Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 31, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 31, 1873 Page 2
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CTTT RKAIi ESTATE FOR MtK. Central. AM 5kw foc* "tory hiuh stoop brovtn stone Hou eou thirty-seventh street, Hurray Hill lor JiixWilUO: all liu|irunwni>i also three story high stoop trn k House, on Kitty-sixth street near Lrx Ington avenue; bargains; possession. Call or adcir?<u JOHN COAK, IK Last Thirty-seventh street! ,wuru'" Eatt mid*. 1 LOT OPPOSITE THE EAST HIDE PARE. NEAR J\ t!i* (mat landing at Eighty-fourth street, and other Lots in the vicinity, lor sale; terms to suit. Apply to the owner. HAMLIN BAUCOl'K, Seventy-sixth street aud East River. Eastern boulevard lots for sale-on very cany terms; also an Ka-t Kiver Water Front, with 40 Lots. Apply to the owner, HAMLIN BABCOCK, Seven ty-sixth street and Last Klver. For sale or to kknt-a nicely furnished private Dwelling House; 10 apartments; good lor ? boarding liuuse. lo9 tinidxe street Miscellaneous. THREE STORY BRICK, lSniOx'S, with Improvement*, below Kilty third street, healthy, pleasant location, al?otive awry brick tenement, 2Sx>Axl41; two store*, ?ti rooms; tcruiscnsy. By TKKAUWh.Ll., 635 We.?t Kitty-second street. IIUO<)Kl.l\ PUOI'EltlY FOR SALE AND TO LET. JJEIIALD BRANCH OFFICK-BRO< iKLYN. advertisements FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT OU It BRANCH OFFICE, IN TnE LONG ISLAND SAVIN08 BANK BUILDINO, CORNER OF FULTON AV. AND BOERUM ST. OFFICE OI'EN FROM H A. M. TILL IP. M. ON SUNDAY FROM 3 TO 9 P. M. CARRIERS AND AGENTS' DEPARTMENT, NO. 7 FROfy STREET, BROOKLYN. A REFINER. SHIPBUILDER OR MANUFACTURER in want ol 36 Lots on North Filth street, Brooklyn Jon lev: on river, eighty per cent en bond and mortgage flveycars. can rail or address HARMON, 12 Bond street A BARGAIN?HAMIL'lON STREET, NEAR MYRTLE avenue, handsome three story basement and sub SS'ItT ??k Hi)UI?. 12 rooms; all Improvement*; price Hi,BUB. *? W . LOOK, 235 Washington slreet, Brooklyn. FOR SALE?A HOUSE (9 ROOMS) AND LOT, WITH water and gas, within a short distance of lour lines of cars; 43 Klin street; terms easy. Inquire at I,22ti My rtle ^avenuejdrug siore), Brooklyn, K. D. PART OF THE BROWN STONE HOUSE TO LET-68 Second place, Brooklyn; all modern improvements; KT.?i sliuati?0: Present occupied by three persons; r^rclieli .-poken; between Clinton and Court streets. 8TORV AND BASEMENT HOUSES 1,037anil 1,043 Gates avenue, Brooklyn; all improve Sti'FrA ni'i"?veI^?low; *"*' Per year. 'Inquire ot A. B. MILLARD, No. 4Waireu street, New York. WE 8TCHESTER COC STY PROPERT Y POR^SALE and to rent. A ?"LARCHMONT MANOR" rjv Several new Cottages and Villas, with plota 80x 100, or by the acre, tor sale at Larchmont Menor, on the Bound, two miles from New Roclielle (formerly the coun try scat ol E. K. Collins, Esq.) This magnificent prop ertv, consisting of 288 acres, with a water front of two miles, Is beautifully laid out as a private park and in tended exclusively tor gentlemen's private residences. It ih thoroughly drnin-d and each house supplied with J ?!"i H prl7?,tc rewrvrtr especially erected for the ero wiU b.c 11 '"Hi's ol drive* through the estate. Eight acres, fronting on the water, have been reserved tor a park and have been deeded lor the use of d'A e|?u,nt <lePot .1""' been erected on the jjii i ? ' connecting by a private horse rail road, one mile in length, running through the property to the water. This enables eacn resident to rcacn his house without being dependent upon carriages. A nuin v .l'"11 villas have lieen erected by prominent E> i i .r rM ani' "'any more arc now near completion. This is the most magniflcent location in the State ol New 2:..' 5 desirable parties are invited to inspect the property and villas now lor sale. Photographs mav be fTi ll- Particulars gi ven by applying to silas C. HER. fcti corner Murrav street and Brotidwav; E. til ?"q'' 'L Broadway, or WM. L. BARKER, fc?q-. at Larchmont Manor. ' at TARRYTOWN. NEAR THE DEPOT.-TO LET ^ W?"?rss6^rwK s?wa?' BMBEKSUN, 6W 8l*Ui AT RYE WESTCHESTER COUNTY-AN' ELEGANT Country Seat to let tully furnished, for the season* an high ground; five minutes from depot ; six acres in a YrnoI^,'R^e. Apply 10 *? FUU>- Wot Master* o? Ij^OR SALE?200 SUPERB ACRES IN WESTCHESTER r county, near Bedford, Harlem Railroad, two hours >?* fTARRYTOWN.-FOR SALE, FAMILY RESIDENCE JL nearly new, 13 rooms; large garden, full of fruit and lhade trees; views ol Hudson; ten minute" walk from teitr,"I"U,NlwY."rk ,,v,ry h<?" = immediate pos n. terms easy, the lamily going to Europe. For P'?"8house and grounds, BLACK WELL A CO., 05 Lib' arty street, New York, or opposite depot, Tarrytuwn. T'l. LEJj~ON. WASHINGTON AVENUE. BETWEEN Seventh and Eighth streets, Morrisauia, ? House, con wuilng rtn'oins; rentclieap. Apply, lor three days, to A- M. MAY, iftfl and 2ti6 Canal street rro LET?AT YONKKRS, DUttING THE SUMMER lnrnUi?Ill or lonFer' '!art of a House, with Ave plainly furnished rooms; beautiful river view, Ac.; ten minutes' AddriL?P r '?!"liut TcriU1' <fl0 P?' month, jtddress P. C. A BRA Ms, First National Bank, Yonkers, TO LET-AT TUCKAHOE. WESTCHESTER COUNTY a three story Mansion, with lfj acres ol ground* pienty ol iru.t- large garden; will "rent cheap to good r.!!f/,S A.PJ'ly ,0/ K- WILLIAMS A SON, 270 Hi est flurty-lourth street, corner Eighth avenue. T? LET?AT YONKERS, NEAR DEPOT, A NEAT TWO A . ^feneli rool House, with 13 rooms; dellght ?ni^'iiw n,s:re:? t0,u\ Apply to J. f. WILLIAMS a ?ON, 2,0 West 1 hirty-iourth street, corner Elghtn avenue. TO RENT?FURNISHED, AT SING SING, ON THE Hudson, a beautiful Country Residence, for the season ?ryear; all kinds of Irult, Ac.; splendid view J. O. HOYT A SON. 171 Broadway. 100 o8E, ANH) .^?Ti AT KATONAH. on !i,? V.:.,i Harlem Railroad, eight minute*' walk Irora the station; good new house, seven rooms; good barn; two acres land ; abundance ot ft-uit, Ac Mrs. NANCY BEDELL. K*tonah, Westchester county, N. Y. JERNKY CITY, IIOItOK i:\. III iison CITY A.\l) Bti?iKN REAL ESTATE. To Let or l^catae. TO LET-AT NORTH BERGEN, 10 MINUTES FROM Jersey City ferry, a pleasant House, 12 rooms; line J K- WILLIAMS A SON, "est 1 hlrty-tourth street, corner Eighth avenue. PROPERTY OCT OP THE CITY FOR HAL.E OR TO RENT. All wanting farms.?to farmers and farm laborers from the old Country?Virgin soil $25 per acre, near the great markets ol New York and Philadel phia, tanning better and more profitable than W?u.t Ati J'"\M l-AGK, Itt- Hark pla?e tw?"dJoM ft-oS. tion by Mter Papars will be sent on applica AT STAMFORD, CONN.?FOR SALE, AN ELEGANT Residence, situated hall a mile east ot the village, an high ground; a tine house, containing all modern no proveinents; Ave acres of nice land, truit and shrubbery ?l all kin Is; beautiful location; everything in complete ?rdcr; price s. KMBKRSoN 658 Bl?th avenue, near Thirty eighth street. AT LAKE OKORGE. TWO VERY NICE TOTTAGES with eleennt piazzas, well turnished. to let tor the Summer; one 13 rooms, rem $?