Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 29, 1873, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 29, 1873 Page 11
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?rrTTAT10*S WAPrTED?FKMALKS.^ Cooks. die. 9 WEST 31ST ST.?A VERY RESPECTABLE PROT. ?slant woman a* first elm*cook; very beat reference. Call for two daya. 1A CLINTON PLACE.?A PROTESTANT WOMAN, XI/ who perfectly understands English and American cooking, in a'private family ; country preferred; is an ?xcellent baker and can be well recommended. Oft WEST 1STII ST., IN THE REAR.?A REBPECTA MiU ble young woman as cook; haa no objection to aumt with washing una Ironing; private family pre ferred ; no objection to a private boarding house; beat city reference. Can be seen from 9 o'clock to 1 on aecond floor. OQ WEST 44TH ST.?A THOROUGH WOMAN AS cook; to go a short distance in the country; under stands meats, soups, game and poultry; Ik a good bread and blacult baker; understands nice desserts; would take charge of n small dairy; good city reference; can be seen for two days. on WEST ISTH ST., BETWEEN WH AND ?TH AVS. O" As first class cook in a private family ; unexception able city reference. Call for two days. ?K) WEST 44TII ST., BETWEEN 6TH AND 6TH AVS. Oj Two young girls; one to do cooking, washing and Ironing ; the other to do chamberwork and waiting and assist with the washing and lroniug; no objection to go to the country; best references. *5,4 WEST 28TH ST., PRESENT EMPLOYER'S.?A RE Ox spec table young girl as cook In a private family; no objection to the coarse ? a-hiug, or to a short distance tn tho country; best city reference. west arrn st? present employer.-a ?JT respectable young girl as cook in a private family; no objection to do the course washing; no objection to a short distance in the countrv: city reference. CfV COMMERCE ST., NEAR BLEECKER.-A RE ? JIJ specuihle woman as cook; understands all kinds of Cooking in French and EiilIisIi styles; wishes to go to the country; best city rcierence. CO WEST 15TH ST.?AS FIRST CLASS COOK IN A ? JO small family; would go a short distance in the country; understands milk and butter; good reference from her last place. 1 HA. 7TH A.V., NEAR V6TI1 ST., SECOND FLOOR.? J.I/T Two respectable girls, one as Ailu cook, waslier nnd ironcr; tho other as chambermaid and waitress in a private funity; good reference. 1 OA 6TH AV., OVER BLUE STORE.?A NEAT, COM J-"'U petent woman as permanent cook, washer ami ilroner in a good family where she will not have to leave ill a month; no objections to the country. ma WEST ISTH ST., REAR, SECOND FLOOR.-A J." IfJ respectable girl in a small private family as good plain cook; gO'id city references. Call for two davs. THO WEST 20TH ST.. NEAR CTII AV.-TWO SIR .1 U?y ten; one as first cla^s cook, the other as cham liermaid and do tine washing; has best city reference. 1HQ WEST ISTH ST., top FLOOR, FRONT ROOM.? 1U?7 A. respectable young woman to cook, wash and Iron for a private family; excellent baker. Best ref erences. m BAXTER ST., IN STORE.?A RESPECTABLE woman as rtrst class cook ; undentands thoroughly nil styles of English, French and Gerraen cookery; is fully competent to take charge of cooking in a hotel, club or large bonrding-liouse; no objection to the country; .unexceptionable city reference. Can be seen tor two flays. 11 pr WEST 19TH ST.?AS FIRST CLASS COOK IN A XJ?) private family; understands all kinds of family cooking; no objection to the country; five years' city ref erence. mWKST 31 ST ST., BETWEEN fiTIT AND 7TII avs.?A Protectant as good cook ; good reference; tountry preierred. Address. Ion WEST 20TII ST., BETWEKN 6TI1 AND 7TH tj'J avs.?A respectable young uirl us good plain took, washer and ironer In a small private family; ijood elty referenco. _ 10"1 WEST 28TH ST.?A RESPECTABLE YOUXO ?3 L English woman as plain eook and to do coarse ?washing in u small family. Call or address. 1 ftn WEST 2ST1I ST.?AS COMPETENT COOK IN A li)U small lainilv; understands meats, soups, cakes, sing and desserts and jellies ol' all kinds; would assist in the washing ; best reference. _ 1 K/l WEST 27TII ST.?A YOUNO WOMAN AS FIRST 1 class cook ; litis lived in the best families in New York; willing to assist in washing and ironing; eight ?years' referenco Iroin lust placc. Cull or address. 1,-r- lorn a v.. between iiitii and 20tii sts.-a Ol) respectable girl as plain cook, washer and lrouer; -food city reference. Call tor two days. ;? Ql\ WEST 25TI1 ST.-A RESPECTABLE WOMAN 10?7 as first class cook; understand* her business in >11 its branches; no objection lo go in the ci Untry; good ??lty reforonces. mEAST 38TH ST., BETWEEN 2D AND 3D AVS.? Two respectable youna women; one as lirst class took and the other as chambermaid and waitress; good ?jity refercnoe; are willing to go in the country. I Qt* CLINTON* ST., IN BASEMENT ?A YOUNO J Ol) girl iu a private family; is a good cook, washer and irenor. nOA WEST 2STH ST.?AS FIKST CLASS COOK IN a private family; will do the coarse washing It ?equired : excellent baker; best city referenco. nnn west wth st.?as first class cook; Jj no objection to Assist with the washing; best ?lty reteronco. Call for two days. OA A EAST 2STH ST., BETWEEN 21> AND 3D AVS.? X A young woman as good cook and lunndress in a private family; no objection to the couutry for the Sum mer ' i)ll WEST 53D ST., BETWEEN BROADWAY AND ALL 8tli av.. second door, 1 ack.?A respectable young from*n as good plain cook; willing to do washing and ironing; no objection to a private bonrdlng house; good referenco. WF.ST 27TH ST., ROOM IS.?A RESPECTABLE woman as cook, washer and ironer; best cltv rel 212 213 EAST 2STH ST., IN STORE.?AS FIRST CLASS ? cook, to bo in the country; understand* all kinds ?f cookinp. and making butter; best city reference. 'OIQ EAST 121ST ST.?AN EXPERIENCED WOMAN O as first rate cook ; excellent baker of bread aud pastry; no objection to the country; well reconiraendeu. 20fk WEST 27TH ST.?A RESPECTABLE WONAN as good plain cook, washer and ironer; citj or eountry; good referenccsJ 001 EAST 2STII ST.?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN as cook; Is an excellent linker: good cltv roter ?nce from last place; would like to go up the Hudson River tor the Summer. _ ?OOO WEST 27Tn ST.. ROOM 9.?A COMPETENT ZtZiLt Protestant girl us cook; will assist with wash ing ; or would do housework for a small family; best city reference. nn- KAST 35TII ST., NEAR 3D AV.?A FIRST ?iO class cook ; understands her business In all its branches; best city reference. flOC WEST 17TTI ST.?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN O .is first clnss cook ; understands her business in all its branches; also nil kinds of pnstrv. s'inp< and .'ci ties; first class city references. Cnn be seen for two days. OOO WEST 27TT1 ST.. o\". i'AU' OF STAIRS UP, JLZiO back room.?A resectable Protestant girl as took In a small pr vate fi m y. to st?\ in the cltv; thoroughly understands her business; v ry best city reference. ______ ?nOA WEST 23TB ST., IN THE KEAlt.-A RESPECT able yuuug girl to cook and wash; best cl:y rct crencc. OOO WEST 20TII ST.?AS FIRST CLASS COOK; UN lerstands cooking, baking, pastry, blane mange, jellies and sottps in nil branches; best city reference; no sbjection to go a short distance in the country. ?OQC WEST 80TH ST., BETWEEN 7TH AND ?TII I avs?As good ci ok in a private family and as- | sist with the washing; is un excellent baker; best city feterence. o n WEST 27TII ST.?TWO COMPETENT SF.K- ? iiT"l vnnts; one an excellent cook: will do coarse i washing; ihe other as first class chambermaid and wait- i reaJ; country preterred. Excellent reterences. Oi.) WEST 27T1I ST.