Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 29, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 29, 1873 Page 2
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C?TT MtAl ESTATE FOR SAI.K. Central. A?THREE CHEAP LOTS, ONLY 600 FEET EAST . of ?? nth avenue entrance to Central Park. ou Fifty ?ighth street; excavated, hlook restricted, Ac. V- K. STEVENSON, Jr., II Pine atreet. A?A-?A-?HOUSES FOR SALE, CENTRAL IN NEW ? Y?rki by JAMES HYLAND, 3i2 Knit Nineteenth Mreet Only $3,000cash wanted for a tour story 6 loot rt inches by 54 deep, lot 100 feet on Nineteenth street, near Tlnnt avenue; Twentieth street a 20 bv 50, lot 1IW, high |t?op, heat ot order; price $15,000; H City uots for sale on and 124th street*; Lou tint Hoiiwi tor sale or trade iu any part ol the city. S42 East Nineteenth street. East Side. '-OT( OPPOSITE THE EAST SIDE PARK, NEAR l\ f'v'? t voun i nr? BAni aiiJCt rAlvi\, i> r. ah > the boat land inp at KiKht.v-fourth >treet, and other ? iu the vicinity, lor sule; terms to suit Apply to the ow<ner, HAMLIN BADCOCK, Seventy sixth street and East River. A SINGLE LOT AND SEVERAL PLOTS, NEAR106TII Jx street and First avenue, for sale ou easy terms, or lease; steam power to let. t BoVD A * 'II ASK, M7th street and First avenue. AWElil, PAVING CORNER AND AN INSIDE 25 foot House on Third avenue tor sale; a bargain to a party hiving $35,000cash. HOWKLL A IIIJRST, 921 Third avenue. A TTORNEY STREET, NEAR HOUSTON.?TWO FINE J\ live storv Tenements und Stores, rentiug lor $7,600, will he sold cheap ; lermsea.-y UOliKKr MIIRHA.V, an liast Thirty-second street. A NKW FIVE STORY DOT RLE STORE AND TENE J.\ ment, brick, iSxBixKO, best part of First avenue renting /or for sule for $23.00); only $1,401) cash re! quired THOMAS o. HOJIvit, j,'W Third avenue. /IHEAPEK THAN CIIEAP.-A FIVE STORY DOUBLE \J tenement House, full lot, in East Eighteenth street .IP um'?/ YftS'l&.'K ab,,ut Iti'iuire A M ntl a:ter 7 o'ciock p!' Me0 ?>-'clock T? ASTERN BOULEVARD LOTS FOR 8ALE-ON VERY Ju oasy terms; also an East River Water Front, with 40 Lots. Apply to the owner, HAMLIN BABCOCK, Seven ty-Sixth .ii,reel and East River. MArV?01* SOUTHWEST CORNER OF !' ifty-eighth street, 100x129 feet, for sale tone tiler or single, tu ft, 20 or 25 toot lots; all excavated B "TBVKN80N, ?'r., II run- street. qto BUILDERS.?FOR SALE, CORNER OF HOUSTON tt"o.?!.,,?ki!'re.ctst ; terms to suit. i.OUhRi MORGAN, 201 East Thirty-second street. W?t Side. A ?ORAND BOULEVARD, NEAR EIGHTIETH . atreet; 28 loot Lot, superbly located, lor sale at a special hargain. K. Sfh\ I'.NSoN, Jr., II Pine atreet. A ~n l(i,VvT,n ?K ANTRAL PARK AVENUE, COR~ fvn*?r.i ?.5f street?Four Lots; uninterrupted view of Central ParK; price low; terms easy; a bargain. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr., 11 I'ine street. Ij^ XEC!:TOR'S SALE.?A SM ALL PLOT OF AVKM'K J Lots, on a valuable corner up town, to be sold at the low price ol $1,500 per lot; terms liberal. POTTER BROTHERS, No. 4 Warren street. I[K)R SALE?A BEAUTIFUL RROWN STONE HOUSE lour story high stoop, on West Twcnty-first street -aX> wide. o.. tcet deep, including extension .'in splended order; occupied by a llrst cluss desirable tenant on a lease ol two years; rent $2,000: price jai.OOi): terms easv JAMI'.S U. EDWARDS, M West rwentv-tliird "wet*" IjlOR SALE?\ FOl'R STORY DOUBLE TENEMENT, House, lot 100 feet; price $11,000; rent $1 on Weal Twcuty-sixth street; cash down sa,00o: the cheapest house in the city. Inquire at 3,'jO West Thirty second street. ' F?5 ^LR. CHEAP-FIVE FULL-SIZED LOTS ON Eighty-third street; also live Lots on Eightv-lourlh Street, between Eighth and Ninth avenue?. Very desira ble, ready lor immediate Improvement. Terms easy. Apply to the ownor, 11 Wail street, room 11. A. F. BRITTON. Three story brick, 18x40x05, with improve menu, west side, belew Fifty-third slreel; healthv pleasant location: $H,6tH By TREADWELL, West Jilty-second street Also Ave story brick Tenement, 25x 65x140; two Stores; 4ti Rooms. TWO LOTS FOR SALE?IN TWENTY SIXTH STREET near Seventh avenue. Call on or address P. it., 51 west Thirty-third street. IftASFQ?. C?RNKR TOR SALE-$a,000. RENTING *r $4,500, Second avenue comer, lour story double Storo S?<l.'l??eJ?;?!& $17,500; Ir'irst avenue Store, B0x45x?), $10.500. THOMAS O. lluj ER, tf.16 Third a v. 7T,.f. STKRE,T- '.'ONVENIENT TO BROADWAY AND I central j I ark, 25x2!<0, near Ninth avenue; high ground ; ouo or both Loli at a decided bargain; hall cash. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr.. II Pine street. BROOKLYN PROPERTY FOR SALE AND TO LET. JjKRALD BRANCH OFFICE?BROOK LVN. ADVERTISEMENTS fOR THE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT OUR BRANCH OFFICE, IN THE LONO ISLAND MAYING8 BANK BUILDING, CORNER OF FULTON AY. AND BOER I'M ST. OFFICE OPEN FROM 8 A. M. TILL 9 P. M. ON SUNDAY FROM 3 TO 9 P. M. CARRIERS AND AliENTS' DEPARTMENT, NO. 7 FRONT STREET. BROOKLYN. A REFINER, SHIPBUILDER OR MANUFACTURER in want ol 36 Lots on North Filth street, Brooklyn I'i'i teat on river, eighty per cent en hond and inorwnire Ave y-iars. can call or address HARMON. UBond street A BARGAIN.-HANDSOME THREE STORY BASE nienl and sub-ce'lar brick House, IJftrooms: all im provements; tlrst rate locution, near Citv Hall and li r Has; $0.800 W. COOK, 235 Washington street. HrooMyii. Brooklyn.?to let or for sale-$2,oi>o cash balance long mortgage?House, 7iW Nostrand avenue', near St. Mark's place, containing IS rooms, with all im priivemenu. Apply u* above, or to W. E, YOUNU. 16 New street ' I|*OR SALE?SOUTHWEST CORNER BRIDGE AND Plymouth airaets, I0Hxl07k. xROMAs KELLY, 65 Jay street LET?A SPLENDID DWELLING HOUSE. WITH u rook I "i KU itut'rov,'l"t'ntl (,3 rooms). 1SW Ross street, WESTCHESTER COIMY PROPERTY FOR SALE AND TO RENT. A ?"LARCIIMONT MANOR." JY. Several new Cottaces and Villas, with plot* 80x It?), or by the acre, lor saie at LHrchmont Msnor. on the ? 'u l'' T,01" Ne,J Rochelle (lormerly the eoun try scat ol E. K. t ollins, Es<j.i This magnitleent prop ertv conaistlng ol SWacre^ with a water front of tw!> nnles, isbeauiitully laid out as a private park and in tended exclusively for gentlemen's private residences. Jt is thoroughly drain'd and each house supplied with water irom a private reservoir espeeiallv erected for the uaeol residents. There will he II miles ol drives through MKht ?<'res, fronting on the water, have been reserved for a park and have been deeded for the of residents. An elegant depot has been creeled on the Haven Railroad, connecting by a private horse rail road, one mile in length, running ilirougli the property liniV^1 wi1h?r.'t 7 i each resident to reach hu bouae without being dependent upon rarringes. A num wJw?v .^4nt Vl. have been erected by prominent ,?