Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 29, 1873, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 29, 1873 Page 9
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boarpkkh WAirraa IVTBOOtt FltOM FIFTH AVENl'E, NO. 3 WEST Thirtieth street.?Elegant Parlors, also large, airy Rooms. tor the Summer, with or without Board, at re a aonable rale* 1ST HOUSE WK8T OK FIFTH AVENUE.?HAND Homely lurnislied Rooms for families or aiugic geniie nien, with first claw Board. No. 7 Weal Twenty-uinth *t.} 1 HANDSOMELY FURNISHED BACK PARLOR, large closet, tor lady and gentleman, $15, and a nicely furnished single Hooni lor gentleman. $7, with good table; small private family. 357 Ka*l Nineteenth atreet. 1 HANDSOME. COOL FRONT ROOMWvMPLE closett hot and cold water and good Board; also Room*lor gentlemen; terra* vary low for the Summer. <2 drove afreet. II BLOCKS EAST OF BROADWAY?38 STUYVESANT 2 place, between Third and Second avenue*, opposite Cooper Untilute.?Elegantly furnished Parlors, singly or ?n MuiU', with or without Board; private table; cool and first class 2 BLOCKS FROM BROADWAY-$7 TO $10 PER week; good Rooms, with Board; table boarder* accommodated; handsomely furnished house; good neighborhood and location. 61 Ka*t Fourth street. 4 WEST TWENTV-SECOND STREET.? ELEQ ANT Suit* of Room*, also Rooms for single gentlemen, ?with Board ; only one door Irmn Fifth avenue. 4 EAST TWENTIETH STREET.?A FAMILY WILL let handsomely furnished Rooms. en ?mto or singly, ?with or without private Table; also large extension, suit able for doctor's or dentist's location; unsurpassed. 4TH AVPNUE, 349.?a LADY HAVING A NEWLY painted, papered and neatly lurnislied houae will refit Rooms, with or without Board, tor the Summer, at moderate price*. fTTH AVENUE. ? LAKOE, COOL. COMMODIOUS *? Suit of apartments on parlor floor; alno, three Rooms on second floor, with private table, on moderate tefins, in the delightfully situated double house, 49 Fifth avenue. fTTH AVENUE, 343.-A HANDSOME SECOND FLOOR to let. with Hoard; terms moderate. <#?*? TO $10 PER WKKK, SI M i'KIt DAY.?NICELY iflK) furnished Rooms, with excellent Board, for fami lies or single perhoua, at ISO Blcccker street, six blocks west of 11 roadway. TO $10 PER WEEK, $1 ftO PER DAY.?PLEASANT JLH,,.lS5Sf.lle,,{ Board, 'or families and sin $6 hi, noarn, tor lainilies and sin gle, at 172. 171 and 176 Bleecker street, six blocks we*t of Broadway. 9 WEST THIRTY-NINTH STREET.?A SECOND Floor, clouatitly lurnislied, to let. to gentlemen, with out board; can have breakfast it desired; also other Rooms to let 1A WAVERLEY PLACE, THE FINEST HOUSE IN the city.?Handsome front Rooms. SI3, $14 and $16, tor two persons, with Board; no children; also table tioard $5. UTII STREET.?LARGE AND SMALL ROOMS ON the second, third and fourth floors, separately or together, with or without Hoard; also a Parlor Floor, un furnished; Summer prices. 45 West Eleventh street 1QTH STREET, lift WEST.?HANDSOMELY FUR LZj nished Second Floor, front, with Board; bouse hat all modern improvements and furnished new through out. location unexceptionable; table first class; terms moderate for Summer; references. "I Q WAVERLEY PLACE, NEAR BROADWAY.? 1 Pleasant Rooms, with Board; a suit or three Rooms on parlor floor. MTU STREET, 152 WEST.?SECOND STORY ROOMS; also Back Parlor, with or without the hall Bed room ; also fourth story Rooms; excellent Board; small, seloct family; moderate terms. M IRVING PLACE. CORNER OF FIFTEENTH street.?Pleasant Rooms to let, with Board, to gen tlemen and wives or single gentlemen; also fourth floor Booms, to young men, at moderate prices; references. MTII STREET., 112 WEST.-A GENTLEMAN AND wife can obtain a very large nnd hnndsomely fur nished Room, on second floor, with or without Board tor wife; restaurant convenient. lyf TH STREET, WEST. 14*.-TO LET, WITH BOARD, J T handsomely furnished front Room on second floor, ?with iik of private bath; also hall and attic Room*. 1r UNIVERSITY PLACE.?HALL ROOM ON SEC ? J ond floor and large Room on fourth floor, nicely ftirnlshed, with or without Board; also accommodation lor a few table boarders; reference* exchanged. 1Q WEST SIXTEENTH STREET.?ROOMS TO LET. JL?7 with Hoard, to gentlemen and their wives or single gontlomcn; also table Board. 1Q WEST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET, OPPOSITE A ?7 Filth Avenue Hotel.?Elegantly nirnlshed Rooms to let, with or wiUiout Board, to gentlemen and wives or ?ingle gentlemen. C)ty WAVERLEY PLACE.?LARGE FURNISHED Rooms, with or without Board, for gentlemen or a family, on second and third floors. 23 OQ EAST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET.-A SMALL Zu'l private family will rent a few elegant Rooms, with or without Board, to a family or gentlemen, at very mod erate rates. QO WEST NINTH STREET.-SEVERAL NICELY O^i furnished, cool front Rooms to let without board, at reasonablo terms; gas, closets and water; references exchanged. 'D STREET, NO. 440 WEST.-HANDSOMELY ' nirnlslied Rooms to let, with first class Board. EAST EIGHTEENTH STREET.?HANDSOMELY furnished Rooms to let, large and small, with or Without Hoard; private table it desired: t"nns moderate. OO IRVING PLACE, CORNER SIXTEENTH STREET.? ??') Ho 'ins furnished or unfurnished, with or without Board. 0 4TH STREET, WEST. 323, NEAR EIGHTH AVE Or nue.?Fine Rooms on first, second and third floors, with first rate table, for the summer at very low prices. OJTH STREET. NEAR BROADWAY.?TO LET. WITH Orr flret class Board, vacant June 1, large, nirv Rooms; Summer prices; wide bouse, well ventilated. 150 West Fhlrty-fourth street OC EAST NINTH STREET, NEAR BROADWAY.?A 0?7 Parlor Floor of four rooms to rent together or sep arate, furnished or untarnished, with or without Board; also other Rooms. or WEST FOURTEENTH STHEET, BETWEEN FIFTH and Sixth avenue*.?Newly and elegantly furnished Rooms, first class table, for families or gentlemen; tran sient boarders taken all Summer; references. *3f* EAST FORTY-NINTH STREET, ONE DOOR ?>U from Madison avenue.?Mandsornelv furnished Room*, on second and parler floors with first class Board ; choice location for the Summer. Reierence required. 0/> WEST NINTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH AND OU Sixth aventtea?Very pleasant Room* to rent, with_or_wlthout Board. A(\ EAST NINTH STREET, NEAR BROADWAY.? TT" To let. with Board, large Room* on second floor, suitable for gentlemen and wives; Rooms for gentlemen; transient and day boarders accommodated. A ft EAST TWENTIETH STREET.?TO RENT. WITH T"'/ or without Board, to one or two persons, a very desirable Parlor and Bedroom in a private family; refer ence* required. A "I WEST TWENTY-NINTH STREET.?HANDSOME ST-!. ly furnished Room*, with first class Table, at rea sonable rates for the Summer A O WEST SIXTEENTH STREET.?HANDSOMELY furnished Rooms to let, with first class Board, families or single gentlemen; terms reasonablo; refer ences. A A WEST FIFTEENTH STREET.?H ANDSOMELY 1 t furnished Room* to rent, with or without Board ; house modern. AC WEST TWENTY-NINTH STREET.?HANDSOME ST ly furnished Parlor Floor; also third story Room, with or without Board; orivate table If desired, at Sum mer prices. AlJ BOND STREET.?HANDSOMELY FURNISHED TT I Rooms, with