Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 29, 1873, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 29, 1873 Page 10
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IsSE STATE CAPiTfil. ?i. ??!.?!!? i, ww iii^"i? ? Assembly Krsolnfion to Ailjoum, and a C'onseqnpnt Seare. ?? ? A Heap <>1 Little "Local" Biliv; in tiie Senate. ? ?? I'rohibitiouUU Apiu TTakr a Protest and Aie Wonted. Till NEWSPAPER CLAIMS klLL MSSED. I I A! BANY, May 28, 18T3. There ts ?ttu some rionbt, alter ull, about the Bum adjournment takinu place this week, and the opinion is bottoming general now that the slow eoacbea have succeeded tn blocking the way of an HdjonTiinient to-morrow. The situation at present w a delicate one for the Lower House, for the very good reason that mngt of the oilla of any im portance that originated tn the Senate have been read-by the As emblj, while its own bills are i?iled up mi lie senate Clerk's desk t>v the dozens, wait ing lor ihe Messed time when a vote can be taken ou tlicm. So it wll: tie seen that if the adjourn ment, t-honiti lake place to-morrow niK ASSKMBLYMKN WOt'LD BE LEFT IN TtlE l.l'KCH us far as their little local bills are concerned, and tnc Senators could go Home happy as clams at high tale. Still, when the members to-day were lorecd to place themselves on record en the con rurrcnt resolution for u final adjournment, to take place to-morrow at four P. M., they were not Fourugcous enough to vote against It solidly, and it was, therefore, passed by 56 to 30. The senate, however, refused even to entertain the resolutions when Ihey were sent up Btairs, and the prospect of an ailjourninent taking place to-morrow is. therefore, rather gloomy. The Supply bill, it Is be lieved, wilt be reported by the Conference Commit tee some time to-morrow, anil thin once out of the way the adjournment cannot be delayed any length of ume. Even should the Senate remuin obstinate to-morrow the adjournment may he carried through before the close of tho week. This de pends solely, however, on whether the two houses remain tn harness on Friday (Decoration Day). T1IK LOCAL PK0H1BITI0NI9T8 KILLED OUTRIGHT. Mr. Husted to-day created quite a surprise bv moving a reconsideration ol the vote by which tbe Local Prohibition bill was killed yesterday. He declared that the republican party demanded some such legislation, and that the republican members of the Legislature could not afford to go home without nassing some mil satisfactory to the tem perance men ol the state. Mr. Haltz, the grand lager beer quarter from Buffalo, took exceptions to the Major General's remarks, and wanted to know why the republican party were on.Moua to pass any temperance bill r If it was he did not know it, and Ids republican friends he knew were not dying to have any temperaucc law. The idea that tho party ought to gut scared badly it the ieni]>erancc rauatics bolted was in his opinion ALL BOSH. If they wanted to leave the party they ought to be helped along in their efforts instead ot impeded. They were always making a great howl about what they would do it everybody didn't do just as they wanted them to do. anil yet they had no positive strength. Mr. Husted's motion was Anally lost by a vote of 66 to 4??sixty-five votes being necessary to fiecure its passage. This squelches the local prohlblHonlHfs for this session beyond all hope of recovery. Ann it is certainly about time they were squelched. They have put on as many airs ttiout their value to the republican party as if its very life depended upon them, and have strutted about so dictatorlally in the lobbies and denounced til opposed to them so ansparlngly that 1 doubt not but that nine-tenths of the members are in wardly rejoicing over the cold water lolks' dlsconi ?ture. THE MEWSFAPB* CLAIMS BILL. The Newspaper Claims bill was resuscitated by Senator Madden tills morning, being taken irom the table and reconsidered by a vote ol in to 3. senator I). P. Wood insisted upon amending by unking out the clause wnlch prescribes that tech nicaV defects or errors shall not defeat the claims, oor lack of authority on the part of the officer or dering the work, lie made an argument of some length in support or his amendment, and was fol lowed by Senators Benedict and Woodln, who de clared that the amendment had no force in fact, although it mljrht deleat the bill. Year after year, however, such claims as these have come up and have been allowed, according to the principles ol equity and good conscience. Senators Tiemann, Murphy and Juines Wood also favored the bin. the first announcing that lie hud studied the bill thor oughly and was prepared to withdraw ht? opr??-<i tion. The motion of 11. P. wood was lost, ami the bill was nnallv passed without amendment by the following vote: Ykas?Messrs. Adams Baker. Benedict, rock, Graham Hsrrower, Johnson, lord. Madden, Murphy, li'Brleie Hroreaby, Tieinann. Wagner, ttel-mann, Window, J. Wood and Woodln is. Navh?Messrs. Allen, Bowen. ChatflcId. Dickinson. K??s ler, Lewie, Low.ry, i'e rr\, ltobcrtsnn aud D. P Wood?11. OT11RR BII.1.8 PASSED. Among a number oi New York bills passed were Hie lollowitig:?For railways In ceriaia streets in upper New York; to incorporate the Towage Com pany; authorizing a railway in New York citv. from.the loot of Wall street through certain streets in that city: relative to the Court* In lirookhu; relaMve to the Janitors of the Police and District Courts of the city of New York; relative to Fire Insurance Companies; extending the duties of Hoards of Supervisors. SWI.VBI RNK ISLAND HOSPITAL. The Committee on Commerce reported in tamr ol designating the W est bank U< spital as Swin burne Island Hospital. CONl'IRMATIONS BY THE STATE SENATE. The Senate to-day. in executive session, con firmed the following appointments:? Trustees of the New York State Inebriate Asylum? For one year?Messrs. Allen Monroe, ol Sviaeuse /Daniel Dortse. of Clinton county ; Abel Brunei, of BuiKhumton. For two years?Messrs. Peniamin F. Hruee, ot Madison eountv, Lotus Incnlls, ol Watertown; Ueonre Burr, of JliiiKhaintou. For three vears?Mi-nsrs. Wlllard I'arker ol'.New York : Charles Van fleuthoyiM.-n. of Albany; Aus barn Blrdsall. of Biuirhamton. Commissioner of Public Charities? Edward W. Foster, of Fottedam. Manager of suite Lunatic Arvlura?Arthur M. Beards ley, of l Ilea. Coianussioaer* of Erection of State Belormatorv at Rlmira? Alexauder ?!. Divua uad Eaton N. Frlshe'e, of Chemung county: Hiram Prltchard and D. Hodirinati, of Steuben county. CommlNsionersol the Slate Board of Charities? Howard Potior, of New York; Benjamin B. Sherman, of New York ; .tames Peiiraw. of Brooklyn. State Commissioner of Luiiiuy?John Ordronaux of Queens. Trustee* of Uie Ifomwopathir Asylum at Middlrtown'? Reappointments?Mcwrs. John I*. dray, of New York city; UrinnvUtl. Hurt, of Warwick. New Appointments? Messrs. William II. Waldron. 