Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 29, 1873, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 29, 1873 Page 5
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FEM1WHL m COMMERCIAL. The New Board of Direction of the Pacific Mail Company. Report of the Financial Condition-Union Pacific Still Weak. GOLD STEADY. STOCKS GENERALLY FIRM. The Foreign Market Strong. MONEY EASY. Railroad Securities and Government Bonds in Good Demand. ACTION IN THE TREASURY. Wall Street, Wednesday, May 28?a P. M. On 'Change to-uay ' spot" cotton was dull and not quotably changed, while "futures'1 were in lair request at j*c. a 3-l6c. per lb. improvement. Fiour was anil and easier. Wheat was a sn*de off and corn was steady. THE FORBION MARKET. The London advices give no cauBe for disturb ance. American securities remain firm, and the financial sympathy, as expressed by values, re mains in perfect accord with the situation already reported. Consols and United States bonds arc steady and unchanged, and Erie holds its own at 48?b and 40. The French loan was active and ad vanced to 5>? per cent premium, certifying to a degree the confidence in the present French ad ministration. Rentes were steady at 66f. 15c. Con sols firm at 93#: 1807's, 04a; 10-40's, 88#: new lives, 89# a 89#. The bullion withdrawn from the Liauk of England to-day amounts to ?7",ooo. THE MONEY MARKET. There are bo important changes to be recorded Money commanded its lull price?to wit, 5 a 7 per cent lor call loans, and 7 a 9 per cent for commer cial paper. No exigencies operated to introduce any change in the prices already named, and it does not seem likely that any will occur until later in the seasen. Long loans are sought and by some parties favored, but the saspicions with reference to the anticipated gold corner deter active busi ness and unsettle calculations, so that It is well nigh impossible to take a prospective view of the market. Foreign exchange is unaltered and quoted with dulness at 108# a 108# for prime bankers' eo days sterling, and loo# a 109# for sight. The bul lion movement from London to the Continent does not yet seem to be determined. Hence no drain outside of the small amount named above is re ported, which it is at all probable will affect this market. GOLD STEADY?118# A 118#. The cliqne continue to play their rOle, but there is no new development and no fact on which to base a prediction. The market was dull. It opened at 118#, advanced #, declined # and afterwards re covered, closing at the opening price. The rates paid for carrying were from 1 to 6 per cent to "Hat" for borrowing. The Sub-Treasurer paid out to-dny $57,ooo on account of interest. The outstanding legal tenders amount to $356,000, 000. This is a reduction or $540,000 since yesterday. The Secretary of the Treasury has now all of the $44,000,000 which Secretary Rout well claimed as a reserve. The following tablo will show the fluctua tions of the market during the day:? W-A-M 118# 12:17P. M lis1 10:02 A. M lis#' 12:38 P. M lis) 10:07 A. M 118# 1:20 P. M US'. 11:08 A. M 118# 1:341*. M lis', 11:10A. M 11&-, 2:01 P. M 118:' 11:22 A. M lis# 3:20P. M lis1 11:23A. M 118# 3:30P. M 118 M:l? P. M us# 4 P. M 118# a IW* The Treasury balances at the close of business to-day in Washington were:? Currency $3,800,500 74,800,000 Certificates 20.050,000 The currency shows a decrease of $700,000 since yesterday. The steamship Java, sailing for Europe to-day, took out $338,000 in silver bars. Advices from Washington state that the Treasury Department has decided to reduce the legal ten ders out standing to $350,000,000 bv the 1st of June. The Internal Revenue receipts amounted to $330,000. The transactions of the Gold Exchange Bank are recorded as ioIIows:? Gold balances *3 41C 004 Currency balances ' " .m Vs4? Gross clearances ,\\\ lll^ooo RAILROAD BONDS. The change in these has been unimportant. The market was not active and the prices corresponded generally with previous quotations. They are amended in accordance with the call, as follows :? KW && r?" 'a7-- I0' * W?" " St L d 91 New Yorkccn re.. 87 Toi \vU|( ai m acij v?Ifc Sl"> ly1' -,*?. Gt W'citt 1st in, 88 96 New YorkCen 7 8, 76..1U1U ut Wcalcrn JM m. '93... H5 ^ o if?t^7e.x%71<lea - !0,:' '""'-ha * chic o'x."::.i()s fv!? Vt\ ~ * Onlenn 4 Chic 2d m.... 96 Erie 4 th m 7'*. '80 9/)Z Cliic. Kit Hue liu ^bond*. ? ? ? ui !S Morris & Kssex 1st in.. In;!,".' P.1'"' ,'^7^ 0i' Morris A Kssex id in... 97 Hud K 7 s, 2d m * t. 85.109# Ji J Cell l>t in, new... 105 Alh * ^ 'SS Pl"'- Kt W * ''hlC 1st.. .10S m! i ^ ? t'leve ?v PittsM in iOu1^ Ch?r HmJ ^ y*" J!i CjevA PittH 4th 111 Siih ??? ? ? 9 ?? m* AAif * Alton ft t ill??? 5? 'ji,pvci ?J J'hic A Alton 1st in nil*. ?1#V* Tni?f l!Ef^ r * Vi"8 c,,n ? I 95 r i? a i . i5 [j Pi Ohio A Mi.s.s cou 9.V," r' {? A A nl'L.iT mix '.,h,? * ?f'1 n,> Con- S4 '4 C, r A A new txlrt y.ifj iiub A Hionx OltV 1st 4?4 Sfiff aV)!.4!01 mS?**" il * Ce,l!,l*ll,a lHt ,u conv!! 9.' now lids... 94 Mil A >>t V 1st III8X1' 1J. I07W p2i nR 7'.e i w ? ii, Mil4?tP 1st in 7 3-lu,Pi? 9i K i, 7 8* by Wo. Mil A st 1* 7V cold K 1> Q2K? Pa Kol<l f?tls... 1(KV4 Mil A Nt P Jtt 111, LllC J> 92 Western Pacific luis ... Mt! A st P l?.t m.I ,'c M l> 8i3i Pni,?J! {.^ ,l -11" bd8--' w" ,v Nt p M ?'? < 4 M. 77 i;n!^S 1? ? K Mhnettii A <'in iHt m... 9-' b?ii * iiiinirtV,ei? ?? !il S0!' (:.hic A ohic isw IT,!!""' ? ? ? i!5!> T"!; ??r " ^'a Han A Ht Jo Co, N?v' Til'fiV1'" M bank sharks. The market in this department was flrm and but slightly unchanged. The transactions were lim ited. The following are tho quotations New York, 136; Manhattan, 151; Merchants', lie^ Mechanics', 138; Union, 1S3; America, 167'; city' 266; Phenix, 95; North River, 88; Tradesmen's, 154; Mechanics and Traders', 131; Gallatin National,' 120' Seventh Waril, l?4; state of New York, liov Commerce, 116)^; Mercantile, 132; American Ex change, lflB',; Hank of North America, loo; Metro* politan, 13.'>V(; People's, 140; Corn Kxchange, 126; Continental,80; St. Nicholas, loo; Commonwealth, M; Importers and Traders', 182; Park, 14?; First National, 2oi; Feurth Natloual, 112,'4'; Ninth National, 104 German-American, too;*. 801THERN SBCL'RITIES. Tennessees. old, sold at 81, new at 85 v a S6X; Mis souri sixes. ?3H; Alabamas. 8fl>,. Outside ol these transactions the market was inactive. The priccs quoted are as follows:?Tennessee, ex coupon, 80'4 A 80\ ; do., new, 80a80Ji; Virginia, ex coupon, 43 a 48; do., sixes, consolidated bonds, 54a 66; do. sixes, deferred scrip, 10x a 11.4; Georgia sixes, 78 a 88; do. sevens, 01), a 93; North Carolina, ?x coupon. 