Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 2, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 2, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 13,434. NEW YORK, MONDAY, JUNE 2. 1873.-TR1PLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS DIRECTORY FOR ADVERTISERS. AMUSEMENTS?Second Page?Fourth, fifth and sixth COlUIIlllS. ASTRO L( ><jY?Second Pagb? Fourth column. BILLIARDS?Ninth Page? Sixth column. BOARDERS WANTED?Second Pauk?Hrirt column. BOARD AND LODGING WANTED? Second Page-First m column. BROOKLYN BOARD?Second Page?First column. BROOKLYN REAL KeTATE FOR SALe.-Twelfth Paue?Third column. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES?Second PACE-Third column. BUSINESS NOTICES?Seventh Paue?Sixth column. CIGARS AND TOBACCO?Twelfth Page?Fourth col umn. CITY REAL ESTATE FOR HALE-Twelfth PAua-Thlrd column. CLERKS AND SALESMEN?Elktenth Page?Sixth col umn, and Twelfth Paue? Fii>t column. CLOTHING?Second 1'aue?Secoud column. COACHMEN AND GARDENERS?Twelfth PAOK-Pirst column. COASTWI.iE STEAMSHIPS?Twelfth PAGE-Slxth col umn. COPARTNERSHIPS? Ninth Pace?Fourth column. COUNTRY BOARD? Page? KiPrt and ttccond col umns. DENTKISTRY?Second Pagf?Second column. DRY (iO JDS? Finer Page?Sixth colun n. DWELLING HOUSES TO LET, FURNISHED AND UN NI SHED?First Page? Fifth column. EUROPEAN STEAMSU1 PS?Twelftu PAOE-FHth and ?ixth columns. EXCU ?SioNs?Twi.lftu Page?Sixth column. HNANC1AL? Nintii Page?Third and lourth columns. ? OR HALE?Twelfth Page?.>ccoiid cuiumn. FURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTkENiH T3 LET? First Pagk?Filth column. FURNITURE?Nintu Page? ??ixth column. HELP WANTED?FI-.MALEH?t,Uiv*Niu Pauk?Fifth and sixth column. HELP WANTED? MALES?Twelfth Paue?First and ?ccond columns. HORHr.S, CARRIAGES, AC.-First PAGB-Second, third, fourth and tilth columns. HOTELS?Skcond Pagk?First column HOUSES, RoOMS, AC., WANTED?Second Page?Second column. INSTRUCTION?'Twelith Page?Second column. JERSEY CI l'Y, HOKOKEN. HUDSON CITY AND BER OEN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE?Twelfth Paue Thlrd column. LOAN OFFICES?TwFi.rrn Pagk?Fourth column. LOST AND FoUI* D ? Fiiist Page?Fir.'t eoltunn. MACHINERY?Tuctrtii Page ?Second coiUinii. Makhi.E MANTELS?SiiOOND Page?Third column. MATRIMONIAI<? Ninth Page?Sixili column. MEDICAL?Skconii Pagk?Fourth column. MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS?Tknth Page? Sixth column. MISCELLANEOUS?Ninth Page?Sixth column. MUSICAL--Second Paue?Thud column. NEW PUBLICATIONS?Sevk.tii r age?sixth column. PKRSONAL?Fiiist Pagk?First column. PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, AC.?Skcond page-Third col umn. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES? Ei.kvk.ntii Page? Filth column. PROPERTY OUT OF THE C.TY FOR SALE OR TO RENT?'Twelth Paok?Third and fourili column*. REAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE?Twelfth Paue?Fourth column. REAL ESTATE WANTED?Twelfth Page?Fourth col umn. REWARDS?First Page?First column. KALES AT AUCTION?Ninth Paue?Fourlh, fifth and ?ixtli columns. SITUATIONS WANTFD?FEMALES?Kletfnth Paok? First, second, third, fourth und fifth columns. SITUATIONS WANTED-.UALES-Eleventh Pagb Sixth colnmn. SPECIAL NOTICES?First Page?First and second col umns. BP0RTING-D008, BIRDS, AC.-Pirst paue-Second column. STORAGE?Fiiist Page?Sixth column. HUMMER RESORTS?Second Page?sccond column. THE TRADES?Twelfth Page?Second column. THE TURK?First Page?Second column. TO LET FOR BUSINESS 1'URPOSES-First Page? Fourth and Filth columns. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE?Twelfth Page?Sixth column. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET?First Page?Filth column. WANTED TO PURCH AKE-Fihkt Page?Sixth column. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR HALE OR TO LET?Twelfth Pack?Third column. YACHTS, STEAMBOATS, AC.-Fikst Pauk-SIxUi col umn. II KHAI.D ItFAIVCH UKPICt-UPTOWN. ADVERTISEMENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT THE BRANCH OFFICE, 1,265 BROADWAY AND 630 SIXTH AVENUE, BETWEEN THIRTY-FIRST" AND THIRTY-SECOND STREETS. ADVERTISEMENTS ARE RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M. TILL 9 P. M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS, 2 TILL 9 P. M.), AT OFFICE RATES. NEWSDEALERS SUPPLIED WITH HERALD AT 5 O'CLOCK EVERY MORNL " NO EXTRA CHARGES. PARIS AGENCY 1.1 HiU NEW YORK. HZ i * ?.I). ^JESSES. KREMER A CO., AMERICAN REGISTER, HAVE BEEN APPOINTT , PARIS AGENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD V' Y WILL SUPPLY DEAL EK8 WITH COPIES OF ~Ti7i HERALD, AND ALSO SINGLE NUMBERS 01' THIS PAPER TO PARTIES REQU1RINO Till M. L. II.?RECEIVED NOTE. WRITE TO BOX, GIV L ing your uildr< 4* J. L. Shall answer. Mrs. G. G. G M. BRYANT'S MPSTREL8, SATURDAY NIGHT?WILL lady who noticed gentleman in end seat, centre aisle, ?end address to C. II. BEAUMONT, Alitor House. CCENTRAL PARK, SUNDAY, 6 P. M.?WOULD TIIE J young lady who wrote the word "Letter," like to make the acquaintance of one of t^e two gentlemen ad mirers? It so mention some Incident Address MORTI MER:, Herald Uptown Branch office. IP HENRY SMILES, Wno IS SUPPOSED TO HAVE arrived in New York about April, IH72, will com municate with G. T., Herald ofllce, lie will hear ol some thing to his advantage. Mysterious disappearance-Mary Frances Mnrsh, a elrl 13 years old, left lier homo In Jersey City May ill), dressed with liutit skirt, dark overskirt, brown velvetoen sacaue, light feU hat, trimmed with brown velvet. Any information of her whereabouts gnitclullv received by II. MARSH, 74 Gregory street, Jersey City. Mary atiierton, who lived in jersey city three years ago, will please send her address to 0., box 121 Herald Uptown Branch office. I.OS*l AM> FOUND. Lost.?tii'jrsday noon, small white dog, nd collar, silver locket. Reward if returned to Anthony House, S34 Broadway. IOST?TAKEN BY MISTAKE FROM THE ERIE J Railroad depot, New York side, Saturday afternoon, a black Travelling Bag, containing a lady's and child's wearing apparel. Ten dollars reward will be paid lor its return, aud no questions usked, at 2Uf> Water street REWARDS. (S?? REWARD.?LOST, A BLACK AND TAN DOG, from *43 West Flfly-fourth street: hair worn on under the throat; answers narv* of Dundy. $r REWARD -LOST. A MASONIC MARK, LOCKET ? > iiattcrn. with the name Geo. W. Kralt engraved on one side. The finder will return It to Merchant's Hotel and receive the above reward. R. B. EIGGINSON. d?K REWARD.?L< ?T, ON StTNPAY MORNING. A black and tan Slut. with name and address on col lar, D. NICoLL, 142 Bowerv, unsw. rs to the name of Doflr s Cjoc REWARD-LOST, ON SATURDAY. MAY SI, A Gold and Cornelian Seal, with Gold Suckle at tached ; the stone has a crcet and coat of arms engraved on It. Whoever will return the same to S2 West Thirtv r/th street shall receive the above reward and the ?tanks of the owner. $^00 ~LARGE SOLITATRE DIAMOND, OENT'S Pin, mounted to bp unscrewed, lost, Sundav evening, 2.Mh Inst., In neighborhood of Sixth avenue an,! AboTC reward will be paid by STARR A M aK< i -, 22 John street up stairs. Five dollars reward.?lost, on Saturday evening, a black and t..n Dog, with pug nose an swering to name of Jack; owner's name on collar 'The above shin will be paid on Ins return to 24ti Lcxlngtoa av A SPECIAL. MOT" KS. ?HERALD BRANCH OFFICE, BROOKLTW, i corner ol Fulton avenue and lloerum street Open iromSA. M. to 9 I' M. On Sunday irotnStoBP. M. Before you start on a journey buy an Accident Insurance Ticket of the k railway pa-s:;n<jeks' ASSURANCE COMPANY, of Hartford, Connecticut. Tickets for sale at Railway stations. 