Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 27, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 27, 1873 Page 2
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CITY REAIi ESTATE FOH BAIJ5. Ctati?l< A HANDSOME COTTAGE HOUSE IN complete order; llfcith street, near Fifth avenue; excellent location ?, lot 20x100; price 910,000; only $8,oft) required; lu the light ol early quick transit very desirable tor occu pancy or investment. 8. B. GOOD A LB, No. 6 Wert Twenty-third street. Filth Avenue Hotel. Anii'E three story brown stone hoi-he, 912,5'JO; only $5,500 cash needed; great chance. WILLIAM TUCKER, 220 Fifth avenue, firm door uhove Twenty sixth st. A -THREE CHEAP LOTB, ONLY 600 FEKT EAST ? ol Filth avenue entrance to Central I'ark, on Fifty eiglith street; excavated. block restricted, Ac. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr.,Jl Pin# street. JjllFTH AVENUE?FIRST CLASS HOUSES AT LOW ' est rates ; Nos. 205. 520, 614, 741, 74ti, 781 and 7trt; also os. I and 15 Eust ami 9 and 16 Went 63d streot; 20 West ftiih street; IS, 20, 22 and 21 East and No. 8 West 57lh ?rcct;fl and 13 East 41st street. Apply to V. K. STEVENSON, Jr.. 11 Pine street. 1iK)B bale?HOUSE 5.1 WEST FIFTY-THIRD STREET, between Filth and Sixth avenues 21 feet front; first class, with rosewood parlors, mirrors. Ac. Apply on promises or to owner, 318 West Forty-sixth street. FOB sale?a LOT ON THE SOUTHWEST CORNER Ot'Eighty-eighth street and Lexington S^.1"10- ,,Ay ply to Dr. VANDERSMITH, owner, Passaic Bridge, S. J. FOR hale?IN FIFTY-SBCOND street, A LARGE brown stone private Dwelling, furnished oi unlur liished. between 1-1itti ami Sixth avenues, lour atorv, with nil tnc modern improvements; can be purchased at h price much below its real value, ami possession in the Fall, or Mav next; terms easy. For lull particulars in quire of F. t:oLTO.>, East thirteenth sirefct, near Broadway. ' For sale at a sai rifice-to an immediate buvcr an elegant tour story English basement brown stone Mouse, on West Twentv-aecona street, with furnace, range, hot and cold water, hath, gas, water closets, bells and lube*: house in good order; price $15,000, JAMES It. EDWARDS, till West Twenty-third street. Must be sold and can bb bought chrap by a prompt customer?Ti?o tour storv high stoop House 2;> West Forty-uiuth street; also others east auu west ol Fifth avenue; decided bargain*. JOHN B. CIIUBCH, 11 rinc street Bant Side, A LOT OITOSITE THE EAST SIDE PARK, NF.AR J\ the boat landing at Eighty-fourth street, and other Lots in the vicinity, for sale; terms to suit. Apply to tho owner. HAMLIN BABCOCK, Seventy-sixth street and East River. AN opportunity TO PURCHASE BY THE ACRE in Westehcater, to be the Twenty-fourth ward of this city. City Plots of ft. 10 and 20 acres, on high ground, Close to Harlem Railroad depot, at $2,500 per aero. POTTER BROTHERS, Nos. 4 and li Warren street; branch oillce at KnrdlMin depot. IpASTERN boulevard LOTS FOR SALR?ON VERY J easy terms; ulso an Ea?t River Water Front, with 40 Lots. Apply to the owner, HAMLIN BABCOCK, Seven ty-sixth street and East River. IilOR SALT'.?TO GLOBE AN EST \TK, 143 AND 144 ' Baxter street, near Grand: will be sold cheap. Ap ply to owner, 2,'U Wesl Thirty-eighth street. Madison avenue, southwest corner of Fifty-eighth street, 100x120 feet, lor *ale, together or single, in 18, 20 or 25 loot lots; all excavated. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr., 11 I'ino streej._ dklfi 7,*tn ONLY FOR A FOUR STORY BRICK ?1PXU. I ?JU Store on First avenue, 20xi?x73; easy terms. 8. FREIDENR1CH A CO., OOfl and 908 Third avenue. Went Side. A ?GRAND BOULEVARD, NEAR EIGHTIETH ?, c*'?? footLul,iiil|>t'r.bly"loeatcd, for sulcata wpecial bargain. k. HTl.\ enson, Jr., 11 Pine street. ?KJOIITJ1 OK CENTRAL PARK AVENUE, COR ..'?."/o street.?Four Lots; uninterrupted viow ol ?>cmral Parn j price low; terms easy; a bars/alii. V? K. STEVENSON, Jr., 11 rine street. Baroain-in twentieth ward, "pull lot," with frame House, between Eighth ant Ninth avenues, only $9,000. HALTER A LEVY, J03 est Thirtieth street, near Eighth avenue. SALTER A LEVY, 303 West Thirtieth street, near Eighth avenue. Ti10R TEN CHOICE LOTS ON EIGHTY-THIRD E'tfhty-tourth streets, between Eighth and Ninth roam i? VJPh0'v"? '''I? Cusy- ?tu Wall street, rggm Jlj it l> artnTON. TTIOHEST POINT FINEST view. rest POSITION r^f ..J'onr1?., valuable properly on Washington Heights; f vu 11 J'" only easy terms; tlity minutes fcet on Boule var<T"?1 ?"d luesti,"uljl0 lutur? value; V. K. STEVEN8QN, Jr., II Piye street. Third avenue property.?wh wish you would call and t^et particulars of a corner and an inside avenue House7; location A1; somebody will Jet a tjruat bargain. HOWELL A HURST, 921 lliijd avenue. C 8. DOUBLE, NEW, IN WEST 40TH ST $*,000 4*. double Tenement, new, In West fiM st 18'JOU 4 s. double Tenement, new, stuble lor it horses ai!u00 ?4 a li. s. basement aud sub-cellar, almost new 12 000 3 s. h. s. b. s., in Weit 4'Jth St., near Htli av iM.000 3 s. h. s. basement House, in good order, in 41st st.. 13,000 By B. w. Le\y a pp., art ,Wo?t 38;b st. C7TH STREET, CONVENIENT TO BROADWAY AND *J I Central# Park. 25x&>0. near Ninth avenue: high ground; uuo or both Lots at a dec u ted bargain ; halt canti. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr., 11 Pine street. HROOKIiYM PKOPKHTY FOIl SALE AND TO LET. miALD BRANCH OFFICE?BIU" >KI.YN. ADVERTISEMENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT OUR BRANCH OFFICE, IN THE LONG ISLAND SAVINGS BANK BUILDING, CORNER OF Fl'LTON AV. AND BOERUM ST. OFFICE OPEN FROM 8 A. M. TILL 9 P. M. ON SUNDAY FROM 3 TO 9 P. M. CARRIERS ^ND AGENTS' department, NO. 7 FRONT STREET. BROOKLYN. IjlOR BALE IN BROOKLYN?A Til REE STORV liigli stoop brick House, on Third avenue, i ear Wvck ofl street; will l>e sold at a ifreat sacrifice II told within lour days. Call on or address F. WIIKLAN,3!W Eighth avenue, corner Thirtieth street, New York. rro LET-A SPLENDID DWELLING HOUSE, WI1S J all modem hnj roveiuents (13 rooms), 199 Ross street Brooklyn, E. D. ? rpo LET?FURNISHED HOUSE IN BROOKLYN; A house and furniture entirely new; rent taken in Hoard of lour person-. For particular* applv to WRIGHT 8. Great Jones street, New York, from 12 to 1 o'clock, for three days. WEITCHERT1IB COVHTY PROPERTY FOR SALE AND TO REST. A?"LARCH MONT MANOR." "* . Several new Cottages and Villa*, wllh plots flOx list, or by the acre, for sale at Larelimont Manor. on tho Hound, two miles from .New Rochelle (formerly the conn ' ! . rh'!l "ugnltlcent prop i i . i Wi"1 " water front of two iniles, is beautiliilly laid out a* a private park and in r*I!hieiV ,or Kentlemen's private residences, it is tliorouglily drained and eaeli house supplied with water from a private reservoir especially erected for the use of residents. There will he 11 miles ol drives through the estate. Eight acres. fronting on the water, have been reserved for a park and have buen deeded lor the u*e of residents. An elegant depot has been erected on the >ew Haven Railroad, connecting by a private horse rail road, one mile in length, running through the property to the water. This enable* each resilient lo reach Ills house without bolng dependent upon carriages. A num b< r of elegant villas have been erected by {froriiincnt Jew Yorkers and main more are now near completion, 'his is the illosi magnificent location in the Statu ol .New York. and desirable parties are invited to inspect (lie property and villas now tor sale. Photographs mav lie seen pud particular" given by applying lo SII.AS C. HER u i.i'oy 'i, corner Murrav street and Br Iway; E. PIIALON, Esq., M7 Broadway, or WM. L. BARKER, f ?q., at Larclnnont Manor. ' A ^?AUT'FI'L RKSIDENCE in riverdale, we.-t ?ri enlister county, for -ale?,V new stoneilouse, iust ?o!t inv;..'