29 a 30; do. to North Carolina Rail road, 60a80; do., funding, l8?o, 18 a 20; do., do., 18<>8, 17 a20; do., new, lea 17; do., special tax, 13a 16; Missouri sixes, 93% a 93,'i; do., Hannibal and St. losej?li. 90x a91>,; Louisiana sixes, 48 a 55; do., new, 42 a 50; South Carolina sixes, 25 a 36; do., new, lanuary and July, 15'^ a 17; do., do., April and October, 20 a 25; Arkansas sixes, funded, 30 a 40. government bonds. No remark concerning these securities is neces j*ry beyond what has been made from day to day. They remain strnmr. with au activc demand for He 1mq?oflMt, a growing demand foriww'n and an Inadequate supply for the foreign market. Tfce prices quoted aire as follows:?United Htates cur rency sixes, 110% a 116%; do. sixes, 1881, regis tered, 118% a IIS1*; do. do. do., coupon, 122% a 122%; do. live-twenties, registered, May and November, 116% a 117; do. do., 1862, coupon, do., 116% a 117; do. do., 1864, do., do., 116% a 117; do. do., 1865, do., do., 118 a 118V. da do., 1867, registered. January and July, 118% a 118%; do. do., 1865, coupon, do., 118% a 110; do. do., 1867, do., do., 121% a 121%; do. do., 1808, do., do., 119% a 120%; do. ten-forties, registered, 112%; do. do., coupon, 114', a 114%; do., five-twenties, 1881, coupon, 116 a 116%. the stock market. The public mind was prepared yesterday for what has followeu to-day?namely, the reorganiza tion of the Pacific Mail Company. The election took piace at noon at the company's office, and resulted as follows151,602 votes were polled as representa tives of the stock, and the large majority showed its coutldence in the following ticket:?George H. Bradbury, T. W. Park, James D. Smith, John M. Burke, Charles J. Osborn, Russel Sage, George 8. Scott, George H. Palmer and Rufus Hatch. It is generally believed that Captain Bradbury will be elected the President of the new directory. The stock exhibited its temper by opening at 41%, moving to 42, and alternately rising and tailing on this average, finally stiffening at the last board to 43% a 44. Union Pacific, which closed yesterday at 27%, opened at 25%, but recovered and maintained steadiness at an advance of 1 per cent, and towards the close called for 27%. C., C. and f. C. was firm at the extremes of 29% a 30%. Western Union showed a vibiation of about 1 per cent, opening at 84%, touching 85% higher, and receding at the close to 84%. No material change is to be noted in other quotations, the attention of brokers being chiefly bestowed on the two first named stocks, and no lnfiuences existing either' to depreciate or advance the others. Take it all in all, beyond the fluctuations incident to and re corded of Pacific Mail and Union Pacific, the day was quite as dull as most of its predecessors for the last fortnight. The statement submitted to the stockholders of the Pacific Mail Company, at the annual election to day, exhibits the financial condition as follows:? A Met'. fash and call loons $626,110 I'. S. live percent Bold bond* lO^UU) Cash with agents and pol lers 647,061 $1,37^201 5U0 shares Panama R. R. stoc* 45,000 2,0*5 shares California Dry Dock Co., K 1CK1,::3S 70,867 tons colli I.l2y,2rt7 Outfits and snnp'ies 361,642 Bills receivable 840,000 Total $3,S41.448 Payments on steamers building 2,3;i4,!>30 Real estate 2,009,831 Steamers 11,661,592 Lighters 8t?,0fi3 Chartered steamers 91,009 central American and Mexican subsidies 41,099 California, N. Z. and A. S. S. Co. account, pur chase ot steamers 234,186 Unsettled accounts 41,347 Total $20,303,I8i Liabililiu Capital stock $20,000,000 Coal treiehts l.M.own Unsettled accounts 13,400 Balance to credit of profit and loss 197,905 Total $20,303,008 HIGHEST AND LOWEST PRICES. The following table shows the highest and lowest prices of the principal stocks during the day:? Highest, Lowest. New York Central ioo% ioo% Erie 63% 02% Lake Shore 90% wo;, Wabash 68%- 67% Northwestern No transactions. Northwestern preferred 85 85 Rock Island 108% 107% St. Paul 55% 64 St. I'anl preferred 72% 72% Ohio and Mississippi 41% 40% Union Pacific 27% 25% C., C. and I. C 30% ?% Western Union Telegraph 86 ?4% Pacific Mall 44% 41% SALES AT TEE NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE. Wednesday, May 4N_10il5 A. IH. $1000 us fi's. '81, r 119 $23000 US <5-20, c, '67... 121V. 15000 U S 5-20, c, . 121% lO A. M.?Before Call. SfiOOOO Tn P 10'*, inc.. 60 400 sh* C A R IRR. ,b3 108 1700 ihs Went Un Tel... M%' 200N YCAHR RR.... 100% 400 uo s3 81% 100 do 1110% (100 do 84% 100 (lo c 100% 800 <lo S3 t-4% 100 do *3 10.)% DUO do M% 100 do 100% 100 do c 84% i.00 do 10tl% S00 do s3 64% 6(1) Erie KK 6t% 3(10 do M% 100 Mil A St 1* Hit 64% 300 do M% 100 54 100 L S A M Rft c 90% A00M11 A StPaai pi... ;2% iiw do c 90% 1O0 do *3 72% HW do 90% 103 T, W A W RR ?; 400 do 90% 100 uo 67J., 601 Pac M SS Co s3 41% 500 Un Pac Kit 25% 100 do 41% 6')0 do C 26\ 60.1 do 42 500 do 26% 6ir) do ? 42 600 25% 4911 do a3 42 200 do 25% 1500 do 42 700 ?o 2SV MH) do 41% lllU do c 25% 400 OO 41% 100 2.V'? 700 41% 1200 do 25% 500 uo 41M 100 do 25% tiUO do 41% 2(AI ao 25% 300 do C 41% IStIO do 25% 700 do 41% 10J do 26' 2J0 do 41% 100 C. C A I C Kit 29% MtW do 41% 100 do 29% 300 do 41% 100 B. II A h KK 2% 200 (10 C 41% 400UUIO A M Kit 40V .',00 do 42 2,10 do 40% )U0 do C 42 100 do *3 41)'. 1U0 do 41% Io0 do 40% ?|J0 do C 41% 600 do. 100 do C 42 300 do. 200 do 42% 1(M do 40J do 42% 5tU do 4l)% 3JJ do 42% 400 do 40i. 200 uo s3 42% 3UI do b3 41 i'H) do c 42% 100 do 4.)% 400 do .... 42% 600 do 40fj (00 C A K I KK 107% ;?B do ?3 40*2 600 do 107% WJ0 Jo 41 First Board?10t30 A. M. $10ffl0Tenn fi's, old.... SI 300*h* N Y C A H R.... 100% 1010 Telin b's, new... 80% S(? do 10U% 14000 do 80% 1000 do lot)', lillfUO do 80% 7(10 do 100% Ioiaj Mif-fuurt 6's c 1*3% 100 Erie KK be 62% SU00 (Ml 93% 100 do 6 2$: lOOOAIaS's,' 93 ... be 80% 100 do 62% luUON Y C 7's, 1876... 101% 200 do 63 600li N Y (' 6's, '87 92 250 L 8 A M M KK b e #0% 3000Mich SoUtll St.... 102% 300 uo *3 90% 3000 Ceil 1* gld lids.. 103% 400 U Pac KK be 26% li'OoUn Pac 1st ra.... ss 17?>0 do 25% 7100 do 86% 2/0 do*. 28* H 00 do 8.1% 300 do b3 26}. 17t00U Pac 7'*, 1 g b... 70 600 do 25% 20000 do C9% 300 do 26% ?0tiO Un Pac 10's, inc.. 60 ?K) ao 26% 5000 do 61 200 do 2b-'. 2000TA W 1st. StLdlv 91% 12 0 do 25% 1H00C.C A I C 1st 89 200 do 26% 2000 C, C A I C 2d 71 400 do 2.U? lUUOTol, P A Wist,WD tW% 600 do 26 10:00 H, H A E 1st 35 100 do 26%' 1000 B, C K A M Int.. ..? 89% 600 uo J6J! 1000 do 89 300 do 26% 1000Can South 1st ... 91 200 2B'!! 3000 do be 94% louo do 26 4 coo North Mo 1stm... 91 300 do 2o% 10 HO Chic A N \\ con. SijJi 600 do 26% 70shs union Dank ... 13l 9h) uo 2;> 36 Hank nt Commerce 116% 100 do s3 25% 6 Am Ex Bank 109% 4ik? do 2.',% 30 Continental Bank.. 80% 000 d< 25% 50 do SO 2l*> Oo 26% 25 Hk North America. 100 100 do 2u 1:10 Mar L A Mn.bc.li30 13 200 do s3 20% 200Con Coal be &t% 1'*) .... 40% ? s3 40% 400 Quick M Co be 40 V00 Uo 26% 200 Win Un Tel be S4% 700 uo 26'4 L0 do C ?4% 600 Uo 26'? 2)0 <t. S4% 1100 do 2o? III) no ?3 M% 1U0 ao *3 26*, 60O OO S4% 500 do 'Hr'i Ml 10 flo 81, 1400 do 26% I N) do C 41*) do 26;. lim do tit *4% 600 ao 2:Aa IliiO (10 *4% 100 Oo 1,3 26% 4IKI UO t-4?? 300 Uo 2fl}4 100 do C 81% 100 2(j>a 2011 do S4? l(*l do 20% 200 1I0 c 84% 300 do 2bU 20vl do s3 ?4% 100 do....i 26'-. 100 do b3 81?i 300 do 26% 500 (to f4% 260 C A P KK (til coo 00 S6 2**1 (lo be 87'i 510 do >*?