Newspaper of The New York Herald, 27 Mayıs 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 27 Mayıs 1873 Page 4
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. A PEACEFUL PROSPECT. Money Settled Down to Its Summer Work. HEALTHY TONE OF THE FOREIGN MARKET. Advance in the Premium of the French Loan. GOLD STEADY. Diplomatic Play Between the Bulls and Bears. Government Securities and Rail road Bonds Firm. The Stock Market Dull, bat a Bally Anticipated. Wall Stkkrt, ) Monday, May 26?6 P. M. J On 'Chonge to-day cotton was da 11, and for "fu ture" prlce? were easier. Flour was dull and tended In the buyers' laror. Wneat was easier, and corn steadier. the money makkkt. Money seems to have settled down to Its Summer work, and Is going about and doing good at from four to seven per cent on call loans, the disposi tion this alternoon being towards the lesser figure and from seven to nine per ceut discount on commercial paper. Nor docs It seem possible to descry any cloud In the heavens likely to disturb the present monetary situation. There are no wars or rumors of wars; peace everywhere pre vails except on the borders or far-off Russia; our country is prosperous; our exports are nearly equal to our Imports; railroads are earning more money than last year; our cotton crop bids fair to ada at least eighty millions or dollars to our stock In trade, and. altogether, the prospect is one pleasant to contemplate. The legal tenders outstanolug to-night are $350,425,000, an increase or (00,000 since Saturday. Foreign exchange weakened to-day, being checkcd by the unsettling influences of tho gold market, and the leading drawers have come down another eighth. The receipts irom internal revenue to-day amounted to $725,goo. ihe following are the rates quoted:?Sterling, sixty days, commercial, 108 ft 108*; do., good to prime bankers', 108* a 108*; <lo., short sight, 109'," a 100^; Paris, sixty days, #.30 a 6.25; do., ' short sight, 8.21 * a 5.20; Prussian thalers, 71* a T2; Antwerp, 5.27 V,' a #.22*: Switzerland, 6.27* a 6.22* ; Hamburg, 95* * 96; Amsterdam, 39* a 40*; Franklort, 40* a 11* 5 Bremen, 95* a 9B. TUB FOREIGN MARKET. Advices from London are still encouraging, inas much as they indicate none of the changes which were anticipated as a sequence of the political and financial affairs on the Continent. There have been no rurther shipments of bullion; tho new French loan was buoyant and advanced to 4# per cent premium, and American securities wero steady and unchanged. Consols closed easier for money at M*, Erles were quoted at 48* a 48* and new 5'a at 89* a 89*. GOLD 118* a 118*. The manipulators in the gold combination, which it Is now tolerably oertaln lias been organized, do not yet seem inclined to show their hands. Thus far they have been contcnt to quietly absorb the eards offered, wlthont exposing a single trump or their own. The play is evideutly a diplomatic ouo, and at present it appears to be anything but their purpose to excite apprehension. In fact, the clique are understood to be loaning gold at the prevailing market rates, with a view to caloi any premonitory symp toms of disturbance that may have been excited by the rumors ol the street, and likewise to main tain, as far as practicable, the present rates or ex change. How long this condition of affairs may Continue is not to be lorctold by those who arc not behind the movement, and the "street" is there tore content to fold Its hands and await THE PKOUKKSH OF EVENTS. Neither local nor foreign influence, however, has thuB far aided the clique one iota, on the con trary, the expectation that the death or removal Of Thiers and a change in the administration of the French government, which was confidently relied uoon as an excltlntr cause in behalf of an upward movement, has proved deceptive, atid the "bull" looks with a species of consternation on the lact that a new government has been so quickly and peacefully lnanguioted, and that tho confidence or the people In the change is shown by an advance 4ince Saturday or 1* per cent In the premium or the French loan, the price at which it is now quoted being 4* a 4* per cent. To be added to this is the easlor condition or the London money market. As has been iterated before, there Is no basis lor the movement whatever, and there Is likely to be none until the Fall, when some ' f-m: NEW CIIA.NGK OF schedule may possibly expose the purpose of the combina tion. The market opened at 118*. The price im mediately afterwards temporarily touched 118*, when it receded a point, and therealter remained firm between the extremes or * a *. The rates paid for carrying were 6, 4, 0 and 3 per cent to flat lor borrowing. The transactions of the Gold Ex change Bant are Bhown by the following table:? Gold balances $2,297,839 Currency balances 2,7ls,fl3i Gross clearances 74,534,000 The Assistant Treasurer to-day paid out $06,000 on account of interest and $6,000 lu redemption of five-twenty bonds. The fluctuations of the market during the day wero as ioliows:? 10 A. M 118* 1:0G P. M lift w 10:01 A. M lis1:12 P. M ilh'i 10:03A. M lis* 1:61 P. M naw 10:08 A. M 118* 2:50 P. M 118 >< 10:20A. M 118* 2:61 P. M US* 11:10A. M 118* 3:16 P. M 118 ? 11:15 A. M 118* 3::WP. M ugw l?:07P. M lis* 4 P. M 118* a lis* The business at the United states Treasury to-day was reported to be Gold receipts $60MS5 Gold payments 217,404 Gold balances 41,256,298 Currency receipts 260,482 Currency payments G47.863 Currency balances 22,898,482 keceipts from customs at the Custom House 809,000 RAILROAD BONDS continue, with fuw exceptions, to accord with tho last quotatlous, and transactions are compara tively limited. F.rle thirds brought loo; Michigan sinking funds, 102*; Union Pacific land grants, 74*; Chicago and Northwestern first mortgages, 101; New York and New llaven sixes, loo; Rock Island sevens, 104. 1 lie following are the bids as amended at the call:? New York Ccn O. r e.. 87 Del, T*plr A tV 2i1 m aa New York Con 6 s. sub.. 87 Del, AW 7's ron'i^i/ few Vork fen 7's, '7?..loPf Tol A Wbi m? 28 Erie M in 7's, '79 99$ Tol A Ws?2<l in , " Si$ trie 3<1 m 7's, '83 100 Tol A Writ, .-um, biii si Krle 4tb m 7* '80 97 (it Western lit m, '?!"' #L trie Mil m 7 *, '88 99 Gt Western lid, I Dock bonds. <h* Culms A < hlo *x in-i T lrt m' H * Onlona ft Chic W m. M Hud R7's, Id m if'86.106 Chit, K I A 1'ac lot con m A s fS's.lOO M..rri? A Kxsex 2d m.'.. 97 ,?u?q M bds 91 N J Can 1st in. new....loi E ci! ?eVst ?