Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 29, 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 29, 1873 Page 7
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MEXICO. Ilcraitl Special Report from tlie Mexican Capital. COBGEESS ORGANIZED 111 SESSION. ?~ Meuor 4ose Maria Iglesias Declared C'hier Justice of the Su preme Court. SKETCH OF HiS LIFE A'.:D PUBLIC CAREER. The Interoceanic Railway Before the Legislative Body. ? YELLOW FEVER IN YUCATAN. Jj(*7.ii(l;rs Force* Heiutf '?stamped Out." TfLEGR^WI TO THE NEW YORK HEUAIO. Tho following special despatch to the I[era id has been received Irotu our cor gesponclciit in the Mcxicuu cnpitul by way of Matamoros:? Matamorosj, May 20, 1H7I4. K telegram from Mexico City, special to tho Hkuai.d, reports that the Mexican Congress tia-i organized iu sessiou, aud that the Elec toral College bus declared Sefior Jose Maria Iglesias elected Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, an office which is equivalent to that of Vice Presidcnt of the Republic. THK INTEltOCEANlC RAILWAY PROJECT. The Congress also declared itself iu perma nent session for the purpose of discussing the bill embracing a project for the building of *u interoceanic railway. RIOT AND DISEASE IN YUCATAN. Disturbances have occurred iu Yucatan, caused by the result of the State election. Many persons were killed during the melee. Yellow lever is raging in Yucatan. LOZADA'S FORCE BEING "STAMPED OUT." The government forces have obtained fresh victories over the remnants of Lozada's force iu Jalisco. SENOR JOSE MARIA IGLESIAS. Bkflch of His Life and Pabllc Services. The following biographical sketch of Sefior Jost Maria Igteslns, of Mexico? wno lias oeen declared President el the Supreme Court of Mexico, and, by virtue of that office, President of tbe Republic Should a vacancy occur from the death or Seilor Lerdo de Tejado?has been especially translated or tlie Hkkali), aud is to-day published for the m forniation of our readers:? JoaC Maria Iglesias was born in the capital of Mexico, on the fith of January, 1S23. Ilis parents, lolan Iglesias and Mariana Inzatirraga, distin guished in ihe society of Mexico lor their superior Intelligence and refinement. dedicated their son Irom childhood to the study of the sciences, ?o that upon receiving the honorable title of lawyer, at the age of twenty-two years, tie had alreadr filled with distinction the professor's chair for tbe course of arts in tbe Col lege of tan Uregurio, and that of langaages for English and French in the College of San lldefonso. One year alter receiving his title as lawyer he save lessons as a professor in jurisprudence; at the paine time also commenced his public career, lie being elected a member of the Com mon Council or the city of Moxiss. At this period (1847) occurred the American Invasion, when the men of the Nerth, like new Vandals, without Justice or reason, Invaded tlie sacred soil of the country, violating the laws or the rights or the people and the mutual obligations wblcli should exist betweon uatiou*. The people and the army battled hciolcally against the In vader, giving to the world an example of valor, but the internal discords or Mexico gave the triumph of the Union of the North. During this terribly trying period tor Mexicans Sefior Iglesias was Fir.^t Minister oi the su preme Tribunal of Wur, aud afterward Auditor (Judge Advocate; or tho Army of the Fast, aud lie abandoned the dear soli of his country rather than to see it profaned by the In vauer. The sad preliminaries of the "Casa Colo rada" and the dishonorable trea'y or Guadalape put an end to the contest between Mexico and the L'nited States. The government seeing the Htness and capacity of Seiior Iglesias named him <'hi?>for the section or Active credit, and In l8.*>o a member oi the Board of Public Credit?a laborious charge, which lie tilled with his ualural energy. Tlie popu lar vote callcd him to a seat In Congress in the year 1802. Versed In the study of human letters, dis tinguished tor his classical attainments, his knowl edge oi (ireek and Kouian, as well as ol modern History, his own clear talents, easy and logical mode of spcech, Ills erudition, he procured for him self many parliamentary triumphs and oratorical laurels, aud he gave satislactlon aud honor to his constituents. Alter the administrations of Huerrera and Arista, In which the Kepublic enjoyed some tranquillity, the administration of Santa Anna followed, which, by Its arbitrary acts and despotism, excited the Indignation of men who were lovers of liberty, and the plan proclaimed in Agartla, aided by the liberal arms, demolished Ills dictatorial power. Iu isse Iguaclo Comoniort was President, and one of ais Ministers was seilor Miiruei L-rde de