Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 1, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 1, 1873 Page 4
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M?|IT AWT* rfl'ffD. riOI'ND-ON TUB JOTIl OF M AT, A KM AIX HUM Of r money itn I ? L-t:er, ^g. powii lo belong to Mrs, lamb tud, which she can have liy calling on Mrs. 1>U8 N. IKi.KK, 7.i Blteckir ?u??i, proving property aud psy Bg expense*. ?TIOUND-ON MONDAY, MAY M, IN A TWENTY r third street cnr, a lady's I'ocketboo' Owner can lave ttie fame b> applying at 431) We?i Twenty-fourth Street, proving property and paying expense*. Call Monday. JET AND GOLD BRACELET LOST.-OK LITTLE value except as a aeep ake. A liberal reward will be paid to tbe iiii.ii r it H it st i-'J as sixty-second street LOST-f.1i KEWAlili?A MH'KET. CONTAINING THE likenesses of two children. The Under will receive Ihe above reward on the dclivetvol' I he Locket at the pftlce of E. i>. HCllLBU 1 A CO., 85 ,-outh street. LOST?A SEVENTH REC.IMKNT VETERAN BADGE, May 30; a rcwarl ol $5 will be paid. Apply to GEO. P. STREW A .-ON, 15John strceL T oST?ON FltlDAV EVENING. A DOG, HALF 8T. Li Bernard ami Newfoun Hand; tan ann white; ?tearing collar. A reward wil i?e paid l>v bringing him lo ALBERT DI'CLOU, 140 haat Fourteenth street Lost?in a fifth avknite btage, a red pock. eibook, containing over #iki. A saitable reward will be paid lor its return to 136 Fifth avenue. LOST?ON MORNING OF MAY 31, BETWEEN ST. Nicholas llo'cl and TilVany's, on Broadway, a com mon blak bound Memoranda Book. Reward will bo pa d lor tu return to the trie Iiaflway office, I'll Broad MJ; Lost?an envelope containing lease and papers of no value I ut to the owner. No. 10 North William street showcase manufactory, IIOLLACIIER A FRA&CH; if returned will be suitably rewarded. Lost-in .ioiiv street, a square paprr box. containing two rings and two studs. The finder will bo rewarded by having them at L. 0. LAMHhLE 1'*, ill Jolm street, third lloor, front J OST?SATURDAY AFTERNOON, MAY 31. OOINO J from Twentieth street to Union Square Theatre, a pair ot gold Eyeglasses with chain attached. A suitable reward will be given on their return to 35 Grumercy place. STOLEN-BY BURGLARS, ON THE NIGHT OF MAY 29 iroiu thu store of John Knowlea, 270 Fourth av tnue, New York, the following Properly, Watches, Ac.:? Watches Nos IIVS, 12,768, 11,181, 16.109, 19.414. 40.149, 1,850. 5,449, 8,931: one American ana one English move sient: several 0as( a and Moveiuenis; a lot of Spencer's Diamond Spectacles and Eye Glasses; silver and plated Napkin Rings. Any iniorma'ion leading to the recovery will be liberally rewarded; dealers in other cities please Inform. REWARDS. mn tfjC REWARD AND EXPENSES.?LOST, A LONG iP?J haired white Poodle Slut, on Fourth avenue, be tween Thirty-first and Thirty-second street*. Return the lime to P. DALEY, southeast comer ol' Fourth avenue ind Thirty-first street, fee last Sunday's and Tuesday's Herald. djjOC REWARD.?LOST, ON SATURDAY. MAY 31, A Gold and Corne iaa Seal, with Gold Buckle at tached , the stone has a crest and coat ot arms engraved on it. Whoever will return the same to 52 West Thirty fifth street shall reecive the above reward and the thanks of the owner. ?A LARGE SOLITAIRE DIAMOND. GENT'S Pin, mounted to be unscrewed, lost, Sunday evening, 25th lust., in neighborhood ot Sixth avenue and Carmine street Above rewurd will be paid by STARK A MARCUS, 22 John street, up stairs. onn REWARD WILL BR PAID, AND NO questions asked, for the return ol all the Diamonds and Jewelry lakeu lrotu 133 Last Thirteenth Itreet May 7, 1873. A LIBERAL REWARD WILL BE GIVEN FOR TTIE recovery ot a brown Camel's hair Polonaise, satin stripe, supposed to liave been lull In mistake aia number in Nlnih or Tenth streets. New York. Apply at 121 West Twenty-eighth street. SPECIAL NOTICES. A -HERALD BRANCH OFFICE, BROOKLYN, ? corner ol Fulton uventie aud Hoerum street. Open irom h A. M. to 9 I*. M. On Sundav Irom 3to 9 P. M. Agency for ohio catawba wines, ac., the coleliratcd Sans l'arell champagne. which has taken thn prcnriim over nil native wines. A trial solicited at 128 Broadway. JAS. D. t ENTER, Sole Agent America.?a few thousand more young or old men, who love liberty, to loin an association Ol a social, beneficial and political character. Send ad dress to AMERICA, Herald I'ptown Brunch ulfice. CONSUMPTION.-A GENUINE EFFECTUAL REMEDY tor hopeless Consumption, Ulcerated Lungs, Coughs, Pneumonia, irom an eminent retired physician, lor in valids sending address und stump to PHYSICIAN, box 1,299 Post office. D REBSMAKINO. ECONOMY, PROMPTNESS AND PERFECT FIT. Messrs. LORD A TAYLOR, to prove that RETRENCH ME NT is possible, have so arranged their Dressmaking Department that ECONOMY in material and trimming is Fiarticularly studied in every detnil, Bnd they arc now urnlahing Dresses at a MUCH LESS PRICE than the cost of imported gurmcnts, while for STYLE, FIT and GENERAL MAKE UP they are every way equal to the flnust Purisian manufacture. The IMMENSE INCREASE Of orders during the puat month prevented our usual promptness; but n <w, with extended facilities and the COMPLETE REORGANIZATION of the department, w? I can safely GUARANTEE ALL ORDERS AT THE TIME AGREED, and as to FIT and PRICE defy competition. LORD A TAYLOR, Broadway and Twentieth street. I EVERYBODY AND HIS WIFE, INCLUDING THE li COOK, V DELIGHTED WITH THE OPERATION AND CONVENIENCE OF HINE'S COMBINATION STEAM COOKER. THE TEA-KETTLE DOES ALL THE WORK, WITH NO ODOR AND VERY LITTLE HEAT, AM) SAVES TIME, 8PACE AND ATTENTION. CALL AT 571 BROADWAY AND SEE THEM IN OPERATION. Election.?notice is hereby given that an eli Jon will be held at the rtflce of the New York Bridge Company, No il Water afreet in the city of Brooklyn, on Monday, the 2d day ol June next, at 12 o'clock noon ol that day, for fifteen directors of said conipanv, ;or the then ensuing voar, and for two ln*|>ec tors of election for IS74. The transfer books will be closed from May 3 to June 3, 1873 Dated May 2,1873. HENRY C. MUtfPHY, President O. P. Quintard, Secretary FOR SCALP DISEASES CONSULT dr. B. c. perry. the skilful hair doctor. 49 Bond street. New York, who cures lallin*. loss and untimely gray hair, dry or moist dandrud. Irritation or Itching of thu head, or any complaint or dlsea>e ot the scalp. HP. DANZIGER'S NEW PATENT FLY AND MOS ? quito Destroyer and shot Indian Insect Powder and Invincible Magnetic Paste, for the destruction of all kinds of Vermin. 