Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 2, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 2, 1873 Page 2
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18T HOU8E WEST OK FIFTH AVENUE -HAND 1 somely furnished Rooms tor families i.r single urn tie Dim, with first class Bourd. No. 7 WestTwenry-nlnthst. 1 MAGNIFICENTLY FURNISHED DOUBLE ROOM ?ml bath room, In a family's own elegant house, to gentlemen, with Breakfast; references exchanged; neighborhood unexceptionable. 201 Second avenue. 1WKI.I. FURNISHED AIRY FRONT ROOM, WITH large pantrv; good Hoard; bath and gas. $IH tor two; also Rooms tor gentlemen, $7. 42 Grove street, between Hudson and Bleecker. 1DEPAU ROW (15S BLEECKER STREET).-PLEAS ant, cool, air}' and neatly furnished Room*, with ex cellent Hoard: family Rooms, $12 to $1?>; single Rooms, $i> to $8. WEST WASHINOTO.N' PLACE, TW(t DOURS FROM >t Mardouk'ul street?A large square furnished Room, on fourth floor, to let, with Board, lor gentleman and wile or two siugle gentlemen. d!?f? TO Sin PER WEEK, SI ?? PER DAY.?NICELY ?IP" turnished Rooms, with excellent Board, tor faint lies or Kindle persons, at ISO Bleecker street, nix blocks west of Hroau way. (J?7 TO S10 PER WEEK.?IIALL ROOM; DOUBLE ?P I Room for gentleman and wife. $14; also one at $20, with first class Hoard, at 154 and IM Waverley place. 9 THIRD AVENUE.?A FEW RESPECTABLE MEN can have good Board and pleasant Rooms tor $A 60 to $8 per week; table boarders $4 ft); dinner only 23 cents. 9 EAST NINTH ST El ET, BETWEEN UNIVERSITY place and Fifth avenue.?Hoard, Summer prices; double and single Rooms; double Room, upper floor; $6 to $10; table board $4 1 9 CLINTON PLACR, NEAR BROADWAY.?ROOMS i-Jj to let, on first and second floors, to families or tin gle gentlemen, with or without Board. 1 OTH STREET (WEST. 134), BETWEEN SIXTH AND JLO seventh avenues, first class location.? Handsomely furnished second story Room, with Board; terms mod erate; private family; liberal table; references required. 1 /rril STREET, 238 EAST, OPPOSITE THE PARK ? 1?) Nicely furnished Rooms, with Hoard, to fumilies or single person-, at Summer prices; reference!. I S WEST FORTY-THIRD STREET ?PLEASANT lU furnished Boom*. with Board, near Fifth avenue. 91 WEST THIRTIETH STREET, OPPOSITE PRIV ATE _ 1 entrance to Giliev Hoiwe.?Elegant Suit of three or four Rooms, with or without Board. 91 ST STREET (GRAMERCY PARK).?BOARf), WITH ui Inn e, elegantly iuriiished Rooms, bath. ,tc., second floor. Iron ling ou the Park; private table if preferred; best rttcrenoe. 137 East Twenty first street. 20D 8TREET, NO. 114, ONE BLOCK EAST OF MADI O son square.?Elegantly furnished large front Room, alto Hall Room, to let, with first cluss Bourd; price moderate; references. i)(* CLINTON PLACE (WEST OF BROADWAY), O Eighth street?Newly furnished Rooms, for inan and wl:a or single gentlemen, with or without Board; everything comfortable ; terms moderate. OQT1I STREET (106 WESTl.-ENGLISH FAMILY I)E ?iO sire to let their Second Floor, hath connecting ; one Room on third floor; privute table, or would let without board; reference. OO WEST Till RTY THIRD STREET, NEAR FIFTH Ou avenue.?Second Floor, en suite or separately, with Board; also other large un.i Muall Rooms, lor families and gentlemen ; also hall Room. , CO EAST EIGHTEENTH STREET,?HANDSOMELY OO furnished Rooms to let, to gentlemen, large and ?mall, with or without Board; private table if desired', terms moderate. Oft EAST TWENTY.FIRST STREET.?THE COM Ol) forts of a refined home, with Handsome suit of Rooms and liberal table; Room for gentlemen; retor ?nces exchanged. Oft WEST NINTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH AND O'J Sixth avenues.?Cool, airy Rooms to rent, with or without Board: also vacancies, tor a lew day boarders; house and location first class. Q7 WEST FOURTEENTH STREET.?HANDSOMELY 0 I furnUIied large Rooms to let, with first class Board, to een'leman ana wife or single gentlemen; rctorences exchanged. OQ EAST TWENTIETH STREET?A SECOND OO Floor, with private tuble, or without board, also Rooms for single gentlemen ? references. OQ WEST TWENTY-SIXTIl STREET.-PLEASANT 0?7 Rooms; all floors quiet and homelike; suits for families, with or without table; excellent; prices reason able. A(\ EAST NINTH STREET, NEAR BROADWAY.?TO xU let, with or without Board, large Rooms on second floor; slnule Rooms for gentlemen; transient aud day boarders accommodated. /4 1ST STREET, 141 WEST?DELIGHTFUL LOCATION jrJ_ for Summer.?Lurge hull Rooms, hot and cold water; Room suitable for two sontlemen. at $1G, with Break'ast; unexceptionable references exchanged. A 9 SOUTH WASHINGTON SQUARE, THIRD DOOR r?j from Macdougal street.?Furnished Rooms to let, with Board, tor families and singlo gentlemen; day boarders taken ; terms moderate. 4r PARK AVENUE, SOUTHEAST CORNER TWR ') ty-seventh street.?Handsomely furnished Roomg to lft, with Bojird, at Summer prices. QO LEXINGTON AVENUE.?TWO LARGE FUR OO tnstictl Rooms to let, together or otherwise, to single gentlemen or geutleman aud wile, with or w ithout Board. m SEVENTH AVENUE, NEAR FIFTEENTH 'J 1 street.?Furnished Rooms, wjih Board, to let to gentlemen or gentw uian and wile ; references. ?190 WEST FORTY-FIFTH STREET.?ELEGANTLY .1 A**) furnished Rooms, single or in suits, to rent, with or without Roaid, to a family or single gentlemen; a part? desiring a eomiortable home will find this an un usual opportunity ; references exchanged. 919 WEST FORTY-FIFTH STREET.?DESIRABLE mIa Rooms to let, with Board, for families or gentle men. 99O WEST THIRTY-THIHI) STREET.?LARGE _ ? ? ? front Room on second floor to let, with Hoard; also hall Uoom aitach. d to gentleman and wife, or single parties: all modem conveniences; terms moderate. 9.-/J WEST THIETY-FOUBTH STREET.?A pri ?*?)') vaie family will let, with or without Board, a coo' btnl'si ir,e. nicely turnished Purlor Floor, two, with Boaru $JL . < r Jkoms separately. Ol (1 PEC1 'ND AVENUE.?TWO HANDSOMELY FUR OI ?" t >?.?? . ; s. with or without Hoard; hot and cold wati r c nae. ;< >1 w iih 1 ail) ro, m : also small Room; good location, star a beauiitul little park. A SINGLE GENTLEMAN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED with good Board and well furnished Room In a re fined privaie tamilv, west side, near Fourteenth street Address SATISFACTION, box 1^3 Herald olllce. A LADY, OCCUPYING AN ELEGANTLY FUR nished house, tn first cliis-location, ha ^ a beautiful Suit ot Rooms tor feiitleinan ami wife; Hoard for lady ony. People who can appreciate elegance mid who are w illing to pay tor It may address REFINEMENT, box 122 Herald Uptown Branch oftlce. THE HOUSE 97 CLINTON PLACE IS NOW OPEN tor Boarder", having bee?i entirely renovated and newlv furnished; those wishing a pleasant home can have a choice tr m 20 very pleasant rooms; good beds instead of B. 3. F. BOARD AMD LODGING WANTED. i YOUNG GENTLEMAN DESIRES BOARD AND -V Room In 11 quiet. Christian family ; neighborhood of Twenty-third street and Fourth avenue. References ex changed. Add re-- giving terms, which must Ijc reason able, J. F. < . Herald office, A SINGLE GENTLEMAN WANTS PERMANENT Hoard in a private taicllv; no boarding house ; east side; below Thirty-tonrtli street Address WAV &RLY, box 10# Herald ofliee. Board wanted?for a young lady in PEI vatc family, in central location; not to exceed $12 per week - with a widow lady preierred; reterenei given and required. Address HAYS, ileruld I plown Branch Oftlee. Al'ANTKD?BOARD AND PLEASANT FRONT ROOM, Vt with a private family, for gentleman and wile, con venient to Broadway cars Address, wit'i lull pailieu Int-M ml terms, which must be moderate, G. K , box 116 Herald Uptown Branch ottlce. BROOKLYN BOARD. OH ORANGE STREET, CORNER OF HICK. FIVE O'l minutes' walk to the terries.?Pleusant Rooms und 11 rst class Board, 111 a French lamily. HOTELS. /FALLEN HOUSE, 1G6 HUDSON STREET, CORNER \J of I.alght.?Excellent Hoard, $?'