01 I ti< n; Salem H. Wales, ot New Vork city: James T. ffraliam, oJ Newbiirg; Tluiothv II. Allen, ot New York city; H. Darwia Jones, ot Albany; Fletcher Harper, of New York cttv. CANAI. B<iAKT) APPOINTMENT?. At a meeting ol the Canal Hoard to-day Frank 3. flutter was appointed Inspector at New York in the placc of William Mullavllle resigned; Frank A. Janes was appointed Assistant Welgiimaxter at Rochester in place of W. H. Lettirldgc resigned. The Hoard adjourned, to meet June %>, at ten A. M. The Was Bill?Work of the Conference Committee on the Const It ut loon I Amendment*?The Nupply Kill to be He ported To-Day?The Lilentennnt (iov traor Blda Farewell to tlie Senate. ? Albany, May 28?Evening. The Gun bill Introduced by Mr. Smith some two months ago. and the attempt to smother which was exposed In the Herald columns lust week, raine down trom the senate this evening with the following amendmeut to the section walch com pels the companies to charge a uniform rate:? Provided, nevertheless. tliat nothing in this act eon Uniiyl shall prevent any company lrorr chnruuu cltv or village municipalities a ksum than may !?? charged to arlvate eoiitumers or tr<nn niiiklux a special rale for any bsvudiuit uwil lor cimritabie, nubile or recreative uurpoaw. Tills amendment was concurred in by the House. Qotwltuatandinir Mr. Roche's effurta to have It not concurred In to have a conference committee ap pointed. The amendment robs the loll of its real vitality, and as it was drawn up bv Senator Henry C. Murphy, who Is counsel for the Brooklyn city Has Company, its real intent cujmot be ca-iiy cou lecture*. RILLS PA0SKD. Among other Dills passed In the Assembly this evening were the llrooklya Bridge bill, amended, and the speer Travelling Sidewalk bill. The bill incorporating the Arcadian Club was reported, and, oa motion of Mr. Charles G. Cornell, It was ordered to a third reading. Tbe Allen bill got us head knocked off, thanks to the eflorta of Mr. Hums, he .making a motion, which was carried, recoinmlttlout It to the committee on Judiciary, with instructions to strike out the enacting clause, COMB riTI'TIONAI, AMKNIiMKNIS. The Conference Committee on the constitutional ameiidrnends baO a session to-day and agreed uoyn a re; ort, which wl.'l be presented to-morrow. Most ol the Senate amendments are agreed to, but Mr. Jam"s H ood's Senate rial section, which provided for the division of Hi# state into dlstruts. each district to retnrn four Senators, bv which the boutb?mi>ftrtor?ew Vork, cvnuibluK ovtr hull 1 the population and three ronrths of the wraith of tM* Stale, shall have ouly flltoen Henaiors out of tmrtv-itve. wan reiccicd, and the aectlon as it HtuiKln in the present coavtitution was retained. The henate surest ions relative to restriction a? to special legislation were airreed to. The proponed increase of saiarv of member* and hciiatois to fi,.".oo w s accepted. TUe lilnck Kiver canal m stricken from the ln>t of those which the Male shall uever Hell or lease. THK 8UFPLY BILL. The conference committee on the Hupply bill Were busy all the aiternoon and wade verv har monious and rapid progress. Nearly two-thirds or the nill was finished, und the Chairman, D. P. Wood, is coulMk'ut of re|>orttiiR it to-morrow. CIVIL DAM AI2E bill. The Civil Damage hill wuh the subject of some eloquent discussion to-night and of seine amuse ment also. It was passed. TIIK I.lKt'TENANT GOVERNOR'S FARKW H.I.. Th" Lieutenant (lavernor tendered nis larewell winds 10 the Senate to-nipht, a telrpram haviriK demanded his presence elsewhere beiore the ad journment. He spoke very unexpectedly to ttie Henate, but verv eloquently and feelingly, and the he mi tors seemed very sorry to part with the old {reutleiuan. Tie rocs to Annapolis to sue Uls son graduate on Friday. THE QUAKERS. Routine Business of the Conference?I tie Devotional Servlte* Yesterday?Ser mon. on the Dnty of Wor.hlp, the ?Spirit Within" ?nd the Interpreta tion of Mcrlptnrnl Miracle#?The Indian Committee. The regular basinet of the New ^ork yea y meeting or the Society of Friends was begun on Monday, at the meeting house lu Hutlieriord place. The assemblage oi de.egates aud members of the Society was ver* large, embracing representative* of all the subordinate churches iu different purts of the district over which this conference has | supervision. The proceedings of tills first business | session of the body were not of an important I character, consisting slinply of action taken upon i correspondence with minor und sister bodies. ! The yearly reports regarding the comil j tion ol the Chuich from the lollowlng ; quarterly conferences were read:-From West I bury, including New York and Long Island ; from ' Sine Partners, comprising the lower portion or I Dutchess county; irom Purchase or Westchester i county; from Stamford. or the upper portion or Dutchess county; rrom Duauesburg, including 1 schenectadv, Creene and Albany counties; lrom the Kaston and Saratoga quarter, embracing the district from Saratoga to Vermont; and lrom the Shrewsbury and Railway quarter in New Jersey. The certificates of ministers and elders from other yearly meetings were read and approved. I he an nual iraternal eoistles from the Philadelphia, Hal tluiore, Genesee, Ohio and Indiana yearly meetings were read, approved anaf^?p^' ,,PHD.Y PKVOTIONAL SEKVICES VKS1EBDAY. deVo?roc^?^ tRfelioou "he people began fills The edifice was closely crammed by an lmmeuse brLze stJmng the thin white curtains m the win dows' with a dreamy and rustling sound alont blAtC lenKthl Khod'y Lainb, of Mount Holly, N. J., 11 Dortlv and motherly-looking woman, arose in one 0 l tile {1 ig h p lace s and delivered an earnest and eioquentexJomtbmoncBorwoKsHip When she sal down only a short period of silence en-ued and Hrother David HarneB then slowiy got noun his leet and said that he had an unman de sire that on this oecasion ihose there Kf??&Rsaw"Jsr5rSS3?S the inimortal soul, and thus would their ' mlndis nrpnared to enter Ihto the blessed tnclosuit auu natTake of the streams of divine love and would realize the Word of Ood,which was thejoame >esier ii iv to-dav und lorever. God heard the needy an poor aud remained a teacher oi His children Him self. All would be accepted who believed on H lin. liiey lelt Him there in their midst as He spoke to their understanding. This was V rational religion. Let us leap over all sectarian barriers. The love 01 the Fatuer reached lrom sea to sea and to the ends or the earth, and all were in the true church with which Christ was one. umne rev iitit>n, nad not ceased. II they siiouia o> iliat thev had ceased it would imply that all scripture testimony was lalse. He was still pour 11>ir uU? ilk spirit, tae iliviue litflit that opfued tli eves ol the bund, the everlasting word that was In the Deainning. It win sufficient to qualify us lor eyerv duty. K was a religion lor every condition. WllO l rjiK MEN AND WOMEN OF GOP . As many as were led by the still loveiGodffave His love t? the heart or man as the sunsue a his liplit abroad on the world. No mancou.d redeem ii brother or give an answer lor his soul, '.aci must himself listen to the inspoakiug Word. and il ne k'-ut the faith lor hiiu there would be a crown. Kacimel lownsend was the next speaker, and beiraii bv saving that she felt the power or the Divine 1 inlit to cover her spirit. She held that the Kcles related in tue scriptures were to be In terpreted by us of the modern I'fJ. figurative sense. Moses au<l God ? *nen crossing the lied Sen were meant to represent TUB SPIRITUAL FAHT of our nature struggling again st ad versit y. I'haroah and tns host were the superstition, bigotry and traditions that bound down the world W its idols und passions. When ll,ebe Pu ttie Spirit of God was in the soul we would be en abled to have the understanding whereby to cast out superstition, bigotry and evtltradltlon. IT we acted according to His wisdom aud win, maue known to us in our hearts, there would heno death within us. She concluded by enlarging on the text of -Know ye the Lord and all shall, be saved The assemblage again subsided into silence, which continued for a short time, when it dis nerved with mutual hand-shaking*. INDIAN AKHAIBS. The Committee on Indian Affairs held a. closed session from one until three o clock, but none of its proceedings transpired. Its report w. proba bly be made to the (iencral Assembly to-daj. A DESPERAiE BURGLAR. Efforts to Procure the Release of John Mrllnlpine In Brooklyn?A Prisoner from Whom t??0,000 Boll U Repaired. EarlY on the inornltm of the 17th Inst. John Mellalpine, a State Prison bird nn.l one of the most desperate bur Klar? in th. country, wa. c.nght In Mr. Bedlord's bed room In the house corncr of Myrtle and Clinton avenues. When discovered McHalphie discharged a pistol twice at Mrs Bedford, who had been aroused lrom sleep by ho. movement, in the room, but fortunately she escaped un inlured Mr. Bedford sprung up and grappled with the hunrlar ?nd ? ?"