*(-, one H rooms, rent ?3fl0; Uealthy location: one on tlie Lake shore road, one-half ?alia from post office and Fort William Henry Hotel; tarriage house and stable: ice house tilled. The above Cottages will be found, by Inspection, the most cosy and CRANDAl'k, Uk?Geor,gehN. V<lni,y- A<ldreM JAMES AT NEW brighton. 8. I.?FURNISHED HOISE- II every modern linnrovement, tine view and 5?m?S B ' 1 " miinitealrom landing; reut$130per cont>l W A. COLLINS, & l^iiie street. APRhPTY COTTAGE (SIX ROOMH), IN NEW Bngnuin, S. I.; rent $4<I0; splendid view eiaht minutes irom landing. W. A COLLINS, ? P|?e street ATNYAt K, ONT1IE HUDSON.?THE MOST HEALTHY and most lieautitul suburb ol Nev* ^ ork an ele rant turnished Villa, a new Villa, with all modern con ireniences; a counuodious Cottam and lori\ Viiin im.Ti. Address L. D. mansfield. * ' ? > ilia I lots. A COTTAGE ON THE BANKS OF THE HUDSON TO r~ .^ . .<i llht,nL*c<,,?,r/ and un-urpassed as a healthy location, with privilege lor a boat or vacht; no Diosqultoes. ' HENRY RODERMOND, Cornwall on Hudson. AT NEWARK.?DOCKS, FRONTINO ON PASSAH' River (canal on rear), lor lumber, coal or factory Mies, to lease. Apply at 97 Duane street ki w York. GEORGE W. HOJER ATA BARGAIN.?A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY PLACE 95acres, new set of lum buildings, beside mansion '; splendid location : vlcinity^f elegant counlrv seats; view at saund ; near depot; 24 miles from New York; owner in Europe; possession. C. H. OLIVER, No. 1 Park place. A BARGAIN AT MO KKISTOWN.? COUNTRY SEAT S acres or 22; handsome cottage; II rooms, bath, ?rater closet, *C.; ice house, carriage house, Ar.; high, healthy ; fine views; abundance of iruit and shade. H. EDDY. No. 1 Park place. A COTTAGE TO LET?AT FAR ROCKAWAY; ? r1'"'11 flvc minutes' walk to the Long ?nd Houthslde depot. Apply to RICHARD Ull'SON, on yiwlm. ' A T ORANGE, N. J ?FURNISHED COTTAGE, CHARM A 'n* location, to let, tor Summer or year, low to good tenant See occupant, BROOKS, Halstead street near Brick Church station, or 30 Cortlandt street, New York. A CHOICE FARM OF SO ACRES IN ONEIDA ooanty. near railroad; new buildings; tine loca tion; churches, schools and stores; $2,900, terms to suit MB hast Thirtieth street. * u fc A furnished HOTEL TO LET-NEAR NEW YORK*, possession Immediately. Apply u> s. 0. SMITH' D<vner, Frankfort House, 2UJ William street ' BEAUTIFUL SHORE FRONT RESIDENCE-^aTMILFS via New Haven Railroad; 11 rooms; modern con veniences; healthv; near denot; $9,(J00; descriptive clr rular. Address J. w. ATWATf.R, Riverside station, Conn. flOTTAGES AT WYOMING, ON TUB SLOPE OF THE Orange Mountain, beautifully located, near station, at a mere nominal rent to desirable partia*. Apply to L. W. BADGER, Wyoming, M. J. ^ ^ f ^NOLEWOOD.?ATTENTION I?FOB 8ALIA A 8PLEN I J did Place, beautifully located on the hill, near the J'resbyterUn church; house nearly new, thoroughly well liuilt, 12 rooms, all modern Improvements, In splendid or der; lot contains X of an acre of land, with fine garden, fruit, shade. Ac. i tne views from this place are unsur uaa-ed. KELLY BROTULRU, 206 Broadway, or U. H. Wiu-w. hoghnviii* PROPKR TT OUT OF TUB PITT FOR ?ALB AMD TO HJBWT. P1LEOANT RESIDENCE. rUBNIHHlD. TO If Birmingham. Conn. House of 1# amis, ifally tur nitihod; inot'?rn improvement* lour *cmis olt grjiitma, abundance ol irult mid *"&A4!ian J,? ? pV?? i* Wgs; tor season $I,OjO. HOMhR MOHUAN, WaiHUft * Farm for sai-k?a valuable farm or ?oo acres, finely tltuated in one ol the pleawntest valleys In Ve iiu.lit; 8>i miles iron# railroad and telegraph olllce , nine h.iura iroin New York; local on unaurpa^, b<vh a? rewards fineness ol (ornery and pure air; Rood road*, fine trout siieum runs through the lartn and only two iiiiIim iroin Lake Bomosee; bulldiuga m arly n.w; liouse mouern. supplied with pure s|*liv waier, which never lails running Into liouiie or barn*; well adapted lor a >r liriirj larm; a mo-e deniable country home can lound ; will be sold at a bargain. Apply to K. A. K, Castletoii, Vt sock or not he I MORSh Farm in middlksf.x county, n. j.. for sale or Exchange?80 aero* good land. wUh large house and null uiidiiigi*; easily accesaiblo to the city. Addrea., FaKM, box lil Herald oiiicu. For -or the finest country Homes on the Hudson River: splendid views ol Hie Catskilis; new iurgo h< um\ collage, buildings, uock ana 8,000 iriut trees; iji complete order; 80 acres; all unen cumbered. AduressC., box ? o. 9 Post irtlce, llxotor apply to M. I. WOOLLEY, No 5^ fine street, room 10. 1.1IIK SAI.K-AT RAHWAY, O.sE HOUR FROM NEW r York ( rains hourly, tcu minuion' walk Iroin depo), laig double iraiue House, wing on each end, gas sliuue, police; advantages ot city and retirement ol count y% wator iront. boaiing, tlsh tig; ubout three acres: llef'".VJ healthy. Apply lit law offices 01 WillihHEAD A Llu.?, as Wall street. _____ TTtOU SALE?IN SAO HARBOR. L. I., A BEAUTI f in Iv tilted up sea riilo Resilience, having all iho modern tin? roveinents; house 32x40 leet, with two wings: irrounds au0x?7B lee., with tine garden, stable, granary. Ac : daily communication by boat or rail; property will be Mid cheap Apoly to HENRY T. RICHAHii.-toN, 231 Water street, New York. TTIOR BALE AT A BARGAIN?A VERY NICE OF.N f t (email's Residence in New Jersey, 50 minutes from New York ; near depot: modern house, 13 roi.m i, ill stilen did order, with trom one to live acres land; line old shade tri es' iruit In abundance; runiiiti,' brook through prop erty; but little cash required; terms very easy and tm m. illatepossessii.n: p operty rapidly rising In .value in vicinity. For particulars and view ot property call on or addreu KltANKLIN POST. Belmont Hotel, *uilon street, New York. IjlOR SALE?AT QUEENS, L. I? A GOOD FARM OF ' 22 acres; goou house, liarn, Ac.; convenient to churches, scliooland depot? possession Inimedlaiel) , with crops Apply to JAM. sc. II EN DRICKSt )N, queens, I.. 1. TjlOR SALE-ON EASY TERMS, A VERY FINE J country Residence adjoining the city ol New Iiruns wlck, N. J., one hour's ride iroiu this city; six acres ol La nil, with large modern House and outbuildings, all in complete order; ai.undance of irult, Ac. Apply to owner, 65 Maiden lane. For sale or rknt-duiuno thf. summer months, ft new Houae, 8 rooms, verandahs on lour s des; tlvc minutes' walk irom depot; splendid Hound view - bouting, baihing lishinu on the premises. Address, for three Weeks, R. T. NICHOLS, Bridgeport, Colili., box 1,076, or HENRY DAVIS. Southport, Conn., near the premises. Handsome cottage to let?11 rooms- i to ? acres; near depot; l)i bourn trom New York; nosses ' C it. OLIVER, No. 1 Par* pl?ce._ T*" CORNWALL, N. Y.