Board, to gentlemen or gentleman And wife; table first clasa; terms moderate; location cen tral ; reference. CA NINTH STREET, BETWEEN BROADWAY AND ?JU University place.? Desirable Rooms to let with superior Board, to families or single gentlemen, at Sura tner prices. |T-| WEST THIRTY-THIRD STREET.?VERY DESIR ?)l able Rooms to 1 t, with or without Board; small family; noon dinner. CI LEXINGTON AVENUE, NEAR TWENTY-FIFTH <U1 street?One or two single Rooms, with modern Improvements, with or without Board. CO WEST TWENTY-EIGHTH STREET.?CHOICE iJO fnrnished Rooms, with first class Hoard, for gentle men and their wives or siuglo gentlemen. Reierence re quired. ETwEST TENTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH ANt> Ot Sixth avenues.?Thre? connecting Room?, elegantly lurnislied, on second floor of high stoop house, tolut. to gether or separately, with or without Board ; all modern Improvement*. WEST FIFTIETH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH OU and Sixth avenues.?Desirable second floor Room* to let with Board, in a strictly private famllv; references exchanged. nn EAST FOURTH [STREET, TWO BLOCKS FROM Oil Broadway.?To let with Board, single Koorat; also a Room for one or two ladles; table board. fjn UNIVERSITY PLACE.-A FEW GENTI.EM: V 4 JL ami gentlemra and wive* can be accommodated with Board and pleasant large Room*. Term* moderate. HA WEST TllIRTY-riFTU STREET-DESIRABLE 4 Rooms tor families and single gentlemen, with first class Board; liberal arrangement* for tiie Summer; table boarders accommodatod. JTi PRINCE STREET, TOP FLOOR.-A LAROE. I furnished front Room to let, suitable for two or three gentlemen, with or without Board; rent $5 per week. Q1 SEVENTH AVENUE, NEAR FIFTEENTH t/1 street. ?Furnished Rooms, with Board, to let to gentlemen or gentleman and wlft; references. inn EAST NINETEENTH STREET.?FURNISHED 1UU Rooms to let. With Board ; also a tew table board ers accommodated ; references exchanged. lOQ WEST THIRTY-SIXTH STREET, NEAR SIXTH avenue.?A widow has a furnished Bedroom to let. with Board . also a square front Room. iinturnl?hed. 11 H WEST FORTY-SIXTH STREET., NEAR SIXTH ALU avenue.?Lsrge. nicely furnished Rooms, on sec olid floor, separately or together, with good Hoard; ga?, bath, hot and cold water; terms moderate; references ex changed. lAn EAST FIFTEENTH STREET.?A LADY LIVING li? alone will let a neatlv lurnislied iront Room to gentleman ami wife; Board for lady ii desired. HO WEST FIFTEENTH STREET.?FURNIHIED O Rooms to let, with Hoard, to gentleman and wife or single gentlemen ; day boarders wanted. 1.1/1 EAST THIRTY-THIRD STREET?TO LET, lT-t furnUhed Rooms (hot and cold water, with or without Board, private lamily ; rint reasonable. 1 r.n WEST ELEVENTH isTREF.T, NEAR SIXTH lou avenue ?Pleasant square and hall Rooms, nicely furnished, with or without Board; house, location, 4c. ?r*t claw, itoivrvncc*. HOARDERS WANTED. 1 ? ast fifty-third street, ms lbxino ~r*_Jon avenue.?Nicely furnished Known, with < foaets, hot and cold water, to let, with or without Uiuu'd, to a gentleman and wile or single gentlemen *>04^ East fifteenth street -furnished Room* to let, with or without Board 907 WKtrr FOBTY-THTBD STRKKT.-PLEAS A NT , furnished Boom* to let, with Board; dosuabio reference* K'vcn aud required. 91"! FOURTH AVKNUK, NEXT TO T11K CLAREN don Hotel.?llamLomelv furnlahod double and single Rooms; bath ami Ran. warm aud cold water in the house, with or without Board. 999 EAfL.,?T" "BRET, BE1WEKN SECOND and Third avenues.-A rtw single irentleuien or gentleman and wife can l>o accommodated with Hoard and pleasant Rooms; within five minutes' walk of steam boat landing. 99ft WB|!T THIRTT SIXTH STREET?A FEW u e" ca". '*> accommodated with Room* and tlrat cla?a Board at low terms. OOQ WEST TWENTY THIRD STREET.-TO I.HT. H.u,jn mnA Hret clae* houae, Urge front r i t0 Wntlemaa and Wife or single changed "'"exceptionable. Reforence* ex ?A4-& SAST. THIRTIETH STREET.?FIRST CLASS ft. 11 ...2?i and Pleasant Rooms lor *ti per ween ; **tl?ractlou guaranteed; give us a caH hel'orc look tug elsewhere. 9^7 W KST THIRTY EIGHTH STREET.?TO LET, . ' with Hoard, a large, front Room ; southern ex posure ; also a smaller Room; rciereucu required. 9QQ EAST TENTH STREET, OPPOSITE TOMP Kin* Park.?To let, tarnished Room, with or with out Hoard, and all conveniences, tor two gentlemen. OO*7 EAST SEVENTEENTH STltK FT.?Ft'ltNIPHED jJ-J I Rooms to let, with Hoard, iroutlng stuyvevint Park. Apply thla week. JHA WEST TWKNTY-TIIIRll STREET.?SI'Al'I' it's TTl/U and elegantly tarnished Apartments, first and second floors, to let, in auit or otherwise, with superior Board or privato table- house 10 leet wide and strictly first class; unexceptionable location; pleasant surround ings; references. A lfi WEST NINETEENTH STREET.?II \ NI>S< ?MEI.Y ,il" tarnished Booms with Ronrd ; hot nnd cold water in rooms - gas aud bath; American family; terms $0 to $* per week. A({(\ WEST THIRTY-FOURTH STREET.-BOARD tUvj in a quiet private fatnllv; one or two persons can be accommodated on first or third floor, w ltli or with out Board. A SINGLE GENTLEMAN TAN BE ACCOMMODATED with good Board and well tarnished Room in refined privato tamlly west side, near Fourteenth street. Ad dress SINCERITY, box 1S3 Herald ofllce. A PLEASANT FRONT ROOM, WITH SOUTHERN exposure, to let, with Board. 219 West Fifteenth street, near seventh avenue. A HANDSOME FIB8T FLOOR, THBEE BOOMS deep?Also pleasant Rooms on second floor, to let, singly or to a party of gentlemen; Breakfast it desired; roii'iYiicpH. 6/ East Ninth street, near Broadway. A PRIVATE FAMILY, TAKINO A FEW BOARDERS, have Hall Room, on third floor, to r?ut, with Board, to a gentleman. Call at 32 West Nineteenth street. Ret erence required. TF YOU WISH TO BE DIRECTED AT ONCE TO SUIT I able accommodations, call at UHNUNG'S Boarders' Directory, 37 l.nion square. Large, nicely furnished rooms on second floor, with good Board, at u nominal price for the summer, to a parfv of respectability willing to advance $100; gas, bath, ho* nnd coM water; best references; lonn "MrHlxtli avenue. Address A. L. WORTH INiiTON, Herald I |>town Branch office. SUMMER BOARD IN NEW YORK city.?PARTIES desiring furnished Rooms, or Rooms with full or partial Board, or table Board without Rooms, either transientor permanent, can be accommodated at. 39 West Twenty-sixth street at moderate rates. The house Is large, airy, newly furnished and situated between the great business thoroughfares, Broadway and Sixth avenue; ao trouble to show Rooms. 39 West Twenty sixth street. TWO OK three GENTLEMEN CAN OBTAIN BOAR!)! with excellent accommodations. In a private fatni'v references given and required. 319 West Eighteenth st.' TWO LARGE, COMMUNICATING ROOMS, I1AND somely iiirnislied, to be rented, with Hoard, bv a strictly private lamily. living within one square of Cen tral Park^ Address M.,J>ox 171 Herald office. TO LET-ELEGANT FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH Board, for a gentleman and wife or two gentlemen, in West Nineteenth street, between Filth nnd Sixth ave nues; references exchanged. Address W. M? box 61 Post office. BOARD .OD L??D?I\(l WAIVTED, A SPLENDID OPPORTUNITY.