Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 2, 1873, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 2, 1873 Page 11
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?ITTTATTOiyg WAKTKD-FKNALEK. Coolca. 4Be. 1 I EAST JTTU ST.?A FIBST CLASH PROTESTANT X1 cook in a private faally; would go a abort distance " *? country; best reference. Of* WEST 3D ST., PBESBNT EMPLOYBB'8.-TWO ?" competent young women; one M first clasa cook; the other aa first clasa waltreaa; city or coon try. jn WBST 1STH ST., BEAK-A BESPECTABLB Tt" woman to cook. wa?h and Iron in a (mall private family reaiding In the city; undaratanda her business-, good city reference. A O WEST 49TH ST.?AS COOK IN A PRIVATE Tfamily; thoroughly competent: no objection to go a short diatance in the country; excellent city rufereuce. A O WK8T S7TH ST.-TWO RESPECTABLB YOUNO " U women; one aa competent cook; tbe other aa chambermaid and seamstress or to mind children and a<-w, can operate on Wilson's machine; willing and obliging; country preferred. Call at present employer'*. OABMINB ST?A MIDDLE AOED WOMAN AS cook in a private family; alio, her daughter a* ?waitress or to take care of children; bast city reference. Qft 2T MARE'S PLACE.?A BESPECTABLB YOUNG . .. ,r/?*"?apt woman as cook; understands cooking In all its branches; gijod city reference. Call or add rasa. inn west 20th ST.?A RESPBCTABLB YOUNo -l'{" girl as firs' rla?s cook; no objection to assist with washing; best relerence: in a private lainlly. 1 |M 7TH AV.-AS FIBST class COOK IN A ?A" k private family; understands her buMness thoroughly In soups, meats, pastry aud Jellies; an excel lent baker; good city reference. Call for two days. mwest 18TH ST.. neak 6TH AV, SECOND floor.?A respectable woman as first rate cook; jio ohjactiou to assist with the coarse washing; city ret' erence. 1 11 WEST 15TH ST.?A BESPRCTABLE youno -AAA woman as first class cook; understands cakes and pastry: would go to the couutry for the Summer; best city reference. 1 WB8T *TH ST.?A COOK FOR A PRIVATE A-^vJ family, who thoroughly understands her busi ness; best city reference; will assist with washing If re quired. 1 99 WEST 19TH ST., RKAB, TOP FLOOR.?AS Ai. . first class English cook, public or private ; would line to go to the seubide for the Summer; city rol'ereuce. Apply or address. _i . ?')oa city references. ,n *?sUing and irun EAST 2STH ST.?AS FIBST CLASS MEAT AND "" paltry cook; no objection to a first class boarding house or a short distance in the country; bekt city refer ??lice. 1 'iQ WEST 25TI1 ST., BINO BELL 18.-AS NURSE XO?7 or chambermaid or as plain cook in a private futility, In the country or city, by a Protestant woman; four years' city references from her last place. 1<?9 WEST J8TH ST., BETWEEN 6TH AND 7TH 1 r^j a vs.? Two respectable young women, one as cook, the other as chambermaid; best city references from last place. 1 WEST 2STH ST., FIBST FLOOR, FRONT.?AN X?)U experienced woman as first class cook; under stands all kinds of meats, soups, pastry and jellies; best city relcrence. Call tor two days. TC/r WEST 27TH ST.? AN EXPERIENCED WOMAN as an excellent cook; first class baker; good ref erence; no objection to country. 1 WEST 28TH ST.?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN ?IwO as good cook: thoroughly understands her busi ness; country preferred; understands milk and butter; references. 1 fTQ EAST 30TH ST.?A bespectablb TOITNO X'tO woman in a small private famliv as good plain ?cook and to assist In the washing; good city reference. "1 CI WEST 41 ST ST., BETWEEN BBOADWAT AND J-UA 7th av.?A young girl as good cook, washer and Ironer; good reference from last place. 1QO SD AV._TWO SISTERS; ONE AS COOK, WASH LO/U er and Ironer; the other at chambermaid and waitress^ both willing to work; good city reference. 909 WEST 25TH ST.?TWO YOUNG GIRLS, SIS tern, one as good cook, the other as good cham bermaid and waitress, in a private family; both are ex cellent washers and ironers; two noat, smart, clean girls, with good city relerence. 9flQ WEST 44TII ST., PBESENT EMPLOYER'S.?A jJlfO competent woman as cook In a private ftmily; understands net business thoroughly in all its branches. 91Q 1ST AV.?A RE8FBCTABLB YOUNO WOMAN ?L*J as cook, washer and ironer; good city reference if required. 91 A WEST 27TH ST.? KIBST CLASS ENGLISH cook in private or public families; city or country; best city reference. 990 WKST 2TTII ST.?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN as first class cook : no objection to do the coarse washing, best city reference. 99A WEST 19TH ST.? A respectable GIRL AS At!1! cook, washer and ironer; good references. Cull for two days. 90 C WEST 27TH ST.. ROOM 8.-A RESPECTABLE woman as cook: knows her business; no objection to go a short distance in the country; will assist In wash Ing and ironing If required; good city relerence. 907 EAST 28TII ST.?A YOUNO OIBL, WITII THE zj O I best of citv reference, to do plain cooking, wash ing and Ironing in a small private latnily. 9*11 WE8T ST.?A respectable YOUNO fttTti. woman aa child's nurse ; city or country; will do the child's washing; best city reference. <)Afi WEST SITH ST.?A BF.SPECTABLE OIRL AS XiTlU good plaiu cook and assist with coarse washing ; good reference. pnoK AND TO 306 019 EAST 34TH ST.-A RESPECTABLE WOMAN Oiii to cook, wash and iron; city references. '41 9 EAST 330 ST- NEAR 2D AV.?A YOUNO WO OJ.Z1 man as good cook; understands all kinds of meats, soups, cakc and jellies; no objection to the coun try for the summer; has good city reference. Ol C columbia ST., BROOKLYN.?A BESPECTA OJLtJ ble girl as cook In a private gentleman's lauilly; understands her business well; soups, paltry and fancy dishes; will be found most obliging; will not object to a small washing or to assist in washing. 090 WEST 17TH ST.-A protestant PERSON AS O&O good plain cook, washer and ironer; good refer ence. QOl WEST 2CTH 8T., ROOM 7.?PROTESTANT OIRL Oul to do plain cooking; Is a washer and ironer; best oity reference. QQ7 EAST S6TH 8T., FIRST FLOOR.-A YOUNG OO I woman to cook, wash and iron in a private family; good city reference. ?JQ7 EAST 39TH ST., FIRST FLOOR?A YOUNG OO I woman as good plain cook; no objection to assist in washing and ironing ; good city reference. Q A Q EAST SITU ST., BfcTWBEN 1ST AND JD AVS., ot<7 first flight up.?A respectable girl to do cooking and coarse washing; is a good biacuit baker; city refer ence. *JQ*J 8TH AV.-AS GOOD COOK, WASHER AND 0t70 ironer; or would <lochainberwork and waiting in a small litmily; no objection to the couutry; best references. OQO 1ST AV., IN FANCY STORE.-AS FIR8T CLASS Ot7?7 cook in a hotel, rcstanrant or large boarding house ; city preferred ; has a thorough knowledge of the busiaosa. city relerence. 4.0ft WE8T. 1?TII ST., RETWBEN 9TH AND 10TH "XI/(J ays.?A respectable middle-aged woman to cook, wash and Iron. Call for two days. /tlfi rast l#tl1- ht-.