-A RESPECTABLE PROT- J /4^. * estant woman a? first cla?s cook ; no objection to the country; good references. O 1 A WEST 3IITH ST.?TWO SISTERS; ONE AS , ^jHr'x first class cfsik. washer and ironer; the other as chimbermald and waitress; no objection lo the country; good references. OIQ WESTSOTII ST.?A YOUNO WOMAN AS COOK, ! washer and ironer in a private family , no obiec- . tion to the country. | Oro west iftrn st.? a respectable woman ^>)<? as good plain co<>k. washer and Ironer and good *>ukcr of bread ; is willing and obliging, good and kind to f.luldr n . ao ohiection to go a short distance in the coun try. Can be seen for one day. *)- | 41STST.. FIRST FL< OR. HACK ROOM.-A RE jjtt x spectabln woman as cook, washer and Ironer; 'ocst city reference, 0/?1 WEST SID ST., BETWEEN 7TH AND 8TH jJOl avs.? A respectable gtrl to cook, wash and Iron; beat city reference. Ol?l> WEST 34TII ST.?TWO RESPECTABLE OIRLS ; *J*M) one as good cook, washer and Ironer. with good ?ity reference from last place; the other as first cla-s wiltress- no ohieetlons to to a private boarding house; beat city reference from her last place. 0?ra SD AY., NEAR UD ST.?TWO PROTESTANT A i *) girls- one as -.rood crrk and to a>s!st with wash ing- the other as chambermaid and seamstress; willing and'obliging; no objection to the country; good reference it required. O l\Z EAST 32 D ST., NEAR 2D AV.-A YOUXO OUO American girl as cook, washer and ironer In a sni.ill private family; no obleetion to the country; brst jlass city reference. Call or lubfress. r?nr EAST I2D ST., FIRST FLOOR, BACK ROOM -A respectable young girl as plain cook, washer and ironer, or as first class laundress or chambermaid; city reference ________ nr\n east 2?th st., top floor, front room.? *>"0 A mUldle-aged Scotch woman as plain cook, wnshcrand Ironer. Q07WRST 61ST ST.-AS FIRST CLASSI COOK ; UN ? >' 1 I derstands French and Oerinan cooking, t all at present employer's. QH7 WEST MST ST., PRESENT EMPLOYER'S.?A ? >" ' I first class eook ; understands French and Ger man cooking; has four year"' roierehce; reason of leav ing, the family are going to Europe. Can bo aeen tor two day". QA(J EAST NTH ST., SECOND FLOOR.?A RESPF.C sit ItJ table girl ss <rnod cook, washer and ironer; best recommendation from her last employer. *) I Q FAST 3(1) ST., NEAR 2D AV.?A YOUNO WO ? )l?j man as first class cook; understands all kinds of meAta. souns, cake and iellies; no objections to the coun try ; good city reference. OOQ EAST SIST ST.?A TOUNO OIRI. TO DO PLAIN cooking, washing and ironing in a small private ilauiilv. good reference iroiu lust pii^ca. RIT1TATIONII WAWTTHV-rgMAliK*. _ l ooks. A1C> OQ() WEST 40TH 8T.-A PROTFRTAMT OOZ cook and in willing Co dp the coarse,***!),'"r?VlJ ironing in u small private family i good City relerenc?s Iroin hor last place. OQT EAST SOTI! ST.?A BESPKCTABI.R YOUNG OO I woman as plain cook, washer and tami- in a private family; no objection to go a short distance in the country; best city rtawacs. OOI7 1ST AV.-A BKBPKCTABLB WOMAN AS OO t first class cook In a private tamilv or boarding house; would assist with the washing if required; has a boy ? years old, who would assist 111 waiting and make kiui'sell generally useful; city or country Ruod reference. OOO BAST S9TII 8T., ONE PAIS OP STAIRS.?A ,)Oy respectable girl as cook; is a good baker ot bread and biscuits; has good city reference. a riQ WEST S18T ST., NKAK 91'U AV.-A YOUNG T:''A girl as good plain cook In a private lamtly; no objection to assist with the washing and ironing ; first class city rclerence. _ ? nio 4TH AV.-A FIRST CLASS COOK IN A PRI tOO vate family; understands all klmla ol meats, giime, soups, pastry, jellies, creams, several years'city reference. 4* C ?TH AV., NEAR 29TH 8T.-A8 FIRST CLASS { ?) cook or general house servant; also as cham bermaid and nurse. A QQ 6TII AV., ROOM 7.-TWO OIRL8; ONE AS Tt'O rook, washer and ironer; the other as chamber maid and waitress: best eitv reference; no objection U> go a short distance in the country. r n7 WEST 19T1I ST., FIRST Kl.OOK.-A TIUJST OUl worthy Knglishwoman as good cook; excellent washer and ininer; good references, Call lortwo aa>s. CAO EAST 1HTII ST., TOI" FLOOR? A RE8PECTA ? >()?) bU? woman us cook and to assist with tliew??h ing; no objection to a private boarding house, ( an be seen for two days. rnr 3D av., third floor.-a respectable OOO woman in 11 private family ; is 1an excellent cook, baker of bread, cake and meal of all kind; is sober, oblig ing and economical; good reference. r/?r? "dav-i respectable girl as cook, Obb washer and Ironer; good city recommendations. or I ANI) HM 7TH AV.. AT THE UNDERTAKER'S.? h0+ A respectable girt as first class cook; six years rclerence. 897 8TH AV.. NEAR MD ST.?AS THOROUGH Kjtr 1 cook; understands English cooking in all Its branches ; good city reference, wing Brat bell. 9ri JTH AV? CORNER BOTH ST., FIRST FLOOR, Ol front room.?A:< fir.-it class cook; understands hor business thoroughly; good city reference. 1 AHP 3D AV.. SECOND FLOOR, FRONT.-A PFR l.liyO son ot'long eiperlence as cook In a private geniloman's family; would wash and Iron or assist in washing it required. Address. Chawbcrmaldi, to. 8TILLARY ST., BROOKLYN.?TWO RESPECTABLE girl*. in the country, to do upstairs' work; one to assist with washing and ironing anil tho other to tako care of children and do pluln sewing. 1 n WEST $2I> ST . PRESENT EMPLOYER'S.-A GER 1 I man girl as chanibertnaid and to insist with wash inc and Ironing, or to do general housework in a small family. E\ST S7TH ST..?A l.ADY WISHES TO PLACE A ? noat. capable woman to do light chamberwork and plain sewing; country preferred. 18 104 O*7 WEST 13TH ST., THIRD FLOOR. BACK ROOM.?A O I voting girl as chamliermsid and waitress or to do housework in a small private family ; city references given. 7i) PERRY ST.. REAR.?A RESPECTABLE YOUNG *+0 American girl as cliambcrmaid and waitress; would do plain sewing: best city reference. A O EAST 30TH ST.?A GIRL AS CHAMBERMAID ^H) anil plain sower; no objection to the country lor the Summer ; city rclerence. A rr WEST 2STTI ST., PRESENT EMPLOYER'S.-A 4" I respectable Protestant girl in a small private fami ly as chambermaid and waitress: no objection to city or country. Can be seen for two days. m WEST 17TII ST. (PRESENT EMPLOYER'S).-A OU respectable young girl wishes a situation ascliatn berinald or parlormaid. . OA MADISON AV-V RESPECTABLE GIRL AS Ut chambermaid and to ft&stat in fine wtshlnff or Ironing or would do chamberwork and plain sewing; na obieetion to the country tor the Summer; best city refer ences. Call tor one day only. U i VANDAM ST.. CORNER OK HtTDSOK.?A RE I j~ spectablc young girl as chambermaid and waitress or as nurse. CM AV. C.?AN AMERICAN GIRL AS CHAM OT hcrmald or to assist in washing; country preferred. Address L. S. tV\Y KAST 30TH ST.?A YOUNO GIRL AS FIRST 1U1 class chiitnbpnnaid; would do the fine washing and ironing; best city relciMice; no objection to the country. __ "1 fVI EAST 30TH ST.. NEAR 4T1I AV.?A YOUNO 1UL girl as chambermaid and seamstress; operates on Wheeler * Wilson's machine ; 110 objection to flic care 01 grown children; good city reference; no objection to the country. _ 7TH AV, SECOND FLOOR.?A RESPECTABLE . ^ young girl as chambermaid and waitress in a pri vate family: good reference. -1/V>7 WOOSTKR ST.?A YOUNG GIRL (FRENCH) AS lUj chambermaid or nurse; speaks French only. Address for two days. ill WEST 4?TH ST.. SECOND FLOOR FRONT.?A 1 I I respectable voumr girl to do chamber work mil waiting In a small private family; one who is a good washer and Ironer adn would be willing toassist; good cltv reierence. _ mWEST 40TH ST., NEAR "Til AV.?A RESPEC. tab'e girl as chambermaid and seamstress, or to take care ot children; city or country; best city ref erence. _ mWEST 48TH ST., BETWEEN fiTH AND 7TII avs.?A vonng girl as chambermaid and waitress; Is willing and obliging; five years' city references from her last place. 