-A GENTLEMAN who has lately lost his wile, but n it at present keep ing house, will give the rent of a tine brown stone house, unfurnished, situated on the llnest streets in Brooklyn, tor the board of himself and three daughters, aged re spectively, 6, 13 and 15; will tarnish his own apartments it necessary; will make satisfactory arrangements; best of reference* given and reqnlred; all answers promptly noticed. Address HOME, box 116 Herald Uptown Branch office. Board wanted?by gentleman and wife; large tront Room, with Board; terms moderate: above 'I wentlcth street and between Madison and sixth avenues. Address B. L. W., box 120 Herald Uptown Brauch ofllce. WANTED?BY A DRESSMAKER, IN A PRIVATE family, a Room to work In. with Hoard; Sixth or Fourth avenue. Address W. J. B., Herald office. WANTED-BYA GENTLEMAN, A WELL Fl'RNISH ed Room, above Thlrtv-fourth street: breaktast or rull Board If convenient; price, with Rourd. not to exceed $12 per week. Address PERMANENT, stating particu lars, Herald office. WANTED-BOARD FOR THREE ADULTS; TWO AlT joining rooms required, for $25 per week ; location, west Mile, below Forty-second street. Address C. T. S. Herald otflcc. HOTKJj*. ANOELl/S TURKISH BATHS, CI LEXINGTON AVE nue.?Pleasant Rooms tor gentlemen or families; transient or permanent, with or without meals; private table if desired. Baths open ail night. Boarders wanted?at the waverley house 759 Broadway; $7 to $12 a week; nice family Rooms, en suite or singly, with or without Board; table board $5 a week. Hotel st. germain, fifth avenue, twenty second street and Broadway.?Table d'liofe, $3.10 per day; also European plan; tine, splendid Rooms, en suite or singly, with or without Board ; rooms all tront; batlia attached. Libby hotel, one block from city hall, rjs Warren street.?Rooms 4th;.. file, nnd fide, a dav: $2 to $3 a week; family Rooms $1 and $1 50 a day, $4 to $s a week. Madison square house, Broadway and Twenty-first street.?A lew elegant family Rooms. Just vacated: moderate price* to parties who wtsh to spend the Summer in tho city. S. E. CRITTENDEN. VTAISON PARISIKNNE, AND 41) EAST TWELFTH 1*1 street, between UniversUy place and Broadway.? Elegant Suit and single Rooms; private attendance if required; table d'hote at 6:30 P. M., at$l 25. including wine. " NEW ENGLAND HOTEL, 30 BOWERY, CORNER OF Bayard street.-2tM light Rooms, neatly furnished, "Oc. or Ale. per night; $2 50 to $4 per week. For gentle men ouly. COUNTRY HOARD. A PRIVATE FAMILY HAVE A FIRST CLASS HOUSE extensive lawn, fine grounds and shade trees, fruit and vegetables in abundance, In the village of Claverack Columbia county. Address J. A. S., box 10 Post office. Clnverack, N. I. A FEW FAMILIES CAN BR ACCOMMODATED WITH largo, airy Rooms on the hanks ot the Hudson three miles north of>ewhurg; healthy location; li -lther lever nor mosquitoes. Call on or address II. W. MURTFELUT box 19J Post ofllce, .Newburg, N. Y. AFBW FAMILIES WISHING FIRST CLASS BOABD and willing to pay liberally, can be accommodated at the larm hoii-e of W. H. DIBBLE, Strawberry 11111 Stamford, Conn. ' A PRIVATE FAMILY. LIVING AT NEW BRIGHTON Siaten Island, would be pleased to nlre a few gentle men comfortable Rooms, with or without Bourd. tor the Summer. Address J. R. B., New Brighton, S. I. ADF.l.IGllTFI L HOME FOR THE SUMMER? \T Englewood. N. J.; large airy rooms; every conve nience: high ground, beautiiui view and first class Board; price $111 per week aud upwards; good stabling Addre-s box list Englewood Post ofllce. For reference call at 43 West Twenty-second street, Now York. A GENTLEMAN, HAYTNO A LARGE, BBAUUFUL summer r son, near the city by boat or earsArould accommodate a tlrst ola?s family wiili the bet of Hoard Ac. For particulars address HAPPY HOME, Herald At morristown, n. j.-one hour and a half trom New York; twenty minutes' drive from depot; a suit of large airy Hooitis and three single Rooms can be had in the Grand View House; pure mountain air, picturesque drives aud all the advaniiucs of country living, no mo.-quiiocs. Particulars at 45 Filth avenue. A vol'NO GENTLEMAN WISHES TO BNOAGE A furnished Room, with Board, in a private family, at Montrlair, N. or some place In New .Irrsev, Miitabie tor Summer residence, within :,0 minutes ot .New York. Address, staling terms, whlck must be moderate, also giving lull i'iiriiculars, E. 'S.. Herald office. Board can be furnished at reasonable terms lor six or eigiit persons at a lnrmhou>' in the village I.t Spei Ilk. L. I., N. Y. Address J AMES TUTIIILL, Postmaster, spconk, L. I? N. Y. Board at a farm house, situated on high ground. 38 minutes from city ; plenty of shade, flesh vegetallies, milk, eg?*, ; bou;lng an.I fishing. Address HOMfc, tieruui office. BOARD can be obtained at fvkmiioush in Orange county, three hours trom ." ew York: high grounds, nioiiTitalii air, good tnl.lo-. terms rea-onalde *ppiy at 1J5 ,-outh First street, comer Third, wiiiiauu burg. HOABD \l MORRISrOWN, N I \ FEW DESIB nM- lUionis -.nil di- ngag. d at the Forest House, near tne GrandI View House; abiindaiie ' of siiade. fruit, vege tables and milk; actMimniodaiioTi^ for horsen. Por par ticulur i apply at 440 West Twoniy-thlrd sireet. Beruen point-charming location, within 40 minifies o, Liberty street by boat or train ; shade boating, bathing and fishing; fresh milk, Irult ami vege tables; stabling lor horse*. Address L. H? box KM Herald ofllce. Bl r -TMMER BOARD?PRIVATE FAMILY; RX. eellent io allty; especial regard to health; inlellt Senteare ior children ; easy aocesa ironi New York. Ad. ie?s A. GORDON i'ORTi-R, Uniouviile, Hartford county Conn. /10UNTRY BOARD ONE LARGE AND ONE SMALL VV Kouni to let, with Hoard, la a firivate family, living at West Brighton, S. I.; Iioumj situated near landing with view on hav ; fresh milk and bathing. For further particular* uUdru** tOUMAXA liul-ii, a* above, COl'lKTllV BOARD. C10UNTRY BOARD-AT ELIZABETH. N. J. IN A > private family; li otitic new; all modern improve ments; trc?h tnilk ntiil i, term . moderate. Aldress A. B. c., Herald offlce tiouNTitv board-a few |.amii.ii;.-. <-vn bh ac / conuuodatc.1 Willi flood Boar I at ti t.i.'inhotiso in Kriokland county. near Nortlicru Railroad of New Jersey depot; verv moderaf" terms. Apply to JOH M II BLAUVELT, Mousey. N Y , or GEORGE W. AVERELL, 23 (iold street. CIOUNTRY BOAKl> ON THE IU'DSDN?70 MINUTES > out and 5 from depot; pl.M.sant, airy rooms, commo dious piazzas and plenty oi .<1111110; house and tatde first class. Address Post oitUu liux I.*/ Pcokakill, N. Y. Ref erences ;?i:. A. Fuller, 152 West Twenty-first street, and J.^A. Shoudy. Park row, Now York. CIOUNTRY BOARD W A NTK 1>?!'< > It OENTLMMAN, J wife and two ehlldreu. in liealthy location, within one hour'a ride of City Mall; terms must be moderate. Address G. B., box Ida Herald offlce C10UNTRY BOARD WANTBD-A MOTIIKR ANI) HON, ) adults, want Board in the mountainous section of New Jersey, not over an hour by rail from the city. Ad dress, with terms, which must be reasonable, C., box 140 1W offlce. CIOUNTRY BOARD WANTED-FOR A GENTLEMAN, ) wile, two inianu (six months old) and two nurses, within an hour of thia city if possible. Plenty of shade and an abundance of pure milk [ndispei.