72 White street corner of Broadway. Havana and kentucky lotteries.-prizes cashed ; circulars sent tree. JOSEPH BATES A CO., 71 Broadway, New York, room 31, first floor. ;F YOU WANT THE BEST STRAWBERRY SHORT CAKE, THE TENDEREST AND JUCIEST MEAT, HE BEST COOKED VEGETABLES AND THE MOST ECONOMICAL AND CONVENIENT METHOD FOR DOING THE WORK, DO NOT FAIL TO CALL AT 571 BROADWAY, AND SEE IN OPERATION HINE'S COMBINATION 8TEAM COOKER. ME A RES' EARE3' PARAGON SHIRTS, made to order and warranted to fit Sent by express, C. O. D., to ony part of the country, at the following prices:? I shirts, Masonvillc muslin and fine linen $12 00 I shirts, Wamsutta tnuslin and very fine linen 13 50 ,ahlrts, New York Mills and best linen 15 00 Boys' Shirts ready made aud to order. V'ancv shirtings in great variety. Directions lor measurement sent on application. RICH A Ri? MEARKS, Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods. Sixth avenne and Nineteenth street, New York. VTOSE MACHINE.?A CONTRIVANCE, WHICH AP il plied to the nose lor an hour dallv, so directs the soft cartilage ot which the member consists that on ill-form ed nose Is quickly shuped to perfection. Sent bv pattern, post lor $3. ALKXANDER ROfl.S. 218 High llolhorn, London. N EW YORK LAUNDRY OFFICE. 23 WEST ELEV entli sin ? I'amiiv and gentlemen's linen, collars tad cutis, laces, fluting, executed in a euperlor manner In 24 hours' notice ; lace curtains. shades. furniture covers lid blankets u specially. o FFICE OF BOARD OF EXCISE, NO. 299 MULBERRY street New Yi.rk. May .Ml, 1873.?The Hoard n( Excise In and tor the citv and county of New York, give public notice thai thoy will receive Application", and issao LI censes for tiic sale of strong mil lurltuoin liquors, wines, ale and beer, in accord inee with the laws of the State ?f New York, oil ai d n.ler MOND \ Y, June 2.1873, ?t the loilowmg rat.' oi li<vn?o fees, which have in ea es tablished by this Hoard, vi? CLASS 1. For first claa^ liolels, restaurants, saloons, Ac., the sunt of $-'.'0. CLASS 2. For second class hotels, restaurants, saloons, Ac., the sum ol $150. Cl*AS8 3. For all other places wnere strong and spirit uous liquors are sold aud drunk upon the premises tho iuiii of >100. . , . .a | CLAsw 4. For storekeepers, druggists, nnd all places where strong and splritu- us kquors are sold in (.uatititlcs less man five gallons at a lime, and not diunk upon the premises, the sain of $ti'l. ... , CLASS 5. For all places where ale and beer only are ?old, and no strong or spirituous wines or liquors, the mm of JS i. Ihe amount ol the license foe in each case must ac company the application. ... Parties receiving a license will tw furnished with a copy ot the law regulating the aa e of intoxicating liquor*, and a strict compliance therew ith will be required. Particular attention is directed to the provisions of the law relative lo closing on tho Sabbath, and irom 1 to 6 A. M. oth.-r days. No license will be granted to known proprietors of. or places used lor, houses ol prostitution, gambling or other unmoral or unlawtul purpo>cs. Applicants will please apply in the following order:? From the Fir?t, Second, inird. Fourth, Filth and bixth wards irom June 2 to June 7. inclusive. From the f-even'h. Eighth. Ninlli, Tenth and Eleventh wards, Iroin June 9 to Juue 14, Inclusive. From the Twellih, Thirteenth, hourteenth, Fifteenth, BUteenth and aeventecnth wards, from Juue 16 to June tl. Inclusive. From the Eighteenth, Nineteenth, Twentieth, Twenty Brat and Twenty-*ecoud wards, from June M, to June a). Inclusive, Notice is also given that a bonk for the registry of com plaints for violation* ol the Exciae laws lias been opeuad in thl* office. No per on I* authorized to receive any pavment on ac count of tlii* Board except at it* ofBce and duriug office doura. _ . ? . , ? ? Office hour* from 9 A. M. to 4 P. M. No inouay received after 3 P. M. JAMES L. STEWART. , , I>. D. T. MARSHALL, 5Co?I"l*?12"er? JOHN R. VOORIIIS. ) ot Excise. OFFICIAL DRAWINGS **rrccar?*xrn/LOTTFrteh. Addre^ojg^'V^'Man.^r^o;,^^! teti ?0ic? biw ut*? ?'ok?r, weiiroed BPKCTAL NOTICES. OFFICIAL DRAWINOS OP THE SOliTII CAROLINA Lottery lor be in 111 of I? ree School Fund?Perpetual. _ ? ***** CLAM IK?Mir 31. 1871 35, 30, W, 7.1, sj, fl, 8*. 61. IS, 71. 65, 40. , _ _ CLAM 124-MAr 81, 1875. 74. M. 16, 5\ .0, 31, 34, 25, S3, 09. C?.LK * CO., Mi lingers. Now York Pott office box 3.SS4 C'MAMLKiTQW. 8. 0., May 31. 1873. OFFICIAL DRAWING NORTH CAROLINA LOTTERY. BXTBA CLASS HO 71? MAV 31, 1873. 63, 14, 42. 1'. 29. 9. 71., 64, 14 M, 33. 40. HOKTH CASOLIMA?CLAM MO. 72?MAT 31. 1871 63, 63. 64, 35, 46, 72. 17. S.I u, 70. 6. 22. GERKEN A CO.. Manager*. LUTHY A CO., Brokers, 2 4 Greenwich streei, N. Y. ORDERS TAKEN FOR CLKAttINO HOUSES AND ships of "UBS, Water Bugs, Roaches, Moths ami nor oi Broailwav offlce. 72 White street, cor R OVAL HAVANA LOTTHRY? NEXT DRAWING JUNE 10. German Mate Lotteries. Send tor circular*. RITTFH jk ?"*? 1 Post office box 1836. 8% Nassau street, room'4. Sft rTi'liMA,8 5AY ,Rn,M- ?1' VERY FINK QUA I ITT. nr H.'.H?V!i i reduced prices; quantities to suit; in bond or duty paid. J. W. OAKLK, old slip. C^MA?Hp. ABOUT RETURNINU TO PERU, , services lor the collection of claims ami "":^,"r'.or*"y.bu?,n'!?8 which nu?y be entrusted to nim, special attention paid to patent* ot real value. Ap ndhmi.i S' V J ^,'lte strBl''\ Brooklyn, or at offlce ol Nutional Bank Note Company. No. 1 Wall street TO THE PUBLIC?CHARLES HARTMANN AND Hannah, bis wile, have this dav separated hvtnutuu! consent. ? HARLES P. HARTMANN. ? ? _ ... HANNAH HARTMANN. N*w \ohk Citt. May 31, 1873. THE PRINCIPAL DRAWING ol the 74th Brunswick Uovernment Lottery. with 55,(100 Tickeia and 23,01*1 Prizes, will commence May 20 and end June 11 Highest prize la),(W0 Prussian Thabrs. Royal Havana Lottery?Next drawing June MX Royal Saxon Government Lottery. City of Hamburg lottery. Frizes cashed and information given. T1IKODOK Z8CHOCH, 116 Nassau street; box 6.IM0 Post office. There is no place like home-if the par lor, dining and sleeping room* a'e all well lur niched, and the Furniture, Carpets, UphoUtory, Ac,, are supplied on liberal terms by GEORGE A. CLARKE. 747 Broadway. VIENNA EXPOSITION.?NOTICE IS HEREBY Q1VKN that the Juries of awards at the Vienna Expnltlon nave postponed their meetings to tho 1st of July Punie* wishing to lorward goods tor the Exhibition can do so up ll'i u't i l's d I'PnmfS' ii,l|,"1fr information apply to IWroadwa ?