<':kers und mnny more are now near completion. This is the most magnificent location in the Stale oi Sew lorK, and desirahle parties ar>> invited to inspect the property and villas now tor sale. Photographs mav t.p g;en and particulars glwn by applying to SILAS t). HER PMUfti1"';. corner Murrav street and Broadway ; E. 1 HALON, EM.. 517 Broadway, or WM. L. BARKER, Esq., at Larchmont Manor. AT KATONAH, WESTCHESTER COUNTY, FARM OP 50 acroa. near flic depot, and suitable for building ptoto; large, good buildings: price $16..too. KULAND a. WHITING, No. 5 Heekman street. AT RVE. WESTCHESTER COUNTY?AN ELEGANT Country Seat to let, fully furnished, tor the season: on nigh ground; live minutes irom depot; six acres In A*"rV()V"xI,RAPPk' 10 * '?'L'LD, Depot Master, or A NEW MODERN WELL BUILT HOUSE-FINISHED Jl\ in g? "1 slyle ; ten ro.ims; all improvements; gas. ni.irtile manti'is, bath, hot and cold water, ratine stu ti'in.iry tubs, hav window, pia/7.a. cellar, ?tabic, Ae.; corner lot, GO by |(pt teet hiuh ground, laid out walxs ornanK'nUl trees and plants; eonveni- nt to cars; sold on account oi owner going West; price $s.i?ni. terms easy. .O, ^ . K. I. BROWN, '"'h' or Ulth street, Morrisaiiia, near depot. AT TARRYTOWN-KLEGANT HOUSES AND SX Groundsto let: location unsurpassed ; trains hourly : rents reduced, ( all at once on CoLKs A RVDEIt 1 ">2 Broadway. ' ' AT 1ARRYTOWN, NEAR Tllli DEPOT-TO LFT lurnlshed or nn'tirnlshed. Houses anli'otta"es at' very low ronts, for either season or year: or lor sal. cheap: hourly trains S. EMBERSoN, 65# Sixth avenue,' near Thirty-eighth street ?KIOR SALE-LOWER WHSTl HESTER. NEAR Hul l F I vard, immediate possession, a House, delightlullv sit uated, and one acre of Land, with Stable, Coach House garden, Ac.; within five minutes of depot. It) minutes' walk ot Harlem steamboat*, anil 30 minutes' drive to tne city through Park; price $I8,00U Address R M. O., box 1)18 Poat office. LtURNISHED OK UNFL'R.NISIIED-AN ATTRACTIVE 1 and healthy Place of 6 acres and house of 15 rooms, with stable, at East Chester, 1', miles iroin Mount Ver non, on Sew Haren Railroad; 13 inlles irom Grand Cen tra. Depot; garden planted and an abundance ol Iruit; Pi.. ?i Carriages und Cow w<iuld be rented with !U'ii * i* . wi" ''** lia? d or rented low. Apply to l> A J. J A RDIN R. Architect", 1,287 Broadway. rpARRTTOWN.?FOB SALE, FAMILY RESIDBNOE, shadnl?!.. '":w 13 lar?<c' warden, full of trutt ami deoot tr??,'./, !'3J J1 '"J,,,n ; minutes' walk irom se? i,n ler ... i'rK ,'v,rJ' hour; immediate pos f i 0"?y. the tainily going to Europe. For a"v HLACKWELL A CO.. 65 Lib BTty strict, New York, or opposite depot. Tarry town. WfcNlT? S"Vi <-0VN1'Y FARMS FOR SALE rood fmproveme'nu, ilO.IUO; extra fine plai t loi ?crp? 'a "i i>! o H?T .? irom Ron to tmM su7?r nt* *? PER MONTH FOR THE SEASON "K LONGER V I O for a comfortable House, near Tarrvtown Jlr tiajlr furnished; lour acres of land, stable IV uhom J tnilea from dapol REED a rfoVT,% Broadway. HiH -HOUSE AND LOT, AT KATONAH OS JOilwU. the Harlein Haiirosd, eight minutes' wslk rou, the station ; good new house, seven rwins bo,Id l?ara ?, two acres land ; abundance ot fruit, tc. ' Mrs. NANCY BHI)ELL, Katonah. Westchester < oiinti, N Y. TUU) CAS"- BALANCE ON BOND AND MORT ?agn, lor charming Residence In Westchcs ler, within an hour of Wall street by boat; would ex. ,,llr!<a,? Addrcit HEMtV WILiON, U?raid Lptown Braiic.n office. lEHHKf rtAnoiUJ.V. IltfDMON < ITY ANI? IU:ROKN REAL ESTATE. **or ?nlv, A VALUABLE STORE PROPERTY AT A ^APRT b w iii "??r and feed store or restaarant Jiiti v ^ ' WO**1* Court Uou??. J#r?ci t'ilv Hvuihts For Bale. TlftR. at i p OR TO RENT?A FINK HOUSR AT RRR? State street WRflKY CITY LOTH FOR HALK BY THB ACRE.?A J 'piot, fronting county road: over 80 Lots for $11,000; So ntr MOt ciik: # Acre*, with house. mm; vfcliilty. So auoi u Acre*, fronting Secaucus avenueaud Midland Railroad; Plot oi 33 lots. lew block* from ferry to Oort scrlpUon, Stores, ie., al private sale exclusively; Prop erty to exchange. JOHN II. PL ATI, opposite Court House. Jersey city Height*. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR BAL.K OR TO RENT. ALL WANTING FARMS.-TO FARMERS AND FARM laborers t'rom the Old Country?Virgin soil $25 tier acre, near the great markets of New York and Pnll?dcl pliia: tanning better and inore nrofltahle than v*est. Ap ply to JOHN H. PAGE, 102 Park place, two doors (row West street. New York. Papers will be sent on applica tion, by letter. _ AT NEWARK.?DOCKS, FRONTING ON, PASSAIC A River (canal on rear), for lumber, coal or factory sites, to lease. Apply at 1)7 Duaue^ree^New A T LAKE OEOROE.-TWO VERY NICE COTTAOE3 A with elegant piazzas, well furnished, to let lor the Summer; one 13 rooms, rent $800; one 8 rooms, rint; $350. healthy location; one on tliel-akeKhore rlljf ;ulll'"1! mile from post office and Fort William Hertry Hotel. carriage house and stable; ice house filled. ",e cottages will be found, by Inspect ion. the most cosy and comfortable of anv in the vlcinily. Address JAMhS CRANOALE, Lake George, N. Y. a i NORWALK, CONN.?A VERY DRSIRABLE A Residence and Grounds; house h?? ?]1s'','?Iove" tnents; situated high; overlooking LongIsland Sound. ROLAND A WHITINO, No. 8 Beektnan street. A T A BARGAIN*?A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY PL AOS. A '.*> acres, new set of farm buildings, beside mansion , splendid location: vicinity ol elrgun^mintry wats;view of Seund; near depot; 2? 'n>lp"/V^ n No l PaVk7l^e Europe; possession. *? OL1YM*, N1 ittiK pou . A B \RGAIN AT MORRISTOWN.?COUNTRY SEAT, 3 A aires or 22; handsome cottage; 11 rooms, bath, water closet, Ac.; ice house, carriage house, Ac.; lugli, healthy; tine Turns; abundance ?Mnm and A~ PLEASANT COUNTRY HOUSE. IN HEALTHY Lo cation, on Passaic River, 9 miles, 45 minutes from City Hall; corner plot, 1)4 acres; very convenient and substantial old-fashioned farmhouse, V rooms, water in kitchen, marble mantel; stable, carriflgo room and other outbuildings; fruit and shade; boating and fishing; ac cessible bv three railroads, near depots, churches, schools and stores; will be sold,completely furiiilshed. with possession at once, lor $<>,7M). A party with $t,000 cash will flnil this a rare opportunity. Apply to tho owner, A. I. WILLIAMS, tk) Walker street, New \ork. k T NEW BRIGHTON, S. I.?FURNISHED HOUSE; If A rooms, every modern Improvement, line view and groundings; eight W??tr PRETTV COTTAGE (SIX ROOMS), IN NEW J.*. Brighton, 8. I.; rent $400; splendid view; eight minutes from landing. W. A. COLLINS, gH I Inestriet A At riverside, Greenwich, stamford?coi n trv Scats and Cottages, season or year, furnished or unfurnished, low rentals;'a fine House at Elizabeth, price im.n.hly I^V.nen.Si)W.AiiD ^ "7 VERY DESIRABLE COUNTRY SEAT OF 72 A acres one hour in New Jersey ; near depots; good buildings, fruits, Ac.; cheap; will exchange for a city house KELLY BROTHERS. J05 Broadway A -TO LET. ON THE EAST BANK OF THE HUDSON, A. near New Hamburgh, the tlnest Country beat on hu river; brick mansion, 65x65; contains every '"o^rn nn proveinent, elegantly and fully furnished; green iouses, hot and cold graperies, lee house, couch house, lodge it entrance, all in perfect order; the grounds present the appearance of an English park, with Hue roads and Brand olu trees; rent tor season $S,<m y HABNKTT 111 Broudway. room F, ba?ement. CHOICE FARM OF 50 AOHKS IN ONKIDA county, near railroad; new hutUling*; fine Ioca* ; churches, schools and stores; $2,500; terms to suit. A tiou, v. 248 bast Thirtieth street A FURNISHED HOTEL TO LET-NEAR NEW YORK ; A possession immediately. Apply to S. C. SMI1H, owner, Frunktort House, 202 \V illiain street. A T STAMFORD, CONN.-FOR SALE, AN ELEGANT A Residence, situated halt a mile east ot the ?? lllasfe, on hiffh grounil ; a fine house, containing all nnworii un provements ; live acres of nice land, fruit and shrubbery of all kinds; beautiful location; everything In complete order, street.^ BENNINGTON, VT.?TO RENT, FOR THE SUM mer months, a very desirable two story fur nished House, with stable; everything complete: seven hours' ride, via Harlem Railroad, from New York. in quire of M. bARRINQTOX, EfifrBroadway. /COUNTRY BOARDERS WANTED.?ACCOMMODA i J tiuns for those wishing a dellghttul home, cheerful house high ceilings, roomy, veranda, all Improvements, with richest and most charming shade, oeautilul and at tractive lawns, croquet ground, dellghttul views, new carriage house and stables, trult, grape arbor, situated lour minute*'walk fioin Maple wood and Wyoming de no!;, Morris and Essex Railroad, IS miles Irom New York, on very reasonable terms, for the season, imonth or weeK, furnished new; will open June 1. Those wishing lo secure rooms will call on Mrs JOHNSON, SO* West Four teenth street. /COUNTRY SEAT FARM, 41 ACRES. FOR SALE I ; cheap.?In tho most beautiful and healthy region, on line o! New Jersey Central Railroad, 73 minutes from Liberty street. Photograph with Dr. NEW., Harlem, or bTEVENS, Agent, Dune lien. /SAN BE BOUGHT C1IEAP-A H A N DSOMR RESI I drnce In the pleasant village of ltivei head, L. I.: S rooms large lot, with shade ana tYult trees; also good Farm, 35 acres; cottage, II rooms; plenty ol shade and fruit trees, with barns and outbuildings; a very pretty place, near the Pcoonlc Bay. Address DtPLT\ COIN 11 CLERK, Rlverhead, N. Y. /lOTTAOKS AT WYOMING, ON THE SLOPE OF THE IJ orange Mountain, beautifully located, near station, at a mere nominal rent to desirable parties. Apply to U. W. BADGER, Wyoming, N.J. /tOTTUlE AND ONE-HALF ACRE OF GROl M>. AT \7 Fan wood, on New Jersey Central Railroad, one hour from New York, lor sale cheap and on easy terms. Ap ply for particulars to EDWARD HARTNaOLL, attorney at law, t'5 Wall street^ ' (COUNTRY RESIDENCES TO RENT AT REDUCED J rents lor season or vear, at Plainfleld. Scotch Plains, Monte lair. Bloomfleld, and at other desirable locations in New Jersey. Also at Yonkers, Mug Sing. Mount Kiseo. Mount Vernon. New Rochelie, Rye, Portchester anil Stamford; several with water ironts. S. IRELAND. 