Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 25, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 25, 1873 Page 2
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DRY GOOO*. fcBBE 11 H RRR II cc II n S8-1 V 11 II H R IC C 0 II 11 8 8 u II H K R II 0 11 II 8 v >1 II R R II I' H II 8 VE IIIIIIII BBR II C IIHHH ?8 S U II R R Tl <? HI! 8 ? II II R K II C II II 8 K II 11 R R II 0 C II II 8 ? KEEE 11 II R R II OC H H S.NS BUiirrii avenue, near twenty fourth st lane Kb** I* nt 9? ?. *> o?. J* y 1,11,1 ? J *l ,ly d-uiMe to import. Ha I llumu jta wU rn border nuil lli?u centre. at ''"'.J! *'*? . Kich black luce Saoques ul $i 25, Wnnil WW worth our great sale of Laces, Shawls and Sacque* .still continue*. Handsome )?-"e Sha^vls nt $'! (V). M and $5; fully tern 1 Mini . Hilly double ourprice. . , . . , ... K If an ut late Dolman, beautiful design, at $15, woiui S3D. There are, vllhout doubt, the cheapest lacc Shawls and Hncnuc* evi r offered to the public. We ha\e nist received over20.t pieces black real Thread Ijicex which we are svlliu-'at lull* 3D per cent, uuiler regular pi in'-. They are nil beautiful designs, and ot niu.i silk and iexture. Real Thread l.uec, lull one Inch wide, at 41c. . Real Thread l.ace. full two inches wi ie, at?2c. Wider widths proportionately cheap. uur luti'iium* In real tiulpurc Laccs, .-ilk Gimps, Fringes. made-up Lace reul fo lit l.ace llankerehiols, Collars, Ac,, are too well known to nee 1 aavcrliseujuut W a W' W w W XV W W W W W W \V w vv w w W W W V. WW WW w w w w lints of every shape, shade and quality. This <lri artnuni u second to none In the ciiy. Onr as aorimciit I* complete nnrt onr prices are too well Known and appreciated to need uny comment. WILL OI'hN OIT MONDAT 10 cases misses1 new btvle Iteguttn Hats, iriinnied and hound i dge. at 75c., worth $1. 10 cases hovs' brown Hats, tulty rrimmed, ready tor wear, at 60c., worth 75c. locates ladles' black Straw lints, all the latest styles, from 50c. to $2. 60 casts Indies' and misses' best lilark Hair Bonnet-. and Huts at $1, sold all over at $1 50. 10 eases missr ' brown school Hat at :*)e., worth Me. Touello r with a tull assortment ol V\ bile Chip, Leghorn, Palmetto and Fancy Braid Hat*, lu all the latest and uioet desirable shapes. A ltd Normandy liai Frames at 8c. FFFF L OOO W W EEEB RKIt HBS8 jf I, o O W W W K It R S S K L O O W W W IS R K 8 If LOO \V WW W E R R 8 FFF li O O W W W W EKE RRR 8S88 K LOO WW WW E B R B K L O O WW WW E R R 8 *? L O O W WE R R 8 8 F LLLL OOO W W EEEE it R 8888 We have this season devoted stierlnl attention to the direct Importation iinil niuuutaetnrc ol line Mowers, Wreaths, \ lues. Ac., uiul are enabled to sell the richest Mirny* ui Ie-* than hall the reeulur pricin. Wo urgently nil vise ladies to examiue our I lower* bciore purchasing ?'ku11 Um<Hof Cros drain Bonnet Ribbons, Sash Ribbons, Millinery, Nets, lliti. i<>:> Veils, Black Crepes,. &c? at ex cecdingly moderate rates. Over BOO styles, beautifully ninde. at bargains. lira.-* Lilirll Mills, lit Ml i Si! 25 upwards. Real Suits, in iu $0 Ml upwards. Elegant im, ..riod Berlin >uits. iroin *19 upwards. The li.-w I'uiiiel's Hair Uedinifotc, ironi $5 -?> upwards. nTiTiVi .n's LIN I- N A N't) MARSEILLES SUITS is suieh the most complete ami reasonable iu the city. Ol'lt IMHilUIAIiMiiNT I.l-.l'Wt'l MI.Ni ts crowded with customers attracted by ourelegant styles and It.cridtWv low priets. , , Chemise, tucked bosom, needlework front, trimmed Willi edge, atHOc. ? , Tcji-tueked skirt?. at Sixtecn-tucked skirts, nt 94c. Shirts ot 9clusters of lucks, with :s alternate rumes, at $-*, cnnnol lie sold elsewhere at le limn t'J 5U. Night luess, tucked voKe back ?ud iroiit, at $1 17. I'ARASoLS. 1-.VRA80LS Children's school Parnsols, black or bn(T, at 25c. Kine rilK Parn.-o!s, Iroui SI upwards. Boiled silk eluli-s'ick ParasoL*, gill cups, at #2 25. Chuugcable silk rluh-*tick I'arasols, gilt cupg, at $1. Black silk I'arasols. lined all colors, club-stick, trimmed with broad Iringe, "Oxlord" name, at $? 5'i. Extra heavy siwplnui-color i unisols, witli cups, ele gaiii handle, in $."? 76; worth Hilly JSt1. Silk Sun L iubrellas equally cheap. We cordially invite ladles to call and examine our stock, entirely without relerence to purchase. Bargains in every department, at EHKICHS' Temple of Fa&nion, 217 ami 2Mit ICighth avenue, near Twenty-fourth nireet. AT JAMES M'CRKKBT A co.'S. Broadway and Eleventh street. Fancy Silk Department. Grisaille Stripes, warranted best Lyons lnnke, Jl 25, recently sold at $1 75. po-itlvcly the greatest bargain ever o tie red by us; gray and b'aea and Mae* an I c.ibirs, 87^c.: colored grounds, bluck with colors, and olher rich goods, at the lowest prices oI the season. AT JAMES M'CBEEUY A CO.'S. Hro idwav and Eleventh street. rialn Colored Silk Liopartmeut. The largest and most complete stock of new and staple colors, at prices that c nnimt be excelled lor eheaptievi. A large portion ol the above to oil ? have been purchased during ihu r- eeiil ucpre> . on in the uiarkeis, and we now oiler our entire fio k at less than Kuropuan prices. AT JAMES MVBEERY A CO.'S, Broadway ami Eleventh street 14-laek silk Uepartment. Bonnets, 85 inch., saiin lini.-h. ii 2j. Cacheinire, extra sublime. $2 W. Bi commendin? none but the hranil* approved ot bv our oldest imtroiis, we warrant in every ca^e entire ?a'.is taction. AT JAMES M'CREKRY A CO.'S, Broadway and Eleventh street, willsieitinue. on Monday May 2fi, in their l.aitie- Furnishing lleparlinent, their great sale oi ladies' Suits, Imported and of their own msuutuclure, roiupriting nil ilm latest stybs, a' f I ' 31", $i?i. $.'4 a ml *2s. Iielni a reduction of !I0 to 50 per ceuu ALo great bargains in Lawn and Linen Suits, iroui S5 up. LhiIH ?' 1'tdouaise Jackets, Talmas, Ac , at very attruc ''iuJolaiites' and eh.ldren's Night Dre?es. Chemises, PrawtTj*. Toilet SuctnicRi OorsW't ('overs, L iidcrwkirtji, Ac., Ac., of superior quality and bnish. Ijadies' and misses' braidesl 1'iqite and Linen Suits, In the newest six les, at a great reduction ol prices. Walking Suits and Kventns Dresses, ol unsurpassed elegance and style, made at short notice and at poi uiar prices. " C111EAP DREWOOOD8 DEPARTMBNT. J AT JAMKS M'CREERY A CO. S, Broadway nnil hleventh street, on Monday, May 26, will offer h sp cud id assortment of Satin Striped unit Brocaded .lapuucse Poplins, 30c. and 37\c. per \ nrd ; reduced I rntu Due. French Mohairs, including the new wlindea of suge and inixiioiiettc, WJgtr., 40e. and 5?e. per yard. .sniped de Beifc and satin Striped Mohair, 40r. and 45c. Imitation Camel's Hair Series, f U ttant shades, 50c. Mohair and de Beites, tor poionnaises, in all shades of gray au<l brown, tOc. and tH'Jc. per vnrd. i'iaid and Mrlpc.d M.dialrs, suitable tor ladies' morning wrapper*, reduced to 25c. Striped and Chene Popllas. very desirable for traveling euita, 20c. per yard; worth 8MB. AT JAMES M'CRFERY A CO.'S, Broadway and Kli venth street, wfli offer on MONDAY. Mar 26, 500 piece* silk warp Vienna ('loth, 62\e. 500 pieces Mlk weft Mohair, "5c. 4Uii pieces ?iik warp French Pongee, 75c. :v*) piece* Milk Paris Serge, extra quality, $1 50. :?