1 OO WEST '?'4T 11 ST., IN THE SHOE STORE.?A 1 J,?i Protestant girl as chambermaid and wnitrcss or to mind children; best city rclerence. -im WEST 28TH ST.?A RESPECTABLE GIRL TO lOl do chamberwork and plain sewing or chamber work and fine washing; best reference from her last place. 1 I -1 WI'ST WTII ST.?A YOUNO OIRI. AS CHAM 1-+J herniai 1 and waitress or as rhnmbormald and to do plain sew eg, or general housework in a small family; no objection to the country; good city reference. 1 4 0 EAST 1KTII ST.? A YOUNG GIRL AS I'liAM \-\A bermaid and waitress, or chambermaid and sewer Can be seen at her present employer s, iroin 9 A. M. to U M. -I , I WEST - I'I'll ST.?A RESPECTABLE YOUNG I'r r woman us chambermaid and waitress, or to as sist at washlr.-r; n? objection to the country ; gcod city rc;eren.'e. ff CEDAR ST., PJCRWICK HOUSE.?AN ENG. I tlsli girl, lately arrived, as chambermaid; city preferred. _ _ -m WEST 27 I'll ST.?A RESPECTABLE YOUNG 11 girl a* chambermaid, washer and ironer. 1 rn WEST 51 ST STm CORNER of 7TH AV.. TOP !?)?' floor.?A re i?etalile youuj: woman as chninber- , maid and waitress; will eo a short distance in the coun try; good reteretiee. "I/O WEST r.lST ST.. TT'I AV?A Y'U NG GIRI, AS I') I chambermaid and waitress and to assist with washing and ironing; good city reference. OAQ BAST 05TH ST., BETWEEN 30 AND 3D \vs._ fo A voting elrl as ebnuibermald and waitress or t i tfEe rare ovchildren; no oldeetion to the country ; good ; eitv reference from last, place. tVIk) EAST 27TII ST.?A RESPECTABLE VOUNG ! ^ I St girl as chambermaid and waitress or to assist with tine washing; no objection to a short distance in the country; has lived tlireu and a hall' years in her last place.' | Ol O WEST WlI ST.?A YOUNG PROTESTANT girl I ?t as chamliermald, or waitress or child's nurse In ? a prlvata family; eitv or country. 411 - WEST ir.TH ST.?A YOUNG WOMAN T<> DO h LO cliumlierwork and fine washing: best city refer ences. 017 WEST WTH ST.?A RESPECTABLE PROTEST h \ % ant girl ?* chambermaid and waitress in a pri vate family; good rclerence. Ol 7 WESI- '.STH ST.. BETWEEN 7TH \ND sTII S I ( nvs.. second floor, front ro< m ? A respectablp v. U'lg girl a? chambermaid and waitress; best city ret eretiee irom her lsst plaae. 4 EAST SBTH ST.-A TOUNO GIRL TO l"> chamberwork and plain sewing or to take care ,1 children : no objection to tlie country for the Summer; | four years'reference, can be ?een for two days. OOO 7TH C . BETWEEN 2S9 AND .m hi STB?A AAr) resocctable vonng girl as chambermaid ?n t wi<i^r"'?. in a private family; best city reference from ; her last place. ' ooi FAST 32D ST. (FORMER EMPLOYER'S .-A '?>! iir| with first' la?s reference", as chambermaid and waitress or to do light hoii?ew..rk. Call lor two days. 147 1 OOO EAST CHTH ST.. BETWEEN 2D AND SD AVS A'tA first floor, front room.?A respectable young girl a* chambermaid and waitress and assist In the washing and Ironing; good city rclerence. 238 PE4RL ST BROOKLYN.?A RESPECTABLE firl as chambermaid and waitress. Call far two I dav.s. l) I - VVKST :VH> ST., FIRST FL<lOP. REAR.?A i'f") young girl as chambermaid anil laundress <n a private family: would go a short distance 111 the coun try ; good city reference. ___________ ill WhVI' :^TII l?T. ? A RESPECT A BI.K inl'NG jJ-Tv) woman as chamlM-rniald and waitress, or as chatnbcrmaid and to assist with the washing and Ironing; 1 lis. no oliicction to the country: best reference. ' all tor i two dava ? O IQ EAST SOTH ST?A RESPECT ABLE YOCNO Z'tO girl as chambermaid and waitress. Oiln 7*1" 11 AV . BETWEEN iirn and .'.-.rH STS \ 1 A t '' respectable Protestant woman as chambermaid 1 and seamstress, or will do the fine washing in a private I family; good reference. ? 07f 3D AV.. NEAR JSD ST.-A PROTESTANT 'A 4 t) young girl as chambermaid and waitress In 11 private tamllv; willing and obliging ; no objection to the I country; gosd reference. on I 7TH \V SECOND FLOOR. BACK.?A RE A*' ? spec'able girl as chambermaid and wa tress tn a privat# family; city reference. oTv7'WW AV FIRST BELL.?A RESPECTAHLE girl as chambermaid and waitress or cb*mla r mald and assist with washing; city or country; city ref erence.^ ? >ii . WB8T J#TH HT.-A YOUNO AMEBIC AM GIRI oUr"! as chambermaid and waitress; understands her busUww tUyroughly; best city relorenco SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES. Cbawtirriuaidt. 4(> 4J1A MADISON AV.?A COMPETENT YOVNlI WOMAN ?JI V7 a? uurse or chamber waul; bote city roiereuoe; no objection to ttie country. ?1 9 BASF MO ST., NKAIi 3D AV -A YO'JNO QIIU, '"?J as chambermaid am! seamstress, or would mind growing children; chii operate on Wheeler A Wilson's machine and do all kind* of family sowing; no objec tion* to tint country. good city reference. OlO 7TH A v., CORNER OK SKTH ST.-A PROTES OlO tnnt English woman to do chainbcrwork and sew; haii no obiectioo to make herself generally imM, ??91 KAST 27TH ST -A RF.SPKCTAHLK VOUNO Owl woman an chambermaid and waltres; good city reference ; no objection to the coentry. OH - KAST ISTH ST. (I.AST KM 1*1,OYER'S) -A OIK. O&t) as chambermaid and to assist in washing and ironing, or to do general housework in a small family. Call on or address B. M. S KAST ItTH HT.-AS OH AM URRM AID AND aeunstress; no objection to go to the country. 327 QQQ 1ST AV., BKTWEEN 19TH ANI) J0TI1 STS. ?A >)?)?) noat, tidy young girl, lately landed, to do cliam berwork and plain rawing or chambcrwork and Uke care of children. la willing and obliging. 333 EAST 11TII ST., BETWEEN 1ST AND 2D AVS rear.?A competent girl as chnm'H'rmaid and waitress, or an chambermaid and laundress; city or country; good city reference. Q?>Q WRST 41ST ST.. BETWEEN 8TH AND rII OOtl avs.?A respectable young woman, who Imn lately come to America, aw chambermaid or children's maid, or to do plain sewing. Apply Tor one week. -A YODNO WOMAN. LATELY 3,-TQ WEST (i)TH ST.-A YOU! tt<J landed, a* chainlH-rmaid 404 Of*n EAST HOUSTON ST.?A YOUNG WOMAN AS Ol)') chambermaid and to do Que waalung or light housawork. KAST 1STII ST.-A YOUNG GIRL, LATELY arrived, a* chambermaid ami viitfm AfiA KAST 18TB ST.-A YOUNG GIRL A.S CHAM rl'T bermaid and waitress: would as-Ut with wash ing in a small private lumily: beat city reference. Atyi WRST 12D ST.-A RKSI*ECTAR1.E GIRL AS I cbamberniald and waitress; would go a short distance in the country; good reference. A OA WB8T *PH 8tm BETWEEN UTII AND 10TH tOt a vs.?A Scotch girl. 17 years old, as chambermaid and waitress In a small private lumily; good reference.| AA ft WEST 22D ST. ?A LADY WISHES TO PRO T"T:IJ cure a situation for an excellent chambermaid, to assist with the tine washing. 4 A Q ll? AV.?