*?. "M..1I1 Pitts,Ft Wft Cine 1stm.I(K JJIS? 2" IV? ?" ' lev A PltM 2d m 1U0 I? r7 ???.}"2* <"U;v A I'llls 3d ui 98'j ClGT A Tol 8 f 1u.ii,j (>IcVIk Pitta 4tfi in mA'i c'Va a'Iw'm ;ji Ohio A Mission * 95 ' r' P A A n L l I H5 ?ht" * 00,1 iktrnlf M A T^l 07 V1'1" * M'"* M m. ?<>"?? M ?n#f'a kS.? i1"1 *Sl,,u*C|ty M I ??? J enlnsuln 1st m con v.. 95 J'ike whore uiy nds,,,, (H I,< iiImA- I K i?t >\i 07 l.uSo Khore con r bd?.. i-9* Mil a st I* ut lAfriip n'lM t'sc KK 7's. Rid by Mo. 9i NilA tf lnm1?IfliV/.'S t en Paclflo eold l,dv Jul Am A . t ? j " J'} |{ ft X?,, VcsK rn PacIuc bUa... 95 V I A st P lirt m l ar u an* P?c 1st in IhIs. .. 87 kin A StP Mml'c a if 77* I'nlon Pac 1 c 7*? 7?* Ohic k Ot Eastern Utm 89 Union P?c income IPi. 08 Col, Ohio A WO lit! *'* 111 Cw7V'? T?1- S3 Bell A *o 111 lacm 8'?.. #ft Tol. Peoria * War. WD 88* Alt iTII lit WOK Tol, r A War, Bur D1t. ? Alt A T H ?<1 m pref.... 87 Tol. Heorm* War Id ui tt Chic INK latbcl...... WW NY * K H ?*?.. ???? ? ???? Chic * N W cob 14*... 8-jJ Boat, H I K UU "; ' ? Chic 4KW l.-t in 101 Oidar F i.Minn Ut m.. WH Han A 8t Jo conr 8i* Bur. OB* Mta 1*7 a,* 69* bol. Lack * W lit m..,10l OOVIKMMMT BONDS. United States bonds were, perhaps, a trifle less active than usual, but are nevertheless in good de mand, orders for a greater or leas amount evincing both their firmness and the desire en the part of buyers to make permanent investment. The fol lowing are tae ruling prices '.?United States cur rency sizes, us* a 118H; do. sixes, 1881, regis tered, 110 a 119*; d& do. do., coupon, 123* a 122*; do. five-twenties, registered, May and November, 116* a 117; do. do., 1802, coupon, do., lid* a 117; do. do., 1804, do., do* 110* a 117; do. do., 1866, do., do., 118* a 118*; do. do., 1807, registered, January and July, 119 a 119*; do. do., 1806, coupon, do., 119* a 110*; do. do., 1807, do., do., 121* a 121*; do. do., 1808, de., do., 120* a 120*; do. ten-forties, registered, 112* a 112*: do. do., coupon, 114* a 114*; do. fives of 1881, registered, 116; do. do. do., coupon, 116* a 118*. SOUTBBBN 8BO0BITIM. In consequence of a semi-official despatch from New Orleans that the Governor of Louisiana bad issued notice that he will resume payment of the January and February interest on State bond! these advanced 6 per cent, and a sale of old Lou isiana sizes was made at 60. The remainder or the securities are unchanged and as follows'Ten nessees, ez coupon, 80* a 81; do., new, 80* a 80*; Virginia, ez coupou, 43 a 48; do., sizes, consolidated bonds, 63* a 64*; do. sizes, deferred scrip, 11 a 11*; Georgia sizes, 79 a 81; do. sevens, 91 a 93; North Carolina, ez cou pon, 29 a 80; do., to North Oarelina Railroad, 60 a 00; do., funding, I860, 18 a 20; do., do., 1808, 17 a 20; do., new, 10 a 17; do., special taz, 18 a 16; Missouri sizes, 94 a 94*; do., Hannibal and St. Jo seph, 91 a 92; Louisiana sizes, 62 a 66; South Carolina sizes, 26 a 36; do., new, January and July, 16 a 17; do., do., April and October, 20 a 26; Arkansas sizes, funded, 36 a 40. Till STOCK MABKKT. While stocks presented no fairer aspect than has been recorded of them for several days past, the general impresaion among the long headed men of the street, who balance probabilities and possi bilities with scientiflo nicety, is that prices have touched bottom and a reaotton will be lelt within a few days. With money abundant and easily available until everybody has returned from Summer Jaunts; with the telegraph radiating from Wail street to every Importaut watering pluce where brokers and bankers most do congregate; with an inherent disposition on the part of every operator to be "doing something" on 'Change, although ne may be distant half a hundred miles, it is argued that it would be unnatural for values to be main tained the Summor through at ezisting rates. A speculative ripple may, therefore, be looked for soon, although it may not assume the proportions of a ware until later in the year. In the general dulness that prevailed to-day it is difficult to select any one feature which more than another is worthy of mention. The market was steady in tone, but transactions were limited. Pacific Mall, as usual, took its place among the active stocks. It opened at 46*, vibrating until the close or the day between that figure and 46*, it touched 46, and at the last quotation it went off *. Western Union was film between the ez tremes of 84* A 86*, the average during the day being about *. Erles were likewise steady, bor rowing firmness from their sisters on the other side. The stock opened at 02*, advanced to 63*, but receded and closed at 63*. Lake Shore was steady at DO* a 90*. Harlem touched 130*. Rock Island showed but a fractional fluctuation of * per cent. Delaware, Lackawanna and Western held Its own at 103* a 103*. 0., C. and I. C. and Union Paclflg moved together In the traces at usual rates, the difference between them being an average of only, say, * per cent. New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad were sold at 140. Ohio and Mis sissippi at from 41* to 41*. New York Central maintained Its firmness at 100* a 100*. St. Paul common sold at 64* a 64*, 64*, 64*, closing at 54*. Toledo and Wabash, C8*. The following table shows the highest and lowest prlccs of the day Ilvjhmt. Lowest. New York Central loo * loo * Erie 63 ea* Lake Shore 00 90* Wabash 08* 68* Northwestern No transactions. Northwestern preferred 85 K6 Hock Island lori* 107* St. Paul 64* 64* St. Paul preferred 73 73 Ohio and Mississippi 41* 41* Union Pacific 3u* 30* C., C. and I. C 30* 30* Western Union Telegraph 86* 84* Pacific Mail 46 46* In Philadelphia, Reading la quoted at 110* and Pennsylvania at 110. SALES AT THE HEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE. Monday, May SO?10il5 A. M. 96000 US 5-20, e. 'i3, $2500 IS 8-30, c. '67.... 119 Called bond*....c 11?V 7lXwUS6'a, 10-40, r.... lUV BOO US 4-20, c, '64 110X 10 A. ML?Before Call. 800 alls 1'ar M as Co. .0 45* do c 45% 1 1(10 8U 200 (HO 1400 &w 5J0 75 sh* LSI M 8 BR., COft do. do. uo.. do. do. do. ? *) .s3 4", 45?S iff 500 West Un Tel 84% 90j do Hifi 300 do C H4% 2t? do lift 13(0 do 9.1 84% tioOB.II A K KU ?3 2', 7>H) do 2% 400 N YC A H R RR.. 10mJ 700 Erie KK 62V 2iu do r,'U 1400 10J 8 do 200 C A Rock I RR In* 1W do 108* ioo oo c nw: 200 do iumv 100 Mil A St 1* Kit 54% 100 do 84K 700 do 54? 100 do t)3 5I? 800 C.< A 1 U-RR.....0 ?<K lint Ohio AM Kit. 41 200 ?? ioo 1U00 100 4IX) do 6;* . 