Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 1, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 1, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 13,433. NEW YORK, SUNDAY. JUNE 1, 1873.?QUADRUPLE SHEET. PRICE FIVE CENTS. DIRECTOR! WB ADVERTISERS. AMUSEMENTS?Fourth Page?ThirJ, fourth, fllth and sixth columi.a. , . , ASTROLOGY?'Thirtbbitth Pagn? lath column. ElLLlARDtl? Foukth Pagb?Thlr I coluuiu. SOARDfaK8 WANIK ??KirT* urn Page?First, second, (bird, and lourtb colutuns, and sixteenth Pagb? Firm column. BOARD AND LODGING WANTED? Fifteenth Pack? Fourth column. BROOKLYN BOARD?Fifteenth Pack?Fourth column. BROOKLYN real. ESTATE FOit sale?Foubtbenih Page? Firm and second column*. BUBINEBS OPPO itTUNl I'lr. ? OkCOND Page? Fifth ami aixth co umns. BURIN Sri NOTICES? Ninth Pagb?Filth and six'h col DMA BIOAJtd aNO TOBACCO?Fourth Pack?Second column. "1TY real ESl Al'fa KOK SALfa? Fourtekntu I-a<;b? First column, und sixteenth Pack- bixth column. cler'.vri AND SALESMEN?Ibibd Pagb?Fourth and tilth columns. CLOTHING-Sixteenth Page?Sixth column. COACHMEN AND GAKDfaNKKs?Thiuo Pagb?Fifth eolamn. COAL AND WOOD?Eleventh Paob? Fourth oolumn. ?OAbTWlSE bTif.AK-U.Pa? but* kMU Page? Filth col umn. copartnerships?'Ten? Page?Third column. ?OOM'KY BOA D-I iriEKNTii Paub?Fourth, finh and aiith colu.nus, and sixteenth Page?First to a in u. DRNTlSi'K V?r ocuth Pack?Tlilrti column. DRY OOOliS?Fiukt Page?Sicond, third, fourth, fifth and sixth column^. and aiunini Paub?First, ..eeuiiJ third, fourth and nt.h co until". DWBLL1.nO HOUilfiA TO L .I, FURNISHED AND UN FUKNISHED?Thihibentii Paub? First and accobJ columns. BUROPEAN STEAM SHiPd?Eleventh PAGB-Fourth ?nd tilth column*. EUROPi.?Eleventh Page?Fourth column. EXCHANOE?Eleventh Page?, ourili column. EYES AND EARS?Elewnth Page?fourth column. KXPitESSES?THIRTEENTH page?Sixth COlllllltl. EXCURSIONS? Eleventh Page?sixth column. FINANCIAL?Tenth Paoe?Third column. fine ARTS?Eletbmth Page? Fourth Columa. FOlt sale?Thi iieenth Paub?Filth and Bixth colnmns. PURM.iHED LOOMS AND apartments TO ? Tiiiktbknth Paoe-. ?cond, third and fourth col umns. FURN iTURE?Fourth Page?Second column. FRfaNCII ADVERTISEMENTS?Till it i> i'AGB-Srtth COl iimn. HELP WANTED?F.-MALES?Third PAGB-Third and fourth colamn.s. . . A. ?KLP WANTED?MALES?Third Pack?Fifth and rfxth eoluuiR. HORSES, CARKIAOES, Ac.?ELrv*NTH Paob?First, KC ?nd, third and fourth colnmns. _ ,, HOTELS?Fifteenth Pao*.? ourth column, and Bn tebnth Pake?First column. .. .. HOUSES, ROOMS, AC., WAN i'ED?Sboond Page?Sixth oolumn. IHSTKUCilON? Bixtbbnth Page?Fifth column. JHLsKY CITY. HOMOKbN. HUDSON C11Y AND BER UEN REAL KSTAI'E FOR SALE?Fourteenth Page?Third column. LOAN OPr'ICEti?Sixteenth Pagb?Second co'oran. LOST AND FOUND?Fourth Page?First column. MACHINERY?i'HiaiKENTH Page?SixiIi column. MARBLE MANTELS?Thirteenth Page? lx h column. HATR1MONIAI?Fourth Page?Second column. MKDICAL?Thirteenth Page?sixth column. HILL1NEKY AND DRESSMAKING?Second Pace? Fifth column. MICELI ANEOl'S advertisements ? Twblpth Paob?Sixth column. MISCl LLANEOI'S-Focrth Paob?Third column. MUSICAL?Fourth Pagb? Fltib column. NEW PUBLICATIONS?Ninth t age? Ixth column. PKRftONAL?First Page?Firat column. PIANOFORTES, OKOANS, AC.-Focuib PAGB-Thlrd column. PBOPooAI^S?Sixteenth Pagb?Fifth column. professional SITUATIONS WASTED-FEMALES? Third Page?Third column. PROPERTY OUT OF THE ClI'Y FOR 8ALE OR TO RENT?Fourteenth Page?lhlrd, fourth and fifth column*, and Sixteenth Page?Sixth column. HEAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE?Fourteenm Pacb Flfth and Sixth co umns, and Sixtebniu Page? Sixth column. REAL ESTATE WANTED?Fourteenth Pagb?Sixth column. RELIGIOUS NOTICES?Sixteenth Page?Sixth column. removals?Eleventh Pack?Fourth column. BLWaRDS?Fourth Page? first column. SALES AT AUG;ION?SixtkeiPhi Page?Third, fourth and tilth column*. SITUATION Wan r D-FEMALES?Third Pagb?First, second and third column*. SITUATIONS WANTED?MALE3?Third Page?Fourth column. SPECIAL NOTICES?Fourth Page?First and second column*. _ SPORTING-DOGS, BIRDS, AC.?Eleventh Page?First column. STORAGE?Sixteenth Page?Fifth column. SUMJSf-R RESORTS?Fiitb'nth Page?Sixth column, and Sixteenth Paok? First and second columns. THE TKADEs?Third Page?Sixth column. THE T URK?Eleventh Page?First column. to LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES?THIRTEENTH Pagb?First column. VRAVELLI R ' OUlOfc?Eletenth PAGB-Fifth and sixth column*. _ UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND apartments TO LET? Thirteenth Page?Fourth ami fllth eoluinns. WANTED TO PURCHASE?.sixteenth Page?Second WBSTCHEsrKR COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR To LET?Fourteenth Page? Second and third column*. _ . YACHTS, STEAMBOATS, Ac.?Sixteenth Pagb?Sixth