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN TO DO ttO chamtM-rwork and assist with the washing and Ironing, il required; good city reference. Call tor two ATI) WB8T I'.ITH ST.. IN THE STORK-TWO Itlj young girls; one as chumbermaid or to assist with children; the other as chambermaid and waitress and to do line washing; no objection to tho country, good citv reference. A t\(\ WEST DID ST.?A YOUNG GIRL AS CHAM. T?IU liermaid and waitress or to assist with washing; city references. 1 r;n WEST 321) ST.?A YOUNO GIRL as CHAMBBR *T?I?/ maid and waitress In a private family; no objec tion to the country; best city references. 1 *7'} r,T" AV AS CHAMBERMAID AND WAITRESS tIO in a private family ; best city reference from last employer. Tall between 10 and 12. A QQ 6TH AV., BETWEEN 2WH AND 30TH STS.?A T On respectable young girl as chambermaid and to do line washing and Ironing: good city reference. rn7 6T1I A v.?AS COMPETENT CHAMBERMAID: 'I'M understands family sowing and taking care of children; live years' city reference trom last place. f>OQ r.Tll AV?A YODNO GIRL as OHAMBBR U^O maid and waitress, or to take care of a child and sew. n/?4? CTII A v., NEAR 49TH ST.?A RESPECTABLE 0"J?? young girl as chambermaid ami waitress and to assist with washing and ironing; best city rclerenco. QA Q 3D AV., NEAR WD ST.-A RESPECTABLE OtO girl as assistant chambermaid and to mind chil dren ; reference trom last employer. QOA 3D AV., EETWEEN S3D AND MTH STS., fS OoU fancy store.?A respectable girl as chambermaid and waitress'in a private tamlly; willing to assist with washing and ironing; good city reference. QUA 3D AV. AND 53D ST.?A RESPECTABLE OOw young girl to do cbamberwork and waiting; no objection to the country; best city references. QQ7 6TH AV., PIRST PLAT.-TO DO CHAMBER iJ?'? I work and waiting; good city references. Call for two days. 1 1 4-lzi 20 AV?? BETWEEN MTH AND 60TH STS.-A J? IOt young woman as chambermaid and to take care ot children; no objection to tho country; city refer ence. 1 3I> AV- TOP FLOOR.?A RESPECTABLE I.0??0 girl a? ehninbermaid and plain sewer, or to take care of children . is willing and obliging. 1 2D AV., EETWEEN 79TH AND ROTH STS.? A respectable girl, lately landed, as chaiu borinaid and to assist in washing. /GRAHAM'S CROCKERY STORK. JACKSON AV., I T Long Island City.?A respectable orlrl as chamher maid and waitress or chambermaid and do fine washing; no oblectlon to the couutry; best city reference. Dressmakers and Seamstresses. "I WHITE'S PLACE, WEST 18TII 8T? BETWEEN" 7TH A and S;!i avs.?A respectable girl as seamstress, to work by tbe dayer month; understands dressmaking; can operate on different machines; would like to go in the country; good reference. r | WFST WASHINGTON PLACE.-A FIRST CLASS dressmaker wislies a few more engagements to go out bv the day ; understands lier business thoroughly; no objection io go In the country. rn EAST 41 ST ST.?A COMPETENT GIRL AS ?JO seamstress and to do light cbamberwork : can operate on Wheeler Ic, Wilson's and WilKox and bibbs' machines; no objection to the country; city reference. 11A WEST ITTH ST., NEAR 6TH AV.?AN EXPE I X'' rlenced shirt maker wishes a tew more customers for first class work, at her own residence. TOO WEST MTH ST.?A FJRST CLAS8 OPERATOR I > on Wheeler A Wilson's machine: thoroughly understands nil kinds of lamily sewing and dressmaking; will to out by the day or week with her own machine. Ien BAST S5TH ST.?A LADY WISHRS TO PRO <JU cure a Mtuution for a seamstress and dressmaker. 1 "w WEST 28TH ST., NEAR 7TH AV.?A Fill ST elass ?eams;ress to go out bv the day or week; uood citv reference If required. Call or address. "I ftO WEST 35TH ST.?A FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKKR ID?i wishes a tew more envagemont* in families by the day or week ; can cut and tit ladles' dresses; is an ex cellent trimmer; would take work at her own home. Call or address. Ol 7 EAST 7?TH ST.. FIRST FLOOR.?A YOUNG ? I I girl wishes a situation by the week or month; understands dressmaking; can operate on the inachiue ; food city references. '>1 ^ WEST rtSTH ST.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNG ? 11 girl as scnins'ress and to assUt in care of grow ing children. Call trom 10 to I. EAST MTH ST., ROOM 13.-A MIDDLE ? aged woman as seamstress;can alter and repair neatly; would niuke herself generally useful; no objec ts n to the country; city references. Off A EAST fi2D ST.?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN as seamstress; 1' a regular dressmaker, and can do all kinds of family sewing', no objection to go in the country or as lady's maid. Can be seen lor two days at her present employer's. t) - O WEST 49TH ST., CORNER STH AV.-A DRESS ? ? maker desires a lew more engagements by the day. ()'<?) ?TH AV.-A GERMAN GIRL AS LADVS MAID good dr<'s?niaker, operator and hairdresser; no oh'' etlon to travel urdn light elinniberwork; best city reference. Call this week, iroin 10 to 1. OQA HTH AV , NEAR 18TH ST.?A FIRST CLASS cutter and fltfer; also a trimmer to go out in families to sew or do work at home ; verv reasonable; di'essriaklng of all kinds. Oil BAST MTH ST., THIRD FLOOR.-A PROT Oil e?.tant woman as seamstress: understands cut ting and rtttrnc . also Wheeler A Wilson's machine; no Direction to assist youag ladies or to the country; good city reteronec. ? ??><) EAST 39TH ST.-A YOUNf. GIRL AS PBRMA ? nent .sesnistrcss in a private family; understands dressmaking and can operate on Wheeler A Wilson's ma chines. Call or address. 0.?<| EAST UTH ST.?A FIKST CLASS DRESS maker desires the patronage of families to take work nt home or go out; operates on .my machine; terms moderate. 8.l/? 7TH AV.. CORNER MTH ST. (RING BELL NO. iu si ? \ yonnr girl as seamstress in a private lum ily; can operate on Wheeler A Wilson's inachiue: has a good idea of dn ?-making end can do all kinds of family sewing; is willing to ussjsr with cbamberwork it needed. has no oblectlon to go to the country lor the Sumnii r months: best city reference, call tor two days. 87 A HTH AV.. NEAR 4?>TH ST.?A RESPECTABLE It- girl as seamstress in a private fatnilv to doall kinds of family sewing; can operate on Wheeler A Wil son s Rachitic; understands dressmaking and *11 kinds oi tine ? ork; will do some light ohninherwork ; Boot>,ec tion to the country: will te >ound < hliging and can be well recommended, ('all or addri ss lor two days. ter and fitter, will gn out bv the day in families obieelion to leave the citv Address, for three daj'S, DRESSMAKER, box lift Herald office. 4 FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKER OF LONG EV ^'V parlance wishes a fbw more customers by the day; fitting and trimming a specialty; best reference. Address M. O., Herald otlice. General Housework, A?. 4 cAirrrrx st. stkebel's"hotet.-a" good Norwegian girl, in a small American family, to do general housework; speaks English. 8 JONES ST., NEW BUILDING?A RESPECTACLE young girl, lately landed, to do general housework In a small family. 32 78 Sl> AV.-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOISE *!d work; city or country; best city reterencc. CARMINE ST.-A YOUNG GIRL TO DO HOUSE work in a small private family. 1 EAST 71ST ST., RKTWREN M'.XINGTON AND I 4th avs.?A respectable young girl to do general housework or up sialrs work, and to asilst with the wash ing and Ironing in a first class private family; no objec tion to tho country ; good city referenc e. 1 (ft HTH AV. kEAR?A PROTESTANT GIRL TO 1'rU do general housework or as chambermaid. ()A1 WEST 1HTII ST , CORNER OF 7TII AV -A RE ' I spectable girl, lately landed, to do hnnsswork in