|ll.,inK' "" U.'f l""M I|U"1 between Broadway ! ? T? V a mi leg irom present citv limit* and halt a mile iroin Riverdale stution on the Hudson commanding tine views; the house Is first cla?s in every ri'npi'cl, containing 15 rooms, besides laundry exfi*'i kitchen, Ac., in basement; in nil respects a fine resilience for Summer and Winter . i!' acres of I and or more if wanted. Apply fo WEHMEUWOODM A> Riverdale or at 119 and 121 William - n. ? York ' "" "" ' "r \ T RYE. westchesti R ' '; \ l ? i\ i.i v,,7 J1 ''ouiifry Sent to let, fully Itirnished. tor the ?. Vi,ii on high ground; live minutes from depot; six acres in aITrnTm^'rv" U>S- Kl rjc?,ot ^'"?ier, or' A HANDSOMELY FUIOUSHED HOUSE (IN WAR burton avenue. Yonkerf to rent lor the Summer or J>ar; rent low. Apply to E. II. H'DLOW A Co., .N0. 3 Fine stri ct, or 3ft East Seventeenth street. AN opportunity TO PURCHASE A BEAUTIFUL JY Property oKKi acres, In the city of Yonkers, above Jerome l ark central avenue (the main Boulevard of Westchester county), and which is oonstroctcd, passes ^>UKh this property, giving It a frontage of 2.472 leijt; fii'i. io i'' J1 i1'1' Vtrjr '''Hi', affording extensive vieu?, Sr ? I L . 11 nuinher of beautilul villa sites; 5irilOTl}pKH,N,,tft 111 "stT^ made ^"'"oTTr'fft ?r?,.chofflcc. A,Trui,'V? II,"., SF' "EVEN ROOMS, SIX Koniham Aei?ot WII,| j \ iF K \ l li? Vv'lf ,rom ' "T. I.K Hlios f.,d.;,n, !,n.! vVV ? V, r^, s\n eV""' / tOITA<;lis TO LET?NEAR IlIfiH BK1IX1E W l-'^T m/res ^voJaT land"'trains ?,?r,le"''' "lc,,t.v of fruit, five, r reet; steli iners onJ0,C,;>iv::!,',n{i;?k 'Sff mXZ'Z\ Murray, or -.3 West Thirty ninth street, after Oo ciTA, T/'JR HALE?ELEYEN LOTS ON HIGH BRIUoK \vt I nil#' being I.t7 feet ti in. he* front by |....? Ill,',' Willi lioii.-v and Stable, shade mid trait tri es UoUj five mill tiles ft'om II lull Bn.tge depot an.I 20 nilnm Ll ft.,.,. I oriy second street. 'Apply to A.MKKI ITT o he property. L^OR SA I.E?I N TARRYTOW.V, WEST* IIEMTE I' <ii?.i,V?"i'"'v\ H l"'""ti,ul .SP"1 <>?' ocres; subsiantial Oolilile lineK miui'ioti. Willi outhouses; lor many veara under eareiui eiiliivaliou; u< liarming spot and ol ar. at '? Pfice r< asotiable. Address TARRY - JUwlf, Im'I'MhI ortb;e. LjlOR KALE-Lowe It WE.-Tl HESTER, NEAR HOI I I, A vsr.l, Iminediate possession, a House, delightfully sit uated, ai.d one ai re ol Land, with Stable, Coach House, garden, Ar.; within tlve minute* of Oepot, 10 minutes' walk of llariein sleauit.oats, and 30 liliuutes' drive to the sS/i'!?l ulC\ * 1 ,,nC' Address R. M. O., IhjX 'r vRRYfoWN.? FOR SALE, FAMILY RESIDEN. R. * nearly new, 13 rooms; large garden, full of fruit ami shade trees; views ol Hudson; ten minutes' walk from 4<pot; trams to New York every hour; Immediate po? session: terms easy, the iamlly going u> Enrobe l-or plans ol house and groiinds, HI.AckwP.i7, A t'O lift I ?b "tv street, New York, or opposite depot. Tarrvtown. WESTCHVITRR COtSTT WU>PBUTY FOR SAL.K AND TO RE XT. Tub well known residence or adahsbai ley, at Scarsdale, oue tulle !rom ilepot; house*) jeet square, built by city mechanics for Hummer or "inter: overlooks Sound aiiu the Palisades; :iO ?pr?,ii in lawn and garden. Apply to BLEECKER, SON * to., 77 C edar ?t. rno LET?AT YONKERH, A FUBN1SIIED COTTAGE, A within tea minutes' w alk of tlio depot, suitable lor a small family; it is beautifully situated, with Harden, ?bible. Ac, and modern improvements; rant moderate. Address K. .T. T., 1'ost offlce, Yoiikcrs, N. Y. rno uRunnwi^sn, a deubabui country 1 Residence; two hours by Barlem Railroad; express statlou: near I ake Wucaabuck ; price low. Appiy lu the chiua store, 919 Broadway. To I-ET-A HANDSOME COTTAGE, 18 ROOMS, ALL iii good order; stahlei Tor tour horses: carriage room; two at res lu u^rdeu and lawn; Harden all planted; situated at I'urdy's station, liall' ait hour's ride from Lake Maliouac and Lake Waceubae, llarlem Railroad. Apply at Sit) Hudson street, for two days, between 9 and 3 o'clock. joiin Larry. rno LET?PARTIALLY FURNISHED HOUSE; 10 1 rooms; dcliglitlUlly located on the Hudson at Spuy ten Duyvil; carrlago bouse; acre ground; $??> till May next. Apply to A. JOURNKAY, 61 Lupenurd street. rpo RENT-FULLY FURNISHED. FOR three J month* from about June 15 (for ?m.'iO per month), in the best and highest part of Yonkers, a commodious Cot tage, with fine grounds and charming view of the Hud sou. Altply to KARRINGTON Jt ROCKWELL, Getty House, Yotikers. 10?* ACRES AT MAMAKONECK, WESTCHESTER J ?M J county, for sale or exchange for Mcrrhan Use or city Property. EATIIBONE A COSIER, .'19 Nassau street, room 10. JEllSKY CITY, HOBQKKN, HUDSON CITY _ AMI O^UCKN ILEAL I'STATK. _ For Mule. IflOR 8ALE OR TO RENT?A FINE HOUSE AT HER gen Point, one block irom steamboat lauding . posses sion Juno I. Inquire of KL'GE.NE L. llEKKK'K, No. 1 State btreet. To Let or Lease. A Handsomely furnished room to let? With hot and cold water, also use of bathroom, a stiort distance trout terry; none but responsible purties, wiih retercuces, need address M., Hoboken, N. J. i)ART OF A FURNISHED HOUSE TO RENT?ON Lexington avenue, Jersey City Height*, SO minutes from City Hull; or would take some boarders; splendid location. Inquire at2?n Orand street, New York. TO LET?WITH STEAM POWER. IN' JEltSEY CITY, near CorUandt street ferry, a Building, with about 15 horse power, suituble lor nianufucturtni; purposes; a two years' lease at very low rent to a good tenant; pos session Immediately. Inquire of P. H. SNYDER, 23 Dcy street, room 4. Hit) LET?AT BERGEN POINT, N. J.. A BEAUTI X tully situated, completely turnished gentleman's Residence: grotiuds handsomely improved; fruit ami ornamental trees, grapes and berries tirorden planud; immediate possession. Address box 0,107 Post ottfee, New York. TO LET OR FOR SALE?FRENCH ROOF HOUSE: Immediate possession; Jersey City Heights. ANDREW Mi LE AN, ar>6 West Twenty-second street. New York. For sale?Upright Steam Boiler and Pump; also Saw. rno RENT?ON JEltSEY CITY HEIGHTS, A VEBY6U A pcrlor modem new brick House. 2J.\.'K 12 rooms and gut) cellar, with all modern Improvements and deep lot; located on our main avenue; price very reasonable to a desirable tenant Apply to JOHN RILEY, Westtildu ave nue, foot of UcUnont avenue, or uildr??i S. UAK.vBKANT, box 3tH New Yol k Post olliee. PIIOPEUTY OUT OK THE CITY FOR SALIC Oil TO ItKNT. ALL WANTING FABMS.-POR 8ALIO?TO FARMERS, eurdcncrsund farm laborers from the Old Country? Goo<T Farm Lands, virgin soil, ut *25 per aero, on six years'credit. good, productive loam, near tiie crcat market* ot New York and Philadelphia, hy rail road, where fiuui 20 to 40 acres constitute a good farm, when partly piuntod to Iruit From tills locality u greater quantity and variety ol' ftult Is sent to market than from uuv other place of equal area in the I'uited States. It is Jn tin; midst ol' a thriving community, with good roudx, stores, schools and manufactories. Female members ot families and others can procure good work at straw sewing, shoo work, but ton maklntr, clothing work and other brandies. Mauy English, Irish and Scotch farmers have settled and are prosperous. Numbers of gardeners from the vicinity of New York a'e locating. Farming Is more profitable than West oil account ot the market*. Apply to JOHN B. PAGE, 102 I'ark place, two doors'from West street. New York. Papers containing lull iulormation will be sent Itey Qf cliQi'tfe. AT CRAFORD?FOR 8ALE or to LET, TWO FIRST class Houses; all niodorn Improvements; grounds laid out with walks, ornamental trees, fruit, Ac.; four minutes' walk from depot Central Railroad of New Jersey; time troiu New York 30 minutes. Monag II AN A CO., 82 Cedar street. AOENTLEMAN'd PUNISHED RESIDENCE?LAROE, elegant bouse, high ceilings, hulls, billiard room, stables, II acres, lauu, shude, truit; view and sur rounding unsurpassed; 20 minutes from first landing, Statcn Island; runt $300 per month. Summer. W. A. COLLINS, 2-1 Fine street. A MAGNIFICENT SO ACRE FARM IN CENTRAL New York; fine buildings, leauUiul location; churches, schools and stores close by; price only $'.\50U; teruia eas.v. Call at 21H East Thirtieth street. AT NEW BRIGHTON?TO RENT, ONE FURNISHED House; also one unfurnished. 