. to $7 Bil per week, with single Room; single Room, without bo aid, i: ami upwards; Lodging, M cents; gentlemen only. Open all night /^ROVE HOUSE, 172, 174, 176 AND 171 BLEECKER iT street, six blocks west of Broadway.?Fine Rooms, with excellent Board, for families ami single, $! SO to $J per day ; $7 to $12 per week. Large, shady yards, cro quet ground, Ac. ___ T IHBY HOTEL, ONE BLOCK FROM CITY HALL, 56 IJ Warren street?outside Rooms, 30c. a dav, $2 to week; lamily Roorm, $1 to $1 Wa day, $4 to $4 u week. N'EVV ENGLAND HOTEL. 30 BOWERY. CORNER OF Bayard street.?2i*? light Rooms, neatly furnished, l>c. or 60c. per night, $2 00 to $4 per week; for gentlemen only. IV'AVERLEY HOUSE, 759 BROADWAY.?A FIRST tt class family hotel; $-' a day; $9 to $12 a week; Rooms, without hoard, 75c. to $1 a dur, family Rooms. $1 00 and $2 a dav. COUNT It Y HOAHD. A FEW ADULTS CAN BE ACCOMMODATED AT Forest Dell, In the villnye of CliiVurack, Columbia county, with first class Board and Rooms; bvlladton River Railroad three hours from New York ; the above are the finest residence and grounds In Columbia county. Address FOREST DELL, box 10 Post oftlee, Claveraek, N. Y. A FAMILY WISHES TO ENGAGR A FEW BOARD ers tor the season at a private residence two miles from PeekskilL Address J W. W? Peekskill (N. Y.) Post oftlce. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL TAKB A FEW HOARD \ ers?Have pleasant rooms; beautiful location; vicinity of the Catskllls; terms moderate. For particulars tddress Mra C. H. HUMPHREY, Durham,Grevuecounty, N. Y. AFRW FAMILIES CAN RE ACCOMMODATED WITH large, airy Rooms on the banks of the Hudson, tbr > mliesnorth of Newburg; healthy location: neithei 1. \cr nor mosquitoes, t all on or address H. W. Ml'RTFl.i.Dl, box 1JV Post oftlce, Newburg. N. J. Best summer board-private family; ex. cedent locality; especial regard to health: lutein ten tea re for children ; i asv access from New York. Ad dress A. GORDON PORTER, I'uiouvllle, Hartford ceunty, Colin. Board at east orange, 45 minutes from New York, five minutes from urove street station ; first tflaw Board tor gentleman and wife or single gentle m*l!i fopi V ,u Per Address II. T. LfRtlHT Agent casl Orange. N. J. COVWTIlT BOARD.^ sssss room 18. \jggSBMmwaetutra Providence, N.J. ? CvmTNTFtV no \KI)?AMONG Til ft CATSKll.L MOI S* Jtillsi?li-?H!iiit drives, romantic walks, pleutv of ?? trout stream near the hou?e ; good plain Ublo wim Plen V o, ,?|lk and vegetables. MlCro; CRAPSKB. yuarrjrviile, Ulster county, N. Y? or 72 Duaue street. __ /lOlTWTBV BOARD IN MORRI8TOWN.?LAWN, CRO I; nuot ground, ample shade, irult, bathroom, Ac.; flvo itilniitCH* walk from depot and churches. Address Mrs, L S., care George W. Kin*, Jeweller, Morrlatowu. M.J. thirst clash hoard at larchwood?ix hours Jf irom New York; handsomely turni*h?d; tine view and drives; m>a bathing; Rood fool and stabling;splendid lawn, shadv walksmoa groves; every comfort Address C. E. II., blix 444 Post office. South Norwulk. liMRST CLASS BOARD MAY RK HAD AT RSOPUS; r high ground. plenty of shade, croquet ground, eggs, chickcus. milk, all kinds ot irmt and vegetables la sea son; term* $8 per week. Boats leave loot o! Harrlsou street daily at 4 P. M.; arrive at lisopus about# I. >J. Loiutloii miles up the Hudson, fall ou or adslrc? w ?? w. wise, Ksopm (W. y.i Port offica. SUMMER BOARDINO?AT ON K OK THE MOST DE Hghtlul and healthy lo*?ttoMl^ew Jersey ; reaohejl by boat or cars. WII lllNO ION, bouth Am boy. N. J. SI'MM KB BOARD.?1THREE FAMILIESCAR BK Ac commodated; delighttul upland location; airy Rooms; a few minutes' walk from railroad and boat. Ad dTess box 61 Post office. PeeKsklll. ?? ?. Wanted?good country- b??,vrd. within av hour ot the city, for a gentleman, wire, child, Iniant atid nurse ; location must be healthful and terms must not exceed $.?*) per week. Address, with lull parti culars COl'NIRY BOARD, bo* 8,7911 Port office, N. V. SI NMEU RRWRTa. AT MAllATOGA SPRINGS, N. V. Grand Union Hotel will open .tune 1, for the reception ol guests; Professor ,T M I.nndcr and his superb band have Iwen engaged for the season ; rooms can be endued at Mi>tnipoRail Hotel or Gllsey House, New York. Address BREaLIN, UAHU NER A CO., at faratoga Springs, N. Y. A TLANTll! HOTEL, HATH, L. I., NOW OPEV J\. Board $2 per day, less by week or wonlh; splendid sea batliitiK; steam curs iroin Oroenwuod slop at uoor every 40 minutes. Adrian institute, uniontown n. j., one hour from New York, on Philadelphia Railroad, Cortlandtor Desbrosses street terries.?First class accom modations for families; reasonable terms. Apply u> or address M. K. HAEBLER. 4:. South Washington square. Board-kor the summer or the whole year, at the Mansion House, Rose He, N. J., on the Hue ol the fentral Railroad ot New .Jersey, 42 minutes trom New York, five minutes troni Elizabeth. Rooms large and airv, only one lialf block Irom the depot. House lias been entirely renovated, and offer* Increased attractions. Roselle is one ol the mtstthr vlngand at tractive place# ou the line ol the road. The loc fttlon in 75 feet higher than Elizabeth, giving a fine view ol tne sur rounding country, stateii Island, *c- L "V'L" uiatlon apply to the Proprietor, W. W. DIL1A Mansion I must', Roselle, Union county. N.J. Relereiii.e, A. D. Hope or A W. Smith. 119 Liberty street. New York. Board at the elm tree house, on thei OAT8 kllls ?Airy rooms, no mosqultos. good Board can accommodate 2.\ at $7 |>er week. ! articular* ?an at Pattern Ka/.aar, VU Broadway, all this week, from 8 A. M. to 6 P. M. ? ? ASTI FTON house WEST BRIGHTON LANDING, C S I 40 minutes from New York.