Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 30, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 30, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW Y OK K HERALD. WHOLE NO. 13,431. NEW YORK, FRIDAY, MAY 30. 1873.-TR1PLK SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. DIRECTOR! FOR 4DVERTI8ERS. m A AMUSEMENTS? Nurra Pagb?Fifth and sixth columns. ASTROLOGY?Ninth Pagb? Fourth roliiinu. BILLIARDS?Ninth Page? First column. BOAKHK.KK WANTED?Twklftu Page?Second anil third column*. BOAKD AND LODGING WANTED?Twelfth Pagb? Tnlrd rolumn. BROOKLYN KEAL ESTATE FOR SALE?Becowd Page?First column. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES?First Pack?Sixth col umn. BUSINESS NOTICES?Seventh Pagf?Sixth column. CIGARS AND TOBACCO?Nmrn Pagb?First column. CITY REAL ESTATE FOR SALE-Secoed Page-First column. CLERKS AND SALESMEN-Elevbjith Pace?Sixth col umn. CLOTH INO?Ninth Pag*?Fourth column. COACHMEN AND GARDENERS?Eleventh Page Sixth column, and Twelfth Page?First. column. COASTWISE STEAMSHIPS?Ninth Page?Second and third columns. COUNTRY BOARD?Twelfth Page?Third column. DRY GOODS?First Page?Sixth column. DWELLING HOUSES TO LET. FURNISHED ANI) US FUR.NISIIED-TwK.LrrH Page?Fifth column. EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS?Ninth Page?Second col umn. EYES AND BARS?Second Pack?Fifth column. EXCURSIONS?Ninth PAGE-Third and fourth columns. FINANCIAL?Eighth Page?Filth column. FINE ARTS?Second Page?Sixth column. FOR HALE? Second Page?Sixth coluiiin. FURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET Twelfth Page?Fifth and sixth columns. FURNITURE?NiNTn Page?Firs! column. FRENCH ADVERTISEMENTS?TwELrTH PAGR-Second column. column. HELP WANTED?FEMALE8?Eleventh PAGE-Fourth and flith columns. HELP WANTED-MALES-Twelfth PACB-First col umn. HORSES, CARRIAGES, Ac.?First PAGE-Third, fourth, flflli and sixth columns. HOTELS?Twelfth Page?Third column. HOUSES. ROOMS, Ac., WANTED?First PAGB-Sixth column. INSTRUCTION?Ninth Page-First column. JERSEY CITY, HOBOKEN, HUDSON CITY AND BER GEN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE-Second Page Flrst column. LOAN OFFICES?Ninth Page?Fourth column. LOST AND FOUND?First Page?First column. MACHINERY?Second Page?Sixth column MARBLE MANTELS?Ninth Page?Fourth column. MATRIMONIAL?Second Page-Fifth column. MEDICAL?Twelfth Page?Sixth column. MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS?Tenth Pace? Fifth and sixth column. MISCELLANEOUS?Ninth Pagk?Fifth colamn. MUSICAL?Ninth Page?Sixth column. NEW PUBLICATIONS?Seventh Pace?Sixth column. FERSONAL-First PAGE-First column. PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, AC.?Ninth Page?Fourth col umn. _ _. . PROPOSALS?Ninth Page?First column. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED-FEMALES Elevknth Page?Fourth column. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR SALE OR TO RENT?Second Page?First, second and third col umns. _ _ _ ? BBAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE?Second Page?Third column. BEWARDS?First Page?First and sccond column*. BALES AT AUCTION?Second Page?Third, fourth and fifth columns. ? SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES?Eleventh Page? First, scconu, third and fourth columns. SITUATIONS WANTED?MALES?Eleventh Pagi?Fifth and sixth columns. ... SPECIAL notices-First Page?Second and third col umns. . _ _ , . SPOETING?DOGS, BIRDS, AC.?First Pack?Third column. STORAGE?Second Page?Fifth column. SUMMER RESORTS?Twelfth page-Third and fourth columns. THE TRADES?TwKLirn Page?First column. THE TURF?First page-Third column. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PUPROSES?Twelfth page Fourth and fltth columns. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE?Ninth Pagf?Third column. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Twelfth Page?sixth column. WB8TOHEHTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET?Second Page?First column. YACHTS, STEAMBOATS, Ac.?First Pagb?Sixth column. HERALD BHAXC'H tlFFICK-l'PTOWB, ADVERTISEMENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT THE BRANCH OFFICE, 1.265 BROADWAY AND 590 SIXTH AVENUE, BETWEEN THIRTY-FIRST- AND THIRTY-SECOND STREETS. ADVERTISEMENTS ARE RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M. TILL 9 P. M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS, 2 TILL 9 P. M.). AT OFFICE RATES. NEWSDEALERS SUPPLIED WITH HERALD AT fi O'CLOCK EVERY MORNING. NO EXTRA CHARGES. PARIS AGENCY OF THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vf ESSRS. KREMER A CO., AMERICAN REGISTER, HAVE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD. THEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL KRS WITH COPIES OF THE HERALD, AND ALSO (INGLE NUMBERS OF THIS PAPER TO PARTIES REQUIRING THEM. PBBMBAL. ATLANTA-I LEAVE TOWN TO-NIGHT, AND AM most anxious to meet you this mominit. II' you can lot comc leave noto with your address, at the new otllce ?elore noon. A PARTY WILL BUY A FIRST CLASS TICKET TO C?!t!brnia at reduced price. Address M., box 172 Herald Uptown Branch office, 1,265 Broad war. F. F. F.?SEND ADDRESS TO INFORMATION WANTED?OF ANNIE MARIA BER gan, by her sister, MARGARET BERGAN, US East Bevcnty-flrst street. IF HENRY OR PETER VAN INGEN, FORMERLY living In Brooklyn, be desirous of making the ac quaintance of an old friend of their family, they are^ re quested to send th?lr present address to J. E. K, 243 East f hirteenth street. IF HENRY SMILES, WHO IS SUPPOSED TO HAVE arrived In New York about April, 1872, will com municate with G. T., Ilerald ottlce, he will hear of some thing lo his advantage. RS. O. WILLARD-PLEASE SEND YOUR AD dress to WILLIE. M rOMAS' CONCERT WEDNESDAY EVENING?T1IE lovely lady who kindly recognized gentleman sitting In garden will conier a great favor by addressing DON CARLOS, Herald office. UNION BASE BALL GROUND, TUESDAY?THB young man that forgot to return guid pencil will please return it to J. CLUTE, 206 Broadway. MIST AM) FOUND. LOST-MONDAY LAST, ON ROAD FROM FOIIDAM Heights to Mac "omb's Dam Bridge, a Spring Overcoat; makers name, Isaac Walker, on collar; the tinder will be liberally rewarded br leaving <h? same at 94 Wall street or stating where li may be had. LOST-NOTE FOR $456. DATED APRIL 211. 1873. 60 day* or (two monthsi after date, made by Zacharlas A Co. and endorsed by E. M. Sperling. All persons are cautioned against negotiating the same, as payment has been stopped. LOST?$10 REWARD.?STRAYED, FROM 104 FIFTH avenue, Wednesday, a small Black and Tan Dog; Mirer colfcr; answers to name of Charley. LOST?ON TUESDAY, IN SIXTH AVENUE CAR OR West Sixteenth street, a wnite lava Pin. The owner will be happy to 'eceive it and pay for trouble at 144 West Sixteenth street or 10 Warren street, office of Tift Iron Age. Lost?in the vicinity of brpadway and the Grand Central Hotel, an Envelope, containing a draftlor $40uand bank bills, ihe tinder will be suitably rewarded by returning the same to MORRIS SIUMONDS, 109 Broadway. Lost?an official envelope, containing Transportation Request's, No*. 30,27ft, 311,276, 80,277 and 30.27/, from here to Santa Fe. PL ase deliver to tiS West Forty-eighth street L08T-SATfRDAY LAST, A LADY'S BLACK ENASL elled Gold Witch, with blue enamelled wreath, ?mall diamonds outside case, engraving on inside; liberal reward will be paid byDALLETT SONS A CO., 99 Water Street Lost?bio reward-on Tuesday, the 27TB, a gold and Mosaic Locket, with inscription on one side A. E. I., in capital letters. Call on ?r address DOWNING, 426 Broadway. Lost?WEDNESDAY, MAY 28, IN OOING FROM Morton street to Thirty sixth street and Eighth ave. one a Gold Chain, with Locket attached.containlng two photographs oi gentleman an>l lady, with diamond cross in centre; suppo?ed to have been lost on Elghlh avenue ear. The finder will be liberally rewarded by returning it to 92 Morton street. WM. H. KNAPP. Lost?on the ?th ikst., a morocco letter. book, marked .lames T. Griswoid, containing a note, several checks and $15 or in money; the finder will please return the pocketbook and paper, as they are of no use hut to the owner, and retain the money; no ques tions asked. J. T. GRISWOLD, 49 West Ninth street LOBT.