Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 1, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 1, 1873 Page 3
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MTOlTIOm WAITTKD-FEMALBI. I mim. ?vc. If? J^ARKRO* ST.. FTB T FLOOR.-A RESPECTA a,r "'?woman ax rook understands baking all sorts of ?"?<'owl ??xl ? am; will n r to go a stoori distance in the f untry; I00d city refcreuce. 9rt9 EA8T OTB ST.?A BESPFCTABLE WOMAN as 6'iok; no objection to a Mist with the washing; my reference. KQft ?TH AV., PRESENT EMPLOYER'S?A COOD LftJU gir| as cook; cuu be saiely recoil mended to any I? wanting a cook in every way quahtied to till the to** lion. Chambermaid*, 4e. 4-1 JANK PT.-ASroTOFT PROTESTANT WOW AW AS jjrl^chambermaid and to do plain a. wing; country pre 148 WAB8HVia 5Ev BKwrWEEN "II AND7T-? AVS.I ? ft^Jy Kir!, who K n>wh her I-umiichs, to cio 255 SiJSf51/,iN TSB REAR,-A RESPECTABLE ar tnrfn ojP>w>!!Ei !. * private lu'.ilv an chambermaid ?h>e U? ? to * he c o mury,?' 1U ot,'"fi"X a"" willing; no 413 "J11 .W-? A RESPECTABl.E YOUNG faii.iiv. Hit}. .**. ^ambermald an>l waitre-a in a private ?wily; city reler.-nce. Call for ,two day*. 415 ST. BETWE N 8TII AND 10TH <^T.7..H..ST1iT l*fP?ctable, experienced Scotch girl ax teml?^^ty preierrod? *euer*' "on* work in a .mall 1 20fi 2?- AV,-AS CHAMilERMAID OR TO HO Iliwr'. L.Ji *11 h "MM work. Call at present cm pieytr g, between 12 unJ 4, on Monday anil Tuesday. DreMmakeri anil Seamstreaaea. 3 PLAC? (WBST29TH ST.), BETWEEN 6TH Irhn^lSi.. ^ 1 J! ex peril need French dressmaker to m n^ h?ttcl,'lln|! and trimming in ull it? bram-hes,' i di.5? 2Si? ^i. .dV or wep,t in Iini I lies. terms $2 i1Vr ?ay. Brut claaa reference. Address Mine. Rami;. 32 ^klniT.n ORENIER DOES DRESS P* ,n tt" branchea: elegant walking and U H i"^11 arc made at short notice* chanics '**" other flrat class reliable dre^.naker^Ko 67 nT"7A VOUN(J LADV, WHO IS A ?hinea wl'he!f aV.^2 m" ?" n" 'ea<'inB aewlrnr inn w ek- m. ,.7.1.^1 ? . Vuc e,WK*uients by the <lav or Mha ANDERSON country- Call on or address 118 WEMT23DST.?A FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKER A' V w|?',?a a lew more ctistomer' hv the (lay. Call In wo lorenoon or even ng between tf and 9 o'clock. 107 ,8TfI 8T;t BETWEEN #TH ANI) 7TH AVS.-A i" ' resectable lady wishes to go out bv the day to "^."T reP*'r carpeta or to do plain tewing; can come won recommended. Broadway.?a first class dressmaker _wIh!ics a tew more engagement*. WEST l.r> I'll ST.?SEVERAL FIRST CLASS dressmakers wanted; steady work and good pay. 309 WE8T 11TH 8T' .THIR!> KIOOR?A RESPECT ; ?bLe woman a? drenamakvr or acamatress by the f.I L .??' '? a nrat clay curer and fitter; no objec MoVlMBR C0Untry- Address, for ono week, M. A. 321 .swHssS 329 ?<rin ?I-A FIR*T CLASS DR^SS. Z "ia*?r desires the l atronagc of families, to take Soderate! go out; operaUa on any machine; terms 351 J"2lAV--WANT?D? 4 FJRST CLASS DRESS ,?l? one accustomed to trimming; none need apply unleyg thoroughly ? omiietcnt. 4-11 WEST 49TH RT.-A FIRST CLASS DRI'SS i?a e?> I1'^ ont Vv the('*v or w'' k cut ""'I tit atSir ? I* m r?llr?1" 1 j!'? ? ? amstres*. Call anar 8 i. m. Call on or addresa Miss KATE Morris. 411 Tt^IRD BELL.?A DRESSMAKER OF TIA long exnerience, a Wheeler A Wilson's Machine, will go to ladles by the day or permanently. 421 TSJl&g*?1?* ^ AND 2fiTri strI i. -A gtyllsn drofwinaker wishes the work of n lew ?I?ir6n?Hn ??r /J'S8 l,v t*!? or her own home ; call and see benu 11 ul Ppecimeim and relrronce* old dr< "Ma made over as good as new; cutting and lining. 43fi aVJ",?? K, i?"TS VP, FRONT ROOMS. /t ? v A first claaa dressmaker will go out bv ih' d iv or week, or w ll dp work a n rown houM; underatanda m tking bovs" clothing find all kinds ot family sewlnu on ANu^tEWS^ machine. Cali on or address Mrill 457 WEST 19TI? ST.?A COMPETENT AMERICAN *"1n,a" a* first class dressmai er in a private ^minderstaall kinds of sewinr ; goixl reierenci . fifiS F," AV~AN AMERICAN WOM\N WISHES 5J! , 2, morc famll es to go out by the day eni whit? work y?C(1<!r "ti^iilM.'n " n>-i"hin?; all klndaof ^othes^AddreTa1MvlUMI1?LEReS""Uk"1K U,,d childrenN A frIW8mn?L^.88|HDI?ESS^AK' R W >t7LD LIKE A ^Ti Vi lamiHes' work bv the duv or week - nn town Branch?offlee ? Clty" AadreM box 142 d V AS2~f?5ENT4PRE5.',^AKEB THOROUGHLY UN QMtting, fitting and trimming ladles' nnd DRKSSM al/r r? t' ?5f na "T. T,0 c customers. Address PBE38MAKLR, box ^44 Herald Lptown Hranch otllce. Am^liI?.MBLE drKSSMAKER, STVLI8H TRIM mer. first clas? cutter and fit er, des'reua few more KSlPablf Xax n? Idiav' 'J nr!" cl"8i families. Address *AidAltLK, box 111 Hera'd Dptown Branch office. A DRESSMAKER OF TASTE AND EXPERIENCE wianes to make an en^a'-rement ns drsitriior <ir inr#? woman; wnnidjeave the city, "ddraas Mm! E. UerSd Pptown Branch office, 1,KVS Broadway. A PROTECTANT OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS ,, seamstress and to assist In chamber work ; no objee ?Qd to the country. Ad t reas L. S.. box 1W Heraid office. A K'R^T };''ASS DRESSMAKER IN IVERY RF. iLs%^A.^Kl^^iRg^? """ A EZJSSg, JZ prentice. Call at?Q7 Wet tflth st. y an ap DRanrt>I,MM,N<?"7WAI?T F,NIfiHEBS. TRIMMERS, and button-Mole makers wanted ai 56 West 12th sL none otlieri need apply. CalljU basement .lonr P^.WJL.?5?Sr,A.,?^RJ^? FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKERS AND TRIMMERS ? flroo-l waged and steady work. Come Monday prepared to work. SEp?R?tIM?M,?r DHE88MAKERS WANTED.?AP WANTED-SEVERAL GOOD DRESPMAKERS? At HO K some smart improvers, at 130 I-a?t 19th st., between ' and Irving place: alao a good cook washer ami oner: but three in family. ' wtt""er an,l WANTED-80M E EIRST CLASS TRIMMERS ON dresses; also a few impro/cps wlth taste anil ?n fPeJ"?/or 00 thc Florence machine. Apnly at No. M West ",n S. M. FURLONG. TITANTED?FIRST CLASS IIAMDS ON SUITS AND TT dresses: steady emp'oyment and e<? d waires. Apply at LoRb^A LO'i S," 20th st. "liranee. 8 WAmhV100D DREs8MAKERS AT 130 EA.-T WANTED BY A DRESSM \KER-IMPROVERS ; MUST be neat sewers. ?l West i:vi st. ^ANTtD-A GOOD DRESSMAKER. AT 237 4TII AV. General Housework. Ao, R28 f'J AV?A YOUNG (JIRL. LATi LY LANDED ^w.fwneral hoa??wotk n a small family-no abjection to the country. Address jlAl.Y, Housekee- er?' Ac. 1Q CARMINE ST., FIR<T FLOOR.?A WIDOW LADY in.^M co"'patlon, nouaekee er er to take charge of an MlTtHId, speaks htu'llsh. trench and banish; countrv pre.errc<l. Call on or address E. soL. EK. 75 u81?*' .E;t<,NT BASEMEN I.?A YOUNG U lady as hou-okeepi r in a wulom r's lamlly. 121 S^lyg.T?A WIDOW LADY as HOUBB. tare of ^.ifi ,s 151 "wy wwtid Tle'' to""takcharge A?? nl h d or utnuru ahi d, or anr i-oslilun m Li.11 '' ?* irei.C. s. Call on or address vlrs * (jIIm k. bpst nf 9Q(J WEST IDTH SI., NEAR HI'DSON-TO BR idOtJ housekeeper to an elderlv nenti?i..yn . widower. Call all the week. y ?' "t-'eman or 979 7T". SJ -AS" HOUSKKBEPBR BY A MIDI>77 HeLo.N^n'o trlrter'?