-IIourlV boats iiQ N'nTti! River W. W. PURDY. Proprietor. (lOZZENS' WEST POINT HOTKL j will open ou Saturday, May 31. Two let with Hoard ill Hotel; special terms ottered to parties engaging rooms lor the season. For particulars address EDWARD fOZZENB, West Point. N. Y. /COLUMBIA WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS. NEAR 1. > Hudson, N. Y.?This water is universally regarded as the be?t combination of healthy Ingredients of any in the country; flue air, beautitul grove. C B. WASH. UUNBARTON HOUSE, NEAR LONG BRANCH ? Specially adapted lor families; oulet, shady and re tired; stage* run to beach ; terms moderate. Apply at M West Fourteenth street, New York. Newport, r.i.-the derby cottage, facing Touro Park and Bellevue avenue.-Megant Rooms, with tlri-t eluss Board. Apply at 273 Hftli a veil lie, N. Y. ORIENT POINT HOUSE, ORIENT POINT, L. I. Now open; situated on the extreme end ol Long Is and irontmu on the Hound and hay, only a moment 0 walk to tlie water: splendid sea baihing, sailing and driving; fishing unexcelled. Reached by Long lida n d K a 11 road twice each dav \ aiso per elegant steamer J. B. Scliu^ ler, irom pier 16 fast River. Send for circular. p vR8ON0 Overlook mountain house?ok the cats. kills, via Kingston. Ulster county. N. Y. ror par ticulars address .1 k. LASHER, Overlook Mountain Hons*', #dStock, N. V., or JACOB bllAKlL, 149 Broadway. PREMIUM POINT HOUSE. 1MMKDIATRDY ON THE Sound.?^ea bathing. Oshiug, boating, pleasant drives, stabling; no chills and fever; 4."i minutes trom city. A. t;. PLYMPTON, M We>t Twenty-lourHi street "PAVILION HOTEL. KEY PORT. N J IS OPEN L for boarders.?Boats leave New York at 10 A. M., 4 I*. M., and Keyport, 7 A. M., ?> P. M. Splendid bath ing, fishing, drives, Ac. One ot" the best country resorts on the New Jersey shore. Terms reasonable. K,BBK,.. UlVEPsIDE HOTEL. 152D STREET, AT CARMANS JV ville, oil the Hudson River.-This popular house, en tirely fitted nn.I furnished anew throughout, is now open lor the reception ot guest*; 14 trams daily irom Thirtieth street depot; time, 20 minutes. *or term#, Ac., apply to PAULL A DUN CALK. SEA VIEW HOUSE?SAVIN ROCK, WEST HAVEN, Conn., opens June 1, for reception of OF.Y'EN RPRINOS MOUNTAIN HOUSE. MONROE, O New York, opens iDtli; no pains spalred ; irst Hass resort; earh application best; tltty miles Irom New York J. M. PKTTMAN, Manager. OT J \MES HOTEL. MARION. N. J.? EIGHT MIN O utes trom Jersey Cltv terry, or Desbrosses street; Pennsylvania Railroad; beautilul location; first clans tiible ; elegantly furnished Rooms, en Hiiite or singly; all modern tinprovemeuU; boating, driving, good sta bility, Ac. QUMMIT HILL HOUSE, ONE MILE FROM CAT. O skill, wll open J line 1 for city boarders, at a reason able i*rice ; pleasant pine grove, plenty fruit, good w alks, drives, Ac. 8. M. liOEICUIN, Proprietor. COUTH SIDE IIOTFL, AMITYVILLE, L. I , IS NOW o open tor reception of guests. For terms address Mrs. E. C. KINit 4 SON. R. THOMAS, superintendent. TAPPAN ZEE HOUSE, NYACK-ON-HUDPON, will open June 14. Send lor diagrams and circulars. L. D. MANSI'IELI). Proprietor. UNITED STATES HOTEL (NEWLY FURNISHED and refitted), Long Branch, N. J., will open June 14. For torms, Ac., address M. M. LAIRD, Proprietor. -\\rO<>DHlN'E HOTEL, IlIOH BR1DOE, OPEN FOR yi boarders.?Gentlemen taken low: trains to central depot in iU iniuute*; steamboat to l'eck flip ln one hour. 1 S. BROUOHTON, Proprietor. WILLOW HAVEN HOUSE-ON NEWARK BAY. 30 >\ minutes from Wall street by Central Railroad ot New Jrr ev ; as tine a plaee as can lie found within l.otfl miles. Iuriii?hed new throughout; strictly a first class tamiiy house; terms moderate tor the season. Apply at Waver ley House, 754 Broadway. HOUSES, RDOMS, ? WAWTMP. In this City and Brooklyn. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE DESIRE A FURNISHED Room, with Board, below Twenty-third street; terms $|s or $20 per week. Address B. C., box 133 Herald Uptown Branch office. TJ1LAT W A N TF. D- F U RN1MIE I> n R UN i't' KM SI I E11, J/ in a respectable locality. Address N. ti. RUTH, >u Wooster street. "I IT ANTED?A SMALL HOUSE OR FIRST FLOOR, Y\ French tl?t, 6 rooms, furnished or unfurnished, sit uated between Twenty-third and Fortieth streets anil Sixth and Foarth avenues. Address, stating location aud price, F. E., box 523 Post offlcc, WANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN.. A PARLOR AND yy sleeping Room; central location; private family preferred : replies must state terms, location and lull par ticulars; a reception room might suffice temporarily. Address HOWARD, Herald OfllO 117" ANTED?TWO OR THREE UNFURNISHED VV Rooms, with water, below Twenty-third street; rent must If moderate. Address Ql ILI. Herald I ptowu Branch office. In the Country. mWO OR THREE FAMILIES REQUIRE FOR THE _| Hummer from six to eight Room?, in llrit class hotel, within an hour or two's rid ?ol New York; l"u*t j" a desirable anil healthy neighborhood; on the lludron pre. ferred. Address, stattmi locality, distance. Iiuv?lllng accotumodation and lull general particulars, 11. B., station 1). ANTED?FOR FOUR MONTHS. A SMALL FOR* ?. nish... House, within four bonis nf the <1 ty rent must be very moderate. Address T. f. I box 1-1 Herald Uptown Branch office. \\ DENTIHTRYe BSOHTF.LV PAINLESS.?TEETH EXTRACTED ; tresh gas dally; Combination ^ets extremely light and durable; Rubber Sets. ?|n 210Sixth avenue, b.-lwtcn Fourteenth aud Finueiith streets. KjtablislMM Jl yearj. A BEAUTIFUL SET OF TLETII, $S TO $8; SINGLE. ,, II; warranted; Extrac'ing, with Gas, ane; silver Filling, 50c.; open Sunday till 12. M Sixth avenue. Rc niamter, ii62. A CLOTHING' TfcTOMSHING PRICES CAN BE OBTA1NED FOR A ciuthing. t'arpets. *c.; for Pants, to ?/, . X I)re??es. ti to $75; Diaimmds. Lnces, the u^fiost va^i?wlH be paid Please call on or address by Soil Mr^ or Mrs H. H ARRIS, 81 Sixth avonue, third Itore above Waverley place.^ ? ? t < tftlH'l iff THIRD a vk.nTE?LADYH ^^ A gentfenien can receive the highest price for (Nothing and Carpets bv calling or adJre.sslng. Ladles attended to by Mrs Mish. i iS'liAlT'S OLD ESTABLISHMENT, 178 A seventh avenue~Lare? ordersrecelved West lor Cai-t off Cothlng. CarpaU and ^weln . guarja te.. to pav $10 to$H.l lor "irusses, $7 to $i5 lor l oats. 9- to $s I, r Pants fill on or addrea* Mr. and Mrs. AHHALT. A I TUB CPIOWN ESTABLISHMENT W? avenue, near Forty-tilth street?Wanted lmmedI atfly, a quantity uf rant-off Clothing and Carp#ta, lor tnt Ornaiia market ; will pay from $5 to $H) tor cotff, ?? u> $7 ror pints. $S to $65 tor dre:i?ca Call on or addrew Mr. or Mn. FLATTQ. QOl SIXTH AYENUK, NEAR FOURTH Wanted Immediately, nuantitv ol Cast-on Llotn log. Carpets, Ac.; will pay irom $:? to $*l for coats, $JI to $'J tor psnts, $5 to $75 tor dru?M's Call on or addres# Mr. ?r Mrs NATH AJs Btsinncm oi?p?aTi'!s?TiK8. ALEXANDER FIIOTHINGI1AM A COMPANY SECURE capital for incorporated companies, ninrciianU, nianuiacturers, minis; person* with capital desir liiK investments iniormed of desirable oppor tunities: our register contains many names, earli possessing $10,1)00 to $75,000 for invest ment; through extensive advertising throughout the country we are continually receiving applications Irotn persons with capital. Having European connec* tiotis we