^LDWIN, United States Despatch Agent, $589 P P?AWN DAILY IN TIIE LEGAL. , Kentucky Lottery. Royal Havana and Kentucky circulars tr<^; I2KC. commission allowed. Broadway (office established 30 years), 174 A -CARPETS, Fl'K.MTl'RK. Furniture, Bedding, Oilcloth#, Lara Curtain*, Window Shades, Blankets. Comlorlers, Ac., at very low prices, at the large wholesale and retail warerooms, 500 to 516 Eighth avenue, corner of Thirty, flith and ihirty-sixth streets. D. KELLY, successor to U. O'Farrell. A LARUE ASSORTMENT OF CARPETS, FURNI ture and Bedding at lowest cash prices, by weekly instalments, at O'FAREEL'rf warehouse, 410 Eighth ave nue, between Thirtieth and Thirty-first itreeta. AT 880, 882 BROADWAY?PItJKIIARDT'S PREMIUM i'arlor and Sola Bed tor sale on easy terms or lor cash ; also Parlor and Bedroom Sets, by J. II. A Co. AT BliNDALL'S OLD STAND?FURNITURE. CAR pets and Beduing, cheap lor cash or by weekly- anJ monthly pay mens. C. E. CANNRoN, 20J and 211 Hudson street, coiner Canal. ANY PARTY LEAVINO town FOR THE SUMMER or longer ,can leave a handsome Parlor Suit with a responsible family, without children, where the best care will be taken ol' ft: security if required or might pur cha-?e lU Address NEATNESS, Herald offlce. A magnificent SATIN PARLOR 8uit, NEARLY new, cost $475, for $200; one da, $175; Brocatel and Heps, worth $76, $50 aud $36; rosewood Chamber Suit, cost $475. for $176; wa'nut Bedroom Suit*. $25 up; Paint inns, Pianolorte, Bronzes, Mirrors, Curtains, Carpets, 50 cents up; Butfet, Extension Table at halt original cost; family leaving citv. lot East Twenty-tilth street, be tweeu Fourth and Lexington avenues. Cut this out. A FIRST CLASS ASSORTMENT HOUSEHOLD FUR niture for sale?Parlor Suits. Grand Duchess, Marie Antoinette style*, covcred silk brocatel, coat $li)0, tor $-00; do., $1?U; do., $45; Bronz'-s, Etageres, Bookcase, 1 aintings, Bureaus, Bedsteads, Mattresses, Dining Furni Itire, rosewood Pianoforte : a sacrifice; property family leaving city. Can be ?een this day. 36 West 15th at, near 5th ar. ALL THE FIRST CLASS HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE of a private family declining housekeeping tor sate, namely: Pianoiorte, rich satin Parlor Suit*, cost $6 0, for $'250; 14 pieces brocatel Suits, cost $450. for $200; rep Suit*, $50 upwards; complete Chamber suits, $40 to $200: Carpets, Mirrors, Chandeliers, Bronzes, Ac. Call at the residence 120 West 23d street, near 6th avenue. A-FO" SALE, AT AJREAT SACRIFICE, ALL THE ? F?mb'.w of private residence 210 West 21st street? viz.. l'arior Suit*, cost, to order, $800, for $200; one do., $150 and $100; rep Suits, irom $ 0 to $?0; 29 Hair and Spring Mattresses, cast $00 a pair, at $:5 and $30; 2 Plano lortes, Ilecker A Brothers, makers (guarantee transferred to purchaser): Bedroom Suits, In black walnut and rose wood, fronti $40 to $100; Ornainouts, Paintings, Bronzes, Ac. Call till* day or Monday. CARPETS, Furniture, Beds, Bedding, Ac. Payment* taken by the week or month. Terms easy. KELLY A CO., _ corner of Twenty-fifth street and Sixth avenue. D EGKAAF a COCHRANE, Wholesale and Retail Furniture Dealers and .Manufacturers, removed to 152 sad 154 West Twenty-third street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues. Parlor, Chamber and ? Dining Room Furniture, Mattresses, Spring Beds, Ac., at very _ . low prices. Largest variety A , in the city. All goods guaranteed as represented. DEGRAAF A COCHRANE. 132 and 154 West Twenty-lhird street. ^REAT BARGAINS?DON'T LOSE THE CHANCE. P EXCELLENT MIRROR LIBRARY BEDSTEAD. COST i $150, will sell for $90; latest patent; perfect order and nearly nsw. Address HOUSE, care HUGHES, station C. IjlURNITURE, CARPETS, BOOKS. pamphlets AND Libraries bought lor eash at No. 4 University place, between Clinton place and Washington square. 50,000 volumes ot Books tor sale. FOR SALE?TWO NEW ELEGANT BRUSSELS PAR. lor Carpets, only eight days down; also soine House hold furniture, at 58 King street /MHID SECOND HAND AND MISFIT CARPETS A V specially; all sizes, handsome stvles. For sale cheap at 112 Fulton street, corner ol Dutch; entrance on Dutch street. I _ Loan Oftlcc sale to pay advance*, 722 Broadway, opposite New York Hotel. Walnut, rosewood, malioganv and oak Parlor Suits, in satin, brocatel and reps: llcdstuads, Bureaus, Wash stands ami Commodes; Arrnoires-a-ttlace, Etageres and Cabinets; Sideboards, Bookcases, Library Suits; Exten sion. Centre, Card and Pier Tables; Brussels, velvet and tapestry Carpets: lace and brocatel Curtains and Lam br. kins; China, Glass and Silver Ware; Slu Oil Paint ings. Engravings and c liromos; Clocks, Bronzes, Tases and Chandeliers; Harmon- Pianoforte, 7octave. Housekeepers Invited; goods at half original cost. JAMES GRAHAM, 190 Third avenue, is now open to purchase all kinds of Second Hand Furniture, both modern and antique, likewi-a Carpels of every description. Has now on hand a great variety of rich Furniture of every description on sale. monthly ?.r weekly payments?carpets! Furniture, Bedding, Ac. ,u< . DF.ALY A cunningham, .v-t and Third avenue, near Twenty-eighth street. Prices lowi r than any other house ill the city. Refrigerator and water cooler combined Say.nv's patent?The only cast Iron porcelain, lined Refrigerator. The best in the World. Beauty durability, economy combined. /ONES A IIUBBELL. 020 Broadway. rpUKRK IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME ??. J. H the parlor, diniag room and bedrooms are well furnished. The placa Jo get fine I'Pholstcry, Parlor and Bedroom ^ LARK'S popular establishment. ,4, Hroadway, 011,the ino*i liberal U rms TVTEKKLY AND MONTHLY paymkntr FOR FtTR f ? nitiire, Carpeti and lteddinir. at H M. ?<)WF?R. THWAIT A CO.'A, 156 and 1^7 Chatham itreet An Immenti vtook ami i<.w prices. 1 1 nnn walnut BEDSTEADS. CHAMBER SETS, l.V/UU also elegant Dressing Cas?-s, Wardrobes Ac all warranted of the best quality, at 25 per cent below Broadway prices. Furniture manufactured to order and design* furniehed at manufactory. 