a small family. Call tyr lwo day*. SITUATION* WAdmCD?FKMAIjISS. General Housework., d^c. ()f\7 7X8 *r-A RESPBOTABLB TOl'HO OIBL iW I to dii general housework, in a small private fimilr. ImiI ouy reicrituce frol iMlpUlft EAST 2!!TH ST -A BKSPECTABLR OIUL to do general housework; ha* best city mfcreoce. 215 HOC WEST 4.1D HT, PRESENT EMPLOYER'S.-A 1) competent tjirl to do general housework lor a small family. noo EAST MTH ST. ?A BEHPKtJTABLE YOIJNU iOU girl to ito general h am-work I11 a private family. Cau be seen for two day*. QAn WEST S2D ST.?A RESPECTABLE GIRL TO 0"?J do general housework or to take cure of clill droa; best city rcfereuce. Qt^D WEST 21ST ST.-A RBSPBCTAHLE WOMAN >)' "J to do general housework iu ? small family . city or country; city reference. QAQ BAST C.ST ST , NEAR 2D AV.-A YOUNG GIRL to do general housework in 11 small private fami ly . city reference. QIO WEST HTM ST. SECOND FLOOR.-A BE OlO snectahle voung girl, iu a private family, to do general homework Q1 r EAST 4VTH sr . BETWEEN 1ST AND 2D AVS ? OJL?' A voung girl to do general housework in a small private family , 110 objection .0 go a short distance in tlie country. 090 EAST 11TII ST.-A RESPECTABLE TOUNQ itJj O woman to do general houiowork , is a good plain cook, washer and ironer. QOQ WEST 3CTH IT.?A respectable OtU TO OOO <lo general housework ; is an excellent washer and ironer will go in the city or country; good city rof erctii'C Crom I.I-.I j? 1.1.?.? OOQ 1ST AV , IN GROCERY -A RESPECTABLE OOO woman, brought up iu England, to do general housework in a good private family. first rule washer and ironer in 1 a ,(o'>il plain rook; willing ami obliging ?H7 EAST 3,'TH ST-A RESPECTABLE YOUNG Ot I woman to do general housework or upstairs work and to assist with washing and ironing; city relor once. O A Q EAST 7^11 ST.-A RESPECTABLE OIBI. TO ?JT"0 do housework In a small priva'e family .two years' city reference from last place. 110 EAST L'TH ST., NEAR 1ST AV.?A RESPECT TtO able girl to do general housework: good plain cook, washer and ironer; good cltv reference from last place; willing and obliging; city or country. 41 A 7TH AV., BETWEEN *2D AND SID STS., THIRD T-J.Tr floor. front room.? A respectable young girl todo general housework In a small private family. A 9 r. EAST MTU ST., BETWEEN 1ST AT. AM) AV T:_,') A ?A respectable young girl to do g.-m-ral housework: is willing ana obliging, not long in this country. Call or address. 4 Q1 EAST 171 U ST.. FIRST FLOOR, FRONT ROOM. T?)I A girl, lately arrived In this country, to do house work iu a small family: Is willing fo be instructed; or will take care of children; no objection to a short dis tance in the country. ".ATELY one for general housework, the other prefer* taking care of chil dren. ^r.O WEST S2D ST.-TWO YOUNG GIRLS, L/i T?)?j landed, are willing to do as directed; <i i ('f? WEST 42D ST,, BETWEEN DTI I AND IOTII T U?) a vs.?A respectable young girl, lately landed, to do general housework In a small private family. r.AO lttTH AV., OORNBB OF SITU ST.-A YOUNG ?)\1 ? girl to do housework in a small family* has never lived out; is willing and obliging. ri r HIT 11 AV, BETWEEN :?TII AND .'VlT 11 STS ?A ? )i?) competent gir1 todo general homework or as nurse and chamhcrmuld ; city or country; excellent ref erences. n.Qz both st, third floor, front rooms?a ? )i)>) respectable girl, lately arrived, to do general housework in a small tnniilv QOI 1ST AV. ?A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN O^l to 00 general houswork in a nice private family; best eitv relerence. QQ?* SO AV., IN THE BAKER'S STORK?A P'?OT OOlJ est 11 lit young woman to do general housi work in 11 small private family; Is a good plain cook, washer uiul ironer; good city reference. Hnuaekeeucrs" Aic. 41 7TH AV., CORNER OF ISTII ST.-A YOUNG 11 American widow as housekeeper, or would take care of a furnished house during the family'< absence; good cltv reference. Call on or address HOUSEKEEPER. "I r.Q BOWERY. OVER THE JEWELRY STORE.-A J.?)0 young German lady as housekeeper and to take care of chil<tr>-ii. no objection to go 111 the country. 1?A WEST 2.VTH ST.-AN AMERICAN LADY AS J U" housekeeper in a hotel, or any position of trust, city or country. Address HOUSEKEEPER. 1QA WEST 10TII ST.?A NEW ENGLAND LADY Iw" as housekeeper in a widower's family: city or country. Call tor one day, from 1ft to 6. OOft WEST 32D ST. ?AN AMERICAN LADY AS OOU housekeeper or would take charge oflincn room; long experience and good reference. Cull on or address HOUSEKEEPER. ___ A /\A BTII AV., NEAR 24TH ST.-A YOITNO LADY, TzvMf aged 20. well educated and refluoil, would like a situation as housekeeper In a widower's family: is calla ble of milking home pleasant and happy. Call on Mrs. N'ORT"IN, troin PI A. M. till ft 1*. M. Don't rinu. ,I9Q EAST ItSTH ST., IN THE STORE-A RE TiO spectablo widow woman, with a daughter of H, as housekeeper and to make herself generally useful in a w idower's or a small private family. Cull on or ad dress Mrs. It. S. 4?J?> 2D AV.?AS HEAD COOK OR WORKING 00 housekeeper; Is economizing and competent; cannot he excelled in French and all other new styles of cooking ; eati m;ike dishes 0! all kinds and confectionery, ornamental and plain : also can do plain cooking ; a good hone required more than wages; best city reference. Can be seen for one week. ( ~ J 'HI AV. BETWEEN 32D AND <WD STS.-A RE TT T speetahle widow would take charge of ? house for the Summer; best city reference given. 87Q BTII AV., RING THIRD BELL.?A MARRIED 1 ?/ Scotch woman to take care of a house during the Summer; good city reference. Call on or address,). W. 11 (J I BROADWAY.-AN AMERICAN LADY AS ,X''T housekeeper In a first class hotel, in or out of city; fully understands every department and is not airaid of work; best references. Call on or address I!. S. A WIDOW LADY AND HER DAUGHTER DESIRE the management of a hotel or hoarding house. Ad dress.). ROBERTS, Pott Office, BfOOkljrB. 4 GERMAN LADY, A PERFECT HOUSBKBEPBB, J\ in a first class hotel or private family; best refer ence given. Address M. S., Herald offlce. A WIDOW LADY, WITHOUT ENCUMBRANCE, wishes a position as housekeeper or governess: is fully competent for either: references exchanged. Ad dress Mrs. E. M. M., Post offlce. Brooklyn. A TO! NO PARISIAN LADY, WEI.L EDUCATED, AS housekeeper to a gentleman of means, or would like to return to Europe. Address, for three da>?, FLOR ENCE, Herald Uptown Branch offlce. t GENTLEWOMAN OF CAPABILITY. A WIDOW, aged 3ft, desires a position in the country tor the .?iiminer as housekeeper; prefers a hotel; understands the management of servants and all appertaining to a first class place; Is a refined, cultivated ladv. Address Mrs. BAXTER, box 100 Herald Uptown Branch offlcc, 1,3M BroM* ay. A BOSTON LADY WOULD LIKE TO TAKE CHARGE of a hotise while the family are away in Europe, or would keep house for a widower; can turnish the verv best of Boston reference; capable of taking the en ire charge or a first elan boaroing house, eltoar at Long Branch or Saratoga. Address, lor one week, W. L., box 12>I Herald otliee. I IrANTED?A SITUATION BY A WIDOW LADV OF ?T high education as housekeeper or to travel wilh a family ; willing to work: reference vxchanged. Address M. M , Ilcrald offlce. LatindreMes, II WAVE RLE Y PLACE.?A YOUNG GIRL AS COM I 1 petent laundress In a private inmily; country pre ferred for summer months; several years' best city ref erence. ni* SUFFOLK ST., IN THE BASEMENT?A RE i') spectahle wonian wishes to do a few gentlemen's washing; mending done without charge. Call or ad dres?. Cut this out. 8- f,TU AV ?