% 20 X J Ceil Hit loo% H?) (lo 85 20DC A R 1 KR.. ..bc.l>3 108 10.I do S4% 100 do 1)3 107% 21.0 do c 84% (00 do s3 107% H?l do 81% 500 do 107% $00Atlantic M 8b Co... 1 1210 do ion 3001'au Mall 88 Co.... 42% J00.M A .it P 54% SOU ao tic 42% 200 00 54% *10 do 42;, 600 uo 1.3 54% 2'*> 00 42 >4 30> do 64% 200 do 421, 100 do 64% n'i 42 100 do 54% 100 do 42 400 do 51% <*? do 41% 100T.WAWKKbc.bin ?9 ?J! ?/" 41% 100 do b3 68 W Ut?- 41% 700 do OS ?y. do 41% 600 B, H A K Rr..,,.bc 2% 'J"! J0 41% M ltel, LAW 105% 42 29 P. riW AC KK?td 93% ?*J "J" 42 700 II A St Jo StJ u" ?% lOOOhio A M Rlt.bc.I>3 40% SS ,11? <2 4U0 40% < % 700 do 40'J J1* *? -1 ?'% ?'?Wl do 40-, Iio:::::::::;." ? Z" t ; 'i'1 700 do..:.'.'.'.'.'...'.. 40% 200 do 42% 200 Oo c 40'! "WJ ?'o t>5 42Ja 400 , o 41 1 .1) I do 42% 1300 Il l/' 100 do 42% 600 do C 4ll * ? do 42" loo 00 e 4t So.:::::.:::::: W h 20 Am M U11 Express 6S 100 .1,. ?al' 50I.S Y C All K Rlt.bc 100% 300 do";:: X".::: so I'Ailft and !4iia p. jh. $1000? US 6'*. "81 118% $150(11) us 5-20 c -C6 n 119 louoo LK S-20, (!, '62 118% SU0U 6-20 e''h7 liiv 2000 l> f-21 |,C, '64.... 116% 3000 US 6's, c '81 b e lis'* 2000 US 6-20, c, '65 U8'J ' ' B, -De ? Brfore Call. S00 thf Par M RR Co... 42 SOOsh* Erie RR <? 200 do b3 42 000 W?*t Un Ttl,M4'^ 600 do 41% 100 do e K4V 800 do 41% 500 do S4'5 1U00 da 41% IHULSAttti Kit vo% 26'* 9u>| **> Jo 42 100 V Pacific RR 2*% VS! ?*o ?3 4i 800 do ?? j* !*)? ?lo 42*< 100 do 2>'-? ?H ?? ?'i M? do *> 2S <i" t', am do U'? *? ?t? ?w ??0 fi ;W do 42}, W0T.W4WKR ? do. ....o 42\ luOOhlo A M HR c 41 2*J do 42$ 7UU do ??,. 4U) do. 42 K 21*) do 4,.<? -W do ?2iJ 200 do. ?l Nccoiid Bo*rd?1 P. M. tllOPCen Par Bold b.. 1035* lOOihs Pae M 88 Co... V'4 5(?0lln Pac 1st in 88 200 do c 42 1000IT Pac 7'*, 1 jr. ... 6P!? 100 do M 42U suooc, C.t I c utui.. 89 200 do 6000 Tol k Wab 1st ui.. 9b)i luO do ?-> 1U0O Ut West 1st ui. '86 96 100 do t>3 ??& 8000Dub4 8 Ciiy 1st.. 96 1UU do 42 a 25 N J C Ld k liu. be 68 luo Harlem Kit MWfc 10 US Ex Co 711< 2(W do 0cb3 1?i 300 N V 04 II li KR.bc 100)4 S00 West L'll Tel... .b c 86 MlOshg Pae M h? Co... 42K 100 do C 84% 600 do be 42'i ?>? do 300 do 423, -00 do M 300 do 424, 100 do 800 uo 42 200 do **? 100 do ?2)i 100 Jo s9 84*^ llio do 42', 26 Mich Cen UR. . .be 103), 200 00 42'4 300 1'ulacKK be 28', 100 do 42'. 200 do 20J, 900 do 42 960 do 20% 9U0 do 41 liJU do I>3 a#M 1200 do 42 100 do 26>s 200 do OH 300 do 27 30) do 42'4 SOO do 2iiJi 1SU0 do. 42'? 1U0 do 2t>JJ 100 do C 42', 400 do 26?i 2(?l do 42'? 100 .1(1 aw do 12,'n 100LS AM b RR...b o 000 Uo 42), 6JO do '-?Ofi 300 uo c 42", 2J0 N J Cent 11W.. ..b c 106 600 uo 42T| 23 C, 0, C*1C?M. .. 87i, 200 uo U\ 800Chic A R I bo lots'* 100 do... 42*. 200T, XV A W RR...bc 88 300 do 42V 100 li A St J RR 35& lOo do s3 42?b 100 do be 36 300 do 424, (4H) Ohio A Ml?S 41 1U0 uo s3 42). 100 do b3 41 SOO do 42V 100 do <0Jt 100 do tijg 200 C, C A I C Ktt.b C 30 2t:)0 to 4- P. M. $00000 UP t-JO, e, '82, 400?h? Pac M 88 Co.b3 43?, Called bonds 118?, 30u do *A'/? CjO Uo bS 44 44 ...S3 43*i JOO do S3 84j? 70 <lo 44 4'JO do..... b3 86 (kid do 44^, ?*) do 8?J4 700 do 44*4 100Pac Mail 88 l'o. S3 42K 7l)0NYt'AH R RR... lllu). iOO do ?-)? boo do b3 10.)Jt 100 do 421, loll Erie RK 83.-,, QUO do 42^4 200 ilarlcm RR 13j 100 do 42?, 1200 Un J'ac R?t 2ti?? tilkl Uo 42?i HO do 27>? ?W do 43 200 do 27 {.00 do 43W 100 do 26?;i lOoO do 43'4 1200 oo 27>i 2-? do 43?, 10.) do s3 27 WW do 43>? 1M0 uo 27?? 100 uo i'A't 1100 uo 27J, 10J do b.4 4.V, 300 do 2">4 6'0 43 4 ll 'O do 2/", 300 do. 43J, 600 no 27>? 2"W 43>i 600 LS A RR ?0?, '?C 300 do BOM _?2 4u0 Chic A it 1 KR 108;', 200 do 43', 400MilA8tPKK 66 600 uo 43?, 100 6ft 8.II Uo 43S 100 68*4 1U0 do 03 43-1,, iilOTolA' Wab OiJ, 1900 do 4t>i 4IAI11. Lack A W RR... 1W BOO uo 43', 100 Ohio A M Rlt... .bS 41 SJU do 4S?i 600 uo 41 100 uo 43;, 60O do 41W 100 (10 43?? 200 do *3 4H, 700 do 43*. 100 do 03 4a\. tOO do 43?; 20jC, CAiCRR LO'4 80000 UK b-20, e, '67 12lC (iJJ uo. iliOkhs A est I'll lei... 8<j? I.'miO do. 800 do H4J? 300 do. 300 do 43", 300 300 CLOSING PRICES?4 O'CLOCK P. M. Western Colon. 84% 11 86 Union Pacific.. 27'j a 27H Pu- ne Mail.... 44 ' " N YCentral ...100?^ hrie 63^ Harlem 190 u w> Koswiu, 11 AB. 2?; .1 2)4 Ohio A Miss 414, a 41JU Lust 8hore 9j>, a '.Of, C. i'AI t 30J, n S0.J, 44 11 4i'? Rock Island luiV, u lt'CJ, lios? a looS *>t Paul 64?, a 66 63J, a 63S Ht l'aul jirct.... 72?, a 73'4 30 n 13oO Wabaau b* a t8j, 2?; .1 iii Ohio A Miss 41" 90)5 a ?.0?, C. i'AI v 30, COMMERCIAL REPORT. Cotton (fcaiet and WrM; Receipts at the Port 4,400 Bale*?Flour Dull and Lower?Wheat Easier?Corn and Oata Steady ? Provisions Quiet ? Groceries Generally Q,ulet?Petroleum Nominal? Naval Stores Firmer?Freights Firm? Whiskey Lower. Wednesday, May 28?8 P. M. 'ihe trade movement continued slow a? a gen eral rule, but there were a few exceptions. There was more disposition to deal In wheat to arrive than had been manifest for some time, and as holders were more willing to meet buyers a fair business was consummated on a lower basis thau has recently been quoted, the particulars of which will be found under the appropriate head. Corn was strong under a fair demand and light receipts. Oats were without decided change. There was a decided break in whiskey, but a better business was done at the decline. The pork market was still dull and nearly nominal for round lots on the spot, while for forward delivery prices were a shade otT. Lard was also lower and not active. Freights remained firm at unchanged rates. Gro ceries were generally quiet, with prices ruling steady. Pptrolcum was nominally unchanged. Naval stores were in moderate demaud and rirmer. Cotton was quiet for spot, while futures were in fair request at a decline of ?,c. a 3-16c. per lb. Apples.?There are very few choice apples in the market, and those offered command full prices. River mixed lots sold more freely at steady figures. We quote 8'cleetcd choice Winter, $4 a $4 60 per bbl.; Western New York, mixed lots, $3 60 a $4; river mixed lots, $2 a $3 per Ibl. Bunm.?The demand lias been only moderate, and white State ruled steady. Western sold at irrcjcular prices. The closing tijfures were us follows:?Prime to choice grass new Ktate, hall' firkins, 30c. a 31c.; lair to Eood do., 28c. a 30c.; State Welsh tubs, prime to choice, 29c. a 30c., and fair to good, 2'c. a 26c.; Western tubs, prime to choice, 22c. a 24c.. and Isir to good, 18c. a 20c. Chkesk ?The demand has been good both lor export and home consumption. The receipts continued liberal and the market steady. We quote:?Slate factory, prime tocholcc, 14?ic. a 16)40.: fair to good do., 12c. s I4e.; State farm dairy, p rluiu to choice, 13c. a 14c.; fair to good, lie. n 13c; Western faetorv, prime to choice, 13c. a 14c.; do. halt skun, loc. a 12c.; do. skims, 6c. a 7c. Cottox.?The movement in cotton on the spot was lim ited. and the market ruled dull, with more sHIcrs than buvcrsat the appended quotacions. which are generally nominal. For iuture delivery the market was tlrmer, closing at an advance ol >gc. a 3-16c., with moderate transactions. We sum up thus:? Tu-Ony. Lart Krr'q. TuUl, Export 6" .'