13 rooms, billiard room; modem improvements; stables, guldens, shade trees; auruenble surroundings: bountiful sceuyrv. W. A. COLLINS,28 Pine street; HAMILTON A CO., HI Pine at. A?TO LET. ON TIIE EAST RANK OK THE HUDSON, ? near New Hamburg, the finest Country Seat on the river; brick mansion, SixiiO; contains every modern Im provement, eleguutiy and tully furnlshod; greenhouses, hot ami cold graperies, ice house, wash house, lodge at entrance; all in perfect order; the grounds present tho appcariince of an English park, with flue roads and grand olu trees; rent for season $3,not). RICHARD V. HARNETT, 111 Broadway, room F, bu-einent. \ BEAUTIFUL PCti.CS AT QI'OHUE, LONG ISLAND, on tho seashore, wlicro there is tine bathing. 'I he house is fully furnished and in period order. A fine slatde and outbuildings. Splendid drives und good shooting. Kent low. Apply to E. 11. LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 Pine street. A PLEASANT COUNTRY HOUSE, IN HEALTHY Lo cation, on Passaic River, 9 miles, 45 minutes front City Hall; corner plot, l.'< ai res; very convenient and substantial old-fashioned farmhouse, ? rooms, water in kitchen, marble mantel; stable, carriage room and other outbuildings; truit and shade; boating ami fishing ; ac cessible by three railroads, near depots, churches, schools and stores; will be sold, completely furnished, with possession ut once, for $6.7M>. A party with 94,UN cash will find this a rare opportunity. Apply to the owner, A. I. WILLIAMS, ?U Walker street. New York. AN ELEGANT PLACE AT SOUTH BAY. L. I.-ONE on Hudson, do. New Jersey, tor sale, to let furnished, or exchange. WILLIAM TUCKER, 2A) Filth uvenue, above Twe uty-sixth street. AT BAYONNE, N. J.?28 MINUTES FROM NEW York; two Houses, with every city convenience; tine water vie* ; hcuuiilullv situated; rent low. J I. LINDSAY, J-J Gre? uwich street. tUUWOBD-KIW JERSEY CENTRAL RAILROAD, ) 48 minutes from tho city; commutation 22 cents per day; Plots of lour lots, $100 to $ri"n per plot, $10 and $2J monthly payments; the finest and cheapest lots ever offered. Particulars ot B. Bl.ooMINGD.vLE, 938 I'hird avenue, and 239 Broadway, room 19. ? /CAPITALISTS, ATTENTION!?I HAVE FOR HALE, \J low tor cash, a Tract, containing M17 acres of very desirable timber and mineral laud.*. In Centre county, Penns\ Ivnnla, directly in the line of "The Middle Ore Bell ot Central Pennsylvania," and undoubtcdlv of im mense prospective value ; railroad communication oiiIt lour miles distant; never-falling water power; soli rich und fertile when cleared; timber alone well worth the whole price asked. Cull or enclose two stumps lor fall description, JOHN s K\\ EN, 39 Nassau street elOI NTRY SEAT, fTUMMIKIi. TO I.HI', TO A FAM ) lly without small children. on staten Island; rent low; tne owner might board with the family if agreea ble. Apply at 1M West Thirteenth street, New York. (1HARMINO RESIDENCE IN PENNSYLVANIA TO J let?Very low; near railroad and river. Inquire of H. KING, "0 Chamber*itrttt /COUNTRY EI 81 DEN i KS TO IET-IN ALL LOCA x tlons. from $'200 to $.ViXH?; many wl'h fine wnler fronts, near the city, furnished or unfurnished For par ticulars apply to O. O. BENNKT, No. 8 Pino street. DBLIOHTFUL SUMMER HomeFINE BOU8B, ON high ground; extensive faun; clmriiilng scenery; excellent table; good ti-iiins'; no tnosuaitoes or fever ami ague; fft miles from New York per Harlem Railroad; terms moderate. Address U. D. ."-PKNCIiH, Wing's sta tion, llutclicss county, N. Y. L^LEG A NT VU-I \?ACRE LA ND; IIIGIIKuT STATE I j of improvementi hcnlthy location: fine view: 10 mlnutesTroin ferry, Statcn Island : ? terms to suit. DARRIN, fto Broud street. W LEO A NT RESIDE MCE, 40X70, ALL MODERN IM. rj prnvemeuts, extensive stable*. II acre", plenty fruit, icrfect order, 10 minutes from ferry; *IH,.vm, worth lsn.000; term* easy. Da RRIN. M Broad street. Btoa sai.k-mne or the finest coi ntky I Homes on the Hudson River: splendid views of the Cut?kllls; new large Imn-e, cottaue, buildings, uock and 8,01)0 fruit trees; in complete order : UOacres; all unen cumbered Address ('., tiox *o. 9 Post ttllce, Tl vol I, or apply to M. T. WooLLEY, No. Pine street, room 10. 1jH>R SALE?\T RICHMOND HILL, LONG ISLAND, F on South side Railroad, otilv :*) miniues (7 miles) from terry, a number ?ml \ a tidy of nrut Dwellings . nlsti Lots ami beautiful Villa Sites; place high, well drained, healthy and restricted against nuisances. Apply to J. W FIELDER, 231 Broadwsy, room lit; R, R. HAZARD, HO Broadway, or o. H. FOW LKR, on 1 b<- premises. IjlOR SALE CIIEAP-A BEAUTIFUL FARM OF 9 ' acres; a large stone building; ? miles trom New York and three block* trom the *tatb.n ; Woolrlilgc, Hack c nsuck Railroad, N. J. : or will exchange for property. Impure at Carl*tadt -tation. Hackensuck Railroad, of VALENTINE ORAMLICH. l,V)R SALE OR TO LEASE-CHEAP. TMK PARRY F House, at Highland Falls, N. Y., on thu Hudson, IV. miles iroin West Point; 70 sleeping room*. Cull and examine, or address WILLET PARR Y, Iti (bland Falls, N. Y. * noi RENT-AT ORaNGK, N. J, A FURNISHED P House, with stable and all conveniences for a gen tleman's residence: grounds very hud'omely laid out For particulars address box l,f>WI l ost olllce. New York. I/OR SALE?IN SAO HARBOR. L. I? A BEAI T1 F tally filled up sea side Resilience, having all the modi rn Improvements; house 32x40 feet, with two w ings; ground- 2iiUx.H7A teet, w ith ijie gnnlen, stalde, granary. Ac.; iluiiv eiiininuiileiition by bout or rail; property wili be sold cheap Apply to Ill.NRY T. lUCIIARDSO.N, 2H Water street, New York. _____ L'OR HALE?A FARM OF n<> ACRES, AT PATCHOOUE, I 10minutes from t^o depots o| the Mouth side Rail road and near the South rim , hall purchase money may remain. For particularsaiMress N. HOLMES, Patclioguc, L. L, or I) t O.N KLING, 181 lint bam si reel, city. I/OR SALE-HEAD OF 1 ITTLE NECK BAY, IN FULL L view ot Sound, beautiful Place ol 2'J in res; house and wing ift rooms, large uiuiug room ami parlor, newly 1 '.'J-' ' hathrtsun ami water cb ?. t, turnace, ice house (filled), carriage house; flue lawn to the waier front. Hewers, shrubs and shade trc. -; bathing, boating, fi-li lug; six trains each xrav. A|>p)v U> A.J, DELATOUR, Donglaslotii station, Flushing and North Side Railroad ; JOHN ( . BAILEY. ISO Fast Fourth street, or CHAHLKti W. ROGERS, No. V Pine street. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR ? SALE OR TO RUNT. F?" S.A,LB-A ,rAR? or lu7 acres ("s cleared In- i*" ,Jn *ra**), with house, buru, orchard unci larm ,nd 8lx head Cattle. Ave horses, on Erie ; wal?^ P?w?* ** required; one-quarter m le wltiliclliuroh, schoolliousc, Ac.; price $3,50i. ? o^clock lit *08?L*i 88 makUu street, rear, niter IjHIB SALE?A FINE TWO-ACHE COUNTRY SEAT, 30 minute* drive from Long Branch; beautifully suaded unit laid out: new Italian cottage, 13 rooms; range, tubs, buth, water closet uiarhie mantels; iftOwi.'S bouse, garden, Ac.; term* easy. Add rim* OW NKR, box IM Herald office. Ii^OB TWO OK TlfKEE MONTHS AFTER .M'l.Y 1.? ? . Wj1!? House, fUrnUhed; pleasantly located in suburbs hi Bridgeport; ban 11 rooms, modern Improve InVJJls' sPac'ou,? piazzas, line shade, Ac; to u good tenant ConnPer U101"^' Aaa*?<?? W. B., box 165 Bridgeport, Fob balk ok to rent?on bayside shore, l. I., old Homestead ol Mickle estate; two acres; IH room* cellar, icu and wash house*; tine bathing, boallug Of "cur the depot. J. C. BAl strcc't Fourth street, or 0. W. ROOEUS, No. 9 Pine tfURNIHIIED COUNTRY PLACE IN OBANOB, N. ii.,h....iu. /? )v,i ?? three months; modern house; de jiKhtJulty ?ituatcd; ten rooms; hennery; cow. with lull P?"[c i.prii!? ?$!0 Per month. Address OWN lilt, box ?i,700 Tost office, New York. LURMSHED IIOUSE, AT MONTCLA1B, EIliHT * room*; neatly Inrnlshed; fruit nnd shade; lor tent by the season or year. Apply to ALLEN A HOWE, No. Pine street, room 3. ' TJANDSOME OOUNTBY BK8IDENCE~-BARN. ICE ' I'V""6 ""f1': high ground ; unite rlralmd ; 3 minuter trnm llugueuot station. Stutcn Island; worth $10,iilW; no reasonable oiler rclusecL MOISE. 10 University place. TTASTINOS ON HUDSON.?ELKO A NT COUNTRY l7?i.?ei,!..r,re:lV"r"l"he4 or unftirniihed; tine dwell lug and carriage house; extensive grounds, abounding in shade, fruit, flowers vegetable* Ac.; splendid river view. JOHN O. UIOQllia, No. 7 Pine street. 