Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 1, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 1, 1873 Page 2
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PET OOOPg. S.xtli lYfnuf and Nineteenth street Opening on Mouday. GREAT BARGAIN ? IN ulti.Kd GOODS, a.OOO piece) plain, mlied and i|>ri|>cd Draw Goods, In freak variety 01 siyle aud quu i'y, 15?., I8e., 20c., Me., 25c. 1,0110 pieces ot I'rev i.ood*, plain and mixed, better goods. iftc., 8 tc., Aj.. ,?c. . 4i 0., 45c. and 80c. Twilled Semes huI caui .ores lor potoualse, Mo. to 60c. Striped silk Oreuad lies, 2dc. and 25c. Boat silk and wool and all wool Grenadines, 44c., 66c., 80c. ana ?5u. Best brands black Alpaca*. 25c., 90r., Sfto., 44c. and 50c. Bargain* In black Cashmeres, lull width, H5o., >1 and >1 10. rine black Taffeta Silks, $1, $1 15. 91 25, St SR. Ettra heavy I u tie la and Gros Urain black bilks, 91 50, |I 96, $1 75 and 92. Splendid quality Bcllons A Ponson's soft satin finish Silks, 92 -5, $2 60 and $2 75, worth >:i 25. Strlned Dress SUlts, sp.endid quality, USc. aud $1. Striped Silk*, be st Roods muilc, $1 2a. Colored trimming 8 Ik-, 0jc? ?i, tl 25 and $1 38. OPfc.M.>G O.N MONDAY, Bargains In Llama Lace Saeiiue. aud bawls. Splendid Lace ?acyues, JK. #10, 912, $13, 914 and 915, almost one-hall last year'* prices. Vetjr line real Llama -aeijues, 916. 917, 918, 920. Lace Points, 98. 910. 912. 91'. 915 and *18. A lot of very tine optra Cloaks, 9<> 50, worth 915 PARASOLS AND SUN UMBRELLAS. Prices lower than any house in the city, comprising all the newest styles introduced this season, in rich Plain and twilled and sutin borders, nil styles handles. Club stick Umbrellas, shaded silk satin I'ordersin purples, blues, browns, chatciaine attached, 9- <5 and 20. Heavy black silk lined oluU?iioK lmuUlo, to $3 bo. Miaaes'silk l'arusois. 45c. to 9L , Real Pongee Sun Umbrellas. silk lined, best goods 85c. 91. 91 25. *1 50. 91 75 and 92, hall price. HtisiEltV AM' l N Di'.itG A RM EN1S. Now opening every style lit Ladles' children's and gent s summer Undergarmerts. Balbriggan, Lisie thread and siriped Hosiery. Gent's Suuiuier Mei iuo Vests, 50c., 00e., tftfe. auil 75c. Boys' hummer Merino Vests. Wc., 5Jc., tJOc. and 75c. Miss s' .Merino Vests, ;t5e., 40e. and 50t:. Ladles' Summer Merino Vests, 50c., t>3c. and 75c. Ladles' extra long Balbriggan Stockings, silk clocked, $3, 94 25, 94 Ml, 11111I 95 25 box. Kid, silk ami 1 isle thread Gloves, all styles. 3-button kid tilo\o.-. 91: first class article. LADIEs' UNuEBGARMENTS AND CORSETS. All the popular makes ot Corsets at low prices. Embroidered 1 rench-wove Corsets, 91 and 91 25; very cheap. Hoop skirt Panlers, fashionable shapes, SOc., 63c. ?nil 75c. Chemises and Drawers in great variety of style and trimming, 75c., 91, 91 25, 91 M and 91 50. Night itowns all styles, $1 25, it 60, 91 75 and 92. I.antes' Toilet Sacaues and Corset Covers, in linen and cambric. Walking and trail Skirts, Baby Baskets and Pillow Shams. Children's Normandy Caps, Medalllonsand Italian Lace, S3 to $4. Children's linen and pique Suits, braided, 91 75 to $2 50. OPEN.NG ON MONDAY a very large assortment of Ladies' Suits in black silks, striped silks and linen, both imported and ot our own manutacture. Oreat variety of Imported Suits, 912. 914 915, 918, 920 to 950. Plata black and striped Silk Suits, richly trimmed, best custom work. 955, 970, 975 und 91*1. Black Alpaca Suits, our own manufacture, very styl ishly trimmed, flue material and well made, 912, 915, and 925. Black Cretonne Suits, elaborately and neatly trimmed, $35; usual cost, $51. Cashmere and Camel's hair cloth Polonaise, trimmed with silk, 918. Linen and batiste Polonaise, $fi, $8, 99, 910, 912. Linen Suits, In latest styles, $tf, $s, $10 $12 and $15. Orders tor garments promptly and neatly executed at moderate prices. KOURN1NG OUTFITS TC) ORDER AT SHORTEST NO TICE. Housekeeping and Domestic Good*, a large assortment. Towels, .Napkins, 'fable L.nen, Piano Covers and Tidies. Lawns, Tarietuns, Organdies, Plain and Dotted Muslius. LACE AND EMBROIDERY DEPARTMENT. Oulpure, Poiut, Valenciennes and Thread Laces, all Widths. Lad es' and Children's Ilnndkcrchiels, fringed Veils and Spanish dot Nets; plaited Cutis and Collars. Now opening, bargains lu Hamburg embroidered Edging aud Inserting*, all widths, choicest patterns, 12c., 13C., 14c., 15c., 16c., 18c. to 38c. MILLINERY RIBBONS AND TRIMMINGS. All the latest Siyies and low prices. All silk grcs grain sash and bonnet and trimming Rib bons, Windsor silk Ties and fichus, trimmed with iringc; French flowers and straw Goods, trimmed and un trimmed, Pa*semciitcrie Uimps, Braids, Buttons, Orna ments, black and colored Fringes, plain and knotted, in all colors. All qualities and styles in latest novelties in Paris and Vienna Fancy Goods, oxidised Ornunnnts, Ac., Shell, Whitby, Jet, rubber and Kilt Jewelry, in sets. Chatelaines, Bonnet, Dress und Hair Ornaments. Kus-ia leather, can vas and morocco Travelling Hags and Pocketbooks. Soap-, 1'crlumery. Toilet 1 owder and runs. Forming the largest und most complete assortment on Sixth avenue and the lowest prie ?*. RICHARD MEARES, 807 and 3oa Sixth avenue, 101, 1U3 and 105 .Nineteenth street, N. T. Al. THE NEW AND CHEAP STORK. M. IvKl.MAN A CO. (late ol New Orleans), 26 Union square, a few doors above Tltlany A Go.'8, and 25 East i llteenth street. OFFi.R 1M.MEN.-K BAKliA1NS on and alter Monday, June 2. New Pprtng Silks, all shades, 75c. and upward. Black Uros Grain. Hoe. aud upward. Black <>ros dc Kiiin. 9jc and upward. New Spring Japanese silks at a great sacrifice. Lace stripe Camels' Hair cloth, 70c.; worth 41. Silk stripe Camels' Hair Cloth,75c.; worth '?c. Silk Pongees, ali new shades, t>2>?c.; value 75c. Spring and Summer Mohairs, 2tc. ; vulue COc. Summer Camels' Hair Cloth, 25c.; vulue 4 Vienna Suk stripe Pongees, 75c.: value 91 25. Challies in all Uiu new siiades. Polka dot Pongees, 45c.; vulue f>0c. Satin stil|ie Mozambique, 45c..; value 55c. Striped Venetian Poplin, 25c.; value 40c. Summer Plaid, 20c.; vulue Hoc. Parlsienne C.oth new shades, 37\c.; wortn SOc. Linen Batiste, lace stripe, 25c., 30c., 35c., 37,',c.; value double Linen Batiste, embroidered figures and stripes. Linen Batiste, sill; stripe, in groat variety, very cheap, Plain colored Hath it*. Batiste and l inen Hoods In all the laten stjles. Printed J.tnen i.anns, troinlsc. per yard upward. Indian Tussore cloth, in huiid-onie stripes, 37.Sc. EXAMINE THE CHEAP COUNTER. CHEAP COUNTER. CHEAP COUNTER. 3,400 pieces French, English and German Spring and Summer Dreas Hoods, trom 12)fcc., 15c., 18c., 20c., 22>,c., 25c.; value double New Spring Poplins, all shades, 1 Sc.; value 25c. New summer Grenadines, 20c.; value 25c. New summer Grenadines, new shades, 25c.; value 42)?c. Printed Linen Lawn und Batiste, 18c., 20c. and 25c.: value *6c., 10c. aud 4uc. French Linos, 15c.; value 3oc. Trench Mozambique-, 15c. s value, 25c. English Mohairs, 25c.; value 15c. Plaid Bareges, 15c.; value. 