20 cents a day will buy $3,JuO Insurance. CAPITALISTS AND BRICK MANUFACTURERS ARL requested to wpness a superior Brick Machine lu operation on Tuesdny, June 3, at 3 o'clock P. M. sharp, at the Architectural Iron Works, Fourteenth street and avenue C, New York. D KESSM AKING. ECONOMY, PROMPTNESS AND PERFECT FIT. Messrs. LORD A TAYLOR, to prove that RETRENCH. ME.ST is possible, h.ive so arranged their Dressmaking Department that ECONOMY In material snd trimming is particularly studied In everv detail, snd they are now furnishing Dresses at a MU(?H LESS PRICE t ha it the cost of imported gnrments, while for STYLE, FIT and GENERAL MAKE L P they arc every way equal to the "nest Parisian manufacture. The IMMENSE INCREASE of orders during the pnst month prevented our usual n?w, with extended facilities and the COMPLETE REORGANIZATION of the department, we ran fiifiiy GUARANTEE ALL ORDERS AT HIE TIME AGREED, ?nd ai to FIT and PRICE defy competition. LORD A TAYLOR, Broadway and Twentieth street. IJILECTlON.?NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVFN THAT AN tti?T,,nnnW?111 & M ???? ??lee Lf the New York hrldce ( omnany, No. ^1 Water street. In the of Hrooalyn, on Monday, the 2d day of June nexl at 12 o'clock noon of that <!?y, for fltteen directors if sa'd eompsnv, for the then ensuing vey, and lor two nepec tors of election for l(<<4 The tian-ter books will b clow>d Iron. May 3 to June 3. i*7.?. Dated Mav |8; " c,0*ca ? ? ? c HE vkyc MUKPlW. Pre .itlcBf. o. P. Qcintabd. Stereum DPECIAli NOTICES. .OLD, SILVER AND ARTICLES CONTAINING GOLD " * bought at market price ; polishing. tllti'r ami photo graph paper burned and smelted by reduwr, SCHAW EL 25 John street. Havana and kentucky lotteries.-prizes cashed ; circular* fenl tree. JOSEPH BATES A CO 71 Broadway, Now York, room 31, first floor. I AM OOINO TO ENGLAND KOR THREE MONTHS 1 an 11 J line 17; would be happy to execute uny commit ?Ions; could open up business In a large i>ort for a good pro luce home. JOHN CUTLER, HudnoiiClty, N j OFFICE OF THE ORAM) CAPTAIN GENERAL OP KNIGHTS templar. M^tter'ofUeMta?fi|R'u' Ueputv ii^nd r L f 1! ' lle Bwl"*ut^onunandew of the Com m\.? llin ?i?i? or5 S,al Broolllyn will meet ut the lit .... ',wy?K<>n?<T of I wcnty-thirU Mtreet ami Sixth avfiiue, on Tuesday, the 3.1 innt., at 10 o'c lock A. M.,to lf.5 i??Vf.n"wS, lor.1^ reception of the remain* of the late Hon. Sir ilmnon I* Orr. liy order of CH ARLE8 ROOME, Grand Captain General. OFFICIAL DRAWINGS KKN'l I't'KY STaTB LOTTERIES. ? INIUCKT?KXTHA CLASH WO. 357?MAT 31, 1873. 6, 32, 5tl, 31, 34, 11, 28. i?, S2, 18, 43. KKNTl'CKT-CLASS *0. 338?MAT 31, 1873. 49, 2ll M, JO ?9, ;t7, <1, 21, 2, il, 42. 44. SIMMONS A CO., Managers, Covington, Ky. HOI. BY COLLKOK? MTUi CLASS NO. 257? MAY 1, IW.>. t>7, 74. 19, V., 2ft, 27, I. 41. SO. 48, 14. 86. MIE1.SY COLLKfil?CLASS MO. 288?MAT 31, 1873. fc, 5, 13. 70, 20, 34, 26, 24, 4. 51, 3, 27. SMITH A CO., Managers, Covington, Kv. Address C. HENRY, caro J. Clute, Broker, 206 Broad way. Port office box 4,9ti9. OFFICIAL DRAWINGS OF THE 8DCTH CAROLINA Lottery lor benefit ol Free School Kiind?Perpetual. KXTKA CLASS 133? MAY 31, 1873. 28, 30, 60, 70, 32, ftO, 82. til, 13, 72, 58, 48. CLASS 134?MAT 31, 187H. 32. 61, 74, 58, 16, M. 10, 111. 34, 28, 33, 09. COLE A CO.. Managers, New York Post office box 3,855. Cuauleston, S. C., May 31. 1871 OFFICIAL DRAWINO NnltTII CAROLINA LOTTERY. ? XTRA CLANS NO. 71?MAY 31, 1^73. 63, 14, 42, 12, 29, 9, 7ft, 64, 16, MI, S3. 40. NOKTll C Alio LIN A ?CLASH NO. 72? 1IAT 31. 1878. 53, 63, 64, 35, 46, 72, 17, 33. 43, 70, 6. 22. LUT1IY A CO., Brokers, 2.'4 ulee11wic'li stree?,*!*8 Y*. u PURITANI" AMATEUR OPERA.?VICTIMS IN A vltcd to attend a meeting at D'Albertie's, 17 West Twenty eighth strte*, to-morrow (Tuesday) even ing. ut .S o clock, to organize a prosecuting cotiimlttee. Earnest addresre* will be uiude. U?YAL HAVANA LOTTERY?NEXT D7?AWINt. JUNE 10. German Mate Lotteries. Send tor circulars. Post office box 3,836. 8-5 Nassau strcetAooui'4. Royal Havana lottery of cuha.-pro^ pi'ctus for 1873 now ready. Address tiEORGE UP iiaM, No. 9 WeybosEct street, Providence, K. I. OT. THOMAS BAY RUM, OF VERY FINE QUALITY l. J for sale, at reduced pries*; quantities to suit: In bond or duty paid. J. w. CAULK, Old slip. QIMON CAMACHO, ABOUT RETURNING TO PERU kJ offers his services tor the collection of claims and transaction ol nny business which may be entrusted to him; special attention paid to putents or real value. Ap ple to him at 109 Statu street, Brooklyn, or at office ol National Bank Note Company, lio. 1 Wall street. rpiIE ONLY AND ORIGINAL BUSINESS OF FRANK h.i-.. 'J* ?a^rll'(, ?n ?* heretofore. In the same building, 222 Wont street, ami, lurlticriuore, has uo con nection whatever with any other house hearing the same FRANK ADAMS. THE PRINCIPAL DRAWING ol the 74th Brunswick Government Loltcrv with 55.U00 Tickets and 23,000 Prizes, will commence May 26 and end June 13. Highest prize 120,KM) Prussian Thalsrs. Royal flHvai.a Lottery?Next drawing June 10. Royal Saxon Government lottery. City of Hamburg Lottery. Prises cashed and information given. THEODOR ZSCHOCH, 116 Nassau street; box 6.080 Post office. VIENNA EXPOSITION.?NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Junes ..f awards at the Vienna E*p > ithin nave postponed their nifi Hntrs to tlu 1st of July. Parties \> isliinil to forward good- '? the Exhibition can do so up P'.u0' "PS;. ' urther information applvto i. t> . BALDWIN, United States ucspaich Agent, 72 Broadway. ? " Mf>QQ IS DRAWN DAILY IN THE LEGAL ?ip.JLJt/.UVtJ Ized Kentucky Lottery. Roval Havnna and Kentucky circulars free; 12>ic. commission allowed. Address UALEY Si CO. (office established 30 years), 174 Broadway. ' KPORTJSiG-DOGH. BIKUS, A( . A SALE ALL KINDS OF FANCY DOGS, -iX. Birds, Ac.; Medicines for all diseases; Prepared Food, for mocking b is. At B. G. DOVEY'S, Na 3 Gre?ne street, near Canal. ' THE VURF, Arp'VHA '"ON.?SPRING MEETING 1873, June 18, 20, IS and Fihst Day. Wkhnfshay, Jit e 18?Purse No. 1, $800? For horses that have never aten 2 :a); $550 to first, $160 to second, $103to fliird. Pu No. 2. f,2.00ii?For horses $36u to third beutun 2 :a '1,10? to lll at- to sccond, Second Day, KRinAT. Juni 20.?t'ur?c No. 3, $1.000-For have never beat u2:.'