Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 25, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 25, 1873 Page 3
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SmvnONH WAWTBP?FKJMAL.ES. t'ookK. eve. 7KAPT 2CTII ST.?A LADY tDKMBEB TO PROCURE ? si.nation In the couniiy fur a lln-t cluss cook; thoroughly eouiinsieiii In every respect. to no seen ou Muiie'uy ami Tuesday ut lior prescut employer**. fit) BUND UT.?A YOU NO WOMAN AS COOK AND jZi?i t>) n-?lst will wa^luui uud irouuig; w ft good Mkcr. Call uu Monday. OA1 win ?TH st. o?"RNBR ok 7Tu av.?a iUl competent woman a* flr.'t class cook In a pri vate luuiily\ no obiectlou to the o, uutry; Newport pre tared; best city rofcier.ce. * an bo seen on Monday. c% \n evst ivrn sT.-rwq younq women to JZfx. I tether; "lie a* yowl plain cook, washer ami Iron or: the oU.or a*chambermaid and waitress; guo I refer enco. >1*1 ? ltmi AV , BETWEEN SftTH AND 3iTil STS.-A T"\)?) young pirl to do the kitehen work of a vmail family; I" ?' K<-od plain ?o.>k, wa;lier uml lroiier. Call lor tWO tltt.VH. Q70 6TII AV., BETWEEN 49TH \NI> BOTH sis ? Ul j A rr^iicctalilc woni'ii as first i-!a- - comk in a pri vate family or Ix aiding house ; mi objei t on to go a ? hurt distance in the country ; good reference. ('ail 011 Moiulay, A WOMAN DESIRES A SITUATION A> COOK, WHO has In011 ? veral years 111 iraiice; lias just arrived uml lias tlio highest reci inmi nidations as to em anility, lioti stv and sohrwty. Can ! e seen at the Bureau oi Labor, fustic Garden. Cltaiiilx-rinaitla, <kr. 11 O WEST 1ST II ST.?A RESPECTABLE PROT. '1 O ci-tnni young woman, lately landed, as chamhcr mai.l ami scam-tre?s: is also a coon nurse. Call at Mrs. BTl.PllliNS' 011 Monrtav. 9J1 EAST !4Tll ST.?A RESPECTABLE YOU NO ai"~X I I'rotolnnt girl as cliamhcrnuud and waitress In n small lanilly; can do plain sewing ; good re'ereneot. 017 EAST STB ST., THIRD FLOOR A GOOD, OI I trustworthy til l to do upstairs work and a-slst Willi washing and Ironiiik '? three yean' city reference. EAST ItiTH ST, Till' KLOOIt, HAtk'.-AS " I/O first clasachamhcim:i:d ; is will 10,' and oldliriug; Would go a short distance in the country; seven years' City reference front last plane. \ RESPECTABLE COLORED CJ1RL WISHER A J\ nutation as chambermaid or waitress in the coun try ; city reference. Address J. M., box 109 Herald Up town Brunch otllcc. DiesHitiiiUci s and Scanutrnsci. 8 WEST lH'H ST.-M11E. l'ERRIE CUTS, KITS AND trims in superior manner and In the latest styles; charges less than any other first class, reliable dress maker. II WEST 1ITH ST., NEAR BROADWAY.?GOOD *r dressmakers wanted; also apprentices; come pre pared to work. ___ OQ WEST 12TH ST.?A KIRST CLASS SEAMSTRESS to go out by the day ? accustomed to all kinds of work; terms moderate. AddTcss. ?>7 EAST 80TH ST. ?A YOUNG LADY, WUO IS A "I I first class operator on Wheeler A Wilson's and all the leading sewing machines, wishes a few more engage ments by the day or week ; understands all kinds of fam ily sewing. Address AN UERMIN. Q1 GREENWICH A V.?WANTED, PLAIN SEW INC OI bv a lady 111 rcduccd circumstances, fall on or ad dress Mm. E. M. 11Q VTfiST 20TII ST?A KIRST CLASB DRESS 1IO maker, who cuts and trims stylishly, makes ball and dinner dresses und gives entire satisfaction, desires the work of a few more families by the day. Addr.tes A. B. C. EAST 24TH ST.?Mf)RE WORK WANTED; ?j I also one to cut amt go out by the day. 121 1 l f\ WEST 26TII ST.-MMK. COAL, LATELY AR rived from Europe, as first class mantilla ami dressmaker, cutter, fitter and trimmer, in all the Krcuch styles, to go out to families ut $2 per day or tuKc work homo, or m cutter and litter 111 a store; city reference. 14 O WAVERI.EY PLACE.-A DRESSMAKER AND tO seamsiress to go out by the day; can do cutting and flttiuK. Address E. J. 1 .[QWEST 26TII ST.?A RESPECTABLE PROTES 1 rO taut girl as si ant stress, chambcrmaLd or waitress; best city reference, fall for two days. nil WEST 20TII ST.?A fOMPKTKNT DRESSMAKER Ztl to go out bythefny; understands cuMing and fitting; can operate on (iiorer A Baker's and Willcox <t Oibbs' machines. oryf WEST 2fiTH ST.?A KIRST CLASS DRESS ^ir frt maker, who c.its, fits and trims in the latest atvles, solicits a'ew more engagements by the day or week. Call on or address M. A. C. Q/TQ WEST 37TII ST.?A COM I'l' TP NT DRESS ?*)0 maker, first class cutler, titter and stylish irim mcr. to go out by the day; Wheeler & Wilson's machine; good reference. Call on or address Miss A. K. 007 3D AV., BETWEEN 2:'I) AND 2.U) STS., KIRST Zu I floor.?A first class cutter and litter, by the day or week. Ill private families or hotels. Call or "address. Ol 7 9TH AV., NEAR 2ST1I ST.-AN EXPERIENCED Oil dressmaker by the day or week, in or out of the city. Call or address. 091 EAST 3fTil ST., FOURTH KLOOR?A COMPB O^i tent dressmaker wishes employment by the day; nntjerstands cutting and tilting and all kiti it ot luiuily sewifff* can operate on tile ltiacliinc, Q90 EAST UTH ST.?A KIRST CLASS DRESS O?it" maker desires the patronage of lumilies to take work at home or go out; o) e;ates on any machine; terms moderate. 4 OO 3D AV,, TOP KI.OOR.?A YOUNO FRENCH T:*jO womHti as good seamstress or to take < are of growing children; best reference. Call on or address 436 3D AV?DRESSMAKlN'G.?A FEW APPREN Ucc* waited ; paid while i< arning; good sewers. r/?(\ BROADWAY, SECOND FLOOR, FRONT, ROOM ?JlJ ? 7 II.?A coiii^icnt dressmaker in a private family; can cut and lit to perfection and <1? all Kinds ot family Hewing; understands four machines; Wheeler A Wilsons preferred; recommendation from present employer; ?wages moderate. nit l 6TII AV.?A COMPETENT SEAMSTRESS AND I *J I dressmaker wishes a tew more engagements tiy the day or week, can cut and lit; references. QCQ 6TH AV.-A PROTESTANT YOUNO WOMAN OUO as seamstress; is a good operator; city or coun try rcfcrouce. Call on Monday. 9C(1 3D AV.?A YOU NO WOMAN WISHES A FEW 'it/ engagement*, to go out by the day or week or take work home. Address, lor three days, E. FANUE 8TER. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL WISHES A situation as seamstress; can operate on Wheeler A Wilson's and Ornvcr A Baker's nine,nines; no objection to the country; hest references. Address A. M., I ox 1HG Hrral<l olllee. A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER WOULD LIKE A J\ lew more engagements hy the day or week; cats, fits and trims in latest style. Address II. F., Herald Up town Branch office. jt LADY WHO HAS HAD A STYLISH BUSINESS OF J\ her own. but had to give if. up for some time through bad health, would like a few engagements to go out liy the day; would prefer cutting and fitting or preparing ?work for the seamstress; gives styles of trimming ana is vniiiu' to do anything. Address & l).. station F. A DRESSMAKER, who is a FIRST CLASS en ter and titter of ladles'and children's dre.sses, de sires engagements by the day or week; Is a (food ope rator; no objection to leave the city. Address A.M., HoraM Uptown Branch office. IADIES MAKING THEIR OWN SUMMER -COS J turn, s, Ac., can obtain the services of a first class Cutter and stylish filter, at their own resiliences if pre ferred. Address MODlSiE, Herald Uptown Branch ol lice. TIT ANTED?SOMETHING TO DO, FAMILY SEWING, ?? l atching, mending or making new; has a good ma chine; can cut and lit children's clothing; repairing laces, black or white, a specialty; in t lie tamily oy the day or at home. Address WORKER, Herald Uptown Branch office. WANTED?BY A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN, A situation as competent seamstress; understands dressmaking and all kinds of fatally sewing; would no bythe week or month : can give the best oily reference. Address M. J., box 118 Herald Uptown Brunch office. 