*> pieces ?ilk ward Crepe Eugenics, #1. 3JU piece* brocaded Mikado Sill;. 91. * 250 piece.* oilk warp Japanese Silk. 50c., reduced from 75c. 3IW pieces silk and t amel'i Hair Serses, >1, reduced irom 9I lb. A full line of Summer Ca?bnierc. reduced to 75c. Irtsli. Ej on* ami French Poplins in nil xhiftle*, at a great sacrifice. AT JAMES M'CREERY A CO.'S, Uro.idwuv and Eleventh street, will offer on MONDAY Mav 2fl, in tlieir Millinery Department, Trimmed limine * and Hound lints, iroiu the leading r.iris milliner* un-J of our own manulaciurc, at reduced price*. A lars!<" assort ment of uu Hats, suitable for the sea side and country, trimmed or untrluimeU. at very low prU't'a. The Robhison >'rusoe Hat. trimmed with Florida flow er*, $.1. Also the "Modoc Hat," something entirely new, #1 80. Chriidren's trimmed Hnt'in prrat variety, at very at tractive price*. At the new store. THK UltEATESI BARGAINS EVER OFFERED. M. KI.IMAN A CO., late of New Orleans, 25 I nioii square, a lew doors abo?e Tiffany A Co.'s, and 25 Kast Miteenth street. 3,44t piece* ltriti-li, French and Uerman Dress Uoods 15c.. I*1 .. 2Ue and 2.V., worth iloilhil the inlce. [170 piece* Sir* stripe tircliadines. 20c.. value 40c. 2t>l piece* "ilk embroidered Urenadines, 22}ic., value 55c. 13 cav a yard wide printed EniMiMi Cambrics, 12,' TBllte Be. *. its. ? printed Delaines, I.V., vnltie 2.5c. SuUnlt Ci sl-l lrl*li I Inon. 25c , value 40c. 3,Mtt lloek In Wei-, tie. each. 10 4''I yards pi ay ti It ail-de. 15c., value Ilk*. M,4!<I beat Quality wash Poplin, 15c , value 25c. 1.971 vard* Nalnv.?k. I5e. l*e . aie., value 2Sc..Slo., 4Dc. 3,KM.\ard- \ ictnrla Eawn. 15c . I* '/Or., value double. Ug,vwl? printed latuu Cambric, ute , value '.'Ar lA.MHyards Hamburx I'.inbroiderv. s(. pi,, ir*. ny. jfc 4 cases Hummer Japanese t"liHti. 1>< \ .due :K)c. lease Grenadine Barege, lh,\, value ;ioc. Icaaes MMtambit|Ues an I l.inos. !* ?. value 2.'*! HO.tlERY MARKED DOWN TO Ou/f Reeular made Hose, '25c. Palbrlftfaii lira*', $3. f:t tW, ?4 25. U 75 a 1,0*. Hrown and white l<i>tl?! Tore ml ilo?e. :2c. and 60c per t,a'r- ? Mis?es' Eugllsh. Oerntnn r.nd French Ho-derv. Da lie*', Misses', (Jeiits' and Hoys Fancy (<n ? llose and Hall llose. Mlkite*' (Jaii/e and (iosaomer Vests. 45?-., ^ alue ic. Boys' tlaii/e and Ooasamer Vests, 76c , *nli . ?t. Hiu> tli's teal KalbrlKKau Hose ami Mali iiorc. (Cents' <JauM an I i.ossainer Underwear, 7oc., value 91. Uent*' Eis e Ibread Underw? nr. 91 2i>. value 91 Dents' hoKlish superffnc Hall Hose, 93 per dozen, Value 95. <Jent>' I.Isle thread Half lloa*1, 95 50 per dozen, value 97. Regular mud' i.nallsli lime, slightly (lain,u. il, at an iiiiiatviist sai rliice. M. RE 1 MAN ,t .11 AT V. YIO iROL'X'S, 122 FOURTH A V F M' E. ? J\ Klampliii'. Bmbrolderinx, Eintferie ertabll*bineut l adles' anil Dailies1 Trousseaux. Specialty of Initials, Mi.noKrams lor llandkondilel, lable and Bedclothes. The lar/est sttaik o( French limbroidered (loials, Mar ?ellles Dresaes and Uaby Cloth. Wliole.-ale department 19 |ii>9welw> iiwsl. ).<*UVIN K W Dl.OVKh, MAISON VIOLET PERFL'M* 1-ry.?All aosol t mt nt of the Kenuilie articles always oil haiiiiiU 14. URoDKK A CO.'S, late E, Bruit's, 32 Eust 1 welult ,tr??i wttsl of Broadway. pity ooons AT-'utAUKaT^ . . ... . Sixth avenue anil Nineteenth street. opening on Monday. ORBAT It \ Ki J AINS IN DUKSS GOOD*. 2,001) piece* plain, mlxod and striped Uren-i Goods, in great variety of style ami (itultly, 15c., 18c., 20e., 24c., 2. c. 1,1X10 piece* of Dress Goo K plain and mixed, letter good". 2Hc., 80e., S5c., '(He., 40e., fce. and 50c. Twille 1 Serges and Cashmere* I'orpoloualoe, S8c. tofiOc. Striped oilK Grenadines, 2Uc. and 'Jtic. Best silk and woo< an J all wool Grenadines, 44c., 56c., UUc. ami 75e. Bent brands black Alpacas, 25c., 30c., 3*c.. 44e. n 111 50n. Hamulus in black. Ctudiuicre*, lull width, 98e-, $1 and $1 ID. Fine black Taffeta Silk* $1, $1 is, $1 28. ?1 1-.xira heavy I ntleta ana Gro* Grain black 811k*, 91 M), $1 lib. CI 75 and $2. Splendid quality Bcllon* A Ponson's solt satin finish Suk*. 82 ^5, ft 0 and $2 7ft, worth #'< 25. striped Drew Hllhs, splendid quality, Wo. and $1. .stuped silk*, IK'kI Ko idHinuile, il 2 V Coiorcd Trimming KtUs, 9 o? $1. fl 2S?nd $1 38. OPi'.SlNG ON MONDAY. Bargain* in Llama Lace racquet ioiiI Shawl*. Splendid Lace Saequc*. $M, $10, ?12, $13, #11 and $13, almost one-liall last year'* prices. Very Hue real I.lama Macyuea, $l!>, $17. $1S, $20. Lace Points, $8, $10. $4)!, *13, $lf> mid jig. A to I of very line Opera Cloaks, $t> Mi, worth $19. PARASOLS AND 81'N H M BltKLLAS. Urtccti lower than any house in th ? city, comprising all the newest sly.1 ?? nilroituced lhi> *ea*ou, ill rich Plain and twilled and satin border*, all styles handle*. 1 iuUMick Umbrellas, slunlvri >ilk satin liorder* in puri let, blue*, browns, chatelaine attached, $2 75iiud$S 20. llcavy black silk lined cliih Mick handle, $.4 to $3 09. silk Vara sol*. 45c. to IB. Heal Pongee Xtui Umbrellas, silk lined, best goods 95c., $1, $1 25, $1 60, I 7S and $2, hall price. HOStKHV AMI I'NOhKGAKMHMM. Now owning ever) style In Ladies' Children's and gciir* Sinnnier I'ndurgarmerts. Balhriggnn. Lime thread and striped Uoslery. Cents' Summer Mei Ino Vests, fskv, ti(le., DWc. mi l 76c. Hovs' Mimnicr Merino Vest.-. SrJc., 5K-.,t>0e. and 75c. Mis* ??' Merino Vests, 35c.. 4tlr. ami Mle Ladles' Summer Merino Vests, 50c., 03c. and 75c. Ladles' extra long Halbriggau Stockings, ailk clocked, $1. $l 26, $4 60, and $.'? 26 box. Kill, silk and Lisle thread Glove*, all styles. 2-button kid (llaves, $1: ttrst el as* article. LADIES' UNliKBtlARMIifW'S AND OORSKT8. All the popular makes 01 Corsets at low price*. Embroidered 1 renchwove Corsets, $1 ami $1 25; very Cheap. Hoop-skirt Paniers, fa -.'ilonable shapes, 09c., 93c. and 7iV Clieinlse? and Drawer* in great variety of style and trimming, 76c., ftl, #1 2.r>. $1 3< and $1 Mi. Night-gowns, nil styles, (I iir>, $1 fitl, $1 75*nd$2. Louie*' Toilet ttacque* and Corset Cover*, In linen and cambric. tV.