25c. Striped summer Poplins, 15::.; value 22J^c. Silk figure Grenadine, 22t-,c.; value 28c. Silk stripe Grenadiue, 2tk.; value 25c. Lace stripe urcnadinc, 2Uc.; value 27'jc. Checked Mozambiques, lie.; value 30c. New style stripe Gretiudiue, 18c. ; value 25c. New shades 111 silk ?tnp>- Grenadine, 25c.: value 40c. Hi.Al'K AND MOURNING GOODS. GRENADINES, tlKENAOINES, GRENADINES, In endless variety aud at extremely low prices. Trenton 1 loth. 50e. atnl 56c., value double. Black and u tilte tirenad:ue, 20c. upward. Biack silk Mi,d wool (irena.line, t*)c. and upward. Black Foulard Delaine, 85c. Black silk lustre Alpaca. 25c.; value 40c. Kxira tine black Alpaca, 50c., worth 75c. Black and white stripe Linos, SOc.; value 37^c. Call earlv to avoid the continued rusn. All the new styles in PARASOLS, PARASOLS. Tourists', club handle. Jockey Club, walking cane. Sun Umbrellas. Ac., at astouisiiiiigiy low prices. LACE DEPARTMENT. Oreat bargains in Laces and Embroideries; Yak Laces In all shades, w lil.e and bull Cltiny i-aec, oulpure Lai e, Thread Lace, Spanish and Valeiicleiiue Laces, I'eiut Laoe. made up Laces, Lace Shawls, Sacques, Dolmans, Capes and Circulars. Jaconet, Swis-and cambric embroidered Tidies, In all ?tyles and latest patterns; jet and oxidized Jewelry, Kid, Lisle Tiuead and .silk 1.loves; Ties in all the new styles, sleeve Bu.tons, Lockots, Ac.; Linen hemuied and ticmstilched Uandkerehieis. WHITE OOOI >S. 16,480 pieces assorted siasoitahie White Goods and Piques, which we oiler lor sale at unusually low prices. \> bite Nam 00k, in stripe, plain and checked. Swiss Mu .111, plain,do ted and striped. Linen Batiste. W lie Pique, \ n toria l awn. Bishop Lawn, v, hite and Colored larlatan, Linen Cam bric, Lace CuriNiiu, Nottiughaui Laces. Ac., Ac. bl I IS, SUITS, UNDERW AR. UNDERWEAR, 0f Paris and Berlin msuuiacture, at manutaeturers' prices. Suits, with Polonaise, s:i t*i, worth #7. Liuen and KatiHie suits, I'oloiiauie ai I Rcdlngotcs. Camels nair Sulis, Polonaises and Rodlngotes. Something uew in tiruy Llip n Suits Silk Suits in gr< at variety very ? In ap. White Lawn, Swiss and n -tins. Dressing Sacqnes, Nightgowns. Plaited Waists, Drawers, Chemises, Aprons, .skirts. Corsets, 1'lllow Slips, Bolster Cases, i.olsier and riliuw Slips ui sets, at an im mense sacrifice and detying competition. Suits and Undergarments made to order. LINEN A.nd HOUSEKEEPING GOODS. White and Figured I incus. Linen Sheeting, Pillow Linen, Crash, Towelling, Towels, Napkins, Doylies, Table and Piano Covers. Mar.-eilles and Pique Quilts, Tea Cloths and Napkins ill sets or separate. hosiery, hosierv, imsiery, for men, ladles, misses, boys and children. Full regular made Ladies' Hose. 2tK-., worth 50c. Extra long lull regular Ladles' Hose, 95 50 per dozen. Brown and white Lisle Thread Hose, double heels and toes, 97 90 per dozen. Ladles' extra wide and extra long Hose, ?<c. per pair. Full line ot Ladies' and Mla-es' Fancy striped Hose. Ladles' Balbriggun Hosiery, 93, 9o C2,',. 91 26, 94 75 per box. Men's English superfine Half Ho^e, 93 per dozen, value $6. Men's Fancy Striped Half Hose In great variety. Misses' Gauze ami Gossamer Vests, 45c. aud upward. Ladies' Gsuze and Gossamer Vests, (JOc. and upward. Mens Uauzc Underwear, 60c. and upward, Men's Lisle Thread Underwear, 91; value 91 75. Ladies' I.isle Thread open-work Hoso in great varloty at 75c. per pair; worth ?1 50. at smiths Pattern bazaar, su broadway JJL (east sidej, near t wentieth street?NEW ARRIVALS Of beauiltul designs, JUST IMPORTED, among them the . '-s !"OHt 'ssclnattn^ novelty, becoming to all figures, adauted to any material, especially desirable in wash Koods. I atterns, with cloth models, now ready. Pat terns filled to the lorm. WAHRANTED PERFECT, cut 22* t???T Wby, "ur "'Jles. "SMITH'S ILLUS TRaTED PAI lEitN BAZAAR" n JUsT OUT lor Sinn mer, filled with all the novelties, descriptions and in ?tructlons of tashions. Subscribe ior iu only ONE DOLfcAB A YEAR PkbIuus, ot 91 in patterns given. ? ?MI fii, 914 Broadway, New Yerk. BURDfcTlE A." Great bargains in CarptM; Turnlture, Bedding, Ac., At the large wholesale and retail Carpet and Furniture Warerooms, MO to 616 Eighth avenue, ?orneri Thirty-fifth and Thirty-sixth streets, D. KELLY. Give as a call before bovine. DKY GOODS. A.~ KiiKK H H RRK II 00 H H BBS K H HKRIIOOH II 8 8 K II H It K II 0 II H 8 H II H R K II O II It 8 KB IIIIIIU ERR il O IIIIIIH SS8 K li II K It II O II H 8 K H II M K II 0 H 11 8 E H HKKI1CCH H 8 8 EEEB U II K K II UO H H 888 EIGHTH AVl.NUE, NEAR TWENTY-FOURTH ST. Immense reduction in every department. our low prices (till lower. Regatta ITat*. fully iriinin (1 and bound, at 60c. Black Straw Haw. lor ladies reduced to sue. White Chip Bonnets and Round Ham reduced to 81 ami 1ft. wortli luliy (1 SO. i Misses' Hue white school Hata reduced to 30c. Best quality Mai a Hair llats and Bonnets at 11. l.uio rough and ready "Lyuetios" ai 44c. each. Every siy.e und ituuiity ol' tine Milan Dunstable. Leg horn and luncyUraid iiais. making in nil an assortment oi over IOj.UUO Straw llau, all offered at a startling reduc tion. Richest assortment of fine French Flower*in tho clly. Having superior ad vantages In the direet innovation and mauuiacture of Hue Hi)Wfr?. Wreaths, .Monline4, Vines, Ac., we are enabled lo niter our guild* iar below current prices. Our assortment will be found very attracilve in the rare ln au.y ol our Spray* and tlie extreme moderation of our price*. Full lines of Snali and Bonnet Ribbons in all the new, at greatly reduced prices. immense varieiy of everything pertaining to Millinery Goods, Including lancy Wings, Ostrich Hps Hat ornaments, black Brus sels .*eis, d.iited Lace*, ??punish Lace* and hduiug*. iuiitatiou l bread Later, Ac., all at reduced rates. Trimmed lionnet* and Bound Hats, Children's Nor inundy Lace Caps, Ac., Ac., in every *tyle, at prices to HuiU Re sure anil examine our Millinery Goods If you want the latest style* ami lowest prices. As the Superintendent of our Suit and Cloak Depart* nient sails lor'Europe in a lew week*, in order to make our i'all purchases, we have determined to oiler all our suits at a sweeping reduction, lu order to close tlieui out bcioro his departure. Our "Bismarck" Strlpo Suits reduced to 92 69 duced tut\ ttneD 8U'U,, lleatly with ruffle, re $7?7A WhUe ^awn Suit** with ^dloeoUs, reduced to Our Wash Poplin Redingotes reduced to $3 78. Our vast assortment of richly braided Linen Bulls Al paca, Greua Hue and "Berlin" Sum Suits all reduced to cluse them out. Call and examine. <? We would herewith inlornt our patrons that anv^ business commissions in Loudon, Paris or Merlin will be cheerfully accepted and will receive talthiul at Our tlreat Sale of ., Lace Shawls und nacques still continues. Our reul Llama flood* have been exam ined by connoisseurs, and are pronounced lo lie even M per ceat