-a respectable young *tju woman as first class rook: no objections to city or country; is an excellent baker of bread aud biscuits has the best of city relerence. *17 EAST 17TH ST.-A respectable OIBL AS TTl I good plain 000k. washer and ironer in a private famiiv ; no objection to the country ; best city reference. A 97 'TH AV- BETWEEN 9SD AND 34TH STS -a rrLik young woman as cook in a private family; best ?oity reference. iCfi WEST ?2D ST., SECOND FLOOB, FBONT T'JV' room.?A respectable woman as plain cook in a private family; 14 years' reference from last place; or as waitress. Call for two daya A QU ?th av.-as first class cook in a pri. tOO vate family; thoroughly understands her busl ne?? in soups, meat-, pn-fric* aud Jellies; au excellent baker; good city reference. r AC 7H AV.?A KIKST CLAS8 COOK AND BAKER; ? )r>) can take entire charge of the kitchen; a board ing house preferred. Can be seen for two days. r \ e OBEENWICH ST.?A YOUNO WOMAN AS good plain cook, washer and ironer; good city reference from her last place. (TA/i SD AV.. SECOND FLOOR?A respbctablb I "O girl as cook and to assist in the washing and ironing; good city reterence. 70Q 7T" AV -A respectable WOMAN AS FIRST I Ut7 class coek. City reference. <) ^ i lrtT A v ? HKTWKEN 521) AND BSD 8TB., THIRD ?7?/~r floor, roeni A woman as first class cook; understands all kinds of English, French and German cooking, best city reference. 19/1/1 ,D AV - BETWEEN 68TH AND 88TH STS., .y'TT second floor, front room.?A good, hearty girl to cook, wash and iron; gooa city reference. Call for two days. A RESPECTABLE PEBSON WISHES A SITUATION as good family cook; understands all kinds ot cook ing ; would like tohave her daughter with her; Is capa ble ot waiting on table and making herself useful ; the best reference from Inst place. Address box 101 Herald Uptown Branch office. SITUATION BV A PROTKRTANT WOMAN AR first claas cook ot meats, tellies, bread and pastrv; ?ober and capable: good reference. Address COOK, Herald Uptown Branch office. Chambermaid*. Ac. 6 EAST SIST ST., HRR LAST PL*Ch.-A YOUNG girl a*chambermaid and lo do plaiu sewing; oan mw on Wheeler A Wilson's machine. Cltv reierence. grromowi wAWTKU-rKW*!'1"' , CJuimbcnuaid*. *?. 7 EAST 4ATH BT.-A CO* PETE NT J?*** I to de chamberwork and washing J*""'""'91 chambermaid or laamlres* alone; excellent relerence. __ n EA8T SSTH ST., PRESENT EMPLOYEE'S.?A I young woman at chambermaid or to take care of growing children. 1Q EAST STTH ST.?A LADY WISHES TO PI.ACE lO an excellent, capable woman u chambermaid and plain wwer. OQ BAST SIST ST.-AS CHAMBERMAID OR PAR OO lor maid by a competent Protectant young woman; a good wwer; beat city reference. _ rt\ WBST 17TH ST.. PRESENT EMPLOYER'S.-A DU reapectable young girl aa chambermaid or parlor maid; beat city reference. OA MADISON AV.?A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIRL Orr to do chamberwork and take care of growing chil dren ; or chamberwork and fine washing In a private fam ily ; be?t city relerence lrom last employer. Can bo seen for twg day*. OA LB BOY ST.?A RESPECTABLE YOl'NO OIRL Ot an chambermaid and to aaam with washing; best city relcrence. ITQ EAST 2JD ST., NEAB LEXINGTON AV.-A RE IXV spectable girl aa chambermaid and waitress; city reference. 1/IQ EAST 40TII ST.?A RESPECTABLE YOUNG lto girl to do chamberwork and waiting; no objec tion to the country ; beat city reterence. 1/IQ WEST 39TU 8T.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNG I'ly girl aa chambermaid and waitress in a private family; first class referenco. OIQ EAST 28TH ST.?A RESPECTABLE OIEL AS ZiO chambermaid and waitress: no objection to a private boarding house; best relerence. 017 EAST SBTU ST. (PRESENT RESIDENCE).?A /I | young girl a* chambermaid or waitress; would tnake herself generally usetul; would take care of chil dren; haa no ob)ectlon to the country; best city refer ence. Call for two day*- ? OOtl WEST 23D ST.. . SOUTH CORNEB OF 10TH //,) av.? A respectable young girl as chambermaid and waitress in & iomII private tamily; two years refer ence. 0/41 WEST 22D 8T.. FIRST FLOOR. FRONT room.?A respectable girl as ohambermaid and waitress; would assist with the washing it desired; will ing and obliging; three years' city reterence. CtA r EAST 1STH ST.?A RESPECTABLE YOl'NO ?*?0 girl as chambermaid and waitress or seamstress. Apply between 11 and ft. WEST SOTH ST.?A PROTESTANT OIRL AS ju iu chambermaid mid seamstress; no objection to the country for tho Summer ; good city relerence. 248 OAT EAST S2D ST.-TWO RESPECTABLE PROTES OU I tatu girls; one as chambermaid and to do sew ing ; the other as nurse; very willing and obliging; beat A Q WEST SIST ST.?AN ENGLISH PROTESTANT Jj^?\7 girl as chambermaid or waitress; would do housework; kind to children; no objection to the country. {)(? j WEST SSD ST.. IN STORE.-A BESPECTABLE girl as chambermaid and waitress or chamber maid una seamstress; good embroiderer; no objection to the country: best city reference. __ OQ r? 8TH AV.?A RESPECTABLE YODNO GIRL AS ZiOO chambermaid and to do sewing; 1s willing to make hersell useftil. Andreas M. A. O. EAST S2D ST.?TWO BESPECTABLE PROTES tant g ?j other i city relerence. Q1 Q EAST S4TH ST.?A RESPECTABLE GIRL OlO as chambermaid and waitress; no objection to do the flue washing, or would do housework for a small family; three years' reference. OOC EAST SSD ST.?A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OJjO girl to do chamberwork and waiting in a small family; is willing to go in the country for the Summer; years' relerence from last place. OO a EAST ?D ST.. BETWEEN 1ST AND 2D AV8? OOD second floor, front?A respectable young wo mwn as chambermaid in a private boarQing house; best city reference. Can be seen for two days. o70 WEST iSD ST.?A BESPECTABLE YOUNO OrrO woman as chambermaid or waitress, or would do general housework. OAK WEST 26TH ST.?A COMPETENT OIRL AS OT"O chambermaid and waitress; no objection to a short distance in the country; good city reference. ?TA C WEST MTH ST., FIB8T FLOOR.-A PROTES O40 tant girl as chambermaid or waitress; has no objection to the country. ' O -1 WEST 4SD ST.?A YOUNO OIRL TO DO CHAM ODl berwork and waiting and assist with washing and ironing; good city or country reference. EA8TM6TH 8T.-AS FIB8T CLASS C1IAMBER maid or waitress. 405 J OT 7TH AV., BETWEEN SSD AND S4TH 8T8.-A I competent girl as chambermaid and waitress in a private family; best city reterence. A OA WEST 26TH ST., BETWEEN 9TH AND 10TH ^-O't avs.?A Scotch girl, aged f7, to do chamberwork and waiting or assist in housework in a small private family; city references. A a A 7TH AV., RING THIRD BELL.?AN AMERI" 'IOt can woman, who thoroughly understands her business, as chambermaid and seamstress; good refer ence given. Call or address. A aa 8TII AV., BETWEEN SSD AND S4TH STS.-A 4tOD young girl a* chambermaid ai.d waitress; will assist with the washlug; best city reference from her last place. ? rf)l 1ST AV., BETWEEN SOTH AND SIST 8T?.?A OZ1 respectable young girl as chambermaid aud waitress; good city reference. r ja 3D AV., CORNER MTH ST.