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN AS LAUN ? ) dre-s, or would do housework for a small lauilly; no objection to the country : city reference. Ikio WEST IHTII ST., BEAR.?A RESPECTABLE I JLl ' woman wishes to get worn by the day or week ; Is a wood washer and Ironer ; can do all kinds of house work or eleantng; good refertnee il required. Can ho seen for two da^ s. mWEST ami ST. ?AS FIRST CL\?>' LAI N dress, to go to the country lor the Summer; will ing and obliging. 1 ?) I WEST .T1D ST.-A RESPECTABLE COLORED IWt" lauodre? wishes ludles'. gentlemen's and family washing. Callon.Mrs. FRANKLIN, 144 WEST :?TH ST., FIRST FLOOR.-A ItU snectable woman to do a few more families' wasning 6y the dozen or month: laces 01 every descrlp 1 ion done : fluting. Ac. 1 17 W , ST 3ATII ST?WORK WANTED BY THE 1 +I day to do family washing; tan do children's clothes flr*t class 17Q WEST I0TH ST.. CORNER ?TH AV-A BE l I ' spectable woman to go out hv the da> to w.i?h, Iron and do housecleanlng, or will take washing home. 9| J- EAST MTH ST., NEAR 3D AV ?A RESPECT. ^"') able woman as first class laundress: thoroughly understands her business; fluting and polishing; willing to go to the country ; city reference irom last place, i'nil tor two da vs. n?)0 WEST I#T1I ST , BETWEEN 7T.I AND NTH AVR, " rear house, first floor,?A woman to go out l>y the dav to do washing and Ironing or cleaning; is an experi cin eil hand. Mrs. GILLEM. 9,11 WEST 33D ST-A RESPECTABLE WOMAN desires to do washing and Ironing In a private family, g< od raAm m ? 9^?9 WEST 41 ST ST.?TWf? SISTERS; ONE AS ? first clas. laundress: the other as eliambermald and waitress; no obiuction to the country; good city references. 97/t 7 Til At., BAKERY-A REsl'ECT tBLE olBL U I W as first elasi laundress; city or country; under stands tine washing and Bating: good reference. 099 EAST 32D ST., THIRD FLOOR ?A RESPECT able woman to go out bv the 4av to wash and iron onto kouseeieaninic: good reierenccs, also a young girl, l< years old, to do light Housework, Q'J7 EAST 3ATH HT-A YOUNG WOM A\ \SMSE ? )? J I washer and Ironer In a private family , good city relerence. ?J I (I EAST Jtril ST, THIRD FLOOR. BACK ROOM.? ?? I ?' * respoetablewoman wonM Hu a t?w gentle men's or lamllius'wujlitug at her own huusc , best cltv reivicuce. SITl'ATIOVS W A iiTBD?FESIAIiRH. Laundrotwi. dte> oor ID AV.. REAR-AS FIRST CLASS LACW. OU?J dross, cvnu il? French tinting. box pirating and all kinds of l.ttiuty and tfrntleiiien's line work in (he best in*liner; prefer* the country; hot* city reference. A AO wkst 44-rn st , top fi.oor.-a kiust class 1"?/ laundress wishes ? fow private families' ing hv the week or montli. Unit class reference if re quired. ('*11 lor two day*. ____ A1 n WEST BOTH ST.?A RESPBCTADLB VOONO rl'J girl as laundreasj understandsfluting, luce*. Ac.; bent referonee. Omii Ixi Men until engaged. A OCX WEST 4.VTII ST., RINO FOURTH BELL.?A T-4ill/ first class Itiundrex* to do geuUeuien'sor fami Ilea' washing ; bent oity reference. A Aft WBHT SI ST ST., BETWEEN 9TB AND I0TH tt"1? avs.?A respectable 1'rotestant woman to do a couple of families' wsslung and ironing at her homo: French putting and fluting done reasonable. Call or ad dress. ARA WEST MO ST., TOP FLOOR, FRONT. ?A RE T*J\f spectublc lady wishes lo get the warning and ironing ol a respectable family or ol a low gentle men, or would go out. 4r>7 WEflT .11 ST ST?AS KIRST CLASS I.AUN tt I dress or lo do ch.tuihnrwork and line washing; good city reference from last place. RAO WEST 33D ST?A RESPECTABLE WIDOW woman lo do a lew gentlemen's or families' wish ing. i.4 a first class laundress and understands all Kinds of French Anting; none but icspecuhlc persons need ap ply; imsteitr reference. r.|in EAST I5TII ST., TOP FLOOR.-A RESPECT V tt'i'J bio woman wishes lo get some wushlng at her own resiiti nee, or is willing to go out to work , good ref erence if required. Can be Hen for two days. 1AO I 3D AV., CORNER S8D ST.?A RBSPECTAB1.B .UUt voting girl as laundress, or would do line washing and clutinberwork; best city reference. A PROTESTANT (URL AH FIRST CLASS LAC N drc<w in a private family: would assi-it with the chamberwork; good refercuce. Address R. 1). box 101 Herald Uptown Branch office. 109 Nuraca, die, 1A CLINTON PLACE.?A RESPECTABLE I'HOT I' * cstant woman as mirm- mi l seamstress; capable ol taking chargo of <11 infant; best city reference. DfAFlK AV.?A LADY HREAKINO HI' HOUSE ke<-|>Iiik wimlil like to find a situation for ? faithiul infant's nurse. 2?> WE8T MTH ST-A YOUNO OIRL TO TAKE ? ) care of children; to no a short distance la the country ; good city relcrcnce. no CHARLES ST.?A YOUNO COLORED OIRL AS ?-?' nurse or lady's maid ana seamstress; good city wtwuw. call from I to 8. Ol EAST 19TB ST.?A GOLORBD WOMAN AS imd'T child's nurse or to take run* of 11 sick lady; best cliy reiercnco. Call or addraaa. OC WEST 18TH ST.. REAR HOUSE.?A FRENCH Z?v) girl to take care of children In an American I'utn tly; boat relcrcnce. 9.7 NORTH MOOBB ST.-A NBAT, TIDY OIRL, ? I lady landci, Irt yenrsotage, to take care of a baby or do upstair* work; reference if required. OQ WEST 12TH ST., IN THE BAKERY.?A RE spcrtsblo young nirl as iiiirnc and seamstress in a private family ; in a good operator. 7r 3D AY AN ENGLISH MONTHLY NURSE CAN O take another engagement; Urst class references; to he seen tills week. Address Mrs. HAKI'EK. WEST I5TII ST.?A PROTESTANT YOUNO WO man as thorough in la 11 t'n nurse; capable of taklrg entire charge anil of bringing it up by tlic bottle; no objection to the country; goou city relcrcnce from last employer 111 WEST tr.TII ST.?A BB8PECTABLB YOUNG 1 1.1 girl as nurse; would assist with the chumborwork; no objection to the country , beat citv nRnwoei. 1]/; WEST BOTH ST.?A YOUNO OIRL AS NUBSE 1 lU and to do plain sewing or would do chamber work ; first class city reference. mEAST SSTH ST., PRB8ENT EMPLOYER'S.?A rospectablo Protestant woman as infant's mirau; good seamstrtisa; cuts and makes children's clothes; 110 objection to the country. Call for two day*. 19 - BAST HOUSTON 8T? NEAB 2D AV.?AN EX Lia') nerienced monthly nurse wishes another cngage meal: can be well recommended. Apply to or address NURSE. ___ _ WEST MTH ST,?A COLOBED OIRL AS NUB SB or Chambermaid ; good city reference. 90P WEST MTH ST., NEAR 7TH AV.. Top FLOOR ? iUU An experienced woman as child's nursu ; no ob jection to the country; city reference. QAQ WEST 8STH ST.?A BBSPBOTABLE YOUNO ??\ftj woman as competent Imam's nurse; can take entire cuarge of a baby trom its lilrth ; Is very fond of children; willing and obliging; three years' reference, ('all from 10 o'clock. k>ll WEST 26TI1 ST. ? AS NURSE, BY A PROTEST ul L ant young woman ; is capable 01 taking rare ot an infant from Its birth, or would travel with a tainlly. WEST KID ST., CORNER 7TH AV.?A COM petent nurse and seamstress; neat, kind and trustworthy; willing to go with a family to the. country, returning lii Fall; best city reference as to capability. 000 EAST MTU ST.?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN as nurse; tally understands the care of children from their birth; has no objedtion to go in the country ; cltv or country reference*. Can be sc<mi until suited, 4iQ7 WB8T 27TII ST.. SECOND FLOOR. BACK ??