1 fOMEU IN NEW JERSEY.?HOUSES, FARMS AND j i t.ou lor sale, rent or exchange; property iu Eliza beth ana Linden a specialty. ' ' Jf-5- JT. W.VRHEN, 109 Broadway, room 11. MORRjSTOWN, N. J.?nearly NKW AND com pletclv furnished House for sale ; a bargain; pleas unuy sJtnaicd; 10 minutes troin depot; price $3,U00. Ad dress o\\ NKR, box 45ti Post olllce. "M"EAT COTTAOE?KIOIIT BOOMS, FOUR lots, ;i(HJ J.V loot Irom Buy, Stateii Island; lull view of the water; ten minutes' wuU lioin ferry; $3,000. DAKKIN, 50 Broad street. Nyack, on thi: iiudson.?for bent, for the season or longer, one of the finest residences in the vuiage; H rooms; hot and cold water; all modern im provements; newly nnd fully luriiished ? stables, carriage house, large grounds, abundance ol shudu and truit Ap ply to l?. I?. DEMA It AST, A Kent. New briohton, s. i.?furbished and unfur. . " ,l1 "ol?'s <"< the terraces: rent* chcap; some with billiard rooms; stabler, extensive grounds; un u ? passed locations. _ W. A. COLLINS, 2H Pine street. Neat new seaside cottaoe-six rooms, in West Haven, Conn., to rent tor the season; splendid naming, boating, fishing, Ac; Apply to 8. J. HOUUSON owner, ti3 Cortlumlt street. T?J.Et-a la ROE COUNTRY HOUSE, CONTAINING M Rooms, with barn and stable, line garden and s acres ol land, situutc.i in West New Brighton, S. I.; onin - bus passes the door; rent $MO0 per annum ; can be letiud DirHmn'ra pC,!S."l.ln"lMJf dV?lr^' Al?P'y to EUUENE _ 1 Front street, New York. TO LET?FUR.NISHE1>TAT CORNWALL, ON THE Hudson, a beautiiul Summer Residence, 1 y. miles irom the landing ; good stable and carriage house'; s acres i, ' '.r,uJ 1" sl|adc trees; fish pond and riitiulng brook ; house ? teet sijuare, wing 1C feet; 11 rooms, high ceil ings. Address itKinlries to A. M. HALLETT, l'ostiiiaster Cornwall, Orange county, N. Y. ' roslll),lslir. TO LKT-A COUNTRY RESIDENCE, TuRNISII I:I> ^ti'ShMu'iy and healthfully situated at Harrison's, e?,',.i,^ it * minutes' drive from the depot contains 17 rooms; hot and cold water, bathroom, Ac. ice house tilled; carriage house and stable; vegetable gurden planted, Initt, Ac.; horses and carriages If present coachman is hired. Auply to (MIAltLES O. SMI ill, Cartage ottlce, Custom IIuu&c, New York. rpo LET-A PREITY COTTAOE CONTAINING 8 beau'h?dc trees; depo ?400. .V. ',,11" 11 "nt statue; /run and sntdc t bcautiiullv located on the bank ol Passaic River, ucnr depot ; boatm;^ and flsh ng; first class neighborhood; rciil Erie Railroad!0 VANUE RS.VHTII, Kwaic &iuVo, T? LET?CHARMl|Va COUNTRY RESIDENCE, fTR. A nisjiud, 1. rooms; beautiiul frontage on I nssaiu River; 18 inilos Iroin city; boating, fishing, bathing and stabling; iruilu, llowers uud veuutables; rent $1110 per month. J. WA&P.IW Broadway. To LET?ON MANHASSET RAY, KOB SUMMEB OR A year, a large old stylo House, completely furnished, sT?K; n?S\ *'? to r LET-UNKURNISIIED RESIDENCE. IS ROOMS and piazza; fruit, large shade trees, garden; high, noilithy ; one hour and titty minutes by railroad: eight minutes irom depot. T. W. SMITH, Smlthtown, L. I. TO LET?UNTIL OCTOBEB 1, A SNUO LITTLE COT tage House, 10 rooms, lully luriiished, at Ruhwav, 2;.r/.;.rV,"t. Iuw to a desirable UuauL Address J. 11. PITCH, Rahway, N. J. TO "LET-AT NORTH PORT, L I., 45 MILES FROM New York, a brick House, 24x30, grounds lOOxlH), ? rooting on salt water; rent*2."i0 tier year; u so one lUr nislted. Address P. V. R. STANTON, a)3 Montague street, Brooklyn, L. 1. TO LET-NEAR MADISON, MORRIS AND ESSEX i Railroad, a desirable House, luriiished (incluaiug piano), with horse and carriage, two cows, l .wls, tiardcii Iruit and basturuge. luijuire ol A. L. SAYRH, ZU Wash ington street. , TO LET? FURNISHED HOUSE IN PLAINFIELD; pleasantly located near depot; all Improvements, niyuire oli house agents there, VAN ZANDT, 81 Cedar street, or T. W. MOORK, owner, 37? Pearl street. TO I'.ET-IN THE CITY OF PASSAIC? WITHIN 0 1 minutes of the station, a neat two story and uttio Housejcepar and garden; rent cheap. Apply to F. S. rl4iljlA, HJ HrotKhvHV. TO LET?FOR THE SEASON, ON OSCAWANA LAKE Putnam county, New York, near Pteksklll, a fur nished ? ottage: 14 rooms, good shade, fruit, lawn, bam, 4 stalls, good fishing, boating. Ac.; will be let low to a good tenant; \\ acres. Apply to R. P. LEU. No. 9 Pine street, or to F. s. DR18COLU & Pine street,Tiom U. TO RUNT-AT RUTIIER^URD PARK, N. J? 9 MILES Irom City Hall, on Erie Railway, a handsome nine rooui-Cottage; will be rented cheap to a good tenant New'York a'' a,'P y 10 U~ 11 Worth iireet, ilfWt A<,R[''S V'ALLKY LAND?TITLE PKR|.'ECT~ai tjyryj mtlefl irom riiattHiiooKa, Tenn.; purt cultivated l?nlance valuable timber; convenience to Nawmllls: to exchange. 8, OA 'TKBLL, 241 Fourth avenue. $12 ooo ? v Ai!,Nl^.itf':1NT rARM' nkak spring Ti',7i i i I* Rockland county; ia acres, with sidendiil buildings; house 12rooms; choicest Iruits; everv tbnig in first class condition. D. F. CURt.EY, 12 Centre street RKAli JKSTATK T<? EXl'llANW A SMALL CITY PROPERTY OR LEASEHOLD AND some cash wanted?In exchange for four storv and extension Residence on tilth avenue and Eleventh street. Apply to M. T. WOOLLKY, No. 5f, Pine street, Irulu 10 to 2. A SMALL PLACE IN THE COUNTRY, WORTH FROM $8,is*) to $7,000, near the sen beach preferred, wdl bo taken as part payment for a first class lour storv lush it op brown stone French Flat In this city. Addrcs#. lor one week, OWNER, box 1IH Herald oltlcc! A8PLBNDID OPPOBTU NITT To traT)E a gentleman's Country Residence near cltv for ma? kn <r, & Avviy ,o \ CITY HOI Si:, IN (iODI) ORl'ER, WELL LO TV. cated, will he exchanged for a Brooklyn If into with more tliun one lot; neighborhood of 1'ro-iiect I'iri preferred. JACOlt sBaRPE, 1M Broadwav BAROAINS.?CASH OR EXCHaNOE. IA) LOTS IN Rahway; 300 Lots, choice, near Piitcrson; 2Tl Lots nue, at I.alavette ; ftOtl Lots, superior, near Clilrauo ' J- FERiil S()N,3li Nassau street, room A t^ORSALE?AT A BARUAI.V, OR EXCHANOE FOB good Northern Propertv, a tract ol I and comnrisintf ftjflUO acres;-situated on the Suwnnce River, twmiles from Cedar Keys, the term uiis ot the Cedar Kev, unil Fcriiau dina Railroad, I'lorlda. I he ri\er is navigable tor 100 miles above the proi.erty. Ihe land is high and level and the soil very rich, a large portion i Ing one bale ol cotton to the acre, the virgin land alter leing Cleared raising excellent suirnr nine; the tract has a large growth ol timber, consisting ol live o.ik hickorv red berry, cherry, sweet gnni, oak. magnolia 'and pine! country abounds in every description ol game - the eli mate is delightful tor invalids, and to anv one who de sires a most Winter home and at the same time n Fhe'sdlif h '"flTth^oro,?!?'?, ?''<? I?* hi tin "outn. ay trie projected coastwise cuhhI will leave the Oulf at I edar Keys and pass by the nroit iiJMSSS "L^OR 8ALB OR BXCHANOE?A DELIGHTFUL COT l1 ?tage in the nourishing village ot Brlckshurg N J on New Jersey Southern Railroad, ?' ? " - Oil f.e\v .lersev noiiiiieru natiroad, onlv 4S mill's frnm New York undone hour's ride from Long Branch : also a fine store Property; lust the spol l..r a prot!tab(e .wr5 bujunsas. Add reus tinuied lately JoNlis, box ioi Herald IpOB sAi.i-: oi: Men vmii: -1 ,ir a cuod lease T of tenement or small ninrlgag.. a valuable Lot lu Harlem, ligUUy enctinibervd. Address stating full iiar tkulars, D. II., box li? Herald Uptown braneli office Fob sale or?kxciianwl for city pkoppktv or BoiwU and Mortgages, an elegant Place in the country, only 10 n.iics tr.nii the cltv; fine house an?l land; 74acr?s; can be divided In building Iota being on villagelrne wher, ?xtenalve improvements are being made; prtco$Jft,U00; cloar ol ?nctnnbrance; imuity will Ad5?iiDAVIs"TrabfXePmy;U,i Wr" F^OK SALE OR EXCHANOB -HOUSE AND LOT OK a prominent avenue in BrooWyn, ror a Farm Mer chandise or encumbered city Pronerty or for Buslne.w Applv ator address room 21, Ut2 Nassau street, Now York! L^olt SALE. EX? IIAM.K, OH WILL T IK K A PAItl' T ner-A rare oppertitnlty-A fine, commodlooa Iir. w ery, doing a good trade, in Newark. N.,I ? everv conve nience atM appuru-nance: will t?. s,,|d or exchanged very cheaply. the bull ol put Ihmc uiiiney can remain on mortgage. Apid.v to ofsTAV HAASK/lOl Hroome street 'hTi'i Ur ivH* I ?