Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 31, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 31, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HEKALD. bhl?CTOR? FOE ADVERTISERS. AMUSEMENTS?sbconh Pa??Filth and sixth oolumns. astrology?Eleventh P sub?Second column. BILL1aiu>S-Elbventi? P*ub-SeconJ column boardbrs WANTED-e^entm^PAOs-lhird oolwnn. BOARD AND LODGING WANTED?elb* tarn 1'agb? ikooklyn "rkal ESTATE FOB SALE?second 1'aub? BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES? fibm Pacb? Filth column. buh1ness NOTICES?Seventh Page? Filth and Sixth column*. oioarb AND TOBACCO?Eleventh Paob?Sixth col limn. CITY KKAL ESTATE FOR SALE?bkcomb Page?First column. clekk- AND SALESMEN?twelfth Paob?Third col uiun. ooaclimen AND GARDENERS?Twelfth Pao??Third mi l fourth columns. COAST a'1st. SiEAM^HlPS? Twelfth Pacb?Fifth and sixth columns. copaktni-.Rs11 ips?eighth Page?Third eolumn. ?OUNTRY HOARD?eleventh Pag*?Third and tourth coluiudk. DENTISTRY ?fibst Pace?Sixth column. DRY GOODS?first Page? ecoiul column. DWELLING H< ukfsto li l, fl'RMSIIED AND un fl1 RNI - HED? stcond i'aok?Third column. EUROPEAN S'leamall IPS?twelfth Page?Fourth and tilth columns. BUROl'E?Firm Page?Sixth column. EYE- AND EARS?Second Paok? Filth column. excursions?i wblith Page? ixtli column. Financial?eighth Paok?Second anil third columns pur >ALE?fibst Paob?Sixth column. burnished ROOMS AND APARiMENTS TO LET? Second Page? ihird and fourth columns. furniture?fiust Paok? i ifih column. FRENCH ADVi.RliSE.ME.STS? iwnfru Page?Fourth eolumu. iieli' WANTED?FEMALES?twblftu Page?Second column. HELP WANTED?MALES?'twelfth Page?Fourth col umn. HORSES, CARRIAGES, AC.?fibst Paob?Third, fourth and filth columns. hotel ? 1.bvbntu Page?Third column. hi>l). ES, KOOMS, AC?, wan 1 ED?second Paob?Sec ond column. INSTRUCTION?first Page?Second eolumn. jersey CITY. HOBOKKN, HUDSON cil'Y AND BER GEN KKAL ESTATE FOR SALE?second Page? l column. LECTURE .sEASON?second Page?Filth column. LOA.v UFFIC s?ki.bvkmth Page?i^ixth column. lu.sT AND FOUND?First Paur?First eolumu. machinekv? i'agb?Sixth column. MARHLE MANTELS?eleventh Pai.k? econd column. M< dlcal? i-.lkventh Page?Sixth column. misvii.i,L \ N i'.ous advertisements?tenth Pagb? sixth culuinn. MISCE. LANi-uUS?first Page?Sixth column. Ml SICAL?second Page? Fiith column. new publications?skvkntu Page?Sixth column. PER. ON au?first Page?First column. PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, Ac.?eleventh i'agk?Second column post OFFICE NOTICE?first Page?Second column. PROPOSALS?second Page? Fifth column. professional SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES? Twklitu Page?Second column. PBOPKRTY OUT OF THE cl i Y FOR sale OR TO RENT?second Page?First and second columns. BEAL estate TO exciiange-Sbcond Paul?second column. bea' TATE WANTED?sbcond Page?Second col umn. BEL. js NOTICED?first Page?Filth eolumu. bewaiids?first I'agk>?Second column. 8aj.ES AT AUCTION?eleventh Page?Fifth and sixth columns. SITL'all 'NS WANTED-ff.MALES-Twelfth Pagb First und secoiul columns. SITUATIONS WANTED? MALES?1twelfth Page? Second and third columns. SPECIAL notices?first Page?Second column. SPOK ing?dogs, BIR.JS, AC.?first Page?Third column. STORAGe.?second Page?Fifth column. BUM mk It resorts?eleventh page?Fourth column. THE TRADES?twelfth Page-Fourth column. THE TURF?first Page?Third eolumn. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES-SECOND Page? Hiird column. travhl KRS' G uide?'twelfth Page-Sixth column. unfurnished l'OOMS AND APARTMENTS TO lr.T? econd P.igk?Fourth eolumn. WESTCHESTER COUNTY property FOR 8ALE OR It) LET?second Page?First column. taci,,r . STEAMBOATS, AC.?first Page?Second col -??fc btl A: l? b A*cii i'rFlCF-PPTOWl. j^DVERTISEMENTS FOR TIIE NEW YORK IIERALD RECEIVED AT THE BRANCH OFFICE, 1,268 BROADWAY AND 530 SIXTH AVENUE, BETWEKN THIRTY-FIRST- AND THIRTY-SECOND STREETS. ADVERTISEMENTS ARE RECEIVED from 8 A. M. TILL 9 P. M. ON WEEK days (SUNDAYS, 2 TILL 9 P. m.), AT OFFICE RATES. newsdealers supplied WITH HERALD AT b O'CLOCK every MORNING. NO EXTRA CHARGES. PARIS AGENCY OF THE new YORK HEKALI). Messrs. kremer a t o., american register, VE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOR THE HEW YORK HERALD. THEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL ERS WITH COPIES OF TIIE HERALD, AND ALSO SINGLE NUMBERS of_Tnls PAPER TO PARTIES bequiring THEM. peksoaAIi. A V.?PLEASE CALL AT THE MEETING PLACE, !l. ask madam lor letter addressed to Wilsou; am ?ut of city. DOC-JESSIE, ei.LIE AND MYSELF WILL MEET you und friends as agreed, Argylu miitlnee this after Soon. CENTRAL PARK. F. f. f.?SEND ADDRESS TO Information WANTED?of MARY KIEKFY: SUP posed to he in New York. Call on CATHARINE MULLEN, 65 Warren street Information WANTED?of THOMAS BURNS, 14 vearsof aire: was last heard of in the employ of Mr. Hull, nn the Erie Canal, three vears ago. address his mother, MARY BURNS, cure Mr. Daly, Port Chester, N. Y. IF HENRY SMILES, WHO I* SUPPOSED TO HAV! arrived In New Yurk uhont April, 1H72, will com municate with G. T., Herald ofllce, lie will hear ot some thing to his advantage. Left?or decoyed hrom her home, iso east Forty-first street, little kill, named Marlon, aired ten : round face,dark hnir, stotr bull,i. burn ox arm; old grav dress, brown striped apron, drab stockings, low isoiii shoes. Any person returning her or telling where to llml her will be kindly thnn^ed. Mysterious oisappearance.-mary fancek Marsh, a "irl ik years o il. left her home in Jersey City May 20. dressed with light skirt, dark oversklrt. brown velveteen s:iei|iie. light lelt hat, trimmed with brown velvet. Any iniormation of her ?hereabout Srateiullv received liy 11. MAit.mi, 74 Gregory street, ersey City. Nineteenth street, tiffany, oradot, Broadway to Eighteenth street?Will you leave home at 4 on Saturduy and walk up Filth avenue, or Sunday at 11? J. BOSTON. PATRICK SMITH, FORMERLY SALESMAN WITH Reiter, 90 New Bowery, will find It to Ills advantage to send Ills address to ASII hi. L P. HITCH. 120 Broadway. Syracuse, ai.hany to new york, THURSDAY atternoon, Mav 2s,drawing room ear White Cloud.? The g< nileman who was so fortunate us to i e ot slight service to a yoang lady and her m.tuima on their nrrival at l orty second street would like very much to nave he pleasure ot seeing her (the joting i idy) again; is sorry to use this obiectlonable way to address her. but can think of no other. I she can pardon the liberty he lias taken Dlease address CIIAuLE.s W., box lu9 iierald olllce. WILL THE YOUNG LADY DRESSED IN BLACK single |ienrl earrings, who was almost thrown Sown alighting from ma i son avenue stace, corncrtweu tv-tliiid s'reet and Mailt on avenue, during the shower, if entirely agreeable, send her address 10 R. S. PINK, He'ald Uptown Branch oilicet i t ?i ' romp. I OST?WEDNESDAY. MAY 28, in GOING FROM 1 Morton street to Thirty-sixth street and eiirhtli ave . a Gold Chain, witn Locket attached, i ontaining two nue J (holographs of gentleman and lady, with p, art cross n centre ; supposed to have hern lost on Eighth avenue car. ihe finder will be liberally rewarded by retumiim it to 93 Morton street WM. H. KNAPP Lost?on Thursday afternoon, vicinity of Union square, a pair ot slate colored kid Gloves with gold Buttons and Chains atiaene 1. The tinder will be liberally rewarded by leaving the sains at 67 Broad way, room 19. LOST-ON 29TH INST, ABOUT ftrlft P. M., EITHER in Fourth avenue cars or twentieth street and Four h avenue, a Pockctbook containing money, a letter and small tarnished pin. A suitable reward will lie paid l>v returning to W. H. KIRK LAND, 22 Gramcrcy Park, or 1(13 Front street. LOST-ON THE HAVAVA STEAM HIP DOCK, Wednesday, 2Hth Inst, s small Purp e .