> I room.?A Scotch Protestant woman as competent nurse; cuii tiring up a baby trom its birth; good family mwit ; city or country; best city reference. QAft BA8T 10TH ST., TOP FLOOR.?A EESPBCT t>UI/ able (ierman girl as child's nurse; is perfectly able to teach the (ierman language uud speaks English; would also wait on ladies; Is a neat sewer; willing ami obliging; best references. QA | EAST ,'MTII ST.-AS COMPETENT NUBSE; Ol/'rr can take entire charge of a baby; or to take care of growing children and assist with chamberwork. Q1 7 NORFOLK ST., NEWARK, N. J.?A RESPECT OJ I able young woman, with a iresh breast of milk as wet nurse, either to go out or take one home ; has lost her new born babe. 001 WEST 40TII ST.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OOl girl as nurse and chambermaid ; no objection to the country; would make herself generally usetiil; good city reference from last place. ? ) ?) 1 WEST 2?TII ST.. SECOND FLOOR, FRONT ?)Ol room.?A Protestant wainaa as nurse; capable of taking care, ot a baby from birth; no objection to country; best city reference. QQO ?TH AV. ? \ YOUNO FRENCH OIRL AS NURSE ? and seamstress; no objection to travelling; be>t reference. ????7 EAST SOT 11 ST.?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN ? >Ol as nurse; thoroughly understands the care of children; five years' reference from last place. Ring fourth licll. 151 QQQ PAST :WD ST.?A RESPECTABLE OIRL *>?>?/ (Protestant) as nurse and to make herself gene rallv usclul in a private tamily; no objections to coun try : good city reference. Q.JO EAST 23D ST., FIRST FLOOR.-TWO PROT ? >'T?> estant girls, sisters; one as nurse and seamstress, the other as chambermaid; test city reference. OA A EAST IflTH ST. ?AS CHILDREN'S NURSE BY ? jt't 11 respectable Protestant woman; no objection to the country ; good city reference. Call for two days. ?in WEST 82D ST., PRESENT EMPLOYER'S.?A ? >?)J. respectable Protestant girl as nurse; willing to go in tin country tor the Summer. ?)-(! 7TB AV.?A YOUNO OIRL AS NUR8B AND TO ? 11" do plain si wing; understands the care ofa baby from birth ; two years' reference iroiu last place; no ob jection to travel. A fl 1 BAST 1STH ST., BETWEEN 1ST AV AND AV. rlf'T A.?a respectable young girl as nurse and seam stress, or as chambermaid and seamstress; no objection to the country; good reference. 1 (17 WEST 25TH ST.?A COMPETENT YOUNO WO 4rU I man as Infants'nurse; csii take entire charge; will do plain sewing; city or couiitry; good city reicr ence. I WEST :t8TH ST.?A RESPECTABLE YOUNO girl as nurse or to assist in chamberwork in a re spectable family; no objection to the country; best city reierence. Can be seen irom 10 to 4 o'clock. 31 EAST 14TIf ST.?A RESPECTABLE PR(ITEST ant woman wishes to take charge of one or two ?hiklren at her own home. Call on or address Mrs. SIMPSON. _ _ __ (?)?> WEST 38TH ST?A RESPECTABLE PERSON 'rOj as in'ant's nur-e;can take care of baby trom I.s birth or 01 grown children ; can do plain S"wuig; best city reicrence. IQQ 9TH ST.. NEAR AV. A.?A YOUNO NORTH T ? >?/ (ierman girl, who sneaks good English ami has lived in one place for 2'i years, as child's nurse, wishes to go travelling to Europe; can sew bv baii'l and ma ? hme and do all kinds o; luncy work; very fond of chil dren and willing and obliging. Can be seen till 2 o'clock a. Mrs. Kuchier's. A Vi PACIFIC ST.. BROOKLYN ?A SCOTCH OIRL *1 >)?? to go to Europe with a tamily as maid or muse; a good .sailor. 1 7T" AV ? BETWEEN MTH AND ;J5TH STS.?A '1? )0 , ouipetcnt young girl as nurse ; thoroughly ex perienced in the care ot small children , fully capable of taking charge 01 an iniant: Is a good plain sewer, or would do chamberwork and sewing; will l>* lonnd will lti.: and obliging; wishes togo in 1 he country; good city rclerence. "Ji7 CT" AV., BETWEEN SOTH AND 3I3T STS.?A ?JVI I respectable English Protestant woman aa nurse and seamstress t?.r growing children . can cut and (It and understands Wheeler A Wilwin's machine; ?r to wait on au elderly lady ; no < biection to the country or to travel. SOQ BROOME ST.?A KIND AND PLEASANT ? )?!>?! German woman as nurse to an invalid or sick person. Call on or addrew Mrs. h. .l/ll NTH ST., BETWEEN 101 H AND lirtlAVS., ?J'-J-J. first floor.?A respectable woman wants a baby to take cure 01 a' her ov 11 residence, to nurse on a bottle, ts she has no care. /'.?/? 3D AV , NEAR MTH ST., SECOND FLOOR, U? O front room - An agreeable girl ?s nur?'. i? ion<i 01 children, fiest i>ersoiial city reference; no objection to the country. ID AV-A YOUNO AMERICAN OIRL TO mind children. 07ft ,;TH AV'> PAPBB STORE.?A RESPECTABLE ?" I ") voong Scotch uirl as experienced mirs?- and seamstress or to wait on a lady and sew; best city ref erence. 8% 1 <1^1 SD AV.. BETWEEN ?2I> AND MP STS.-A 1l?)*r voting woman to travel with a family to tako tare ot children; is never sea sick; best reference. A SCOTCH PROTESTANT WOMAN WISHES A SITUA. tlon as Infant's nurse ; ran take the entire charge of an ilitaiit trom its birth and can do plain sewing: no ob | lection to the country; best city reterenep. AHit"?, * L.. by* 1/1 Uoraia Uotvwu utllvii. ?ITVATIOWg WAIVTED-PKHALRI. \ Wirwi, Oie. W"I ~A BOMBER OK ORRWAW AND ** "'ualloiia. at llAHHbHV Agency. H>l Htli at., near Bowery WANTED-RY an EXPERIENCED Mr. itch no man, a <ttuati?ii n tiur*?, to wait mi an in /alid or r? bring up a baby Call .it BEDELL'S office. *1X1, uTaui WakreMti. Ar. 1 r WK8T ITTli MT.-A LADY WIHIIKS TO PLAOB A X?J waitress, I oar yvara' recommeadatioa. 4?7 WEST 221) ST, I'RKSENT KM PI.OYERS- A|V-)' IN, > Ld I girl at first class waltrc?< and a*iut in chamber work i no objection to the country OQ irNivmiurrv plai:e.-ah waitkbsh in a. pbi .^O Tate family. woald lkk? to no a short distance 1* Ui>' i ountry. Can lit: seen at late employer'aoa Thursday WBOT I9TH ST. RKAR.-A COMPETENT GIRL aa first clam waitreai in a private faintly , oity at country, best city reference Irom font employer. Q-l/J WBST ."WTH HT-AN AMKItIC AN W'lMAM, ill) who thoroughly understand* tier buatueaa, aa waitress: r-urtMlce. k>^?) BAST IOTH HT.-A RESPECTABLE OIRL AM y'l-J waitress and to assist with chamberwnrk: brat cltv relerence; no objection to go a short distance iu Um country. QQ?? BAST 31 ST ST.?A YOI'NO GIRL 'AH WAIT ?>?)') res* or chambermaid iu a private family; boat city reference trotn last place. SITUATION WANTED?AS PIR8T CLASS WAITRKR?: b?st ottv reference. Call, lor two days, at llorlat'a corner of 42a st. and 4th av. WAITRESS.?COMI'KTBNT WAITRESS, OR CHAM li'Tmaid ami waitress; two years' cltr reformer*, a cood Inline preferred to wages; citv preferred. Addroaa WAITRESS, box ItiU llurald Uptown Branch otllco. Mlsrcltancou*. "1 r WEST I5TII HT. ? K LADY VflHIIFH TO PLACR M I'' maiil ami oaniKtr '? . excellent recommendation. t>0 SCAMMEL ST., REAR.?TWO RESPBCTARLB ? Protestant girls. lust lauded, in ? private inmilyi will l>e found willing and obliging; no objections to go* short i,'' in ? in tho country. f| 7TH AV., CORNER OK I.ITII ST.?A YOUNO tI American woman to assist an invaliii lady audio do plain sewing, or would de light chamhurwoik; good relerciico ; duos nut want to loavo the city. f{0 WEST 24TII ST., NEAR ?TII AV., FIRST CUOUT, UO (ilon'l ring).?A voiing lady of fine appearance, in teligcnt .and re lined, as companion or housekeeper: fufly relable. Call lor two day*. Ml? RODRIiL. 