-THE LADY WHO RECEIVED FROM THE little girl the Diamond Ring belonging to one of the ladies severely carriage accident Wtrunst, on Sixth avenue, near Harlem River, is at last perfectly well known. Unless she prefers State Prison and the renutatlon of having stolen the ring of an appurently dvln* woman she will return it Instantly to care of at. Cloud Hotel proprietors. REWARD*. Al/IA REWARD-LOST, ON THE EVENING OF Tuesday, May 27. a solitaire Diamond Screw Hind, weighing 2 carats. Address C. A. R., box ISO Herald Uptown Branch office. -A LARGE SOLITAIRE DIAMOND, GENT S Pin, mounted to he unscrewed, lost, Sunday evening, 25th Inst., In neighborhood of Sixth avenue and Carmine street. Above reward will be paid by STARR A MARCUS, 22 John street, up stairs. A1 (inn REWARD WILL BP. PAID, AND NO ?Jp I questions asked, for the return oi all the Diamonds and Jewelry lakeu irom 133 East Thirteenth plrsst May 7, ism REWARDS. ^ A" UBKRaT REWARD WILL BK I'AIO KOR T11K return of* small cream-colored Greyhound. lust on Thursday, May 29. Iroiu ill) Went Forty-third street. KPKC1AL NOT1CKS. A ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERt OF CUBA. * OFFICIAL DRAWING^ MAY 24, 1871 Jfo. Prist.1 No. Prist IjVo. _ . $300 5553. ..$300 11647 32 ...SOU 5613....300 11679. M.. .300 5634... .SKI 11713 54...300 5705...300 11717. 123...|U0 5789....300 117*3 209....300 57D6... .500 11756. 240....300 5802. ...300 11792. 264 .. SUU 5824....3(0 11804. 282....300 5834....300 11B62. 303....300 58hs....3oo 12050. MB....900 SU22....300 12081. 381....300 6052... IUQ0 12100. 44ft....AMI 6064....300 12106. 521....300 6122. . 900 12218. 533...3U0 6163...,90u 13314. 646....300 6241... .500 12356. 585 ...300 6266 ...500 12362. 618...3001 6285. .300 12379. 652....300i 6302....300 I24U1. 712 ...300 6439....300 12417. 715...3001 65112....300 12520. 774... .300 6685... .300 i2536. 807....300 6636....300 12582. 839....300 6711....300 12622. 857....3001 6758 300 J2692 862....300 68.10....300 12736 889....300 6841....300 1275V ?r2... .300 6894 300 12961. ??....300 6940 . .500 12962. 1022 ...300 6995 300 13017 lii24. ...50o 7122... .300 S*92 (tt7 300 7132....300 13204 iiTsh::::hoo 7141...m 13212 }100 ...300 7164....300 13301 1105....300 7201...500 13318 ?" ? 17215....300 13394 7216...300 13411 7295... .300 1:1471 7342....300 13474 7383....300 13540 7393....300 13559 I 7416....300 13632 1388...3001 7466...1000 13705 1452....300 7480....300 13709 1579....300 7512....300 13726 15H3....300 7513...300 13732 lffl5....300 7543 ...300 13765 1687....500 7561....500 13761 1726....300 7642....3)0 13766 1758....300 7687. ...3JX) 13797 1863....900 7 737 ? 300 I3S36 J'rise. I JVa ...$300,175(3, ...500 ? 3oo 3U> 300 17626. 17S32. 17850. 17971. Prist. | No. Prist. 1119 ...500 1235 ...30O 12.49... .300 1268...500 1298....300 1322....300 J332... .300 1902....300 7755....300 1927....300 1933....300 1951....500 2010....300 20NS ...300 2084....300 2131....300 2143....500 2179....500 2183....300 2205....300 2213...300 2304....300 i352...;30U 2:?9... .300 2367....300 2390....300 2424....300 2464....300 2526....300 2702... .300 2759....300 2779....300 2834....300 2806...900 2900....300 2913...30O 2933....300 2970....300 3078....300 3154....300 3217....300 3224....300 3268....300 3292....300 3323... .300 3379....500 3387....310 3409....900 3421....300 3428....300 3430... .300 3444....300 3469....300 77(18....300 13-53. 7817 300 13862. 7835....300 13931. 7837....300 13045. 7^40 ...300 13947. 7888...300 13959. 8041... 500 13*18. 8061....300 139*7. 8088....300 14008. 8108....300 14015. 8175....300 14061. 8191....300 14080. 8357....300 14144. 8375....3*1 14156. 8370... 300 14242. 8440....300 14265. 8506....300 14338. 8507....300 14405. 8531....500 14463. 8640....300 14469. 8558. .. .300 14473. 8687....300 14481. 8860 ...300 14537. 8*62....300 14S91. 8863 ...300 14*105. 8906....900 14606 8919....300 1466*. 8931....S00 14729. 8y38....300 14753. 8951....300 14815. 9042....300 14829. 9077..50000 14840. 9081....500 148V7. 9106....oOO 14937. 9190 ...310 1405J. 9226....300 14960. 9232....300 14983. 9163... .300 14185. 9278....300 14998. 9288 300 15010. 9102....300 15015. 9375....300 16018 9420....300 15037 9421....300 15043 ..300 179*7. ...300.18UI4. ...900 18)91. ...300 18104. ...300 18109. ...300118140. ...300l 18244. 300118278. 18330 18414 18423 IS489. 1850(1 185(5. 18687. 18:9.!. 1863(1. 18 77. 1S6-1. I* ,90. 18742. 18.-68. 18810. .300 18999 301) 191119 .300 19142. 19158. 19240. 19262. ltl.'88. 300 .300 .300 100?00 ..300 . .300 ...300 L..300 500 .300 300 .. 301' ...300 ...300 ...300 .. 300 ...300 ...300 ..son .. 500 ...300 ...300 .. .300 . . .300 ...30(i ...300 23*00....3001 2380(2....300 23811....900 23s54 ...300 23->79... .300 23901.,,.300 23U06....300 2.'W64... .300 2X179 ...300 24015... .600 24064....300 ...300)24079....500 .. .300121087.,. .310 ...300 24089...900 ...300 L..600 ...500 .. .:ioo ...300 ...30)1 ...300 .. .500 .. .300 ...300 ...500 ...300 ...300 I.. .300 ...900 24122....310 24127...'.300 24189...300 24193...3(0 24207... 300 24274 ...3(0 24302....300 2436:)... ..*0 24449... 300 24472....300 24480....500 24562....300 24:110.,. .3(0 24618.... MM) ...300 ...300 ...300 ...300 ..1000)19901 24)121... .SOP .300 24074...Jp 13856 300 .. ,34hl ...300 .. 300 ...500 ...300 ...300 ...300 ...300 ..1000 ...300 ...SOU ...3(0 ...300 ...500 ...3(0 .. MX) ...300 ...300 ...300 ...300 ...310 ...300 ...300 .. .300 ...300 ..300 ...:'00 ...300 ...300 ...301.' ...300 . .300 ...300 ...300 ...300 ...500 300 300 ...300 ...300 ...300 ...300 ...300 ...600 ...300 ...300 ...300 ...500 ...300 ...300 ...300 ...300 ...3(0 ...300 ...300 ...300 ...300 ...300 19324 19338. 19364. 19'68. 19390. 19415. 19431. 194,'U. 19474. 19181. 19492. 19566. 19628. 19629. 19670. 19684. 19701. 19718. 19725. 19772. 19775. 19778. 19874. 19892. 19945. 20030. 21X131. 20185. 20274. 20:97. 20419. 20425 20452. 20615. 2U748. 20769. 20772. 20777. 20794. 20+49. 20872. 20918. 20943. 21007. 21063. 21082, 21111. 21115. 21206. 21228. 21361. 21373 21408 21434 21510 215C0 21627 21652 216)10 ...300 ...5(0 .. .000 ...300 ...600 ...3(J0 ...300 ...300 ...300 ...3(0 ...300 ...300 ...500 .. .300 ...300 ...30ii ...300 .. 3(0 ...500 ...3(0 ...3(0 ...300 .300 24(576... .300 24819....300 24862....300 24880....300 24883,... 300 24908... .500 24917 ...300 .4935... .300 24080... .300 25403... .300 25005....900 26044....300 25081... .300 ?25130... .900 25133....300 25273....500 25328... .300 25360....900 25362....600 25388 ...300 254.')4> ...300 25197....300 25555 ...300 .]30)>25573....300 25594. ...3(0 26615. ...3(0 25161... .900 25667 ..300 26699....500 25769... .300 25826....500 26351....300 25856....300 25890...300 '25933... .300 25934... .300 25938....300 25.49....300 25991....300 26038....300 20063.... 300 300i26071....300 ...800 2(i_'oo....:too .300 ...300 ...300 ...300 ...300 .. .300 ...300 ...3tO .. .300 .. .3(0 ...300 ...300 ...590 ...300 .. .3 0 ...3,0 .. .300 .900 .300 . .300 ..300 26204....300 26316....900 26318....300 26412....300 ..300 26413....300 ..500 26470....300 300 26476... .31X1 -6526... .30') 26600....300 ..300 ...500 3521....300| 9428....300 3 06....300 """ 3612....300 3025....300 3663....300 3681....300 3700....300 3721....300 3S42... 300 3343....900 3466....600 3900....300 4015....300 4085....300 4121....300 4I24....300 4147.... 300 4244....300 4245....300 4295...300 4319...100O 4371 ...300 4378....300 4559....300 4594....300 4623....300 4625.100)0 4627....300 4641....300 4661...900 9461....300 9186 ..300 9603...300 9630....300 9662....300 9682....300 9742....3(0 9760....300 9791....300 9"i82... .300 9948....300 9959. ...500 9979....300 9992....600 10045....900 10047....3fl0 HI084....300 10163....300 10189....SIX) 10210. ...300 1TO76....900 10303 ...300 10307....SDO 10314... .300 10360 ...300 10397...300 10401....300 104>3....300 10411....300 15061 15093. 