201 Broadway. /lOUNTRY RESIDENCES, ALL LOCATIONS, TO 11 rent or for sale?Furnlsned cr unfurnished, on the water or inland, lor the season or year; all prices. C). G. BENNKT, No. 9 Pine street. rTsfJLKWOOD.?ATTENTION '?FOB SALE A SPLEN Hi did Place, beautifully located on the hill, near the Presbyterian church; house nearly new, thoroughly well built, 12 rooms, all modern improvements in splendid or der- lot contains of an acre of land, with fine garden, fruit shade, Air ; the views from this place are un*ur ras-ed. KlJl.LY BROTHERS, 2U5 Broadway, or U. M. WILLIS, Englewood. I ELEGANT RESIDENCE. FCItNISIIKD, TO LET?AT j Birmingham, fomi. Honsc of 10 rooms, fully fur nished; modern improvement*: four acre, of ground; abundance ot fruit und shade 'rees; stable and oiittiuild ings; lor season $1,0JU. IIOMKR MORUAN, No. J Pine at. ULEOANT RESIDENCE. 40X70, ALL MODERN IM. Ji provemeuts, extensive stables, 11 acres, plenty fruit, perfect order, ID minutes from ferry . $18,800, worth |3Q,0U0; term- ' n ? DA RRIN, ;Sf Broad -tre? t. FMRM FOR SAI I ? A VALUABLE FARM OF 400 1 acres, finely Mtuated in one ol the pleasantest vallev* in Vermont; S'"2 miles from railroad ami telegraph office; uinc hours from New York; locution unsurpassed, both as regards fineness of scenery and pure air; good roads, fine trout stream runs through the farm, and onlv two miles trom Lake Botno?ee; buildings nearly new ; nouse modern, supplied with pure spring water, which never tails running into house or bams; well adapted for a stock or dairy mrin; a more desirable country home can not be found ; will be sold at a bargain. Apply to 4. A. MORSE, easUeton/Vt TOOK S\|,F?ONE or rni; rWMf COUNTRY r Home?on the Hudson River: splendid views ot the Catskills; new iHrwe hoii-e. cottage, buildings, dock and :t,uno iruit trees; in complete! order ; SO acres; all tinen ciimberi'd. Address C . box No. U Post tflire. Ti\oil, or upply to M. T. WOOLLEV, No. 5>4 Pine street, room 10. TTlOR SVLE A SUPERIOR RESIDENCE. AT NOR T wieh. Con a ; location delightful; about tw.iaeresof land ; -hade, 'ruit and shrut bery ill abundance. Address B. J. FINLBY, Norwich, Conn. T,S()R SALE?RESIDENCE OF A J. DF.LATOCR, T Douglaston, head Little Neck Hay; house 11 rooms, carriage and ire houses; flue lawn, sloping to water; shade, irtilts, shrubs, flowers; tiathlng, lioatiu, tlshlng. BENNi-.TT. No. 9 line street. Ut()K BALE AT RAH WAT, ONE HOUR FROM NEW r York ('rains hourly, U-n minutes' walk from depot), larg double iranie Houfc. wing on each ''nd, gaj. shade, pi,h, e; advantages of city and retirement ol coittitiy; water front, boating, fishing ; afiout three acres: perfectly healthv. \|?ply at law otl'.ces oi WHITEHEAD A LVON, | 85 Wall etrect. T^OR SALE?AT RICHMOND HILL. LONG ISLAND. J" on Southslde Railroad, only M) niliiuies i7 miles) irom ferry, a number and variety of neat Dwellings: al?o Lots and beautiful Vil.a Sites, place high, well drained, healtliv and restricted against nuisances. Apple to J. w. FIELDER, 231 Broadway, roolli 13; R. R HA/.AK1), I'O Broadway', or O. K KoWLEK, on the premises. BIOI s s LB?A BEAUTIFUL RESIDENCK, ON THE F Centrsl Railway ol New Jersey, on- hour and forty minutes trom New York, five minutes' walk from depot; double house feet, wing 2i|x20; 13rooins; complete cellar - all In perfect order; good outbuildings, fine lawn, well laid out; 15 acres good land, with a variety of iruit, located on a beautiful stream with a commiindleg view of the whole country ; fine drives, healthful, ami In every war a durable home. Apply to A. D. HOPE. 119 Liberty street. New York. I viH SALE?AT WESTPORT. ON NEW YORK AND P New Haven Railroad, a beautiful French < ottsge, completely and elegantly furnished with linen. < ro. kerv and everything necessary for Immediate occupancy; grounds beautifully laid out in lawn and ??*?. ; flowers ?nd voirotHhle# in ground; location h gli, with water view; will be sold for Use fban J*" 'pit k?N? Y^'i tor good city property. Apply to JotfN M. riJiKNLY, 7? t 'nJar Ptrect or Murtcvant Hotn^. LMIR SALE?IN SAO HARBOR, L. I., A, r filllv fitted up sea side Resilience, having all tj? modern Improvements; bouse H2x40feet, with two nl"JS' grounds 'JUOx t75 feet, with fine garden, stable, graniiry. Ac. dally communication by boat or sail;1 ?'J! be sold ef.eap Applv to HENRY T. RlSllAKDsON, wMef"sfreef. New York. . |?0R SAI.P. at a bargain-a vtrv W$?..a?!L ? Utmau'i ResideDi e in New Jersey,50 inni.ii - UVIJ New York ; near depot, modern house, 13 rooms, In splen did order, with lioin one to five seres land; fine old shade 'ices; Jfult in abundance; running brook through prop erly ; iiui TV'Ui cash IfiiilMrt 1 terms vyy easv, and Im niediiite, possession pr.'tfetiy rapiiHy nktUK if value in vicinity. For particulars and view of proWly or ad.lress FRANKLIN PosT, BcliiioUl llotef. FultOO sti'cuL New York. propkhty OUT op THB city for 8A1.K OR TO rent* P^mwNunSiriSSr^ilLZjH.8 Mosr DBMRablE sum complete iore)Jii7i.r# In America; everything I he iruit *lonu win * acresof very lino land, half hours onllni ?r?hJl'jyn*0#?1r U?o pUce. one and a $46 UUO tit) um Lrfi ?aven Kail road; price, purchaseriijVw'?? ?K^i.rH>nd ^,,d "?urtgago t<> Jr TradJim?'. rlS.. r '"f^matioo, A. J. HKRRIAN, . iradesmcii s Imuiance Company. 168 Broadway. FSfou^M tAJ ?AORIMCB.?A LAItOF. COUNTRY I. I with il . i1' "far water, on Manhaartt Hay. i^a^^o?SmwU1 m,t ermine, or ?ddie? WI^LeVCTb^ulghUud'V.U. F?wUhLHo2? EhJ?A >KR V>IT "AHII, OF II AC It KM. inllesfroni Nnw %Sr' f4' R?ck'?nd county. N. Y.. 28 *?& jsamZt,uu^anu, us A *?"*?AI. MRNT, TO A ail hour Iroiii licw Yurk SSr.* in iife cou?lrir- "?? improvements; very high airy locatfon *" u,oderl1 ? C. H. OLIVER, No. I Park place. s^-a piS^rsS"' I I AaiTev near d?Mw1(Sl'i^0 I'KT~11 ROOMS; I TO 8 n VSBMft i&JBST ^Trfflit ItWM111, and flourhftiiw ?nwn^ !S ? ne .of ^ lnwht beautiful t^'hiladoluliia U' ?wm?a i ^"nsylvania. one hour from hiKheat cultlvMt?..n S!7i'#m New * ork ; lllud ,l11 under the *?!.! c uiti \ a tioii, and im unnurpusscd tor hcautvof Inea. brick ^liwcllhitf r^Vn^irtl,C0 of c'lo'co fruit, ?:lo^atit i hall aud nine rooms very handsome!v furnished, tenant houae. splendid barn carriage Iioum ^H^,n=sU,^j!",nP^ Price, iin luiiiu? aft^'ro|m! only 81KOOO kW.w?K. m"' pou,ltr>' and furniture? 9 A M train Ir?!,?! ''"niealatu posoc anion. Take r? iroin loot of Iilbertv street Now Ynrk N?.w Jer>ey ( antral Railroad, to Bethlehem.' I'm ? tlit*rc' take uu'lre"atl MHlnr"i?H??n ia Kuilro,,a tu <Juakcrtown. In 8? L WALKER. ran rT^rn'atsS"Hiert,,WU sUUoM',or T/.KK.. k?ON'T.-HAND80MB COUNTRY SKAT York Yli} acres^io'ilufi ? n.^i U "'W ,loVrK! ri,it' fr01" Nuw LA^.^, A"K T,UiKR STOKY HOUSE?RKNTKD wortb ii.r? h."cre?.l#'"d: wven miles in New Jersey; worth three times the Amount to cut Into Iota- ?iH.OU)' take good tenement liouso. Owucr.429 West Sixteenth at VTYACK, ON THK HUDSON.-FOR RJiNT FOR TIIK vin..? *521?