?; $noo to first, $250 to second, 150 to third. I'urs< v->. 4, ?l 200?i-or horses that have never beaten 2 29; to first, $330 to second, 1200 to third. TniRn Pat, Mospat, J: ne 23.-Purse No. 5, $1,000; for horses that have never n2:34. $6?i to first, $.80 to second. $15(1 to third. Pur e No. 6. $1,800: lor horses that have never beaten 2:25. $N0 to tirst, $4U0 to sccond, 9250 to third. Foil urn Dat, TrssnAT, June 24? Purse No. 7, $800; for horses that have never benten 2:43. $580 to first, $150 to second, $100 to third. l'ur-e No. 8, $3,800; tor horses that have n. ver beaten i 21. $2.OJ0 to first, $l,i'00 to second, $500 to third. Conditions?Tlie almve races to be mile heats, best 3 In 5, in harness, and will he governed by the rules of the National Asfociatlon lor the Promo tion ol the Interests of the Am ri an Trot;ing Turf. In case ot postponement? nny race it shall he next good day and track, omitting unduy. Anv driver substituted tor another, as authorized bv rule 2h, will be paid $.V)for such wrvice. Entries .o close at Chamberlln's pool room, 1 1?6 Broadway, New York, on Monday, June 2, at J",?1"k I''. M. All cominunlcntlons to be addressed to nilliam H. Van Cott, Superintendent. c. H. VAN NESS, President POOLS SOLD AT JOHNSON'S, 1.187 BAOADWAY, corner Twenty-eiglith street, on the 2:26 purse at noeton, this evening, at eight o'clock. T. B. J0HN80N. rpnOTTTNG AT DEERKOOT PARK, TUESDAY. JUNE 1 ot $100 for horses that never beat 3 minutes. To close on Monday, 2, at Johnson's saloon. 1 wenty-eighth street anil )'roadway, New York at 8 o clock, and at the hotel, Deerfoot Park" at 6 P. M. WILLIAM McMAHON. Superintendent. rpi'JO ENTRIES TO THE UTICA PARK aTsoCIATION extended from June 1 until Jinw 1R, at 9 p. M . at Bairir's Hotel, Utica. I^claratloiis until June 20 at same place". CHARLES W. HUTCHINSON, President. HOK8BB. t AKJtfAUKS, . AUCTION HOUSE OF ARTll. JOHNSTON (Late Johnston A Van Tsssell). OfFKJE AND SALKSROOM, OLD STAND J>7 Nassau street, opposite the Post office.' THE HORSE AUCTION BRANCH OF THt HOU^E IS REMOVED TO THE SPACIOUS PREJtBES, 19, 21, 23 AND 25 EAST THIRTEENTH STREET ... between Fifth avenue and University place. The business will be conducted on precisely the same ?Uict and honorable principle* which have alwayg ctaar i iwur hoUH? ?nd won the respect and confidence of the business community, as well as the public at large. REGULAR bALES EVERY TUESDAT AND FRIDAY ? .. , AT 101* O'CLOCK. ' Entries for sale may be made, as usual, either at our downtown house. 37 Nassau street, or at the mart 19 21 13 and 25 East Thirteenth street. . ? ? LIBERAL ADVANCES,^ AS ^USUAL, MADE ON CON REMEMBER THE SALE COMMENCES AT 10'X O'CLOCE. * AT THE HORSE ANDl '"ARRIAGE AUCilON MART XV OK WILLIAM VAN TASSELL (SUCCESSOR TO JOHNSTON A VAN TASSELL) ?tthe old stand, 110, 112 and 114 East ThlrUenth'street. Fourth avenue, REGULAR SALES Oh' HORSES AND CARRTAOKS WILL BE HELD EVEKT TUESDAY AND FRIDAY at 12 o'clock. ' GENTLEMEN WISHING TO PURCHASE, OR THOSE having Horses or Carriages to sell, wilt find this house perfectly reliable as this business will be conducted on the same straightforward principles which have gov erned it in the past ? We give the purchaser of every horse that li warranted sound from 24 te 48 hours lor^trial. Horses and Carriages always on hand at private sale LIBERAL ADVANCES MADE ON CONSIGNMENTS. ANY GENTLEMAN WISHING ONE OF THE FINEST roadsters In the city, that can beat 2:40 to road wagon end go to track an I show 2 M and repeat, and safe and sure, should call and examine the handsome and fine bred chestnot Mare Lady Miller, to be positively sold to bl'thost bidder tomorrow (Tuesday), June 3, at stable 41 Great Jones street, at 10)* o'clock, together with Trotting 2.1"1 "arness: she Is one of the finest Mares in the Mate. For particulars see catalogue. A TJ"E LONDON HARNESS AGENCY, ai^l l ?u, r'!,?/0f,r,0Cnlh 'tre, t- between Fifth avenne Pml y P'fiCe -London-JMde Harnc?sa specialty, nark new nn,, very stylish pattern's; anu ed^i hi H"inmor Clothing, all guar stydesf at fafr p rlc?s?U> y and '?">? West End (London) A."ia,'l'vRt>nmVhl~THE PHOPERTY OF A WIDOW id hur llusham? ? ?,n? ^? on ?ccoAnt of the death o d 16 hnnils 3 inrhn. S?i".an<1 driving Horse. 6 years Udy to drive f?ricl. W; U "'Tluh- ?nd is kind for a ami to trot in'less ih^fn ,V^eon)?,'r*! ^ warranted sound one week Add7v .?iV^' * '"'""tea; will give trial lor urn and Ble?kery Tho,"lJ,on between dous AT| mandWM?6 Rr'iilw CARIHAOE REPOSITORY, s '? b* ? large a.: t<. nd no toD B.^i.; **fions, Park Phaetens, .n.r . !!?? ? f..u,gMt feyft.S.f.'.'faii'ySl,"" A V.SSSJSCETS.irttvrr5 Buggies, Pony Phaetons. Grocers' an(l MMs no^W.?,m.n Can'IVtreot P?" ?' West Broadway,""near A rl^ IVry h,v^0*11,'Top'bVigg^e^K|T p(hTO" tons; chcarest In the clt.v; must he eold. l4?Md 148 Eldrlage street. near Grand aud Bowery. A -FOR SALE, A NEW TOP~PONY rilAF^v" . built to order by best city melter and wnrrantlrf* iti?iui/em ntjMENBUit* a nllbun. ^7 toutu ?v HOHSKN, C'ARKIAUKH. AC. A -IMPORTANT AUCTION SALE ??K FINK TROT' . TING ANI) ROAD HOUSES. WAGONS. IIAKNi.SS, AC.. ON TUESDAY. Jl'NKS, AT STABLE NO. 41 GREAT JONI44 STREET, AT IOC PROMPT, JOAN O. HAMLIN, AUCTIONEER. being Mir property of a well-known stock broker (a noted lover of tine horses ami would have none other), and who now, by reaaou ot financial embarrasuieut, intends mov lute to the country anil Rive u? driving, consequently oi ler# lux ftne stock tor positive and peremptory ?alc. Also two tine Horses, by order of Receiver; all removed Ui above stable for convenience of sale. SPKED WARRANTED. Stvlish and fine team <>t bay Geldings. 13\ high, C and 7 years old: Kentucky bred; closely mated, with tine lorm, great style and scii in; flowing tnanea and tails; all black points an J stroug limbs and leet; are elegant drivers, free and pleasant. (treat all-day roadsters: will travel IS miles tiinnur; tear no locomotive; are without vice, trick, lault or blemish, and wartaued sound and kind; a superior rom', family or coaoh team. Handsome and stylish dapple gray Trotting Horse, 15\ high, 7 years old ; fired by Pilot; is an elegant, stylish, rich and tine Railed horse as Roes the road; needs no check; free, easv and pleasant driver; no vice or tricks; can always be relied on to show I rom 2 -.46 to 2:4H to road wagon, and cau speed a 2 :40 Rait; warranted sound and kiud. Also handsome, stylish and hlRh bred bay Trotting Horse, liJi high, 7 years old; great style, pure and finely Raited; tree and pleasant driver; cas beat 2 JO. either single or double, and safe for the mo-t timid lady to drive; is a perfect gentleman's road horse in e vory sense; war ranted sound and kind. Tho two horses have been used together as a trotting team and singly, and inuke one ot the Hnest and pleas antest teatnson road; they are warrautcd to beat 2:50 together or no sale. Also tile fast and fine blooded trotting Mare I.ADY MILLER, bred by Jaincs B. (May, and sired by Clarke Chief, he by Matnbrino Cmet, (lain Thoroughbred, by Lexington, I* half sister to Nlceotlne; she is rich chest nut, about 15>4 bands high, and 7 years old this Spring ; her first appearance was at Lexington, when 5 years old, when she trotted two heats in 2:42>?and 2:41; the follow ing Spring she was beaten by half a neck only In 2:34, and has since been usfl altogether for private driving; she Is a stylish and pleasant driver, an everv day roads ter, and warranted to beat 2:40, and warranted sound and kind. Also a fine, handsome bay family and road Mare, stylish and fine; 16 k high, 6 years old ; safe for any Imly to drive; fine traveller and warranted sound and kind. Full particulars ol all the hor.