-?dly ''W10 '"sued during which Mcllaiplne was badly punished. Mr. Bedford held hlin Ti! s^m'r W A IT s 1 h*'e <1* iccwn p lice wt? s alo' captuT?d pTr^V. re ??.lV- ml*.NulUon!.i Uie CUT t:..url. heard the AM M^Cd oV the Mme'roort^a^apphed f. uusellor l<idg?way suivl he supposed his guilt was "jid*e Mcfiie rejoined that under these eireiinislanres lu. could not ?<?>? <li'' proprietv of admitting him to hall. It Ii, old >?.. h? shoulii insk. the aniount large that no man exc-pt (oinmodor.- Vandi rl.ilt cold furnish it. Mr Brilton said mat Mcllalpme was h?. kei \>y a powi rftil intluence, and that there was at least $AU>jO Jii'lae' virVne remarked that li<- would demand I2.VI.IW0, ?S^?w. a retusai ,0 lV '' rrmarked .ludge McCue, drllv. "th.- weather is tilrasant nowadays, and his trial will take |.Um- In s tilt flwni better remain when- hi* ? M('l?iiliitne 1* In the Barmond Stn et .tall. "? will be wftatjKTnStwmorfee ??ioi?s.tarm In Jom. A PROMIHEi^T BROOKLYNITE SHOOTS HIM SELF. Mr. Buckley T. Henton, a well-known ilrooklvnite, committed suicide last evening at his resldente, 40 Hanson plucc. by shooting himself through the heart. Tne report of the pistol was heunl by his rannly, an* they hiistencd to his room, where they found him lying upon the floor with a pistol shot wound In Ins left breast and the blond oozing out. A physician was immediately summoned, but the wounded man died In a short time. Mr. Hcnton hfld been ill for some time, and ills intellect had become somewhat 1m Pulrod. He whs widely known In the city, having built the Park Theatre, on Fulton street, which was first leased by Gabriel Harrison aid after wards by Mis. K. H. runway, who occupied It until the construction of the brooklyn Theatre. Mr. Hen ton wiis also the proprietor of the salt water swimming baths, which were constructed beneath the theatre. He was lort)-seven years 01 age aud leaves a family. HAVANA MARKET. ? , _ ? ,. . ? Havisi, Mav 2S, 1*73. Pxrhange?On t nlted stnten, 10 days' ?"!" a ;?! ?r< uiiuni; shnrt Mtiht. V', n premium; oil Loudon fit: a M premium: en l aris. oOa Si Uiwiuai. BROOKLYN SU3FAY SCHOOL PABABE The Korty-fourtit ABi?U?r??Ty ,hr Hsbbalh School Union?About Forty ThouHiiml C hildren In tine of M*reh. The Brooklyn Sunday School Unien celebrated its forty-lourtli anniversary yesterday. The Union, which numbers 133 Sabbath schools, has a memoer t-hip of about forty thousand scholars. The denom inations represented were:-Methodic, Protestant Episcopal, Presbyterian, Congregational, Baptist, Lutheran, Frteixis and Moravian. For months past the pretty teachers of the lemale departments and the gallant beaux of the male classes, to whose care and instructfan are intrusted the teach ings of tlie Scriptures. have been most earnestly engaged in encouraging their pupils to industry, that they might share with credit and piotlt to their schools in the great annual parade, as the day drew nigh new banners were prepared. hvmus were rehearsed and Summer-hued dresses were procured, that the general appearance of the ??Army of the Lord" might compare favorably with, 11 not surpass, any lorraer effort on the part of the schools to impress the spectators on anniver sary day; and certainly the preparations were a success, as the turnout was acceeded upon all sides to have been the finest ever witnessed, even , In the City or Churches, which haB always excelled >n these displays. The schools were divided into live divisions, designated respectively the Pros- j nect Park Division, Washington Park Division, | Heights Division, Carroll Park Division and Bed iord Avenue Division. THE I'KOSl'ECT PAUK JMVISION, numbering about children, bearing rost^v banners and tings, and interspersed by bands of music, certainly bore off the pa; m for ? | cation The lawn never presented a more, neauti f , a-pect than between the hours of two and three o'clock, when Its velvety carpet was trodden liy the thousands ol little feet just starting out noon the ''rugged path ot llle." The Mayor and several other prominent officials, who were seated upon a pla for u, reviewed the rising generation o Brooklyn?the coming men and women-and smiled benignly upon theniastheyre verted men tally to the long past penod when nicj toof were guileless and ^nocent, and bwfced beueath the flag oi the Sunday fh;l0'\ Marshal of this division was J. J. "onK|:, ? ohiirpiwK were us 10 ows:-~ abernacie, ircsoyM; I rlluf-st MatThAv'a Kiiglisli Lutheran: Elm place 1 ceniriesatlon; our Mission; Haimon Plar,e-M.c' mt. Kpiscopal; Pacific 8treet chapel :ftrstReforme l Memorial Mission; Strong v ' street Reiorined; Eighteenth street, Methodist FniReonul Church ol the Atonement; Classon Episcopal,, ?i u'<- ])liryea Mission; Central Con*reiraturn*?^iSrd Congregational; Church the Covenant; Embury. Methodist Epls ?\... si<rh K?ei ue Baptist; Seventh ave f,T 5 Meti^odlsr ""piscopal; Memorial, Pres. bvterlnn; Home Industrial; Johnson Methodist Episcopal: Central. Baptist; xion? Greenwood, Baptist; Park, congregational. All Smuts, Protestant Episcopal; German Prot estant. Washington tark division naraded on Ciiuton avenue, Fulton *treet to Itvi'tie avenue. Lalavette avenue to Vsnui rbllt avenue to Hamilton street. The churches, w hich were marshalled bv William Edsall. were repre sent^nl as iollows :-Cllnton avenue Congrega tlonal Atlantic avenue, Mission, Clinton avenme l a tlst Friends First Day school, Church of the Messiah St. Mark's Protestant Episcopal, Meet street Methodist Episcopal. Lafayette avenue 1 res bvterlan Bethlehem Mission, Hanson place Baptist, Simpson Methodist Episcopal, Fort Green lresby tenan North Reformed, Grand avenue Mission, st u'ke's Evangelical Lutheran, ht. Ja?es I ro tPKtiant Episcopal, St. Barnabas, Snniroerfield Methodist Episcopal. Washington avenue Baptist. TIIK HEWHTS DIVISION, under Marshal D. W. Talmadge, paraded on (lin ton Henrv d'lerrepont, Montague and Joralemon streets The schools were irom the churches n inifii' Church or the Pilgrims, Bethany chapel, rorman Evangelical, Stat est ree t congregational. FfrJT Presbyterian, Second Presbyterian. St. Ann's on ?he HHghf s St. Peter's. First Wormed, Pierre nont street Baptist, First Reformed, Primitive Me thoilists. Bridge street Methodist Episcopal church (colored! Reiorrned church. City l'ark Mission, Washington street Methodist Episcopal, ^orkstrtu Mpt hod 1st Episcopal, Second United Presbyterian, African Methodist Episc?>pal, Lawrence street l'res dv erian F ? ' Reformed Presbyterian Slloarn, i ntut Rands street Methodist Episcopal, lands strtet Baptist. Kymouth church Bethel Mis slou Plymouth Mission, Plymouth Sunday school. MOU. iijm |)LL ,,ARK DIVISION. ^ , Tills section or the parade, under direction of Daniel Wadsworth. appeared to line advantage. SSb -8?c?a oVC?ir^iivlo^MUl^le 8 Re'ft'i^^L "pacific ^tioMl Warren street Mission, German Mission, fourth street Mission. The line of march was S street between Sackett street and Second place, and First plate, between Court and Henry stret l'' Bedford avenve division. l^ii hv I'imes S. Stearns, paraded on Bedford ave nue. ' irom Madison street to Winoughby avenue. U! I n e d? '^Centra! 