--atchel,contain ing two pairs earrlng*,cards.likene*scs find gold bracelets, marked r. it.; liberal reward offered to ttic person re turning said articles to 1x1 West h orty-second street T OST?910 REWARD.?STRAYED FROM 21 BEEK J J man street, Thursday, a small temale black and tan Dog; small collar; answers to the name ofFrisby. LOST-FRIDAY afternoon, MAY 10. BETWEEN Thirty-sixth and sixteenth streets or on Third ave nue car. an Opal Ring, set with small diamonds. Liberal reward given. Call on H. R. HEALY, 8* Wail street LOBT-FROM 4ft WEST SEVENTEENTH STREET, A Skye Terrier, buff color, medium si*o: had on a red ?nd black collur with brass lock; a reward will be given to finder. I oki?on thursday. FROM AN ONYX SETTINO, J an Initial letter "H" ib diamonds. A suitable reward at No. 25 i,aat Thirty-seventh street. -i QST-on t-.t .hay aftebnoon. IN CENTRAL 'ly'n* sn im-ls, a child's dark blue eloth Bailor s Jacket, trimmed with black silk heronlean brsld and brass navy buttons, suitable reward will be given at 4<tt West ForQt-fourth street. Iost-A GOLD PENCILCA-ir AND PEN, ON MAY J T2. The fnder will receive *15 reward by rtturulug ttlo awfoaituavsnu*, ^ &]A REWAHD.?lost, A small WELL BRED yiu Black ami-tan Terrier Bitch, with cropped ears, fVom 231 East 1 ighteeuth street, yesterday worHlng. Whoever will return to the above address will receive the reward. (fcinii WBWARD?LOST, ON TUB EVENING OK jP lUU Tue-day, May 27. a solitaire Diamond Screw Stud, weighing 2 carats. Address C. A. R., bo* 180 Herald Uptown Brunch office. LAROE SOLITAIRE DIAMOND, GENT'S ^ . O. ?\n' m"unte<l 10 '?? unscrew id. lost, San,lay evening, 25th Inst., In neighborhood o? Sixth avenue and uYIJUi't? "'?? Abovc reward will be paid by STARK A MAKCuts J2 John street, up stairs. &1 000 REWARD WILL BE PAID, AND NO questions asked, for the return of all the street May 7 1873.** y " ,rom 1SS E*"t Thlrtaenlb KPECIAIi NOT1CKS. A?THE AMERICAN REGISTER, ? the inoht widely circulated of the American Journals published in hurope. A capital medium tor American - adverti-ers addressing themselves to . European patronage. Indispensable to all parsons visiting Ureal Britain and tin- i.iiropeun Continent. ?ub.?ri[i(toii? and advertisements for the AMERICAN Khi.LSiKK will be received and single copies of the paper may be obtained at the office of the New York Herald. New York. A-*600,000, GUARANTEED by the Partners and Drovers' Bank of Louisville, will be distributed by lot, under authority of special legis lative act, among ticket-holders of third Orand ("lit t < ncert in aid of Public Library ol Kentucky, at Louis, vihu, k v., positively and unequivocally on Tneaday, July 8, is;:!. This is the only scheme in the world where the tall amount advertised is guaranteed In a responsible man ner, without any discounts being deducted. One Grand Ollt, Cash $100 000 Otic Grand Gift, (/'ash SO'OOO One Urand Gilt, Cash 26 000 One Grand Cash Gift 20*000 One (Irand Cash Gift lo'(K?l One Orand Cash Gift ' s'lHIO 24 Cash Gilts 0121,000 each ' 24 000 60 CiisS Gifts of $500 each .. 26*1100 80 Cash (illtH ot $400cach 82.000 100 Cash Gifts ot $300 cacii 30 000 160 Cash Gltts ol $200 ea-h ^(JOO 6*. 10 (/.i ah Gifts ol $100 each.... 5U O'tO 9.000 cash Gilts of $io each!:;::;%?? Total, 10,000 Gifts, all co^h ftUJOMk) Tickets, $10: Halves, $:>; quarters, $2 50. lion. i.x-Governor Thomas K. Bramhitle, of Kentucky, E?i8an.!ar?.e J" Ihe of Hle Concert for Trustees. 100,000 tickets?10,000 guts?chances one in ten. New York sales are made a special deposit with the Fourth National Bank of New York. Send monev bv prepaid^00 ? ' ,t' registered letter or express. For tickets, full programme, Information and all par ticulars, apply to the General Agencv Supply. tuomas h. Hays A co., 009 Broadway, New York. A MAN'S DUTY A WOMANS CRIME?CONTR1BU. Hons to the tund for the detencc of Susan B. An yjw mi'st via'.".,r .vot)ii?may b?8,111 Mrs- t'O /Il'.R, 3til West Ttilrtv-tourtb itreet L. D. BLAKE. ?HERALD BRANCH OFFICE, BROOKLYN ? corner ot Fulton avenue and Hoerutn street Open Irom h A. M. to 9 1*. M. On Sunday irom 3 to 9 P. M. J ELECTION.?NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT AN J election will be held at the office ot the New York Hrldge Company, No. 21 Water street, in the city of Brooklyn, on Monday, Ihe 2d day ot June next, at 12 o'clock noon ol that day, lor fifteen directors ol said company, or the then ensuing vear, and lor two inspec fors ol ejection tor 1874. The transfer books will be closed Irom May 8 to June 8, 187B. Oated May 2,1873. ,. _ _ ? HENRY C. MUKPfiY, President. O. P. Qpiwtarp, Secretary. (2J.OLD, SILVER AND ARTICLES CONTAINING GOLD X bought at market price; polishing, (liter and photo graph paper burnod and smelted by refiner, SCHAW EL 26 John street. Havana and kentocky lotteries.?prizes cashed; circulars sent tree. JOSEPH BATES A CO. 71 Broadway, New York, room 31, firsttioor. OFFICIAL DRAWINGS KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERIES. KENTUCKY?EXTRA CLASS NO. 866?MAY 30, 1878. 49, 31, 74 , 62, 8, 78, 7, 16, 69, 36, 26, 46. KENTUCKY?-CLASS NO. 386?MAY 30. 1873. 401 U' 6Zl 1". ?9, 76, 37, 28, 62, 68. 26. BlMMONS <1 CO., Managers, Covington, Ky. SHELBY COLLEGE?KXTRA CLASS NO. 265? MAY 30. 1873. 62, 4, 78, 3d, 60, 70, 46. 12, 43, 31. 64, 66. SHELBY COLLEGE?CLASS NO. 266?MAT Si. 1873. <0. 46, 32, 76. 63. 68, 17, 16, ZD, li/, ;tl, 26, 68. ... _ KMIfHI 4 CO., Managers. Covington, Ky. Address C. HENRY, care J. Clute, Broker, 206 Broad wuv. Post office box 4,969. OFFICIAL DRAWINGS SOUTH CAROLINA LOTTERY lor tree School Fund?Perpetual. _ ? EXTRA CLASS 131?MAY 3 0. 1878. 62, 80, 28, 81, 49. 16, 64. 76. 71, 68. 59. 50. ?? _ CLASS 132?MAY 30, 1878. ^ <J. ??, 70. 18, 68, 46, 16, 2.V 64, 88, 28, 6. ! COLE A CO., Managers, New York Post office bo* 8,8I? Charleston, 8. C., May 30, 1873. OFFICIAL DRAWING NORTH CAROLINA LOTTERY. nortu cauouna? ??? AH* No. 6K?MAY te, 1678. 7, 46. 14, 24, 61, 20, 26, 25, 17, 8, 12. 16, 69, 71 extra class no. 69?MAY 80, 1873. 11, 61, 66, 35. 7, 73, 63, 9, 24, 3, 46. 77. I NORTH CAROLINA?CLASS NO. 70? MAY 30, 1878. 1 68, 64, 61, 16, 49, 11, 24, 60, 66. 3, 1. 75, 9. T .. ? GERKEN A cd, Managers. LPTHY A CO., Brokers, 214 Greenwich streei, N. Y. Royal Havana lottery?next drawing june 10. Germun .itate Lotteries. Send for circulars. _ . _ RITTER A CO., Post office box 3,836. 85 Nassau street, room 4. Royal Havana lottery of cuba.