Anv driver suIn*ituted for another, as authorised by rule 'M, will be paid t.'x) for such service. Entries to r'o e at Chumberlln's pool room, 1,14# Broadwav, New tork, on Monday, June 2, at 9o'clock P. M. All communications to be addressed to William H. Van Colt, Superintendent C. 11. VAN NEB8, President (1 RAND TROTTING MEETING FOR THE BENEFIT T of the Trainers' and Drivers' Protective Association, at Deerioot Park (formerly Hall's Track), Coney Island road, on Monday and Tuesday, May 2(i and 27, at 1>? o'clock P. M. MONDAT. MAY 26?CLASS 1. James K. Polk. Fr?d. New Berlin Girl, Black Prince, Fanny Kern, Contraband, Lady Backus, Coroner K., Manhattan, Constitution. SAME DAY?CLASS 2. Sensation, Young Kruno, Ed White, Lydiu Thompson, Grace Bertram, Castle Boy. TUESDAY. MAY 27?CLASS 3. American Clipper. Penobscot Chief, Boeket, Ceo. A. Weed, Belle of Orange, Washburn Maid, Butterfly, Mum, Topsey, Miss Miller, White Heels, Chestnut Gelding. SAME DAY?CLASS 4?Saddle Race. Geo. W. Patterson, James K. Polk, Dresden, Boliy Lewis, Brown Kitty, Coroner K., Mystic. SAME DaY?CLASS & Butter Ball, Blossom, Hilly Morton, Veneer, Jack Draper, Alice Brown, rain Hunting. JAMES D. McMANN, President Daniel Mack, Treasurer. PROSl'IiCT PARK FAIR GROUNDS ASSOCIATION. SpringMeeting, 1*73. First <tay, TuESDAY, June 10. Purse No. 1?$2,000- Kor horses that have never beaten 2:22: $1,200 to first, $000 to second and $200 to third. Purse No. 2?$:suo?Free lor all ruuniug horses; mile heats, best 2 in 3. Second day, THURSDAV, June 12. Purse No. 3?$1,2M>?For horses that have never beaten 2:30 : $HOO to first, $300 to second and $160 to third. Purse No. 4? Four-year-old colt stake Third day, FRIDAY, June 13. Purse No. 5?$1,N10?For homes that have never beaten 2-Ti ; $900 to first, $100 to second and $200 to third. Purse No. 6?$100?Free for all running horses; mile heats, bests in ft. Fourth day, MONDAY, June 16. Purse No. 7?$1,700?For horses that have never beaten 2:2ft: $1,000 to first, $Ti00 to second mid $200 to third. Purse No. S? $l,i 00? For horses that have never beaten 2:34; $000 to first, $:mh) io "econd and $100 to third. CONDITIONS.?Tlic above races to be mile heats, best 3 in ft, In harness, and will b ? governed bv the rules of the National Association for the Promotion of the Interests of the American Trotting Turf, except running races, which will be governed by the rules of the Ameri can Jockcy Club. Incase ol postponement ol any race it shall be the next pood day and track, omitting Sunday. Any driver substituted lor another, us authorized by rule 28, will be paid $60 lor such service. Entries to close at Chamberlain's Pool Room, 1,146 Broadway, New York, on Tuesday, May 27, at 9 o'clock P. M. All communica tions to be addressed to Geo. W. Oakley, Superintendent E. O. READ, Preiident. Geo. W. Oaelkt, Superintendent -NOTICE. Parties Interested will please note the change in purses Nos 3. 5 and 8 as originally advertised. GEO. W. OAK LEV, Superintendent PROSPECT PARK FAIR GROUND ASSOCIATION? Special premium $2,ft00, mile neats, best 3 in ft, in har ness. Friday, May 30, at 3 o'clock P. M., good day and track. John Lovett enters h m. Gazelle, Daniel Mace en ters ch. u. Ju'lae Fullerton. Admis-ion to field, grand stand and quarter stretch, $2. Admission to clubhouse tor persons introduced by members, $3. GEO. W. OAKLEY, Superintendent. POOLS SOLD AT JOHNSON'S RESTAURANT, 1 1ST Broadway, corner Twenty-eighth street, on Deerioot Park Trotting Meeting, this evening, at 8 o'clock. T. B. JOHNSON. Trotting at Fleetwood park, on ratukday, Mav IH. at S P M.?Mile heats, ocst .1 In ft, in harness; Ciarse $100. lor horses that have never trotted better thuu bree minutes: $01 to first. $30 to second and $10 to third. John Murphy enters b'k. in. Molly. William E. Weeks enters g. g. Grand Central. J. Pauling enters blk. in. Lady Knox. Benjamin Wilson enters b. m. Lottie. WII.L1AM H. VAN COTT, Superintendent. Trotting at Fleetwood park?on wednes. day, May 28, at 3 P. M. Purse $2,n00. $1,201) to first $&00 lo second and $300 to third. Mile neats, best 3 iu 6, iu harness. Alden Goldsmith entersb. m. Huntress. P. Munee enters b. s. William H. Allen. W. H. Crawford enters b. g. John W. Conlcy (formerly Beppo). WILLIAM H. VAN COTT, Superintendent HOIMUS, CAItKIAGKN, ?C. Jk THE "BREWSTER WAGON," A. in all weights, for pleasure driving or speeding, cx<iuisltelv finished. and embraclpg in their construction the various improve ments introduced by us during tbe past 16 years, making them . the standnrd lor Quality throughout the United ."