-FARMS SUMMER "BfJJ 1 dences lor sale or to let Address C. KErt/HA.M, Mountninville (N. Y.) Post office. T OOK.? A SPLENDIDLY FURNISHED COUNTRY 1j Seat of 45 acres, with Crops Stock, t urnlture. Ac., at a saerltlce. This splendid property, known as l-air vl. w" Is right Oil th.'eilge ot one ol the iiiost beau.ilul and flourishing towns In PeniisylvHnin, one hour from Philadelphia,:!^ hours Iroin New York; land a {[underhe highest cultivation, and w unsurpassed lor beauty of lota tlon? very tine water, abundance ot choice tilull, elegunt brick dwelling, hall and nine rooms very handsomely turni-hed, tenant house, splendid barn, carriage house ana numerous outbildings; price, including all?crops, blooded horses, cows, hogs, poultry uml lurnlturc? dillv $1 ,000. Easy term?;-itnmedlate possession. lake it A." M. tram troui foot ot Liberty street, New York, Ni'W Jersey Central Kailroad, to Bethlehem, Pa.; there tuko Northern Pennsylvania Railroatl to (juakerlown. in nil Ire at Miller's Hotel, opposite Quakertown station, tor 0. L. WALEfcR. Can return at 5 P. M. T AKK I RONT.?HANDSOME COUNTRY SEAT, 1j irontlng a beautiful lake, a few hours' ride from New York; 100 acres, $10,000; buildings worth the money. See photograph. fc. H.OLIVER, No. 1 Park place, tTrgF, NEAR-BY FARM AND COUNTRY RF.St 1J dence for sale?Fine chance for cutting up; would ex change lor city House or Mortgages. Address, detailed propositions only, Bl'lilNKSS, box 2011 lleralil oltlee. Lots at cranford-new jf.ksey ckstrai. Railroad, 4H minutes trom the city; commutation 22c. per day; plots of four Lots, $70 to $160 per lot: $10 monthly payments; the finest and cheapest lots ever offered at private sale or auction cither. I artlculars of K. BLOOMINGDALE, 239 Broudwuy, room HI, utid W? Third avenue. MONTCLAIR, N. J.-FOR SALE. llEN'T OR EX change, large House, 13 rooms, batli, laundry, Ac.; stables, hothouse, springs, truits; garden. 8 acres or less; one eiirhtn ol a mile from depot. o ^ J. H. PARSONS, 38 William street YACK ON HUDSON-FURNISHED COTTAGE TO let low, season or year, with barn, acre of vround in lawn, gravelled walks, shade, choice fruit, charming view. Applv at store 6S East Broadway, or MaTIHEW SON'S, 6 Plue. XTYACK, ON THE HUDSON.?A LARGE NEWLY FUR- I iN nished House to let for the season; ventilated for j Bummer use. J. R. MALLaRY. Comuierciul Building. OllANGE MOUNTAIN, N. J.?FOR RI'.NT OR SALE, beautltul Place: trutt abundant; lawn; shade; good waUr; stable; rent $275 . another, rent $800. B. F. SMALL, W Liberty street Parties desiring to purchase or hire Real Estate on the banks ol the Hudson at almost any station on the 4ine of the Hudson River Railroad, will ttnil lull particulars us to prices. 4c.. by applying to S. K.MHKKSO.N. tWJMxth avenue, near Thirty eighili street. TO LET-AN ELEOANT MANSION, TIlOROITtJHLY litrnihhed. all modern conveplences, six acres ol gar den, situated on an eminence commanding a beautltul river view, at Belleville, N. J. Apply to G. DEWlTr, BBO. A CO., 90 John street, New York. no LET?NEAR MADISON, MORRIS AND ESSEX i Railroad, a desirable House, furnished lincliidlng piano), with horse and carriage, two cows, towls, garden, truit and pavturuge. Inquire ol A. L. SA^RE, 212 Wash ington street rro RENT?AT RUTHERFURD PARK, N. J? 9 MILES 1 from City Hall, on Erie Railway, a handsome nine room Cottage; will bo rented cheap to a good tenant For particulars apply to 11. G. BELL, 41 Worth street, New York. 110 RUNT FURNISHED?AT MORRISTOWN, ACOUN trv Seat, with bathroom, water closet Ae. : garden made : Ice bouse; beautltul location: plenty of truit and shade. 8. EDDY, No. 1 l'ark place. $r OAO?$2,900 CASH, BALANCE IN EASY AN O.UUu nuttl payments?will buy a fine gross and grain Farm ot 50 acres; 8 acres timber land; balance rlili valley land under a high state of cultivation; a stone dwelling containing 8 rooms and piazza; large stone barn and necessary outbuildings; plenty of gooa water: tine apple orchard and other truits; location healthv; situation pretty, in Bucks county Pa., one mile from village and station, thirty miles trom Philadelphia; crops all in and everything in order; the crops this season will be worth nearly the amount required down; Immediate possession given: tills Is a bargain. Apply to RANSOM ROGERS, 206 South Fifth ?t., Philadelphia, Pa. O HOUSE AND EIGHT ACRES FOR ?Pl^.OUU $'.i,IXM.?A model Cottage, with eight Rooms; a tine rarriage house, with kltchrn and bi^il room; a large barn and 70 or *) fine evergreens. The lanu Cfinslsts ol one pasture lot, one acre of potatoes and live acres of grass, and a lull-bearing apple orchard. 'I ho land is worth $8,000, uud the Improvements cost over $t,m?i The place is only 15 minutes'walk from tan Winkle's station, ou Midland Railroad, one hour from the city I' is the tlrst new house on lett band going up hill, culled the Ootlee hill. The owner is obliged to sell. The location Is superior to any other ill the State. Kor in formation call ou T. 11. SHEPHERD, 181 Broadway, second floor. A gentleman from cltv is patting up a house next to mv orchard costing about $3o,00U. Terms $1,500 down, and $1,000 yearly null! paid. 'keai. estate to exchange. TjixCtlANOE.?WANTED, A FARM, WITHIN MlMII.KS Ci ol New York, of 100 or 150 acres, lor Property on Grand street, Brooklyn. E. D., worth $9,000; a mortgage of $3 iMO ran remain four years or more on it; or would a Millincrv and Fancy ttoods Slore on Newark ave nue Jersey City, dolnir a good business, worth $l,tm0, or both together. Address lor one week, A. B. C., bo* 17 Post ortlce, Hudson City, N. J. ljlXCHANGF. FOR OOOD RF.AL ESTATE?THE MOST Pj successful Boot and Shoe Trade in all New England ; Mock nnd customers flr?t class. Particular with R1DKR, 39 Pine street FHRST CLASS FOUR STORY BROWN STONE HOUSE. 20x00x100, wilh but one mortgage, or to exchange lor Westchester county Land, unencumbered. MAR I I N DI.'NN, 202 Hroadwar, rro EXCHANGE?VALUABLE FARM IN NEW JER 1 sey. near depots, about one hour from city; good house barn, Ac.; fine Iruitan l shade; will exchange lor desirable Dwelling in Brooklyn ; value $15,000; mortgage $6,000. Address II. A. 0., box 194 New Ycrk Post ofllce. It K A I. ESTATE WANTKI). PAIB PAID FOR EQUITIES IN IMPROVED V> Property: cash und Building Plots giveu lor Im proved Property ; $.'.,U,to cash paid lor small suburban House. VU-:sl,K> WEBBER. 