42 156 (?mcrnl Housework, itee. F.A.-T IGTH ST.. FIRST FLOOR.?A GERMAN t'iil to do general housework. 19 I Q 2I> AV., BETWEEN MTH AND 66TH STS., ' third floor, back room.?A young ^irl to do the entire housework ol a small private tnmily, in city or country; best city reference, ('ail Monday. Houiekcrprn' iVr. ?IQ AMITY ST.?AN AMERICAN WIDOW, 3J YEARS J O ol ago, companionable, desires a position as house keeper in the tunuly of an elderlv gentleman. Call on Mi s. ?H F ION. _ 2o WEST 4TH ST.?A YOUNO LADY. LATELY FROM O Canada, as housekeeper or companion; widower's family preicrred; or would like to go to Europe with some One needing a maid i the highest references. Ad dress, lor one week, L. H., box 4 as above. 51 BART SSSTH ST.?A WIDOW LADY, FROM TltE r South, a^ housekeeper in n gentleman's house. None but (ir?t cffl<s partiesm'd cnil or address. QT 3D AV.-A YOUNO WIDOW (AMERICAN) AS Ol housekeeper; i* tally competent to take entire charge; nnder?tanl?tlie care of children; hest reOrence. X\ EST 8HTH ST.?A YOUNO WIDOW LADY AS hoc ??("keeper; no objection to children. IrOI VARIOK ST-AS EXPERIENCED IIOUSE tlyi keeper in nn honorable widower's family: no tritlers need at ply. Call on or address A. B. __ T/'lk WEST .'.vril ST.?AN AMERICAN LADY AS At)*" housekeeper in a hotel, or any position ol trust; city or country. Address not st.Ki.i.I'i:k. 2f>t> MADISON STREET.?A NEW ENGLAND LADY as housekeeper or to take cliarne of a linen room or laundry, or any position ot trust and responsibility; country pi cierred. Call on or address V. I<. Q70 7TII ST.?AS HOUSEKEEPER. BV A MIDDLE & I Lj aged American widow. Call, or address MRS. NKLriOff. _ _____ A RESPECTABLE PROTECTANT MAN AND WIFE, jfl. with one baby, would take euro of a gentleman's house , best reference. Addrtss It. J., box 1J3 Herald Up town Branch otllec. ___________________ RESPECTABLE AMERTC \N PROTESTANT WO.' _ _ man wishes a position as housekeeper, or would Joke charge of a house t"r me Bummer mouths: experi enced in all us brandies: no objection to go a short dls tenet in the ?countrv: best relcrcncc|. Address Mrs. Bi.EKMAN, Herald office, A LADY Or REFINEMENT, EDUCATED IN PARIS, would like to keep hquse lu French or EiikIIsIi irtvle or ?nv tight employment at home. ,For interview aildress franc vise, Herald Uptown Branch office. lady, aokd ml*or quiet, domestic habits, desires a situation as housekeeper; salary not so much an object ns a home. Address, appointing place of ?nfervlaw HIVMK ll..mld I'lititwn III il lich office. A 1 SITUATIONS WANTKU-PBNALKS. HottnrWee|??*rs, ?e. 4 TORIrt WIDOW LADY OF GOOD ADDRESS, RE . -\ fluement iml edticalinn deflrei tlx Mipt rvWon of a gentleman's household, or would Ift'i'pl any posili n not | litt'inul and where ?he. would lie treated Willi iwsprct: mil v<>r::t>'<? parties sud those of pood position nred j answer. Address Mr*. L A., station D. 4 YOUNG PARI-IAN l.AI?Y. WELL EDUCATED. AS \ -A hoii ekfrier to n gi'ti'lrman ol means, or would j liko to it- uru to Europe. Address. lor three days, h'LOIt i ENi'E, Herald Uptown Brancit offlca. \|^HB lIOtfSBBKKI'EK?BY A RESPKCTAftLE Vol NO pfiMs: ia very industrious u4 okUilif iv4 with good relortuc.4. Ail'lre*., appointing an interview, t. M., box 1M Herald office. \?WANTED. YOUNO. ACCOMPLISHED LADY OR . young widow, po?- e*?lng natural talents necessary tn inanil'-'"' tin- household ol a young geiitl'-umn and as sitm rluirge of a young child. Address llAHTFOKD, box 143 Htnla office. \N AMERICAN LADY. WHO IS A PERFECT housekeepi r. wlilioii! encuuibiaiice. would like a poit'on in a widower'* taiuily to take entire charge ; no olri'cnon (o rhlilrin. Adili-i ss. h atiug Urnis, II. J., lli-rald Uptown Branch office. 4 COLOBBD LADY, AGED SWEET 1?, DESIRES A J\ po?itton Aa housekeeper: gentlemen ol color please nut au-wer: tills is business intended to lie ot Interest to both parties. Address SOUTHERNhR, box 14* Herald I'ptown 11 i a or li office. \ WIDOW, A STYLISH BRUNETTE, Iikmuks a .,*% position i a hmisckei per. Only gentlemen of means address R. A., box 146 Herald Uptown Branch office. HOUSEKEEPER'S POSITION WANTED?IN CITY or eountt v, liv an American percon tinder 28 yearn pfa(e *lie s respectable, intelligent, capable and neat: rciercnce* given. Address T. W., Herald Uptown branch | office. WANTED?A SITUATION AS WORKING HOUSE VV keeper, who understands *11 kinds nt French cook In? and ia capable of taking entire charge of a house in general; widower with children prelerred; good refer em es. Ad Ires* L. M , Ilerald Uptown Branch offit e. 14'ANTED-BT AN AMERICAN LAJ?* OF REKINE il incut, a housekecncr's position in a hotel, or a fami ! Iv where there arc children, or as travelling companion with a ladv forthe Summer-.only honorable parties and those of good position need answer. Address Mrs. D. E. 11, Herald I'ptown Branch office. Lanndrewei, Ac. QO OANSEVOOHT ST., REAR, TOP FLOOB.-A RE V>? > speetablc woman desires to take gentlemen's wash ing and ironing at her own residence; good relerence. CA 41 sT ST., BETWEEN MADISON AM) 4TII A VS.? 1 ?)U A respectable colored woman wants washing on reasonable terms. Inquire at the stable. IJC WEST HflTII ST.. CORN ICR OK liTII AY.?A RE 1") Bpcctahle middle-aged woman a.? 11 rut olas-. laiin dr< s-i, would assist Willi chamber work if required; llrst class city reference. 1 WEST 31 ST ST.?AN EXPERIENCED LAl'N- I J?JO dress solicits washing to do ut her own room*; linen* anil fineries done in tupcrlor style: store work a speciality. Mrs. J. W. BKUWN. 1 WEST 20TH ST., THIRD H.OOR, FRO"NT !?)?" room.?A respectable woman would like u few gentle men's or lamilies' washing ut her own home. ?_ MRS. HUSBANDS. Q1 A EAST 24T1I 8T.-A RESPECTARLE WOMAN Ol*~r as washer and ironar at her own residence; understand* all kinds of fluting; city relerence; prices moderate. Inquire on first floor. QOQ East 17TH ST., TOP FLOOB, REAR.?A ' respectable woinnn to go out to wash or housc clean; relerence if required. Call lor three days. nqs w est -torn ST.?A GBBMAB FIRST ci.ass laundress desire* work liy the day or to take in tine washing; good references. OftQ EAST 80TH ST.?A RESPFCTABLE LAUN ? )" "O dress would llk<? n few families' or single gentle men's washing; 'luting dune; lu st relerence. QQQ WEST 2i!Tll ST.. FIRST FLOOR, RACK ROOM ? OOO A ri special le young woman, a llrst class laun dress, wishes to luke home gentlemen's wushiug and will do it satisfactorily. OO7 EAST 32D ST. ?A BB8PB0TA11LK WOMAN OO I wan'* a few gentlemen's washing, and would go out by the day. Q < H EAST 4'JTIl ST., TOP FLOOR, BACK.?A RE tn\ I speetablc ym net girl wishes a few more engage ment* its good washer and Ironer or to do housework. Oftr 1ST AV., REAR HOUSE.-AN EXCELLENT OUu laundress wishes family washing to do at her house; reference. | lO WEST 38TII ST., FIRST FLOOR, REAR.?A tAO tlrst class laundress wishes families' or geutle nvn's washing; fine fluting done. 4 Qll EANT lf,Trt ST-- *'IRST FLOOR. BACK ROOM ? A respectable woinnn wishes families'and ?en tlemen'R washing; had fl\c years' exm rience with store work. Call on or address Mrs. W. B ARNES. ftj Q 11)TI1 Avi FOURTH FLOOR, BACK ROOM.-A 'Mi/ resoectable woman wishes a few ladies' aud gen tlemen's washing; understands (luting. fiftW 3D AV- TI,,RD FLOOR.-A COMPETENT UOO laundress wishes a few families' washing at her home; laces and finery done equal to now; the best city referrnw. OA i ITII AV., BETWEEN 4ST1I AND 4'JTlI STS., C"/'r ring neeond bell.?A first class laundress to do Indies' and gentlemen's washing; can do all kindsoi' lluting and puffing. 