5*) Hudson street. rANTED-A SECOND SAND OAK BUFFET CHEAP for cash. Address S. K. G., box 1,678 Post offlce. MATRIMONIAL* A YOUNG GENTLEMAN DESIRES TO FIND A refined, agreeable and affectionate voung lady matrimonially inclined. Address, in confidence, T. T. WILLIAMS, Post olllcc. AN EDUCATED AND REFINED AMERICAN GEN tleman, middle-aged, of Irreproachable character and antecedent*, with some means and of the highest re spectability, wishes to correspond with a lady of ample means and congi mal tastes; object matrimony. Address llONORAHLi-.. New York Post offlce. A LADY OF MEANS? REFINEMENT, AND HIGHLY educated, would like to aneet an elderly gentleman ot means, respectability, and social position, with a view lo tnrtrimonv. As the udvertlser mean* tiusiness, triOers will not be noticed. References given and required. Ad offlof* Mauia, box 12b Herald Uptown Branch ? IliAltS AM? TOBACt t?. (yWjLWM TOBACCO -ItOSA CONCHAS, . . ' i- de Oalanes, $?j; Estiauolas. $05' euual tc ituporled in appearance amlVuillti g *' 14. JUYNOB A wu., ?u Maiden Una. AmiSHMKWTH. BEUINS AT & BRGIN8 AT 8b aGlNB AT & BEGINS AT A. OLYMPIC Til RATHE, Broadway. 634 ANNOUNCEMENT TO ONE AND ALU FAREWELL FAREWELL PERFORMANCES. PERFORMANCES. LAST CHANCE LAST CHANCE to see the great Grimaldi, New YorWs social favorite. New York'* hi ecial favorite, THE ACENOWLEDI.BU FACIAL ARTIST, OEO. L. FOX, G O. L. FOX. OEO. L. FOX. OEO. L. FOX, In hit time-honored, wondrous and marvellous Panto mime Specialty of IIUMPTY HUMPH Dl,MPTY' DUMPTY. LAST APPEARANCE OF nUMPTY'8 KALEIDOSCOPE OK WONDERS, HUMPTY'S KALE1DO COPE OF WONDERS, who appear in their grand and STARTLING SENSATIONS OK THE DAY, meeting the hearty approval of the audiences who nightly greet them. BbM i.AI Hiilt REMbMUKR THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE, MOST POSITIVELY TUE LAST SIX NIOIITS. LAST SIX NIGHTS. HUMPTY SURELY B4DS FAREWELL. CHILDREN, YOUR LA8T CHANCE. ChlLDKEN, YOUR LAST CHANCE. UUMPTY DUMPTY. HUMPTY DUM1TY. LAST TWO MATINEES. LAST TWO MATINEES. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 4, AT 2 P. M. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 4, AT 2 P. M. THE GRAND FAREWELL, SATURDAY. JUNE 7, AT 2 P. M~AND 8 P. M. AT 2 P. M. AND 8 P. M. MONDAY EVENING, JUNE 9. 1873, 1UE BEAUTIFUL AND CHARMING COLMAtTSISTERS, SUPPORTED BY A "BRILLIANT COMPANY, APPEAR IN NEW SENSATION NOVELTIES. BEE BILLS OF THB DAY. SEE BILLS OF THE DAY. PARK THEATRE, BROOKLYN. GO SEE THE GREAT NEW YORK ATHF.NEUM COMPANY EVERY EVENING. TIVOLI GARDEN, Eighth ?:reet, between Second and Third avenues. GRAND THIS EVENING AT 8, SACRED CONCERT. 23 OF THE BEST MCSICIANS. 2S OF THE BEST MUSICIANS. The Garden has been lately fitted up lor the Summer season, and in now one of the BEST AND FINEST FAMILY RESORTS IN THE CITY The great atiieneum company, PARK THEATRE, BROOKLYN. MONDAY, JUNE 2, AND EVERY EVENING DURING THE WEEK. PARK THEATRE, BROOKLYN. K. W. BUTLER'S ATHENEUM COMPANY EVERY EVENING, WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY MATINEE. Exercise, health, amusement.?john wood's Gymnasium, Twenty-eighth street, near Fifth ave nue.? Bathing, Lift Cure, Boxing, Ac. Special training for corpulency, dyspepsia, nervous debility, gout, Ac. Open day and evening. LADIE8 DESIBOU8 OF ENTKRINO THE DRAMATIC profession can obtain thorough instruction by ad dressing K., station F, New York. Banjo.?henry c. dobson's great patent Parlor and Stage Banjos, warranted the loudest, sharpest and most brlTllant-toned instrument In use. In struction given by the simplest method Invented, and practiced by the Dobson Brothers for the past fifteen years. H. C. DOBSoN, 141 Fourth avenue. PIANOFORTES!, ORGANS, AC. Amaonikicent square ORAND 7x OCTATE Pianoforte, brilliant toned, nearly new, cost $950, for $300; Stool, Cover, Cabinet, cost $100; has box tor shipping; Parlor Suits, Mirrors, Curtains. Carpets, Cham ber Suit*, Paintings. Bronzes, nutlet. Extension Table; a sacrifice. 10$ East Twenty-fifth street, between Fourth and Lexington avenues. AN ELEGANT 7 OCTAVE ROSEWOOD OVERSTRUNG Pianoforte; latest improvements; fully guaranteed; at a sacrifice. 223 West Sixteenth street AN ELEGANT DECKER A BROS. FOUR ROUND rosewood Pianoforte, 7% octave, makers' guaran tees as regards durability and cost; piano In use nine months: cost $826: will sell at a sacrifice, lady leaving the city. Call at 2l0 West Twenty-first street this day or Monday. N. B. Lady's maid wanted. AT PRIVATE SALE?A MAGNIKICENT R08EW00D 7)? octave Pianoforte, made to order, best city makers; cost $900, for $300, including Stool, Cover and Cabinet; guarantee for ft years: in use 8 months. Call at private residence, 120 Weat 23d tt, near 6th av. N. B.? Can be seen to-day. * AN ELEGANT PIANO, ONLY $100; 8TEINWAY Pianoforte, 7 octave, carved legs, overstrung bass, every Improvement, great sacrifice for cash. J. BIDDLE, 13 Waverley place, near Broadway. A MAGNIFICENT 7X OCTAVE PIANOFORTE FOR sale; made order; city make ; used ft months; cost $900, tor $27ft; Parlor, Chamber, Dining Furniture; a sac rifice; property family leaving city. Can be seen this day, 30 West lftth it., near ftth av. BARGAIN?IF APPLIED FOR IMMEDIATELY; A magnificent rosewood Chickering Pianoforte, in perfect order, co*t$o00; will sell tor $180; full iron frame, modern Improvements. 28 Third street N~TMMEN SE FA C RIFIC E-M AO NI KICK NT 7X OC tave agratle rosewood overstrung Pianoforte, ele gantly carved, case. Ac.; latest improvements; fully guaranteed. 26 Bleecker street, near Bowery. AT THE-AMERICAN PIANOFORTE COMPANY'S wart-rooms, 863 Broadway, over Friend Pitts', Pianos of six first class city makers are offered during this month at low prices. Pianos for hire and on instal ments. I^MItST CLASS 7*a OCTAVE PIANOS RETAILED AT wholesale prices. Direct from factory. Send lor circular. CHRISTIE, 78 Barrow, near Hudson street PIAN08, SECOND HAND, OK VARIOUS MAKERS, in thorough order, for sale, at low prices: also Pianos to rent and on instalment*. by CHICK EHING A SONS, 11 East Fourteenth street, between Broadway and Fifth avenue. P~~ IAN08 AND ORGANS.?GREAT BARGAIN8, NEW and most beautiful styles and perfect tones ever made, and by best makers, at lower prices for cash, or monthly instalments, or tor rent, during this month, at WATERS'. 4M Broadway, than can be found elsewhere. PIANOS TO RENT?FROM $3 TO $)U PER MONTH; rent allowed it purchased; also sold on easy instal ments. E. V. DL'MSDAY, 24 University place, corner of Ninth street d?97 C ?THE GIRARD PIANOS, ENDORSED BY I ?/? our leading musicians as the best and cheap est I'lanos made. Warerooms 7?7 Broadway, near Ninth street. Old Pianos taken in exchange. NINCRI.LANKOU8. _ 1,1 WALKER'S SONS -EXTRA AND IM.AIN BOOK !i. binding done at shortest notice and lowest price ; editions oi Bonks done in best style. 