?fates. These n ayons are exclusively the production of our well-known Broome street factory, and are oflered In Stock iii all respect* equal in quality to those built to the order ol the most valued customer, and at prices uniform to all. In order that we may not l>e confounded with a Joint stock company of carnage dealers who have adopted a firm name similar to our own, and impudently claim the reputation wc have made tor the "Brewster Wagon," wo bev the public will remember that our only warerooms are at the corner of Filth avenue and Fourteenth street and our only Factory on Broome street. BREWSTER t CO., ol Broome street A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF NEW AND SECOND hand Carriages, Family Rockuways, Top and Open Buggies, Pony Phaetons, Groccrs' and Btisinesa Wagons, at greatly reduced prices. 141 Went Broadway, near Canal street Aooupk, BAROUCIle, pony phaeton, with servant's seat; Depot Wagon, Top Buggy, second band, at bargains, to make room HAM, Broadway and Fourth street. A DARK GRAY IIOKSE, 6 YEARS, NEARLY 16 hands high; also, an extension top, two seat Wagon and Harness tor sale cheap, at IDS West Thirtieth street, Kagle null Stallies. A SPRIGHTLY LITTLE TEAM FOR LADIES OR children; IS hands high; bay. sound and kind, per fect pets; have always stood in one stall: singularly af fectionate; afraid ot nothing; tor three yearn have wen driven and ridden by ladies and children across the railroad to the Park; repeatedly driven 40 miles a day bv a girl of 12, price $300. At private stable 156 East Fif tieth street. ALDERNEY COWS FOR SALE.?TWO THOROUGH bred Alderneys, with heifer calves, for sale low. In quire ot <i. J. HARLOW, Croton-on-the Hudson. BARGAIN CAN BK HAD IN A VERY STYLISH pair of black Ma re*. 15^ hands high; sound, kind and right in everyway, und excellent travellers; owner about to leave trie city; also new double Harness and Phaeton, ('an lie seen at Leadbettor's stable#,. Seventh aveftue, above Forty-fifth street AT LOWER PRIORS THAN EVER BEFORE OF fered, onr Immense stock of Carriages, comprising every seasonable style of family Carriages and light Wag ons, new and second hand ; Oeveral slightly dutnagedj great burgalnn. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, 838 Broadway. A BLACK HORSE FOR SALE?1(1 HANDS HIGH. 6 years old ; warranted sound and kind; sold for want ot use ; unliable lor any purpose. Apply at 413 Washing ton street _____ A -FOR SALE, A CAR LOAD OF WESTERN ? Horses; among them are some good truck or work Horses and drivliut Horses; these homes are young and sonnrt, and to w<>rk in single or double haraeia; also a very handsome span ol Mark Horse*; a reasonable trial afforded. Apply at I6u Washington street, corner Liberty. A A NICE TURNOUT?HANDSOME, SOUND MARE, Harness, top Buggy, in good order; suitable for lady or family use; solil scyarato if desired. Apply at 27 West Twenty-slxtn street , A HANDSOME 16 HAND BAY TEAM; SOUND, KIND. 6 and 7 ycurs old; drive single: one an elegant sad dier;|sold separate. To be seen at 161 East Thirty-second street. AN XL BO ANT LANDAULBT FOR SALE.-MADE TO order; will be sold low. 223 West Fortieth street A -FOR SALE, ONR LIGHT SIDERAR LEATHER . top city made Road Wagon; also one mil-spring leather top Wagon, suitable for the country, and single and double Harness; one pony basket Phaeton, as good as new ; must be sold. Inquire at the Waverley Stables, 147and 14'J West Thiitr-flltu street near Broadway. JENKINS A lU AN. A SPLENDID COUPE HORSE FOR SALE?DAPPI.E

brown, 16)% hands high, 6years old; genteel and ?onnd to every respect Apply at private stable 1S6 Last Thirty -fifth street, near Lexington avenue. A -FOR SALE, rOUR HORSES: ONE VERY HAND ? some coupe Horse, very stylish and fast; fcho three road or business Horses; these horses are yonng. the SropertT of a widow ladv; two of these have been ridden y a lady. Apply at 4ft Gr^at Jones street AT THE WEST SIDE CARRIAGE REPOSITORY, 1,494 and 1.496 Broadway, will be tonnd a large as sortment of Rockaways, Depot Wagons, Park Phaetons, top and no top Buggies, Me., and to make room will offer a line ofleather top Pony Pbaetons at $2t?