Tejada (brother oi the present rresiaent), the able Initiator of rerorin. During this period Sefior Iglesias was ehler of the second section of the Ministry of the Treasury, aud gave for Comoniort the law of disamortizatlon. although this branch or business did not belong to his section, but to Sefior Lerdo, who gave him especial charge of the affair. The weakness and vacillation oi President Uoinonlorl Impeded tbe carrying uut or this reform atory law of dlsamorti/ation. Ascending step by stop Sefior Iglesias became Secretary of state. From the second section of the Department ol the Treasury he occupied the position or Minister of Justice, and was afterwards also Secretary of the Treasury, filling Ijoth offices at oue tune, with nis customary dili gence and liardlatK>r, pood judgment and prudence, always demonstrating Ins aptitude and eminent Itness for a public man. Having separated irom the Ministry on the 18th or September, 1*57, he was called by a popular rote to occupy a seat on the Hench of the supreme Court ol tnc nation. Tne lonservutlvo party, seeing the advances oi liberal ism, endeavored to undermine the administration of Comoniort, and succeeded In obliging him to rive a coup d'e'tot. A bloody struggle between the liberal and conservative party followed. In the midst ol the contest tlie laws ot reform were given ,n Vera Cruz, and the liberal party, led by Benito luare*, triumphed over the reaction, General Ml ramon disappearing from the politics! scene. The constitutional government returned to tho capital tnd occupied themselves In reorganizing the admin istration. Sefior Iglesian, always disposed to serve his country, was placed in charge of the general administration or revenues, and aitcrward ol tne Dustotn House lu Mexico, the conservative party, not satlsiled with their defeat by a fatal error which tne most ardent patriots call crime, and In order to avenge their enemies and dominate them, invited lorelgn intervention. England, France and Spain gave ear to the suggestions or some illusive persons, untf with the pretext ol the suspension ot in.- payment or credits by Sefior Juarez, concerted the convention of London, unci went to Mexico t*ie irlparly expedition to Impose a new government on tlie Republic, but a clever man, Senor Dobiado, ideated the league. Separating hl*self from the Knmlsh ami Spaalsh, lie re-em narked hi* troops. 1'lie Froperor Napoleon III., loving adventure and rx.wer, undertook the enterprise, and proposed ta? destruction ef the Kepublic and the substitution of ill empire but tins adventure proved a bloody Srmia and in this trial of the Mexican people ft wis demonstrate.! that their valor was I not counterfeited neither their love ef liberty nor ^?Smaencc. T|da torrlWe arawa had It* tramc I ftna!? in the (Vrro de los CampanM. .seflor, a faitlnul republican, followed, with a few others, iSeiior President Juares to the frontier of the nerili, forming a part of liia government, and sulleriag all the inconveniences attending an extended campaign, in the midst of the conflict dedicating himself with hi* accustomed *eal to the despatch ing of public business. In 18?3 he was encliarged with the portfolios of Justice and Internal Im provements (Fwn#nto). aud in January, 1S64, he was entrusted also with that of the Department, ot I hi- Treasury ; and in the discharge ef this triple obligation he continued until July, is?7. following which period he was left with only the duties of Minister ol Treasury. The fatigues ?( a govern ment :n camp injured Ills health extremely; hut, notwithstanding, this indefatigable worker con tinned to discharge the duties ?!' Ills office without liope 01 glory or inceutive of gold, but only lor the love of liberty and independence. Three grand figures stood forth in the midst of tin- struggle against the intervention mid the empire?Juarez, Lerdo and Iglesms and to the constancy ol these meu is due the salvattan, the autonomy of the re public. lu December, 1867, Neuor Iglesias separated luuisei! trom the Ministry el the Treasury. In 180* lie was member of Cougrevs until the moatli of Hep tember, when he again assumed the dutiea ol the Mluister 01 (iobernacien, and he aides being entrusted with the Ministry of Uobernaclou, he was was also encharrfed hi the interim with the portlolio ef Justice since Julv, 18GH. In the month ol September of thesaine yenr lie was permanently entrusted with the same portfolio, and remained faithfully discharging these duties until Dect iiiber, 1870. lu 1*71, oppressed by so uiucli latigue. and greatly broken in health, lie retired irom pabllc liie, attending only to the re estublishiuent ol his health; but in February, 137/, lie again returned to public life, and took upon himself the duties