0Q EAST tori) ST., tfP STAIRS.?A SETTLED U?' colored woman as lady's iuaid, to travelor wait ob large children. Q 4 AVENUE C, TOP FLOOR,?AN AMERICAN OIRl Ot at some light iniiployini'tit, such us packing ot lining up medicines. or to assist III u store; beat city ref orence. Address A. L. Q(\ WRBT 16TH ST., CORNER 9TII AV.-ACOMPE 0?/ tent, woman to travel with a lady or go III ths country tor the summer : can take care ot an infant froia ItHbirtli; will do plain Hewing and make herself gen erally u-elul, unexceptionable rcterunce. Can bo seen for tlireo uuys. -| i)i) EAST ltiTll ST.?A FAITHFUL, COM PETKNT, 1 mlddlc-agcd woman, with child, to take ear* oi a gentleman'* or club, during absence or at home ; best references. Call or address at last place. Of|Q BAST 88T 11 ST.?A YOUNO GIRL AS LADY'S OUO maid and seamstress; cuts and Ills ladle*, dresses; is a good hairdresser; can mako all kinds oi ladles1 undei'i'lothing on Whcctrr A Wilson's machine! w mid travel or go in the country. Call on or addresl MissCAVANAOH. OO - ROWERY, CORNER OF 2D ST.-A RESPECT able German person to go with a latnily to Cali fornin or any Hurt of tho West; willing to mako liorseU generally useful. O')-. BAST MTII ST.. THIRD FLOOR. RACE, ROOM !?.?A respectable young gtrl, lately landed) in* private family, to do light wont or tukc careot childrtnt willing and obedient. Pill tor two day* 0.?1 WEST asD HT -A YOUNO LADY. WITH HES1 ?>? I L reference*, speaking Oerman, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian, to fcccompatiy a ladyol family to Europe. OQO EAST 10TH ST.. STATIONERY STORE.?A YOU Nil OOO German girl wishes to go to Europe with a fauiilj as n urso. Q A 9 WEST 28TH ST.-AN EDUCATED ENGLISH OTi girl, who speaks French fluently and linden stands music, as governess: accustomed to children undel 12 : docs general sewing well; country no objection; en ceileut reference. QflA 7TI1 AV., CORNBRI0TH ST.-A RESPECT ABUft OUU Protestant nurso can take entire charge of 4 baby from birth : understands the bottle and can do plalg sewing; no ohicction to go trnveillng; It years'refer> cncc Irom last place. Ou (>e seen lor l wo days. EAST HOUSTON ST.-A YOUNO OIRL WOULD like to tend in a bakery or a tancy store. C .Ifr 2D AV.?A R18PBCTABLB OIRL AS LADY'S fj+tj maid and seamstress; operates on Wheeler 4 Wilson's machine ; best city reference. Can be seen fot two duys. fU\7 20 AV- NEAR Till ST.?A RESPECTAHLR O'l | wishes a gentleman's house to take care of due tng the Summer, and would do the family's washing U sent home; best reference. Call or address for two days 365 A ICO i 2D AV., R ETWEES 79TH AND BOTH ST& .oOt A young woman, who has lost her child, U tukc a baby to wet nursu at her owu residence. Call all the week. Mrs. MANNING. A YOUNO LADY WOULD LIKE TO TAKE A SITUt atlou in a book store or a store of any kind; cm write a good hand. Address 42ti 2d av. A WIDOW LADY WISHES A POSITION AS COM. putiion to an invalid lady; is a first class nurse. reft erences exchanged. Address Mrs. A. H. F., Herald Rranch office, Brooklyn. FRENCH PROTESTANT WISHES A SITUATION _ as ladv's maid with a family going to Europe. Cas lie mil at present employer's. Address, for oae week, L. M., onx 13.1 Herald Uptown Branch office. A YOUNO LADY, WITH EXPERIENCE AND Til* highest testimonials, ns companion to a lady or M teach and take charge of one or two children; country oi to travel preferred. Address Miss A. WARD, Post office Brooklyn. A HIGHLY EDUCATED YOUNO FRENCH PRRSOM J\ ot good appearance, speaking French, Italian and English, as nursery governess or to attend a lady; no ob> je tlon to go to Europe; good reference. Address L. S. M^ Herald Uptown Rranch office. VVANTED-A SITUATION BY A YOUNO WIDOW. Vf who bns travelled all over Europe; understand! French cooking, sewing, and capable ot taking charge <s a house In general: no objection to leave die city: re< erences given. Address RITA, Herald Uptown Brand office. Intelligence Office*. A LI. EXPERIENCED SERVANTS AND OIRLS LATR .\ lv landed can get the best situations at CARPKN Ti.R's, l:w West 11th st., corner tith av. (GERMAN SERVANTS FOR ALL CAPACITIES, CA "X pable and trustworty, constantly found at3lH Bow ery, entrance on Sleeker street MRS. LOWE. /1ERMAN SERVANTS FOR ALL POSITIONS?CAP A \T lib and trustworthy, tound at 219 tith St.; entranw near Bowery. Mine. HOLZSTEIN. PHOFKSSIOXAIiSITUATIONS WAITED. FEMALES. 4 LADY, OPERATING THE TELEGRAPH, WISHES J\ employment. Address, for ten days, C. R., tele grupher, Herald office. A POSITION AS PRIVATE SECRETABT, COPTWI l\ or housekeeper desired oy a young lady in need ol immediate financial assistance. Address ANXIOUS, boa 12V Herald office. ___ l LADY, EXPERIENCED IN TEACHING ENGLISH. 1\ French and music, desires to exchange the same for Board: references. Address BELDEN, Herald Up town Branch office. 4 LAKY WRITES CHECKS, DRAFTS, RILLS, RE - V cclpts, advertisements, orders, accounts, note*, notices, reviews, reports, letters, business letters, friendly letters, social letters. Ac. East 17th st. Miss W. A FRENCH LADY, SUPERIOR TEACHER, SPEAK ing and instructing also Oerman. Italian and Eng. If?h, de-ires to find Board In the country, In return lor bet Instruction, city references. Address FitANCK, Herald Uptown Branch office. AYifUNG LADY, JUST ARRIVED FROM EI'ROPK." who has had much experience in teaching, is ready to receive pupils tor French, Oerman, music and , Ira wing. Apply at Mine. ELDhR's, 111 West list St., opposUa Reservoir Park. A YOUNO LADY OF EXPERIENCE DESIRES A vV position as governess; is well qualified to teach the English branches, writing, drawing and water color painting references unexceptionable. Address C. RIKE SlAN. ,tf West l.'tOth street, flarlem. . V'SITIKO GOVERNESS ?AN ENGLISH LADY GIVES V lessons in the English branches, French and Pianos 410 East .',2 1 st. WANTED?BY A YOUNG LADY. A POSITION AS ?V studio attendant, to write In an office or any gen teel ei.ipiovuieiit. Call on or address Miss M. A. SiKril ENS. West :lt':h st. HELP WA^TED-FEMALES, t PROTESTANT OIRL WANTED?AS NURSE AND iV to do upstairs work; wiling and obliging Apply, with reference,at306Ea*t I2uth st., lliirlem. A LDBRNKY DAIRY, 113 NASSAU STREET, WANTS j\ a mm.her of neat and intelligent girls. Call Thurs day morning, between << and 9 o'clock, ready tor work. V CHANCE TO LEARN TELEGRAPHY.?MEN, women, boys and girls learn and take positions - de mand for operator*; no vacation. THOMPSON'S College. 20 evil a v., opposite Cooper Institute. AN ACTITB, INTELLIGENT, EXPERIENCED WO J\ man as first class meat and pastry cook; must b? obliging and willing to learn our ways. 41 West JCth st.. loren- ???, tor two nays. A - WANTED, YOUNO, ACCOMPLISHED LADY OR ? young w dow. posse .sing natural talents necessary to inanave the household of a young gentleman ami asMiine charge ol u young child. Address HARTFORD bo* 14.1 Herald office. A DKStKtHLE, PERMANENT POSITItlN VACAN" J\ At McMENAXY k Co.'S.'for an intelligent ladv not too young, who writes a fair hand ; salarv first month, tu p*r weejt to a competent person perhaps more. Call after II at 7:? Broadway. /-100K AND LAUNDRESS WANTED?IN A SMALL \yl taiuilv, nenr Woodlawn station. Westcheiter connty, 12 miles tr'om city, lnijulre at ilti East 16th St., ftoin 10 till 4 o'clock. ? fJHNIBHERS ON LADIES' SUITS?RKDINOOTES, JP operators on Wlllctwilu A Oibbs. . OEKE, No. 4 Grand /URI.N WANTED IMMRDlATSfcT? FOR KIR8T CLASS VI aituatlons city ami country, Come ami see ODElsL'4, M Wv?t Sill *u. u?ar Broadway, x

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