>lu,v vork. or to C. CLOSri, Cypress tfOB SVF-1'! KX( M V i S 1 )f| II (|| | N I I * f \? > i * r erly. two Lots on mth street running through, with first class house thereon Apply to s. M. UHUVV N. corner Fourth avenue and liOili street. LMtEE AND CLE A It. IN BLISABRTH TILVA Ml J 40x100 near depot and h. r*> cars' 'nil " wmtnti paid, In exchange lor small l*aiin neat* detiot nrici1 ft i 'ssi Address J. BE ED, ElUaleth, N. ,f. bo* Kit LloR S#LK, EACH A NOB AND TO LET?COUNTRY 1 heat* and cottages some turnl-lnd, in all oaru of New Jersey; also splendid BtaUling sites. p B. M. MASON, No. 1 Chamber* street, Montrose, n. J.-for sale or exciianqb or to let, a cosey little House, rurnbbid, 12 rooms, all modern Improvement*; two minute* irom station and one hour from Barclay street Apply at No. 4 South WIN llnm street A STORY BROWN STONE HOCfHL CKNTKAUL1 LO * caied (equity $t*,ti00), will b? exchauged for Brooklyn House or near by century Place. DO'lT A OitCNDAOE, 23 Union square. HEAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE. t'-l AAA VAIB AND UNENCUMBERED COUTRT Place wortli $5,000 to $12,01)0, for equity in sulsbuitial brown stone, with side windows, aiul two 17 fool Lots adjoining; flne frame on rear. See owner, oil preume*, aft) bust fc.lglity-?i\tli street. Wide street. heal estate wanted. WANTED?UOUKE OR COTTAGE, IN VICINITY OF Madison avenue, from ?Ift.lWi) to $30,i.'uu, nil cash, or nil cash over first mortgage; desire bargain. Parties obliged to sell to prevent or tinder-foreclosure can tin t a ea.>h customer by addressing PRINCIPAL, llerald office. llf ANTED TO PUROHA6B-A THBBB STORY BRIOK M Building, suitable tor a store; not to exceed $8,.',00; will pay $1,300 cash. Persons having anything lite the

above will address II., 764 highth avenue. KPElIAh NOTICES. AL. BATTE It SON'S STORAGE WAREHOUSE AND ? Furniture Express.?Best storage rooms lor furni ture, 1)111110.-1, baggage, Ac. Furniture boxed lor shippiug. .'to year*' experience. 6)1 aud 690 Sixth avenue, ueur For A." llEHAf.D BRANCH OFFICE, BROOKLYN, coiner of Fulton avenue nud Boeruw street. Open from f A. M. to 9 I'. M. On Sunday from 3 to 9 P. M. ALL OFFICERS, SAILORS AND SOLDIERS WOUND cd, ruptured or injured, however slightly, run ??l> tuin a pension t>y applying to Lr. E. B. JACK HON, lata Surgeon United States Navv, Nip. 4 New Chambers street A?LAitGK WAGON FOR B SHOVING FURNITURE ? in i ity or to the country; lurniture i sckcd, shipped or stored. F. A <!. BURN1IAM, 40 West Fifteenth street, near sixth avenue. ClOOPBR UNION. / The annual Receptions and Commencement will take placo us follows:? 1. The reception of the Woman's Art Department on Thurday, 29tn inst., at 8 1*. M. 2. The reception ot the Male Art Department on Fri day, HUUt inst., at 8 P. M. 3. The auniiul commencement in the Great Hail on Saturday.31st inst., at 8 P. M., when the aiiuuul prizes anil addresses will be delivered. The drawings of the Art Schools will lie on exhibition from 10 A. M. to 4 P. M. ou Friday und Saturday; no tickot* required. The Reading Room will be closed on Thursday next, but will be open ou Friday during the day and thereafter as usual. The annual debate of the Literary class of the Cooper Union will be held In the Great Hall, on Saturday, Juuo 7, at H P. M.: admission iree. Tickets for the Reception* and Commencement can be had on application at the ofllcc oi the Cooper Union. " "KWirr, r D auram 8. HEWITT, Secretary. RESSM AKING. ECONOMY, PROMPTNESS AND PERFECT FIT. Messrs. LORD A TaYLOU, to prove that RETRENCH MENT is possible, have no arranged their Dressmaking Department that ECONOMY in material and trimming is particularly studied in every detull, uud tlicy are now furnishing Dresses at a MUCH LESS PRICE than the cost of imported garments, while for STYLE, FIT and GENERAL MAKE IT they arc every way equal to the finest Parisian muiiiilueturc. The IMMENSE INCREASE of orders during the past month prevented our usuul promptness; but now, with extended facilities and the COMPLETE REORGANIZATION of the department, we csn safely Gl'AKANTEE ALL ORDERS AT THE TIME AGREED, and ae to FIT aud PRICE defy competition. LORD A TAYliOR, Broadway and Twentieth street. 171 LECTION.?NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT AN U election will he held at the ofllce of the New York Bridge Company, No. il Water street, in the city of Brooklyn, on Monday, the 2d day of June next, at 12 o'clock noon oi that day, tor fltteen directors of said company, for the then ensuing year, and (or two inspec tors of election lor 1874. The transter hooks will bo closed from May June 3,1873 Haled May 2, 1873. HENRY 0. MURPHY, President. O. P. Quintard, Secretary. H-' AVANA AND* KENTUCKY LOTTERIES.?PRIZES cashed; circulars sent free. JOSEPH BATES A CO., 71 Broadway, New York, room 31, flrHt floor. NEW YORK PRODUCE EXCHANGE, WHITEHALL and Poarl streets.?The annual meeting of the New York Produce Exchange will be held at their rooms on Tuesday, May 27, at 1J, o'clock P. M. By order. A. S. JEWELL, President. S. H. Grant, Superintendent. OFFICIAL DRAWINGS SOUTH CAROLINA LOTTERY lor Free School Fuud? Pcrtietuul. extra ctAsa 123?may 26. 1873. 1, 6, 63, 24, 38, 57, 19, 10, 12. 2A 75, 39, I1LA8S 121? MAT 2l>. 1873. 59, 71, 3B, 64. GO, 52, 36, 32, 19, 6. 23, 14. COLE A CO., New YorL Post ofllce bo* 3,855. Charleston, 8. O., May 20, .1873, OFFICIAL DRAWINGS KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERIES. KENTUCKY?It XT HA CLASS NO. 347?MAY 26, 1873. 8, 7, 2, 57, II, 31, 5, 75. 47, 52, 28, CO, 51. kentucky- CLASS NO. 348?HAY 26, 1873. 20, 14, 75. 65, 63. 40, 33, 71. 41. 44, 56, 36, 43. SIMMONS A CO., Managers, Covington, Ky. SHELBY COLLKUB?EXTRA CLASS NO. 247?MAY 20, 1873. 36, 62, A 73, 26, 33, 10, 51, 54, 61, 8, 46, 27. ffHCLBY COLLEGE?CLASS NO. 248? MAY 26, 1873. 51, 58, 6, 13, 77 , 46, 22, 74, 20, 16, 24, 3, 19, 29. SMITH A CO., Managers. Covington, Ky. Address C. HENRY, care J. Clute, Broker, 206 Broad way. Post ofllce box 4,909. OFFICIAL DRAWING NORTH CAROLINA LOTTERY. KXTRA CI.A88 NO. (1?HAT 26, 1873k 47, 71, 96, 36. 80, M, 19, 13. 12, 8. 60, 70, 40. NURTII 0 AKO MM A?CI. AHA NO. 62?MAT 26, 1873. 33, 38, 8, 47, 48, 76, 2, 77, 11. 88, 42, 34, 7, 6ft GKKKEN A CO., Managers. LUT11Y A CO., Broker*, H Greenwich street, N_Y. PACKARD'S BUSINESS COLLEGB. Anniversary and graduating exorcises. Stein way Hall, Thursday evening. May 29. Ex-Mavor Opdyke will preside, ami auUrciwet will be delivered by Judge Davis and Rev. Dr. Deems. Ticket* can be. had, without charge, by applying at the College, SOS Hroadway. 8. S. PACKARD, Pi eiidc nt Charles Clauiiokn, Secretary. Royal Havana lottery?next drawing junb 10. German Mate Lotteries. 8cml for circulars. ?1UTTER A CO., Post offif e box 3,836. 88 Nassau street, room A Royal Havana lottery of cuha.-pro8 pectus tor 1*73 now ready. Address UKORGE UP HAM, No.'J Wevliosset street, Providence, R. I. The FAMILY supply association, 33 east Ninth street, near Broadway.?Established for the purpose of supplying its members with any and every arlU le which they require to eat, drink, wear or use. at a discount ot tlve to twenty-five i>er cent Karh subscriber is furnished with a printed list of all stores appointed by the Association, with the amount or discount allowed on each purchase. Further particulars uiven at the ottlcc of the Association. iNltiPH O. MOORE, Secretary. T" HB PR1NCIPTlT>RAWING ol the 74th Brunswick Government Lottery, with 88,000 Tickets and 2:1,001 Prizes. will commence May 26 and end June 13. Highest prize 120,000 Prussian 'I balers. Royal Havana Lottery?Next drawing June 10. Royal Saxon Government Lottery. Citv of Hamburg Lottery. Prises cashed and iutormation given. TIIEOOOR ZSCtlOCH, 116 Nassau street; box ti.OMO 1'ost office. mHK DEPOSITORS OF THE ATLANTIC NATIONAL I Hank are requested to meet at the ottlccs of Libby A Clark, lis and 120 Maiden lane, on Tuesdiiy, May 27, atua' o'clock P. M., to conler with the Depositors' Committee. W. J. A. FULLEK, Chairman. TXTILL1AM lU HAN KIN HO N '9 STEAM CARPET V? Cleaning Works, 18 hast Twenty-seventh 8tree, be tween Fifth and Madison avenues. New York.? One es uib'ishmentoiily. The original Hankinson and the ouly one ot that name, established in this fcwww in 1861. it'avti:n-1,1100 voi'no men, who lotb liberty, tT to join an association of a social, beneficial and po litical character. Send ful[ address to PRESIDENT, Herald Uptown Branch office. A&Qft .".On U .DRAWN DAILY IN THE LEOAL ?