88 Dey street IPOR MOTH PATCHES, FRECKLES AND TAN. USE T PERRY'S MOTH AND FRECKLE LOTION. Sold bv druggists everywhere. Depot, 49 Bond (treat, New York. IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE MOST CONVENIENT, HEALTHY AND ECONOMICAL METHOD FOR COOKING CALL. AT 871 It ROADWAY AND WITNESS THfc OPERATION OF HINE'S COMBINATION STEAM COOKER. YOUR TEA KETTLE DOES ALL THE WORK. Marble soda apparatus-all styles, at reduced prices; Ottawu Beer Fountains and Ex tract on lilieral terms; send lor illustrated catalogue. JAMES^M WITFlELD * SON. 262 Water street CLOTE a janes, stationers, printers and O Blank Hook Manufacturers, 9:1 Fulton street Blank Books made to patterns. 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Warerooms 40 Vesey street DKNTIttTR vT D~ R. WHITE, DENTIST, 09 BIXTlf AVENUE (FOR mcrly of 78). Beautiful sets of Artificial Teeth, $6, $10 and $13, warranted to fit perfectly; teeth filled, $1. open Sundays. \TEW BASE FOR ARTIFICIAL TEETH-ROSE Xs Pearl.?Dr. HAYWARI), Dentist of nineteen years experience, invites particular attention to this remark able improvement, which is better than cold, superior to and more natural than other bases; equal to continuous AHIIirfBMKNTI. TIIKATRR COMIQUK, II EAT RE CO tliUl, 8, TiiKA IRK COMKJUK, TllhATRK 0 JI.LUX 611 'I'll r.ATRh COM lOI K, TilEATRE COMfUUK, B14 THEATRE UOMiQUrf, BROADWAY. BROAuWAY. Mr. JOSH HART Lessee and Proprietor Hewn. JOUN r. POOLE and T. L. DONaELL Y, Managers ?'THE PEOPLE'S PLAT HOUSE." MONDAY. JUNK 1, AND uURINO THE WEEK, will bo presented, witn EVERY SCENE, COSTUME AND APPOINTMENT ENTIRELY NEW AND ELABORATE, the.grcnt drama of Americun life and adventures, by l'.ibu MAKDtK, Esq., lounded on Ihe thrilling iwry by NED BUNTLINE, NKD HUNTLINE, NED BUNTLINE, illustrating the life scenes ol ilie ilon. WM. F. CODY. Hon. V/M. F. CODY, the famous scout and bulluio hunter, better known as it III' FALO mix. BUFFALO BILL. Also the celebrated scout, WILD B.LL.

WILD HILL. The most realistic drnma of AMERICAN LIKE AND ADV RNTURE8 On the Border, on the Prairie and among the INiJlANS. 1NUIAN8. INDIANS. INDIANS. INDIANS. INDIANS. The great drama of to-day. BUFFALO BILL, BUFFALO Bli.L, BUFFALO BILL, BUFFALO Mil. I., BUFFALO HILL, BUFFALO BILL, BUFFALO BILL, BUFFALO BILL, BUFFALO KILL, BUFFALO BILL, KINO OF THE BORDER MEN. The eminent American Actor, Mr. J. B. MiU..LEY, Mr. J. B. STUDi.EY, Mr. J. B. STUD LEY, Mr. J. B. STUDLEY, specially secured for his original part of BUFFALO BILL In order to present the strongest cast ever given to this great drama, an engagement lias bcenotlected with tlio popular Comedienne, ^ FANfJY HEB Miss fanny herrino. Miss FANNY HERRI NO, Miss FANNY IIBKEINO, Miss FaNNY HEHRlNti, who will appearas KITTY MULDOON. The tavorite lia^edlenne, Alms RACHEL DENVIL, Miss KACllEL DEN V1L, Miss RACHEL DENVIL, Miss KACllEL DENVIL, appear* as LILLIE CODY. Mr. OEOItOE FRANCE, Mr UBOROE FRANCE. Air. UEOROE FRANCE, THE NEW YORK FAVORITE COMEDIAN, In his original character ol SNAKEEOOT SAM. Mr. T. J. MARTIN, Mr. T. J. MARTIN. in Ins original role of WILD BILL. BUFFALO BILL. T Buffalo BUI, a Scout Mr. J. B. Studley Wild Bill, his Mate Mr. T.J. Martin Frank Starke, a Trapper Mr. Ed. Mack snakeroot Sam, "Down on Snakes" Mr. Oeo. France ''The Old Veteran," ''an M12 Pounder Mr. Jas. Tighe Dave'l'utt, a Renegade Mr. Chas. Webster Col. Jake Mc Kami lass, a Oucrllla Chief. ..Mr. Ed. J. Price ? 'apt. All, a Bushwhacker Air. W. Andrews Ben McCullough, the Texan Ranger Mr, A Arthur Perkins, Landlord ol "the Hut" Mr. J. Tracy Indians. Raven Feather, a Sioux Brave Mr. Ferris Big Mable, a Cheyenne Mr. A. Oray Fire Water Tom, a drunken "Red" Mr. J. C. Williams Lillie Miss Rachel Denvil Lottie Miss Angelltiue Schott Kitty Muldoon, "from Cork" Miss Fanny Herring Airs. Cody, mother of "Bill" Mrs. Scallan Ala-no-tee, a Sioux Princess Miss Elite Elliott Louise La Valliere ' Mi.-s S. Stevens Settlers, Scouts, Indians, Soldiers, Ac. EXTRA NOTICE.?On MONDAY, June 9, first appearance of the most talented IRISH COMEDIAN, DUTCH COMEDIAN and NEGRO COMEDIAN on thli earth or any other planet (no exception), Mr. JOE MURPHY, Mr. JOE MURPHY, who has been secured lor BIX NIGHTS AND TWO MATINEES ONLY, at the sum of $1,800 FOR THE WEEK. MATINEE8 WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. MATINEES WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. MATINEE8 WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. MAT1NNEB WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. MATINEES WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. w ALLACK'S THEATRE will be CLOSED on MONDAY EVENINO, June 2, to enable MR. BOUCICAULT to witness a FULL DRESS REHEARSAL ol his new play. TUESDAY, June S, production of AN ORIOINAL NEW YORK PLAY? New York scenes. New York characters, written by DION BOUCICAULT, the author of TnB OCTOROON, THE STREETS OF NEW YORK, THE COLLEEN BAWN, ARRAH-NA-POGUE, LONDON ASSURANCE? entitled MORA; THE GOLDEN FETTERS. The scene Is laid In New York, at the present time. The principal characters have been written for tho loi lowing SUPERB COMPANY OF COMEDIANS:? MISS KATHARINE ROGEl.S-WIU appear as Mora Vaneycke, an actress at 's Theatre, secretly married to Paul Schuyler. MR. ALLERTON?As Paul Schuyler, a young merchant prince, engaged to be married to Miss Guppy. MISS MARY WELLS (of Beotfi?-As Ophelia Boyd, an old Bowery actress, retired, and employed as dresser to Mora. MR. WIIEELOCK (of Booth's)-As I.lstaa, her son, in love with Bella Ouppy. MISS EFFIE GERMON?As Bella Guppy. an heiress, lately of Yorkville, now of Murray 11 ill. MIL BRADLEY?At Phiio Ouppy, a milhonnalre, sus taining the credit of Sciiuyler by his lately ac< quired fortune. MR. LEVICK?As Chancey Lickfold, a "bull" operator In stocks, the terror of Wall street, the head ot the "Modocs"?a ringleader. MR. FAWCETT (by permission of Augnstln Daly. Fsq.l? As Judge Cults; his adherent and supporter in the courts: a "Modoc:" a partner In the "Ring." MR. GRIFFITHS (by permission of Augu*tln Daly, Esq.)