*" Wid?W- CaJ ^ QOQ EAST 69Tn ST.?AN IHTELi.IGKNT YOUNG person as houheKeeper, or any o her position of frust; good reierence. Addreaa ALICE M. r QOJ. EAST BOTH ST.?A LADY OF HIGH RESPECT y&r ability, re tin'd and well educated, ts desirous ot oi talning a position as houscke'-per; is capable of managing servants, or w.,u;d take charge of a linen room In a hotel; best reference. Call on or address Mrs MuoKE, lor two days. S'30 y'EH1L WD ST.?AN AMERICAN LADT AS ' hou'ekeepcr or would take charge ol linen room; HofrShllcEEpCKRn BOO<1 re,ercuue- ?all on or addreaa ?1?J7 WEST S6TH ST.. 101' FLOOR, FRONT ROOM. J/V ? A respectable colored woman as housekeeper. Call or address. K 400 8T1AJ 'NEAR 24TH ST.?A YOU.VO LADY, ZiVV aKi? L no' ,on,r 'h* city, well educated and Mflned. as housekeeper in a widower's lamily; Is capable 2lu'iJln?,Th.0,ln^,,V 11 ever ?ho?<d bo-pleasant. Call M ^Mrs. TILLTON between 10 A. M. and 6 P. M. Don't 571 ,Ph|A\-'/IRHT EiOOR, FRONT.?A RESPECT V. a.,_ *ni1 experienced housekeeper, In a private ?aily. city or conntry. Call Monday iroui 12 to < o clock. AN AMERIOHN PERSON, AGED M OF INTELLI <?ence, experience and good add rein' wlaheii a Aitua* SntlM*u.ll,1er!,t?n(ii all household A houMNkeererR|o'1I^nVuI>Y' WELL EDUCATED, AS k> r??urn^U? ijarope WrS?for'"ffiSl1 d.r^ii^ INCB. Herald Uptown Branch pffi/e. <Uy,? FLOR" ANs^Jritua^o^^hoiLk^P.?; A LADY OF REFINEMENT DESIRES A POSITION aa konsekeeper in a hotel or family, where ttaM are chlldj-n, or would travel with an Invalid lad* 12 iraa A. JK. bos 111 Herald Uptown BranVh o?oJ. r ?JTVATI?lfW WAWTKIV?pglWAI.KI*. Hoaickcep?ri, M. A WIDOW LADY (AMERICAN) DESIRES A Posi tion in voire respectable family. In city or country. Where her assistance in household duties or sewing \/ou d be received as coui| ennatli n ior board lor herself and ?Mild (Aveyarn old): can bring her own iiiacblmi. Ad dress Mrs. MORTIMER, Herald Uptown Branch office. A SUPERIOR lll?U -iKKEKI'ER, AN EDUCATED and refined lady, wilh best references, will take entire charge of a house its cciai.eusation for her board Address 11., MJf West 'SU1 st. A YOUNG LADY, AGED Id, AS HOUSEKEEPER: widower's family preferred. Aduress Miss J. n. l'? rald Uutown I'runli office. ' AOr.NTr.KWOMAN OP CAPABILITY, A WIDOW ag<-d .A desires a I o.ition in i lie eountrv for the rummer as hou ekeeier; preterm a hotel; understands the management of eeivunts and all aupet laming to a ..wVa*;? ?. cultivated ladv. A.!,I re,? l3s BroaSwu'y. ,r"'d H'town Branch olllce, A *}DnW< WHO HAS TRAVELLED A iimikifif.'.n ,i,,ea i r'ur?Pe> an<l who unUvrptandi all ? hiS? (!lr .lhJ"/, llu' "? lH " 111 n? '? l?ke charge >.l f. lor the Hummer; references Address MAY. Heraid Uptown Branch oiiice. * A WIDOW OK REFINEMENT 1 i 'lualifled to take ohurgeof a widowei'm or a bachelor's house; .* capable of fllltn* u ioption of truat; nkPsjKu a ?Vfe*Cti,lb,fi .R*rlie" answer. AdiireM _ Ahhit, JUruId Uptown Branch office. A WIDOW LADY, WITHOUT ENCUMBRANCE, wt-hesa position a, housekeeper or governess; is iiuiy competent lor either: reiercnccs exchanged. Ad dress Mrs. K. M. M., Post office, Brooklyn. A LADY WOULD LIKE A POSITION AS HOI'SE keeper in a Urn class hotel or private hou-e; no ob jection to the country for the Summer. Address Mrs. J Lerald otllce. A FRENCH LADY, WHO KNOWS HOW TO PUT an I fit well, anil sewing every kind of work, wishes to enuagc by tlio day. Address COUtjlNIKKK, Herald Uptown Brunch office. A MKRICAN WIDOW LAUY, AOKD 21, A STKANCER UV In tho city. w,t' out home or friends, as house keoper^in a widower's family. Address Mrs. L. A. N .VILLI., Herald Uptown Hruuch office, lor one week. A LADY. WHO IS A rauiOT HOTKL HOUSK keeper, desires a situation in a first class hotel; best re.erences can t.cglvcn. Addnsi E. N., Herald office. AWIOOW LADY WISHES A SITUATION AS HOUSE keeper; an elderly gentleman preferred; no other ned apily. Address Mrs. TAYLOR, Uorald Uptown Branch otnee. AMIDDLK-AOED LADY, REFINED, OF MUCH EX perlence and energetic, ax housekeeper: a good nome the greatest, object Address HOUSEKEEPER ueraid office. * AS HOUSEKEEPER FOR A OENT1.EMAN WHO can appreciate a truly Interesting, capable and amiable woman; respectable, sincere and honorable jarties desired. Address SWEET HOME, Herald Up town Branch olllce, l,.:ii6 Broadway. HOUSEKEEPER'S POSITION WANTED-BY AN American lady (widow) In a private lamlly In ellv office ' " *? k, Herald Uptown Branch 1V-ANTKD-3Y A YOONO WIDOW LADY OF RE '. nnement a posltn n as housekeeper lor a widower lie raidoffice tr nL<iJ not au*wer- Address W. D., UTANTED-A WORKING HOUSEKEEPER TO DO huIhnJf,iVe.raJ h<1uf<'w"1^ f?r?y???K married lady and nustiand; a good home lor the right woman: wh<'?< $12 per month. Address, lor one week, box 174 Hvrald office* Laundresses, die. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION as head luundrcss; thoroughly understands her iiii-lness; isnot at raid to work; . ummer hotel preierred. Address E. R. S? hpx 124 Herald office. 14-4- WEST 80TH ST., FIRST FLOOR.-A RE i!F?SLT;ec.i?b!? womun ?" ,do a ,cw more families' Uo" do5e; VHuu4?Ac.0r m?nlUi UCM ?'?*ery d?crlp. 9()() KAST auTH ST.. FIRST FLOOR-A FIRST 4UU chun laundress wants to get washing at her own house; best roierelice. 91 n B.AST MTH BT ?,N the rear?a REsTbCT *<?*-*' able woman wishes a lew more gentlemen's washing or logo o? by the day; good references If re 91 J8T A v.?A RKSPKCTAPLE WOMAN WISHES Call or addrelw * 'UW or ladies' washing. 91 Q ?A8T J,28?'11 ST., THIRD FLOOR.?AN EXPE fkmiiles' washing"10 1""ndrcM ?ohciu gentlemen's and 99O WEKT SiiTII ST.?A RESPECTABLE COLORED laundress would like washing for ladlesand ?en t:? m n by the week or month or by the do/en. Call all tlle w*t'k- Mrs^ 'ULBEHt" 3I)Z EAST 41ST ST.?A RESPECTABLE LAUN "V dress wants a lew families' washing; also a babv i" wet nurse, with a moiher's care. '-11 n KA8T 34TH ST.-A RESPECTABLE WIDOW Jr 1 j womnn, with the best city reference, to go out by tlie day to work, or would like to get a few sentleinen's washing to do ut her own liomej can do them nicely. Call on or ad Ire** Mrs. JOHN-SON. J 4^/n I4TII ST.?A WOMAN WISHES LADIES' AND 3yx gentlemen's washing at home; 76c. per dozen; well recommended. Inquire lor Mrs. SMYTH, two flight* up, back room. * 4-1^ WEST 90T1I ST.?A RESPECTABLE YOUNO ^r-lc' B|rl "?laundress ; understands liuting, laces, Ac.: beat reference. Can be ?een until engaged. 3D AV., NEAR S7TH ST.?A RESPEOTABLE woman to do gentlemen's and families' waihlne at her own house. * 70 c 9TH A v., NEAR 82D ST.-A RESPECTABLE I twi man as ironcr in a laundry. Nurses, die. IfiO THOMPSON ST., TOP FLOOR. BACK ROOM. ? .? \ respectable young woman as wet nurse; no objection to travel u> the country. 91Q EAST ,3TH ST--A PROTESTANT WOMAN Yil as nursery governess; would take part or ent re charge of two or more grown children; is a good seam stress. Apply at present employer's 9fi9 JTEST 381,0 ST- (PRESENT EMPLOYER'S) -A preferred young girl as child's nurse; country 9WASHINGTON ST.. BROOKLYN. -AS MONTh" iv nurse, or to take care of an invalid; 110 objec t on to the country; is willing to make herself useftal t all on or address, tor two days, J. R. '^1 Q WEST Ml) ST.?AS MONTHLY NURSE; WILL .4? .he disengaged from about the middle of June; satisfactory roterences. 