-pros pectus for ls73 now ready. Address CEOKGE UP IIAM, No. 9 Weybosset street, Providence, R. I. oimon CAMACHO, ABOUT RETURNING TO PERU O olTcrs his services for the collection of claims and transaction of any business which may be entrusted to him; special attention paid to patents of real value. Ap ply to him at loy Slate street, Brooklyn, or at office of National Bank Note Company, No. 1 Wall street I. R.?YOUR $60 WILL BE RETURNED TO you by order of Prof. Bigli, who gives himself up In to day's Daily Graphic. No need >f >ursulng the matter lurther; cable despatch from F.orencc last night Sold at Pur tani Opera. r[lHK PRINCIPAL DRAWING L ol the 74th Brunswick (lovernment lottery. with 66,000 iickcis anil 23,000 I'rixes, will commence May 26 and end .June IS. Highest prize 120,000 i'russian Thal-rs. Royal Havana Lottery?Next drawing June 10. Royal Saxon Government Lottery. City of Hamburg Lottery. Prizes cached and Information given. . THEODOR ZSCHOCH, "i< Nassau street: box 6.080 Post office. VIENNA EXPOSITION.?NOTICE IS HEREBY GIV'- N that the juries f.iwa s t the Vice-a Xp itlon have pos pone I their irtcr-iin s otli -lstof J 1 Pa ie? wishing to tnrw r < ooils tor the Exhibition can do so up f?.,!\?..1.0lh of further Informailon applv to i A id LI HAlDW I.\, Lulled States Ucspatch Agent, 72 Broadway, ^ r.QQ IS DRAWN DAILY IN THE LEGAlT 'P' tC''.' tOt/ ized Kentucky Lottery. Royal Havana and Kentucky circulars free. 12% cents allowed. Address BAI.BV A CO. (office established thirty years), 174 Broadway. SHAW. Dili' GUpilS, lj. Hair! nairl n?lrt The largest stock of Human Hair Good* In the cltv at SHAVV'S, 364 Bowery, corner of Fonrih street, and 363 Sixth avenue, etwecn Twenty second and Twenty third streets, up staii s. SHAW'S Patent Hair Switches, can be combed and brushed. $1 each. Human llalr, cheapest and best In the market. Short llalr Hwilchs. $2 each and upward. French Switches, $5. Curis, $1 and upwards. Latest Styles always on hand. YACHTS, STBAMBOATS* AC L'OK SALE CHE4P-A FAST 8CHOONER KEEL r ynchf, two vcars old, In perfect order, 160 tons old measurement. $1 feet long, 2ll feet beam, depth 8 feet, draught 10 feet Address GEO. C. AKEKLY, 214 Front street, .\ew York. Mahogany, spanish cedar. for Hoat Builders, and all kinds ol Hard Wood, in Logs, Plunks, Boards and Veneers. GEORGE w READ A OO., Mill and Yatd 186 to 200 ljcwis street, corner of Sixth street, East River. rrUG BOATS FOR SALE?NEW, 16X16, 88 FEET OVER salted on the stocks: one three years old, 60 feet ' ?"*lne good as new, will be -old cheap; new, it?J,onKi *? C. FORCE, Nos. S and 7 uey street, room 6. W A!JJJ;?r.T2. Bl,y OR CHARTER, A LIGHT Steamboat; must be speedy, suitable for fim??i!iitb.r ** ,w<iJ,1 *" capable ot standing way ro(7m3 Address J. W. EMBURY, 160 Broad YrACHT FOR SALE?A SCHOONER YACHT, #7 TONS Iu-T/)-'i,T,nItrc?!?J?nl: ,n complete order, land Me KCIIILL, 221 Commercial street, Port al 0 000 82."".?' BOATS, ALL SIZES and ?Plv.yvv kinds: 50 second hand ship's Boata clieap. at my shops, M8 and 378 Nouth street, iftth street! Harlem River. STEPHEN koBERTS rVSTR CCTION. All bad wit iters and i n Gt ijTpbteii? ^BOOK keepers thould attend Business College 62B<werv or 1,282 Broadway, corner Thlrtv ihird street: 24 WHtlna lessons, $2 90; /adies qualiflcd as bookkieperi anl cashiers. u P<??IT OFP1CK NOflOlj ~ POST OFFICE NOTICB. The malls for Europe dnring the week ending Ratur. day May .11, 1873, will close at this office on Wednesday at 12 M., on Thursday at 11 A. M. and on Saturday at & "JliA Mt 'M AS L. J AMISS. FmUbm! SPORTING?DOGS. BIRDS, *C. saleJ~all kinds 'ok"fancy dogs. ? Birds, Ac.; Medicines lor all diseases; Prepared Pood, for mucking birds. At B. G. DOVEY'S, No. 3 Greene Street near Canal. ? IPOK SALE?THOROUGHBRED AND BROKEN Pointer*. Setter Pup*. Black and Tan Puns, Newfound Und Pups, Esquimaux Dogs, very iiuall high bred Hull Terriers; rat and watch Dog* on trial; three Italian Greyhounds. II. GARDNER, 111 South Filth avenue, corner Prince street. HAHRY JENNINGS, LATE OK BOSTON?391 BROOME street. New York, ban on bund all kinds ol imported and native stock ot Dog* to be Mold or cxclianued, and Dogs cured ot-all diseases. Patent Plea Snap 50 cents per box. THE TURF. TTTLEETWOOD ASSOCIATION.?SPRING MEETING r 1873, June 18,20, 23 and 24. Fikst Day, Wbohkspat, Junk 18.?Purse No. 1, S80?>? For horses that have never beateu 2 :&); $.'>50 to first, $150 to second, $luo to third. Purse No. 2, $2,000?Kor horse* tliut have never beaten 2 33; $1,100 to tir?t, $650 to Mcond, $35u to third. Skconu 1>av, Friday, June 20.?I'urse No. 3, $1.000?Por horaei that have never taMnliN; $600 to itrst, $w to second, 150 to third. I'urse No. 4, $12tMI?Kor horses Unit have never beaten 2 .29; $6fi0 to flriit, $360 to second, $200 to third.. Thikd D*r, Mokpat, Jnne 23.?Purse No. 5, $1,000; lor horses that have never beaten 2 :34. $6 K) to first, $ 30 to sccoud. *150 to third. Purse No. 6, $l,."i00; lor horse* that have never beaten 2:25. $850 to first, $400 to ?econd, $250 to third. Foukth Day, Tuesday, June St.?Purse No. 7, $000; for horse* that have never beateu 2:43. $550 to first, $150 to second. $100 to third. Purse No.8. $3,500; tor Norses that have n'Ver beaten 2:21. $2,030 to first, $1,100 to second, $5H0 to third. Conditions?The above races to bo mile heats, best 3 In 5, in harness, and will be governed by the rules of the National Association lor the Promo tion of the Interests of the American Trolling Tun. In caee ot postponement ol any race It shiill be next good day and track, omitting Sunday. Any driver substituted for another, as authorized by rule 28, will be paid $50 lur such service. Entries to close at Chamberlin's pool room, 1,1*6 Broadway, New York, on Monday, June 2, at 9 o'clock P. M. All communications to be addressed to William II. Van Cott, Superintendent. C. H. VAN NESS, President FLEETWOOD ASSOCIATION.?PURSE $2,000, FOR the celebrated trotting mare American Girl mid the pacing buy welding Harry, having a record ol 2 .19%, in liar lies*, at Bullalo, last year. Race to lake place at Fleetwood Park, on Saturday, May 31, at 3 P.M. Mile heats. In Mt three in five, In harness. D. Pfiicr enters b. in. American Girl. William II. Crawiord b. g. Harry. WM. II. VAN OtiTT, Superintendent Trotting at deerfoot PARK-SATURDAY, may 31, at 3 I*. M., match of $200? L S. snnnnis' k. colt Rose ol Jericho; Win. McMahon's h. colt Richmond. Also a mutch ot $l'*l?N. Luil'ey's horse Hencoop and Win. Hogan's hone Dolly. Also'a purse of $50 for Horses trot ting nearest to three minutes. Admission, 50 cents. WM. McMAlloN, Superintendent. TROTTINO AT FLEETWOOD PARK ON SATURDAY, May 31, at 3 o'clock.?Match $200; best three In five, to wagons. John L. Doty enters b. m. Topsy. John Murphy, catch weight, enters blk. m. Mollie. WILLIAM 11. VAN COTT, Superintendent. HOItSKS, C ARRIAGES, tSC. AT BARKER A CHASE'S CITY AUCTION MART AND NEW YORK TATTERSALLS, corner of Rroadway and Thirtv-ninth street. MAJOR CHAS. W. BARKER, AUCTIONEER. REGULAR SALES <?* HORSES, CARRIAGES, JtC., EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY,* AT ELEVEN O'CLOCK. TWENTY-FOUR HOURS allowed for trial ON EVEItY HORSE sold under warrantee. THIS IS THE ONLY AUCTION mart In the State having the prober facilities for showing horses on sale? viz., a large driving ring entirely under cover. CATALOGUE OF SALE THIS DAY. AT 11 O'CLOCK. THE WELL KNOWN, ELEGANT and extra speedy bay trotting Mare, DOLLY VAIIDEN (name claimed in "Turf, Held and Farm," May, 1872), sired by Manibrino Champion, dam the Storms mare, by i.oiig island Black Hawk; is 15% high, A years old; an elegant aud extra stylish driver; was never handled for speed, and can show close to 2:40; Is afraid of nothing; can be driven by a lady, and is warranted sound and kind; sold on account of owner going to Europe; pedigree warranted. FINE, HANDSOME COAL BLACK GELDING. 