-A RESPECTABLE DtU young girl as chambermaid and seamstress; best city references. Dressmakers and Seamitreiwi. n wniTE'S PLACE, WEST 1RTH ST.-AS COMPETENT 1 seams'ress or would assist with chamberwork; can cut and fit children's clothes and do all kinds of fancy tewing; understands two machines; best city reference. fj PACIKIC PLACE (WEST 29TH ST.), BETWEEN ?TH O and 7th avs.?An experienced French dressmaker, who understands cutting and trimming in all Its branches, to go out by tho day or week In families; terms $2 per day; first class reference. Address Mme. KAMI). EAST 47TH ST.-A YOUNO FRENCH WOMAN, A good seamstress, wishes to find a situation as nurse tor growing children; best reference. Address Q.|C. 00 WEST 9TH ST.?MME. ORENIER DOES DRE8S OZ milking in all branches; elegant walking and evening costumes are made at short notice; charges less titan other first class reliable dressmakers. No sign. OT EAST 12TH ST.-A NEAT PROTESTANT GIRL 01 as seamstress and chambermaid; can dress hair neatly ; no objection to the country. Can be seen at present employer's. Call for two day. on WEPT 13TH ST-A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER Ot7 to work out by the day; can give everv satisfaction In cutting and fitting ladlesfdre?ses; good city reference. A Q MACDOUOAL ST.-A COMPF.TENT PRESS T-l? maker wishes a lew more engagements by tho day; terms $2 per (lay. Cajl or address. 1 A K WEST 24TH ST.-AS FIRST CLASS DRESS 14-0 maker, to go out by the day ; can cut and fit indies' aud children's dresses; walking suits In every style; can do all kinds of family sewing; can operate on three machine*; would go in the country. Call for three days. ICO WEST 48TH ST.?EXPERIENCED DRESS luO maker weuld go out by the day In private fami lies or tAkc work home ; cutting and fitting promptly done. Ring Janitor's bell. OA A 28TH ST.. CORNER OF SD AV.?A COMPETENT ZUU dressmaker wishes a few more engagements bv the day or week; can cut and fit ladles' and children's dresses and operate on Wheeler A Wilson's machine; can be highly recommended. 7n A WEST 27TH ST., FIRST FLOOR, IN THE Z 1 O rear ?A respectable young woman as good plain seamstress ia a private family; understands all family wearables, and if required can take care of a baby. 000 WKST27TH ST.. FIRST FLOOR, BACK ROOM. ZZo As expert operator on Wheeler A Wilson's ma chine and thoroughly understands all kinds ot family sewing and dressmaking, to go out by the day or week, with her own machine. ' OOK WEST 12TH ST.-AN AMERICAN PROTES ZZO taut woman as housekeeper, in the city or coun ts or to take charge of a gentleman's house for the Slimmer months; is well qualified to fill any position of trust; flrtt class references. _ I SOA EAST SIST ST.-AS A NO. 1 SEAMSTRESS IN A ZoVJ private family; can cut and fit ladles' and chil dren's dresses; with or without sewing machine ; no ob jection to the country. 2~~r r WEST 2flTH ST.-A FIRST CLASS DRE8S t)4: maker, who cuts, fits and trims In the latest I Htvles, solicits a lew more engagement! by the d*y or week. Call on or address M. A. C. 01 () EAST 331) ST., NEAR 2D AV.?A YOUNO OIRL ?ilZ as seamstrses and chmnbermald, or to mind ehll dnntcan operate on Wheeler A Wl'Isnn simachine and do all kinds et tancy sewing; no objection to the coun \ try; has good olty reference. OO! EAST S4TH ST.. FOURTH J1'00*--* L tent person to work bv the day; ^ * *ood dreai j maker; can cut And flt, do all kinds of Isrolly sewing, and work the machines. OQQ EAST S4TH ST.-A YOUNG OIRL AS PRRMA OOZ nent seamstress in a private family: anderstands dri'SAmakiiig; can operate on Wheeler A Wilsons 1 machine. Oall or address. QQ7 WBST 4IITH ST., BETWEEN NTH AND 9TH OO I av?.. top floor, back room.?A Protestant woman as family seamstress by the week; understanda dresa inaking and children's clothes: best reference. J1Q EAST 9TH ST.-A YOUNO OIRL IN A PRI tIu vate family as seamstress: I* a good operator on Wheeler A Wilson's and other machines ; no oblection to assist with chamberwork or to goto the country for the Summer months ,_be?t city reference. Call tor two days. 7i)f" ?TH AV? BFTWKEN16TH AND agTII ST8 - *T?iL A stylish dressmaker wishes the work ot a few more ftimlllea or ladles by the day or at her own home; call and see beautiful specimens and reference; old dresses made over as good as new; cutting and filling.^ 4rO 7TH AV.. IK THE FANCY STORE.?A FABH ? )j lonable dressmaker solicits engagement* by the day or week; terms medcrate; Is an expert operator. PQfJ JD AV.. NEAR SSD ST., IK THE BAKEBY.-A \JOO young lady who has her own machine, to go out by the rtay or week to do dressmaking, cnttlng and fitting. C7^i~SD AV.-A YOUNG OIEL WOULD LIKE A 0 I + taw more engagements by the day to work in 8rivat!> famltes; can cut and tit children's dresses; is a rst class operator on Wheeler A Wilson's machine; best ot references :hasa machine of her own if required. Ad dress SEAMSTRESS^ 1 AO?? SD AV.. BETWEEN ?18T AND BD STS._ l.UuO A respectable young girl would like a tew more engagement! to go out by the day or week to do family sewing; no objection to the country. Call or ad dress. A FIRST CLASS ~DRESSMAKER IN EVERY RE spect wishes a Tew more cusU>mer? by to* da/. Address VICTORIA, box. 1*0 Herald olfita. I ? WAIVTBO-runAljIU. Urrum>k?r? mm SeauitmMi. A 252T?STA"T T0lTN? WOMAN. A GOOD SEAM a?lst.nV ""I1 of-crator cuts, fits anit makes dresses, will I" " " ?n elderly lady or a child over three trs'vaii iw "if* Mi1' chamberwork: oily, country 2nid? *.?!1 '.none butnritClass Protestant ladles need Addra'Jh? ? j*" ?uy evening appointed after ?:*!. Address, till Wedn,-slay, JANB SINCLAIR, station E. A !IttST CLA88 DRESSM A KKK TO OO OCT BY TIIK Z,\lr"V'> good cutter and trimmer; none but flmt class n ,Tr__ d red- Address DRESSMAKER, bo* >11 Herald Uptown Branch office. l.m Broadway. A PROTESTANT GIRL WISHES A SITUATION A3 Jj ."?'Brtress and to a*elat In chamberwork; nooblec ?on to the country. Address L. 8.. bo* 172 Herald office. A FRENCH LADY, WHO KNOWS HOW TO CUT and tit well, and sewing every kind of work, withes to engage by the day. Address COC.S1.MKKE, Herald Uptown Branch office. General Housework. 4fe. W KING ST. ?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN TO DO dress guDeral I'onsework; city or country. Call or ad f?7 yE?T 18X11 ?T ~A RIMPICTABLK woman to * > \ do housework in a small private family; good city reference: willing and obliging. CQ CENTRE ST.-A RESPECTABLE GIRL TO DO general housework in a private family; good city reference. Call for two days. * *' 1 00 20 fi.T:,NEAR l8T AV.. FIRST FLOOR.-A RE A.Vii ypectable woman to do honsework In a small i.S?i, ? ?i a l00*! ?J,'".'11 c<>o,k. washer and ironer; no ob Jectlon to a short distance in the country. m NORFOLK ST.?A OOOD GERMAN OIRL TO Mi*1ii"li*s hoU8eworki to willing and obliging. 14-1 *?8T. 1S9,T? ,8T?A RESPECTABLE PRO testant girl, lately landed, to do general house 14-4- EA8T l"? ST.