column. f-KKSOIVAL. AB. CAN HEAR something TO HIS ADVAN . tace by calling at 144 East Twent^-sgcond strert. AMAG3FFETA?GOD BLESS YOU FOR YOUR . letter. Pray fix an interview for this '][|'*^OFp BRUNITTE-TRINITY CHURCH, LAST MONDAV AF ternoon, 5 o'clock. Meet me corner of Foutth street and University p.ace, to-nlcht, 8 o'clock. HARRY LELAND. Broadway stage, i p. m.. Saturday.?gentle man whom la''v a**ed to " please stop the stage here,"Twenty-secondstreet,ilesiresaciiualntance. Please address ADMIRER, Herald Uptown branch office. CAKE AND BREAD SHOULD BOTH BE AT TUB Bakery Thursday, at 4 o'clock prompt. (california WINE STORE.?HAS THE FAIR JKR. J sey lady lorftotten her promise to the gentleman at SS, whoae name Is last on card and who has watched since the 17 th? (lONEY ISLAND CAR AT FULTON FERRY, SATUR. > day morn ng, at 100 clock, und recoznUcd ariiiiHin tance at wicker ?atc of wa Please send address to DRUGGIST, Herald ottUe. ?HAVE KEPT THE ROSEBUD. MUST SEE MAX ? well before too late. WARDEN P. lAIBY?I HAVE BEEN QUITE SICK SINCE WE a> parted. Could no' keep my engagement Tuesday Bight. Were you there f SMILAX. FOR ADOPTION-THREE FINE INFANTS, MALE and female. Mrs. Roberts call on Mrs. C, Tuesday Bight, ltd Charles street Harlem bridge, third avenue car no. 12.1 to Twenty-second sfree'.?It the lady will kindly send ber address to the Kentleman who sat on her leit, taimg any little particulars to avoid outside irltlers, she will confer a great faror on nTRAN'GEu, box Herald Up town Branch office. IF HENRY SMILES, WHO IS SUPPOSED TO IIAVK arrived In New York about Aiiril, 1S72, will com municate with '1. T., Herald ollice, lie will bear ol totue U1I11K to his a^vantnge. JULIA 1IOLLKN WANTS information OF CATII erino Ryan and Lizzy l-'itztilib n. Mrs. DALY, ;,9U l ast Tenth street D D IADT LIVING IN FOURTH AVENUE, WHO NO j tired m nileinan Friday cven'.ns al Central Park Car ien, w 11 please address, in coiiildente, ACCIDENi', Herald office. ?Y OTTIE"?MEET ME AT FIFTY-SECOND STREET Jj tbls eve at 7 JO, or aildreRs ine at point named. O.JI. B._ LUCY-PLKASE SEND ADDRESS TO "MIDNIGHT WATCHES" and oblige an i Id iricnd. Lulu matinee, BALCONY no. m.-c,ext who could not wiit rci|iiesta an Interview. Address OSCAR W., liox Li2 lleraid o.liee. LB.-YOU WILL FIND M i AT THE SAME HOUSE, . Twenty-second street. Mlns LOlTI.. HAYWOOD. ANH ATTA.?CALL TO-MOIlROW, MONDAY. DO NOT fail. SYRACUSE. MYSTBRIOUS DIHAPPE AIIAXHK ? MARY FANCES Marsh, a ?irl IS year-o <f. left her home in Jersey City Muy 2?, droiwil with llttht skirt, ilark oversklri, brown velveieeti s .c iue, hulit felt hat, trimmed with brown velvet. Any in<oruiiitlon of her whereabouts grub' ullv lecelvetl hy II. MARSH, 74 Gregory street, 3?r*e, 1 Uy. _ Michael hogan, deceased, brass finisher. in the emplov of .1. Warner A -on*, brass founders In the city of London, KmrliO'd, liad a either and tiro her wh>le.1 Birmingham tl?e or six vears since tor New York. Tliey are reijue ted 10 comii unicate with THOMAS FLEMING,at ijie alore?ald J. Warner A sons', who is ?ppouiied executor under the w.11 of ibe suld Michael Hiigan. . INNIB IVE ', 57?NOW THAT YOU HAVE MAUB other arrangements, I desire that the various sums M M otner arraiiKmiiciii', j ?cr.,.u ...? ? ?f money that you have received from me, anil which were deposited bv you In the Manhattan and in the Sea man's Hanks lor Savings, of this riiv. be oald over to any ebarltable iasiliution you may ilect C. F. Mary atiierton, who lived in jersey city three years ago, will plea?e send ber address to G., box Ml Herald Uptown Branch office. MH S.?BOSTON BOAT LAST TUESDAY NIGHT? . "Bay rum" Is good for the headache. Give addreil through Personals to K ATK. M ARGARET-DAN FEELS AWFUL. WRITE. ^ ^ PATRICK SMITH. formerly SALESMAN WITH JT Reiter, ?n New Howery, will find it to his advantage to send his address to ASHHf-.L P. FITCH, 120 Broadway. r"ONE WHO KNOWS ABOUT" DIAMOND RING and carriage accident?Not one cent reward, but bandcuffii Instead if not returned inatanter. We know fair warning. _ ? r JAMES DORLAN.?WILL LEAVB ALBANY WED aesday, If not Thursday. rINITY CHURCHYARD, SATURDAT, MAY Will tha two ladles, one tall, the other short, tend their address to the two gentlemen In window? Address TRINITY, Herald office. UfHITB ROSE-MABE IT, IF NOT RAINING, MON TT day, at II o'cloek. down to farry, and not steamboat Have snmeihlng Important lor you which I had about bm Thursday and Satarday BED bomb. ANTKD-BY a wealthy FAMILY, AN INFANT to Adapt tram birth, either male or female. Address, for two days. Bra. EoBerTii, Herald Uptown Branch 3wb. WHKRH IS JOHN BIGOT? A LITTLB PRESENT from t*rU baa baeu waiting mora than tlx ninths. B. PRY CKXOPg. altman A 00. beg to in'orm the public that they win MAINTAIN their POPCHRITY (or PMCiifr as heretofore, and aire determined NOT iu HK UNDERSOLD by ANY other hou<e in the city. A continuation or bargalu-i in addition to thoao dla playcd 'aat week will be olTvr d on MONDAY and daring the week in every department. Eipeclal attention it directed to the various lines of good*, a? enumerated below. B. ALTMAN A C~~IXTH AVENUE, NEAK ? 