> each. A DOUBLE HARNESS FOR SALK CHEAP? _ Medium light, In good order, at CHAULBtJ ?. tAZfiK'H, aw fultoa ayeaue- .BnmklVn. HORSES, CARRIAGES, y. At barker a chases City Auction Mnrt and New York Tatfersall*. OOKNER OK BROADWAY AND THIRTY-NINTH ST. Major CIIAS. W. BARK ER, Auctioneer. REGULAR HAI-H OK HORSES, CARRIAGES. AC., every WEDNESDAY and SATl'R.AY, at 11 o'clock. TWENTY-FOCR HOURS allowed lor trial, ON EVERY HORSE Si>1,P under warrantee. THIS 18 THE ONLY Auction Mart IN THE STATK having the IMtOI'KR facilities FOR 8UOWIN0 IIORBKS on sale, viz., A LARGE DRIVING RING, ENTIRELY UNDER cover. . CATALOGUK OF SALE THIS DAY, AT 11 O'CLOCK: TF1F ELEGANT AND FAST BROWN TROTTING M ARE La Helle, sired by Toronto Chief: is 16>i high, 7 vein s old; without execution in one ot the beat galtod and finest driving marcs in the State; can pull a road wagon better thai) tbree minute* and was uever handled tor sped; ha* no tricks nor tault.s and is warranted sound and kind. THE HIGH-BRED AM) EXTRA SPEEDY, Brown Pony trotting Mare, "Dolly," 14 high,!' years old; extra, prompt, game and easy driver; can trot certain In three minutes; i? a great all-day roadster; has no latilts nor vices in perfectly senile ior any otic to drive, and it) war ranted sound ami kind. EXTRA SI'kedy PAIR OF Black Ponies, about 1ft high, 7 and 8 years old; prompt drivers; can trot in 3 minutcsto the poll or sinnlc, an arc warranted kind THRKK FINE LADIES' SADDLES. TIIK WELL-KNOWN HKOWN trolling gelding. "IIA It !tV IS 17 it K K," sired by George M. Patchon. Jr., and bred iu New Jersey, is law high, e year* old; an extra, stylish, line llnd easy driver; can beat 2-.SU tornnl wagon and Is taster to the poll - is afraid of nothing; has no malts nor vice*, and is warranted sound and kino. ONE ELEGANT NO TOP, four seat Phaeton, built by Miner A Stevens. Tup IliiAl) WAGON, built by Kern. NEW ANI) SECOND 1IAND llarncsH, Robes, Blankets, Whips, Halters, Ac. ONE FINE TOP EXPRESS Wagon. ONE NO TOP EXPRESS Wagon. TWO ELEGANT 5^-sliAT Road Wagons, new and war ranted. FINE, HANDSOME COAL-1ILACK tatnlly or eoai'll Horse, Kentucky bred, 16 high, 7 years old; an extra styliah, free and pleasant driver; can trot elov to three minutes; is one of the handsomest big horses in the city, and is warranted sound und kind. TWO FINE SIX-SEAT Park Phaetons. ONE CLOSE COACH ami Double Harness. ONE TOP WAGON, BUILT bv Seaman. FOR ACCOUNT OK WHOM it may coucern, six sets of flne single Harness. ALSO SEVERAL OTHER Horses. FULL DESCRIPTION AT SALE. SALES NEVER J'OSTPGNED on accountof weather. At private sale?at arch. Johnston's new MAKT, 19,21, at, 2fl EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN UNIVERSITY PLACE AND FIFTH AVENUE. Team thoroughbred Trotting Marcs. Elegant Saddle Mare. Gentleman's Road Horse. l'otiv Phaetons, basket and panel. Call and examine. ARCII. JOHNSTON, A PAIR OF BEAUTIFUL BLACK PONIES, WITH Phaeton and Durness, all complete; the ponies are very gentle in harness, and under the saddle tliey have a very easy gaii, and are large enough for a lady to ride, ('ail on or address I. P. Hl/KHARD, 75 Nassau street. New York. Bargains.?in depot wagons, Pouv Phaetons, Cabriolets, Buygles, Rockawayn. STAATS BELL, No. 7 Washington place, rear N Y. Hotel. (CARRIAGES?SLIGHTLY DAMAGED; GREAT BAR J gains; new and second hand Carriages, every dc scription; low prices. We offer great inducements, and invite purchasers to call and examine. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, 638 Broadway. HEAP-A STIVERS' LIGHT TOP WaGON, BEEN IN J use but a short time ; square box. Apply to F. BON NEAU, Jr., 176 Centre street, tip -tairs. CI REAM TAN RIDING AND DRIVING GLOVES, J single button, $2; double button, tl 25. Every pair warranted ami sent free on receipt of price. UNION ADAMS A CO., 0117 Broadway. Family horse-perfectly gentle, young, no tricks. 16 hands, 1,000 pounds; warranted sound ; "bright bay ; natural gait 8 to 10 miles; raised and lor sale by T. J. RAYNER, w) Maiden lane. IflOR RALE?A HANDSOME BAY FAMILY OR COUPE 1 llorse, sound and in good condition; very stylish. Inopire lor William, coachman, or Mr. Teauy, at Teauy's livery stables, 39 West Fortv-lourth street. For bale?AN elegant, full sized, satin lined Barouche, but little used; also a beautiful brown llorse, young and sound, Iri hands high, used to all carriage work. Apply at prlvalu stable lift West Thirty-second street, before 12 M. For sale?a very handsome pair of fancy matched Trotting Ponies, weight 1.700pounds; are warranted sound and kind and tree trout all tricks; can trot in 2 its and have never been beaten bv any pair ol horses on the road, but arc witliai so gentle thai they can be driven by ladles or children; one is 6 ami the other 8; lust the team for Newuort or Saratoga; sold lor no laulL For particulars address Dr. JAMEo W, BARTLETT, llottsl Palham, Boston, Mass. Irior BALE-A BEAUTIFUL BAY MAKE, IS HANDS 1 high, 8 years; perfectly sound ami kind ; can trot Id 2 3u; the heat pole mare to be found anywhere: does not pull: can be driven by anyjady at full speed. United States Livery Staples. 