1 534- AV- BETWEEN 79TH AND MTirSTsTI A young woman who has lost her child, to take a baby to wet nurse at her own residence, ( all all the week. Mrs. MANNING. A "ELECTABLE YOUNG GIRL (PROTESTANT) AS 2\ child's nurse: first class reference; no ob ectlon to Branchoffice. '?J> G'l,ox 123 Herald Uptown Waitresses, dir. (SITUATION WANTED?AS FIRST CLASS WAITRES8! best city reference. Call on Monday, from 10 to 2 at florist'?, corner 42J st. and 5th av. w ' ut ATiaeellaneous. Q YARICK PLACE-AN INTELLIGENT, RELIABLE ? > Ainerlc. n w.tman as companion to an invalid ladv iroing into the country for the Hummer; is a neat sewer ami is willing to make li-ns lf usellil; compeiisa ion not 's mWS fJO WFST2.THST, NEARfiTHAV., FIRST FLIGHT ' T 1 ^nK?-j >'0,ni* ln,'y of fine appearance Intelligent and refined, as companion or hous keener? fully reliable, call on Miss Rodi"iT"or f wo dayi ' EAST IllTM KT UP STAIRS.?A settled large children.1*0111*11 ** y'* ,0 travel<>r on 79 W.KKT ST., RROOKLYN.-A MOST RELIABLE I -j Irench Is-tv as travelling companion, or would t ike care 01 children ; ?peaks tho Parisian French, and is CaU"ior'fwo days."'""1 reM' """xceptionablo rcierences. 91 9 ^EST M/H 8T" BETWKBN BROADWAY AND 7tnav.?A respectable woman wishes to take in washini at her own home; good reference. 994- JEff* 24,?. 8T?AN AMERICAN YOtTN(7 *j-iT laily. ot highest respeetalilllty as useful com ^ "'21' t? " liidv: (he copntrv preferredi or to travel best reference. Address Miss C. W. ' 944. w t?T 47J" ?t?* neat a.vd respectful f* * T Kirl as chamherinaid ; wlllinu' to assist in wash ln* and ironing in a small family ; first class reference Call for two days. OOO WEST 4')TH ST, TOP ?LOOR, BACK ROOM _1 ?>?>*} A most respectable woman to do cleaninir ot an v Kind ; is strictly honest; none but the most rospectabla families need apply. Address A. II. 34-4. SfKST 26x8 8t~a thoroughly educated , J*"~. English fflrl, speaking French, An., fluently, will tane charie of children under 12 year, old; is a good reference? a"(1 obli|<,n,[ (feneraily; excellent American 344- RAST S2D 8T-> FIRST FLOOR. FRONT,?A cleaning Woman 10 ?? out. bT 0,0 d?>' washing or house 374 1?,T."k AT~4 COMPETENT WOMAN TO OO washlna 2nd lpnni?r ?ajr. <5r week 1,0 housework or wasning ana Iroiijnjt; best city reference. 403 ,5T^ '.CORN.E? 24711 8T - SECOND FLOOR. t~t eiu " "u"?or ? 449 ?"o'>T?r.5.",1;rAg?a. ?535 wuhM^'Bo'nnT T^ 5"flP?0*Ai?LE woman and lroninf ^an fftff A YOUNG FRENCH LADY, WHO IH wfi f in '?ua g'?? artga A menTM^us^med^S^^r'N tion as companion or to instrutt and tak'a ehanr* the day or waek, or wUl (0 with a lady In ths c!?i?,,t? ? companion and seamstress; money not so ^h7 object as a food home; references exchanged ' E. M. M? Herald Uptown Branch dice. AMnm A SMART YOUNO GIRL WOULD LIKE TO WAIT children; has simod FITVATIOJ?* WASTED?PKMAliES. Mturellaneoas. A SITUATION wantid-by a young person, speaking Freieli fluently, to wait on a lady or iti take elisrge of a grown child; In willing to make neraeir use ul, in ftie citv or country; reiercnoe given. Address MAK1K, Herald UH?W? Branch office. A respectable YOUNO PERSON, WHO HAS cro?e<1 the Atlsrtic on more than one occasion, would like to meet with a family irotng to Hngteud; W<?4 go in any capacity; reiuan ration no object Address or call on J. P., 112 West 8Uth at. A YOUNG LADY WISHRS A POSITION AB.CASHIER, accoun an' or co yist, cither at her home or >?t an office; tier wr. In* ia Arm and legible and accuracy ia guaranteed Ad res ? Mis* RV KI ? Y N, box IQt Herald oittce. LADY, RECENTLY BEDUOBDIN CIKCUMSrAM ES would rentier her sei vices tor thesuinmer f r her board, where she would be treated a* a companion; city or country. Address hUMMBR, Herald oiliee. CMRLS TO HANDLE FANS.?APPLY AT 7>* BliOAD. j way, room I. SITUATION WANTED?BY A KRENCH GOVERNESS, who ha* grest ability in tenchiUB children and knows how to cut and tit well; speaks three language..; no obi ction to travel; city reference. Address GOV EKNKSS, Herald Uptown Biamh ojltce. ANTEO-A NKAT, RESPECTFUL chambermaid and waitress in a small lam ly of adults. Call at 49J Lexingtuu uv., upper door, Irom 9 to 1. Intelligence Offlcei. rIERMAN SERVANTS FOR ALL CAPACITIES, CA I paldo and trustworthy, constantly tound at SIB Bowery, i-mrance ou Bieeekcr ?t Mrs. IA)w 15. PRGPKSSION AL. SITHATIOSi 8 XVANTIOO? KKMAI.LS. A"~"laDY EXPERIENCED IN T&AOHING KNOL1SII, French and mhsic, desires to exchuuge the same for; references. Address BELDi'.N, Herald Up town Branch ottlce. A FIRST CLASS TKACHRR OK ENGLISH, FRENCH and music, will exchange lesson* lor Board In an American or lorclgn family. Address G., box 11 6t>! West S-d fit* A POSITION AS PRIVATE SECRRTARY, COPYIST or housekeeper desired by a voting lady in need of ltnmedin.c linunclulassistance. Address ANXIOUS, bo* 129 Herald olllco. A YOUNO LADY, BXPBBIBHCBD AND COMPE tent. desires a portion as governess or as companion to alaciv; unexceptionable reference*. Address t. K., W West i;V)th st., Harlem. A RATHER ELDERLY "VOUNO" LADY WILL WRITE for newspaper*, publisher*or individuals; a letter, a * orv, a poem or a flay, u romance, a political spec h or a sermon. She writes one and the other with equal case, having alrcadv done all of these. Address Miss JENNY WEi LEU, box 79 staslotl D. A LADY WRITES ADVERTISEMKNTS, LETTERS, business letters, friendly letters, social letters, checks, drafts, bills, receipts, order*, accounts, notes, no tices, reviews, reports, Ac., Ac. : #1 a visit; the first lour visits, 80c. each; only the first Intervie w, with or without service the same, 25c. Call on or address Miss W., Strt East 17th St., Siuyvesant park. A lady, EXPERIENCED IN TEACHING, In struct* those whose education hns been ncirlected. The English branches, French, Music and Drawing, Grammar Reading and Writing rcceive special attention. Terms moderate. A Frcnch lady or gentleman can re ceive instruction free. TEACHER, ISO Easi 41st st. A lady OF EXPERIENCE AS CHAPERONE TO A voting lady, or would take charge of and oducate an crphan or motherless child or superintend a gentleman's houie. Address Mrs. grey, 127 west 46th st. A lady, THOROUGHLY WELL EDUCATED. A teacher ot inanv vearrs' experience, would like copy ing or any kind of writing for the Summer, or would act as amanuensis or secretary for aftw lujurs dally; the highest references given. Address WRITER, station D. A lady, with TWELVE YEARS' EXPERIENCE IN the tuition oi iduli* and children will give daily in struction iti the rudlraetilal and higher Engll-h branches in exchange lor ttrsi class table bo?rd ; unquesilonal le references given. Address R. d. M., bax 2,241 I oat office. YOUNG LADY, FULLY COMPETENT, DESIRES some copving; would prefer taking it home. Ad dress A. B.. box 1,:8 Herald Uptown Branch office. Business and social letters written for ladies and gentlemen by an accomplished lady, who will compose, revise and copy for the press or private; terms moderate; all writing confidently; cards at sta tionery store, 178 6th av. I ENGLISH LESSONS TO FOREIGNERS?AMERICAN 'J teacher.?Ladies and gentlemen oi foreign accent can secure the services of a purely American young lady for practice in English pronunciation, English con versation, English grammar. English reading, writing, Ac.; highest reference. Address ENGLISH Ti?AOHER, box 80 Post offlce, 2U6 East 14th St. Letters written-literauy articles fur nished to newspapers, publisher* or individuals; lessons In drawing, piano, sluging and all the higher and lower English branches; distinguished references. 