1VENTY-FIRST 3TREBT. D RES3 SILKS IN BLAI'K AM) * Oi.UHS. Pluck anil KrnyfsilKS UruyVud' whWe_U^?l- ?' 10' ?'18 ??' Colored SILKS In all the no w shade*. at 91 (8 and $1 73. Superb RLA<*K SILKS will .? ollered at ?l <W, ?i 10, It 90 per yard. Lyons best BLACK BILKS, $2. $2 25, $1 SO, $2 75 per yard. Taffetas and Lusterine tii.k.s lor lining gicnauiue dies es, at 91, 91 10, 91 23. J^ACliS AND LACE GOODS A SPECIALTY. YAK LACES in wiilte. buff and colors. CLUNY LAC38 in all color*. LINEN LACES in variety of colors. FINE REAL TilRKAD, ~~ UUIPUKI-., YAK and VALENOIENNE LAC t H AND EDGINOS. J^ACE VEILS, LACE KIOUUS, LACE COLLARS and sleeve*. LACE 1IES, bCA lU-'S and BOWS. DOTI'ED NET, in real and imitation thread. CHENILLE and SPANISH NET. and GUIPURE LACK NET for SACQUES and JACKETS, includlning a fine assortment of LACB VEILS, all at very low price*. B. ALTMAN A CO., SIXTH AVENUE, NEAR TWENTY-Klttdf STREBT. L ACE SACQUKS, SHAWLS AND PARASOL COVERS. A large variety of LLAMA LACB 8APQUES wi'l be opened M< N 'AY, JUNE 2, 9? 910, 9*2, 915, 918, 9% 923 50. ta, 927, 930 to 9**, being tutlv 25 per ccnt lest tlian their regular value. QUIPURE LACE 8ACQCB& at 925, 930,940 and upward. EXTRA BAROAINS in REAL THREAD SHAWLS will be od e red , at 963 to 9125, worth nearly double that amount. REAL llama lace shawls 96. 98, 910, 912, 915. 918. 925 and 930, real bargains. PARASOL COVERS, TN LLAtl A, at 92 SO, 93 to $6. PARASOL COVERS, IN REAL THREAD, at 910, 912, 913. 918 and upward. B. ALTMAN k CO., SIXTH AVENUE, NEAR TWENTY-FIRST STREET. HOSIERY, OLOVE AND HANDKERCHIEF DE par Uu?lt and RIBBON and TRIMMING Department All con'aln the lending anil ONLY desirable Goods lor the present weather. Ladle*' fttll regular made Hose. 25c. pair. 93 per doz. Ladies' lull reKnl*r made Hose. 30c. pair, 9'! SO per iloc. Ladies' tine qnaliir made llose, : 5c. pair, 9< per .lor. I adies' line qual-tr made Hose, SSc. pair, 9* 40 per dot. Ladies' white Halbriggau Hose, 46c. pair, 9* per doz. Ladles' English llose, extra length, 50c, 95 75 per do*. Ladies' bent Sea Island cotton, 4 thread and double lie. Is and toes, CSc., 97 30 per doA Ladles' LUle thread, 50e., $., per do*. l.adn s' Linle thread, extra leneth, 78c.. 9' per do*. Ladies'Lmle thread, exii a qualiiy an I lull sice, at90c., 9i to 91 2!> per pair, 91", *U ?*> and 914 per dus. Ralbrlzgan, extra leneth, silk clocked, 5'V\, 91 per do*. lsnUirik''?'nn, eura length, silk clocked, tiOc., 97 i?er do/. Balbriggan, extra length, slU clockuti, t>5c., 97 M per doz. LADIES' FANCY SILK STRIPED llose at tl 7.1. Ludies' Lisle ihresd, striped, extra Ion*, 91 25. Ladies' Lute ttircud, striped, extra long, siik docked, 91 30. Ladies' cotton striped, 78c. ami V5c. pair. CHILDREN'S FINE FANCY nTRIPED HOSE, In 24 different patterns at 24c., 28c., 32c.. SV., S6?\. 38c., 40c, 42c. and upward. CHILDREN'S German sn l hnglish Hosiery In medium and extra len^tlis and all sues. GENTLEMEN'S HOSIERY. LISLE TJI READ SOCK*. 40c pair. 94 Wiper dozen. Lisle thread, ex.ra quality. 45c. pair, 95 per dozen. LISLE 1UKEAO, STHlPED, extra quality, tiZc. pair, 97 25 per do/en. GENTLEMEN'S BALBRIGUAN, embroidered, 45c. pair, 95 per dozen. Gen. e,uetr* Malbrlggan, embroidered, 50c. pair, 95 75 per dozen. Gentlemen's Balbtiggan, embroidered, 80c. pair, 97 per doxi n Oenileni. n's Balbriggan, embroidered, 75c. pair, 98 SO per dozen. Gentlemen's English Half llose. superior quau.y, only 85c. i.air, 93 per dozei. Gentlemen's Engiuu Half Hose, 3oc. pair, 93 50 per dozen. Gentlemen's English ttriped Half Hose. 45c. pair, 95 per dozen. * B. ALTAIAN A CO. LADIES', OENTB' and CHILDRBN'R KID, Silk and lisijTthread gloves. LADIES' Lisle Thread Gloves, 15c., *>c. 23c. pair. LADIES' Engflsh Thread Gloves,) 1, 2, 3 and 4 buttons, > 35c., 40c., 50c. to 75c. pair. ) LADIES' Silk Glovea, 1, 2, 3 and 4 button a CHILDREN'S Lisle Thread Gloves, Uc., 15e., 19c., 10c., Me. A Call or kxaminatloa I* Earnestly Solicited. ft, ALTMAN * CO., 8IXTM AVENUE. NEAR TWENTY-FIRST STRUT. DRY GOODS. ALTMAN * 00. By untiring efforts are prepared to meet the want* of the present season in every particular. Alive to the inter est of the putiltc and their demands, with prompt and judicious selection of Goods, and offering them at the lowest possible rates, they trus thereby to secure, as ever, URF.AT FAVOR Willi THE PUBLIC, and, IF POSSIBLE, INCREASE their PATRONAGE and popularity. On