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNG ll>;^stTuy7.nre^encehOU*)W0rk m " 8ma11 14fi WKi8J MD 8J -A YOUNO OIRL TO DOGKN x era! t?useworkin_ a small American family. 1 50 Wf?HT 381,11 8T- "R8T FLOOR.?A RESPECT a) J"""* girt to do general housework; Is a reiertMic" 8r' wil"ng ?ud obliging; good 909 ^EuT 27TH 8T--A PROTESTANT WOMAN TO ndirence bous?work In a amall private family; good 904- EA.8T 47711 8T- N'EAR 3D AV., TWO PAIRS t,yj? SWP-A young JC'rl. lately landed, to do |'''a*70'k ?n ? ?mall private family; will be found will ingand obliging. 91 ^ fA8T 7<TH HT ?A RESPECTABLE OIRL TO iryj do general housework In a small private family; best city reference. Call or address. 91 Q WEST I7TH ST., TOP FLOOR, FRONT.?A ?JLU respectable voung girl, lust landed, to an general housework in a private family; willing and obliging. Can tie seen for two days. 9^0 10THAV" BETWEEN 24TH AND 2?TH 8TH., J\J second floor, back rooms.?A respectable girl to do general housework in a small private family; good city reference. -^00 F*.8T 681,11 .ST - TOI> FLOOR.?A YOUNG OIRL to do^etieraljiousework in a private family. '-407 7TH AV ~A YOUNG OIRL TO DO GENERAL \ Honwwork in a small private family; no objec tions to go a short distance In the country; best city reference. ' OQO EAST 35TH ST., BETWEEN 1ST AND 2D AVS. A voung girl, lately landed, to do general house work; no objection to the country. AY'l RKAR HOUSE. TOP FLOOR?TWO ',u" girls (sisters1. Just landed, anxious to lenrn housework, desire situations in a private family; refer 4-07 WK8T M.TH 8T- TOP floor, FRONT,-A rtu I respectable young woman to do general house work In a small private family: good city references. A or. WEST 418T ST., ROOM UO.-A RESPECTABLE ~ ,g,rldo general housework in a small family: good reference. *' WEST 19TH ST.?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN "TtMJ to do general housework in a small private fam famlly; good reference. 4-7^ ?ISr.AV- NEAR 29T1I ST.?A GOOD AND ~l'; obliging girl to do general housework. Call for two days. PJ01 ,WE.8H S3D ST.?A YOUNG GIRL. LATELY landed, to do general housework in a small Private family, or to take care of children and make her self generally useful. 749 SD AV .?A YOUNG OIRL. LATELY LANDED, to do general housework In a private family. 7 ^0 WEST MST 8T ? TWO FLIGHTS UP, BACK. ' l , A young girl, lately landed, to do general house work; is a good plain cook, washer and ironer. QOQ 9TH AV.?A YOUNG GIRL. LATELY LANDED, to do general housework In a small family ; no objection to the country. Address MARY. 3D AV., RINO THE FOURTH BELL.?A YOUNG y Klrl to do general housework in a small private lannly; best city reference from her last place. QQft 2D AV., IN THE FANCY 8TORE.-A YOUNG yu,y woman to do general housework In a small family ;Js a good washer and Ironer; good city reference. 1 0^4. 8D AV- BETWEEN 62D AND 6,'ID ~8Th] 1 .yrffr second floor.?A respectable rlrl to do general housework in a private family; city reference. 1 OJ.ft 2n AV- BETWEEN MTH AND 66TH ST.s., third floor, back room.?A young girl to do the entire housework of a small private" mmily in city or country; best city references. Cull on Monday. Hoaiekeepen1 <fcr. Tn AMITY ST., FRONT BASEMENT.?A YOUNG 'J lady as housekeeper In a widower's lutnlly. Q1 SD AV., SECOND FLOOR.?A MIDDLE-AGED UA American woman as housekeeper for a widower; no objection to children or the country: a good home an oblect; city references. Call for two (lays. inn WEST 28TH ST.?AN AMERICAN LADY AS AW/ housekeeper in a hotel or nny Dosillon ot trust; city or country. Address HOUSEKEEPER. 1Q0 WEST 10TH ST.?A LADY, TRUSTWORTHY 1 fJ\J and respectacle, as housekeeper In a widower's family; city or country. Call for two days from 10 to 0. OOQ WEST 10TH 81., NEAR HUDSON.?TO BE 7 housekeeper to an elderly gentleman or widower. Call all the week. 979 7TII 8T.-A8 HOUShKEEI'ER BY A MIDDLE Si,'. & American widow. Call on or addrosa Mrs. NELSON. No triflers. O9O EAST 69TH 8T.-AN INTELLIGENT YOUNG person as housekeeper, or any other position of trust; good reference. Address ALICE M. QQft WEST S2D ST., NEAR 8TTI AV.-AN AMERI. GOU can woman as working housekeeper; thoroughly understands her business and Is a neat, plain sewer. QO7 WEST MTII-ST., TOP FLOOR, FRONT ROOM.? *J*J I A respectable colored woman a* housekeeper. Call or address. Q'JQ WEST MTII 81.-A RESPECTABLE GIRL TO GOU do general housework; Is an excellent washer and ironer; city or country; good city reierence from last place. Oft9 IOTII AV., FOURTH FWOR, BETWEEN BOTH and Slst st?A settled German woman as housekeeper for a widower, or as cook in a small private family; no objection to the country. 47ft WEST S6TH 8T.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNG T ? O woman to do general housework in a small prl vute family ; Is willing to make herself generally useful" QQ J 10TH AV.?A HIGHLY REHPECTABLE LADY* OoO as housekeeper, and her daughter as chamber maid or waitress or assistant housekeeper; no objection to a hotel or the country; best reference. Inuulre for two days for Mrs. SCHWAkTZ. 4 A LADY WHO 18 A PERFECT HOTEL HOU8E keeper, desires a situation In a first clasa hotel; best references can be given. Addrci* E. N., Herald office. A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT AMERICAN LADY as housekeeper In a first class hotel in or out of the city; best of references. For particulars Inuulre ot Mr. Burrcpuw'tis St .lames Hotel. "IITANTED?BY A YOUNG WIDOW LADY-OF RE tt flnement a position as housekeeper tor a widower or bachelor; triflers need not answer. Address W. D Herald office. Lanadreuri. 4us. 97 GOERCK ST., IN BASEMENT.?LADIES' SUITS ^1 done up In first class style, with French fluting; also gentlemen's and family washing. J! WEST 44TH ST., BETWEEN 5TH AND ?TH AVS . T" L second floor, front room. ?A respectable colored woman wishes a few gentlemen's or families' washing. GROVE ST.?AS FIRST CLASH COLORED Mouse cleaner or washer sml ironer hy the day 66 lftQ EA8T MTII ST.. CORNER 4TH AV.-AN EX perlenced laundress solicits washing and Iron ing to do at home; family washing, linens, Ac., done in superior style: excellent reterenres. mWE8T 15TH ST.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman as first class laundress; understands tinting; no objection to do chainberwork if required ; no objection to the country; city reierence. 199 WEST 4UTII" ST. ? A REHPECTABLE OIRL AS lanndreiM; city references; no objection to the country. 140 WENT SI8J 8T-A RESPECTABLE young 1 Try woman *1 ant class laundres* in a private fam ily ; best city reference. 144 WEST SOTH ST., FIR8T FLOOR.-A RE I it wectable woman to do a few more families' washing by the dozen or month; laces of every descilo tion done; fluting, Ac. 14C WEST SATE 8T.-A RESPECTABLE GIRlTs ITU Isundresn. chambermaid and tine washer; em ployer can be seen; best city referene?. Call for two day*. "I r A SD AV ?A PROTESTANT A8 PLAIN CfK)K OR X'fT as laundress; will be contented with moderate wages If she may have her little girl, a well behaved child. 7 years of age. with her; would go the country, if