-ilklng and trail skirts, Haby Baskets and Billow Sham*. Children's Normandy Crps, Medallions and Italian Lac*, $3 to $ 1. Children's linen ami pique Sails, braided. $1 70 to $2 50. Ol'KNiNO ON MONDAY a very large assortment of la.lics' Suits ir, black silks, striped silk* and linen, both iinporied null ol our own maniiiaetiire. Ureal variety of Imported Suits, $12, $11 $15, $1S, $20 to $50. I'lain black and slri|tcd Silk Suits, rlchlv trimmed, best custom work, $65, $7o, $76 and $90. Bliiok Alpaca Suits, our own manufacture, very styl ishly trimmed, Hue materia! aud well iniide, $i2, $15. and' $25. Black Cretonne Suits, elaborately and neatly trimmed, $35; usual cost. $51. Cashmere aud Camel's haircloth Polonaise, trimmed Willi *ilk, $l?. _ Linen antl batiste Polonaise, $ii, $*, $9, 10, $12. Linen Suits, In lutejt stvles, $'!, $N, $10. $12 ami $1.1. Order* tor garments promptly and neatly executed at moderate price*. MOUKMNU OUTFITS T<> ORDER AT SHORTEST NO TICK. Housekeeping and Domestic Goods, a large assortment iovn-ls, Nap .ins. Table Linen. Piano Covers and Tidies. Lawns, Tancinns, Organdies, Plainund Dotted Muslius. LACK AND EMBROIDERY DEPARTMENT. <!iiipure. Point, Valcnelcniics and Thread Laces, all width 4.' and Children's Handkerchiefs, Iringed Veils and Spanish dot Nets: plaited Cutis and Collars. Now opening, great bargains tn Hamburg embroidered Kiitfim: unit inserting*, all ?i'lihs, choicest patterns, I2c., 13c., 14c.. 15c., 16c., 16c. to otic. MtLLINKRY RIBBONS AND TRIMMINGS. All the latest styles and low prices. All silk uros grain sash and imnri-t nu<l trimming Rib bons, Windsor silk Ties and Kiehiis, trimmed with H inge; French Mowers mill straw Good*, triinmed and un trnnmed, Pa-semenu rie (iiuips, Braids, Buttons, Orna ment i, black Mid colored Fringes, plain and knotted, in all colors. All qualities and style* in latest novelties in Paris and Vienna Fancy Goods, oxidized Ornaimnta, Ac., Shell, Whitby, Jet, rubher and gilt Jewelry. 111 sets, chatelaines, Bonnet. Dress and Hair Orname-uts. llusda loader, can vas and morocco Travelling Bags and Porketbooks. So.ips, Pcrlumery. Toilet Powder and Pints. Forming the largest and moa complete assortment on ;-'ixth avcuue und ilie lowest prie RICH AUD M MARES, 307 and 300 SKili avptme, ltll, lit) and 105 isineteenth street, N. T. j^r WII.SON A ORKIU'S, 771 Broadway, corner uf Ninth street, win offer on MONDAY, May 26, flreat Inducements to those who wish to purchase Dry floods. Ladle* will llnd flreat Bargains In several ol ihc departments. Cloth nnJ cashmere flarmonts marked down 28 per cent. Paris. Berlin and own make Suit* marked per cent lower. WILSON A ORKIG will also oiler at mnch reduced prices While lawn Suits " Utile soiled; also ( aiiilirlc Suits. White Waist* at hnlfprice. Children'spique Suit*. Mines' andchildren's cloth Clocks. Babies' silk and satin Boniicu ut 20c., 50c., $1 and 91 CO; les- than third flit* prior. Babies' piciue Sun Bonnets nt 25c.. worth 91. Babies rreiicli pique Boot*, 25c., marked trom 91 SO. WILSON A OKhlfl have just received Linen Pongee, a now material tor polonali-es, at 35e.} reverse striped washing l.inen at .Ho., 50 per c?nt below t!ie value; also satin strn e I flrenad ne. double width, in Mark anil in white, at $1 !*>, worth 93 5J per yard. One case Japanese srripes ut 25c., worth 9l)c. W11.SON A flKFIfl, 771 Broadway, corner of Ninth street. No TICK.?.Tu*t received from Paris one ease of mi broldercd batiste and linen Polonaise* and Costumes, ver\ desirable; also Ca*htuere embroidered Dulmans and' Pelerines unmade; also one ens* of choice shades of Alreritie Cloth*, suitable lor tho sea shore and water ing places. i -AT WALLER 4 M'SORLEY'8.-IMPORTANT notice to ladles.?In addition to our well assorted and cheap stock of Dry flood* we will open this week 3 cases of Balermocs In all the new Mige and mignouctte shades at 25c.; these goods are selling at most stores for 60c.; 5 ea*o? of Japanese Silk* at 5tv\ per yard?these goods have been selling until this week for 75c.?and 5 cases of Plaids at 31:4c'., worth fully 50c. per yard; also Japanese I'oplins at 20c., 31,'4c. anil 37.',c.; these goods are cheaper than can be found elsewhere. A call is respecttully solicited that you may be convinced. Our Suit Department is com plete. All this season's floods and Styles. We hare Lus tres ami Poplin Suits at 98, 99, 910 and 912, nicely trimmed and well make; also elegant Suits, unsurpassed In style and finish, at from $-n to 930 and upwards. The cheapest stock of Linen Suits in the city; Linen Suits at 93, 94, 5 and 96 Drosses^^d and altered without* ex tra charge. Silks?Black Silks, b<st make, at 91, 9125, $150aml upwards;fluiness Silks, splendid quality, at 9175, worth 92 50 per yard; Stripped Siiks at 85c., 91 and up wards. Mourning floods, every inike and style, nt lowest prices. Special bargains in black Alpacas and flrenadlnes. Shawls in great variety, very cheap. All good* marked in plain tlgures; no deviation. WALLER A M'SAORLBY, U5 flrand street, nenr Bowerv; V MOTHER flit AND DISPLAY. LOOK AT THE PRICKS. EXTRAORDINARY BAROAIN8 IN BLACK SILKS. 1*73. SPKINfl 1MI ORTATIOK. M73. CUAKLKS IIKA Itll A CO., 301 ORAM) STREET, will offer Monday, May !?*. 110 additional piece* superior ?Iunlit. black MLKS; new g<^<?*. ot recent importation, bought at auction vales during the past week. Kiel: Plack Rhine '.??? 91, 9} 1". 91 JO Eura rieliflrosds Rhine 91 30, 91 4". 9' W. 9) ki b black Drap de Lvon 91. 9' 10, 91 20, 9j Rich black Drap de 1-ranee 9' 10, 91 W. 91 30. 91 3*) Rich black flr?? flruin *1. *1 10, 9> 20. 91 ?*> Still richer iiri>sflram 91 1', 91 -r0, ft 00, 91 <5 Kxtra viiiier flros flrain (2, 92 ?'&, 92 <0. JM Satin finish flro* flrain $2 -5, 92 AO, 92 7ft, 93 Also 112 pieces, in addition to their large line of Spring and Summer check and s'riped SILKS, from #'e. up. Kriendm customers ami strangers are invited to call and examine. CHARLES HEARD A CO., 301 (irand street. i T OAYNOR'S CORSETS, SKIRTS AND TOk RNl'ltES. SPhl'I kLTIES. *22 Broadway, corner of Twelfth street Branch store. Sixth avenue, between Thin y-se venih aud Thirty-eighth streets. SI MMER flOODS Just received. Elegant shapes and stvles, adapted to any figure. Latest Pari* Novelties In Preach Haircloth Skirts and Tournures, superior style an I quality, at very reasonable prices. yr I .1:. Poft'LAU CARPET STORK, 123 Bowery, near flrand street. Carpets at popular prices. Fine check and white Mattings, 25c per yard. Ingrain Carpets, ftOc., 60c., 75c. and 91 P<t yard. Three.ply Carpets, 91 26 nor yard. Engli-h Tapestry Brussels. 91 25 per yard Body Rru^seis, In new designs, 91 75 to 92 per yard. A large stock ot Paper Ila.igltigs, Curtains, Cornices, Window shades, Oilcloths and lings, , el equally U>w prices. All goods guaranteed a* rci i represented r?n* ooons. Great latgaik. Furntlyn, reiriiiw. Ac., at the large wholesale aud ittuli Carpottuul furniture Wararooins, 5(i0 to 810 Kiglith Avenue, corners Tlurtv flflli and Hjjrty gixtli afreets, D, KELLY. ' ? ivr iih a call btAin buying. AT MME. .1. IX LIVHRKK'S, 441 SIXTH AVENUK, 411, between Twcntvsixtli mill Twenty sivcnlh street* Bi.itnpiittf ami hmhroidery Kstnbll.-dimcnt. children's pii tic Dresses, stumped ana nlretidv made; French Lin. anil IttJU-ii' Uiulergnrm'-uiH; handsome Initials and .MniuiKramx embroidered to order; l.ans uluauid and mended ei|iinl to now. / 1 W. FRENCH v./. N?w. OXIDK GOODS Russia I-outlier Onods, 3 of all kind* O Fiue KuulifU twilled Milk Umbrellas. Tor Ladle* and ueutleincn, White and Colored Sbirts, made to order. l' class work and flt. ('all and are sumpies at $36, )i2 and $tx per dozen. i-.ntfli.