9J Broadwa? WANTED TO I I RCHASE-FOR CASH, A PRIVATE Tf House, located between Twelfth and Tweuty illth streets and Fourth and Sixth avenues: price not to ex ceed $25,(10: also one located between Houston and Four teenth streets, east or west, inr $20,000; willing to pay $ln,000 cash. Owners only need Apply at the Real Estate Kxchauge, 302 Broadway, corner ot Duauc street WANTED TO PUBCHASE-A BRICK HOUSE IN Brooklyn, Third, Fourth or Fifth ward. It must be k bargain- halt cash. Address O. E. L., I'Jl Forsytli street, saloon. HOt SES, RIMDIS ?t ., \\ X VI'E l>. In this City and Brooklyn. A YOUNG PHYSICIAN WANTS A FURNISHED tiiliee and sleeping Apartment in a pleasant neigh borhood, between Jourteenth aad Thirty-fourth streets, at a moderate rent Address, with particulars, M. R. C. H.. Herald ofllce^ /IENTLEMAN AND WIFE WANT A FURNISHED IT Room, for $20 a month, In a respectable locality. Address south, Herald Uptown Brancn office. Hotel wanted?by a first class hotel man. In or out of the city, well rornishedt and ready tor business. Address O. M. v., room #0 French ? HoU I WANTED-A SMALL HOUSE OR FIRST FLOOR. French flat, 6 rooms, furnished ?r unfurnished, sit uated bit ween Twenty-third and Fortieth streets and Siath and Fourth avenues. Addreu, stating lo?alion and price, F. E., fox ra> I'.mt office. WANTED-FOR THE HUMMER. BY A GENTLEMAN and wife, a third story Boom in a quiet house, loca tion between Fourteenth and Thlrty-iourth streets: price not over $l6or$l8; references given and required. Ad dresa A. M. L., Herald Up tow a Branch office. "117 ANTED?A SMALL STORK, IN A GOOD LOCA tt tlon, moderate rent, or Counter Room In a corner slore ou anyot the principal aveaues. Addrtus i. B. K., bva Uwrald gtttet. TQ tjrr roa BP8IWBM pi; it pomes. ^TIKNTIOM. * ~ v? MOW BRADY KOB OOCUPANCT, NEW FIBB PROOF BUILDINO, FULTON, NASSAU AND ANN STREETS. ELEGANT OFFICES TO RENT IN THE ABOVE FIREPROOF, WKLL LOCATED BUILDINO, BEING IN CLOSE PROXIMITY TO THE CITY HALL, THE COURTS, THE POST OFFICE, acttao. J OFFICES SUITABLE FOB LAWYERS, BROKERS, BANKS, INSURANCE COMPANIES, AC., AG, CAN BE HAD, 8IN0LY OR EN SUITE, OF ANY DESIRED SiZE, FROM 1UX12 FEET TO 86X87 FEET, AT $SOO, $400, $300 AND UPWARD TO $12,000, ACCORDING TO SIZK AND LOCATION ' THE ABOVE BUILDINO 18 COMPLETELY FIREPROOF, READY FOR OCCt'PANC*, HEATED BY STEAM, AND HAS TWO FIRST CLASS PASSENGER ELEVATORS AND ALL MODERN IM PROVEMENTS. ~ RENT OF SMALL OFFICES. mjqSm....3lVW 4th? 5th Wa l,8iJ0 j'ftoK Hill) 17*5|!fl" Vm*i l,W0 l]iO0 H00 0*^-6 1'22! 1.2*? 1 >200 WW sg OS Z I'lift oHfS 2,(*W L5W l"xhu6:-::::::: 3?? . *38 *jjgj %{ }?**> },w 1.200 1,000 14.?x l.iHK) 1,260 1 <mmi ti.iu 17x38* [5J5 ['$> I'.OOO WW 8x",.v:.:v.:v. \1s8 lz Z INQUIRIES TO BE MADE (IF HOMER MORGAN, NO. 2 PINE STREET. A STORE AN > BACK ROOM TO LET?AT 656 WATER street Owner on first floor. A LUNCH AND BARROOM TO LET.?300 PEOPLE to feed ; all the business of the Frankfort House, 202 w ifffani street At harlem, near the bridge.-to let-the corner Liquor Store, with fixtures complete In on ire In Liquor Store, northeast corner 129th street and Third avenue. pORNER STORE TO LET-ELEGANT WINDOWS: y very best location for first class trade: moderate reiii. Apply at6(J7 hixtli avenue, corner Fortieth street. BASEMENT TO LET?northeast CORNER OF Greenwich street and Park place; splen lid business location; suitah e tor r-staurant or produce trade : light and airy. ln(|Ulre at 263 Greenwich street. Barroom and reading room to let?with Fixtures, in a tenement houso full of tenants; good ( ounter. Ice Box. Glassware, Ac.; everything coin & Jei' l!nlM? Rood business; formerly European . 2 Vil 187lludson street Apply as above or to R. N. LEONARD, No. 1 East Washington square, confer Fourth street. piINE LOFTS, 50x100, WITn OR WITHOUT STEAM I power, to let. suitable lor light niunulacturliig pur poses; also an elegant store. 35 and 37 Wooster street. /^lENTLE MEN'S club ROOM TO LET. Al'l'LY AT the Green Room, 141 Fourth avenue. Hotel men?rare investment, by leasing that sitely Hotel, now finishing; over 100 rooms and suits, facing Broadway, between Cooper Institute and Bible House. 25 and 27 Third avenue. N BROADWAY First and Third Floors to let or lease. 4B8 Broad wuy, liquor store. 0 OFFICES?FINE NEW OFFICES IN BUILDINO 1,267 Broadway, between Thirty-first and Thirty-second JlJ?Ots; rent $250 to $300. Apply to W. S. MELDRUM, l,2t)l> Broadway. ?. .Z - ??? . LET?TIIE P'NR, SPACIOUS NEW STORE 70 Warren street; splendid business locution, with nne cellar. In pcrfeet order. Inquire at 263 Greenwich st CTEAM POWER?ONE OR TWO FLOORS, 44X80, kf to let; best and cheapest in the city; no wood work ers; steam elevators; Insurance low. 160 West Twenty seventh street. rpo LET?THE SECOND FLOOR OF TIIE NEW I building on Sixth uvenue, about 60x50 feet, In the rear ot and connected with l,2t>5 to 1,269 Broadway, be tween Thirty-first and Thirty-second streets; the whole or any nart will be fitted up to suit tenants. Apply to W. S. MELDRUM, 1,269 Broad way. pp y 0 TO LET-THREE LARGE AND THREE SMALL Lofts, with or without steam pow*r, admirably suited to manufacturing purposes. Apply ou tho premises 120 and 122 Wooster street. rpo LET?TWO LARGE LOFTS AND FRONT OFFICES 1 _29Coentiesslip, pier No. 6 East River. TO LET-TWO WELL LIGHTED DOUBLE LOFTS adapted to light manufacturing business; rent moderate. Apply at 240 and 242 hast Twentieth street. TO LET-STORE AND BACK ROOMS, 117 WEST Forty sixth street, between Sixth avenue and Broad wav, suitable tor any business; w as occupied by a boot and shoemaker; five years'possession trom June 1. In quire ot owner, M. SCHWAB, 43 West Forty filth street. TO LET-NO. MURRAY STREET, NEW YORK, Office and Loit, suitable for lithographing; rent low. inquire of A. G. SMITH, show gallery, No. 2Murray street, New York. TO LEASE?THREE FLOORS, FOR LIGHT MANU facturing business, northeast corner of Chatham square and Oliver street. Apply trom 10 to 2 on the prern Ises, or to WILLIAM P. OAVKV, 34 Bleecker street. TO LEASE?STORE, BACK ROOMS AND KITCHEN nil ready for Immediate use as u restaurant, 123 East Forty-fourth street, near Grand ConCral Depot. WILLIAM P. OAVEY, 34 lilcecker street. TO LEASE?202 FIFTH AVENUE, CORNER OF Twenty-flflh street through to Broadway; permis sion to alter lor business purposes. Apply to W. W STEPHENSON, 247 Broadway, room 22. 6 LAFAYETTE PLACE?FOR DWELLING OR BU8I neas purposes. Apply to C. C. I'INCKNEY, 42 Pine street 1) WKLL IN P. HOUSES TO LET. Furnlalied. AN ELEGANT ^IDENCE, FURNISHED, BETWEEN Fifth and .adlson avenucs-2Mx70; extension, f,?xl8\.,!"!rlor!< ?> lumished; rent low. Apply at 26 East r title til street, Irem III to 4. A FAMILY. GOING IN THE COUNTRY, WILL RENT a first class House, furnished, in a most desirable partot town, to a gentleman and Udy or a small fainilv. at a moderate rent, lor three or four months; tinexcep ttonabln references exchanged. Address, lor three days, box 2,770 Post ofltce. Unfurniahert. AVERY NICE THREE STORY HIGH STOOP Brlcs, Twenty-seventh street, between Eighth and 11ith avenues; has recently been painted throughout; r,,nl "">? *?.?