MONDAY, JUNE. J, they wfll offer the most sea sonable Goods, aud beg to Invite the public to a call of ex amination. \ B. ALTMAN A CO., Sixth aveaue, near rwentv-flrst street J^ADIES' SUIT DEPARTMENT will open on MuNDAY, June 9, in all the LEADING STYLES of the season. ELEGANT WI1ITE LAWN^ lInen and BATISTE SUITS. LADIES' fine white lawn Summer SUITS, flne Imported embroidered linen COSTUMES, WALKING, TRAVELLING and Seaside SUITS, plain, linen, lawn and embroidered POLONAISES, HEDINGGiES and other COSTUMES of the latest novelties at vary low rrlces. Also, a large variety of LADIES' HOUSE ROBEB~aND MORNING WRAPPERS in flue lawn, with flue inserting and Hatnbnrg Em broidery, to which an earnest inspection Is cordially solicited. B. ALTMAN A CO., SIXTH AVENUE, near Twenty-first street J^AD1E8' CHILDREN'S AND INFANTS' DEPARTMENT for fins U NDERC LOTH I NO, TROUSSEAUX" and OUTFITS complete in every detail at extremely reduced prices. Ladies' flne linen, cambric and mu'lin CHEMISES, com prising over 7-' varieties of styles, only made ot the very best material and finished in the ms?t approved manner?each artlele bearing the most critical exam ination?trimmed with plain and corded bund and runted, with tucks and puKlng, with fine Hamburg in, serting and Valenciennes lace, edging and in>crting; made with yoke stylo uud French bosom, will be otlered at 98c., II 08, $1 19, $1 85, $1 45, $1 68, 91 75, 91 95, 92, 92 10, 92 25, 9* SO, 92 85. $2 75, 92 90, 93, 93 10, 93 25, 93 50, 93 76, and from 9* to 96. Ladles' fins linen cambric and muslin NIGHT ROBBB, all made of tha very best material for first class wear, ot full sizes, and trimmed In the most desirable manner, with good taste and excellent workmanship, 91 19, 91 25, 91 so. 91*68, 91 98, 93 26, 92 60, 92 75, 92 83, 93 30. >3 *5, 93 75, 93 88, and from 9* to 97 50. LADIES' fine linen, cambric and muslin DRAWERS, 79c., 89c., 95c., 91 10, 91 2.i, 91 35, 91 60, 91 75, 91 90, 92 10, 92 20 to 93 60. Ladies' flne muslin WALKING SKIRTS, at 78c., 96c, 91 10, 91 25e., 91 48. 91 65, 92, 92 50, 92 75, 92 to 91 50. LADIE8 TRAIN SKIIITS, at 91 48. 91 75. 91 88, 92, 92 20, 92 SO, 92 75, 93, 93 00, 93 85, 94, 94 40, 94 75. and for 95 to 915. LADIES' TOILET 8ACQUEP, DRESSING SACQUES and COR8KT COVERS, troui yso. to 9* 50. LADIES' lawn, cambric and perr-ale PLAITED WAISTS, at 83c. to 91 95. MISSES' and CHILDREN'S lawn and linen SUITS, PIQUE DRESSER, braided and embroidered, and 8AILOR COSTUMES, at 91 56, 91 69, 91 95. 92 25. tl 50, u H6, 93, 93 60 and 4 to 96 76. MISSES' AND CUILDKKN'S UNDERCLOTHING and INFANTS' WARDROBE, complete or in single piece!, comprising every requisite article in the line ot wearing apparel, at exceedingly tow prices. PILLOW AND SHEET SHaMS, in linen, cambric, lawn and muslin. In great variety an.I beautiful styles. B. ALTMAN A CO., SIXTH AVENUE, NEAR TWENt771rST STREET. PARIS, B. ALTMAN & CO. LONDON, VIENNA, BERLIN. CHINA and JAPAN NOVELTIES, comprising the latest prodnctions flne OXIDIZED SILVER." PEARL, MARQUISETTE, JET, RUBBER, STKEL and JAPAN Goods, expressly imported, n nd consisting of FINE DRES8 and BONNET ORNAMENTS, OXIDIZED Buckles, Chiiteluines and belt attachments; NECKLACES, BROOCHES, KARDROPS, BRACELETS, THE TRIANON FAN8 and REAL RUSSIAN LEATHER GOODS. all at extremely attractive prices. B. ALTMAN A CO., SIXTH AVENUE, near Twenty-first street pABASOLK and BUN UMBRELLAS. Elegant styles of LA 1)1 KN' PARAIBLfl, ot the latest designs, In all sites, comprising tha largest and most extensive variety la tha retail market* to which a call o< Inspection IB BABNEHTLY ADVISED. >. ALTMAN A CO., RfctlB aveuaa. near Tweatvflrat itraeL DRY GOODS. T KINZBY'S Special Bargains in every department, from la*t week's auction wiea J KI'.AL LACKS AT KINZKY'B | Point and Point Ai>i<lii|U<* Lines, Black and Colored Yak Laccs, 2Jc. np. Colored JfalWre Lares, Oc. up. Rich Spautsh luces, ItK-. up. Duchess Lace*. 10c., ML- , 20c., 2V. np. French Point Laces, 60c. vard up. Opening two eases real Guipure Luces, inch wide, at 25c.; two inches wide. ^9 ?.; 2,'j incites wld<'. 80c.; three inches wile, at 76c.; tour niche* wide, $1; wider width* very low. Thread Lace*, 15c., Sic.. 4*v. iiu. Valenciennes Luces, IJe. to oor vard. l eal Italian Valenciennes Laces, la:., 8c., 10c. up. Hand ma o Lituu Laces, ft*. up. Hand t:ro< b.;t Ijucus. lie. up Real Mullesc Laves, 25c. j ur .yard. LACKS Ar KINZKY'B. French Guliiiiru Lares, all silk' 6c., He., lllc., lie., I Sc. yard up. Applique 1 aces, Jfie. yard up. Colo ed silk Laces, low. Colored Cluay i.sces, 6c. vard op. Co.nre.l Yak Luces, '.IK', up. ChcnlHe dotted Laeei, 60c. yard. Wide silk Laces, sic. up. Wiiie silk Veilings, HO', up. Frcnut) Veiling <irai>e<, jflc. yard. HiIk veil tij-enadine", :ttc. up. Doublu edge Heart Laces, 50e. \a>'d. lulnr Lace Barhes, fide. ?p. Tli eml Luce Kurbes, !Vv. up. Silk Luce Sells 2fic to $ii. I u u Capes. t- 2'J io (9. firciiii.irue veils, all Rliadcs. White silk Laces, black dots. ILLAMA LACK SHAWLS] I AT KiNZKY 8. I 1,run Llama Lace Shawls, boui'ht at last week's auction rales, a about hall price. commencing at $i SO, ?i, $1 60, *4, *5, $6, $i0 yp to |?i0. LLAMA LACK SAC<^UKS| AT K1NZKY> . Sun l.lainn lace Kaojiiis Irom auction u( $? An and t4; ex-in i|uality iriiiged, 45n to $t>; extra Llama, $3 to >l'J; very rich .