166 kant Thirty-second at 1mm SALE?a LADY'S fine SADDLE AND SINGLE X1 Horse, uv hands high ; also a <jilt, cheap. tallmadgk a ctt, 68 Cortiandt street and V7 Barrow street. FOB BALE?at POST a NICHOLS' btablbb, Twenty-fourth street and Third avenue, ? very tancy pair of dappled chestnut Horses, 6 years old, is** hands, light tails and manes, well broken for gentlemen or la dies and good style. Inquire for the ">il\er lops." FOR BALE?a FINK BIO HAY HOR8B, 10 hands high, suitable for a Victoria or Coupe; sound, kind and a great roadster, and very tough; can trot better than 3 minutes; price $600; It is n k'ood chance to purchase a really valuable horse. Add re E. M. B., box 1,61h 1'ost office. Ir<or SALE-A PAIR OF HANDSOME, SHOWY. ricii 1 bright hay carriage Horses. 1S>? hnnds high. Ion',' manes and tails, black points a ad perfectly gentJe. Wilt be sold at a bargain. Apply at private sublo i'J West Kortv-fourth street, from 8 to 10 o'clock A. M. I^)r SALE?a PAIR OF WELL HATCHED DARK gray Horses, 15.s, long tails, 6 and c years old, stylish and last; alson pair of small bay < anadian puiiles, 12 hands high, thoroughly broken tor children to ride and drive; four well broken ladies' Horses, all nearly thor oughbred, also to go in harness; a very handsome dark chestnut Cob, Knight of St Patrick, by Canwali, he hv Stockwell; ran second to Rainbow tor the (jueeu's Plate last year at Montreal; very handsome, well broken to harness. To he seen at Brigg*' livery stables. Twenty third street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues. In quire for Dr. k1rwin. Irtor BALE?VICTORIA. MADE BY BREWSTER, OF 1 I'roome street; verv little used. Also Imported Sad dle Horse. To be seen at 110 West Eighteenth street, pri vate stable. I[m)R SALE?a VKRY STYLISH MAHOOANY BAY 1 Horse, is hands. 6 yearsold: very lrieusant driver: can l? used either double or single; sound and kind; will make a very elegant coupe horse; property of a private, gentleman, who will gtte a fair trial to any responsible party. Apply at private stable, 42 Went Filly-tilth street, from 8 to 12. Fob SALE AT A BARGAIN? A VERY STYLISH pair of carriage Horses, seven years old, 1? hands high; warranted sound and kind. (Jail on Mr. ml'LLANY, 2">t. West Thirty-ninth street, between Seventh and l.ightu avenues. IjlOB SALE?to PAY ADVANCE, ONE SLACK MARE, 1 18X hands high, 8 years old, warranted sound and kind, perfectlv sate for a lady, and can trot in 2:80 sure; without a fan it. For particulars inquire at staldes, cor ner ot pitth avenue and Kortv. fourth street, or of JOHN c11ambkkl1n, No. 1 Washington place, under New York Hotel. FOB SALE?a FOlJR.YEAR.OLD hamdletonian hay Mare,mx hands high; is sound and kind in all harness. inqolre of J. LKFrLfcR'b, 5lrl Pearl street. For sale?a HANDSOME hay FAMILY OR coupe Horse; over 16 hands high, sound, kind and gentle. Inquire at stable in alley rear of No. 0 Washington wtre. Fob sale-a team op horses. is hands, r years old, warranted sound and kind. Can he seen at 9t> avenue A, corner of Sixth street Ijhlr SALE?a LOT OF SECOND HAND COAL 1 Carts. Inqulre^at 408 Wed Fourteenth street. For sale omeap?a new top buggy waoon; host eity maker. Inquire at 401 East Thirty sixth st c1rkat baruainh.-in cjnsequrnck OF RE t building part of our premises, we offer our entire stock seasonable styles new and second hand Carriages at greatly reduced prices. MAMtkai'rrhers* UNION, tn-< Broadway. HACKMBN-A CLARENCE, IN OOOD ORDER, FOR sale cheap. Apply at 168 East Thirty tilth street HARNESS. SADDLES HORSE clothino, CAB* riage Robes, Lap Dusters, Fly Nets, and a largo variety of Saddlery Goods always on hand. c. B. smitn a co.. <0 Warren street, New York. ABVKflS ?THE CHEAPEST HARNESS STORK IN New York. ?a gooil double truck Harness, *10; a good buggy Harness, hand made, (17; a good stable Blanket, t- 80. Will sell cheaper than ever on account of moving on or before June i. Please call and examine for yourselves. FISHER A OSBORNE, 4.1 Murray st. Harness?for the track, road, park, farm. business and pleasure use; also saddles, Bridles and horwlurnislilng (foods of every deacrlttlotl, style and grar'e; Single Harness, ?8 to t20i) per set; Double, $16 to $1.wo per set C. M. MOSEEAN A Bill)., Manufacturers, 114 Chambers street Hakne88.?i HAVE A LARUE STOCK OP HAR ness. all styles and klnda, of my own make, which 1 otlir at extremely low prices; also Riding Saddles and Rrldes, Whips, Spurs, Halters, Blankets, Sheets, Lap rohi* and ever/thing in the horse lino cheap for ('ash. K. B1BTLE it, hi w'arreu street, corner college place. Having a large assortment ok cabb1aobs of my own manutactarc, i jropose selling them at greaily i edused prices. ISAAC LOCKWOOD, iitttthird avenue, corner 127th street, htlise AND CARRIAGE EXCHANGE.?mr. ARCH. JOHNSTON has opened at his downtown oflice,37 nassut street a register for horses, carriages, gentle men)* turnouts, Ac., at private mtle, and wlil hereafter inak? this a