*>; ?'*o a number ot Apartments, ZiO to |40 per month. H. V. MEAD, 422 Eighth avenue. A ?F(iUR STORT BROWN STONE HOUSE, IN GOOD ./V. order, to let No. 8 East Twentieth street, first door west of Broadway: If tor business will alter to suit In quire on premises from 8 to 12 and 1 to 6 o'clock. A ~?.,,280: THREE STORY HIGH STOOP BRICK House, in a first class neighborhood; good order; all modern improvements. WALTER W. MONTAGUE, Kt nl Estate Agent, Eighth avenue and Twenty-first ?U A vfry Fm; ID't'SK TO LET-IN EXCELLENT Inqulre of TO LET?TUP. SMALL NEW THREE STORY IIIOH stoop brown stone House, Prospect place, between rortvseconcl flnd l*ortv-tiiirii streets; rent verv t<Av Apply to W. S. MELDRUM, 1,269 Broadway * T" LET-AN ELEGANT SUIT OF FOUR LARGE 1 Koomson Filth avenue, opposite Madison snuare suitab ie tor dwelling or business pan'oses. * ' ". *? aiimisteaii, ii pim itmt TO LET?WEST TWENTY-SEVENTH STREET three story high stoop brick House; all modem im provements and in fine order. | ^ !"? A^CRTISS, 80S Sixth avenue. TO LET-A FINE THREE sTohv high STOOP brown stone Iloum*. newly painted and frescoed; po" m.n il'm) to " ^"'<1 P*rty. E. BACil A CO., a I East Hfty-eeveuUi street, corner Third avenue, under the Bank. TO LET?SMALL THREE STORY BOUSE, 4 GARDEN row, Eieventh s rcet, near Sixth avenue; rent>60 Pm'iPKp? Jnqnire at INTEL IilOhNf K Ohl-H h, I.?H \> est Klevcnth street. TO LEASE?BROWN STONE HOUSE, HR9T CLASS, on fifth avenue, between 121th and 125th streets possession immediate. ?*>???- t WILLIAM P. GAVEY, 34 Bleecker street. FtHNINIIED ROOMS A\I? Al* \ IITMK.VTS TO ijkt. A KT.,AT', SKW,Y ''AKPETED and ? furnished? hot and cold water, bath ratiifo and closet all on Moor IW Fitly-slxU. stree^tween lix ington and Fourth avenues. ABBBFECTABLK PRIVATE PAMfLY*WILL LET? i rty or slngie gentlemen; furnished Rooms, i uil at 965 Second avenue. A LARGE, WELL FURNISHED ROOM TO LET? For two gentlemen; gas and bath. 84 East Tenth street, between Third and Fourth avenuea. A K( KN,Ji?ED ROOMS ro ^V. let At 2.1. hast Kleventh street, near Second av. A V",'1'1'.* .OK N!K'^f'v f,'knishmd rooms, with jy bath, hot and cold water, to rent?To gentlemen, SeveXVXire?! * App" " 906 We,t A S,MA1''.'. I',RIVATk vamy-Y WOULD RENT A FEW Twent? -s?"eiHh^rtree?'.** WUh"Ut ^ 33 Wert A AI^i'Y Z!i-'KN,f!nkr) koom ok two-private UllKe^"1 Mr,H' "r"?^ ?VH.n,toW. A NEATLY furnished FRONT RCK)M TO LET? WVs, Vh'.'A'y-Orst's'trtv't P? week. Wl A F,'R,Nfs"KD FLOOR, OF SIX #66Sixthavern.e! ' neW'7 flBtahwl ?nd ?n flne R"(?MS, RICHLY FUR mir .}fi .1' i i.' !"i i board, to gentlemen, at Sum tfnth im private family. 21 West Ninth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. LM RNISHED ROOMS TO LET-LARGE AND SMALL; bath, gas and all accommodation*. Inquire ail day or uvcuiug at 8i) b?cvuu avvuuc, uear t utb ?wccl FVRHI8HBO ROOMS AND APABTMBKTS TO^JLiKT. URNISHBD KOOXB TO LET?TO GENTLEMEN, IN private tamily ; cottage himw, with garden. 26 l-.ast Forty-nin.h street, corner Madison avenue. FURNISHED HtiOVIS TO LET?WITH ALL COMVBN. lences; also furnished Parlor; terms reasoaable. LH West Thirty filth street JIURNISHED NEATLY FOR HOUSEKEEPING?A Conor Floor, parlor. bedroom; closeU. ki chen.batli room, water olo-et ga?; all on rtrst door,'renting Eighth avenue; $ 12 weekly^ aouH Weat Twenty-eighth stttwl FOR housekeeping?A I22??12? Floor, furnished, with or without use of Parlor; fa* bath, statimary warhtuha. *0,convenlenleut to all wcat-Hide earn. West Forty-ninth street.

Newly furnishrd rooms to let-with qas and water; suitable lor a gentleman and wile or tor Mingle irentlomen, Call, with reference, at-.l> First a nue, third floor. __ - ? ONE OR TWO OENTLBMBN OF REP1 N BMR N T,CAN be accommodated with dellghllul Rooms, exclusive bath; without board. 314 Fifthavonue. . rito LET-IN THE ELEGANT PRIVATE MANSION I 124 East Forty sixth street, two nicely tarniihed Rooms, with gas anil hath; price moderate. To I.ET-A FURNISH -D 1'aRLOR AND A ROOM, eaclf for a respectable gentleman, Hi'lUble tor a doc'or. 227 East Tenth street, betweeu First and Second avenues. ___ 31 Toilet?finely furnished rooms and parlor Floor, tingle and oouhle, in the iiew brown alone High sloop 08 Prospect place, corner Forty-third street, between First and becond aventiei* TO LET?on THE MOST REASONABLE TERMS, A front furnished Room, to a slngio person, In, private h ju-e 2.17 East i'hlrty-slxth street. TO LET?furnished. A FRONT AND BACK PAR lor, or second floor, suitable for man and wife or two or three single gentlemen; light housekeeping II re quired; references exchanged. Apply at 103 f'ttst Twen ty seventh street. . rpo LET^-NEaR central park, A FIRST CLASS 1 French Flat, eight rooms, tarnished or unlurnlshad; rent very moderate. Address F. A. F., 34 Liberty street, room 25. TO LET-A FURNISHED FLOOR. EITHER EN SUITE or single; Rooms for gentlemen or gentleman and wife. Call at 210 East Eleventh street, betwem Second and Third avenues. TO LET?'VERY NICELY furnished APARTMENTS in private house, 228 Went Eleventh street, suitable for housekeeping, to a small family ol adults or party ol gentlemen, en suite: rooms largo and airy; neighborhood unexceptionable and central; rent moderate. riu> LET?FOR LADIES OR GENTLEMEN, 103 WEST J Thirty-sixth street, near Broadway, a nicely lur nished Room and Bedroom in a small French iamlly. TWO OR THREE SINOLE GENTLEMEN WILLING to pav liberally for elegantly lurnished Rooms with a private tamily oh Filth avenue, without board, can ad dress RESERVOIR, lie raid Uptown Branch office. dl?Q Kn ?SITTINO AND BEDROOM, FURNISHED JpO UlJ. for housekeeping; water in rooms; large washhouse; up town; house clvan. well kept and respect able. Particulars at 83 Nassau street, room 16. <fl?Q rn?$6 AND EACH FOR ELEGANTLY FUR f(J OU Rooms, with bathroom; private house, 88 Clinton place (Eighth street), near Filth avenue and Washington Square Park. rTH AVENUE, 76? DESIRABLE furnished ?) Rooms, with Hoard; small Room, second story front: large Room, lourth story Iront; one Suit, third story; rel e re nee . 9 JONES STREET, NEAR FOURTH STREET AND Sixth avenue.?