possess facilities for capital: lUMUntW con cerns desiring additional capital solicited. Our numer ous acquaintances and customers arr reference#. ALEXANDER FBUTHINGHAM A COMPANY 111 and 114 Broadway. Ayoino man or enbbov will invest from $500 to $_,500 in >>oin<negitimauj business, where ma aervicea will he required. Address 8. E. A., Herald office. An elegant, large, nkw hotel for bent Splcndid location: it rare chance to make nionejr; owner would l.oard with tenant Address H. w. HOLMES. Orange, N.J. AN OLD IMPORTING) AND WHOLESALE IBMlHWi (established 40 years) in Crockery, China and ('lass wure, lor sale; occupies one of the finest stores in the State: 20x125 lent, at a moderate rental and in the busi ness heart ot the city; price $30,0(10 to S40.UUU "ood prop erty taken hi exchanKe. Apply to GRIGGS, CARLlsTON A CO., 08 Uroadw-ay. A PARTNER WANTED?WITH $?00, IN AN OLD Es tablished cash business; no patent right humbug; good references given and required. Full particulars of WARNER A CO., No. 5 Dcy street. AN ACTIVE BUSINESS MAN WITH SOME CAPITAL would like to devote the hours from 10 A. M. to 4 I*. M. to some lucrative business where energy and applica tion will be appreciated. Address HOPE. Heraldoffice. An intelligent and energetic okntleman, with 97110, is desired as partner in a rapidly increus. lug business beyond the proper attention ot present man agement. WESLEY WEBBER, 92Broad way AN INTELLIGENT MAN WITH $500 'CAN SECURE an Interest in a large and profitable business, estab lished since 1851. Particular* and interview at Broadway, room 10. An old established job printing office tor sale?Located in lower part of the oitv, heart of bUklncss; successful operation lorty-six years; satisfac tory reasons given: extraordinary chance; bargain. Particulars 25 Chamber* street. GEORGE W. 8IMER8, Store Agency. A SMALL HOTEL?WITH SPLENDID KAlt, AND cmnpletclv furnished, doing a I!tie business: long lease and easy terms to right party; owner lias more business than lie can attend to, or would take a partner. for particular* apply at.'V8 Sixth avenue. A OOO0 POSITION AND AN INTEREST IN AN OLD established business to an acceptable man, having a eu*h capital of $1,000. Apply to SlsSON, 21)4 Broadway, office 16. "fclXTRA inducements TO A SMART MAN IN THE Sewing Machine line with a capital of $300 to$500. Call on or address STEWART, CAWOOD A KOU8E.624 Eighth avenue. TjVlR SALE?HALF OR WHOLE INTEREST JN A F light munuiacfuring business; for a party desiring to Invest It i* a capital opportunity (one seldom offered': good trade established and steadily increasing: located (16 miles from city, on lines N. Y. and E. and .V Y. and O. M. Railroad. Address U. D., Post office Middle town, N. Y. (JTATE RIGHTS IN THE BEST PAYING INVENTION of the age; used by everybody and supplies a special want. We request thorough investigation. Model at 162 Broadway, room 9. TXTANTBD?A PARTNER IN A FIRST CLASS TAIL *? orlng business: cash required $5,Oft). Address R. L., Herald Uptown Branch office. WANTED?A PARTNER WITH A FEW HUNDRED in an established profitable business; ha* more than one can attend to. H. CAitTMAN, No. 5 Doy street, room 21. TIT ANTED?A PARTNER WITH $2,000 CAPITAL, TO vT manufacture or control a staple urtlcle Hilly secured by United State* patent Parties can be seen ut 40 Beach street Hours from 11 to 2. ANTED?$1,000 TO $2,000, WITH SERVICES OF AN energetic man a* partner, to extend the business of carpentering and building anil another goou business, or would sell out the carpentering business; plenty of Job bing the year round ; shop established seven years; I can not properly attend to both, therefore must get help or dispose of oue. Inquire at simp, 600 DeKalb avenue, near Nostrum!, Brooklyn, ofter two P. M., any day this week. WANTED?A TREASURER, ONE THAT IS WILLING to lend $1,000 on good security, for which steady employment will bo given. Address R. W. J., Herald office. w $1,500." tive, first class -RARE CHANCE?PARTNER WANTED, a* an assistant, in an exceedingly lucra _ iss cash Business, naying large daily prottu. Apply from II to 3 at AO Broad street room 7. d?i ran will buy the half interest of a ?P I .t )UU retiring partner In a good, safe and reliable business; agents or those not having the means need not reply. For particulars call at 737 Broadway, room ID. P^nn ?PARTNER WANTED, IN A SAKE CASH ip L.oUU. Business, that will pay $5,000 per annum. Interview- and particulars at 161 Broadway, room 12, alter 10 o'clock. dt? T fUm CASH WILL BUY HALF INTEREST IN tp'IiUUU the best Mercantile Business in New York; established over 20 years; will bear Investigation. Call in person. W. E. HILL, 73 Broad street <ti')n nnn -PARTNER wanted, in an old ?PiSUtvUU. established lumber business; trade large and steady; In a large Connecticut town; yard and arrangements complete. Inquire of HUNT A DUSEN BURY, Astor House. New York. dfeinn nnn ht six months.?wanted, a JpIUU.UUU party with $4,000 or $:>,inh) to join Full particulars made ktiowu by addressing J, OX, box 123 Herald office. equally, y. LENN A PIANOFOHTp, OHOANS^&C. N ELEGANT PIANO, ONLY $100: STEINWAY Pianoforte, 7 octavo, carved legs, overstrung bass, every improvement, great sacrifice lor cash. J. riddle. Is Waverley place, m ar Broadway* AT PRIVATE sale?A magnificent ROSEWOOD 7'.i octave Pianoforte, made to order; best cltv makers; cost $900, for $300, including Stool, Cover and Cabinet; guarantee tor S years: in use 8 mouths. Call at private residence 120 West Twenty-third street, near Sixth avenue. AN ELEGANT FOUR ROUND ROSEWOOD PIANO . forte, 7'4 octave, all improvements, cost $1,000, for $275; one grand square for $22f>; also entire Household Furniture : family going abroad. Call at 210 West 21st st., near 7ih a v. A MAGNIFICENT SQUARE GRAND 1H. OCTAVE Pianoforte, brilliant toned, nearly new, cost $950, stool, cover. Cabinet, cost $100, lias box tor shipping, Par lor Suits, .Mirrors, Curtains, Carpet*, Paintings, Kron/.es, chamber Suits, Bullet, Extension Table. Silverware: a sarrific. 104 East Twenty-filth street, between Fourth and Lexington avenues. Cut this out. 4 MAGNIFICENTOCTAVE AGRAFFE ROSEWOOD J\ overstrung iron trame Pianoforte; elegantly carved c:i-e and latest improvements; lully guaranteed. 2i> Bleecker street near Bowery. A FIRST CLASS 7'i OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO torte for sale?Made order, celebrated maker, fully guaranteed, used 8 months, cost $900, fur $275; box lor shipping; Parlor, Chamber. Dining Furniture; Paint ings, Bronzes. Silverware, at a sacrifice; property fam ily leaving city. S8 West 15th st., near 5tli a v. A SPLENDID PARLOR ORGAN FOB 8ALE CHEAP? Worth $2(*i, for nearly hall. DALY'S Music Store, 179 Eighth avenue. Also Pianos out of repair. $15. A FAMILY LEAVING THE CITY WILL SELL A handsome carved rosewood Pialo, 7 octave, with cover and stool, tor $125, 243 East Thirtieth stn et, be tween Second and Third avenues. Beautiful n octave rosewood pianos, carved leg*, agraffe treble, fully warranted, $260; instalments taken, $12 monthly. H. cable, 107 Wast Twenty-third street, cornei of sixth avt sue. Ip LEG ANT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE?$100; CHICK !i erins make; superb instrument, having carved legs, overstrung bass, Ac.; 71, octavo; great sacrifice lor cash; ploase examine. JAMES GORDON, 157 Bleecker st. JMRST CLASS Vi OCTAVE PIANOS RETAILED AT wholesale prices. Direct from factory. Send for circular. CHRlsi'lE, 7* Barrow, near Hudson Street. /?"1REAT BARGAIN. ? lftl PIANOFORTES AND \J Organs, new and second hand, some very li:tle used, at greatly reduced prices to cash buyers. PEEK A soNs, 127 Bleecker street. PIANOS, SECOND HAND, OF VARIOUS MAKERS, in thorough order, for sale, at low prices: also Pianos to rent and on instalments, by CHIcKKKINti n SONS, II Knst Fourteenth street, between Broadway and Fifth avenue. PIANOS AND ORGANS.?GREAT BARGAINS, NEW and most beautiful styles anil perfect tones ever made, and by best makers, at lower prices lor cash, or monthlv instalments, or tor rent, during this month, at WATERS'. 481 Broadway, than can be found elsewhere. Rare chance?$i&o, beautiful rosewood upright Pianoforte, modern style and Improvements, perfect order; sweet, powerful tone Apply at 28 1liird street, between Bowery and Second avenue". SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PlANOFORTK. $100. We are retailing the best finished and richest toned I Pianofo- tes manufactured at $225 cash. CO tiPKRATiVE I PI ANOMAKiSRS, No. 9 Great Jones street, near Uroad ! way. j fTPRIGHT PIANOS. ? A SUPERIOR ASSORTMENT L/ for sale or rent, at OUVKIER A SONS', manufac turers, 27 West Thirteenth street, between Fifth and sixth aveu ties. MUSICAL. AN ITALIAN TENOR SINGER, FROM ITAI.1AN opera, teaches Piano and Singing at $5 per month during the Summer months, at 117 West fwciity-.-evcnth street, near sixth avenue. (tARD.?PIANO. ORGAN, GUITAR, SINGING.?MISS J WATSON gives private lessons, dav and e vening, at her residence, 92 Clinton place (Eighth street). Instru ments furnished for daily practice. /I IRAKI) COLLEOK OF MUSIC, 767 BROADWAY, *T near Ninth street?special attention called to our violin classes; liberal arrangements made, wifli good voices; the Girard Pianos $276. MARBLE MANTKI.M. I I - STANDARD AMERICAN BEVEL TABLES AND J\ I ? the Plielan A Cullender Combination i ns ions for sale only bv the patentee, II. W COLLENDER. successor to Plielan A Coliender, 7?n Broadway, New York. AKM.ABER, STEAM-MARBLE ANI) MAKBLEIZINO . Worku, 134 and CM East Eighteenth street.?Marb(e and Marbleucd Mantels, Tiling, Marble Counters. Mouu no uis. at prices that defy competition. Marhit- t urning for the trade. N ASSORTMENT OF MANTELS, I N t-C It PASSED for beauty of' design and quality of w ?rkinan.-blp. A .slate Work ol all kinds a specialty. PENRIlTN SLATE COMl^NV, Fourth avenue and Seventeenth street. Unlmi square OTEWART'S SLATE MANTELS?RICH AND ELS' gant design ; Slate Works of everv description; Mar ble anil Wood Mantels. T. B. STIWAItT A CO., OOaadM West Tweniy-third strset near Seventh avenue, N. Y Stewart s slate mantels-rich and elf, gant designs; Slate works of every deacriptlon; Mar ble and Woof Mantels. T. H. STEWART A CO, ttO and 222 tp--; Twenty third street near Seventh aveuue. N. Y. AmtMEHEIITH. WALLACK'rf THEATRE Will I MS CLOSED on MONDAY EVENING, June 3, to enable HK. HOUCICAULT to witness a FULL DRESS Kc.llE AltSAL ot hU new play. TUESDAY, June J, production ot AN ORIGINAL NliW YORK PLAY? New York scenes, New York characters, written by DION BOUCICAULT, Ibe author of THE OCTOROON, TUli STREETS OK NEW YOIWC, TtlE COLLEEN HAWN. ARRAH-NA-POGUE, LONDON ASSURANCE? entitled MORA; or, TICK GOLDEN FETTERS. The scene U laid in New York, ut the present time. The principal character* have been written tor tbe fol low inK SUPERB COMPANY OP comedians: MISS KATHARINE ROOEKS? WUI appear an Mora Vancycke, an actress at '* Theatre, secretly married to Paul Schuyler. MR. ALLEKTON?As Paul Schuyler, a young merchant prince, engaged to be married to Mis* Uuppy MISS MARY WELLS (ot Booth's)? As Ophelia Boyd, an old Bowery uctrext, retired, and employed as dresser to Mora.

MR, wheEloCK (ot Booth's)?As Lisha, her son, in love with Bella Ouppy. MISS KKKIK GEKMON?as Bella Ouppy, an heiress, lately ot Yorkville, now of Murray HUI MR. BRADLEY?As Pliilo Guppy, a luillioiinalre, sus taining the credit of Schuyler by his lately ac quired fortune. MR. LEVICK?As Chancey Llckfold, a "bull" operator in stocks, the terror of Wall street, the head of the "Modoca"?a ringleader. MR. FAWUETT (by permission of Augustln Daly. Esq.)? As Judge Cutts; his adherent and supporter in the courts; ? "Modoc;" a partner in the ''Ring." MR. GRIFFITHS (by permission of Augustin Daly, Esq.)?As Larry suydaui, another adherent; a "Modoc s" an unscrupulous leader of the physical force side. Mr. C. PARSLoE?As 81m, a colored servaut. MR. POPE?As ex-Judge Uonnovcr. MR. MILLS?As Dr. Boreas Rohrbacli. MR. A. BECKS?As Connery, Lickfold's head cleri. MR. PECK?As Beebe, his clerk. MR. JAMES 0. McTODDIE?A saloon keeper, MISS BLAISDELL?As Sally, Mora's servaut. MISS BELL, i MISS BATE, \ As Filth avenue belles. MISS BURROUGHS, ) Police Otllcers, Guejis, Waitresses, Sailors, Roughs. PROGRAMME*"OF SCENERY and THE INCIDENTS. ACT I.?A HOT CORNER IN WABASH. Scknk 1?EXCHANGE PLACE?Chancey Hick fold's Ontco?A Regular Old-fashioned Panic?Making a Comer Mora Vaucycke's Lover?The Fraud?Bella Ouppv's Fur tune In Hedge?1The "Modocs" Take Stock?Clian'cey Re veals Hlinsult?Four Millions in the Hlack Bag?The Harlem King is Broken?Tho Massacre?The Pross In terview the "Modoc Chief." hoknk 2?A BOUDOIR IN MORA VANEYCKE'S HOUSE?Reminiscences of an Old Actress?Mora and Paul?The Married Lovers scknbs?FIFTH AVENUE?The Guppys "at Home"? Paul's Intended?Bella's Old Flame?Mora's Bracelet? Plulo Makes a Discovery. hcknb 4?A MUSICAL "MATINEE" ON MURRAY HILL?Chancey Llckfold Makes Mora an Offer?The Star actress?Mr. Uuppy Asks a Question?Paul Schuyler An swers it?A Sensation Scene in Private Life. ACT II.?"THE MODOCS" IN COUNCIL. Sciink 1?CHANCEY LICKFOLD'S ROOMS IN LEX INGTON AVEN UE?"The Modocs" in Trouble?Paul Dis covers Where He Is?Hemmed In?He Capitulates?The Key of the oftfoo?Chancey Llckfold Gives a Hint. Scknk 3?YORKVILLE?OPHELIA BOYD'S HOME? Mora Returns to Her Old Quarters?Resolution?A Fire Down Town?Lisha in Force. Scknk 3?BROAD STREET BY NIGHT?The Put-Up Job?Ouppy Receives Instructions llow,-to Enter the Stronghold of the Tribe. Scknk 4?THE LAVA BEDS IN EXCHANGE PLACE? Llckfold, Cults and Suydam in Close Council?The Victor?Chancey Shows Him Over the Premises?The Suicide. ACT III.?THE WAR PATH. Scknk 1?MORA AT HOME?The German Doctor Boreas Rohrbach Performs a Miraculous Cure?Chancey Llckfold Enters the Toils, and Seals His Fate with a Kiss. SCKNK 2?T1IE TOMBS-THE BRIDGE OF SIUIIS Larry Suydam Stuffs the Witness Box?In tho Absence of Judge Dowling Cutts Occupies the Bench and the "Mo docs" Steal a March?The Telegram. 