-ca at sale. Also one shittinR top, side nar Wagon, by Brewster, and two trotting Wagons, by Stivers; two sets ol'elegant double Harness, by Wood Oilison, and Dunscoiiib; two sets ol sin gle Harness, Blankets, Ac. All tor positive and peremptory sale and all stock war ranted as represented or no sale. Stock now on exhibition, where particulars can be as certained. Oentlemen arc request.i to cxnmlne this stock, am' they will find it all first ??>??*? anil in tine order. A SPECIAL, ABSOLUTE AND UNRESERVED SALE, BY PUBLIC AUCTION, TO-MOItROW, TUESDAY, JUNE a, AT 10K O'CLOCK. AT THE STABLE NO. 3 NKILSON PLACE (MKKCEIt STREET), BETWEEN WAVKKLY AND CLINTON PLACES (REAR OP NEW YORK HOTEL), OK THE ENTIRE TURNOUT OK JEROME PERCY, ESQ., WHO % RAILS FOR EUROPE THIS WEEK, Consisting of a rich, hand?omc, bloo led and genteel Black Gelding, Ift'i hands High nud 7 years old: was sired by Iron l>iike, he by old H?inhletonian; dam a St Law rence inare. lie Is very finely built, with full inane and tall; can show 2:40 ulwuys, and lie 1* as fine galled a? itnv young trotter to be seen on the road, lie is warranted sound and kind. Also, one oi the handsomest, fastest and best di^posl tloned black trotting Mares in the country; she is 1 1? hands high and 0 years old; was sired by General Wads worth, dam Harkaway; was raised by Ralph Tompkins. Esq., in this State, and sold to present owner when but 4 vears old ; she has a tull nrnne and tail, with stripe in forehead, and trotted In Gentlemen's Purse, at Sarutoga lust August.3 heats, 2-JB, 2:49, 2:51; she is Improving in speed, and owner believM, with one weeks' proper train ing, she can be wade to trot in 2:40; she Is as picarant a driver as can be produced; can be driven by a lady with perfect safety; is afraid of no cars or locomotive; will stand In the street* without tying, and in all as perfect a beast as stands ror sale in tlii* city; the particular atten tion of geutleiuen in search ot a fast road horse or a horse that cau be driven with perfect safety by their wives or daughters, should KTall themselves of the pres ent opportunity, as she is fully warranted sound, kind and truo, and fully as represented. Extra fast handsome and intelligent Team of Geldings, 15>f hands high, both ti vears old; color a beautllul dun ple gray, with white manes and tails; are finely tired; ure closely mated In style, gait and action, and can hardly be distinflvished irnm eaeb other; thev are fine, Rroflpt, easy and resolute drivers, no laggers er pullers; avff neither Woe, trick or fault; they arc both extra tine under saddle, having all gatts, and can travel their Hi utiles in the hour, or can pull a road wagjn in 2:50; they have fine heads, with arched necks; clean limbs, good tcet, have high knee action and are admired by all who see them; they are warranted sound and kind. A line and handsnmo brown drlvltiR or saddle Mare, 15% hands hiRh and 7 years old; she is a perfect roadster; can be driven by any one and she Is one of tne most sen sible and best behaved horses to be found; she will stauil to locomotive without tying; she lias all gaits under sad dle, having been trained by a riding master and rode by a young lady and lioy; she can Dot in 8:10, and warranted sound an l kind. Also, nil Extension Top Cabriolet, pole and shafs. 1 C - ..... "'mounted. Side Bar ( . ? ^ jle > M'unkets, Sheet'. Whips. Ac , Ae. N. B.?'I M* . ale is made without liuii , restriction or ..Uon, and everything will be sold to highest bid der. The stoek Is all wel. known and owned. Mr. Percy would have nothing but wlia' was flr>t class, and his only rea-on lur selling is oB account ot him and fam ily jroing awav. SALE POSITIVE, RAIN OR RHINE, AND NO Bl-lilD DKRS. JENKINS A DUFF, AUCTIONEERS'. A GENTLEMAN'S TURNOUT?ELEGA NT BAY Hrrse, 15'; hands high, H years old; kind and true in ull harness; very stylish and handsome: a spirited driver anil can trot in three minutes; a very superior horte tor coupe or gentleman's road u.-o, and wurranted sound; also f.-t Harness, nearly new; and TOP SIDE SPUING WAGON, NEARLY NEW, BUILT by Wood Bros.; this is a first class turnout, and can be seen at the HORSE AND CARRIAGE AUCTION MART OF WILLIAM VAN TASSELL, 110 112, 114 East Ihirteenth street, near Fourth avenue, until I uesdny, at i2 o'clock, when, it not disposed ol, will be sold at miction. spring Basket Pony Phaeton, elegantly gold mounted, V'ilti lamps on dash: 1 tull spring Top Wapon, 1 Side Bar Top v.'.v n, 1 open Wagon, single and double Harness, A A. T. DEM A REST A CO., Bis h road way, offer nil unrivalled assortment of elegant Carriages. All styles for town and country. Best material, superior workmanship and reasonable prices. -SECOND HAND Landau, Clarence, Brett, Victoria, Tilbury, all In good order, at low prices. Six Pony Phaetons cheap. A. T. DEMAREST A CO., 624 Broadway. Six-seat Phaeton, Uoupe Rockuwav, One-horse Boekauny, Top Buggies, Open Buggies, A SIX-SEAT EXTENSION TOP PHAETON, IN PER feet order, at n bargain ; several other styles second hand Carriages; our entire stock new Carriages, at re duced prices. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, R-.8 Broadwav. A FIVE YEAR (.1.1) HOUSE FOR SALE?GENTLE and kind, for a la>ly to drive. Can be seen at 20? William street, Frankfort llou-e. 8. C. SMITH. AUCTION SALE.?OEOROK H. BALL WILL SELL, this day (Monday), at 12 o'clock, at the corner of New Church and Ccdur streets, 15 head ot good work Horses; also a lot of Wagons and Harness. A PRIVATE GENTLEMAN OFFEItS FOR BALE AN elegant team of coal black Carriage Horses, l.v. hands high. 9 years old ; kind and true in ull harness a:id under saddle; free Drum vice; very stylish ami ullMuy travcllers; not mtraid ot anything. At the Mart of ARCti. JOHNSTON, 1H, 21, '?1 and 2ft East Thirteenth street, near University place. If not sold before Tuesday, June 3, will bo sold at auction at the Mart as above," ut 10,'a o'clock. A BARGAIN !