-ST.. n16,? "M0.of '.h.u ftl,0,,t residenoea in the v Wage, 24 i ooins; hot and cold water: all modern im Movements; newly aud /ully turnished ? stabler ca "rla?o Ionise, lurgo grounds, ubtiudance ol shade aud Iruit Aii ply to U. I). JiKMARAST, AgeiiL ?"?"?-'iiu iruit Ap N"K;A^ ..c01TA(,^rEI0i,lT booms, kouk lots, .too . '' troin Ha\, Statru island ; full view of the wAter ? ten minutes' walk from ferry ; $.?,SOO. water, J'ARRiN, 60 Broad stroot. 0RANCH VOI'MAIN, N. J.-Koil U|.;NT (?. SAI ,7 beau tit ul Place; truit abundant; lawn ; shade'- irood ?*uU r, stable ; rent 9276: another, rent $600. ' ? B. K. SMALL, U8 l.iberty street "PARTIBS DBSIBIHQ to PUBOHABB or hibk FMKSTlKnv iiSi i* ?I ? rrl,','H- Ar ? bv applvllIK to S. 059 Sixth aveiiuo, near Thlrty-oiihtb street. ClASiPORI), CONN.?KOR SALE, A COUNTRY KKSI "5 from depot; on n baautiiul elevation, couiniaii iluir txteiislve vie\y? of Loq^ Island Sound; terms easy. IRELAND, 2ui Broadway. SALK OR KENT.?BAYSIOE, LONO ISLAND, IIOCSK . rooms, in eoinpleto repair; suitable for Imtl/i, bourilliitf Ii'xiho or Suininer report; similar to Croc heron *, adjoiuiiig; fine Imtliin^, boniliiff, tlnliimj. ? BbKNETTi No. 9 i'ine street ISLAND COTTAOB, BEAUTIKULLY LO W. K box IWJHeraTdrofflceW- J^dJreM """mediately L. TO LET?FOR THE SEASON, ON OSCAWANA LARK i P!'t!"u" col,nty. New York, near i'eeksklll a Air' ""ta?M BolSP'rt?hfnS00?m^.P<MMl i8,,u,lc> ,ru't. 'awn, barn, ? ttMiH, ?ood flshinK, boating. Ac.; will be let lowtnu Kood tenant ; \\ acrea. Apply to R P LEE No Q Fin! street, or to K. S. ORlSCOlX,[i I'ine street, room 14. T?.J. uT~A L\R,(,K COUNTRY HOUSE. CONTAIMV.; A JO Rooms, with barn and stable, tine carden and 6 h!. lanu, situnteu in West New Brighton. S. I. ? omnl. bus passes the door; rent $800 per aniiuut; can In* Ventcii 0 lkoi J.0 5^'v'!'r 11111,11111 i? ?l I desired. Apply to tt'UENE UL BOLS, 75 Front street. New York. TO LKT-KURNISHED COTTAGE ON TIIK HUDSON thinn lif J"'UWin' N,a<'k; r"ver iront; boatiug and n,.0<'ern improvements; 11 rooms and stable lM_Wuter street, corner Maiden lane. T? ,L?T-A COUNTRY RESIDENCE, PURVmHvn delightfully and hcalthiully situated at Gnrri?oii,ii OP pes; f West Point, 16 minutes' drive troin the deuot 1 ontains 17 rooms; hot and cold water hnihrooin iki* ? icehouse fllletl; carriage house and mbtoT^lEmiiSV ?}^nl ul aJ^ Jtc*; and earriaaes Ifprisent i^Vt#hman m hired. Apply to rHAKiifel.s o. s.miih artaue ottice, ( u.itom House, N'ew Vork. ' T?ft.Lr5^A,N ,1:-I'K<;ANT MANSION. THOR...-,;hLY j _ Inrnlsbcd, all miMlern coaveniences, six at re? ot irir. river view' at'' Be'l'lev'll/' ""'"oanduiK a beaut'ful BRa yW to u UKWlTr> TO RKST-AT RUTHEKFURD I'AKK, N. .1 9 MILKS trom City Hall, on Krie Railway, a tiandsoiiii' nine room Cottage: will be rented cheap to a ?^ te2i?.t' New York!U "PP'y U' " a " ^^ Weet. rpo RKVi-H-RNISIIKD. FROM JUNE 20 TO OCTo. tti . * 'M?H,l"'"ll.v fitrnished House on the Hudson Kiver : 6.> minutes by Hudson River and Elevated Kail road troin Wall stree t. Address ?. O., Herald oitu,'. TO RENT FLRNISHKD?AT MORKISTOWN A COU\" try seat, with bathroom, water closet, Ac.'; earilen shade' hoUS?i beautiful location: plcntv of 'i-utt and ' "? BODY, No. 1 l'ark place. RKAIj emtatu to k\cham;k. ?\ T"K COUNTRY, WORTH FROM ttS-WKk;,; " BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY SKAT FOR SALE OR New Viainburu? The Ch^ Pr?Der,-v-"" the Hudson, near the ou "blltes^'re "ul? U- rl'vir*'* Pfe,e"t|nV^?W Vb.UHARNKIT* ?_____y Broadway, room y, baaement A 2uA???0MK1 rK>1"EVCE, COMPLETE WITH 7v all modern Improvement*, Carriage Hous<< and & ?sld' Hnr?kn.< ei?S^davenue and inent Fro irtV. r'i .. cl??r. to exchange for Tone uietit rromrty or Lots. r. oLIVKR CARTER ?N?' 4 Fine atreet, room it) T\B*IBABLR LOTS?V [.SO KLF.flANT RRnu* v exrhan0KeV.r0CHv lHu"r'' ^""p1 """'ncss Proportv to a^, ? Hnr. r? ?U iIl iV ',"",rv p"?Pertyand Securltle.; rR0MP NKi?(*T?j^ft"^r^ particulars to UXCIIANCK?BROADWAY HOTElT 71) ROOMS I* doin}, a good bu.?ine.^s, part cash rart real pstufi> ? ulso otic near by tor lots itee and clear : RPFtJS K. M. HARC, 77 Cedar street K'<)p?8^yi 'i'i RX(;HANOE? FOR r.OOD TENEMENT Fin|U.t|e' w" orljj-ifnVT'rn'l'1,' ^ity^dnVh"^'^^"/''/!'!* ?rfetV?A??tl?m|!k T? "J"S VANDfcKYOORT. I/OII HALB OB EXCHANUB?AT"l uau<iaim? ?,0??^w?hoJii?thr'!iJ the Fi?t f.i k' tcehouse (filled). Applv soon at Duane strept. fcxchan^. ?? "roadway! corner ot IUMA NT vTiTla RPHIDPVI'F ljn ,V, J J',.U<"V.rV<'' ki .f" /r,7>l't'' with modern eon Briiokl*n Iirnnim i m i " III exchange lor city or station? Conn ' AJdr^? J" H' A' ?'ATEB, Riverside I hill 8 EI I. at A kakow.n OB TABB >ia* ?? WnUenHnri"KesMi nre nierchandi*. first cla-s h ^ ,lllm,,'? from New York ? ele ire house V, 1 i) 1 " l"",r,?,v''m.'lits; carriage house, Offlca Address RICHARDS, bo* 128 llcrald A 0 \F. OF THB FINEST RESIDENCES ON TIIF. Hl'D v_> son, with water iront. Iioathouse. hothouse, ,tc.; everything in pertect order; fln<' river view tor miles. DOTY, 33 Colon rqaare. rro EXCIIA NOK?A DESIRABLE BROWN* STONE 1 House, U[> town, for a Country Seat, near New York; house inu"t be tlr-t clans, with ail "modern Improvement*, with all necessary outbuildings and plcntv ol limit trees, Ac , and with irrim 4) to ho acres land, in a healthy loca tion. Answers must s'aie full particulars and price, or will Bot be noticed. Address S. M., box 117 Herald office. "I\) UNESCCMRKRED LOTS, FINELY SITUATED I S 1 ?< thriving village near New York, to exclianue lor small Cottiliy Residence ill vlcinltv ol cltv. M. T. WoOLLEY, No. 6'j I'ine street, from 10 to 2. REAL ESTATE WAilTSD. U'ANIKD, TO PI Rt'llASF,?ON HIGH LAND. BE tween Yonkersand rarrvtown. westol Neppcrhan. 6 to 10 acres, with cheap House. Address W. t. P., box 2..'.7# Post office, statin* price. Ill "41\l--.?.s. OFIMIRTI \ITIKN. AN OLD ESTABLISHED Bl siness, St ? :CE8?PULLY carried on tor over :t0 year?, tor sale on easy terms, on uccoiint ol ill health ol the proprietor; city Property taKen in cichmige if desired. Apply at iu.i and 2U.V Cantra street, v ? Vork. \ N F.LF.OANT LA ROE NEW HOTEL KOR RENT? xV Splendid location; a rirs chance to make money; owner would bourd with tenant. Address R. W. Ili-LMES, Orange. N .1 V LAGER BEER 8 A LOON vm> RESTAURANT KOR sale.?A great bargain If sold at once; centrally lo cated ; well established; Ion rent. BIGGS 4 SON, ^06 Brosdwny. Any okntleman $ capital and wlillne to travel, can vngnve as partner In a legiti mate business that will pay $60,000 during the season l.y addressing PROFESSIONAL, box 130 llcrald office. A MAN. WITH Bl.000 CAsn TO INVEST, CAN SK cureagood situation in a genteel buslaess. Apply to A W SMITH, Krsnttort House, JtVJ William street. \r?Li: INER WANTED \\ I Ul $in,cod rssll CAlil tal, to engage In the murcantil* business in the country, with a merchant ol responsibility ami experi ence, and who can command an exteuslve trade ; best of reference* given. Address W. L. W.,cure Anderson, starr A Co., Ml Broadway. AiV.HTSEU WANTED?WITH $1,1100, IN AN OLD established cash business; no patent right humbug; ?moiI ritlersiioel iU?on and re<|tiirad. Kull particulars OfWARTfRK ? CO.. } Dev street A WELL KMOirif. LONG KlITA*!!....""'0'',KLr J\ alilo business, carried on succelsful^rnt i'K|| tides staple, cheap rent, will bear iuvestigAliDn an?_. fUr hall iu value. ti. I'ATTBEKO. iyv* UfvaJwar. BVSIRBU OPMIRTUVrriEI. ^ ^ODITIONAL CAPITAL PROCURED lor merchants, manufacturers and others: Mining Prop erties, Ac , negotiated; persons with capital seeking busi ness advised of approved opportunities. References:? Charles K. Oraham. Esq., President Mutual HeneiH Hat logs Itank; Thomas A Bcuhaiii, Produce Commissiou, Iu8 Broad street; other leading houses and our clients, city and elsewhere. ORIGOS, OARLRTON A CO., Financial and Business Agents, 98 Broadway. A PARTNER WANTED?WITH $700, IN A RKUA hie and agreeable cash manufacturing business, without risk ; article staple; largo demand, .quick re turns: profit200 perccut Address H. HARBISON, box hJi Herald office. A RARE CHANCP.