548 r.a.'-t 17th st Neglected education.?a i^ady of the most finished education in almost every accomplish ment. who, however, well understands the manv resect able reason* whv there may be mature and even elderly ladles who cannot trust their reading and writing to the criticism of even their own families, offers her services for their Improvement. Ask for the teacher of music at 348 East 17th st. help WANTED-PEMALES. jT T. STEWART A CO. WANT a first class DRESSMAKER, who con take measure cnt. fit trim, Ac. ; one who has had city experience and pos sesses taste and ability will, if proving competent on a trial, be liberally dealt with and have a permanent situa tion. Apply at manager's desk, Broadway and lU'.n st. \ T. STEWART A CO. WANT first class DRESSMAKERS, who have been accustomed to work on high cost silk, tarletan and illusion dresses; also FIRST CLASS CLOAK MAKER3; first class BUTTON HOLE OPERATORS one machines, first class OPERATORS on WHITE WORK; steady em ployment and liberal pay, per piece or week. Apply at 9th st. entrance, Broadway and 10th st. ANGELL'S TURKISH BATHS, 61 lexington AV.? Wanted, two first cln-s Protestant girl*, neither older than 25 years; one laundress, one waitress; wages $15 to $30; references required. A GOOD MILLINER WANTED IMMEDIATELY.? Address box .JUG Post offlcc, Plalnfield. N. J. A?WORK GIVEN OUT AT ADVANCED PRICES TO . pay for first class Sewing Machines bv lnstalments I) F. POND A CO., wareroom* 142 East Eighth street, near Broadway, and 21 Astor place Notice. -This con cern does not puff itself, but refers with satisfaction to all parties who have had machines of us for the last 3% years. _ A RESPECTABLE OIRL WANTED?TO DO WASH ing, ironing and general housework in a small familv; must be well recommended. Apply, for threo days, at 188 East 91d st, near Lexington av. A?WANTED FIRST CLASS MACHINE OPERATORS . and finishers on linen suit*. Apply Monday earlv. OPPENHEIM BROS. A ItAHNER, 464 Broome ?t. N.Y. A FEW FIRST CLASS OPERATORS WANTED-ON fine shirt.; steady work year round. r ^ ^ FIRST CLASS laundress WANTED-MUST have no oblcetions to the country for the .Summer months. Call at 52 West 4f>th st. ?OPERATORS ON WHEELER A WILSON'S MA . chine wanted to cord corsets; steady work the whole year at 827 West 83d st. CHANCE TO LEARN TELEGRAPHY.?MEN, women, boys and girls learn and take positions; de mand tor operators; no vacation. THOMPSON 8 Col lege, 21) 4<h av.,\ppostte Cooper Institute. ________ A -LADIES ARE INVITED IO TAKE ANY KIND , of Sewing Machine they like, and to take out shirts, ladies' sui:* or undergarments, Ac., to make at home or in *hf>p, and pay only small sums down and leave small sums every week and get cash lor work. KINSBURY, H?6 Chambersst. 1 ytESSMAKERS WANTED AT 170 SD AV. T7XPERIBNCBD OPERATORS ON DOMESTIC AND fli Wtllcox A Globs' mschincson ladles' suits, at ASllhR A ARO.s'.smN'S, :?>? Canul St.. first floor. LMUsT CLASS MILLINERS AND TRIMMERS WANT F cd.?Apply at M. M. KHIDET'S, 180 Atlantic st, near Clinton, Brooklyn. nUflT CLASS DBB8SM AKER WANTED.-NONE I; other need apply at IN West 45th st. I FEMALES WANTED?or < i?)' ?I? ADDRESS, TO CAN ' vass for an article which every family rei|Uires; t?l each day can bo made. Apply at 28 Cliff St., second floor, hick. ILLINERS WANTED,?TWENTY FIRST CLASS milliner*. Apply to E. RIDLEY A BON, Grand St., corner of Allen. jyjILLINERS WANTED?SEVERAL FIRST CLASS trimmer*; alio improvers. ,, J. ROTHSCHILD, 58 West 14th St. 0 PERATORB WANTED-FIRST CLASS HANDS, ON Wheeler A Wilson's machines, lor ladled suits; also finishers. R. H AV WARD, 322 Canal st ONE OR TWO GOOD DRESSMAKERS WANTED?AT 78 Christopher st. _ SEVERAL FIRST RATE OPERATORS ON WHBELEB A Wilson and Wilcox A Gihbs machines; also dress maker, at 317 6th av.^^ Three waiter girls wanted-to attend an ice cream and soda water restaurant, fnr Sunday* only. Call, this lorenoon, at Pavilion, 59th st.. between 7th and 8th a vs. Wanted?ioo operators to make boys' waists at home; steady work at good prices. None but those who are competent and can furnish reference* need apply to S. MOROENTHAN, 46 Leonard St., third floor. HTANTED-A YOUNO PERSON WHO M A THOR TV ougli seamstress and hairdresser. Apply at 15 Waverley place, between 10 ana 2 o'clock. WANTED-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework. Inquire at fl6 Greenwich st WANTED?BY A FAMILY OF THREE PERSONS, A first class cook and to assist at washing. Apply, with references, 101 West 44th st, between 9 and 12 A. M. Wanted?a first class cook and a good assistant; also ono or two experienced waiter* and a laundresei good wages and steady employment; nilut come well recommended. Call on or address JEROME L. STOUT, proprietor Avenue House, Morris town, N. J. TlfANTED-IN A* PRIVATE FAMILY, A GERMAN VV clri as chambermaid; she must uudsrstand her work tberoughly and speak English. 5S Bast 10th st, near Broadway. ___ "llfANTBD?A YOUNO AMBBICAN LADT, OF EDU TT cation, to tire English lessons to a Spanish officer of the nary, lately arrived; one who understands a little Spanish preferred. Address MaNUKL, llerald efflce. HRIjP WAITED?FEMAIiKS, WANTED-A woman, A* cook in a temper ?tire restaurant; one having hail i-oine expern nee p eterred. Apply, between 10 A. if. and 12 M., corner of beaver And Pearl streets, bailment WANTED-A RESPECTABLE WORKING GIRL, OR widow, without encumbrance, not over 2h, us housekeeper lor an elderly pcntleiuan. Anew.r by letter, lor three day*, to H. FitaEL, .")# Wont llousion it. WANTED- 0 I'lT AND CLOAK FINISHERS; AT.SO operators, At A. FIELD'S, corner of Grand and Chrystle its. AN experienced milliner wanted-apply At 11>A HEARirs, 487 Broadway, on MoudAy, be tween 12 and I o'clock. Fifty good operators on lahibs' wear can find good uml steady employment. Only such ueed Apply At 39 We-t Broad way, first loft. ONE HUNDIUD HANDS WANTED?ON LADIES' suit*, operators and finishers. Apply to D. B. BABCOCK A CO.. 167 ffliurch St. TWO LADIES (THEY Ml'ST BE TASTEFUL, TIDY and quick), to pack plckleit In bottles and to do olher light work in a II lit class lactory. Address box 1,001 New York Post office. \\J AN l iiD?A FEW GOOD OIRLS KXPBRIWtOBD I* TV cut mg cards; steadv employment guaranteed to good hands. Apply at llu Read sL WHEEL. It \ WILSi )N'S AND OTHER FIRST CLASS t-ewlng Machines, new. Hold on monthlv Instal ment*, payable In work nt home. NEW YORK M \ CHINE BTITCITrNG COMPANY, 10 Clintonplare (Nth st). W7ANTED-A FIRST CI,ASS FOREWOMAN FOR A vf large workroom; one who ha< been in a retail es tablishment In New York preferred I liberal pay to the ruht person. Apply to S. WaCHSLLR A BROTHERS, 201 Fulton hi., Bro 'kl\ n. \lr ANTED?A LADY OF KINK ADDRESS AND TV thorough business enpscitv; liberal Inducements ii n I honorable employment; bring reference. 1,149 Broadway, up two stairs, trout office P. A. I'ECKIIAM. WANTED?3S GOOD OPERATORS ON WIIKBJjBR * Wilson's maahine, on linen suits. Only those who can bring their own uiacliiue may apply at 218 Church