-ucqucs, ? 13 to $14, |1J tO S4U. $ Tribbon DF.P Akt m, AT Kl.W.Y'S. | <4> * Great failure ei a Kibbon importer, we have bought over $00,000 worth oi his stock, whith we are cIohiiih out at titty cents on the dollar; all new Spring shades. Cord edge Ribbons, 4c., 6c., Sc.. 10c. No. 4cnra edues, tie. yard. No. ft cord edges, Sc. ami l(lc. No. 7 cord edges, I2^c. yard. No. 9 cord edges, 17c. yard. No. 12 cord edges, 20c. yard. No. 4 gros grains, 10c. yard. No. ft gros drains, 12)tc. yard. No. 7 gros grains, l.'c. yard. No. 9 gros grains, 19c. yard. No. 12 gros grains. 2ftc. yard. No. lfr'gros grains, 25c. yard. We have over 120,0f0 yards be't'iua 11 lv all sl|k liibbons, Nss. 12. 10. 22, VJ0 and 40 all good colors. Also p'aid", Rinnans, watered and fancy Ribbons, which we sell at 26c. per yard.

8A811 RIBBONS AT KINZBY'S. lain ; ash Ribbons, 29e., Sic., 4tle. and 46c. Five inch plain Hash. 50c. per yard. Plain Sa-h Kibbons, 25c. to 75c. Rich Qros Grain sash, 76c. up. Watered -ash liibbons,5(?c. up. Striped Bash Ribbons, 09c. up. opening (100 pieces tiros Grain Fancy hashes, irom 00c to SI; 3U0 pieces ltlock 1'iald Sashes, from 4tic. to 89c. ner yard; MO pieces Cord hdge Sashes, all good colors, troui 60c. to 94c. PARASOLS AT KINZKY'B. Pongee Parasols, lined, $1. silk, flounce*, at 91. Mime as' Bilk Parasola, 09e. up. Silk Pongeo, satin bordered, silk lined, pretty handle, $1 2ft. *eM"e ' Silk Snn Umbrellas, 90c. np. Alpaca Cnibrellas, $1 89 up. Kngiish stlk imbretlat. All the new styles in Para<oR with tourist, slick and club handles. ? FLOWERS AT KINZKY'B. boxes of rose Sprays, line French goods, at 10c. spray. 260 boxes assorted French Flowers, 16c., 25c., Sic., ftJc, spray. Rich Mwnturcs at C9c. Long wreath Sprays, 50c. We have Hie largest assortment ol extra fine French Flowers Vi be found in the city in Montures, Garlands. Ro es, Vines, Wreaths. Clusters and i-lngle Flowers; loug Sprays, rubber stems, at$l. <? IIAT8 AND BONNKTS AT KINZKY'S. | _tiglish, French. Italian anil ilotncstiu Straw Goods, In leghorn chip. Neapolitan, Pearl, Milan, Cohurg, and fancy Lace Bonnets and Round llats; French and Kagltsh chips, $1 up. Bluck N< eapolltans,6Re. up. Fine Milan Straws, 59c. up. Kngllsh straw Kannets, 'J6c. up. Good School llats, 25c. up. Sun HaLs, 16c., 25c. up. Mlases' Round 11 aU, 25c. SILK TIKH AT KINZKY'S. dozens ot.Crepe Deehiae. Polka Oots, plain and corded. Windsor's Brocade and rlclilv (ringed Ties at 39c. Wide silk crepe Ties heavy twist Fringes, at 60c. too dozens all silk Windsor's shaded twilled silk, fancy figured Roman's and changeable silk Ties, 2ftc. 160 dozens new s yles In Ties. Polk,i Hots, embroidered, plain and shaded Ties, Iroui 44c. up. ' ? I SILKS AT KINZKY'S.. r&c. < rape Declines, all silk, Bonnet Silks, i>2e., C'.'c., 76c. Heavy corded Silks. 75. Trimming Silks, 60c. up. Silk Velours, 75c., 88c. yard np. Lining Silk, 25c. to 50c. vard. Splendid Black Siks. $1 ffp. J'JO pieces rich watered Silks, every color, at 75c. yard. Auciioii lots o; Silks, matins Velvets, 4c., closing out low. Toriiuoise silks, 75c. yard up. I LAOS GOODS AT KINZKY'S] G> S> KnglMi Thread Collars, 26c. Linen Col ars with at pllque lace edge, 25e. ? Linen Cuffs, 10c. piilr up. Applique Luce Collars, 2fte. swiss and Lace Ties, IV, up. 2,i*m i reneh Sef >, each set In a box, containing a fine ChiMnize, ic. with Ltnuii Collar, apairof Sleeves with Linen Cuffs; all ot the best material, for (Wc. boc. Colored Linen tii-ls. 49c. up. Laee Tidies, 15c., 25e., 3lc. up. Iiiiants' Waists very low. Normandy i.acp Caps in real ami Imiunioli Luces. Lace Capes and Colltures. Crape, Linen and Lace Collars. <1 KL'FKLI N IS AT KINZKY'S. Oil pieces M.-iglc, Rutllings, yards in each piece, lie. piece skirt Huntings, with wide embroidery ut top, title, yard. Neck and sieevo Kuiliing* in real and imitation I, 10c. up. Cashes cotfnn Ribbon, 6u. yard. Imported 'lucklngs, straight and bias Woven Kdges, ilk!, yard. Cotton Trimmings, 10c. piece np. Kutliings, embroidered bands, 25c. piece. Embroidery Trimming', 26c piece. Victoria lawn I'ufTlnps, Sc. vard, 12 yard pieces Worked Iviglligs. good Muslin, 2'.h.'. entire piece. Pique TriiuiiKiigs. 