*ablo. Alto must have two Looms connecting. Address F., box 100 llerald Uptown Branch offlce. /10UNTRY BOARD WANTED?l>'0R OENTLKMAN, * ' wite, nurse and two children. In private house , place near the water, with good risliiiig, preferred. Address, staling: terms ami distance Irom New York, A L. C., 350 Weal Twentieth street. (COUNTRY HOARDERS WANTF.D-AT FARMHOUSE ) at Peekskill anil at Cold springs, on the Hudson; terms $,s and $10 a week. Also a Fartnliotisa to lot for Hie .summer. MITCHELL. 77 Cedar street. CCENTRAL, RAILROAD OK NEW JERSEY.?30 M1N J ittes from foot of Liberty street, two flue Rooms to party of gent lemon or small family; boating, bathing, fishing. Address V. V., Greenville,N. J. /lORNWALL, N. Y.?BOARD FOB THE SUMMER, AT \J the Moodna llouae, two hours from pity by Eric Rail road, three by Huilsoii ltiver. .Niary Powell. This house has alt the modem improvements, plenty of shade and lame lawn. For references apply to John Parr, 647 Eighth avenue; Thomas Dunphv, 31S Broadway; I>. I). Stuart, No. 7 Murray street, or w. Orr, Cornwall, N. Y. E1LEGANT ROOMS and FIRST CLASS TABLE, WTT1I J a French family, 27 Burnet street, Brink Church Station, Orange, N. J. References exchanged. First class board can be had at the beautiful country aeat of a New York gentleman, known as Larch wood, on Bhoton Hill, South Norwalk, Conn. ; 1,'j hours irom New York; handsomely furnished: line view and drives; sea bathing; good tood and stabling; splendid lawns and shady walks and groves; every connortand convenience; references exchanged. AdlressC. K. 1L, box 418 South Norwalk Post otflee. 1.MRST CLASS COUNTRY BOARD-IN A SMALL PBI vate family, at Oreenwlch, Conn., for two gentlemen and their wives: convenient to both cars and steamboat; near the Hound. Address box 127 Post offlce, Greenwich, Conn. O^ood BOARD CAN be had, AT MODEBATE T prices, with a orlvate family, at Evolia. N. J., on the New Jersey Central Railroad, by two gentlemen and their wives or a party ot four persons. Address A. B. C., box 11)9 Herald otllee. Hudson rivf.r.-board at one of the finest residences, 30 minutes out and A from depot. Address B. II., Spuyten Duyvil, or apply at Westcott Express, No. 7 Park piace. TWO GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED WITH good Board and pleasant Hooin on line of Now Jersey Central Rallro'id. near t'laiutleld; pleasant location, and within ten minutes'walk of depots terms $8 per week. Address L. A. 1).. Dumdlen, N. J. WANTED?ONE ROOM, ON NORTH SHORE OF Island, west of Huntington, for wife and child,"soli Sundays, with plenty shade, vegetables, Ac. Address, girlng tetms, which must be reasonable, dis tance from depot and landing, or call on MtANK Y. MILLER, 12 Maiden lane. New York. QA PERSONS CAN FIND A PLEASANT HOME FOB '' the Summer at the new and commodious farm house of the subscriber. 14 miles from Coxsackle, no ir the Catskill Mountains; rooms airy and pleasant; good water; milk, eggs nnfl vegetables fresh from the farm; bathing place ami a mineral spring near by; terms, $7 per week. For reference apply to Rev. David Mitchell, IIS Bedford street, and Aug. Blume, 113 Water street, cor ner Wall. For further particulars Inquire of the sub scriber, Greenville, Greene county. New York. GIDEON HICKOK. BUMMER RIB SORTS. AT SARATOGA SPRINGS, N. Y. Grand Union Hotel will open June 1, for the reception of guests; Professor J. M. Lander and his superb band have been engaged for the season; rooms can be engaged at Metropolitan Hotel or Gllsey House, New York. Address HRESLIN, GARD NER A CO.. at Saratoga Springs, N. Y. AT STAMFORD, CONN.?THE INSTITUTE ON Clark's Hill will open under new management for the reception of Summer hoarders, on June 'J. For terms and further particulars apply on premises, or at I'i La inyette place, New York. Adrtan institute, uniontown. n. j., one hour from New York, on Philadelphia Rallro'id, Cortlandtor Desbrosses street terries.?First class accom modations for families; reasonable terms. Apply to or address M. E. BAEBLER. 45 South Washington square. BROOKSIDE HO USB, AT HASTINGS, ON HUDSON? Now open for the reception of guests. Address W. T. GROW, Hastings, on Hudson. BUDD'S LAKE.?FIRST CLASS BOARD. FOB THE season or transient.; mountain air; no mosquitoes or chills; beautiful scenery; fishing, boating ami bathing. For further particulars inquire of A. G. DARWIN, 10 Pine street, or address M. A., Budd's Lake, N. J. C10ZZENS* WEST POINT HOTEL J will open on Saturday, May 31. Two Cottages to let, with Board in Hotel; special terms offered to parties engaging rooms lor the season. For particulars uddress EDWARD CO/ZENS, West Point. N. Y. DOTTERKR UotTSE-COLESVILLE, N. J., WILL open June 1 to receive guests; climate, scenery, ttslr ing ponds, Ac., unsurpassed. For particulars address J. B. DOTTKREK, Colesvllle, N. J. (2BEGOBY HOr.SE AND CARPENTER HOUSE, T Lake Mahopac, N. Y., will open for guests June iti; Board $4 per day; four trains daily from Grand Central Depot, Forty-second street, Harlem Kailroad; Mr. J. Bernstine's Orchestral Band has been enguged for the season. For terms, Ac., apply at the hotel ur address J. S. RAMSAY, Proprietor. Heath house, schooley'S mountain spbinos. Morris county, N. j? will open June 1; two hours' ride from the city via Morris and E?sex Railroad. Appli cation tor rooms can be made by mall at the Coleman House, where the proprietors can be seen every Wedties. day troin 12 until 3 o'clocic. J. WARREN COLEMAN. LAIRD'S MANSION HOUsff " Lous; Branch, N. J,, will open June 10. WILLIAM L. MclNTYRE, Manager, formerly with the late Samuel Laird. I IN DEN PARK, CORNWALL ON HUDSON-IS NOW J open lor the reception of permanent and transient Hoarders; terms moderate. C. H. RING, Proprietor, Lake mahopac?Anderson's.?some desira ble Room* to let for families; two hours from city; terms moderate. Apply to or address GEO. H. ANDER SON, Lake Mahopac, Putnain county, N. Y. NBWFOBT, R. I.-THE DERBY COTTAGE, FACING Touro Park and Bcllevue avenue; elegant Rooms with first class Board. Apply at Z73 Fifth av.. New York. Overlook mountain house?on the cats kills, via Kingston. Ulster county, N. Y. For par ticulars address J. fc. LAHHEB, overlook Mountain House. Woodstock, N. Y., or JACOB SIIARl'E, 149 Broadway. PREMIUM POINT HOUSE, IMMEDIATELY ON THE sound.?Sea bathtng, fishing, boating, pleasant drives, stabling: no chills and fever; 45 mluutes.irom city. a. c. plympton, 84 West Twenty-fourth street. PT\LISADES MOUNTAIN HOUSE is now open. Address COZZENS A MURRAY, Englewood, N. J. s Rocky point hotel, Rhode Island, Season ol 1873. On the European plan. This well known and popular Summer resort, situated on Nsrraganse t Bav, between the cities of Providence and Newport, will be open for the reception ot iruests June 2V To meet the growing demands ol the public, the capacity of the house has been increased since last :;eu soti by tke addition of a number ol rooms, all large, airy and newly furnished. A new Restaurant of an Increased seating capacity has also been added. Eight steamboats a day irom Providence and Newport. For information In regard to terms, At:., aldress City Hotel, Providence, R. I., L. II. HUMPHREYS, Proprietor. RIVERnlDE HOTEL, lfi2l> STREET, AT OARMANS ville, on the Hudson River.?This popular house, en tirely fitted and ftirnished anew throughout, Is now open for the reception of guests; 14 trains tlailv from Thirtieth street depot; tnne, A) minutes, for terms, Ac., apply to PAULL AJ)UNCALP. SEA VIEW HOUSE-SAVIN ROCK, WEST HAVEN", Conn., opens Juno 1, for reception ol guests. k. DYER, Proprietor. QT. JAMES HOTEL, MARION. N. J.