15238. 15260. 15442. 15566. 15590 16614 15659 15716 15S0O. 15<36 15915 16:118 15923 15939 15001. 10003 16181 1321.3 16232 16.248 16301 l?12 ...300 ...300 ...300 .. .31X1 ...300 .. SIX) ...300 ...300 ...300 .. 3(0 ...300 ...300 4677!..lsoo|io476!!.isoo 4710...3lO 4721....300 4735....300 4773....900 4779... .31X1 10516....SIX) 10545....300 10559...6000 10596....301 10632 ...300 4788....SOOj10729....300 4791....9IX) 4805....300 4822...300 4853...910 4863....SIX) 10874....600 10897....300 10920....31X1 10951....SIX) 10988....300 16150 16156 16100 16529 166:15 16619 16614 16662 16749 16892. 16897 16063, 16982 16022 17039. 17046 17065 .. 100(1 ...300 ...300 ...300 ...300 ...300 ...300 ....300 ...300 ...301 .. .NX) ...900 .. .3(0 ...300 ...300 ...300 ...300 22584 .. .300 22 134 21711 21745 21751 21771 21865. 21897. 21917. 21921. 21937. 21944. 21976. 22008. 22014. 22071. 22124. 2216S, 22171 22221 22254. 22300 22-01, 22338 22339 2238.) 22301 ?2110 22463 22468 22533 .. .3(0 ...300 .. .6") .. 300 ...30(1 ...300 ...300 ...6(i0 ...3IO ...300 .. .300 ...300 ...300 ...300 ....300 .. .610 .. .30(1 ...300 ...300 .. 500 ...300 ...300 ...SOU ...300 ...SOU ...900 ...kio ...300 .. ,?.oo ...300 ...800 .. .30(1 4966....300'11111 ...300117122 4999....BOO 111128....300 5039....300i11156....300 5049 ...300111168....300 5051... 300111171....900 5064....300111244....30 ? ,*V<2. ...300 6257....SIX) 5268 ...3(0 5353....300 5508 ...600 11282....300 11312....900 11331...300 11404....300 11487....600 171S3 17220 17243 17325 17446 17456 17MI2 17507 17621 300 ...300 .. .'400 ...300 ...300 ...300 ...300 ...30C ...300 ...300 ...300 ...S00 ...300 '22637 22735, 22782 22847 22894 22906. 22952 ?22027 ?038 23259 23293 23304 ?23351 900123367 900123382, Si*l|23436. .300 23463 ,30(1 26666.. SOU ~ 26679..26 (X) 2)5865... .300 26868... 300 26874.... :#0 26907....900 26911....800 -?('1937... .900 269, 0. .. .'KIO 27016... ..'00 27085....300 2716.'... .300 27211.... 901) 27269....300 27364....300 27377... .30(1 27979....300 27464....300 ?27471... .300 ?27668... .600 27562....300 ?27606... ,3>X) 27624....300 27656 ...9(0 27779... 9(0 27792...900 27865... .9)0 27895....300 279-6 ...300 28018... WO 28096....900 28136....SOU 28201,...SO1) ,800 28229.. .500(1 SIX) 28236... .600 .300 '.'8474... .WO ...300 28578. ..3(0 ..1000 286II 600 "" 28624.... 30(1 2S667... .300 28722....600 28777.... 300 28;81....800 28809....8(0 28832....300 289io. 29U0... ..310 ,29196....300 300:29208....300 500:28229....300 300 in 300 ...300 ...300 ...900 ...500 ...3) ...300 ...300 ...300 ...3(0 ..1000 ...3(0 ...9(10 300 29264....300 29340... .3)0 29404.... 30) 29423...1000 - 29618....S'H! ....*0019561....300 ...300 29600....?U0 ...900129753....300 ..100) 29792,...'00 300 29837 ...300 . .SIX) . .3(0 . .:?xi ..300 23564. 23609. 23677. 23724. ...300 .. .31X1 ...3IO ...S00 .. .30' 29878....300 298S0... .500 29942....300 29947... ..'IX) 29992.... 300 APPROXIMATION PRIZES. $100,000. I 179/2... MX) 17973....S00 17974... .500 17976....500 17976....500 17977....600 17978....WO 17979....500 17980....500 S'<0,U0UI I $26,000. I ~ ..$200 .. .200 ...200 .. .21X1 .. .201 ...200 9071 ..$300 9072... .3IX) 9073... .300 9074 3IO 9075....300 9 76....300 9078.... 300126677 1*4*79... .300126678. 9080....900|26680. 26(171 26672. 26*73. 26674. 26075. 26676. $10.0011 1 $5.m 4621...$200111)658 .$11)0 46.2....200 10560...100 4623....200|28228...100 4t>24... .40128230... 100 4626....200 4627....201) ...200 4628....200 ...200l 4629....200 ...200| 46.30 ...200) "theodor zschoch. 116 Nassau street Port office box 6,080. A RARE CHANCE FOR COUNTRY SHOE DEAL eri?<Tob lots of Boots and Shoes selling cheap at .330 Bowery, corner Bond street; must be sold before June 1. W. D. BIOELOW A CO. ?HERALD BRANCH OFFICE, BROOKLYN, ? corner of Fulton avenue and Boerum street Open Irom 8 A. M. to 9 P. M. On Sunday irom 3to 9 P. M. ALL OFFICERS, SAILORS AND SOLDIERS WOUND ed, ruptured or Injured, however slightly, can ob tain a pension by applying to Er. E. B. JACKSON, late Surgeon United States Navy, No. 4 New Chambers street. A MAN'S DUTY A WOMANS CRIME.?CONTRIBU tlons to the fund for the defence of Susan B. An thony in her tilal for voting may b? sent to Mrs. LO ZIER, 361 West Tnirty-fourth street L. D. BLAKE. Before you start on a journey, buvan Accident Insurance Ticket of the RAILWAY PASSENGERS' ASSURANCE COMPANY, of Hartford, ('onnecticut. Tickets for sale at Railway Stations. 20 cents a day will buy $3,000 insurance. TARESSMAKIN(^ ECONOMY, PROMPTNESS AND PERFECT FIT. Messrs. LORD A TAYLOR, to prove that RETRENCH M liNT is possible, have so arranged their Dre?stnaking Department that ECONOMY in material and trimming is particularly studied in every detail, and they are now furnishing Dreeses at a MUCH LESS PRICE than the cost of imported garments, while for STYLE, FIT and GENERAL MAKE UP thev are every way equal to the finest Parisian manufacture. The IMMENSE INCREASE of orders during the past month prevented our usual promptness; but now, with extended facilities and the COMPLETE REORGANIZATION of the department, we f'ftYl KfllflV GUARANTEE ALL ORDERS AT THE TIME AGREED, and as to FIT and PRIt:E defy competition. LORD A TAYLOR. Broadway and Twentieth street. ELECTION.?NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT AN election will l?e held at the office of the New York Bridge fompanv, No. 21 Water street- in the city of Brooklvn. on Monday, the 2d day of .Tune next, at 12 o'clock* noon of that day. for fllteen directors of said companv, for the then ensuing year, and tor two Inspec tors of election tor 1874. The transfer books will be closed from Mav 3 to June 3, 1873. Dated May 2 1873. HENRY C. MURPHY, President O. P. Qciktard, Secretarv. pO AND SEE VX the great race between Kuilerton and Gaxelle, at Prospect Park Fair Grounds, Friday, May so, ats o'clock. OLD, SILVER AND ARTICLES CONTAINING (iOf D IT bought at market price 1 polishing, filter and photo ,?h paper burned and (melted by redner, SCHAKVBL, John street. HAVANA AND KENTUCKY LOTTERIES -PRIZES cashed ; circulars sent tree. JOSEPH BATES k CO., 71 Broadway. New York, room 31, first floor. graph 25 .loll JPARMLY, MANUFACTURER OF GENTLEMEN'S ? Dresa Hats: also gentlemen'* Summer 4:asaiinerc* now ready 201 Sixth avenue, opposite Macy's. xjose machine.?a contrivance, which ap plied to the nose tor an hour daily, (to directs the soft cartilage of which the member consists that an ill-form ed nose Is quickly shaped to perfection. Sent bv pattern, poet *>r $3- ALEXANDER ROSS, ' * 248 lllch Holhorn, LomW Memorial committee, Grand Army of the Republic. Headquarters, 31 Union square. (Seventeenth street). New York, May 27, 1873. Citizens are respeetfnlly Informed that a detail will he In attendance as above from 9 A. M. till 10 P. M. to receive floral offerings ; wagons will be despatched to schools and churches on npUtt being left at headquarters. Mi A. KrihD, t'&A)rjB*n of Floral Comuidtet, iPBt UL HOOTCH*. NEW YORK LIBERAL CLUB, I'LIIHToJI MALI, stuyviigiiit itrcAL corner of Nlmb ?I9*fh rrfttiar public meeting, Friday May l*7A al * I" M . h*rt?r? dv T. S. IjtmtHTt, M I'., I.I.. D . HMM "Uli l?i?rM?? Behind the Scenes and Hie t'ohli* ' Vonr* if and fru-nds are cordially kavllad. By order I*; lure ? ?mnn> 0 T. (UKUNH*. N,nt?r? 0 FFIC1AL DRAWING* i kKNTI i KV STaTE LOTTERIES, ?imvctr?urn ?? vl iiv J*. iTv 8, 51. 71, ?. 01. 7. n. 0. 14. I*. t'-v M * XBjravcKY- cu?? *<>? W asv S?.Jl"7\ 2, 57. 48, 9, 41. 71, *4 ?*> 4*. ?. V< M . ? 64. SIMMONS A < <?., Ma-nmrf*. , K*. SHVI.BY roUH>?UlTkA ihm so k'M? ?av ? 54 , 44, 57. 33t ?. 24. JO. M. U, W. * , ?J MIKISY OOUna-CUM M. ?. I I 58, 73, M, 4. 17, I*. V. 43, ?. 71. ?