2 c. piece. Star and embroidery Braids, Tape and Fancy Trimmings. KMBROIDKIMKS AT KINZKY'S.f 'lainbtirg Kilgings, 3c., 6c., 8c.. lue. Hamburg Kilgiugs, 12'^c.J Ifte. to ?(ic. Hamburg Insert.ons, 6c., He., 10c., 12c. Hamburg luserdons, 16c., 2Uc., 26u. to 76c. Pique Kmbrnidery, 26c. yard. Auction lots ol Liubroidery cheap. I Will I K GOODS AT KINZl'.Y'S. We. Inten 1 closing out our White G<hkIs stock. Ihcre will be some cheap goods 1 to f -<e> ? J"arg WILLIAM KINKKT'S, [ 7(7 AND 769 BROADWAY, [CORNRR OP NINTB bTRBKT. A DRY UMOOS T kl.NZBY'ti. We have ?om< of the cheapest Goods ever offered at retail. Couie and examine theai. f 1LOVKS, AT KINZKY'B. | 2.'0 dozen genuine Trclou."?e Kl<l cloves, new Spring color*, wrih $1 61, we shall s.i.1 m 'J e. pair. 1 0 ilo/iMi black, Mime milker, 9-c. 1MJ dozen two billion. iancv wrist*, while, black alltcli> d, 76c. pair. Our l upin Kid Clove at MIc. A lot one button Kids, "9c. A lot Ileal Kill Gloves, 6.'?e. Two I u 1 ion utidrc*sea Kid?, 49c. Two liutioii <iueru Kl In, tote. Gents' Lu,.in kid Ulove, 91 SilK twist Mltt?, J9c. pnlr. I >a ? Berlin Glove, with tassels, 19c. l.ertln Gloves, I, 2, It an I * buitoii*. Ml* e-?' Silk Gove*, lancy colors. Mi.-.-ea' while Berlin Gloves, i'Jc. Ladies'bilk Glove, kid make. ^ ^HOSIERY AT KIN/.KY'S.^ Misses' laiicy striped llow, USio ?Jiio dozen lancy striped lie ?e. In line i:oim1*, ?ic., <!Hc., 31c. pair, l.oys lancy *lrl> ed How, lw-. Lisle Lace llall IlimvStr. pair., Fancy 11 < ne. extra long, 23c. pair. Bilk clocked Balbrlggan, Me. up. bilk clocked, ex.r* length, 4 c. I- ull ri ku ar bnglisli Hose. --">c. Kxtra i|iiulity ? nglisli llose. :llc. 1 .a lies' Lisle Bi?ibrlg:-iim, Ac., 111 extra lengths, ai low prices. Genis' regular Half llose. 20c. Two ca?e? genuine frenen foiir-ihicad Hull llose, 2.V. Coins' striped Lla;e Thri ait, 23c. Every quail y In gents' Unit limn-, in Lisle or Ritlbriggan. KUHMSIUNG GOODS AT KINZEY'S. Genta' Lisle Shirt*. (We., 69c., 76c. Gents' summer Drawers. Cents' Merino Underwear. itoy *' Merfho Underwear. Ueiila1 tdirta and Ooliurs, runs, suspenders, Ac.. Ac. dentil1 Silk Bow*, 18c., 10c.. 23c. , lienis' Silk carl", 28c , Sic., 40r.. up. BiiWH, Silk Til'I lie., lac., 20c.. up. Bows, Grina line Bows, 10c., up. Cents' and Hoys' Bows,' carls and 'lies, new and neat designs. JcORBKfS AT KINZKYift^ 18 t?onc woven Corsew, (We. Whalebone akelcton Corset, 75e. Whalelione (iosamer Corael, 76c. 26 hone woven Corsets, 99e. Genuine French Cortiile Whaleiione Corse.s at$l 96. S-' bone woven French Cornel, deep embroidery, $1 49. 2u different a'yle* Kronen, derm 111 ami Amer can cornet*. Children's Cornet Waists. Miuc. Koy'a Cornet*. fcillIiDHKN'.-* WEART Boys' :-alior Suils. (toys' summer v> aists. M.asok' Overdresses, Ac. Ml^se*'fancy Apron*. . ? Mls-es' *acque*. Ac. Mi**e*' Merino I'mlerwrar. ^HOQP f.KIRTB ANl) BUSTLES. T Bvery style 111 Hoop Skirt, Every stylo In Bustles. Kill)her < 1 ootid, J'a 'a. Bustle", Children* tubs, Kuhber Aprom, Dianers and Nursery Apron*, New styles 111 Hoop bkli'U. TuNDEItWD.AK, AT KINZLV'siT "Kino trlinined Chemise.89c. ln-erted and trimmed do., 79c. Kinri lucked Bo*oin*do . H6e. Embroidered aail milled do., 96c. Tucked and trimmed Che 111 ike, with corset cover. $1 Tucked hack and front. 91 4ft. Bins tucking, with embroidered Bosoms, lllie goods, SI 2ft. imlilo/.eu very fine tucke.l. Richly emhroidered un 1 iace trimmed Chemise, $1 <->? to 96 20. I UNDERWEAR, AT KINZKY'S. I .'ticked mudin Drawers, 47r. fine rurtlod and tucked, 6H1 . Cluster tucked and trlinmeil, 96c. Corded bunds and ruilled. 9>. Kine puffed and ruilled. $1. Embroidered ruilled and tucked. 91 67. ?AOdo/.en fine ex(ra tucked ruilled and emhroidered Drawers, I r 0111 91 6910 91 75. Misses' Underwear, ill all size*. full assortmeat l.adles' Merino Underwear. T UNDERWEAR. AT KINZEV'S. ^ fine tucked Skirts, 74c. Extra cluster lucks, HOc. Ruilled and lucked. 91 . fluster tucks anil ruined. 91 2ft. Side pleuilng and lucking-. 91 ft". Bias tuckiug and embroidered. 91 2ft. 261) tine emhroidered. tucked aud ruffled skirt*. 9- h> 9?? 96. BUa, tuc king ami ruilled sacq tie*, tl 26. Bias, tuckiug aud emhroidered, 92 26. Toilet HacniMB, trimmml, Hue. Kullled ami iriiuiued feacques, 96c. Ladies' and Mlsse*' Waists. 69c. up. Kxtra tine embroidered v\al?ta. Night Dresses, I'ml size, 91. . Ituitleil and lucke.l, 91 ID Lined Yokos, hark and iron;, 91 2?. Euibroidered and tucked, 91 iwto f We are receiving new ?tyle* in Ladies' Underwear everv day; good* made ot best materials and well muale. We sell them a* low a? you can buy the material* lor. 4f> <>> TtRIMMINOS, AT KINZKT'S.1 We have over 1 ,*.'