-EIGHT MIN C3 utes trom Jersey ( itv ferry, Cortlnndt or Desbrosses Street: Pennsylvania Railroad: beautiful location; nrst class table ; elegantly furnished Rooms, en suite or singly | all modern improvements; boating, driving, good sta bling, Ac. CMMIT HILL HOUSE, ONE MILE FBOM CAT. skill, will open June 1 for citv boarders, ata reason able price : pleasuut pine grove, pleniy fruit, good walks, drives, Ac. S. M. (iOE I CHIN, Proprietor. THE WE8T END HOTEL. FOET WASHINGTON twenty minutes from Thirtieth street depot, will shortly open; views unsurpassed; rooms shown daily. For particulars address CHARLES H. SHELLEY. UNITED STATES HOTEL (NEWLY FURNISHED and refitted), Long Branch, N. J., will open June 14. For terms. Mo,, BmwMi M. M. laird, Pwpnetor. IT AN DOItN HOI SE, WASHINGTON, N. J ?OS MOB V ris and Essex Railroad: near Sclioolev Mountain. For terms address W. H, DAM ES A CO., proprietors. "tlTHITESTONE HOUSE. WIIITESTONT, LONG tt Island, is now open; gas anil water in every room; very lavorahle terms to parties coming early; fine si aiding. E. H. I'OW ELL. TITILLOW HOME HOUSE, THIRTY MINUTES FROM ?T City Hall, on the New Jersey Central Railroad.? Hoii?e renovated snd new furniture throughout; the plettHitntest place in the conntry; boating, Ashing and bathing. Apply at Wavcrley House, 7JJ Broadway. MAHII1.K HANTK1.M. ~ AKI aber, STEAM-MARBLE AND m arhlkiz.NG . Works, l./t and 138 East Eighteenth street. -Marble ami Marblel/.ed Mantels, Tiling, Marble Counters, Monu ments, at prices that dety competition. Marblo Turning lor the trade. An assortment of mantels, unsurpassed for beauty of design and quality of workmanship. Hlate Work of all kinds a specialty. PKNBlIYN SLATE COMPANY, Fourth avenue and Seventeenth street. Union square. (STEWART'S SLATK MANTELS.? BICH AND ELK M gant designs; Siate Works of every description ; Mar ble and Wood Manti Is T. H MTBWABT A Co., Wsnd ^iS West lwuutr thud street, near UevoBUi?YUBue, N. Y, AMUSKMEIVT^. TJNION HyUABK THEATRE. I'roprletor Mr. SHERIDAN SHOOK

Muuiigvr Mr A. M I'Al.MKU Bogin* at < Saturday Matinee at 1 A). Carriage* mu y be ordered at 11. THIS EVENIMO, MAV it. KIRST Al'PKAttANCE ?incc her recent novo re IlIueM of the favorite not row, MISS AGNUS ETHEL, >u Uer great Society I'lajr, A(i NBA which will be reproduced with Its GREAT ORIGINAL. CAST and SUI'ERB SCENERY. Box shoot lor A (INK* utghU u >\v open QLYMPIC THEATRE, Oil BKDADWAY. MONDAY, MAY 26, EVERY EVENING AT 8 mid WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY MATINEES AT 2. LAST WEEK Bt'T ONE! LAST WEEK HUT ONE! of GEO. L. FOX'S HUMPTY DUMPTY. LAST TWELVE NIGHTS I LAST TWELVE NIGHTS! or ihu "AMERICAN GRIMALDI" and his t.imous Puntomiuie. Last twelve night* of the BVMIlltJf Artist-. TIIE LAST CHANGE TO SEE HUMPTY DUMI'TY. O. L. KOX WILL POSITIVELY CLOkK ON .11 NK 7 BOOTH'S THEATRE. NEILHON. EDWIN BOOT1I Manager ami Proprietor. The celebrated English Tragedienne, M las NlrtLSqN, as AMY ROBSART, as played by her at the Drury Lane Theatre, London, lor OVER 100 CONSECUTIVE NIGHTS. Mr. FRANCIS BANGS as LEICESTER. II ATI NEE OF AMY ROBSART on SATl'RDAY NEXT, at I The curtain rises at 8 precisely. Notice.?Carriages may Ik) ordered at 10:45. To secure a choice of places, the management would repectfullv suggest that seats bo secured as tar In ad vance as possible. Branch Ticket office at Ditsoii <t Co/*. Terrace oarden theatre, 88TH ST., BETWEEN LEXINOTON AND 3D AVS. SI MMER SEASON OK OPERETTE AND LItillT COMEDY, THIS (THURSDAY) EVENING. MAY 'Hi, AT 8. MAN SUCHT KINKN EHZIEIIER and FR1TZCHEN L'ND LlSCHEN. Admlssl on 80c.; reserved seats 23c. extra; boxes $1 60 extra; packages of 12 tickets, #4. w rIENIAWSKI'S FAREWELL TO NEW YORK STEINWAY HALL, ? , F,KIDAYiEy1.N.N(i, Mn.v :?), at 8 o'clock. Mr. HENRI WlENIAWSKI has the honor to announce his larewcll Concert in this city prior to his departure lor California and South America. Tne following artists will appear:? Mr HENRI WlENIAWSKI, Mr 8. B. MILLS. Mine. DE RYTIIER, Mile. DRASDIL. A most attractive programme will be presented. Includ ing I ho celebrated Septette, by Beethoven, played by Messrs. Wieiilawskl, Mauka, ficrgner, PioUbualinleder, Bochm, Gewult and Sohst. Mons. L. RE.MBI EL1NSKI, Accompanist. Reserved seats, $2, cun be had at steinwav Hall, 701 and 114 Broadway. A SPLENDID I BILLY PASTOR'S BENEFIT, SILVER CUP A splendid SILVER CUP to the to he competed for I author of the best original Conun this evening. j drum. w Fl'KMITl'KK. ~~ " A LARUE ASSORTMENT OK CARPETS, PURNI ture and Bedding at lowest cash prices by weekly instalments, at O'FARREL'S warehouse. 410 Eighth ave nue, between Thirtieth and Thirty-first streets. AT PRIVATE RESIDENCE 130 WEST 23D STREET, Parlor Suits, in satin, cost <800, for ?223; one do., $130; rep Suits, $:s), $fl0, $73 to $123 . Bedroom Su.ti, $40 $?>, $80 tn $130: complete Bedding, Carpets less than half cost; also magnificent 71* octave rosewood Pianoforte. cost $1,001. lor $230. ALL THE ELf.GANT FURNITURE AT THE PRIVATE residence 1(14 East Twenty-filth street, between Fourth and Lexington avenues, tor sale at a great sacri fice lor cash.?Mngnittccnt Marie Antoinette stvle satin brocatel Parlor Suit, nearly new, cost $373, for $2t!0; one do., $176; brocatel and rep Suits, $73, $('?.> and $:si; runn ings, Bronzes, Vases. Clocks, Curtalus, Mirrors, rosewood and walnut Chamber Suits, style ot Louis XIV., $43 up; Mattresae>, Bedding, Carpets. Buffet, Extension Table; inagnilicent patent agraffe double round 7'i octave Pianoforte, coat $930. lor $801); Stool and Cover; has box lor shipping. ALL THE ELEGANT FURNITURE OF THREE STORY private house, fouryears' lease, low rent, well estab lished, doing a good business, will be sold cheap. J. P. TRAVEk, 39 (ireat Jones street. A FIRST CLASH ASSORTMENT HOUSEHOLD FUR nlture for sale.?Magnificent Drawing Room Suits, Marie Antoinette, Grand Duchess stylei, covered silk brocade, coat $*00, lor $209: do. $1 Jo $46; superb Chamner suits. Painting*, Mirrors, Carpets, Clocks, Sil verware, bronze Statuary, Vanes, superb rosewood Pianoforte, Stool, Cover; property family leaving city. V> West fifteenth street, near Fifth avenue. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, INTENDING TO TRAVEL lor a tew years, will dispose, at a sacrifice, of their entire elegant Household Kurniture; also two bountiful Pianofortes, celebrated city makers. Call at 219 West 2lst at., near 7th av. /1ARPET3, \J Furniture, Beds. Bedding, Ac. Payments taken by the week or month. Terms easy. KELLY A CO., corner of Twenty-fifth street and Sixth avenue GIREAT LOAN OFFICE, 722 BROADWAY.?