16 high, 7 years old; an extra stylish, fine and easy driver; can trot close to threo minutes; has no faults or vices; N perfectly safe lor any one to drive and is warranted sound ana kind; the property of the late Augustus Wil liams, ot Brooklyn Heights. BY ORDER OF JOHN H. PLATT, Esq., Assignee, Ac., In the case of Charles Watson, bankrupt, the tallowing de scribed property: ? PAIR OF BLACK TRUCK Horses, 16 high, 7 and 8 years old; great workers. ALSO FINE LIGHT DOUBLE Trnck. ALSO TRUCK. HARNESS. Blankets, Ac. THE CELEBRATED AND EXTRA HANDSOME chestnut gelding EDWIN, sired by (Jencral Knox and bred In Maine; Is 15% high, 6 year* old; an elegant anil very pleasant driver ana great pole horse; lias a record of 2:43% to wagon; is one ol the gr<?atest roadsters in the State, ami is warranted sound and kind; sold to settle partnership. ONE ELEGANT TOP PONY Phaeton. ONE 100-LR. ROAD Wagon, built by Ashe. FINE SETS LIGHT Single Harness. FINE TOP CITY made Road Wagon. ROAN DRAUGHT HORSE, 15% hign, 7 years old; good driver, streat worker and warranted kind. HANDSOME BAY PHAETON Gelding, Kentuckv bred. 16% high, 6 years old; blocky built; free and pleasant driver- can trot in 3 minutes; is a perfect children's pet and is warranted sound and kind. TWO TOP AND NO TOP EXPRESS WAGONS. NEW AND SECOND HAND HARNESS, HORSE Clothing, Sheets, Robes, Lan Robes, Ac. ALSO SEVERAL OTHER HORSES. PULL DESCRIPTION at sale. SALES NEVER POSTPONED on account of weather. A. ?IN VIEW OF Coming Races, We would call the attention of the public to onr SURREY-CARTS, something entirely new and original in design; intro duced this season for the first time. We offer also a lull assortment ol all the fashionable patterns, many of them contlncd to ibis house. Quality being the true measure of value, we are satisfied that when our Carriages are fairly tudged bv this stand ard, prlcc will be esteemed a secondary consideration. Warerooms? Fifth avenuy, corner Twenty seventh st Factory?145 EastTweuiy-fiith street J. B. BREWSTER A CO. Established 1838. Allen b. miner, auctioneer, SALESROOMS 96 CHAMBERS STREET, HORSE AUCTION MART AT MEW YORK SALES AND STORAGE REPOSITORY. FOURTH AVENUE, CORNER TWENTY-FIFTH STREET. CARRIAGES AND HORSES ALWAYS ON HAND AT PRIVATE SALE. RICHARD McCULLoUGH, PROPRIETOR. ALLEN B. MINER A BRO., AUCTIONEERS. Sale ol Horses, Carriages, Ac., Thursday of each week. Entries ol articles for auction can be mauc at repository as aiiove, or salesrooms ol auctioneers. AT OUR FACTORY, 1,404 BROADWAY, ABOVE Thirty-ninth street. Second Hand Carriages. of the following styles, all in good order:? Barouche, Coupe, Clarence, top lioav! Wagon, no top Wagon, Victoria HrougliHin, six seat Rockawuy, four-seat Phaeton, six-scat I'haefon, Turnout-seat Phaeton, with sliilting top; Coupe Ro"kawoy, T Carl, Track Sulk v. BRADLEY, PrtAY A CO., 558 Broadway. A PRIVATE GENTLEMAN OKKXRS KOR SALK THE most elegant and stvlish dog cart or coupe Horse in the city; bav, 16 hands high, 7 years old ; a very free and extra stvlish driver; warranted sound and kind in every particular; sold lor the want ot use. Inquire at Club Stables, 154 E ist Fifty-seventh street AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES.?OUR IMMENSE stock Carriages, comprising Family Carriages and Light Wagons: every description, new and second hand; several slightly damaged ; great bargains. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, $8$ Broadway. A SOUND AND HANDSOME CHESTNUT HORSE, 1.1.8; Coupe Kockaway; city maker; top Wagon, by Stivers: full seat: Coupe IfarnciMi Single Harness; sep arately or together, owner ?t 17 west Fiftieth street A?FOR SALE. THE PROPERTY OF A GENTLE ? 111u n, H l>ea111 iIti 1 span of bay Horses. They are 6 years old, 15), hands high, very stvlish and fast, a great 7leal of strength ;n mem and tree from blemish and tear less of locomotives; warranted kind and sound in single or double harness. Also a verv fine black Horse, 6 years old, 18% hands high, a long mane and tall; warranted to trot in 2:50; kind in sljigle or double harness and is tearless of locomotives, and is sold lor no fault whatever only sickness in the family. Apply to Mr. NEWBY, 111 South Fifth uvenue. AN ENGLISH SADDLE HORSE FOR SALE?THE property ot a gentleman: sold on account of family going to Europe; 15:3; has been ridden by lady and gen tleman. Apply at $4 Lexington avenue. A ROAD WAGON, LEATHER, SHIFTING TOP, pole and shalts, elliptic springs, built to order by Corbett A Scliarch, In perfect order, and will lie sold cheap for want of use. Can be seen at 1,402 Broad way. T PRIVATE nALE. Two second hand Coupes. Brewster Top Buggy. Rockawavs and Depot Wagons. NEW YORK SALES ANU CAl Twenty-tilth street, corner Fourth avenue. LARGE ASSORTMENT OF NEW AND SECOND . _ hand Carriages, Family Rockiiwavs, Top and Open Buggies, Pony Phaetons, Grocers' und Business Wagons, at greatly reduced prices. 141 West Broadway, neor Canal street. A Arrived aoain-j. c, deyo, of jackson city, Mlchican. with 52 head ot those fine Horses, single, double and saddle, at A. S. chumherllu'a stable, between Lexington and Third avenues, Twenty-fifth street A?LANDAUS. COUPES, BAROUCHES, LADIES' ? Phaeton, Depot Wagon, Buggies, taken in exchange; will sell less than half price; seasonable Carriages at moderate prices. HAM, 10 East Fourth street AT THE WEST SIDE CARRIAGE REPOSITORY, 1,494 and 1.496 Rroadway, will be found a large assort ment of Rockaways, Depot Wagons, Park Phaetons, top and no top Buggies, Ac, ami, to make room, will offer-a line of leather top Pony l'hae tons at $300 each. Ahorse for sale-gentle and kind for a lady to drive; Coupe Hockaway, cost $1,000, good as new, for $400. S. C. SMITH, Frankfort House, 202 William street. A PRIVATE GENTLEMAN OFFERS FOR SALE AN elegant team of coal black Carriage Horses, 15% hands high, 9 years old ; kind snd true in all harness and under saddle; free from vice; verv stylish and travellers; not afraid of anvthlng. At the Mart of ARCn. JOHNSTON, 19, 21, 23 and 25 East Thirteenth street, near University place, where they can la' seen and tried. A?ELEGANT T CART, FOUR-PASSENGER, COST , $850; fine top Buggy, pole and shafts, used a few times: both Ham's make. Apply at 52 128th street near Fourth avenue. A COACH AND HARNESS, TOP AND NO-TOP AND Bujnesa Wagon*. >ulkle* and Rockaways. new and ?coad tend. 0. U. BAY NUB * CO., Urceue itrtft. HORMRM, CARRIAGKS. ?C. A?CARRIAGES AND HARNESS. ? No. 8 Cortland t street, mar Broadway (formerly 58 Liberty). The champion Carriage Wareroom of America. Work warrauted equal to any and at very lowest coon A flue line of Pony and tark'Phaetons now on hand. Be sure to call beiore purchasing. ARCH. JOHNSTON, No. 8 Corllandt^street Auction house ok arch. Johnston (Lute Johnston A Vail Tasscll). OFFICE AND SALESROOM. OLD STAND, 37 Nauau street, opposite tue Post office. THE HORSE AUCTION BRANCH OF THE HOUSE 18 REMOVED TO THE SPA01OU-* PREMISES. 19, 21, 23 AND 28 EAST THIRTEENTH STRKKT, Itet ween Fifth avenue and University place. The bnalneas will be conducted on precisely the same strict and honoruble principles which have, alwayN char ai terized the dealings of our house and won the respect and confidence oi the busincai coiuiuunity, as well as the public at large. REGULAR SALES EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY, AT IDS O'CLOCK. En trie* for sale may be made, as usual, either at our downtown house. 