- ult of 5 Rooms, nicely tarnished, with every convenience for housekeeping. WEST WASHINGTON PLACE.?PLEASANT Rooms for gentlemen, from $10 to $3 per week; liatli and gas included. QA university PLACE, NEXT DOOR TO FOUR OU teenth street?Furnished Rooms to let, en suite or separately; all modern Improvements; carpeta and lur nlturc all new; private tamily: references exchanged. OTC HAST THIRTEENTH STREET.? bioautifully O LD furnished Room for $4 a week; bath, gas, Ac.; also largo and small Rooms, lurnished and unfurnished, at private residence 326 East Fourteenth street. I nrrct second avenue, near thirty-sixth hi Z street?A tarnished front Room and Bedroom, with closets, lor housekeeping; gas and bath; good neigh borhood. -A UNFURNISHED rooms and apart jPgTS TO LET. Apartments of three rooms EAon in new tenement houses 227, 229 and 231 West Twenty-sev enth street; rent* from $13 60 to $15 50. Apply to house keeper on premises. A SECOND FLOOR FRONT AND BACK ROOM TO let, lurnished, to one or two gentlemen, without board; all modern improvements; private family; mod erate terms. Call, with roierence. at 333 East Nineteenth street, between First and Second avenues. A?THIRD FLOOR TO A SMALL FAMILY OF . adults; water and (ran. 306 West Thirty-fllth st A' PIHST FLOOR TO LET-OVER THE STORE 420 Fourth avenue, near Twenty-ninth street; Ave rooms; improvements. Apply to owner, on the prem ises, from 12 to 2 o'clock. FIRST CLASS FLOOR OF SIX ROOMS, IN STONE front house, on Third avenue, near Thlrty-tourth street; improvements, Ac. THOS. J. DUNKIN ft CO.. 564 Third avenue. AT 122 THIRTEENTH STREET. NEAR FOITRTII avenue?Five Room* on second floor, admirably fit ted tor housekeeping; modern Improvements, all con veniences on ttame floor; rent $3& Apply in store. APARTMENTS TO LET-IN HOUSE 217 WEST Thlrtv-slxth street: or the House, 20 rooms, $140 per month. PARTRIDGE, 26 West Fifteenth street; between 2 and 4, 129 Broad strot. A?TO LET, WITHIN ONE BLOCK OF FIFTH . avenue and below Fifty-seventh street, the hand somest and most complete French Fluts ever erected on this continent; a corner and one inside flat, 9 large rooms, all lighted; rent moderate. Small first class families onlv need applv. 9?t Sixth avenue, between Fiftv filth aiid Filty-sixth street*. APARTMENT8 TO LET?OF FOUR LIGHT ROOMS (Sitting Room, Kitchen and two Bedrooms), with stationary tubs. Apply at TUB Ninth avenue, between Forty-eighth and Forty-ninth streets. A FRENCH FLAT TO LET-FIRST FLOOR, IN NEW brown stone house 668 Lexington avenue, near Fifty-first street. Apply on premises, or to A. H. NONES, 26 West Forty-third street, or 486 Broadway. AN ELEGANT FLAT, ON AOORNKR; 9 ROOMS; ALL lighted from the street; siae of house $25x85: three blooks trom Central I'ark, west side; "trictlv rtrst class with Janitor. Apply at 897 Eighth av. JOHN {tRANIGAN A PARLOR KLOOR AND BASEMENT OR SECOND Floor, unfurnished or rumlshed; light housekeeping or gentlemen; hath, gas, closets: separate or together; terms low. Apply at 217 West Tenth street. A -$30 SECOND FLOOR, THREE LARGE ROOMS. . in a private house In the Ninth ward; good neigh borhood-water and gas. WALTER W. MONTAGUE, Real Estate Agent, Kighth avenue and Twenty-first st. A FLOOR TO LET-IN A PRIVATE HOUSE. IN qulre at 316 East Fourteenth street, near Second avenue. PARLOR FLOOR AND BASEMENT TO RENT-IN Fifty-fifth street, between Eighth avenue anil Broadwav; 7 rooms; bath, gas and water closet; all painted and kalsomlned In the row: rent ??)?.month. Apply at 897 Eighth avenue. JOHN BRANll?AN. A SPLENDID' FIRST FLOOR AND BASEMENT? St'ven rooms; good neighborhood; water anil gas; rent less than $55. WALTKR W. MONTAGUE, Eighth avenue and Twenty-first street, Real Estate Agent First floor to let-consisting of 4 rooms-, rent $25. Apply In the pattern bazaar 110 Nineteenth street near Sixth avenue. Parlor floor to rent-comprising 3 large rooms, elegantly lurnished, with all conveniences; location 206 Fifth avenue, opnosite'Madison square. Part of house to let-only onf, family in house. Inquire at 53 West Forty-fourth street, be tween 12 and 2 o'clock. Rooms to let unfurnished-two, $i?; three, $20, and lour at $18 per month. Inquire at 442 Fourth avenue, corner of Thirtieth street. TO I.KT?three W FURNISH El/ rooms, SECOND floor, back <no children), for light housekeeping; first rate location. Applv at 109 East Ihlrly-nlnth street, be tween Lexington and Park avenues._ ___ rpo LET?THIRD floor IN BROWN STONE HOUSE. 1 343 East Eighteenth street, containing five rooms; ail improvements TO LET-AT 31 east llOTH street, near fifth avenue and Central Park, Part of Second and the Third Floor; all modern Improvements; rent $25 per month. TO LET-BACK PARLOR AND BEDROOM, AT taehed; every convenience, with Immediate posses sion : unlurnished, and suitable for gentleman and wife or ladv and daughter; rent per month, Including gas, $S2, at 40 West Ninth street. T~OLET-PART OF HOUSE 315 WEST TWF.NTY-FIRST street; also, two Flats In 313; everything complete; fine large yard, Ac. Applv at 319, Ice office. T"o~LET-A SECOND FLOOR FOUR ROOMS, TO A small American family of adults. Apply at 318 West Eleventh street. _ TO LET-APARTMENTS. OF THREE ROOMS, IN THE new house 123 East Forty-lourth street, near the Grand Central Depot, at rents to suit WILLIAM I'. GAVEY, 14 nirerkcr street. T-OTRT-A SPLENDID PARLOR FLOOR. NEWLY painted, containing five rooms, and basement; rent $1,200. 36 Great Jones street. TO LET-AT 309 WEST TWELFTH STREET, ABING don place, Third Floor, to a small family, with gas and use of bath; rent _____ TO LET-TWO FRENCH FLATS OF SIX ROOMS each, between Third and Lexington avenues, on Fifty fifth street. Inquire for housekeeper at 918 Third avenue. Also two Flats, six very large rooms each, on Fourth avenue, between Slxty-fltth and Sixty sixth streets Inquire in store 1,007. r LET-IN A NICE PRIVATE HOUSB. THE SEC ond Floor, with every convenience. In a fine loca tion; rent onlv $30. Inquire on premises. No. 4 Beektnan place, between Forty-ninth and Fiftieth streets, east side. UPPER OR LOWER HALF OF A HIGH STOOP brown stone House to let, at $.15 per month;every Improvement 332 East Seventy eighth street. d?0/\ FOR A SPLENDID FIRST KLOOR?SIX LARGE 5to?)U rooms, 161 East Eighty first street; no children in the house ; house private ; near the Hark. ?4 EAST TWENTIETH STREET.-TEN BEAUTIFUL ot Rooms, in corner hftuse; will rent In floor# for housekeeping or gentlemen ; location unsurpassed; only one small family In the house. n(\ WEST THIRTY-SEVENTH STREET, CORNER OF I U Sixth avenue.?Choloe second Floor to let; lis loom* in gved vrder i rent $50, Que neighborhood* B AMCSEMEPrm OOTH'9 TIf BATHE. ^ KBI!J??M. EDWIN BOOTH Manufr and Proprietor. The celebrated English Tragedienue, Mia* NhlLBON, aa AMY R0B8ART i Dlared by her at the Krury l.nne 'i t eatre, London, for v OVER 100 OONaBUUl'IVK NIGHTS. Mr. FRANCIS BANGo an LKIOK8TBB. MATINKK OF AMY ROBS ART on SATlMtDAY MS XT, at 1 J#. The curtain rlae* at 8 precisely. Notice.?Carriage* may be ordered at 10:46. To demure a choice of place*, the management would repectlullr suggest that seats he secured as tar In ad vauoe a* possible. Brauch Ticket oftioe at. Dtteou ACo.'s. JJNION SQUARE THEATRE. Proprietor Mr. SHERIDAN RHOOK Manager Mr. A. M. PALMER Begin* at 8. Saturday inatineo at IX. THIS DAY, at HALF-PAST ONE, ONLY M ATI NEB 01 A(> N I'lS. TONIGHT, at 8 O'CLOCK, O.IE HUNDRED AND FOURTH PERFORMANCE of ? AOKES. WEDNESDAY EVKNINO, Jl'NE 