(IREAT f bargains Parlor, Chatulier and Library Kurniture; Carpets, Bedding, Curtains and Silverware, and a great variety ol Goods, to pay advances, loans and charges. Monthly or weekly payments.?carpets, Furniture, Bedding, Ac. . DEALY A CUNNINGHAM, 381 andaBo Third avenue, near Twenty-eighth street. Prices lower than any other house in the city. VTEW FURNITURE STORE, (184 BROADWAY, GREAT ll Jones street corner.?Kurniture of the best quality In the greatest variety, at the lowest price*, and the pi-Ice ot each article plainly marked. EDWARD W. Baxter a CO., Manufacturers. WEEKLY AND MONTHLY PAYMENTS KOIt Fl'R, nitiire, Carpets and Bedding, at B. M. COWPER THWA1T A CO.'S, 163 anil 137 Chatham street An Immense stock and low prices. WANTED TO PURCHASE?OF SOME PRIVATE f T party, who will sell really cheap. Furniture, Ac., of good quality and in good condition; no dealers need reply. Address, giving particulars, M. S., Herald office. 9 000 WALNUT BEDSTEADS AND CHAMBER Sets, low priced, medium and line; also ele gant Dressing Cases, Wardrobes, Ac., all warranted, at 2o per cent, less than store prices, at uiunuiactory 380 Hudson street. ~ Hot?WKl!t? ROOMS, Ail ., WA VTEU. In tfcl* Clty. and Brooklyn. Floor wanted?consisting of four rooms, uniurnished, on second floor; modern Improvement* and good neighborhood; lor family ol gentleman and wife, about 1st ol August. Address Ki JRNlsIIJNG, Herald Uptown Branch oillce. "ir'AN TED?BY TWO ADl'LTS, ONE BaSF.MENT, .. Sitting Room and Sleeping Room, convenient to Broadway and Thirty-second street. Address K., box 101 Herald I ptown Branch office. \17ANTED?FURNISHED ROOM, CONTAINING OAS f" and water, In a clean, quiet house and neighbor hood: permanent If suited. Address, with reasonable terms, PLAIN DEALER, Herald office. VV'ANTED TO RENT-A KI KSISHED HOUSE IN Tf Brooklyn, with 7 to 9 rooms, modern conveniences, genteel neighborhood, within 40 minutes ot Fulton lerry; good references. Address, with particulars, J. E. N., Herald office. YY"ANTED-Ff)R A PRIVATE FAMILY. A MEDIUM Tf sized Hourc. well located, in good order,all modern improvements,!on a two or three years' lease: rent not to exceed $1,300. Address, with lull puttlcuiars, A. W., , station G. INNTHICTION. AT THOMPSON'S COLLEGE, 2) FOURTH AVENUE, opposite trooper Institute ?Bookkeeping, Writing, Arithmetic and Language**. Day and evening. Ladies' department?I'elegraphv taught pruclically ; demand lor operators. No vacation. A LAP; WILL RECEIVE INTO IIER FAMILY boarding school more pupils, ln"trtietirin in Eng lish. innsic and needlework. lernu for lho-e under ten years. $31 per quarter; music extra. Adores* Mrs. II. E. SEYMOUR, New Canaan, Conn. All had writers \nd im' <mi-cti-.nt isook keepers should uftrml Business College, 02 B< wery, or 1.2 s.' Br ad way, corner Thiriv-third street; 21 Writing J*essons, $2 30; ladies qualified us bookkeepers and cashiers. VEW METHOD OF LEARNING FRENCH AND GER. man thoroughly by conversation and reading; no grammar; conversational fluency insured; terms $.'! a week (three lessons, at pupil's residence). Address PROFESSOR, box 121 Herald Uptown Branch office. BILLIARD** 4 1 ?STANDARD AMERICAN BEVEL TABLES AND ' J ? the I'lielan A Coll'ndcr Combination cushions for sale only liv the patentee, H. vv. Col.LENDER. ?ucccssor to Pheian A Cot lender, T\* Broadway. New York. li^OR SALE?ELEGANT 3X10 PHELAN A COLLEN I der Pool Table, a most new, $290, including Ball*, Cues. Markers, 13 Pool Bulls, Pool Rack. Triangle, Ac., at 74 Jane street. YV H. GRIFFITH'S bevel BILLIARD TABLES, ?? ? with Delaney's patent steel wire cushions. Pur chasers will find it greatly to their advantage to examine my splendid stock of new und second hand TabU'l Oviloro KVlUK elKwUvttt, W*fC{yvUI? W Vu??jf gUvVk AMirsKMKNT* muiuTU comiqub. M HOtlfit , LITTLE JACK HHEPPARD. LITTLE JACK 8HBPPABD, ''savar U tar ?''?i?>IJtajS^of t|Su! W BIIEPI'ABD. a* BLIH'.SKIN Mr. MOHK FISKK a* MRS. SHKPPAKD. 14 Us MINNIE LOUKB*? JONATHAN WIU). T1IK GREAT COMIC PANTOMIME. Mr Bland Holt as Clown. Pantaloon. Mr. T. Chapman. Harlequin, Mr. II. Bociai. TIIK TWO BUZZARDS. Matinee* ou Wednesday awl Saturday. . Extra Notice.?On Monday next, .tunc il.Mr. J B. suia ley. Mis* Kuiiiiv Herring. Miss Rachel Deiivel, Mr. George Franco. T. J. Marten ami other popular artuU, in the great urama, BUFFALO HILL A Proprietor and Manager Mr. LESTER WALLACE LAST TWO WKEKS of i he PRESENT BRILLIANT SEASON. I,AST S NI (II ITS hi Mr SOTH l.RN THURSDAY, FMDAY hil l SATURDAY, tlie 29th, 90th aml.'Ust (Matinee ami Nightt. being po<iUvol.v the I,AST Til It 14K NIGHTS. Mr SOT11ERN wilt iiei-form Duudreary's celebrated BROTHER SAM, and will likewise appear a* DUNDEE \BY MARRIED. , thus representing hoth the brother* each evpnsnif. Mr WALt.ACK lui* much pleasure in announcing that the Inst .Six night* Of the nn ^nt hc.ihoii Jill tnUe iaace At the Brooklyn Aeacloiny of Mume, wlUi Mr. SorllhilH in his original character*. w w r ALLAOK-8. gpB0UU MONDAY, JUNK 2. PRODI CTION OK AN ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL NHW YORK I'LAY, written expressly lor tin* Theatre by DION BOuCICAULT, EatI W TODD'S MUSEUM. WOOD'S. immense huocicss.hnoon at t LAS r TIMES ot the charming actress Mis* LOUISE SYEVESTER, in Maeder's new Drama of KATY DID. EVENING AT 8. CONTINUED ? ???? SUCCESS of the new solvation Drama of CAPTAIN JAOK Of THE MODOOS, SATURDAY BOTH AFTERNOON AND EVENING, mint benefit of Messrs. A. II. 8IIBLDON ami JAMES KARNES. "M"lBLO'S GARDEN. AZRAEL. LULU THE COOLEST AND BEST~VENTILATED THEATRE IN TIIE CITY. Reconstruction of the brilliant Spectacular Pantomime, AZRAEL; OR, TIIE MAGIC CHARM. Re-en^agement ot the popular Artist*, jtrfir LULU,' lulu! LULU,' MntTltt ami Bartholomew, MaffHt aud Bartholomew, Matlltt ami Bartholomew, Mafflttanii Bartholomew, MONS. VELABDI. CLARA LEONTINE, MADAME LANNIER, MLLE. LUPO, AND (IRANI) CORPS DE BALLET." NEW MUSH', SCENERY, TRICKS AND INDENTIONS SUPERB TRANSFORMATION HCENK. MATIN El'. SATURDAY AT TWO O'CLOCK. rilONY PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE, 201 BOWERY. BENEFIT OF BILLY PASTOR THIS EVENING. BENEFIT OF BILLY PASTOR THIS EVENING. NEL,E SEYMOUR. JOHN ???LlmTKliIlg. THE GREATEST BILL OF THE J'RIiBKNT YEAR. FUN I FUN! FUN! *UM A SPLENDID SILVER CUP n resented to the author ot the best or(t?lnal Conundrum. TEN SILVER MEDALS nre ented to the heft ten Chorus Singer* in the audience. A magnificent SILVER GOBLET to the best amateur CIo?' Dancer who shall dance longest. A i?iir*c ot $150 to be wrestled tor by HOMER LANK and JOHN CURTIS, best two tails out of three. The aiidienco to bo tho Judges. __ BABNEY AARON anil ABTHUB I 1IAMBERS in a grand Sparring Content. . FIFTY VOLUN I EERS AND ALL THE COMPANY. NO INCREASE IN PRICES. "/lllUBCII OF THE DISCIPLES," ^ Miniison avenuo, corner ot Forty-flflh strout. Musical and Literary Entertainment, Thursday evening, Mav 29, at 8 o'clock. Eeadlngshy MK?-CARTER, RI-jV UEO. 11. 1IEPWORTH mid ELI PERKINS. Voral music hv Mrs. HESS, Miss BRUNDAGE, Messrs. BENNETT, J. R. ThoM AS and OUNN Instrumental music by the celebrated RUSSIAN HORN HLOWKRs (by kind | erinlsslcu ot Augustin paly). Mcs->rt> ANTONIO I.. MORA and HARRISON, Organists. Admission, 80cent*. Tickets for sale at Beer A Schlrmer s, flchuberth *, Dlt hoii's, Pond's, Hull's anil Biuine'* music stores, the princi pal hotel new* stands ant! at thn church. Proceeds towards llquldatlngj^organ debt. rPONY PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE. 201 BOWERY. T BENEFIT OF | GRAND wrestling MATCH BILLY PASTOR for a Purse of$lM. THIS EVENING. I HOMER LANE and JOHN CURTIS. PIANOFORTES, ORGANS. AC. l 'FW PIANOS OF OUR OWN MAKE, RETURNED A from hire, nearly new; at bargains tor cash, or on installments; the same to rent; all 7X octaves, and in j ptARION1'PIANOFORTE CO.. No. 5 East Fourteenth st At betts warerooms. im broadway, cor norTenth street, now and seeonil >'*n<t I lanosnnd Oniaiis, tor cash or instalments, or to rent. J.l to $10 per month. - beautiful PIANO ONLY $180. 