|pOolze<l Kentucky Lottery. Royal Havana an<l Kentucky Circulars free; cents commission al lowed. Address KAI.EY A CO. (office established thirty yenrs>, 174 Hroadway. PROPOSALS. "VfOTICE IS HERKHY GIVEN Til AT PURSUANT TO .IN section 3, ot chapter SJW>, ot the laws of IH73, pro posals for publishing and distributing the City Record for one veur, in accorilanco with ilie specifications filed In the office of the Mayor of the cityot New YorK, in the city Hall In said city, will be received at said office until Tuesday, June 3, prox., at 12 o'clock noon, at which hour the bids will ho openuil and read, and the award ot the contract made as soon thereafter as practicable. Each proposal will be enclosed in a sealed envelope endorsed, ' Proposals lor Publishing and Distributing the City Record,'and must tie. made iu strict conformity to the specifications aforesaid. Tlio security required on the contract will be $10,000, WILLIAM F. IIAVKMEYI.K, Mayor. OIOKOK. M. VAN NORT. Commissioner ot Publio Works, E. DELAHELD SMITH, Counsel to the Corporation. Niw Yorr. May 17, 1873. _ EXCURSIONsT I lull PHILADELPHIA VIA LONG BRANCH.?FARE reduced to $2 28; steamers PLYMOUTH ROOK and LONG BRANCH leave pier 18 North River at 9:20 A. M., 1 'to and 4 P M., connecting with trains of NEW JERSEY SOUTHERN RAILROAD. OJV BENTI.EY, General Manager. t>OR CHARTER.?THE SEAGOING STEAMER Charles Chamberlain, entirely refitted, Is forcharter for excursions to sea and elsewhere. Apply to OUARLLH CHAMBERLAIN, 1M South street RONDOUT XnD KINGSTON, LANDING AT COZXENB', Cornwall. Newburf. Marlborough. Milton, I'ousrti keepsie and Ksopus.? The steamboats THOMAS COR NELL and JAMES W. BALDWIN leave Harrison street, pier 34 North River, dally, at 4 o'clock P. M. lARLEM STEAMBOAT NOTICB. H' HUMMER ARRANGEMENT. Commencing May 12,1873. Harlem boats leave Peck slip (pier 21 East River) tor llarlcm every half hour, from 0:30 A. M. until 7 P. M., ex cepting 11 A. M., 12:30 and 2 P. M. landing at Eleventh, Eighty-fourth. Astoria, UM'th and 12oth streets. N. B.? See time table where boats laud. J. K. TALLMAN, Superintendent IJLENTY OF FISH -THE LOVERS OF FISHINOCAN be accommodated on board of the new and last steam voclit In Time, with Captain Jack Simmons , Lines, Itaitahd Refreshments on board; every day in the week except Saturday , leaves Eighth street? A. M.; Peck Slip, 7:30; Christopher street, 8:18, and Pier 4, North River, ? A. M. Captain .IACK SIMMONS, Manager. OTB AM BOATS PLEASANT VALLEY AND FORT LBB O to let, for excursions. Apply to C. IIOLLBNBECK A CO , 2?> South street. _______________ <viK.AMh.RS ANIi BARGES TO CHARTER FOR EX 0 cusioiis; also lona Island, Walter's Grovf nn I other Choice Groves and Boats. BLOOM Ell A CO., 243 Ford street. fPftlB NBW iBRSKY southern "RAILROAD COM J paVv sail attention to their extraordinary facilities for thts accomtno.latloii ot Excursion Parties the coining sea son. Wit it their steamers plymouth ItocK, LONO BRANCH and J ESSE llnYT and their elegant new Ex enrsion House and twenty acres of adjisnlng land at Lone Brnnch, they are prepared to make iniKiiKemonts with churches, schools, societies, Ac., for large or small parties, at low rates. Send tor circular- G. V\. BRNTtiKY, 1 teiteraI Manaticr. 120 Broadway, New York. W*. J. Snkdkn, Superintendent, Long Branch, N. J. rro CHARTER?SPLENDIG NEW ftlDKWHBKL 1 steamboats TWILl&HT, ORN. HB09EWICK and ?ATTA NO, lor excursions anil moonlight parties. W. U. IIAZAKD, Jr . m Harrison street. K1 HOPKAW 8TEAMBHIPI. TIIK HAMHI IKi aMKHK'A.N PACKS* COMPANY'S UOM?Util 8,e,,UU?l>IPsir KSIA Captain C. llebicli, will' sailon Thursday, May 2P, at2 P. M.. tor Hamburg, taking passeng4*1*? Irom New York to Plymouth, London, Ftat C.I.I.. $iaa erbOUr8 "na Ha, &coml Cabin, $7J. Stec rage, $*?, payable In Unlted Stutes cold. KUNHARDT a CO., C. H. RICHARD * BOAS, General Aucnt*, General'v & 61 Broad street, Sow York. bi Broadway, New York. The jfltLsiA will Ball luue 6. _ QNLY DIKKOT LINE T?1 FRANCE. TIIK GENERAL YRAMSATLAM in COMPANY'S MAIL STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN JiliW YOUR AND HAVRE, CALLING AT BREST. ? .. _ ? 'ihe splendid vessels on this favorite route tor the ''J??* fluent will itail lrotn pier No. 80 North River, #? lol Villi DE PARIS Saturday, May 31 VILI.E IIU HAVRE, hurinont Saturday, Juno 14 PhREIRE, Daure Saturday. June -'8 ST. LAURBNT, Leuiarie Saturday, July 12 PRICE OP PA88AOR IN GOLD including wine) TO BREST OR HAVRE. First Cabin, $126: Second Oatiin, $75. Excursion Ticket,) at reduced ruleii. These steamers do not carry steerage passengers. Anierirau traveller* going to or returning irom the Continent of Europe, by taking this line, avoid both trauslt by railway and the discomforts ot crowing the Channel, besides saving time, trouble and expense.0K0BflF MACgENZIB. Agent, (18 Broadway. NOTE.?Railroad Tickets betwoon Purls and Vienna at reduced rates. INMAN LINE. * For Quecnstown and Liverpool. Royal Mail steamers aro appointed to sail as follows:? .. ? . u CITY OK LIMKRlt K Thursday, May 2ft, 8 A. M. CITY OK LONDON Saturday, May 81. # A. M. CITY OK NKW YORK Thursday, June 5, 1 P. M. pity OK PARIS Saturday, June 7, t r. Jf. CITY OK BALTIMORE Thursday. Juno 12. 7 A. M. CITY OK MONTREAL Saturday, June 14, 8 A. M. and each succeeding Saturday and Thurwlay, from pier 4ft North River. RATEg OF p<v8SAoe. Cabin, $86 and $100, gold, according to accommodation. Round trip tickets at low rates. i^n^nii. Steurage-To Liverpool, Q??pnstj>wn. GU^w, tenflpp derry, London, Bristol or Cardiff, $<W. Pre pal.1 ceruu C Pas'scmgcra also forwarded to Havre, Hamburg, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Paria, at reduced rale*. DrattM issued at lowest rates. , , ??niv at ?*?? For cabin passage and Kcneral business apply at tuo company's office, lo Broadway. , For steerage passage A?ent. or to O'Donneix A Faulk. 102 Chestnut street, Philadelphia. M. S. Ckkauii, 102 State street, Boston. F. C. Bhown, W! Month Market Street, Chicago. Wa. iimir, Liverpool and Wo. 'J i*ue ?5?2S! larin. NORTU GERMAN LLOYD STEAMSHIP COMPANY. Kor Southampton and Bremen. Tho steamship BREMEN, Captain H. hehulpnburg, will sail on Wednesday, May 28, ai 2 P. M., troin Bremen p ur, foot of Third street, Uoboken, to be followed by steainthip MAIN, Captain K. von Oter udorl. on Saturday, May .11. liutes of passage to Loudon, Havro and Bremen, paya ble In gold, or its equivalent lu currency First cabin Second cabin is Bteerage ,???? For height or passage a^tons % ^ No. 2 Bowling Green._ National line ok bteamers. Weekly to Quecnstown and Liverpool; fortnightly to London dlrccLKEN8Toft,N A LIVERPOOL, from piers 44 ami 47 North Blvor. FRANCE. Origs .Wednesday, Mav i8atS P. M. ITALY, Thomson Saturday, May il. at 8.SO A. M. GREECE. Thomas ......Saturday, June7, at I P. M. KOYPT, Grogan Saturday, Jnnc 14, at 8 A. M. TRADE. _ . _ Cabin passage?$80, $90 luul^ 100,,^urrcuey. Excursion Steerage, $29, currency. Prepaid steerage tickets Irom Liverpool, Quecnstown, e9FBrOMW>j.tDfor" ? n T'^*J.t: For oardiff, Bristol, London and all other points in England and Wales. ? The South Wales Atlautlc Steamship Company's new, first class steamships will sail lrotn Pennsylvania Rail road wharf, Jersey City, as follows:? PEMBROKE First cabin a,u' $^0curency. Second cabin |? currency. Htecriute $?)currency. Prepaid steerage Certificates from Cardiff, $33 currency. Drafts for ?1 and upwards. For '^ther par^cul?V&ply tORR cQ 17 Broadway, New York. /TABIN PAHSBNGERS FOR STEAMSHIP PEMBROKE \j to Cardiff on 28tli inst will be convoyed on board by tug steamer, leaving barge office, Whitehall, nejr Soutn ferrv, at 2 P. M. otlhat day. A few eUgible bertlis bv above steamship atlll dlsengaced. Apply to ARCHIBALD BAXTER * CO., Agents, 17 Broadway. sT\Ts "D VIRGINIA sails JUNE 11, C'l>>RA^SttI8SCK'l> ON ALL'^^ltTd'oi?'EUROPE. For freight or 4 co Agents, Steerage office 46 Broadway. 