<?,%. SMITH tl'll., Address O. IIKNRY, care J. < lute. Br?4i*r, ?*> Hroad wav. Poat oltlce box 4JWA OFFICIAL DRAWING North t'AROLINA LOTTERY kXTMA vLAnn no C??A? *>, 1*71 67, 1. AW. 5. 77. 17, 7\ t ?, li It MONTH CAROLINA?CLA?? RO. #-!? W. I?~ 2, 57, <?, 9, 41. 71. 34. Ml, 4*. J*. ?? *? *?? (iI KK i n A CO. Man*>-er?. LUTHY A CO.. Brokers, 2 4 Greenwtrh sir.r'. *? T. OFFICIAL DRAWINGS KOI Til CAROLINA LOTTERY lor r rf? School Fund? Peroetual. KXTKA CLAIM I2HHI 29, 1ICS. 68, 72, ?*, 4*. 13. 62, 57, 5. 15. 71. 40. 27. I'l.iM 130?MAY 29, IMH 04. 19, 49. 44. 15, 72. XV Ml, 4*. 34. U COLE k CO., Mahhriti, Now York Foflt o?ki l*?i .V^ Chaklk'Tok, 8. C., >D> Ifft Royal Havana i.ottkry?NKXT DRAW I no jr*s 10. German Mate LoU?mi. * HI rThrt ? ' " i Post office bo* \XV. M Street, room 4 ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY OF < URA.-PRO*. pectus lor Ml now icady. Address GEOR0K I'P HAM, No. 9 Weybosset street, Providence, R. I. OlMON CAMACIIO, ABOUT RETURNING TO I'KRt O offers Ins services lor the collection ol claim, and transaction of unv business which mav Im- ?? turu?i?-<l ito him; siieclal attention paid to patents of real vols* *l' R|V to him nt 100 State street. Brooklyn, or at ?fllc? ol atiouul Bank Note Coin pan v. No I WaO street The principal drawing ol the 74th Brunswick liovernment lottery, with 55,000 Tickets ami ?t,l??i Pri/es will commence May 2ti and end June It. j Highest |irise 120,(feO Prussian Thalers Royal Havana Lottery?Next drawing June 10. Royal Saxon Oovarnment Lottery. Citv of llamharB lAittery. Prizes cashed and Information alven. TilKiilx'It &CHOCH, 116 Nassau street; boxC.ONO Po?tofl'.ca. UPTOWN OFFICE, PUBLIC LIBRA RY <>F KIN tncky.?Of the limited amount ot unsold tickets, I have choice selections. _ \V. L. DAVIS, Atient, 907 Broadway. \HENNA EXPOSITION.?NOTICE IS HEREBY OIT1R ' that the Juries ol Awurds at the Vienna Exposition have postponed their meetlux* to the Istot July. Parlies wi?hiiig to forward kooiIs lor the Exhibition can do so up to lotli ot June. For lurther iiitorinatiou apply to "Al? CLIKFK BALDWIN, United States Despatch Agent, 72 Broadway. $-QO ?QQ IS DAILY DRAWN IN THE I.KCAL ?)Ui',0Ot/ lied Kentucky Lottery. Roval Ha vana and Kentucky circulars tree; 12'. cents commtaaion allowed. Address HALEY' A CO. (otticc esUbliahed 30 years), 174 Broadway. SPORTING?DOOS. BIRDS, d!C. A^IfoR SALE. ALL KINDS OF FANCY DOCS . Birds, Ac.; Medicines lor all diseases; Prepared Food, for mocking birds. At B. G. DOVEY'S, No. SGreene Street, near Canal. For sale-a double-barreled c.un, made to order by R. Maston; cost $17 ?. with case ; will be jold for $101; given oil trial. To he ?ecu at JOHN GANNON 8, Fourteenth street and Third avenue. THE Tl'RK. 1 FLEETWOOD ASSOCIATION.?SPRING MEETING 1 1K7S, June 18,20.23 and 24. First Day. Wxdnesday, Jiimf 18.?Purse No. I, $wi(V Fur horses that have never beaten 2 ??); $580 to first, $150 to second. $100 to third. Purxe No. 2. $2.00O-For horses that have never beaten 2:23; $1,100 to first, $M0 to second, $36u to third. . _ Day, Friday, Jitsk 20.?Purse No. 3, $1.000?For horses that have never beaten 2 :38; $lUI0 to first, $2j0 to second, 150 to third. Purse No. 4, $l.200-Kor horses that have never beaten 2:29; $650 to first, $360 to second, $200 '"thir'i Day, Mowpay, June 23.?Purse No. 8, $1,000; lor horses that have never beaten 2:34. $6 W to first, $-!*> to second, $150 to third. Purse No. fi. $1,800; for horse's that have never beaten it :25. $S80 to first, $400 to second, $250 '"foi'kth Day, TrrsnAY, June 24.?Purse No. 7, $f*IO; for horses that have never beatan 2:48. $660 to first, $lw) to second, $100 to third. Purse No. 8, $3,800; lor horsosthat have never beaten 2:21. $2.0(10 to first, $1,000 to second, S500 to third. Conditions?The above races to be mile heats, best 3 In 5, in harness, and will be governed by the rules of the National Association lor the Promo tion of the Interests of the American Trotting Turt. In case ot postponement of anv race It shall bo next good dav and track, omlttinR Sunday. Any driver substituted for another, as authorized by rule 2H, will be paid $50 lor such service. Entries to clo?e at Chamberlln's pool room, 1,146 Broadwav, New York, on Monday, June 2, at 9 o'clock P. M. All communications to be addressed to William H. Van Cott, Superinffncjent. ^ rrclidt,nt^ Fleetwood association.?purse $2,000, for the celebrated trotting mare American (ilrl and the pacing bav gelding Harry, having a record ol 2:19?i, In harness, at Buttalo, last year. .Race to take place at Fleet wood Park, on Saturday, May 31, atSI.M. Mile heats best three in five, In harness. D. Pfiler enters b. ni. American Girl. William II. Crawford b. g. Harry. .... WM. H. VAN COTT, Superintendent. C^O AND SEE f the preat.race between Fullcrton and Gazelle at Prnepect I'ark Fair Grounds, Friday, Mav 30, at 3 o'clock. UOSPKCT PARK FAIR GROUND ASSOCIATION.? Special premium of $2,800 Is hereby offered for ch. g. Judge Fullcrton, b. m. Gazelle, blk. g. Caniors, to wagon, and f. s. Honest Dutchman In harness: $1,200 to first, $**i to second and $5?X> to third. Conditions fame as adver tised lor Spring meeting. To be trotted Friday, June fi. Acceptance to be declared at Chamberlain's pool room, 1,146 Broadway, New York. Thursday, May 29. at 9 o clock p. m. GEORGE W. OAKLEY, Superintendent. POOLS SOLD TO-DAY, AT 12 O'CLOCK, AT GIDDON'S Hotel, near the Prospect track, on trot between Gazelle ami Fullerton; also this evening, on trot between American Girl and Harry, at JOHNhONS.l,187 Broad way, Twenty-eighth street. T. B. JOHNSON. Trotting at deerfoot park-saturday, may 31. at S P. M., match or $7<I0-L 8. Sammis' g. colt Rose of Jericho; Wm. MrMahon's b. colt Richmond. Also a match of $100? N. Laffey's horse Hencoop and Win. Hogan's horse Dolly. Also a purse of $80 for horses trot ting nearest to three minutes. Admission, 80 cents. WM. McMAHON, Superintendent. HORSES, CARRIAOES, AC. llN VIEW OF A . Coming Races, We would call the attention of the public to our 8URREY~CAKTS, something entirely new and original in dc?ign : intro duced this season ftir the first tune. We oiler also a lull assortment of all the fashionable uatterns, many ol them confined to this house. Quality being the true measure of value, we are satisfied thut when our Carriages are fairly judged bv tills stand ard, price will be esteemed a secondary consideration. Wareroonis? Fifth avenuy, corner Twenty-seventh st FaCtory-145Ea8tTwentyifi.thstjteetvsTER ^ c{) Established 1H38. A ?CARHIAOES AND HARNESS. , No. 8 Cortlandt street, near Broadway (formerly 58 Liberty). The champion Carriage Wareroom of America. Work warranted equal to any and at very lowest cash A fine line of Ponv and ?*ark'Phaetons now on hand. Be sure to call before purchasing. ARCH. JOHNSTON, No. 8i:ortl*ndt street. -BREWSTER NO TOP PHAETON. GOOD AS . new, with Pole and Shatts; only used half a sea son- also a Coupe; both of these wagons are by the Broom'- street Brewster. In ,ulrc at 29 Lafayette placc^ A tea CART, BAROUCHE, VICTORIAS, PHAETONS. A lour and two seated top Buggies, cheapest In this city; must be sold. 146 and 148 ?ldridge street, near Grand and Bowery. DAY A hON._ A FINE CROSS MATCH TEAM OF COACH HORSES 16 hands, perfectly saund and gentle ; has been used for the last three years in advertiser's laniily; price $600. Apply at private stable corner ot sixty-third street and Fourth avenue, or box 3.649 Post ofllee. Avery beautiful and stvlish chestnut Horse for sale?Suitable for dog cart, coupe or T cart; Hatchet, stock; 7 years old. 17 hands high ; raisesd hy a brother of the present owner. Apply at Boulevard bta bles, 185 and 167 we?t Flltleth street An ELEOANT pair OF hi ACK MARES FOR SALE 8years old, 18U hands high; sound, kind and right In every way; excellent travellers; sold only tor wsnt of use, as the owner Is about leaving the city. *1*?.n.e,Jr double Harness and Phaeton for sale. Call at Lr.AU BETTER'S stables, Seventh avenue, above Fortytltm st. At grbatlt reduced prices.?our immense stock Carriages, comprising Family Carriages and Light Wagons: every description, new and second band; several slightly damaged; jreat bantalnc M A N i: FAi 'TURERS' UNION, 638 Broadway. ~A VICTORIA. MADE BY BREWSTER, TO ORDER. A lined with light drab; very stvlish; used but very little; Just the thing for the country or Central 'nrs! weight 860 pounds; cost $9t0; will bo sold exceedingly low as the owner lias no use lor It. Cau be seen at van TASSHLL'H, Thirteenth street, just east ol Fourth avenue^ ?ELEGANT T CART, FOUR-PASSRNt? BK. COAT . $880: fine top Buggy, pole and shatts, used a tew times; botfi Hall's make. Apply at 52 128th street, near Fourth avenue. HfoR SALE, EIGHT HORSES FROM THK COIN . irv, among them some good work and driving horses; they are to be sold reasonable, as the owner wants to get hom?; they are sound and good workers. Apply at 16U Washlngtoa street - AT OUR FACTORY. 