st., up stairs. WANTED?A PLAIN COOK. FOR A PRIVATE FAM lly; mu t be able to make good bread ; also Inun dress; a youiiK t'irl preferred; also acliumbermitld and waitress. Apply at SiH West !?!d st. AIT"ANTED?S00 LADIES, WITH SKWINC MACHINES, Vv to make ladies' underwear; only those who under stand It thoroughly need anply with best reiereucea or deposit; also woman to irou. 100 Walker st. WANTED-A FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKER, ONE who is rendv to work ; must be highly rccoiumended. Apply al781 Lexington av., corner 61stit. ?fl/ANTED?TWO GIRL4, SISTERS PREFERRED; TV one must be a first cluss cook, the other a first class laundress. Applv at 20 West 60th st., near 9th a v. w ANTED?OPERATORS ON WHKKI.ER A WILSON'S machines, on flue custom shirt work. HARRISON A CHURCH, 613 Broadway. WANTED?TWO COMPETENT DRESSMAKERS. Call, prepared lor work, Mondav, 8 A. M.. at .167 West 30th st. Miss H. N. SHARP. WANTED?A NICE. TIDY GIRL, FROM 14 TO 10 years of age, to?!oalittlo housework. Apply at 1,476 3d ar. WANTED-TWO FIRST CLASS SALESLADIES IN the suit department Apply to M. RE1MAN A CO., 25 Union square. \ir ANTED?A FIRST CLASS LA UN DRESS; ONE WHO vv understands fine washing and tlutlng. Apply at 62 Westaithst. WANTED-TWO GIRLS IN SMALL FAMILY ; ONE must be a good plain cook and excellent washer and ironcr; the other as chambermaid and waitress; one or the other fo understand fluting; good wages; cltv refer ences reoulred. Call at 249 West 65th st. ANTED?IMMEDIATELY" A TRUSTWORTHY, middle-aged German or English woman to cook, wash and Iron. Call at SO West 22d st., irom 10 to 12. WANTED-TWO NEAT. TIDY GIRLS TO ATTEND A lunch counter. BEARDSLEY'ti Dining Rooms, 30 Liberty st. w ANTED-A FEMALE COOK WHO Spanish. Apply at 13 East 43d st. WANTED-AN EXPERIENCED, CAPABLE GIRL TO do general housework in a small private family; good wages. &I9 West 23d st. WANTED-GOOD COOK, IMMEDIATALY, IN PRI ?ato family; must assist in nasliing; Protestant preferred ; good home. Apply, with references, at real estate ortlce 1,035 Fulton st., Brooklyn. ANTED?IN THE FAMILY OF A WIDOWER, A housekeeper, competent and trustworthy, domes tic and plain in her habits, of kind di-<pn>ltion, who un derstands sewing and ihe care of children, willing to make herself generally usctul; one seeking a home more than wages preferred, and If suitable will be as one of the lAinily. Address, with full particulars, Ac., B. B? 3U8 West 23d st ' WANTED-SEVERAL FIRST CLASS SKIRT HANDS; also several young ladies who partially understand the business. Apply al 40 East 20th st WANTED?OPERATORS ON WHEELER A WILSON'S TV machine for ttne lawn and organdie work: also25 or SO hand sewers; only those accustomed to work on organdie and fine white suits need apply. WILSON A uREIG, 771 Broadway, corner ol 9th st d?in ?ANY LADY CAN EAIIN 1HO.M ~$l6 TO $15 ?J>AU . dally by devoting a few hours each day to u new and respectable busluess. Call at 304 West Fifty lourth street, from 9 to 4. 71 WEST 401'11 ST.?WANTED, A SEAMSTRESS. TO I 1 operate on Wheeler & Wilson's machine, either by day or week. SITUATIONS WANTED?MALES. A YOUNG MAN, THOROUGHLY CONVERSANT with the advertising business, having had 7 years' cxperiencc as advertisng clerk on a leading diiily jour nal, also thoroughly uuderstands marking a paper, sub scription ami publication books, and. In fact, every detail in the business department of a newspaper, desires a situ ation; would tend to ihe advertising business of some mercantile house or accept a position as clerk In any kind of business; is a good writer; would leave New York; highest reference as to character an< capability. Address EXPERIENCE, box 102 Herald olllce. 'i V )UNG, HONEST MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS 1V waiter in a private familv j understands how to make all kinds of pastry and ice cream ; no ob'ection to the couatry; best reference. Call on or address 8066tli av., New Yoii, or 273 East Baltic at, Hrooklyn. A SOLID HONEST MAN, ABOUT 26 YEARS OF AtlE, has been a soldier in Germany, speaks German, English and some French, wants employment in a whole sale business or manufactory to make himself generally useful, or as watchman. Address?W. 8., box 126 Herald ofllco. A FRENCHMAN, AGED 38, AND RIB WIFE, 22, would like to be employed in any capacity In a pri vate American tainily or in a hotel, together or sepa rately, in the city or In the country; they can furnish (lie best references; they do not apeak English. Address or apply at 19 Wooater st. YOUNG ~ FRENCHMAN (II YEARS OLD), WELL educated, who speaks English, wishes a situation In an American family as waiter; no objection to travel; best reference. Address C. O.. 08 Bond st A YOUNG MAN AS TRAVELLING SERVANT-HAS been travelling on the Continent; good city relet enoe; willing to nay his passage. Address box 1"1 Herald Uptown Branch office. A SHORT HAND WRITER OF SEVERAL YEARS' experience Is open to an engagement Address I'lIONOC.RAl'IIER, Herald office. A YOUNG MAN WANTS A BITUATION AS WASHER, or tloorman in a livery stable; five years' experi ence ; good reference from last employers. Address K. C., box 112 Herald Uptown Branch olllce. LITE HA RY UENTI.KM AN. A BOUT TO SPENI1 some weeks In England and on the Continent, will execute literary or business commission* abroad. Ad dress Post office liox J.94K. A YOUNG MAN OF INTELLIGENCE, WHO IS AC customed to taking earn of the sick, would like to act as charge or companion to an invalid about to travel; best of references. Address COM PA N I O.N, Herald office A FRENCHMAN, TALKING FRENCH, ENGLISH and German, wishes to travel with a family as waiter; good reference. CHARLES 1'OWTS, Hotel Frunrais, lo.s Christopher st. AiiEUMAN MAN. WHO SPEAKS FRENCH AND English, wants a situation as porter. Address 33 West 4ttn st, N. Y. SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN (A SWEDE) as porter or messenger; can read and write English and Scandinavian iairly; was four years with last em ployer and has references as to honesty and sobriety. Address W. M., 33 Broadway. SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST CLASS EXPERI kJ enced male cook, in a hotel; first class city reference. Apply at 106 spring st A ANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN, A SITUATION IN any capacity; writes a good hand, and cjrn tarnish W _ first class references from law employers. Address L. W., 204 7th av.. city. WA NTED?SITUATION "as" HA RTEN DElCwH E R B he could purchase ail interest if suitable preierred. Tliofe requiring a first class man address J L., 1,133 2d av. No agents. WORK WANTED?IN THE CITY OR COUNTRY, BY a middle aged, single steady man, to take care of horses and make himself useful. Address WORK, Herald office. WANTED?BY A SMART, HONEST BOY, A SITUA TV tion with a first class butcher; has some knowledge oMhe business. < all at or address II tids,.n st. <1510(1 ?a, MIDDLE-AGED MAN OF RESPECTA bllity. steady and reliable, will give the abuvo sum U> any person helping him to a situation In nny ca pacity in wuleh his service* can be remunerative. In this city or elaawhere. Address B. M., box IC. llerald office. 9/lR 4TI,! A^"' ,N THE FRUIT STORE.