of the Custom House, where he lias remained until the present moment. Aiiiurte fatigablo worker, he has not alone de voted himseir to public affairs, bu< as a lover 01 tlie sciences he has occupied himself at the same time with these. He has written, in union with other persons, "Los Apuntes !'ara la Historia de la Cuerra entre Mexico v los Kstadoi t'nidos," and also is author of "has Uevlstaa llis toricas Sobre la Intervenclon Kraucesa." Not aloue as a parliamentary speaker lias lie distinguished himself, but as an editor has he lound occupation for Ins talents. He lias been chlot (editor) or associate editor of various political and literary periodicals, as HI R> publicano. El Monitor, I). Sim plivto. I.u Chinnra. Kl Diarvo Official, J-USlo'o XIjr., Kl Album and others. Eminently republican, a distinguished patriot, a loving son of his country, for his merits, iQr his great qualities lie is destined to occupy the tlrst places In the Republic. In his private luc sefior Iglesias is a good husband and excellent latucr. SPAIN. Republican Army Pursuit of a Carlist Com mander?Bourbonist Blockade in Barce lona?Industry Forccd to Idleness TELEGRAM TO THE NEW YORK HERALD. Madkid, May 1873. The government army in the North, commanded l?y (ienoral Nouvelas, lias received reinforcements and rmtrclied lor Calaf, a town forty-six miles northwest of Barcelona, In pursuit of the carlist force uuder Tristany. CARLIST blockade AND SUSPENSION OK INDt stry. The Carllsts arc blockading Manresa, in the prov ince of Ilurceloua. Work is suspended in the manufactories in the town, the insurgents having cut the t aual which furnished them with wafer power. GENERAL DOKREGARAY UNDER arms AND ADVANCING. The Carlist chief Dorregarav is marching on l.o giona with a large force. The national troops are concentrating to attack hliu before he reaches the city. THE QUESTION OP SLAVKKY. The Spanish government has authorized the creation of another society lor the abolition of slavery in Porto liico. REPUBLICAN democracy WITH a SI.IliHT DISCORD IN PRINCIPLE. The Gacfta, of Madrid, promulgates a decree which prohibits the granting hereafter or use in official documents of titles of nobility. The republicans have sent deputations to Espar tcro, urging him to accept the Presidency. ? ENGLAND. The Bank of England Forgery Case in Court. TELEGRAM TO THE NEW YORK HERALO. London, May 28, 1873. Austin livron Bidwell, the alleged bank forger, w.?s brought up at Guildhall to-day. Formal testi mony was taken establishing his identity, anAhe was remanded to jail. IRELAND. Priestly Law Suit Against Cardinal Cnllen?The Award of Damages. TELEGRAM TO THE HEW YORK HERALD. Dublin, May as, 1873. In the libel suit of Rev. Father O'Keefe against His Eminence Cardinal Culien, Archbishop of Dub lin, involving the right of hierarchical discipline over the clergy or tho Roman Catholic Church, the plaintllf was awarded one farthiug damages. The Plaintiff* Points of Case. Father O'Keefe appealed to the civil law, bv the institution of a libel suit, In order to defend his character, which, he alleged, was assailed by an act of ecclesiastical Hii-pension. During the examina tion of the plaintiff by counsel Cardinal Culien, the Most Rev. Dr. Moran, Bishop of Ossory; the Most Rev. Dr. McEvill.v, liishop ol Gal way; the Most Rev. Dr. Conroy. Bishop ot Ardagh, and other dignitaries of the Catholic C.'iurch were present. Mr. Parcel!, i}. C.; Mr. Gerald Fitzglbbon, y. G.: Mr. Hugh lloimcs and Mr. W. Creed Meredith. LL. J'., appeared for the plaintiir. Mr. sergeant Armstrong, M?. John O'Hagun, CJ. c.; Mr. Naisn and Mr. R. P. Carton were of counsel for the defendant. The plaintiff was examined as to the correspond ence respecting his supension by action of the Very Rev. Dr. McDonald, V. G. The Lord Chief Justice asked whether there was power in the Vicar General, without previous citation or trial, to summarily suspend a parish priest, r Witness?Certainly nor. Mr. Fitzglbbon?Alter your action against the hishep ended in a non-suit did you coiamence an action against thellev. Mr. Walsh lor the libellous words stated to have been spoken by him ? A. 1 did. y. Was there a citation then served on you ? A, Yes; on the ltith Xoveml?er; after 1 had cele brated mass and administered communion to the faithful, 1 was stopped in the entrance to the sacristy by ti?n Rev. Mr. Neary and the Rev. Mr. Walsh; the i'frv. Mr. Xeary commenced reading a paper, which I did not want to hear, ami accord ingly I passed out of the chapel by the back way and reached mv own house; as 1 was doing so 1 was handed the citation to appear at eleven o'clock on the 19th November, in the sacristy of the Kilkenny Cathedral, to answer charges against me: there was also enclosed a copy of