100 do b3 03 too do 63 400 do 63>tf Kir at Board?10*30 A. M. 11000 V? 6's, con sJ 5SH 20o*tiaPae M SSCo.aS 45V 168CO lent! (>'*, new... 8Wi 200 do 45jZ 1000 Erie 3d ttl 100 2tw do s3 46% 2000 uo W/i fOO do 46m 1000 Alb A Hum 2d m... V7,% 2lOAds.msKx. 93 Jn io 1000 C, 1' A A, old as 12C001 ii I'uc lat in.... 87 1C00U Pac Ts, I lb... 74% 2000 Chic A N W 1st... 101 1000 Tol A >Vali2d 'Jl% 60o do an ail 9o 3000Ot West 2d in ... f5>i 2000 Bur. ORAM 1st. W% 20 0 d6 89# 1100 C A R I A Pac7'?. 104 6000C.C IIOM 2000 N V A N II 6'?.... 100 1000 Am l)k A Imp 7'a. 07X 200 ahs Merchant*' B'k 11'** 5 Hanover Bank 107 10 Orr-Amer Bank? 100 loo I'enn Coal be 2:<o 600 Wt at Un Tel.. ,b C.C H4 do. uo. do. do. do. uo. 84 84* 84V 84m 81,S 84;', si di do 1)3 do 1)30 100 Con Coal be 55 200 do .... MX 4>0 Puc M S8 Co. .b C." " 100 100 100 100 300 100 S7W loo joo 400 do. do. do do. . do. do. do 46>, ,?3 4.v; ... 45% .bS 1.'.% ::: ..C 45% 105 Am M Un Exp 68 loo do be 68 50'i N Y (' A 11 100% ioo do b3 loo* M0 Krle !4K bo 63 2.?) do 62% 100 do C 624? 100 do 62K 200 do <>:% 2(? Harlem KB be 130 100 L S A M s BR.. .be 90K 200 do C 90jg 100 do <1 80* 100 l'anuma Rlt. llolZ loO I n i'ac BR bo 30H 2u0 do 80jj 100 do slO 30>f ?OCAPRRgtd 87% 15 do be 87 200 oo 87 ? 100 N J Ceil KR 106? 42 uo be 105H 34 C.C, CA IBB. 88# 100 G A R I KR lort 100 do be.*5 108 100 do h)7% 100 do *3 IU7TK 200M A 8t P 64>, 100 do 64 % 100 do 64'J 1()0 Mil A St P 73 14u0 H. II A K RR...!) O 2% llOOT. W A W 68V 30 75 P. FtW A C.RU1...C 93U 2'M)Bfcl. 1. A W RR Htt? 300 oixj do be 103 ... 45% 500 do 108' t'3 45% 100Ohio AM*3 41' flo ?3 45? 100 do 41 do 44% 200 do 41 Mil5 and iiilS P. M. $1000 US 6's, e, 'fil 119 $H5 (JO, ' 121' SOW US 6-20, c, m, 1W)0 do 121 C'aBed boudu..... 118# l#i30 P. M?Bettor* Call. 800 ahs Wcit Un Tel..b3 84J< 20o aha C A R I RR..b3 108 Wit $1(1000 84 Ji l(*t do...... 108 84% 2U0T.WAWRR 68V 100? 400 01iloAMRR 4P*' WX 100 do 41 $ Second Board?I P. M, Vafl'n, der. nx 800 alia N V ?; A II R.... liV) 90U do. 20U do 8O0.VYCA H K BR... 7U0LSAMM ltB... . 20O11 lAiulaiitna (i's, old 2utti l.'n l'ac 1st nl.... lOBOChh: A N W con. 7(?i C. C A I C 1st in.. 1(4) ahs Con C ot Md.... #00 uuirk M nrel 7U0 Wot Un Tel bo 35 do 400 do |3 I'll do b3 7i 1 Pac 1MJ 300 It 00 do., I"1 f 8 K* C,, he 7 |'1" 200 M Y OA II It BR.,.. lou'J ?00 do be .^100,'/ 4'>> -5 Mich ("en KB luiS 800L S AM a BB..bc.e 9n5 loo do 90m loO U Pac RR. ...b c.?3 9of, 30C, C.C A IBB t-8 100 r, rtM A(J KR Kid H3 i 200 B, II A E Rlt ? .he 2'! 200 N Y. S H A 1(0 SJ>el, r, A West 103W MoT AE* BR 934j , . ?J0 do h3 94 do 1)3 45)4 26 do bO do *3 4.')'-J 400 ST J Couth RB 3J 4.V.J looohio A M 41% 800 do 41% loOC, C A I 0 KK..b c 30,% ?l?9 i p- & is Harlem BB,,,. ric KB IUH lOOLis AMHRB a3 U0% li?) do b3 VOK 100 So. 1WPanama KB Ill lOO U racifle RR t>3 200 do^, 100 C A N W prel S5 lKiChlc A It T BIi 108V do 100 it St?*!? Jt*0' CiSflOshs I WKlHi I s 5.20, e, '1 n IJ1H4 HoFrio 10aha N Yc A ll it Bit loo*,' r,C m do 1)3 10% 300 .('jj" 10o% 800 West 111 Yot. r,:.84tj loo do ?jf? 400 do hi 100 do 1)3 86% 600 do 86 \ MX) Pacific Mali 8a to. 46)2 lUU & 108 do sS 4?S lfHMilA Rt r KK 'AW do l.V'i 2l*H)liic, B AO BR.... M" do tS 46 2?>Uan * StJo KK... ?? 46 TflO 600 aw 1M BOO _ _ IUIO, O A 1 U?R ? do. t&X 100 Ohio A Mim 4U do ts m aw do a a* do sS ?? MM do. do iS 46V ion do. .do 46H ioo ao. 100 Harlem BK? lju 0L081B0 PRI0E8-4 O'OLOOK P. 1L Western Union. 85K a Uulckxilver 40 a QuieV.ailver pf.. 49 a Am Mer On Kx. 68 Pacific Mail.M^H N Y CentralrTTloo^H k rio Harlem lSO^H Lake Shore 90^H Unton Pacific _ PltUbunr W Horibweat'n pf. M H J Central... Rock 111*nil... fct Paul 8l I'aul prul.... 73 Wahaah 68! Ohio * Mim..... 41 C, 0 41 U if COMMERCIAL REPORT. Cotton Dull | Receipts at the Porta, 7,937 Bales?Flo?r Dull?Wheat More Easy?Corn and Oata Steady?Pork Easter?-L.ard Firmer?Grooertea Quiet? Petroleum Nominally Firm?Spirits Turpentine Firmer?Roaln Vnchanged? Whiskey Lower. Monday, Mar 36?8 P. M. Business wan moderate In nearly all Its depart ments to-day, while in some prices tended lb favor of the buyer. Cotton remained dull, while bread starts were quiet and weak. There was con siderable demand for wheat for future delivery, but not much waa done, aa buyera and sellers were apart with regard to prices. Corn and oata were without especial movement and unchanged. Whis key waa easier. Pork waa decidedly lower, while lard waa decidedly higher. Groceries remained quiet, but the market throughout was Arm, more particularly for ceffee. Petroleum was neglected, but the market nominally flrra. Spirits turpentine waa firmer, butclosed rather tame. Roaln was about steady, but exhibited a firmer tone. Corraa.?The market wai very strong at the recent im proved prices, but there was very little Inclination manifested to operate on the part ef holders, and we have ne tranaactions trom first hands to report We quoteRio?Ordinary cargoes, 17??c. a lS'ic.: fair cargoes, lftXc. a 18Jic.; good cargoes, 19c. a 19^c.; prime cargoes, l|U?o. a 19Vc.; extreme range for lots, 17%c- a lfiXc.. gold, per lb., 80 a 80 days'credit; Java (government bags), 20^c. a 2l,t?c.: da (grass mats), 21c. a 22c.; Singapore, do., 17c. a I8e.; Cevton, lflXc. a l#Xc.; Maracalbo, 18 Wc. a l#>?o.: Laguayra, 1#b. a 19^o.: Ja maica, 18c. a 19c.; SI. Domingo, 16kc.; Porto Rico, 19c. a 19Hc.; Costa Rica. 18kc. a Itf&o.; Mexican, ISKc. a 19c.; Manila, 18c. a Irt^c.; Angostura, 13?o. a lite.: Ha vanilla, 18}?c. a 19c.; Curacoa, lS>?c. a 19c., gold, 80 a 90 days' credit Cotton on the spot was dull with a downward tendency at rormer price*. Future deliveries were Jfc. a !M6c. lower, with moderate transactions. We sum up thus:? To-/My, Sat. Kv!g. Total Export 355 460 80S Consumption 158 87 MS Speculation 56 ? 58 Total.. 669 637 LH)6 ?Included in tho sbove arc 245 bales to arrive. For fu ture delivery (bas s low middling) tho sales have been as follows:?Sales .Saturday evening alter 1 o'clock:?June, luoat 18 9-lflc., 400 at lH*?c., 1U0 at 189-l(ic.: July, 100 at 18 27-32c., Hi?0 at 18 lS-lOc.; August, 1,000 at I8&c.; Septem ber, 900at 17 11-16c. Total, 8,300 bales. Sales to-dav up to 3 P. M.:?June, 500 at 18 9 18c., 100 at 18l7-32c.. 2,1.(1 at 18K<\; July, 200at 18 13-lttc.,2O0at 18*0., 200 at23-ttc.. l,3tw at 18 11-ltic,, SO'i ut 18 28-32C., 300 at l.Sll-iOu., 100 at 18 23.32c.; August, 100 at 18%c., 300 at 18 ll-16c., 600 at 18 23-32o., lOn at 18 21-32c., 100 at 18J?c.; September, 400 at 17 11-lBc., 100 at 17?c.; October, 400 at 17 7-16c. Total, 7,300 bales. Gmnd total, 10,600 bales. The receipts at the ports wero a< follows:? Galveston, 369 bales; New Orleans, 4,79.'; Mobile, 451: havannah, 691; Charleston, 334: Wil mington, 29; Norfolk. 