1? DCon gr e ga tlonal church Marry ssa "S5S5SSB church of the Reformation, Genevan Presbyterian, i>nrita.ii Van Buren street Mission, Rochester ave n V Mission Grace chapel. East Reformed Church, T mS ivewe Presnyterlan. Orphan Asylum. PaUt Reformed, Ctasson avenue Presbyterian franklyn avenue PresbyVerlatf,1*^^ BaSS'kp"'wpT ?c!i?rd avenue Bap' rial Protestant Kpiscopal, Wesley Mctlioaist Kpisco i DoKiilh aveuue Methodist ciiurch. I ark Ave nue Mission, Bedford avenue BantUst, I^ffert a Park ii'iotist Throop avenue Presbyterian, Franklin avenue Presbyterian church, Throop avenue Mis sion German Mission, German Lutheran. The children were regaled, upon conclusion of the parade. In their respective class rooms upon ices. Jellies, cakes and lrult. SHIPPING NEWS _? Almanac for New York'?This Day, SCN AND MOON. Pun risen 4 34 Sun nets T 22 Moon eets eve 10 4U moil WATRR. Gov. Inland eve 10 52 Sandy Hook eve 10 07 Hell Oate morn 12 37 OCEAN STEAMERS. DATES OF PErARTlUE FROM NEW YORK FOR THE MONTHS OF MAY AM) Jt NE. .Silesia Cit.v i'i Limerick City of London.... lfaiy Halite Villi-dc Paris Calitorniii Mum Minnesota Kionpriez C'ltv ot New York frlKia. Citv of Pari* Greece Celtic saxonln. Manliattnn. Westphalia Kii.vpt W isconsln | Oflif. . |8l Itnaidwav. 1 In Broadway. . 115 Rroadwav, . 189 Rroadwav. . | lit Ri'ond wav. . jw Broad wa v . 17 Rnwllnir (Jreen 2 Bowlingilre en Broad wav 2 Rowling (ircen is Broadway. HI Brondway. 1A hrondwnv. #9 Rroaowav. is' Broadway. 8i Broadway. 2" Rroa I wav. 61 Broadway 89 Broadway* 29 Broadway PORT OF NEW YORK, MAY 28, 1873. CLEARED. Bteam?hlr> Idaho 'Br), Morgan, Liverpool via Queens t< wn?William* A Onion. Htr?ni?lili>.Java (Br), Martyn, Liverpool vintjuecnstown ?c (> Pranoklyn. steamship France (Fr>, <>riirv*. Liverpool? F W J Ilur*t. .Mi amshtp Bremen (Oer), Schuleahcrk'. Bremen?Oel rii'h* A C<> sti amship Pembroke (Br), Williams. Cardiff?A Baxter A Hi n? Meamshlp Bapidan. Dubois, Hamana. Ac?Hpoffonl Hron steamship '"itv ot Ik iliac, Bolfier, New Orleans?C II Mallory A Co. Htcmiishlp Charleston. Beckett. Charleston?II R Mor gan * Cn Mnp Naturalist (Bri, Gregory, I.iverpool?Arkell, Tuft* A Co. Bark Ro?cl>nd Br), Colli*. Liverpool?(loo F Rulley. HarK Oraoo (Bus), Kolifer, Cork tor orders? lunch, Kilyr A Co. Bai k Jennie A Albert (Br), Osborn, Beyront? FaMiri A Chaunrev. Brig Me read# iBr\ Le Beroff, Harbor (iraee?E Q Hub bard. Brig Acadia Br), (lamin, Port Caledonia?llatton, Wat mm A i o. Br g M Kncrwlton, McKee, (lalverton?C H Mallory A Co Bchr U*na (lir), I'phani. Kxeter?<? I Bailey. Hchr Klva (Bri, Kaowle*, Rock found?J A TIVar?all. Sclir Hen Borland, Kpeifrlit, Jacksonville w kav. Hehr Hortensia, Norton, ticorgctown,?K Howe A <V> Bcnr Nellie Potter. t>a?kill, Wa?hlngton, Nc?W II llln man A Co. Mchr Ida Hlrd?all, Johnson, Perth Amboy?O K Brack et!. Hchr M KSamson, Samson, Great Kgg Harbor?J W El well A Co. Hchr Willie Harris, Tennry, Boston?J! Zimnien. BenrChaiH HMk<Ioii, Mutheson, I'rovjncetown?B J Wenbera. s. tir Ada Herbert, Allen, Gloucester, Mh?s?Woodruff A Robinson ,~c-lir P.dwln Cullyer. Kimonaon, Providence?II W Ja< k son A Co cehr r f! f'timpsot). Randall, Brlrtol?Cha? Ik w. Pi hr Auu Anic in. Aiitn, New Jlnvtn?Ityck' ti A Bro, Steamer Mms. (Iriiinlcv Philadelphia Stcumer Monitor, Gruincly, l'hilutii !( >un steamer Philadelphia. Davis. Philadelphia. ARRIVALS. REPORTED BY Tn* Ft Kit AID STEAM TACHTS AND llttRAH) WHITE8TONR TELEUKAFU LINK. Steam ironclad Arapiles (Sp), Commodore Demetro fasti ., Montenegro, GiiHntanuiiio May 11). The Arapiles in S400 ton*, mho horse power, 17 Ran#, and lias u crew of (MjU men. Wan towed to thin port by the Spanish corvette Fa he I. steam Corvette Fabel (Hp), Auget Topete, (luantanaino Mnv la The Katie I mounts if guns, is 500 horse power, and has a crew ot M men. Towed the steam Iron clad Arapiles |8p),trod UnaaUUUmo. Steamship Cuba iBr, Maraulav, Liverpool May 17 and Queen^'.owii 18th, with mdse and passengers to (' G Francklvi , Steamship Italy (Br), Thomas, Liverpool, May 15 and yuecnsiowu liith, with mdw and 1434 naseeniteril to P W llurst. Was detained outside Sandy nook 7 hours by (on. Mav 2U, lat 47 27. l<m 3129, passed a Cunard steam ship, hound east; 22d, Iat44 38, Ion 43 00, steamnliip Can ada, henee lor Liverpool. Steamship Krislu (tier), Meier. Hamburg May 14 via Havre i7tli, with ind.-e and 915 pussengers to Kunhardt A Co. Was detained 12 hour* in the lower hay hy fog. May 26, Wit 41 24, Ion CI SO, passed steamship Dotiau (Oerl, hence tor Bremen. Steamship St Thomas (Br), Drakeford. Laftttayra May 9. PortoCabello 10th, Curacoa Uth. .laemel 14th. Kingston 17th and l'ortau Pnucu 21st, with nutse and passengers to Plm, Ferwood A Co. Steamship City of Merida, Timniertnan, Havana May 24, with indse and passenger* to F Alexandre A Fob. May 28, II :30 AM, (I miles south of Barm-gat, passed steamship Columbia, from New York for Havana. Steamship San Jaeintn. Hazard. Savannah May 24, with mdsc und Passe niters to W II Harrison. Detained off Sandy llook lft hours by fog. Steamship Benefactor, .'ones, Wilmington, NC, 70 hours, with mdse to the Lorlllard Steamship Co. Steamship Isanc Bell, Blake man. Kichiuond. Citv Point and Norfolk, with mdw and passenger* to the old Do minion Steamship Co Steamship Kanlta. Doane, Plnlnoelpma, witfl mdse to the I.orillai'd Steamship Co. Ship Benton (of Liverpool), Wilkle, Calcutta -Ian 14 and Suad Heads 17th, with mdse to Arkell, Tutts A Co. Ship .loven Thorns* (Port), l'ellca. Oporto 45 days, via Lishon 30 da vs. with cork to llageme.ver A Brunn. Mark hli/.alicth tlrnham (of N'ewuorll. Bragg, Shanghae 123 days. with ten* to Peabody. Willis A Co. Bifrk Woodhall (ot Liverpool), Gibson, Hiogo Dec 15, with mdse to C L Wright A Co. Hark I'cland (Nor), Talluksen, Middlesborough 62 davs, with railwuy Iron to order : vessel to Punch, A Co. Bark Due Krulclli (Aus), Cordich, Havre SO diiys, with indse to Boyd A llincken; vessel to SloCovich A Co. Mav IH, lat 40 6ii, Ion 32 20, spoke brig Aurora (Ital), from New Orleans for Antwerp. Bark Sokrates (Nor), Bionnes, Bordeaux 49 days, with indue to D St Ainant A Son ; vessel to master. Hark St Cloud, Barstow, leghorn 63ciuvs, with marble ami rags to Enos Phillips. Passed Gibraltar April 12. Hark John Boulton (of Kingston, ,Iai, Lindsay, Porto Cul.ello, 18(Iays, with coffee, Ac, to Dallett, Bliss A Co. llark Cleone (Br). Mahotiey, Cientuogos 15 days, with sugar to Brugiere A Avtles. Hark Kdgnr Cecil (Br), Anderson, Matanzas 13 days, with sugar to G H Brewer. Hark <'cean Home, Sohst, Darien, 10 days, with lumber to muster. Brig l.uigina (Ital), Mancino, Licata 110 days, with sul phur to Kunch, Edvo A Co. Passed Gibraltar Anrll 3. Hrig Pace Bchiaftlnn (Ital), Oneto, Truppani 98 days, with salt to J W Elwell A tk>; vessel to master. Passed Gibraltar April 3. Brig Concezlone (Ital), Russo, Palermo 90 days, with fruit to order; vessel to master. Passed Gibraltar March 23. Brig Kmlly, Marshall. Santa Martha 26 days, with hides, Ac, to J W Elwell A Co. Brig S K Kennedy, Ray, Hagua 13 days, with sugar to John Zittlosen. Krig Rockland (of Sydnez, CB\ Desmond. Caiharien. 10 days, with melado to F O Matthlessen A Wiechers; Vessel to C B Swain A Hon. Brig Faustina (of Stockton), Blanchard. Cardenas, 11 days, with sugar to Brett, Son A Co. Hrig Oiner (ofDigby, NS), Ruggles, Cardenas, 11 da vs. with sugar to Drexall, Morgan A Co; vessel to P J Nevlns A Son. Brig O 8 Berry (of Damaiiscotta), Bradley, Cardenas 11 days, with sugar to J E Ward A Co. Hrig Krncst (of Portland), Thompson, Cay Francis 10 davs. with melads to Spence, Montague A Co; vessel t# J II Winchester A Co. Brig Victor (Br>, Barnett, Bermuda 6 days, with pro duce to D McColl.