1,401 BROADWAY, ABOVE Thirty-ninth street. Second Hand Carriages, of the following styles, all in good order ? Barouche, Coupe, ("arence, top l.oau Wagon, no top Wagon, Victoria Brougham, six seat Rockaway, Phaeton, six-seat Phaeton, Turnout-seat Phaeton, with shitting top(Coupe Ro'-kaway, T Cart, Track sulky. BRADLEY, PRAY A ril , 588 Broadway. A set OF FINE SILVER-PLAT! I? TAWPBMJAB; ness for sale cheap?Also several side ami Riding [ B$4?!l?a Cau be saan al harness slurc 644 sixth aviuue. imit s i CUUUMNk AC. Vl'CTION BOC?K or AKi'll. JOI1KBTON 11 Johnston * Vn Te*acii? orrtrx t.vp mi.K'iKHiu. old stand. Si Nimu ilrtrt, up pisutc IlK Po?t ottci'. Tim H?>R*K AUCTION BRANCH OF THE HOUrlE 18 R*M> TIP TO TIIK HPAOIOUH PREMISES. IP. n. S m l ? KtMT TMI ItTKKNTII STREET, t~ n Viftlt t?rnur ami Unlver?tty The bu-.n? ? w ill I* roiitlu' tfil ?n precisely the mm ?tr w t, * * whifh Imvr nhvay* ? t. rtM M' l< ii iiflllj ? r MM IH'l **?'? thr t lift ??mv ui tl*f tiiuiiM mi community *? well ai the SuwA hAi:'*u.k> i very n i t>\\ \nd friday, AT ll?', QI'UN'L REMRM RER, TIIK RALK COMMRNCRR AT MM CATAl.'Hil K or TMI?"d*Y'M (FRIDAY'S) HALE, IO.'b 0"l'L< X'R. RLKOAMT LklNT rAMliTi*T*BI.IMtMKNT.-TEAM 0i lir??*it % t>>i?ir. rtuwitiN mi?iit*? mil*, to MlJi NUti 7 .Id km! ami IfM in nil li*r nr?# ?wl ymti < . Ir*e irom vice uf ??"?{ irriulr. ?**? . very ?i k,l,rl and ftvlisu; wirranu l . not atraid ot lwconiuUv?; to TR?/u^'l7t"V*umCAT ROTE AWAY. lined with hlur < loth. built lit hu? nburjr A Vanduwr; *? n""J a? ?< w iuwiI but three ? . MKT Of IHM Ml F NaRMKMM, HI.ASRKT.40. KV.I,I*II MAIL 1*1141 TUN HY HKKWrtl KR * CO . ut Broom. street in lir?t rae iiriltr. TRAM RI.Rt4A.NT Kki>W N I'AMKIAtiK HORMKS. lMf lian.U. I \?ari >4H, Had aud irue in all harnc?*i ftrr lt<iw thr all del traveller* verv ?tvli?li. m ever? r. ?! ?.! a Hr?t claw taroilt leani, and war ranted .. u.i.l IMMi tJABT, MV J. R. UWRRNt'R; IX FIRST RATE oe4rt ro*v Ti knout, ?ir?y critu roNT m\re, is% han4? hiab, ft yeer? .ltd , klnl in all harness; tree Irom >Ki , a* < v client anill Horae; very ?tyll?h; can tr.-t In 4 minute* and warranted aouiul. Iiaa U? itjuw <1 h? a lady for past I* niouth*. _ foRV I'M %RTO?, M. AKI V BE*. SKT Of HARNESS, Blank. l?, Ac L HI.A1 K PAMILY M A RE, LOXii. PLOVIIIO RANK AND tail, 18 ban la, 7 years; kind ami true in all harm1**; free trout vice | ii>rf *t>i.fh and all-day traveller; All C&? "lil'llt ro?4*ter rorrK.t .nfK rockavay, nearly new. by i-Hlflltl IKoK uRAt horse. SIRED RY GRAY RAtll.E. !?** Buati-n, ft >? nr* old , Itinil ami irur in all harnvM and under naildli- trrr Irom trlcc; %*ry Myliab , au DARK^'hKORN>lH>oiwlh! 14', IIAMIW, T YRAKt OLl?; kiml ami true, an ?irvlU ni, Rnv travt lltr ami war ELE<1A*V<|TnTI.EM%VR ROAI? HORME, lft?, HANDS; M y< ara, kind and Uw in al! harnr-? and under ami.He; Irrp in.m vkc?: ?fry Myliah knra action . can trot in ihr** inlnuteN and warranted TOP ROAD WAUON. RY RRKWMTKR, or BROOME BET or HARNERO. BY RTILLISO. BAY KtlNY MORRK, . _ 11'. liand?. 9 vi art; kind and tm# In all harm-w ami under wufdlc : rr< ?- Own vice. ha? been u?ed to m |m?iiy pha?t?>u ittd dlrtWB by a Wy; w?rr*i?tw RXPRKHs' WAtiON, ilN GOOD OROBR. RET Or TWENT^^ OTHER HORRER. OBHt'RIHIlOR AT Uuicofaale. _ 5?"5.,f..:,"??.SKS%o,, n rORBRTT Tul' SIDE lltlt ROAD WAUON. I'Ol.K ANO MIAfT, BY COKBETT A OO. ?__w? PARK I'llAl.t'ON HY J K I.AWKKME. NO TOP MIHK BAR ROAI? WAtloN. BY R M RTIVERR DOCTORS PHAETON IN PKHKKt'T ORDKR, fON* Phaclonn. bBKkt l and panel; top and no toplunv PhaetoiiK. espreaa an<l depot WiuroR, 10 aeta ol double llariie??. II ?et? ol tin^la Hariirn*, J wtaol expreaa or cou|>e llameaa Weather never Interfere" wllh our ??le REMERBKK TIIE HAl.h i llMRKNt ES AT 10), O'CLOCK. Take 1'nlvemlly place oar*. __________ A?JOHN D. HAMLIN, ACCTIONEKR. . WILL HULL, ON PKIDAY (THIS DAY). MAY *1, AT TIIK ELKOANT PRIVATE KTAHLK.MKtW BST TWELK1H STREET, AT lo^i 0 CLO< K, PROMPT. 1?> order of the executor*, all the elcuaiii Hortaa ol the laic H. L. Btuyveaant, deeeaaed. . , . . ? Team of*tyli*h and fine ilark mahiyanv bay roach or family Horace, about 16high,# and 7 ycara old: are at tractive ; finely lormed; extraordinary atylc and action: fine, tree traveller*; can la-at 4 luinute*, aud aro aouiiil and kind. A No. I Team Alaotba elegant Imported eour* and wddle Hor?i, IMPURIO, 16 linml* 1 Inch ht*h, 7 yaara old; the moai elegant styled Horne in the city, either to do* curt or to aaddle;finely broken; lear* notfiln* and aountf aitd ktnd Alao the handnoine, fa?t bay trotting horae I-RED, IV, high. 7 ye lira old; ha* record ot 'IM-, an elegant driver; verv at} I lib and amiable , U as faat aa ever, it not la*tcr, anrf round and kind. ,, Alao the buy trolling horae MAM, l?', hlith, R rear* oldI, ha* no public record, but ha* *hown private trial* In 2 :M and can carrj Kred to n break now - f? an elegant driver, prompt and reliable and wiuinl and kind. Theae two horae*. Sam and Kred, have been naed a* a trotting team and alnglej aro well known on road aa a flr*t cUnagentleman'a road team and have aeldoui been beaten; have ahown J XJ together. ? AI*o an eleuant and tine cheatnut pony phaeton Mare, 1?W high. 7 year* old ; Ethan Allen -lock ; very hand aome, nne utid *ufe tor any lady to drive ; fine, lint trav eller, sound and kind. Also one flue four-neat Pnneton. One Brewster aluflinc top Wagon. One Dubois Trotting Wagon. One Pony Phaeton, with ton. Bet of double llarnc**, by Dupacomb. Tw.? net* of single, Blanaet* Ac All hor?e* warranted kind In all harne**, and sound ne*s left to tile beat veterinary *urgeona ceruflcates ui?on lair trial. . .. Sale positive, without regard to wsather A" iTTBXCTIV* ">* (SATl'BDAY), MAY 31, at II o'clock, AT BARKKR A ?;HASh'M CITY AUCTION MART AND N. Y. TATTERS ALLS CORNER OK BROADWAY AND SBTH STREET, OK HORSES. CARRIAGES. HARNESS, At., AND everything IN TlfK HORSE IJNE. LOOK OUT FOR TIIK catalogue IN TO MORROW'S IIKRALD, AND REMEMBER THE TIME II O I'LOCK PROMT AT AUCTION THIS DAY, BY WILLIAM VAN TASSKLL, AUCTIONEER , (8UCCK8BOR TO JOHNSTON A VAN TASSKLL), illOKSK AND CARRIAGE AUCTION MART, 110, 112 and 114 EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, NEAR Fourth avenue. REGULAR SALEM OK 1IORSKS AND CAKRIAOhS EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY. Twenty-four to lorty eight hoar* given to purchasers to test warranties. CATALOGUE OF THIS DA\'S (FRIDAY'S) HAI4C, AT 12 O'CLOCK. ELEGAST TEAM BAY HORMEM 16 HANDS HIGH. S and 6 years old; kind and Srne in nil harne**; Ire* In.m vice; la?t traveller; very *tyll*h and handsome; i* one of the finest carriage teams in the city aoa warranted i?