~Ii Silk snu Merino Underclothing. Acomnlote new stock of Men's Furnishins Oi od's 0. W. 1-iti NCII. Importer of Men's. Fuini-hing Of ods and fine French Jewelry, ARV Broadway, Prince itmtooriltir. / lOMPAGNIE DES INDKS, \J Paris. MM. VF.RDE DEI.ISLK Kith. RES, of tlio CoinpamiiP de? Hides, ronpeetiuily address themselves to laili>? - t?t Ameriea cnutomplaiiiig a voyagu to i'.urupo, inviting their attention In their productions ol I,aces ana Casbiuure Shawls, oxhipited at their warehouses, HO Hue Klchclieu, Puris, und No. I Hue dn la Rcgence, Bru&clles. Those who uall, either from interest and ourioslty or for the purpose of buying. will uieef with oijual courtesy. \? this pays no conimtMlous under uny aircum uncus tn agents, the direct pureliasi r obtuinsall the udvtiutngi s. All goods marked in plain figures. Prices invariable, kngllsh spoken ml over the house, Fabri<|ucs da Deutellex, I Fabrii|ues de Cashmere de? Hi \ mix, M Kite Koyisle ltidos, Alcncon, '.ii Hue de Centre). I 0 i?limcro, Cmrlt/.nr. LV >11N TAIN'S INDIA STORK. J1 Pineapple Dress Goods fur Summer and scashoro wonr. A Inrge nnii elegant a*?ortuicut at SS^IfOiiwiii up stairs (opptaUe Waiiack'.s Theatre). |? O' N KILL ft CO. nre now offering tlio finest assortment of M1LLIN l-.KY GOODS to he fotiud in the citv at retail, and tlio cheapest RIBBONS. Uros Orain .Sasli Ribbons, Watered Sash Ribbons, lilnek anil Fancy Plaid Hash Ribbons. 100 cartons 7-inch Oros Grain Sash Ribbons, $l yard, all silk. 100 cartons 7-inch Sasli Ribbons, 9Ae., In all colors. SO cartons 7-:nch Black Gros Grain, $1 yard, warranted all silk. 20 cartons 8-Inch Watered Path Ribbons, $1 36, all silk. 0J cartons 7-iuch Block Plaid, <>5c. yard. Roman Sadies. Roman Sash Ribbons. BONN 1ST RIBBONS. All the new Spring shades, In 9, 9,12 and 16. FRENCH AND ENGLISH CHIP HATS. BELGIAN SPLIT STRAWS. 50 case* Hair Hats and Bonneta, $1. 200 cases of Milan Round Hats, from 65c. to $2 50. 100cases of Milan Bonneta, from $1 to$3 50. 25 cases of English and Pre rich Chips, at $2, worth $3 50. 1IK) cases ol American Chin Hats, ?1 2A. We have now on oale the most complete assortment of Straw Ooods ever offered at retail in tln> city, Mini much In-low jid.lxTs' prieous we manufacture and buy our goods Kast. Rich I.aces, BLACK THREAD, GUIPI'RK, VALENCIENNES, SPANISH LACKS, VEILS, DOTTED NETS, MILANS, ILLUSIONS. Fringe Veils, In grenadine and crape. Lacc Veils, in all the newshapci. madk-up"lace GOODS. Children's Lace Caps. Normandy Lace Caps, from $3 to $15. FRENCH FLOWERS. .Mint received, 10 eases of the latest Parisian novelties in MON I IliltS K08K VIN8, GARLANDS, ROSES, IX ENDLESS VARIETY, which wo are prepared to noli cheaper than any other hou.-e lor the mimic tlass of goods. LADIES' Tli:a in endlong variety. 1,0(4)dozen 4^-inch Wiuusor lies, 4t>o. Crepe ?le Chine Ties. Fancy Ties. Ladies, go to O'NEILL'S for MILLINERY GOODS. All goods marked in plain llgure*. N. B.?Ueduction lo the trade. _ ? H. O'NEILL A CO., .127 and 329 Sixth avenue and Twentieth street.^ rPHK NEW STOKE. 1 M. RF.IMAN A CO., 2j Union square. 11 tew door* a hove Fifth avtnue, and 25 East Fifteenth street, Importers ami Retailers ot French. English, Irish, Herman, Swiss and Domestic l>RY (SOODS, will offer on Monday, May 26, and during the week the following great bargain* In HI LKS. New Spring Silks nt 7!Sc. and upward. New (Ireysclllo Silks atltiv. 11ml up. Black c.rus (?rain Silk- at 9;ic. ami up. Black Gros de Rliin at '.?5c. and tap. Spring Japan? e Silks at 40c. and up. Cannelo Strit e silk", all color*, at ?1 and tip. Black and white check Silk* at KOc. and up. Black and white stripe Silks at 90c. and up. Shaded ground colored stripe Silks at 90c. and up. White and grav broken striiie r-ilks, !tte. and up. bCai'k ami MOURNING OOOD8. Rlsck and white Grenadine, 20c. and up. B ack cold figure Grenadine, 22'..c. and up. Black ."tripe (irenailine, warranted all silk and Wool, 85o fl nnil $1 2<i, worth $1. $1 25 and $1 50. Black a<l wool Grenadine, !Wc. and up. lllack >llk and wool lirctiadino, 60c. and up. Black foulard Delaine, HBe. Black silk lustre Alpaca, 25c. and up. Extra line black Alpaca, flOe., worth 75c. Black all-wool Cashmere, 75e. and up. Black and while ?tri|ie l.cnos, 30c. and up. Hu1111 and mlk *trt|>c Grenadines in all styles. An c.irly in-peetlou of this department is respectfully solicited. DRESS GOODS. New spring Poplins ip all shades, 19c. Polka dot Delaltles, 2oc. New Spring style 1 irenadine, 25c. All new styles in linen Batiste. Open work and silk stripe Batista. New fancy lace stripe Dchages. New Spring shades of (liallie*, fi2'j'e., selling every w here for We. New spring shades In ?lik Pongees, fi5o., ralne S5e. Camel's llair (loth, lor Spring wear, 2ft-. and up. PouMc width (iminer Serges, JWe. and up. Parlslenne Cloth, .17',c. up. English Mohair*. Mc and up. Dehnge* in all shades. Lace striped Slimmer Poplins, 70c. and up. Sa.ill striped Slimmer Poplins. (Hie. and up. New spring and Summer shades ot Alpaca, Mc. and up. Summer nlald Poplins, 25c. and np. Ottoman stripe Mohairs. 3*. and uu. All wool ( re onnes. 57'jC. and up. Figured Pongee*, all wool. 45c. and up. Pongees In all the new shades. Cashmere Da (ostu, 75c. and 110. PARASOLS, PA It AM H.S, PARASOLS, in endless variety, af a great sacrifice. All the new ?tj les to be had at extremely low prices. I.A< E DEPARTMENT. Great bargain'' In black ami eolored Yak Laces and In sertions. black (impure and thread Laces, real Valen ciennes Laces and insertions. Ri al Mama I ice Kichus. 9r> 75 and upward. New tringcii (Irenndine Veils, $1 and upward. Ail line 11 Handkerchiefs, 70c. dozen an l upward. All linen hom-stitched Handkerchiefs, $1 AO down and upward. Ladles' linen Sets, ('ufli and Collar, Polka dot, plaited, .UK-, and SOc. Immense bargains in Embroideries. Hamburg Edging ami In?ertion, 15c. per yard up, Crochet. Gulliure and Applique Tidies. Oxidized and .let .lewelr>, in groat variety. 371 pieces Table damask. 15c. upward. 542 down tine linen Napkins, 91 per dozen up. K4 i down linen Doylies, t'?c. per dozen up. 1,346 bleached linen Iahlecinths, 91 2:. up. 971 dozen buck Towels 91 per dozen up. S73 dozen damask Towels, 92 75 per dozen up lu-4 linen sheetings, h.'>c. and up. 10-4 Marseille* Omits, 91 50, 92 and up. Honeycomb and iac,|imrd Quilt*, In great variety. Table and piano Cover*, in all styles, ut remarkably low prices. We are now clearing out our mammoth stock of Swiss Organdies, tarletuns, nniiiiook, puiucs stripe and check ('ambries, and ull White 1.ends, at less thau Importation cost. Check and Mrloe Nain?ook, Ific. and up. White, colored ami doited Swiss, llic. and up. 6-4 French Nainsook, ,15c. up White Pique (Imported', 2Hc. up. Embroidered Pique* and Marseilles, in great variety. Irish linen Lawn, our own importation. 25c. up. Willie Muslin, Cloths, CfUMlinerea, Cloaking, Ac., at cost of Importation. New vork DYEING AND PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, flTATRN ISLAND. KSTAHLISED IN H19. 9s Duane street, nesr Broadway, i 752 Broadway, near Eighth street, > New York, 6I1) six til Avenue, near Thirty sixth *1 , > DM5 and Iff Pierre pout street, near Kulton, Brooklyn. Dye, Cleans* and Koflnish ladlea' and gentlemen's Gar menu and Piece Goods iu a ?up?rlor maunsr. H DRY GOODS. o, FOB THE SEASIDE. (lO, FOB TIIL MOUNTAIN'S, HABATO OA. LONG HRANCII, kKWVOUX, O'ATSKILLH, NIAGARA, LAKK GiiOttGsB. TBAVBLLKItS, TOURISM, ?nil lhoc,o who seek a country retreat in the warm season, will And thousands of articles tor SUMMI5B USB and _ SUMMER VVF.aB at the (JBAND CENTRAL LdlAULIslIM :.NT of ?