1 2D AV.?A RESPFCTABLE YOUNO GIRL In ft private family as seamstress; under stand* all kinds or faml'v sewing; lias her own madiiuc. Can be seen for two days. QTUYVKSANT LAUNDRY. 143 RT1I ST., NEAR 4TH 1 av.?All kind* of work done handsomely; cuffs and coll irsn ?i eelnlty; flutiug, lace curtains, Ac. Goods rol lected and delivered promptly. ""~~"Z Nuinrit. die. QO JACKSON ST.?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN ? to take care of a baby; a good home ami kind treatment preferred to high wages. Call 011 or address. on WEST WITH ST.?A THOROUGHLY RELIABLE ijtj girl as nurse in a family where she can have the care 01 crowing children. Call at present employer's, to Whom she refers. Q1 3D AV.?A YOUNG AMERICAN WOMAN AS Ol as jiurse to an invalid ; is kind and obliging; good reference. 1 9 ( WEST 33D ST.?AN ENGLISH LADV TO I Aj' r travel w ith a family us nurse ; is kind and oblig ing. Address B. N. ?1 9f? CLINTON PLACE, STII ST.. ROOM 3.?AS I *5') nurse; can take a charge of baby Irotn Its birth and br'na it tip on the bottle : thoroughly understand* the care and management of children; good city references, call or address for two days. 1 nty EAST 32D ST.?A RBSPBCTABLE YOUNG AD^ American woman as nurse to one or two chil dren, age from llircc year* up. In a Jewish family re maining in the city; i~ neat, kind and obliging; first class Cull on Monday and Tuesday, from 10 till 5. "17Q 1221) ST., HARLEM.?AN EXPERIENCED I I O nurse can be engaged for monthly or general sick ness ; s? isfuctory reference. Call on or address Mrs. BAR NUM. 9<)/? FAST SOT 11 sr.-A liESPECTABLB WOMAN ^u'l as experienced nurse and seamstress; no objec tion to travelling; good rc.erencc. Call for one week. Inquire for B. O. oin 4TII A v.?AN EXPFBIENCED SICK NFRSF. dU'T\f can be recointncndcd by first class tamilic and medical gentlemen; would like au iulaut from Its birth; is a Prutcstant and English. 4} J p EAST 27TH ST.?A RESl'EOTAIH.E YOITNO T?) girl to mtr.d children and sew: would dolUht chimibcrwork; no objection to the country; city ruler encc. ? i)()1 WEST 2.VTH ST ?A RESPECTABLE OIRL AS nurse for grown chiklrcn; to go travelling pre feried. Address M. W. I., 21 Q EAST 28TH ST-A RESPECTARt.K VOi'NII 't?> woman, having lost her baby, wishes one to nurse at her home. QQ1 EAST BALTIC ST., TOP FLOOR, BACK 1 rooms.?A young married woman a< wet nur?c in a private <amily; good reference can be given. Apply lor three days. 4 |1 WEST 81 ;T ST.?AN EXPERIENCED SICK ' ri" I nurse solicits engagements; would wait on ladles during and alter confinement; will make herself gener ally useful; good city rofcrcncc. r/lQ WEST 215rII ST.-A BKSPRCTABLE YOl'NO ?)' * h girl as child's nurse; is willing and obliging. Call on Mo*<1av. , A OENTEEL MIDDLE-AO ED AMERICAN WIDOW J\ wishes a situation in some respectable family as nurse to an invalid. Call on iho corner of Broome and Mulberry sts.. third floor, over the grocery store. ~T~ RESPECTABLE COLORED WOMAN AS NI'KHE i\. and chambermaid and to do plain sewing; city ref erence. Addrers E. M., Herald Uptown Branch ofllce. SITUATION WANTED?BY A FIRST CLASS YOUNG O French lady, highly educated, as nursery governess or useful companion to a lady; willing to inake herself useful; good reference. Address F. M.t Herald Lptown Uraneb ofllce. Wanted?a situation, by a person spfakivo b'tigiish and French, the entl e charge ol a child over Ave years old; good reference. Address K. D., Herald Uptown Branch office. Ml arc I In noon*. r UNION COFRT, UNIVERSITY PLACE.-AN ft \iner|ean woman in a private family where there is no washing done, or will do upstairs work and sewing; gowd reference. Call for two dayi. 1,1 CHI ISTOPIIER 8T.-A WIDOW LA!>Y AS NUR X seiy governess or seamstress; can cut and fit and operate and leach embroldeiv and lace ?ork. Call on or address Mrs. H. ftfi GROVE ST.?A COLORED WOMAN WISHES work by the day houscclcaning or washing and Ironing, fall for two da> s CQ PINEAPPLE ST., BROOKLYN.?A TOtJUO WO yjy man who Is accustomed to (he fea and competent to take charge ol children desires to accompany a lamily to London any tunc alter the first of July. Address 11. "I WE8T 28TII ST.?AN EXPERIENCED DOVER 1UU ness, speaks English and French flnently and un derstands mn?lc and Latin; accustomed to children over six ; does plain and machine sewing; three jeurs' Amer ican reference. ttQQ RAHT S1ST 8T.-AS GOVERNESS FOR CHIL ? jUO dren ; speaks several languages and willing to do anv kind of fancy needle work or general family sew ing; ho objection to the country. Call for one week. Q7O 8TH ST., BETWEEN AVS. C AND D.-A LADY it I & accustomed to teaching and speaking fluently French, German and English, as travelling companion or to go to the rountry with a ladv; salary no object; high, est relerences. Address F. C., care of Mrs._Lennon. ri 7 LEX1NOTON AV., CORNER 1MTH ST.-A GOOD, OJ I smart gfrl, tn a respectable family ; rail speak French and Kn?ll?n. SITUATIONS WANTED? FEMALES. Mlacellaiiieoua. fro- #TIT AV . UP STAIRS.-A FRENCH UDY A9 *J> lady'*maid; can ?ut and to and drew hair. 2D AY-A RESPECTABLE OIRL AS LADV'8 J'/?/ mail una seamstress, operates on Wheeler A y llson's machine: test city rcleseace. Can be seen Cur | two (lav*. ' KKO WEsT 43D ST.-A PROTESTANT YOUNG ; y''u woman as ladv's maid and seamstress-, c hi cut, fit anil (rim drcste* with ta-te; operates on Wheeler >fc Wilson's machine: can do any kind of family sewing; dresses hair; would go to the country or travel for the Summer; good reference. 4 YOUNG LADY OK PLEASING ArPPARA-KTB J V would like something to do by which she could sup port herself. Address tor two days C. B. M., llcruld I p town branch oBlee. A KKl'NCll LADY WOCI.D GO TO THE COUNTRY with an American fuuilly, to teach French and mu sic ; houie und small salary required. Addicss PA RISIAN, Herald office. A FRENCH PROTESTaNT PERSON AS COM J\ patilon or lady's maid, with a t'amilv going to Europe. Can be seen at present employer's. iddress, lor one week, L. M., Herald Uptown Branch otllcc. 4 YOUNG GERMAN G11U, DESIRES A PLACE AS j\ companion to an Inval d lad v, or to fake eha ge oi clilldren i> to 12 yearn ot age. Ailitress O. 11., box 123 Iieia'.d office. A YOUNG LADY OP REFINEMENT WOUI.D LIKE a position Houseful companion to a lady ; cmi'iiiy preferred s or would travel in this cotmtry. Address E. it w., box U4 Herald Uptown Branch office. 4 I.\PY, WHO IIAK HAD LARGE EXPI RIKVCE JY in teaching, has spent two year* on the Continent, speaks French ttnently, desires to travel In T-'Ufope as governess to children or compunlon to a lad*, lor lier ex penses. Address Miss TI TTLE, St Denis Hotel. A FRENCH LADY. NATIVE OF PARIS, HAVING A good education and business capacity, wishes to go to Europe with a family going In Jtiiy, eltlx r asn com panion or Interpreter. Address Mine. CLEKCX, HO West 16th St. A LADY OF HIGH RESPECTABILITY AND A stranger in the city will leel most grateful tor the Interest ot any kind gentleman in getting her a situation not menial. Address C. B., Herald oltlce. A LADY OF SAFE REFERENCE WOULD VISIT J\ ladles' residences and write up accounts and all their long-unanswered letters. Address WRITING LES SONS, box 24t> Williamsburg Port olllce. A FRENCH LADY AS LADY'S MAID OR TO TAKE J\ care of growing children; with a family goimr io !? urope or travelling preferred : is a neat sewer; best ref erence. Ad Iress Mine. C. O.. l'ost olDeo, Brooklyn. / 11RCI'I.A IIS. ENVELOPES, AC., ADDRESSED TO ANV \ ' line ot business men, merchants, farmers iu the Unit ed States from well classified lists of names. J. AR Tlil'ItS MURPHY, No. 6 Dev street, publishers of Refer ence Hooks and Directories, with commercial ratings and business statistics oi every merchant in the United States. IilUROPE?EUROPE -AN EDUCATED FRENCH PER j son, accustomed to travel, and never sen sick, would take care of children, ov wait ou a lady, In return tor her passage ; best city references. Address PARISIAN, Lox. 107 Herald Uptown Branch office, VirANTED?BY A MIDDLE-AGED FRENCH LADY, A it position as useful companion and assistant house keeper or nursery governess; best reference. Address H. R.," Brooklyn Post office, "11 r AN TED-BY A YOUNG LADY, A SITUATION AS T t lady's companion or governess to young children; does not object to travel; reference to be had f>om Dr. Tiffany, No. 8Charlton street, or Miss E. A. Rice. Darien Seminary, Conn. Address N. K. W., Darien Seminary, Conn. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED? FEMALES. 11 Q WEST 2DTII ST.?LADY'S MAID.-4N ENGLISH J J O waman.ln a family, to travel, eithar to Europe or In the. United States; thorough y undcrslandsher business; is an excellent dressmaker and hairdresser; takes entile charge of a lady's wardrobe. Address W. E. L. lOQ WEST 20TII ST.. BETWEEN OTII AND 7TII J?>f/ a vs.?Private instructions by the month in the English branches and French by a competent lady teacher; at home mornings. Any and am- letters received by others, answered with brilliant literary talent by a rather "elderly youni' Indv'' who commenced the practice 01' tier profession helore she was thirteen yearsold. Her letters were published while Htill a school girl, and tmrcly four were printed before she was offered a rate p r col umn. She expects to die in harness with a pen in her hand. The same box. 79 station I), has been her Post office address lor seven years. Wherefore, during the next seventy-seven her antediluvian patrons will please address A PERMANENCY, Instead or exclaiming every time they clip nee to meet her "Why! we didn't know how to find you 1" A A LADY TEACHER OF ABILWY WH,T, CIVE 2Y daily instruction in English, French, Latin, music and drawing at $10 a quarter. Address GRaDL'A'IE, Herald uptown Branch office. A YOUNG LADY OP GOOD ADDRESS WISHES TO travel as companion with n lady; references ex changed. Address Miss V. DU BARRY, Herald Uptown Branch office, 1,264 Broadway. LADY WIsnEB COPY!NO TO TAKE DOME. Address, tor one week, Mrs. (iOITI n. 2".'l East KM st. A LADY, DESIROUS OP A HOME, WOULD TEACH one or two children. Address Mrs. EMMS, Brook lyn Post office. \ YOUNG I.ADY UNDERSTANDING ALL SEWTKO machines v. isheg a position as saleslady. Address Miss M. E., box 174 Herald office. A FRENCH LADY, SUPERIOR TEACHER, SPKA K ^V. inv and iii?truetlnfi also German, Itn'ian and Eng lish, desires to find a home in return lor her instruction; city references. Address box 140 Herald Uptown Branch office. \ YOUN?, I.ADY OF REFINEMENT AND EDl'CA lion would like the loan ot a small sum of tnoncv, for which she would he willing to work in any capacity not menial. Address, for three days, E. if., lleruld Up town Pranch office. A PARISIAN LADY. JUST ARRIVED, WHO HAS J\ had much experience in touching In some ol the tirst families in Europe, desires an engagement i>s governess in a tamilv, either in the l.'nited States or in Cul a: teaches music, Gt rman, elementary drawing, Ac.; highest references. Address E. V.,box 140 Herald Uptown Branch office. A "YOUNG FRENCH-LADY, WHO IS WELL AO J\. quainted with all prirls of Europe, wishes to ac company a family there; wlllinu to make, herself useful in nnv position. Address TRAVEL, Herald Uptown Branch office. A YOUNG LADY (PARISIAN) WHO HAS TAUGHT IN some of the best schools desires a position In a fam ily to instruct her laugi;a?e and the clcuicnlarv English branches in exchange for her board; no objection* to the country. Address MARIE, box 32, 205 East Fourteenth street. 171RENCH.?THOROUGH INSTRUCTION IN FRENCH, " with conversation, by a foreign lady. Address, or call Monday evenings only, Mile. ALZAMORA, TO St. Felix street, Brooklyn, L. I. Neglected EDUCATioN~-A~i.Ar>Y o> the most finished education In almost every accomplishment, who, however, well understands Iho many respectable reasons why there, rnav be mature and even elderly ladies wno cannot trust their rr adlng and writing to the criticism of even their own families, offers her services for their Improvement. Ask for the tcnchcr of music and drawing at 34fc East I7lh st., who is at home gen erally. and between 4 and .5 o'clock almost invariably quiet and alone. WANTED?A SITUATION IN A STORE IN THE cltv or country; to board with the family pre ferred. Call ou or address Miss NABE, 4ts West Washing ton place. Intelligence Oflircs. IADlF.S' PROTECTIVE UNION AND DIRECTORY J lor 'althtul domestic service, 1,502 Broadway, second door below 45lh st. A. HELP WANTED-PKMAI.ES. T. STEWART A CO. WANT first class, experienced HAT and BoNNET HUMMERS. Apply at 9th st. entrance. Hroadwn v and loth st. \?CONSTANT EMPLOYMENT TO THOSE BUYING . any first class sewing machines; all earned over a small instalment we pay in cash and continue giving work after machines are paid for. BLAKE, Bl'CKVVAL TER A CO., 115 4tb nv., corner of 12th st., and 101 Rleecker ?t.. MM* Broadw ay. A -WORK GIVEN OUT AT ADVANCED PRICES TO .. pay for first class new Sowing Machines. All earned over a small monthly instalment we pay promptly In ca-h, Many ladles who purchased machines of us three and lour years ago arestlllin our employ. D. F. POND A co., wareroonis 142 East Eighth street, near Broadway, and 21 Astor place. A few good canvassers wanted. An educaten young woman wanted?7s amanuensis; must be of go< d disposition, Indus trious and dependent on her own exertions tor a living Address HENRY JAMES, box lf>7 Herald offi. e. NEAT," TIDY, WELL -RECOMMENDED GIRL wanted?To do general housework for a small family; II miles iu the country; good wages. 40 Cort land! si.. Monday, ?WANTED?FIRST CLASS SALESLADIES FOR > o-ir ri! need apply. A FEW FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKERS WANT. D Also a good buttonhole maker. 110 West 11th St., be tw< en 6th ami f>th avs. \FhW FIRST CLASS MILLINERS ANI> TRIMMERS wanted?Some ready to work. Apply to KAIIN WHILER A LEWIS, 17 Mercer st. \ RETAIL DRUG "cT.RRK"-WANTED.?ADPRBPS J\. AUGUSTUS, New York i'ost office, stating age and qualifications. A?WANTED?FIRST CLASS SALESLADIES FOR ? our ribbon department; only those luliy competent need apply. STERN BROTHERS, 367 6th ar. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTED?TO DO THE iV cooking, washing and Ironing of a small family; cltv references required. 48 West 10th st.,.between flth and 6th avs. A COOK WANTED?TOGO IN THE COUNTRY, WHO understands rostaurmu cooking and will assist gt washing and ironing. Apply at 142 West 2Mb si., between Cth and 7th avs., from 11 to 3, Monday. A CHANCE TO LEARN TELEHRAPHY.?MEN, J\. women, boys and girls learn and take positions; de mand for operst irs. no vacation. THOMPSON'S College, 2i4thav., opposite Cooper Institute. A NUMBER OF DRESSMAKERS WANTED-AI.SO J\. improvers. Apply, for two months, at 1,IW) Broad way, near 18th st. Come prepared to work. A GIRL WANTED-ABOUT 16 YEARS OF AGE, TO Assist In the housework of a small private umlly. call at MM Lafayette av near Nostrand, BrookKn. A T MMK. LA FORCADES, Nil 6 WEST Mill ST. Wanted, 16 first class trimmers, waist makers and finishers; none other need apply . high wages and steady employment A -LADIES ARK INVtlED TO TAKE ANY KIND ? of Sewing Machine thev like, and to take out shirts, ladles' suits or undergarments. Ac., to make at home or