desired. Call or address. 9ft9 EAST 20TH ST.?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN as first class laundress; no objection to tiio country ; Newport preferred . bent city reference. 919 WEST 2BTII ST-A REHPECTABLE WOMAN Li IjU wishes ladles'and gentlemen's washing st her own home; fiutlug done In the neatest style. Apply to or address Mrs. NJBUMVIR 1 91 A_ WE8T 27TH ST., SECOND FLOOR, BACK ?A respectable girl as first class laundress; under stands fluting by machine; no oblection to aasUt wltt any other kind ot work , good reference 910 EAST MTII ST., THIRD FLOOR, -AN EX I'K f ... rlenced French laandruisolictte geutlemcn * ant fauiltUs' washing. hantki>-fkmai,ks. ^?undreiMt, ate. 227 S8T" ST- TOP 't'OOR.?A RESPECTA IriniVw 'i'" W'M,,?n Would like to get til." WMh CaVoraddrwi reBP??Uble fauii'tes or gautiemen. 237 1TJ!'HT (n'll ST.-A respectable YOUNG country ** laundress in ? private faintly; oily or 24-0 ??LT *,?TJ,T- TOP ^''<>?>R. FRONT ROOM ? Cn^incr .mH ?? I young woman to bo out bv the duy SffuSKi' Iroulnu or koiue cleaning, or to make her 24-1 J?u?.T|.2.4Ti' 8T?A YOCNO OIRL AS FIRST encea cifur ad.iro*"1 uu4er?u,,J'? <="* refir 246 ST-IN T,IE kkar.-a respec wiLhiSTT??11 w.<)ma" "Uif" gentlemen'* or families waning to do at her own home ; city reference. 252 giff,,""!. aT- If* T1,g RKAR.-A RE. V.i I**? table widow woman to go out bv the dav Klunsr or hoUlM"'l<>?nlnir; would take wasli IngJoherjmnJioiiiie^good city reference. 277 ^fn8rT,.',9irH ST- 0VER GROCERY STORE.-A ~(."Wc^l1'?Mn ?'> K? out to do lUr'a work, or would tafce In washing ; references. V1^ a ' " HO7 Ewn1n.n8I'.1 <|S1\~A, RESP*f'TARL,E. STEADY w?Vh.n7^.i. i? . ,.ol*M laundress; would cook, Oaiu?raddrwil ?"??? family; good city reference. QQ1 WEST SSTH ST.. SECOND FLOOR FRONT tiXla^-Ud^ ??r ?en msz&s POJSSSSSSSVS. 34-0 wRntI.'MST |8T _A 'lEsl'KCTABI.E WOMAN Stakentt"Wd*y'work iu <"8 ?k.<" ?*"?? 4-22 ?'fll ?fiT ~A VOUNO GIRL as latin asmail fSSJlfv ?J llr,t.cll?*< family; would not ob|ect to yt'ara clty^fcrence?? ' C?U"try Uot ^^tedto; two 452 ?ETWEEN 87TH AND 28TH STS ,T^ A respectable woman a* first claw laundress. or ' (HffiUwnnl?l 12?'tf'k' "n; 1,81 riu,ll(' K,rl 8 >"earn old whom steffVit?i&wSSf?with "flr- n?ubiecuon i??'? 540 JD.?A\ vP?KNER 361,11 ST.. TOP FLOOR.?A I'~" re*pt'ctable woman want* washing at her own home; understands It thoroughly; bent city reference. 54-0 7JH AV r^ Respectable woman wisher y^'' to go out by the day to do washing aua ironing; *.* >??d "Ml'er and Ironor. Call or address. 1^94. EAHT fT" 8t' third floor, fronw r..?iiiF.> r1!B^C fbl? wi(,"w woman wishes to take In nmilles, ladies' or gentlemen's washing and Ironing; primping and tinting: <?r would go out by the day. 1^4-4- 55L AV_A 'rRfT CLASS laundress i ..? ~ wishes """c Kcntlemen's and I ad lea' flue wash ing. can do flue dresses and tluting; beat city reference. 2!} AV. THIRD floor room.-a first w.V.,,Lc.'.aK wishes ladies' and gentlemen'* washing at her own home; doe* all kind* ol (luting; or would go out by the day; good reference*. Call all week. r?'\ uV-; top floor.?a german woman to take in lamlly washing or go out bv the day. 4'^ 2P AV., TOP FLOOR, RACK.?A RESPECT able woman wants washing and ironing at her own home; or would go out by the day; good reier Nnran, <Kc. O EAST 38TII ST.-A RELIABLE YOUNO WOMAN trust worthy and competent nurse for growing ?.*??n.or wllin* a,l(l obliging; first class city reference. Call lor two day*. O NORTH washington SQUARE.?A RESPECT referenceWOmaU " nuri1? ,0 5roun? children; beat city A EAST 29TH ST.?A LADY WISH Eg TO PROCURE T ? aituation lor an holiest, faithtul and re*pectablo to.ii rseia/ 1,0'"'"tress or to wait on an invalid lady and do plain aewing. 10 ?LI.NT.?'V. ''LACE, NEAR BROADWAY.?A Al- J W('ma,n a" "urse; accustomed to tho care ot an infant and plain scwlnp; best city reference. -IO WEST 44TH ST.-AS NURSK, BY A COMPETENT l.*J woman who Is thoroughly experienced in the care I"ut"5?t?hJ,lrcn: c?Pable of taking entire charge of an inrant; many year*' city reierence. OQ WEST 45TII ST., NEAR BTH AV.-A RKSPECTA ^?Kib.1?,-T0tu,"'"!lr' ."sin'?n?'" n,ir!W : i" trustful, and hfSh -??!. ?^ Kl,M?n,lre c'large of an infant from it* birth, with the bottle or otherwise ; has long and satla factorv reference. Can be neen at present employer's. 4-fi WE8T ?T" ST.?A YOUNG PROTESTANT GIRL nu.MC a"d ?oamrtrcM or chambermaid and city?eterence*lna B willing; city or country; best m WALKER ST., THIRD FLOOR, FRONT.?A respectable young woman to mind children and 10 no plain *< wing. Call for two days. 107 T55? 330 ht ~a respectable woman as city reference* nuri0 ' lever*' years' expurleuce; best 11 WEST IPTH ST.?A YOUNG GIRL AS NURSE for two "Jygi80am,',ru,,? flrrt c,a6g city reference. Call m division sr.?a respeptable'youno girl to take careof children and do plain sewing; no da* *'iort distance in tho country. Call for two 1 }VFBT 377,1 ST.-A RESPECTABLE PROTEsl V ?.nt B,irl n"! ''est reierence; highly recom mended irom her last place. Addre**. /on 1 'iQ yEST 28X11. HT < CORNER 7.TH AV.-A YOUNG American girl to mind children and assist with housework; city reference. 1 f?0 THOMPSON ST.. TOP FLOOR.-A~R~ESPFCTA .V ble young woman as wet nurse; no objection to the country. Call for two days. , m SPRING ST.?AN AMERICAN WIDOW LADY a* nurse and seamstress In a first class family can cut and flt; operates on Wlllco* 4 Ulbbs' machlnc. Call on or address A. B. M MADISON AV. (PRESENT EMPLOYER'S).?A respectable young woman as nurse and seam stress or to assist with chainberwork; can operate on different machines; good city reference. 90Q WfcST 38TH ST.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman as competent infant * nurse; can take fi" K .C!lre.of "n lnJ*nJ from birth and bring it up by the bottle; Is very fond of children; good pluia sewer no objection to tho country ; willing and obliging three' years' city reference. Cafl from luto 4. 91 9 ?:AST "Til ST BETWEEN 2D AND SD AVS - . .iT?<> respectable girls; ono as nurse and seam streas. the other as chambermaid and waitress. Cation Monday. 91 O 7TH AV BETWEEN 22D AND 23D STsZI Tl,) /fp"ch Protestant woman to take care of chil dren and to do sewing; best city reference. QOI EAST ZiST ST., ROOM 7.?A YOUNG AMFRIPA v herwlf use'tuT ,ak? caro of chlWren; ?? willing to make 940 4JH,A,y?an experienced middle-aged English person, Protestant, who has brought ufl a young family, who will testily as to her ability aa nurse or houselieeper. '? "? 9fi9 WEST *TH ST. (PRESENT EMPLOYER'S)._A preferred ? Tounggul aa child's nurse; conntry 97ft WEST 2STH ST., SECOND FLOOR ? A Vof'Vu Z I O girl, 15 years old to assist in the care ofchl dren and make kerself generally useful. ren Q90 ^'A,?T W" ST.?A RESPECTABLE YOUNG ch amber work!"16 Ul"'C<'' " """? ai,<J ^ d" Unlit 331 reSironcef * C'mr,?e 01 a bu,,y ""om Its birth! ?T,i QQQ 4JH?AJr-as nurse, by an experienced 0?