an authority from the Bishop to Dr. McDonald to hear and deter mine all causes requiring special command. g. You replied to that in a letter of the 20th No vember 1 A. Yes. The letter was read. In this letter plaintiff said he would teach both Dr. McDonald and Mr. Xcary hat tne law of Great Brltaiu was supreme. BELGIUM. Boiler Explosion and Loss of Life in Brussels. TELEGRAM TO THEJEW YORK HERALD. BRl'flSKLS, May 38, 1873. A terrible boiler explosion occurred m a crowded workshop here to-day. Fourteen persons were killed outright and many injured, some of whom will me. OCEAN TELEGRAPHS. A Cable Amalgamation Project in Court. TELEGRAM TO THE HEW YORK HERALD. London, May 2*, 1873. A bill has lieea Hied in Chancery against the Anglo-American Cable Company te prevent the amalgamation of Its stock with that ol the New foundland and i he French Atlantic Telegraph Com panies. TURKEY. TELEGRAM TO THE NEW YORX HERALO. Constantinople, May 28, 187.1. Thirty houses have been destroyed by a confla gration in Staiuboul, Race for Ilie Derby Stakes on the Derby Course at Epsom. ? ?? - - Thr Brilish Metropalis Astir at an Early Hour and a Genera! Turnout for the Downs. ?~-? ? Democratic Comminglement When in Pursuit of Sport. BETTING ON THE RESULT. + . The Start, tlie Rush, the Finish, and Doncaster the Victor. ?, ?? A DEAD 111!AT FOR THE SECOND PLACE. TELEGRAM TO THE NEW VORK HtfiALO. London, M.iv 28; H7". Tlie annual summer Turf Meeting at Kpsom was Inaugurated with great Mat yesterday. TIIK. RACK rOH THK DB.B1IY STAKKS. Tlie great event of the meeting anil tlic grand a t traction of the English racing season?tho content for the Derby Slakes?took place uver the i?eri?y course to-day. It was won bv Doncaster. Tne run lor the second place was a dead Uoat be tween (iaug Forward and Kaiser. PRELIMINARY CALCULATIONS AN1> BKTTINO HOrsE PRKMON1TIONS. The running at Chester threw no light ou the Derby, owing to the absence of Chaudos from his engagement aud the easy defeat of Cobhum for the Chester Clip, which race, as well as the Great Chester Stakes, produced but half a score of runners. There were some heavy operations on the Derby in the course of four days, and at one time Kaiser was no better fa vorite than Hocbslapier, 4 to 1 being laid against him. dang Forward was wonderfully Arm since ae won the Two Thousand Gnlneas. THK MRTKOrOl.lS MAKING READY KOK TIIK GRAND HOLIDAY. Iu London but little business was transacted, everybody who couUl leave the city having gone to Epsom. ON TIIK KOAD. The highways were jammed, as usual. Every de scription of vehicle, from the four-in-hand oi the aristocrat to the cart of the costermonger and the Hying teut or the gypsy, were mixed in bewilder ing yet good-lium.ired contusion. The railway trains to Epsom were crowded to their utmost capacity. TIIK WKATIIKK. Early in the morning there were indication# ol an inclement day; and, although the clouds at one time nrokc, they again gathered and tlie weather remained dull, but no rain fell. BETTING ON THK COURSE. The betting, just before the start, was 40 to 1 against Doncaster; 7 to 2 against Kulscr, and 2 to 1 against (iaug Forward. The Race. The following is a summary of the race Kknkwai. ok the dkkby Stakes oi 60 sovs. each, hail forfeit, for three-year-olds, colts H st. 10 lb., Allies 8 st. 5 lb., about a mile uiid a Hall: 1 the owner ol the second horse to receive 300 sovs. and the third 150 sovs. out of the stakes. (2ni suds.) sir Taiton Sykcs' ch. c. Doncaster (late A U Heart and >'o Peel), by Stock well out oi Murl 20 Id 1 Mr. Savile's b. c. Kaiser, by skirmisher oui of Begins, by Kinn Tom ? ? ? ? ? 0 Mr. W. s. Crawfurd's ch. c. Gang Forward, by Stockwcu out ol Lady Mary, by Orlando 0 BOARD OF EDUCATION. Regular Meeting of the Board Ye?ter?lay Afternson?Msnttily Report of tlie Su perintendent?A Vice Principal In Trou ble?Additional School Accommoda tion*. The Board ol Education held lt? regular meeting yes terday afternoon, William H. Nellson in the chair. A very lame number of communications Irom tranter* in regard to the payment of teachers and other matter* were received and referred to the proper committee*. Tlie Superintendent aabinitted hi* monthly report of examination!* during the month of April. The whole number ol school* and department* visited was M. In the school* SOS classes were examined, of which the la gtruction in 129 was found to have been excellent; In 1st. good; in W. lair, and in 1, indifferent. The general man agement in 23 of tlie*e schools was found lo tie excellent: in 9, good; In 3, lair, und iu I, indifferent. In 17 ol these clauses examined the discipline appeared to tie quite de tective. Reports bad been submitted to the Hoard ol Traste s of the results of these examination* and their attention called to the several eases ol deficiency herein reported, aud it was hoped thin iliev would lake audi action iu regard lo the same as might lie required TO COKHKI'T WIIATKTKK W *S AMISS in the management ol the schools. Most ol the sehoo, buildings v isiteii were very much out ol repair, unit men .?military condition in respect to cleanliness required im mediate attention. The avrrago attendance was. s9,m?. which is 3.64S in exceas ol ilie attendance during the cor responding month lust year. 