-AS BUTLER , J a few days disengaged; understands his duties thoroughly; has the best cliy reference. Call or addrese. CLKHK8 AW1> SAlslCSBIBW. AM MAN OF EXPERIENCE AS CASHIER AND BOOK. ? keeper In re?taurant btifllnoM wiihen a portion in a * or restaurani; references. Addreis W., Cashier, llerald office. BOY, 18 YKAR8 OF AGE, WANTS A HITCJATION ?s groom; thoroughly understands h\n bunlneM; ?!xLr<i!?TJSirr4enc6, at present employer's suble, 14 west iwiD it. A A? YOUNG ENGLISHMAN, OF SIX YEARS' EXPE rience In lewelry, hardware, toy, glass and fancy haberdashery trade, reuuires a situation: best references. Address A. R? box I4A llerald Uptown Branch office. AN AMKRICAN, 23 YEARH OF AOE, MOT AFRAID of work, aad willing to make himself generally use fill, desires a situation with some good Arm. where in tegrity ?ad steadiness would be of value; best city ref ereuce* Address G. M. J.. 213 East H2d st Am RB9PF.CTABLR MAN WANTS A SITUATION A8 collector and salesman, or agent lor a brewery, or wholesale liquor business, or any Dunlncss of Importance and trust; sacurity given. Address C. W., box IW Herald Uptown Branrb office. Aococnts.-eioht languages ; arrears written up; liooksdevised to meet speclai require ment*; hooka opened, kept, examined or balanced. JAM4U COX. Ramorad to 51 New atraat, room a CliRRK^ A HP A COMPETENT YOUNG MAN WANTS A P ?IT'0'1 A oi trust: m Dot af a 1 to work; l* a goj?d book keeper; would make Imeitin. nt lor (tooa position. Ad ilw ACTIVITY, Herald oflee. A THOROUGH BOOKKEEPER WVRH EMPLOY -f\. im ni lor n iew hour* daily. lu a small business. Ad dress box l.'l ilerad office. / lOUNTRY.?A YOUNG M AN DESIRES A .-ITU AT I ON V> ill a country store or warehouse ; or would mane lilmselt u-u-1ul ? a tenth-man's place; uuiler*tatia* horses and driving; wain s noi so much an on eel a* a quiet permanent place. Addnss PERMANENT, Herald Dry goods.-wanteo?salesmen kor i>RE8i roods and shawls. Apply io H. DOWNING. btJ Ful ton -licet corner of Ciermont avenue, Brooklyn. rUH CLERK WANTED?A COMPETENT TOD JO man, single. Apply. with relcrences, to WEBER IIItos., 46 Court ?t., Brooklyn. DRI'O CLERK WANTED?A COMPBTKNT PRESCRIP tlon. Apply, with reference, corner Dlviiion av, and Fourth at., Williamsburg. Drim? clerk WANTID.-ONE with three or four years' experience; one srcaking German pre ferred. Apply i?t 269 Kir.-t avenue, corner riiteenih ntreet. ON HAliARY OR COMMISSION AND EXPENSES, A good salesman will represent any if nteel bu-ine-s or llrm (ol which lew or no samples are required) In tlrst elans style, In southern and Western suite*. Address BUSINESS, Herald office. OALRSMAN WANTED-AN EXPERIENCED AND lively dry good* salesm >n. on Job lots irom auction, Ac. Address It. O., bo* 47 Herald olllce. LJTOCK BROKERS ?A FIRM IIAVINO DISSOLVED. O their stock elerk lor seven years, who can uiflui nee their old customers, is open lor an engagement Address S. T. X., Herald ottlce. To paper hangings salesmen.-we miai.l have vacancies lor a lew first class men the coming vear. West, Northwes., Pennsylvania, New Jork e i> and near-bv trade. Liberal arrangeup ntJ will In1 made with parlies having an established trade; communication* strictly confidential. Address bj letter to CHRIsTY, SHEPHERD * GARRETT. rpHE ADVERTISER. AGED Si DESIRES A POSITION 1 with a llrm of I ankers or stockbrokers (doing a large business) as ca-hier or manager; is thoroughly compe tent, experienced and reliable; references ample ami un exceptionable; salary of minor importance. Address H., Ileia d olllce. _ rPOHACCO.?A FIRST CLASS TRAVELLING SALES L man. with established Western trade, wishes a situa tion in some wholesale leaf tobacco or c gar house; best references. Address H., box 11)1 Herald WANTED?A SITUATION, IN AN OUT OK TOWN u hotel, as clerk or assistant, by a young man; refer ences unexceptionable as to character, Ac. Address W. W. L., Herald olllee. WANTED?A SALESMAN, WHO HAS HANDLED Tf ready made clothing. A single man, not over 21, of good character, with good references, please address CLO I'll 1NG, station A. WANTED?AN EXPERIENCED ENTRY CLEKK I N VV a wholesale and commission hardware house In this city. Address, wlih references and salary expected, W. A C., Hardware, Herald ottlce. WANTE -BOOKKEEPER; ONE WHO 18 COMPE tentand willing to make him ell generally useiul; situation permanent to satisfactory par.y; sulary mod erat . Address, in handwriting, giving reierences uud stating salary expected, O. H. W., Herald ottlce. WANTED?SITUATION. BY A YOUNG MAN, AS clerk in a clothing *tore, who sneaks lour lan guages; having good references. Address, 373 Court street, Brooklyn. WANTED?A POSITION AS BOOKKEEPER OR salesman In some llrst class business, by a young man, who hus had several years' experience; best ol ref ercuee given. Address C. F. A., Herald ottlce. WJANTED?TWO FIRST CLASS DRY GOODS SALES VV men; references required ; also a lew stock boys. Apply to M. REIMAN k CO., /A Union Square. COACHMEN ARID GARDENERS. A PROTESTANT SWEDE AS COACHMAN ; UNDER *tan is the care and management of horses, car riages and harness; Is a good and careful driver, and can furnish undeniable references as to character and ea| a biliW; would be lound willing and obliglug. Apply at 1.8tw 3d av., for two days. A COLORED MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS COACH man ; thoroughly understands the business, groom ing or driving ; has no objeeiion to go to the country lor this season; lour years relcrences. Address T. B., ut J. B. Brewster A Co.'s, 232 5th av., corner 27ttl sj. A "situation wanted-as coachman, by a A. respectable Englishman, who thoroughly under stands his business; has no obiectioti to the country. Call at or address 19 West 2Sth sL, In harness store. \ YOUNG MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS COACH man and gardener' good references. Address E. C., private stable 147 West 41st sL _____ A SITUATION WAITED?AS COACHMAN AND groom, by a single man ; tlrst class city references from last employer. Addre>s R. K., IH East 27t h st. A SITUATION WANTED-AS COACHMAN AND groom, by a (initio German; first class city refer ences from last employer. Address R. K., 62 Union square. A LADY DESIRES A SITUATION FOR AN Ex perienced, falthlul, thoroughly trained coachman. Apply al Westminster Hotel, r?