-AT PRIVATE STABLE 146 WEST Thirty-second street, a fine family or carriage Horse, lfi.3 hands hiRh, 7 years old ; sorrel, silver uiufie ami tail, and is very sty llsh ; price $350. A PAIR OF BEAUTIFUL BLACK PONIE8, WITH l'haeton and Harness, all complete; the ponies are very gentle in harness, and under the saddle thev have a very easy gait, and are large enough for a laciy to ride. Call on or addrcsx I. P. HUABARD, 75 Nassau street. A?LANDAUS. COUPES, BAROUCHES, LAMBS* ? Phaeton, Depot Wagon, Buggies, taken In exchange; will sell les than half price; seasonable Carriages at mode rate prices. HAM, 10 East Fourth street. AN OI'EN WAGON, $25: TOP, $150; ROCKAW.VV. $136; Depot Wagons, Pony Phaetons, Road Wagons; Hsri'ess, of all grades, from $15 up, at JENKINS', 1,430 Broadway. A HORSE WANTED?FOR ONE OR TWO M')NTHS for light driving; will pav * ell tor use ot him. Ap ply a; Waveriey House. 768Broadway. A?FOR SALE?4 HORSES FRO'if THE COUNTRY; ? among them Is a very :lne coupe or road her v. very stylish and fast; the others are business hoi they are warrauted sound and kind in double or single harness; young, and a reasonable trial allowed. Apply at335 Howery, between Second and Third streets. A FIRST CLASS DOG CART FOR SALE, NEW. Alsoa light one horse Victoria, built to order; one light open top Wagon, pole and shafts: will he sold cheap; one second-hand tour ?e?t Pony Phaeton, with canopy, pole aud shafts, city make. EDWARD MUltPHY, 22.*> Greene street, net..- Fourth. ARRIVKD AGAIN-J. C, DEYO, OF JACKSON CITY, Michigan, with 52 head ot those fine Horses, single, double and saddle, ut A. s. Chambcrlln's stable, between Lexington and Third avenues, Twenty-fifth street. AT AUCTION-ABOUT TWENTY HORSi'!! AND HAR ness, Coaches, Wagons, Whip-, Robes and nil the re quirements of a first class livery stable, with lea-e of premises for 16 months. .IaMEm M. MILLER, Auctioneer, will sell the nbovo, Thursday, June 6, 1*7:!, ut 10 o'clock A. M., on the premises, ill West Fourteenth street, by or der of mortgagee. BUOOIRR, CABRIOLETS, COUPES. LANDAULKTR, Poney Phaetons, Depot Wagons, Rockawnys, open and close,at reasonable prices; Buggy ami llockswav used. STAATS BELL, No. 7 Washington place, rear of New York Hotel. C1LEARINO OUT SALE.?FIVE HORSES, THRER ) Trucks and Harness: fine llu.ilness Gig, Platform Scales and Office Furniture. COO First avcr.ue, near Thir ty-fourth street. CCARRIAGES.?I. COI.YER k CO., 5W BROADWAY, > factory at Ntwark, N. J. Being large manufactur ers of all kinds of desirable Vehicles, we ran sell at a lower price than dealers, besides giving purchasers a more satisfactory guarantee. OR SALE-BY A GENTLEMAN IN EUROPE, A pair of stylish, sound carriage Horses; price $1,01*. ~ at private stable, No. 7 East Kitty-second street. F 1>cPure 3 o'clock. "L'OR BALE-A BEAUTIFUL DAPPLED HRo? N T Horse, 6 vears old, over 16 hands high; a free driver; war- anted sound and kind in all huriuws. Apply at 142 Wi st Eighteenth SUWI. ? ? ].1(1 It HAI.K-A STRONG WORKING HAM) ROUND . and kind, or will ext hange tor a heavy cart llutre. Appiylat vvul office, 34 aud Mt taring street. HORHKM, CAHHIAUKN. AC. I^OB SALE?TWO HOKSK8, HOUND ANI) KIND, l1 with two coal Tartu and Harness; property ol u widow ; must be sold at a bargain tor want of work. Ap plv to Urn. PBEHTON, Hi<M Monroe street. I'OK HALE?A BROWN IIOKSK, |5>, HANDS HIGH. 1 7 year* ?ld; warranted sound; suitable ftir a batcher or express. Call at 691 Greenwich street near Houston st ree t T.M)R UUM OOMPLBTB TUBMOOT. A TOP PONY " Phaeton, Pony and Harness; pony I4X hands high; suitable (or children to drive or rule; warranted sound aud kind. Call at 14 Charlton street. POR HALK?Til IS MOItNINU, FROM 10 TO 13 o'olock. a stylish. sound, 7', year old Horse : Wagon and Harness, to be used tin every kind ol' billMHj the horse can be used for light wagon or buggy. 7i5 llroad way, corner Eighth stieet, basement. I.AOR HALE-TWO GLASS QUARTER COACHES, ONK ' Doctor's Olg Phaeton, one Victoria, one top Buggy, one Clarence; In good order; oheati. II. BUltlt, 2113 Merccr street I^ORKALE-A H'LENIMI> YOU Nil CIIFS I'NUT M A ItK, r by Secoml llambletoniaii, ont ol Star mare; she stands 16)? hands, is 6years old this June; can trot in about 3 minutes; is perfectly sound and kind ; very hand some lor coupe or pole horse. Call at Berdan's stables, MM West Kloventh itreet, between Fourth ai d Bleecker. Mr. Ben Wilson, Superintendent. l^OR 8alk?A HANDSOME, STYLISH PAIR OF F thoroughbred bay Horses, 1# bands high, worriintoi sound ami kind In single or double harness, seven years old. Call at private stable 213 West Twenty sixth sheet, and inquire for coachman. FOR HALK?PAIR HAY IIOIHIS, 1:,'., HANKS S1X aeat Rockaway Carriage (rood as new). MrN a M A RA'8 stable, Seventy-third street, Fourth avenue; BHUNS, moork A CO., 401 Broadway. Ij^OR 8alk-A SUPERIOR MAHOGANY BAY IIOR8K. r 16 hand* high ; is warranted sound and kind; suit able for carriage or coupe. Inquire fur JAM KK Mc HENNA, Farmers' Ciuli Stable, 12* West Thirty tlrsl street. WOR sale?A RAY marb, 7 YKAR8, IS IIAND8, r lull mane and tail, blacks points, warranted sound and kind : also a flue sot of double and single Harness; all lor sale cheap. Apply to STEPHEN, at Trimble's st.ililes, 144 West Thirty-ninth street, near Broadway. Ij'OR HALE-A PAIR OF BAY HORSES, NO WHITE; r black points; cannot he beat for style or beauty in this city; H years old ; sound, kind anil Kenlle. 18i$ hands high ; used by present owner three years. Apply at No. 7 Murray street, room 1. L^OR MALE-A VERY beautiful BAY horse, r with black points, G venr < old, IS hands high; stands without tying; kind and gentle in every respect; a very flue driver and valuable for lady or gentleman; also a perfect and gainv black Mare tliat can road 12 miles an hour as long unit as often as any other horse. Address No. 7 Murray street, room 1. FiIOR SALK?3 PONY BIIILT HORSES, 8 AND 9 years, from 14 to 1(1 hands; flt for any business and sold for want of use; prices $90, $1U), $140. 