4. BRILLIANT REPRODUCTION . ? Of fbrnande. MISS ETHElTTfERNANDE. To lend additional Interest to this reproduction the highly accomplished and lavorilc actress, MISS E. L~DAVENPORT, has been lecured for the part of CI.OTILDB and __ MISS KATE CLAXTON tor the part of GEOROETTE. Seats tor die remaining ACNES uigtits may now be secured. WOOD'S MUSEUM. SHELDON AND BARNES SATUKDAY, MAY 81, 1873, BOTH AFTERNOON AND EVENING, JOINT BENEFIT of Messrs. A. H SHELDON and JAMES BARNES. The following* have kindly volunteered Mr. J. Z. little and Mr. GEO. O. MOkRIS. The comedy of AFTERNOON MISCHIEVOUS nICCON, AT The aensatloiiul Drama in three aota, 2 / THE SPIRIT wife, O'clock. and farce of SHELDON'S BABY. EVENING AT 8 O'clock. The new sensation Drama, written by A. 11. .Sheldon, entitled. THE BLACK AVENGER, after which the Drama of the duel IN THE SNOW, concluding with MILLY, THE MiLK MAID. MONDAY, june 2, Mr. FRANK MAYO, In his great Drama of' DAVY CROCKETT. Niblo'S GARDEN. AZRAEL. LULU. THE COOLEST AND best VENTILATED THE atre IN THE CITY. TWO PERFORMANCES. MATINEE AT 2. EVENING at S, the brilliant Spectacular Pantomime, AZRAEL; OR, THE MAGIC CHARM. Re-engagement of the popular Artists, LULU, LULU, LULU, LULU, LULU. LULU, Maffltt and Bartholemew, Maffltt and Bartholemew, MalTHtaml Bartholemew, Matlltt ami Barilioleiuew, MONS. VELAKDI. CLARA LEON TINE, MADAME LANNIER, MLLE. LUPO, AND GRAND CORPS DE BALLET. NEW MUSIC, SCENERY, TRICKS AND INVENTIONS BUPERB TRANSFORMATION SCENE. 1HE UrfBQUALLfeD i?ANTOM}MIC QUAKTF.T. MAF. 4L F1TT, BARTHOLOMEW, VELARDI and Mile. LEON. TINE, at the MATINEE. NIBLO'S GARDEN, TO-DAY. SEE THE GREAtf ItAfLROAD SCENE! VIENNA EXPOSITION, BAY OF NAPLES and the CAT SCENE, at the MATINEE, NIBLO'S, TO DAY, at 2. "T ULU" WILL MAKE HER WONDERFUL BOUND Li at the MATINEE TO-DAY. at NIBLO'S GARDEN. rilHEATRE COMIQUfi, 614 BROADWAY. 1 614 BROADWAY. Mr. JOSII HART Lessee and Proprietor Messrs. John i'. Poole und T. L Donnelly Managers GRAND MATINEE, GRAND MATINEE, GRAND MATINEE, GRAND MATINEE, TO DAY, OBAND MATINEE, AT ORAND MATINEE, 2:30. Miss LINA EDWIN, Mr. MOSE FISKE, Mr. BLAND HOLT. Miss MINNIE I.ODER, Mr. M. W. LE F PI NO WE LL, Mr. THUS. CHAPMAN. FIFTY-FOUR STAR ARTISTS. LITTLE JACK SHKPPARD GRAND COMIC PANTOMIME. THE TWO BUZZARDS, A PROGRAMME BEPLETE WITH FUN AND HUMOR. EXTRA NOTICE. ON MONDAY NEXT, F. C. Maeder's drama, founded on the great story by NED BUNTLINE, BUFFALO BILL, BUFFALO BILL, with entirely new Scenery, Costumes, Effects, Ac., and the greatest cast ever presented. BUFFALO BILL... .(the original)... - Mr. J. B. STUDLEY WILD BILL Mr. T. J. MARTIN SNAKEROOT SAM (the original), Mr. GEORGE FRANCE FRANK STARK Mr. EDWIN MACK KITTY MULDOON Miss FANNY HERRING LILL1E OODY Miss RACHEL DENVIL ("1 ENTRAL PARKGARDEN. THEODORE THOMAS. J THEODORE THOMAS' unrivalled SUMMER NIGHTS' CONCERTS. Programme for this (Saturday) EVENING, May 31, at 8:? 1. Overture, "Rosnniunde" Schubert 2. Selections, "Ernaui" Verdi 8. Waltz, "Promotloncn" Strauss 4. Marche I nit ie line, "L'Africalne" Meyerbeer 6. Overture, "Hunradt Las/.lo" Erkel ?. Allegrette, "8th Symphony" Beethoven 7. Serenade for Nut* and French horn (Messrs. Welner and Schuritz) Tltl 8. Ballet, "Rien/1" Wagner 9. Overture. 'Era Diavolo Aubcr 10. Ave Maria Gounod 11. Walts, "Aquarellen" Strauss 12. March, "Campaign" Hchruber Admission 60c.; packages containing twelve tickets $4. can be obtained at the principal music stores, also at 285 Broadway and Central Park Garden. Private boxes $2 extra. EVERY THURSDAY GRAND EXTRA CONCERT. rpONY PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE, 201 BOWERY. ORAND GRAND MATINEE MATINEE MATINKK MATIN EK MATINKE TO-DAY at 2k O'CLOCK BARNEY AARON and ARTHUR chambers in the great drama of DAN DONNELLY, Champion of Ireland. GRAND FISTIC tournament. Miss ALICE BATEMAN and BILLY NOONAN in Sonus, Dances, Duets. Ac. BILLY PASTOR, CHARLEY WHITE'and all the stars. j^bsociation HALL MISS MONTAGUE. DRAMATIC AND POETIC READINGS, ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON, MAY 31, AT 3 O'CL OCK. e. dobson, the champion banjoist J ot the world, at The Ureen Room, 141 Fourth avenue, to-night. \\riLLIAM RIPLEY, MONROE DEMPSTER, JAMES TT Sturgts will sing to-night at the Grecti Room, 141 Fourth avenue. /^ARD.-PIANO, ORGAN, VIOLIN. GUITAR, ZITHER Singing; private lessons; "Aimez votts la Muslquer" bcautitul book, glveu away. 92 Clinton place. By mail 10 cents. J. JAY WATSON, Director. 1QMVPOVNDKR JOE MURPHY, .OUU IS COMING. THE GREAT GUN. $1,800 FOR ONE WEEK. Grand musical entertainment at tite DOI1SON BROTHERS' Green Room, 141 Fourth avenue, to-night. _ MUSICAL. (1ARD.?PIANO, ORGAN, OUITAR, SINGING.?MISS J WATSON gives private lessons, dav and evening, at her residence, 9i Clinton place (Eighth street). Instru ments furnished for dally practice. TIIfB LECTlTRR SKAHOff. T ECTURE.?RACHEL C. MARTIN WILL LBCTCRE IJ in Cooper Union this atternoon, at 4 o'clock, room 24. Subject?"Causes of Decreased Longevity." PROPOSALS. INT TO _ 173, pro posals for publishing and distributing the City Record For one year. In accordance with the speculation* tiled In the office of the Mayor of the city ot New York, In the City Hall In said city, will be received at said office until Tuesday, June 3, pro*., at 12 o'clock noon, at fvliich hour the bills will be opened and road, and the award ot the contract made a* soon thereafter as practicable. Each proposal will be enclosed In a scaled envelope endorsed, '"Proposals lor Publishing and Distributing the City Record," and must he made in strict conformity to the specifications aforesaid. The security required on the contract will be $U),OOQ. WILLIAM F. HAVEMEYER, Mayor. GEORGE M. VAN NORT. Commissioner of Public Work*. E. DELAFIELD SMITH, Counsel to the Corporation. Ntw Yoma. May 17, 1873. NU OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT PURSUANT section 3. ot chapter 336. ot the laws of IH7.1, i STORAGE. A?STORAGE FOR FURNITURE, PIANOS, BAO . gage. Ac., In separate rooms; well ventilated and accessible at all times; goods raised on elevator: watch man In building at night. MIC HALES A SON. 3*, 4n and 42 commerce street, ?ear Bleecker. WEST SIDE STORAGE WAREHOUSES. 693. 834. ?3? Hud?on street, 779 Greenwich street and 10 Abing don square?For Furniture. Pianos, Trunks, Baggage and all other kinds of family property. Families about breaking up housekeeping or going abroad will find by calling at these warehouse* superior accommodations, not to be surpassed by any establishment In New York. All good* placed In separate room*. U ? R- TAOOAKT, Owner and Manager. es 693 Hudson street, near fleet Twelfth. Offices 693 Hudson street, near OBR AND BARS. A RTIFICIAL HUMAN KYRH.-T. J. DAVIS, IN J\ ventor and only maker ot 'he Improved Artificial Human Eye, acknowledged hy the ITaculty to be the oaly correct imitation of nature in the world. 