7 OCTAVE ROSE vrooil tlnished, all rounil. A first class Steinway near Broadway. _ * VERY RARE CHANCE FOR PIANO DEALERS Hv "o'rdcr'o^the as*i(fnee of the tiankruptcy e.state of Driver Bros. A Winch, pianodealers, ot Boston, l am au thorized to sell their stock ol Pianos, consisting otOabler, Behuiiiu A Klix and other inskers, and will do so at ex actly one half ^^^^VaNo'RW^MS, " corner Fifth avenue and Sixteenih street. A MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD 7'4 OCT AVE, FOUR round corners, urn ml square Pianoforte, nearly new, brilliant tone ; cost $980, for $275; Stool, Cover; has box tor shipping; rich Parlor Suit*. Mirrors, Curtain*. I aim ing*. rosewood anil walnut Chamber, DinlngV urn I tu re. Silver Ware; less than hall cost; fsinily leaving eltv. 104 East. Twenty flith street, between Fourth and Lexington avenues. . A HANDSOME ROSEWOOD I'lANOFORTE AT A bargain . very cheap. 53 First street, w)cnnd |lo<ir. Call troin 0 to 12 o'clock A. M. H. KNOin . A MAGNIFICENT 7 OCTAVE PIANO. USED FIVE A months, canred IciC mid inouldlngs, all improve, ments. $2.'it?, on account ot leaving 1 'V '''tiv? '1', L' '!1 snrance Policy for $4(J0. Address UUARANTEE, Herald Uptown Branch office. _m CASH WILL BUY BICII BOSEWOOD 7'4 . octave tour round corner brilliant toned Pianoforte, used 8 months; cost owner $?0t>. Call at private resi dence 120 Wot itd street, near eth avenue. "an AltlON PIANO, 7'i OCTAVE; AN UPRIGHT j\ Piano, other tlrst class Pianos, ?or.f,a'? ^heap; also Parlor organ; all new. Inquire220 East Twenty-eighth street, near Third avenue. . A T i2yl CASH IF APPLIED FOR IMMEDIATELY? A ileautiiul rosewood 7 octave Planolorte, carvedle_gs, case overstrunv bass; cost $680; manufactured by C lack ei in/ A Sons. 2S Third st., near Bowery. A LOT OF PIANO WIRE FOR SALE-CHEAP; ALL Siz-s ami best make. iW Broadway, room 12. A FIRST CLASS ?'? OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO torte for sale-Made order, celebrated maker, fully iruaran;ued, u?ed fi months, cost tor box tor shipping; ulso Parlor, Chamber, Dining Boom Kurnl" ture ? Paintings, Bronzes, Silverware; a sncrl.lee ; prop erty lauilly leavinn city. 36 West 15tn St., near 5th av. A -SEVERAL FINE HALLET, DAVIS A CO/S Piano-, little used; mher Pianos $<0, $90, ?U), ni.w Piano-, and Organs tor rent or sale on Instalments, new riano-. auu uth? ? BERRY A t^O., 7C9Hroadway. Z IMMENSE SACRIFICE?MAGNIFICENT aiiraflc 7 octavo rosewood overstrung Planolorte; nil latest Improvements; fully guaranteed. 2t} Jileecker street, near Bowery. ? KLEOANT FOUR ROUND CORNERED ROSE wood Pianoforte. Vioctave, ail Improvements, cost $1 ooo for $27-r>: one grand square fVir $2i5; al?<> en,'r? Household Furniture; tamiW Intending u. travel. Cull at 210 West 21st street, near 7th avenue. ilFtl'TlFUL SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEW(if)i) PUNO, D $20il; carved legs, overstrung has-, treble, fnliv warranted; instalments taken, $12 monthly. B?CABlS'1117 West, fwenty-thlrd sir.-et. corner ctb av. haLE-A FINE SECONDHAND MODERN OR r nail ot Krlx u's build, containing 2 manuals and 26 resist)-rn. Full description sent on applleaiitui. A so a weond band I'ar.or pipe '>r^u nn.1 ?it Alexanjlre/iivan o' 14 regl-ters Apply to HIbBfiRNE ? BOOSE* KI?T, 40 Wast Eighteenth street, New ? or*. G1REAT BARGAIN.?PIANOFORTES AND ORGANS r almost given awsv; 50 new anil second band ones to ,H dispo^itl ol ""? n,'^ ^'soNSrirMilW rtr.,1 _ / t|U'AT BARGAINS OF ROSKWOOD 7 OCTtVE ( T second hand Pianos; soinc gotxl as new ; will be sold very cheap; at FISCHER'S, <-5 West Iwcnty-eighth street, near Ninth avenue. PUMH (BEAUTirUL WEBER INCLUDED), CB1AP a? tho cheapest good as ihe best, for rent or sale; rent allowed purchaser; at MKRIIELL'S, No 8 Union square* MS Fourth ft venue. ^ .. . ? PIANOS AND ORGANS.?till EAT BARGAINS, HEW and most beautltnl styles and made, and bv best makers, at lower pneos ? 2 monthly instalments, or for rent, during this month, at WAI'ERa'. 4fcl Broadway, than can oe louiel clsew Inn PIANOS TO RENT-$? TO $15 PER MONTH; RENT appliod^i^iircnase^ (>()Nn k ro M7 Broadway. THANOS TO RENT TO COUNTRY OR CITY IKlTELS P,Aand boar,!lt.i houses ; ,.r will b- 'old^on monthly payments; best pianos k _ ;*y Broadway. ami oci'avf ROSEWOOD pianoforte. $u?i.? S We'nre retailing the l'?st lliuslte.1 ami Broidway. ? tITANTI II A SECOND HAND I PBIOHT HTKINttAY VV or Chleuerlng Piano, in us' less than a year, with maker s guarantee or bill ot ?ale. Address 1'lANO, lb raid otflce. MVAIC \r,. / I *RD -PI VNO. ORGAN, lit IT\R, SINOINO -MISS WATSON gives private lessons, tlav ami evening, at her residence, -- Clinton pho c (Eighth street). Instru ments turnisned for daily prnciicc. BXCHAfioB. A GOOD STORE FIREPROOF SAl'K WANTED?IN exchanire tor a Piano or Organ. Addres* I'lANOS. box ltt HutaLd glll?'j. B AWtrMKWfBWTH. OWKBY THBATBB. WM. B. rUKUOII MONDAY, MAS' hi, in71 ^ and during the trw.fc., a imiw l,Ol?A(< DltAMA by HTANLBY McKBNNJL rntitli'd tli? BOV IIUIIUI.AR, with ocw Hint *t>pro|Hiattt Mcmvry, inaioiiftcaiH Mbata and atirnng Tableaux, witli the beautiful G?ni?dy uiilittod A BAMBOOZLU. FRIDAY BVKNINO, Aiiitul Benefit of william b brblioh. Mr. JAME3 M. WARD will shortly appear lit ? n??r drama. 01 RAND OMUM HOCBB.-CTJBTAIM IU.SK.-i A.11M. T CarrifiKni may be ordered lor 11 Sole Lonaec and Manager Mr AUOHHTIN DALY V LAST CO UK PSBPOBMAMOBB Ol Mr. CHARLKS FECHTRR aa MONTf. UrISTO. SATURDAY, MAY 31, LAST MA TIN HE and LAST NIJIITO! MONTH CRISTO. Mr. DALY lias plRamtre In announcing that lie lia* *e cured Mr. KKf.'IflKR lor a I KW iiVJ.N/.VOd LONOKtf, in orilor to *iitinfy flic tint;'tit deal re wlilch tiaaboen ok premcd by tlui iugion of id ml re rs ot Hiat di?tinriiaiMt4 artist to 'nee lilut In otlvr character*. Thar'iore, on MONDAY, JUNB i. Mr. CBCIITKR will aiv<- hlx ureal doublv impor-'hiiiatioii of tlio two KKANC'UI, in iitu owu lutnou.s iiI.iv of THK CORSICAN BROTH BBS. rTil AVI'NUE TilEATRE.?CURTAIN RISES AT ? *) precisely. Carriages may he ordered tor in :45. Solo U'.i.?'o uud Mauugcr Mr. AUUU8TIN DALY. EVERY EVENING, until farther no tiro, will ho act-it ~Mr. AUOl/BTIIf DALY'S most successful DRAMA, la lour acts, culitluit MADELEIN MORE/.. THEATRE OVERFLOWING EVERT NIGHT 1 I I Characters by Mr Charles Plshor, Mr. George Clarke, Mr. I <011 isJamosw Mr Henry CrUp, Mr. W. J. Uimoyii*. Mr. James Lewis, Mr. E. I'terco, Mr. E. Chapman, Mr. J., Miso ? 