below Broadway prices. We have purchased them at a tearful sacrifice, and oner them below the gold cost of importation. Beautiful real Llama Shawls at $480, $5 80, $8 and up to 970. Elegant Sacques and Dolmans at So, >7 80, $11, $10 25 and up to $80. Over 111 00 00 00 00 11 0(1 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 11 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 11 "0 00 00 0() 00 00 Ot) UO 11 1*1 00 00 (10 00 55 ix, IS 11 10 00 00 00 00 0U (X) 00 11 00 (X) 00 00 00 00 DO III 11 oooo 00(10 00 00 00 00 1111 po , 00 DO 00 dollars' worth of Ladies' muslin Undergarments, making in all the tines: assortment ol Undorwear ever ottered to the New York pub ic. Our Undergarments are made of the best mucins, on lock-stitch machines, and our prices will prove them selves, without exceptlou, the cheapest ever otlored. Chemise, tucked bosom, needlework front, trimmed with edge, at titfe. Beautntil Chemise, corded band, front and sleeves, at 73c.; worth fully $1. ' Finest WaniMUtta Chemise in the city at 98c. One hundred and eleven different styles of Chemises in muslin, linen, cambric and percale, trimmed, with putting, tucking, needlework and hand-embroidery. at $1 26, $1 46, $1 62, $1 88, $1 67, Ac., up to $3 76. A good muslin Walking skirt, well made, trimmed with ten tucks snd broad hem, at 80c.: worth $1 *6. Our attractive i?klrt, trimmed with 16 tucks, in three clusters. at ?4c. ; worth fullv $1 80. Beautitill Skirt, ot three alternate clusters of tucks and three alternate ruffles, at $2; cauuot be sold elsewhere at luss than $2 50. worfhSTfiO1", tucko(1 yoke' back and front, at $1 06; Nightdresses, four clusters of tucks and insertion of bias tucking, lull length, at $1 86; worth $2 50. , ...... Wonderful selection of Night Dresses, Toilet Sacque*, Corset Covers, Un derskirts, Drawers, Pillow and Sheet Shams, misses' aud children's Undergarments, Ac., Ac. Linen Pillow Shams, beautifully tucked, at $2. Ladies wishing to purchase Bridal Trousseaux or to re plenish iheir wardrobes should e -rtalnly examine our . , Ladies' Undergarment*, which will recommend themselves by excellence wi inatiubieiure, beauty of style and extreme attractiveness in price. Children's Marseilles Canes, Cloaks and Dresses, in the richest aud rareat styles, at special inducements. Parasols! Parasols I Parasols I The seuool Parasol, in buff or black, at 26c. (f(tod Silk Parasols at $1, $1 25, $1 80, Ac. riiie *ilk Parasols, chatelaines and gilt cup at $2 25 h 1 "atta"Ld' at ?"""(JO?1''' htavy ,TUige allJ chatelaine Drab silk Parasols, heavy fringe and chatelaines, at Chtt|ameb'u $'.U? 8l'k Parasols' 8atin ?trlpe, with ehate Every '.variety of Parasol at extraordinary induce ment*. Just received from auction #U0 dozen extra quality Lupin's two-button Kid Cloves ?V '5: cannot be purchased of the importer at less roan 91 *j. the*'ri>C? d'at'? 'h? Trcek an<1 car'y in the day to avoid ... i wo in ?,.w EHRICH'8 Temple of fashion, i?i and 2*9 Eighth avenue, m ar Twenty fourth street AT SMITH'S PATTERN BAZAAR, 914 BROADWAY east side), near Twentieth street?NEW AKkIVALS 01 iieautiiul desmns, JUST IMPORTED, among them the 11 A." I"!"1 '"^luat'iK novelty, becoming to all figures, adapted to any material, especially desirable in wash goods. Patterns, with cloth models, now ready. Pat terns fitted to the fortn, WARRANTED PERFECT, cut untf and basting by oar styles. '"SMITH'S illim TKATED PATTERN BAZAAR'' is JUST OUT for Sum mer, filled with all the novelties, descriptions and in DoTlau'a YP?r"0p; ^"hscribe for It. Onlv ONE I/OIjLAIv A V EAR. Premiums ot SI in patterns iflven a. BURUETTE SMITH, 914 Broadway, New York. WALLER A M'SORLEY'S. Extraordinary Indaccmenta. Black Silks, best makes, atfl, $1 28, $1 50 and upward. p??"'ard * 8"k*' 8,)'eIU,'J at $1 76, worth $2 60 Striped Silks at 86c., $1 and upward. Suits.?3,000 Ladles' lawn and linen Suits, white and ' colored, at $31 80, $4. $8. $0 and upward. 'J.OoO lustre and m'inl."oi"i?' ?1 t?in '?f?t,4'e*' "'cely trimmed and well 1! S# ^ ^ anu upward. Kit Kant Suits at $-0 to $.in and upward ot the must fashionable materials unsurpassed in style and finish. Dressing rooms and every facility for fitting. Splendid assortment of Sacyues. Talmas. Dolmans. Ac., in silk, cashmere, drap d'ete Ac., in the richest und latest Styles, at lowest prices. Press Goods.-300 pieces Lustres, fine quality, best fmidcs, at *6c. per yard. Halernos, Sateens, Pongees, Ore tonnes, I oplius, Alpacas, Ac., every shade and quality, at great bargains. H " y Real Japanese Siiks, the best in the city, at 80c. per Camel's hair Cloth, Cashmere, Drap d'Ete Ac for sacques and polonaise, at great bargains. prices?'11" Oood"' cvery m*Ke and lowest Special bargains In black Grenadines and Alpacas Lace Shawls and Jackcts, immense stock, cheaper than ever. shawls in great variety at great bargains. Ponies, Linen suitings, While Qoods, Hosiery, Cloths, hoasekeeinn/ Dry tloods, Ac., Ac., at lowest prices. All iiooils marked In plain figures. No deviation. WALLER A McSoRLEY, 845 Grand street, near Bowery. A T v v " 'Ol" itOI" X'S, 1:2 K)UKTH AVKS I'K. STAMP* fh, iVi'iJH 0 "' Lingerie Establishment; ladles' and babies trousseaux; speciality of initials, monograms nf iV .i"/i<1 clothsj the largest stock S.K. nrk .e Ooods. Marseilles Dresses and Baby Cloth. Wholesale entrance 69 East Twelfth street. ^j.RENADINE8, Grenadines, two yards wide, warranted pure silk and wool, half cost ot importation. Black Silks, _ Black Silks, the best value In the trade. Handsome Alpacas, 40c. a 50c. per yard. 1 case Spanish Crapes, 70 inch wide. pure silk and wool, 7flc., formerly $2. 1 case Camel's Hair Suitings, I2kc., worth 20r. Full lines ot all French snd Knglfsh Dress Goods at a reduction, to close. JACKSON'S Mourning Ktore, corner Broadway aud Waverley place. TOUVIN KID GLOVES, MAISON VIOLET PKRFL'M on i.llft 7.A,? Wrl.m.fnt of ,'1*" K*ntiine articles alwavs t?. . '? OEgDEK A Co.'S, late E. Brue's, 62 East Twelfth stfeet. west of Broadway. *^a?i VTKW YORK A* DYEINQ AND PRINTING ST\TFV I?f .f.srA"l'lSIlMENT, Dye, Cleanse and K^nnuS! i?Vi* n,*ftr Brooklyn, meut, aud Pl?- Goods in t ' DRY POOPS. ?JOHNSON, BUBN8 A CO.. Union wiuare, lmport> r? ot Frenoh Millinery Oood*. We respectfully announce to our customers anil the public that we will offer great Inducements In Millinery snd Straw Goods, on MONDAY, June 2. The season being now far advanced for our wholesale trade, we purp<Av removing the greater portion ot our large stock trom our wholesale house, 4i8 and 130 Broad way, to our retail houxe in Union square, In ordoi to Close out the balance of our Spring and Summer Importa tions and make room lor our Fall goods, which are now being purchased liv Mr. Jo'inson In the French and Fng lisli markets, and will continue to offer the loilowiug goods at ? lurther reduction on former price*:? 