?As Larry Suydaiu, another adherent; a "Modoc;" an uuscrupulons leader of the physical force side. Mr. C. PaRSLOE?As Sim, a colored servant MR. POPE?As ex-Judge Connover. MR. MILLS?As Dr. Boreas Rohrbarh. MR. A. BECKS?As Connery, Lieklold's bead clerk. MR. PECK?As Beebe, his clerk. MB. JAMES C. McTODDIE?A saloon keeper. MISS RLAISDELL?As Salty, Mora's servant. MISS BELL, 1 v Miss bate, J As tilth avenue belles. MISS BURROUGHS, 1 Police Officers, Guests, Waitresses, Sailors, Roughs. PROORAMME_OF SCENERY and THE INCIDENTS. ACT I.?A HOT CORNER IN WABASH. Scen? 1?EXCHANGE PLACE-Chancey Hickfold's Office-A Regular Old fashioned Panic? Making a Corner? Mora Vaneycke's Lover?'The Fraud?Bella liuppy's For tune In Pledge?The "Modocs" Tate Stock?Chancey Re veals Himself?Four Millions in the Black Bag?The Harlem Ring Is Broken?The Massacr#-Tbe Press In terview the "Modoc Chief." Hcnnn 2?A BOUDOIR IN MORA VANEYCKE'S HOUSE?Reminiscences of an Old Actress?Mora and Paul?The Married Lovers. Scene3? FIFTH AVENUE?The Gupnys "at Home"? Paul's Intended?Bella's Old Flame?Mora's Bracelet? Philo Makes a Discoverv. Scene 4?A MUSICAL "MATINEE" ON MURRAY HILL?chancey Lickfold Makes Mora an Offer?Ihe Star actress?Mr. Ouppy Asks a Question?Paul Schuyler An swers It?A Sensation Scene in Private Life. ACT II.?"THE MODOCS" IN COUNCIL. Senna I?CHANCEY LICK FOLD'S ROOMS IN LEX INGTON AVENUE?"The Modocs" In Trouble?Paul Dis covers Where He Is?Hemmed In?He Capitulates?The Key of the Office?Chancey Lickfold Olvcs a Hint &EHE 8?YORKVILLE?OPHELIA BOYD'S HOME Mora Returns to Iler Old Quarters?Resolution?A Fire Down Town?Lisha In Force. Scenb 3?BROAD STREET BY NIGHT?The Put-Up Job?Guppy Receives Instructions How to Enter the Stronghold of the Tribe. SCENE 4-TIIE LAVA BEDS IN EXCHANGE PLACE? Lickfold. Cutts and Suynam in Close fonncil?The Visitor?Chancey shows Him Over the Premises?The Suicide. ACT III.?THR WAR PATH. Scene 1?MORA AT HOME?The German Doctor Boreas Rohrbach Performs a Miraculous Cure?Chancey Lickfold Enters the Toils, and Seals His Fate with a kiss. Scene 2-THE TOMB8-TIIE HKIDOK OF SIGHS? Larry Suvdam Stuffs the Witness Box?In the Absence of Judge Dowling Cutts Occupies tlie Bench and the "Mo docs" SUtal n March-The Telegram. Scene 3-THE SPBCIAL SESSIONS? Paul Schuyler's Case?The Plea of Insnnitv-An Unexpected Witness. ACT IV?"THE WHARF RATS." Scene 1?THE OLD ICE HOUSE UNDER THE CON CERT SALOoN?Larrv Reflects on the Uncertainty ol Human Events?Cutts Joins Him?The Disguises?A "Mis take?The Spring Tide?Caught in a Trap. Scene 8?COBNEB OF WALL AND BROAD STREETS? Lisha on the trail?Mora shows her Indian blood?Ouppy "scene the List?THE "NEW IDEA" CONCERT SA LOON?Lisha appears In a new character as Shack Nasty Jake?Mora keeps her oath?Chancey receives a warning?The wild appeal, "You will not kill ine I" GOLDEN FETTERS I DEFIANCE I A HOT CORNER IN "MODOCS." Box bookjnow open. Scats secured two weeks In ad vance. w ALLACK'S.?SOTHERN. BROOKLYN ACADEMY OF MUSIC. MONDAY AND TUESDAY, OUR AMERICAN COUSIN. WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY, BROTHER SAM. FRIDAY AND SATURDAT, DAVID GARRICK and DUNDREARY MARRIED. SATURDAY MATINEE. OUR AMERICAN COUSIN. BIENCING AND BOXING ACADEMY, 18 CLINTON place, near Broadway.?Boxing taught in 12 lessons. A fine assortment of Fencing Apparatus and Boxing Gloves on hand and lor sale. Colonel MONSTERY. OUVB "LOGAN. ABOUT 8AILIM) FOR-EUROPE' will soil all her elegant stage Dress at prices much below their real value. Lady professionals are invited to call at her resldenci, 66 West Ninth street, afternoon. /TARD ?PIANO, ORGAN, VIOLIN, GUITAR. ZITHER. hinging; private lessons; "Aimer, vons la Muslcuef' beautiful book, given away. 93 Clinton place. By mail 10 csnic. J. JAY WATSON, Director. AWPggWEWTS. TTNIO* SQUARE THBATU& U Proprietor Nr. HHERIDAN JHOOK Manager Mr- A. ?. rALMkl* Begins at & Haiurday Katincc at i M. AWN KM MONDAY AMU TUaoiMY ETHEL. AGNE8 SlllJif" AGNK8 - Nil) UTS, ETHEL AGNEi SXHSf AUNh.8 Positive y Last Two ETHEL. AONK8 tltlSt* AON bH Performance* AWN KM ?J!lEh AON 1.8 of SlSiif" AG.>E8 ? ETHEL. AONK8 KTHHb. AUNE8 AON KB, AUNKS ETHEL. AGNB8 ETHEL. a^nks Harrto?'*jnasterplece. K|H{tL. AUNK8 WEDNESDAY KV.\NING. JUME 4, AliNKg _____ r. 111U ?J'jJjJJS ?*produotlon In the moat brilliant ETH {*? '*? At* iN ha . hlllhL, manner of ?.?!!!?fJ' AON hS KTIIKU AGNES ETHEL. AGNES "KNANDE. ETHEL. AONK8 KTllEL AGNES With KTH KL. AONK8 ET11EL. AGNES Mill AONES KTllEL as FERNANDE. ETHEL AWN 8 ETHEL. AONK8 To lend additional Interest to ths ETHEL. AGNES reproduction the highly accompltsned ETHEL. AW.s'ES and lavorite actress, ETHEL. AONES ETHEL. AONE8 Mr*. E. L. DAVENPORT, ETHEL. AON Ed ETIIEL. AGNES ha* been mcured lor the part of ETHEL. AONM CLOTILDE ETHEL. AGNES (her flrstappearanoe in New York In ET1Ic.L. AGNES several years* and ET1IEU AWN ES Miss KATE CLAXTWN lor lha part of ETHEL. AWN ES GEORGE 1'TE. ETHEL AGNES ETHEL. AONES Seat* for the remaining AONES ETHEL. AONEH nlghU and for thu Fi.RNA.SDE night* ETHEL. AGNES may now be secured. ETHEL J^OOTH'S THEATRE. NEILSON. EDWIN BOOTH Proprietor and Manager FOURTHWEEK and LA8T NIOHTS of the celebrated English Tragedienne, MIS8 NEILSON, as AMY ROBSART, as played by her at the Drury l.nne Theatre, London, lor over 100 consecutive nights. Mr. FRANCIS BANOS as LEICESTER MATINEE OP AMY KOB-'ART ON SATURDAY NEXT. AT 1:30. The curtain rises at 8 o'clock precisely. Nlil lUK.-Carriages may be ordered at 10:45. To secure a choice ot places the Manugement would re spectfully suggest thatsraii b" secured as far in advance as possible. Branch Ticket OHlce at DiUon A Co.'s. roOD'S MUSEUM. FRANK MAYO. MONDAY, JUNE I, 1873. First appearance ol'the popalar young arust, Mr. FRANK MAYO, FRANK MAYO, in Murdoch'*, new and BEAUTIFUL IDYL ol thu Backwoods, called DAVY CROCKETT. DAVY CLOCK I.'IT, NEW SCENERY, MECHANICAL, AND PICTURESQUE EFFECTS, and ail Excellent Cast, including the first appearance this season of the lavorite actress, Miss ROSA RAND. f First time of the celebrated actor Mr. E. EDDY, In his remarkable and unequalled Impersonations in the drama of MONTE CRISro, \ with all the Original Effects. w EVERY EVENING AT 8 and SATURDAY MATINEE AT 2. MATINEE PERFORMANCES DAILY AT 2 P. M. N IBLO'B GARDEN. LAST NIOHTS. THE COOLl'.ST AND BEST VENTILATED THE ATRE IN THE CITY. The brilliant Spectacular Pantomime, AZRAEL-, OR, THE MAOIC CHAUM. Ke-eneagement of the popular Artists, LULU, LULU. LULU, LULU, LULU. LULU, Maffltt and Bartholemew, Mnfflttand Bnrtholemew, Martin and Bartholemew, Maftltt and Bartholemew, Mons. VELARDI, CLARA LEON TINE, Mme. LANN1ER, Mile. LUPO, AND GRAND CORPS DK BALLET. NEW MUSIC, SCENERY, TRICKS AND INVENTIONS. SUPERB TRANSFORMATION SCENE. MATINEE SATURDAY AT TWO O'CLOCK. N: IBLO'S GARDEN. COMPLIMENTARY BENEFIT