72 Broadway._ N1TF.D STATES MAIL LINK.?STEAM TO QUEEN8 "*? 5~ Cbln oMMBet k?*i : si^r.KB, $:? ourr.Bcy. wav and Sweden, Ac- Dratta on Ireland, Knglan^ /JUNARD #n(j North American Royal Mail Steamships, between New York and Liverpool, calling at Cork Harbor. FilOM NKW YORK. MAVA WEI)., May 28 ?Ct'BA Wlil)., June 4 ?SCOTIA WED, June 11 ? ALGERIA. ..WKD..J une 18 ?RUSSIA WED., June 2ft PARTIlIA ....SAT., May SI SAMARIA ....SAT., June 7 ABYSSINIA . .SAT.. June 14 BATAVIA SAT.. June 21 CALABRIA.. SAT., Juno 28 Steamer*marked 'thus*do not carry steerage pasien ^And every following Wednesday and Saturday from New York. raTEB OF PA88AOF. rahln?190. $100 and $130, gold, according to accommo tion Tickets to Paris, $15, gold, additional. Return tickets on favorable terms, steerage, $S0. currency. Htecwge tickets from Liverpool and Quecnstown, and alKor 'fro'lght''un^cahln t assage apply at the Companvjs ofllee No. 4 Fowling tireen. For steerage passage, 111 Broadway (Trinity^uiljiing). Q fnxNCELYN, Agent, or to P. H. DO VERNET, corner Clark anil or Kaiulolph strceta, Chicago, III. r>A8SENOERfl PKR STEAMSHIP JAVA EMBARK L from tlie Uunard wharf, foot of grand street, Jersey City, at 3 P. M? on Wednesday^ May*. ^CKl No 4 Bowling Green, New York. WII"oR8T^UEEN8TbWN AND LIVERPOOL, CARRYING THE UNITED STATES MAlU New and full-powered steamship*., sailing from New York on Saturday*, from Liverpool on Thursdays, calling at Cork llarbour each way. BALTIC I.. Saturday. May 31, at8:iOA. M. CELTIC Saturday, JnoeTat 2 P. M. OCEANIC June ff" ADRIATIC June 28, at 7 A. M. - FToin the White Star dock, Pavonia ferry, Jersey tnty. Passenger accommodations tor all classes unrivalled, combining safety, i-peed and comfort. Saloons, staterooms, smoking room and bathrooms in midship section, where least motion Is felt. Hur?t ons and stewardess accompany the stesmer. Rates-Saloon, $lu?, gold; s eerage, $30ln J"rr''l,c^n Those wlxhlng to send for friends In ?Im> OM ( ""rv can now obtaiu steeragu prepaid certificate*, frecur ^Passengers booked to or from all parts of AJ""iea to Paris, namburg, Norway, Swedeu, India, Australia, China, ir. For iiiBDectioo of plans and other information apply at tho company's office, 19 Broadway, New York. Bills of lading Issued to Continental A- upUOR LTNR Steamers ?aii from pter 20 North Rtver, New York, EVERY WEI>NK>DAY AND SATURDAY. TRINACRI A.. Wed., May 28 AUSTRALIA.-Sat., Jnne 14 CALIFORNIA. Sat. M.iy :tl COLUM 1IIA.. Wed.. June 18 CALEDONIA.Wed.,jline 4 VICTORIA... Jat.,J#M J INDIASat, June 7 ASSYRIA Wed, Jnne M OI.YMI'IA Wed.. June II ANOLIA V?iu HmS The passenger accommodations on steamers or tnis line are uniurpa-sed lor el. ganee and eonvort < abtni state rooms are all on upper dcck, thus securing good lirht and veutllation. hatwh ok passaoe TO GLA800W. LIVERPOOL OR LONDONDERRY. Saturday steamcra Wedne^ yc?rrem'y. Cabins rs and $88 $7# ?"?> ??'? Cabin return tickets, secur- mto tng hot accommodation*.. I * HTKERAGE, $.10 CURRENCY. Tickets for passage to or trom aHy *aport or rail way station in tireat Brltalu, Ireland or the Continent issuea "nn WfTvir|l?n* ANY AMOUNT AT CURRENT RATE* Company's be "ha? "free ? Ch|?r^ -?i*lfiornfa'siOls 10 A. M? May 31. EXoU?GlwtML\vh.RPOOLfAND LONDONDERRY. Owintr to the unprecedented demand for cabin passage by their steamers, will despatch their elegant new sUHmshlp 11 ALIA, May 31, from pier 2>J North River, at noon. This steamer haa very superior accommodation fcr ?aloon |7j. Relnrn Tl. kets, $130; pa^ able In currency. HENDERSON BROTHERS, Agents. No. 7 Bowling Green. /TREAT WESTERN STEAMSHIP LINE. (l NEW YORK TO BRISTOL, UNU., DIRECT. Taking goods and passengers lor London. Cardiff. New port, Gloucester anil all pons In Bristol Channel. Tho steamer* of this line will sail irom pier 18 East River, as follows LAPLAND Saturday, May Hi I Ai,v lACETT Wodnesilay, June IN ARRAOON W. dneMlay, July 9 GREAT WESTERN Wednesday, July 23 New Steamer now building. (??Mn osssace $70 currency Steerage "..!.. 30 currency Pai Lies wishing to stitul for thoir friends can obtain pre paid certificate*, lit alt-s lor JCl and tipwarili. For freight or passage apply to M0R)JAN,(, ^ 70 South street, New York. ASSK'H VACATION PARTY fGH VIE1INA, ' I personally conducted, starts from New Yor ? ? for vlsitltm Uie Rhino, Hwilzertowd. Havoy Krance, Forty days' in Europe. Bare oyf^rtuntty. Inclusive terms, UA2E'S Tourist TUk.^and Hou^C^n Mo. $ Bowline Grea*. M* ( EFKOPEAN MTRAMNmra. CWOKW TOURS T(t ICELAND. 8COTLAWD AND ENO*. J land, over 100 route*; Cook'* Tours to Switzerland unci the Rhine, nearly 1U0 mutes; Cook s Tours to Vlvnna, 102 in numtier; Cook's Tours to Italy, 72 routes; Coak'a Tours Round thu World, at reductions ranging from It) to U> per cent below ordinary fare* (lie travelling tickets i*> sued enabling one or more pasaeniters to truvel any day by any train, steamer or diligence. Cook's personally conducted tour to Vienna. Veuice, Rome, SwitxerlaiiU and Paris, sailing per steamer Canada, June 21, $600, cold, all expenses. Full particulars In Cook's Excursionist, 10c. Ct)OK, SON A JENKINS, 262 Broadway, and Fleet street, London. FOR HALK-A FIRST CLASS l'\SS\<iE TICKET TO Lirerpool, per steamship Partlila (Cnnard line). May 31; prleu flUU, colu, berth well situated. Apply at 0OI1 ? of company, No. 4 Bowling Unxa; or to K. >. O., HQ and 80j? Greeriu street. "pUROPKAN TRAVELLERS WILL KIND TRUNKS X!i for staterooms and Continental travel. Chairs ana Kugs for the steaiiiers, Ac., at JOHN CATTNACH'S, 736 Broadway, near Astor place (removed trout corner Broad way and wall struct.) UNITED STATES PASSPORT BUREAU.?OFFICIAL Passports of tlio Department of Siate issued by A. C. WILIjMARTII, United States Court House, 41 Cham bers street UNITED STATES PASSPORT AGENCY.-A. T. WELCH, laic Chief of Passport Bureau, Depart ment ol Stale, Washington, D. 0. Agent, -KJI Uroadway. COA.STWI.SK ST1WMNHIPS. PU ACIF1C MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY'S LINK TO CALIFORNIA, JAPAN AND CHINA, Via PANAMA. CARRYING MAILS, PASSENGERS AND FREIGHT TO AS PIN WALL. PANAMA, SANTA MARTHA. GltEY TOWN AND PACIFIC COAST OF MEXICO, CENTRAL AMERICA, PERU and CHILE. May SI?Steamer HENRY CHAUNCEY, Captain A. O, Gray, will leave pier No. 42 Noitli River, at 12 o'clock noon, tor Aspinwull direct, connecting at Panama with tlie steamer ARIZONA, Captain Austin, for Sun Fran cisco, touching at Acupulco and San I Me go, and also con necting lor all Central American and South Pacillc porta. Departures of 10th and 20th each month irom New York connect with this Company's steamer, touching at San Benito, Tonato. Salitia Cruz and Port Angel. The Con* pany's splendid steamer COSTA RICA will leave San Francisco on or about Juno 24 for Honolulu, Saudwich Islands. One of the Company's Steamers will lcare San Fran cisco May 31. 