128 Charles street l^OB HALE-A HOOD TOP WAGON. IN PERFKOT r order; must he wold cheap, as the owner has no use for It. 370 Hudson street. IpOB HALK?A VALUABLE PONY-BUILT MARK, 8 years old, 13 cwt, warranted in every respect, $175; also one powerful big Mare, suitable lor the country lor contractors, $.'41; little sore torward; warranted to haul rtO cwt. 77 New Chambers street F^OR hale CHEAP?A GENTLEMAN^ TURNOUT, consisting ol a thoroughbred lllaek idtwk Gelding. H years old, I.V.j hands high; warranted sound and kinl; is a irtylish driver and can trot in 2:41. Also a Brewster Top Wagon and Harness. Will be sold separately or to ?ether. Must be sold immediately, as owner is going to tirope. Call on Mr. MULLANY, 290 West Thirty-ninth street, between Seventh and F^ighth avenues. I3GR HALE CHEAP?A HOOD, HTIIONO WAGON, suitable for express or grocery business, newly painted. Apply at paint shop. 4A6 Water street /^OING TO EUROPE-WILL HELL HANDSOME \T black Mure, 10 hands, for ladies' driving; alio beau tiful Hays, 16 hands, as a loam or single. Apply at 27 West Twenty-sixth street. Horse and carriage exchange.?mr. arch. > JOHNSTON has opened, at his downtown office, 37 Nassau street, a register for horses, carriages, gentle men's turnouts, Ac., at private sale, and will hercalter niako this a specialty and a feature of his business. Gentlemen having horses or carriages to dispose of or those wishing to purclmsc will tlnd this the most desira ble medium ever established, as through it you deal di rect with principals. Henry b. iierts, auctioneer. Important special and peremptory sale of Horses, Carriages, Road Wagons, Harness, Ac., the private estab lishment ol a gentleman who is leaving for Flurope, on TUESDAY, June H, at 9*4 o'clock A. M., in Iront of house 63 East Fllty-thlrd street For lull par'lculars see notice in column of auction Mica, under licud of 11 ION It Y B. HERTS, Auctioneer. TTARNE8S-THE CHEAPEST HARNESS STORE IN ll New York. A good Double Truck Harness, $30; a good grocer's Harness, $30; a good milkman's Harness, $HJ; a good buggy Harness, hand made, $17; a good stable Blanket $2; will sell cheaper than ever on account of movin;; on or hclorc .lime 10. Please call ami examine lor yourselves. FISHER A OSBORNE. 43 Murray street. A It N ESS, SHEETS, ROBES, Dl'STKRS, HALTERS, IS Whins, ac. i'he best and cheapest assortment at No. H Cortlandt street near Broadway. NE IMPORTED FRENCH LANDAU AND ONK BA roitelie lor sale cheap. Apply at 26i Hudson street. Harness, saddles, horse clothing, car riage Robes, Lap Dusters, Fly Nets and a large variety of Saddlery Goods always on hand. c. b. smith a co., 40 Warren street, New York. Q1 PHONY PHAETONS?EVERY DESCRIPTION, POPU lar prices; depot Wagons In great variety, two ele gant six-sent extension-top Phaetons, l'urfc Wagons, light Rockaway s. low prices. M ANUFACTURERS' UNION. 638 Broadway. PHAETON TURNOUT-HANDSOME BAY MARE, ? gentle, as a kitten ; beautiful new city built Phaeton, Harne s, Blanket, Robe, Whip, all first class; price $600. IIOVEY'S stable, 141 East Sixteenth street OECOND HAND AND SLIGHTLY SOILED CAR O nages bargain*; T Carl, FJngllsh Dog Cart, Depot Wagon, several Roi^aways, top and open Buggies, )uinp M'at Wagon, Pony Phaeton. MANUFACTURERS' UNION. 638 Broad-ay. Three doctors' ph aetons, from $75 up-one c spring second Pony Phaeton, $75. by Corbet A Stl vi rs; side bar open Road Wagons, $110 up; two side liar Top Wugons, by Dusenbury A Vai.duser and t'orbettj two lull spring Top Wagons, by Brewster and Dusenbury, from $100 up: one Dubois Sulky, $86; o'ie two-seat Phae ton, by Wood, $100; one open Wagon, $0.1; one Coupe, one Victoria, one Depot Wagon, second hand; one exten sion top Phaeton, Kockaways, top and onen Pony Phae tons, of all styles; single anil double Harness. Sheets, Whips, Ac. W. II. GRAY, 20and 22 Wooiter street Trotter wanted-must re vouno, sound, easy driver, and not less than 15!2 hands; able to trot a rillc In 2:3A or better. Addrtss. stating lowest price and where to b? seen, C. A. M., box 143 Herald Uptown Branch office. "IITANTED-A PONY AND PHAETON IN EXCHANGE Vi for a pair of large, stylish grav Horses, not afraid of anything, with six seated Rockaway, Park Phaeton anil double Harness, or will sell whole tor $1,1^.1. Apply ut X,4 Clinton street, Brooklyn. TV-ANTED-A FULL SKAT TOP BUGGY; MUST BE IN T> good order; Brewster, Dusenbury or Stivers make. Address, giving lowest price, weight and where to bo seen, .1 E. W., box 1,026 Post olllcc. \1'ANTED TO PURCHASE?A MARB OR GELDING, TT not. over 10 years old, anout 16)4 hands high; black or bay; must be sound and kind, single or double, and show a mile In 2;.10or better. Address, stating ail parti culars, BUSINESS, Herald office. t&1 cn?GRAY HORSE, 7 YEARS, 16 HANDj, BOt'ND ?Pit."' and kind; team truitk Horses. 7 vrars. It\'i hands. $350; s<-pariite If desired; light Double Truck, $l.Mi ,'lii West Thirtv-flrst street FOR A TV.AM OF SORREL HORSES, 15X ?h )\f hands, 8 and 9 years old, sound and Mud ; very styli-h ; driven by a lady. Apply at 315 Newark uveuue, Jerst^y City. T4? LET KOft PI KPOSl>. ^TTENTION. NOW READY FOR OCCUPANCY. N'l/W FIREPBOOF BUILDING. FULTON, NABHAU AND ANN STREETS. F.LBGANT OFFICES TO BENT IN THE AB.iVE FIREPROOF, WELL LOCATED BUILDING, BEINO IN CLOHE PROXIMITY TO THE CITY liALI., THE COLRT8, THE POST OFFICE, AC., AC. OFFICES suitable FOR LAWYERS, BROKERS, BANKS, INSURANCE COMPANIES, AC., AC., CAN BE HAD, KINGLY OR EN SUITE, OF ANY DESIRED SIZE, FROM 10X12 FF.ET~T0 26X67 FEET, AT $.i00 $4<0. $600 AND UPWARD TO $12,000, according TO SIZE AND LOCATION. THE ABOVE BUILDING*!ii" COMPLETELY FIREPROOF, READY FOB OCCUPANCY, HEATED BY STEAM, AND HAH TWO FIRST CLASS PASSENGEB elevators AND ALL MODERN IM provements. RENT OF HMALL OFFICES. Si/.r. 2d Htnry. 3 I story. 4th Story. Bth Story. 19.10x23 6 $2.1410 $|,Mi $l,Mlb fl.oilO 16x24.6. 1.800 1.M0 1.2(0 t?? II Ci\2.'i.6 l.tnu I.M0 1.2 It 8?) I7x2*.6 1,800 l.b? 1,200 1# v 1H WO 400 3t0 .100 10x12.6 6i? 400 :?itl 300 u,fix:?>. 3,00 2..VO 2 000 1,600 HI.?X39. 3,000 2,.V? 2,000 1 5U0 10x12.6. 600 400 360 ;WU 1910x21 1 W0 l.W* 1,200 1,000 11 6xZt I,MB 1.26$ 1,000 800 14 6x21 I.6T*) 1.25? 1.WI0 81*1 17x23. 1,500 1,2/4) l,mu H0O 10X18. 600 4(41 36(1 300 inquiries T(/BF. MADE OF HOMER MORGAN. NO. 2 I'TVE STREET. A HANDSOME STORK TO LET-WITII DWELLING Apartinetila, on Sixth avenue, rent $700; plate glu-s windows; also one large Store on the lie-I block vu Hxlli a\> uut. t ail ai uikc ut Wv Hixtii av?rnue, TO LKT KOK BITHINRHH PUKPOHKM. A LUNCII AND BARROOM TO LKT.-SOO PEOPLE to leed; ail tile business of the Frankfort House. 202 William street A FURNISHED HOTKLTO LET? NEAR NKW YORK ; poMWHhion immediately. Apply to S. C. a .Ml 1II, owner, Frankfort House, 3)2 William street OKSK ROOM ANIl DESK FUK RKNT?NO. 7 Ml'It ray street, near Broadway mid City llall, room #, second floor. Funk lofts, socino, with or without stkam power, to let. suitable lor liitht uianulusturing pur poses; also an elegant store. I'uin.l 37 Woo-ler street PART t)K A STORK, WITH SHOW WINDOW, MO., FAB light business, to let; rent very low. Apply at 17V Kiglith avenue. S| TRAM POWBR? LAROK AND SMA1.I, ROOMS; light an<l power good; low rent and Insuiance; Moulding Mill to let; Machinery tor stile P. M. WILSON, 4IH Blcecker street. rpHORNTON M. RODMAN, REAL ESTATE AUKNT, 1 litW Rroadwav, offers for lease the Htonaml Ai.iri incuts at i:tl Waverle.v place; will not rent tor liquor, tohnreo or Sunday traffic; rent $.1.10 per annum. Also First Floor, $300 per annum ; will put in order. Building 46 Thomas street, two stories ami good cellar; $600 per annum. TIIK ELEGANT CORNER STORK. HIXTII AVENUE and Fortieth street, to let ?Hare chance lor lewelry, Mowers, Rents' or