(10 piece* of black r-llk Fringe*, from the lowest to finest good* made; thev were closed out at Wc. on the dollar ; we are selling them at the same rate*. ... , . .. , . We hare also in the same lot every shade, color snd stylo in colored Silk fringes, in Twist Tasnei, mixed Linen and Worsted Cringes, which we are selling at th* same low r*l?t. Several decided bargains In I'awiomotiterie Olinps. In Silk Trimmings we have every style and color. Also a large lot ol Headed Oimps and fringe* very low. White and colored pique Trimmings, Irom 2,'s- plec>', up. White and colored linen Kriugi s, very low. Embroidery and lancy Braids, I'lal'i d and other I riinailiigs. Th ANDKERC11IKKS, A I' KlNZKY'S. | (? ^ Ladies' ad linen hem?tlch, li^c. up. Kine all lin. n do.. 16c., lHc. 20e up. Vi ry line, lucked and cordi d,3tfC. Kxtra line, lancv tucked,49c. Ail linen, hemntloli. with Needlework corners, at 2V. Very linn linen camhric, Heiiistieh worked a.l round, ftoe. Needlework, wi:h Initial*. 12,4c. up. Mourning linen Mamlkeielnels, :'5c. 2011 do/ens, with applique corners, worth I sc.. .at iie. Relglan point lace, $! 69 U|>. m ienne- laee II .ndkerihlefH, 75c. up. Kxtra Hue French linen Cainl.rli'. full embroidered. 9 kj. Lxtra line linen cambric, all lii-iiislich, 26c., 28c., .lie., up. tietlts' all hemmed, tape and Huney bonier ?. Ift ?.. .. 2ft<' , up. Genls' ull I in n. tiems n h. '.'4r up. tients' all lint tl, initialed. Ml' up. Boys' all linen, primed border*, Fast colors, hemmed, 12)^c. 1 2110 r.vons Wandkerchiel* now opening, .it a lot we have .preail out there are sum" very tine goons, hoi It Indies' and gents' plain hetnstlleh, worscd and lace; illey commence at I2!a ?. U> 911. ^Ai'ciioN bargains, atkinzey's.^ We are receiving trmn anction <'0() Llama Lace Shaw.sand Snc.iues at the lowest |?rlees yel offered. Also ahout S 0 pieces l.luek Trimming Lace* very low. Also 460 ho)te? of f-asli, Bonnet and Trimmln* Kihbolis, the cheapest vet 01 the ?ea?oli Also is) v'.nlu Winds..r uro grain and lancy Haslies, irein |1 49 lo 95 50. 61*) Roman Ties at 19c. 2ihi .to/en large silk fichus, with knotted irluiie.i, wi.rth 9 , a( S0c Another lot ot our all ?ilk live inch Windsor*, 2.V. From a bankrupt stock to be closed out about '.SO pieces I'lques, M.irMilllc*, Nain?ooks, .laeonet*. swl*scs. Organdies, Book, Bishop Lawns, Victoria Lawn*, 16c. to 31c. yard. ?_.i.. h.i, KSi pieces of camels nair Cloth, every color, deep fringe on each side, for "earls, al .'iOc. vard, worth 91 2(11 piece* Hotted Laces, edged botn iHte*, for ecarta, 10c. ? TsPRClAL BARGAINS, AT KlNZKrtf^ 2,iskI pieces Rutllings and Tucking*, lie. to :Ve. piece. 6,1*10 yards real handdnade linen KdRings, fc. and l?c y?ro 2 eases colore'. Yak Laces, 29c. up. 1 mna black Yik LtCCI, 30c. 110 1 ia>* Uiaca laa ^ ^ y>r4( Wllek iUk Guipure ibices, lac. 10 78c. yftrd. I9,is.i0 yards, all silk, I'rench Guipure Lacea. 8c. to 44c. 12,m*l yard* colored cheny and Malten Late*, fc. to 19a. I WILLIAM K1NZKY, ? 767 AMD 769 BROADWAY, 4 ; ^ NEXT CORNER BRLoW STKWAKT'H. : DRY GOODS. T KINZEY'ri? Opening neveral of Pari* and Vienna Fancy Good*, Pans, Jewelry and Novelties BVUd AND BEL18 AT KIN'Zbl'd. Leather Bag*, K>" lock, wiib leather bill*. SOr. Leather Haps, slhror-ii'a'ed iriuiiu, wltli Iock uml belts silver mi ua'eil, %'i 29. All shade* iu luiuu Belts. _ Ru**la leather Rag*, gilt Irnnii s unit luck*, line belt*, L'i't III-IIIIItM<l, ? i. Fine liii**la Bug, deep Irinsra, g Hi niounie I frame >nd lock, fne ullt mounted belt, Rti?*la leather Portemonnaic*. up. Fancy I'm tenioiinafcs. Z5e.. lofJM. Travelling Shopping Hum. Lirto *'/>? t h ticv leather I'll.'*, Kill mournings h c., worlli $1 SO. Russia leather Bells, line. Of i [ PANS AT KINZKY'H. j Linen Fan*, all colora, 10c. K. k Kiin-, every color, lino, '.'nrved stick*, polishotl, I8o. Carved ivory *tl.'k*. Silk*. Bl .uul .1 Khiim ut 2/W:. 1'ouipadour Silk Faua, 20c. Spangled gilt*t|ck Fans, B0<!. Fine carved Vienna Kan*. Mick*, -ilk covered ami |>a nted, 90e. Fine Mik i'aii', spunglcd, !>h\ ? Kxira tine polished bundle*. Satin Puns, worth SI 28, ui wic. Finest Vienna Silk Pane, 91 lvorv, sit11ii nionned, beavj down <>u ton, al e ilors, H'JC. The new Irion Fun, In linen. Milk or *altn, p<nin it a. I i aiuteJ. GOc. to $iU. ? OXIDIZED GOuDS AT KINZEY'S. MK) Imported oxidi/ed Chatelaines. at 2oc. Oxidized Kelt Clasp*. in great vari-ty, from Site. up. Oxidized Sleeve Muttoim. -'Sc. Oxidized Lockets, Ac., .tc. Oxidised Veil Pin*, 2Se. Oxidised Slides an J ornamental Oxlilied Buttons in great variety and every *i/-e. Fine Chatelaines, Fan Holder*, Chains, s-ets and Bonnet Ornament* JEWELRY AT KINZBV8 I'.ar Screw* witli silver Screw, I'earl and Coral, *9c pair. Heal Whlthv Jet Eardrop*, Wc. Fine Lockets, IIair Ornaments, Chains, SliilcH, Ruckle*, Sleeve Buttons, Chatelaine* and hamrops. _ Fme Kui.ber and Wiell Jewalry. Conillne and Steel Jewelry. ?Sill and Jet Jewelry. Necklace*, large assortment. K'. uclct-, Jet and Gilt Novelties in Jcwlry. SWISH GOODS AT KINZKY'S. Swine carved Brackets, 25c. up. Swim carved Towel Hack, 09c. up. Swiss carved Muich Sale*, lac. up. Swiss carved Wall Pocket*. 