Sclir Arthur. Kldrldgo, Brazos 18 davs, with hides and skins to Woodhouse A Kudu. Mav 23, lat 32 19, Ion 77, passed schr John Hancock, steering' south Schr fleorge Walker, Cole, Trinidad, 18 days, with sugar, to Miller A Houghton. Schr Z Hteelman, Price. Caiharien, 12 davs, with sugar and mola?ses, to J W Klwell A Co. Kchr Krel Smith (of Bangor). Smith, Caiharien, IB davs, with mciado, to Galway and Casado; vessel to H W Loud A Co. Schr Nellie Starr, Polan.l, Cardenas 9 days, with sugar and molasses to master. Schr V L Hickman. Kinney, Cardenas 9 days, with suirar to Youngs, Smith A Co. Schr Ella Hodgdon, Nlckerson,Cardenas 12 days, with melado, to Miller A Houghton. Schr Lothair (ef St Johns. NB). Sanders, Cardenas, 13 days, with melado, to P J Kevins A Son. schr Laura Pride (of Tttrkslsland), Alexander,Baracoa 13davs. with fruit to T J Madge: vessel to Brett, Son A Co. May 20, lat 28 26. Ion 74 20, spoke brig Christina (Br), hence for Sagua. Schr C F .Mayo (of Provincetown.) Morrison, Baracoa, 16 days with fruit to T I Madge; vessel to J R Staples. May 14. during a heavy fog. went ashore on the Hogsties: was obliged to throw part of the cargo overboard to lighten the vessel before getting off; received no damage. 19th. lat 26 36, Ion 74 49, passed schr Edward Atwood, irom Baltimore for . Schr C C Warren, Smith, Baracoa 12 days, with fmlt to J A T Penr-all. Schr Annie Powers. Sparks, Harbor Island 10days, with pineapples to B J Wenberg. Schr K W Johnson, Marts. Galveston 25 davs. with hides and cotton to McMahans Bros A Co. off Jupiter Inlet. May 19, spoke brig Minnehaha, from Cienfuegos, bound to Boston, 16 davs out. Schr K W Johnston, Marts, Galveston 26 davs, with cot ton ami hides, McMann Bros: vessel to Slaghl A Pettv.l Schr Paul A Thompson, Tavlor, Jacksonville 9 days, with lumber to master Is hound to Albany. Schr L A Itose. Rose. Mosquito Inlet, Kla! 17 days, with live oak to II II Swift Bros. Schr Lilly, Cole, Charleston 9 davs, with lumber, to Evans. Ball A Co. Schr M f, Wedmore, Terry, Washington. NC, 5 davs, with naval stores to Zophar Mills. May 23, W E Ca'rr, cook, a native of New York, aged 35 vcars, died of con sumption, and was bnried at sen. Schr K C Rommel, Risley, W Umington, NC, 9 days, with naval stores to J W Elwell A Co. Schr John. Williams, Wilmington, NC, 8 duys, with naval stores to K S Powel!. Schr Oakes Antes, Bopcr, Alexandria. Va. Schr A K Hal.cock. Lee. Alexandria. Schr A F Kindberg, Thomas, Alexandria, Va, for New Haven. Sclir Sarah Cullen, Cullen, Alexandria tor New Haven. Schr Win Mazyck. Somen, Virginia. Schr Magellan, llazleton, Virginia. S< hr Maria A Kllzalieth, Sopcr, Virginia. SchrKllza Jane, Budd, Virginia. Schr O P Hiuns, Hlgbee, Virginia. Schr B R Hull. PriscoU, Virginia. Schr Adeliza, Iioveland, Virginia. Schr J H Seguine. Gaskill, Virginia. Kclir Joseph and Krnnklin, Randolph, Virginia. Schr Sandy Hook, Pliaro, V'lrglnia. Schr Rebecca. Knight. Bartletr, Virginia. Schr J S Gllmore, Smith. Virginia. Schr fc J Hamilton. Hill, Virginia. Schr J B Johnson, Rose, Virginia. Schr Ellio Hodtne. Rutter, Virgiuta. Schr Napoleon. Kulon, Virginia. Schr Monmouth, Anderson. Virginia. Schr Make, Gundy, Virginia. Schr G II Hovt, ifecker, Virginia. Schr I A B Cranmer, Matthews, Virginia. Schr Eva Holmes. Van Pelt, Virginia. s'chrG H Rnpp, Cale, Virginia. Schr 8 Frazer, Showell. Virginia. Schr Moonlight. Rogers, Virginia. Schr D S Martin. Decker. Virginia. Bohr Southern City, Nelson, Virginia. Schr Barbara. Edwards. Virginia. Schr Alathea, Darby. Virginia. Schr Lily Budd, Smith, Virginia. Schr Ilenrv Parker, Lewis, Georgetown, DC. Schr S J Fort, Fort, Georgetown. DC. Schr J A s'hepard, Wllbert, Georgetown, DC. Schr Breeze, Cramer, (icorgctown, DC. Schr A II Howe. Newbury, Georgetown, DC. Kchr H J Raymond, Craatner. Georgetown, DC. Schr Mary Riley, Riley, Georgetown, DC. Schr Howard William's, Potter, Georgetown, DC. Schr A J Bcntley, Rotuason, Georgetown, Do, for New Haven. 27th Inst at 9 P M, off Barnegat. during a dense log, was run Into hy an unknown schr hound south, and had loremasthead and mainmast carried away by the deck. Schr A H Hurlhurt, Gritting, Georgetown, DC, for New Haven. Schr A Hcaton, Phinney. Georgetown. DC, for Ware ham. Schr Alabama, Churchill, Georgetown, DC, for New Haven. Schr Helen. Perry, Baltimore for New Bedford. Schr Joseph Nlckerson, Slaght, Baltimore tor Pough keepstc. Schr Hattic Lou Sherer, Salisbury, Md, for New Haven. BRTDRitRP?Steamship Southern (Br). Ilnttleld hence for Quebec, returned in consequence of slight derange ment ot machinery. Will proceed to morrow (29th). Passed Through Hell bate. ROCND SOUTH. Steamship Dlrlgo. Johnson, Portland for New York with mdse and passengers. Steamship Glaucus, Walden, Boston for New York with mdse and Passengers, to II F Dhnock. Hchr Dreadnought (Br), Brown, Canning, NB. for New York, with potatoes to L W Hyde A Co; vessel to C W Bcrteaux. Schr Ltinet, Hinds. Windsor. NS, for New York 9 dav? with plaster to John Rovnton's Son< .t Co. Schr Starlight, Blatrh'tord, New Bedford lor New York Sclw Saratoga. Weeks, Providence for New York. Schr I) B May her, Mayher. New Bedford lor Now York witti fish to Wallace A Chappel. Schr Favorite, cisrk. Horton's Point for Philadelphia. Sclir Zlcavo. Candee, Soletn t< r New York. Sc'tr Mary H Mifflin. KerrK New Haven for New York Sclir Caspian, Ki tchum. Machias tor New York, with piling to Nelson A Co. Schr Maria A llearn. Barker. Bridgeport for New York Sclir Sarah H Buckley. Bneklev, Wc?tportfor Rondout Schr Emily A Wells. Kclsey, Boston tor New York. Schr Hastings, Chase, New" Bedford for New York. ^ Schr Marcus I. W ard, Graham, New Haven for Newark, Schr Challenge, Bennett. Newport for New Vork. Schr It L Wuhley, Smith, Nantucket for New York. Sclir Julia A Tate. Tate, Bridgeport tor New Vork. Schr Sterling. Hull, Bridgeport for New Vork. Sclir It M l lark. Ncwall. Middletown, Ct, for New York. Schr Cicero, Cookson, Salem for New York. Schr Joseph K Potts, Young, Port Jefferson for New York. Schr Pelro. Kellv, Mnchlasport for New York, with nil. ing to Snow A Richardson. Schr Geo Savage, Nvc. Providence tor New York. Sclir Vandiilia. Fuiferton. Boston tor lloboken. Sclir Neptune, Robinson, Boston for New Vork. Schr David Pearsaii, Golden, Greenwich for New York with stone to order. Sclir Mall, Mend, Greenwich tor New York, with stone to order. Steamer Thetis, dale. Providence for New York, with mdsc and passengers. BOt'ND EAST. Schr Mary Brewer. Saunders, lloboken for Salem, Sclir c I. Vandervoort, Kelly, lloboken tor Boston. Schr Hannah D. At\ins New York lor Kail River. Schr Thomas Hlx, Hall, llo'ioken tor Boston. Sclir Isaac II Borden, Dodge. Ilotiokcn lor Kail River. Schr Mnhtiska. l.oytoa New York for Boston. Schr Kila, Sntntnis. New York for Huntington. schr C J i.rricksou, Jayne, Amhov lor Newport. Hchr 1 W Bentley, Mott, New York tor New liedforil. Sclir Tunl? Bodlne. sllvv. Klizahi'thport for Kail River. Si lir A H Huilburt, (?riflln, Ueorgetown, DC, lor New Haven. Scl.rPS Lindsay, Hamilton, Ellzabethport for Port land. schr Horizon, I-eet, Rondout for Providence. Schr Mercer, sv'nsson. tor Providence. Sciir Sara'i Maria. Maker, New York for Ifartford. Schr Manna Loa. Santord, Port Johnson for Boston. Schr Caledonia (Br). Layton. New York tor Windsor, ti*. schr RILxa A Rebecca, Smith. Port Johnson tor Provi dence. Schr Joeeph Allen. Cohnm. Delaware for Glen Cove. Schr A u Lawson, Kitzpatrick, New York tor Provl flence. Si hr Jauigt I'Lfchth, Kuwia, PurlJoUowu for I'rovl dtuce. Schr Helen, Perry. Baltimore for New Bedford Hcttr Kiurna Louuu, Stone, New York for h< hr W Morse, Oliver, Port Johnson tor Bath, Me. Kchr Hester, Davis, New York lor Bivernead. Hchr Casco, liurst. New York lor Portland. Schr Carrie P Kicli, Uigglu*. New Y'ork lor Province town sehr JAM Merriman, fox. New York tor Hertford. Sciir Oeorge A Kd*ar, Smith, Perth Amboy for Provi dence. Sehr Ida Herbert, Allen, New York for (Hen Cove. 8c hr Carrie Jones, Olcott, EUzabethport for Murble head. Schr Shakspeare. Young, lloboken for Fall River. Hchr Ann Amelia. Allen, New York for Providence. Schr Mariner. Rich, New York for Oraenwieb. Schf QC Aiken. Menu, New York for Stamford. Schr Orlando Smith, rtrru, New York tor I'orteheeler. s< nr Asiicr s Parker, Carpenter, New York for (Jleu Cov-. Schr Fair Wind, Bowman, Port Johnson for New Bed ford. SAILED. Steamships France, Java, and Idaho, for Liverpool; Bremen, Bremen; Pembroke. Cardiff; Ti'inacrla, Olas Bow: Rapldau. St Domingo, Ac; City of t>allas. New Or leans; South Carolina, Charleston; brig Atalavu, Manza nillo and Cientuegos; whr Chun G Moody, Para. Wind at ?un?ot SW, light. Marine Dlemtera. Ship Boiisat, Einmons. from Liverpool for BoUosi. pnt Into (Jueenatown 22d, leaky. Shii'Roihkt li Lank, Cowan, from San Francisco via Queenstou n tor . run ashore at Beachy Head May 21; afterward* got off badly damaged. Bark Mopkna, Lane, from Sierra Leone via Bermuda April 15 tor Boston (before reported), was abandoned at ?tea April 22. Bark Aiirkola, Rosa, from Cardiff for Pone Kong, ha* been damaged by eollli-ion, ami wait at Cardiff May 24. Brig Eledona (Br), Thompson, irom Baltimore for St Thomas, wan sunken, no date given, by mhrtlalniia, at Now Bedford 27th irnm St Michaels, leaking 'JOilO strokes per hour, and with Ions of.topgaliantsall and other dam age received in u gule, Sohk Botterplt, Fault, wliieb wiled troin Richmond, Ya. on the 24'h lust, in a tow, struck her xtnrboard side in Dutch flap Cairn', carry iutr away her nlghthean, top tim ber and bulwarks. She being untlt to proeeed on her voy age wax towed hack. Sena Hknkv L Wiiiton. from Kennebec River fur Pliila deinliia, with lee, struck a rock while being towed down the Kennebec River, and sunk. Schr Jacob Lohim aho, troin Hohoken for Bridgeport, while going up the East River 2tfth, was struck by a tng and sunk. Steam Propeller 11 L(!raw ran into steamer Mary, from Philadelphia for Providence. In the Delaware River, near Gloucester Point. May 24. The Mary wu? crossing the bow of the other vessel at the time the collision oc curred. The Marv returned oil Saturday night, and was found leaking about the bows. She was taken on the dock for repairs, a ail her eargo transferred to steamer Ashland, which cleared 23th for Providence. Brewster, May 26?Schr B W Eldrldge. Hording, from wrcek of bark Celeste Claik. sunk near Little Round Shoal, has arrived ut Chatham with iron and crockery recovered bv divers. Capt Hardin.' states that the proii ' pect is good for saving part of the cargo. Qoebec, May 27?Ship Philadelphia, from Genoa, in bal last, went ashore on Bird Rucks 19th lint, and will be u total loss; captain and crew saved, Mlecellaneoua. We are indebted to Purser T C Owen, of the steamship Italy, from Liverpool, for courtesies. We are indebted to the pnr-er of the steamship St Tho mas, from Laguayra. 4c, for favors. Wo are under obligations to Purser R O Patten, of the steamship City of Merida, from Havann, for the prompt delivery of our files, despatches, Ac. Bark Gemsbok, 476 tons, built in East Boston In 1R87, has been sold to Arnold, Hinos A Co, tor the New Zealand and Auckland trude, on private terms. Brio Osceola, at New Bedford, formerly whaling hark, has been sold by James Powers, of Boston, to Thomas A Codd. New Bedford, lor the merchant service, to be com manded by capt D O Pendleton, of Connecticut. Schr 11 T nnnor.s, purchased by J C Terrv, of Fall River, has been sold to parties in Warren, R!. ('apt Blowers, of ship Emerald Isle. lyine at Onanape, died on board that vessel during the week previous to May 2. Nr.* Orleans, Mnv 28?'The non-arrival of the steam ship (Jeo Cromwell, from New York May 17 tor this port, causes uneasiness. She was due here on Sunday last. Notice to Mariner*. Capt Puinont, of schr Henry Castoff. at Newport 27th, reports thut he was befogged off Brenton's Reef at mid night 21th, and from that time until daylight lie did not hear the sound of the liell on Brentori's Reef lightship, except during the passing of the New York steamer, and that he did not hear the fog horn on Beaver Tail at all. W ashington, May 28. The Lighthouse Board gives notice that an iron beacon, SY feet above low water, lias been erected on Rebecca Shoal in the (Jtilf of Mexico, and that the present fourth order light in the old tower at Sand I?land, on the west side of the entrance to Mobile Bay, w ill be extinguished on the 1st September, and a fixed white light of the second order, illnmlnating the entire horizon, will be ex hibited at sunset of that (lute from the new tower now being erected, and every night from sunset to sunrise, and that a fog bell has been erected at Bergen Point LlXhthonM. New Jersey, to be sounded at intervals of in seconds during thick and foggy weather, on and alter the 1st June. Whalemen. Bark Selali. Howes, of Falrhaven. was at Panama, no da'e. having taken UtiO bbls sp oil since last report?600 bbls sp oil on hoard. Touched at Valparaiso April 3, hark Cape Horn Pigeon, Baker. Dartmouth, with 300 bbls sp and 70 do wh oil. A letter from Mrs Capt Allen, of bark Sea Ranirer, of Nl>, dateil Holiart Town, March 27, reports liad discharg ed the mate, Mr Hussey, of Nantucket, who was coming home. Npoken, Bark Clifton (Br). FatHe. from Baltimore for Pernam buco. April 29. off Pernaintiueo. Brig Mary M Williams, from Matanzus for Philadelphia, May 17, 10 miles south of Henlopen. ft'oretgn Porte. Batabano. May 19?Arrived, sclirs E E Rnekett. Asmus. Truxillo; Willie (Br), Chilson, do; 20th, Falcon <Br>, Smith, do. CiKNii-Kiios, Mav 18?Sailed, hark Idaho, Richardson, New York; brltr Flora (Joodale, (ioodaie. do; schr Minnie, !!nd>ou, do; 17th, brig Jessie Rhynas, Willis, Boston; sehr Grastncre (Dan), Ma coin Imt, do. sailed 21st, fchr Enrique (Sp), New York. Carperai, May 1H?Arrived, schr J Rlcardo .lova. Little, Key West ; 17th. brigs Star, C?,ok New York : Car rie E Plckerlnir, Torrev, Havana; schr Louise A Orr, Orr, Mstanzas; 19th. hark Magdalcna, Griflln, St Thomas; briirs Athol (Br), Dauneey, Havana; Willow Brae (Br), McDonald, do; Antelope, Rumbell, New York; Hattie E Wheeler. Bacon. Portland: sclirs Marria Reynolds. Houghton, Havana ; Adria (Br). Smith, St Thomas; Mar tha N Hale, Burgess, Havana; 20th, bark Henrv Flitner, Bradley, New York ; brig Minnie Miller, Lcland, Phila delphia. Sailed 16th, brigs Faustina, Partridge, N of Hatteras; Waller Howes, Omer (Br), Rngges, do; sehr Nellie Starr, Poland, do: 17th, schr* Northern Star (Br), Dakin, Boston; Angl" Aineshury, Jones. N Ilatterns: V L Hickman, Kinney, do; Annie Bliss, Simmons, Boston; 19th, barks 0 W Roosevelt, llarrlnian, N ot' Hatteras; La vlnia. Dyer, do; hii?s Maria Wheeler, Orover, do: Am brose Light, Iflgglns, do; Lizzie Zittlosen, Dow, do; schr M W Hupper, llodgdon, do; 20th, hark Satellite (Br), tor do; brig* Johanna, Peterson, Sau'iia: Shasta, Brown, Bos ton ; sclirs Mangle E Cray, Conklin, N of Hatteras; Mercy T Trundv, Warren, do. Havre. May 2b?Arrived, ship Jacob A Stamlor, Samson, New York. Havana, May 21?Arrived, hrig Angelina, Holhrook, Kev West; 22d, bark Svrluira (Br>, Whitney, Cardiff: ffld, brig O C Clary. Anderson, Boston; sclif Ethan Allen, Cuminlngs, Portland. Sailed 17th, brigChillian (Br). Oerhardt, Philadelphia: schr Sparx (Br), Hopkins. Boston: 21st, steamship Ha vana. Pennington, New Orleans; 22d, brig Esk (Br), Mil ler, Boston. Sailed 24th, steamship I.ngos (Br), Pegnen. Now York. In port 24th, bark Jonathan chase, Chase, for New York, ready for sea and to sail I'fitli; and others. Kingston, Ja, May 16?Arrived, bri* Beauty (Br), Sin clair, New York. Sailed 13th, sclirs Joseph Seger, Ellis, New York via Old Harbor; 16lh, Ocean Pearl. Blanrhard. Port Llinon. Liverpool. May 2tt?Arrived, ship Progress, Johnson, Mobile. Arrived 2Hh, ship Richard III. Hubbard, Charleston. Arrived at do V*th, steamship Circassian iBr). Viiebec. Lock port, NS, Mav 20? Arrived, sehr Wellington (Br), Struin, New York (and cleared 22d tor Luenburg). Matanzas. May 17?Arrived, bark R W CrlfTlths, Drum mond. Havana; schr A D Henderson, Henderson, I'liila delnhia; 20th. brigs Concord, Kellv, Baltimore; Jennie B (Jllkey. Oiikey, New York :21st. barks Sarah B Hale, White, New York; Florence Peters, Mitchell, do; 26th, Acacia. Robinson. Baltimore. Sailed 17th, hark Saruli E Frazer, Knight, Philadel phia; sehrs.tohn II Hancock,Crowell. Baltimore; Atruna iBr). Mitchell, do: 18th. brig Alihle Clifford, Clifford, New York; 19lli, bark Caro, Beals, Portland; brigs Manlins (Hr), Nichols, Sagua ; Julia F Carnev, Turner, north of Hatteras: 2hth. hark Sarah A Duduian (Br), Rose, New York; brigs Eliza sievens, Curtis, and Callao. Ijceinan. north of Hatteras; srhrs Lucy lx'e. Smith, c!o; Louisa Bliss, Stromr, New York; 22.1 bark R W Orttflths (Br), Drununond, do: brigs Bride (Br), llrooks, Baltimore: A M Knight. Davis, New York: srhrs B J Wiliard. Wood bury, north of Hatteras; Delinoiit, (tales, do; S McMcn amv. Dyer, do: Amelia (Br>, Boston. Mortreal, May 26?Cleared, steamship Scandinavian (Br), Smith, Liverpool. Qdrenstown. Mn\ .'t1?Arrived, steamship Canada (Br), Webster, New York tor Liverpool. Also arrived Sttn, steamship city of Bristol (Br), Dela motte, New York tor Liverpool. Sailed 2rtth. steamship City of Baltimore (Br), Allen (from I.lverjfcinl). New York. South a wpto.s, Mav 27, fi I'M?Arrived, steamship Weser (Ocr), Willigorod, New York lor Bremen land proceeded). st Tiiowas, Mav It?Sailed, harks Fairy Belle (Br), Talt. Turks Island : Charlotte (icddte (Br), McKenzie, Caiba rien and north of Hatteras: brigs Clifford (Br), Biiller, Falardo, PR (mid Boston); Chas A Hoard (Br), Neville, Arroyo, PR, and Baltimore: 16tli. Tallv Ho, Plnmmer, Cardenas; J II OUlespie iB), Bro n, A reel ho and New York or Boston; schr Mortord A Trubee (Br), Smith, Naguabo and New Y'ork. _ . _ St Ann's Bat, Jii, May 2?Sailed, schr Hannah Conner. King, New York. St Jago, May 12? Arrived, brig Roht McK Speailng (Br), Thompson, New Y'orlf via Port Johnson. Sagua. Mav lfi-Arrlved, brig Valencia. Small. Canle mis; 17th, bark Imperador iBr), Slnionten, Baltimore via Havana; brigs M K Llghton, Oay, do dos V entun (Br), Peters, Matanzas: 19lh, hark Sandr Hook, Barstow Ma taa/as; hrlu Stella (Br . Ray. do;autl. barks Marv Killam iBr>, Butler. St Thomas. New Repnlio (Hr). Bartlett, Barbados; hritr Clara Jenkins, Coombs, Cardenas; schr J S A I. <1 Adams, ilardner, Key West. Sailed 19th, brig F H Odiorne (Br), Horn, Portland; schr Lottie C iBr). Hlord. Philadelphia: Ifith, barks Ellen Dyer Leland. N?-w York: R H Pnrnigion. Crossley, Phila delphia t sclirs Marv A Power.Willey, Philadelphia ; Laura B. Clark, do; Ai-'iics. llodgdon, do; 17th, hrln? Ocean Be lle, Dyer, Philadelphia; Samuel Welsh. Fisher, do; l!)th. harks.I M Morales (Mr). Foster, iio- Cardenas. Sutul berg, north of Hatteras; hri^' Isls, Anderson, Baltimore; 20th. bark Rebecca Carti'ina, Johnson, New Y'ork. St Joiin. NB. Mav 26? Arrived, sehrs Yt st Pierre (Br), Haley: Ylaggle Quinn iBr), Foster, and Howard Holder (Br), Holder, New York. Cleared 2(>'h. hark Tidal Wave (Hr), llalcrow, Monte video tor orders: schr Aurora Borealts (Br). Hatnm, New York. Tkinipap. May It?Arrived, brig Arlstook. Arrant, St Thomas; L S Davis. Sterling. New York; Ifith. brig D it stock well, Bryant. Philadelphia. Y'tra cki'z. YlavZt?sailed, sleauiMiip Cleopatra, Phil lips, New York via Havana. |Per Steawsiiip Friiia.1 IlAHsrRO. Mav 12? Arrived, Annie lliirr. Simpson. (?al veston; IStn. Ferraro Primo, Marll, New York; Alfred, Sehrocder. do. sailed 1Mb. Betty, Nutzhorn, Philadelphia; Actle.Ol sen, New York. A rrlvcd at Cuxhaven 12th, llelene, Samuelsen, Pensa cola, Harbvrg. Mav 10?Sailed previous, Zlon Hill, Davis, Wilmington. American Porta. ALEXANDRIA, Mav 27?Arrived, steamship E C Knight, .John?on, New' York; schr Belle Crowell, Pravi denee. . Sailed?Schr* Abbr Kyerson, Boston; J V WelliBfton, do. BOSTON Way 27?Arrived, schrs Kate roster. Harru<!affc Jacksonville; John Mc *dam, Neal, Alexandria, I'hHrlt] K Raymond. Kcllev, Philadelphia; Kasrlirm k Brown, Port .loliuson; DAE Kelley, kelley, Hoboken; George n Jewett, Flnlev, Newburg. NY: UaloU. keoney. Rondoutl Gertrude Koiihth, Know, New York; Eldorado. Hamilton! Barnegat, NY ^ Cleared?steamers William Lawrence, Hstlett. Balti* more via Norfolk; hark Annie iBr), Lockwix*], A>innt wall; wlir.lames Martin, Brown, Philadelphia Alao cleared?bark Anna Wheaton (Br>, Prlndle. 8f John * NV; brig Jane (Mr), Hilton, Hnyti, schrs C (1 Haker Baker, Baltimore; Hone On, t'haxe, Philadelphia* Bay State, Meahurv, New York. Sailed?S'eatuers Siberia. Tarita, and Vfm l.awrenre, harksSterling and W E Heard: and from tlie rouus, brig HJsck Swan. 2tfth?Arrived, steamships Palmvra (Bri, McKay. Llvejs pool - Mercedi'a Marshmnn, Churl'-ston; bark Canenua (<ler). Sours bava; brigs River Queen (Br). Wilson, Cadiaj '?"chr J C Evans, M stanzas BALTIMORK, May 17?Arrived, steamer Georce Ap? pold. Loveland, Boston via Norfolk; ship Aula (N G), My. erdlerk. Bremen; harks Lubra, Terbuiie. Kio Janeiro) Raffaele, Llgure (Hal), Conslgllero: brig A <1 Jewett, Cardenas; schr David Miller, Fletcher, Aguadilla. I K. Below?brigs Bomance. Uuncan, ironi Navassa 1 Cora (Br). Henderson. troin Mavaguez, P K Fortuna, ironi St Jago; schr Aldana' Rotes, Rhodes, from Ma taiuax Cleared?Bark Adelaide Norrt*. Tnkey, Montevideo ol Buenos Ayre<; brigs Florence <Br). Munroe, Went Indies* II B Joaes (Br), Wolff, Fort de France, Mart: Mout? Christo, Elli*. Bangor: schrs Wm J HcKewen, Hudgins, Governor's Harbor; Monet Williamson, Lake, Bos'ont Hattle Paige, Haley, Boston; Forest Oak, Parker, NeW Haven. Sailed?Barks Bertha. Belfast; Svalen, Londonderry* Traveller. Pernnmhuco; brigs Prestissimo, Rio Janeiro] Hermes, Philadelphia. Off Cape Henry 2oth, sctar M A Drury, from Hag"* rot Baltimore. BRUNSWICK, Mav 23-Arrlved, brlit J H Epping (Oer). Bulow, New York, to load tor Montevideo. Cleared?Bark Colonist (Br). Harding, Montevideo ;sch* Adellz*. Huntley. St Vincent. BEAUFORT. SC, May 18?Cleared, bark Carlo M (ltsi> Colombo, London. Sailed 12th, ship Rurmah (Br). Armstrong 1-nndon. Sailed 17th, schr I) B Donne. Nlckersoil, Fall River CHARLESTON, May ?1?Sailed, bark Sal<l Bin Sultan, Oils, Bull Kiver, SC. 28th?Arrived, <chr Wm Fisher, Ruatan. Mailed?Steamship Or orgia, Crowell, New York; schrff C 8 Webb, Georgetown, 8C; N J Miller, Brown, New York. KORTRBHH MONROE, May 28?Arrived, bark rampn* nero (Br), Walker, Airuadilla (and received orders and suited tor Baltimore). Also arrived, bark Adelaide Pendergast (Br). McVsy. Rio Janeiro for orders. Pa??*rt in tor Baltimore?Bark Winifred >Br), Raffle, from Rio Jan<lro: brig Mlsslsslpnl (Br), Marchant, Iron* Domcrara; srhr* Annie Harris, Harris, from Klcatherai John H Main Crowell, from Matanzas. FALL RIVER. May 36?Arrived, schrs J L Hckh, Conk lin. Newburg; Maria Fleming, Williams; Fashion, Sat terly, and Fllen Perkins, Kelly, Port Johnson; R EWa*b burn. Beardsley; Golden Ray, Davis, and L A Tolles, *!c? Mullen, Haverstraw; Henrv *"?v. Pitt*. Hoboken. GALVESTON, May 22?Arrived, schr Mary FreelaiKl, Clark. Baltimore. Cleared?Schr Conservative. Benson, New York. GLOUCESTER. May 27-Arrlvcd, schr Robert B Smith. Nlckcrson, New York. INDfANOLA. May 16?Arrived, schr Anna M Dic.ken son. Dickenson., New York. Cleared 17tli. brig Belle of the Bay, Williams, New York: Iflth. schr E If Clarke. Raleigh,Cardenas. JACKSONVILLE, May 22?Arrived, schr Daybreak. Blake, New York. Cleared?Schr Ja.s Jones. Tllton. New York. 23d?Cleared, schr B F Farnham, Brewster, ProvU deuce. 26th?Arrived, schr C R Flint, Donglas, New York. KEY WEST, May 2ft?Sailed, steamship Liberty, Hud* gins (from New Orleans and Havana), Baltimore. 