specially and a feature of his business. Gentlemen having horses or carriages to dispose of, or thosf wishing to purchase, will find this the most desira ble medium ever established, as through it you deal dlre?t!y *ith principals. No CHARGE ftift REGISTERING. juit FROM vermont?a FIRBT CLASS CARRIAGE ream, 18 hands high, a rich brown oolor, 8 years old, verystyluh, sound and kind: Morgan and llamnletonlnn stock Can be seen for a lew days at the National Ex chaige stable, 23 and 2ft King street. ? Pasturage for iiokses-the best ok grass and clear, running water in every field. Refer ence*?g. Seaman, 106 West Fortieth street: L. ii. Braley, Vet Surg., Thirty-seventh street and Broadway. A. 8. WOODMAN. Port Richmond. 8. I. HOKSKS CAKHIAGKS. <fcC. HK.?HORSES TAKEN city. Inquire at 170 Readi ?EOoND HAND CARRIAGES PASTURE.?HORSES TAKKN ON PASTURE, NEAR fity. Inquire at 170 Rcade street, N. Y. -ninth at 0 Ai our factory, 1,40? Uroaiiwav, above Thlrty-n Barouche. Clarence. tour-seat Phaeton, Brougham, lonrseai Rockaway, Couoe. Track Sulky. -"""art BRADLEY, PRAY A CO.. _ 35s Broadway. _ OECOND II INI) CARRIAGES.?BXTRN8IOM IQP ?7 I*hacton, Basket Pony. Depot Wagon throe llirht Rockaways, Dint Cart, Top and open Buggies; several slightly shop worn Carriages, bargain*. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, 638 Broadway. CJPEED ANI> STYLE FOR SALE -TWO CAN BEAT k 2 :M\ olio can bent 3 mi n ?? ton; all sound young Horse a; the owner has in* further use tor theiu. Apply at Mes-rs. WARREN A CO.'S, corner ol Horatio and Hudson streets. SI'KED! SPEEDI?FIRST CI,ASS ROADSTERS AND all kinds ol light Vehicles to let, at ihe Waverley hoarding and l.ivcry Stables, U7 and I'd West Thirty* tilth street, between Broadway auil .~c>enth avenue. JENKINS A RYAN. VrALUABLE VERMONT horses?JUST PROM TIIK breeder'* larm; a splendid carriage Team, ol great style, bay, 16 hands ; look, act and drive alike ; brothers in'blood, rtand 7, Young Morrill and Abdalliih sioek; very rapid traveller*, ami without lault or blemish; oii? patriate black eoaeh Horses, ir>'4 hands, of gn at null stanee, and suited tor largo carriage . also four valuable single Horse*, three by Imported Conwnll, the only sou ol Sioekwell In Aine'iea. nut ol hliih breed mare*; well broken to Imrne** and saddle; splendid animals. In quire ol HENRY S. TOWN, 213 West Forty first street. Wil l. HE SOLD AT HOOART'S AUCTION ROOMS, eoraer Frankfort and William streets, this nav (Sat urday), Mav 24, at 11 o'clock A. M., one platlorm spring Furniture Truck. WANTED?A HORSE 18^ TO 1M<, FATR LOOKING, sooml, kind ami genua in single or double harness; must have good endurance and be able to trot in 3 min utes. Address box 4,575 I'ost oillce, with lowest price and lull description. WANTED?A COUPE HORSE, BRIGHT SORREL, 15'^ hands high; must he *tyli*h and a hlxh step per, long mane and tall, and not over 7 vear* old. Apjily to THUS. MUKl'HY, 140 West Filtieth Rtreet, rear stalde. WANTED IMM EiiIATKI.Y A SECOND HAND COUPE Rockaway, tor single horse. Address IIOOVEE, CALIIOUN A Ci>., 3ti2 Broadwav. 1 LANDAU LET, 1 Col'I'E, BY WOODS BROS.; 1 SIX seut I'haeton, 2 extension top Phaetons, 50 top and open Pony Phaetons, all sizes; 20 top and open Road Wagons, hv Duhcnhury A Van Duser, Brewster, Stivers, Ac. ; 2track Sulkies; Rockaway*, new and second hand; 1 Waaorette. holds 8 persons; 1 six-seat Oermnnlown, 1 Victoria, 1 Coupo Rockaway, 1 Coach ami 1 Clarence, Expreiw Wagons, single and double Harness, Sheets, Whips, Ac. WM. 11. ORAY, 20 and 22 Wooster street ?FOR SALE, HORSE, TRI CK AND IIAUNRSS ?P I " ". lor $70. 302 Eighth avenue, corner Twenty eighth street Must be sold to-day. TO LKT FOR BUSLMiSS lTItl'OHIX. ^TTENTION. NOW READY FOR OCCUPANCY, NEW FIRE PROOF BUILDING, FULTON, NASSAU AND ANN STREETS. ELEGANT OFFICES TO RENT IN THE ABOVE FIREPROOF. WELL LOCATED BUILDING, BEINU IN . CLOSE PROXIMITY TO TI1E CITY HALL, THE COURTS, THE POST OFFICE, AC.. AC. OFFICES SUITABLE FOR LAWYERS, BROKERS, BANKS, INSURANCE COMPANIES, AC., AC., CAN BE HAD, SINGLY OR EN SUITE, OF ANY DESIRED SIZE, FROM 10X12 FEET TO 20 X67 FEET, AT $300, $400, $800 AND UPWARD TO $12,000, ACCORDING TO SIZE AND LOCATION. THE ABOVE BUILDING IS COMPLETELY FIREPROOF, READY FOR OCCUPANCY, HEATED BY STEAM, AND HAS TWO FIRST CLASS PASSENGER ELEVATORS AND ALL MODERN IM PROVEMENTS. RENT OF SMALL OFFICES. Rize. 2d Storv. 3d Story. 4th Story. 6th Story. $2,000 $I,MKI $1,500 $1,1)00 10x24.6 1,HI)0 1,500 1,200 WM 14.6x23.6 1,800 1,500 1,200 800 17x26.6 1,HU0 1,500 1,2110 HOO 10x18 500 400 960 BOO 10x12.6. 800 400 380 300 19.?x'19 3,IVM 2,MX) 2,000 1,800 19.6x39 3.000 2,800 2,1X0 1,MU 10x12.6 500 400 3811 300 19.10x23 1,800 1,600 1.2Qfr 1,000 14.6x23 1,600 1,260 1,000 . 