8cknk 3?THE SPECIAL SESSIONS?Paul Schuyler's Case?The Ploa of InsAaity? An Unexpected Witness. ACT IV-"THE WHARF rats." Scknk 1?THE OLD ICE HOUSE UNDER THE CON cert SALOON?Larry Reflects on the Uncertainty o! Human Events?Cutts Joins Him?The Disguises?A Mis take?The Spring Tide?Caught in a Trap. _ Scknk 2?CORNER OF WALL AND BROAD streets? Lisha on the trail?Mora shows her Indian blood?Uuppy and Bella. Scknk tub Last-THE "NEW idea" CONCERT SA LOON?Lisha appears in a new character as Shack Nasty Jake?Mora keeps her oath?Chancey receives a warning?The wild appeal, "You will not kill me ?" OOLUESr FETTERS I DEFIANCE! A HOT CORNER IN "MODOCS." "nora" will lie presented with NEW MUSIC, specially composed und arranged by MR. THOS. BAKER; NEW SCKM'.RY und NEW APPOINTMENTS. w A I,LACK'S.?SOTUERN. BROOKLYN ACADEMY OF MUSIC. MONDAY AND TUESDAY, OUR AMERICAN COUSIN. WEDNESDAY AND thursday, BROTHER SAM. FRIDAY AND SATURDAY. DAVID OARRICK and DUNDREARY MARRIED. SATURDAY MATINEE, OUR AMERICAN COUSIN. mERRACE GARDEN THEATRE, FIFTY EIGHTH 1 SiltUET, BETWEEN LEXINGTON AND THIRD A VS. HUMMMER SEASON OF OPERETTE AND LIGHT COMEDY. ON TUESDAY EVENING, JUNE 3, AT 8 O'CLOCK. THE GREAT SUCCESS AT PARIS, VIENNA AND BERLIN, . TRICOCHB AND CACOLET, by H. Meilhac and L. Halevy. Admission, Sic.; reserved ?eat-,|25c. extra; boxes, $1 S) extra; packages of 12 tickets, t* C1ENTRAL PARK GARDEN. J THEODORE THOMAS' THEODORE THOMAS' UN RIVALLED SUMMER NIGHTS' CONCERTS. PROGRAMME FORTIUS (MONDAY) EVENING, JUNE 2. 1. Overture, "Stradella. Flotow 2. Walt/, "Publlclsten." Ktrau-s 9. Selections, "Lucia." Donizetti 4. Iluldiuung's Mursch Lis/.t 6. Overture, "Hunya dl Laszlo." Erkel 6. Andante, "Fifth Symphony." Beethoven 7. Invitation a la Danse. Weber (Adapted lor Orchestra by Hector Berlioz) 8. Ballet, "Klen/.l." Wagner V. Overture Di Hallo A. 8. Sullivan 10. Ouurtette, "Rigoletto." Verdi 11. Waltz, "Wiener Fresken." strauss 12. March. "Honnetir." I.umbye Admission, SOc.; packages containing 12 tickets, $4., can he had at the principal music stores, at 28a Broadway and Central Park Garden. PRIVATE BOXES, TWO DOLLARS EXTRA. EVERY THURSDAY, GRAND EXTRA CONCERT. ADMISSION 75 CENTS. rpHE PARK THEATRE, on the corner of Broadway and Twenty-second street, between Union Park and Madison Park, under the management of Mr. W. STUART, Sole Lessee and Manager. SEASON 1873-1874. Ladles and gentlemen desirous of forming engagements for the ensuing season may address me, by leiter only, at the Matihuttau Club, Fifth avenue, New York. W. STUART. T'NION SQUARE THEATRE. L Grand reproduction FERNANDE. WEDNESDAY EVENING, JUNE 4, with Miss AGNES ETHEL, Mrs. E. L. davenport and others in the cast Secure your seats in advance. American institute hall. Third avenue, between Sixty-third and Sixty-fourth streets. Entirely refitted and decorated. EBEN'S POPULAR SUMMER NIGHTS' CONCERTS EVERY EVENINit. EVERY EVENING. (.RAND ORCHESTRA OF FIFTY PERFORMERS. Conductor Mr. FELIX I. EBEN. OPENING NIGHT, SATURDAY, Jane 7, 1873. Admission, 25 cents. rrUlK GREAT ATHENBUM COMPANY, 1 PARK THEATRE, BROOKLYN. MONDAY, JUNE 2, AND EVERY_EVENINi, DURING THE WEEK. IjlBtfCING AND BOXING AC A HEM Y, 18 CLINTON 1 place, near Broadway.?Boxing taught in 12 lessons. A fine assortment of Fencing Apparatus and Boxing Gloves on hand and lor sale. Colonel MONSTERY. C1ARD.-'TBI OREAT LIDIA THOMPSON BUR J lesque Troupe, consisting of Horry Beckett, Willie Edwin, Eli/a Weathersby, HetUy Tracy, Patti Josephs, Alice Atherton, Till\ Earl. Wm. Withers, and others, are now at Fox's American Theatre, Philadelphia, and close June 14. ANTK01i4)GY> A "test.-MRS. VAN SISE, BUSINESS ANI) M ED I cal Clairvoyant, Spiritualist, tells name, dav of mar riage, brings together those long separated, gives positive information on ail affairs of life No satisfaction no pay. 621 second avenue, corner Thirty-fourth street. Attention i?know thy destiny-, consult this wonderfully gifted Clairvoyant; gives luck ; tells everything. l.r>9 Wtst Forty-Aril street, near Broadway. Adelaide h. lambertson, clairvoyant, 104 West Eighteenth street, near Sixth avenue. Blanch ormsby, business test medium. Love, marriage, and mental aad verbal qaeations answered ; fees $1. SIH Sixth avenue. {CONSULT MME. BYRON, THE GREATEST LIVINO J Spiritualist, on all affairs ot llle. 314 Fourth aveave, near Twenty third street. (1ALL ON MME. WEISE, clairvoyant. AND BE J convinced oi her wonderful Clairvoyant powers. 131 West Twenty ninth street. I EUROPEAN CLAIRVOYANT TELLS NAMSS, SHOW8 J likenesses, causes marriagas, gives numbers; SOc. and $1. 142 West 1 wenty ll.tli street Gipsy reveals r*o* the cradle to the grave: finds absent friends; recovers stolen property. 351^ Bowery. tfj ?PROFESSOR FLEMER, THE CELBBRATED J I . Clairvoyant and Palmist, gives valuable revela tions on sickness, absent friends, business, marriage, tourneys, and all affairs through lite. 27 Ailun street. MEDICAL.. _ A -MME. MAXWELL, PHYSICIAN. RESIDENCE . 114 East Tenth street, near Third avenue. Am. mauriceau, m. d. -office 120 liberty . street, near Greenwich street. A - MME. RBSTELL, I'll YSICI AN.-OFFICE N#. I . East Fltty-Mcond street, first door from Fifth av. J. OILLESPIE, M D. (LATE OF 11. M. R NAVY), ? has removed M| medical office to IM Amity street w Aim-'SEMKNTS. 11HKATRK COMIQUK, IIKATRK COMIOUK, THEATRE COMIQUK, TIIJiATltK OuMIOUK, >14 TIIKATRK COMIQUK, TIIKATRK COMIOUK. 8M THEATRE COMIOUK, BROADWAY. BROADWAY. Mr. JOSH HART Lessee and Proprietor Messrs. JOHN K. POOLB mid T. L. DONNELLY. Managers ' THE PEOPLE'S PLAY HOUSE." MONDAY, JUNK 2, AND DURING THE WEEK, *'1'with BVKRY SCENE, costume and appointment ENTIRELY NEW AND ELABORATE, VnJ'nPtf Ar.a??" of American life and adventure*, by by MAEDhtt, Esq., tuuadud on Hie thrilling Story NED RUNTLINE, NED BUNTLINK, U.lutr.U?,th.1HeS.Bo^NhTeLINK' Hon' XTM. P. CODY' the famous scout and buffalo hunter, better kuowu a* BUFFALO RILL. Also the celebrated souut, BlLU WILD BILL. WILD BILL. The wont realistic drama of AM l.KICAN LIKE AND ADVENTURES "n the Border, on the Prairie and among the Indians. Indians. INDIANS. INDIANS. INDIANS. INDIANS. The great drama of to-day, BUFFALO BILL, BUFFALO BILL, BUFFALO BILL, BUFFALO BILL, BUFFALO BILL, BUFFALO BILL, BUFFALO BILL, BUFFALO BILL, BUFFALO BILL, BUFFALO BILL, KINO OF Til K BORDER MEN. The eminent A mrricau Actor, Mr. J. B. 8TUDLKY, Mr. J. B. 8TUDLEY, Mr. J. B. HTUDLKY, Mr. J. B. 8TUDLKY, specially secured for his original part of BUFFALO BILL In order to nreiient (he strongest cast ever uiven to this great drama, an engagement litis bicn effected with the liopulur Comedienne, Mill FANNY HERRING, >ifanny herring ?Miss FANNY IIEKRI.NO, Miss FANNY HERRING. . Mis* FANNY HERRING, who will appearas KITTY MULDOON. The lavorite 11 aicdlcnne, ?N RACHEL DENVIL, Miss RACHEL DENVIL. Miss