544; Baltimore, 89; New Vork, <>92, Total, 7,937 bales. This day last week, 7,77* bales. This da v last year, 2,776 bales. Rates to foreign ports wero firm at tTie following figures:?'To Havre, by steam, lc.; sail, lc., compressed; to Hamburg, by steam, fid., com pressed : to Bremen, by steam, lc.: to Liverpool, by steam, 5-16d. a },<1.; sail, M6d. a J?d. Wo quote :? Uiilunili. Ahi'iatna. H.Orlmm. Ordinary 14^; 14tf 14^ Good ordinary 16" rdi Strict good ordinary. 17*1 17J, Low midilling 1HV? 18*4 Middling 19* 19 & 19V. Good middling 21*? 211, 21 Tf ^^??1 ?'Tho quotations ard based on cotton In store, running in Quality not more than half a grade above or below the grade quoted. Flour and Grain.?Receipts:?Flour, 19,312 bbls.; wheat, 74,761 bushels: corn, 61.631 do.; corn meal, 33 l>bls. anil 367 bags; oats, 19,821 bushels; barley, 9.90) do.; rye, 24,800 do. The flour market was dull and prices were in some cases 10c. a 15c. lower, thouah the range was un changed, and we repeat our last quotations. Tho sales since our last foot up only about 4.500 bbls.; Including all kinds. Corn jneal was quiet and unchanged, about 200 bbls. of Western yellow sold at $3 30delivered. Feed was quiet but quoted steady at previous figures. We quote :? No. 2State $4 00a 6 25 Superfine State 6 00 a 6 40 Extra btate 7u0a 725 Choice State 7 50 a 800 Superfine Western 60Ua 640 Extra Western 7 00 a 7^-6 Extra Mlnntsoia 7 25 a 900 Round boon Ohio, shlppLu brands 7 00 a 725 Kound hoop Ohio, trad* brands 7 50 a 850 Family 8 #0 a In 25 St Louis, low extra 700 a 7 & St Louis, straight extra 7 75 a 8 25 St Louis, choice double extra 8 75 a 9 50 St. Louis choice family louia 12uo California 9 50 a 1000 Rye flour 4 0Ja 540 Southern No. 2 4 So a 5 00 Southern superfine 5 75 a 630 Southern extra 7 25 a 950 Southern family 9 50a 1200 Corn meal, Western 315a 3 45 Corn meal, Jersey- 816 a 845 Corn meal, Urandywine 360 a 36B Baltimore 4 40f. o. b. Caloric 3 60 a 3 65 Puncheons 180!) f. o. b. ?Wheat was dull and easier on the lower grades. Tne sales were about 80,t)00 bushels, at $1 43 a $1 50 for Inferior Spring, $1 54 a $1 56 for No. 3 Chicago, 91 58 a (I 62 lor do. No. 2 do., $1 64 a 91 66 for car lots Milwau kee; Winter wheat waa nominally steady. Corn was steady but only In moderate request The sales aggre gate 46,000 bu.shelv at 62e. for soft; 63c. a 88%c. for new mixed; 6tc. a 64Kc. for high mixed; 64kc. a 65c. for Western yellow, and 72c. for ao. Oats were firm but com paratively quiet The sales were only about 26,1X10 bushels, at Sic. a 52Wc. lor Western mixed afloat; 56c. a 68>fc. tor do. white: old mixed held at 66c. in store. Barley was Inactive and entirely nominal. Rye?Sales

8.UU0 bushels of Canada, for export, at 98r. in bond. Freights.?For berth freights the market continued ouiet In consequence of the scant supply of accommoda tion. Vessels for charter were in fair request, particu larly those adapted to tho gruin and petroleum trude. There was comparatively little accomplished, however, on account of the scarcity of available tonnage. The engagements were:?To Liverpool by steam, 37.500 bushels grain at 8J?a. a S'^d.; 2,0l)!i boxes cheese at 40s. 5 and by sail, SlU bales of cotton at 6-Hid. a VI.: 300 boxes bacon at 30s., and 100 bbls. tallow at 30s. To Lon don by steam, 7,500 bushels grain at 10>,;?1. a lid. Tho charters Include:?A Norwegian bark, hence to the Bris tol Channel, 2,200 quarters grain at 7s. 6<1. ; a British ship, 1,1)54 tons, placed .on the berth fbr Liverpool, to take general cargo at current rates: an American bark, 450 tons, hence to Cadiz, light pipe staves, at $i8; a Gorman brig, 193 tons, to Hambnrs, general cargo, at a lump sum ; a Norwegian bark, hence to Maimo, 1.900 bbls. re fined petroleum at 7s.3d: a Norwegian bark from Phila delphia to Bel last, 2,000 bbls. refill'd do. at 7s. 3d.; an American ship from do. to Antwerp, 7.500 bbls. ot re fined do. at 6e. 6d. Molasses.?Market qnlet and unchanged. Business confined to the requirements of the fobbing trade. We quote:?New crou?Cuba, centrifugal and mixed, 18c. a 22c.; do. clayed, 29c. a 31c.; do. muscovado, refining, 3?>c a 32c.: do. do. grocery, 33c. a 45c.; Porto Rico, .tflc. a 60c.; English Islands, 20c. a 50c.; New Orleans, 66c. a 80c. Naval Stoiibs.?The market for spirits of turpentine was again firmer and quiet In consequence, closing at about 48c. The sales were;?100 bbls. at 48'itC., 125 bbls. at 48%c. and 26 bbls. at 48c.; also 50 bbls.. in lobbing lota trom store, at SOn. a 61c. Kosln was quiet nut without material change in value; strained quoted at 93 10 a 93 15; we heard of sales of 75 bbls. of strained at 93 10, 100 bbls. No. 1 at 93 75, 2.XJ0 bbls. of strained at 93 10, de livered alongside. Tar and pitch were inactive and nominally steady at previously quoted prices. Petroleum.?On 'Change to-day the market for refined remained quiet but firm. There was but little offering and notblug obtainable uuder 20c., which was the asking price for remainder of month. Crude in bulk was inac tive, but firmly held at 9>?c. Cases were quiet and un changed, quoted at 26>^o. a 26c. Naphtha remained en tirely nominal at about 10,^c. a 11c. tor Western and city. Keporis trom the Creek were ol a quiet, but firm market. At Oil City 92 76 was asked, and 92 70 bid; Kouseville, 92 62H.i. 'iideout, 92 42,V, asked ; i'etrolcum Centre quoted at 92 50 and Titusville at 92 tl), spot. Tho I'hiladi-lphla market remained dull, and in the absence of sales prices were eutirely nominal. Provisions.?Receipts? Pork, 260 bbls.; cut tqe&ts, 892 packages; lard, 477 bbls. and tierces. For men toork the market waa decidedly more active to-day, out at irregu lar prices, closing, however, about steadv - ihe >8iei prise 780 bbls. lor June at 9Hi 50, 3T ia ford* at ?".ff&V"*0; ^VeS? for do, at ?16 87$; and 1,260do. forJuiy at 917. Ba*0n was qnlet and nom inally steady; Western, sbyr? clear, quoted at 9c. a 9&>,; 50 boxes of city, long clefcr, sold af ?V- Dressed hogs were q?let, but firm; frity quoted st 6Vc. a 7s?c. lor the ruiiKe. Beet?Aside from a moderate Jobbing demand, nothing ol Importance transpired, and prices were quoted steady. The sales iu lots toot up about 60 packages at prices within the ranxe of 910 a 911 tor new plain mesa, bbls. ;9l2a 914 tor do. extra do., bbls.; f JO a 922 tor do. prime do., tierces, and 9:3 a 925 tor do. ndlan do., tierces Beef hams met with n limited job bing trade at steady prices; quoted at 928 a tor South ern and Western. Cut meats?Trade was only moderate In a wholesale way. but the jobbing bnsln< as was lair at steady prices. We ncafd of Mljil ol 50 boxes ol heavy dry salted hams at lOtjc.; So tierces of pickled do. on pri vate terms; 40 boxes bellies, 10 a U lis. average, at 9c. a 9Ke., knd #,000 lbs. of pickled bellies on prlvat? terms. Other descriptions were nominal at previous figures. Lard?Tne market for Western was firmer, under a good demand. The sales include 1,260 tierces, fellers June, at 9'4c. ; 1,600 tierces for do. at9 5-16c., and all) tierces for do. at 95<e., closing with the higher price asked; l.non tierces sellers July, at 9*fcC.; 600 tierces ror August at 9\c. City was In good demand and also firmer: sales 300 tierces of prime at 8ke. a 8J<e.; 100 tierces of do., sellers June, at B?