27th?Arrived, steamship Ci'v ot Houston, Deering, Galveston for New York (and proceeded). NEW ORLEANS, May 23?Cleared, steamships Rita (Sp), Rlcgtra, Liverpool: Cortes, Kenible, New York. 24tli?Arrived, ship Bella Juana (Sp), Cassabeia, Hm vsna. Cleared??teamship Louisiana (Br), Stewart, Liverpool t ship Alexander, Hutchlns, Havre; bark Ascenzioner (Itol), Dassorl, Uer.oa; brig Mary E PenneU, Katon^ Providence. Southwest Piss. May 23?Arrived, ship Bella Inana (Sn), Cassahella. Havana. Sailed?Bark Sandemander; brig Maria Rca. The steamship Memphis was put to sea this AM by thM towhoats, and Is now outside the bar. Shins Crescent City, and Nun<]iiam Dormio; hark* AM koy. Tanered. * urura, speranza, Westfold. Charlie Hii lu man. and P A Munch are anchored outside, awaiting ?' fair wind. 24th, PM?Sailed, steamship Sherman. On the bait hound out. steamships Cortes, and Rita. Crossed the bar 27th, steamship Juniata, Cattiariue? Philadelphia via Havana. Piss-A-I/Ormr. Mav 23?The steamship Alabama wai put over the bar at 3 o'clock this morning. She istakina on some cotton sho put off to lighten her. She will them be ready tr sail. 2?th?Sailed, steamship Alabama. NORFOLK, May 27?Sailed, steamship Ariel (Br). Jonc* Baltimore. Cleared?Bark Nneneva Sabino (Sp), Alslma. Cadiz. NANTUCKET. May 17?Sailed, schrs Fanny llamneiv Brooks, Philadelphia; 20th, E Waterman, Hinckley, Ron? dout. NEWBURYPORT, May 26?Arrived, schrs M A Coombs, Savannah via Boston ; Ida Klla, Wilbur. Ilohoken. Sailed?Schr Nadah, Cheney. Philadelphia. NEW BEDFORD, May 25?Arrived, schr W W Brainard, Fitch. Elizahethport. Sailed?Schrs Lady Antrim, Carter, New York ?. Star* llaht, Blanehard : C W Bentley, Baker, and Helen X Waite, Oott. do: Clio, Chase. Wareham lor do. 26tn?Arrived, stcamtug 8 W Schuyler, Kelly, New York for Wareliam: schrs Monitor. Cliasc, and Louis* Francis. Winchester, New York; Lnmartine, Wi?>ks, do (and sailed for Wareham); Argo, Besse. and Palladium, R' der, Port Jr.hnson: W D Mangam, Cha^e, New York} Thomas Potter, Handjj and John Randolph, Kobbln?, Port Johnson; Rienzi, Cohleigh. Elizahethoort 27th?Arrived, schrs Oalena. Sllva, St Michaels (We?t? ern Islands): M II Bead, Benson, Philadelphia; D L Stur gi?. Chase, New York. Cleared?Ship Syren, Johnson. Boston, to complete Idg for Honolulu. NARRAOANSKTT PIKR. RI, May 26-Sniled from Dutch Islund Harbor this AM. hark Blanche Thomas, Raymond, Providence for Philadelphia: schrs Mocking Birds from Hnboken. of and for St John. NB: J (Mark, Northrup. from 1'rnvldenr-e for Philadelphia: Hunnati Blackinan, Arnold ; T P Abel. Carr, and James M Bavlcs, Arnold, do lor New York: Hannah F rfaker, Whittemore, trom do for (}eorgetown, Dt;; R O Wlillden, Nichols, do for New York ? Eliza I'haro, Sherman. Fall River for doj Mary II Mifflin, Ferris, Warren tor do, Peacedale, Cas well. for do. NEWPORT. Mav 26, PM?Arrlven. schrs Sallle T Char tre, Tre/ethen. and Jos 1* Ross. Paull, Taunton tor New York. Bulled?Schrs Rlenzl, Cohleigh, Elizahethport for New Bedford, F Nlckerson, Haskell. Gardiner for Philadel phia : E Waterman, Hinckley. Nantucket lor New York | V'llza Hamilton. Cole, Wlckford for do: Favorite, Clark, Philadelphia- Hydrangea. Spa Hiding. Fall River for New York; Delphi. Allen. Bristol fordo; Pallas, Frcneh. Providence for do; Henrietta, Matthews, do for Trov, NY: Fredonla. Hears. Anponang for New York. 27th. PM?Arrived, schr Henry Castoff, Dumont, Rock port tor New York PHILADELPHIA. May 27-Arrlvcd, steamers Hercules, Winnett. Portsmouth: Panther. Mills, Boston; hark Kuge nio (Ital), Castellano, Genoa: harkentlne Veteran, Cath? cart. New York ; fdirs Ella O McLean, Cook. Windsor, N8; Mary J Ward. Ward. Salttlla River, Oa; E B Ever man, Corson, Kennebec River. Cleared?Steamer Achilles, Colburn, Boston;bark Stor forst Constantlne (Rnss). Jungell, Cronstadt: brigs Ber tlie A Jennie (Fr). I>all, Belfast; union T (Br), Tufts, S# John. NB, via Newcastle. Del; schrs Jonas Smith, Hodg kinson, Calbanen: Carrie E Spofford. Bray, Rockport; firace Olrdler, l-'stes, Boston; Marv Pstton, Cnmminrs, Bangor: H F Townsend, llersey. Portland; J A Orlffln, Foster. Providence; E B Everman. Corson, Boston; Hid nev Price, Godfrey. Portsmouth. Nn. i8th?Arrlven, brig Grove (Ital), Pinto, Palermo; schrs Fanny Flint. Warren, Windsor. NS; E A A Dchart. Pink ham, Baracoa; Georgie Clark, Clarn, Boston. Below, hark Josephine (Ital), from ; schr Mary A Power, Gardiner, Me. Cleared?Steamship Saxon. Crowell, Boston: hrlra Sparkling Wave. Hoeken. Newry; John Bnleh, llodedon, Salem; schrs Chas Heath, Warren, Providence; Wm H Bsrnes, (Jott. Saco. Lkwks, May 2S?Arrived, brig Cairo (Br), Comett, from Matanzas tor orders. Brigs Maud Potter and William Welsh golntr to sea trom harbor this morning. Twobrig* have passed In. Bark Suez and a topsail scbr from abnva remain, PORTLAND (Oregon). May 30?Arrived, ship Canadl* enne (Fr). Eouin, Hons Kon?. PENSACOLA. Mav 24?Cleared, barks Eagle (Br), Ot? wav, shields; Sarah" Vandnll (Br), Nlnnlss, Marvport Et Camhay (Br), Evans, Cardiff; schr C E Gibson. Thatcher, Boston." PORTLAND. Mav ?6?Arrived, ?chr Francis Satterly^ Stetson, Brunswick, Oa. Cleared?Schr M J Lsughton. Laughton. New York. Arrived 24th, schrs Lizzie Dewey, Parker, and Fred Walton. Rich, Georgetown, DC. RICHMOND. Mav 21"?Arrived, steamship Old Domin ion, Walker, New York; schr Lucy Ames, Blshon, Rock s'AN FR \NCISCO, Mav 20?Cleared, shin Mindora (Br>? Moddrel. Cork ; bark Grace Bobcrts, Dahlcr, Melbourn? via Humboldt. Sailed 19th. bark Malvern (Brl. Wyles. Mazatlan; JOthi. steemshlp Japan. Freeman. Yokohama; snip Knnlv Far imm, Lord, Liverpool: bark Kate (Haw), Gcerken. doj. brie Nautilus, Mctsaac. Tahiti; schr Lctitia. Lorcntzen, Honolulu via Humboldt. SAVANNAH, May 24?Cleared, schr G W Andrews,. Watts. Boston. Sailed?Bark MAE Cann (Br). Cann, Liverpool, tgth?Arrived, schr Mary E Downer, Thompson. Onrdl "Cleared?Barks Stormy Petrel (Br), Dwyer. Montevb peo; Louis, Barcelona: Isabel, Charleston. STONINOTON. May 27?Arrive I, schr Perine, Sheffield, Port Johnson. WILMINGTON. NC. May 26?Arrived, schrs Sunny South, Derrlekson, New ^rk: Timothy Field, Iceland, Boston; Mary Augusta, Holt, do; Adrian, Hunt, Rock> Cleared? Steamship Benefactor. Jones, New York, barks Shanghai .Ger), Nauseliutz. Cronstadt; Frederick Seal I a (Oer), Waack, Riga;Mlinl (Nor), Rounlnir, A nt? werp. MIWKLLA!VK?US. Absolute divorces obtained from oofrts of different States; lecnl everywhere: no publicity; no ft-es in advance; ml vice free; cominisaloner for every Malt'. frederick I. KINO. Counsellor-at-Law, SfiH Broadway. A -HERALD BRANCH OKFICK, brooklyn, turner oi I'ultou avenue and Boeruiu street, open froin * A. .M. to 3 P. M. on Sunday from 3 to 9 P. M. t BSOLUTK DIVORCES OBTAINED from DIPKKR A nil States; I<*unl everywhere: desertion Ac. suffi cient cause. No publicity required; no charge until di vorce granted. Advice free. M. HOI'HE. Attorney, 1P4 Bro?dw?> BETIIESDA SPRING WATER HAS NOT FAILED TO cure every case presented to Dr. A. H. II r.ATM of Stone in Mie Kidney and Bladder, Uravel and *amlv n? R?its. and in Hie only solvent known that ''an arc .npllsh Tin- following are a tew of the almost iniracul< ua cure* by thin wonderlul Mineral Water, alter the failure of the best medical treatmentMr. William Hemarest. New York, wan relieved ol two calculi a* large an Kernel* of corn and cured by drinking the Bethcmta; Mr. John Ulover, New York, gravel dixolv d and voided: Mr. II. P. Hall. New York, wan not expected to live through hi* suffering*, but the Betheada Water dissolved the stone and gravel ?o tbev could In- powdered by prewturc with the thumb and finder. and cured alter passing nearly .10; Mr. Sylvanua focokolets, Yonkurs would not have sur vlved' the passage of atone from the kidney, as his ex cruciating pains were terrible and unrelieved by medicines, but for the prompt and large draught' of Bethewla dissolving it, so Itcouit) be expelled. relieving liim ot a large number since. Samples arf at the olBena, Broadway, New >ork. Sold and on draught hv BYRNK, DITMAN, ATWOOl), CASWELL A t;<>? and WfiNK, Broadway. Pamphlet* trat. n RADW \Y'S SABSA PARILLA RESOLVENT, the great blood puruier, lor the euro of ail Chronic Dlaeaaes, Scrofula, Ulcers, Chronic Kbeumatiain, Erysipelas, Kidney. Bladder and Liver Complaints, Dyspepsia, AtTcetlona of the Lungs and Throatt. Purines the Blood, restoring health and vigor. Clean *kln and beautiful complexion securcd to all. Solu by druugist*. Price SI per buttle. HAVWAY A CO.,*! Warreu itrceu New York. D

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