'lara Morris, Miss fanny Davenport, Miss Fanny Morant, Mrs. (1. II. (Ill Itert, Miss Sara Jewell, Mum NoiliO Murlhni'r. Miss Nina Varian, Roberta Norwood anil Miss Uriflltlis. SECOND MATINEE OP MA OKI,KIN MOREL SATU RIMY, AT 1% O'CLOCK. ".?Seats mav he secured three weeks in advance, also by mail umi icicgruph. HQ?ATHENEUM TIIEATRK. ')OfJ Broadway, opposilo Metropolitan Hotel. Manager R. W. ItUTLU LAST WEEK III' THE PRESENT SEASON'. TIIK PLACE TO BRING LA 1)1 KM AND CHILDREN. PANTOMIME. BURLESQUE AND (JRAND OLIO. A new ami original Burlesque, written hy Mr. F. Mon tague, entitled APOLLO AND JITNO IN NEW YORK, with a splendid east, Including the WORRELL SIKTKH8 uml Grand Burlesque Company, the GREAT 7.ANFRETTA TltOIPE OK PANTOMiMUfl. eight in numlier; CHARLES and CARRIE AUSTIN, ill their terriUc BAYONET COMBAT. THE RUMMiiLSBERG SISTERS, Luke Schoolcraft, Add Rymun, Win. West, J. Lang, 8. Holdsworth. lieo. il. Coes anil Regular Company, every uvciung. Doors open ut 7. Curtain rises at S. NOTICE-MONDAY. June 2, nil ENTIRELY NEW COM PAN Y. consisting oi the i.roal Hernandez Coiuhmutioa. Seo future advertisements uud bills. M RS. F. U. CONWAY'S BROOKLYN THEATRE THURSDAY, MAY 29, 1S73, E VST Ll'.NNE and MY TURN NEXT. Juno 2, Mrs. P. ti. CONWAY'S BENEFIT. /1ENTRAL PARK GARDEN-THEODORE THOMAS. \J THEODORE THOMAS' PNRIVALLED SUMMER NIUHTS' CONCERTS. PROGRAMME FOR THIS (THURSDAY) EVENING'S GRAND EXTRA CONCERT. MAY 21), AT S. Marehe ut Cortege, ''Reine da Saha" i.ottnod Overture, "Lconoro No. 2" Beethoven Dance of Nymphs and Reapers, new A. 8. Sullivan Vorspiel Lohengrin, "Dcr Rltt der Walkitren"....Wagner Sereiimte In D. op. II (tlrst tune), full orchestra. .Brahma 1. Allegro Molto, 2. Scherzo. 3. Adauio non Troppo, 4. Menuctto, 6. Scherzo, 6. Rondo. Overture, "Ilun/.adi Lus/.lo" Erkel Amaryllis, ulr composed hv Kin,' Louis XII Gylio Waltz, "New Vienna" Sfauso Miirche Indienne, "L'Alrlcaine" Meyerbeer Admission 7ft cents. Paekaire tickets not taken on Thursday*. Ticket* to he obtained at the principal music stores; also at 2H5 Broadway and at Central Park Gardu^ PRIVATE BOXES TWO DOLLARS EXTRA. ZIOOPER UNION. ' > The aunuiil Receptions and Commencement will take place as follows:? 1. The reception of the Woman's Art Department on Thursday, 2Hn inst., at 8 P. M. 2. The reception ot the Male Art Department on Fri day, 30th inst., at 8 P. M. X The annual commencement in the Oreat Hall on Suturiluy.31st Inst., at S P. M., when the annual prize* and addrcsaes will he delivered. The drawings of the Art Schools will lie ott exhibition from 10 A. M to 4 P. M. om Friday and Saturday; no tickcts required. The Reading Room will be closed on Thursday next, but will t>o open ou Friday during the day and thereafter as usual. The annual debate of the Llterarv Class ot the Cooper Union will be held In the Oreat llall. on Saturday, Juno 7, ut 1 P. M. ; admission tree. Tickets for the Receptions and Commencement can bo had on application at the office ot the Cooper Union. abram s. HEWITT,Secretary. BRYANT'S OPERA HOI'SK,TWENTY-THIRD STREET, between Sixth and Seventh avenues, near Booth's Theatre. EVERY EVENING AT 8, SATURDAY, MATINEE AT Z. 23D ST. | I BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. OTH AV. 23l> ST. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. OTII AV. 23D ST. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. OTH AV. 23D ST. I | BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. #TH AV. Brilliant change of program mo this week. JUBILEE CONCERT. SAUSAGE MERCHANTS. BLACK SHAKERS. DIVORCE. WIO MAKERS. LAST WEEK OF "UNDER DK GASLIGHT I" Characters by Dan Bryant, Nelse Seymour, Dave Read, Henry Rice, Brockway, Harry Stanwood, Carter, Mor rissy, Emerson, Ac. THE MODOCB NEXT WEEK, THE MODOCS. MATINEE SATURDAY, AT 2. HEATS SECURED. Bryants opera house. extra. MATINEE BENEFIT TO MESSRS. J. B. DONNIKER, and W. 11. BROCKWAY, Premier Violinist. the popular Interlocutor. ON THURSDAY AFTERNOON. MAY 2'J. COMMENCING PRECISELY AT 2 O'CLOCK, when, in addition to tlm brilliant entertainment given by DAN BRYANTS MINSTRELS, the following popular gentlemen have kindly volunteered their valuable services lor the occasion SIGNOR RAFFAELE ABBCCOl the great tenor vocalist and solo harp artist, his first ap pearance in New York in twelve years. MR. THOMAS LYNCH rthe well known restaurant caterer of Eighth avenue) WILL MAKE HIS FIRST APPEARANCE ON ANT STAGE, and slim Stephen Massetl's beautiful ballad, TWENTY YEARS AGO! REMEMBER THURSDAY AFTERNOON. MAY 2?. MESSRS. DONNIKER AND BIIOCKWAY'S BENEFIT /"IHCRCll OP THE DISCIPLES, Madison avenue, corner l orty fllth street. (Rev. George H. Hepworth's.) THURSDAY EVENING. June 5, H73, CLARA LOUISE KEI.LOOO in a Grand Concert. ASSISTED BY EMINENT TALENT. Admission, $1. Reserved <ents, without extra charge, at 39 Union square, 7D1 and 111 Broadway. rpHE AMATEURS TONY PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE. 1 will dam e BILLY PASTOR S BENEFIT. lor a tine A SILVER GOBLET for tho boat Silver Goblet. amateur Clog Danger. XTEW YORK MUSEUM OF ANATOMY, 6H BROAD. 1\ way, between Houston and Bleecker streets.?Every one should visit the wonderiul Museum; It isfuiPof every thing people should see and understand. Lectures daily on"fh(i Philosophy of Marriage." Those parties unabla to attend these Important lectures can have them for warded, post tr?*e, on receiot of 25 cents, hy addressing SECRETARY NEW YORK'MUSEUM OK ANATOMY,80 Broadway, New York. ____________ T>ACKARD'S BUSINESS COLLEGE, _L Anniveri-arv and Graduating Exercises. Stelnway Hall, Thursday evening. Mny 20. Ex-Mayor Opdyke will preside, and addresses will bo delivered by Judge Davis and Rev. Dr. Deems. Tickets can be had without charge hy applying at the College rooms,805 Broadway. rf. 8. PACKARD, President. Cuss. Clauhoum, Secretary. M TEN I BILLY PASTOR S BENEFIT TO-NIGHT. SILVER I Ten Sliver Medals will he presented to MEDALS | the best ten Chorus Singers among tho given away. I audience at Tony Pastor's op. ra IImu*-. ETROPOLITAN MUSEUM OP ART. _ Temporary building 128 West Fourteenth street. The Pi ' esivifa Collections from Cyprus, ami the "loan exhibitions," so far as ready, are now open to the publio from 12 o'clock until ii i.'clock P. M vdtnissioii i'c DE CORDOVA will lecture Thursday evening In tho nftw Iron church, Flltleth street, east ol Second avenue. Subject? "MRS. GRUNDY." Tickcts 50 cents. _ C^RAND I BARNEY AARON AND ARTHUR X SPARRING I Chambers in a grand Assault at Arm* CONTEST I this evening. HILLY PASTOR'S Ben TO-NIGHT. | etlt, at Tony Pastor's Opera House. GO AND SEE the great race between FULLERTON and GAZELLE. st Prospect Park Fair Grounds, FRIDAY, May SO. at 5 o'clock. N-ELSK SEYMOUR I TONY PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE and I SOUNDS FROM JOHN Ml LLIOAN I THE WILDERNESS. this Evening. I BILLY PASTORS BENEFIT. BONO and DANCB.?JTO CLOO AND IRIsn dig Dancing taught; pupils fitted tor the stage hy JolIN J. BOGAN, 11M East Houstou street, near Bowery. Ladies taught. /1ARD.?PIANO, ORGAN, VIOLIN. GUITAR, ZITHER, \J singing; private lessons; "Almez-vous la Mtislque f" heuutlitil hook given away. 42 I'llnton place. Hv mail lOcents. J. JAY WAT.-oN, Director. fllFTY TONY PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE. Volunteers HKNEMT Or BILLY PASTOR. I HIS Fourteen Prizes given away lor Dancing, EVENING Singing. Wr'sthng. l.atigiilng. Ac. for Ills NELnK SEYMorIt and JolIN MULU BENEFIT. GAN In Sounds from the Wilderness. "Vf ETROPOLITAN THEATRICAL AND SHOW PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, heraldTiuildikg, BROADWAY An1>~ANN STREET. A LARGE ASSORTmTTnT OF THEATRICAL, MINSTREL AND VArTktY CUTS CONSTAHTLW ON UAhy.

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