'I he number of days lost in thu absence ol teachers w?< t.tttl. Koar pupil, were ie ported as hiiving hecn suspended. I lie report wus approved and placed on tile. A communication irom the Comptroller was read. re. questing the Board to iiirnlsli an estimate oi the amount required by them l"r the next Y< ar. Referred to the Committee on Ktnance. _ Mr. I'amk moved lo clow- the schools on Decoration Ditv. including it anion ; me school holidays. Adopted. The i.ommlitee on Teacherssubmitted a repert recom mending the expulsion ol Mr. ?iilbyrf 1>. Heudricltson, Vice I'rmclliul ol liranilliar School No. s, lor conduct un becoming a teacher, hi conspiring toenect tlie removal id the I'rtneipal in order to obtain the position lor him self. Ac. The repor* Wi nt over under the rules. The Committee on Sites and New .-chools, suhtnitted a report in regani to building a new school in the Nine teenth ward. The Couiiiilttee were oi the opinion thai more accommodation lor children ot the primary grade was absolutely nece*?ary. .Many children hud to be denied admission on account oi Hie iNsurnciKNcr or accommodation. 'i hev asked tliut the Trustees lor that district be requested to report to the Board a suitable site lor ? new primarj school. In view ol the ract tiiai the Model /rn.iary School attached to the Normal C^ege. on Mxty-eightn Street and Lexington avenue will be ready tor Uie ie. p tion of pupils about tlx: beginning ol the \ear IH74. the} wi're oi the opinion that at present it was not advisable to purchase additional sites. The report ? a- adopted. I lie simii submitted a report recommending that additional scliool accomodations be "'rnished lor tlie Seventh, Tenth, Klevcnth, thirteenth. .seventeenth and Twcntv-second warJs. by the purchase oi sites and the ereetio'u <ii new building*. I he report was a.ioiitea. V report nominating William Cl; ary as m hool liusb ol thd eighth ward was approved. Alter some unlmportaut business the meetinu sd- | journed. . ARMY ORDERS. The Board of Officers appointed June 2S, 187a, lo consider and recommend lor adopt! ou a breech loading system for muskets and car bint* lor the military service, and the Board ap pointed to ap praise the value ol the sites and buildings of the arsenals at Rome, N. Y.; Vergenneso, Vt., and Fayette, N. C., preparatory to their sale at auc tion next month, are dissolved, and tlie officers composing them ordered to join their proper sta " A leave of abscnce for six mouths, on a surgeon's certificate of disability, Is granted to Lieutenant Colonel Alfred stilly and Lieutenant AUred l rcd berg, of the Nineteenth Inianirj. Captain George B. ltoge, ol the Twelfth Infantry, bavin* been examined by a retiring board and totind not incapltated lor active service, is oi- ( dered to join his regiment. The leave ol alMcnce grnntctf Lieutenant coi onei L. f. I levin, or the Eighth cavalry, is extended rive months, on a surgeon'ocertidcate oi disamiit), with permission to go beyond the sea. colonel William F. Harry, of the Second cavalry, is ordered to Washington prior to June nth, to give evidence In a case pending before the American anu British Commission. . .mi) Assistant Surgeon Albert HartsufT is transierreti from the Department of the Platte, and Assistant surgeon A. A. Yeomans from the Department oi the Lust to the Department of tie Missouri. lhe President has accepted the resignations or the lollowing named officers, to take effect May i*. IS73;?Kirst Lieutenant rainier t.. Wood, ol tlie Twelith Infantry; First Lieutenant William i?. Bruntcr, of the Ninth cavalry. A despatch received by the See ctary ol War yesterday morning irom 1 n* p ector l.? " " * 1 ar'? * announces his arrival at Portland, <?re? ti. ;m the lava l?eds, where he had iieeu in tiieioutse ol Ins tour ol inspection. THE STATE TEMPERANCE ALLIANCE. Albany, May ??!*. 