|in 87, Sunday, between 2 and 4 o'clock, and Monday, between 1 and \\ o'clock. A~S COACHMAN-BY A STRICTLY '1EMPERATE S1N glcinan; relcrences Iroin Ins lormer employers lor honesty, sobrictv and capability. Apply for two days at 24 Lexington av., private stable. A SINGLE YOUNG MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS coach man or groom; thoroughly understands the care umt management ol fast horses and driving them if require.!: first class city reference from present em iloyer. Call or address 11 Easi 36th st, private stable, or two days. AS COACHMAN-EXPERIENCED, WITn FIRST class references as to capability, sobriety and integ rity; wllllug and obliging. Addreas A. C., or call on Mr. tilling*, li4 Oth av. A1IRST CLASH COACnMAN, PROTESTANT. MAR rir-d; no incumbrances; references from the highest families iu New York and Eugland. Can be seen on Monduy at No. 7 East 18th st. A RESPECTABLE COLORED MAN WANTS A SITU alloti us coachman ; first class city reference. < all on or address A. P., 41 West 44th st. H. Teuey's Uvery stuble, for two days. _ A SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST CLASS COL ored coachman; thoroughly understands the busi ness In all Its branches; good city references. Address COACHMAN, Sll 4th av. A SITUATION WANTED-AS COACHMAN AND groom, by a single German; first class city refer ences fro in last employer. Address R. K., 62 East 14th st /lOACHMAN AND GROOM S SITUATION WANTED *J By a steady, sober, single young man; age3U; good city and country references from his late and former employers. Address F. F., No. 8 East 31st st / IOACHMAN'8 SITUATION WANThD?BY A YOUNG V marr.ed man, who thoroughly understands the care and treatment of horses, having been hrougnt up to H In the Old country, anil who can give satisfactory refer ence* as to steady habits, ability and attention. Address M. P., 48 Park av'., New Yolk. C IOACHMAN'8 SITUATION WANTED?BY A RE J apectsble man of steady habits, with good reference lrom last employer. Call on or address JOHN, 232 6th av.. cure of J. B. Brewster k Co. / loACHM ANS SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST class inan. in a private family, single; liest city ref erence from his last and former places. Cull on or ad dress J. M., at Brewster k Co'*., HI Htli uv, /KlACIIMAN AND GROOM'S SITUATION WANTED \J By a single mnn; three years' cily reference from last place; no objection to the country; not afraid of worx. Call at or address 146 West 2Mh st., private stable, two days. SITUATION WANTED?AS COACH MAN AND GROOM ; O excellent grooin; tlrsr class driver; reference to the highest; country or city not objected to. Address, or can be .-.ceii at private -tul< 1 > I" West 44th st., lor lour days SITUATION WANTED?BY A GARDENER, I VI ALLY O competent In greenhouses, flower, fruit and vege table raising; could take cure of a nice gentleman's place. Address box till New York Post office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE color d inan, as coachman ; city reference. Call at 146 West .12d St., room 6. WANTED?A SITUATION AS COACHMAN, BY A VV married inan of long experience: changed only twice In ten years; understands flic bn-lucss in alt Its brandies; can furnish satlstacior.v reference. Call on or address T. H. L, private stable 47 East 62d st, or Herald Uptown Branch office. UrANTED?A SITUATION, BY A SINGLE YOUNG man, as coachman and groom; willing and oblig ing; five years' lir->t class city reference lrom last em ployer. Address M., box 11U Herald office. _ __ WANTED?A SITUATION AS COACHMAN. BY AN Vf experienced and first class man, fuliv compefeiif to take charge ot a gentleman's establishment; best itv reference. Call ou or addreai JAMES MeKi'.NNA, 1411 West 31st st WANTRD-HITUATION AS COACHMAN, BY A VV voung man; no objection to the country; under stands tlua business ihoroughly; first class ciiy refereuce. Address J. M., box 1?:? Mtftlfl Uptown Branch ofliee. WCHANTED?a SITUATION AS OOAOBlAK, IT A competent man, with best reference from lait em plovre' willing to go in the country. Call on or address, for two day*, J. U. <13 6th at. WANTED-BY A COLORED MAN, A SITUATION AS coachman, thoroughly understands his hnsjpesi and refers to former and present employers. Addres* E. B., Herald Uptown Brancn office. ANTED?BY AN EXPERIENCED SINGLE MAN A situation as coachman ; highest recommendations. Address JOHN, Herald office. . < WANTED-BY AN ENGLISHMAN (MARRIED), A situation as coachman or plain gardener or to take care of a gentleman'* place. Address T. C., box 2,866 Post office. New lork lirANl'ED?? SITUATION AS COACHMAN AND W groom, by a respectable colored man, one who thoroughly understands bia business; reference. Call at or address 121 Weal Md st WANTED-BY TWO COLORED MEN, SITUATIONS W aa coachrraa and grooui. or as footman; thor oughly understand their business, and well recoin mended. Call on or address T. VANDIVEHK, 244 West 29th street WANTED-BY ADVBRTISER, AOED 19, SITUATION W as under gardener; can milk and attend to cow* If required; newly arrived from Englaod; city reference. Addross M., Herald office. Young colored man wishes a situation as coachman or waiter; Is willing and obliging; thor oughly understands hi* builnea*; good reference. Ad dres* J. B., 24 Eait 19th *t HELP WANTRD-tlALKl, A LAD WANTRD-AROUT IS TEARS Or^AOETwilO understand* the care ol horses and fine harness, to take care ot three horse* and two light wagons during the summer month* in a villag* In Connecticut, 46 mile* from New York; wages 936 per month and board. Ad dres* c. K. P., Herald Uptown Branch office, l,M6 Broat* HKLP WAIfTKn_.WTAL.K9. AHOBLL'8 TP RKIHH ?TtHr"m~LBXI1I8TOII AV.l Want agreeable. hones', intelligent. Industrious men, not older than 2ft years, must >?? strictly tern wraie einploymeut healthy ?.,<] profitable; references re. quired. AGENTS WANTED.-ORKAT CHANCE; NEW KR t clc; sell* at sight everywhere; small cat Ital re quired; $110 10 $IU) weekly; Heady employment; samples by until 2ft cents. AMERICAN NOVELl'Y COMPANY, 302 liroadway. AOBfiTS WANTED?Poll THE i-ALE OF PATENT Inn attachment, lor sewing machine* Apply at 98 South 6th av., New 1 ork city. A SITUATION WANTEO-AS PORTER. BY A YOUNO man, German by birth; speak* English as.well aa (?ertnan; tru^twnr hy and nouest; best city references. Address 2ft Hamilton at. A CHANCE TO LEARN TEI.EORAI'HY.-MEN, women, bovs and girl* learn and take portion*; de mand lor operator*; no vacation. I'HOMPSOVS College, a)4th av., opposite Cooperjn.siliute. A FIRST CLASS DRUG CLERK. WHO SPEAKS English and German well. Apply, with references, at corner 62d st., 7th uv. GENTS AKK MAKING $M0 FKR WKKS SELLING our geod* by sample; a few more smart uieu wanted. Call at 9ft Liberty at. room 26. Adoou man currKit wavted-on ladies' suits. Apply to I). 11. BABCOCK A CO., l67Cliurch it. Boy wanied-who has worked in a drijo Htore, must be active and reside with his parent*. Apply at drug stnfe, ltil titli av. CCANVASSERS WANTED?TO 8I.LL AN ARTICLE J that pav* a (rood pro At nn I meet" a ready Male. Ap ply at .12 Cortlandt street, trout room, *econd floor. CANVASSERS W ANTE' -IN ALL OF OUR I A ROB ) citle*. Address, with reference, THE SANITAHIAN, A. S. Barnes A Co., ill am' lUWililain st, New York. DRUG CLERK WANTED-A STEADY AND COMPE petent man. In a llrst c a-" retail store ; salary and prospect* good. Andrews PHARMACY, Herald office. FpKRANI) BOY WANTED?IN A WIIOI.i^aLE HOUSE; J one who is active. Intelligent und can write quite well; must reside with parents. Address C. W., Herald office. Farmers.?wanted, a single man, who is a | good milker and borne driver and Rood ?'^k ,>andf work the vcar round; good reterence. Apply at 1M Fulton at. iCurrier'Hi lor three day*. Farmed wanted-to work farm on shares] ? good Hand; Columbia county. Addres* COLUMBIA. Herald olflce. Good canvassers are makino from $ioto I $.'0 per day with our new Invention, wanted by every family; Nomcthing entirely uew. Call and see. 7(19 Broadway, room 14. ASON1C?MASONS OR THEIR WIDOWS CAM earn a handsome livelihood by addressing or calling upon K. A. W A 1)11 A MS, CJfi Broadway, New York, at 1 r, M., Monday. Millinery.?first class saleslady wantedj good wage* and steady employment. Appiy Imme diately at 186 Bowery. J. W. DEMPSBY. TO SEAMEN.