800 14 6x23. ... 1,800 1,280 1,000 HOO 17x23 1,800 1,280 1,000 WW lOJkia 800 400 380 sou INQUIRIES TO BE MADE OF HOMER MORGAN, NO. 2 PINK STREET. A?CORNER STORE ON BROOMR AND VAR1CK . street^, to rent or lease ; has hern used as a cheap grocery and market for many years; low rent to good tenant. JAMES l'RIf'E, 200 Hudaon street. AOOOR BUSINESS LOCATION -OFFICES TO LET, In building 119 and 121 Nassau street. Apply to PAT RICK FARRELLY, Manager the American News Com pany. A -SIXTH A V E N I' K. Colt N ER OF THIRTIETH . street. Floor and Cellar to let, suitable for anv re spectable business. Apply at 88 West Thirtieth street or at 201 Second avenue. A HANDSOME STORE TO LET?WITH DWELLING Apartments, on Sixth avenue; rent $700; plate glass windows; also one large Store on the best block on Sixth avenue. Call at once at WJ Sixth avenue. A FINE FIRST FLOOR TO LET?WITH MIRROR; J\ splendid place for business or family; just papered. 1S(S Thompson street, near Bleccker. Fine i.ofts, soxioo, with or without steam power, to let, suitable tor light manufacturing pur pases; also an elegant Store, 35 ana 37 Wooster street MANUFACTURERS.?TO LEASE, EXTENSIVE PKKM Isck. containing nearly 28,000 feet of (looting, suita ble for manufacturing purposes; situated close to Fourth avenue, in East Twenty-second street Apply to J. PURSSELL, 910 Broudway. 0 N BROADWAY, First and Third Floor* to let or lease. 438 Broadway, liquor store. STEAM POWER AND LARGE AND SMALL ROOMS lor light or heavy work. At reduced rent, at Seventh avenue ami Twenty-ninth street STORE TO LET?IN EIGHTH AVENUE; THE EN tire builillncr. which 1ft now being overhauled, to t>e pat In complete order: size ot store, 23x63. J. I)RN11AM A CO., 266 Wont Twenty-third street STORE ON BROADWAY, BETWEEN FRANKLIN and Canal streets?First Floor ami Basement of a ?tore, 25 feet by 175 feet deep, all modern improvements, good light, steam elevator, rear entrance lor shipping. Address LISTEN A El*, Herald office. TO LET?OFFICER IN 290 BROADWAY, CORNER Reade street Apply to S. B. 11UTCI1INGS, .18 John street. TO LET-OFFICES, WIT1I HEAT, WATER AND gas, in .113 Broadway. Apply to S. B. UUTCHING8, 88 John street TO LET-BAKERY. WITH FIXTURES AND ROOMS; also Store, with fixtures and rooms, fitted for a gro cery. Inquire atZIM West Forty-sevcntli street. TO LET?AT 93 GRAND STREET, THREE LOFTS, well adapted for the importing trade. Inquire in the store. TO LET-NO. 1.1(52 BROADWAY, BETWEEN TWENTY. 1 seventh and Twentv-clghth streets, mi I table for any first dais business; moderate rent to a permanent tenant. Apply to APPLEBY A II ELM K, 13J Water street TO LET?A SPLENDID STORE, ALSO A FINISHED Basement both soluble for business purposes, in 37 Spring street; several Rooms in 211, 213 and 215 Molt street. Inquire at Rank office, 20 Second avenue. r BENT-HANDSOME STORE O.N BROADWAY, near Thirty second street with French plate glass show windows; rent moderate. A. LOOMIH, 1,234 Broadway. TO RENT?AT REDUCED FIGURES TO GOOD TEN. ants, store 26 Beckman street, with Basement, Ac ; the Store 291 West street, with Lolls: Stores and Cellars 'til Hudson street and 7s Variclt street. JAMES J'RlijE, 200 Hudson street. TO RENT OR LEASE?STORE AND CELLAR OF 281 Hud?on street, near Spring; has been occupied as a first class drug store lor the past ten years . l..w renf. JAMES PRICE, zOj Hudson street. UWELLISO IIOrSRM TO l,KT. Furnished. AN ELEGANT RESIDENCE, FURNISHED, BETWEEN Fifth and Madison avenues?28. 1*70; extension, 1.1x18: parlors only furnished: reut low. Apply at 20 Eaat Fiftieth su^et, from 10 to i. A FURNISHED HOUSE ON MADISON AVENUE, below the Park, to let for 6 moutha or 1 year to a private family, $200 per month. JACOB SHARPE, 149 Broadway. TO LET-A NEWLY FURNISHED HOUSE IN WEST Forty fifth street, close to Fifth avenue, from lith June to 1st of Mav next; terms very moderate to responsi ble parties. Apply by letter to A ft , l">x .\?S. P?.*t offi< e. TO LET?COMPLETELY ANIl HANI) ? 'MF.LY FUR nlshed four story English basement House, In Twen tieth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues; good chance for responsible small family. Address CARDE Jf A* Herald office. EAST TENTH STREET.?A FURNISHED HOUSJ? T 1 with all improvements: adapted for hotel, club, boarding house or saloon: three doors west of Broadway, inquire on the premises. I'nfarnlahert. A NEAT THREE STORY HIGH STOOP HOUSE ON West Twenty-seventh street, between Eighth'and Ninth avenues, recently been painted throughout and put in One order; rent >1.100 to a private faintly. II. V. MEAD, 422 Eighth avenue. 