187:5. The F.xceutlvc Committee of the state Temper ance Alliance, and such members as be present, are invited to meet here on the 'J3d of June, co-operate with the State Convention, to uwot here ou tlie aim. t j take political action. WASHINGTON. Governor Jewell Accepts the Mis si on to the Muscovites. CIVIL SERVICE BACKSLIDERS. The Pmbyterian General Assembly at the White House. Washington. May 20, 1873. The Knssiun Nimlon Arrrptod by Cov entor Jewell. Lx-fiovernor Jewell, of Connecticat, has ac cented the Kussiau Mission, ami will at. onco make arrangementa for hi* departure, lie expects to leave Now tork the latter part of June. The Disposition of the Modoc Prisoners. In contradiction of a recently published state ment there in authority lor saying that Attorney t.eneral Williams has given no opinion whatever to Congressman Wilson, of Oregon, or to any other person favorable to transferring the Modocs who have surrendered, or who may he captured, to the authorities of that state, to be tried for mnrder. The treatment of these savages la with the military authorities, and no question has vet. been presonted concerning ihein. Presbyterian* In the lllue Room. The delegates to the Presbyterian General As sembly several hundred of theui?arrived here to day from Baltimore, and noon alter repaired to the Executive Mansion, where thoy were received in the Flue Konm by Secretaries Fish, Delano, Rich ardson. Beikuap and Attorney General Williams. A number of ladies accompanied them. After the usual preliminary of introduction, Rev. I)r. Nicholls, the former Moderator of the General As sembly, speaking in behalf or his brethren, said they were glad in having an opportunity to pay their respects to the members of the Cabi net now before them. They regretted the absence of the Chler Magistrate, but they could match their Roland with the Cabinet's Oliver?their esteemed Moderator also being absent. They owed their al legiance ns Christians to only One?their adorable Saviour Jesus Christ: but they rendered obedience to the powers that be, aud no hearts were more earnestly devoted to the government than their own. He spoke the common sentiment; or the Gen eral Assembly when he said their prayer was that

the spirit of truth, righteousness and peace may always preside over the counsels of the govern ment. Secretary Fish replied Grnti.kmkn?In the absence of the President we nreehnrged b.v him to express his regret and dis appointment in not being able personally to ex tend to ,vou a welcome aud to sav that he has watched with interest the deliberations or your great body, representing and controlling so large a Chrtsstlan denomination. In the President's be hall we welcome you to the city and congratulate you on the harmony, wisdom it ml prudence which characterized your long aud important session at Italtiumre. The delegates lingered about the Kxccutive Mansion ror some time, examining the suit of rooms on the first tloor; afterwards visited the Capitol and other public buildlugs, and, In course or the afternoon, were entertained by their resi dent Mends witii a dinner at Willard's Hotel. The Indian Supplies Award Approved, Tne Secretary or the Interior to-day formally approved the awards ror Indian supplies and trans portation made in New York city recently by the Commissioner or Indian Affairs, ngulnst which James It. Marian and other persons had tiled pro tests. ? Wo Umpire for the Mexican Claims Com mission. It Is understood that there will be no ampire chosen by the Mexican Claims Commissioners. The convention provides that in the event the Commissioners tail to agree la the election each OommisHioner will select a person to fill the posi tion or umpire, and whenever tne Commissioners disagree the case will be relerred by lot to one or the two so selected. Baron Schlosser had been favorably mentioned, but ns he will not return to the United States till late next Fall it Is nesessary the Commission should be in working order for the exchange of ratifications, which, it is thought, will take place this week. New Regulations for the Appointment of l.ight House Keepers. The regulations in regard to the nomination, promotion and pavmrnt or light house keepers, in augurating a long needed reform, were promul gated by the Treasury Department to-day. Rear Admiral Charles S. Boggs, the Naval Secretary or the Light House Board, has strenuously advocated the system which has now received the approval or the Secretary of the Treasary. Hereafter light house keepers and their assistants will be ap pointed by the Secretary on the nomination of the superintendents or inspectors or lights, approved by the Light Honse Board. They are to l>e graded according to the salaries they receive, the lowest grade being that or assistant keepers and keepers or small lights, whose salary is $400. or less, per annum. Pet sons not in the Light House service will be nominated for the lowest grade only; other vacancies are to be filled bv promotions from the lower grades. The new regulations cut off political appointments and interference from members or Congress. Diplomatic Real Kstate Speculation. The French Minister