-AN OLD ESTABLISHED MANU lacturing and Importing I.ace liouse will sell lite business, on account of 111 health of the owner. Address A. B., box 0,682 Post office. _ A FIRST CLASH OPPORTUNITY OFFERED FOR A party with small capital to purchase a sale Cash Business that will l>ear investigation. Call at manufac tory, 218 West Twentieth street. A PARTNER WANTED-WITH HOME CAPITAL AND qualifications lor office work, in general flnansial offlco; advertiser has ten years' experience; $10,000 yearly prollt, sure. Address SAFETY, lierald olllce. flOK SALE.?TO BILLIARD MANUFACTUKERS-A valuable Patent, an improvement in billiard cues; $10,000can be made the first year at it. Inquire, for par ticulars, and examine tho same, at L. ANSBACHER'S law office, No. 9 Chambers street IjlOR SALE?TWO PATENT RIGHTS FOR KAN AT ' tnctuiiciits for sewing machines and rocking chairs, or partner wanted. Apply at 'JS South Filth avenue. I30R SALE-IIALF (lit THE WHOLE OF AN OLD established Printing Business, having a specialty; good time for part; ill health Hie reason for selling. Ad dress COMPOSITION, Herald office. (GROCERY BUSINESS ON A LEADING THOROUGH. J tare, and with first class trade, lor sale; well assort ed stock; best of llxtures and everything requlsito for the business; or would leave eapital with any one who will purchase on interest and conduct llie business. Apply to GRIGGS, CARLETON A CO., 98 Broadway. / 10OD BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY OFFERED TO A "T man of ineuns.?Will be made known by applying

to C. FOWLER, lioin 6 to 9 P. M., at 147 Itodney street, Brooklyn. E. D. NOW FOR SALE AT A BARGAIN?A LIGHT PROFIT able cash Manufacturing Business, without risk; article staple, unlimited demand, reaily sales and quick returns. Samples and full particulars at 96 Liberty street, room 24. _ _ OWING TO THE DEATH OF THE SENIOR PART ncr of a regular mercantile business, established in 1816, and the withdrawal of capital by the heirs, a man who is honest and capable, with from $10,000 to $I5,0<)0. can find an opportunity ot investment that will bear the closest investigation. If yoli mean business address IMPORTER, box 117 Herald office. PARTNER WANTED?IN REAL ESTATE AND IN suraucc business; good chance for a parte with $50 or $G00. WILLIAM H. MAY A CO., 32 Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn. STATE RIGHTS IN THE BUST PAYING INVENTION of the nge; used by everybody and supplies a special want. We request thorough investigation. Model at 162 Broadway, room 9. WANTED-ON ACCOUNT OF BUSINESS, IMMEDl atcly, a desirable partner, with a capital of $150, In real estutc aud auction business; rare opportunity. ROBERTS A CO., 79 Nassau street WANTKD?A GENTLEMAN OF CHARACTER AND business capacity, with froin $1,000 to $*>,010, to join advertiser in a legitimate and highly lucrative busi ness. Persons in earnest may cation or a Idrcss, with real name confidentially, 8. C., 119 East U8tb street. \IfANTED?A PARTNER (-1 LENT OK ACTIVE), WITH TT $10,000 casli, to put in an old established Book and Publishing House; present stock valued at $3(1,000; busi ness will stuud a thorough Investigation and*bost ot ret crunces given ; doing an excellent rush business, but want more capital to increase it. Address PUBLISHER, box 1H4 Herald office. ?tlTANTED?$1,600, WITH A BUSINESS MAN, TO IN. VV crease an old established business. Address NESS, box 141 Herald Uptown Branch office. WANTED?PARTNER WITH $600 TO $700, IN PRO ?? duee and Provision business; established IX yearn; large profits, sales cash. Call at once at 293 Broadway, rooui 3. <t?CAA ?A MAN WITH $500 CAN SECURE AN IN iP'JUl/. tercst in a business established 15 years; very profitable; a partner retiring on account of ill health. 204 Broadway, room 16. <|?1 /Win ?EXPERIENCED BUSINESS MAN WANTS ?l.V?Uu. to Invest small capital and services In profitable and respectable business. Address HARBI SON, lierald offlco, stating all particulars and proflts, or uot noticed. t'> r,ilA -PARTNER WANTED, TO JOIN A gentlemen of character aud means In a handsomely paying cash nianulacturing business. For interview uduresy, with lull name, box 5.IU2 New York Post office. $r\ {Win wa'nted?forIine"yeah, for which ?7.vfl/U real estate security and Interest will be given, with regular salary to a good man. Address BUSI NESS, box 109 Herald I ptowu Branch office. d> - AAA -A GENTLEMAN OF EXPERIENCE, well acquainted with all tho principal CHINA, GLASS AND EAkTHENWARE manufactures of England, would like a partner with the above amount to join him In agencies for the United States, where $8,000 or $10,000 per annum can be realized. Address CHINA AND GLASS, lierald Uptown Branch offlee. AO AAA ?A FIRST CLASS SHOE MANUFACTUR iPO.uUUi Ing Business, of very best standing, tor sale; or a splendid chance for an experienced business man with sufficient means as partner. Apply to VON *11 ELIII AH A CO.. 186 Bowery. (jj><)A AAA ?PARTNER WANTED, IN AN OLD VMUtl/VV/a established lumber business; trade large and steady; in a large Connecticut town; yard aud arrangements complete. Inquire of HUNT A DUSEN BURY, Astor House. New York. LO.tS OFFICES. AT 77 BLEECKER STREET, NEAK BROADWAY, UP stairs. ?Highest cash advances on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Pianos Ac., or bought; Pawnbrokers' Tickets bought, at 77 Bleccker street. AT WOLF BROTHERS', S<JG BROADWAY. BETWEEN Nineteenth und Twentieth streets.?Money loaned on Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, SIlTerware. Silks aud particularly Pianos; private parlor tor ladies; business strictly confidential. A J. JACKSON, PAWNBROKER, 96 WEST THIRTY . first, formerly 90 I'rinee street, loans Money in large or small sums on personal Property ot every de scription. AT 697 BROADWAY, CORNER FOURTH STREET ? Liberal advances on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry. Silks, Camel's Ilalr shawls. Laces and personal properly oi every description. JAMES P. MATTlIBWS. t MEXICAN OFFICE (ESTABLISHED 1864).?MONET A loaned on Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, Silverware. India Shuwls, Laces, Valuables, Ac.; anv amount; or will buy; highest value paid. J. H. BARRINGER, 735 Broadway, opposite Astor place. T HYMAN'S, 710 BROADWAY?LIBERAL~ AD vances made on Diamonds and Watches, Silver ware. Ac., or will pay the highest market price lor the same. A T 57 THIRTEENTH STREET, NEAR BROADWAY? J\ I pay highest price for Diamonds. Wntchcs, Jewelry, Ac. fadvance on the same. ISAACS, Diamond Broker, 57 Thirteenth st, near Broadway. \T JACKSON'S. S06 BROADWAY, OPPOSITE ELEV entli street?Money liberally advanced on Dia monds, Watches, Jewelry, Silks, Dry Goods and personal Property ot every description. Private entrance for ladies. M ONEY Loaned-ON DIAMONDS, WATCHES, JEW elry and Silverware, and the same bought. GEoKGE C. ALLEN, Jeweller. 841 ?road?av. near Fourteenth street QA NASSAU STREET, OPPOSITE POST OFFICE? O*/ Liberal advances made on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelrv and all kinds ot Merchandise. The -aunt bought and sold. Room 1. HAYMAN LEOPOLD. ,4 AO SIXTH AVENUE, BETWEEN TWENTY-FOURTH r"'0 and I'wenty-liltli str-ets.? Liberal advances ma !e mi Diamonds, V atehes, Jewelry, Silks, Laces and.Shawls. Same bonght at full value. l. BERNARD. CiUX BROADWAY, CORNER OF AMITY STREET ? 00?.J Money liberally advanced on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelrv and' Merchandise of every description. The same bought aud sold. II. GKIGERMAN, formerly M. Rosenberg. 