<c., and 1W tierces of No, l at 7He. RuhAR.?The demand for raw continued limited, but there was no change In prices nottccable. We heard of 'ales ol 460 hints. 0f good to prime rcOuing Cuba at 8c. a 8Jfe., 200 hlids. of strictly good do. at 8 M6c. and 40 hluls., description not given, at Ike. a JM.c. Also 1.9t0 baskets of Java on prlvute terms. W'i quote :?Cuba? Kefinlng, Inferior to common, 7c. a 7kc.; fair to good fair, 7\c. a 7%c.: good to prime, 8e. a S'?c.; grocery, fair to goon. a 8kc.; prime to choice, a 9c ; centrifligal, hhns. and boxes, h\c. a 9'ic.; molasses, bhds. and boxes, 6Vc. a 7Kc.; tnelado, 4c. a 6c, Havana? Boxes? Dutch stand an I, Nos. 7' ? r t, Nob. 7 to 9, 7c. a 7Vc.; 15, HWe. a 9,'io.; do., 16 to a APjC. ; white, 9Vc. a do lo to If, Sc. a *Hc.; do., 13 to.. ,. 18, 9Sc. a 10c.; do , 19 to 20,10^ a 1(0,6.; white, 9Kc lOWe. Porto Rleo?Retlnlng, common to prime, 7c. 8S,c.; grocery, fair to choice, 8,^e. a 9'|C. Hraill-?Dutcn stan lard. Nos. 8 to 12, 6\c. a Skc. Java?Dutcn standard, Nos. 10 to 12, tua'c. a 8*tc. Manila--Supcriur and c*tra su perior, 7c. a 7*ie. * HituwcJ""iii' -a t<tdav has been moderately fair, In a distributing Wif <ntfT?Tm? ftdlM.tlea1y.wThe sules foot up about 4<f tierces ol Carolina a 8?*c., and sOO bags of Kangooti at li'^c. a 7c. * '* fc, . ?'?' mkaiiimk wusm lair demand and firm, sales 780 tierces prime at 9Sje. Tallow.?The market was quiet, but nominally steady. Western quoted at H,'gc. a 8>j|c., an<l prime city at9c.; 5,tAX) lbs. and 40 bbls. of common att^c. Wuibkev.?Keoeipu, 619 bbls, Tho market was quiet and prices easier. Sales 150 bbls. at 9jj^c., which U Se pt r gallon iower? DOMESTIC? MABSETS. _ _ (lALvirroa, May 21, '873. Cotton Arm: Rood ordinary. Uo. a 14Vc. Net rocoipta, tl? bale*. alalea, 1,30J. htock, 41.6W9. . ? , . . . . "?* OiuiM, May M, 1873. Cotton in fair demand; miUdllax*. 14c. * lHtfc. Net re ceipt!, 4,791 ; grow, 6.3S7. Exports?To Great Britain, Mft; to the OonUneiU, 4.687. Salon, 800: last evening. 3,(MX Slock. 107,171. Moat La, May M, 1S71 Cotton quiet; middling*, 17Xe. ? I7Ve. Net roaeipta, 4M|baiea Export* coaatwue, oM. tfirtes, 400. Stock. Cotton quiet; middling, ISXc** NetTeceiptafwi' BxporUc oastwiae, 6,2837 Salos.418. Stock, 11,873. Chaslsiton. Nijr 26,1ST). Cotton qniot; middling*. 17\c. a 18o. Net receipt*. 334 bale*. Export* coastwise,1.S6I. Sale*, W0. Stock, 22,638. Wilmihoton, N. 0,, May 29,187X Spirit* turpentine quiet at 44c. Roein quiet at SI 80 for ?trained and $2 75 lor No 1. Crude turpentine ?lead/ at $2 05 for bard; $3 30 for yellow dip and virgin. Tar ?teady nt ?2 7S. ? 1M. oswroo. May M, 1873. Flour unchanged ; sales 1,800 bbl*. at %i W tor No. 1 Spring. ?9 60 for amber Winter, $19 80 tor white Winter. $11 for double extra. Wheat dull: Bale* ot X.6HU bushels No. I Milwaukee club at $163a$16fc Corn dull; Mia* ot 2,400 do. oid No. 1 Iltinoi* at Stic. Eye and pe a* guiet Corn meal sold at $1 26 lor bolted, $1 20 for unl>oltad rat cwt. Mill feed dull; unlet or short* at $18 a $19, wtiip stuffs $19 a $?. middling* $20 a $11 por ton. Canal freiuhts?Wheat, 8e.corn and rve, 7to New *?rk ; lumber $3 75 to the Hudson, $4 75 to Now York. Railroad freixhta?Hour, to Philadelphia ?and Boston, 60c.; to New York, 6fl<%; to Albany, Troy and Schenectady, 42c. Receipts by lake?Wheat. 8.<0t) tui?hels; rye, 5,50ii do.; peas, 10.109 do.; lumber, 2.MU.00U feet shipments by canal?beat, 4.400 do.; rye, 8,800do.; lumber, 1,143,ow feet. _ glWAWCIAK. jgANKINO HOUSE or PISK A HATCH, No. 5 Nassau street. Nay Yon*. May 18. M73. We recommend to our friend* nnd customers, for In vestment of surplus capital or la exchange for govern ment bond*, which can aow be told at unusually high prioes, the following Securities, of well-known character and established reputation, vis. The Chesapeake and Oklo Six Per Cent Bonds, princi pal and interest payable ia gold coin la New York olty; interest payable May I and November 1; issued in de nominations of $100, $530 and $1,000, either coupon or registered, price 88>? aad accrued interest, secured by a flrst mortgage on the main line of this great East aad West Trunk Road, from Richmond to the Ohio Rhrer, 430 miles fa length, now compioted aad doing a large and rapidly increasing business. Also the Chesapeake and Ohio Seven Per Cent Bonds?principal and interest payable In gold coin in New York city; intorest payable January 1 and July 1. Bonds of $1,000 eaoh, ooupon or registered; price 00 and accrued interest; secured by a first mortgago on the Peninsula Division, from the Richmond depot to the James River dooks and to deep water on the Chesapeake Bay, now m progress; the proposed Kanawha River branch, and the bridgo to be built across the Ohio River at Huntington; in addition to which they are a lien upon the entire road and equp ment already completed, at a cost of over $36,000,000, with a first mortgage debt of only $16,000,000. The rapid development of the buslnoss of the road indicates that the earnings for the ensuing twelve months will not be less than $3,000,000, and for tire sucoeeding year not less than $5,000,000. The Chesapeake and Ohio Securities should, and must in time, take rank In the markets of the world with those of the Central Pacific. We also buy and sell, at rurrent market prioes :? The Western Paciflo Six Per Oent Bonds, principal and interest payable in gold in New York city; interest paya ble January 1 and July 1; coupon bonds of $1,000 each; assumed by the Central Pacific Railroad Company by consolidation. Also the Central Pacific Oold Bonds, as well known in all the principal money markets of the world as theb onds of the United