>?J English I rotestant woman, who has had inanv yean' experience with young children ; thorough ^un derstands the managoraent of a nursery; competent u. take entire charge of an Infant lrom birth; can give un doubted city reierence. ' *'ve un 34Q* ,6TH ST., CORNER OF 1ST AV., IN THE , j9. store.?Two respectable young girls (latelv landed); one as nurse and plain sewer, the other as ?wo"day"U Wa"rea,; cl,y or conntry. Call for 302 nur?K8 8T' BROOKLYN?AS MONTHLY Q71 1ST AV. ?A YOUNO WOMAN. WITH A FRFSII Oil breast of mlllt, to go out as wet nurse A ES" 446 ^tafJta^rf A RESPKCTAHLE OIRL, fond ^ children* rit ,nd pl,,,n ??v"y 459 AT '.JN T,1E LAD'RS' furnishing . , store.?^As thorongh Infant's nnrse by a Protes tant young woman; Is capable ot taking sole eharie and of bringing It up by the bottle; excellent citv re^rema' no obiertlon to the country. renrence, 400 itV#A.?POM 1XTA* AMERICAN GIRT, i V agt d 17, to take care of childr<-n and assist in the chainberwork. Can be aeen for two day#. QQJ- 6t" avk\ 8"WD FLOOR, BACK ROOM-A OOt respectable young woman to take care of chi* AS NURSE, BY AN ENGLISH protestant WliM*V who thoroughly understands the car.- of yoongehll' {"frth' anTmli'niVns'Jl m ohar"'' an Infant from Ifirtn iiiiii lull diadavi tn?'nt of a nnr#rv can irive th?? SISm n P^fCharnCt?r tml Ad dress O. Y. X., Iiemld t ptown Branch office. \ COLORED GIRL AS NURSE; SO il. n r Z.' nS.K?."ntrjrK'""' c,tv reter-nce Ad dress II. V., New Brighton, S. I., care of Mrs. (loodhue. A REgPRCTABLE YOUNO OIRL AS NCRHR; cam 'Waitresses, Ale. C EAST .VTH ST.?A LADY WISHES TO PROCURE A ft situation tor a respectable voting woman as waitress or chainbennaid and waitre.. or to take , are A cUU dren and sew; Penertly itniierstatHis her bujlnew hi either eupaelty; has SH years' roioreni e. 4-4 "Til st.?a lady lkavino the city *??1: wishes a situation tor her waitress. /((1 WEST 44th ST.?AS FIRST UlJkHS WAITRF^S or chambermaid; city reference WAITRESS 19ft yE.81*! ,9TH COMpBTRNT OIRL AS 1 w') first class waitress In a Private tatnllv ? willing and obliglug; best city rtn?r?Bc? ftgni last eiapwj er. JflTl/ATIOWS WANTKD?FYlIf AIsBft. WattrMMi, Ac. 2CJ*i nm AV ?A RRSPRCTABLR YOUNG RTRL AR '/*' 4>f*t class waitress, or would do chan(t?rwork erence't?m ; no objection to the country; best clfy ret *>f?U LKXINOTON AV?A YOUNQ OIRL Af* W*JKress and chambermaid; no objection to the Country. C?u beseen at preseut employer's. ?^f>0 JrF:sT ??> 8T., THIRD KLOOR?AS WAIT. bu,?aM;rKi^ur^r;??W: 0Be understands her fi4.5 ?TJL Av- C?""** 4BTH ST.?A YOUNG WO en(,# 1 lan waitreas or chambermaid : good refer S'TCMANTR,)-as first class waitress: tlorisC.^ coruer ^'it'anil sth av. ,rul" ,0luZ' ?l Miscellaneous. O VABICK PLACE.?AN INTELLIGENT. RELIABLE woman an companion to an invalid ludv country for the Summer; I* a neat ?*rr and is wllllug to make bfTM'lf tisoftil; compensation not AQ fl? AV CORNER OK I3TII ST.-A YOUNG ii . K|rl ?? wait on a lady or to take charge of a child. Apply lor two day*. 11 u" art ATTORNEY 8T.-A YOITNO OIRL AS LADY'S ";Lna^dE?KU.h? C"amberW0,k; ?? s'?'?k ftQ BAST 10T1I ST.. irp HTAIRS.-A SKTTLRD lam childrenWOnl*" " y'" n>*id' to trrre,or Wttlt on 79 EilKRJ IHI ' BR??Kf'VN -A MOST RELIABLE ?-i^-*rfin.9hJ*',v ?* travelling companion, or would tako care ot children; speaks the Parisian French, ami It OaU l5rCtwoday*.*III,lreM: unexcepUo,",ble references. 19S V^HST ??TH ST., ROOM 2?AN EXPERIENCED ..__,'ranch lady as nursery governess; utiexception address re"oe" ?? 10 character, ability, As. Call or I EAST MTH ST.-A TOUNO ENGLISH LADY, d.VkV. .wb0 '* wcl1 ?cq??tnUid with all part* of England, wishes to accompany a tamlly there- willing to make hersell useDil In any position. Address. 285 fl' AV?A YOUNG LADY To ATTEND IN A Call on or aVdr^s M A.'"" **"' ??>nerally usetu[. 4-OfJ WKST MTH ST.-A OIRL (14 YEARS OLD) TO make lierselt uselul in a private family. f)3f> If^KKWWIOH ST?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN and irnnlni n?n the flrst of tho week washil.g t'ftU iti the grocery itoro. boxCrot H?raldCoffl?,'nd*tJOm Kivo" 11 Ati*iru,i- M']re" AN ACTIVE YOUNO ENGLISH Wo^TAN AS AT tendant to a family about to travel to Eumnc has crossed the ocean five limes; will make herself i/enernHv STira' h"'*r5'' Address, for three dnvs, Miss ?^a<l rJmif NIami. N. KbvW' ^^ore" riem'p A YOITNO PERSON OK EDUCATION AND REFINE, nient, accustomed to good society, desires a situa. won ax companion or to instruot and take charge of chll iilllii"?! .^ec o" to th? country. Address TllEREHE Herald Uptown Branch office. ' SITUATION WANTED?BY A KRENCII OOVERNESS, t??-hia hH.* ?Willy in teaching children and knows how to cat and At well; speaks throe langiiagns; r?Te,: *dT re'S.r,'nee- Address UOV KUNKSS, Herald Uptown BraiichNilllee. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A KIRST CXA8S La TT dies maid, from Krench partofSwIlzerland: knows her buHiiiesk thoroughly in halrdreHslug anil ilrcsimak Fn?iini.#fl Ar br?nc,,,,|c speakn French, German and FnifliMh flueutlj; has fterTeii for neveral vears inl'uris K?^M5gWert*Md4.t?b,*'ned' A(ldru^LADV'S MA,D' Intelligence Ofllrea. rjERMAN SERVANTS FOR ALL OAPACITIRS, CA A* P"ble??"<1 trustworthy coiiHtantiy found at 318 Bowory. Entrance on Bleeckerst. Mrs. LOWE. PROFESSIOBTAltSlTVATIOllIS WANTED. fEMALEN. A POSITION AS PRIVATR SECRETARY, COPY'IST or housekeeper dosired hy a young lady In need of immediate financial assistance. Address ANXIOUS, bo* li9 Herald office. A LADY. EXPERIENCED IN TEACIIINO, IN tu. ?.^'iC. 1 {?0M whose education has been neglected. The English branches. French, Music and Drawing. Grammar Reading and Writing reccive special attention. Termsi moderate. A Krench lady or gentleman can re ceire liMtructlon free. TEACHER. 13U East 41st ?t A LADY, THOROUGHLY WELL EDUCATED. A tcaclier of many years'experience, would liko copy ing or any kind of writing for the Summer, or would act as amanuensis or secretary for a few hours daily: tho highest references given. Address WRITER, statii.n D. A YOUNG LADY WISHES TO TkAVEL WITII A 'iy ?.r, famllivj"r copying for lawyers, or other hon orable position.^ Address K. A. B., Post office, New York. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GERMAN GIRL to take care of grown children, to teaeli th>>m Ger man and do sewing; city reierence. Address E. 8 llerald Uptown Branch office. A LADY. WITH TWELVE YEARS' EXPERIENCE IN the tuition of adults and children will give dally In struction in the rudlincntal and higher Engll-h branches in exchange for first class table board; unquestionable references given. Address R. J. M., box 2,241 Post office. HELP WAWTED-PBMALEni A CHANCE TO LRARN TELEORAPHyT?MEN^ women, boys and girls learn and take positions; de mand (or operators; no vacation. THOMPSON'S Col lege, J) ttn av., opposite Cooper Institute. ANGKLL'S TURKISH BATHS, 61 LEXINGTON AV.? Wanted, two first clans Protestant girls, neither oioer than 15 \ears; one laundress, onu waitresa; wages $IStotJO; references required. A WORKING HOUSEKEEPER WANTED-TO TAKE ? ch"t? "f t,M' ,'ower part of a large boarding hoase. Apply at the Grove House, 1(6 Bleecker at. A SEAMSTRESS WANTED?OW* WHO CAN WORK on Wheeler A Wilson machine, at UB East 114th at. (iiarli'inl; relerenco required. AOERMAN OR FRENCH OIRL WANTED?AS nurse and to do light chambcrwork ; good wages paid to a competent person; must have city reference Apply at 247 East 7l?t ft. A NURSE FOR AN INVALID?ONE WILLING TO go to the country ; must read well; terms moderate sVrbst ore on Mond*y a,1<1 Tuesday, at 134 West A ^OPERATORS ON WHEELER A wTlSON'S mX ? chine wanted to cord corseta; steady work the whole year at 527 West 23d ?t. J Ar,":^? .^rRfiT CLASS DRESSMAKERS WANTED? At 119 West 30th st A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTED?TO DO WASIL ing. ironing and general housework In n small family ; must be well recommended. Apply, between 10' A. M. and I P. M , at 266 West St (lOOK WANTED?IN A PKIVATK KAMII.v7 aT'?M J petent woman who understands Krench cooking An Ply at 133 East lath st., between 10 and 12 o'clock this morning. flOOK WANTED-AN EXPERIENCED COLORED^WO \J man; best city references required. Apply Monday morning, botween ?and 11 o'clock, at 620 5th av. C1HAMBERMAID AND LAUNDRESS WANTED (COL J ored).?Best city rcrerences required. Apply Monday morning, botween !> and 11 o'clock, at 521) 5th av. J ^KESSMAKERS WANTED-AT 110 WEST 2UTII ST RESSMAKERS AND IMPROVERS WANTED?AT 274 6th av. Come prepared to work J) F-MRST CLASS iDRKSSMAKKRS?also. OPERATORS on gent's shirt* wanted, at LORD A TAYLOR'S, uor ner Grand and Chrystie streets. CMRL8 WANTED IMMEDIATELY?KOR KIRST CLASa J" situations: citv and country. Come and see. ODELl.'S, 10j> West iMtli st . near Broadway. MILMNERS WANTED?TWENTY I'lltST CLASS milliners. Apply to E. RIDLEY k SON, Grand st coi ner of Alien. SILK HAT TRIMMERS WANTED-AT DUNLAP k CO.'S, SX Broadway. Seamstress wanted-in a small private family; one who can work on Orovcr k linker's or Wheeler A Wilson's machine, and understands dress making and willing to make herself generally u-i-tul noac other need apply; oity reference required. Call at 70 7tli iiv., near 1 ttli st. TWO SILK IIATTRIMMERS WANTED.-.! CALL AH\N A Co., 140 Bowery, between Grand and Bn>oinc streets. New York. TWO NEAT. RESPECTABLE GIRLS KOB A SMALL private family, in a city a short ride from New York ; one a? good cook, wa?her and lroner; the other tor chain Ix'rwork and waiting; good reierence required. Auulv from 1" till at 26 West 15th ?t. - \IMNTED-A TOUNO PERSON WHO IS A THor! ff ough seamstress and hairdresser. Apply at IS Waverley place, between 10 ami 2 o'clock. w ANTED?BXPKRIKNCED SALESWOMEN KG laces, ribbon*, millinery and hosiery. R. MEARES. corner st. and 6th av. WANTED-A KIRST CLASS DRRSSMAKER, ONE who is ready to work .must be highly recommended. Apply ai .83 I-exingtoo ar., corner 6l?t st. "I1T ANTED?TWO GIRLS, SISTERS PREFERRED; TT mm must boa first clasa cook, tlie other a first class laundress. Applv at 20 West 60th st.. near #th av. ANTED?OPERATORS ON WHEELER A WILSON' * machines, on fiua cnstoia shirt work. HARRISON A CHI'HCII, 613 Broadway. w "llr ANTED?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN TO WET v ? nnrse ? voting babv a few miles distsnt from the cit]r^ Inquire 317 East 80th St., near 1st av., from 8 ? 11 WANTED?A PROTESTANT GIRL KOR GENERAL housewwk; one that understands how tv cook, wash and Irom; a German preferred, with city reierenoe Apply at SI West 3d st ' WANTED?A PROTESTANT GIRL FOR GENERAL ?1 boose work, one who has no obleetton to children Apply, with relettuce. at 433 West 4ath ?t. Ring second WANTED?SEVERAL KIRST CLASS UfcK?SMAKEI;8 at I,ii64 M av , corner ot Wd st Ucui? on Monday. V\rANTED?TWO EXPKRIENI EO DRESSMAKERS ?n WhCCl?r A " WANTED-A CHAMBERMAID WHO IS WILLING 60th st!? |wlth wasliD\g and ironing, at Zi? Kasi II'AM'KI) A TIDY 'URL, It TO 16 YEARS T( J .t references Call, after 9 o'clock A i M . at A*? W^at 2Mii betweeo 7th *ud StU ava. ? hklf wamtru-prmai.wa. WAWp-* SMART, TIDY OIKL TO TA?K CARS ?f of a baby, two years old, and mike h?r?e|i <t?>i.r*iir umiul. Apply to Mlis DOW LING, 157 Km*. 3Jd at WANTED?A FIRST CLASH SEAMSTRESS AKI) lady's malil; middle aired; willing in guts'the country tor tlie Summer. Apply belore 2 o'clock ac O East26tb at WANTED-A WOMAN, IN A KAMI 1ft of t wo ad nil* and three cltildrcn. as good |) I t.-.i* cnok (must understand pantry) mid first class ivm!i,-? ai?d ironer. am) to tnkf entire charge of basement rioor (Including dining room) au<t willing to keep tmuw tor gentleman lor all or eight week* during ahsence of tamflv in the country; good waves and a permanent place to a competent and willing woman Apply, with good city reierenre, from II to 1, at 4o9 West rvtth at \irANTED-TO OO into TUB COUNTRY KOlt FOUR tt months, two girls. one as laundress, the other aa waitress; must lie competent, willing and oblivitiif, ttiu beat oi city references required. Apply at 143 Kail 36th at., between ID and 12 o'clock. WAN?D-LADIES WISHING GENTEEL AND ARO. TY rltalilc business can make $3 to $7 per day. soliciting orders; convenient little article, wanted by all classes. <115 Broadway, up stairs, office I. WANTED?A COOK, SWISS OB FRENCH FOR TUB country, one hour by rail from New York. Apply on Mundav, June 2, from' l'i to 4 o'clock, at 12 Cottage place, between It lewder and Houston sta. WANTED-A FIRST CLASS BOSOM STITCHER AND ?Y ahirt finisher for custom worlt; highest wagea paid. Apply at 156 Waverly place. WANTED-A GIRL. WHO HAS HAD' SOMB KXPB rience, to work in a bread ana cake store; refereoee required. Apply at 14T 3d av., corner 15th St. WANTED?A TRI7HTWORTHY, RELIABLE WOHA1T TT to take charve and do the work of the lower part or the bouse; a good cnok and baker; wit? good refer ences. Apply at 740 5th ar., corner of 82d at, from ? tIR 12 Hi-lock. naaaiasal WANTED-TWO GIRLS; laundress AND TO Afl tt slat in chamberwork, alao cook and to aaalat la general housework, to go In country for the Sainmar. Apply at 250 East Alst ?t. WANTED?SIX FIRST CLASS WAITERS; SINGLE men prelerred. None but those who thoroughly1 undcrstao I their business need apply at tlie CITY BBS TAURANT, .193 Fulton St., Brooklyn. WANTED, IMMEDIATELY?A Tltl'STWORTIIY, ItB apectalile girl us cook III a private family-, must assist In washing and bring cltv referoncea: Ger man preferred. Apply at 271 Madison a v., from- 11 to 9 o'clock. tlTANTED?A (Hill. TO DO (IENEHAL housework; tt one to take care of growing children; In aiuali private family; first claaa reference* required. Apply at to 7th ar. ANTED?ONB PASTRY COOK IN THE BEHTAff rant, fl.1 Ludlow ft ANTED?THtlBE GOOD MILLINERS AND ONB trimmer. Mra. REDMOND, mm Mil nr. w w w w w WANTED-A SMART INTELLIGENT YOUNG GIBL. as seamstress in a w blower's family; must under stand her business and have reference. Apply in the More, .'