*? ??? # ? ?***.? ??*????#???' \ + * * ? ????# # * # ?? H. ? ? ? A # H * w w * * MAO* * * * # ? * _ w # *0 0. ? * ?* * ???*? * * ? * ?*. ? ? ? ? ?? ?? ? * TKaVKLLiNO HACKS, ICE PITCHERS, Mosquito Not*, Shade Hats, Sun Umbrellas, Shawl straps. Ladles' Regatta Hats, Yacht Chairs, LA 1)1 fC;>' SAlI.011'BlUTS, Bathing Whites, Bathing Caps, PALMETTO MATS, SEASIDE SOARKS, (iardcniitg Sets, Croquet frets, Weath' r iiaroineters, View Glassos, Toilet Smoothing Iron/), STATIONERY aMI> NOfii PAPEB, Students' Lamps, Folding Candlesticks, Fluting Machines, FOLDING CHAIRS, FOLDING SETTEES, Vi' ?ranrlah < 11 air-?, Clothes Hampers, Steamer Chairs, Travellers' Whisks, Ilainin.-cks, Colapslble Cups, LUNCn IlwSKWTS l-OB PICNICS, Picnic Crackers, Ac., Camp Chairs, Palm an.I Jap Fans, WHITE OI.YCKRINE amT NEGLIGEE SLIPPERS, Toilet Article* (or Dressing Ca-cs, tli'- ooiuiIcxku. Sponges and UutU Gloves. LADIES' LINEN SUITS. ! 'fni. *:.v? joiuer. Jamaica Ginger. Gauze Underwear. NOVELS, Magazines aua all the liglu literature of the day lor tGTMMKB HEADING, jent to any nUciress desired us soon as Issued. R. H. MACY A CO., Fourteenth s;reet and Sixth avenue. -A A.-A. In .ia Camel's Ilnlr Shawls and Scarfs at bargains. Retlrlii!' Irom business. Iluild ng to lease. ,T. BUSS .Lli, IIS Eust Twentieth street. jTTlADBUBY BR01HEU8, 31J and \ 1 Bowery, one door behyw Hleeeker street It Is a well-known tnet that during the past week greater sncrlilces hare been made on goof's disposed of at peremptory auction sales than were ever know 11 beioro in 1 ti 1h country. The tobhers and importing retailers, being full of goods, have not boon nble to avail themselves ot these opportu nities lor purchasing, and ns a natural consequence we have bough goods literally at our own prices. Everv lady going out to purchaso the goods ennmer aled below, shouiu at lcmi call and examine the quality and price of our goods, and If necessary take samples una compare wl h the prices ot other houses. All we de-Ire is an actual comparison to demonstrate that we are selling goods at astonishingly low prices. Beautiful Dress Material*, all new colors, ftc. Double-width Lustres, Sic. Mixed Mohairs, 40c., sold recently at 75c. Superb quality silk-striped Milkaclo, 37SC' Brochosllk chain Milkado Silks, 5Uc. to 00c.t sold one week ago at St. Other n w .nlks equally low. Fine silk-striped Grenadines, 20o. Magnificent quality Grenadines, SOe., cost 90c. gold to im port. Biaek Alpaca*. 20c., 25c., SOe. and 50e. huperb pure Mohair Alpacas, M\r.. Black gros grain Silks, <),ie., $1 and $1 25. Superior Cashmere, superii finish, (I 5) to $1 75. Finer goods proportionately low. Wo a'so offer a line of the new Butts In plain Silks at SI 25. warranted lull boiled and sold elsewhere at SI 75. Special attention is also n-k *d to our W lii e Goo In and Linen Department*. Yard wide grass Cloth, l-'^o. our A. Suit Shawl Department is worthy of special mention, as la Lace Shawls aMSaoiues ? our selections from auction enable us to offer superior goods, at itici tnparably low price*. In Poplins and I.tnen Suits we are offering all the newest desienM at prices which cannot tall to prove attractive, as we use only the host material* an I finish the goods oqunl to those usually sold at much higher prices. Hair. _ hair, l. stiaw has removed his lllimnn Hair Establishment to the large, commodious store HOWERY, comer Fourth (itroet HRAN'011 8IOKK, MS SIXTH AVENUE, between Twentv-second and Twenty-third streets. lias the largest sU>re tn the city. Finest quality good*. Retails them at wholesale prices. 1'iice t.lst. Short Hair Switches. $2 and upward ; finest quality Hair Switches, solid, not dyed, M Inches long, 4 minces Height fS Do., Inches long, 4 ounces weight (1 l>o.. 20 Inches long, 4 ounces weight H I)o., 33 Inches long, 4 ounces Weight 10 l/ong single furls, naturally curly, 22-lncli. $2: 24 inch. ?2 nO; Winch, $4. Friseties, it*\ per yard. Thread Swi ches, 80c. each. Shtiw's pa4ent Hair Switches, can he combed and brushed, $1 each. Patent issued October 29, ltW; reis sued June 24, 1870. Can be seen at 314 Bowery. Notice.?Any unprincipled person infringing on tills patent or counterfeiting these goods will be dealt with according to law. I.udies' own Hair made oyer in latest styles. Combings made up at 50c. per ounce. Goods son! C. (i. I>. by express, charges prepaid, on re ceipt ot color, and inonov in registered letters or Post office order. M OR1TZ DINKKKHPIlttj, 737 Rroadway, opposite Alitor place. Our great Clearing Out ^'ale, Clearing Out Sale, Clearing out Sale, is to be continued during the present month, and we now offer Still Greater Inducements, still Greater Inducements. stilt Greater Indugemt nts than ever betore, than erer betore, than ever In f. re. nnd inrito the ladies to a visit, when next prune.-:i:i(li:ig Broadway. Luce*. Ribbons, Silks, Ties, Passementeries, Rut tons, small Ware?, Ac., Ac., at tremendous bargains. Our salesladies willingly show all goods, and aro polite and attentive. MORITZ DINKELHPIEL, 7S7 Broadway, opposite Astor place. Notice ?Ten per cent refunded In cash on every pur chase above 91. yJMITH'S P AT 11, K N BAZAAR, 914 BROADWAY! " O between Twentieth and 'Iwenty-drst streets, east sid". Patterns. Patterns. Patterns. New Imported Patterns ot all the Novelties lor summer, direct trom Paris itud Rerlin. Imperted Patterns. Imported Patterns. Imported Patterns. Grand display ot charming Paris designs Polonaise. Redlngotb*. Polonaise. Iteil Indoles. Polonaise. New Arrivals. Beautlliil Changes. Endless variety. SMITH'S Illustrated Pattern Raman SMITH'S Illustrated Pattern Rn/.nar. SMITH'S Illustrated Pattern Bazaar. The only Fashion Magazine in this country that Im ports fashions a lid sells paper patterns ol' them. Subscribe tor It Only $1 ii year. only |l a year. Only |l a year. Every snbscrlt er gets as premium patterns of her own ?election to the vulucot $1, tree. Cloth models with everr pattern. Cloth models with every patt< rn. Cloth models w.tli every pattern. Patterns fltted to the lorm warranted perfect Come early in the day. Send two stamps tor our Illustrated Catalogue. Address A. HrRDETl'K SMITH, 914 Broadway. Post office bo* Qli A DTK ItT I s K M KMT I NDKIt FI'RMTI It!; C n. O iimn headed It AKli AINS. BARGAINS. BARGAINS. MIM.IVKll V AND IIIIF.SSM IKI\(;, LT R. A. HASTINGS', 1? choice flotrp ltl*a in Bot 3 Parisian houses; nrw |>?;f|pe French Flowers, T R. A. IIAHTINOS', III KANT FIKTKKNTII STREET, choice flovp ltl*a in Bonnets and Hat*. Iroin the lead ing Parisian houses; nirw^hapee, to btHik and wtiite WW,M?KHY AND DHESSnUKIHO, A-I.AISON WALTON, 862 HROADWAT, AHOVK ? vmon MUtrr, Iniwltr of Pa ri? Bonnet* and hi\g liMh Round Hat*, from nil the leading house* in Europe. Also tte Marion de Lorme, thejiat oi the aeason ABEMOVAL-BROWN'8 LONDON ROUN1) HATS a ad Paris Bonnet*. E. BROWN, slsterofW. O. Brown, now Bond street, London, has lint received some elegant styles, quite different (rout anv ill New York. H52 Broad way, between Thirteenth and fourteenth at reef. AT MME. COLLINS' DRESSMAKING ESTABi HH J\ mcnt, 26 Went EleVenth strife, ladies can rely on getting drtoM made and triminod in latest Paris style*. Lad ten invited to sail. CI M. OLNEY, >? Importer ol French Millinery, nan elegant styles ? , Hummer Bonnet* mid Bound Hats. trotn the lc ulinu Parisian house*. l-iwllsh straw, ohln und Leghorn Hat*. Rich French Flowers, Brldul Wreaths, Ac. Lleguut styles Mourning Bonnet*. 