10 LET?A TWO STORY AND BASEMENT HIGH stoop House; all modern ImurovAiQcots. Inquire at SUA Bast FUty-U?ird street T DWELLING IIOT'HES TO LET. Vntarnlahtd. TO LET?ALL OK PART OK llOt'gX 17 RENWfCK street, near Canal; Lower Part House 28) West Elev enth and 1)6 Jane street. Inquire ol owner, H. WAX I ON, 41 Abingdon square. rro LET?IN WEST THIRTY-FOURTH STREET, THREE J story high stoop House; modern improvements; rent $1,100. J DKNHAM A CO., 266 West Twenty-third street. fTO t,ET?UNFURNISHED, IN TWENTY-SECOND 1 strict, between Fourth and Lexington avenues, an unusually choice three sforv UweUlnn; pri<e $i,000. HOLMES BROS., 46 and 4H Earn Twenty-third street. TO RENT?ELEOANT Til RE K 8TOKY HIIOWN STONE front House; all modern improvements; louth (Id* Seventy lonrili street, between Lexington avenue and Fourth avenue; rent low. Address F, J. WALL, 80 Cedar ntreet. 110 RENT?HOUSE 217 WEST THIRTY-SIXTH street (20 rooitii), $l4d month; Second- Floor 21ft (5 gool rooms), $35 mouth. PABTRIUOK, 26 W est Fifteenth slieeu Between 2 and II, at 121) lJroad street. PURNIHIIKU UIHIIIIS AND Al'AHTMEKTS TO LET. ' A ?FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET?FTRT CLASS, A> single' or en suite; accommodation tor aphysiclan; relerence required. Address STEPHENS, Herald Up town Branch olllue. PART OF FITRNISIIED ROUSE, THREE OR ? tour Rooms, to adults only; private house. 133 West Twenty-ninth street, near sixth avenue. A FOURTH FLOOR SQUARE ROOM AND A SEC ond lloor front hall Bedroom to let, turnlshed, to gentlemen only, without hoard, at 100 East Twenty-third street, corner of Fourth avenue. APRIVATB FAMILY WILL LET FRONT ROOM OK second floor (with alcove) newly furnished; pleas ant locality for Summer; convenient to cars. Inquire at 241 West Flirty-third street. A PrtlV'ATK FAMILY HATE HANDSOMELY FUR J\ nished rooms for gentlemen; all improvements; terms reasonable; location centrsJ and very pleasant; reference. t?> West Twelfth street. AT 214 WEST TWENTY-FIFTH STREET. NEAR Eighth avenue?I'leusiuit furnished rooms, suitable for light housekeeping and for longer*, at reasonable rates; neighborhood unexceptionable. Cull lor one weefc A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM ON second door, with private bath; also furnished or unfurnished Rooms on third floor; gentlemen only, with out board. 314 Fifth avenue. TJILEGANT LARGE COOL ROOMS, RICHL* FUR rj nished, to let, without board, to gentlemen, at Sum mer prices; location first class; private family. 31 Wert Ninth street, between Fifth una Sixth avenues. IJILEOANTLY FURNISHED FRONT AND BACK li ltooms to let, sultablo for gentlemen and wives. N* 3 Clinton place. TpURN18IIED PARLOR OR RECEPTION ROOM TO P let; also a tarnished Room to let to one or two gen tlemen. 330 West Thirtieth street. FOR ONE OR TWO flENTLEMEN?NICELY FUR nished Room, 14x16; hot and cold water. Urge closet, Ac.; American family. 244 East Fortieth street. /GENTLEMEN DK.SI RINii N.SWLY FURNISHED, " I pleasant Rooms in a quiet neighborhood and one of the most central locations In th? city, and on very mod erate terms, please call at 32 Ureat Jones street, ono block cast ot llroad way, near the Urand* Central Hotel; references exchanged. PARTIES DESIK1NO HANDSOMELY FURNISHED Rooms, en suite or singly, can And first class accom modations at 130 West Twenty-nWt street PHYSICIAN'S OFFICE AND BEDROOM TO LET? Handsomely furnished. In a first class English base ment house. Apply at 210 West Forty third street, a few doors west of Broadway. SEVERAL NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS AND BED O rooms, bath, Ac., from $12 to $3 weekly; quiet. Srlvate house; central business location. 106 Kasi 'ilteenth street, three doorafrom Union Square Hotel. TO LET?FURNISHED BOOMS FOB LADIES AND gentlemen by the day. 144 Kast Twenty-second street, between Third and Lexington avenues. C. GOLDSMITH. IIO LET?AT 5RS SIXTH AVENUE, A FLOOR OF handsomely furnished Rooms, convenient for ll^ht housekeeping, or to gentlemen without board ; also sin* fit- Rooms; reference*. TO LET?AT SflO WEST TWENTY-Tn IRD STREET, the Second or Third Floor, furnished or unfurnished, to gentlemen; also the Buck Parlor, to a dentist or doctor. rpo LET?NEW FURNISHED ROOMS, FOR ONE OR 1 two gentlemen. 57 East Fourth street, third home from the Bowery. mo LET?TO A LADY. A PARTIALLY FURNISHED J Room for light housekeeping; closet, with hot and cold water , reut $14 per month. Inquire at 319 Went Forty-flflh street ? mo I JIT?furnished, TWO NICK FRONT ROOMS, 1 for gentlemen. 243 Mercer street. Inquire up stairs. TO LKT?TWO NBATLY FORMISBRD ROOMS FOR single gentlemen; use of bath; desirable location; family private. 