States government. We also deal in Oovernmcnt Bonds and other first class Securities; receive deposits, on which we allow lour per oont Interest; mako collections and do a general banking business. ' FISK * HATCH. Auoust beIiMont a no., Bankers, 19 and 21 Nassau street, issue Travellers' Credits, available in all parts of tho world, through tho Messrs. DE ROTHSCHILD and their correspondents. Also ('oiiMiiercial Credits and telegraphic transfers of money on California, Europe and Havana. -JAY COOKE A CO.. ? No. 20 Wntl street, Now York. Exchange on Berlin, Frankfort, London, Paris, Bremen, Cable Transfers, Circular Letters, Commercial Credits, on JAY COOKE, McCULI<OCH A CO., 41 Lombard street, London. Cable Transfers upon Vienna direct A LABOR estate fund TO loan-ON FIRST class Property in New York city; also $425,OH) to bay Mortgages; also on Leasehold. Principals address ATTORNEY, box 319 Post office, New York. AT reasonable RATES?MONEY ON life AND Endowment Insurance Policies. Mortgages and other Securities. Insurance nt all kinds effected with bent comuanies. J. J. UABRICU A CO., 117 Hroadway. A -CLAIMS COLLECTED, WITHOUT cost, BY ? special arrangement.?'The advertiser, having ex tensive correspondence with leading bankers and attor neys, collects Claims throughout tliu United States upon an equitable division of resultR; all correspondence con fidential ; highest references given. Address DIVIDEND, box 1,889 New York Pout office. ALAROE AMOUNT OF MONEY TO loan-ON bond nnd mortgage; first and second mortgages cashed : cltv property only. 8. FKEIDENRICH AQQ.,90a and 906 Third avenue. BUSINESS paper AND miscellaneous 3F.curi ties wanted. JOHN B. MURRAY. 86 Broadway. Loans on life insurance policies and other securities, in large and small amounts, at 35 Liberty street, up stairs. Mortoaoes on city real estate bought and sold. Loans procured and money Invested. GEO. B. WALTON, No. 5>i Pine street. Established over eight years. Money wanted on mortoaoe.-a lady, nAV inira lully furnished House, in a central location, would like to arrange to mnke the final payments on same; any high tonid gentleman desiring refined sur roundings can he amply secured and have choice of ele gantly furnished Apartment*, with partial Board It de sired. Address NECESSITY, box 146 Herald Uptown Branch office. Notice.?the coupons of the fifth mort-* gage Bonds New York nnd Erie R^ltroiid tailing due June 1, la/3, will be paid on and alter May 31 next, at the offices of Messrs. Duncan, Sherman A < U Nassau strcjjt^W. P. SHEARMAN. Treasurer. VTOT1CE?THE COUPONS OF THE LONO DOCK i.1 Company's Mortgage Bonds falling duo June 1, 1873, will be paid on and after May 31 next, a{ the treasury of the Erie Railway Company, corner of filghth avenue aud Twenty-third street. W. P. HIIKARMAN, Treasurer Long Dock Company. EW YORK STATE GOLD SIXKS. OUR 1887.-FOR sale. r OWYNNK A DAY, . ? > - Id Wall street N ST. LOUIS, ALTON AND TERUK HAUTE RAILROAD Coinpany.?-At a meeting of stockholders of said com pany. at 87 wall street, Saturday, 24lb inst., it was unani mously Resolved, That this meeting adjourn until Tuesday, the 27th Inst., at 3 P. M., for the purpose of employing fome person or persons to go to St Louis to attend the annual meeting, and to ascertain the condition of tho company, and such other Information as may be for the Interest of tbu stockholders (which has not been satisiactorily given at the office here). .A full attendance Is earnestly requested. " CHAM. E. LAWRENCE, Secretary. SECOND AND lp;a'sehold mortoaoes PUR chaseil at reasonable rates. CALLRN1JER A LAWRENCE, SO Pine street WOULD LIKE A LOAN OF flOO-FOR THREE OR five months; will give sood security and a liberal bonus. Address LOAN, Herald office. WANTED-BY AN ESTATE, ?0 INVEST*$100,000, IN snm? of $5,OiTO to $I0.(j00, in First Mortgages on im proved real estate with an income In Now York or Brook lyn. Address, with full particulars, box 1,570 Post office. nnn-*"1000' ??<>.??. $5,000, TO loan, OR qp^U.Uv/U buy New York city Mortgages. ALBERT A. CURTIS, No. 6 1'inc street, Now York. ACK Aim TO LOAN-ON BOND AND MORT ??/?_/.iMMf gage; siiins to suit applicants; First aud Second Mortgages bought. ? * r? ? DAYTON A CONNER, 12 Pfne street. <t?OK nnn -to purchase good first mort gages in New York city, Brooklyn and New Jersey ; also on Tenement Property ami good Lease hold^ w. P. A F. BAR TLBS. 56 Wall street. <fi? i nnn t? l^M-on bond and mort (JpLijOiUUU gage, without bonus, for a term of year* on real estate in this city. JOHN F. CONRnY, 162 Broadway, room !>. tlf; -l /?C A A A TRUST FUNDS TO LOAN-ON BOND JpLDD.VMMr an l mortgage on New York Improved property; only Brinojpals or Inelr attorneys dealt with. y CALLENDEIt A lawrence, toi'Uie street FINANCIAL. J^MUUAL 8TATBMKNT fHE PHOENIX MUTUAL uri INSURANCE COMP AN ? HABTFQBP. COM*'. Bet Assets Jsauary 1, 1871 $T,510,611 01 INCOME IN 1671 From premiums.. fl.64l.tt6 76 From iMereet ?7i.wa 71 From agents' balances paid ?ad in crease ta value ol investments. S.IM 06 6, <36.816 ? tl0.M6.510 M DI3BUR8BMKNT6 IN U71 To policy holders. Paid claims by death $878,496 61 Paid dividends 6(6443 11 Paid for lapMd and surrendered policies 306.084 07 $2,166,036 66 EXPENSES. Paid for commissions, salaries and all other agency expenses $364,684 18 Paid medical examiners' lees 30,821 SO Paid salaries of oftlcors and office employes 34,516 52 Paid taxes 46.328 94 Paid rcliMuranoe 1,272 63 Paid all otber expenses 79,536 20 $567,156 62 $2,737,185 47 $8,209,326 07 ASSETS. Loans on bond and mortguge $2,975,302 46 Loans on collateral security 101,579 13 Unltod States registered bonds 278,993 76 State and county bonds 66,000 00 Railroad bonds..'. 63,000 00 Gas company stocks 18,160 00 Bank stocks 182,720 08 Cash ?n hand and in hanks 118,678 64 Premium notes oa policies in force 3,631,237 01 Accrued interest on Investments 101,834 63 Premiums In course of collection 638,942 19 Deferred quarterly and semi-annual pre. iniums 133,904 20 All other a snots 96,983 16 $8,209,326 07 LIABILITIES. Net present value of all outstand ing policies, New York standard, January 1, 1873 $6,776,117 00 All other liabilities 233,376 67 $7,009,498 67 Surplus $1,199,831 60 Number of policies Issuod in 1872 10,537 Amount Insured $21,761,794 Whole number of pollcioo In force 83,020 Whole amount Insured $71,910,267 E FESSLNDEN, President Jambs F. Burns, Secretary. Business of Connecticut Companies in 1871 No. of Policies. Am'L Ins Hartford Life and Annuity 1,216 $2,487,698 Conneoticut General Life 1,260 2,626,480 Travellers' Life and Accident... 