WM, E. DEVERNA, WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, JUNE 4, 1873. c A BILL OP RARE ATTRACTION. Further particulars In future announcement*. CENTRAL PARK GARDEN. THEODORE THOMAS' UNRIVALLED SUMMER-NIGHTS' CONCERTS. T11I8 (Sunday) EVENING. June 1, at 8 o'clock. TillKU GRAND SUNDAY CONCERT. When an exceedingly brilliant and attractive programme will be performed. Admission 90 cents. Packages, containing twelve tickets, $4, can be had at the principal uiuaic stores, at 285 Broadway, and at the Warden. PRIVATE BOXES $2 EXTRA Every Thursday evening, Orand Extru concert, Admission 75c. Tony pastor's opera house. ani bowery. THE GREAT | HAM JSANFORD, SOUTHERN DARKEY I SAM SAN FORD, REPRESENTATIVE, | SAM 8ANEORD, in the beautiful Emotional Drama, UNCLE TOM'S CABIN, :ln Ave acts and thirty-five scene*. UNCLE TOM (with songs) SAM SANPORD Topsy (with songs).Miss Ooorgle Dickson Eva (with songs) Little Nell olive Gumptron Cute, G. shields; George Harris, O. J. Law rence; Eliza Harris, Emily Lciccster: Ophelia, Mis* Sey mour, and a further great cast of characters. Matinees Tuesdays aud Saturdays. Ladies admitted free on Friday evenings. American institute hall, THIRD AVENUE. BETWEEN 6SD AND 64TH STS. ENTIRELY REFITTED AND DECORATED. EBEN'S POPULAR EVERY EVENING. EVERY EVENING. GRAND ORCHESTRA OF 50 PERFORMERS. CONDUCTOR Mr. FELIX I. EBEN OPENINO NIGHT, SATURDAY, JUNE /. 1873. EBEN'S POPULAR SUMMER NIOHTS' CONCERTS. EVERY KVKNlNO.*?,?"''**?EVERY EVENING. ADMISSION I 26 CENTS I ADMISSION 25 CENTS. | ADMISSION. | 25 CKNTS. 4 CADEMY OF MUSIC. TMURsDAY. JUNE 12, 1S7S. A MAGNIFICENT CHARITY MATINEE, under the direction of Mr. Al'GUSTlN DAI.Y, in aid of the Furnishing Fund of the ASYLUM FOR FOUNDLING'S ol the CITY OF NEW YORK, in charge ot the Sisters ot Charity. THE ENTERTAINMENT will last from IS o'clock until 5 o'clock, and will com prise a Selection of Every Favorite Current Attraction, EVERY EMINENT DRAMATIC AND MUSICAL Alt T1 ST now in the city having volunteered to appear dur ing the MATINEE In a selection from their most popular performance. V The ADMISSION will be ONE DOLLAR to the Promenade of any part of the house. Reserved seats will ho 1WO DOLLARS EXTRA. V The sale ot seats will commence at the Fifth Ave nue Theatre Friday morning, June 6, at 8 o'clock. rnr ATHENE I'M THEATRE, t_)01) Broadway, opposite Metropolitan WRAND INAUGURATION Broadway, opposite Metropolitan Hotel HE SUMMER f WITH AN EN1 Consisting of the Great OF THE SUMMER SEASON. MONDAY, JUNE 2, WITH AN ENTIRE NEW COMPANY. A- HERNANDEZ COMBINATION. HERNANDEZ COMBINATION. iLn?.D.1JERNANDEZ COMBINATION. uuuvamr.L-/ ERJ,AL'vJAP8 I ROM ?8" KOSH. 1IKKNANDKZ UKKKN MOUNTAIN HAND Pr^.i!,EKw-N,ANnKZ B?8TON PEACE J UBl LEE. Prof?Mor Ktlmore A. M. HERNANDEZ .CoJne,i?t. ARTHUR HERNANDEZ Parepa XnowsHerPrima Donna Young America ZPlCti?- GRAND TABLEAU. Professor HILTON the best Ventril<*)u 1st in the world, will Introduce hi. THREE Talking HEADS. ??in JY. Ihe Vueen of Violinist*. rRED SHAW, the great Comic Vocalist Mrs. FRANK DREW _wlll appear in the screaming farce of THE STAGE-STRUCK CHAMBERMAID. Q__ _ A Brllllunt and Varied Bill of Novelties SEE BILLS, EVERY EVENINO. SEE BILLS. ???i)<>n ?*2j curtain rises at 8 o'clock. MATINEE EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. musical. a GENTLEMAN WILL GIVE INSTRUCTION ON THE A. Pianoforte, at pupil's residenoe, for $10 per quarter; best of references aiven. Address, wi'li resilience, TEACHER, box 120 lUrald Uptown Branch ofllce, l,2o5 Broadway, " A IMEZ-VOUS LA MUSIQUET" BEAUTIFUL BOOK, J\ tree. WATSON'S Music Rooms, 9J Clinton place ; by mall ll>c. Private lessons Piano, Organ Guiiar, Vio lin, Zither, Singing, llarp. Ac. _ A. THE NEW YORK CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC, No. 5 East Fourteenth street, next to Deltnonico's, and BROOKLYN BRANCH, No*. 109, lot and lofl Court street, near State, REMAIN OPEN THE ENTIRE YEAR tor privats and clas* instruction In all branches of Music and Modern Languages. A GENTLEMAN OIVES PIANO AND SINGING LES sons at his residence or nt pupil'* for fs and 111)per month. Address PROFESSOR OF MUSIC, 107 West Twenty-third *treet. C" TARD.?PIANO, ORGAN, GUITAR, SINOING.? MISS J WATSON gives private lessons, dnv and evening, at her residence, 82 Clinton place (Eighth street). Instru ment* furnished for daily prnctice. Guitar and banjo.-napoleon gould, the celebrated guitarist, enables pupils in a few lesson* to accompany songs and plav ellertlvelv. 121 East Thirty second street, near Laxington avenue. Banjo taught prac tically by note. MCSICIANS.-MUST BE SOLD IN FIVE DAYS, 100 pieces of eleg ant new Music, for $1: alsoa hcautitttl Book thrown in. tall and examine. Broadway, up stairs. ______ TWO SINGERS (SOPRANO AND ALTO) ACQUAINTED with the Episcopal service desire an engagement, with reasonable salaries. Address SINGER, car* ol Mr*. Hill, 547 Hudson street. WANTED-BY A COMPETENT MUSICIAN, A SITU atlon to plav on the piano, during the "ummer, at a country hotel ?r boarding house. AdJraf* CKLEKlbn. bCK luti llerald Uutown Brakett otflce. ... BOWBRT THEATER , llm WM. B. FKKLIGH M HON Da V, JUS* I. 187i' Engag anient of the popular comr6ian and rnniim HK . JAM4S M. WARD, "* T00^? who will appear in six different characters lm kia drauia, in tour act*. enti'ied the ?* WINNINU HAND. MISS ALIOS Bh.NNKTT, MR. CIlARLi.H LORD. . . GUS. MILLS, TOUMO AMKKlc \, the celebrated Conuni*^ will all appear lu new musical acta onteruart^ The laughable Faroe of OUR BOk FROM LIMERICK. FRIIJAV. BKNEFIT OK JaMES M. WARD In preparation. * new Local Drama called' UANNA, THE factory girl CJRAND OPERA H O U S K -T W E NTVTIMRD STRhW T corner of Eighth avenue. Curtain rlsis at 9 ciselv. Carriages may be ordered lor half-past ten bole Lessee and Manager Mr. AUGUSTIN DALT FAREWELL PKUFORMANCE8 of Mr. CHARLEH FECHTER. begs to announce that he has arranveit ?im> :"hB'"r T^V,K Niu U MR. daly .? Mr. FECIITKR lor iwulyk Mi; HI'S #nj Tun iiiyr NhhS longer, these to be positively the CLOSING PR*! KORMANCK!