1,600 c^ses of Straw Goods. in Milan, Chip, Leghorn and Hair, will bo sold at 33 per cent less thuSi cost. One lot of white Chip IUta. $1 80. $1 70 and ft each. One lot of extra flue French Chip, $3 50 and $4, roduced from 94 60 aud 90 80. One lot of fine Milan braid round Hats, $1, 91 25, $1 38, $1 76 and $2. One lot of Leghorn Flats, SI 50 92 and 92 75 each. One lot ol black hair Hats, 91 each, worth 91 25. One lot ol black hair Hats, extra One, new shapes, 91 25, worth 91 75. Sailor Flats in every style. Including tne popular "Gala tea," 90c., 91, 91 25 and upward, very line goods. Florida, Palmetto and Shado Hats in great variety, 50c. and upward. French trimmed Bonnets and round Hats. Formerly sold at Bonnets, Reduced to 925 .7. 9-'0 22 18 18 15 1 5 12 12 10 Sound Hats, $20 918 16 50 U 15 12 12 10 10 8 Mourning Bonnets, 97, 98, 99 and $10. Also made to order at short notice. Ribbons. 60 cartons fl inch colored talleta Sash Bibbons, all silk, 75c. per yard. 65 cartons 7-inch colored taffeta Sash Bibbons, 85c. per yard. One lot ol 6-Inch plaid sash Bibbons. 00c. per yard. Ono lot ol' 7-Inch plaid sash Ribbons, 65c. per yard. 75 cartons ol 7"inch colored irros grain sash Ribbon*, extra flue, 91 25 per yard, worth 91 50. 16 cartons 9 inch black Tuffeta, ull boiled, $1 26, worth 91 75 per vurJ. 250 cartons No*. 12 and 16 trimming Ribbons, In all the new shudus, 25 per com less tliun co .t of importation. French Flowers. Are now offering our large and elegant assortment of French Flowers, our own importation, ut u reduction of 60 per cent. Dress Tr immings. Dress and cloak Trimming, Fringes, Gimps, Buttons, Braids, Ac., at a reduction of 50 per cent. One lot ot white cotton Trimmings at halt price. Parasols and Sun Umbrellas marked down. Our large and well assorted stock of Parasols will be oflered at a btlli further reduction on last week's prices. JOHNSON, BUBNR A CO., S4 nnd 36 East Fourteenth street, Union square. A BANKRUPT STOCK IN EVERY DEPARTMENT. Great sale for ono week, commencing MONDAY June 2. Dress Goods saved from the wreck of the Atlantic. Carpets. Irom a recent commercial failure. Oilcloths, iroin the sinasii up of the Wyoming Oilcloth Factory. Bibbons and Trimmings, from a failure on Leonard street. Fourteen bales ol brown sheeting Muslins at 8c. Twenty-seven cases Amoskeags bleached at IJc. One thousand pieces silk striped Grenadines, In all colors, 12c. Mohair and Poplin Plaids. 10c. Handsome Chene Grenadines, 8c. An elegant Japanese. 15c. The above goods are In periect order, and we positively guarantee them to be ut one-third the prices charged elsewhere. sou pieces double warp, silk finished black Alpaca, saved irom the wreck of the Atlantic, aud ouly slightly wet, at37)?c., would be cbeap at 91 A Chantilly Lace Shawl tor 50c. A Llama i-ace saceue tor 90c. Gentlemen's patent reversible Ties, le. each. One million pieces Blbbon, Sc., Sc., 8c. A good black Silk, 91. SOU pieces best quality Japanese Silks, 00c. These goods are worth doiinle the money. 1,500 rolls English ingrain Carpets 60c., Last week's price lor these goods was 85c. Sou rolls tapestry Ingrain, elegant, all wool goods, 75e. Carpet stores advertise these as cheap at 91 20. l.OOi rolls best Koxbury Brussels at 91 26. Mattings ami floor Oilcloths, 20 . and 25c. Orders promptly tilled and goods forwarded by expreil, C. O. D., to any part ot the country. . BOUSS, BELL A CO., at the Great Bargain Headquarters, 435 Grand street A T GAYNOR'S CORSETS. SKIBTS AND TOUBNUBE9. SPECIALTIES. b22 Broadway, corner of Twelfth street Branch store, 6411 sixth avenue, between Thirty-seventh and Thirty-eighth street*. SI M M I K GOODS just received. Elegant shapes and St vies, adapted to any figure. Latest Paris Novelties In French Haircloth Skirts and Tournurcs, superior style and quality, at very reasonable price*. AT SMITH'S PATTEBN BAZAAR, 914 BBOADWAY (east side), near Twentieth street?NEW ARKIVALS of beautiful designs, JUST IMPORTED, among them the TAJ, a most fascinating novelty, becoming to all figures, adapted to any material, especially desirable In wash goods. Patterns, with cloth models, now ready. Pat terns fitted to the form. WARRANTED PERFECT, cut ting and basting by our styles. '"SMITH'S ILLUS TKATED PATTERN BAZAAR'' is JUST OUT for Sum mer, filled with all the novelties, descriptions and In structions of fashions. Sunscrloc for It Only ONE DOLLAR A YEAR. Premiums ol 91 In patterns given. A. BUBDETTE SMITH, 914 Broad way, New York. AT MME. COLLINS' (26 WEST ELEVENTH STBEBT) dressmaking establishment ladies can rely on get ting perfect fitting dresses made, trimmed In the latest Parisian stvle. Ladles invited to call. CIOMPAGNIE DBS INDF.S, J Paris. MM. VEBDK DELISLE FRKRES, of the Compagnie des lndes, respcctluily address themselves to ladies of America contemplating a voyage to Europe, inviting their attention to their productions ot Laces and Cashmere Shawls, exhibited at their warehouses, 80 Rue Kichelieu, l'aris, and No. 1 Rue de la Regence, Bruxelles. Those who call, either trom interest nnd curiosity or for the purpose of buying, will meet with equal courtesy. As this house pays no commissions under anv circumstances to agents, the direct purchaser obta All goods marked in plain figure Eugllsh spoken all over the house, Fahriqncs de Dentelles, | Fabrtques de Cashmere des Bayeux, 14?Bue Roy ale. I lndes. Alencon, 20 Rue de Lencrel. | Cashmere, 1'mrltzur. FDB PERCEVAL, . 739 Broadway, opposite Astor placc. Infants' Cloaks, Coats and Capes. Dresses, sacqucs, Ac. Infants' Wardrobes, Irom 9?>5 up. Ladies' Outfits, Bridal Sets, Ac. Monograms und Initials rmliroidered to order. Lnccs cleaned ami mended equal to new. stamping and Stamped Goods. Hair m Removal. I, SHAW has removed his well known Hair Establishment to 264 Bowery, corner Fourth street, branch store. 3tS3 Sixth avenue, ami begs leave to call the attention ot the ladles to his superb stock ot Human Hair Uoods of the best quality of hair only, ol bis own Im portation and manufacture. As I have had numerous complaints from ladles who have been led astray bv unscrupulous imitators of my ad vertisements and bought Interior goods, I call the atten tion of the ladles to 364 Bowery, corner Fourth street, which entire building I occupy. The largest stock ot Human Hair Goods In the city. All hair used In iny establishment I import and manu facture myself, aud is of the best qaality only, and If any expert can prove that I use In my goods any other qual ity but the best, or mix It with Italian or Chinese hair, w'hich Is generally applied to by other dealers, will re fund the money In every case. I car, oiler to the public Inducements which cannot be superseded by any of my competitors. All guods warranted as represented. Price list Short Hair Switches, 91 and upwards.