3o Last Fourteenth street. flASUIONABLE DEEM AND CLOAK MAKER. Liiuies' anil children* garments ol every description made in tho best und luie*t styles; terms very moderate. ___ Mrs, OTTO, 257 Carroll st, Brooklyn. I A DIES' HATS, $11), WORTH $15; BEAL LACK A H atrt, $15, worth $2 >i S.raw Hals, Sun II?ts, $1; re duced priccs tor Broudw ay Bonnet*. Bi.NisS' new Millinery,779 Broadway. MBS. F. E. GURNIJY, LATE OF 8. T. TAYLOR'S, beg* to anuouncc to her loriner patron* and the Imlic* of Now York aud vicinity that sho ha* opened commodious Dressmaking lfooms at 100 West 'twelfth street. Mr*. Gurney ha* provided herself with every facility tor designing ami lua&ing evening, promenade and travelling ('unlumes on short notice. 1U) West Twelfth street, corner hi.Uli avenue. Man, DM,LAC (1'RliMl'.HK DE LA MAISOM ROGER de Paris) intnrms her customers that she has re moved to 115 We?i l oiiy-iltst street;,Dew patterns front i'ari*; moderate prices. MI.LE. SNEDDEN, J>33 Broadway, IS.! Filth avenue. Just received, a case of elegant Bound Ilato. MLLES. VIOL, 05 EAST TWELFTH STREET, NEAR Broadway.?Mllliuerv mid Dressmaking in all it* branches; bent style*; pci e t lit; orders promptly exe ctlied at very moderate price.). Call and see. MME. ANTOINETTE BERN11EIM, 19 Breveort pl?ee (Tenth street), has iuit received a tr??b supply In Co*iumes andotlier Uariuelits, as well us Bonnets, Hound Huts and Lingeries, suitable lor Summer wear which she will o.l'er ut reason able prices. MMK. NATALIE TILMAN A CO., 12 EAST SIX teeuth street has |u.-t received a bountiful assort ment Round Hats, Bonnet*. Flowers, Pes tin rs 1 ridal Wreaths and Veils. N. B.?Dresses uud Suits iu ide to order. NATALIE TILMAN' A CO., 12 Bast Sixteenth st., between Union square aud Filth av. MME. LAKOKOADE, NO. 6 Wl-ST ELEVENTH street, second door from Broad >vay. has ju*t re ceived irom Worlli, ol 1 arts, handsome rece.mmi uud sireet Drejsc*. I Ills also silk, and jet sleevel N*Juckets, and ureat novelties in Trimming tor Spring und Summer I r.'--e.<. PARIS MILLIKBBY.?MADAME FEBRKRO, NO. 7 West Thirtieth street, has now choice styles or Bon nets and Round iiatsior the Summer season, Leghorn*, black and white Chips, new Flower*, Veils, &c. (J T. TAYLOR'S OLD ORIGINAL ESTABLISHMENT, k\ No. 6 trillion place.?'ihe only place in tho city whore ladie* enn get costumes made up in the latest siyles Irom 1'iui und Berlin itt very low price*. N. B.? All paper patterns mudc ut tins establishment warranted to fit perfectly. business oppoftri'smgjfc A WELL ESTABLISH ID MANUFACTURING BU I ness, at Louisville, Kv., ofers the right man an un usual opportunity; businessalreauy profitable; net profits la-it three years, $i0,0iO, 42>,D t) anil ?30,0 JO; but tho pro duct 1* staple, and we have some of the advantages ot a monopoly, -o th it the Held oi expansion is comparatively unlimited; it will require jjj'i.ow ;o secure one-third of tho business, r? ulty, fixtures, ,Ve., and the a plieunt must be every way desirable, one who will be a real loree in tho commercial department: abundant time \\ill b.' given such a man to exam ue the b 'sines and study the situa t on. AddYttss ADVl'.RTISi.BS, cure of First National Hank, Louisville, Ky. A GENTLEMAN OF EXPERIENCE AND ABILITY would invest $.r>,iKH) in a reasonably profitable busi nes<alret dy established, and take charge ot the office. Address OCCUPATION, box 111 Herald Uptown Branch ortlce. AN ENERGETIC BUSINESS MAN, WITH A CAPITAL ol $5,000 to$l r>,uu0, wanted to open first clam offices in Ali any, Brooklyn and .fcrs y < 1 y; trade already es tablished : inducements unprecedented, "VICTOR" ttEWINU MACHINE COMPANY, 64 East Tenth street A PERSON WITH SMALL CAPITAL (*4.000). CAN procure a long-established, well paving manuiactuf ing business; articles staple, profits large, sn'es cash; thorough investigation granted beforo purchasing. Ad dress MANUFACTURER, Herald oltico. A CASHIER OK A WALI. STREET STOCK HOUSE, JY the partners ot which, having dissolved, want to moot a gentleman with twenty thousand to ket p the busi nrs.-f ni?. Address J. T. M., Her.ild oilke. ^ -ADDITIONAL CAPITAL PROCURED lor merchants, manufacturers and others; mining prop erty, Ac., negotiated : persons with capital seeking busi nem ndvbed of approved opportunities. References ? Hunter, Wuitol A Co.. Produce Commission. 161 Cham bers street; oilier leading houses and our clients. city ana elsewhere. ORIU> ? S, C.VRLEION A CO., Financial and BwlneH Agents, 98 Broadway. A PARTY H AVI Nil FIVE YEARS' EXPERIENCE iV lii real estate wished to connect himself with nn established olllce as partner or o.horwise. Reference-. Address T. W., Herald olllce. A FORTUNE IN SIX MONTHS.?PARTNER WANTED, i\. with a moderate capital, to travel as casliicr with the greatest magicianever in this country;pcpormiiig to crowded houses nlghtlv. For an interview address IL LUSION 1ST, box id Herald office. 4 PARTNER FOR A GOOD PAYINO WOODEN W ARE J\ lactory In a nice country place near the depot, 8 miles (torn New York. Addr>! s A. B., Lerald olllce. An active man, WILLING to WORK, wishes to eniragc in a good house as bookkecuer or (sales man ; can inM'st $.1,6 it. Address D. K. H., Herald otHce. A*1\N or A HI I.TTY WANTS A PARTY TO JOllI ,hlui In ii respectable business, and is willing to put In a small capital against Ills knowledge; references ex Changed. Andrew it. k., Herald otilce. A GENTLEMAN OK UNDOUBTE& RESPECTA tilllty wanted, with $7 500, as partner In an estab lished llnnurial business, to proceed to Europe ; refer ences required. For interview address D. N., box 179 Herald office. ANY PERSON WHO WILL ADVANCE $5,000 AH A silent or active partner in opening a young ladles' school can double their inonev in time years. Address SCHOOL, box 188 Herald Uptown Branch office. A CHANCE SEI.D >M OFFERED.