?0' 410 Consumption 279 BH1 #J0 Speculation ? 11 II Total 329 1.062 1,381 Included in the above are 23 bales to arrive, r'or future delivery (basis low middling) the sales hiive been as fol lows:?Sales last evening alter 3 o'clock?Mav, 100 at IS 7-lfic.: June, 600 at IS 7-lhc.: July, 200 at l*21-32c.: August, 100 at 1H 11-lOc.; October, 100 at 17'iC.; Novem ber, 200 at 17c. Total, 1,200 bales. Sales today up to 3 P. k.?May, 200 at 18V-; June. IOO at 18 13-32c., 2U0 at 18 7-18c , 100at 18 16 32c., 300 at 187-Mc., 900 at 18 l6-.?c., 100 at 18 7->4>c., C00 at l816-32c., 100 at 1S>4C., 100 at 18 7-l0c., ?00 at 18'Jc.,3fO at 18 P-18c., 800 at 18 17 92c.; July. 200at 18 2132c., 1,100 at 18 U-16c.,IU0 at 18 23-9Ic., SOO at 18 II It*., 100 at 18 23-32c.. 300 at lMfe., 100 at 18 13-Mc.; August, 300 at 18 21-32C., 400 at 18 11-lOc., 600 at 18 23-32c., 100 at 18?<c., 100 nt 18 2."-'''2c.: September, 100at 17f*c.: October, IlKlat 17Mc.. 100 at 17 5-ltic.: November, 2tM at 17 l-lfie., 600 at 17c.; December. 100 at 167tc. Total, 8,400 bales. Orand total. 9,800 bale*. The receipts at tue ports loot up thus: ?Galveston, 2fh dales; .New Orleans, 2,187; Mobile, 179; Savannah, 480; Charleston, 444; VVil uilngton, If; Norfolk, 482; New York. 336; Uostoii, 36. Total, 4.409 bales. Thisduvla*t week. 8,986 bales. Tills dav last year, 1.1H3 bales, ftatcs on cotton to foreign ports closed nominal, nt the following figures:?To llavie, t.y s cam, lc.; sail, le., compresned; to Hamburg, by steam, kd., compressed: to Bremen, by steam, le.; to Liverpool, by steam, 6-ltsJ. a ?, 11, 6-iti.l. a *id. We quote :? Up I'll "In. A!rl',a,i,n. If.OiUunt. Tern'. Ordinary 14'4 I4'a 14'4 I4'4 Good ordinary I6'4 10'^ 10 ,, 10l, Strict go<Kl ordinary. 17'a I7J, 17', 17S Low middling ls1^ ls'i, is , 18JJ Middling 19)4 19*2 19-'% 20 Good middling. . ..21% 2ll2 21*., ti ?The quotations are ba?<"l on cotton in store, running in quality not inore than hull a grade above or below the grade quoted. Coi'kkk.?t he market remained quiet, but very strong for all descrl|iUons. No sales were reported from first hands. We append our former quotations, as loilows:?Kio?Ordinary cargoes, 17'Jc. ? I?'?c.: fair cargoes, 1S)jC. a li"?c.; g(?Kl eareoes, 19c. a 19'4c.; prime cargoes. 19!tc, a l'JJiC.; extreme range Tor lots, 17J4C. a l!>\c.. 4?ld, per lb.. 60 a 90 days' credit; Jnva fgovcrnment bugs), 20)ic. a 21)^-:.: do. (grass mats), 21c. a22c.: Singapore, uo.,17c. u 18c.;( eylon, lsf;c. a I9.!4C.; Maracaibo. 18)j,c a 19)?c.; Irftgiiavrn, 19c n l9)<c. ; Ja maica, 18c. u 19c.; St. Doiulngo, lOUc.; Porto Itico, 19c. a 19>ic.; Costs Kica. 18)ic. a 19)<c.; Mexican, 18'^c. a 19c.; Manila, 1*.\ a 18'gc.: Angostura, lHKc. a 19c.; .-uvanilla. 18)jC. a. 19c.; Curucoa, I8),c. a 19c., gold, 80 a V0 days' credit. Flour **n (iaim.?Receipts?Flour, 10.<61 bbls.; wheat, 87,788 bushels; corn, 83,847 do.; corn meal, 900 bbls. and 687 bans; oats. 311,131 busliols; barley, 600 do. The Hour market was dull and lower (or nearly all kinds. '1 lie sales toot up only about 7.960 bbls. southern tlour also dull and lower. Tlic fli -t sample of the new Southern tlour crop of 1873 was sold by I.. Koberts it Co. at $10 per bbl. The wheat was garnered, threshed and milled on the same day, last week. It wasmamnaciured byStovall A Hiiil at Augustn, lia., got to market and sold nt an earlier date than e\erbetore. Cornnieal qtii.'t, but steady. Sales 300 tibia, oi Bruudy wine at >3 U) a #3 M. l eed was quiet and nominally steady at yesterday's quoted prices. We quote ?? No, iJStttc $4 00 a 623 Superfine state 6'JO a 6 28 Kxtra state 6s.'u? 700 Choice Stste 7 26 a 7 76 superfine Western. 6IK)a 6 26 Kxtra Western 8S6? 700 hxtrn Minnesota 726a 876 Round hoot) Ohio, shipping brands .... ?75h 700 Koiind hoop Ohio, trade brands 7 20a 826 Family 8 60s 1026 SL Louis, low extra 7 00 ft 7 26 St. Louis, straight extra 7 76ft 826 St Louis, choice double extra 8 76a 960 St. Irtiul* choice family 1000a MOO California 8 76 a 9 7"? live tlour. 4 Ola 6 40 Southern No. 2 4 00a 6 26 Southern snperflne 6 76 a 8 30 Southern cxira 7 00 ft 910 southern taniilv 9 60 a II 'SO Corn meal, Western 3 16a 346 Corn meal. Jersey 3 16 a 3 46 Corn meal, Branuywine 3t)da 366 Baltimore 440f. o. b. Caloric 3 go a 36s Puncheons 18001, o. b. v\ it sat was dull and eusy on the spot and lower tor for ward delivery. The sale's were about 120,is0 bushels, at $1 60 a tl 98 tor inferior and No. 3 spring Si 68 a ti f<2 tor common to choice No. 3 Chicago , fl (VI tor Minnesota; ti 84 for Milwaukee, tl 89 lor No. 1; tl 97 a t2 06 lor

white; tl 67a >1 68 for No. 2 Chicago and Milwaukee to arrive fUil hail of June. At tue Uow ti M was hid and $l W for Mllwankee for first half June and $ J lor umber Ohio. Corn was steady, with a fair demand; the nates foot up about 70,UX) bushels ut 62J?c a 63c. lor soft, 63|,c. u 61c. tor miked, 64)$c a 65c. tor tn*rti mixed, and 66i. a 65>a( lor yellow; old quoted at 66c. u 67 e. Oals were unchanged and In lair demand : the sales at; 8rebate 43.UOU bushels ut Mfc. a 8lc. lor new Mark Western, Im'^V' f?r do. mixed, 65c. a 59e. for fhir to choice white on the truck and afloat; old held ut 56c. in atore. Barlev wax Inactive and entirely nominal. Rye >|uiet; sales were reported of 21,000 bushels, to arrive some nine hence, at 96c. tor Western and 97c. for Canada In hond. Fkkii;iits?The inquiry lor accommodation by resarla on the berth wan moderately lair, Inn the scant supply of room checked transaction* Kaie-i were without noticeable change. The chartering business was (air, the call being principally for suitable vessels lor petroleum. Kates were about steady. The engagements were:?To Liverpool, by steaut, I.'j,UK) bu?neis ol grain (relet) ou prlvati terms, IMhhd?. tobacco at 40s., small lots of pro visions at 4iK a 46s , and by sail, 12 hlids. ol tobacco at 4')?. To Loudon, by steam, 40 hlids. of tobacco at, 90 bales ol liair at fltln., und by sail, 7,A0) bushels grain at 9V'.. W hlids. of tobacco at 41V 6tl. to Ant werp. by sail, AO tifid?. of tobacco ut 47s. 6<l. The charters comprisea Ocrniuti hark, hence to Kio, SjUUU bbls. ol Hour at $1 40: a British brig, hence to Seville, SOO bbls. retlneil |>ctrolcuui at is. 3d., and fl,0U0 rases ot do. at an equivalent rate; a North Herman bark to arrive, hence to a Baltic port, 2.300 bbls. rctlned do. on private terms; a Norwegian bark, from Philadelphia to Klslnore lor orders to the (icrniuu Baltic, 3,00.) bbls. of re fined do. at 7s. 6d.; a British brig from do. lo Copen hagen, 2,800 bbls. refilled do. af 7s. 7>,d. Molassks.?The market continued iiuict hut steady. There was very little disposition manifested to operate, and we have only to note sales, in a Jobbing way, ol 70 bbls. of New Orleans at trom 72c. a 7Sc. Wo quote :? New crop?Cuba, centrifugal and mixed, ice. a Me.; do clayed, 19c. a Sic.; do. muscovado, running, 30c. a 32c.; do. do. grocery, 33c. a 45c.; I'orto itieo, 35e. a Ok-.; Kuglisli Islands, Ike. a a"c.; New Orleans, 65c. a 8Uc. Naval S.