1 i)H7 BROADWAY, OVER HERALD BRANCH office, room B.?Parlor for ladies. Branch 1.207 Broadway. Money loaned on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry. Ac. Same bought and sold. UNDO BROS. EXCURSIONS. * GRAND EXCURSION TO THE FISHING BANKS.? xV The new, last and elegant saloon steamer TWI LIGHT will leave foot of Eighth street. East River, at 7 :.!0 o'clock A. M.; Peek slip at? o'clock A. M. ; loot ot Chris topher street. North River, at S-.30 A. M , arid pier No. 4 North River at 9o'clock A. M., on Sunday. June I. Fish ing tackle, bait and refreshments on board. An expe rienced fisherman will place her In the right position. Fare $1; ladles fiOc. TpOR PHILADELPHIA VIA LONG BRANCH.?FAKE r reduced to $2 '5; steamers PLYMOUTH ROCK and LONG BRANCH leave pier 28 North River at 9:20 A. M., 1:40 and 4 P M., connecting with trams ol NEW JERSEY SOUTHERN RAILROAD. G. W. BENTLEY, General Manaircr. L^OR THE FISHING BANKS.-THE NEW* STEAM r yacht M AJOR, Captain D. B. Hallinger, will make im excnrslou to the Fishing Bunks on Sunday, June 1,1*73. Leaving Market slip. East Roc, at 0 o'clock; Pick slip. Last Hivcr a' 6:20; Christopher street, North River, at 7; pier No. 4 North River, at i :30. 1'ikets $1. Lines and bait lurnlshed on board. Refreshments provided , n board by the steward. D. B. HALLiNgEk, Captain. RONDOUT AND KINGSTON, LANDING ATCOZZRN8', ( Cornwall, Newburg, Marlborough. Mtllon, I'ough keepsle and F.sopus.?The steamboats THOMAS COR NELL and JAMES VV. BALDW IN leave Harrison street, pier 34 North River, daily, at 4 o'clock P. M. H ARLEM STEAMBOAT NOTICE. SI MMER ARRANGEMENT. Commencing May 12, 1873. Harlem boats lenve Peck slip (pier 24 F.a?t River) lor Harlem every hall hour. tromnflDA. M. until 7 P. M, ex* ceptlng II A >1., 12:30 ami 2 P. M , landing at Eleventh. Elghtv fourth, Astoria, 109th and 120th streets. N. B.?see time tabic where boats land. J. F. TALLMAN, Superintendent POLLOCK'S HOTEL, HIGH RRIDGE.?STEAMBOATS leave Peck slip every hall hour, and connect with the TIGEIt LILY at llarlem Trains leave the Grand Central depot at Forty-second street six times daily. STEAMPRS AND BARGES To CHARTER FOR EX cusions; al?o lona Island, Waller's Grove an1 other choice Groves and Boats. BLOOM KR A CO., 243 Ford street. The new jbrsky southern railroad com pany call attention to their extraordinary facilities lor the accommodation of Excursion Parties the coming sea son. With their steamers PLYMOUTH ROCK, LONG BRANCH and JESSE lloYT and their elegant new Ex. eursion House and twenty acres of adjoining land at Long Branch, thev are prepared to make engagement* with churches, schools, societies, 4c., for large or small parties, at low rates, send tor circular. O. w. BENTLEY, General Manager. 120 Broadway, New Vork. W?. J. SNBimn, Superintendent. Long Utautli. N.J, EUROPBAII RTKABIHIPfl. THE H AM B t; RO-A M B RIU AN PAC KBT company's iron mail steamship SILESIA, Captain C. Uebich, will Mil on Thureday, Ma/ U, at 1 P. M.. lor Hamburg, taking piwni)?ri iroin New York t<> Plymouth, London, rtrst Cabin, $u?,*rt>our? ?",a lUM"?&cond Oobln, 971 Steerage, $S0, payable in United State* gold. KUNHARUTA CO., C. B. RICHARD A flOAU, _ Oencral Agents, General Passenger Agents, <1 Broad street. New York. 61 Broadway. New York. The r'KlHI A will tail Juno 5. QNLY OIBECT LINE TO PRANCB. TUB OENERAL TRANSATLANTIC COMPANY'S MAIL STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN NEW YORK AND HAVRB, CALLiNG AT BREST. The aplendld vessels on this favorite route for the Con tinent will aall from pier No. SO North River, aa fol low*:? VILLE DE PARIS Saturday. May SI VILLB DU HAVRE, Surinont Saturday, June U PEREIRE Oaure Saturday. June 28 ST. LAURENT, Lemarie Saturday, July 12 PRICE OF PA88AOE IN OOLD (including wlue) TO BREST OB HAVRE First Cabin, $125; Second Cabin, $76. Excursion Tickets at reduccd rates These strainer* do uol carrv steerage paasenger*. American travellers going to or returning iroin the Continent of Europe, by taking tin* line, avoid both transit by English railway and the discomlorts of crowing the Channel, besides saving time, trouble and expense. GEORGE MACKENZIE. Agent, M Broadway. NOTE. ?Railroad Tickets betweeu Paris ami Vienna at rodured rates. INMAN LINE. For Queenstovm and Liverpool. Royal Mail steamers arc appointed to sail as follow* CITY OK LIMERICK Thursday, May 29, 8 A. M. CITY OF LONDON Saturday, May 31. 9A. M. CITY OK NEW YORK Thursday, June 6, I P. M. CITY OK PARIS Saturday, June 7. 2 P. M. CITY OF BALTIMORE Thursday, June 12, 7 A. M. CITY OF MONTREAL Saturday, June 14, 8 a. M. and each succeeding Saturday and Thursday, from pier 46 North River. _ RATES OK PASSAGE. Cabin. $85 and $100, gold, according to accommodation. Round trip tickets at low rates. 8Ujcragc?To Liverpool, Queonstown, Glasgow, London, derry, Loudon, Bristol or Cardiff, $30. Prepaid corlltl cuies, $32, currency. Passengers also forwarded to Havre. Hamburg, Sweden, Norway, Denmark anil Paris, at reduced rate.*. Oralis issued at lowest rates. For cabin passage and general business apply at the company's office. IS Broadway. For steerage passage at 38 Broadway. JOHN G. DALE, Agent, or to O'Donnii.l A Faulk. 402 Chestnut street, Philadelphia. M. S. Cbkagii, 102 State street. Boston. F. C. Bhown, 86 South Market street, Chicago. W*. Inman, Liverpool, and No. 9 Rue Scribe, Paris. _ North german LLOYD STEAMSHIP company. For Southampton and Bremen. The steamship BREMEN, Captain H. Schutenburg, will sail on Wednesday, May 28, at 2 P. M., irom Bremen pier, footot Third street, Ilohoken, to be followed by steamship MAIN, Captain K. von Otcrendprf, on Saturday, May81. Rates ol pa^t.ige lo London, Havre and Bremeu, paya ble In gold, or its equivalent In currency :? First cabin $120 Soeond cabin 72 Steerage 30 For ireight or passage apply to OELRICIIS A CO., Agents, No. 2 Bowling Ore.en. National link OP 8TEAMER8. Weekly to Queenstuwn and Liverpool; fortnightly to London direct. TO QUEENSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL, trom piers 44 and 47 North River. FRANCE. Grigs Wednesday, May 28, at 3 P. M ITALY, Thomson Saturday, May 31. at 8:.'S0 A. M. C.KEECE, Thomas Saturday. June 7, at 1 P. M. EGYPT,Grogan Saturday, June 14, ntSA. M. CANADA, Webster Saturday, June 21, at I P. M. FOR LONDON DllttCT. HOLLAND, Bragg Tuesday, June 3, at 10 A. M. THESE STEAMSHIPS ARK THE LARGEST IN THE TRADE. Cabin passage?$80, $90 and 100, currency. Excursion? $160 and $180. Steerage, $29, currency. Prepaid steerage tickets irom Liverpool, Queenstowa, Londonderry, Glasgow, Cardiff, Bristol or London, CHUAPERTHAN BY ANY OTHER LINK. For further information apply at the company's office, 69Broauway. F. W. J. HURST, Manager. FOR CARDIFF, BRISTOL, LONDON AND ALL OTHER points in England and Wales. The South Wales Atlantic Steamship Company's new, first class steamships will sail Irom Pennsylvania Rail road wharf, Jersey City, as follows:? PEMBROKE Mtt.v 28 GLAMORGAN June 18 CABIN AND STEERAGE PASSENGERS. First rabin $75 and $S0cnrency Second cabin $.Vi currency. Steerage $30 currency. Prepaid Steerage Certificates from Cardiff, $!J3 currency. Drafts lor ?1 and upwards. For further particulars, applv to ARCHIBALD BAXTER A CO., Agents. 17 Broadway, New York. STATE LINE. TO GLASGOW. LIVERPOOL. BELFAST AND LONDONDERRY. VIRGINIA SAILS JUNE II. flrom the company's dock, Fulton ferry, Brooklyn. SUPERIOR PASSENGER ACCOMMODATIONS. Cabin, $80 and $60. gold steerage, S30. currencv. DRAFTS ISSUED ON ALL PARTS OF EUROPE. For freight or pawa^ag^^ ^ ^ Steerage office 45 Broadway. 72 Broadway. flOHABD LINE. The British and North American Royal Mail Steam ships, between New York and Liverpool, calltnv at Cork Harbor. FROM NEW YORK. ?JAVA WED., May 281 PAltTHIA ....SAT., May SI ?CUBA WED., June 4 SAMARIA . ...sAT.. June 7 ?SCOTIA ..WED, June 11 | ABYSSINIA ..SAT.. June 14 ?ALGERIA...WKD.,Juno 18 BATAVIA SAT., June 21 ?RUSSIA WED.,June 25 | CALABRIA.. .SAT., June 28 Steamers marked thus "do not carry steerage passen B<And every following Wednesday and Saturday from New \ork. RATES OF PASSAGE. Cabin?