187:1, for Japan and China. For rates of passage, freight, and all further information apply at Company's office ou the pier, foot of Caual street. F. R. BABY, Agent. SPECIAL NOTICE.?Steamer nENRY CHAUNCE7 will leave pier 42 North River, 12 o'clock noon Saturday, Muy 31,187J, lor Aspinwall. F. R. BABY, Agent SAMANA?FOE PUBRTA PLATA, SAMANA AND 8T. Domingo City. The United Stales mail steamship RAl'IDAN, Captain Carpenter, will Icavo on Wtdnea <lav, Mav 28, at 3 1*. M. Bills of exchange on Puert? I'lala, Siimana and St. Domingo City, in sums to lult purchasers, lor sale. For Ire ig lit or passage apply to SPOFrOKD BROTHERS k CO., 29 Broadway. NEW YORK AND BERMUDA STEAMSHIP LINE. For Hamilton and SI. Goorgc, Uermudft, carrying tlio United State* Mail*, and sailing as lollowg:-^ Steamship HATTER AS, Lawrence, master, Thursday, May 9, at 3 o'clock P. M., trom pier 37 North River. Steamship ALBKM vKLE, Read, master, Thursday, June S, at 3o'clock P. M.. Irom liter 37 North River. For freight or passage, having elegant accommoda tion*, appfr to LUNT BROTHERS, 28 South street. Passage. $30 gold. Excursion tickets issued for the round trip at $50 gold. t TLAS STEAMSHIP COMPANY. J\ Mail service lor West Indies, Havana, Venezuela and Spanish Main. Tb^company's Iron screw steamers are appointed to nail as iollows (loading burtQ pier U North River) :? For Havana direct MANDINOO, Captain Spence, 2f>th Inst. For Turk's Island, Jauiaiea ami Savanllla. CLARIRKL. Captain Bayley, 31st iuat. For Haytl and Venezuela. ARIEL (1,200 tons), ,1th June. For freight and passage apply to PIM, FORWOOD ft CO., Ueneral A genu, 06 Wall street and '>9 Plue street. Direct line to Havana, Progreso and Vera Cruz. New York and Mexican Mail Steamship line, leaving pier No. 3 North Kiv?r, ?t 3 P. M.. EVERY THURSDAY. CITY OF HAVANA (Havana only) May 29 CITY OF MEKIDA (Havana only) Itine 5 cleopatra (Havana and Mexico) Juue 12 CITY OF HAVANA (Havana only).. Juue 1? For freight or F. ALEXANDRE A 80NS, 33 Broadway. EW YORK AND HAVANA DIRECT MAIL LINE. N These first class steamships will sail every Tuesday at 3 P. M., from pier 13 North River Hoot of Cedar street), lor Havana direct, as follows COLI MUI v Tuesday, Mav %1 wilmington Tuesday, June 3 MORRO CASTLE Tuosdav. June 10 Supplementary mail on pier at a quarter to threo P. M. on day of sailing. For freight or passage (having mAgniflcent accommo dation!.) apply to WILLIAM P. CLYDE A CO., No. 6 Bowling Ureen, D. McKELLER Agent In Havana. _ _ Texas line.-for galveston, touching at Key West, carrying the United State* Mail.?Steamer CLYDE. Captain Kennedy, will leave pier 20 East River, Saturday, Mav 31, at 3 P. M. Through bills of lading given to Houf.onand all points on the Galveston, Hous ton and Henderson and B. B. and C. R. R. No charge for forwarding in New York. For freighter passage, having superior accommodations, apply to C. H. MALLOKY k Co., 183 Maiden lane, or W. CLYDE, 119 Wall street. IJIOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. ' MERCHANTS' STEAMSHIP LINE. The steamship GENERAL MEADE, from pier 30 North River (foot of North Moore street), on Saturday, May 31, at 3 o'clock P. M. Froight received daily. Through rates given to St. 1-ouK VicksL-urg, Mobile, Galveston and Indlanola. For freight or passage, having superior accommoda tions. apply to FRHDERIC BAKER. 30 Broadway. tfOR HEW ORLBANS DIRECT. F Southern Line. The steamer CITY OF DALLAS, Captain Jones, will leave pier 19 East River, Wednesday, M-iy 28, at 4 P. M. Freight rcocived dally. Through rales given lo Galves ton, Indlanola, Rockp-irt or Aran/.ns Wharf. Brazos San tiago and St. Louis. C*)dn passage, $30; steerage, $26. Kor freight or passage, having superior accommodations, apply to __ J0-,11- MALI.OftY k CO., 1SS Maiden lane. liKHl NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. r The Cromwell Steamship Line. The steamship GEORGE WASHINGTON, ?"aptain n. 8. Sulck. will leave pier No 9 North River on Saturday, ay 31, ln7d, at 3 P. M. Freight received daily. Through rates given to Galveston, Inaiojiola, Rockfort or Arunzaa wharr, Brazos, Santiago and St. Louis. Cabin passage, $30; steerage, $25. Kor freight or pas sage apply to CLARK & sEaMaN, flt! West street FOR NORFOLK, CITY POINT AND RICHMOND.?THE Old Dominion Steamship Company will despatch from pier 37 North River their elegant slilewheel steam ship WYANOKE, Couch coiuman<ler, for Norfolk, city Point and Richmond, on Tuesday, May 27, nt.< P. M.. giv Ing through bills ol lading to all points South and South west Through passenger tickets issued to all points. Ac commodations unequalled. Apply at pier 37, or at tlio general otllce, 187 Greenwich street, corner oi Dey. TitAVHLIjKHS' 4JIIIIK. Albany and vboy, by day c. vib BARD and DANIKL DRIiW, commencing May 31. Leave Vestry street pier at 8:30 A. M., and Twenty-third street, north of Krie ferry, at 8:4.1, lauding at Yonkers, Tatrytown and Nyack (by ferryboat), Pcughkeepsie, Rtiinebeck. Tlvoll, Cutsklll and Hudson. Connecting fur all points West and North. Trip tickets to Cozzeus, West Point, Cornwall and Newhurg, returning same day, SL Notice change of uptown landing. CITIZENS' LINE FOR TKOY-PAS8AOE $1 90.?THE i elegant steamboats SUNNYSIDll and POWELL leave pier 49 North River, foot of Leroy street, daily (Saiurdavs excepted), at 6 o'clock4*. M., connecting with morning trains on lteusseiaer and Saratoga, New York Central and Troy and Boston railroads for all points North, East an I West The moH direct route to Sarato ga, Like George and Montreal. Through tickets soli and baggage cheeked to destination. JOSEPH CORNELL, Superintendent Fall river line to boston, ~~ via Newoort and Fall River. The world-renownod steamers BRISTOL and PROVJ. DKNC&. leave pier 28 North Klver, foot of Murray street, daily (Sundays excepted) at 9 P. M. A. P. BACON, Superintendent Pennsylvania RAILROAD. Trains leave New York, from foot of Desbrosses and Cortluudt streets, as iollows:? Express for Harrisburg, Pittsburg, the West and South, with Pullman Palace Cars attached, 9:30 A. M., 5, 7 and 8::ti) P. M. Sunday, it, 7. 8 30 p. m. For Baltimore, Washington and the South at 9 A. M..1. 9 P M. Sunday, 9 P. M. ' Express for Philadelphia, 3:30, 8, 9, 9:30 A. M.; 12 ..10, 1, 4, 8, 7, 8:30, 9 P. M., and 12 night. Sunday, 6, 7, 8:3Uand 9 P. M. For Philadelphia, via Kensington, at 7 A M., 2 and 3 Emigrant and second class, 7:15 P. M. For Newark at 6. 6:30, 7, 7:t0, 8:10, 10, 11, 11 :41 A. M.; 12. 1, 2, 2:30, 3, .'1:20, 3:10, 4:1(1, 4:30. ft:It), 8:*),8 AO, ft:90. 6, 6:10. 6:M, 7. 7:30, 8:10, 9, 10,11:30, 12 P. M. Sunday, 5 M, 6,8:10, 9 P. M. For Elizabeth, 6,0:30, 7,7:40, 8, 8:10, 9, 10, 11, 11 :i0 A. M., 12 M? 12 :30, 1, 2, 2:30, X 3:20, 3:40. 4, 4 :10, 4 JO, 5:2?, 8 -SO, 8 :S0. 6, 6:10, 6:30, 7 :?>, 8:10, 10, 11 :30, 12 P. M. Sunday, ft 20,6 and 8 -.10 P. M. For Railway. 6, 6:30, 7, 8:10, 9:30 and 10 A. M., 12 noon, 1, 2. 2 30, 3, 3:20, 3:40, 4 :10. 4 :.W, 8:?). 8 :*), 8 :?>, 6, 6 i?), 7 :30, 8:10, 10 P. M., and 12 night Sunday, ft :20 and 6 P. M. For Woodbrldge and Penh Ambov, 6 and lg A. M., 2:30, 9:40, 4:3MamTft:.10P. M. For New Brunswick. 7, 10 A. M., 12 M., 1,2,9, 4:1>X &&>, ^ 9 P. M., and 12 night Sunday, 6 and 9 P. M. For Kan Millstone, 7 A. M., It M., 4 :K> and ft JO P. M. For LamhertviUa and Flatnington, 9 A. M. and 2 If. M. For PhilUpshHrg ami IMvtder*, 2 and 4 P. M. Accommodation for Bordentown, Bnrltngton and Cam den, 7 and 9 :311 A. M., 12:10, 2, 3, 4 afld 6 P. M. For Freehold, 7 and 8 A. M.,2 and 4 P. M. For Jamestmrg, Pemherton and Camden, 6 AM., and via boat trom pier No. 1, 3:4# P. M. Trains arrive as follows:?From Pittsbnrg, 6:80 A. M., 1, 3:33 P. M.,daily; 10:18 A. M. and 6:36 P. M., daily, ex cent Monday. From Washington and Baltimore, 6 40 A M . 4 :')4, 1(1:12 P. M. Sunday,?:46 A. M. From Phila delphia, 8:22, 6:90, 10:19, I IMA. M., 2:1ft, 4:0ft. 4 A1, ? (A, 8 -44, 10:13 P. M. Klinday, II 8:J2, 6:S0, II :0ft A. M. Ticket offices rat'., 438. 271 and 944 Broadway; No. 1 Astor House, and foot of Desbrosses and ? orllnndt street* Emigrant ticket office No. 8 Hatterv nlace. A J. CASS A i T, D. M. ftOYD, Jr., General Manager. General Passenger Agent. ATI! A.' A. A. A ])n\ D M IVIRIHCAL. TTENTION !?DR. FRANKLIN (LATE OF PRUSSIA.) ousultatlon tree. Private ofllce 101 Hleecker street 114 East Tenth street, near Third avenue. ?MME. RE ST ELL, I'llYSICIAN.-OFFICE NO. 1 East Fltty-second street, first door from Fifth sv. M. MAURICKAU, M. D.-OFF1CE 129 LIBERTY street, near tlreeuwlch street. DVICE FREE?DR. AND MME. DESPARD PI1YSI. elans, 41 hast Twenty-eighth street, near Fourth av. HECK'S PRIVATE MIKIi'M, OFFICE RE moved to 14 Amity street, near Broadway. R. AND MME. GRINDLE, PHYSICIANS. ? REHI dence 1J0 West Twenty sixtli street n<'?r sixth av, MB, VAN BUHKIRK, physician.-rksidencr 184 Hast 28ih st, between 3d and l^xlngtou avenues.

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