-okks.?'The market lor spirit* of turpentine was weuk at the opening, and 1U0 bbls. soldat46e., but subsequently it closed nriner, with 47c. bid and 47*jc. asked. Later I2li bbls. sold at 47c., 50 bbls. on private terms and 40 bbls. nt 47'4c. Rosin whs firm und in lair demand; strained quoted at 93 15 a $.120. The sales com prise:?700 bbls. strained at $3 '.'0, 130 bbls. of extra pule at $5 Ml, 50 bbls. of do. at $5. HO bbls of good No. 1 at $4, WK) bbls. No, 1 at S3 75, 60 bbls. of low No. 2 at $3 17}j, 2m hid*. of opaque at $4, ami u cargo of slruiued, to arrive, ou private terms. Also 526 bbls. of strained at $3 an, (X) bhl?. of do. at $3 25 a 43 30, 32.'. bbls. ol pale at $4 a $4 25. 170 bbls. of No. I nt *4, and 62 bbls. ol extru pale at $6. Tar and pitch were inactive and entirely nominal. Pktkoiii'm.?Oil 'Change to-day tlic market for rctlned was dull, but prices were nominally ilrm ut 20c. u 20Uc. for balance oi month or curly June delivery. Crude in hulk was also inactive, but was tlriuly held ut O^e.. with bids ot He. Cases were quiet and quoted steady at25,'^c. a 26c. Naphtha remained nominal ut lie. u llj.c. for West ern and city. The creek market* were quiet but lirm at the following figures:? Oil City. $270u$.!75; 'lltusvlllc. $270; Petroleum, $2 50; Rousovllle, $2 GO. The Philadelphia market wusdull und prices enttrclv ujuu_ nal. Kenned quoted at 19.'?c. a 19}.,e- Later we tieSWJw sales of LtAlO bblt. oi reHned, settlement of contract for May, nt20c., und 1,400 bbls. ot city nuiihthu at lljac. I'KOvistoNs?Receipts?Pork, 1,165 bills.; cut meats. 695 packages; lurd, 723 bblH.und tierces, and 50 kegs. The market lor mess pork was steady und the demand only modcrutc Sales in u jobbing way, 250bbl.?. ut $1690 a $17: and in round lots, 250 bhls., for export, ut $16 75, cash; and 1,000 bbls. sellers June, ut $10 62}?. We also note sales ol 50 bbls. of clear mes-i at $18 50. Paeon re niulned qulei. We have only to report sales ot 50 boxes of city long clear attf^e. a H?ic. Western was entirely nominal. Dressed hogs were quiet Hiid a shade olf, quoted at O^jc. a 7>?c. tor the range of city. Beef continued quiet, with prices ruling steady. in a jobbing way about ISO packages were placed, at prices within the range ot $10 a $11 for new plain mess, bbls.. $12 a$ 14 kir do. extra do., bbls.; $20 a $22 for do. prime do., nerces; and $23 a $2."i for do. India Co., tierces. Beef hams were dull, but uomiually steady at $^8 u $32 tor Houthern und Western. Out mcuts remained quiet In a wholesale way, but prices ex hibited no material change. We have only to note sales of 500smoked shoulders at 8Wc; 600 tierces of pickled hams at lll?c.; and 6,000 lbs. ol do. bellies on private terms. Lard?The market lor Western was geuerully quiet and weak, with prices favoring the hnyer. Sales were reported of 26'J tierces in settlement lor May, at #S,e.; 400 tlercea last evening on the dock, at 9*ic. cash; 500 tea., in settle ment lor June, at 'J!ac.; 260 tierccs, for July, at 9)ac : 750 tierces, for do.,at 97-loc.. and closing witli salcsof 800 tierccs lor do. at 9??c.: 250 tierces sellers August, at 9Se.; 150 tlurces of No. 1 at 8}?c.; city quiet; quoted at 8?ic.; 00 tierces, a special brand, wild for export at 9c. Potato*".?We have little or no change to note In the market since our last report. The demand continued lair and prices steady. We quote :? Prince Alberts. $3 a $.150, early rose, $2 25 a $2 76; Jackson whites, $2 25n t2 50; Prince Alberts, $2 50 a $2 76; Peerless, $225 a $2 50; iy rights, $1 76 a $2. The above quotations are for lots in bmk ; tl in shipping order, ,'iOc. additional must be added. Kick.?Trade was moderately fair to-day, nt steady prices. The sales comprise 60 tierccs ot Carolina at 7}ic. a 8}?c., and 200 hags of Kungoon at 6\c. a 7c. Suoaii.?There lias beuu a trilling improvement, in the de mund to-dav, with prices ruling steady. We note sale* of 624 hlids. of barely good rcflniug Cuba ut 7J?c., 251 hhds. ot good do. at 8c., 114 do. of centrifugal at 9)?e.. 20!) do. of do on private terms, 120 boxes ol Cuba ut 7%c., 1,411 do. of centrltugal on private terms. There were rumored sales ol fully 6.00J boxes of centrllu ital, but we were unalile to learn the particulars, we quote:?Cuba? Rellning, inferior to common,7c. a 7!jC.; fair to good lair, 7Jic. a 7J,c.: good to prime, 8c. a 8'Jc.; grocery, fulr to good. H^c. a H'Jc.; prime to cnolce, a 9c.; centrifugal, hints, and boxes, N\e. a#?tc.; molasses, hlids. and boxes. 6%c. a 7J*c.; melado, 4c. a 6c. Havana?Boxes?Dutch standard, rios. 7 to 9, 7c. a 7\c.; do. 10 to 12, 8c. a 8)ic.; do., 13 to 16, ft 9l4<-.; do., lfi to 18. 9)tc. a 10c.; do., 19 to 20,10' , a I0'ac.; white, 9^c. u lO&c. Porto Rico? Keflning, common to prime, 7c. a H',c.; grocery, lair to choice, S)4e. a n'4c. Bruzil?Dutch standard. Nos. Hto 12, C'^c. a 8Uc. Java?Dutcn standard, Nos. 10 to 12, H^'c. aHHc. Manila?Superior and extra su perior, 7c. n i'*c. stkakinb continued quiet Sales 80 tierccs of prime at 9>aC and 38 tierces ol do. oil private terms. Tallow was in lutr demand und utendy. Sales 104 hlids. at H?4C. a A 16-lflc., 15') bbls. ol prime ut 9c. und 17,000 lbs. of outside a t 8)4c. a 8J,e. Wiiiskkt.?Receipts, ? bbls. The market was active to-dav, but prices were again lower. The sales foot up 600 bbls. ut 93c. a 93)^-. DOMESTIC MABKETS. , Oalvkrton, Mav 28,1873. Cotton firmer: good ordinary, ll'^c. a 14},c. Net re ceipts, 24M bales Kxports to (Jreat Britain, 720. Hales, I,-0,'. Stock, 37.4G2. JIkw Orlraks. Mav 28, 1873. Cotton in moderate demuud; middlings, Isc. a IH,'4r. Net receipts, 2,187 bales; gross, 2,623. Kxports to Orent llritaiu, 6.11U. Sales to-day, 500; lust evening, 1,000. Stock, 103,200. Moiui.e, May 28, 1873. Cotton dull: middlings, n^c. a Net receipts, 179 bules. Exports?Coastwise, -'.'j.3. Sales, 200. Stock, 26,349. Savannah. May 28,1873. Cotton nominal; middlings. I8,?^c. Net receipts, 41*) bales. Kxports?To (ireat Britain, *,168; coiiatwise, 466. Sales, 196. Stock, 20,631 Ciiaulkston, May 28, 1873. Cotton quiet: middlings, 18c. Net receipts, 444 hales. Exports to Ureal Britain. 2,907. Sales, an). Stock, 17,0<)8. Toi.kdo, Mav 28. 