2,388 4,099,606 Continental Life 2,947 6,021,010 Connecticut Mutual Llfo 9,117 13,189,519 Charter Oak Life 77T.7.. 9,928 12,246,591 ?fitna Life 8,791 15,339,187 I'll (EN IX MUTUAL LIFE 10,927 21,791.734 TO LOAN ON IMPROVED AND UN wllv.vUU Improved property; $129,000 to pur chase First and Second Mortgages; large Second Mort gages wanted. A. L. MORDECAI, No. 6 Pine street. COP A KTN EII? HIPS. WSSSgSWi" ?n EXISTING Pany is this day dissolve/by mu1u?!Con?,t tf*r Com" T. C. CLARK." A. PIKZ. Mortimer Brndlev will contln^,?HTIJf E,R BRADLRY. nam? as the sole wient Jnrih? i 'he business tn his own of vino vinegar Office taragn ?3 MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. Married. Brnvrtt?Stewart.?On Tuesday, Ma/ JS, by tha Eev. Mr. Waldridge, or Emmanuel churcn, flrodK n, Kkank Dk Witt Bknnktt, or Syracuse, N. Y., to Miss EyZAUliTU &TKWART, Of tOrt Hamilton, Loug Island. Innct?Fkkmcb.?At St. John's chapel, Trinity pariah, by the Rev. A. Wiswail, W. H. Innbt to Mary J. Fkknch, both or this city. Lkdmk?Matthbw*.?On Tuesday, May 20, by the Rev. J. E. Searles, Samcri. Lbdlib to Elizabeth M. Mattiibws, all of Brooklyn.! Robkrtson?Boyijton.?On Batnrday, April 19, by the Rev. Robert Bolton, ol Now York, Wii.mam J. Robertson, of Brooklyn, to Miss Emma J. Doyls ton, ofNorwaik, Conn. Edinburgh papers please copy. Sweet?Brown.?On Sunday, May 29,1873, by tha Rev. John J. Dronner, astor or pthe North Baptist church, Oro?e Btreet, Chari.e* v. to Suam E., eldest daughter ol Qeorge Drown, all of Jersey city. Died. Brewertov.?It Fort Preble, Mo., on Saturday. May 24, 1873, Josephine Uwyn, wife or Captain H. F. Brewerton, Fifth artillery, and daughter of the late John K. Uwyn, Esq., ol Baltimore. Md. Brcwstxr.?Suddenly, on Monday, May 26, at her residence, 476 Grand avenue, Brooklyn, Maria 11., wire of George liiewster and daughter of Charles C. Belts. Notl$e of faneral to-morrow. Campaio'niac.?On Sunday, May 25, Laure Cam paiuniac, beiovod daughter of i'nui ami Frances Campalgnlac, aged 8 years, 10 months and 9 days. The friends of the family are respectiully Invited to attend the funeral, tliis (Tuesday) uiturnoon, at two o'clock, irom tuo residence ol her parents, 328 Henry street. citaktkrs.?On Monday, May 28, Jambs Char ters, in the 93d year or his age. Funeral from his late residence, 309 Madison street, on Weduesday, May 28, at two o'clook. Dublin and Cork papers please copy. Cvllkn.?In Brooklyn, on Sunday, May 29. after a short illness, John Parke, youngest son of Dr. Henry J. aud Eliza A. Culien, tn the :?d year of his age. The frlouda of the family and of his brothers, Henry J. and Edgar M. Culien. are respect fully la. vited to attend t to luneral, from the resideuoe of hlL uncle, Alex tnder McCue. 219 JUrmoui street, Rootlvn on Tuesday. 27th inst., at three P. M. cushman.?On Sunday marnlng, May 25, Alonio r. uushman, id the 55th Relatives and friends ot ttoe Fill? ^ riipiol fully Invited toatiend the fbnera ?h? tto Omj of the Holy Apostiec cwiw of Ninth a^ooeanj Twenty eighth street, on Wednesday morning,fat hair aaBt nine o'clock. 11<iw ^ _ . On Sunday, May 28, Ellem the ?e loved wife of Edward Dcyln.agedMyeara, a na tive ot Maghsrafeit. county Oerry, iIreland. The relatives and friends of the family are re ?Mctiully invited to attend the funeral, Join her httr residence, 624 Eleventh avenue, on Tne8da/r the 27th instant, at two o'clock. The remains will be taken to Calvary Cemetery lor Intermont. Dkhmuold.?On Monday, May 2H, Id* L., only daughter of J shua and *anny Drumgold, aged IT years, 0 months and 1# days. Services at ive P. M.. at the residence of her parents, 129th street, third bouse lrom Eighth ave. nue. Relatives and friends are respectfully invltea to attend. _ . Dunn.?At her parents' residence, 149 East Forty second street, Kate Mart, aged 20 years, daugh ter of Michael J. and Mary E. Dunn. Kequlescat In pace. The friends of her parents and thOMOf her brother, Joseph M., are respectfully invited to at tend the funeral, from the above number, on Thursday morning, the 29th Instant, at hidf past nine o'clock, to St. Gabriel's church. Kast Thlrtr scventh street, where a high mass of requiem will be offered for the repose of her soul, from thenoe to ^kroiwon!?At' Golden'a Bridge, Westchester county, on Monday, May 26, Wriuut T. Ferguson. aged 28 years. Funeral services on Thursday, May 30, from same place. * ? -j"- ? Fwller?On Sunday, May 14, at Midland Park, New Jersoy, Blanche, wife of L. A. Fuller. Gates.?On Mono ay, the 26th instant, Mikaian Gates, widow ol T. O. dates. Relatives and Irlends are requested to attend the funeral, at 46 Grove street, on Tuesday, tne 27th Instant, at W A. M. Glbkson.?In Brooklyn, on Saturday morning, May 34, Edward Gleeson. last surviving brother of the late Michael and John Gleeson, or New York city. The remains were taken to Rural Cemetery, near Troy, for interment. I Good.?On Sunday, May 26,1873, Joseph, srth of the late Thomas Good, aged 21 years and 3 months. The relative* and friends of the family are re spectfully Invited to attend the funeral from his late residence, 307 Fast Fifty-sixth street, on Wed nesday morning. May 28, at eleven o'clock. jarhink.?At Wortendyke, Bergen county, N. J? on Sunday morning, Mav 26, Japhkt, Jr., son of Japhet and Jane M. Jardlne. aged 1 year and IS funeral on Tuesday afternoon, May 27. Portion of service at Wortendyke at one o'clock, and re maining service at. Jersey City Cemetery at half past lour. Relatives and friends are Invited to at tend. Directions to the Cemetery?Take Court House cars at either Cortlandt or Dcsbrosses street ferries. . ? Kino.?On Sunday, May 25, Jeremiah Kino, aired 27 yours* The friends or the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from Ills late residence, 568 Tenth avenue, to-day (Tuesday), at one o'clock. Lkdoktt.?On fSunday evening, May 25, alter a scvero illness, aones LEDfJETT, in the 41st year of her age, a native of Bally McEiligott, county Kerry, Ireland. , The relatives and friends of the family are re spectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence, 12 Vandewater street, on Wednoadav, May 28, at nine A. M., to St. Andrew* church, corner Duane street and C'lty ITall plaoe, where a solemn requiem mass will be offered for the rerose of Iter soul: thence to Calvary Ceme tery ifor Intermont at one o'clock. Lritch.?On Sunday. May 25. Emma, the youngest daughter of Baptist and