In shop, and i ay only small stuns down and leave small suinsrii r\ week unil get cash lor work ' INsHt ltV, ittt Chamber* st. HBiP WANTED-PEMAI-KS. A FEW FIRST CI^AKS DRESSMAKERS, ONLY those able to trim and finish off, wanted. Also opera tors on Wheeler A Wii*ou'? muchiuc. Cull ull the week At 8ft Mticdoagal ?t \ FORK WOMAN WANTED?ONE TH \T FULLY l"N dcrstands the cuttintr and fitting of suit* And cloak*; must come well rt mmendcd. Apply at A. FIELOH', corner Grand and Cbrystie at*. 4 FEW Fllt-'T CLASS OPERATORS ON DRESS 1 \ making anil white work, also waist trimmers, wanted at 317 6th uv , near 20th st. DRESSMAKERS WANTED?FIRST CI \8S; U.SO competent operator en Grover k Biiki r's machine. M. WEB TEE, 238 4th uv._ Dressmakers.?several first class trim men wanted at Mr*. Hul l I DAV 8, 160 West Mill ft, DRESSMAKERS WANTED?GOOD HANDS. APPLY Mine AVE RILL, 1703d uv. DRESSMAKERS -GOOD WAIST FINISHERS, ALSO an apprentice Apply belore 8 A.M. at basement deor 4S East 18th st. nBESSMAKKKS WANTED.?FIRST CLASS WAIST lui mis and trimmer:!; no others need apply. lli) WestiKdst. Mrs. FOLEY. 17HRST CLASS DRESSMAKERS WANTED?GOOD .T butti n hole makers; also one or two apprentices. In <1 it ire at Mrs. til'UN CVS, 100 West 12ih st. /lOOD DRESSMAKERS WANTED.?APPLY AT 44<> VI 4;h av. OPERATORS W ANTED.?ON LV FIRST CLASS hand* on Wheeler A Wilson's machines, for ladies' tut to. K. lia v ward, :.22 canal at. SlIIliT MAKERS WANTED-ON FINK WHITE shirts, at S. P. CA RMICH AF.I.S, 310 tith av. mWO NEAT, ACTIVE HIRES TO ATTEND LCNCII J counter wanted. 3tS Liberty st. \\T \ NTED?EXPEIIIEN('ED HANDS TO WOIIK ON VV tine law, t and organdie suits. WIL uN ,t GKEiG, 771 Broadway, corner nt 9th st. "itrANTED-A GERMAN GIRL TO l>o GENERAL tt housework. Apply at 87th st., eighth liouitt cast of av. A. WANTED?AT MME. B. TOl'JAB',4fi9!t 6111 AV., NEXT the corner of 28th st., Ilrst class dressmakers, an operator on Wilson's machine. also apprentices. \\fANTED-AS CASHIER, EITHER A YOUNG LADY VV or gentleman capable of keeping accounts, simile entry. Apnly to or address HT1EBEL k CO.. W West lllh St., near 6tu av. WANTED-A KIR-T CLASS FOREWOMAN; ONE who is a good, cutter, titter and designer; lilieral pay to the right party; only those who aro competi nt Deed imply at S. WECHsLER k BROS'., 2ril Fulton st. Brooklyn, A Vr ANTED?A tiOUD WOMAN TO DO OENERA1. VV housework in the country for it small tamilv; must be a good bread maker and cook; she can assist with the washing and ironing. Address S. L. C., Herald office, for three days. UrANTED?THREE EXPERIENCED HOTEL CIIAM hermaids; Iho-e who thoroughly uuderslaud llieir business. Apply nt Plerrepont House, Brooklyn. WTANTED?GOOD DIlEss.MAKEIIS, WHO UNDER VV stand trimming uud finishing; also an improver at lti East 1 Mil st. VYrANTED?FIRST CLASS MILLINER AND TRIM VV nicr; wages no ohieut. Apply at 215 Court st., op posite Warren St.. Brooklyn. WANTED-A THOROUGH BUSINESS WOMAN, II AV ing energy, tue.t and reliability for a responsible position : brlug references. Call troin 8 to 12 A M, al I,I4'.I ltri il lway. F. A. PECKHA31. WANTED?COMPETENT DRESSMAKERS. NONE but good hands need apply (also an apprentice), with rclen nres. at W West 18th <t. WANTED.?LADIES WISHING GENTEEL AND profitable business can make $3 to <7 per day, so liciting orders; convenient little article, wanted by ull classes. til& Broadway, up slairs, otlice 1. WANTED-A vol Ni; LADY IN A SHOE STORE, with Mine knowledge ol the kvMMait ill.son A charm;:, 6th av. and 87th at, WANT ED?IM M EDI A T ELY. PAPBB PA T rER N' trimmers;: also good cuttera bv my system, or those willing to learn, as I have applications"lor Mich. Apply to 8. T. TAYLOR, 8i6 Broadway, second floor. XITHEELER k WILSON'S AND OTHRE FIRST CLASS TT Sewing Machines, new. sold on monthly instal ments payable in work at home. NEW YORK MA CHINE BTITOHING COMPANY, 16 Ollnton plact (8th ft) WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A FIRST CLASS Mil.LI TT tier; the hi hi^st wages paid: must utlders a id her bnsin<a< perfectly. also several tlr t eiu?s dressmakers. Call lor two days, after 10 A. M., on NATALIE T1LMAN k co., 12 East Hith st., between I'liion suuaie and 6th av. WANTED-'.'.HIES TO INTRODI'CE THE ORE AT TT est novelty ot the age; has large profits. Call at 411 West M2d st.. between h> and 12 A. M., for two dftyi* WANTED?A CTRL FOR GENERAL HOIS! WORK VV iii r small family; must be a good cook, ? asher and ironer: city references required. Call, trotn 2 till'4 P. M., at DM 8Ui av. Ring third bell. WANTED?A RESPECTABLE, TIDY GIRL, FOR Vt n Herman family of three adults: references re quired. Apply at 2fl.r< New York av.. between Congress and N'orlli sts.,, Jersey City Height*, lake llobokcn terry. tlTANTED-A YOUNG lady fO tend IN BAKERY, TY at UlLKOH'H, W) Qntovtch st. "I l/ANTED?FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKERS, AT 221 >V_ West 39th hf. TITANTED?SOMK FIRST CLASS SKIRT TRIMMERS, TT on dresses: also nil operator OU Hie Florence mu ch inc. Apply at No. 8 West litli st. S. M. FURLONG. TIT ANTED?TWENTY FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKERS; ?T ftl*o first elnss hands ou children's pique goods. Workroom entrance on litli st. jamks McCRBEEY a co.. Broadwayindlitis st. TP-ANTED?TWO experienced SALESWOMEN TT tor Ibu suit, cloak mid underclothing departments; eo<?l mm Ulrica ana permanent situations glvcu to compe tent persons; none oilier need apply. J. A C. JOHNSTON, Broadway, r.ili av. and 32(1 st. \ITANTED?A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK, ?T a few miles irom the cliy; small family ; (leniian preferred. Apply at We*t 13tli it, oftlco. ^ AI7 ANTI'.D?Fill: T CLASS DRESSMAKERS. APPLY TT at loi West Wth st. WANTED?A RESPECTABLE OIRL OR A WOMAN Vt for general housework In a French family ol three persons; good city reierences required. Inouiru at Mine. H. TOUJAo', ISH.'j Ctli av,, next the corner ot 2sih si. Q SILK"HAT TRIMMERS WANTED?AT ,T. CALLA O I1AN A CO.,8, HO Bowery, between (Jrund und Broome st*., New York. er (Fivio more waitresses wanteOi?at O HANKHKS AND BROKERS' DAlltY, 62 Cedar si., oppoui'e Pout office; must bo of good perronul appear ancc-und lu in : written reference*. Apply lor tw<? days until 7 o'clock P. M. N. B.?No liqrors Hold. AIM -ANY LADY CAN EASILY MAKE $10 DAILY ?tP I'by devoting three boiir>' time, each day to a now and respeituhle business; no perilling arrangement. Agent" wanted in every city und town in the States. Ap ply to Mine. HERMAN, 1 Kt West 41st st, from 10 to 4. nMACDOUGAL ST.?WANTED, A HEALTHY WET nurse Call Monday evening, between 7>a aud .i!,, lor J. L. BICKFORD. SITI7ATIONS WAHTRD-MUE9. i YOUTH OF 18 WISHES EMPLOYMENT IN SOME J\ business where ho can loarn something and make lilinscll useful; has served three year* at wood ongrav nt.'. Address W. J. P., No. 7 Madison street, llrst Hour. 4 FIRST CLASS WAITER'S SITUATION WANTED? A In a private lamily; coitntrv preferred for Suniuica; city references. Address CHARLES, box 130 lleruld Up town Branch otlice, 1,205 firoadwuy. A RESPECTABLE MAN WISHES A SITUATION AS J\ first clam cook. Call ot 104 Wooster st. 4 COLORED MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS J\. waiter In a private family. Address 266 West 28th st. A RUSSIAN MAN, 8PKAKING SWEDISH AND 71. Em/lish, wishes a situation as porter or night wnteli. man. or i" take chaw ot it bnrgn on the river; good ref erence from the Custom Howe service. Address J. H.. box M9 Herald office. 4 YOUNG FRENCHMAN, LATELY ARRIVED xv wishes a situation as waiter in a private Amt ri< an family: no objection to travel. Apply to A. D., at 178 Thompson st. T" PASTRY COOK WANTS A SITUATION-IN A i\ hotel or restaurant; fully competent, sola r and honest; best city references, Address P. C. UERMAN, Herald office. 