1873. Flour steady. Wheat dull and lower; No. 2 white Wa basli, $1 77;,, No. 2 white Michigan, $1 82; umber Michi gan, siiotand seller June, $1 66; seller July. $1 62; No. 2 red, t.1 66!, ; rejected red, $1 40. Corn In lair demand und firm; high mixed, spot and buyer May, 47c.: seller J line, 46',c. a 40j;c.; July. He.; August, 49c. a 49Jfc.; last half ot August, 50c.; Hejiteinhor, 6lic. a 50>Jc.; low mixed, 46e. a 46J4C.; yellow, 46^gc. Oats quiet uud uuchaiKted. Kreighf s firm and unchungcd. Kecelpts?1.0WI bbls. flour, i,UO) busiiels wheat, 7,0u0 do. corn, 2,imju do. (ats. Shipments? H.noo bushels wheat, 3,000 do. corn, 12,00o do. oats. Oswkco, May 28, 1873. Flour steady and unchanged; sales 2.0.M ut $8 60 lor No. 1 Spring. $9 60 lor amber Winter, $10 50 tor white Winter, $11 lor double extra. Wheat quiet at $1 62 lor No. 1 Milwaukee club. Corn dull: sales of 1,100 bushels low mixed at Me. Rye and peas quiet. Coru meal sold at$l 26 for bolted and $1 20-for unbolted per cwt. Millfecd dull at $18 a $19 for shorts, $19 a $20 for shipstuffs, and $20 a $21 for middlings per ton. Canal freights?Wheat, 8c.: peas, 7J?c.; corn and rye, 7J,c. to New York; lumber $3 <5 to the Hudson, $4 76 to New York. Receipts by lake?Wheat, 23.200 bushels; rye. 6,50? do.; peas, 8.3D0 do. 1 lumber, 1,896,000 feet. Shipments by canul?12,400 bushels wneutaml 1,684.000 feet of lumber. BnrrALO, N. Y., Mav 28. 1873. Lake and rail Imports for the last twenty-four hours:? Flour. 4,667 bbls.; wheat, 364,184 bushels; corn, 6-7,027 do.; oats, 8.V800 do.; barley, 3/6 do.; rye, 18,152 do. Canal shipments?Wlieat, 193,200 bushels; corn, 160.336 do.; oats, II.069do. Rail exports?Wheat, 23,774 bushels; corn, 4,500 do.; oats, 2,260do. Canal lrelghts stronger?Wheat, ll)jc.; corn. 10c.; oats, 6*,c. Flour quiet; sales of Western Spring at $7 26 a iS; bakers', $7 16 a $1 25. amber, $8 80 a $9 26; white, $9 80 a $10. Wheat dull; fales 9,000 bushels Milwaukic No. 2 Spring at $1 43; 2.X10 do. Chicago No. 2 at $1 34; quoted Milwaukee No. 2 Spring at $1 4.3'? a $144; Chicago No. 2do. ut $1 41; white Canada, $1 76 n $197^; white Michigan, $1 8J a $1 W. Coru iu good de maud; sales 3,760 bushels No. 2 at 48c.; 6,0ifl do. at 47%c. Ootssteudy; Western held at 43J*c. a 44c. in cur lots, 42c. a 43c. by cargo. Barley quiet, at 96c. a 9Hc. tor Canada, 90c. a 95c. lor No. 2 Western, 84c. a 88c. for two rowed State, 96c. lor tour-rowed state. Rye?Sales of bagged at 8sc. Barley malt steady at $1 a $1 10 lor Western, $1 10 a $15 inr prime Winter W estern, $1 20 a $1 25 for prime Canada; sales 4,800 bushels Western at $1 16. Chicago, Mav 28. 1873. Flour quiet and unchanged, shippers holding ofT. Wheal quiet and weak; sales of No. 1 Spring at $1 35; No. 2 do. at$l 28tf cash; $1 28'f a $1 1 ?>? seller June; $1 26 seller July; No.3do.,$l It*', a $1 19; rejected, $1 02. Corn in fair demand and lower; sales of No. 2 mixed at 38',c. eush; S'.l^c. a 39'ic. seller Juno, 44'ic. seller July, 44j,c. seller August; rejected, 36V\ a 37c. Oats quiet, wiak and a shade lower: sales oi No. 2 at 31XC. cash; 32','c. seller June. Rye steady at 68'^c. a 69 - lor No. 2. Barley dull and nominal. Whiskey steadv at 91c. Pork dull and lower at $1.) 87,V seller June; $b< 10, seller July. Lard easier at $8 46 a $8 80, spot or seller June. Bulk meats In fair deinuud and higher: sales of shoulders at 6V1.; short rib middles, f^c. a s^e. Bacon quiet and unchanged. Freights?Coin to Buffalo, 5c.; wlieat 6c. Wheat fo Kingston, 12%r. Receipts?8,0)W bbls. flour; 67,000 bushels wheat. 83.000 do. corn. 77,000 do. oa's, and 4,000 (lo. barlev. Shipments?6,000 bbls. flour, 68.010 bushels wheat, 243,000 do. corn, 34,000 do. oats and 1,000 do. barley. EUROPEAN MARKETS. London Moni.t Market.?London. May 28?6:30 M.? American securities cloned unchanged. United State* homln, new fives, 8K; Erie Hallway shares, Consols opened at !n?(i (or botli money and the account. Ameri can securities quiet; United State." tlvc-twenty l>otid<, IHdfl's, old, 91 ; itWH MVi ten.fortles, 88^; new Uvea, 83'., and Erie Hallway share* nt?9!f,. I a his UocKDK.?Paris, May 'iA? r. M.?Rentes clo?cd at 66t. Sftc. Liverpool Cotton Markkt.?I.iv*urnot, May J8?#:DP. M.?Tlio market closed unchanged. The sale* of the ilny have been lO.OJU bale*, including 2,OX) lor speculation and export. Of the sale* fi.nOO hale* were American. Sules of cotton shipped irum Savannah or Oliurles ton, delirerable .July anil August, at 3 14-l?d, and from New Orleans, deliverable July, at 87jjd. The market opened qniet. wlih middling uplands, *%\. and middling Orleans, a 9'id. Sales of cotton shipped from Savannah or Charleston, deliverable in May, at H'i I. I.ivutpooi. Hhkaihtuits Makkkt.?Livrkfool, May 28? P. M.?The market Is quiet Liverpool Provisions Marrkt.?LivRRroOL, May 28? P. M ? Kacon, 37s. 9d. per cwt. lor Cumberland cut; beef, Wis. per tierce for new mess. Litkrpool Produce Market.?Liverpool, May 28? Kvenlng.?Common rosin, 8s. per cwt. spirits turpen tine. per cwt Pi trDLrom .Marrrt.?Antwfrp, May W.?Petroleum, <0\i. lor fine pale American. mtWAWClAL,. ' rUOl'BT BBLMtiNT j\ Bankers, 19 ana 21 N'as??u street, is<ue Travellers' ('reditu, available in all parti Of the world, through the Messrs. DE ROTHSCHILD and their correspondents. Also commercial Credits and telegraphic transfers of money >>n California, Europe and Havana. A?LAPsLEY a RASLEY, 74 BROADWAY. BROKERS . in Stock and Oold Privileges.?910U lor put or call tor I0U shares, SI75 lor $50,0t*J gold; first clas* niunu. Explanatory circular, wlih practical illustrations and references, mailed to any address. A LARUE AMOUNT OF MONEY TO LOAN, ON Bond and Mortgage, first and Second Mortgages cashed; cltypropertv onlv. A. Ftt?lJB*i(iUCU * CO., 9M and 908 Ttuid ?v?nu?. FINANCIAL,. ^NNUAL NTATEMKNT THE I'H(KNIX MUTUAL LII'K INSURANCE <*0M PANV HARTFOKD, CONN. Net Awcta January 1,1872 $7,510,614 OS. INCOME IN 1872. From premiums $2,942,4v9 74 From interest 471,262 71 From ugcnlft' balance* paid and tn crcutc in value ot invi utmcnt*., 22,144 04 3,435,898 49 $10,1140,510 54 DISBURSEMENTS IN 1X72. To policy lioldors. raid claims fcy death $?7M99 66 Paid dividend* 095 44$ 12 Paid for lapsed and surrendered policies 306,084 07 $2,180,026 85 EXPENSES. Puiil for commissions, salaries and ?11 other age ncy expense* $364,684 ID Paid medical examiners' levs 30,821 SO Paid salaries of officers ami office employes 34,515 .12 Paid taxes 46,328 54 Paid reinsurance 1,272 68 Paid all other expenses 79,336 2d $557,158 62 $2,737,183 47 $8,209,325 07 ASSETS. Loans on bond and mortgage $ $2,975,302 46 Loans on collateral security 101,579 13 United States registered bonds 278.993 75 State and rounty bonds 66,000 00 Railroad bonds 43,000 00 Gas company stocks 18,150 00 Batik stocks 187,720 00 Cash nn hand ami in bank). 118,678 54 Premium notes on policies in force 3,531,237 01 Accrued interest on investments 101.S34 63 Premiums In course of collection 53S,H42 19 Deferred quarterly and semi-annual pre miums 135,904 20 All other assets 90.9*3 16 $8,2t*9,326 07 LIABILITIES. Net present value of all outstand ing policies, New York standard, January J, 187) $0,776.117 00 All other liabilities 233,376 57 $7,1109.493 57 Surplus $1,199,831 50 Number of policies Issued in 1872 10,527 Amount insured $21,751,734 Whole number o< policies in force 33,020 Whole amount insured $71,910,267 ~E FE8SENDEN, President. Jams F. Bukks, Secretary. Business of Connecticut Companies in 1872. Na of Policies. Am't Ins Hartford Life and Annuity 1,216 $2,487,192 Connecticut General Life 1,260 2.526,180 Travellers'Life and Accident... 