37 Nassau street, or at the mart, 19, 21, 23 and 25 East Thirteenth street. L1BEHAL ADVANCES. AS USUAL, MADE ON CON SIGNMENTS. REMEMBER THE SALE COMMENCES AT 10X O'CLOCK. A BARGAIN.?SOLD FOR WANT OF t'8E, A VERY siyl'sh, last road Mare; warranted sound and kind, and can be bamlleil hv a lady or child; wilt be soul at a bargain. SUII'MAN'S EXPRESS COMPANY, 1,2J2 Broadway. Bargains.-to make room we will offer at unheard ol prices, during the present week. Rock away Depot Wagons, Park Phaetons, ti p and no top and Basket Phaeton*, Ac. 1,491 and 1,496 Broadway, between Forty-fourth ami Fortv-fltth streets. CI ROSS MATCHED TROTTING TEAM, 16 HANDS, 7 J and 8years old, warranted to trot In throe minute* together anil in 2:50 single, and are warranted sound at private sale at am lion mart ot WILLIAM VAN TAS SE I,I., 110,112, 114 East Thirteenth street. C1REAM TAN RIDING AND DRIVING GLOVES, J single button, $2: double button. $2 26. Every pair warranted und sent free on receipt of price. UNION ADAMS Si C >., 6.17 Broadway. CCARRIAGES, OK ALL STYLES FOR TOWN OR CoUN J trv, beautifully finished, at very low nrices; second hand Buggy and Rcckaway. STAATS HELL. No. 7 Wash ington place, rear New York Hotel. /CARRIAGES?SLIGHTLY DAMAGED; GREAT BAR gains: new ami second hand Carriages, every do soriptloli; low prices. We olfer great inducements, and Invite purchasers to call and examine. MANUFACTURERS' UNION. 638 Broadway. FT X PR ESS WAGON, IN GOOD ORDER, $S5: FIRST J class set of single Grocery or Express Harness, used three times, $.'5, half oust; private sale. ARCH. JOHNSTON, 25 East Thirteenth street I [TOR sale?A COUPE KOCKAWAY, IN GOOD RUN 1 ning order. To ho seen at the livery stable, corner Lexington avenue and Forty-ninth street. IjlOR BALE?A FOUR-sEATKD PARK WAGON, made ' to order bv J. R. Lawrence 4 Co., with pole, shall* and traces: all in perfect order. Can be seen tor a tew days at?S. Fry'* livery stable, No. 4 East Twenty-eighth street. [ilOR SAI-K?A PARK PHAETON; city MAKER: IN P perfect order: sent six persons; will be sold at a bar gain. Inquire of R. M. STIVERS, 144 Elist Thirty-Unit street, or at 269 Washington street. For sale?one very handsome, well broken snd sound black Horse, 5 years old. Call at l35Canal street, near Bowerv, basement. 171 OR SALE?AT PRIVATE STAfBLE 142 EAST THIRTY r ninth street, a second llamhlctonian hrown Mare, 15)^ hands 6 years oldi can trot close to 2:511; is a very handsome mare, and will be warranted ii*every respect; price $650. _ _ rriOR RALE?AT A BARGAIN, A VERY LIGHT AND r stvllsh four-wheel Dog Cart, with polo and shafts;'built b> Wood Bros. Also a tlrst class Double Harness. All new this Spring. Address J. CHRISTO PHER, No. 5Ji Pine street. For sale-tiie handsomest and closest matched team of Morgan coal black Horses in the city; perlect beauties; young round ami stylish: gentle as Kittens; alraid of nothing; pronounced to be the finest team driven atSaraioga last Summer; price, with set ol new silver mounted Harness, $1,000; sold only because owner ha* no lurther use for them. Apply at lumber vardot WM. FRED. LAWRENCE. Yonkera, N. Y. It not sold private to next Wednesdav, will then be sold at auc tion by J. L. VAN DEW ATKR, 43 Ureal Jones street. For salk-a barouche, lined with leather. tint little used and in good order, nixde by Wood Bros., New York, price, $4(10. Can be seen at Walter Thorn's stalde. 105 West Thirty-tlr*t itreet, New York. Apply at room 20, 113 Broadway. For sale-a dapple gray pony, phaeton and Harness; warranted in every respect. Inquire at 131 and 138 East Forty-flrst street. iiioR sale-a handsome pair of bvy horses, r one set ot double and one of single Harness, C spring Victoria, top Buggy, a light close Carriage and double Sleigh, all us good as new; will be sold lor half their value. Can lie seen at private stable 53 East Forty tlrst st KIOR SALE-BY A OENTLEMAN IN EUROPE, A r pair of stylish, sound carriage Horses; price $1,000. Apply at private stable, No. 7 East Fitty-secoud street, before 3 o'clock. F*OR SALE?A BEAUTIFUL DAPPLED BROWN Horse, 6 vrars old, over 10 hands high; a tree driver; warranted sound ami kind In ah harness. Apply at 142 Weil Eighteenth street _ f!OR SALE?A FOUR-WHEEL DOG CART, STYLISH and goisl as uew, at private stable 217 East Thirty sixth street. nOK SALE?A ROUND BROWN HORSE, 15^ HANDS r and Ifi years old, suitable for grocery, express, Ac.; also Dames-and Wagon, (-all, Iroiu 3 to 5 P. M.,at7.>5 Broadway, corner Eighth street hlOR SALE VERY CHEAP-TWO SPRINKLING Wagons for roads or streets. Inquire at yUIKK'S Stables, 125th street, uear Eighth avenue. T/TOR SALE-A THOROUGHLY TRAINED BILLY r Gonl. with Harness. Inquire at 163 Attorney struct, near Houston, hi Ihl bakery. POR SALE-TWO HORSES AND ONE DOUBLE Truck, separate or together. Apply to JOHN P. DAIj LIMORK, 43s Water street, or to REDMOND HOGAN, 28 Jeflerson street. /lOlNG TO EUROPE.?WILL SELL A HANDSOME VJT black Mare lor lady's driving; also a Pair of single beautiful Buvs; 16 hands high. Apply at ouce at 27 West Twenty-sixth street. Horse and carriage exchange-mr. arch. JOHNSTON has opened, at hi* downtown office, 37 Nassau street, a register for horse*, carr ages, gentle men's turnouts, Ac., at private *hIc, and will hcreaiter make this a specially and a leuture ol his business. Gentlemen having horses or carriage* to dispose ol or those wishing to purchase will tlml tills the ino-t desira ble medium ever established, as through it you deal di rect with principal*. Horses, coaches, landau, barouche, ac.? Mortgage sale.?J. P. TRAVER, Auctioneer, will sell, on Saturday, 31st inst., at stable 57 Great Jones street, at II o'clock, close Coach, Landau, Barou lie, doe tor's Gig, line young Horse, Ac. Sold without reserve or limit. By order of Mortgagee. High bred messenger make dolly vardkv; light bay, 5 years old, about 15 hands high; by Mamhrlno Champion, who has trotted In 2:30, tor sale at auction, by MARKER A CHASE, Broadway und .Thirty ninth street, Saturday, at II A. M. This mare is possessed of great ambition and endurance; a perlect beauty; atraid oi nothing and a line stepper; warranted sound and kind. HAKNES:?FOR THE TRACK, ROAD, PARK, FARM* business and pleasure use; ulso Saddles, Bridles ana Horsciiirnishitig Goods ol every ilescriiition. style and grade ; Single Durness, $8 to $2l)o per set; Double, $15 to $1,000per set c. M. MOSEKAN A HRi Manufacturers, 114 Chamber* street Harness?the cheapest harness store in New York. A good Double 'truck Harness $30; a food grocer's Harness, $3U; a good milkman's Harness. 10; s good buggy Harness, hand made,$17; a good stable Blanket, $2: will sell cheaper than ever on account of moving on or before June I. Please call and examine lor yourselves. FISHER A OSBORNE. 43 Murray street Harness, saddles, horse clothing, car riage Robes, Lap Dusters, Ely Nets and a large variety ol Saddlery Goods always on hand. c. b. smith a co., 40 Warren street, New York. I r P. TRAVER. AUCTIONEER? MORTG .