> ot Mr. FElJHTER aVlo, the pre^nt ^ sou lo satis y the many demands made upon both, thesa final entertainm nts will he divided a* follows _tS3 nights and one matinee 0t "TI1H COR8IOAN rtlliTnu Kits" and six nights and one matinee of "BUY BLas ? Reserved seat- tor ANY or ALL these Farewell Uvea, ings may now be secured. nvea MONDAY mTThT, june 8. and every evening. this WEEK ON'LY, and for ttia j}i!y!S|, npil1? I*'1. w 1,6 *ct,'d Ihe famoua aS! MAN Ho DRAMA, ill three acts, entitled THB CORSIOAN BROTHERS. EVERY scene NEW, by lleister and Dutlocq: new an4 peculiar mccnanical and VISIONAL EFFECTS Z22 new costume* and iurmture. ' Louis del Francht, ( TheCoraicnn ) ? . >abian dei Franchi,) Brothers. ( Mr- Charles Fechte* Chateau Penaud u. <> w Alfred Meynard -X.I M, j n p.u!uw Baron de Monglron iu'r' "f'9; Giordano Martelli Mr^ QfOfgeDfcVera M. Beauchainp. < ? f J- "'"KifoU M. I lorulli, j ?r p?rt? } M. C Marl* SftX I" <"""? t i"4??5 acssr Uf%??ss Woodcutter. M r. Chapman | TonasiiV.'. .Mr Bum SffVBS. P?~ Rosette" Fran?W ii""V M" 6h'Spm? Ml,.,i iii?-YV"i s j?s?Phine Henry Marie orle Mi^ Clifford ""r,e Miss Pace I Domino Mlis Bali Scene I.?The Corridor of the Opera. Scene J |?Monglron' B clielor Chamber. Scene 111.?Hit l>orciitat Vmcenues. a . ? ACT II. Scene?A Corsican Home. The Vislona. ,, ? ACT III. ^fccene?The Forest at Vinuenncs. ONLY MATINEE OF ~ Mr. FECHTEB in the COKSICAN BROTH Run SATUKDAV, JUNE 7, at 1>? o clock. MONDAY, JUNK 9, Mr. FECHTER'S LAST NItJHT BUT FIVE. RUV BIAS. MADELEIN MOREL. Theatre Crowded Every Nig lit. AVENUE THEATRE, 7-3 AND TM H ROADWAY Regius at A. Carriages tnuy lie ordered tor a (juartet Mr. acoustin DALY*..^.So^Les*. and Manager. CLOSINO PERFORMANCES OF 7IIE SEASON. KVaKT NIOflT at 8 o'clock itti'1 MAI IN!',b Saturday at l)Z o clock, will lie acted the tiower till original Urania, in lour acta, by Mr. AUOUSTIN DALY, enU tled MADELEIN MOREL. Chiiracters by Miss Clara Mor. ri-, Mis? Kanny Daveniiorf, Miss rnnny Morailt. Mrs O. II. Ullbert, Miss Sara .lewett, Miss Nina Tartan. Miss Nellie Mortimer, # Miwi Roberta Norwood, Mr. Cliaa. ? Piaher, Mr. Ocortre Clarke, Mr. I Louts .1 anion. Mr. James I^wis. I Mr. Menry Crisp, Mr. W. J. Le | nioyne, Mr. Burnett, Mr. Pierce. I Mr. Cliapinnn. MADELEIN MOREL MATINEE. SATURDAY, June 9, at 13^ o'clock. ? ?m*r?!22P? Ti, J,0ne 7.' BKHKFIT Of Miss MORRIS. ?.'WEDNESDAY, June 11, Benefit ol.Miss davenport. MADELEIN MOREL. "It is onei of the stroncrest possible forms of the plea for women and one of the bitterest commentaries on the nar verse Judgment ot society."?Evening Post. World* lntere,t ln 1116 fate of Matlc'ein is intense."? "It is greeted from point to point with emphatie ap piause."?Iribune. ^ ,he moat exciting drama Mr. DALY has pro duced."?star. decm^ntPc?rs!."-/uu.7, of constaerable orlffinalUy and ,.'!Th.f whole performance meets uarestricted commen ?Pe dihedral scene is one of the most strange and thrilling ever presented on auy stage."?Telegram. 'All things last night were in favor ol the marked sue* cess of the new play."-Dally Timea. *hi^f?,MnHLElntL' ""Pcrbl v "Pt upon the stage and ?iJ^.?, i There are several scenes or sets of ?!!7tiL r lci r*lcu,*ifid powerlully to move the sensi bilities of human nature. ? ? ? It is brilliant In Ita emo?lonal?y strong''N?TrIbtfne^g* inl"Preut'on. M RS. F. B. CONWAY'S BROOKLYN THEATRE. testimonial BENEFIT TO MR". F. B. CONWAY. LAOT NIGBf of THE SEASON. MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. BRYANT'S OPERA HOUSE, TWENTY-THIRD STREET ineatrtWeeD ,n<' Seventli avenues, near Booth's BRVANT'8 MINSTRELS. THE MODOCS BRYANT'S minstrels THE LIVE INOIN BKYANT'S minstrels POMPEY'S BLUNDERS. brUST.1 A" CA PRIM A DONNA. BitVAVT'fl u vaTofl'S' ^?.n,.el in the Bryant'" "en. BHVAVT'I SivSISErS- Cioiloche. THE MODOC& BRYAN r S MINSTRELS. The .-trollinif Pl&vi>r? URVAVTw vfiv^rPpf'i' 100th nl?hf- HAMLET. BRYANT S MINSTRELS. THE MilDOCS MATINEE SATURDAY at X Seats secured B RYANT'S OPERA HOUSE.?EXTRA ? ? MATINEE BENEFIT ' To Messrs. B. W. BUCHANAN and W. H. RICKETTBL ON thursday AFTERNOON. JUNK j, ^ Commencing at 2 o'clock. JONES' WOOD PARK. SUNDAY, JUNE 1. 137S. Second GRAND CONCERT by the unrivalled n t ???, *'NTU REGIMENT BAND. D. L. downing Musical Dlractor Admission?25 cents for gentleman and lady; children _ iree. Concert at :i o clock P. M. MJ OrnnlConccrt every Sunday afternoon. ASONIC TEMPLE, Twenty-third street, corner of Sixth avenua PUBLIC OPENING OF THE (JRAND HALL, THURSDAY EVENING, JUNE 5. On which occasion Uro. W. S. ANDREWS will dative# iiis highly interesting lecture on DIALECT HUMOR. in n:d of the Hail and Asylum Fund. Tickets, flOc. Re-erved Se its, $1. For sale at Sch.rmer s, "ui Broadway: Rullinan'* 11? Broadway, and at Masonic Temple. jMUURCH OF THE DISCIPLES^ Madison avenue, corner Forty-fifth street (Rev. George II. Hcpworth's), THURSDAY EVENING, JUNK 8, 1875, CLARA LOUISE KELLOGG IN A GRAND CONCERT. assisted by eminent talent. ADMISSION ONE DOLLAR. Reserved Seats, without extra charge, at 39 Union square, TOl^and 1M Broadway. V"EW YORK MUSEUM OF ANATOMY. ?IK BKOAD 1 way. bttween fiouston and Hieecker streets ?Evorr one Khoiild visit the wondertul Museum: it is lull of dnifl fan "'rhe? ph,l0u 1,oe/ a""1 undersund. Lecturaa u iaMe t,. . ,hK"0,0Phv of Marriage." those parties rw?r,tl ""portent lectures can have them seck^-ri iiV'vir?''vl?J,?-c?iW ??t iBcents, by addressing B road way, N e w Yo r t OF a/aTOMY.?i| ALL WISHING TO STUDY THB VIOLIN ARE lit ' > . to.^all at Oirard College of Music, 767 Broad wav, near Ninth street. Instruction in all branches ol Music during the Summer. OERTHOVEN maennerchor.?GRAND vnniy J ' In -trumental Concert and Summer Nights Festival at harden Theatre, Monday, June 2, to coinmenc* 2 ? clock P. M. Tickets $1, admitting one gentleman and ladies. Metropolitan museum of art. Temporary I ullding 128 West Fourteenth street rite Dt t esnola Collections from Cyprus, and the "loan exhibitions," so far as ready, are now open to the publte from 12 o'clock until ii o'clock P. M. Admission SOc. Banjo, sono and dance, jig, cloo and irish Jig Dancing taught. Pupils fitted lor the stage. Banlok all prices. N. B ?My new Banjo Mannal will enable the most unmusical person, without the aid of a teacher, to play at sight. It contains AS popular aim This is not by note, but by the most simple method ever Introduced. Price $9. JOHN J. KogaN, 101) East Houston street, near Bowery. C1LOWN SUITS, TIGHTS, TRUNKS, SHIRTS HOSB J all sizes and colors, plain and striped, in worsted ai^ cotton. Enclose stamp for circular. UNION ADAMS A CO., 887 Rrosoway. etropolitan THEATRICAL AND SHOW PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT. HERALD buildino, BROADWAY AND ANN STREET. A LA RGB ASSORTMENT OF THEATRICAL MINSTREL AND VARIETY CUTS CONSTANTLY O* ~UAND. M

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