-WANTED IMMEDIATELY, AT THB United States Naval rendezvous. 187 and 189 Cherry *trect, ADO men lor tlio navv, including machinists, cop* persmlth*, boilermakers, Ac., Ac., who will be enlisted without any tec being exacted from them and trausterred to the receiving ship Vermont, direct from 'he rendes vous, with their hanunockaand ban*. at the government expense HOKNEN 0. BLAKE, Can tain United Htutel Navy, Commanding Naval Rendezvous. The advertiser wishes to leave his housb for the summer in charge ot a man and wife; light, fuel. Ac., furnished: a porter preferred, wltll reference. Address B. M., Herald office, TO HOTEL PROPRIETORS.-A YOUNO MAN, JUST disengaged, desires a position In a hotel a* store keeper or chcckman; lour years' reference from last em ployer. Address HOTEL, liox 210 lierAd ofllce. WANTED?LAW CLERK. MANAGING.?ADDRESS or apply to WILLIAM ROMER, 319 Broadway, New York. WANTED-AN ACTIVE YOUTH, WITH SOME EX periencc. to tic up parcel*. BRADBURY BROS., 312 and 314 Bowery. WANTED?A LAD AS ERRAND BOY; MUST WRITE u good hand. Inquire Monday ot HOSENSTB1N BROTlll'.RS, 323 t,reetiwich street WANTED?A COLLECTOR, WHO 18 A RESIDENT of Brooklyn,and who canbnng A1 reference*. Call at ELI AS HOWE HEWING MACHINE ROOMS, !M Fourth street, Brooklyn, E. D. TirANTED?A WAITER WHO UNDERSTANDS HI9 tt business; to u smart, active man till* I* a perma neut situation. J. ItEDCLIKI-'c., 4 id Chapel *f., New Huven, Conn. TXTANTED?A TIIOROUOHLY PRACTICAL FARMER, Vt married, to take fli 11 charirc ot a farm, tlio larni hand* and the stock; fln<- soil, healthy country; firs class reterence indlr-iiensnble. Andres*, with :uilpartio ulars, THOMAS O. HOUOKiNS, Seiuuket, Lous Island. WANTED-A MAN, COMPETENT TO MANAOE A* stnull bakery lor two month*, at a watering place In thi* state-.none but those experienced and well recom mended need an*wer. Ad lru-s, for three day*, BAKER, box 1,833 New York Post olllce. Y\/rANTED?IN A PRODUCE CdMMISSION HOUSE. TT n boy, one livitiR with liis parent* and with good references; *alary first year 8b*). Address, in applicant'! handwriting, with retereuces and purlieu urs, box4,701 New York 1'ost ofllce. WANTED-A FIRST CLASS DR CO CLERK, COMPE tent In every particular, with unexceptionable ref erences. Apply u> or address Mr. RICE, with McKeaaoo A Robbiu*, to-morrow. WANTED?BY A CLOTII HOUSE (IMPORTERS OB fine woollens), u competent siilcstnun tor the East, crn trade. None but those bavin* an established merchant tailoring trade need address B. V W., slatlou A WANTED?AGENTS FOR THE SALE OF THE BEST fatnilv Bible tiubll-hed, to whom the hlirhe*t com mission will be paid. Apply, alter 9 o'clock, to MULLINft A HUGHES, .3 Dcy *t. Wf ANTED.?OOOD AGENTS ARE MAKINO MONET tt rapidly: article used in every State; profits very large; bills on sight. FOUKES, 20fl Broadway, third floor. WANTED?A COMPETENT MAN TO TAKECIIAROB ot a first clusi retail hat store; also one to tak* charge of a stockroom. Address, with real name and reference, m. w., Herald ofllce. WANTED?THREE GENERAL AOHNTS FOR THREB cbic-s; profi's large; also ladles out ol employment will And honoranle and profitable business by calling at 7KH Broadway, ro.nn 10. WANTED-AN AGENT TO TRAVEL WEST FOR A responsible produce commission liuase ; must be ol undoubted character and ablliiy. Address C. PRODUCE, Herald ofllce. WANTED?A SMART. ACTIVE BOY TO ATTEND A paint store. Inquire at4J West 30th st, from 8 A. M. to 6 P. M. WANTED?AN ACTIVE AND GENTLEMANLY CAN viiHser for a lob printing office. Address CANVAS SER, box 128 llerald office. WANTED-AN ACTIVE AND INTELLIGENT LAD. from 14 to 17 years of age, in a snoe store -, one hav lng bad -oine experience preferred. 7(1 titli av. W'ANTMl \ HUM;JIT, Gl NTEEL LOOKING BOY, TT about in years old, to a'te d soda fountain; wage* $2 CO per week. Apply ut 24ft West ,'>2d *t. THE TUAUKM. \ PRACTICAL MINING ENGINEER AND METAL J\ lurglst of great experience I* open to an en/age m'-nt to conduct any mining or smelting operations o? will inspect and report ii| on anv protierty ; high -*t rerer eiiee. Addresn II. Jl , box I'? >-1 olfl e, New lurk. 4 NEWSPAPE t EDITOR. COMPILER, PROOF J\ reader, busine** manngnr, ol K> year*' experience, desires an engagement. Address PENOGRAl'llER, box New York rost ofBce. _____________ VOOOD ARCHITECTURAL AND MECHANICAL draughtsman I* open to an enirageinetit; excellent r-lercnces; moderate remnunerution. Address CON* STItl CTION, Herald office. AN INTELLIGENT YOI TH. AGED IS YEARS, WISHU to learu some respcctanle trade, or obtain a perma* uent situation. Address W. s W? II h st , HoliokeB, N. J. A TiftMKB WANTRD??BTBAOY BMPLOYMBNT and gixal wages to a good tinner who has a set of tools. Call at or address S7l uroadway. yNGINEER WANTED?TO RUN A STATIONARY EN i i glue. Inquire at DEaN'S ktone yard, 3d street and Gow.inu*, Brooklyn. I ENGINEER W A N TED?W IT II A < "Kit i'i I'D A I'E, AT 95 J Bleecker st. Q1TUATIOM WAKTBO?T2f A HOTEL OR ROTA9 rant, bv a mid lie-aged man. with 'It years' experi. nee and plentv o lirst class reterence. Address H. W. W., station A, Spring *i. WANTI.D?A GOOD TINSMITH AND ROOFER.? Apply to T. A. ? MITII. I'M'. Sixth avenue. WANTED?A CARPET UPHOLSTERER, ONE WHO TT tlioruglily uiider*lands the business. 1HJ Chat* ham square. \V'ANTED?BY A CARPENTER THAT THOR. tt oeglily understands Ins business u situation as foreman or stiperinfen lent; a good opporfunl y lor those about erecling building* on tlieir own account; no ob jection to go in tlio country. Address CARPENTER. Herald offlceL _ VVANTED? FOR A STEAM BOILER, A CKRTIPL TT cate<l fireman, with testimonials. Apply at the Scotch bakery, 474 Fulton *t., Brooklyn. T1TANTED?FINISHERS ON FINK CUSTOMER AND TT shop pantaloons; also one pressman. Apply at 42S Hudson st., corner Lcroy st., .or three day*. WANTED?A OOOD PHOTOORAPIIIC PRINTER? One accustomed to large work cull between 8and izo'clock ol Monday. ROsrf ,t NICHOLS, Manufactur ing Photographers. 44 Cortlandt st WANTED?A OOOD AND COMPETENT MAN FOR an old established iron railing factory; cither aa foreman or as purlnnr. I he most liberal offers will be made by B. LANG. 322 West 44Ui st, between 8fh and 9th ars. ' TIT ANTED?A YOUNG MAN AS MACHINIST; ORB TT who understands the Howe machine; salary fli fier week; also a man who Its* been connected with sew. na machines and writes a good hand, to attend to the ship?jng department. Apply at<W Broadway. w~ ANTED?GOOD TINSMITHS. APPLY AT M AMD 28 Wooster st WBHANTED-A COMPETENT SHIRT CUTTER AS foreman in a shirt house In Philadelphia. Addrefl A. B., box 128 Herald ofllce, with references and terma. KKKACH Al>VKitTMEiUEMTii. UN FRANOAIS. DE 33 AN8, ET 8A FBMMF., DE JJ desirent trouver un emp'ol qnelconque, dans una fatnllle amerlcalne on dans un hotel, a la vllle on a I* csnit>a?ne, ensemble ou separemcnt; pouvent lournlr lea metlleu^s recommandatioua; ue par lent pas 1 auglaia. S'adresser Wo<>ster st, It UNB JKUNB FILLS FRANCAISE (PROTBSTAMTR) desire *e placer comme bonne d'enfanta, s S(1 rsssai 4(B* rue, 271, eaira at. B at C.

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