$89, $400 and $130, gold, according to acrommo tlon. Tickets to Paris, $15, cold, additional. Return tickets on favorable terms. Steerage, $30. currency. Steerage tickets from Liverpool and Queenstown, and all parts of Europe, at lowest rates. For freight and cabin passage apply at the Company's offire. No. 4 Rowling Green. For steerage passage, 111 Broadway (Trinity Buildingi CHARLES G. FRANCKLYN, Agent, or to P. H. DU VhR.NET. corner Clark and Randolph streets, Chicago, III. WHITE STAR LINE. K<IR QUEENSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL. CARRYING THE UNITED STATES MAIL. New and lull-powered steamships, sailing from New York on Saturdays, ltom Liverpool on 1 hursdays, calling at Cork Harbour each way. Baltic; Saturday. May 31, at 8:30 A. M. CELTIC Salurday, June 7, at 2 P. M. OCEANIC June 11, at 7:30 A. M. ADRIATIC Innc 28. at 7 A. M. ?From the While star dock, I'avonia terry, Jer?ev City. Passenger accommodations lor all classes unrivalled, combining satety, speed and comfort. Saloons, staterooms, smoking room and bathrooms In midship scctlon, where li-ast motion is felt. Surgeons and stewardess accompany the steamer. Rates?Saloon, $1(J0, gold ; s'eernge, $30in currency. Those wishing to send for friends in the Old Country can now obtain steerage prepaid certificates, $32 cur rency- .. ... Passengers booked to or from all parts of America to Paris, Hamburg, Norway, Sweden, India, Australia. China. Ac. Dralts trom ?1 upwards. For inspection (4 plans and other information apply at the company's office, 19 Broadway, New York. Bills oi lading issued to Continental ports. J. H. SPARKS. Agent Anchor live. Steamers sail from pfer 20 North River, New York, EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. CALIFORNIA..Sat. May 81 COLUMBIA.. Wed., June 18 CALEDONIA.Wed., June 4 VICTORIA Sat., June 21 INDIA Sat.. June / ASSYRIA Wed., June 25 OLYMPIA. Wed.. Juno 11 ANGLIA Sat., June 28 AUSTRALIA.. Sat., June 14 CASTA LI A... Wed.. July 2 Tlie passenger accommodations on steamers of this line are unsurpassed lor elcganco and comtort. Cahin state rooms are all oil upper deck, thus securing good lirht and ventilation. _ RATES OF PASSAGE TO OLA9GOW, LIVERPOOL OR LONDONDERRY. Saturday steamers. Wednesday steamer". Gold. Currencv. Cabins $75 and $65 $75 an.l $>i5 Cabin return tickets, secur ing best accommodations.. $130 $130 STEERAGE, $10 CURBENCY. Tickets for passage to or troin any seaport or railway station in Great Britain, Ireland or the Continent issued at lowest rates. . DRaKTS FOR ANY AMOUNT AT CURRENT RATES. Company's offices, No. 7 Bowling Green. New York. HENDERSON BROTHERS, Agents. Just published,''The Trip to Europe," a magazine of Information tor ocean travellers; can be had tree of charge on application. N. B.?California sails 10 A. M., May 31. Extra btf awfr GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL AND LONDONDERRY. ANCHOR LINE. Owing to the unprecedented demand for cabin pas-age by their steamers, will despatch their elegant new steani.-hlpJTALlA, May 31. from pier 20 North River, at noon. This steamer has very superior accommodation Icr saloon passengers. _ . m Cabin passage, $i5; Return Tickets, $130-, payable In currency. HENDERSON BROTHERS, Agents. No. 7 Bowling tireen. / 1 RE AT WESTERN STEAMSHIP LINE. It NEW YORK TO BRISTOL. ENG., DIRECT. Taking goods and passengers tor London, Cardiff. New port, Oloucester and all ports in Bristol Chanm 1. The steamers of this line will sail trom pier 18 East River, as lollows:? LADY LYCETT Wednesday, June 18 A RRAflON W cdnexluy, Jlllv 9 GREAT WESTERN \\ednesdav, July 23 CORNWALL (new steamer). Cabin psssage, $70; Intermediate $l5currency Steerage 30 currency Parties wishing to send tor their friends can obtain pre paid certificates. Drafts tor ?1 and upwards. For freight or passage apply to E. E. MORGAN'S SONS. 70 South street. New York. UNITED STATES MAIL LINE.-STEAM TO QUEENS town and Liverpool. sailing every Wednesday. MINNESOTA, Captain Freeman nine 4, st noon Manhattan, captain Price. Jr Mine II, at 3 P. M From Pier 46 North River. Cabin passnge, $<o piid ; steerage, $30 currency. Prepaid tickets, $32 currency. " _ Faisengers booked to and iroin Paris, Hamburg, Nor* way and Sweden. Ac. Drafts on Ireland. England, France and Germany, at lowest rates. Applv to WfLI.IAMs A GUMN, 29 Broadway. _ / lOOK'S TOURS TO IRELAND, SCOTLAND AND ENG. \.i land, over 100 routes; Cook's Tours to Switzerland and the Klune, nearly HO routes; Cook's Tours lo Vienna, 102 in number; Cook's Tours to Italy, 72 routes; Cook's Tours Hound the World, at reductions ranging from lO to 45 per cent below ordinary fares, the travelling tickets Is sued enabling one or more passengers to travel any day by any train, steamer or diligence. Cook's perionallv conducted tour to Vienna. Venu e, Rome, Switzerland ana Paris, ?aili expenses. ling per steamer Canada, June 21, $500, gold, all P?rt,c,,lar.o{nK0?okN, Excurs^onUt. 10c. 262 Broadway, and Fleet street, London. IT NI TED STATES PASSPORT BUREAU.?OFFICIAL I Passports of the Department of State Issued bv A. C. WTLLMARTH, United Stales Court House, 41 Cham TTNITED STATES PASSPORTS FROM THF. DEPART L< ment of suie-Indispensable to travellers going aoroad, issu.'d by IH'FUS K. HcHARG, 77 street, Notary and CoouuiMioner for every and territory. EUROPEAN NTRAlWmPS. Gazk'8 vacation party for Vienna personally conducted, starts from New tfork Jairk. for v/sltlnn the Khine, Switzerland, Savor France ? Forty days' travel in Europe. Rare opportunity INCLUSIVE TERMS. *380. Sold *' GAZE'S Tourist Tickets and Hotel Cuudobj. OAZE'B American office. No. 6 Bowling Green, New Vo/t TTNITEO STATES PASSPORT AOENOT -A. ? U WELCH, lale Chief of Passport Bureau Henartl inent of SUte, Washington, D. C Agent. ?4 Broad COAHTWIME HTKAMSHIPH. PACIFIC) HAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY'S LINETQ~ california, JAPAN AND CHINA. VI? Panama* passengers and fseioht to ASSiLJt,AMA? SANTA MARTHA. OR8T. WJBU&&SSSP COAST OF MEXICO. ? CBNTRA.L AMERICA. PERU and CHILE. May SI?Steamer HENRY CHAUNCEY, CapUin A. <L Oray, will leave pier No. 43 North River, at It o'clock noou. tor Aspinwall direct, connecting at Panama with the steamer ARIZONA, Captain Austin, for San Fran cisco, touching at Acapulco and Sail Diego, and also con necting lor all Central American and South Pacific porta. Depar:uren of 10th and Both each month irom New York connect with this Company's steamer, touching at San Boniw, Tenatp, Sallna Cruz and Port Angel. The Com. pany * splendid steamer COSTA rica will leave San rranrisco on or about June N for Honolulu. Sandwich Islands. One of the Company's Steamers will leave San Fran cisco May Jl. 1873, for Japan and China. For rates of passage, freight and all farther information apply at Company's office on the pier, foot of Canal street SPECIAL NOTICE -Steamer HENRY^Cil'AtfSoBT will leavepier 41 North River, 12 o'clock noon Saturday. May 31, 1873, tor Aspinwall. F. B. BABY. Agent SAMANA-FOIt PUERTA PLATA samana AND ST. Domingo City. The United States mail steamship KAPIDAN, Captain Carpenter, will leave on Wcdne* day, M:iy 88, at 3 P. M. Bills of exchungo on Puerta Plata, Saniana and St Domingo City, id sums to evil purchasers, lor sale. For freight or passage apply to bPOFKOBD BROTHERS t CO., 29 Broadway. NEW YORK AND BERMUDA steamship LINK. For Hamilton and St. George, Bermuda, earning the United States Mails, and sailing as follow*:? Steamship HATTER AS, Lawrence, master. Friday. May 30, at 3 o'clock P. M., from pier 37 North River. Hteatmhip ALBEMARLE, Read, master, Thursday. June 5, at 3 o'clock I*. M.. Irom pier 37 North River. For freight or passage, having elegant accommoda tion-, apply to LUNT BROTliICRS, 28 Sooth street Passage. 