RACHEL DKNV1L, Miss Rachel denvu, appears as LILLIE CODY. .Mr. OKOROK FRANCE, Mr GEORGE FRANCK. Mr. GEORGE FRANCE, THE NfcW YORK FAVORITE COMEDIAN, In his original character oi SNAKEROOT SAM. Mr. T. J. MARTIN, Mr. T. J. MARTIN. ill Ills original role of WILD BILL. BUFFALO BILL. T Buffalo Rill, a Scout Mr. J. B. Htndlev Wild Bill, his Mate Mr. T.J. Martin Frank Starke, a Trapper Mr. Kd. Mack Snakeroot Sam, "Down on Snakes" Mr. Geo. France '?The Old Veteran," ''an 1812 Pound sr Mr. J as. Tlgho Dave Tutt, a Renegade Mr. Chan. Webster Col. Jake McKaudlass, a Guerilla Chief. ..Mr. Kd. J. Price ('apt. Alt, a Bushwhacker Mr. W. Andrews Ben McCullough, the Texan Ranger Mr. A. Arthur l'erklns, Landlord ol "the Hut" Mr. J. Tracy Indians. Raven Feather, a Sioux Brave Mr. Ferris Big Mable, a Cheyenne Mr. A.Gray Fire Water Torn, a drunken "lied" Mr. J. C. Williams Lillie * Miss Rachel Denvil Lottie Miss Angelique Schott Kitty Muldoon, "irom Cork" Miss Fanny Herring Mrs. Cody, mother of "Bill" Mrs. Scallttn Ma-no-tee, a Sioux Princess MUsElise KUiotl Louise La Valliere Mi>s S. Stevens Settlers, Scouts, Indians, soldiers, Ac. EXTRA NOTtCE-OnMONDAY, June 9, first appearance of the most talented IRISH COMEDIAN, DUTCH COMEDIAN and NEORO COMEDIAN on this earth or any other planet (no exception), Mr. JOSEPH MURPHY, Mr. JOSEPH MURPHY, who has been secured tor SIX NIGHTS AND TWO MATINEES ONLY, at the sum of $1,800 FOR THE WEEK. MATINEES WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. MATINEES WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. MATINEES WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. MATINNES WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. MATINEES WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. w BOOTH'S THEATRE. NEILSON. Edwin Booth Proprietor and Manager FOURTH WEKK and LAST NIGHTS of the celebrated Euglutli Tragedienne, MISS NEILSON, as AMY HOBS ART, as played by her at the Drury Lane Theatrr, London, for OVEit 100 CONSECUTIVE NlOlll'S. Mr. FRANCIS BANDS as LEICESTER. MATINEE ON SATURDAY NF.XT AT 1:30. The curtain rises at 8 o'clock precisely. NOTICE.?Carriages may be ordered at 10:4(V To secure a choice of planes the management would respecttully suggest that seats be secured as tar in ad vance as possible. Branch T.cuct Otllce at IHlson A Co.'s. FOOD'S MUSEUM. FRANK MAYO. MONDAY, JUNE 2, 187S. First appearance of the popular young arust, Mr. FRANK MAYO, FRANK MAYO, iin Murdoch's new and BEAUTIFUL IDYL ol the Backwoods, cnllcd DAVY CROCKETT, DAVY CLOCKETT, NEW SCENERY. MECHANICAL, AND PICTURESQUE EFFECTS, and an Excellent Cast, Including the tlrst appearance this scasou of the lavorite actress. Miss I. Rosa rand. [ First time of the celebrated actor MATINEE I Mr. E. EDI)Y, PERFORMANCES I in his remarkable anil uneouallcd DAI LY 1 impersonations in the drama ol AT 2 P.M. | MONTH CRISTO, I with all the Original Effects. NIBLO'S GARDEN. LAST NIGHTS. THE COOLKST AND BEST VENTILATED THE ATRE I>' THE CITY'. The brilliant Spectacular Pantomime, AZRAEL; OR, THE MaGIC CHARM. Re-engagement ot the popular Artists, LULU, LULU. LULU, LULU, LULU. LULU, Maffltt and Bartholemew, Msfflttnnd Bartholemew, Matiltt and Bartholemew, Matlitl and Bartholemew, Mons. VELARDI, CLARA LEONT1NE, Mm*. LANNIER, Mile. LUPO, AND GRAND CORPS DE BALLKT. NEW MUSIC, SCENERY, TRICKS AND INVENTIONS. SUPERB TRANSFORMATION SCENE. MATINEE SATURDAY AT TWO O'CLOCK. IBLO'S GARDEN. COMPLIMENTARY BENEFIT WM, E.^KVERNA, WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, JUNE 4, 1873. A BILL OF RARE-ATTRACTION. Further particulars in future announcements. N UNION SQUARE THEATRE. Proprietor Mr SHERIDAN SHOOK Manager Mr. A. M. PALMLR Begins at 8. Saturday Matinee at 1 ;30. AGNES THIS AND TO-MORROW ETHEL. AON EM ETHEL. AGNES NIGHTS, ETHEL. AGNES ETHEL. AONKS Positively Last Two ETHEL. AGNES ETHEL. AONKS Performances ETHEL. AONKS ETHEL. AONKS of ETHEL. AGNES ETHEL. AONES ETHEL. AGNES AONKS, ETHKL. AONKS ETHEL. AGNES ETHKL. AONKS Ssrdou's masterpiece. ETHKL. AONKS ETHKL. AONKS WEDNESDAY EVENING, JUNE 4, ETHKL. AONKS ETHEL AONKS Reproduction in the mos! brilliant ETHEL. AONKS ETHliL. AONKS manner of ETHEL. AONKS ETHEL. AONKS ETHEL. AONKS FERNANDE, ETHKL. AONES ETHKL AON KS ETHEL. AONES with ETHEL. AONKS ETHKL. AONKS Mi?s AONES ETHEL as FERNANDE. BTIIEL. AONES ETHKL. AONKS T(i lend additional Interest to this ETHKL. AONES rrprodui tiou the highly accomplished ETHEL. AONKS and lavorite actress, ETHEL. AGNES ETHKL. AONKS Mrs. E. L. DAVENPORT, ETHKL. AONKS ETHEL AGNES has keen secured for the part of ETIII.L. AONKS CLOTILDK ETHEL. AONKS thcr firstappearanceln New York In KTIlnL AONKS several vearsi and ETHKL AGNES Miss KATE CLAXTON lor the part of KTHKL. AONKS OKOKOKTTE. ETHKL. AONKS KTIIKL. AONKS Seat* for the remaining *GNI'* KTIIKL. AONKS nights and lor the FERNANDE nights ETHEL. AONES may now be secured. KTHKL PARK THEATRE, BROOKLYN. GO SEE THE GRKAT NEW YORK ATHENEUM COMPANY KVERY EVENING. piLORIM CONCERT CHROMPS. Beautiful Chroma, "The Old Story." given e.ich l#dv and child at the PILORIM PANORAMA, Monday and Tuesday evenlnirs. June 2 and :l, at Tweniv-tliiril street Presbyterian church <Dr. Northrup's), near Seventh av 1 "concert begins 7}t< comprising, among other selec tions:? . , . ., Organ Voluntary (selected). Overture to "William Tell" (four-hand piano)..Gottschalk The Flower Girl (solo) Benignant Grand Oalop de Concerto Ketttrer Hail, Smiling Morn 1 (glee, quartet) Shofterth TTNION SQUARR THEATRE. (J Grand reproduction FERNANDE, WEDNESDAY EVENING, JUNE 4, wlih Mlsa AGNES ETHEL, Mrs. E. L. DAVENPORT and others In the cast. Secure your seats in advance. AN ACTRE8S OF SUPERRIOR TALENT DESIRES to negotiate with a responsible manager. Address, tor on* week, C. J. C., Herald ottlce. CI ARD.-PIANO, OROAN, VIOLIN, GUITAR, BITI! ER. J Slnidng; private lessons, "Alme/. voas la Muslfuer" Iieautltul book, given away. M Clinton place. By mail ID cent* 9. JAY WATSON, Dlrcetor. AHVHBNBirn. HIRD "htbi pr* Grand opkra hocbe-twbnty third street, corner of Eighth avenue. Curtain rises at i ??? cisely. Carria?e? may be ordered for half-past ten null Leasee and Manager Mr. AUGUSTIN LtA.LT FAREWELL performances Mr. CHARLES FECHTER. MR. DALV begs to announce that lie has arranged ?4A Mr. FECHTER tor TWELVE NIGHTS and TWO MaTS NEE8 longer, these to be positively the CLOSING PKR FORMANCES of Mr. FEC11TER and ol the present* MONDAY NIGHT, JUNE 2, and every eveuiug. THIS WEEK ONLY, and for the Matinee on Saturday, will be acted the laiuoua RO MANTIC DRAMA, in three acta, entitled m ' THE COR8ICAN BROTHERS. EVERT SCENE NEW, by Heistcrand Hufloco: new an<t peculiar mccnanioai and VISIONAL EFFECTS, anJ new costume* and lurniture. Louis dei Franchi,?TheCorsican i r-h.,-1#. Fabian dei Franchi, i Brother*. t Mr 1 h,r,M reenter Chateau Renaud Mr. C. Wheaticigh Alfred Meynurd Mr. J. O. Peake* Baron de Muiigiron Mr. George Div.rn (iiordauo Martelll Mr. B. J. Ringgold N. Hcauchainp,? ?f u?r,. ) M. C. Searle M. Flore lit S 01 r,ru I Mr. Bebua Colonna. ( nf Cnnir* \ Mr. J. W. Jennings Orlando, i of Corslca I Mr. C. Leclercq The Judge Mr. J. M. Golden Grlffo Mr. J. A. Mackev Woodcutter. .Mr. Chapman | Tonasso Mr. Eno* Mas lueraders, GueaU, Coraican Peasants. Emllie de Lespare Mis-t Llz/ie Pric* Mine, de Franchi Mrs. Chapman Rosette Mis* Josephine floury Mimi Mis*C<ts?idy I Dorie Mi^ Clitlord Marie Miss Page I l)om;no Miss Belt ACT I. 8crne I.?Th? Corridor of tho Opnra. Hectic II.?Muiiglron's Bncliclor Chamber. Scene III.?The Foro*t at Vincenucs. ACT II. Scene?A CoiJican Iloine. The Vision*. ACT III. Scene?The Forost at Vincennes. oNuY MATINEE OK Mr. FECHTER in the CORSICAN BROTHERS, SATURDAY, JUNE 7. at o'clock MONDAY, JUNK 9, Mr. FECIITEB'B LAST NIGHT BUT RIVE. RUY BLAS. rTH AVENUE THEATRE. 