Finest quality Hair Switches, solid, not dyed, 18 inches long. 4 ounces weight, 95. Do. 22 Inches long, 4 ounces weight, 96. Do. 2o inches long, 4 ounces weight, $8. Do. 32 Inches long, 4 ounces weight, ?10. Shaw's patent flair Switches, 6uc. Long Single Curl*, natural curly? 22 inch, $2. 24-inch. lit). 26-inch, $4. Frlscts, 25 cents per yard. Branch Store, 363 Sixth avenue, between Twenty second aad Twenty-third street*. Ladles' own hair mftde over in latest styles. Combings mads up 50cents per ounce Goods sent C. O. D. by express, on receipt of color and money, in registered lettey or I'ost office order. Look at the prices. another grand display. EXTRAORDINARY BARGAINS IN BLACK SILKS. 1873. SPRING IMPORTATION, 1873. CHARLES HEARD A CO., 301 GRAND STREET, will offer Monday, June 2, 125 additional pieces superior quality black SILKS; new goods, ol recent importation, bought at auction sales during the past week. _ Rich black Gros de Rhine Hue., 91, 91 10, 91 20 Extra rich Gros de Rhine 91 30. 91 40, f I 50. :d K0 Rich black Drap de Lyon 1 1 ,0? I1 20, i d 40 Rich black Drap dc France 9> >o, II 20, (I 30. : >1 60 Rich black Gros Grain 91, : I 10, fl 20, I 1 SO Still richer Gros Grain 91 40, : .1 SO, 91 60, 1 75 Extra super Gro* Grain... 92. I >2 28, 92 40, <2 50 Satin finish Gros Grain ....92 26, $1 60, 92 75 93 Also 106 piece*. In addition to their large line of Spring and Summer check and striped SILKS, from 61c. up. Friends, cuitomer* and stranger* are invited to call and examine. CHARLBg heabD A CO.. SOI Grand (treat DRY GOODS A NOTUBB OBEJT SAORIKIOI5 IN J\ KIBKON.s, RXHBON3, FIBBOMB HI HIIO VS. B1BBONS, ? ? ;; v ? b t*.v -xoy :%? ## *0 0. ? * ?t *\ ????? *M ?? ? # *\ ? ? ? ?? ?/ ?? ? ? ^ are now selliftfS Elegant wide WAXEBEI> 8ASH RIBBONS LESS THAN ON E*tra wide WATERED SASH RIBBONS *1 19 AND $1 ?t A YARD, sold elsewhere at *i and >' l? * yard" Pl?"1 Snd 0R03 GRAIN SASH RIBBONS.^ THE LOWFST PRICES EVER OFFERSD.,^^* co#t FANCY PLAID RIBBONS, _ for SASHES, MISSUS' AND CHILDREN'S in light blued and pinks, some at LESS THAN 50 CENTS A YARD, some ul LEiH THAN 63 CENTS A YARD, some at LESS THAN 75 CENTS A YARD; all worth ' nearly double the money. NOW IS THE TIME to purchase your Sashes for the Summer. Two or three HANDSOME SASHES can now be bought AT MaCY'S for the same money that one Sash cost three months ago. Also closing out sale of STRAW GOODS anil PARASOLS. LACE SACQUES AND SHAWLS, ami LINEN AND BATISTE SUITS. R. H. MACY A CO., Fourteenth strent mid Mxlh avenue. AT JAMES M'CREERY A UO.'S,' Broadway and Eleventh street, will oiler mi Moti lay, June 2, 501 pieces fancy silns, 87V'- '? former prlc;<, $1. MJtl pieces lancy S.Ik*, *i; former price, $1 25. 4 mi pieces fancy Siiks, *1 25; former price, $1 50 to $2. 1'laiu colored silks, in all the new tlulM and most de sirable nhades, In all qualit.c-, from $1 75 upward. Black Oros Grams, In all qualities, comprising the fol lowing celebrated makes:? Bonnet.'*, Iroui $2 2;'? upw ird. Guinet's, from $1 75 upward. Bo Moil's, from 91 75 upward. Feillard, Irom *2 ui wurd. Macor's, Irotn $2 26 upward. Gouid'a, irom SI 75 upward. Ai^o JAMES MoCRKe.RY A CO.'S celebrated "family Silk." in prices ranging Iro n 82 to $(i. i be above makes having been thoroughly tested by our patrons, we can recommend them lor durability and wear. AT JAMES M'CREKRY A CO.'S, Broadway and Eleventh street, Real India Camels' Hair . bawls. We are clearing out the balance of our stock of real India Stella and Calcutta Shuwla, in red and black cen tres, at a great sacrifice. AT JAMES M'CREEKY A CO.'S, Broadway and Eleventh sreet. Llama Lace Shawls and Jacques. Special Inducements. Will offer on Monday, June 2, decided bargains In Llama Laee Shawls and Sacques. Having made large purchases ol goods at the recent auction sales, we are able to ofler tnem at 25 per cent less than the cost of importation. AT JAMES M'OREERY A CO.'S, Broadway and Eleventh street, will efTer. on MONDAY, June2, In their Ladies' Furnishing Department, 150 Paris and Berlin Su ts, oi tne latest styles, together with our own manuiacture, at *12, $18, $22, $24 aud ?28, being a great reduction on tornicr prices. Ladies' Linen Lawn suits, irom $> upward. Ladies' Linen Lawn ant1 Batiste Redingotes, in new and elegant designs, from $6 50 upward. A splendid assortment of Children's Braided Pique and Lineu Gabriel les, from 1 SO. Children's Pique v\ aUingCoats, Salts, Ac., at very at tractive prices. Infants' Wardrobes, complete, in great variety, at popular prices. Infanta' Lace Caps ana Sun Bonnets, iu new styles. Ladies' Chemises. 75c., $1, $1 20, $1 50. Ladies' Drawers, best quality and finish, $1 upward. ' Ladies' Night Dresses, best duality and fluisli, $1 75 up ward. Ladies' Toilet Sacques, SI 25, $1 50, SI 75 upward. ChilJren's Drawers, Chemises and Night Dresses, from fi6c. upward, all ot our own manuiacture, and ol the best materials and finish, T JAMES M'OREERY A CO.'S, Broadway and Kleveath street, will ofler on Monday. June 2, special bargains in real liters, purctiased at the recent auction sales, comprising black Thread Lace Shawls at $75, $90, $100, $125, $Im>. These prices are less than the gold cost of Im portation. Black Thread Lace Capes. Fichus. Barbes and Parasol Covers, real Point and App\iqueillandkerchlets, Collars, Fichus and Canes, Cliantilly Thread ana Guipure Luce, black and colored Yak Lace, white and buff Clunr l.ace and insertion French Embroideries, Hamburg Edgings. Insertions and Bands, plain anil lancy Linen Collars, Cuffs and Sleeves, Neck Huchings, Huntings and Plaitings in all styles. 7-lnch gros grain and plaid Sash Ribbons at 75c., ?7)ge. and $1 per yard. Ladies' plain Windsor Grenadine and fancy silk Ties, in all shades. Special bargains in ladies', misses and gents' Hemmed anu Hemstitched Hankerchiets. Ladies' and misses' Parasols and Sun Umbrellas, In all the leading styles. ^ SPECIALTY. E8TABL1 SHED 18fl0. THE PARISIAN FLOWER COMPANY have just received 10 cases of the latest novelties in Flowers, Feathers, Bridal Sets and Yells, Wreaths, Parures and tine Millinery Goods. 28 East Fourteenth street, four doors west of University place. No. 9 Rue de fiery, Parts. Filling and rearranging Vases aud Baskets. Floral Dress Trimmings for wedding and evening par ties to order. AT SMITH'S PATTERN BAZAAR, 914 BROADWAY (east side), near Twentieth street?Nl-.W ARKIVAl S ol beautiful designs, JUST IMPORTED, among them the TAJ. a moat fascinating noveltv, becoming to all figures, adapted to any material, especially desirable iu wa-h goods. Patterns, with cloth models, now ready. Pat terns fitted to the form, WARRANTED PERFECT, cut ting and basting by our styles. "SMIlll'S ILLl S 'IRA I ED PATTERN BAZAAR" is JUST OUT for Sum mer, filled with all the novelties, descriptions and in structions of fashions. Subscribe for it. onlv ONE DOLLAR A YEAR. Premiums of $1 in patterns given. A. BURDETTE SMITH, 914 Broadway, New York. CTaRPETS, " OILCLOTH*, ~ MATTINGS. ) SHEKHY BROTHERS, 808 Broadwny, opposite Eleventh street. Price Llit of Mattings tor June. 1,0()0 pieces extra fine check Malting, worth 35c. at.. 25c. 1,000 pieces extra fine white Matting, worth 35c 2 c. 1,600 pieces imperial white and check,best in market 4dc. 2,600 pieces finest fancy Mattings, latest styles. 