1*7 JTUkonUt Itf ftttwetu TfcW ami VQUXti* ATtuuti, AMONBHENTa. 0l ^LYMPIO THBATBB, ?M BROADWAY. MONDAY, HAT St, EVERY EVENING A* ? and WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY MATINEES AT & LAST WEEK BUT ONE I LAST WEEK BUT ONBI of GEO. L. FOX'3_UUMPTY DUMPTY. LAST TWELVE NIGHTS I LAST TWELVB NIQHTSl of the "AMERICAN GRIMALDI" and hi* famous PantombM, Last twolve nights o( the Specialty THE LAST (Ml AN I. E TO SEE flU.vtl'TY OUMITY. Q- 1~ FOX WILL POSITIVELY CLOSE ON JI ME T. Bowery theatre. WM. B. KRELKill SATURDAY EVENING. MAY SI. 1873, the great benefit bill reoeated, UNCLE TOM'S CABIN. Immense succe a of Mist LAUKA ALBERTA as TOPSET. Messrs. LORD and MILLS in their special musical acts. With the verv popular drama ot the BuY BP KULAK. MONDAY, JUNE 2, 1873, Mr. .1 AMES M. WARD will appear in tlie n w draiua of the WINNING HAND. fjTH AVENUE TUEATKR. EXTRA. GRAND MATINEE TO DAY, HALF-PAST ONE. MADELEIN MOREL I CI RAND OPERA HOUSE.?CURTAIN RISES AT 7 A T Carriages may be ordered lor 1L V Positively LAST TWO PERFORMANCES ol FECIITER Id MuNTE CRISTO. THIS SATURDAY, MATINEE nnd EVENING. MONDAY EVENINU, JUNE 2, Mr. FEtfHTER will give his great doubt* impersonation of tho two FRANOHI, in his own famous play of "THE CORSICAN BROTHERS," which peculiar piece will be produced with entire NEW SCENERT and startling GHOSTLY EFFECTSI FAREWELL MATINEE 01 MONTE CRISTO. \ THIS SATURDAY, at l*i o'clock. SEATS MAY NOW BE SECURED. /TTII AVENUE THEATRE.?CURTAIN RI E8 AT I tJ precisely. Carriages may be ord 'oil for I0:4S. Sole Lease* aud Manager Mr. AUGUST1N DALY. EVERY-EVENING untU farther tice will be acuidT Mr. AUGU8TIB DALY'S most successful DRAMA, la four acts, entitled MADELE1N MOREL. THEATRE OVERFLOWING EVERY NIGHT! Characters by Mr. Charles Fiaher, Mr. George Clarke. Mr. Louis Jaraeat Mr. Henry Crisp, Mr. W. J. Lemoyne, Mr. James Lewis, Mr. E. Pierce, Mr. F. Chapman, Mr. J. Burnett, Misa Clara Morris, Miss Fanny Davenport^ Miss Fanny Morunt, Mrs. (>. H. Gil bert, Miss Sara Jewett, Miss Ncilia Murtimer, Miss Nina Varian, Roberta, Norwood aud Miss Griffith. GRAND MATINEE OF MADELEIN MOREL THIS SATURDAY AT 1 % O'CLOCK. Seats may be secured three weeks in advance, alaa by maUaud telegraph. QHAND OPERA HOUSE. MATINBB. FAREWELL MATINEE-MONTE CRISTO. THIS 8ATURDAY7IX O'CLOCK. FECHTER AS~MONTE CRISTO I WALLACE'S. Proprietor and Manager. Mr. LESTER WALLAOB LAST MATINEE and LAST NIGHT of Mr. 80THERN and of BROTli KK SAM and DUNDREARY MARRIED and SETTLED. Mr. WALLACK lias much pleasure in announcing thai the last six nights ot the present season will take place at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, with Mr. SOTHERM In his original characters. MONDAY, JUNE 2, this theatre will be closed for a FULL D It ESS REHEARSAL of the new play. TUESDAY, june 3. First time (upon any stage) of Dion Bouclcault'f MV play, MORA: O'CEoC WALLACE'S THEATRE f T will be closed on MONDAY NEXT, JUNE J, lor A GRAND FULL DRESS REHEARSAL of the new play, MORA; or, the GOLDEN FETTERS. The management, acceding to tne request of the author will close the theatre on this evening to afford him the opportunity of witnessing a performance ol his work. 'I he enduring popularity attending Mr. Boucicault'a former AMERICAN DRAMAS Induce* the management to trust that his new picture ol LIKE IN NEW YORK IN 1873 will rival his best delineations of American scenes and American characters, combining the intense intereat ol his Drama, THE OCTOROON, with the popular characters and SENSATION SCENIC EFFECTS Of THE STREETS OF NEW YORK. First public performance on TUESDAY, JUNE X Box book now open. tQr-ATHENEUM THEATRE. Broadway, opposite Metropolitan Hotel. Manager R. W. BUTLBB LAST TWO PERFORMANCES OF THE PRESENT SEASON. AT <$ A AT AFTERNOON AND EVENING.) 8 >CK. 4> ? 4>0'CL0C*. matinee, <$> <?> matinee. MATINEE, T AT 2X O'CLOCK. T MATINBB, MATINEE. $ i MATINEK. The great Hit of tho Season, written by Mr. F. MON TAGU E, en i it led, APOLLO AND JUNO IN NEW YORK CITY. The Worrell Sisters and Grand Burlesque Company, ttM Great PantomitnisU of the Age, THE ZANFRETTA TROUPE. The Remmelsberg Sisters, I Add Ryman. Minnie Jackson, Helenc Smith, I Luke Schoolcraft, Chan, and Carrie Austin I Wm. West. In their Terrific Combat. I Joe Lang, (See Bills) AND IMMENSE OLIO COMPANY. Afternoon doors open at 1; evening at 7. Notice?Monday, June 2. an entire New Company. THE GREAT HERNANDEZ COMBINATION and OtllCT great artists. (See Bills.) Terrace garden theatre, Fifty-eighth st, between Lexington ar.d Third an. SUMMER SEASON of OPI KETTE and LIUHT COMEDY. THIS (Saturday) EVENINU, May 31. atS. MOZART UNO .SCHIKANEdeK. 1,733 Tlil.R., 22 SILBERcl , ? PFENNIGS und FRITZCHEN UNO LISCHEN. Admission, 80 cents; Reserved Sesfs, 2ft rents extra. Boxes, 91 SO extra. Packages ot 12 tickets, $4. BRYANT'S OPERA HOUSE?TWEVTY TniRD ST. FAMILY MATINEE TO-DAY AT TWO, BltYANT'S MINSTRELS. BYY ANT'S MINSTRELS. MATINEE MATINEE MATINEE MATINEE .V ATI NEK MATINEE MATINEE MATINEE MATINBB. TONES' WOOD PARK. SUNDAY, JUNE 1, 1373. Second GRAND CONCERT by the nnnvslled NINTH REGIMENT BAND. D. L. DOWNING Musical Director Admission?29 cent* for gentleman and lady; children free. Concert at 3 o'clock P. M. A Grand Concert every Sunday afternoon. VyEW YORK MUSEUM OF ANATOMY. 618 BROAD. JLl wnv, between Houston and Bleerker streets.?Every ?ne should visit the womlerlut Museum; it is lull or everything people should see and understand. I.e.ture* daily on "The Philosophy of Marriage." Those parlies unable to attend these Important lectures can have them forwarded, post free, on receipt of 26 cents, by addrasstnr SECRETARY NKW YORK MUSEUM OF AN ATOMY, US Broadway, N fv York. PARK THEATRE, BROOKLYN. NOTICE ?MONDAY, June 2, and every evening during the weed, R. W. BUTLER'S UREAT STAR COMPANY. 100 specialty artists. (See bills.) All the great Atheneum Company will appear. Metropolitan museum of akt. Temporary building 128 We?t Fourteenth street. The Di cesnola Collections from Cyprus, and the "1MB exhibitions." so tar as ready, are now open to the pubUe from 12 o'clock until 8 o'clock P. M. Admission 80c. XJOTICE.-R. w- BUTLER'S GREAT STAR COM xN pany opens tor the Hummer Season at the Boston Theatre, on MONDAY, June 10. C1LOWN SUITS, TIGHTS, TRUNKS, SHIRTS, HOSB J all size* and colors, plain and striped, In woreted am cotton. Encluae stamp for circular. UNION ADAM.s k CO., 837 Broaawny. <M QfM* FOR ONB WEEK. ?1.0UU _ JOK MURPHY IS COMINO. HIS WEIGHT IN GOLD. frOOK OUTE ?jlfETROPOLITAN THEATRICAL AND SHOW "PRINTINO ESTABLISHMENT, HERALD BUILDING, BROADWAY AND ANN 8TRBBT. A LARGS ASSORTMENT OF THBATRICA1* WN9IKBJ* AMD VARIETY CUTS CONST AN TLB ON IlANDi

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