28c. up. Swiss carved llat ltack*, 79c. up. bwui carved Frame*, 19c. up. Swiss carved Ronouet Irbldera Swif* carved Hook Hacks. Hwi** carved Easels. fc wi*s carved CovWres. Swi lUoodsln variety. A <$> FANCY GOODS AT KINZE*'8. I.urge assortment ot chroino*, wii.Ii? hit Inline*. Sc. to !Wc. l.arue assortment of Cliromo*, rer.dy rrained, We. to $12. I aintcd I'orci lam Medallion*. Fine rariiin and China Good*. Bronze* In great variety. Card Receiver.*, Toilet ;<eta. Jewel (asset-, ornaments. Ac. I'crtumcrie*, .Soap*. Powder*. Brushes, Climbs, ilan i Mirrori and lancy Baskets very low. Stereoscopes and View*. Scutch Wood Good*. Toilet and Perlume Seta. Pincy Hairpin Baskets, Fancy fealh red Dunter*. Note and Meinoraiiduin Book*. JEWELRY AT UINZEY'H. Pine Kuiilitir .Necklace*. Fine ltulilier rtinin*. Rubber Lockets and Cro**ea, Kunlier l*iin- and barring*. Whuliv Jet Jewelry low. Coraliue Jewelry low. Opening a ca*e of French Jewc.lrv, C"n*i-ilng ot hi eve Button*, I ailing*. I.uiket*. Smelling Buttle.*, i batelaiiir*, Chains, Crowes, Necklace*, Set* liair 1'iun, Oi niiueitt*. Ac. fancy frames at kinzevs. Opening two ca?ea import' Plioiok-iaplilu Fraincx, in alJ the new tiyieiui Velvet, Gilt, BronEc, Oxidized, Ru**ia i.euiiiiTand fine Swi** carved Frame*. Photographic frame*, 10c. up. silK Velvet r ra.neii, 7!ic. un. Velvet and Dili Frame*, til up. Carved Swisa Frame*, I'Jc. up. Bronze Frame*. Uk. up. Ullt Frames, M)c. iyi. ^ ^ SMALL WAKES AT Kl.VZF.Y'8, ^ I'earl Buttons Sc.. 6c ,Be , 10c. dozen. Silk Velvet, Ivory, Oliiua, Steel and I'ancy Button*. Button Mould*, every -i/.?. I'aSM-ineinerie liriiameiita. White t'rocbet Loop*, Ac. Alpaca Skirt Braid*, Sc. piece, Pique Skirt Kraiils, Sc. piece. French Working l otion, in. Twilled and Unun Tape*. 2e. up. Klaniic Garter*. 7c. pair up. Kiitf Iu)li llalr Pins, 2c. bundle. Mi v.ird* piece Alpaca Braid*, ISc. e piece* Pique Braid*. 2tfc. Be*t lull yard* machine Silk*, all color* and black, Se. Excellent 4.0 yard* Cotton, 3e. Lot Clark's Cotton, 4c. apool. English Tenth Rru*he*, lllc. up. Euitliah NniI BruNtie*. ISc. up. r.llgliHll Hair Bru*he*. 2.V. up. Fiue ilair Bruabea. inlaid, and ebouy haiidie.*, cheap. Hand Mirror*, all styles. Ladles' Back Combs, largo a**ortuient. In new *tyle?. l.adies' Back Comix. &? up. Rnliher Coar-e i.oiiiIm, MK: up. Itiibber itound Coiulis, lie. up. Bullalo lloru Comb*. ^ 8Fec1AMIKS~AT KINZKY'S. ^ Opening three cai-C'i lino Kn*s a Leatlier Good* in hug*. Willi Bell*. Card ca*es, Beit* with o\;d i/.ed oriiaineiitN, I "into - inoliiiiiles. Cigar l ase* and liaud Mirrors. _ Opening one ra.?e flne TV en.<a GiH.d*. (jilt Gonds. hioeihiig .lou.'iK. Fancy Artu ,e*, tin ? Jewelry: pMorl, Meel an.I ondized Good* in great variety. Opening one ca?e of Belt Buckles, new de?lgn*; silver oxldi/eii Heij Bill kles III rulilo r Kelt Buckle* III Steel, Bell Buckles in pearl, Unit Buckles In jet. Opening on? case Una Sc..rl Hmg*, Screw Htllil*, Sle?\H Butt*ill*. Km Merews, Kiiiiinelli'ii hliiwl Veil mil ncarf Pin*, I in ki*n Chaielaiuea aud Veil I'Uis. We have clnsed out 4n imporier's Siork oi Huh ber. Jet ami Gill Rrncii let*. line iiiit, i ' d ainl Fancv llraeilet*. 'Ibt: , lino Rubber itrMe lets, Wc. A A I Ml.K FANS AT Ki.NZKYS. T Me have oougiit out an ent:rc stuck ot .-*llk Kan*, wtncii we niiall .*eJ lieloW llie K..hl t o*t iii Eurupe. Fnia .-u in. Silk ami Lace Fnus, gilt. Ivory aud Sandalwood handles Stiine are I wllh lit iii Inci'i*. Hifn ituwin itiuther. Si.k i iron 19c. Sii\s o?m! runs up. ?ilii MUd 1 vurjr, v*' "I' UftKAft* ClOOIW AT KINZBVa. I A large lot of lace, appiuiiie, crochet and Noiiiiigoain Tldit a, closing oiltlrom iSc. to $1 lUeach. Mariteillv* Mat*, Ac. each. Fine crochet Tidies, Wc. up, /,c|ihyi Worsted, iu single, double and stillt. all color*, at 12)tc ounce. Zeflivr Wor*tivl Pattern*, Cunhiou*. slinpers. Bracket*. Rug*, Chair Pattern*,Ac., Ac. Flower Pot Cover*. Flower I'ots in China. Flower stands. A great variety Bouquot Holders of every material. Parian Marble Uood*. Plna Card Receiver*, in Sorcel iln, ("hina. bronse, lie carved goodv Ac. Jaidiuier*. wita Flowerf. Large eaeortment of Wax. China. I'ariau and Kngllan Rau ifolU very low Wriling l?e..k*. Work Hosea, Glom Bus. ? Jewel Cane*, Watcb etaad and Oruauienta, Little flne, fbaey Knlck Nack*, for prenenta, ef every imaginable description. I'earl and tancy Oriiameat% Fowder and Pufl Boxea, Cli ma and Panan Taaa? WILLIAM KINZEra, ?4

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