has the relusal or a site at West Fad, on which It, is proposed to build a resi. dence for the French Legation that will surpass In architectural beaaty any building in Washington. It Is doubtinl now whether the British Legation will build tills year. Slow Progress with the Postal Cards. The Postmaster General Is nor satlsfleu with the progress the contractors for mrnisbtng postal cards are making, and thinks it may be necessary to tran?fer the work to New York, where greater ra chitics can be hi^ii both lor the printing and trans portation or cams. More Backsliders from Civil Service. Messrs. Seville and Kimball, of the local civil Service Boar.I or the Treasury Department, have resigned their positions as members or that Board, because of the ract that the duties or their respec tive offices or Chief Clerk and Ckler or the Itevenne Marine Division or the Department will not permit as full attention to the duties oi the Civil .service Commission as is requisite. Mr. Groves, chler clerk of the Treasurer's office, and also a member of the Treasury Board Civil Service Commission ers, will, it. is understood, also resign his position as memiier or the Hoard In a Tew days. Decoration Day in the District. Governor Cooke has issued a proclamation closing the Executive offices of the District of Co lumbia on Friday, Decoration Dav, and recom mending citizens generally to join in the ceremony or decorating the graves oI those who foil in de fence ot the Union. All the banks will be closed. THE FATAL SCAFFOLD CASUALTY, Coroner Young Investigates? I'wo Ver dicts?A t'ensurr. Coroner Young yottd hj- held mi Inquest at his office. No. 49 East Houston street, in the ease of I'eter J. Mc Aleevv, a painter, late of 241 West Kortyscveath street, who was killed on the 23d instant by the fall oi a scaIT'iIiI erected against the third story of premises No. KiUanse vosrt street. The occurrence wa*c.ium-iI by the breaking ot the block rope, the strength of the rope having been Impaired hy age anil I,>ng usage. The block rope and remainder ol the scaffolding belonged to Mr. I'eter Lode wick, of 40Crosby street. >lr. David Murray, oi M2 West Forty-second street, worked on the scaffold previous to llie accident, anil 'bought it to be ?rit'e. The result, ln,w ever, shows that tho block rope unsound. Mi Lidewlik testified lie bail nwiu d the block rope for seven reurs; It bud been used ?henever m en si on required, anil wh n not in use was stored in the lii enntil ol bis -hon, sn Crosby street; examined the rope About three weeks Ago sail considered it perlectlv fAte, and would not himself hesitate to go on the scaffold llAd It been neeessarv. Considerable other testimony was taken, after which Coroner Young submitted the case to the iuiv, who ren dered two verdicts as lollow s ITvi! .if the jurors found that death resulted bv the hreaaing of the strap oi the block sustaining the scaffold ing used lor oaintlng house So. 10 Oansevoort street 23, IsTS, and tvs censure I'eter I.ode wick tor using such unsafe scaffolding, be knowing the ?amu bad beea In use some years. The disputing turor* found that the occurrctitu was ac cidental. CUBA. Insurgent Awanlt on a Town?The Bpaaiah Havy in Aid of the Army. TELEGJUR TO THEjfEW YORK HERAIO. Havana, May 2*, 1873. Hie insurgents attacked the town of (luauaja on Aanday. The Rarriiton, aided by a gunboat in the harbor, made a vigorou* defence, aud the assailants were ubltgod to withdraw. THE INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION OP I87ti. The Exeentlra Commlttrf of the Centen nial Commission at the Fifth Avenue Hotel?Arrangements for Commencing the Rxhlbltlon ItiilldinM. On Wednesday afternoon auil yesterday morning meetings of the Executive Committee of the Cen tennial Commission and International Exhibition of 1870 were held at the Filth Avenue Hotel. The lion. D. J. Morrell, of 1'enunjlvanla, proalded. There were also presant the following gentlemen Colonel Walter W. Wood, Pennsylvania; (leorge H. Corlies, Rhode Island; John (1. Htevcns, New Jersey; C. II. Marshall. New York; tleorge II. Lorinu, Massachusetts; K. C. McCortnick. Arizona; Allred T. Coaclien, Ohio; Alexander A. Hoetler, Virginia; General W. II. Parsons. Texas; John Lynch, Louisiana; linn. T. Earle, Maryland. MINKRAI-S. A proposition was submitted as having the up proval of the Committee on Mines, In which It was proposed that a lull and exhaustive collec tlon of the nobler minerals and metals, particularly of gold and silver-bearing quartz and rock, should be made for the Exhibition. The Importance ol such a collection In favorably affecting gold and sliver mining, particularly In the Western States and Territories, was discussed. The Committee on Miues were authorised to accept the