(Tl>iSK1COACH?riNMp*ERFECT ORDER, BUILT BY ^SPLENDID TEAM BAY HAMBLETONIAN HORMER, half brothers, Wi band* high, 7 year* old ; kind and true in all harness; tr?e from vice or trick; fast travellers; verv stylish; lear nothing; are In every respect a flr.t class carriage or gentleman's road team; warranted sound. Alao set fine city made Ilarnea* aad CIRCULAR FRONT COUPE, IN OOOD ORDER. TEAM BAY thoroughbred MARES 151, HANDS high, 6 and 8 years old; kind and true In all harne**, free irom vice, good travaller*, tree and stylUh driver*, and are sound, Kind and true ; also set llarna?s, made by Stli "t^VwaGON, WITH POLE AND SHAFTS, BUILT BT BrKTKGANTCKic?HTr;PR7NG BAROUCHE, WITH RUM **'0RAl? VrOTTINg'HORSE BILLY ORAY. 18 HANDS high. H year* old; kind awl true In all harneas, fVte from viee or trick; a superior roadster; can trot a nnle Inatria of three minute*; is very slyilsh. perfectly geutle and WTOP WAGON^N GOOD ORDER; SET FINK DOUBLE HarncsH find one pair heavv English Kerte? Hlank?*ts. BLACK HORStf. 15 HANDS IlIGH, 9 YEABM OLD, kind and true in all harness; lr*e Irom vice ; a good trav eller; verv stvliali an.l warranted sound. GRAY Mare, Ift'i HANDS HIGH. 8 YEAR* OLD; kind and true in all harness; frte from vice; ineondl tlon can trot In 2 :?t andlis warranted to trot in S flft or no sale: is a fine, stylish driver aud warranted sound ItrfoWN HORSE, 1!>U HANDS, 8 \ EARS OLD; KIND and true In all harne**: ITee Irom vice or trick a last traveller; very ?.tyll?h; a first clasa coupe or carriage "K.CK HH.H, I TF.AK,OI.n kind and true in all harness; tree irom vice . excellent under saddle; a last traveller; very stylish and war "pON^ESTABLISHMENT-RAY PONY. 12', HANDR high, 9 years old ; kind and true In all harness and under saddle, free from vice; a spitndid pony for ladle? u?e. and warranted sound; also a set of Harness, nearly new, U?N0 TOP PONY PHAETON, IN OOOD ORDER BAY SADDLE PONY. 14 HANDS, ft YEAKSOI.D kiml and true in all barneas; aseallanl under MJdle. and PlBAY lyMAeRK.e I!? HANDS HIGH ft YEAR* OLD kind and true In all name**; free Irom *k?; vary ?ty h?U ? well bred;sound, kind and true. rur) bay HORSE. Ift.^ HANDS, 7 YEARS OLD KIND and true In all harness; free irom vice; perfet tly gentle and relinble, and warranted sound. v_,wu r, bay HtlftHE, 16 HANDS Hlull, # TF.AKS OLD; kind and true in all harness, and fifteen other road and work higher, or KT<?P%EPOT0Or'HUNTINO WAGON. WITH POLE and shafts, built by Quimby. p??K'rBk5iiiTK"t?.w.~? "hi'x-^KAT^PHabVij'n!'BUILT IT CORB1TT: wheeled Dog Cart, cur'a n Coach, in good order, t?.p au 1 n,,.t<>p Wagons, Harness, .^addleft, Bc.l "7 ' 1 HE BRKWSTKR WAGON,' A In all weights, for pleasure driving or speeding exquisitely finished, and embracing In their construction thr varl.'ii. ini .r'V ? ments liitrouuced by uaduring the pa?t 14 )tar?, inasu i "ltm the standard for Quality throughout the Vnited States. i.,,,i?? ,>M, Ihese wagons nre exclusively the pprxlnctlon "J ?#r well-known Broome street factory, *nd ?re < ner?M ln stock iu all respects equal in qualify to thow bnllt to the order ol the moat valued customer, and atprites uniform to all. In order that we may not be confounded wlthai"int stock company ol carriage dealer* wlio !"F\ tlJ IIrm name similar to our own, and impnoentir Mawa tne reputation we have made for the BrewH. r wa?on beg the public will remember that our only warerooms are at the corner of . Filth avenue and Fourteenth street, and our only Factory "jjKk'wsTER A C< ot Brooine sWeet A" ROAD WAOON, BT DUBRNBURY A VAN du*er; a top Wagon, by Brooine "'^ i i .n,7.V.?.t' 1 Stivers Road Wagon ; 1 six seat Phaeton, 1 I^andaulet, I Coupe, bv Wood Brothers; 1 Victoria. I extension loo Cabriolet, I Depot Wagon, I side Spring. I "Bjjj J'*: press. 2 open do., 1 Sulky, 10 second hand Hoekaway'/>? all styles, $iU0 up ; single and double Harnat#, rtneets, Whipi UP ^VN^OBAT. 20 anil 22 Woo.ler .tree,. ~A N ELEGANT landaulet, MADE TO ORDER, FOR J\. sale low. Apply at 223 West Fortieth street. A LOT OF TOP BUGGIRH, ROAD WAt.ONR, EX preii, Grooery and light Business Wag..n? loriwr I cheap West I wentv-acventh street, betWeeB Righlli 1 and Ninth avenues. HORSES, CAMIIAOBI. ^C? A PRIVATE (IENTLK.MAN OFFERS FOB SAI.K AN elegant teum of coal black Carriage J'"'*'*; I?.,* hands liiiih, 9 yearn old; kind and true in all harties and under Huddle; free tromvlce; very stylish and ell flay travellera: not utrald of anything. At the Mart ol ABt.ii. JOHNSTON, 19, 21, B and 2* East Thirteenth street. near University place, where they can ha MB enu tricu. A?KOK SAI.K, TIIE PROPERTY ??K A GENTLE i man, a beautiful spun of hay Horses. They are 6 year* old, lft)? mind* high, very stylish and fast, a great deal of streugth in them, and tree from blemish and fear less of locomotives; warranted kind and Bound In dingle or double harness. AIho a very line black Horse, P years old, IS1, hand* high, a long mane and tall; warranted to trot ill 2..HI; kind In single or double harness and Is feurlcse of locomotives, ami i* sold for no fault whatever ?n1v slckm s* in the lainily. Apply to Mr. NEWHY, 111 South FUth avenue. A -MAJOR C. W. KAKKKK, AUCTIONEER?BANK . ruptev sale.?United States District Court for tho Southern district of New York. In the matter of Charles Watson, baukrupt Notice Is hereby given that the un dersigned, the assignee in bankruptcy ot Charles Watson. will sell at putille auction, oil Saturday. May 31, at 11 o'clock, at BARKER A CHASE'S City Auction Mart and New York Tatteraall's, com r of Broadway and Thirty ninth street, a pair of valuable Truck Horses; also Truck, Harucis, Ac. Property now on exhibition. JOHN II. PLATT, Assignee, Ac., 40 Wall street. A ?SPEED, STYLE, ELEGANCE.?FOR POSTOVK J\. and peremptory sale. On Saturday, May 31, at II o'clock, at BARKER A CHASE'S City Auction Mart and New York Tnttcinall's, corner ol Broadway and Thirty moth street, will lie sold without reserve the well known elegant and extra speedy bay trotting ninre Dollv Nar dil! (mime claimed in "Turf, Held and harm, Mav, I87J>, sired by Matnbrlno Champion, dam the Storms mare, by l-ii.g Island Black Hawk; is I.V4 Idgli. 5yearn old ; an elegant snd extra stylish driver; was never handled for speed, and can show close to 2:40; Is atranl ot nothing; can Ihj driven by a lady, and is warranted sound and kind. Sold only on account of owner going to Europe. Mare now oil exhibition at the Mart Pedigree guaran teed. HANDSOME PARK TURNOUT FOR HALE? cheap; a pair of black Horses, handsome and styl ish ; bar nothing: I6*? hands high; free drivers, great roadsters; used by present owner two years and war ranted sound and Rind; also a very flue Victoria in per fect order, double Harness, Ac., at private stable, 210 Wi st Thirty tilth street, near Seventh avenue. Ask lor eoaehuian, Ucorge. AIh LAMI ASSORTMENT OK NEW AND SECOND hand Carriages, Family Bockaways, Top and Open Buggies, Pony Phaetons, Grocers' and Business Wagons, at greatly reduced prices. 141 West Broadway, near Canal street. ARRIVED AOAIN-J. C. DEYO, tip JACKSON CITY, Michigan, with M head ot those ttnu Horses, single, d>>ublr and saddle, at A. S. cbamberlin's stable, between Lexington ami Third avenues. Twenty-tilth street. A -I.ANDAI'S. COUPES, BAROUCHES, LADIES' . I'haet.iii. Depot Wagon, Buggies, taken in exchange ; will sell less than hall price: seasonable Carriages at 01...1. rate prices. HAM, 10 Kaat Fourth street. ATTIIF WEST SIDE CARRIAGE REPOSITORY, 1,404 and 1.4'M Broadway, will tie tound a large assort mcntol R.? kaways, Depot Wagons Park Phaetons, top and no U>p Hugglcs. Ac, and, to make room, will oiler a line lit leather top Pony I'haetons at $2i>0cach. ARTY LI All YOI'NO HOKSE, Ifi HANDS, WAR rantcd sound and kind ; any lady can ride or drive him: ha* beeen used to dogcart and landaulet; would exchange for Brougham. < oiipe or six seat Bockaway. Apply at stable. IM Kaat Fifty seventh street B-TIIRKE PRIVATE KSTA HUSH ME NTS?TWO . ELEGANT TEAMS BAY HORSES, TEAM BAN TIIOROl'Gll BltED MAKES, TEN FIRST CLASS ROAD HORSES, ?nine of them trot belter than three minutes; Coupe, Coaches and Park Phaetons at auction tills day, at 12 o C'yJ'ILLlAM VAN TASSELL, Auctioneer. Horse and Carriage Auction Mart, 110, 112. 