40c. People turnishing houses In the country for the Sum mer will do well to give us a call before purchasing else where. Novelties in pique dress trimmings. Scotch handwork, very handsome and durable; the imported Lady of Lorue I'anler, and the Colby self-ad justing I'anler Skirt, unequalled for style, elegance and durability. Ladies' aud children's Furnishing Goods at very low prices. J. S. COLBY, Imnorter and Manufacturer, 32 East Fourteenth at, three doors west of Union square. M ORITZ DINKELSP1EI, 737 BROADWAY (OPPOSITE ASTOR PLACE). We aro pleased to annonnce to our friends, customers and the public generally that we made arraugemcnu to continue our CLEARING OUT SALE for another month, during which time we spare no effort to show that WE REALI.T MEAN TO SELL OUT, regardless of cost We Invite the particular attention of the ladles to our stock of FINK LACES, LACK OOODS, RIBBONS IN THE NEWEST SHADES. LISLE AND SILK GLOVES, LINEN FRINGES AND ... _ , COTTON TRIMMINGS, which we are offering at STILL LOWER PR1CE8 THAN BEFORE. Our salesladies will he pleased to show all goods and to give any information desired. MuRITZ DINKRLSPIEL, 737 Broadway, ______ _ opposite Astor place. NOTICE.?Ten per cent refandea on all purchases above $L MMB. NATALIE TILMAN A CO., 12 East Sixteenth street, between Union square and Htlh avenue, will open Wednesday, June 4, a large assortmeat of Im ported Summer Bonnets, Round Hata, Flower*, Feathers. Bridal Wreaths and Veils. N. B ? Dresses and Suits made to order. MME. ANTOINKTTB BKRNHEIM, 19 BREYOORT place (Tenth street), will sell at great inducements a large assortment of latest importations In Grenadine Suits and Polonaises, Boating Suits, Batiste and Embroid ered Polonaises, Carriage Wraps, Breakfast Dresses, Lin gerie*, Bonnets and Round Hata IfXCELSIOR PATTERNS?THK LATEST AND BEST Si out in cut, by Corn well'* *elt fitting wal*t and shoul der Chart, the ouly perfect fitting one. Agent* wanted. GBIl'PBM A CO.. 7fiS Broad war. H. DRY GOODS. AT SMITH'S FATTBRN BAZAAR,?l? BROADWAY (eastsidei. near i weutieth street?.nKW ARRIVALS 01 beauiiiui designs. JUST 1 AiPimTKD, among them the TAJ, a most fascinating novelty. becoming 10 aU tigmrea. adapted to any material, especially desirable In wash goods. I'atturna, with cloth model*, now ready. Cat u rm Att.-d to the lorm, WAKlu sTEP PERFECT, cut ting and baatlng by our stvlea. "SMITH'S ILLUS TRATED PA.Ti KN BAZAAR" u JUST OUT for Bum mer. filled with all the novelt'.ea, deacrlptions and in ?tructlnna of fashion*. Subscribe tor li. (inly ONE DOLL A K A YEAR. Premiums oi $1 in pattern* given. A. BURDETTE BM1T11. 914 Broadway. New York. O'NEILL * CO. are now offering thtt finest assortment of MILLINERY GOODS to be found In the city at retail, and the cheapest RIBBONS. Qroa Grain Sash Ribbons, Watered Sash Ribbons, Block and-Fancy i'laid Saab Ribbons. 100 cartons 7-inch Oros Orain Sash Ribbons, $1 yard, all silk. 100 cartona 7-Inch Hash Ribbons, 98c., in all colors. 80 cartons 7-inch Black Oros Orain, fl yard, warranted all silk. JO cartons 8-Inch Watered Sash Ribbons, fl 3$, ail silk. 50 cartons 7-inch Block I'laid, 63c. yard. Komau Sashes. Roman Sash Ribbons. BONNET RIBBONS. All the now Spring shadus, In ft, 9, 12 and 18. FRENCH AND ENOLISII CHIP HATS. BELOIAN SPLIT STRAWS. SO case* Hair Hats and Bonnets, (1. 200 cases of Milan Round Hats, from 86c. to $2 80. 100 cases ot Milan Bonnets, from $1 to $3 80. 25 cares ot English and French Chips, at ?2, worth $3 80. 10U cases of American Chip Hats, $1 28. We have now on hale the most complete assortment of straw Goods ever ollered at retail in the city, and much below jobbers' prices, as we manufacture and buy our goods East. BLACK THREAD, GUIPURK, VALENCIENNES. VBIWJ SPANISH LACES dotted nets. MILANB, ILLUSIONS. Fringe Veils, In gmiadlne aud crape. Lace Veils, in all the new shapes. made-UP lace goods. Children's Lace Caps. Normandy Lace Caps, Irom 93 to $28. FRENCH FLOWERS. MON*I IE<HSVed'10 CaS0S <>f tl>0 latcst p*r'sian novelties In rose vins, roses, IN ENDLESS VARIETy!**1^*1*8, which we are prepared to sell cheaper thun auy other house for the same a lust of goods. LADIES' TIES . in endless variety. 1,000dozen 4>?-inch Wiuusor 'lies, 4t?c. Crepe de Chine Ties. Fancy Tics. Ladies, goto O'NEILL'S for MILLINERY GOODS. All goods marked in plain llirure*. N. B.?Reduction to tlie truife. H. O'NEILL A CO.. SZ7 and ."2'J Sixth avenue und Twentieth street. MILUXKHY AJIIJ^ UHKSNMAKINO, A?MAISON WALTON, 862 BROADWAY, ABOVE ? I nion xiiuare, importer of Paris Bonnets and Eng iihii round Hats from the leading houses in Europe, al*o the Marion de Lorine?the hat o? the season. A ~?V?Tn T,a?lk!*' 8,6 buoadway, IMPORTER OF xv. French Fashions and Journals. S. T. Taylor'* ,<1rJ,IB,it t!??ting. the only perfect rule, will be taught at the headuuarters. 816 Broudway, through the month of June, by the best known teacher. AT R. A. HASTINGS', 16 EAST FIFTEENTH STREET, choice novelties in Bonnets and HaU, from the lead! ".'f houses; new Shapes, in black and white ciilps; fine French Flowers, Ac. BROWN'S LONDON ROUND HATS AND PARIS BON nets.?F. BROWN (sister of W. C. Brown, New nond street, London), has now some elegant styles for the amf Fourteenth street?f Broadw?y' between Thirteenth RIN.tNX.r^' M'LUNRRY-TIUS WEEK SUMMKR ? , ?ylea Ladies; Hats and Bonnets. Straw Hats cleaned and pressed. BINNS'New Millinery, 779 Rroudway, od pusltc Stewart g. French milliners wanted. /I M. OLNKY, IMPORTER OF FRENCH MILLINERY ?Ti w. fl. lS,*nt novelties 'n Summer Hats lor the races.' 30 East fourteenth street, near Union square. MME. A. MICHEL, FORMERLY WITH MARIE Galotipcau, 423 Sixth avenue, near Twentv-slxtb street, will sell the balance ot her importation of Bonnets and Round Hats, selected by herself in the leading houses ot I arn only, at one-halt fneir tlr.-t. cost. MME. WARING. 