<45 (irand it, WANTED?A FBBNOH LADY'S MAID, WHO SPEARS some Oermnn and must be a good dressmaker and' hairdresser, to accompany a lady to Eurotie; wagea $2fc Apply at O'DELL'B, 109 West 34th it ANTED?A FEW OOOD DRESSMAKERS; TUB best of wages will bo given. 313 3d a v., near 24tlt at ANTED-A HALF-GROWN OIRL, 14 Oil 1? YKABB old. Apply at 52 West 24th at ANTED?DRESSMAKERS. MVtE. T. B. NOB, TO' Broadway, up btulrs. WANTED-A SMART, MANAOINO. RESPECTABLR dairy woman and neat housekeeper. not over M years, to take sole charge of a siaall dairy and house, rflcely located; situation permanent; two hours by rail Irom city; none need anply not accustomed to the bn?t nesa. Address, with particulars, FARM OWNER, box IM Herald office. WANTED-A BESPECTABLE WOMAN, TO NURSE A. VT baby on the bottle, at Iter own home. Apply at 108 West SOtli st., between 9 and 10 A. M. "WANTED-A PKOTESTANT GIRL, TO DO UPSTAIRS TT work in a small family a short distance In the country. Apply, Irom It to 12 o'clock, at 311 West '-'3d st WANTED?SEVERAL FIRST CUSS DRESS makers, to work on waists and polonaises: none bat competent hands need apply at basement, IUB West 42dst YOUNG LADIES TAUGHT THE USE OF WILLCOI ft Gihbs' sewing machine, with pay to commence at once. M. N. CHASE A CO.. 713 Broadway. *l(r A WEEK CAN BK MADE-THREE BX perienced ladv canvassers wanted, Immediately. Apply to J. It MINER A CO., 5511 Broadway, room 6. dfcOA WEKKLY.-MME. IIARDINGE WILL IN ipOU struct ludies in her new and elegant business, by which they can remain at homo and make $10 weekly; taught in three hours. 26 East 49th si., corner Madi son av. SITUATIONS WANTED?MALES. A BOY WISHES A SITUATION AH ERRAND BOY.? Can read and write English and German. Addreaa 57 Pearl st.. third floor. _ A YOUNG MAN OF 18. OF EDUCATION AND ABIL itv. desires a position in any capacity; unexcep tional references; salary $5 per week. Address II., box 114 Herald Uptown Branch office. AS WAITER,?WANTED, A HITI'ATION, BY A KE spectahle young man, In a gentleman's family; would like to go in the conntry. Address B. F., enro J. J. Moress, grocers, corner University place and 121b st AYOUNO MAN, LATELY LANDED, DESIRES A situation In a do-tor's office; writes a 'air hand ; wl I make himself generally useful. Call at oraddresafiM West 43d st. A FIRST CLASS WAITER WISHES A SITUATION in a private family: understands his business thor oughly and has unexceptionable references from present and former employers; no obiectien fo the country. Call ut or uddrciwX7l Broadway, pharmacy. A SITUATION WANTED?IN TUP. CITY OR CO UN trv, by a middle-aged, single, a's-ady nmn to Lake care of horses and make hiinself useiul. Address J. O. B., Herald office. A SHORT HAND WBITER OF SEVERAL YEARS' experience is open to an engagement Addreai I'll ON OUR A I'll ER, Herald office. A SITUATION AS BARTENDER WANTED?BY A man long In mv employ; I can thoroughly recom mend him In every way. O. II. TYLER, 87 and 89 nudson st, corner Harrison. A SITUATION W ANTED?BY A YOUNll CHINA man, as cook; thoroughly understands his business. Apply at 34 Mott st A first class waiter wishes a situation in a respectable private family; thoroughly compe tent, sober and steady; has first oiass reference. Address M. M. C., 425 fith ar. FIRST CLASS FRENCH MAN COOK WISHES A situation In private family or boarding bouae or hotel. Address D. A., Herald Uptown Branch office. BOOM OB SECOND MAN'S PLACE WANTED? I.T By a thoroughly experienced Scotchman, age 12, newly arrived. Call at or addrefi 103 East 41st st A SITUATION WANTED?BY A FIRST CLASS EXPRBI enced male cook, iu a hotel; first class city refereuce. Apply at 156 Spring^st SITUATION WANTED?BY A CAPABLE WAITBB (Swiss) in a first class private family, cltv or country; best reference. Call at or address 487 6th a fruit store. IO MERCHANTS AND MANUFACTURERS.?A MAN of tine sddress and conversational powers, Judff> T men' and energy, desires the agency for anv good article, or would collect for a large concern; re'erenoes un doubted and security if necessary. Address AOENT, box 2,7(9 Post office, slating the business. \\J ANTED?BY A COMPETENT M\\, A SITUATION TT as winter in a private fatnllv; no olilectlon bi the country. Call at present employer's, 3:1 Clinton place. ANTED-A SITUATION A8 PORTER IN TUB TT wholesale liquor business, by a stout young man. from the country; reference from last employer. Ad ureaa UAl'lJEB, Ilcrsld Uptown Branch office. \1'ANTED-A SITUATION AS BUTLER OR WAITRR. TT for t'iC city or country; he understands his busi ness pertectlv; good city reference. Address M. B., box IIJ Herald Uptown Branch office. QPO WEST 4IST HT ?A HOOD, 8TBONG YOUNG ? >?)?> man w ishes a situation at any kind of domestic labor; would make lilmseil generally useful; city orcoua try; country preferred; gotiil city ri tereuce. ( I.KRKM AKI) gALR?WK^ \CCOUNT8.?RIGHT LANGUAOM: ARitilARS written up ; booksdexised to meet special requira menfs: books opened, kept, examined or biilnnccd. JAMES COX. Removed to 51 New street, room 13. V YOUNH HERMAN (21), WELL Ai'yUAlNTRD? in-the wholesalo clothing and drv goods wants a sit* nation, best reference. Address L. M K , Herald offloe. \ YOUNG MAN. AS CLOTITTNG SALESMAN, RR qulres s re ejengement: long experience; Is alao well acquainted 'rlth the routine of tho pawtibrodlng btisiaese; can engage for either; Is a good writer; can assist in bookkeeping; understands aermati: unexcep. ti..liablecity retewnce. Address, till Frldi^, A. FIL11HNR, ?its Weat 'Will st uesr 8th av. T)Y A RKSPEtTABI.K MAJtBIED M *N AS SHIPPING l> clerk, collector, or any position where a steadv, re-, sponsible man would be required : citv reference." Ad dress .I.J. U.. Brooklyn Btauch lleriUd office, tt 149 Fui ton st, Brooklyn. nRUOUlBT?LICENSED. Mtl)DLRvAOEl,< REFEBs cir.-es. Address G. T. T., Brooklyn Btanch Herald office. TTIURNTTtTBE 8ALWMAN?A FIRST CLASS FUR. r niture wtlesman. (laving a large. vaiuAble trade, iu desirous ot engaging with a fijst class, house. Addreaa. tor ?int? week, i l RNlTURE TUADE. kUti ali office. _ /1ROCF.BY CLERK WANTED?AT 9? GRAXD 8T.? \ J Brooklyn. JOSEPH c.nAY,_ A DBUG CLERK, THOROUGHLY COM tt petent atsl not at raid oi work. Apyly, altar IR iVeloi'K. at 218 Court st, Hrooklyu WANTED?A GOOD UENERVL DHY HOODS SALES. t t man; also a smart, active bay wbo can apeak Gee* taau. Apply at 321 1st av. WANTED?A GERMAN SALF.SUAN IN A RETAIL TT bout and shoe store; uue ha.ving lona experienca In the business preferred. Address K. KKKNAN, 197 Columbia st., Brooklyn. /ANTED?A YOUNO MAN EXPERIENCED IN THR " dry and fancy ge??ls bnUness. 5;u :td av. (I A US BBOTHBRS. w WANTED-A SALESMAN, CALLING ON JOBBING Vf and fancy houaes, t<( s?ll an article now in faria demand Address J. (1. K. station II, Bible House. WANTED-A SALESMAN AND B MiKKKEPBR IN Vt hat and ftar house; good salary, ttis^busiuMa It preUrred. 4? *onUo^r ^

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