4 Y" I'M J GERMAN MAN AND WIFE, WITH NO J\. children, wish situations for housework or in a res taurant or hotel; man nn<l>rounds the rare of horses: Sood reference. Address C. RENNIO. care O. LDLER, 30 ;cclor st 4 MAN AND WIFE, LATELY LANDED. WISH SIT J\ nations; willing to do any kind ol work. Address .1. D., box 22!) Herald office. Bartender?by a sivule you no man, aged 2ft years, who understands the hairiness; no objec tion to i(o to the count, v; reierenoe. Appiv io WM. li. RKAOAN. No. 9 Hcekmnn st /?"OOK.-BY A FIRST CLASS fKENClI COOK (REAL cordon bleu), furnishing ihc best cliv references as t? honesty, sobriety and efficiency, in a flr?t class family. AdilreM M. S , Herald Uptown Branch office. Employment dehired-in CITY department. railroad or insurance! one-third of salary allowed as commission: thorough education: nest ot testimonials; age 33. Address GENTLEMAN, llcrald office. oiti \T1"N WANTBD?BY A YOU NO ENGLISHMAN, as indoor servant; willing to make lliin?elf generally useful; good reference (rem last employer. Address W. C., Herald Uptown Rraach office. SITUATION WANTED-HY A FRENCHMAN, AS O waiter In Sprlvpte tamllys has first class cl'v refur ences. call on or address H. R., 945 Hroadway. UP ANTED?BfA MAN, AS MFAT COOK OR PASTitY TT cook; good references. Call oa or nddriss J. B., 487 Atlantic St., flrst door, second floor, Brooklyn. T1CANTED-BY MAN AND WIFE, NO ENCUM T? brance. ft situation In a hotel; will inako them selves generally uselul; wile is a good lanudress. Address M. K ., 1,006 2d a v. WANTED-IIY a COLORED MAN, EMPLOYMENT YV as head waiter or first class cook iu a Summer or cltv hotel. Call on L. T. H. REED. Madison Avenue Hotel, 27i)i st. and Madison av., for one week. WAN TED? EMPLOYMENT AS PORTER, BY A tT joung Protestant Irishman, 19; fair penman; strong and willing to wort; small salary. Aduresa CHARLES, box 149 Herald office. "WANTRD?Br A CHINAMAN, WITH hood refer TT ences, a sltnation in a private family as waiter and to take charge of the dining room; is willln? to make I liim-ell generally useimAjibout the house ; no objection to I tin conntfy. Address Mr. CII AIILES LAW, foot ot Co lumbtH ?f Joiith Rrooklvn, N. Y.. In care of Louli Thie litainuli Call tor four rt?v?. fn m 1" tp 2 o'clock. CLRRKM AND SALE!IMESI. VBITITATION AH SALESMAN, CASHIER, OB KM. phivment of any kind not menial, wanted, 4ty a married man, SOyearaofafe; Al reference* ai*l security It rt iiiiircti. AddrcwJ. M. P , Post office. Jersey ? ity, N J. 4 MAN THOKOl'GHLY POSTED IN THK I.AM I* J\ ftint jxliiss business in open lor nti engagenif fit #*ttu* 1; several yearn1 oxperknee; reference Al. Ad?lre**s VOf Nc, Herald office. 4 VOI'Mi MAN, THOROUGHLY CONVERSANT *'Y with the advertising bun!nw*. harlne had J year*' experience an advertising clerk on a Iridlni! dauy Jour n il, also thorouchlv understand* markinir a paper, sun yoription uml publication hooks, and, in tact, every detail in the business department oCu newspaper. deslreaa situ ation: would attend to the advertising business of Htnit" mercantile house or accept a position its clerk In rttiy kin:l oi business; Is a good worker; would leave New York; liixhest references mm in eliaraeter anid capability. Ad dnw EXPERIENI K, hox lttt Herald office. 4 CCOCNT8. ? EIGHT lanci AGES; URBAM written up; hooks ttc\i<ed to meet special require ments; books o| ened, kept, examined or bale" ed. JAM H COX. Removed to 51 New street, room IS. ,4 TRAVELLING SAI.KSM \M WANTED, HAYING j\ an cxtouslve Western connection, to sell oil com mission trimming tor white goods, lace iioods, rMchlnus, 4c. Apply to ERKKINK A ( O . 8ft Wmwter st. 4 YOUNG M AN, HAVING BUSINESS EXPERIENCE. J\ desire* a situation us outside salesman, either local or travelling; hai latjte acquaintance with drinrulKts of el'.v mnl tliroiiithout tlie trnitod Slates; best reference. Add re ? v, box IM Herald tfflM, 4 N EXPERIENCED SALESMAN WILL HK SHORTLY J\ ili?eiiK?ced, desire* a position or will travel on com mission. Address J. K. K? box IflO Herald office. DRUG CLERK WANTED?ONE SPEAKING GERM \N and with the last city references. Apply lor two day* at Ut av., corner IM st. TTOTEL MEN -A THOROl'OH BOOKKEEPER, FOR J I the Slimmer or permanently ? lias had experience us manager: would accept a position of trust, citv or couii. trv; references Al. Address PEARSON, Herald office. 1WAWT \ GOOD, M8KMWIIUI TRAVELLING salesman, to take orders lor |ol> nrlnttnir. Cull oil or address, with rcferencc, E. IC. HANHl'O.M, ftti Went Siil St., between6th iiv. and Broadway. QITUATION WANTED-HY A YOUNG MAN WHO IH k' not afraid of work, in a stationery house, with u chance to learn the business; Rood reference ; salary no object. Address F. A. V., Herald office. SITUATION WANTED?HY AN EXPERIENCED k~ doilMe-eiitry bookkeeper, as bookkeeper, salesman, clerk or in any enpnclty; references AL Address B. M? box IM Herald offioe. CUT \TION W \NTEI>-HY A VOBKfl MAN \8 SALES man in piano wareroom; undi rxtunds the music busi ness by|very branch; ean tune and repair planoa: no ob ieetiiflMo the country ; city preferred. Address TL'NEIt, Herald office. rpo PAPER IIANGINGS SALESMEN.?WE SHALL i have va ancle* lor n few first class men the coiuinK year, Wust, Northwest, Pennsylvania. New York elty and near bv trade. Llte-ml arrutu-'cmcntt will lie mare with parlies having an established trade; cominunica tiotis strlctlv eoulldentlal. Apply bv letter to CHRISTY SHEPIIEIM) A (JARRETT, .11(1 \Ve,t j:vl St. WANTEO-A SITl'ATKiN. BV A ViH'Ntl MAN. IS T? clerk or snlesniHii. \dilre<s(" \. 11., lit l aid olllee. ?firANTED?A VOUNtl MAN. FAMILIAR WITH WHITE ?? (tuo ls, to travel, on commission or otherwise ; one haviiiK the neoessury acnuaintuncfl aifl umiuu^ttonalile rclereuce can make snlislue'ory iirrHincements by ad dressiua TRAVELLER, box ^'^1 Herald office. WANTED?A SALESMAN, mux PORTED IN T11K veneer business. Address M., box 130 Herald office. YV~ANTED-A YOITNO MAN, \B()t.*T 17 YEARS OLD, ?? to attend a stationery store. Apply to JOHN M. POLLOCK A CO., 847 Sd av. ' \\rANTBD-AN EXPERIENCED SALESLADY FOR ?? fancy uoods and ladies' white wear ; Hrst class ref ?rence required. s. 11. BALL, 1434th atr. TJtTANTED-A BOOKKEEPER. AD0RER8, WITH VV retevonees, which must be Al, II. J). ItOHB, blation C, New York. \\T A N T E D?T WO GOOD OENERAL SALESMEN VV wanted ut It. W. SCOTT'S dry goods store, 62 New ark av., Jersey City. TlfANTBD?A MAN WHO THOROUGHLY UNDER V? stands the nowderlim and xrimlliif of dru?s and silli es. Address DRUGS AND SPICES, Herald office. V\TANTED?SALESMEN : ACTIVE, ENFItCETIC GEN VV tlepii'U, of nood address, having the rciuisiu1 qual illoatIons lo innke kooiI salesmen, can apply ut 3 o'clock to VIRTU9A YOR8TON, 12 Dev St. UrANTED?A YOL'NG MAN TO KEEP BOOKS AND make himself useful. Address, in own hand wrltinir, stallmr wages and where lust employed, A. 11., box Hii liet'uld cWlie. WANTED?A COMPETENT BOOKKEEPER AND correspondent, who understands German tlior ninthly. Adun ss, with relereuces and salary expected, Z. , jiox ISA Herald office. WANTED?A FIR/!T CLASS OIJTDOOit~SALESM \V to sell Imse halts from sample; those having a con nection with stationery and toys preferred. J. RYAN <t co., 88 Nassau street. ?\\-\NTED-\ SALESMAN. BV A FANCY GOODS tt and iiotlnii house; one havlnv nn aciinaintanre East desired; none m" d applv iinlur.* thorouithlv familiar with the business. Address C. E. J., hox lf>5 H-erald office. V47ANTF.D-A SITUATION AH COLLECTOR Oil BURI yy ness agent, by a highly competent and trustworthy man : ample security given. A 'dress COLLEC rOK, box 112 licriiM Uptown Branch office. WrA S'TED?A SITUATION AS CLFIMv I N' A STORE. OR us bartender.? A young man, lout arrived front Ire land, requires the above; lias the most satisfactory dls charges from last emplnver: advertiser would tnuku him self generally useful. Addre*sJ. Herald office. iimmtd-by a yon no haw, a position as ?t entry clerk or assistant bookkeeper. Addles.