114 East Thirteenth street, near Fourth avenue HAKOA1NS.-TO MAKE ROOM WE WILL OFFER AT unheard ol prices, during the present week. Hock away Depot Wagons Park Phaetons, top and no top anil B.isket Phaetons. Ac. 1,491 and l,4?'> Broadway, between Fort)-liiurtb and Fort? -tiltu streets. / 1AIIKI VII I S. OK ALL STYLES. KOK TOWN ?m COI N I i trv, beautifully finished, at verv low prices:,second hdtiil Hii^kv Hid Koekiiwuy. KTAAin HhLL, No. t Wtftan- | lugton place, rear New York Hotel. /CARRIAGES?SLIGHTLY DAM AWED: GREAT BAR \J gain*: new and second band Carriages, every <le scrip!loii; low prices. We oiler great Inducement*, and invite purchasers to call and examine. MANUFACTURERS' UNION. 638 Broadway. /"tARRlAGEH.- A VARIETY OK SECOND HAND TOP V' and light Road Wagons, Dm tors' Wagons, Itorka way. Depot and turnout seat Buggies, tour and six sin Phaetons, Ac. Also a very large and superior stock ol new work, ufi*urpmutf*d i?* wily PwritetJ*^r. R. M STIVERS. 144 Im Ift'J East I hlrty tlrst street. /IOWH FOR SALK.-A FEW "EXTRA" NEW MII.CII Cows, ot the liest of stock, at Hudson River Sheep Yards, toot Weat Fort* eighth street ? s<,11 haLE-A NUMBER OF HEAVY WORK HORSES r a Wo large Stalls to rent; to be seen at noon, ao East Twentv lourth street. ? IjVlR SALE-A COl'I'E ItoCKAWAV, IN GOOD RUN P ning order. To be seen at She livery stable, corner Lexington avenue and Forty ninth street. li*OR SALE?A FOUR SEATED PARK WAGON, MADE r to order bv J. R. Lawren c A Co., with pole, shafts and traces: all In perfect order. Can be seen lor a low days at S. Wy's livery stable, No. 4 Last Twenty-eighth street. . MIR SALE- A PARK PHAETON; CITY MAKER: IN r perlect order: seat six persons; will be sold at a bar gain Imiulre o. R. M. ST J V E B8,144 East Thirty tirst street, or at '2M> Washinglon street I.IOH SALE?HORSE, WAGON AND HARNESS IN r quire for Mr. BONSELL, at E. N. Crow's, 14a Sulli van street TOOR SALE-ONE VERY HANDSOME, WELL BROKEN P and sound black Home, 5 years old. Call al USCaual street, near Bowerv. basement . T.IOR HALE-BAY HORSE, ,?ANDS, 6 YEARS r old: sound as a dollar; beautllul ImUd; flne gated and gentle; also a Brewster top Wagon, sleigh and llai ness; stabled In Hrooklyn; will be sold low, as owner goes abroad. Inquire at MjLLER A tONuKB S, 72 Bea ver street. _ _ \.M>H SALB-A KOI R -WHEELED TURNOUT-SEAT T Dog Carl, made by J. B. Brewster A Co.; also a slillt lug ton Buggv and light double llarae**. all In food order. Cull at-ELDhN' s (tables, 1M East Twenty third street, or address C., box 1,4'C Post office. I/O It SALK.-A HANDSOME PAIR OF BAY HORSES, r one set of double and one of single Harness, C spring Victoria, top Biig;v, a light close Carriage and doub c S!i igli all a* guild as new , will Ik- sold lor half their value Can lie seen at private stable 53 East Forty flrstjst VOR SALE-A COMPLETE TURNOUT; ONE HORSE r 16 hand* high. 7 years old. warranted sound and kind and can trot better than i JW; a Uorbett Top Wagon, sill" bsr u?ed a tew times; single Harness, almost new; all ' heap, at IM and 111 West KltUeth ?tr. et fjlOR SALE ?A IIORSK. ADAPTED KOK LADIES' r driving, either to basket phaeum or carriage; very flne make, stylish in harne*s, 7 vearsold, and v.-rv gen tie. price %m Apply at listh street, east ot Third ave nue, in paint store. VOR SALE?A PAIR VERY II AN DBOM E BAY IDHtSES f IB's hands high. last, one Park ?'haeton. by Brewster , two open Wagons two Sets double llartiess; oie fine landaulet ; also the flneH saddle Mare In New York, used by a lady two years. Apply at prh ate stable lit West >tflsWBMWSt VOR SALE- AN ELKO A NT DARK BRoWN HORSE, f llkk hands high, s years old, sound and kind; can trot Inside of three minute* and. can he driven either ?mgle or - ? ?l- * "bur? * J sn lower top an I no tup side bar H<M.d * aa?a and a g.e^d set of Maraee* py Dunsri inh. will l>e sidd either or wparstelyj liiijmre at I U West Thirt> first street L?,i: MA LB -Hi "M' HAND LIUHTMMOLSTBtVR, I1 used bat three months, will be suld ebMf. WFirst mm. IS|,R KALE-A BRoWN MARK. * YEARS OLD. I*1, F I, high, warranted soand and kind Apply at lis Ludlow street F" SOB MAI l-l'Wu KIM oENTI.I W?*IB?. II ANp U band*' hMh ? years old. warranted soand and kla l ^ts. "and ? Wert Thirteenth stm t (soB MALE - A BAT KOWB IC HANDS. ? YRAllJ ?' olit st? lisb and free to drive warrant! 4 yr*" httle aore i.rt-.ard tU 71 Nsw ' hawbere street S(1* SALE * HAND-'.MB BAY Po\Y ?THABM ? old 14'. hand. St. Iish good dr.ser eniiable ?.* a iadv ,,r boy, warranted euend ? Bin? street, near F lit K lEUPB pinii?^ hsoK SA 1.1 BAY HGBBfc ? M I|A*I?? warrsn ed s.^n'! and kind . has bigli setioa. eaa in soli- 4 and esira rtelndi tair ( nil ?( (Mi curfttf ?< Thirty iNiviiiiili iifMi m*<l it?>. I FSOB S?U CMEAf-BORaB BCITABLB rt?B irurk gmeerr. f years ?M. ssrrasM s.mi>d. bind an.I a< ?tk Apply early at M W?* Thirte- nil. street, aear nitk ssesiS EIR half by a MRTUIAR i* Ei rtopr a pair ?t ettllsh. s?swd earrt??? ?L'?" V** ?? ? .ty at private etaWe, Be. 7 Ita Wtty sesuad street ore iet laca. . 1/oHSALR-MoRsF BAO'.s ?s.t. HAltsl? *1--" f IMMMM tB*#'rwi Wan-?. Inaairs at prt sate stable *1? hrieiophar etreet. aear Biae. ?#r. h?)B SALE ?A NEW OBB MoB?B WIBDLAaa TRl'flj I one hand lali ???! *<h?Ms jrasB. ?e sa-?aa hand orocere b ana. at >?s X, I 1 *i i g MALI i HKAP . K WSNT..K I ?K A ?*Y h Msrr aot ? rears ? d warranted snairf aau atad . Z ?ri II fH'j Bert sweet UOBaSK rOACMB*. LANMAI BABOI i MB *? - u 'l,,,, Mte ?J r TBAtEB Aaet?.??r. will fli 'awrdTf. Hst iast at -able * -real .I?ne. Blrfi t. At 11 Islvv a. a. tji a it ll> ?ut fCM f V# of tor s liig Oae young Hurss, Be- w? n-w res. ms u* "|y order tt MaXBMBB 11^* blK^?dRaWH.!?r?^VrJ? I.!l If miS^s.^Lt C * <oskl.AH A BBO . BLOW) pei saw Maaalaetarera 114 ? haabers street HARNESS?TUB Clls? nisss? sn.?* .!? New York A good Double Trswh Hara*a>. ftW. a ?cSd ?r<H er s Hamese. a good inilhmaa's Haraesa. t*? a Jrni bngiV HarasV haaS ??4. BI7 a g?l -able Blanket, IS. will sell cheaper ihea eeer on ae.ooat ?! moving on or l^lore Jane I. Please call sad tor yourselves. KISHKH A oamiRMK. 4S Murray rtfaaC 1|ARNESS AT BBTAIL our immense stoeh of single sad deohle IIerases. ?>ad (lies, snd all Horse Fur.u?l?ina ?..??ls b. ?l ??rk ?i H e I lowest pricua BILLItB. Bi?Bl^l^a"? HOKSKv, ( ARKIA(iK?. *? HARNESS, SADDLES, IIORSK CI,<< IIII Ml I aK. . ."**!?.. L,ip Dusters, Fly Net* ?!?i ? Urge variety ol Saddlery Goods aiwav-, i>n hand. ft h smith * rn , I 40 Warren street, New York. HANDSOME IIALK SI : in., |'i|" ?v \.,i>\ MADE HV Hates, only u*eil a few times; also singlo Harness first class. Price for both, $3uo IIOVKY'S STABI.K, Ml Rm Hiiteenth street. IADY'S SADDLE HORSE KOR SALE- THOROCOII. J bred; ti\ curs old; sound and gentle In all reaper!*; price $.vw. To bo tern ?t owner'* stable huiore I v . i?,k, southeast corner ol Mudisoit avenue and Twenty mill ?t. ONE OK Til E LARUEST SALES OK rilE SEASON THIS DA V, at 12 o'clock, hv WILLIAM N AN TASSELL, AUCTIONEER, AUCTION MART. Ill), 112,114 Rant Thirteenth street, near Fourth avenue. A verv >nperil>r lot of Horse* and Carriages. For lull descriptions nee catalogue under this head. PUNY PHAETONS?EVERY DESCRIPTION. POPU. lar prices; depot Wagons in great variety, two e|e. Kant six-sent extension-top Phaetons, Pur* Wagon*, llifltt llockuwavs, low prices. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, in* Broadway. UECONI) IIA N I) AND SLIGHTLY SOILED CAK k? riuges bargain*: T Cart, English Dog Cart, Depot Wagon, several Boi-ltaways, top and open Buggies, lump scut Wagon Pony Phaeton. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, 638 Broadway. SUPERIOR IRON STABLE FITTINtJS. ?PARTI E8 uliout t<> Imilih new stahles or refit old ones are In vited to call mid inspect specimens of all the most ap proved kinds, manufactured In our own workshop*. JANES A KIUTLAND, Nos. 8, III and 12 Rcude sireet. Sheets. i.