(IB SALE, ?J ? on Saturday, May 31 at 11 o'clock, at stable 57 Great Jones street line young road Horse, doctor's Gig. open Barouche, close Coueh. Landau, Saddle, Harness, Ac. By order of Mortgagafc*" ? - ' '? NE IMPORTED FRENCH LANDAU AND ONE BA rouche for sale cheap. Apply at 262 Hudson street. <) PONY PHAETONS? KVr.RY description, popu lar prices; depot Wagons In great varlctv, two ele gant ?ix-sent extension-top Phaetons, Park Wagons, I Ik'lit Itockiiwavs, low prices. MASl FACTURERS' UNION. 638 Broadway lMIEF.TS. LAP ItOBBS. DUSTERS, SCRIMS, NETS, O WhipsJ Ilaiters, Siirciirglcs, Chamois and Sponges; large assortment at tlrst hands, retailing at wholesale prices. ARCH. JOHNSTON, No. 8Cortlandt street oeconm Hand and slightly soiled car riages bargains; T Cart, English Dog Cart, Depot Wagon, several Rockaways, top and open Buggies, jump seat Wagon. Pony Phaeton. MANUFACTURERS' UNION. 638 Bro,idway._ mHKER DOCTORS' PHAETONS, FROM $75 UP-ONE J C spring second Ponv Phaeton, $75, by Corbet A Sti vers; side bar open Road Wagons, $150 up; I wo side bar Top Wagons, by Du*< nhury A Vanduser and Corbett; two full spring Top Wagons, by Brewster and Dusenbury, from $100 up: one Dubois Sulky, $85; one two-seat Phae ton, by Wood, $150; one open Wagon, $65; one Coupe, one Victoria, one Depot Wagon, second hand ; one exten sion top Phaeton. Rockaways, too and onen Pony Pnae tons, of all styles; single and double Harness, sheets, Whips. Ac. W H. GRAY, 20 and 22 Wooster street. TO EXCHANGE FOR A GOOD TURNOUT? HANI), some Buildiug Lots In New Jersey or valuable Pann ing Lands. H. 8. RIDER, 89 Pine street TTIOR NALF.-TWO PINE. GENTLE PONIES. 12 AJW 13 F hands high, 5 years old; warranted sound and Kind. Nos. 3 and 5 West Thirteenth street. TO LET-FIRST CLASS IIORSES. PHAETON, ROAD Wagons und light vehicles of all descriptions, to stilt, the most fastidious, at the Waverlv, 147 to 151 West Thirty filth street, between Broadway and Seventh av? nue. JENKINS A RVA.V. \1TAG0NS for sale cheap-one express, tT one Gr< C^ry, one Milk, one Baker's and one two horse ulattoi in spring Wagon, with top; suitable tor city or coiiiTUy- At 226 Spring street WANTED-DONKEY OR SHETLAND PONY. WITH Wagon and Harness; must be perfectly trained, safe tor small children, sound, kind aud sola at* low 9fUfk Addre* R., box i,4M Pott (/OK* HORMKH, CARRIAGES, *C. TI7ANTKD?THE USE OK HORSE KOR CARE AND ?? keep during the Hummer. Any person desirous of having a horse well cared lor at u gentleman's country residence in New Jersey address R. O. M., box 148 Herald office. Cjl rtA?BKOWN IIOK.SK, 7 YEARS, 1? HANDS; ?PI''"' gruy do., $190; they make a good loain; sound and kind; light double Truck, $150. 418 Eighth avenue, corner 'I hirtv-tlrst street. djKAA ?!FOR SALE-FOR CASH, A SPAN OF aright Lav Horses, 15'i hands high, ft mid 6 years old. Apply at the Clinton Place Stable, 124 Eighth street RELHildl'S NOTICES. All cordially welcomed to heaiTthk rbv. P. 1.. Davit*, pastor Berian Baptist church, corner Downing and Bedford streets, Suiilmth morning and evening, <i the iiniiui hours. Anniversary op the organization of the Trinity Baptist church, Kiity-tiiih street, near Lex ington avenue, I to v. l)r. Holmes, pastor. Sixth annual sermon June I, at IllS A. M. Subnet in the evening? "Suicide; Its Built and Consequences." Brooklyn tabernacle?rev. t. de witt tal mage, 1). D., pastor, at the Academy of Music to-mor row and horearter. The Brooklyn Tabernacle congre gation will occupy the Academy ot Music, uiorniug and evening, at lli;.'tO and 7until their new church is built Seats tree. Bishop snow will preach in the universi ly, Washington square, on Sunday, at :l P. M. eat* free. Subject-.?"The True I'hurch a Burdensome Stone." Baptist church, fifty-third street, Seventh avenue?Kev. Win. H. Pendleton, Pa*ior.? Morning subject, "Leading the Philanthropic Van;" evening, "The (ludaruue Creeling," another walk with Jesus. BLBBCKBR STREET UNIVBR8ALIST CHURCH.? Rev. K. C. Sweetser will preach in the church, cor ner Hleecker and Downimr street", to-morrow morning and evening, tortile last time previous to|his departure tor Europe. Services begin at llljf A. M. and 7% P. M. Dedication of children at the close of the morning ser vice. / CENTRAL BAPTIST CHURCH, WB4T POBTY-SBCOND street, near Seventh avenue.?Rev. Frederick Evans, pastor, will preach morning and evening, Baptisms in .he evening. Strangers are welcome. piIURCH OF THE REFORMATION, FIFTY-SEVENTH \J street, between Fourth and Lexington avenues. Rev. U. T. Tracy, rector.?Services on Sunday at 11H4 a. M. and P. M. (ttjwWB'l service at 8)j P. M. FOURTEENTH STREET PRESBYTERIAN CHUBCB, corner Second avenue.?Preaching liy the pastor, Rev. Kolicrt Sloss, at 10'i A. M. and 7\ P. M. You are cordially Invited. FUR T BAPTIBT CHURCH, THIRTY-NINTH STREET, corner Park avenue.? Preaching morning at 10:?), and evening at7 :1.\ by pastor, Kev. Thomas D. Anderson, D. D. Sunday school 9 A. M. First mission BAPTIST church in LAIOHT street.?Rev. Ilalsey W. Knajip, pastor; servi c to morrow, at I0:.t0 A. M. and 7:1ft P. M. Seats tree. Sumlav School, 2 P. M. TTIRKK TABERNACLE OF THE METHODIST EPIH r copal Church, Thirty-fourth street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues.?Rev. John E. Cork man, pastor, will preach Sumlav morning, at loi? o'clock, and in the evening at 7V o clock. Sabbath school at 2 P. M. All are wi iconic. Seats iree. OLD FORSYTH street METHODIST EPISCOPAL church, between Dlvlslbn and Canal streets.?Kev. J. W. Karnhart, pastor, will preach Subbath morning and evening; scats iree . all are welcome. REV7 WAYLAND HOYT. PASTOR, WILL PBBACH in the 'lahernacle Baptist, church, Second avenue and Tenth street, every . undav, at 10k A. M. and 7", P. M. (until the reopening ot St/unway Hull in October). Subject oi evening sermon ?"Mnrinurtngs." BY. W. a 1) A Wso3 WI I.L PREACH AT THE Church of Christ, West Twenty-eighth street, near Broadway, at 10 JO A. M. and 8 P. M. All aru cordially invitril. Rev. h. d. nor hi hi >p will preach at thr i West Twentv-lhird street Presbyterian church on Sunday, at 101*0 and 7 :30. EvTdr. SAMSON WILL PRBACH IN PLYMOUTH i Baptist church. Fillv-llrst street, between Ninth and Tenth avenues, on Sunday, at 10^ a. M. and P. M. EV. J. F. M'CLELLAND, PARTolt ST. LUKE'S ' Methodist Episcopal church, Foriv-ftrst street, near Sixth avenue, will preach Sumlav, at 10'a A. M. and P. M. The public Invited, and always welcome. ST. STEPHEN'S- BBW EPISCOPAL OHURCh, OB Forty-sixth street, east of sixth uvcntie. will be open for service on Sunday, at 10% A. M. and 7% P. M. The rector. Kev. Or. Price, will preach In the morning, and the Rev. Dr. Potter, of Urace church, at the evening service. ST. THOMAS' CHURCH?RBV. DR. MORGAN, BSC tor.?Whitsunday Services?Morning Prayer at 9 o'clock; Litany, Sermon and Holv Communion at 111^ o'clock. Attcrnoon Service, with Sermon, at 4 o'clock. IJT. PAUL'S REFORMED CHURCH.? SERVICES AT O Harvard Rooms, Sixth avenue, corner of Forty-sec ond street, Sunday, at It)!, A. M. and P. M. Preaching by Kev. F. V. D. (iurretson. BPMMBBB OPPORTPJEITMBB. Any pkrson iiavino moo can purchase my hall Interest In a patent hreecli-londing Ride, which can shoot 25 times in one minute and ttiur motions; a splendid chance lor a fortune ; want of lunds reason lor selling. Address II. S., box 10 Bergon Post office, Jersey City, N. J. A man that understands the dining saloon business can have the entire charge of a weil established place <.n very reasonable terms. Apply nn mediatelv on the premises, ItW Canal street An educated gentleman oflaroe bijsinkss experience wishes to invest a small nmoiint with Ills services in a lucrative business. Address, with par ticulars, s. s. s., Herald office. /10PPBBAB works for SALB?CAPABLE of \j being run at a net profit ol $2tm a week ; buildings tanks, tools mid everything complete for business- ft.lKM consumers wrthin three hours ot the works, Insuring ready sale for entire pro met; owner has other business. Apply to (iKIOiiS, CARLKTON A CO., 98 Broadway. BV)R SALE?ONE OF THE UK ST VEGETABLE, FRUIT and Poultry stands In Central Market, selling over $2,000 a month; good reasons for selling. Apply at Out Seventh av?nue. Partner wanted.?