2,.V<8 4.059.503 Continental Life 2,947 5,021,010 Connecticut Mutual Lire 5,117 13,185,518 Charter Oak Life ~.T.. r.,929 12,246.591 .Etna Life...' 8.791 15,335,187 PI I (EX IX MUTUAL LIKE W.527 21,731.734 A?GOLD AND STOCK PRIVILEGES.?IMPORTERS . and other dealer* in foreign goods ma.v rentier their regular business less speculative bv providing them selves with Gold Options at n premium of iiuarterto half per cent. WILLIAM WARD, Dealer in Stocks, Hold and Options, 23 Broad street. Business paper and miscellaneous skci ri ties wanted. JOHN B. Ml'RKAV, WS Broadway. JJOWES A MACY, BANKERS, 30 WALL STREET, NEW YORK, OFFER TIIE SAME FACILITIES TO DEPOSITORS AS INCORPORATED BANKS, AND ALLOW INTEREST ON DAILT BALANCES AT THE RATE OF FOUR PER CKITT. HASKINS A BRAINE. STOCK AND GOLII BROKERS, 11 Broad street?Stock and Gold Privileges a spe cialty. Aiiv one can speculate with small capital and little risk. Explanatory circular* mailed. I DANS ON LIKE INSURANCE POLK IKS AND J other securities. In large and small amounts, at 85 Liberty street, up stairs. TIBERAL LOANS ON NEW YORK, BROOKLYN. j Westchester county and New Jersey Improved Real Estate ; First and Second Mortgages and other Securities promplv cashed. JACOB V. I). WYCKOFF, fit and 66 Broadwav. NOTICE.-THE INTEREST COUPONS, DUE ON Sunday, the 1st day of June next, on the bonds of the Ro<'klund Nickel Mining Company, will be paid at the office of the company, 16 Keekniau street, New York, on presentation, on or after June 2. 1873. EMORY RIDER, Treasurer. New York, May 27, 1873. OFFICE OF PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY, 59 and 61 Wall street. New York, Mav 29. 1x73. Notick to*.?At the Annual Election tor Directors of this Company, hold on the 2Hth instant, the following shareholders were elected Directors lor the ensuing year George H. Bradburv, Charl"?J. Osborn, P. W. Park. Russell Sage. James D. smith, George S. Scott, John M. Burke, George H. Palmer, Rufua Hntcli. The total number ol votes were 151.Wi, and at a meet ing of the Board, held 28th instmt, the following officer* of the Company were unanimously elected, viz: ? President, George II. Bradbury. Secretary. Theodore T. Johnson. Trensurer, llenrv Smith. By order of the Board. THEODORE T. JOHNSON. Railroad bonds negotiated, loans made, Supplies Furnished. Money advanced on Collateral, Roads Constructed, Capital furnished to Incorporated companies. C. G. DAHLGREN 4 CO, 19 Nassau street UECOND MORTOAOB, 53,000, FOR SALE AT A HIS n connt, but not at a -skinning;" sate and reasonable. Call at room 13, 240 Broadway. Principals preierred. TO A CAPITA LIST THAT WOULD I'LKCIIASE A well secured Second Mortgage on first class out of town Properly; very cheap. Address SELLER, box 143 Herald office. WANTED?NF.W YORK ANT) OSWEGO MIDLAND M Railroad Bonds for a fine lour story high stoop brown stone llousn up town, lightly mortgaged. Address MIDLAND, Herald office. It'-ANTED?GOOD APPLICATIONS FOR FIRST AND Second Mortgages on City Property at talr rates; money at once. SaWaRD k LbAVITT, Si Wall street Ctl i\i\i\ WANTED-for SIX MONTHS, FOR tpLit/UU which a Second Floor, handsomely fur nished, with Board, In one of the Dest locations up town and near Filth avenue; best ol reference given. Address A. A., Herald Uptown Branch office. Cllll (W\M ?A-000' WW. $4,110,1 and $1,900 TO ?PLo.tMML loan on City Property; $1,000, $2.rt??, $.',2tio and $3,000 tor Brooklyn. Apply, wiu> papers, Iw GKORGK B. WALTON. No. 4* Pine struck $34 FWAWCIAIi. _ _ nnn TO IX)A2f<>N KniwT ,;ity i* ??JT".UVV proved Property; priv.itc trust luod; three or tlve yearn. C. E. haydi3n, 47 William street. d?OU nnn to loan-tki*t funds. ON KIHST MurTitaKt* good Improved city Property ; also a little Momcv on Second Mortgage. Addre-a AT TOKNEY, ?'.U Broadway, room* 'J audi. Hours 11 to 1 o'clock. AQft <W1(1-KIIII BOM) and MOi: r?; m;i: is vf\v Jpu'/.""" York city and Brooklyn; 970,UMl to pur elm*' largo New Jersey First Mortgages. W. I?. i V. BaKTLKS. 5fi Wall street. AlAA I1AA ?WJUTTED Tt) PURCHASE. riMT IplUU??"'w? Mortgages, secured by Improved real estate, in sums varying Iroin to $10,000each. Ad dress, with lull particular*, box 1,570Pout office. t?? I " I 11 Wk To LOAN-ON BOND and MOKT *" gage. without bonus, for a term of veuri> on real estate in till* city. john K cn.N KEY, l?i Broadway. room 9. TO LOAN?<>N BOND O.I> MOKT* , . C< guuca ctulied at onc? <#?1 1 n TO LOAN-ON bond and *Ol? ?P ! cage on city Property', second Moru unci* cuslied at once. RICHARD V. 11 VRNKTT. Ill Broadwuy, room K, basement REAL ESTATE MATTERS. $10,300 1,780 Biminmx, Present and Prospective. Business in city realty i* somewhat active, although the xale4 on 'Chungs sre not brisk, and as tins branch consists at present, in thu inals, of foreclosure sales it inn.v be taken us an augury that nil mortgagee* are prompt in their obligations in liquidating their just in debtedness. Private sales, on the contrary, are being made with considerable success, and will aggregate a handsome amount this week. We luvc heard or a dum ber of interesting transactions within a day or two, but un the contracts arc not completed we retrain trom giving the particulars. Hut this much can be said, that an extensive of east side property will be an nounesd during the ensuing week, which will astonish the bear* in the "solid commodity" on Uie east side of Manhattan Island. Trie Hell <iate improvement lias been discounted in one instance but the purchase is a highly important one and will puy the investors a very handsome profit. I he sales at the Kxchanse yesterday, where the attend ance was rather dlniiuutive, footed up as follow* ?? BY Mr I.I.Kit, WILKIN* AND CO. ? .. . (Kxecti tor's sale.) OS. bk. h. and I.. 10 Peck s.ip, between Water and Pearl st*.. 21x59 1 ?l Gs. bk. tenement h. (front), 3 s. bk h. (rcari. and i 22 Chrystie st., 24.11x100.8 ,'.21 7 3 s. bk. factory and I. No. 24, adjoining the above.' ' 26-2* 10.'. J .16 900 , (Henry S'lcoll, reieres.) * "? hl(- tenement h. uml I., 11. g. of hast 36th st.. 125 ft. w 01 2d uv., 20x98.9. 11,000 4 s. bk. tciiduicuth. and I., adjoining above, 20xil8.9.'!lt)!oot} BY WILLIAM KVXXKLLT. (P. II. Jones, rsteree.) 3 s. b. s li. nnd I., e. s. of Lexington uv., 6S.S ft n. of Mill st., 17.9x9b IS BOO by joskpii 11 Oil 1 ii a. . . . (W. II. Kirchios, referee.) 3 s. bk. h. and I. 27 Sullivan si., 40 ft. n. of Ornad st. 2Jx54 ! 8 8<? Suburban property is looming up considerably, Judgim; from the nuiiieroiisjirospenjus sales which have taken place this week. We quote the following us of the most importance. A sale at Orange. N. .1.. wan held bv A D Melllck A Brotiicr, which proved highly remunerative. This sale by O. H, Pterson was woll uttended. The property was well located, and prices realized were jinlte satlslaetory. The aggregate of tiie sale is 930142 1 he details are us follows Plot So. 17?, on 7th sfc, 25x110 *4w> Plot No. 17f, on 7th st,, 25xloo 40t? Plot No. 179, 011 7th st., 29x100 :ur. Plot No. 180, 011 7th St., 25x1011 375 I lot No. 17, i n 7th St., 25xb)2 tl ftVs Plot No. 16, oil 7th st., 25x102.2 410 Plot N'o. 15, on 7ih St., 25x101.11 4110 Plot No. 14, 011 7th st., 21x11)1.7 J. 400 Plot No. IS, on Harrison bv., 2tt.3\ltio g4U Plot No. 12, mi Harrison av., 25x100 640 Plots Nos. 9, loand 11, on Harrison av., 25x100 l.fiu) Plot So. 8, on Harrison av,, 2fl.