\p roues, dusters, scrims, nets. Whips.)Halter*, Surcingles, Chamois and Sponges; lar?c assortment at first liuiids, retailing at wholesale prices. ARCH. JOHNSTON, No. 8 Cortlutidt street rrilis IVVY. AT AUCTION, AT ARCII. JOHNSTON'S I NEW MART, 19 TO 2f> EAST TI1IRTEENTU STREET, NEAR UNIVERSITY PLACE. SALE COMMENCES aT 10},' O'CLOCK. The elegant learns of Carriage Horses. One Kamllv Establishment. Two Road Iloi -rs. Pony Turnout. Top Roail WaL'on (side bar), h.v Corhott ,t Co., In flrst rate order. Top Roatl Wagon, by Brewster of Broome street. No fop l.'oad Wagon (side bar), by R. M. Stivers. No ton Road Wuiron (side liari, bv Corhett A Co. 20 other Horses, description time of sale. REMEMBER SALE COMMENCES AT Kljj O'CLOCK. rpAKK NOTICE.?THE SALE OF HORSES AND CAR I WAGES AT ARCH. JOHNSTON'S MART, I!#. 21,23 and T> Enat Thlrti'enth street, commences THIS MORN* INO, at Ill's O'CLOCK PROMPT. Read the catalogue above, and be sure and attend the sale. TO LET?FIRST CLAM mouses, PHAETON, BOAO Wagons and light vehicles of all description*, to suit the most fastidious, at the Wuverly stables, 147 to 1SI West Thirtv tilth sireet, between Broadwav and Seventh ave nue. ' JENKINS A RYAN. T*0 EX I'M AN I IE?NEW HOUSE. EIOIIT ROOMS; 1 good livation; time iroin city I hour and 10 minutes hv rail; price $*,2t)i>. euultv $l,(MJ0, for sound young Horses, suitable tor trucking, or a Livery or Bourdlng Business. Address MOUNT, Herald office. YV* ANTED?A HOOD PAIR OK H\Y OR BROWN V? Horses, from 1ft1, to 1? hands IiIl'Ii ; must be sound, kind and stylish. Address E. HOPPER, Herald office. U,'ANTED?A PONY PHAETON, WITH ONEORTWO seats and with ton, bv good maker and in good order. Address CHARLES, box 10) Herald office, stating price and nil particulars. \l,rANTED TO HIRE?KOR SIX MONTHS, OR TO ?? purchase, a light top Buggy, second hand. Ad drcs* SI., box 15; Herald office. WANTED TO PURCHASE?A GOOD. STRONG. DU rabb top Pony Phaeton, tor country use. Address, stating price, Ac., C. C. P., Herald office. UTILE HIRE OR PURCHASE?\ DEPOT AND EX ?? pros*Wagon. BEDELL A EARL, 124 Clinton place. WAGONS FOR SALE CHEAP ?ONE EXPRESS, one Gri c ry, one Milk, one (laker's and one two horse platform spring Wagon, with tup ; suituble for city or countay. At 338 .spring street. XTOU OAN ALWAYS PLACE IMPLICIT RELIANCB I on the representations made by the house of ARCH. JOHNSTON. If you are In search of a Kumilv Tenm.a Business Morse, a Kumilv Horse or anything in the Horse line, be sure arid attend the sale al the Mart, this day, at lot, o'clock, at III, 21, 23 aud -5 East Thirteenth sticf, near University place. Sec catalogue above and be sure and attend the sale. Remember sale commences at 10', o'clock. DRV <i04?I?S. PARIS, All Petit St. Thomas, Rue ile Hac 27. 29, SI, S3, 35, 2.% Rue dc 1'Universite. This house. established upward* ol SO vear*, is univer sally known and famed as one of the first establishment* in Paris, In which thorough confidence may be placed. In its Immense premises, which nil foreigners should visit, will be toiind, at the lowest prices, the most com plete assortment of Silk*, first novelties; India and French Cashmere Shawls, Woollens. Laces, Lingerie, ready-made Articles for ladies. Mantles, Cloaks. Kurs, Cotton and Thread studs, lloslerv. Gloves, Ribbons, Trimmings, Carpet*. Articles of Furniture, English assistants. Wedding Outfit*. Fixed price*. YACilTS, MTKAMHOATN, &C. For sale cheap?a fast schooner keel yacht, two years old, Iii perfect order, ISO tons old measurement.'J7 feet long, a) feet buam, depth 8 feet, draught 10 feet. Address OEO. C. AKERLY, 214 Front street. New York. UrANTED?TO BUV OR CHARTER, A LIGHT draught Steamboat; must be speedy, suitable for passenxer* and freight, as well as capufde ot standing heavy weather. Address J. W. EMBURY, 160 BroaiL way, room S. TTACHT FOR SALE?A SCHOONER YACHT, 87 TONS J o. nt.; coppered: centre-bourd; In complete order. Address J. M. CIIUKCIIILL, 221 Commercial street, Port land, Me. VrACHT FOR SALE-SCHOONER YACUT, KEEL MxlS?t; draws fit? leet; in tine order; two new Hoats: guns, awnings and everything neees-ary lor im nn dlate u>e. Address box 1,040 Boston Post office. ?>in Aim WORTH OF BOATS, ALL SIZES AND 91U.UUV kinds; 60 second hand shin's Boat* cheap, at mv shops, 'i6H aud 373 South street, 114th street, Harlem River. STEPHEN ROBERTS. BI1INEHS OPPORTl'SITIKS. A PARTNER WANTED?IN PRODUCE Bl'SINE^S, with $1,000 or $2,000*. a flne chance for inaklug money. Ail'Ires* PRODUCE, box I(3 Herald office. A BUSINESS MAN wrrn A CAPITAL OF $10,000 TO $20,000 would like v'uvest the same in a manufac turing badness; '.hose eiP that have a business thai will stamjclose inv'sr<Mtiwii can answer; agents need out ? 11-Mt r MKTito.'oLI I AN, lleral l office. Any person iuvixo $?**? cw purchase my half Interest In a patant breech-loading Rifle, which ran sIiimiI tiiin's in one minute and four motions; a ? t'lendid chance for a fortune; want of funds reason for m'IIiiik Address It. d., bos 10Bergen Post office, Jersey City, N. J. ^ /CAPITALISTS AND BRICK MANUKACTURERS ARE s / requested to witness a superior Hrlck Macbine in operation "ti Tuesday, June 3, at S o'clock P. M. sharp, at the An tilted oral iron Work*, Fourteenth street and avenue c. New York. F^oR SALE?PAST CASH.BALANCE ON TIME TO suit, best bread anil cake Bskerv in Brooklyn, on a< < ount ol ni< kness, large route, young horse, new plat fortu spring wagon, large lee cream business, with large sfsbU ? ?nre i immedlatelv, desirable partner with ? I.V. In Keal Ustate and Auction business; good Milk R itr, srlhag IMl i|iiarts, tor $IS0. Broadwuy Restaurant, tonus to Silt Bar In large hotel. ROBERTS A CO , 73 N.f san street h'oK ?\t I -ON> OK THE BEST YEOET\KLE, FRUIT tM I"'iiltr* Stands In Central Market, selling over $2.'tsi a month . g'>,>d reasons for selling. Apply at Gtt! laventb avanus Ill -IM SS OPPORTUNITY oKKERKD TO A I ni*n' f means.?Will he made known bv applying t<? C. Kowl.l It. iromtlto9P. M.. at 147 Rodney street, Brooklyn. K. D OWHO TO THE DRATII OK THE SENIOR PART iwr of a r> tfuiar mereaniile businets, established III lata, so l III* withdrawal of capital by the heirs, a asaa who i* I and capable, with from $10,000 to f <? esn fin i an opportunity of Investment that will la nr the . t.~-' inxstlgatiiii If you mean bnsineia silinas |Tf I " box 117 Herald office. CTATR m.HITS IN THE BEST PAYINO INVENTION ,11be sg? used by everv body aud supplies a special ?,r,t Were .1 thorough Investigation. Mcslel at 183 Hi 'i>lsar r-H>ii? * lA'ANfKD A SMART YOUNG MAN, WITH $300, IN T? an e.tablished haslnes*. pavlng $S<0 monthly. For parti< io sr* ?i plv to II caRCwaS, No. a Dey it, room 21 -A oimjD MAN WITH $.WI CAN SECURE A halt interest in a long e*ta!>ll*heil businesx: ?rr? large proflta. sailing on account of sicknesa. 2M Hr<>s'i?ay, room W. rj\l\ -PARTNER WANTED, TO JOIN A gentlemen of character and means In a kitnix'iaely paving cash manufacturing business. For it, eMtrw address, with lull uatiie, bos &.U0EI New York Puet |<1 caail and ACTIVE MANTO JOIN AD fO.t'"" rertlsrr (with ?ame cash) in businese In Phila,le phla that will net $l.\U0U per vear. For particu ar ? a I I r. ?? PHILADELPHIA, llei * i Alll ftlUl S T \ TI' i N ERY *NI1 KANcY vl"."'" "? Oooda Store, doing a flr?t class busine**, ?mi leading avenna. Addrssa S. u. L , station G. IKM s|.;t, HtNIMH, ?< ., \VA\TBI). In tbli Cltjr Brooklyn. A PARTY Of T1IRII OR Fol'R OENTI.RMFN J\ want a rtnlt <?f eosnfortable furnished Ri>oin*; Wash li>?tun square to Fourteenth street preferred. Addresa Y E . Mvrstd "die* _ F^UKIR m AVTFD . CONMISTINU OF FOUR ROOMS, uniurnisht ,|, on *reon<t llwor . modern tniprovemi nt* aa4 u,-ig*.t~ rhm>l, ior ramilv ot,5?,"'J.*5"?." ,J!i wile it-suit 1st oi August Addresa Ft RMBUlRU. Iletaid Unt.'Wu Rrani h sff, e

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