- A. KEN FitliW, Herald otllee. UTAS run?TIIK SERVICES, IN WHOLE Oil PART, of a gentleman thoroughly acquainted witli the .sta tionery business in all departments. wholesale and re tail, including novelties connected wHIi the trade, and who Is also known to t lie lending houses in tlil? and other cities. For further particular* address. givlm? axe, expe rience and references, II. It. S., box 130 Herald olHce. UfANTKli-IK A FINANCIAL INSTITUTION NEAR New York elly, a man as bookkeeper and assistant caahier; one who In eonioetent and wlmcan furnish un doubted testimonials a* to character (or security 11' r< <1 ul red) inay wen re a perinuncnt situation; naltirv $70,1 per iiiiniini, with probable Incrcuse. Address, for three day, box i~* Herald office. TlrANTED?A YOUNO MAN' AM AN ASSISTANT T? book keener; must be po-led In the bnrlware tiusi neas; small sulurv at tlrst. Address HARDWARE, Herald oflle", giving reference. UrAJrrrcn a soih:r, i aitiiiti, and indus. t rioiiH mini, as coachman and gardener and to make himself general.) useful upon u gentleman's country resi dence, 45 miles iroin New S'ork, on New Haven road: ref erence!! required. Inquire ot A. J. OUTVVATER, at Kidder, Wetherell A Co.'*, SI .tohn street. C FIRST CLASS DRY HOODS SALESMEN WANTED? ') For the differ"!!! departments. Only those whoenn furnish llrst class reference need apply. RODOEBS A ORB. 67,-a -WANTED, A YOUNO MAN AS CLERK IN a eountrv city grocery afore, understanding' bookkeeping; wlilt this 11 mount good ??ire. ami an in tercut Riven. Address.I. M. F? Albany Pont office, N. Y. CI (Wilt T" IN v I>sT- Willi SI'R VIClCS OF A ?p I .'M/U tlrst class bookkeeper and thorough busi ness num. Address 1). A. Herald olllee. CO.VCIIMK'V AND GAIIDKIVKKH. \ PRACTICAL OARDKNER WANTS A SITUATION; i\ sinalc man: eltv reference; term* moderate. Ad dress I'. I'., No. I John ?t. y GKNTlem w lkavi m; tin: country wishes J\ a place for his man u? llr?'rate coachman mid gar dener ; is married. Full particular* will be gladly gm:u on application at 26 Fast 60th at., for three days. I YOUNO FNOLIMI M AN WISHES A HITPATION j\ as gardener; unexceptionable in every respect. Addre-s W. A., gardener, Fort I<eo I'uat office, llvigcu comity, N. .1. t COACHMAN'S SITUATION WAVrED-MV tM r\. j\ perieneed city driver; first cla?s groom: strictly temperate; six years' unexceptionable reierence. Call on or address (>. H , HOI 'it11 aw, between In h mid loth *t*. AN EXPERIENCED COACHMAN, WITH FIKtiT class references as to 1 apabilitv. sobriety and In tegrity. Call on or address H. Stitting's saddlery, Hi Mil a v. I iIKIIMAXTm AUIitl'O MAN) WWTS A SITI \ l\ tion 11s coachman mid irrooin; understands Ills bn-l ne <s and can give n tercnce*. Address ?SCI1NAUES, 8# Mat 3M st. \ S COACHMAN AND (.'ROOM IN A PRIVATE FAM i\ ilv--By a sln':le man: Kmrlish: ihoroiighly iitnli r Ills business. Call 011 or a idress I'. P., 140 West Mill nt., prnatc stable. ASITI.ATION WANTED - 14 V A YOI'NO MAN AS eoaclnnnn or groom: 110 ob|eelion to tho Country. Address J.. 26 I.cxlngton av., employer's stable. * HERMAN (MAURIED) WIKIII S A SITCATION AS i\ coachman atul gardener, with his wile as washer mid ironer. Inquire at :?> .lay st. \RESPI?CTARLli COI.ORBD Yol'NO MAN is DE sirons of procuring a si u.itioti in the capacity of conelnn'in and groom; neee.-sary quulifleatloim liiriiDhed. Address !?'. T , I'il West Sfcl ^t. 4 HIT! ATION WA.M'I D?l?V A VoVNO MAN AS J\ coachman or ^rrootu and t oaebman ; thnrouulilv un derstands the enro and inunageiiieut ol horses and car riages; no objection to the country; first cln?? reference. Address o.. Herald I'ptown Br.inch office. pOACHMAW-BY 1 HARBIBD VAN, AORO W WHO " J is a good horseman and experienced driver, sober, at tentive, smart and willing; if required can do trardenlng, milK and be generallv tmefkl* can show ovr seven years'first idttss eit * reference (rum last employer. Ad dress, Monday and 1 ucsday, H., box 125 Herald I'ptown Brunch otllee". /COACHMAN'S HIT! ATION WANTED??T A TOUSTfl Seotcliinaii; '? vrars'good reior^cnc?. Au?ir?*hs DA VII) box 149 Herftld oftlco. /tOACHMAN.-A PRIVATE FAMILY SFI.MNO OPT. A \ I ilr-t clasa coachman will be disengaged; In# best city reierence. Call on or addresa COACIIM.VN, private sta ble, 28 I<e\lngion av. /10ACIIMAN AND OROoM'S 8ITPATION WANTED? \J by a steady, sober, single young man, need 30: good city uiid comitn retercnces'from lato and loriucr ctn p| jrers. Add re M K. F., 6ti 6th av. CIOACIIMAN AND OROOM'fl SITUATION WANTED? ) Bt a single man; three yeard' city reference Irom la it place; no objections to the country. Call on or ad dress F., 47 East tod ?t. private stable. I EMPLOYMENT WANTED BY A THOROUOIII.Y COM j petent coachman or general useful man, wHh ffrst rate test imonlals. Call on or address .1, II., 261 Front st. C1AKDF.NER WANTED-Wno UNDERSTANDS ALSO I the care of horses. Inquire at 113 Broadway, roorti W. C1ARDENER, SINOLF,, WANTH A SITUATION.? J Fully competent in alT the branches; can tnllk, take care of horses ami carriages and make liimaelf generally useful; good relcrenoc. Address j AMES, box &I Herald office. COACI1A1KN WO UlKUEKKug, P1RKT CIMBK SITUATION WANTED -BY A fTRHT class coachman; awnlrt unit temperate ; caa give lu-Bt city references. Call on or adilrcs* II. s < onurcsK and kmpire Spring Co., 94 Chambers ?t. " OTTPATTOW WANTED?AS FIRST ? I.\-i- COACH. man ; will tie foutiil nillnijr and obliging. (mi or ! mldrt'M'J AMKh, c#r# i>l J. B UrnwuUv.* A Co>i WHcr 17tk i st. nml 5th uv. TITANTED-A SITUATION AS COACHMAN'. BY A j ? T single man , thoroughly i>nd?r*Uiml * iii> l iirliuxw ! best oily re i? re nee. Address JOHN, Herald office. TITANTED?A KMAU., COLORED SINOLE MAN TT as coachman and to nnike himself uwful about the home; must bo u goad driver. Apply at lis Kasi30tli st. 11'ANTED?SITUATION, BY A HARRIET) MAN, AH TT coachman ; no encumbrance; no n tion to city i.r country; be?>t city relwrace. (Ml on or add rem j. i?' 6:'l fttli av. TJTAWTEB? A SIT I ATI ON A.s 0A( IIMAS ANU Vt groom, by a married man; small 'uniily; Rood, steady driver; sober; willing and oldicing; ten years' reference: no obkctlon to ttio oountiy. Can lie stcii ut 152 Kant 2-ttli ?t. until suited. IITAHTEB?A SITUATION BY A SINGLE YOUNH TT man as first clans coachman and grooin; Ave vonr*' satisfactory cliv reference from last employer. Address C? stnlilPH, IX fatstSDd >1. TI' ANTED?A GROOM; TO A MAN WHO THOB tt ouifhly understands the core of trot'iiu: horses a good situation i- ottered. None hut th?sc who !i i\c good reference* nM apply to GfcORtJE B BISSKLL, Hayne's Hotel, Rprlllgtlcld, Mass. HEI.F \V A^il'KD?MAIiKiH. \ ?RANDOLPH'S NATIONAL SCHOOL OK TELE iV. graphy, ISO nth n't near Broadway-.? fourteen year*' experience a* prac.Uotil M>nriftor; only school rccogni/.ed l>y FtiperintendonU IMvrMKNiMMlwn of Western I'niou Telegraph company A CHANCE TO 1.KAKK TKJiEli KAI'IIY.?MEN, 11 women, boys and girls learn and take positions; <l? maiid for operator*; uovaoalion. THOMPSON'S College, 20 4tti av., oppi Site Cooper 1 n.