$700 required; continued Increase of business necessitates the assistance of an intelligent and energetic gentleman with the above amount. Call on WESLEY WEBBER, 92 Broadway. <fc-| AAA ?WANTED, A YOUNO MAN WITH THIS ?PX.'/v'U. amount, -as pari nor in a Grocery, Pro Vision, Ac., Store. One understanding bookkeeping and meaning business may address CAPITAL, Albanv (N. Y.) Post office. Ci") -PARTNER WANTED, TO JOIN A ?iP-j.gentlemen of character and means In a handsomely paying cash inumilucturing business. For Interview address with full name, box 6,WW New York Post office. dtjti /tfln ?WANTED, A PARTY WITH THIS ydtOUll, amount, to effect the sale of a valuable Patent Right; one third interest given, and investor can control lunds. Address, lor one week, BECK, box IS'.) Herald office. AAA CASH WILL BUY ONE-HALF INTEREST i),UuU in a mercantile business established over 20 years; profits large. Call in person. W. E. hill, 7S Broad street mil aaa to tin,000.?wanted, a party with tpLU.UUv/ the above sum as partner, cither active or special, to Join an established inanulacturing tlrm who wish to make Improvements In machinery and extend business; a large profit guaranteed. Address A. 11. T., Herald office. AAA ?PARTNER WANTED, IN AN OLD ?PiU.lMMI. esablished lumber business; trade large and steady; In a large Connecticut town; yard and arrangements complete. Inquire of HUNT A DUSEN HUiiY. Astor House. New York. V'l' PL itE, \LAROE ASSORTMENT OF CARPETS, FUKNI ture and Bedding at lowest cash prices, by weekly instalments, at O'FARRKL'S warehouse, 410 Eighth uve nue, between thirtieth and Thirty-first streets. * GENTLEMAN AND WIFE. GOING ABROAD KOR /V a lew vtars. will dispose, at a sacrifice, of their en tire elegant Household furniture; also two beautiful Pianofortes, celebrated city makers. Call at 210 Wesl21st St., near 7th iv. AT PRIVATE RESIDENCE KM EAST TWENTY filth street, between Fourth and Lexington ave nues.?A magnificent satin braeatei Parlor huit nearly new, cost $.''7ft, lor $2t*i; one do., $i<5; brocatel anil reps Suits, $7ft, $"><> and $:tft, I'lunoiorie, Paintings, rosewood and walnut chamber .suits, Mattrasscs. Budding, Carpets, Curtains, Mirrors, Turkish Chairs, Lounges, Bronzes, Vases, Clocks, .silverware, Bullet, Dining Table, Ac., ess han hall cost if cull this day. family leaving city. AT PRI VATE RESIDES! E. NO. 120 WEST TWENTY third street.?Parlor Suits, in satin; cost $VK), lor (2S0; do., $l.'i0; rep suits, ??), $fi0. ?7ft to 9I2S; Bed room Suits. $4u upwards, fill, $*0 to $IMi, complete; Bed ding, Carpets, loss than hall cost; also magulflceut 7l4 octave rosewood Pianoforte ; cost $9.V), for 92.V). \ FIRST CLASS ASSORTMENT HOUSEHOLD EI'R niture for sale?Magnificent Drawing Room Suits; Marin Antoinette and Urand Duchess stvles, covered silk brocade; cost JKIO, lor $200; do., |l?); do., $4.'.; superb Chamber Suits. Paintings, Mirrors, Carpets, Clock, Silverware, Bronze Statuary, Vases, superb rose wood Pianoforte, Stool, Cover, property tamilv leaving citv. 18 West Iftth st? nearft'bav. AT 8H0, 882 BROADWAY?PIcKHARDT'S PREMIUM Parlor and Sola Red for sale on easy terms or for cash; also Parlor and Bedroom Sets, b.v J. II. A Co. ^ 1 RE AT BARGAINS IN M'KMTI'KK I^et those looking for cheap Goods call at Loan Office, Til Uroadway. where we are selling, for 80 (lavs, to pay the advances and cliargi s. Parlor, Library, Dining and Bedroom Furniture, Pianos, carpets, Curtains, China and Silverware. 722 Broadway, opposite N*w York Hotel. /10OD SECOND HAND AND MISFIT CARPETS A \Jf specialty; all sizes, handsome styles. For sale cheap at 112 Fulton street, corner ol Dutch; entrance on Dutcii street. _ M^MONTHLY OR WE KLY PAYMENTS.?CARPETS, Furniture, Bedding, 4iJjkaly. A CUNNINGHAM, 38? and .W Third avenue, near Twenty-eighth street. Prices lower than any other house in the city. VTKW FtRNlTl'RK STORK, <1*4 BROADWAY. (1RF.AT 11 Jones street corner.?Furniture of the best iiuality In the greatest variety, at the lowest prices, and the pric? ol each ariicln plainly marked. EDWARD W. BAXTER k CO., Manufacturers. UrKEICLY AND MONTHLY PAYMENTS FOR FI R, nlture, ( arpcts and Redding, at B. M. COWPER THWA1TA c< . s Ift* and 1M Chatham street Au iuuueuseKk And iow pric?t, / u.yoit A FIRST CLASS HKSTA1 KANT AND DRINKING Saloon for sail In the rnitre of business, but must f*dd>!mf 1 """ oilier limine**. Apply to THOB. ^}AH- NK Y, Auctioneer, No. ti Centre street. A -FINE. OPPORTUNITY TO PURCHASE A LA ROE TV. cash business.?A large cash wholesale and retail manufacturing Clothing Business for sale; established 16 years; gales $2ft0,0U) to J:?IO.ttJU per year; favorable lease. Parties wishing to retire from buslness in tlic re*-on lor selling. Address, real name, D. C. A CO., box Itu Herald office. A SPLENDID BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY.-AN OLD established House Furnishing, Stove and Tinware Plumbing and (lasiiuing Business, with or without stuck; uow doing a large business; sold on account of sickness. Apply to J. D. CRAHAM, 21 Park row, room 90. A -CIGAR STORK88 FOR SALE, SPLENDID BUSI ? locations; Dining Saloon on West street, ex traordinary chance: Fancy Goods and Confectionery Stores, excellent locations. Particulars at 2ft Cham bers street, (lEOROE W. SIMERS' Store Agency. A -FOR SALE, LIQUOR STORES: DOWN TOWN ? Liquor Stores fbr t40U; Lodging Houses, Hotels, Bakeries, Confectioneries, Corner Drug Stores, down town Grocery Stores lor $300; Painting and Plumbing Shops. MI I t'll ELL'S Store Ageiicv, 77 Ci*lar street. A FIRST CLASS STKAM LAUNDRY, DOING IM me use busmen* and in complete running order, will tic wild reasonably. Inquire at 420 Eighth avenue. A SILVER -MOUNTED MARBLE FOUNTAIN?THBEB draughts; beer, soda and ginger ale; six syrups, glasses, measures. ,tc., complete; must be sold at hall price. Apply at 1,217 Broadway. f1RUwK!':KY' GLASSWARE AND LAMP STORE, 1,213 * Third avenue. Lease, good Slock and Fixtures, tor sale; large store; rent 8ill, with rooms; death cause o! selling. <ireal bargain. ? DRU? stork for salk-a short distance: from the city: a first class store iinil business, with a "!" tuni'l,lllr8 inquire ofCHAS. N. CRIT ThN TON, No. 7 SUtli iivenue. IjlOR SALE?FIRST GLASS BAKERY; SIXTEEN BAR rels a week. Apply at 24t> Kulton street. . T. U. MATHEWS A CO. F^OR SALE?A FIRST CLASS OROOERY, WITH Slock, Fixtures, Horse and Wagou; will be sold cheap to a cash customer; location one of the best. In quire after 7 o'clock P.M. McCilKSNY, ftft Irving place. FjV>B SALE?VERY CHEAP, A BLACK WALNl'f .?shelving, 4ft feet, with 2fl large drawers; also three counters, 12 leet, black wnlniif solid top: a Copying Press and other