proposition and to call attention to the subject of the promo tion of state and Territorial organizations for Hie purpose of aiding In the work. TUK U1HKCTOH (1KNKRAL. The eommlttee appointed to define the duties of the Director General, and who shall have the super vision, direction anil control of the operations of the Centennial Commission which will tend to pro mote the etltclcney of every agency employed, re ported. On questions of general policy he shall be subject to the Executive Committee when in ses sion, hut in the absence ol the Co in nut tee he shall be authorized and instructed to assume all such executive powers and lunctlons as may be neces sary to secure promptness, efficiency and good lalth in every department, ef the work. The report was unanimously adopted. lion. A. T. Ooschen, the Director General elect, is about to visit the Vienna Exposition, and on his return will give Ills entire time to the work. He is the President of the Cincinnati Industrial Exposition, which has growa to be a permanent institution and is very popular throughout the great West. AliniOt'l.Tl'RE. A letter was submitted and read from the Hon. X. c. Meeker, alternate Commissioner from Colo rado, relative to the work of the Committee on Agriculture, and the great Importance of this branch oi work, so as to secure an appropriate representative of the great agricultural interests of the nation, which was ordered to he tiled, on motion of Mr. Wood, or Virginia. It was ordered that the stated meetings of the committee be held on the second Wednesday of each month, commencing with the month of August next, and that a meeting of the committee be lirtd In the clt.v of Philadelphia 011 the lourih Wednesday of July next. A VISIT TO TUB BAST. The question or the advisability of employing a sp 1 ml agent to visit the orieutal nations, and par tii i.uih Japan, China, Muscat and Persia, to se cure for them a representation of the products of their respective nations at the Centeunial Exhibi tion, was discussed; but, without taking dellnlte action, the subject was postponed until the next meeting of the committee. CKRTIFIOATK OF STOCK DE3K1N. on motion ol Mr. Parsons, ol Texas, the chair man ol the cemmlttee was authorized to confer with the Centennial Board of Finance, with pow-er to act, In the matter of the adoption of a design for the ccrtlllcale ol stock or the Centennial Hoard ol Finance. KKSOMTTIONS. The tollowlng preamble and resolutions were adopted Whereas the time ha* arrived, In the opinion of this committee, when it is proper that the formal1 delivery 01 the control ol the grounds In Fair mount lurk, on which the International Exhibition will stand, should he made by the proper authorities ol the clt.v ol I Uilndelphla, with a view to the immediate commencement 01 the erection 01 said buildings; and whereas. In the opinion ol this committee, the 4th or July, 1K7;<. la an appropriate day tor such ceremonies as nulls the occasion; therefore Resolved, That the president* or this commission and the chairman ot the committee be directed to Immedi atclv notilv the authorities of the city 01 J hlladelphia. ami auch other officials of the said city in whoui1 the power to convey the control or the said grounds is tested, that the Cnltcti States Centennial Commission will l>? prepared to receive the formal transfer of said ([rounds on the fourth day of July next. if it Is their pleasure to ^Knsofve'd,*Tluuthe Board or Finance tie roqueted to prepare to break the ground lor the buildings on thiit day It being the Intention ol the Commission to Imme diately transfer to their power and control such parts ol said grounds as are proper lor them to use as soon as the contract la conveyed to tho Commission. Kcsolved, That a sub-committee of three members ot the committee be appointed to act tor the Commission m all arrangements deemed necessary, and to comer with committees irom the Board ol Hnaiiee, the Centennial Committee 01 the Councils ot Philadelphia, the 1 ark Commissioners, and such other bodies 11s mav appoint committees to arrange the ceremonies and Invite the presence ol tho President ot the Lulled Mates and other officials. AK.IOCRNMENT TO rini.Al>BLPHIA. After an Interchange of views In regard to the general prospects or the enterprise, of the c,er talnty 01 success In making the coining celebra tion worthy of the nation and of me event It is in tended to celebrate, the committee adjourned to meet in Philadelphia on the fourth Wednesday In July. THANKS TO TIIR FRF>3. A resolution was also passed acknowledging the co-operation of the press of New York 111 tho under taking of tho committee. The Breaking Ip of Winter la l?nn gcroiis to weak lungs. 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