42 EAST TWI LKTli "sTitEKT offers something bcauiilnl and recherchc in French' Xh .ha? J r'lf Iat* re7""y 'mporfod from Parle, which she will display at her hummer opening during the next coming week, at very low prices (less than coat), to close out, previous to her departure for Europe. \f ARV A. M'CAHILL. WHO FORMERLY KEPT THE i .,*!' nery jjtofe, f lRhth avenue, between Fifiy-flrst ?i ?. i YMr.on<ii tn inform her enstomrrs that she Is attending to Millinery and Dressmaking at 780 rnerof Filty first street, over the drug (.raPe end '-ace Bonnets of the latest stvle constantly on hand and Round Hats. On the 1st of Sep tember she will open a store in Broadway. MME. dVlLAC (PREMIERE DE I3A MAISON ROGER, .?t^ fiiftS' in'0""* her customers that she has re rate prlces. Forty-first ateet. New Patterns; mode S J-/a^or s old original drkssmakino Cj. and lattern Rooms, No. 6 Clinton place.?Ladles' Costume a made up in the latest Parisian stvle and to $2& elaborately, at reduced prices, varying irom $20 BUKISEMK OHPORTISITIEH A R F,R0TnIN0"AM A COMPANY^SECURE mLEfir! incorporated companies, merchants, manufacturers, mines; persona with capital desir Jn^meiU informed of desirable oppor i?Si. register contains many names, each possessing llo.noo to $78.0(1(1 for invest I UK extensive advertising throughout I the country we are continually receiving applications from persons with capital. Having European connec tions we possess facilities for capital; substantial con i nfu'i/, n f ?' additional capital solicited. Our numer i ai1 u"yi Sne^n*2L7is.,.0,n!''r, ar" references. ALEXANDER FROT1IINOHAM k COMPANY, 112 and 114 Broadway. ?ADDITIONAL CAPITAL PROCURED er<JnA^Ch5!Iil'f!,'?n!,f','!,urpr" "n<1 others; mining prop ' persons with capital seeking busV i I'Uimtolc. approved op port unifies. Reierences?C. i ii. ^ i,|',/re,',l('nt People's Bank; Fitts A Austin eH?nff "!reeV other leuding houses, and our clients, city and elsewhere. GRIGGS, CA ItLKTON A ? <? . Financial and Business Agents, 9-< Broadway. A PARTY WANTED?COMMANDING CAPITAL TO Jl>ln experienced, live man in the New York Agency of the Harllord Sewing Machine; this machine Is manufactured by the celebrated Colt's armory, is fully wnrbP thSliL " n,!(1on, ("y ,hc hest machine In the world, the agency |s a fortune in itself. Address, statimr rntmhl^a^ capital can be put in the business, also how Branch offlce 0mmi,l 'J' M B -,,er?1(l Uptown A well Established manufacturing busi ? ness In a healthy and delightful location In the South mr sale; has paid 4H per cent on Investment yourly. Ad an'sa *3. m. j., gtArion l>. ANK ,r??80?i HAVING $"00 CAN PURCHASE MY {'?"interest Ina patent breech-loading Rifle, which can shoot 28 times in one minute and four motions; a splendid chance for ? fortune; want of funds reason for CltyHft' j dJreM a' bo* 10Bergen Post office, Jersey A COMPETENT, WELL KNOWN MERCHANT -fx wishes to become partner In a well pavinir retail or other business Address, In lull confidence, AC I'lVE. box US Herald office. A SPLENDID BUSINESS CHANCE IN' THIS CITY? Must be closed out this week; no ready cash - only good security required. Call on or address'ROBERTS i CO., 79 Nassau street. yoi no man of energy will invest FROM $800 to $J,800 In some legitimate business, where hi? services will be repaired. Address S. E. A., Herald office. A^m CASHIER OF A WALL STREET RANK WM house, the partners of which have dissolved wishes to meet a gentleman with capital to keep up the busi. ness. Address S. T. X., Herald office. k EUROPEAN REGULAR PHYSICIAN. WHO C\N ; V cure promptly the most severe diseases by scientific mran? unknown in America, and who possesses several valuable medicines, to l>e easily and abundantly sold wl?lies to meet with an honest gentleman or larfv an office ami but a very small capital sufficient to get nlentv of money. Address DOCTOR, Herald Uptown Branch office. A NV LADY OF BUSINESS HABITS AND POSSESSED of $1,000 or $1,800 can secure the rights of a splendid paving business tor Brooklyn city. For particulars nnnlv to <i RI PI'EN k C(l., 769 Broadwiiy. r* "PPl.v AN ELEGANT, LARGE, NEW HOTEL FOR RENT Splendld location; ? rare chance to make money oweer would board with tenant. Address R W HOLMES, Orange. N. J. -anurias k. w. A PKRS0,N,i SMA,'k CAPITAL, IS OFFERED an established manufacturing business on cheap ar.d easy terms;arUcle staple; sells for cash; profits large; will exchange. LLOYD, 29 Broadway A physician wanted?with $mo to phrchasf Office Furniture, Medicines, HpiinS', Ac In one ot furn^Ihed* wlthYfanr* i ? "ne Cottage House. iiirniMnod, with a Iaixg snrden nt a i<iw ront< aii roedv wh^MFr??i'ininiTrti"?'* * """i1 openlng for a' physician 7?1? prartlce; must be sold immedl VZJl V. ifi J..-'?.1..??J!?nLw''1 'e?ve in a short time. ^a?hyinron cS*"^ N Y - b?*84 Mid<U* 0r#nv,lle' A LARGE manufacturing AND importing house deiires to establish branch houses or agencies i'5-^.ii- ' ch'CAgo and San Francisco. Address, giv ing full name and capital, box 2.M>4 Pi^t office. A JOURNALIST, HAVING BOMB CAPITAL, WILL hear ot a chance to take the ownership oi an estab lished weekly; present owner retiring from bualness. Address PADBE, Herald office. AH BUSINESS MAN, WITH $3,000 OR ?4.000 CAHH, CAN , h*ve hall Interest In a well-established Cigar, Wine and Llouor Buainesa, Including a now patent just out, adapted for this business, worth $28,000 alone; will sign hall Interest of each for the above amount; net profits over 1700 pei mo&tfe. 4. M. xookil ijmh Broadwa* onvRTVRIITBi Fo* HA LB?OSK 'or THlT MOST VALOa Bl.H PA* tent* In the United States, already establishedbI,L manufactured la this cl:v on royalty: bringiuT, dneln! come, with prospect* of Wng second to uoM or*o.y exchange lor Farm or other ileal Estate. For Inur.? address UTILITY, Herald ..nice. or ,nUrvt*w Fob bale-house and grounds at pleasaw Valley, west bank of the Hudson, opnoBlta ituZ ?treatj liable, 4c. BOBBBT TAVLO^ ka ? Plae For salb-threb milk rou bb, broadwIt Bar and Restaurant two Bakeriea; partnerwaa?.I i"'??' beer brewery; Bar on Hudsou River steamiw^f,. B.'S.uDo to Invent In established business; partner Hi print and dyeing establishment; Boot and Shi?St?? w?nIeJJ ROBERTS A 6o..7? NaSwTu 8?R* TO RENT-TWENTY TEAM established, the owner retiring. Anv one wntins a snug little businea* would find this a rare oSaortSnlHf Ap;.ly to Mrs. LAMPABuE, WiihiSitSJ iww tetw?& Sl*,h *nii ^v?oth street,, Morrlwulal *' b*lwee* MF?' -A.N.TkTAII 0"S AND 0T.OTHIER8 CAN DIB* PJZa; ? ?1%^; 252EK5 ****?*"*? right mau: an Irish Herald ? Addfew m" Vboi 1U PARTNER with $29,000 TO $40,11(10 WANTED?FOB equal interest in an established liiiinufacturiiiff busi. j.ew ownu.g thj-ir real estate und having warwSom to Lmim ' -article manufactured used extensively hy iJiti? *i ",r ."??ohanlcal purposes; steady do man/ CaMtuNTfro? 98 Broadway. APP^ t0 ?UI(iU^ PA2.??!??v0IL FACTORY, with presses FOB J. wax at Newark, on Iho water with doe* ? a cauk MB Maidenlane/ capital. Iu4Ulre of S1N3HEIMKB. STIilVNGEitS AND ?THERS <'AN secure tub sek> Jv vices of a responsible ai.d capab e lawyer Whs awTlf^t office* ln a<lvttnco? addressing H. A. C.. boa TW.? OKIO^AL AND VALUABLE INVENTIONS tapeag Wanted?a partnkr, with from si nm m $1,500 capital,.to loin the advertiser ln t tie inaiiu* iHCture ol "VKSUMUs," or Cigar l ights; a fortune loi some one. Address Foh'l'UNATPB. b6x *,814. Post oflle? WANTRD-A PARTNKR, with FROM tlWMTa n.mH ,n \7?" pa?ll,f cash business; no agent* .if aPP'v- Address R. A., Herald Uptown Branch mil. a. Herald Uptown Branch WA2irn,?""A ?ARTNKR (SILENT OR ACTIVE), with M,.Kii.K ^^?iCMh to put ln an ?m established Book and Publishing House; present stock valued itt $as,UU0; busl ncss wl.l siatid a thorough lnvcstlxaiion and best ot ref erences iriven; doing an excellent cash business, but want 1M HeVaJj offlce CfeaSB Address publisher, box WANTKD.