ladies' lurnlslilng or fancy goods; rent moderate. rpo LKT?TWO WKLL UOHTBD DOUBLE LOFTS, 1 adapted lo light manufacturing business; rent moderate. Apply at2i0and .'42 I ust Twentieth street. rpo LKT?TIIK BUILDING 86 WALK Kit STREET, ON 1 lease tor seven years; near Rroadwuv; rent $3,50J; or three Lolls, $1,S00; possession immediately. TO LOT? A FINK LA KOK STOKK AND Lit HIT BASE nienl, newly fitted up. suitable for a dairy luneh restaurant and ice cream saloon. Inquire at 77 Chatham street, opposite Sweeny's Hotel. rpo LKT OR LKASK?FOR WORKSHOP OR STOR 1 ate, a Floor, 2&x4\ one flight up; fireplaces, water, hoisting wheel. Ill Rulge street, near llroome ; $-'R* UWK1.UNG HOUSES TO LKT. Furnished. A.N KLEOANT RESIDENCE, FURNISHED, BETWEEN Filih and Madison uveuues?2H. 1x70, extension, ISxIS; purlors only lurnlshcd; relit low. Apply ut So East Flttietli street, Ircm IU lo 4. A?TO LET, A NKATLY FURNISHED HOUSE, OR . will rent pari, consisting of six Rooms ami privi lege of Kitchen, to a siuull private tauiily. Apply at K0 West Forty-filth street. (Jtiiariiluhwl. A WHOLE HOUSE, MOTH AV.. 12 ROOMS $1,3X1 Whole House. OiiH Washington st., 10 rooms tui) Whole House, SMS West 11th sL, 18 rooms I 400 K. L A B. T. HUUNII AM, ion Hudson street TO LET-FINE NKW COTTAGES, TWO STORY AND basement, in West 107th street, near Boulevard. $1,10. w. R. MORGAN, >40 Broadway. flOTII STRKKT, JUST OFF THE BOULEVAItO.?TO UJ let, a two storv and basement brick House; water, gas and gas fixtures throughout; will be let to a rcspnn-i ole tenant at $700 per annum. Apply to JOSEPH l*. SUINN, H West Fourth street, between Broadway and erccr street. Fl>IllVI8HKI) IKIOMN AND APAUTM1CNTH TO LBT. A FEW NKATLY FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH breakfast, in a private lamily. 200 Hudson street, llobokcn. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL RENT A NICELY FUR nished Room, on second floor : gas, bath. Apply at U0 East Twelfth street, between Third and Fourth ave nues. .References. A SPLENDIDLY FURNISHED FLOOR OF SIX rooms to let; newly painted anil furnished, at 660 Sixth avenue. A FURNISHED OFFICE AND LODGINGS FOR two, $4') per month ; large front Room (new paper, paint and carpet), lor rcsprctublo lady, having bedroom set. 737 Broadway, room 10. A NICELY FURNISHED ROOM AND BKDROOM on second floor; also other Rooms tor boast keening rent low. Apply at once at 4*J6 Broome street, three blocks west ol Broadway. A FURNISH ED FLOOR. OR ROOMS AT $4 PER week each, in a private family; curs puss the door. Iti(|iiire at 460 West Thirty-fourth street A FLOOR OF THREE LARGE ROOMS, BATHROOM, hot and cold water; also front Parlor, with front basement, range, and complete tor housekeeping; private iiouse. SO East Thirteenth street A PARLOR AND BKDROOM, WITH BATH ADJOIN ing, to let to one or two gentlemen, in private ho ise, No. 3 Kust Thirtieth st, between Filth and Madison avs. A COMFORTABLE FURNISHED ROOM TO LET?AT $4 weekly; lady or gentleman: private residence; gas, bath; excellent neighborhood; comforts of a home. 316 I- ast Thirteenth street. A PRIVATE FAMILY, LIVING ON THIRTY-FOURTH street, near seventh avenue, having more rooms fl an they require, will rent two or three hand tome lur nisiiod Rooms. Address F. B., Herald Upton n Branch office. A LARUE AND COMFORTABLE FRONT ROOM, furnished, suitable tor light housekeeping or two single gentlemen, with large clo-M ts, hot ami cold water, convenient to two lines of city cars, at 107 Amity street. Aiiandsomkly furnished parlor floor, with piano; also, several other Rooms en suite or singly, to gentlemen or lor housekeeping; location lirst class. 231 West Forty-third street, near Broadway. I/H'RNISHED ROOMS TO LKT?WITHOUT BOARD; F single and double rooms, with ga?, bath, Ac.; good location. Call at 111) Waverley place, all this week. Ij11'RNisIIED.?A LARQB FRONT BITTING ROOM r and Bedroom and single Bedroom, neatly nun clennlv turnished, on moderate terms, at 167 East Fifty-sixth street, northwest corner 'lliird avenue. I^OR RENT?FROM JUNE I TO SEPIKMBER 1, A ' Floor of 6 rooms completely furnished p,r house keeping; all modern Improvements; desirable locution; reasonable reut. Address JOHN, Herald Uptown Brunch offlee. IARGE FURNISHED ROOMS To LET?WITH ALL J conveniences; a No Parlor; terms reasonable. 131 West Thirty-fifth street TO LET-PART OF A NEATLY FURNISHED t;OT tage House, with piano; gnrden in front; dcslruhle location. Apply to Mr. HART. 77a iiixlli avenue. 1ST HOUSE FROM FIFTH AVENUE. NO. 3 WEST J Thirtieth street.?Elegant l'arlors; also large, airy Rooms, ut reasonable rules. Q OR 4 GENTLEMEN DESIRING LABGE, WKLL O ventilated Chambers on the second floor, unexcep tionubly furnished, In a central location, con secure the same, at re isotiaide ran. for the Summer, by applying at 145 high ill street, near Broadway. 1 OH WEST FORTY-FIFTH STREET.-TO LET A lsL'f neatlv furnished Parlor Floor, sultiblo for two gentlemen, without board; also two small Rooms, in u private lainllv. Ur EAST FIFTEENTH KTREKT.?FURNISHED ?J Room, withont board, suitable tor two gentle n en, $.1 o week; large sized single Room, $.1 a week; house first class. <101 SIXTH AVENUE.?NKW LY AND HAND ZtLt I somely furnished Rooms, singly or en saite; pri late fam lly ; first block on Sixth avenue; references. OOQ WEST ELEVENTH STREET -VERY NICELY furnished Apartments to a -mall tamilv (adults), siiltahln for housekeeping; or entire Second Floor through to partv of gentlemen; low private; rooms large ami airy ; neighborhood unexceptionable and cen tral; rent reasonable. IIOO WEST FOURTH STREET. CORNER TI N: II street?Larue and pleasant furnished Rooms to let without board. IKFIKMMIEI) KOO.IH AND A I'A11T MESTS TO LKT. A -TO LKT, WITHIN ONE BLOCK of FIFTH ? avenue and below Fifty-.eventh street, the hund somrst and most complete French Flats ever erected on thlspontlnent; a corner and one Inside Flat, 9 large rooms, all lighted; rent moderate. Small first class iHinllies only need applv. IN0 Sixth avenue, bttween Hltv-flith and Fifty-sixth streets. A $30 SECOND FLOOR IN NINTH WARD-THREE rooms; private bouse, water and gis.alsoa First Floor and Basement, seven rooms, In West Twentieth street; rent low. WALTER N. MONTAGUE. Real Estate Agent. Eighth nr. and Twenty-first street AT 112 THIRTEENTH STRKKT, NEAR FOURTH avenue?Five Rooms on second floor, fit ted for housekeeping; modern Improvements, all con Venn nces on same floor; rent $3.1. Apply in st ire. ABASF.MF.NT AND PAELOR FLOOR. WITH ALL the modern Improvements, to October I or May I, 1-73. Inquire of K. TAGGART, W3 Hudson street. APARTMENTS AND PARTS OF HOUSES-RENTS $1.1 to $.H) per inon'h ; also a Furnished Kassment and Parlor Floor. Inqnlre ot K. TAGGART, 5tt! lluds< n .t A FRONT ROOM, WITH BKDROOM ATTACHED? Also a single Room, at moderate terms. 