Ann Leltch, in the 24th year of her aire. ' The relatives and friends of the family, also the members and congregation of the Stanton street Baptist church, are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence, 127 Spring street, on Wednesday, the 29th Instant, at two o'clock. Lines.?At Shrewsbury, N. J., on Sunday, May 25, Mrs. Amelia Lines, rellot of Abraham Lines, la the 89th year of her age. Funeral from Christ church, Shrewsbury, N. J., on Wednesday, 28th Inst., at one o'clock. . Maguire.?On Sunday. May 25,-James Maouirk, a native of the county Fermanagh, Ireland, In the 67th year of his age. The relatives and friends of the family are re spQCtrnlly invited to attend his funeral, from the residence of his son, John Maguire. Forty-third street, Second avenue, on Tuesday aiternoon, 27ta Inst., at one o'clock. Minkrd.?On Sunday, May 26, at 633 Hudson street, Magoie, the beloved daughter of Edward and Mary Mine rd, aged 5 years, 3 months and 22 days. The fairest forms, the lovllest flowers Olt perish in a few short hours; And blnshing health, eo stron? and brave, The lightest breath sends to the grave. The relatives and friends are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral lrom the above address to Calvary Cemetery, this (Tuesday) arternoon, at two o'clock precisely. Albany and Troy papers please copy. Minturn.?At San Francisco, California, on Satur day. May 24, Ciiakles Minturn, formerly of this City. McGowan.?On Sunday, May 25, 1873, ANH Mcoowan, widow of Hugh McGowan. The relatives and friends of the family are re 2nested to attend the funeral, from her late resl ence, 301 Mulberry street, on Tuesday, May 27, at one o'clock P. M. precisely. ? McInerney.?In Brooklyn, on Monday, May 26, Hridget. the beloved wife of James Mclnernoy, a uative of Tulla, county Clare, Ireland, In the 34ta yeThe?friends and acquaintances of the family, also those of her brother-in-law, Edward Langstaff, are requested to attend the funeral, from her late resi dence, 141 Navy street, on Wednesday, at nlno o'clock A. M., to St. James' Cathedral, where a solemn requiem mass will i?e offered for the repoBO of her soul, and thence to Holy Cross. Outcalt.?On Sunday morning, May 25. after a short illness. Marie Cecilia, daughter of Corne lius B. and Ircna A. Outcalt, aged 6 years and 1 "Relatives and Mends of the family are Invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of her grandfather, Paul A. Curtis, 806 Lexington aveuue, on Tuesday, May 27, at three o'clock P. M. Purcell.?On Monday, May 26, Miciiabl S., sob of Joseph Purcell, in the rnst year ot his age. Relatives nnd friends of the ramliy are Invited to attend the ftaneral, from his late residence, 246 Last Thirtieth street, at one o'clock P. M., on Wednes ^ Ku.-sKLL.?On Saturday, May 24, J. Eneert Rus SKI.L. Funeral from 62 West Twenty-second street, this (Tuesday) morning, at eleven o'clock. SEASE.?On Monaay. May 26, James E. SEASB, aged 31 years. 9 months and 20 days. The funeral wilt take place from Perry street Methodist Episcopal church, on Wednesday, the 28th Instant, at one o'clock P. M. Skery.?on Sunday, May 25, Catharine L., daughter of John and Mary Ann Seery, aged 6 months and 25 days. ^ ? Tho relatives and friends of the family are In vited to attend her fnnoral, lrom the residence of her parents, 307 East Eighty-second street, this (Tuesday) aiternoon, at one o'clock. Smith.?At Milan, Italy, on Wednesday, April ? 1873, Lottik E., eldest daughter of Sydney H. and Josephine H. Smith, of Brooklyn. The relatives nnd friends of the family are in vited to attend the funeral, flom the residence or her parents, No. 2 Clark street, corner Columbia, Heights, Brooklyn, on Thursday, 29th Inst., at half oast two o'clock P. M. streh.?On Monday, May 28, John Floyd Stebn, in the 64th year of his age. The relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, irom St.. George's Chapel of the Bread of Ll'c, 420 East Foniteenth street, on Thursday, May 29, at two o'clock P. M. The re main* will be taken to Cypress Hills Cemetery. htours.?At Plalnfleld, N. J., on Monday. May 26,1373, In the 70th year of her age, Ann T., widow or Joseph Storrs. ^ Funeral services from hor late residence on Thursday, 29th lnsty at half-past ono P. M. Car riages will be in Waiting at depot on arrival of the twelve o'olofk tram Of the Central Railroad of New Jer?c} Trgiu foot, of Liberty street, New York. The reiuainH will l>6 talHvi Jo Madison for Interment. BuSbbache#.?On Sunday night, iu.J .??, Henry, youngest child of Hilllani and BabettO Sulzliacher, a^eil 15 mouths and 8 days. The relatives and irlends of the family are re spectfully invited to attend the funeral ,from the residence of his parents, 69 West Fifty-second street, on Tuesday morning, at Dine o clock. Tklford.?On Saturday evening, May 24, at her residence, 34 North Moore street, after long ana protracted suffering, Phebe, widow of the late John Tel lord, In the 75th year of her age. The relatives aud friends of of her son John, are respectfully Invited to attend her funeral at two o'clock P. M., on v\ ediuisday, the 28th Instant, rrom the Mucdougal street Baptist church, Macnongal street, opposite \ anuain street, without further notice. Tuomey.?On Sunday, May 25, 1873, Mrs. Cat he risk Tuomey, a native of Ireland, born ln tlij oltir of Cork, agcfl<>5 years. j .. -ijj -? The frlCuds are respectfully invited to attend the fnnoral, on Tuesday, May 27, at two o'clock P. M.? from her late residence, 427 Last Fourteenth street. Wallace.?On Saturday. Muy 24, James William Wam.atk. In the 56th year of his age. , The funeral will tako place from the Church of the Transfiguration, East Twenty-ninth street, this (Tuesday) morning, at oleven o clock. .... the <'oinmunaut<5 Isrtiellte Francahe, Salomon Benfiflt Socle?? Bethores Lodge, No. 166. F. and A. llr Schiller Lodge, No. 120, F. i). O. F., are respect fully Invited to attend the funeral to-day (Tuesday), at two o'iflock P.M., from hor late residence. Wyant.?on Saturday, May 2*, Mary P., wife of ?inmiiel Wvant. Esq., of Yonkers, N. Y. Tho funeral service will be held at nor late resi dence, Hawthorne avenue, Yonkers, on Wednes day May 2H, at half past eleven o clock A. M. Tho relatives and mends are respectfully invited. Iraln leaves Thirtieth street. New tork, at 10.20 A. M. Carriages will bo at depot, YonKers, to convey friends to tho house. The roinalua will bo interred at urccnwoou Couiotery.

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