930 gold. Excursion tickets issued for the round trip at $80 gold. Atlas steamship company. Mail servica tor West Indies, Havana, Venezuela and Spanish Main. The company's iron screw steamer* are appointed to sail ue follows (loading berth pier IS North River) For Turk's Island. Jamaica and Savanilla, CLARl BEL. Captain Bayley, 3lst inst For Havti and Venezuela. ARIEL (1,200 tons), 5th June. For freight and passage apply to PIM, FQRWOOD ft CO.. General Agents, 5ti Wall street and W l'ine street. DIRECT LINK TO HAVANA. ProgreRO and Vera Cru*. New York and Mexican Mail steamship line, leaving pier No. 3 North River, at 3 P. M., EVERY THURSDAY. CITY OF HAVANA (Havana only) May K CITY OF MEKIDA (llavanu only) June S CLEOPATRA (Havana and Mexico) June IX CITY OF IIAVANA (Havana only) June iJ For freight or passage apply to F. ALEXANDRE & SONS, 33 Broadway. ?J^"EW YORK AND HAVANA DIRECT MAIL LINE. These first class steamships will sail overy Tuesday tl 3 P. M, from pier 13 North River (loot of Cedar streets tor Havana direct, as follows:? COLUMBIA.... Tuesday, Mavi7 WILMINGTON Tuesday, June 1 MORRO CASTLE Tuesday. June II) Supplementary mail oh plor at a quarter to three P. M. on day of sailing. For freight or passago (having magnificent accommo dations) apply to .... n WILLIAM P. CLYDE 4 CO., No. 6 Howling Green. D. McKELLSR Agent In Havana. Texas line.?for galvehton, touching at Key West, carrying the United States Mall.?Steamer CLYDE Captain Kennedy, will leave pier 20 East River, Saturday, May 31. at 3 P. M. Through bills of lading given to Houston and all points on the Galveston, Hous ton and Henderson and B. B. and C. R. R. No charge lor forwarding in New York. For freight or passage, having superior accommodations, apply to ..... c. 11. MALLORY A co., 153 Maiden lane, or W. P. CLYDE, 11? Wall street FOR NEW orleans DIRECT. MERCHANTS' STEAMSHIP LINE. The steamship _ . . _ . GENERAL MEADE, from pier 36 North River (foot of North Moore-etreeO, on Saturday, May 31, at 3 o'clock P. M. Freight received daily. Through rates given to B& Louis, Vieksburg, Mobile, Galveston and Indianola. For freight or passage, having superior accommod* tions. apply to FREDERIC BAKER. 30 Broadway. FOR NEW orleans DIRECT. .Southern Line. The steamer CITY OF DALLAS. Captain Jonee, wiH tiago and St. Louis. Cabin passage, $90; steerage. $2& For freight or passage, having superior accommodation* ?pply to c H . MALLOKy k co 158 Maiden lane. IfOK NEW DKLKAN8 DIRECT. r ' The Cromwell Steamship Line. The steamship GEORGE WASHINGTON, Captain If. & Quick, will leave pier No. 9 North River on Saturday, Mav 31, 1873. at 3 P. M. Freight received daily. Through rales given to Oalveaton. Indianola, Kocktort or Aranzaa whnrl, Brazos, Santiago and St. Louis. Cabin passage. $50; steerage. $28. Kor freight or pas sage apply to CLARK A SEAMAN, 88 West street BlOK NORFOLK, CITY POINT AND RICHMOND.?THR Old Dominion Steamship Company will despatch trom pier 37 Norti> River their elegant sidewheel steam ship ISAAC BELE, Hlakeman commander, for Norfolk, City Point and Richmond, on Thursday, May 29, at 3 P. M., giving through bills of lading to all points Routh and. Southwest. Through passonger tickets issued to all points. Accommodations unequalled. Apply at pier XI or at the general office, 187 Greenwich street, corner al Dey. TBATELLERS' GUIDE. Albany and troy, by day lIne boats c. yib BARD and DANIEL DREW, commencing May JL Leave Vestry street pier at 8:80 A. M., and Twenty-third street, north of Erie terry, at 8:45, landing at Yonker#., Tarrytown and Nvack (by ferryboat), Peugbkeopsle, Khinebeck, Tivoll, Cntskill and Hudson. connecting lo* nil points West and North. Trip tickets to West Point, Cornwall and Newhurg, returning same day, 91. Notice change of uptown landing. CITIZENS' LINE KOR TltOY-PASSAGE *1 50.-T1IK J elegant steamboats 8UNNYSIDE and POWELL leave pier 19 North River, foot of Lerny street, daily (Saturdays excepted), at 6 o'clock P. M., connecting with morning trains on Rensselaer and Saratoga, New York Central and Trov and Boston railroads tor all pointa North, East and west The most direct route to Sarato ga, Lake George and Montreal. Through tickets sold and baggage checked to destination. h JOSEPH CORNELL, Superintendent. EfALL RIVER LINE TO BOSTON, 1 via Newport and Fall River The world-renowned steamers BRISTOL and PROVI DKNi'K leave pier 28 North Kiver, foot of Murray street daily (Sundays excepted) at 5 P. M. A. P. BACON, Superintendent T/USHERMEN ?l*SE FORSTER'S PATENT GIMP (HIT I? lor Snells and Leaders. ?t-'old at all Ashing tackU slorcs; principal depot, ?5 Delancey street PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD. Trains leave New York, from foot of Dcsbrosses Cortlandt streets, as tollnws:? Express lor llnrrlsburg, Pittsburg, the West and Soutft with Pullman Palace Cars attached, 9:30 A. M.,5, 7 am 8.30 P. M. Sunday, ft, 7, 8:30 P. M. For Halti-nore. Vs ushlngton und the South at 9 A. M. 9 P. M. Sundav, 9 P. SI. Express for Philadelphia, 3:30. 8, 9, 9:30 A. M.; 12:10, 1, ? 5. 7, 8:30, D P. M., and 12 night. Sundav, 8, 7, 8 30 and P. M. For Philadelphia, via Kensington, at 7 A. M., 2 and P. M. Emigrant und second class, 7:1ft P. M. For Newark at 6 8J0, 7.7:10. 8:1(1. 9, 10, II, 11 :40 A. M.; 1. 2, 2 :*), 3, .1:20, 3:10, 4:10, 4:30, 8:10, 5 :A), 5JO, ft -V). < , 6:10, (I do, 7. 7 :30, 8 -.10, 9.10,11:30, 12 P. M. Sunday, 5 :*] 0.8:10,9 P.M. For Elizabeth, 6,6:30, 7. 7 :40, 8. 8:10, 9. 10, 11, 11:40 A. M. 12 M., 12 .30. i, 2, 2:30, 3, 3 -t), 3:40, 4, 4 :ll), 4 JO, ft:aj, ft ??* ?:?), rt, 6:10, 6:30, 7:30, 8:10, 10, 11 :30, 12 P. M. Sunday 5:20,6 and 8:10 P. M. For Raliwav. 6, 6::*), 7, 8:10. 9 JO and 10 A. M., 12 noon, 2. 2 30, 3. 3:20, 3:40, 4:10. 4:30, 5 JO, ft: 10, ft :."i0, 6. (1 JO, 7 & 8 1(1. 10 P. M., and 12 night. Sundav. 5.20 and 6 1*. M. For Woodbrldge and Perth Ambov, ii and 10 A. M., 2 JO 3:40, 4:30 and 5:.M) 1'. M. For New Brunswick. 7, 10 A. M., 12 M., 1,2, 3, 4:10, 8:20,< <? P. M.. and 12 night. Sundav, 6 and 9 P. M. For East Millstone, 7 A. M? 12 M? 4:10 and 8:20 P. M. For Lanibcrtville and Flcinington, H A. M. and 2 P. M. For Phillipshurg and Belvldere, 2 and 4 P. M. Accommodation tor Bordentown, Burlington and Cam den, 7 and 9 JO A. M? I2:i0. 2, 3. 4 and (I P. M. For Freehold, 7 and 8 A. M.,2and4P. M. For .fnmeshurg, Pemberton and Camden, 6 A. M., and Tt boat trom pier No. 1, 3:19 P. M. Trains arrive ms follows:?From Pittsburg. 6:90 A.M., 3 JAP M.. dally ; 10:15 A. M. and 6:35 P. M., daily, e cept Mond.iv. From Washington and Baltimore, 6: A. M? 4 : >4, io:12 P. M. Sunday, 6:40 A. M. From Phil delphia. 8:22, 6 JO. 10:1ft, II :5ft A. M., 2:1ft, 4:0ft, 4 J#, 6:0.1 8 44, 10:13 P. M. Sundav. 11 *?, 5:42, 6:W, II H)3 A. M. Ticket offices ft2n, 43ft, 271 and 944 Broadway; No. Astor House, and loot of I>e*hro?ses and Cortlanr str< ets. Emigrant ticket office No. 8 Batterr nlace. A. J. CASS A IT. D. M. BOYD. Jr., Oeneral Manager. General Passenger Agent [ C TEAM BO ATS PLEASANT VALLEY AND FoltT LB] O to let, (or excursions: Glenwood and other Grow Apply to C. HOLLENBECK A CO., 26 South street A1 ASTROLOGY. TTENTION1- CONSULTATIONSON BCSINESS, LAV suits, enemies, losses, absent friends, love, marrlagi sicknes* and death. I'ay refused unless satisfied. Mine. SINGH I, Clairvoyant, 621 Sixth avenue. J flONBl'LT ORIGINAL MME. BYRON. THE GREAT* V* est living Spiritualist, on all alTairsof life. 314 Fourtf avenue, near Twenty-third street. Iim-ropean clairvoyant teles nambs. show !i likene??es. causes marriages, gives numbers; SOc. au SI 142 West Twenty-filth street. PROF. LISTER IS TI1E ONLY REAL ASTROLOOE in the city. 329 sixth avenue. Terms, brief, >! ft>n,<8. ROSA. GREAT n \TtP.AI, CLAIRVOYANT, ri veals vour whole lite. Irom the cradle to the grftvt cures all diseases. 172 Canal street. Fee $1. -MME MAXWELL, PHYSICIAN. RESIDENT ? 114 East Tenth street, near Third avenue. D D MKniCAJL. ELL, PHYSK street, near Th -MMK. RESTELL, PHYSICIAN?OFFICE NO. l> East Fifty-second street, first door trom Fifth a*. M MAl lllCFAl , M. P.-OFFICE 129 LIBERT l. street, near Oreenwlch street R. AND MME. ORINDLB, PH VHICIANS.-REH lence 120 West Twenty-sixth street near Sixth *v R BECK'S PRIVATE MEDICAL OFFICE Ui t?wovsu U) U ^uuiv sycet. uc*r Broadway.

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