-A CHANCE FOR some PARTY THAI ha" n really (food article to introduce to the trade. I 1 ?'?rge acquaintance with erocersand others, and a Kood horse and I wagon ; ull satisfactory relcrenco as te r^ponsiblhty, Ac. Address CONVEYANCE, Herald VV ANTKD-TO PURCHASE A BUSINESS WIIFRENO "..?"1(,ncy J" required; would be will n? lo give a a"d P"* monthly instalments; no not? w ANTED-A PARTNER IN A FIRST CLASS TAIL h i ,,'nK business; cash required B5,IJ(W. Address _! ller?M Uptown Branch office. % OPPORTUNITY-MANUFACTURING py bttn to biUapp??^ated M Real vS' ^90ft purchase A light AND PROFIT ? T* ,*ble nianulacturing business; a rare chanca \? cnKW 1,1 a Kood bu-iuess. Address S 8 box 1M Herald Uptown Branch oHb eV AluleM uox ?? ?fc5nn-lr P?EBM> IMMEDIATELY BY A RE *. spectable person, will purchase ono-twentietli ot ownership ot letters patent, under which wares ara boin^ manutucturod and sold by a well known, responsi* il fi.L r*' *''b?ut owners of patent incurring any lia> ffl^aa,XeWllUatl9,yat once Jlsfion ADVANCE WANTED-ON A STOCK OF ifii r Je.?;elrT amounting lo $6,1)00, by a man who is willing to go West and help sell the *ume at auction ? lib eial terms made. Address box 4,043 New York Post offle*. $800 ? INrVESTV WITH TIME, BY A SINQLB f?hnH good repute, in some honest, estab Ttirtiio Sew\jn.?"? but principals noticed. Addre? THoMAS, Herald Uptown Branch ofHce. $1 000 .OR ,2 U)0 T,0 INVEST. WITH SERVICES, Herald office. Paying bualneM- Addrt'? J" ^ 5f?l 000 T<? $2!100 WANTED?WITH THE HE it SPiii i, vices ofa business man; or, If preferred will sell an interest in the business, which is first clasa! ? Address P. P. P., box 133 Herald Uptown Branch officii $1 500 W.I,L,L BUY THE HALF INTEREST OF A retiring partnor in a good, safe and rellabla business ; agents or tTu>se not having the meaas need not reply. l*or particulars call at 737 Broadway, room 19. if) 000 ~A ohntwmaw of experiencb. I * ,"re11 ?cqualnted with all the principal u^!?ri ^!S? earthenware manufactures of Kngiand. woulil like a partner with the above amount to Join him In agencies for the United States, where $8,000 or $10 tlOO SlAsS^ H?P.<|j|>llT V? re?.,l7ed-1 Address CHINA AND ULAos, Heral'J Uptown Branch ofllce. $5 000 C.hS? BtJT "ALF INTEREST IJf . !r i J ihebest Mercantile Business in New York: If years; will bear Investigation. Call in person. W. E. HILL, 73 Broad street. $5 000 -A ?00.D BUSINE8S MAN, WITH THI8 . ii! t j * "mount, can obtain an interest In a well \ew?ik m profitable naanufacturina businesa in Newark, N. J., where more capital and more hpin ti wanted. Address MANUFACTURER. box?l. Newark- R-J 0 000 -book. stationery AND FANCY ^ Goods Store, doing a flrtt class b,wines, on a leading avenue; newspaper route attached uavln* all expenses. Address S. O.Testation P?y,nB HOU8K?T K?H?3IsV dtCM VV ANTED. In thla City and Broolclpnu ~ A rAllItY WANT TWO ROOMS?FUR. jV nished lor housekeeping; rent not to excenl Ala a Branch office!? I'R?M,'T ^ box 129 ""aldVp^i A rA?LY ()0INrL !N THE COUNTRY CAN I1AVB ?V}f}lJl0U*? <l'lrf <1 ,or by a gentleman and wife with out children, fteferonce to prominent merchant*, ah dregs FOSTER, Herald Uptown Branch office ? A R.?P1! WANTED?PLAINLY BUT NEATLY FUR. JX. nished, between Hftleth and Sixtieth streets East Addr!1 ss R?)"bsaR^'h^raid'o^fiec!*rm* mUSt be A OENTLEMAN DESIRES A NEATLY FFRNI8HRD in a.Er,Wat? 'amlly ln vicinity of Twelfth rRmiNWb^u^te^'"g locatlon aud tenn*? By a oe>iTleman?a furnished room in a private tamlly below Fortv-flfth street: refer Kx lC9 H*"ald officc" ' Addresg- "UMn? ttrlns- 8- * ? House wanted-a four story hioh stoop nrown Ptone House, furnished or unfurnished in an unexceptionable neighborhood, for three years or* long EL' Fol if mu.8. tT e nom,n{*1 until October 1. Address M. box 121 Herald Uptown Hratich ofllce. f H0IfL,TA^IRn-,MW?DIATE~POSSESSTON, FUB r,7i ? xi ^ out ,hp city. Address HO ? I.I.. bo\ l.l'l Herald I ptown Brane.h office. l)OOX8 WANTED?A SECOND OR THIRD FLOOR. U IItin.m,shed in a quiet and resncetable nelghfmr hood, lor a family ot two, with servant and chilli ot threi SUSi ?h 1V ACiT w|,,h WHrm ?n l cold wate? ln. wraM a,,d c. (JMALL STORK OR PART, OR A STAND TN BAR OK ?. C^MHer^r/fflrT" preferna>> "" cigars. Addrea \lrAVTHD?A LAIMJE HOUSE, FROM 20 TO .10 t t rooms, either puriliilly or unfurnished, for boarding purposes and where some hoarders, who would remain strert i'lin'0n ' ,p',"1n Wa"hlni;!on id;ire (O FourteeniIt street (all on or address T. E. LIBAN. as Wav?rl*? place, (or two weeks. ? ' ??veriey WANTED?BY A WIDOW I,ADV. A HOt'SF ni .. ree Floors adapted tor boarders; not ovcr'i7lv a month; furnished or untarnished; tirst class referenced Address, With terms, Mrs. CUNNINGHAM, 3711 Sixth ??. ?*? i",r?',nar,;;j;?f'ii>?Vi-;a'!a?"?? WANTED?AN unfurnished FIRST OR SECOND *?# ve ?i th '?o I-* it* ode ni improvements; location Third to fourteenth to Thirty lou'th street! terim not to exceed $? per month. Address M. H., He*. alii 1 ptown Brunch office. V\r ANTKJ' FLAT OR OTHKit CONVENIENT ROOMS ^..i - housekeeping, ttirnished or nriurtiished. In ?.?? y. ^"cation: small American family. Address, offic pr'ce '4,u, Particulars, W. R. B., llerahf V^'ANTED-BY A~KEsFkt""fABr.K ELDERLY OEM. ?? tleman and wife, permanently, several Rooma with n .VSifl,'?lnf conveniences; $J weekly. Addrm PATER, 3ns W est Twenty-third street UrANTED?PLEA-ANT_FURNISHED ROOM, WITH out boards location between Twentieth and Thirty, fourth streets: Broadway and Madison avenue preferred. Address rilAS., bnx fl.Tlu I'.ist oltlce, New York. 97K Hl " AV.?A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WO f ' ?" msn would take care ol a gentleman's hoim during the Summer; a good chance for anv one requiring a i trustworthy person. Address, for two days, W. MO * In the Country. TWO OR THREE FAMILIES REQUIRE FOR THB Summer from six to eight Rooms, in first class hotel, within an hour or two's ride of New York ; must be In ? desirable and healthy neighborhood; on the Hudson pre ferred. Address, stating locality, dlstsnce. travelling accommodation and lull general particulars H B station D. '? WANTED-TO RENT. WITHIN ONE HOUB^luDB of this city, by a smallI family, a Cottage, furnished or unfurnished ; must be well located and havi plenty ^ ?had* and garden. Will rent bv the year if suited. Ad dress, stating location and rent, V. W. M? Hernld office? WA?TIiR-A SMALL COTTAOE, FURNISHED, IB A healthy neighborhood, within one hour's ride of ,Ti,y li? : ?<? exceed $3iK) per vear; If suited advertiser would rent lor from one to three yeara Ad! dress, wlih ail particulars, M? box 189 Heralifoffioe. W1?M, LHjtQRg, 4c, ~~ W"INES AND TEAS. MARTELL BRANDyTmO^OAiZ om *if?d I'?ck Wines. ISO Table kherry, 20B iin???!f 2Z* ""i. b#,t ?olong Tea, J.V.; Greem HGttJlEk attMLcern^tf*'W^

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