Hixfures at a bargain. M. LOIINSTEIN, 421 llroudway. FM)R SALE?THE K EST A I'RA NT AND LAGER BEER Saloon 99 I'llird avenue, betvAcen Twelfth and Thir teenth streets. Inquire in the place. F^OR SALE?AT ONE-HALF ITS COST, A LABOR Siotter. Apply to E. C. FORCE, Nos. ft aud 7 Dey street, room 6. " C10B SALE?STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A FANCY I goods and iniilinery store in New Jersey, 20 miles from New York cily ; established seven years. Address U. B. B., box 120 Herald odlce. MOR SALE-TO CABINET MAKERS AND IIPIIOL L sterers.?A new and second baud Furniture Store and a paving repairing shop will sell Stock aud Fixtures at cost, amounting to |27ft, doing a good business; three years lease; cheap rent and paid up to 16th of Juiit, ; rea son lor wiling, oilier business out of town. This is a great chance tor a man who understands repairing. Call at the store SiM Fifth avenue, between Twelfth and Thir teenth streets. South Brooklyn. FV>R SALE-HARDWARE BUSINESS, IN BROOK lyn; good location. Address HARDWARE, box2,4a0 New \ ork Post office. ' FIOR SALE?A BROOKLYN AND NEW YORK EX P?T? "2*1!0?"5 Horses, Wagons, Stables, Ac. Ad uress EXPRESS, box 2lki Herald office. IT*0R SALE?THIS STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A , Vio ?-r 8,orS' wlth llm'? years' Lease. Apply In tho lore. L3 Newark avenue, Jersey City. LIOR RALE?SHOW CASE.s, DESKS, CHAIRS, SIONS, L sash office Railing ami the entire walnut Fixtures of a confectionery store. Apply to JAMES llODGa, 404 Hud son street. Will be shipne 1 tree. EIORSALE-A FINE GROOBBY AND TEA STORK. I within u tew miles of New York city; about tl.MW required ; everything in tine order; low rent: doing a good business; satisfactory reasons given lor selling. Ad street Newark'N*J?0 , C(,rm'r Morri* avenue and Broad fpOR SALE?THE MACHINERY AND BUSINESS OF . I a Bleacbery and Dyeing Establishment, for bleach ing, dyeing and sizing warns and yarns ; also a variety of 'treet, Pa u-r so 11! 'n. ' J. l? ^3?mS B"?WN' ** FOR SALE-FINE CORNER GROCERY AND Linuor Store M years established. Apply at the ?re. 187 Bloom field street, Hoboken. FOR SALE?CHEAP, TO CLOSE BUSINESS, FIRST street 8 0 lxture,i ulso u Sa,e- APP'y *t?ai KiltU For salb-at m eighth avenue, store, U1."1 Hx,,!r,,;M h,'l,t H,"tor Store on the avenue, or will sell Store and Fixturfs, without stock: will be sold ? a* present occupant la going out of the busi U'or sale cheap?a first class corner I Liquor 8 to re, doing a good business; must bo sold immediately on account of sickncss. Apply at 411 Ninth For sale cheap?to close an estate, a sugar Mill, complete (new, never used); 25 horse room*4 to FORCE, Nos. ft ami 7 Dey street, T^OR SALE CHEAP-COMPLETE SET OF FOUNDRY 110 Cannon sue.. ? ln workln* ordcr by ?PP?F?n? ?? House furnishino and crockery business lor sale or exchange, for improved city or Brooklyn rroperty ; business c-tahiished six years; three years' lensi; ot store and basement Apply on the premises, 723 Nixt'i a^euue. I IQUOB STORK FOR SALK?DOING A GOOD BUSI XJ ness: will tell 1-eiise, Stock, Fixtures and Good Will In the business, reason-able to a cash purchaser. For further particulars apply on premises, Ifti) Mott street. T iyl'OR AND LAGER BEER SAU)ON, LICENSE. 1J splendid ( onliter, Ice Box and everything complete ; "c,i,t; must sell, as owner has other bu.sineM 1.(5 Eleventh avenue, corner I hlrtv-sixth street. f l-MBF.R.-2,000,000 FEET AND 5,0)0 ACRES TIMBKR IJ Lands for sale or exchange for Mortgages or other Sanlf^'clock ' Broad street Slu between CAFES.?TWO LARGE, TWO MEDIUM, THREB O small Sales, very cheap; Herring, Marvin and Wlluer'? make. 7i Maiden Lane. H. L. o, yuiKK. (J? -A BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY?MANUFACTURING ?p. specialities Just out: a novelty and utility; need only be seen to be appreciated; good Heal Esiate taken lor an Interest Call on RIDDEL, at National Manuiaa. .unng Company, li Dey street WILL PURCHASE AN EXCELLENT CANDY. Ice Cream and Ottawa Beer store and Milk $175 *.T M \ , ?""" ?*."?"? nmiT 1III1 JIIIIK H'.1'"* K0"(1. business, on the west side. Apply to riios. (jAH.NhV. Auctioneer, No. ft(/'entre street. iAt HlifKiiV, i MES' PORTABLE ENOINES .1 TO 41) HORS8 ?f* power portable lloisters. Saw Mills, tirain Mills, Ver tical Engines, Horizontal Engines, plain and cut off, and Boilers, all styles and sizes; our own make; Shafting, lieerltig and Castings. IIAMPSON, WHITEHILL A CO., 3H Cortland street AT WILSON A ROAKE'S, 2s2 AND 2S4 WATER /Y street?Horizontal, Upright, Portable and Hoisting Engines; Upright, Locomotive ami Tubular Boilers; Steam Pumps, Tresses shafting, Pulleys, Hangers, Ac. LVSOINE AND BOILER.?A SPLENDID THREE. IU horse power upright Engine and Holler, ln perfect | running order, made by Neiv Y. rk Safety Power Com pany. NEIL McCALLt'M A BRO., 19 Spruce street F^OR SALE?FIVE, TEN. FIFTEEN, TWENTY TWEN t.v-flve, thirty, lorty-horse Engines, with or without Hollers; one Hoisting ' ngineione t< u-horse Portable En gine; very low. J. UN McLaREN, Third and Grand streets, lioboken, N. J. F?S,.8a,i-',J?engine, SHAFT AND PROPELLER .?i .ieJ'?n f1"* order; built in Philadelphia; -/.""''??J lbx24; win el 4 feet 8 inch, s In diameter; suitable toJ a large tug or propeller. Cun be seen on board pro peller elevator William Penn, at Centre street, Newark. ? I articular* of t). JoNES, Sixth street, bt'tweto uvculies B and C, New YorK. H HOMER, M ACHINIST, PRES.1*A NT) PRESS TOOL . maker, ban on hand Laihes, Anvils, Vices, Screw, Lever and Drop Presses; also a general assortment of Tools; at ft4 East Broadway. WANTED?ABOUT 100 FEET OF WROUGHT OR ?" cast iron Tubing, H2 to tift Inches In dnf.nctcr; old boilers might answer. Address box 4.92S Post office. IIT ANTED?STEAM ENGINE, BOILER, SAW AND " Splitter tor kindling wood factory. Address box Y., Jersey City Post office. 11,'ANTED?A SECOND HAND LATHE, 30 TO 50-INCH TT swing. Address statin* partlculirs, price. Ac I THOMPSON BROS., li2 BroaJstreet, Philadelphia; Rl'ROPR, /^UBBLAIN-U Ri'K DE LA PAIZ, PABA VJ ? , Ambrosial Creain for Shaving. Fashionable Perfume for the Handkerchief. Eau do Lustre lor the Hair. Eau de Cologne (preparation speclale). /-JREOORY A CO., 212, 214 REGENT STREET, LON IT don, beg to draw the attention or those Americans about to vi.<il Kngland to their rei^lAi^tockor^IIf !?iif 2'n?fu5i n1' Turkey and Morocco Cftrpetn; also to their English Carpets in choice and exclusive designs. THS, , QUEEN'S IIOTEL^ NEAR TUB CRYSTAL / ' Upper Norwood, London.?To tourists and families? Its elevated, pleasant and most salubrious posi tion, combined with the comfort atlorded and its general management, have made the Uueeu's Hotel a favurita resort of the upper ranks ot English society. WISCEUAWEQUa. ~ J Marble soda apparatus?all styler at reduced prices; Ottawa Heer Fountains and Ex tract on liberal terms; send for Illustrated catalogue. JAMES M. WITFIKLD A SON. 2S2 Water street. SILVER (1RAY CASSIMERK HAT?THE ONLY HAT that becomes the complexion, is to be found at JAMES', st Nicholas Hotel. ~~~ OKNTIHTIlV. Absolutely painlb*s.-tebth extr.vctkd; fresh gas dally; Combination Set* extremely light and durable , Rubber Sets, <10. 218 Sixth avenue, between Fuurteeutft aud Fifteenth sireeto, JtstaUished 24years. "Ok MBttriAHD.

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