-A MANUFAC JY. turin:.' and importing lace house, 20 years estab lished, doing good business will sell out on account of ill health: the owner, or a 'lerk who understands the business inst as Well, wlU remain with the purchaser as long ns required : about $8,000 cash needed. Address A. H., box t>,lf8 i',?t olllce. A PARTNER WANTED?IN THE REAL estate, one of the ttrm retiring; pood chance; capital required, only $5D; business long established. Apply at 59 West Thirty-first street. A PARTNER WANTED?IN AN OLD ESTABLISHED stenni laundrv; object to Increase the busncss; price of one-halt interest $l,0W), Address LAUNDRY, :?J8 West I wcnty-thlrd street A PARTY OWNING VALUABLE CITY PROPERTY ami Mortgnge will exchange for Mtahlfshed business or stocks ol gootl< on la:r basis; parties desiring to dispose ot merchandise 111 Mnall or large amounts will Hint this to be an unusual opportunity. H. E. II. VANDYKE, ISO Broadway. A LIQUOR STORE, A BARGAIN, IN TWENTIETH, _/\ Fourth, Fifth, Ninth and Slxtectifh wards; Confec tionery and i nult Store, Restaurants, Billiards, Grocer ies, Bakeries, lloiels nnd Drug stores. KINNKN A DEYOTm west Thirty-first street A LEXANDER FROTHING IT A* A COMPANY SECURE ^'\ Capital lor incorporated companies, merchants, manufacturers, mine*. Persons wHi capital desiring investments Informed of desirable opportunities Our R "ist"r contains many names, each posse-alng $1>,000 to ? ?AUIIU lor investment. Ihrough e*;ens|ve advertising throughout the country ve are contlmml y rcc ivlng ap plications trotn per-ou's With capital. Through European connections we po* e?s facilities lor capital. Substantial concerns desiring additional capital solicited, our nu merous acquaintances an I customers are references. ALEXANDER FKOTUINGHAM A COMPANY, t If and in Broadway. A N EXCELLENT POSITION, WITH INTEREST IN j\ the business, requiring n ca*h cspltil of $f!U0 to $I,U0I). can be hud by un acceptable man. Apply at offlce 17, -1M Broadway. Broadway hotel for sale?70 rooms, long lease, at low rates tarnished coni|dete, and In mi lling order; price $45,000; a fortune in it. RUFUS K. Mciiako, 77Cedar street INTENSIVE MANUFACTURING ORGANIZATIONt "i capital invested $:v>i,000; would give agency lore, liable, trustworthy, competent man having $8,000 to Si3.i??). which will be secured. Address, with relerences. IANU FACrt RING, box 175 Herald ofllee. ElOR SALE-HALF INTEREST OR THE WHOLE OF a valuable Patent Right; no hiinibuv. ('all on or ad dress CORKY, #8 Cortlandt street. Rare opportunity. FIOR SALE?THE ELEGANT FURNITI ItE COM plete in two adjoining connected first class boarding bouses on Murniv Hill, Filth avenue; furniture, $20,000, rent $7.0(10, weekly income $t?00; might exchange In part Address box i,7i? Post office. New York. L-nm SALE-ONE OF THE MOST VALI'AD E I'AT 1 euls in Hiu | niied Sta es, already establish), d, being manufactured on royalty, and bringing n line income, with prospects of I cing second to none; would exchange for Keal Estate. For Interview address PATENTEE, Herald office. LMItST CLA-S INVESTMENT OFFERED ON l.IB i era I terms in estnblished, successful and profitable manufacturing business, or would exchange (or gnO<l Real Estate, S. K. II VANOYKri, lwi Broadway. /TREAT CHANCE-IN A LIGHT, PROFITABLE BUSI VJ iji ss; $u) to fiitti a mon h no risk ; xmali capital re quired ; to the rich; party half Interest will be given. c. thorn u N, SM Broad way, room 9. ?? ??? ? ?? ?i Hotel men.?rare investment, by leasing ihnt slgbtlv Hotel, now finishing; over It*)room" and soils, facing Rroadway, between (Ooper Ins.itute and Bible House 25 mid V Third avenue. HOltaBrURNISHING AND CROCKERY WARE rooms for sale.?I'.<abllshed six years; three years' Lease ot Store and Basement, 100; owner having oilier iiii?in??* .w ill exchange tor improved city or Brooklyn property. Apply on premises 7-/3 Sixth avenue. Holding the special agency of a rkspeot able and remunerative business, I want s man with energy, reliability and small cupltul to help inc. p. a. PI.CKHAM, i,Iff Broadway, MILLINER'S STORE To RENT?TWENTY YEARS established, the owner retiring. Anv one wanting a snug little business would llnd this a rare opportunity. Apply to Mrs. LaMPAUDK, Washington avenue, between Six ill and Seventh streets, Morrisania, BP8WHW OfWRTPIWTIB8. OWKKB BKTIKING OFFERS AN OLD ESTABLISHED business lor real estate; Leases. Goo 1 Will. Horses, Trucks, Machinery, worth $2\UU0; in lull operation. GEO. C. 8NOW ft CO., 200 Broadway. PARTNER WANTED?IN AN EXCURSION BU8I. ness; little or no capital requlrtd but a knowledge of the business, and a good business can fee done this Summer. Address INDEX, Herald office. PATENTED 187S? BOOB HOLT AND LOOK COM. binod.?For sale, or will make arrangement? to manutacture or royalty. Mo lei can bo been on applica tion to J. W. OHIO, 914 Broadway. RARE OPPORTUNITY TO ENGAGE IN WHOLESALE! Pusinesa?Partv having $1,000 to $5,000 to Invest; salary allowed; tuouey secured. Apply at 41 Liberty street, room 1. STATE RIGHTS IN THE BEST PAYING INVENTION of the age; lined by everybody and supplies a special want We request thorough' investigation- Model at 161 H road way, room 9. STRANGERS AND Ol HERB MAY SECURE TTtK services of a lawyer of good standing, who rexuirea no ft?oi> in advance, by addressing U. A. 0., box 2,370 Puot office. rpHK ADVERTISER WILL INVEST A SMALL CAI'I J tnl, With services, In Home light office bus ness, or will pu.uhaso a small iiianulucturiiiK buiuess well eslub lulled. Address X. Y. box Li4 Herald office. rpo JHWBLLER8.?WANTED, A PARTNER, WITH I capital. to engage ill the manufacturing o'' silver jewelry and small goods. The advertiser hin hhop and tools: a practical workman preferred. Address SILVER. Herald office. TO ADD TO ITS FACILITIES FOR INCREASED BU slii"ss a partner I* desired, with $3,00) to #\0UO capi tal, to invest In an established paying mercantile news, aper. Particulars by addressing LNTEBPUlSb, box 140 lerald office. WANTED-A SECRETARY FOB AN IRON COM ? ? par/; must have i:0,U00 and reside in New York. Address W. P. B., box 3,045 Post office. Mr ANTED?A GOOD MAN, WHO THOROUGHLY UN ?" demands the manufacture ol' roofing; to such a man a lino opening Is presented. Address MANUFAC TURER, box 142 Herald office. WANTKD?A GENTLEMAN OF INTEGRITY AND OA pacity, with Iroin ?l&,t>00 to $.'0,003, to advance Bomo money to and join the advertiser In the sale and purchase ol valuable mineral lands, on which *1U0,W)0 can be cleared w ithin aix months. Address UArlTAL, llcra'd office. Wf ANTED?A PARTNER, WITH $15,1)00 TO $20,030, IN Vi n good established business. Address, wiJi refer ence, box 168 Herald office. T1TELL KNOWN GOAL BUSINESS, HAVING A VI flourlstilucr and constantly increasing first class wholesale trade and retail, with families und business houses, tor sale for $15,1)1*) cash; property consists of thoio ighiy equipped yards and complete oilier* both up and down town. Apply to GRIGGS, CABLETON k CO., 93 Broadway. WANTED-A LADY WITH SMALL CAPITAL, AS partner in an established millinery, dressmaking and fancy goods business. Address Mrs. H., Herald office. WANTED?PARTNER, WITH $700 to $900, TO JOIN the advertiser in the pro luce or provision busi ness; established 13 years. Address, lor three days, J. 1). B., Herald office. lJirANTED?CAPITAL TO ENLARGE AN IRON PROP V? erly now producing $80,000 not per annum. Ad dress FURNACES, Herald office. WANTED-PARTNER, WITH FROM $510 TO $1,C00, in fancy teas and fine groceries; on best avenue in ! rooklyn; trade isso large that inure capital is required: rC'-renoes exchanged; principals only. Address TEAS AND CuFFEES, Herald office, lor five day*. VVTANTED?A PARTNER, SILENT OR ACTIVE, IN A VV pleasant, highly paying business, dry poods con-i -cern, already established and owned by iwtein iiutent; increase ol business requiring larger, though small, capi tal. Address, s ilting where an interview may be had, M. H. D., herald Uptown Branch office. WANTED?