\l0t' 015 1 lot No. 7, on llurrisou av.. 25x100 810 Plot No. 239, on Harrison av., 25x100 850 Plot No. 23#, on Harrison av., 25x100. 630 Plot No. 237, on Harrison av.. 25x1110 606 61S 600 ?i . ' "?iiiii'wii mM4.iAiiri dm i lot No. 2M, oil lliiriiMjti av., 'iSxK*) Plot No. 225, on llarrlsan av., 23x100 730 Plot No. 226, oil Harrison av., 2.'ixll? 57,1 Plot No. 227, on Harrison av-, 25x100 575 Plot No. 22s, on Harrison uv., 25x100 w>7 Plot No. 184, 011 7th st.,2:>xl00 460 Plot No. I'd, on 7th St.. 25x10') ' 411,, Plot No. 1S2, on 7th st., 2.r>xliH) 380 Plot No. 181, on 7tll St., 25xll'0 <82 Plot No. 40, on 7tli st, 23\lOI Sf, Plot No. 41, on 7th St., 25x100 *05 Plot No. 42. on Ttll St., 25x100 son Plot No. 47, on 7th st, 25x100 4-ji> Plot No. 46, <in 7th ?t., 2.1X100 -km, Plot No. 43, on till st., 25x100 ...!!!!!!." S7? Plots S'os. 41 nnd 43, Oil 7th st, 25x 100 750 Plot No. 150, 011 7tn st., 25x11)0 " 4^ Plots Nos. 14(1 mill 148, 25xMO 740 Plot No. 147, 25x11)0 ?,! Plot No. 143,25x100 400 Plots No*. 144. 145 and 1415 !!!""!"" 1050 Plot Wo. 114, 25xllK) 4(16 Plot'No. 113. *6x100 *..7 Plot No. 92. 25s 100 in', Plots No.-. US, 94 ami 9o, 25x100 1 nor, Plots Nos. 99, 98, 97 and 96, 25xl(J0 ' ' ' i'iuii I'lot No. 11(7,15x10.) 'iLJ Plots Nus. 10*. low, llll. Ill and 112, 25x100.'.''.' 1 fin Plot No. 73. 25xllM ...... in* Plots Nos. 72 ami 71, 25x100 '. ??? Plot No. (li, 25x100 I'lot No. 457. 14x101 ??? Plots .Nos. fi-t and 63, 25x10) K70 Plot No 70, 25x100 ;; Plot S'o. 2)8, oil Anil St., 25\1UI> 205 te^^^^re^^^u'i't's0,!^. W,U k? pecuiiariy ,n coTO;;yeys^.r^ia.,u>r!ie:b2A-J-B,eeckcr'son 4 A i~..(l'arf."( t1"' lute Charles Basslnl.) 4 tots on Alpine st., n. e. corner Montgomery av each 27xw.\ll6, each..,., *2S5 ?"?Lsrv * v' "? 105 ?? e. of Alpine St.! each 25x110, each 4 lots adjoining, each 25x110, each 5m 4 lotsadioiinng, each 25x110. each ... ?>"() & Jots adjoining, cucli 25x110, each 237 4 lots oil Alpine st., s. e. corner Montgomery uv., each -7.9x108, each 2H5 .??*."?!!iilKt 1L' "? U8-10 "? ?? Alpine si., each 25x110, each ' . 275 4 lots adjoining. each 25x110, each. 250 4 lots adjoining, each 25x110, oacli 2115 6 lots ad.ioining, each 23x 110, each 237 An important sale Is to be held to-day at the Kxciiangu bv Messrs. Muller, >Vil'<ins ,t Co., consisting of 461 valua ble lots and live pretty houses The luml is finely lo euted, easily accessible from this city and oirers great In ducements to settlers. The property is sold under direc lion or Mr. W . ^uu Siclon, nttoriioy, and. nuliriTitr trom the large number of visitors who have teen sup. plied Hitll railroad tickets to itiipect the preiiitiies to be di?pos< d of, the >ale pvnmises to be very large. THE SEW KK&IYIK QIILSCEVT. Afltelrs In the Public Departments?The New Chamberlain In Office?Rumored designation of Commissioner Char Ilclt?Odds and Endi. The City Hall and tbo various public depigments In the buildings adjacent thereto were not the proper places in which to look for news yesterday, as the closest repor torial Inquiry un l research tailed to develop anything or a startling nature. The fact Is that the seat of municipal government has been absolutely deserted since the c<m flriaatlon of thu Police Commissioners, 11 ml Police Head quarters In Mulberry street Is now Hie trysting place of the clans. A minor reached tho City llall, however, yes terday that Commissioner Charlie), nail resigned: hut tho report was extremely indefinite, and no one knew any thing definite concerning It The reported reason for h'is resignation, or tor his contemplated action in that re card, was that he lia-l ascertained bv Ins brief experi ence that tho duties of the position would engross too much 01 his time, but this was considered absurd as It in not at all likely that su shrewd and experienced a man as Oliver Charlick would seek or accept a position known to be onerous and exacting, it properly attended to. with ??ut knowing exactly the responsibility he was assuming. So one, therelore, believed the story. Among the prominent gentlemen who called upon tho Major yesterday wore Judge N?ah Davis. Commissioner 1 "r'h iin^i ' . <!i" '."''V- Superintendent MutseH. Joseph H. i.hoate, Cham barium lane, uud a number of the aldermen uud oilier city officials. Chamberlain I.anc yesterday as-mmed control of his im,??.. v 1 K transill"''l beyond that tact in his bureau. No changes were made, and the selection of a a?,iJ,.rham!r!rta,n J'1'1 been completed, but will probably be announced to-day. ? *V 'he l'sseof CiiriK'llus Parley,against whovi suulifl ^ l^.14 Marshal ;i complaint was entered, tbo complaint was dismissed severaldnys since, uud Farley was sworn I11 nnj received his warrant. In consequence of complains made by Mr. II. S. 8hcr woou. ol the Water Register's Ifureau. Commissioner ^rall Sort has Issued 011 order requiring the clerks to lie In at tendance trom nine o'clock A. M. until lour o'clock P M on the usual days or business. A number of the clerks" who think that seven hours'labor dnily is too much tor thcirconstitutioiis and the pay, have protested against the ordur, uua 0110 of them, it is understood, has ra signed. COMPTROLLER'S RECEIPTS Comptroller (ireen reports tho following amounts paid Yesterday Into the 4'ity Treasury:? HKCKH'KK or TAXES. From taxes, water rent aud interest ?? us KI'KKAU or 4I1KKAB*. From arrears of laxet, usixissments, Croton rent and interest 9 ?q 1 OLLKCTOK Or SSSKSSMRNTS! From street openings and linoroveinents and in . ni'kKAC 'or WATKK HKlilSTKR. 8 ''' Ironi Croton water rout Total. COMPTROLLER'S PAYMENTS. < omptroller Green paid yesterday, through !he Por ma?ier, all the laborers on big pipes, small pipes, thirty. *.i.^l,nCll, I1*"1* .nn'1 *treef repairs, to 1Mb inst, S14.7H7 - &M.. WMa!orTourt4Wv,4r<u' ?ve"l,c-' Ac 8CRANT0N COAL. The regular monthly tale of Scranton coal took place yesterday at M Exchange place. The attendance was not large, but the sale was spirited. The auctioneers were J. Draper A Co. The following were the prices realised. Eighty thousand tons were offered for sale 94 "erton ? eamboSt Si and chestnut at ?;i 42^*' tKS foliowtng 'aVe Yhe pn?eV ?s compared with those of the last saloP April 30. n,,u 28 I-ump 7,500 4 17^ 14 5" Steamboat 7..VK* 4 r."J 4 411 J { ,V ?? *?xi a 4 50 4 60 a 4 62* J'ltl 12.0IK) 4 6>) a 4 70 4 821^A 4 H5 ....24,1410 (1)7^411 |]K 5 15 a 5 22'^ Chestnut lS.OUO 4 25 a 4 4 40 i 4 46 * CASE OF SUKSTROltE. Henry Stevenson, residing at S2f Court street. Brook*, was taken to (he City Hospital vesterdsv, suff-ring from the effects or the heat He fell on MyrMa svenu* ?lid sustained a severe rut over the le.'t eve. *

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