10.1 Thirtieth street between Fourth andXexinfrton avenues. IIO LKT, FURN1SHEI > ROOM AND BEDROOM, FOR one or tw? gentlemen, wiUi n s'rietfy private family. Call at 2lfi East Eleventh street, between Second and Third avenues. ? TO RENT-FIRST CLASS FLOORS ON BROADWAY* near Thirtv-noennd street, with all convenience* range, hot and cold water, bathroom, water closet, gas, 4c.; all in perfect order, a. O. I.iioMM, I.ZS4 Hroadway. IRVING FL ACB ?IIAN DSOM ELY FI'RNISHED Rooms to let, ringly or en suite, at moderate prices. WEST "thirtieth STREET, FIRST ilOCSE fro* Fifth avenue. ?Iilegant I'artor Floor; also other Room", en suite, or singly, at reasonable rates. n NEWARK STREET. IIOBOKEN. ONH BLOCK from terry.?Neatly furnished front Room fo let to a young man desiring the comforts ol a home. Terms moderate. ' _____ "I 7T1I STREET. ? ELEGANT ROOMS WITHOUT J. I board, for gentlemen only. KM East Seventeenth street, between Irving plaee ami Union square. Qtl WEST NINTn STRHET. ?SEVERAL NICELY Oj furnished Rooms on second and third floors to let, to gentlemen, without Hoard. References exchanged. A Q TAYLOR STREET, WILLIAMSBURG.?LAROB TO furulshed front Room to let; terms moderate. JT 4 GREAT JONES STREET, NEAR BOWERY.?A ut few handsome and newly fitted up Rooms to let, to respectable gentlemen. OQ SOUTH washington SQUARE, CORNER OF l)0 South Fifth avenne.?Furnished Rooms, without board, lor gentlemen only. References required. EAST TENTH STREET, ItKTWEEN THIRD AND (it Fourth avenues.?A newly furnUhed Room to let to two gentlemen. 1 Kf* WEST THIRTY-SIXTH STREET.?A YOUNG |?)U willow lady lias Inst. taken a house and would like to let Mime furnished Rooms. tnVVRIUHED ROOMS AIVD apart* MKSTS TO LKT. An elegant flat, on a oornbr, nink rooms, all lighted from the street: size of house, 2S*tO; three blocks from Central Park; west side: strictly llrst class, with janitor. Apply to john BRAN 1(1 AN, 88T Kigliili avcniie. AT 122 THIRTEENTH street. near FOURTH avenue?Five Room* on second floor, admirably fit ted tor housekeeping; modern Improvement*. all con ?eniences on same tloor; rent Apply in store. A private FAMILY, OCCUPYING A FIRST CLASS house, will let, untiirnlshed. the Second Floor, con sisting of five rooms, bath, Ac., to respectable parties. Apply at M.VS West Twenty second street. A handsome CORNKR FLAT OF NINE LARGE rooms, below the Park and within one block of Fifth avenue; also one ot eight rooms, all lighted ; strictly no the Continental plan; small, first class families. Office IWJSixtli avenue. Open (fun 8 A. M. to HI'. M. A FIRST FLOOR TO LET-OVER THE STORE 420 Fourth avenue, near Twentv-nfntli street; five rooms ; improvements. Apply to own r, on the prem ises, from M lo 1 o'clock. A Slk;OND FLOOR T<r~LKT?SIX ROOMS, CLOSETS, Ac., in house No. 101 West Forty-first street taelng Reservoir square ; location pleasant; rent ?<*). Apply on the premises. Ring second bell. F1LOORS TO LET-IN 31 AND ? LEWIS STRKKT; rent 916 and $&). Inquire in store, or at Hank office, JU Second avynuy. IfLAT.?TO LET. A FIRST CLASS FLAT, IN WEST 1 Fifteenth street, containing sev. u rooms, with all modern improvements. well lighted and ventilated. J. DEMI A M A CO., 206 West Twenty-third street TO LKT-IN A ROW OF BROWN STONE HOUSES ON Second avenue, near Thirty-eighth street. First, Sec ond and Third Floors, to small, genteel familes. 691 See ond avenue. TO LKT?THE UI PER FLOORS IN BROWN BTONK House til East Thirty-third street. Apply in the basement. IIO LF.T?THIRD FLOOR, FOUR ROOMS, ?3 EAST Fifty-third street; bouse contains all modern irn jrovements. rO LKT?TO A SMALL FAMILY. THE THIRD Ploor of a private house; all the modem Improve tu'nts; rent S'tf per m jnth, reference required. Inquire it ?:t3 East Fifty-eighth street. rO LET?UPPER FLOOR OF HOUSE 117 WEST Forty first siieet, near Sifth avenue, to adults only; ?ent % lb per month; possession at once. F LET-UNFURNISHED, TWO ELEOANT PAR. tors, with water and gas; rent per month. In jaire at Kid Kleveuth street, near Fourth ^venue. rO LET-FIRST FLOOR. SIX KOOM8,\l SUFFOLK street; also Second Floor, five rooms, 19 ?oA>tk street L. C. 8ANDFORD, 153 Bowery. FLET?FIR8T FLOOR OVER STORK 2)0 BOWERY, lour rooms, for dwelling or business. L C. SAHDFOBP, 153 Bowery. TO LET?FIRST FLOOR, SIX ROOMS, WATER eto?iet. gas, Ac.; in good repair, rent SAO per month. Agply in the basement, 167 Wavorley place, of Mra. TO RENT-FIRST CLASS FLOORS ON BROADWAY, near Thirtv-second street; perlcctorder, with range, hot and cold water, bathroom, water Aloset, ga*. AC.; rent moderate. A C. LofaMlS, 1,254 Broadway. no lexington AVENUE, NBA* MADISON fUj miliar?.?'T<? let Thin! floor, firoom* and hft an<1 eold wiilcr, batt room and ail modern imoiov* menU; low rout for small lamily.

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