44 Fourth avenue, opposite Bible Hones. "L^OUR ROOMS ON UPPER FLOOR IN HOUSE 171 r West Twenty-third street, to small ftomtlv, without children. For permit Inquire st 113 West Twenty-fourth street, near Sixth avenue. Handsome floor to let-corner house, overlooking Reservoir Park, six pleasant rooms, with beautiful view. Apply at WW Sixth avenue, corner Fortieth street. TO LLT-A FIR T FLOOR OF A HIGH STOOP House (?lx rooms), with modern Improvements; very desirable neighborhood. Apply at 4ol West Forty' fourth street TO LET-UPPER PART OF BROWN STONE HOUSE. S.'S East Forty Ilrst street, consisting of second floor and part of third floor; goei bouse and neighborhood. Inquire on premises. r i EAST TWENTIETH STREET.?TEN BEAUTIFUL ? )*x Room-, in corner house; will rent in floors for housekeeping or gentlemen; location unsurpassed; only out mall tamilv in the house. OWKsT KLKVENTn STRKKT.?VERY KESIIt able Rooms to let on first, second nnd third floors; house first class, and unusually dcslrublc as a Summer residence ; terms moderate ; references. B. OHY (.<>??>. ALTMAN A CO. W'LL OFFER THIS DAT, MONDAY, JUNE 2, TO CLOSE OUT the BALANCE OF WORSTED, MOHAIR AND POPLIN DRESS GOODS ^ (,RK VTLV REDUCED PRICES. A l.*<o BLACK AND STRIPj'.D obbnadinek, LINEN BATISTE anil FINE CllAMERTINEB. Silk and Wool GRENADINES, and pluld and laUft ?trlpcd, in BLACK and COLORS. Abo all the new shades colored GRENADINES, In brocade patterns, and ftail UneB.joJCK 4m( MOCimyQ GOODS. 1 lot elegant black and white GRENADINES at 1 I llicit and blue, i Also ; I.i n k and green, >'27c. per yard. (black and lavender, ) B. ALTMAN A CO., ouslkhhping goods H SIXTH VENUE._ o( every description LACE CURTAINS, MARSEILLES QUILTS, COU.NTKSl'ANKS, 1AB..K COVERS. PIANO COVER* TOlLhT COVERS. LACK TIDIES. TART F r.TN Dinner! lucuklust und I.irnch NAPKINS and DOILI18 T? i A e.lS, CRASH KS, LINEN AND MUSLIN SHEETINGS AND PILLOX* CASINGS, Ac., Ac., at GREAT UAR3AIXS. B. B. ALTMAN A CO., 331 AND 7.33 ST XT II AV.Nt'E ALTMAN A CO. wiliroffer THIS day, *iON UAV, Juno In addition to those adve rtised yosterday, CHILDREN'S extra Ann Thread Cloves, 27c., 35c. and 10o CHILDREN'S Silk Gloves, 4ftc., 50c., 00c? pair. GENTS' flue Lisle Thread Gloves tor 2flc. to 75c. pair. COACHMEN'S Lisle und Berlin Glove*. LADIES' and GENTS' l'erinot and Curvolsier KIU GLOVES. I Sl'r4n*cu,or? iu 1, 2, 3 and 4 bullous. LADIES' KID GLOVES, 2 button-. SI per pair. LADIES' KID uLOVES, 3 buttons, 31 40 per pair. HANDKERCHIEF ??????? LADIES' IINEN Hemstitched Handkerchief*, 28c.; $3 lKdVus*1 I'.INEN Hemstitched Handkerchief*, 30c.; $3 50 lK'|?'7iNEN Ilemstltchod Handkerchief*, 38c.; $4 LAWKS'* LINEN Hemstltchi ' Handkerchiefs, 40c.; J4 5# T.tVn ks^LINKN Hemstitched Handkerchiefs, 48c.; $J La'iHKS''LINEN Hemstitched Handkerchiefs, 50c.; $5 71 per dozi n. LADIES' LINEN LAWN Hemstitched Handkerchiefs, LAlVlV^)'' ^liNEN LAWN Embroidered Handkerchiefs $1 25. LADIES'C 't ''ape Border, 12,'?c. to 22c. | GENT!" n lied Handkerchief . 28e.; $3 pet GENTS' i.' .tuned nandkerchleft, 30c.; $3 80 p#l GENTS' Linen Hemmed Handkerchiefs, 35c.; $4 pel gk'nts' ' .i en Hemmed Handkerehiels, 46'.; $5 pel GENTS' 1. ii Hemmed Handkerchiefs, BUc.; $5 75 pel do/cti. B. ALTMAN A CO.. SIVl'lC avenue, Near Twenty-first street. IC K OOOO CCCCC H II BBSS K K O O C ? II If " H 8 K K O O C OH H ? H K K O O C H H S KK O O C HHIIHini 8SSS IC K O O O H H H K K O O O C II ft ? If K O O O O II II 8 8 K oooo ccccc it H ssss ? y ^ and Carinlno streets.^ l adles' and Children's Suit*. Linen Vm;* and Polonaises in (treat variety from $3. $4, *5 to $15. Fine white Lawn Suits for Ladies and Misses, richly trimmed, at very low prices. AIho Ladles' Knits made to order in best stvle at shortest no-ice, and at most re i oiniHe rates. DKLtib GOODS I DRESS GOOD8I loosing out. Spring s'vles at half price. Beautiful Poplins 2.V.. marked down from 80c. Rich Mignonette Poplins 3lc., marked down troin 83c. Also Just from auction Grenadines! Grenadines! BOO piece* tram I2f^.. 30r.. X*:. up to 61c., all *reut bargains. 41 vcrv hatidsiime Summer Shawl* in tolld colored stripes, only $2 25, actual value $4 7A Lire Shawls and fneques very cheap. Piack wiiite and colored Grenadine Miawls ut unction prices, at KOCH'S. Carmine and Bleeeker streets. RE AI LACKS AND EMBROIDERIES.?OWING TO the near approach of the time tor ladies to leavs ? !,<. r?tv we will ofler some extraordinary bargains, closing several lots of Black Thread. Gultmro. Vak, Ecru and white Chenr. Heal Point. Point Xopllane.Valen clennes, Real and French. Spanish and French Blondei all lit less than cost to Import. '''i*"'" nh" p "j -armies from auction. < ape*. Flehus, Veil*. Fara ol Cover? Bnrhes, Coiffures, Ac. R. al Lace Collars. Sets. Iln'idk'erchteis, 10,000 yard- Hamburg Edgings uiidln settii n* I asscinenleale*, Fringes and Ornaments. BEN N ETT WILMA M S, 77.1 B-nid way. OTItAW GOODS AT THE GREAT EAST SIDE ESTABLISHMENT, Grate: street. New York. PARASOLS, SPECIALTIES. FANS, SPECIALTIES Oro* grain Ribbons, sa?h Ribbon*, at SOc. up. French Flowers, blue Turnuotae 'new shade*), Vienn* Goods, Ottlrtlxcil Goot*. Silver-plated 'Vare. Leather Goods Ken. Lai es. Lace Shawm, Undergarments, Neck tie* arid Soarls. Changeable Parasols. KID GLOVES. One hntton 'new shades), nt 4V:. Two buttons. At75c. and $1 a pair. Corset* at 56c., 75c., 85c., $1 up. Every department crowded with the cheapestgoodi i offered for eight years. EfiWAHD RIDLEY A SON, '100 111 and 3111; Grand street, and 82, M, M.M and 71 Alien M , tittti block east troiii the Bowery. New \ork. YAt'llTH. HTEAWBOAT9, AC; UfANTFD?TO BUY OR CHARTER, A LIGHT VV drsiitr'it Steamboat; must be speedy, sn I table for nnssenuei > and freiirht, as well as capable or standing RSavv weather. Address J. W. EMBURY. 180 Broml way, room 3. iirANTED?AN OPEN B?>aT, t)B HALF-DECKED, Y> (with cockpit) sloop or cat rtg; with or without spars or sails; a navy launch preferred; about 22 to 28 leet long, 7 to 10 teet beam ; gowl depth of hold; keel or centre board; must be fair sailer, weatherly boat; sound and In itood condition: state lowest cash price and wl. .-re to be seen. Address, for one week, K. 0., bo* 1,722 Post office. i WASTED?A SLOOP YACHT. ABOUT ?0 FFP.T LONG Vf Address, with lull part.culars, bo* :?# New York Post office. d|1 A AGO WORTH OF BOATS, ALL SIZES AND JblU.UUU kind*; 80 second hand V J?*? cheap, at my shop*. 368 and S73 boHpRTS Harlem River. STEPHEN ROHEKTa. WANTED TO Pl'HCHAHt: ? Greenwood cemf.tkry.-wantr'd, <y*R more Lot*. Addrsss, with parUcuUra, hoi Poet office, New York. s rroaAomu A- iwRAOKT^WKST SIDE STORAGE WARE" house* !W, 634. f>3C Hudson Street, 779 GreenwiOJ *et and 1J Abingdon ?iuare-F,r Furnltiire ll'.n,^ Trunks Bagrage and all other kin < ot famlly pror' rt\ FaJnlUes -luiut breaking.up house k eplng.or go t'K ?' S? a,,....,;,,;;;;!... Offices W8 Hudson street, u?a< ?Cit ,

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