728 AND 730 BROADWAT. ?) Begins at S. Carriages maybe ordered tor a quarter to eleven o^clock. Mr. AUOUSTIN DALY Sole Lessee and Manager. CLOSING performances OF THE SEASON. EVERY NIGnT at ? o'clock and MATINEE Saturday at IVJ o'clock, will be acted the power ml original Drama, in tour acta by Mr. AUGUSTIN DALY, enti tled MADELEIN MOREL. Characters by Miss Clara Mor MADP.LFIN MOREL. Theatre Crowded Every Nig lit ri-i, Miss fanny Davenport, Mis* " G. II. Gilt Funny Morant, Mrs G. II. (lilbert. Miss Sara Jewett, Miss Nina ? arian, Miss Nellie Mortimer, Miss Roberta Norwood, Mr. Chaa. Fisher, Mr. George Clarke, Mr. Louis .lames. Mr. James Lewis, I Mr. Menry Crisp, Mr. W. J. Le inoyne, Mr. Burnett, Mr. Pierce, I Mr. Chanmun. MADELEIN MOREL MATINEE, SATURDAY, June 9. at 1% o'clock. .?MONDA Y, June 7, BENEFIT of Miss MORRIS. ???WEDNESDAY, June 11, Benefit ot'MUs DAVENPORT. M ADELEIN-MOREL. "It is one of the strongest possible forms of the plea fet women and one of the bitterest commentaries on the per verse judgment of society. "?Evening Post "The Interest in the fate of Madelein is Intense."? World. "It Is greeted Irom point to point with emphatic ap plause."?Tribune. "It Is the most exciting drama Mr. DALY has pro duced."?Star. "A most powerful play, of considerable originality and decided interest."?bun. "Tho whole performance meets unrestricted commen dation. Tho Cathedral scene is onu of the most strangi and thrilling ever presented on any stage."?Telegram. 'All things last night were in fHvor ol the marked suc cess of the new play."?Daily Times. Bowery theatre. WM. B. FliELIGH Manager. MONDAY, JUNK 2. M73. Engagement of the popular COMEDIAN and VOCALIST MR. JAMES M. WARD. who will appear in six different characters in his great drama, in four acts, entitled the WINNING HAND. MISS ALICE BENNETT, MR. CHARLES LORD, GUS. MILLS, and YOUNG AMERICA, the celebrated Contortionist, will all appear in new musical acts. Tho laughable Farce of OUR BOY FROM LIMERICK. FRIDAY, BENEFIT OF JAMES M. WARD, in preparation, a new Local Drama callod UANNA, THE FACTORY GIRL. EQK ATIIENEUM THEATRE, OOO Broadway, opposite Metropolitan Hotel. (iRAND INAUGURATION OF THE SUMMER SEASON, MONDAY. JUNE 2, WITH AN ENTIRE NEW COMPANY. Consisting of the Great A. I HERNANDEZ COMBINATION. M. HERNANDEZ COMBINATION. HERNANDEZ HERNANDEZ COMBINATION. HERNANDEZ IMPERIAL JAPS FROM OSI1 KOSH. HERNANDEZ GREEN MOUNTAIN BAND. HERNANDEZ BOSTON PEACE JUBILEE. Professor Kilmore A. M. HERNANDEZ Professor Levy, Cornetist ARTHUR HERNANDE1 Parepa Knows Her Prims Donna Young America 4,000 VOICES. GRAND TABLEAU. Professor HILTON, tho best Ventriloquist in the world, will introduce his THREE TALKING HEADS. Miss LULU DKLMAY, the Queen of Violinist*. FRED SHAW, the great Comic Vocalist. Mrs. FRANK DRIiW will appeur in the screaming farce of THE STAGE-STRUCK chambermaid. A Brilliant and Varied Bill of Novelties SEE BILLS. EVERY EVEN I NO. SEE BILLS. Doors open at 7; curtjin rises at 8 o'clock. MATINEE EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. M RS. F. B. CONWAY'S BROOKLYN THEATRE. TESTIMONIAL BENEFIT TO MR.-. F. B. CONWAY. LAST NIGHT OF THE SEASON. MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. BRYANT'S OPERA HOUSE, TWENTY-THIRD STREET, between Sixth and Seventh avenues, near Booth's Theatre. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. BRYANT'S minstrels. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS, BRYANTS minstrels. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. B R Y A NT'S MIN ST HE LS. BRYANT'S minstrels. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. BRYANT'S minstrels. THE MODOCS. THE LIVE 1NOIN. POMPEY'S BLUNDERS. LUCCA. PRIMA DONNA. Daniel in the Bryant's Den. Clodoche. THE MODOCS. Tlie strolling Players. lUUth night, HAMLET. THE MODOCS. c MATINEE SATURDAY at2._Seats secured. M1URC1I OF THE DISCIPLES, Madison avenue, corner Forty-fifth street (Rev. George H. Hepworth's), THURSDAY EVENING, JUNE 5, 1873, CLARA LOUISE KELI.OQG IN A GRAND CONCERT, assisted by eminent talent ADMISSION ONE DOLLAR. Reserved Scats, wlthout.extra charse, ?t 39 Union square, 701 and 1 U Broadway. Masonic temple, Twenty-third street, corner of Sixth avenue. PUBLIC OPENING OF THE ISRAND HALL, THURSDAY EVENING, JUNE 5. On which occasion Bro. W. S. ANDREWS will deliver Ins highly interesting lecftre on DIALECT HUMOR, in aid or the Hall and Asylum Fund. Tickets, SOc. For sale at Sch.rmer's. 701 Broadway; Rullman's, 111 Broadway, ami at Masonic Temple. VTEW YORK MUSEUM OF ANATOMY. 618 BROAD J.1 way, between Houston and Bleeckor streets.?Every utie should visit the wonderful Museum; it is full of everything people should see and understand. Lectures daily on ''The Philosophy of Marriage." Those parties unable to attend these important lecture* can have theua forwarded, post tree, on receipt ol 25 cents, by a.ldressiug SECRETARY NEW YORK MUSEUM OF ANA ru.MY.til3 Broadway. New York. UNION SQUARE THEATRE. Grand Reproduction ot FERNANDE, WEDNESDAY EVENING, JUNE 4, with Miss AGNES ETHEL, Mrs. E. L DAVENPORT and others In the cast Secure your xeaN in ad* taw. Bbrtbotsn MAENNERCHOR.?GRAND VOCAL Instrumental Concert and Sen)mar Nights Festival at Terraco tiarden Theatre. Monday, June 2, to commence at H o'clock P. M. Ticket* $1, admitting on* gentleman and Indie*. PARK THEATRE. BROOKLYN. R. W. BUTLER'S ATHENKUM COMPANY EVERY EVENING, WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY MATINEE. Metropolitan museum of art. Temporary building lis West Fourteenth street. The Dl Cesnola Collections from Cyprus, and the "loan exhibitions," so lar as ready, are now'open n> the publia from 12 o'clock until tt o'clock P. M. Aumission 5llc. UNION SQUARE Til E \TRE. lirand reproduction of FERNANDE, WEDNESDAY i.VENING, JUNE 4, with Miss AGNES ETHEL. Mrs. F,. L. DAVENfORT and others In the cast Secure your seats in advance. etropolman a theatrical AND SHOW I'It I Nil NO ESTABLISHMENT. HBRALD~BUILDINO. BROADWAY AND~ANN STRRRT. A LARUE ASSORTMENT OF THEATRICAL, MINSTREL AND VARIETY CUTS CONSTANTLY ON HANU

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