$10,OX), IMMEDIATELY, TO EXTEND BEST paving hu Iness in city ; guarantee 60 per cent proiit. Address 8IM, box 1 >2 Herald office. S^-BUSIP?SS CERTAINTY?CAN SELL ALL WK ?Tp. niako; a novelty and utility; demand universal^ costs but ?> lew cen's; large profits. NATIONAL MANUFACTURING COMPANY 11 Dey *t dfcQ.'t CAPITAL REQUIRED.?ANY LADY ORGBN tleinan living, m or out of the citv, can o-Uablistif themselves in a new respectable money umkin; husl-l nnse and remain at home. Mme. HAUD1NGE, 2iiEast Forty-ninth street, corner Madison avenue,cottage house-' <J>f) COO ?PAPT*ER AS INDOOR SALESMAN IN bni do \s' hardware and house furnishing store, paying well; first class location ; stock $5,000; satis taction guaranteed, Aldress.I. W., box ISO llersld olllccj tQ Ann WILL RUY A BUSINESS HIGHLY REj 0.v/"U spectable and well established) only re I quires some capital to run it successfully; the buyer wllJ have the United S'ates lor a flekl to work in. Address w ith name and residence, OLLIVEK, Horn Id office. Ann CASH WILL PURCHASE A PLEASAfiT, ?pD?"'/U light, cash Manufacturing Business, lonq established, with entire stock and fixtures and a tine trade, netting from $H,i*H to $12,000 per year; easby man aged, no risk, ordersbti iging cash on delivery; large or. dor* i n hand a; present, with every prospect ot larget trade man any previous year; a thoro'ignly safe Invest, nvent, woi 11 investigating. Addrcas CASH, box 179 Hon ai l office. HOUSES, RUOIUS, ?( ., H'.WTKi), In tills City and Brooklyn. 3 A FAMILY OF ADULTS, CONSISTING OF TWO. brothers and a sister, want five to seven uniurnlshed Rooms, .suitable for housekeeping; inunt bo in a ttooC neighborhood; Union square preferred; bent reference! Siren ami required. Address, stating terms, which nuts' e moderate, N. R. M., box Hi! Herald ortl'-e. LADY AND FATHER WOULD LIKE TO TAKE J ftirnished House from parties w!io are going to Eh rope or lu the country ami would like such parties tc take care of such premises lor the rent Any one cai hear ot such parlios by addressing RELIABLE, Eaglt office, Brooklyn. By gentleman, wife and MAID?ENTIRE KIRS I floor, two or lonr connecting large room*, bnth pri vate; furnished or untarnished; will buy furniture i ' Rood; between Fourteenth mid Twenty-sixth streets , Fourth and sixth avenue*; must be near first class restauj rant; one or two years' lease; private fiunlly pre fer cd. Address Z., box 6,073 Post office, stating lull par ticulars. LARGE LOFTS SVANI'KD?FOR MANUFACTURINC purposes. Address box 2,?.'00 Post oltlco. OWNERS OF' TENANT PROPERTY WHO WILl leanc at low rent< tor a scries of years lintv coin mill nicatc with the undersigned. stating location lind condii tiou of the property, rent ami terms JOHN KAVANAGH, . northeast corner of Forty-second street and Sixth nv. >. ANTED?8MALL FURNISHJcD ~COTTAGE Tltf October or November; family of two or three adult] and Infant; state terms (not exceeding $75 a month) ani, location, which must be healthy and tree lrom liuwi qultoe*. Address QUIET, llerakl office. ' WANTED?A SMALT, FURNISHED HOUSE, N(>J more than one hour from New York City Halt rent must be low. Address JOHN, Herald Uptovvl Branch office. WANTED?A SQUARE ROOM, WITII SOUTHER I light, below Fourteenth street; terms$15monthly'2 Address P. P. P., Herald office. ANTED.?A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE DESIRl two or three unturiilshed Rooms, in a nrivatl house, tor light housekeeping; location between Sceont and Thirtieth streets, east or west, or Brooklyn; rent lie' to excced $25 per month. Address S. T , Herald ottlce. t WANTED?THRHB ROOMS WITH A PRIVATI family, for three adults below Twentieth street rent not to excecd $20 per month. A.ldrcss W. C.t il Chambers street. W'ANTED?FOR HOUSEKEEPING, FOR A pfcttMA ? ? nence. furnished Flat, four rooms ami kitchen, fo a private tntnily, with children; about $W) per month between Eighth and Tblrtv-iourth street; and Second nn Eighth avenues. Address MONTGOMERY, 310 We;' Fourteenth street. WANTEU-TWO UNFURNISHED ROOMS, ADJOIV inu, tor ad iIts, west.of Fourth avenue, below Fo? tleth street. Address A. box 122 Herald Uptow Branch ofllee. \V"ANTf.I) IMMKDIATELY?A SMALL HOUSE, NO f? below Seventeenth street or ahove Thlrty-secon street, Lexington nnd Eighth avenues; rent must not c. cced $100 per month for Summer months-, would pa more in Winter; also a small Floor wante I In a llrst chit house. Address J. J. M., Herald Uptown Brain h office. WANTED-A ROOM OF ABOUT 30 BY 100 FEE with steam power, tor the manufacture ofjcwelrn within 30 minutes of cltv bv rail nnd ootivenient to satm'.i Jersey preterm!. Address JEWELLER, Herald office. W'ANTED?IN BROOKLYN, FURNISHED ROOM for gcntlcinau and lady; will be away the grcat<> part of the time; must be quiet. Address box 142 llcraM office. \\' ANrED?A FLOOR OR FART OF A Bob! 0| " live or six rooms. In neighborhood ot the ?'ity tin] rent to be moderate, t.nni y small. Address WANTElfc Brooklyn Branch Herald office. p WANTED?A MEDIUM-SIZED HOUSE, MODfcR Improvement between Second and Sixth a?,~ nu< s. below Twentieth street) rent not lo excced $l,3u Address*;. L. T., Herald office. WrANTED?IN A PRIVATE HOURS, FOUR ROOM* for a family of three adults: rent *25 per nionfl location west ot Broadway, betwucn Thirtieth nnd Fi tietli strei ts. Aridr. s< Mrs. CRANE, 1,115 Broadway. ANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN WHOSE WIFE absent, a desirable f!<o.n where there are no othf ? roomers; will pay gool pries. Address, in oonddeuci SOUTHERN Kit, Herald office. WANTED?$5,000 TO $10, 00, WITH OR WITlfOU services of investor, to extend a well establlshe< safe and profitable basins*; sa'es now exceeding eo; Ciliyul capital to fill. Address 1". A T.. Herald office. w RANTED?AN ENERGETIC BUSINESS MAN, A partner, with $1(^000 to invest In a staple m ami fa w taring business paving ft per cent net profit.* Full in ticulars at Interview. Address MANUFACTURER, lie WANTED-A FURNISHED HOI 88, WHERE P<W ties will board n.r rent. Address G. B. II . Herat Uptown Brunch office. PARLOR FLOOR, UNFURNISHM *T three romns deep, vvlih hot and cold water, r r infirm lady, who keeps her own maid; private l.em only. Inquire <>i R. ft. M OB HELL A Co., M West Thli i third Street. WANTED TO rent?A HOUSE, WITH 12 OR* ? 1r"?"|s> rout$Mlor91,30?; location liiirtv-eoron and Htty-tMrd street*, Sixth and c.ightli SveBBc Address M. B., Herald Uptown Branch office. In the Contotry. CM ALL COTTAGE HOUSE WANTED-FOl. Ill l' .summer months, wuhin one hour o: the Ciiv Hal country or sea shore; give lull pat Uvular*. Address K.. 17 Barclay street, New Yorlt | . WANTED?FOR THE SEASON, A FURMSHE House a short distance from the city, with iinmcd ste posfmssion; lull particulars required. Address K box 2,110 Post office. * WANTED TO LEAKE-A FURNISHED COUNTR Place; Homeland indispensable, one lacingwst* nraferred. Address CANADIAN, box 134 llcrald office.

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