-ttiluti? \ OK NTH WANTED- IN EVERY KTATf:, TO SELL J1 oar celebrated stationery packages , $r> a tl>i v easily miido. .SUTTON Si 00. M ami H7 Chatham at. Al'Iiff MORE FIRST CI.ASS CANVASSERS WANT ed.?Aleuts nt experience will it i u, ll to eall on us. "VICTOR" SKWINO MACHINE COMPANY, 5t East Tenth street, i doori wait of Unmlwaj. A SALESMAN FOR RKaDY MAUI', CLOTHING trado.?Otilv an experienced party. with limit re litre noes need rMyotid Apply early Muud.iv morning, at No. H Aster House, ready for work A YOUNG MAN OR YOUTH A--i ENTRY CLERK, acu'iniiited witJi bookh oping. im a suntII manufac tory. Ad lress. stating exporciMHi ami salary expected, BOOKKEEPER, box 143 Herald office A FIRST- CLASS WAtTBK WANTEIK?M UST BE ^rV aide to open oysfors Aditreu J. A. K , Me raid Up town branch office. If \ EROETIC CANVAflSERS. WANTED?TO NELL i Carter^ luinrnred ilre?<tmak?f?' kmitmr nml Matter; patented DeccnilMir I?. IH71; t?oh rtrnt preuiinui evorr where; will tit any fanillv sewing machine ; hem, fell, welt, w ain, without lniHilnn, Hmil neatly and h?mo?er coarse, angular seanm perfectly every time; lilieroi In duce nent? offered; simple hcminnr.'oireulars and terms sent to any addreia, pontage prepui 1. on receipt of91 and name of machine. Applynv inniltiWM i-iMll.l.INt; A CO., manul'actumra' agouts, tW and 212 Marioa at., Brooklyn, N. V. fpilE REPUBLIC LI ICR INSl/ltANCK COMPANY, 400 I Broadway, want a lew llrst class business men to act as solicitors ui the metropolitan diitno.t " AITEit8 WANTBB?AT THE CASINO, CENTRAL Park, for Sunday, May 25 w WANTED?TWO ACTIVE, TNVKLLfUHN'T VOOTHH, for our parcel counters Apply before sic, A.M. on Monday. BRADBURY BROS., :&? .in?l ?U iimverv. w ANTED?A FEW OOOO MKN ON SALARY AND commission, at 740 Htli av 11TANTED?A MAN WILLINO IO MAKE HIMSELF li generally ttaetul; positively must be a ifooil mathe matician and a ready mental C.ileulAtor, Cull on or ad dress O. BKNNETT. 144 Washinclon <i Brooklyn, on Monday, between tlio hours of 9 and 12 o'clock. \\,rANTSD?TWO YOtJNO MEN, WITH OOOD AD l i dress a.> sludeut^in Mie dental protcssioil and wlll Inu to make themselves useful; v. ill allova siiiall coin yensntlon. Call U w est 'isd st. WANTED?A0RNT8 FOR CITY ANI? Ci.l VTRY, TO sell a new and tiseiui artielo Anpl\ tn or iiddreiw for ten days L. M., New Kuglaiul ll?:u', yil Bowery, room 7(1. TITANTED?AN INTK.LIJ'IKNT BOY IN TIIK OFFICE tt oi a dry tfoods jotiWntf horn*-. Address, Mating reterenees, O. A B., Herald ofilce. ?nrANTED?CANVASSERS AND TRAYI'LLRRS ON Vt our Roods for every statu in tbe Uniun; wholesale and retail. Apply immediately COSTAR COMPANY, WOentrrt st . New York. TITAN TED?AN ACTIVE YOUMO MAN, TO DO JANI. VV tor work; must live wltli employer; unexception able re erences reunited. Apply tins lay, between 8 A. M. and l 1'. M., to Janitor, J.riBroad ut "ftTANTED.-ACTIVE MFA ANU WOMEN CAN FIND t t immediate employment hy applying to tlio Onneral Subscription and I'ttri liasintt Aue.noy of D. MORTON FOX, ar.O Lexington avenue , box 6,166 Pout OtfRoe. \\-ANTIJD?ATX <1000, RELIABLE AND EXPRRf TT enceil cnnvassi'rs to sell Bibles In all ilie cities in Western New York, on weekly payments; fare paid. Apply to JAMES J. COOUAN. iAIiajt .Seneca street, But lalo, N.JY. tVANTKD?A HEAD WAITKR FOR a BEATAURANT; TT one who under lands his Imihiiio.-s and can crnue well recomnieiided. Address X Y / Herald office. TITANTED?A SMART, ACTIVE MtV \S HOTEL Vt steward; must tie a nood carvoratxt liuyer and com petent to maniitie store room aud kttclieu. Apply at Plerropont House, Brooklyn. \|' ANTED? roll" THE UNITED OTATBS MARINE* T? Cortis, 590 tine, able-bodied men. This service offers splendid opportunities to visit tftre:?n countries on board United States sltips-of-war. For Mirthor iufoniiatlou apply at Recruiting Rendetvon?, SO Chatham street, Ndw York. JAMK8 LRWI8, Major Uwitod States Marine Corps. ' ANTED?A STOREKEEPER AT FISHER A CO.'S Dininsj Rooms, 13 Thomas st. T17 ANTED?A YOU NO MAN OF (><)'? D ADDRESS, Vt familiar with the stationery and printing business, to solicit orders on commission for a first elasi house; one who can give estimates desirable Axldress BLANK BOOKS. Hi raid office. w B Til K TKAIIKM. \ inisrif ? A ItESPEOTABLK YOUTH. WITH AR 1Y tlsth* talent, residing with his parents, will be token HM indentured apurenttea tu tin: pic 01 iuI and ?cenio luisinex*. A|>|ilv in.I. BRUTE, ?il0 Broadway. New York. VB1V UK l? WANTS A BTTHAAIOV AT I.1TIIO graphic Printlii* , has ??rv?d s ui jnths. Apply ut 300 West llmi?t<.ii .?tivct, moiii 51. Vrotnra man. it rB*BH or ,? m, wishes to loom the carpenter trtUle. Apply, lor two days, at 153 West 4fith si. IV OSKAWBIfTAL PAINTER"?US P/D TO I.AND ? \ scape painting, wanted lit MARVIN .* ?.'?>., :',2H West 37th ?t._ t COMPETENT PIMNTKU, WITH "inOD REKRi i\ enci' nnd trnm jriW) to $1,000 can isnuugelnn ""*?* nml nrotittiblc business, already established. AddTese lio* 3,ao Post office. BON?B WANTKD-THOKOUOIIIA I XKKRSTAMJ. itiR solution* ami acid*. Apply .it 0!) I > untie nt. (101,011 MIXER WANTBD-IN A PAPER HANGING V,' factory; u color mixer who pertoetly umlnrMitiiilii mixing tor h.kitil work nul maehlnc work. Address COLOR mixer, Herald office. /1DTTER ITADTED-rOS Kiltsf CLAM tTSTOM ' J clothing; none I nt i ftc>rotiph! v competent man need c^ply. Addre*?, with relureni o, U. It., box ltM Herald House carprntkrs wa'ntrd kor a countriv toll. Apply to OBO. A. KINOsLAND, I '.7 Kent nt., Oreanpoint, Brooklyn. I' ITHOORAP1IY.?WANTED, AN ENMRAVER AU J customed to commercial and map work ; mn?t he tlr.-t clas* Apply, with specimen.', to M vjolt ,k KN'Al'P, 56 Park place. rpo LIQUOR DEALERS.?A SITUATION "waNTKD, L to ninniifoeture all km in of liquor*. syruj>?, cordial*, ,Vc.. nnd casing (it noodn, Add lit an M. A L., Herald Up town Branch offlco, lor three days. ATC'HM\KER WANTIiO.-STEADV ESTI'LOYMENT to a wood workman. Apply nt 005 Broadway. if ANTED?A-V INDUSTRIOUS E N-1 IN' C K It: ONB who thoroughly unilnrstruid* 'lie ijudering ol lord ; none other need ipplv WAON hit A DAVIS, *21 Nt av orner tlith *t. \llrANTED?A YOUNG MAN WHO NDERSTAND* M repairing clock* and jewelrv, and willing io make himself use in 1 in the more an have * roinne nl situa* linn. Apply III <15 'llll AV'A ST ED-MEN TO WORK ON STEAM RANGES; y\ none hut llrai -l *Hi Ii.iiuln need ipply. SEW YORK tTEAM It ANtiK COMPANY. 4A Cortlaiult at, New Yorlc. WANTED-A UADP DRBMMBR INQUIRE AT H, It Vt S. M \Y'S <!an,hter house, on I tluuon ?tract plank road, Brooklyn, K D. T*TANTED?IN A I Illsr t'l.ASS lit/OTHlSO HOUSE, yy ii foreman in th ? hoy'- and '? Int<1 r>? n"^ i-inrtinent; lie mu't hive law- expert once and ??* thoroughly <i unti tled. Apply by letter to H. A l),, *lMion A. \\ ANi'ED-rKRitoi VI'E MEN, WHO RAVI HOME ?V knowledge ol out toor Hrotipinn . lUo two pnlr ,U Tube*, Boxei?, baths md one 1 t Tnbe H. OREP.R, 350 Bowery. VIT ANTED?A RLAUKHM1TH, Wlio I Nl'RRSTANDS it wakoti work and horwulxwuiij wtlllif/to (to in the country. Apply between 10anft Ixo'ctoek \. M., on Monday, SStli in?i. at N i 7 JametiaMp W V NT ED?A KIHST '"LASS K\PK 'It.M I II HAKJiR, TV lor a city hot?l. Apply at, the st v, n< House, 3, Brotulwa v. w w Kit EIV'4'11 A UVI:RTIMf?'.>!F,tWl IT SB KILLE SUISSE, PaRLANT M' t *VAI?. ET J Palletnan. deslrt* ?e ??.?-er pour ? uj ? "riles eniknia an destuH de duuv i is. itln ?' 11 I "? itieilleurea relereiiem, S'adreM- i p. tt(L<nt !? No. J Went 44tlt ?t. ? mwki.i.animmih. T? WALKER'S SONS ?EX I It A AMI PIAIS HOOK GJt blndliiH done at "hartert nntite ?. 1 ^t price edition*of Booki ?? > ?>?<> tyw . ? i. Hotel and bomhiiK'I nor ? \ i'.pkks? Orcftt haraaln* in flue Japan, ?lot I Kouii-W Mreakliiit Tea* at 51 per eetil below cost, i imi ftiietion, aU 99 Kulton street, corner trt WMIIatn t'TJARTIEfl WHOSE STOCKS IIA VI N aoLD" Jt at the Stock Kx"hanRe bv their tu , owlnii t" Insiifflclencv oi nut ruin, run rtteover tin ,n? !???>. Autueao t'Ot'NSKLLOR, box Hi Herald office (.JLOTE # JAHES, STATI iNEIts ?>' o Rlattk Book Munafficttir' ?? Kuii-m ' Blank Ecoli"' 'nad" to pnttenis j

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